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Official Profile[edit]

Age 12
Height 140 cm
Race Unknown
Hobbies Playing with string, playing in the snow
Likes You, Lyria, transparent objects
Dislikes Belligerent people
Lily journeys around the world, searching for that which will bring her spring, the rite of passage in her home country. Until she finds it, she cannot return home. While journeying alone, she uses her abundant reserves of frozen air to turn any nearby monsters to ice. Pure of heart and slightly shy, Lily is a responsible young girl who doesn't give up easily. She's also used to being looked after, thanks to the constant doting affection of her two sisters back home.
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  • Lily's first art is used as dummy placeholder art, however the art is grayed out with the word "dummy" in the middle. It may appear during the player's draw.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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(Captain)! Happy birthday, happy birthday! It's such a wonderful thing that I had to say it twice!
Here's your present! I'm always the one depending on you, but today you can depend on me!
Really! I mean it!
Hm, you're not sure what to do? It's easy—just do what I always do!
You can sit on my lap, let me feed you, and—
That'd be embarrassing? Aww, don't be a spoilsport!
C'mon, it'll be fun!


(Captain), happy birthday! Congratu... lations!
Haha! It's such a fantastic day. I needed to make sure I used a great, big word!
This year you're going to let me spoil you, right?
Hahaha. You don't want me to? Come on, just let me do something for you!
I know! How about a piggyback ride? Whenever I'm tired, that's what I need. Hop on!


(Captain), happy birthday!
If you want to know how happy of a birthday it is, then I'd have to say...
It's this
Whew, birthdays are such a wonderful thing, so I tried to use my whole body to show that.
Hm? You've gotten used to letting me spoil you on this special day?
Well, that's why I've upped the ante with a special Please the Captain routine!
I'm going to nap with you and sing you a lullaby!
Lie down on the bed, (Captain)!
Here I go!
Row, row, row your airship...
Through the...

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Deer! Um, let me try that again...
Happy Stew Year... Okay, one more time! Just one more!
Sigh... Phew...
Here I go... Happy New Year! See, I got it! I'm ready for a year of new happy! Huh?
Whew, this isn't easy. But have no fear! I'll try again next year!


Ha-ppy New Yea-r!
I did it! Last year I kept fudging the words, so this year I practiced a lot.
Okay! Now to say it once and for all! Ready... Go...
Happy New...
I fudged it again... I should have practiced adding "ready" and "go" too...
Oh well. Next year I'll get it!


Okay, I can do this!
Ehehe, it came out perfect this year!
Lyria trained me really hard, and I put in so many hours practicing for it to come out so naturally.
You're impressed? You think I did a good job?
Teehee, I got a compliment from (Captain)!
I'll do my best this year too!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Um, hey, look! I made some chocolate! This one's for you!
This is my first time making anything like this, so they might taste a bit funny...
But, (Captain), I hope this makes you and Lyria really, really happy!
You like it? Yay, yay, yay! I'll make you an even bigger box of chocolate next year!


Hey, um... This year I made chocolate again!
I wanted to make something that was even tastier than last year's batch, so I mixed things I like!
This chocolate is wrapped in lettuce!
It's sweet and fresh!
Even Lyria said I did a good job.
How is it? Tasty, right?
Really? That's awesome blossom! I'll do something even better next year!


Happy Valentine's Day, (Captain)!
I tried my hand at a different kind of chocolate this year!
I dissolved a chocolate bar into a creamy mix, then I stirred it in a pot!
It's really good if you dip fruit or vegetables into this chocolate...
I'd love to have it together with you and Lyria, (Captain)!
Let's eat up before it gets cold! C'mon!

Mixed Chocolate Cake square.jpg Mixed Chocolate Cake
3rd year:
Rich Hot Chocolate square.jpg Rich Hot Chocolate

White Day Cutscenes
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Ah! A present for me? Hooray! Thanks a ton!
But, you know, more than anything else, I'm so happy just to be by your side, (Captain)!
So let's just sit back and relax today! I'll get Lyria to join in on the fun too!


Really? Is this for me? Thank you so much!
Wow... It's such a nice box. It's so pretty! This is the best gift ever, (Captain)!
Huh? The box is not the gift? It's what's inside?
Does that mean I can open it?
Wow! Double trouble!


Yay, a gift from (Captain)!
Let's see what's inside!
Wow, what a yummy-looking sandwich! Look at all the lettuce inside!
But I think it might be too big for me...
Hm? We're going to have a picnic together soon? Lyria will come by too?
Whee! I can't wait!
Just give me a bit to get ready!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Eep! Look at all the ghosts everywhere! The ship must be haunted!
Huh? Costumes? The ghosts are actually our crew members?
Hm, that sounds kind of fun! I want to try it too!


(Captain), there's something I can't get my head around.
How's a pumpkin a vegetable? I mean, it's nothing like lettuce or eggplant. I tried nibbling on it, and it was just so hard!
Huh? Cook it? If I cook it, it'll be more like a yummy vegetable?
I see. Thanks, (Captain)! The world of vegetables is a strange one!


(Captain), um...
Trick or treat!
Ehehe, did I get it right? I had to study up on this greeting!
Can I get a treat as a reward?
Yay, a pumpkin-flavored cookie!
Thank you, (Captain)!
I'm going to go get more candy for the night! And I'd like you to come with me, (Captain)!

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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Ahaha! You're on! You said cookies, so I'll go with gingerbread!
Ooh, ooh! You know what goes best with gingerbread? Lily does! That's right! Me!
You're wondering why? Because I love gingerbread! And I'm sure gingerbread loves me back!
It's mutual affection! Ahh, I could really go for an extra large gingerbread cookie right now!


(Captain), the townspeople praised me!
I went around and found houses that didn't have trees. Then I made them some out of ice!
After that lots of people started asking me to come to their house to make them one too!
I did so much good today! Praise me, praise me!


Happy holidays, (Captain)!
I was just helping out with preparations for the celebration!
I put lots of decorations on the holiday cake and tree!
It'll be so much fun because of all my hard work!
My final task is to lead you to the venue!
So, (Captain)... Grab my hand, and I'll take you to the party!

Fate Episodes[edit]

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

A Girl in Search of Spring[edit]

The party had just saved a young woman from a band of brigands.And so Lily met (Captain), who turned out to be an unexpected source of warmth.Lily had finally found the person who could bring her spring. She joined our heroes on their journey.

Vyrn: Brr...hey, (Captain). Am I the only one who's feeling a little chilly?
Lyria: Are...are you okay? It looks like you're moving in slow motion...
Vyrn: What're you trying to say?! Call me a reptile, you little?wait. ... are dragons reptiles?
Vyrn: A-anyway! We gotta find out where the cold is coming from! It could be a primal beast!
Brigand: Damnit! What're you doing here, brat?!
???: can't answer that. I'm Lily, so...
Brigand: Raargh! So damn cold! These buddies of mind couldn't handle it... and I'm feeling like a damn ice cube...
Lily: Er... c-can I have that back? I need it so I can travel...
Vyrn: You rotten bunch of bums! Why don't you pick on someone your own size!
Brigand: Wha?! What's with the lizard!
Vyrn: Who the hell keeps telling people I'm a lizard?!

Anyway, she needs our help!

Let's get 'em, (Captain)!
Our heroes fended off the brigands in quite the splendid fashion. Lily's bag was safe.
Lyria: There you go.

That must have been terrifying.

Are you okay?
Lily: Th-thanks...I'm okay.
Lyria: We're so happy to hear that! But you're so small! Don't you know how dangerous it is to travel alone? Shouldn't you be with a grownup?
Lily: Um...well I gotta go by myself. Those are the rules. Hm?
Lily: *sniff* *sniff* Do you smell that? It's so warm...
Vyrn: Smell? I don't smell a damn thing...
Vyrn: ...wait?!

What the hell?!

Think she's sniffing you out, (Captain)...
Lily: Sniff sure do smell warm for a skyfarer...
Lily: Like what I was looking for...
Lyria: That's way too close! You shouldn't just touch (Captain) like?eep?!
Lily: Take me with you! Please! Pretty please with a cherry on top!
Lily: I looked everywhere for someone that can give me spring...and that's you!
Lyria: Wait...what?! Are you sure?!
Lyria: I mean, you just met (Captain)...
Lily: Well this skyfarer came and took all my cold I'm sure!
Vyrn: She's right. I'm not cold anymore. I wasn't even that close and I felt like I was in an iceberg.
Lily: Pleaaaase! Pretty please?! You're skyfarers...
  1. C'mon, kid!
  2. You're a kid!

Choose: C'mon, kid!
Lily: Yaaay! Thank you, Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

Choose: You're a kid!
Lyria: E-Exactly! But the Empire's after us!
Vyrn: C'mon, Lyria. You reaaally wanna leave a little girl like this all by herself?
Lyria: Grr...
Continue 1
Vyrn: What's a journey without a little excitement, eh?!
Lily: I know I'm an ingor... ignora... i'm not too bright, but thanks for taking me! Right!
Lyria: Er...nice to have you, Lily.
Lily: Yeah! Thanks! You're gonna be my big sister!
Lyria: ?!Big sister?!
Lyria: Oh...oh, okay! If you're having any trouble, you just come talk to me!
Lily: Yup!Thanks so much!
Vyrn: Kinda scary for a kid, huh?
And so the young girl and her Ice Crystal join (Captain) and company on their journey.

The Icy Heroine's Anguish[edit]

The company enters a town to rest during their journey. While everyone was enjoying the peaceful town, Lily looked on with a scowl and refused to enter the town. As Lyria expressed concern for Lily, monsters appeared near the town.

During their journey, (Captain) and company enter a town to rest.
Lily stuck around the town by herself.
Lyria: What’s the matter? Lily.
Lily: Oh... Umm...
Lyria: Everyone already went inside. Come on. Lily, you should come, too.
Lily: Ugh... Lyria... I... Um...
Lyria: Hm?
Lily: Urgh... N-Nothing...
Lily: ...
Vyrn: I haven’t been in a town this peaceful in a while! It’s full of food stalls with delicious-looking food! Hey, (Captain)! Let’s eat that!
Lyria: ...
Lyria: Lily, you’ve been frowning for a while... Are you okay?
Lily: Y-Yeah. I’m fine...
Townsperson: Monsters! Monsters are trying to enter the city! Someone please come!
Vyrn: This is horrible timing... (Captain)! Let’s go!
Lyria: Let's go, (Captain)! We have to stop the monsters before they enter the town!
Lily: Ugh... I knew it.

The Icy Heroine's Anguish: Scene 2[edit]

The company managed to fend off the monsters. The townspeople was wondering because monsters appearing near the town are a rare occurrence. Lyria was worried about Lily because Lily seems depressed. That was when monsters attacked the town again.

Townsperson 1: You’ve been a big help! I don’t know how to thank you...
Vyrn: Don’t mention it! I’m sorry you were attacked by monsters, too.
Townsperson 1: Yes... Monsters usually don’t even come near here...
Townsperson 1: Well, I suppose it was just bad luck.
Lily: Ugh...
Lyria: Lily.
Lily: Wha?! W-What? Lyria...
Lyria: Lily, you’ve been like this for a while. Is something bothering you?
Townsperson 2: Somebody! M-Monsters entered the city again...!
Vyrn: What?! Why are they attacking so quickly again...?
Townsperson 1: This is really strange... Did we welcome something strange into the city?
Vyrn: Anyway, we have to fight them! Let’s go! (Captain)!
Lily: ...

The Icy Heroine's Anguish: Scene 3[edit]

Lily stubbornly refuses to enter the city. After asking her why, Lily says that monsters are attracted to her. When she is alone, winter approaches again, and the monsters are unable to move. While Lily explains, monsters appear again.

Vyrn: Phew... We chased them off, so it should be fine now!
Lyria: Yeah! We should return to the town. Okay? Lily. (Captain).
Lily: I’m... fine. I won’t return to the town.
Lyria: Hm?
Lily: Skyfarers, please return on your own... I... I will have to say good bye here.
Lyria: W-What are you saying?! If you stay here, who knows when the monsters will attack again...
Lily: That’s why! If I’m gone... the town won’t be attacked!
Lily: The monsters are after me! It’s always been that way...!
Lily: But I’ll be fine when I’m alone. Because the winter will protect me...
Vyrn: The winter...? You mean the cold chill that went away after meeting (Captain)?
Lily: Yes... So I must say good bye to the skyfarers...
Lily: Once I’m separated from you, winter will come around me again... The monsters cannot move once that happens...
Lily: Did you know? Monsters trapped in ice is very pretty!
Lily: That’s why... That’s why I don’t feel lonely at all...
Lyria: Lily!
Lily: Eep!
Lyria: Why are you...?
Vyrn: Hey! The monsters are here again! We’ll talk later! Help us out, Lily!
Lily: Oh... Y-Yes!

The Icy Heroine's Anguish: Scene 4[edit]

Lily wants to be alone in the hope of preventing more trouble for the party. Lyria gently scolds her, saying that she doesn’t need to worry about such things. Touched by her kind words, Lily swears that she will follow Lyria forever.

Lyria: Lily, why would you say this?
Lyria: Why...? Why are you trying to keep us apart?
Lily: Um... you see… it’s dangerous to be around me...
Lily: I didn’t want to cause trouble to the skyfarers... or Lyria...
Lyria: Sigh... Why would you think that?
Lily: Hm?
Lyria: Lily, weren’t you looking for (Captain)? And here you are!
Lily: Y-Yes...
Lyria: In that case! You don’t need to think about that!
Lyria: (Captain) and the skyfarers that you chose will protect you...
Lyria: I will protect you! For sure!
Vyrn: Kids should be kids and not worry about stuff like that!
Lyria: Do you understand? That’s why you should just be with us, Lyria!
Lily: ...
Vyrn: Uh oh. Were we too harsh on her?
Lily: Lyria...
Lyria: Huh?
Lily: I made up my mind! I will follow you for the rest of my life, Lyria!
Lily: I know this is destiny... This feeling... It’s like a lightning bolt in spring...
Lyria: Whaaaaa?!
Vyrn: Gyahahahaha! Good for you, Lyria! Now she’s completely stuck on you!
Lyria: T-This isn’t good! (Captain), please say something!
  1. Congratulations.
  2. You’re a good match.

Choose: Congratulations.
Lyria: You're abandoning me?!
Vyrn: That’s not true, Lyria. We’re just gently watching over you... Hee hee.
Lyria: Vyrn! You’re laughing!

Choose: You’re a good match.
Lyria: Why did it end up this way! ?
Vyrn: There there. I think you’re a good match, too! I hope you live happily ever after!
Continue 1
Lily: I may be lacking in many aspects... But I hope we shall get along for the rest of our lives. Yes! Lyria!
Lyria: Ugh... W-What should I do?
The girl of ice crystals has finally smiled brightly after coming to an understanding with her friends.
Her smile was like a warm spring breeze that melted away the snow.

Other Appearances[edit]


SV Crystalia Lily.png SV Crystalia Lily E.png

Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Enhance (6) - Transform an enemy follower into a Snowman.

Sledding, snowball fights, and snowmen! I love playing in the snow!

Snowmen are so big and silly! I think I'll make some more!
Class Forestcraft
Card Pack Rise of Bahamut
SV Portal Crystalia Lily
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Dragalia Lost[edit]


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