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Official Profile

Age 65
Height 167 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Telling stories about his adventures, teaching kids of his village archery
Likes His granddaughter Selfira, youths filled with hopes and aspirations
Dislikes Gloomy air
Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 65歳
Height 167cm
Race エル―ン
Hobbies 冒険譚を話すこと、村の子供達に弓を教えること
Likes 孫娘のセレフィラ、希望に満ちた若者たち
Dislikes 陰鬱な空気
Source [1]




  • Keehar adopted Selfira as a child after her parents' death.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Memories are treasures, and life's a treasure chest. I wonder how many treasures you added to your chest this last year.
Sometimes we find that even what once appeared to be garbage has its uses. Things tend to start glittering at the oddest times.
I'm sure you'll find lots of treasures for your chest this year as well, (Captain).
So I'd like to raise a toast to your prosperity up until now and into the future!
Are you ready? Then raise your glass, and... Cheers!


A year can feel so long yet it's short. Or, it can feel so short yet it's long.
This year did you accomplish the things you wanted to do, and how about the things you needed to do?
Dahahaha! Even if you didn't get everything done, there's no reason to worry.
Just don't let that get you down. Let that motivate you to try harder. The worst thing you can do is be blue.
If you see the glass half empty, then it's hard to see the glass any other way.
Selling yourself short is easy to do.
Make sure you enjoy your life. The future is just brimming with unexpected hope!


Birthday salutations, (Captain)! It's a blessing to celebrate with you once again.
But I say, (Captain)... Each and every year you appear ever more impressive.
Dahahaha! Haven't noticed, eh? Well, true growth isn't something one is quick to notice for themselves.
After all, you don't know just how long the path you've taken is until you take a moment to look back on it.
Of course, with each step you may find yourself unsure if the direction you've chosen was the right one.
Yet, if you keep stopping to check, the lack of headway may even discourage you.
For that very reason, it's vital that you keep your sights on your dreams, your goals, and the glorious future that awaits you!
The time is ripe to keep striking forward, (Captain)!
As long as you don't waver during your journey, you'll reach your goal yet—that's all there is to it!


Hm? What's the matter, (Captain)? Have a question for me? You can of course ask me anything!
Haha... So you want tips on how to enjoy life, even when you get to be an old codger like me, do you?
Well, above all else, you'll want to find what brings you joy!
Trust me when I say that in times of exhaustion or injury, you will begin to ignore the world around you.
Even if it's something that you formerly enjoyed, it's easy to begin to look right past it.
On the other hand, remembering the good times will always help you find a reason to carry on—especially during the bad times.
That's why it's so important to never forget to look for the joy in life.
I want you to find happiness and live a longer life than even myself! Nothing would make me more proud!


Here, (Captain), have a seat! Don't forget to spread a napkin in your lap.
What would you like to drink first? There's sparkling water, tea, coffee... and fruit juice too, naturally!
Dahahaha! No need to hold back! On this special day, you should allow us to indulge you.
The path to the ends of the skies is a long one, with many hardships along the way. And that's precisely why you need to relax now and then.
Besides, the entire crew's been waiting for an opportunity to dote on you.
And what better occasion than your birthday!
Now then, (Captain)! The food and performances are ready to go. Are you ready to enjoy them?
Then before we begin, I just have one last thing to say... Happy birthday, (Captain)!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year, (Captain).
Today is a continuation of yesterday, tomorrow is a continuation of today, and New Year's Day is a continuation of new Year's Eve.
The present is built by the past and is in turn the reason for the future.
But if we forget the little events that shape our lives, we end up growing more and more listless...
So I think it would be fun to spend New Year's Day thinking about starting a brand new adventure!
Life is a lot longer than the young think! So you better find a way to keep yourself entertained! Ha-ha!


Happy New Year, (Captain)! I wonder what adventures wait in store for us!
There might be worry and there might be failure, but there will also be happiness and fun.
I bet this year will have wonderful things waiting just for you, (Captain).
This old man is glad to be of service. Dahahaha!


Rise and shine, (Captain)! It's the start of a fresh new year—and that means the start of a fresh new you!
Listen closely... Time is a fleeting mistress, but we can give meaning to the passage of days with occasions like this.
And that way we can face the start of a new year with a fresh new outlook!
Whoever first established these traditions in the past surely felt the same.
For me, there'd be no greater honor than to leave my mark on this world for future generations... just as they did.
Well... More importantly, I should enjoy my life for the years to come.
So there you have it, (Captain). Wherever the skies take us this year, let's face it together with a refreshed body and mind!


Well, if it isn't (Captain)! Thank you for visiting us here at Raduga so early in the new year.
They say the first person who walks through your door on the first day of the year will symbolize the year ahead.
If it's true, how fortunate my year will be!
Hm? You're not sure what you're supposed to symbolize?
Haha! I suppose it is hard for us to recognize our own value! Allow an old man to tell you what you mean to him.
You're brimming with bravery and kindness, and you're blessed with companions of every sort. Few at your age would go on such a grand adventure.
Thus you symbolize friendship, adventure, and the raw potential of a new year. At least that's the way I see it.
Gahaha! Now that I think about it, you're even more splendid than I thought! Here's to the year ahead, (Captain)! Cheers!


The balmy breezes of spring make the heart dance, the bright sunlight of summer makes the spirit soar, and the cool winds of autumn refresh the mind.
Each season has its charms. And the crisp air of winter fills one with a sense of purpose.
That may be why New Year's day falls smack in the middle of the season.
In the invigorating cold, we may reaffirm our goals and find new energy. Then we are ready to step wide-eyed into spring and on through the rest of the year.
Now, I'm at an age where it's difficult to recall each and every New Year's I've celebrated...
But no matter how many years I live through, I can say that each is as exciting as the last. And this is in no small part thanks to you and all the rest of my dear friends!
I'd like very much to continue this journey with you, sharing in both your triumphs and frustrations. I would, however, rather you find more joy than sorrow.
That being said, allow me to wish you a very sincere happy New Year.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Oho, so even this humble old-timer receives chocolates today!
Not only are you a captain to be admired, you're a cute one to boot.
There's no better feeling in the world than to get a present from a charming person such as yourself!
Dahaha! I'll savor every piece!
And don't you worry. I won't forget to return the favor when the time comes!


Captain, will you bestow me with chocolate this year as well?
Why do I ask when you have chocolate in hand?
I wonder because there are so many others who are worthy of chocolate from you, (Captain).
Dahaha! You are too kind, my captain!
Now then, I shall partake of this chocolate with great pleasure!
I am truly grateful, (Captain).


Why, (Captain)! How kind of you to take the trouble to bring me chocolates!
Dahaha! You have my thanks! I humbly accept your kind gift.
Receiving a Valentine's Day gift from someone your age makes me feel thirty years younger!
It's a little embarrassing how I let myself get carried away with this holiday at my age...
But it does stoke the old furnace—reminds me I'm still an active skyfarer, and I have to give adventuring my all!
Dahaha! Guess if I want more chocolates next year, I'll have to outdo myself! You can rely on me, (Captain)!


Chocolates from (Captain) once again! What joy! Thank you very much!
You hope I like them? Haha! Well, have no worries as far as that's concerned!
I always treasure any tasty morsel you impart to me.
Furthermore I believe you selected it for me because you thought it would be delicious.
Even if I find the flavor surprising at first, I'm sure I will enjoy it by the end since you chose it.
When you learn about the likes and tastes of someone you cherish, you tend to gravitate to those likes and tastes yourself.
When you get to be this age—no, because I am this age, I've realized the importance of little exchanges like this.
Haha. But then again, you've got great sensibilities.
So I'm sure I'll enjoy this chocolate without any extra help!


Oh, (Captain)! You've chocolates for me again this year, have you?
You've made this gaffer very happy. And look at this packaging—your taste really is impeccable.
It brings me back to the first Valentine's gift you ever gave me. The wrapping paper had such an adorable design.
Haha! Yes, maybe it was a pattern only a child would pick out, but there's no need to be embarrassed.
It brings me endless joy to see you grow and mature with the passage of time.
And you will continue to grow, (Captain). In fact, I'm certain that, in the twinkling of an eye, you'll be someone quite new...
And until these old bones finally give out, I intend on being there to guide you through all the vagaries of life.
No matter how much you change—or don't change, for that matter—you will always be like a grandchild to me!

White Day Cutscenes
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Here you are, (Captain)! A guilt-free White Day present!
Dahaha! There's that gleeful face I was hoping to see!
Selecting the proper present is equally as important as giving it. Fun too.
The more chances there are to give, the more happy days there will be, wouldn't you agree?
It's not that we should give gifts every day though. That would get boring fast.
You know what? Gifting only on certain days, like today, has its merits! Dahahaha!


Captain, here is a White Day present from me to you!
Dahahaha! As long as you're happy, so am I.
Whenever I see your smile, power surges through me. I feel young again.
Dahaha! I must use this energy to contribute to the betterment of the crew. Count on it!


Sorry to burst in on you unannounced, (Captain).
But you took the initiative on Valentine's Day, after all. Today it's my turn.
Allow me to leap directly to the point! Please do me the honor of accepting this gift!
Dahahaha! I never thought you'd be quite so pleased with it!
I think I got rather grayer as I agonized over what to get you, but it was worth it...
I meant to repay your kindness, but when you smile that way, I feel like I'm the one being rewarded.
I'll just have to make up the difference by working extra hard to contribute to the crew!


Happy White Day, (Captain)! I'd like you to have this.
Dahaha! If it makes you happy, then I'm happy! I spent time selecting the perfect one for you.
Actually, I had a grand time marching from shop to shop to find just the perfect gift.
I wondered what a youngster like yourself would be glad to get.
I struggled a bit, but getting into the mindset of someone younger than myself made me feel like I had turned back the hands of time a bit!
Even if I felt young in that moment, I'm still me. So I began to reminisce on all the good times I've had.
Thinking about your present was a present to me as well, (Captain)!
Hahaha! Oh! And now I get a smile too! I feel as though I'm the one being showered with gifts!


(Captain), you came! Thank you for making time for an old codger like me!
How do you like this setup? I put a bit of effort into it. White Day only comes once a year, after all.
The plates are borrowed from the kitchen, but I did bring out the nice glasses and tablecloth.
And the drinks and sweets are of the finest quality—picked them out just for today!
You should be pleased to know they're all things I thought you'd enjoy.
These lavish tea parties are quite pleasant when you have them every once in a while.
Now come! It must get dull listening to me drone on and on.
If you'd give me your hand, please. I hope you don't mind letting a gaffer escort you to your seat the old-fashioned way.

Tasty Macaroons
Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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During Halloween the door to the nether realm opens up, giving the undead a peek at our world.
But there exists an island brimming with the supernatural.
Only on Halloween are living people allowed to visit the island.
Ahaha, I kid you not!
I have nothing to hide! I've visited the island myself with a troubadour crew!
They received a request to perform for the undead at their annual Halloween party.
I guess even spirits and ghosts can appreciate a good time.
So if you come across any, (Captain), don't hesitate to play with them! Enjoy your Halloween!


Happy Halloween! Are you enjoying the day, (Captain)?
I hear that some people believe jack-o'-lanterns have the power to keep evil spirits from coming into your home.
While others believe that they help guide Jack of the lantern.
I wonder which of these is the truth... What do you think, (Captain)?
Dahahaha! In the end, Halloween is all about having fun.
So, (Captain), which do you prefer: the trick or the treat?


At long last, Halloween is finally upon us! I assume you'll be attending the costume party, yes?
Ah, the spirit of Halloween is magical, is it not? To gambol among spectres and beasts, if only for a day...
In preparation for our annual celebration of the grisly and ghastly, I've truly outdone myself this year!
Dahahaha! The stunning realism of my costume will have you jumping out of your skin, I bet!
Hoho... So you too have gone out for your costume this year, eh, (Captain)?
Very well! I am eager to see what you have in store... We must change into costume and rendezvous once again!
And after giving each other a proper spook, let us find more costumed fiends and monstrosities to join us in celebration! Dahahaha!


Happy Halloween, (Captain)! Your costume is most becoming!
Do take heed, however, that your costume is not too convincing. Halloween is a time when visitors from other realms come to our own, you see.
I've heard a tale of them dragging unsuspecting holiday revelers back to their realms, all in hopes of continuing the fun forevermore.
Haha, don't look so scared. There is a way to avoid their grasp.
Imagine your home in as much detail as possible. That should keep you grounded.
The village you come from or even the airship are good enough. Or even the smile of a loved one.
Then again, the visitors make for lovely company—so long as they don't kidnap you. Haha.
In any case, I hope you enjoy yourself to the fullest extent on this Halloween day, (Captain)!


Dahahaha! Happy Halloween!
Here you are, (Captain)—some delicious pumpkin treats. Have as many as you'd like!
There are many factors behind the emergence of the Halloween pumpkin. First of all, pumpkins are highly nutritious.
It only makes sense to eat them in appreciation of the autumn harvest, as well as in preparation for the harsh winter to come.
And they can be used in soups, pies, cookies, and garnishes too!
Since pumpkins go well with anything, they're the perfect match for Halloween, where people and spirits mingle and make merry together!
Now then, (Captain). Rather than settle for one old codger's treats, I suggest you head out to walk around the city.
Even if there are ghosts out today, you can simply turn a blind eye and enjoy the festivities alongside them!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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It's that time of the year again! And what better way is there to spend winter's longest night than around a table with the people you love?
Ha-ha! But then again, maybe the little ones are more interested in the presents from Santa.
I know I was always excited about him paying a visit when I was little!
Of course I didn't actually meet the man himself until after I grew up...
He's quite a friendly guy, and chatting with him while I helped him deliver presents was such a hoot!
Ha-ha! Selfira has grown up enough to start doubting the existence of the big guy...
But that's a huge mistake! All you have to do is open your ears, and I'm sure you'll hear him laughing tonight!


Hm? What are you looking for, (Captain)?
Oh! So you're looking for a broom and a mop! I've hidden those.
Dahahaha. On the holiest night, the fairies use a mop and broom to soar through the skies and make mischief.
So to stop them, I hid the mop and broom in a certain place.
Dahahaha! Do you think I'm talking about some urban myth? I've had my run in with them...
Listen here! During the minstrel crew's feast on the holy night, all the food disappeared into thin air.
Everyone was so sad that now we take precautions. We don't leave the mop and broom out. No...
Dahahaha! Whether or not you believe me is up to you!


Tis the season, (Captain)!
Speaking of seasons, it's quite frosty out there. It may even snow soon, methinks!
By the way, (Captain), have you heard of this?
On the most silent of winter nights, one may see a dancer in the snow by chance.
They say that those who catch a glimpse of the dancer are destined for a life-changing encounter!
Dahahaha! You know, I've actually seen her once myself long ago... I say, It was a most mezmerizing dance.
And you know what? It was the night before I first joined the order of minstrels as a guardian. True story!
Dahaha! It really has started snowing! Perhaps another fateful encounter awaits us tonight, (Captain)!
You wish to see the dancer in the snow as well, don't you?
Come come! Together now, let us depart on a search of our own!


Tonight's a festive night, isn't it? If you want to disembark the ship, best to do so in a jiffy.
You see, wicked fairies riding mops and snow-drawn dancers will soon appear to greet Santa Claus as he flies through the night.
Who knows what kind of lively encounters you might have! Keep your wits about you.
Dahaha, you might think I'm pulling your leg, but there's wisdom in my tale.
The year end is the time when work begins to get out of hand—precisely the environment where accidents occur!
And not just that, but one accident when you're out skyfaring could be enough to cause irreversible consequences.
Therefore it's in your best interest to slow down and lead your ship with care!
I guarantee Santa Claus is guiding his reindeer with aplomb, so let's follow his example as we glide through the winter!


It's that time of year again! Santa Claus must be in his sleigh now, spreading good cheer across the skies.
He and his elves have been very busy all year, preparing for this one night.
I'd imagine Santa is feeling quite nervous right now.
What if, when all the good little children open their gifts in the morning, there are some left disappointed? It'd be very discouraging to Santa.
And we mustn't forget the children on Santa's naughty list... I'm sure it saddens him when he must simply fly past their houses.
Now, (Captain)! Hurry along to bed. One is never too old for presents.
And if, tomorrow, you do happen to unwrap a gift that puts a smile on your face, I believe it'll make Santa feel like his work truly is worthwhile.
Oh, you must forgive me for treating you like a child. I am quite an old man, after all.

Fate Episodes

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Free-Spirited Skyfarer

The crew meets Keehar, a former skyfarer, and protects his village from monsters. That night, Keehar speaks forlornly of his granddaughter Selfira, who decided to leave the village and travel the world. Hearing this, the crew invite him to join them.

(Captain) and crew arrive at a village being attacked by monsters.
They team up with an aging former skyfarer by the name of Keehar to protect the village.
Vyrn: So you were a skyfarer like us when you were young, huh, gramps?
Keehar: Yes indeed! Our crew was founded by a bard, and I worked as a bodyguard.
Keehar: It was quite a fun journey to be sure. We had our share of hardships of course, but, in the end, it was a truly unforgettable experience.
Lyria: That sounds wonderful, sir. Which islands did you visit? I'd love to hear all about it!
Keehar: Well, let's see... An island made of ice... An island of giants, where everything was huge... Even an island where everything was upside-down!
Lyria: What? An upside-down island? Like, people were walking around on the ceiling or something?
Keehar: Indeed they were. Boy, it was the strangest thing. When we disembarked onto the island, we were pulled right up to the ceiling. And anything we dropped "fell" onto the ceiling too!
Keehar: I tell you, we couldn't believe it! Other than that, it was a fairly peaceful island, and the people loved our bard's songs.
Lyria: Wow! That's amazing! I want to go there too!
Vyrn: Hang on... He's gotta be making this up, right? Then again, the world is full of unimaginable things...
Keehar: Ha-ha! A skeptic, eh? Well, that's fine. Even I've wondered if it might have all been a dream!
Keehar: Still, the experience you gain during a journey helps you grow as a person. That's why young people ought to travel! It's good for you!
Vyrn: Yeah, I agree! But if you think it's so great, why quit being a skyfarer?
Keehar: Well... There was this young couple, you see, and when they died of disease, it was decided that I would adopt their child.
Keehar: Child-rearing... Now that was an adventure! It's a serious responsibility, becoming a parent, but at the same time, it's truly wonderful.
Keehar: And I must say, I raised an unbearably cute little granddaughter!
Lyria: Why that sounds like quite a happy family.
Together with Keehar, (Captain) and company defeat the monsters and return to the village without incident. Later that night...
Keehar: ...
Lyria: Huh? You're still awake?
Keehar: Oh, it's you two. Shouldn't you both be asleep?
Vyrn: Lyria woke up thirsty, but she was too scared to go get a drink of water by herself!
Lyria: What if there's a ghost about? Oh, and why aren't you in bed?
Keehar: I can't get any shut-eye... You see, my granddaughter recently told me she wants to strike out on her own.
Keehar: And she's plenty old enough to do it. I knew this day would come, but I never thought it would come so soon...
Keehar: I realize it's something to be celebrated, but I'm going to miss her so much...
Vyrn: I see... You must be really close to her... I'd be a little sad too...
Lyria: Oh! I have an idea! Why don't you soar the skies again? Come with us!
Vyrn: Yeah! Even if you do make up most of your stories, you still have a lot of good advice!
Vyrn: So, (Captain), what do you think?
  1. I want to hear more of his stories.
  2. The more, the merrier.

Choose: I want to hear more of his stories.
Keehar: Ha-ha! And I'd be glad to tell them! Maybe you'll even learn a little something.
Keehar: But advice isn't the only thing I'm good for. I can still hold my own against a monster or two!

Choose: The more, the merrier.
Keehar: And I'm merrier than most! They called me the life of the party in my old crew!
Lyria: And I can see why! You always seem so jolly.
Keehar: There's no better remedy for a broken heart than a big ol' smile!
Continue 1
Keehar: This is going to be my second wind of youth! Let's have some fun, everyone!
Keehar: A new adventure... A new chapter of my life... I'm so excited to tell Selfira!
And so Keehar joins the crew and sets off as a skyfarer once more.
The younger members of the crew soon find out how useful his prowess with the bow and extensive life experience can be.

From Fable to Fact

One windy day, the crew is listening to Keehar's adventure stories on the deck. Lyria is thrilled by his tale of walking through the air with an umbrella. As she leans in to hear more, monsters suddenly attack.

Lyria: Whoa! The wind is really blowing today!
Keehar: Ha-ha! This brings me back to the days I was still a skyfarer-in-training!
Keehar: It'd been raining pretty hard the day before. We were airborne, so I went out onto the deck to try to dry off my umbrella.
Keehar: But I'd barely gotten started when the wind grabbed it!
Vyrn: Guess that was it for that umbrella, huh?
Keehar: No! I managed to grab the handle at the last moment, but that didn't stop the umbrella. It lifted off, taking me along for the ride!
Lyria: Oh no! So did you fall off the airship?
Keehar: Of course not! I just did my best to enjoy my little stroll through the air!
Lyria: How exciting! And what happened next?
Vyrn: We've got trouble, you two! There are monsters in the way of the airship!
Keehar: We can't let 'em have this ship! Let's get 'em, Captain!

From Fable to Fact: Scene 2

Influenced by Keehar's story, Lyria takes out an umbrella and says she wants to fly too. But Keehar quickly changes his tune, saying he actually rode the back of a primal beast. He follows this up with a tale of a fruit-tree island.

Vyrn: Hey, Lyria. Whatcha doing with that umbrella?
Lyria: I'm going to fly! With the wind this strong, what could possibly go wrong?
Vyrn: Everything! What are you thinking? I can't let you do that!
Lyria: But Keehar said he flew with an umbrella!
Right, Keehar?
Keehar: Oh, Lyria. Now that I think about it, the wind was much stronger that day.
Keehar: It was actually so strong that it knocked a flying primal beast out of the sky and right onto the deck!
Lyria: Wha? A primal beast? That wind must have been pretty terrifying...
Keehar: Sure was. Anyway, I tended to the beast's wounds, and it let me ride on its back as thanks! That's how I flew!
Lyria: Wow! You rode a primal beast? That's amazing! I want to ride one too!
Vyrn: Hey now... Did you fly with an umbrella or a primal beast?
Keehar: The primal beast landed on an island covered by a vast forest... I couldn't believe my eyes.
Keehar: That forest was filled with fruit trees! Apples, plums, walnuts... You could eat all you want!
Lyria: Wow! That sounds wonderful! Wouldn't you like to go there, (Captain)?
Vyrn: I want some apples... An island like that would be the best!
Keehar: Uh-oh... There's more to the story, but it looks like there are monsters in our ship's path!
Keehar: Lyria, Vyrn... Stand back! I swear by my bow that I will protect you!

From Fable to Fact: Scene 3

Keehar shoots down a monster just as it's about to crash into the airship. After escaping danger, the crew lands on a nearby island. The villagers there ask them to hunt some monsters, so they enter a forest to do so.

Vyrn: That'll teach 'em to attack random airships! Good job, (Captain).
Keehar: Don't count your hatchlings yet! There's still one coming this way!
Lyria: At this rate, it'll crash right into the Grandcypher!
Keehar: It's too late to change course! I'll take care of this!
Vyrn: You took that monster out with a single arrow! Talk about the value of experience!
Keehar: Ha-ha! Little more than target practice, my scaly friend!
Keehar: Hm? I see an island. How about we go down there to rest for a while, Captain?
Lyria: I agree! After all the fighting, a cozy little village would be wonderful.
Villager: This is just horrible...
Keehar: Hello, sir. If something's bothering you, why don't you try me?
Villager: Well... Monsters have been coming out of the woods to destroy our crops.
Vyrn: That's no good. We should do something about it, (Captain)!
Villager: R-really? Oh, you're skyfarers! Please help us! We'll reward you of course!
Lyria: We're happy to help! (Captain), let's go to the forest!

From Fable to Fact: Scene 4

After the crew defeat the monsters, they find out the forest is an orchard. As thanks for defeating the monsters, the villagers let the crew eat their fill of fruit, and Keehar continues to entertain with his stories.

Villager: Thank you for defeating the monsters! I don't know how to thank you...
Keehar: We should help each other whenever there's trouble. Think nothing of it!
Villager: You guys are so nice! You know, the forest you protected is actually the village orchard!
Keehar: Oh! No wonder it smells so good!
Villager: I'm glad you feel that way, because, as thanks, you can eat as much fruit as you want!
Vyrn: Wow, that's amazing! That huge forest is an orchard?
Lyria: This must be the island Keehar told us about!
Lyria: How amazing! So much fruit grows here, and we can eat all we want? It's just like your story!
Keehar: That's right, young lady. And this is just the sort of thing that makes journeys fun!
Vyrn: But isn't this just a coincidence?
Meh. Lyria's having fun, so I guess it's fine!
Keehar: I wonder what adventures await us next. I can't wait to find out, Captain!
The way Keehar smiles, it's impossible to tell whether his stories are true or not.
But one thing's for sure... (Captain) and the crew are bound to go on some pretty unbelievable adventures with Keehar.

Now and Forever

(Captain) and the crew come to the rescue of a pregnant woman at the request of her son. Aletheia and Keehar agree to look after the boy until his father arrives. Keehar cheers the boy up when he worries he won't get along with his new sibling. Reminded of his own poor filial relations, Aletheia receives encouragement from Keehar and resolves to work on himself and his relationship with his son.

Their most recent mission complete, (Captain) and the crew decide to relax in town. They are soon interrupted by a small boy in a big fluster.
Boy: Huff, puff...
E-excuse me, sirs! I... um!
Keehar: What's wrong, young man? Easy now... Take a deep breath and tell us what the trouble is.
Boy: My mom... she... her stomach's hurting real bad! And there's a baby in there!
Aletheia: What! No time to waste, lad! Bring us to her!
The boy races back to his mother with (Captain) and the others hot on his heels. Together, they get his mother safely to the hospital.
Beset by labor pains, the grateful woman thanks them as she is taken into the delivery room.
Nurse: Thank you so much! She's a fair bit ahead of her due date... I'm so glad you were there to help.
Aletheia: Oh, it's all thanks to this lad's quick thinking. He came running to find help.
Nurse: What a clever boy! But... I'm not quite sure what to do with him while his mother is in labor...
Keehar: Hmm? What happened to his father?
Nurse: We managed to contact him, but it was such short notice that he won't be able to come right away.
Keehar: Is that so... Well, I have an idea! How about we take care of the boy until his father finds his way home?
Nurse: Oh, my! You don't mind? If you could just make sure he doesn't stray too far from the front of the hospital, that'd be a big help.
Keehar: Indeed we can! You just do your best to take care of his mother.
Keehar: Does old men like us good to be around children now and then, doesn't it, Aletheia?
Aletheia: Slow down there, Keehar! I'm really not good with children...
Keehar: Ha-ha! Alright, boy. You're going to sit with the old-timers for a spell!
Boy: Um... Okay.
Ms. Nurse? Take care of my mom and the baby, okay?
And so Keehar and Aletheia find themselves doing a bit of babysitting.
Boy: ...
Aletheia: Hrm... You seem rather out of sorts, young man.
Keehar: You certainly do. Must be worried about your mother and your new brother or sister, eh?
Boy: ...
Aletheia: Once that baby is born, you'll be a big brother. You'll have to be strong to shoulder that responsibility.
Boy: Yeah... I mean, I know. It's just...
Aletheia: Well, I tried... I'm just not cut out for speaking with children. They don't listen to reason.
Keehar: Listen here, son. Your family will be just fine! This old skyfarer's instincts are never wrong!
Boy: What? You guys're skyfarers? At your age? That's amazing!
Keehar: Ha-ha! These wrinkles are proof we've seen a few battles in our day, that's all! And that's how you know you can take what I say to the bank!
Boy: ...
Aletheia: (Hm? Looks like that did the trick. I truly fail to grasp the workings of the juvenile mind.)
Keehar: Hoho... Now we can't go far, but we have some time to kill. What shall we do while we wait?
Boy: Well... I'd sure like to hear about some skyfaring adventures!
Keehar: Would you now! Well I can dish those up by the bowlful! Have yourself a seat and open your ears, my boy!
Keehar's tales are like something straight out of an old legend. The boy's eyes shine with wonder.
By the time Keehar reaches a break in his narrative, the boy is ready to share what's troubling him.
Aletheia: So do you want to tell us why you looked so dour before? Worried about your mother?
Boy: Well... All my parents talk about anymore is the baby. I feel like I'm invisible...
Aletheia: Hrm... Well, you have to make some sacrifices. Looking out for your younger sibling is your job as big brother.
Boy: ...
Aletheia: A real man doesn't want to be coddled! How can you be jealous of a helpless infant?
Boy: But I—
Keehar: Slow down there, Aletheia. I understand what you're trying to say, but you can't put all that weight on him at once.
Keehar: I think your parents would be sad if you and the baby didn't get along. So would I, honestly.
Boy: ...
Keehar: So what I'm saying is, you don't have to jump into being a big brother all at once. You can grow into it a bit at a time.
Keehar: In just a little while, you're going to be seeing that baby for the first time. It's bound to be a bit awkward.
Keehar: You might have a squabble here and there at first. But you'll be friends before you know it. I think you'll be surprised how dear your little sibling becomes to you.
Boy: Sigh... You really think so? I dunno how I'm gonna make myself like the new kid...
Keehar: Ha-ha! No need to worry about that! Bonding takes time.
Keehar: I raised an adopted granddaughter myself... And I can't tell you how much she means to me!
Keehar: Hoho. The same goes for your parents. Of course they're going to love the baby. But they love you too.
Keehar: It wouldn't hurt to let them know you need a little attention now and again!
Boy: Ohh... Really?
Keehar: Really. That's your right as a child, my boy. It's practically in the job description!
Boy: Wow! Thanks, mister! I don't know why I was so worried... I get it now. It'll be fine!
Dad: Hey! Sorry I'm late, Son!
I really have to thank the two of you. My family owes you a great deal.
Keehar: Ha-ha! Think nothing of it! Don't keep your wife waiting now.
Dad: Thanks again for taking the time to watch this little guy. C'mon, Son. We can wait for the baby inside.
Dad: And I heard you ran to find someone when your mom went into labor. I couldn't be more proud of you!
Boy: Hehe... That's what big brothers do!
Dad: You said it, little man! The two of us are gonna have our work cut out for us taking care of mom and the baby, aren't we?
After thanking the skyfarers once more, father and son make their way into the hospital.
Keehar: Hah... From the looks of things, we have nothing to worry about. What a fine, upstanding young man!
Aletheia: ...
Keehar: Hmm? And what could be bothering you, my dear man? You look a mite gloomy.
Aletheia: Forgive me... I was just thinking about my boy. He was about that age when things started going sour between us...
Aletheia: Ha... Although I doubt I would be in the running for the skies' best father...
Keehar: Then you have work to do! If there's something you feel you're lacking, you owe it to yourself to fix it!
Aletheia: Hrm... Now? After all this time?
Keehar: I'll have none of that quitting talk! It's like I told that boy. You don't start out being a father. You become one gradually.
Keehar: Can't say I know the specifics of your situation, but better late than never is what I say.
Aletheia: Hrm... I think you have the right of it. Nothing good comes of giving up so easily.
Aletheia: I do have some work to do on myself. I guess an old dog can learn a new trick or two!
It seems the seasoned skyfarer's words have lit a new flame in the jaded old sage's heart.
Perhaps one day, Aletheia will resolve the regrets he carries with him on his journey.
Only time will tell. As he ages, the future only seems harder to predict. The road ahead is veiled in mystery but full of unfathomable potential.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
吾輩の新たな冒険譚の始まりなのである! Thus begins a new chapter in the story of my life!
少し目を離すと若者は大人になるのであるな Children grow up so fast!
ぬはっ!? こ、腰が大ピンチである……! Ouch, my back...
悩みがあれば、この翁が聴くのである If you want to talk, I'm always here to listen.
若人よ、旅せよ!旅はいいものである! Get out there on an adventure, youngsters!
ンハハハ! 昔語りを聴きたいのであるか? Hahaha! So you want to hear about the good old days?
セレフィラは可愛い自慢の孫娘である! I couldn't be more proud of my granddaughter Selfira!
エルタ君の歌を、また聴きたいものである! I'd love to hear Elta's song again!
心配要らんのである、(主人公)殿! No need to worry about me, (Captain)!
(主人公)殿は立派な団長であるな! You make a brilliant captain, (Captain)!


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