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Official Profile

Age 30
Height 164 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Mushroom farming
Likes Beautiful skeletal structures
Dislikes Sunlight, hymns, crosses
Granblue Fantasy Theater
An elegant and taciturn woman, Lady Grey's power to speak with spirits often comes across as solitary babbling to the untrained ear. With the undead at her beck and call, she's not above happily sending skeletons to attack those who annoy her. In fact, those skeletons are resurrections of her lost husband and son, brought back to the world of the living through necromancy. Lady Grey is a skeleton connoisseur, and determines whether she likes someone based on a glance at their bone structure.
Character Release
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Age 30歳
Height 164cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies きのこ類の飼育
Likes 美しい骨格
Dislikes 日光、讃美歌、十字架
Granblue Fantasy Theater
Character Release
Source [1] [2] [3] [4]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday.
All life is born of love. You are no different, (Captain).
Why not tell your family how much they mean to you?
I only wish I could have told my husband and son the same...


Is there anything you want? I'll do one favor for you in place of a present.
Hm? You want to see me in a maid outfit?
Teehee, what a silly request. You should try asking someone younger.
I am of noble lineage.
Even if it's just for fun, I can't be seen dressed as a servant...
That's what I'd normally say, but I'll make an exception for you, (Captain).
Come to me, my family!
Hehe, how's this for a maid outfit?


Happy birthday, (Captain).
You've grown another year more mature.
But don't get too carried away now.
You might gain more freedom with age, but bear in mind the responsibility that comes with it.
Are you ready for it all?
Me? You want to know how much responsibility I've had to shoulder up to this point?
Erm, well...
Hey, don't you know? It's impolite to ask a lady such a question. Ehehe...


Happy birthday, (Captain).
How do you feel? Another year wiser?
I'm very happy to celebrate this day with you. You may take it for granted, but aging is proof that you're still alive.
We may sometimes fret over wrinkles or grey hairs...
But for all that the years wear us down, they can polish us till we shine.
The secret is to be true to yourself, so as your rough edges are worn down, they reveal your most flattering facets.
Always follow your heart, (Captain). The years will only polish you into a more and more dazzling version of yourself. I can't wait to see it.


Happy birthday, (Captain). You've gained another year of experience.
I hope this doesn't come off as too crude, but...
You'll be a full-fledged adult soon, and one day you'll eventually find the perfect person for yourself.
When that time comes, I'd like you to treasure them.
You might consider it a given, but I really mean it.
It's great when two lovebirds enter a relationship, but they might not necessarily be together forever... And things of that nature can change oh so suddenly.
If you should ever have to part with a loved one, as painful as it might be... I'd like you to see them off with the brightest smile you can muster.
Because kindness and respect should be shown to more than just the living.
Oh my, I didn't mean to lecture you. Sorry about that.
(Captain), I pray with all my heart that you'll find happiness in a form different from what I have with my family.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year.
My family and I aren't fit for such festivities.
Huh? Everyone really wants to see me there?
In that case I guess I'll indulge.


Teehee, I hope we get along this year too.
I heard certain regions are giving out free rupies in small envelopes today.
Well, not for me, of course. Don't you see him hiding behind me?
It'd be for my lovely son.
Then again he wouldn't have much use for the money. I guess I can hold on to it until he's resurrected.
I heard that's what a mother's supposed to do, and I do what I can.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
My family looks forward to another joyous year of skyfaring with you.
Don't you just find it so exciting to celebrate this occasion?
We have people from all over aboard the ship, each enjoying the festivities in their own way.
Some are making merry together, some are dining with their families, and some are silently offering prayer.
And then there's kite-flying, firecracker-popping, and the traditional song and dance.
It's a joy to see the new year being celebrated in so many ways.


Oh, there you are, (Captain). Care for some special New Year's food?
I made enough for three, but I can't eat it all myself.
Haha, I know. I should only have made one portion.
Even if it's a little wasteful though, I wanted to make my family's share to show my affection.
Come, no need to be shy. I'm sure my husband and son would prefer you enjoy it than that it go to waste.


(Captain), happy New Year.
Oh? Is the smile on my face that obvious?
Haha, my son was so excited just now about flying a kite.
What troubles me is that he wants to be flying together with the kite rather than just holding onto the string...
I wasn't about to let my son do something so dangerous, but he sure is stubborn about it. Sigh... What's a mother to do?
Heh, maybe that's part of the fun in being a parent.
You'll understand one day, (Captain).

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's Day. This is the first time I've ever given anyone other than my husband and son such a present.
And it's been so long since I've made chocolate, so I can't guarantee the taste either...
Huh? You like it? Whew, that's a relief.


Happy Valentine's, (Captain). Here, why don't you have some chocolate?
Oh, really? It makes me so happy to see you savoring their taste!
So you're wondering how I instill in them that special flavor you won't find anywhere else?
Hehehe, mum's the word on that one.
Then again, I suppose I could make an exception for you, (Captain).
The secret... is experience.
Hehehe.... What a deliciously juicy secret, wouldn't you say?


Here you go, (Captain). A token of appreciation for everything you do for us.
Oh my, aren't you a little too happy, (Captain)?
You can be so forward...
Just to be sure, you do know I'm a bit on the older side, right?
Ahaha, happy Valentine's... Here's to a wonderful day for both of us.


I've got more chocolates for you this year, (Captain).
You always seem so pleased, even though they're from someone my age.
It really gets me into the spirit. I feel like I'm cooking for my own child.
Or perhaps you'd prefer I say that it feels like making them for my sweetheart?
Oh, I'm only teasing. I don't want to make my husband jealous.
Haha. I hope we'll still be trading jokes and laughing together next Valentine's Day too.


(Captain), would you care for some chocolate?
It's a lot more than what I gave you last year, so I'm sorry if you can't finish it all.
Just goes to show the depth of my feelings for you...
Well, if I'm going to be honest... It all started with my husband's jealousy of you, (Captain).
He wanted to watch me make the chocolate to be sure that I don't get any funny ideas.
But we ended up making some together.
He might be the jealous type, but deep down he's really grateful to you, (Captain).
Anyhow, I hope you don't mind that this chocolate's from the both of us.

White Chocolate Cake
White Day Cutscenes
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Happy White Day. Not that I really asked for anything in return.
Excessive sugar intake is poisonous to the bones, so I'm afraid I can't have my son or husband eat this.
I'll just have to take responsibility and eat it all myself. Heheheh...


Hehe, happy White Day, (Captain).
Oh, my... This is in return for Valentine's? I hope it wasn't too much of a bother.
But thank you regardless.
I mean no offense by this, but... can you give me something sugar-free next time?
The thing is, my husband and son have trouble with sweets and they get so upset if I eat alone.
That's right—they'd look at me with sad eyes as I munch away.
Hehehe, men can be so childish sometimes.


But we do this every year, (Captain).
Is it so wrong of me to have expectations?
Or is that unbecoming of a widow?
Ahaha... Kidding, kidding.
Don't worry—my late husband wouldn't object to a few yummies from a youth such as yourself.
So what do you have in store for me?
Something rich and creamy?
Oh my...
Don't get the wrong idea. My husband's not angry because I'm accepting your present.
It's something else that bothers him...
Hehe... At least I'm having a good time.


Happy White Day, (Captain).
My goodness, three presents this year? Oh, I've heard of this—"Thy gift to me, returned as tree." Right?
No? The other two are for my husband and son?
Oh, my... You went to such trouble on our account... I feel a bit guilty.
But thank you. Your thoughtfulness makes me happier than any present in the skies.


This is thanks for Valentine's? Why, thank you.
Some for me, and some for my husband, I see.
Um, (Captain), can I ask you for a favor?
Can you hand my husband's portion to him yourself?
Not that I mind, of course. I just thought it'd mean so much more to him if he got the treats from you directly.
Just between you and me, he's actually been looking forward to it.
He can be quite particular about these things. In a way, that's why I fell for him.
Oh, sorry. Didn't mean to bore you with my love story.
Well, I've said my piece. I'm sure he'll be glad to see you, (Captain).

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween. What's that? Someone said I don't need a costume?
They said it's because I look like a witch year-round?
My husband and son are not a part of some costume! Please correct them!


Hm, looks like someone's been calling me names.
They've been calling me the Halloween witch all year long.
Anyway my husband and son will be attending this year too.
They're really hyped for it. And they have a special thank you message just for you, (Captain).
You'll be dancing with me, right (Captain)? It'll be a tenebrous waltz...


Happy Halloween, (Captain).
I know we do this every year, but the preparation is never easy.
Yes, my husband and son look forward to this day year-round.
Don't you find it strange though?
I mean, they never cared for Halloween when they were alive.
Oh, their costumes are all ready! How exciting!


Happy Halloween, (Captain).
Sigh... That time of year once again.
Yes, my husband and son get particularly rambunctious around this season.
My son is one thing, but my husband? I guess every man is just a little boy at heart. Dear me...
What? I look happy? Haha... Well, perhaps I am.
I may complain, but I go along with them every time. That's love, I suppose.
Keep that in mind when you fall in love, (Captain). You'll understand exactly what I'm talking about.


Oh, (Captain). How's Halloween treating you?
I'd say I'm in more of a good mood rather than a happy mood.
Haha, sorry if that went over your head. Actually my son was really excited to play with the children in the crew.
But because he's a bit different from the others, he was a bit shy about just going up to everyone.
The others seemed a bit afraid too, but when they saw how harmless he is, they gladly played with him.
Every child in the crew is so wonderful, (Captain). It goes to show what a great captain you are.
I was so worried that my son would never again be able to play with other kids his age... until we met you.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, (Captain).

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

In my family we used to spend the holidays singing together.
How I used to love those songs...
I pray that such happy times may come again some day.


Heehee... What a beautiful night, (Captain).
Hm? Is it so strange for me to be laughing?
I'm not too fond of hymns, but the flicker of the candle flames is so lovely.
Watching its gentle movements can be so relaxing.
Teehee, don't you agree?
But I'm just glad to be able to spend this time with you, (Captain).
Happy holidays.


Hehe, can you feel it, (Captain)?
This mysterious feeling that's overcome us...
Tonight may be a night like any other, but it feels special somehow.
People in times past called it a divine power that graced the skies.
Haha, it's okay if this is all new to you.
I imagine it is purely because of my powers in necromancy that such matters are so apparent to me.
Mm-hm. Makes me sensitive to these sorts of things.
But it also makes me feel so lonely when no one can share in the sentiment.
The holiness of the night keeps my husband and child at bay, far away from my side.
(Captain), will you protect them in my stead?
At least until the holy night passes...


Haha, look, (Captain). That tree is so beautifully decorated.
I'm not very comfortable with the holy night itself, but I do like the trees.
It reminds me of better times spent with my family, decorating our tree.
My necromancy has given me something of an allergy to this evening...
But those twinkling lights do feel like they're granting me and my family their blessing, if only temporarily.
May you have a blessed night too, (Captain). Happy holidays.


Oh, (Captain). Enjoying the night so far?
Hehe, I was making a wreath with my husband and son. What do you think?
That reminds me, have you ever considered the meaning of a wreath?
The ringed shape represents eternity. It must seem so ironic for a family like mine, where the dead and living stay together...
Yet eternity is still something I wish for, even if I'm no longer worthy of it after involving myself in the dark arts...
At the very least, allow me to pray for eternal happiness for both you and my family.

Fate Episodes

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Master of the Haunted House

An emergency landing has brought our heroes to a certain island. In the confusion, they'd taken refuge in a rather eerie mansion. There lived a woman who shared it with the ghost of her beloved. In the party's possession was one of the woman's most cherished mementos. Finally ready to leave her happy home, she joined (Captain) and company on their journey.

Vyrn: That Grim Basin totally had us. I thought we were goners for sure... That crash landing was hairy.
Lyria: Oh! This place is so dark because it's in the Grim Basin... and there's something strange about it...
Vyrn: This Grim Basin is no joke... we gotta find a way to get off this island!
Vyrn: Look! There's a mansion over there... let's check it out!
???: Get... out...
Vyrn: W-what? Brr. I got the chills... and is anyone else hearing things?
Lyria: W-wait... maybe this place is haunted?!
???: Get... out. Get out... now!
Lyria: Aahhh! It's a haunted skull!
Vyrn: Hey! C'mon, Lyria! Don't just run off like that! (Captain)! We gotta follow her!
Vyrn: Hah... hah...!. Looks like we're lost. What the hell were you thinking?!
Lyria: I'm so sorry... i just got scared and kind of, you know, lost control...
Vyrn: Wait... are we underground now? We gotta find a way out.
???: Go no further... or be prepared to pay the price for your intrusion!
Lyria: Aahhh! The skull! It talked!
???: You've been given fair warning... if you value your lives, leave this place.
Vyrn: Leave?! What the hell do you think we're trying to do here?! Just zip it!
???: ?! You... that axe you hold...
Vyrn: Whoa! That thing's fast! And it's carrying something! Who the hell are you?!
Lady Grey: Ah, the excitable lizard... i am Lady Grey, mistress of this estate.
Lady Grey: More importantly... i'd like to know how you came across that axe.
Vyrn: What's it got to do with you?! And why don't you put down the skull!? You're scaring Lyria!
Lyria: Don't say that! Scared... i just...
Lyria: Are you okay? You look like you're in pain, miss... is it because of the axe?
Lady Grey: That axe was used to seal demons. That sealing cost someone very dear to me their life.
Lyria: I... i want to know! Lady Skull. Is there anything you can tell us about the axe?
Once upon a time, a man sacrificed his life to seal the demons savaging his home. Lady Grey had loved him.
The only memento of that sealing was the axe, but it had never made its way back to Lady Grey.
All that remained were memories, and those memories became her prison. Lady Grey wiled away her days with the skull, reminiscing.
Lady Grey: This place is all I have left. I ask you, what would become of me without it...
Vyrn: That explains why you want to protect it so bad... man, I think I have something in my eye.
  1. You like this old place?
  2. Why not take the axe and come with us?

Choose: You like this old place?
Lady Grey: Perhaps the time has come for me to stop dwelling on the past.
Vyrn: So why don't you take the axe and come with us? C'mon! (Captain)!
Lady Grey: Traveling with a cherished memento... that doesn't sound too bad.

Choose: Why not take the axe and come with us?
Lady Grey: Traveling with a cherished memento... that doesn't sound too bad.
Lady Grey: Perhaps the time has come for me to stop dwelling on the past.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Now you're on the trolley! Let's get ready to head out! After we figure out a way to get out of this damned basin...!
Lady Grey: Hehe... leave that to me. Leaving the Grim Basin requires a certain knack.
With the Lady's guidance, our heroes were able to break out of the Grim Basin. The clear, blue sky had never looked so sweet.
Lady Grey: Hehe. Would you look at that. I'd forgotten the sun's sweet kiss. Ah, I feel almost young again.
Vyrn: H-hey! Simmer down! You wanna end up like that skull?!
Vyrn: Hey! Get back here, Miss Skull! How the hell is this trip gonna work? She sees the sun and almost falls overboard!

Monsters in Memories

The party had arrives at the tower said to answer to unrequited desire. While Lady Grey enjoys the dark aura that surrounds the tower, Lyria is terrified. As the party heads to the top floor of the tower, monsters stand in their way.

Lady Grey: Phew... This is rejuvenating. The stagnant air... The hazy sight... It’s so calming.
Vyrn: Ugh... It’s so dark and muggy here. Still...
Vyrn: What are we doing here anyway? This tower looks really old.
Lady Grey: Haha... There is a rumor about this tower... It’s supposed to grant unrequited desires.
Vyrn: Unrequited desires? I don’t get it.
Vyrn: Lyria, why are you hiding behind (Captain)?
Lyria: H-Huh? N-No reason! I wasn’t hiding because I was afraid of ghosts...
Vyrn: You’re totally scared! We better do our business and get out of here for Lyria’s sake.
Lady Grey: Yes... I hope it will be a simple task. Hehehe.
Lyria: Whaa?! I felt a cold wind...!
Vyrn: Our bad hunch came true... Lyria, hide behind (Captain)!
Vyrn: The monsters are here! (Captain), I’m counting on you!

Monsters in Memories: Scene 2

The party makes good progress through each level of the tower. The party asks Lady Grey the rumors about the tower, but she doesn’t know the details either. As the party is about to enter the Room of Recollection at the top of the tower, the Gatekeeper stands in their way.

Lady Grey: Haha... Not bad. Let’s keep this up and head to the top floor of the tower...
Vyrn: So if we get to the top floor, there’s something there that can grant unrequited desires...
Vyrn: Why don’t you just tell us what’s going on!
Lady Grey: Unfortunately, I don’t know the details either.
Vyrn: You don’t know...? You gotta be kidding!
Lady Grey: Many enter this tower. Few escape alive...
Lady Grey: And the few who have returned refuse to say a word about it. They must have seen something terrible...
Vyrn: W-Why are you taking (Captain) to such a dangerous place?!
Lady Grey: This simply means that I have complete faith in (Captain). But now is not the time for idle banter.
Lady Grey: Take a look. That’s the gate leading to the “Room of Recollection” at the top of the tower.
Vyrn: We got a big gatekeeper here! We have to defeat this monster or we can’t move forward.
Lady Grey: It sure seems like it. Haha... I'm counting on you, (Captain).

Monsters in Memories: Scene 3

In the Room of Recollection was a man bewitched by a monster. The monster in the tower was toying with the ghost of a man and the memories of his daughter. When she saw this evil, Lady Grey attacked the monster to free the man’s soul.

Lady Grey: To think that you defeated that monster so easily... You are indeed great, (Captain).
Vyrn: Hey, take a look! The gate to the “Room of Recollection” is opening! What's up ahead...?
Vyrn: We have to prepare ourselves... Let’s go, (Captain)!
Lady Grey: Oh my... It seems like someone is already here.
Vyrn: How’d he get to such a dangerous place? He’s either that strong or lucky...
Vyrn: What the...? This is terrible! That man is being attacked by a monster!
Lady Grey: Wait... Something is wrong.
Wailing Man: Damnit! How can this be?! My daughter... My memories of my daughter have turned into something ghastly...!
Wailing Man: Eek! Stop! Please don’t defile my memories of my precious daughter!
Lady Grey: I see how it is...
Vyrn: What’s going on? Did you find out something?
Lady Grey: It’s a vile monster that toys with the souls of the dead and feeds on their hearts.
Vyrn: The souls of the dead? What's that supposed to mean?
The “Room of Recollection” used to bring momentary happiness to those who want to recollect their past.
It was meant to let them meet the people they had lost so that their regrets and resentments could be purified. It was a sacred place...
With the appearance of a monster that feeds on those thoughts, the “Room of Recollection” has changed entirely...
Lady Grey: The beautiful memories are defiled by the acts of this foul monster... Unforgivable!
Vyrn: I feel the same!
Vyrn: If someone’s being attacked in front of us, we can’t just stand by and watch... Let’s go, (Captain)!
Lady Grey: (Captain), please help me... I want to release that soul from the grasp of the monster!

Monsters in Memories: Scene 4

The party has defeated the monster and freed the man’s soul. Regaining its original strength, the Room of Recollection allowed Lady Grey and her late lover a brief moment together. After bidding farewell to her lover, she renews her resolve to go on another journey.

Lady Grey: Thank you... Thanks to you, the souls of the dead have been saved...
Vyrn: S-Stop it! This is nothing!
Vyrn: Hmm? What’s the matter, (Captain)? Lady Grey is acting strange...?
Lady Grey: ...!
Lady Grey: D-Dear... Why are you here?
Vyrn: Hey, Lady Grey! Who are you talking to?! H-hey!
Lady Grey: I’m fine. No, I’m not lonely... I don’t want you to worry about me...
Vyrn: Lady Grey! Hey!
Lady Grey: Gasp! What was I...?
Vyrn: What happened to you?! It’s like you suddenly couldn’t hear me anymore! We were really worried!
Lady Grey: Ha... Haha... It seems that the “Room of Recollection” regained its original form.
Vyrn: Original form?
Lady Grey: Yes. It brings temporary happiness to one who thinks of the past... That is the true form of the Room of Recollection.
Lyria: Ahhh... It looks like you got to meet your lover... Lady Grey looks so happy.
Lady Grey: It’s time we went. We defeated the monster that feeds on souls, so we have no more business here.
Vyrn: A-Are you sure? You finally got to meet your late love...
Lady Grey: It’s fine. I was finally able to say good bye...
Lady Grey: His soul is always with me. That’s enough for me.
Lady Grey: B-Besides, we better hurry or the sun will come up!
Vyrn: T-That’s bad! We better hurry or she’ll disappear with the skull!
Peace has finally returned to the Room of Recollection. The room that brought together people who have lost loved ones and lasting emotional scars...
Turning her emotional pain into affection, Lady Grey embarks on a new journey with (Captain).

Heart and Soul

In order to procure food, (Captain)'s party stop at a town. However, they find that the inhabitants are giving cold looks to the ghosts Lady Grey carries with her. Then, an elderly priest tries to exorcise the spirits inside the skulls against her will, and the party end up battling against the zealous soldiers.

(Captain)'s party had landed at a town to restock their provisions.
Vyrn: Whoa, a night market! It's so busy too, this town seems a little sketchy though…
Katalina: Hmm, they are looking at you rather strangely. Though they aren't looking at me much differently.
Vyrn: Hmm?
Villager 1: Hey, isn't that…
Villager 2: I've seen them… Yeah, looks like it…
Eugen: Yeah I see what you mean… Try not to let it bother you though, hm?
Lady Grey: They are eyeing my family in a somewhat unpleasant manner also. I suggest we take care of our business here quickly and leave.
Rackam: We can't leave until we get our provisions I'm afraid… Hey, over there.
Rackam: Excuse me, ma'am! How much for these potatoes?
Stall Owner: Hey, don't just pick up whatever you feel like! Go on, shoo! I wouldn't sell anything to you lot anyway.
Rackam: Whoa, hold on a minute, what's that supposed to mean?
Katalina: I'm sorry, we are travelling and only came here because we need food, if you could just sell us some then we'll be on our way.
Stall Owner: Look, I don't know any of you, but I'll have no dealings with you heathens, get out of here, you filth!
Rackam: Heathens? Did we do something wrong?
Katalina: Rackam, there's clearly nothing we can do here. Let's go.
Rackam: But?
Katalina: Psst! (Rackam! Think about her feelings for a moment!)
Lady Grey: …………
Rackam: Sorry… I got carried away for a moment there…
(Captain)'s party turned on their heels to leave the town.
However, a shadowy figure stood before them, blocking their way.
???: Ohohoho… Travelers, hm? You seem like you're having trouble.
Katalina: What's so funny about that, sir?
???: Apologies, I meant no offense. I only wanted to extend a courtesy, though that seems to have backfired, ohohoho…
Katalina: …………
???: It must have taken you such trouble to visit us here, you must need something. So, why not drop by my church before you leave?
Katalina: Church? Are you a priest?
Priest: Please, come to the church. We have a small amount of supplies we can share with you.
(Captain) and the crew follow the priest, knowing they could not possibly refuse an offer of hospitality.
Priest: This is a particularly pious town, religion holds a lot of sway here.
Priest: So everyone is afraid when one so defiled as you sets foot here.
Katalina: Defiled? You mean…?
Priest: Indeed, even when used by one as fair as this young lady, necromancy is an ill omen.
Lady Grey: …………
Eugen: Hold on a minute, padre. She's kind of a special case, these aren't any kind of monster, they're her husband and son.
Priest: Ah yes, I can see that. You must have gone through great personal tragedy, my child. I am truly sorry for your loss.
Priest: Nevertheless, your own actions were greatly misguided.
Lady Grey: !
Priest: These abominations are no replacement for your loved ones, just a lingering attachment to their earthly lives.
Priest: Do you not realize that keeping your dearly departed attached to this world causes them great pain?
Priest: One as clever as yourself must surely have realized by now?
Lady Grey: …………
Priest: To undertake such dark arts, you have desecrated the memory of your loved ones.
Lady Grey: …What do you know.
Priest: You must repent, please, show me those necromantic skulls that harbor the departed.
Priest: The burden you carry, the lives of the two you have lost… Now, by the power I hold shall you be purified!
Before waiting for consent from Lady Grey, the priest then held his scepter aloft and began reciting the rites of purification.
Almost immediately, Grey's phantoms started writhing in anguish. As if to protect them, she called out resolutely.
Lady Grey: Stop! Are you completely blinded by pride?
Lady Grey: You are helping no one. I alone am irredeemable because of the powers I have obtained. Why can't you understand that?
The priest continued his chanting undeterred.
Lady Grey could take the screams coming from her back no longer, and stood from her seat.
Lyria: Miss Grey!
Lady Grey: That hymn is a little hard on the ears is all. This is why I've never liked churches…
Rackam: Hey wait, Grey!
Rackam: Pay no mind to people like him, Grey. What does he know.
Eugen: I think we should know well enough. Those two you carry are members of the crew, just as much as any of us.
Lyria: Th-that's right! They're our friends too!
Eugen: Oho! And for someone as timid as our Lyria to say so, you know it must be true, har har!
Vyrn: All right! Well there's no point hanging around here! Let's beat it!
Lady Grey: …It seems like there are places I cannot go in this world.
Vyrn: Huh? What was that?
Katalina: Tss, I thought the holy were supposed to preach love and peace. I'm appalled, let us leave this place at once.
Church Soldier 1: Oh dear, it seems the wicked are everywhere… Driving these philistines from town seems like our duty.
Church Soldier 2: The unchaste one and her comrades… We, the Swords of the Faith shall purify them!
Lady Grey: Yes… This is why I don't like churches.

Heart and Soul: Scene 2

The party manage to get away from the soldiers and return to the Grandcypher. However, Lady Grey senses that something is amiss and returns to the town. In the town, a woman like Lady Grey who had awakened the dead had become a monster, and was running rampant. Her terrible fate comes as a shock to Lady Grey.

After managing to lose the pursuing Swords of the Faith, (Captain) and the party return to the Grandcypher.
Rackam: Phew… what a horrible little backwater this is, let's get outta here as quick as we can.
One by one, the crew boarded the ship. However, Lady Grey, the last one to board, was still looking off in to the distance.
Rackam: Heyyy! Hurry up or you'll get left behind!
Lady Grey: …………
Rackam: What's wrong? Hurry up and get aboard!
Lady Grey: …I'm sorry everyone. It is because of me that we were unable to acquire the food we need.
Rackam: Huh? I can't hear what you're saying! Just hurry up and come aboard!
Lady Grey: Rackam…
Lady Grey: I see. Thank you.
However, Lady Grey had only made one step onto the ramp when she turned around and stared at the horizon once again.
Rackam: What's up? Why do you keep looking in the direction of that town?
Lady Grey: Th wind, it is carrying the most horrid smell.
Rackam: A horrid smell?
Lady Grey: To the south of that town… In the nearby forest.
Rackam: I can't smell anything… What kind of smell is it?
Lady Grey: The same as my own, The stench of one surrounded by the dead.
Rackam: What? That can't be normal…
Lady Grey: Just now, smoke started rising from the town. We should hurry, it seems something terrible has happened.
Rackam: But if we go there they might attack you again, you should probably wait here.
Lady Grey: …………
Lady Grey flashed a weary smile, then ran back along th road thy had just taken.
Rackam: Ha… So that's the way it is.
Rackam: All right, everyone! Looks like we're headed back to that town!
The town was certainly in chaos. Whole buildings had collapsed, and the groaning of the injured could be heard.
Vyrn: Wh-what happened?
Rackam: Hey, that's the guys from before over there, right?
Church Soldier 1: Guh, uuurgh…
Church Soldier 2: He…help us…
Lyria: You're going to be OK! Just hold on!
Eugen: Hold on… Just what in the world happened here?
Katalina: What could have done this…
???: It is just as I said before.
(Captain) and everyone turned to the source of the voice. It was the priest, staggering from a grave wound…
Priest: Now do you understand. A dreaded philistine has returned to this town. This is why I said to repent.
Priest: There is no alternative… Repent or die!
Lady Grey: Why, did he need to go this far?
The priest then spoke of a woman just like Lady Grey who lived here long ago…
The woman was born and raised in the town, fell in love and knew great happiness.
And then monsters snatched everything away from her.
Just like Lady Grey, she then resurrected her beloved family. But for using the forbidden dark arts, she was exiled to the forest.
Priest: Listen carefully to this fool. Is this all what you wished for? A mere shadow of your loved ones?
Monster: AAAAHHHH!
A woman with two ghosts attached to her, her body and spirit seemingly gnawed and necrotic, came towards the party.
Lady Grey: …It's not true… That isn't the only way this can go, I won't become like that!

Heart and Soul: Scene 3

The other necromancer brought each enemy back to life as they were defeated. Seeing this, the priest once again chastises Lady Grey. Lady Grey summons her phantoms against the monster, but they are shattered into pieces. The elderly priest then tells her to forget her dead, to move on to a normal life, but Lady Grey calls her family back to her and they are revived.

Rackam: Phew… Talk about a bone-breaking battle…
Eugen: Hey, hold on a minute… The heck's happening now?
The fallen body parts seemed to slowly crawl and gather together. The woman who had become a monster was reviving them.
Priest: All humans must die. But this woman defies the will of the gods.
Priest: If this person does not allow them to rest, they will suffer for all eternity.
Lady Grey: We're so grateful for yet another sermon. Are you not going to save them with your power?
Priest: That is no longer possible. My powers are in no way?
Lady Grey: Oh, is that so. So for myself as well… Can your gods not save me?
Priest: Do you truly wish for salvation? Or is this just a trick of necromancy?
Lady Grey: This is no deceit, I am a woman who uses necromancy only for good, surely one such as I?
Priest: There is no condition under which necromancy can be considered good! A woman who thought so stands before you now as a monster!
Lady Grey: You're wrong! My husband… my son… Just for this I surely cannot… I won't become…
Lady Grey: That will not be my fate!
Lady Grey made an order in a dignified voice, sending her two loved ones forward. They transformed from their macabre forms.
Lady Grey: Now, go! Show them the power our love commands!
Monster: Graaaargh!
Lady Grey: What!
At the monster's attack, Grey's beloved husband and son fell, smashed to pieces.
Lady Grey: Ahh… That's…
Priest: That is just as well. You do not want to turn out that way.
Priest: Those left behind need to forget those that have passed. And move on into new life.
Lady Grey: …Silence.
Priest: What?!
Lady Grey: You think I am obsessed with love? Don't make me laugh. Do not think me the same as this woman's lingering regrets.
Priest: You are the same. Compared to the love of the gods your fixations are crude and vulgar.
Lady Grey: And do not apply your faith to me!
Priest: …Do you intend to mock us?
Lady Grey: You do nothing but pray and wish and wait for salvation… I have no need for gods like that.
Lady Grey: I believe only in my unwavering love. I know it's not a one-sided feeling. I can be certain of reciprocal, communicated love…
Lady Grey: Isn't that right, my beloved…
As if in answer to Lady Grey's statement, the scattered bone fragments reformed and were revived.
Priest: Y-you fool… Have you learned nothing…
Lady Grey: Are you in pain? I'm so sorry for what has happened to you.
Monster: Guhhhh…
Lady Grey: Don't worry, all will be fine. I will bring you eternal rest.

Heart and Soul: Scene 4

With the town safe, and the townspeople apologetic for their poor hospitality, the party prepare to leave. Finally, although the priest can't quite understand her, he concedes that Lady Grey must follow her own path, and they part ways amicably.

Stall Owner: Please forgive me. I was so cruel to you before…
Stall Owner: Here, it's not much of an apology, but please take some food.
As she said this, the woman handed over a large sack full of potatoes.
Eugen: Don't worry about it. Main thing is, everyone's safe.
Rackam: …………
Katalina: Rackam? What's the matter? Accept the lady's gracious offer.
Rackam: Nothing, I was considering her feelings…
As he said this, Rackam nodded towards two figures. Lady Grey and the priest were staring at each other.
Priest: …I cannot accept this.。
Lady Grey: …………
Priest: I was still correct. If you'd only done as I said, no one would have been hurt.
Lady Grey: That is so, your judgement was quite fine. But…
Priest: But?
Lady Grey: I was also not incorrect.
Priest: …………
Lady Grey: Please don't misunderstand me. I'm grateful to you.
Lady Grey: I may have lost my way before, but I am following my own path now.
Lady Grey: Someday I shall show you the proof of my conviction. The next time we meet, my family will be together again.
Priest: Ohohoho… has there ever been such a person like you…
Priest: Very well then, I wish you every bit of fortune on your journey.
Lady Grey: Thank you, it was a pleasure to meet you.
They then returned straight to the Grandcypher. When Lady Grey put her first foot on the landing ramp, she looked up to the sky.
There wasn't a single cloud to be seen, and she felt her own self-doubts clearing as well.

Rest in Peace

One day while on the Grandcypher, Lady Grey comes forward with a request. She asks if they can disembark at a nearby island, a deserted island that she and her husband once owned. However, the villa they used to live in has been laid to waste by a monster, which then attacks the party.

The enigmatic Lady Grey was always the subject of rumors aboard the Grandcypher.
Rackam: But, don't you worry about them at all?
Eugen: Huh? What are you talking about?
Rackam: About Grey's family… After they died, she used necromancy to keep them all together
Rackam: She must love them a whole lot.
Eugen: Oi, Rackam. I don't need no family history or nothin', just get to the point. You ain't gonna do anythin' rash now, are ya?
Rackam: What? No way! I'm not like that!
Eugen: Alright, carry on then…
Rackam: So you're saying you don't worry about her?
Rackam: Time to time I see her and she looks really… sad. I just wonder what we could do for her if she's lonely or anything.
Eugen: Alright, I get it…
Rackam: I'm not sure you do.
Rackam: No matter hard I might try to make friends with her, I'm just one guy, with just one guy's problems.
Eugen: Yeah, a hundred people on this ship probably couldn't understand what she's been through…
Eugen: I mean, a lot of us will have people who've moved on. But to carry them with you, yeah I don't know anything about that.
Rackam: …Eugen.
Eugen: Scuse me, I might have said too much.
Rackam: It just makes me feel like anything I've been through is kinda trivial.
Eugen: Well, compared to Grey, who could…
???: Oh, compared to me who could what?
The two turned towards the voice in confusion. Behind them was Lady Grey, with a smile on her face.
Rackam: G-G-G-Grey!?
Lady Grey: Hehehe…
Eugen: Err… Erm… Nothin'! We weren't talking about anything, right Rackam?
Rackam: Y-yeah… Nothing in particular, Eugen.
Lady Grey: Hehehe… Well I'm glad you're enjoying yourselves, whatever you're not doing.
Lady Grey: By the way, I have something of a request.
Eugen: Hmm? What kind of request?
Lady Grey: Would it be all right to disembark for a moment at the small island we will soon be passing over?
Rackam: An island? Why do you wanna stop there?
Lady Grey: I guess you'll have to take me if you want to find out…
Lady Grey: Hehehe…
Eugen: It's quiet…
Rackam: Yeah, too quiet. It's a bit eerie.
Lady Grey: There's no need to worry. This is a perfectly nice place.
Katalina: Lady Grey, why did you want to come here?
Lady Grey: Oh, well… A long time ago my husband received ownership of this desert island.
Lady Grey: Every summer our family would come go on vacation in the villa here.
Lyria: Oh, how lovely! A summer home! I've always wanted to have a summer villa somewhere.
Lady Grey: Hehe, it is quite lovely. You are all of course welcome to join me when we alight.
When they arrived however, the mansion had clearly fallen into disrepair, now a mere shell of what must have once been very grand.
Lady Grey:
Lyria: Umm… Miss Grey?
Lady Grey: Sorry everyone. I must have gotten all your hopes up. It seems I won't be able to show you much in the way of hospitality here.
Lyria: Miss Grey…
Eugen: Wait, this is a bit strange…
Rackam: What's strange?
Eugen: This hasn't just rotted away by itself… Y'see this this wall here? Clearly it's been knocked down by somethin' pretty strong─
Katalina: …Brace yourselves, there's something here!
Monster: Graaargh!

Rest in Peace: Scene 2

The island Lady Grey used to visit with her husband is now infested with monsters. Lady Grey suddenly remembers something and, her face drained, breaks into a run. She runs to a flower bed filled with orchids and, in the middle, a cruelly destroyed gravestone. With the memories of her husband sullied, Lady Grey angrily lashes out at the monsters.

Sensing monsters lurking in the building, (Captain)'s party immediately repel them.
Katalina: Such a shame… This is such a beautiful island, and yet the monsters are running amok.
Katalina: And the villa looked like it must have been especially lovely. It is truly unfortunate that we weren't able to see it, Lady Grey.
Lady Grey:
Katalina: Lady Grey?
Lady Grey:
Lyria: …Miss Grey? Are you all right?
Lady Grey: …!
Eugen: What's wrong?
Lady Grey: Surely not… Not that place as well…
As though she had suddenly just remembered something terrible, Grey's face turned ghostly white, and she started to run.
Lyria: Miss Grey! Wait!
Lady Grey: Haa… haaa…
She had reached a small hillock where wild orchids had grown and were swaying slightly in the breeze.
In the middle of those orchids, Grey was clutching something tightly and sobbing.
That something was a white marble gravestone, which had also been cruelly destroyed.
No one needed to ask whose name it was that had been engraved on that stone…
Lady Grey: They used to love these flowers. That's why so many are planted here…
Lady Grey: They soon became my favorite flower too. These orchids were the first flowers he ever gave to me.
Lady Grey: And whenever we fought… Well, it's sort of funny looking back.
Lady Grey: I'd lock myself away in my room, and he would always bring me these flowers and apologise.
Lady Grey: Cymbidiums, a symbol for a secluded young woman in the language of flowers… A perfect gift for someone like me.
Lady Grey: But I cannot allow… my memories of him…
Monster: Graaargh!
Lady Grey: I cannot allow you to destroy them!

Rest in Peace: Scene 3

Lady Grey is still despondent over the destruction of her family's gravesite. Bit by bit, she tells the party her story, how her family were taken from her and how she learned necromancy to bring them back. After the party listen to her story, they are attacked by a monster. Lady Grey's spirits move forward to protect her from harm.

(Captain)'s party easily dispatched the monsters that had ruined Grey's family's graves. However, she was still deeply upset…
Lady Grey: It wasn't enough to take them away from me once, now the monsters want to snatch them from me again.
Tears were streaming down her face as painful memories were brought back.
She had lost her husband and son when they had bravely taken up arms to defend a village under attack from monsters.
To deal with her loss, she read everything she could on any subject that might help, and eventually came across necromancy.
However, her ability was insufficient. All she could manage to summon were grotesque, soulless husks of her loved ones.
Grey had resolved to share her secret with everyone, and she let out a long sigh.
She confessed that the true aim of her journey was to once again come before the gravestone beneath which her family rested.
Lady Grey: That is why I brought all of you here. I have traveled to the ends of the earth searching for the secret of perfect revival…
Lady Grey: Sorry everyone. Sorry I have been silent until now…
Lady Grey: However, to stay silent any longer would be dishonest.
Lady Grey: I don't usually like to speak of my past, so I don't know why I'm telling you all this… I just felt you should know.
Grey's confession was finished. An oppresive silence fell over the group. Time seemed to stretch as no one spoke.
Katalina: …Thank you, Lady Grey. Thank you for sharing that with us.
Katalina: Although, I do have just one question.
Lady Grey: Of course, what is it?
Katalina: Just now you said you don't know why you're telling us, but I don't believe that's true.
Lady Grey: Sorry… what do you mean?
Katalina: Then allow me to put it to you as a question. Why were you so anxious to tell us these things, Lady Grey?
Lady Grey:
Eugen: If this was a special place that only you and your family knew about, why'd you bring us lot here now?
Lady Grey: …Ah, I see now.
Rackam: That's right. I think you do know why you felt you had to tell us.
Lady Grey: I suppose it's because you've come to be very special to me. You're like my family now.
Lady Grey: That's what you're looking for me to say, is it not?
Lady Grey: Well yes, you are correct. And with my family on the ship too… I needn't worry by myself any longer.
Lyria: Miss Grey…
Rackam: Haha, that's more like it!
Vyrn: Sounds like a serious responsibility, right (Captain)? Even more reason to make sure we reach our goal!
Lady Grey: Every night must yield to dawn eventually. Though you know, I do not do well with mornings─
As if it was waiting for the moment Grey returned to her feet. As she stood up, a dark wind suddenly blew.
Eugen: Grey, look out!
Monster: Graaargh!
Lady Grey: ?!
Rackam: Gah, what terrible timing.
Having closed them against the initial gust of wind, Grey slowly opened her eyes.
Right before her eyes, two figures rose to block the monster's attack heading straight for her.
Lady Grey: Y-you…

Rest in Peace: Scene 4

(Captain) and the party leave the island that Lady Grey remembered. Having seen the way the spirits on Lady Grey's back raced to defend her, the party come to believe that the family's love is what keeps them bound together.

The island was little like she remembered it. Looking down, Lady Grey let out an emotional sigh…
Eugen: Hey… You sure those two don't have their souls?
Eugen: Looked to me like they put themselves in the way to protect you. You'd need a soul to go and do that, wouldn't ya?
Rackam: Oh yeah, for sure. I think I even saw them smile when they realised you were safe, Grey.
Lady Grey: I… They…
Eugen: Rackam! Sounds like you're exaggerating again.
Rackam: What! I'm telling the truth!
Lady Grey: Hehehe…
Katalina: I'm sorry they're so blunt about everything. But on this occasion, they may not be far off the mark.
Katalina: Monsters may have taken your family from you, but they'll never be able to take away your love for each other…
Lady Grey: Yes, I suppose so. Thank you, everyone…
Grey covered a gentle smile that had appeared on her face. Before anyone noticed, a single flower came into bloom.
And even the flower seemed to bear a beautiful smile.

Veterans Looking Back

(Captain) and company arrive on an island to do some monster hunting. Nezahualpilli and Lady Grey are proud, yet somehow lonely, to see their young crewmates growing so strong and independent. When an enormous monster sneaks up on them, the two powerhouses make short work of it. It seems these veterans still have plenty to teach their young friends.

The crew arrives on an island and accepts a job to take out a few monsters.
(Captain) handles the monster onslaught with ease.
Monster: Grrooo...
Vyrn: All right, we've taken care of the monsters here!
Lyria: All thanks to (Captain)! Let's check over that way next.
Nezahualpilli: Wait! Be on your guard—there's still something here...
Vyrn: Are you sure? Wait... You're right! I see it, hiding behind that tree!
Monster: Groooarrr!
Lyria: It's coming! (Captain), can you handle it?
Nezahualpilli: Whew...
Vyrn: Haha! These monsters don't stand a chance!
Lyria: Not with (Captain) on the job. But we can't let our guard down now!
Nezahualpilli stops in his tracks and watches from behind as the crew marches along triumphantly.
Nezahualpilli: Hmm...
Lady Grey: Hehehe.... What's the matter, O king of the hawks?
Nezahualpilli: Hm? Ah, Lady Grey.
Nezahualpilli: Pay me no mind... It's nothing.
Lady Grey: How cold... Considering how long we've been together in this crew now, I wish you'd share what you're thinking.
Nezahualpilli: Well, if you insist... I was merely getting sentimental.
Lady Grey: Oh dear, are you embarrassed? Let me guess what got you feeling maudlin.
Lady Grey: Seeing the young ones mature so fast makes you proud, yet somehow lonely... Does that sound about right?
Nezahualpilli: Yes... You see right through me. It is as you say.
Nezahualpilli: Sigh... It seems I'm the one letting down my guard, despite the fact that we find ourselves in this monster-infested area.
Lady Grey: Haha... I do know how you feel though. Those kids have grown so much since we first met.
Lady Grey: Don't you think so? I still remember when everything was so new to them that every little snag set them aflutter.
Nezahualpilli: Indeed... It seems like so long ago that I was invaluable to them in battle as their shield.
Lady Grey: They've truly come into their own. It's a lonely feeling, not being so needed, isn't it?
Nezahualpilli: Hahaha! But as their friend and ally, I am nonetheless proud of them! Well then, shall we get a move on?
Lady Grey: Let's go. I'm pretty sure they made a right turn here.
Lady Grey: Oh! Hawk King, look.
Monster: Grooooaaarrrr!
Nezahualpilli: That's a big one... And it looks to be headed toward (Captain) and the others!
Lady Grey: Yes. If they're already in combat, they'll be attacked from both sides...
Lady Grey and Nezahualpilli silently nod to each other, then dash toward the giant monster.
Nezahualpilli: You won't go any farther than this! Tremble at the might of my clan's power! Hrraaaahhh!
Monster: Grooooaaarrrr!
Nezahualpilli: Ungh... We can handle this! Lady Grey, now!
Lady Grey: A gift from the underworld, just for you.
Monster: Groooooaaar!
Nezahualpilli: Yaaaah!
Lady Grey: Haaaaa!
Vyrn: Hey, what are you two doing here? We already defeated the monster we came here for!
Vyrn: Whoa! Wh-what's this giant monster doing here?
On their way back, (Captain) and the others find an enormous beast lying at Nezahualpilli's and Lady Grey's feet.
Nezahualpilli: Hahaha! It was a tough one! But no match for a king!
Lyria: Wow! You defeated it with only the two of you...
Lady Grey: Hehe... A little backbreaking work is nice sometimes.
Lyria: Oh no! You broke your back! We have to get you to a doctor right away!
Lady Grey: Oh, Lyria, it's just a figure of speech. Nothing actually broken, I assure you.
Nezahualpilli: Hahaha! I suppose we still have things to teach them!
Lady Grey: Hehe. It's nice to know we're still needed.
Nezahualpilli and Lady Grey have been with (Captain) almost since this grand journey began.
They always have and always will continue to watch over the crew.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
日差しはダメよ浄化されちゃうもの… I can't enter the sunlight. I'd be purged.
骨抜きにしてあげるわ… I'll strip you down to the bone...
あの人の事は、骨の髄まで愛していたわ… I loved that man down to marrow of his bones...
どこか、ジメジメした場所は無いかしら… Need someplace dank and dark...
魔物は頸椎ひとつとっても様々ね… Monster vertebrae come in so many types...
死が二人を分かつとも… Even when death splits a couple apart...
本当の愛について聞かせてあげるわ I'll tell you what true love really means.
ここには彷徨える魂が多いようだわ… Many lost souls wander these lands...
(主人公)、愛を惜しんではいけないわ Never take love for granted, (Captain).
(主人公)の骨格、とっても魅力的ね… You have such a lovely skeletal structure, (Captain).

Other Appearances


Lady Grey, Deathweaver

Click to reveal card data


My lover was a wonderful person, and my child, the cutest. There's no way I'll let them go... After all, we're a family.


Evolve: Reanimate (2)

Our love will last forever. An endless affection, unwavering. Well, shall we show you how tightly our family bonds are tied?

Class Shadowcraft
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Lady Grey, Deathweaver
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Undying Resentment

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Deal 2 damage to an enemy follower.
Necromancy (2): Deal 4 damage instead

Excuse me... Could you please refrain from singing those hymns around me?

Class Shadowcraft
Card Pack Promo
SV Portal Undying Resentment
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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