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Official Profile

Age 12 Height 140 cm Race Crystalia
Hobbies Playing with string, playing in the snow
Likes The Captain, Lyria, transparent objects
Dislikes Belligerent people

Granblue Fantasy Theater
Lily journeys around the world, searching for that which will bring her spring, the rite of passage in her home country. Until she finds it, she cannot return home. While journeying alone, she uses her abundant reserves of frozen air to turn any nearby monsters to ice. Pure of heart and slightly shy, Lily is a responsible young girl who doesn't give up easily. She's also used to being looked after, thanks to the constant doting affection of her two sisters back home.

Character Release

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Age 12歳 Height 140cm Race クリスタリア
Hobbies あやとり、雪遊び
Likes 主人公、ルリア、透き通ったもの
Dislikes 大きな声で話す人

Granblue Fantasy Theater



Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3] [4]




  • Lily has character banter with Erin when paired in battle.
  • Lily's first art is used as dummy placeholder art, however the art is grayed out with the word "dummy" in the middle. It may appear during the player's draw.

Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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(Captain)! Happy birthday, happy birthday! It's such a wonderful thing that I had to say it twice!
Here's your present! I'm always the one depending on you, but today you can depend on me!
Really! I mean it!
Hm, you're not sure what to do? It's easy—just do what I always do!
You can sit on my lap, let me feed you, and—
That'd be embarrassing? Aww, don't be a spoilsport!
C'mon, it'll be fun!


(Captain), happy birthday! Congratu... lations!
Haha! It's such a fantastic day. I needed to make sure I used a great, big word!
This year you're going to let me spoil you, right?
Hahaha. You don't want me to? Come on, just let me do something for you!
I know! How about a piggyback ride? Whenever I'm tired, that's what I need. Hop on!


(Captain), happy birthday!
If you want to know how happy of a birthday it is, then I'd have to say...
It's this
Whew, birthdays are such a wonderful thing, so I tried to use my whole body to show that.
Hm? You've gotten used to letting me spoil you on this special day?
Well, that's why I've upped the ante with a special Please the Captain routine!
I'm going to nap with you and sing you a lullaby!
Lie down on the bed, (Captain)!
Here I go!
Row, row, row your airship...
Through the...


Lily focuses her gaze on (Captain).
Choose: What's wrong?
Hey, (Captain)! You know how today's your birthday?
Well, I wanted to congratulate you so bad but didn't know how, so I tried to do it with my eyes!
Ahaha, you must feel so congratulated right now!
I'm going to spoil you big time this year too!
Think of me as your big sister, and tell me anything you want, okay?


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
It's that time of year again—time for me to spoil you! Here, you can put your head in my lap!
Huh? You want to know why I always pamper you on your birthday?
Well... I always like when you spoil me. It makes me really happy.
So I just want to make you as happy as I am.
And besides, you're always taking care of me and the crew...
So you need to practice being spoiled yourself once in a while, or you won't be able to when the time comes.
That's why I'm going to give you the best spoiling ever!
Patty-pat... There, there...

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Deer! Um, let me try that again...
Happy Stew Year... Okay, one more time! Just one more!
Sigh... Phew...
Here I go... Happy New Year! See, I got it! I'm ready for a year of new happy! Huh?
Whew, this isn't easy. But have no fear! I'll try again next year!


Ha-ppy New Yea-r!
I did it! Last year I kept fudging the words, so this year I practiced a lot.
Okay! Now to say it once and for all! Ready... Go...
Happy New...
I fudged it again... I should have practiced adding "ready" and "go" too...
Oh well. Next year I'll get it!


Okay, I can do this!
Ehehe, it came out perfect this year!
Lyria trained me really hard, and I put in so many hours practicing for it to come out so naturally.
You're impressed? You think I did a good job?
Teehee, I got a compliment from (Captain)!
I'll do my best this year too!


Happy New Year! May we have many more good times together!
Ehehe... There, I said it.
Staying up late to welcome in the new year was really fun.
I somehow get the feeling I'll be seeing a really nice dream tonight.
Mm, I can't wait to feast on mochi pie with you and Lyria...
It doesn't matter if I'm in bed, or if I'm up and about... I feel blessed either way....


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
Um, can I ask you a big favor?
So I wrote all these New Year's letters, and I need help sending them!
I wanna tell everyone on my island and in Ice Crystal Palace that this year's off to a good start.
I drew lots of pictures too. There's one of me in a kimono and another of me eating mochi pie!
You can take them to Sierokarte right now?
Yay! Thank you! Then I'm gonna run and go get them!
Oh right!
I have letters for you and Lyria too!
I'll bring them now, but read them back in your rooms, okay?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Um, hey, look! I made some chocolate! This one's for you!
This is my first time making anything like this, so they might taste a bit funny...
But, (Captain), I hope this makes you and Lyria really, really happy!
You like it? Yay, yay, yay! I'll make you an even bigger box of chocolate next year!


Hey, um... This year I made chocolate again!
I wanted to make something that was even tastier than last year's batch, so I mixed things I like!
This chocolate is wrapped in lettuce!
It's sweet and fresh!
Even Lyria said I did a good job.
How is it? Tasty, right?
Really? That's awesome blossom! I'll do something even better next year!


Happy Valentine's Day, (Captain)!
I tried my hand at a different kind of chocolate this year!
I dissolved a chocolate bar into a creamy mix, then I stirred it in a pot!
It's really good if you dip fruit or vegetables into this chocolate...
I'd love to have it together with you and Lyria, (Captain)!
Let's eat up before it gets cold! C'mon!


Happy Valentine's!
I tried giving my chocolates a different taste this year too!
Since last year's chocolate was a hot, creamy mix, I made this batch frosty!
It took some experimentation, but it turned out really well! I consider this my chocolate shaved ice recipe!
I made plenty so we could all have some!
But it's going to melt soon if we don't hurry! Let's dig in!

Mixed Chocolate Cake square.jpg Mixed Chocolate Cake
3rd year: Rich Hot Chocolate square.jpg Rich Hot Chocolate
4th year: Chocolate Snow Cone square.jpg Chocolate Snow Cone

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Ah! A present for me? Hooray! Thanks a ton!
But, you know, more than anything else, I'm so happy just to be by your side, (Captain)!
So let's just sit back and relax today! I'll get Lyria to join in on the fun too!


Really? Is this for me? Thank you so much!
Wow... It's such a nice box. It's so pretty! This is the best gift ever, (Captain)!
Huh? The box is not the gift? It's what's inside?
Does that mean I can open it?
Wow! Double trouble!


Yay, a gift from (Captain)!
Let's see what's inside!
Wow, what a yummy-looking sandwich! Look at all the lettuce inside!
But I think it might be too big for me...
Hm? We're going to have a picnic together soon? Lyria will come by too?
Whee! I can't wait!
Just give me a bit to get ready!


You have a present for me this year too?
Yay! Thank you, (Captain)!
Huh? You'll even spend the entire day playing with me?
Whee! I want to play cat's cradle and make snowmen with you...
There's so much I want us to do together, (Captain)! I wonder if we can fit it all in a day...
Things are going to get busy! I can already see myself playing until I doze off!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Eep! Look at all the ghosts everywhere! The ship must be haunted!
Huh? Costumes? The ghosts are actually our crew members?
Hm, that sounds kind of fun! I want to try it too!


(Captain), there's something I can't get my head around.
How's a pumpkin a vegetable? I mean, it's nothing like lettuce or eggplant. I tried nibbling on it, and it was just so hard!
Huh? Cook it? If I cook it, it'll be more like a yummy vegetable?
I see. Thanks, (Captain)! The world of vegetables is a strange one!


(Captain), um...
Trick or treat!
Ehehe, did I get it right? I had to study up on this greeting!
Can I get a treat as a reward?
Yay, a pumpkin-flavored cookie!
Thank you, (Captain)!
I'm going to go get more candy for the night! And I'd like you to come with me, (Captain)!


(Captain), trick or treat! Give me something nummy!
Huh? You ran out of candy?
Um... That means I have to play a trick on you, right?
Oopsie, I forgot to think of a trick...
Oh, I know. Why don't we think of one together, (Captain)?


Here, (Captain)! This pumpkin bun is for you!
The batch turned out really yummy, so I hope you like it! Go ahead and give it a try!
Ehehe, you've got surprise written all over your face! Truth is... the bun you just ate had lettuce in it!
I was trying to find a way for somebody to enjoy a trick and a treat...
And I ended up filling pumpkin buns with different kinds of fruits and veggies to make yummy, tricky treats!
There are other kinds too! Like carrot, cabbage, apple... I cooked up a whole bunch!
I'm going to go give one to Lyria too! You should come along, (Captain)!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Ahaha! You're on! You said cookies, so I'll go with gingerbread!
Ooh, ooh! You know what goes best with gingerbread? Lily does! That's right! Me!
You're wondering why? Because I love gingerbread! And I'm sure gingerbread loves me back!
It's mutual affection! Ahh, I could really go for an extra large gingerbread cookie right now!


(Captain), the townspeople praised me!
I went around and found houses that didn't have trees. Then I made them some out of ice!
After that lots of people started asking me to come to their house to make them one too!
I did so much good today! Praise me, praise me! Pleeease!


Happy holidays, (Captain)!
I was just helping out with preparations for the celebration!
I put lots of decorations on the holiday cake and tree!
It'll be so much fun because of all my hard work!
My final task is to lead you to the venue!
So, (Captain)... Grab my hand, and I'll take you to the party!


Are you feeling stiff in the shoulders, (Captain)? How about I give you a nice massage to loosen up!
There? Feel better? I can massage your back too!
Ehehe, aren't I the best girl? I helped out so much to get the party ready too!
Do you think Santa's going to come later? I'm hoping to wake up and find the holiday stockings in my room to be filled with presents galore!
(Captain) hides the present prepared for Lily, opting instead to fiddle with the stockings that night.


(Captain), (Captain)! Do you have any extra strawberries? I need some.
Um, you see... I wanna bake this huuuge strawberry pie. So I'm on a berry hunt right now.
Oh. So I can have all the strawberries left in the kitchen?
Thank you! This pie's gonna be super yummy, so make sure you're hungry, 'kay?
Huh? Why do I wanna bake a giant pie?
Ehehe... 'Cause I wanna eat it with you all tomorrow. We gotta have cake tonight, 'cause of tradition, right? But we can have pie whenever.
And I want it to be strawberry, 'cause then it'll taste a lot like our holiday cake. So when you eat it, you'll get that special feeling in your tummy.
And then, it'll feel like the holidays aren't over yet! And everyone will be happy!
Gasp! Is it really okay if I use the Santa decoration?
Thank you, (Captain)! This is so gonna be the best pie ever!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

A Girl in Search of Spring

The party saves Lily from a pack of Bandits, and Lily realizes (Captain) has the power to return spring to her. Seeking an end to her wintry isolation, she joins the crew on their journey.

Vyrn: Brrr... Is it just me or is it chilly here?
Lyria: A-are you going to be okay? Will you be able to move in this cold?
Vyrn: What are you talking about? I ain't no cold-blooded rept—wait... Are dragons technically reptiles?
Vyrn: W-whatever!

We gotta find out where the cold is coming from! It could be a primal beast!
Bandit: Argh! What's your problem, brat?
???: Um... My name's Lily, so...
Bandit: Urgh! It's freezing! First my buddies freeze solid, and now I'm starting to turn into a damn popsicle...
Lily: Um. Can I have my things back? I can't travel without them.
Vyrn: You rotten bunch of bums!

Why don't you pick on someone your own size?
Bandit: What's your problem, lizard?
Vyrn: Who the heck keeps telling people I'm a lizard! (Captain), she needs our help!

Get 'em!
The crew fends off the bandit with ease, securing Lily's stolen belongings in the process.
Lyria: Here's your bag back! That must have been terrifying. Are you okay?
Lily: Thanks. I'm fine.
Lyria: Good to hear. But isn't it dangerous travelling all by yourself, though? Shouldn't you be with a grown-up?
Lily: Well... That is our way... I have to complete my journey alo—Hm?
Lily: Sniff, sniff... What's this? Smells like... warmth...
Vyrn: I'm not smelling anything over here!
Vyrn: Uh... What the heck... Why're you running your nose up and down (Captain)!
Lily: Sniff, sniff... I knew it. Skyfarers always have this warm smell on them.
Lily: It's the smell of spring. I've been looking for you.
Lyria: You're too close to (Captain)! Any closer and—
Lily: Please, skyfarer! Take me with you!
Lily: I've been searching for so long. And now I'm sure. I'm sure you're the one to bring spring to me!
Lyria: Huh? How do you know?
Lyria: I mean, you just met (Captain)...
Lily: I know I'm right because the coldness inside me has grown weaker.
Vyrn: She might be right. I don't feel cold no more. Even though you could feel her chill from thirty miles away before.
Lily: Please, (Captain)! I need your help!
  1. Gladly!
  2. It's gonna be dangerous!

Choose: Gladly!
Lily: Yay! Yay! Yay! Thanks so much, (Captain)!

Choose: It's gonna be dangerous!
Lyria: That's right! If you tag along with us, the Empire will come after you too!
Vyrn: C'mon, Lyria. It's gotta be better than letting her travel alone.
Lyria: Hrmm...
Continue 1
Vyrn: What's a journey without a little excitement, eh?
Lily: I know I'm unexperienced... I mean, inexperienced, but I can't wait to travel with you!
Lyria: Er... Nice to have you with us, Lily.
Lily: Thanks, sis!
Lyria: Sis?
Lyria: Oh... I don't see any harm calling me that! If you need anything, let me know, 'kay?
Lily: Yup! I will!
Vyrn: I'm a little worried about how she's gonna turn out...
And with that, Lily, the ice maiden in search of springtime, joins (Captain)'s crew.

The Icy Heroine's Anguish

The crew enjoys their time in a peaceful town, but Lily seems uneasy. Before Lyria has a chance to find out why, monsters appear at the town gates.

During their journey, (Captain) and crew enter a town to rest.
As they pass by the front gates, Lily suddenly stops.
Lyria: Is something wrong, Lily?
Lily: Um... Well...
Lyria: Everyone's already gone inside! Let's go after 'em, Lily!
Lily: Urm... Lyria... I...
Lyria: Hm?
Lily: I mean... N-nothing...
Lily: ...
Vyrn: Been a while since we've come to a nice, peaceful town like this! All the food stalls look super yummy! Let's stop at this one and eat, (Captain)!
Lyria: ...
Lyria: Lily, you've been frowning for a while... Are you okay?
Lily: Y-yeah. I'm fine...
Townsperson: We need help! Monsters are trying to enter the city!
Vyrn: Just our luck. We should head over too, (Captain)!
Lyria: Let's go, (Captain)! We have to stop the monsters before they enter town!
Lily: Oogh... I knew it.

The Icy Heroine's Anguish: Scene 2

The crew defeats the monsters and, the townspeople remark on the rarity of such attacks. Lyria tries to find out if Lily is all right, but monsters attack once again.

Townsperson 1: You've been a big help! How can we ever repay you?
Vyrn: Don't mention it! Still... it's pretty crazy to see such a nice town get attacked by monsters.
Townsperson 1: Hmm... Monsters usually never appear...
Townsperson 1: I suppose it was just bad luck.
Lily: Urm...
Lyria: Lily.
Lily: Eep! W-what is it, sis?
Lyria: Lily, you've been like this for a while. Is something bothering you?
Townsperson 2: Somebody, help! We've got more monsters!
Vyrn: But we just finished beating the last batch!
Townsperson 1: What in the skies is going on... Have we let something evil into town?
Vyrn: Whatever the case, we gotta fight 'em! Let's go, (Captain)!
Lily: ...

The Icy Heroine's Anguish: Scene 3

Lily says that monsters are attracted to her, and stubbornly refuses to enter the city. As she explains that she can take care of herself, monsters strike once more.

Vyrn: Phew... We chased them off, so everything should be fine now!
Lyria: Right! Let's head back to town, everyone! You too, Lily!
Lily: I'm... fine. I'll just stay here.
Lyria: Huh?
Lily: You go back... I... This is where I say goodbye.
Lyria: But if you stay here, who knows when the monsters will attack again?
Lily: If I leave... that won't happen!
Lily: The monsters are after me! It's always been that way!
Lily: I'll be fine on my own. The winter will protect me.
Vyrn: You mean the cold chill that went away after you met (Captain)?
Lily: Yes... This is goodbye, skyfarers.
Lily: The winter will return to me when you leave. It'll keep the monsters from hurting me.
Lily: Have you ever seen a frozen monster before? They're very pretty!
Lily: And that's... that's why I don't feel lonely.
Lyria: Lily!
Lily: Eep!
Lyria: Why... Why would you...
Vyrn: Hate to cut this conversation short, but we've got monsters again! Help us out, Lily!
Lily: Ah, um... Okay!

The Icy Heroine's Anguish: Scene 4

Lily wants to be alone in the hope of preventing more trouble for the crew. Lyria gently scolds her, saying that she doesn't need to worry about such things. Touched by her kind words, Lily swears that she will follow Lyria forever.

Lyria: Lily, why would you say those things?
Lyria: Why are you trying to leave us?
Lily: It's... dangerous to be around me.
Lily: I don't want to cause trouble for (Captain)... or for you, Lyria.
Lyria: Why would you be causing trouble for us?
Lily: Huh?
Lyria: You were searching for (Captain), weren't you, Lily? And you finally found them!
Lily: Y-yes...
Lyria: So you don't need to worry about causing trouble for us!
Lyria: You found us. You chose us. And we're going to protect you. Together.
Lyria: Especially me! I'm like a big sister to you, after all!
Vyrn: Kids shouldn't have to worry about stuff like that!
Lyria: Understand? As long as you're with us, everything's going to be all right!
Lily: ...
Vyrn: Uh oh. You coulda said that a little nicer...
Lily: Big sis!
Lyria: Huh?
Lily: I made up my mind! I'll follow you for the rest of my life, Lyria!
Lily: You really care about me! I can feel it! It's electrifying!
Lyria: Whaa?
Vyrn: Hahaha! Nice one, Lyria! She's gonna be stuck to you like glue!
Lyria: No! Not a nice one! (Captain), please say something!
  1. Congratulations.
  2. You were made for each other.

Choose: Congratulations.
Lyria: Every man for himself?
Vyrn: We're not abandoning you, Lyria. We're just... warmly watching over you. Heheh!
Lyria: Vyrn! Why are you laughing!

Choose: You were made for each other.
Lyria: What have I done...
Vyrn: There, there. I think you're a good match! I hope you live happily ever after!
Continue 1
Lily: A lot of things fly right past me, but I'll never, ever leave your side, sis!
Lyria: Urmm... What have I gotten myself into...
The ice maiden warms up to the crew allowing her smile to become as beautiful as spring.
This gentle smile carries with it a heat that melts any snow away.

Ice Crystal Hospitality

After receiving a request for assistance from Erin of the Crystalia, (Captain)'s crew heads to the Ice Crystal Palace, which is preparing to host peace talks between people, Crystalia, and Souval for the first time. Upon arriving, the crew members are greeted by the Crystalia princesses Tia and Erin. Lily is particularly ecstatic to be reunited with the two.

A while has passed since (Captain) and the others met the Crystalia girl Lily.
Lily has experienced a major change of scenery on her journey, and she is still traveling with the crew.
Having received a letter from Erin of the Crystalia, (Captain) and company make a side trip to the remote island where the Ice Crystal Palace is located.
That night, they dock at the port in the city-state of Torwa and head to a tavern to relieve stress from the long journey.
Lily: Munch, munch... Your stew's so nummy, Ganba!
Lyria: Nom, nom... I could go on eating this forever.
Ganba: Haha, you two sure have an appetite. Next up is our new specialty: pie!
Lyria: Thank you! Wow, that must be what smells so delicious!
Vyrn: Must be! But... hold on, Lyria. You already got everything you ordered.
Lyria: Hmmph?
Lily: Hmmph?
Vyrn: You're already eating it... Didn't we do this before?
Ganba: Hahaha, that really brings me back. This time's on the house, so chow down.
Santos: Quite a bit of time's passed since then. You see the Souval and the Crystalia in town more these days.
Milko: And after mooching off your parents for so long, you finally took over their carpentry business. You're still living with your mom, but, eh...
Roddy: Hahaha, you haven't lost your edge, Milko!
As the spirited conversation progresses, (Captain) thinks back to the island's former troubles.
Previously, this remote island was divided by a conflict between three rival factions.
There were the four main types of people; the Souval, a kind of fiery beastfolk; and the Crystalia, with their icy aura.
The Souval chieftain's death under suspicious circumstances escalated tensions, bringing the three groups to the brink of war.
But Lily and (Captain)'s crew narrowly averted a war and opened the way for peace talks.
Lily: Fwoo, fwoo... Your special pie's super dewicious...
Lyria: That's right! The meat, squash, and nuts all make a delicious harmony in your mouth!
Lily: Harmon-eating!
Ganba: You're really gobbling it down like there's no tomorrow. Here, have another slice on the house.
Lily: Yay, hooray! Thank you, Ganba!
Milko: Hehe, don't overdo it. You've got an early start tomorrow.
Santos: Since you mentioned it, what's your business at the Ice Crystal Palace?
Vyrn: Well, as a matter of fact—
(Captain) takes out the letter from Erin.
It states that the regular peace talks are going to be held at the Ice Crystal Palace for the first time.
The letter also asks that (Captain) and crew help the Crystalia prepare for the historic event.
Roddy: The peace talks are just taken care of by one delegate from each faction, right? I'm not sure that we need to be oh-so formal.
Vyrn: It says they're not the only ones invited this time. Look like they're shakin' things up a bit.
Ganba: Well, this is the first time we're hosting the meeting locally. I guess the new Crystalia delegate is really going all out.
Santos: Ah, she's just so engaged in the talks. And the kind of beauty you can't miss—perfect ten!
Lily: Miss... Perfect Ten?
Milko: Don't tell me you haven't heard of her! The Crystalia princess who's been taking part in the regular talks.
Lily: Huh? Is that Miss Ten you're talking about—
The following morning they leave Torwa and head for the Ice Crystal Palace.
Vyrn: Heh, it's coming into sight. Looks just as frosty as ever.
Lyria: There's someone at the entrance. I wonder if they've come out to greet us.
Lily: Ah! Is that—
Lyria: L-Lily?
Lily: Tia!
Tia: Eep!
Lily: It's really, really you, Tia! It's been such a long time! I wanted to see you so bad!
Tia: Gweh... Wheeze...
Erin: Lily, I know you're happy, but you're crushing Tia!
Lily: Oops! Sorry!
Tia: Phwuuh! How many times do I have to tell you to let me know before you hug me?
Lily: Ehehe... Guess I was too happy, and I got carried away!
Vyrn: Hey, what the heck's going on here?
Vyrn: Hm, is that who I think it is?
Lily: Tada! It's the greatest princess of all the Crystalia, Delegate Tia!
Tia: Are you all really the spring...
Tia: Ahem...
Tia: Jingle-jangle-twinkle, Tia's here's to mingle!
  1. Chime-a-ding-ding, I'm your captain!
  2. ...

Choose: Chime-a-ding-ding, I'm your captain!
Lily: Ding-a-ling-a-ling, Lily's at the door!
Lyria: Dong-a-long-a-long, it's Lyria!
Tia: Ooh, this is just the reaction you said I'd get, Erin!
Erin: Yeah. Lily gave us a class about how to communicate with different factions.
Tia: Let me introduce myself once more. I am Tia, princess of the Crystalia. It's a pleasure.

Choose: ...
Tia: Erin! This isn't the reaction you said I'd get! You said my song was okay!
Erin: Sorry, it was, um... Lily's idea.
Lyria: It just sort of came out of nowhere, so we didn't know how to react. Isn't that right, (Captain)?
Lily: Tia, you did perfect! Nice and cheery, so you get a gold star!
Tia: Groan... I am Tia, princess of the Crystalia. It's a pleasure.
Continue 1
Once everyone has said their greetings, Tia stares at (Captain).
Tia: What a surprise. Are they really spring?
Lily: Yeah! I completed my mission.
Tia: How impressive... You've done what was beyond me, an imperial princess. Excellent work, Lily.
Vyrn: Oh, okay. So your role was to hunt down spring, huh, Princess?
Tia: Yes. Since I journeyed so far, I didn't have a chance to call the Snow Maiden in time, but...
Tia: When I got back, the peace talks were taking place, the Snow Maiden had gone into hibernation, and Lily had gone on a trip to learn about the spring...
Tia: It was such a surprise. Everything had changed.
Tia: But Lily, where did you and the spring—
Erin: Eh, we can get into all that later. What do you say we go inside for now?
Tia: Ah! That's just what I was thinking! We'll have to show you some hospitality.
Lily: Go, go inside!
Tia leads the party into the Ice Crystal Palace.

Ice Crystal Hospitality: Scene 2

The party is guided to a chamber of the Ice Crystal Palace. Tia and the others explain that they would like to hold a party after the peace talks but aren't sure of how to express their hospitality. After some discussion they settle on serving the others pie. In order to practice their culinary skills, the Crystalia have a trial pie-making session.

The party members are guided to a room in the Ice Crystal Palace, and there they soon ask about the preparations for the peace talks.
Vyrn: Ice Crystal Palace hospitality?
Tia: Yes, that's right.
Tia: This will be the first peace talk held at the Ice Crystal Palace, so we want to make sure everyone gets a welcome worthy of this historic day.
Erin: That's right—you said that you wanted to make more friends too.
Tia: A-ah, that was just a figure of speech...
Lily: Ahaha! Tia, your cheeks are bright red!
Tia: A-anyway! We were all talking about how we could be most hospitable.
Tia: And we thought we'd have a party after the peace talks wind down.
Erin: But we didn't know what everyone would enjoy...
Erin: You've met a lot of people out on the skyways though, so we thought you might lend us your wisdom.
  1. Let's make use of the Ice Crystal Palace!
  2. Let's have a sing-along!

Choose: Let's make use of the Ice Crystal Palace!
Tia: Interesting idea... We could do something here that wouldn't be possible in another region.
Erin: Hm... Well, we've got lots of snow and ice.
Lily: Uh, snow and ice...
Lily: That's it! How about you decorate with ice sculptures, Erin? The whole palace will look great!
Vyrn: Yeah, that could do it! They'd make good conversation pieces too!
Lily: That's right. It'll give the conversation a kick like, pow, pow!
Erin: You've made a wonderful offer to help decorate. But this is a party we're talking about, so maybe we could do a little more...

Choose: Let's have a sing-along!
Lily: Ding-a-ling-a-ling, Lily's at the door!
Lily: We can all sing our hello songs. Nothing's more important than saying hello!
Erin: Greet each other after we're done negotiating? Don't you usually do that beforehand?
Lily: Ah—you're right!
Vyrn: (Captain)'s saying we should all sing one song together. Isn't that right?
Lyria: Nothing's more fun than a sing-along!
Tia: Interesting idea... But I don't know if there are any songs we all know.
Lily: Aww, too bad... I should've written a long song together with Lyria.
Vyrn: I don't think that's the issue...
Continue 1
The discussion continues, but no decisive conclusion is reached.
Erin: Something everyone would like—something that would help them get closer...
Tia: That's a tough one... It can be a tall order to help people cross faction lines...
Lily: I don't know, Tia. Maybe they have differences, but they're still the same.
Tia: Huh?
Lily: I learned that from traveling with (Captain)!
Lily: There are lots of people and not-people in the crew, but they all get along!
Lily: So, uh, that's why the differences aren't important.
Tia: Really?
Lily: Yeah! Just yesterday Ganba gave us some pie for free, and it was so hot and nummy we harmon-eated it all up!
Lyria: Teehee, that's right! His thoughtfulness really came through—it was such a nice, warm feeling!
Lily: Uh-huh, uh-huh! We could tell how much he cared about us, and it really made us happy!
Lily: It feels great when someone's putting their heart into something. People and Souval and Crystalia are all the same like that!
Tia: ...!
Erin: You're right... So what's important is that we let everyone know how we feel...
Tia: Hey, Lily. We Crystalia don't really have much in the way of cuisine.
Tia: Something tells me that if we made pie, it might not be very tasty in the end.
Tia: But do you think people would still understand how we feel about them?
Lily: Yeah, it'll be fine! Even if we don't make it very well...
Lily: Everyone will still be able to see how we want to be their friends and entertain them!
Tia: ...
After a moment's thought, Tia nods in agreement.
Tia: Okay, it's final then. We'll all make pie together for Grueler and the others!
Erin: All right then. That'll show some nice, heartfelt hospitality.
Lily: Yay, yay! I'm gonna do my bestest too!
Tia: In that case, we're going to need some practice! Let's give this pie-baking a try...
Erin: What are we going to do about the ingredients then? And there aren't any utensils in the palace...
  1. Sounds like a job for us!

Choose: Sounds like a job for us!
Lyria: Teehee, you said it! We'll gather up everything you need!
Lily: (Captain)! Lyria!
Lily: Thank you! I super-duper-duper-duper love you guys!
(Captain) manages to catch Lily as she flings herself forward for a bear-hug.
And so the Crystalia agree to have a trial pie-making session.

Ice Crystal Hospitality: Scene 3

Several days later, a practice pie-making session is held in the Ice Crystal Palace. Seeing Lily enthusiastically pitch in with Lyria and the others, Tia remarks on how much the young Crystalia has grown. While everyone is waiting for the pie to finish baking, the all-too-delicious scent attracts monsters to the palace. Assisted by Lily, (Captain) and the others attempt to chase the beasts away.

Several days later, the trial pie-making session takes place at the Ice Crystal Palace.
The Crystalia split up the tasks necessary to make enough pie for a crowd.
(Captain) and the others supervise the operation and give advice as necessary.
Vyrn: Hey, watch out! You gotta mix the ingredients together better than that!
Lyria: Oh no! Measuring is important! Don't skip that step!
Allie: Oops! I messed up the order of the ingredients...
Lily: It's okay to make a little mistake!
Allie: Mmph... Cooking is harder than I thought...
Lily: But! But! It'll be so nummy and fun once it's ready.
Allie: I wonder if it'll taste any good...
Lily: Yep! Just imagine everybody smiling because it tastes so good, and it'll definitely come out okay!
Tia: Lily used to be so afraid of everything, but now she's always cheering everyone on. She's grown so much.
Erin: Things aren't so different now. Last night she snuck into my bed again.
Erin: I think she was nervous that the pie wouldn't turn out well.
Tia: And yet she's still here helping everyone...
Tia: Sigh... I need to step my act up—I'm five years older than her and have the title of Imperial Princess but still...
Erin: You can't be serious. Without you here, we wouldn't have been able to stay so positive.
Erin: The Snow Maiden's hibernation was a shock for all Crystalia...
Erin: I didn't know if we'd be able to keep things together.
Tia: Erin...
Tia: We only managed to get this far because we cooperated.
Tia: I feel like if we all pitch in, we can really make something big happen. It's just like working in the kitchen.
Erin: Tia...
Tia: That's why I have to keep trying just as hard as Lily!
Lily: Oh no! Tia? We're running out of space for pies!
Tia: I'll be right there!
Tia: Aaah, I can't tell whether she's completely changed or completely the same...
With a rueful smile, Tia hurries over to assist her friend.
The pie-making continues, and in the end all that's left is to put the pastry in the oven.
Everyone gathers outside the Ice Crystal Palace.
Erin: I'm glad we could start a fire. Now all that's left is to watch and wait.
Lily: They smell great! I can't wait till they're done baking!
Monster: Grrrrrr...
Vyrn: Whoa! The smell lured 'em here!
Tia: This close to the Ice Crystal Palace? I wonder if the fire damaged the forest's frost?
Lily: Oh no! (Captain), help me chase them away!

Ice Crystal Hospitality: Scene 4

After beating back the monsters, the Crystalia partake of the surprisingly scrumptious pie. Later, on the day of the peace talks, they serve it to the other delegates. Grueler and Hassan are delighted, and the peace talks come to a successful end. After the delegates leave, the Crystalia receive notification that monsters have entered the palace, and the ice cave collapses.

An expectant hush fills the great hall where the Crystalia are gathered around the dinner table.
A long row of pies sits before them.
Tia: Now then... Let us eat.
Allie: ...!
At Tia's prompting, they all bring forkfuls of pie to their mouths.
Vyrn: Gulp...
There is a moment of silence.
Allie: It's delicious! The meat, squash, and nuts all blend together so perfectly in your mouth...
Lily: Uh-huh! Harmon-eating, right!
Allie: Yeah, that's right!
Exclamations of delight resound throughout the hall.
Erin: I'm tasting the flavor of satisfaction... And feeling a sense of completion. Plus by sharing food, we're all experiencing connection.
Erin: I'm starting to get a better sense of concepts I've only read about in books.
Lily: Fwoo, fwoo... It's so warm and nummy!
Tia: Teehee, yeah. We made it with lots of warmth in our hearts after all.
Lily: Uh-huh! This will make Grueler and his friends happy, won't it?
Tia: It will. We'll keep practicing till the big day so our hospitality is second to none.
Tia: I think it could be a bit sweeter, myself...
Lily: You really have a sweet tooth, don't you, Tia? You even have candy secretly supplied to you from the Torwa market, right?
Tia: Huh! H-h-how do you know my... Don't tell me Erin was spying on me?
Erin: Hehe, who wouldn't be interested in what a princess is doing?
Lily: Ahaha! Erin, you've got such a big, glowing smile on your face!
Tia: You two are terrifying!
Everyone is satisfied with their trial pie-making session.
And the Crystalia continue to make ever more delicious pies through the process of trial and error.
The day of the peace talks arrives.
Lily: Dear men and gentleladies, it's the most greatest honor to offer you this banquet!
Grueler: Just get started.
Gile: Ha... That interaction really takes me back.
Ginta: Heh, it's a bit of a relief to see nothing's changed.
Linus: ...
Hassan: Hm? Linus, are you feeling nervous? Thought I heard you'd been here before.
Linus: Y-yes, I have, but...
Allie: Ah! You're that scout, aren't you!
Linus: Dung-a-lung-a-lung, Linus is my name!
Tia: (It's his hello song... Everyone's really singing one!)
Erin & Allie: ...
While the peace talks progress, Erin and the others watch the great hall from behind an ice pillar.
Lily: And now I know how I can adjust the frost a little bit at a time.
Grueler: How about that... You really seem to have learned about spring.
Tia: You might not need to bring so many Souval warriors just to stay warm the next time you visit.
Hassan: That's true... The day might come when it's easier for all the factions to interact.
Erin: (The conversation's come to a natural stopping point...)
Erin: Excuse me, everyone, I hope you'll all partake in some lunch.
Seizing the opportunity, Erin and the others enter the room and lay platters on the table.
Ginta: Is this pie? Pie made by the Crystalia?
Tia: Teehee, we're going to show you some hospitality.
Lily: We all did our best to make it. Eat up, eat up!
Gile: Hm, I suppose I'll partake.
All assembled raise forkfuls of pie to their mouths.
Hassan: This is—
All Three: Delish!
Grueler: Everything in the filling harmonizes perfectly... This is a culinary triumph.
Linus: It's packed with ingredients from the forest, and it looks amazing too. It has a whole different flavor from the pie we ate in the tavern!
Hassan: Mm-hm! The crust is crispy, and the inside is so fluffy.
Tia: Oh, good. Everyone's enjoying it...
Lily: Teehee, it's a big success!
Lily smiles broadly as the function continues.
The talks end without incident. After the Crystalia see the guests off, they begin clearing the table.
Lily: That was fun!
Erin: Everyone enjoyed their after-dinner candies too.
Tia: Of course, they're my favorite type of—ah, I mean, they're pretty fancy.
Tia: But you're the reason it went so well, Lily. Thank you so much.
Lily: Hurray, hurray! Tia complimented me!
Lily: Did I do a good job? Congratulate me more!
Tia: Teehee, okay, let me pat your head.
Lily: Ehehe, it feels so nice and cool!
Lily: We should have another pie party sometime!
Tia: We had peace talks today, not a party, but... Teehee, all right!
Allie: O-oh no!
Erin: Allie? Why the big panic?
Allie: There are monsters in the Ice Crystal Palace! If we don't hurry—
Tia: Monsters in the Ice Crystal Palace? But we've got the Snow Maiden's frost. They shouldn't be able to—
Lily: ...!
Just then, Lily feels a northerly wind.
It is cold—cold, but somehow mysteriously warm as well.
Snow Maiden: ...
"Spring has come."
The moment Lily hears this voice, the Ice Crystal Palace shakes violently.
And the ice cave crashes in on itself.

Home of Spring

While (Captain) and the others battle the monsters, Lily and Tia head deeper into the palace. There the two see that the ice goddess's hall has collapsed in on itself and the Snow Maiden has died. Although the two emit frost in an attempt to halt the structural failure, they aren't able to make any decisive repairs. Meanwhile (Captain) and the others struggle against the slew of monsters.

Lily and the others bring the peace talks to a successful close.
But they receive a sudden notice that monsters have infiltrated the palace.
Immediately following that, the palace begins shaking, and the ice cave at the rear of the Ice Crystal Palace can be heard thunderously collapsing.
Lily: Spring has come...
Tia: You heard the Snow Maiden too, didn't you, Lily?
Lily: But she's silent now...
Lily: Snow Maiden!
Tia: Ah, Lily!
Tia: Are you going into the hall of the ice goddess? But we have to do something about the monsters...
  1. We'll take care of them!

Choose: We'll take care of them!
Vyrn: Ah, we'll go around to the entrance. You follow Lily!
Tia: Thank you, everyone!
The party members split up. Some head to the interior of the castle; others, the entrance.
Lily & Tia: ...
Lily finds the ice goddess's hall in the rear of the palace completely destroyed.
Lily: This broken block of ice... Is it the Snow Maiden?
Tia: That's what it looks like. The ice goddess's protection is gone, so the temperature's rising...
Tia: And now there are monsters inside the palace, destroying it...
Lily & Tia: ...
An oppressive silence hangs over the pair after they learn of the death of the Snow Maiden.
Meanwhile the Ice Crystal Palace continues to melt.
Tia: ...!
Lily, watch out!
Lily: Eek!
Lily: Th-that was really close...
Tia: The rooms, the walls, everything... They're all collapsing from the rear inward.
Lily: ...
Lily: There'll be time to be sad later... Right now we have to act!
Lily & Tia: ...!
The two princesses release a potent burst of frost, and the water freezes over in a moment. The sudden collapse draws to a halt.
Tia: Agh... If this keeps up...
It takes all the princesses have to stop the collapse; repairing the building is out of reach.
Lily: More... more frost!
Lily: We have to protect everyone!
Tia: How did you fix the walls and make it this cold!
Lily: I can't let them down...
Lily: Groan...
Lily summons all her power, but she can only continue for so long.
Lily: N-no...
Tia: We can't emit frost forever... What should we do...
The alarmed expressions of the two are reflected in the bare, impersonal walls of ice.
Meanwhile other Crystalia assemble at the entrance to the Ice Crystal Palace, having sensed the death of the Ice Maiden.
At the front of the crowd, (Captain) and the party contend with the monsters, assisted by a few Crystalia who are able to fight.
Vyrn: Geez, there are a million of 'em! We're never gonna end this!
Lyria: The collapse has stopped. Do you think Lily and Tia are okay?
Erin: I think they're keeping the palace together with their frost. But not even a princess can go on like that forever...
Allie: The wait's over! I brought you some herbs.
Lyria: Thank you!
Erin: How are you all doing?
Allie: I'm honestly not sure what to do. I'm not used to fighting...
Erin: Yeah... That makes sense.
Erin: The Snow Maiden passed away, and now the Ice Crystal Palace is falling apart. Everything I thought I could rely on is gone all at once...
Allie: It's okay, Erin... I know things will be all right.
Erin: Sure...
Erin: At any rate, there's nowhere we can escape to. First we have to beat the monsters!
(Captain) and the others fight valiantly, but the cramped quarters and enemies crowding them make for rough going.
Erin: Rgh!
Allie: Erin, are you okay!
Erin: Isn't there any way we can protect our home without the Snow Maiden?
An unprecedented crisis is in progress at the Ice Crystal Palace. Despair continues to spread throughout the crowd.

Home of Spring: Scene 2

Unable to stop either the monsters or the collapse of the Ice Crystal Palace, the Crystalia are crestfallen. Lily returns and calls on everyone to cooperate like when they made pie together. Spurred on by her words, they join together and spring into action. Lily then exits the palace and emits a tremendous burst of frost skyward.

Lily & Tia: ...!
In the rear of the Ice Crystal Palace, Lily and Tia are doing their best to stop the collapse.
Lily: Groan... Our frost isn't enough! What should we...
Tia: ...
Tia: At this rate, we'll be destroyed along with the Ice Crystal Palace and the ice goddess... Is this the fate of the Crystalia?
Tia's voice is almost a whisper.
Tia: I won't accept it!
Lily: Tia?
Tia: Lily. This is a test... And we'll get through it.
Lily: Y-yeah. But how!
Lily: The only ones who can make strong frost are me and you... The Ice Crystal Palace is gonna fall apart.
Tia: What are you saying?
Tia: Weren't you the one who said that we'd be fine if we worked together?
Lily: ...!
Tia: Now's the time for all of us Crystalia to join together... Isn't that right?
Tia: Go on, Lily. Everyone has to be feeling nervous. You should go give them some encouragement.
Lily: But if I get too far away...
Tia: I'm the imperial princess. I can handle this alone.
Lily: Tia...
Tia: Teehee! I said we'd all have pie later. Isn't that right?
Lily: R-right!
Lily: I forgot something important! I'll be back later!
Tia: Good luck!
Lily runs off as fast as she can. Tia brings all of her consciousness to bear on the ice before her, never looking away.
Tia: Now then. I'm not positive I can control this, but I have no choice!
Tia: Hah!
The imperial princess gathers every scrap of her power, preparing to unleash frost the way only an imperial princess can.
Meanwhile, a battle against the monsters is still raging at the entrance to the Ice Crystal Palace.
Erin: (There's no end in sight. If this keeps up...)
Erin: Oh no!
Seeing an opening, a monster slips past Erin toward those trying to evacuate.
Lily: Yah!
Erin: Lily...
Lily: You can't give up, everyone!
The downcast Crystalia raise their gazes to Lily.
Lily: Right now Tia's doing all she can inside the palace!
Lily: So let's do everything we can too, okay? That's how we'll protect the Ice Crystal Palace!
Erin: But how? Not all of us can fight.
The Crystalia's expressions speak eloquently of frustration at their inability to help.
Seeing their anguish, Lily does her best to give them some cheerful encouragement.
Lily: Fighting isn't the only way to help.
Lily: There's more to making pie than just baking after all.
Lily: You knead the dough, mix the ingredients... Everyone plays their own part.
Lily: We all made it taste great together. This isn't any different!
Lily: That's why I know we can do it!
Lily gives a big grin.
Even in the direst of straits, she provides solace to the others. She is a flower blooming in frozen soil.
Erin: Lily...
Erin: (I'll grab her sleeve...)
Erin: (She has to be feeling worried too. But she's still trying to make everyone feel better.)
Erin: You're right. We've all got to pitch in and just keep going till we succeed!
Allie: Even if we can each only do a little, I know that together—
The Crystalia just might be able to do this.
Hope begins spreading through the crowd, and everyone springs into action.
Some summon their courage to battle the monsters; others gather supplies for the palace; still others gather materials and consider how to proceed.
Everyone works together, each doing what he or she is able to.
Lyria: Wow! Everyone can tell how much you care!
Lily: Y-yeah! We're all going to do a great job together!
Vyrn: Finish line's in sight, huh, (Captain)?
Lily: Everyone who can use ice magic, follow me! We're going to help Tia!
Allie: But I can only use a little...
Lily: It'll be okay... as long as we harmon-ice!
Erin: Use that ice sculpture. It should help reinforce the wall.
Lily: Huh? But you worked so hard to make it, Erin...
Erin: And this is a team effort, right? Please use it.
Lily: Erin...
Lily: Thank you!
Accepting the ice sculpture from Erin, Lily hurries into the rear of the Ice Crystal Palace with the others.
Lily: Tia!
Tia: Huff, huff... You came, Lily!
Allie: Tia, did you really do all of this yourself...
Tia is unable to hide her fatigue after maintaining the structure with so much of her own frost.
The others hurriedly work to keep the frost going with their own ice magic.
Lily: Let's combine our power!
Allie: Every last bit of magic we've got!
The light of hope burns in their eyes as they combine their frost to rebuild the palace.
Tia: Huff, huff... I'm sorry. It's not working because I'm running out of strength...
Lily: No... This isn't your fault, Tia...
Perhaps because she overworked herself, Tia's frost gradually grows weaker. The others' assistance is not enough to effect a change.
Allie: It's only going to get worse at this rate... With our ice alone, it's a challenge to even keep things together...
Lily: Ice alone...
Tia: We have to defeat the monsters and escape before it collapses... The palace is a lost cause...
Lily: Not yet!
Tia: ...!
Lily: You can't give up! We'll do this pie style!
Allie: What are you saying?
Lily: I'm going outside... You've got this, everyone!
Tia: Sounds like you have an idea. We'll handle things here!
Lily: Thanks!
Lily rushes back to the entrance with all the strength she can muster.
Lily: Clear a way for me!
Vyrn: Lily! How come you're back?
Lyria: We have to believe in her!
Erin: Right. (Captain), let's all attack at the same time!
(Captain) nods and, with Erin and Lily's help, knocks the monsters back.
Lily: Thanks, everyone!
Lily: Huff, huff...
The short-of-breath Lily runs outside and points her hands at the sky.
Lily: No matter what... We'll eat pie at the Ice Crystal Palace again!
She then fires every bit of her frost into the air.

Home of Spring: Scene 3

Tia and Erin emit frost in hopes of halting the collapse of the Ice Crystal Palace. Just as their magic is about to reach its limits, Lily, Grueler, Hassan, and others appear and begin emergency repairs. While Grueler and the others were on their way home, Lily's frost signal drew their attention to the change in temperature. They gathered stone and lumber from the forest and returned to help.

In the rear of the Ice Crystal Palace, Tia and the others are frantically attempting to stop the collapse.
But they gradually reach the limits of their strength.
Allie: Our magic's almost—
Tia: Huff, huff... We can't just roll over and—
Tia: (So dizzy... Everything's turning black...)
Tia: (But we've gotten this far together... We have to keep our hope alive till Lily returns!)
Lily's Voice: I'm back!
Lily's voice rings out.
And a host of footsteps become audible.
Grueler: We heard what was going on, and we're ready to help!
Hassan: Here's some stone and timber... It's just what we found in the forest, but it should be enough to stop the collapse!
Allie: Everyone... How did you—
Ginta: Lily let us know! Gile and Linus are off defeating the monsters now.
Tia: Let you know? How?
Lily: The details can come later! First we've gotta stop the collapse...
While Lily attempts to check the collapse with her frost, Grueler and the others focus on construction work.
Ginta: How're we doing this? I'm good with rocks. Should we combine them with ice?
Hassan: That should help reinforcing in places. But the foundation's unstable. We should use timber to create a solid base.
Grueler: That sounds like a very logical plan. Do you have experience with this?
Hassan: No. But I've heard a lot from Santos, this carpenter friend of mine.
Ginta: Heh, their technology is really something. I'll go ahead and clear away the collapsed ice.
Lily: Tell me if there's any place that you want me to strengthen. I'll refocus my frost there!
Allie: I can't believe this... The work's moving so fast...
Tia: Pie style...
Tia: Lily meant we should handle this not just with Crystalia, but with the people and the Souval warriors too.
The Crystalia all gather to help with repairs.
The ice, boulders, and timber slapped together make for a graceless sight.
But the construction is solid and will not easily fail.
Hassan: There you have it. It's going to need some serious reconstruction, but there's no danger of collapse for now.
Vyrn: We beat all the monsters!
Gile: Seems that they all came out of the forest at once, but... Things should be fine for now.
Tia: Everyone... I don't know how to thank you...
Cooperation from Grueler and Hassan has brought the Ice Crystal Palace's crisis to an end.
Vyrn: So... How come you knew things were such a big mess here to begin with?
Grueler: Well, a pillar of light rose up from inside the Ice Crystal Palace.
Tia: Pillar... of light?
Lily: I shot frost up into the sky! It went sparkle, sparkle in the sun, and I thought Grueler and everyone would see it!
Grueler: In light of the area's sudden temperature spike, I made the logical assumption that the Snow Maiden had vanished.
Erin: Logical... huh?
Linus: To be honest, I thought he was talking crazy, but... Souval warriors have sharp senses after all.
Hassan: Linus and I were actually the ones who worried what might happen if the ice goddess disappeared.
Gile: Ginta and I started collecting materials based on their assumption.
Ginta: Yeah, and we did all we could to get the rocks and wood into usable shape.
Lyria: I can't believe you all worked together!
Lily: It's amazing! Everyone was really harmon-icing!
Tia: Yeah... That's right. It was a real piece of pie once everyone came together!
Ginta: Huh? Harmon-icing? Piece of pie? What in the world are you talking about?
Lily: Um, harmon-icing pie style is when everyone...
Lily: Oh, yeah! We need to have a pie party sometime!
Tia: Lily! Aren't you going to explain?
Vyrn: Hahaha, a pie party sure sounds like fun!
The free and easy interaction brings a smile to everyone's faces.
Though their laughter is all different, it harmonizes as it echoes throughout the Ice Crystal Palace.

Home of Spring: Scene 4

A while later, (Captain)'s crew receives word that reconstruction of the Ice Crystal Palace is complete. After a party to which Grueler, Hassan, Ganba, and others are invited, Lily leads the guests to a flower garden that she seeded herself. Gazing on the blossoms, she reflects that everyone's cooperation is the key to the survival of the species and notes with a smile that spring has come.

A while has passed since the death of the Snow Maiden.
With the help of the other factions, repairs to the Ice Crystal Palace are completed, and the monsters are dispatched.
Word reaches (Captain) and the others that reconstruction is finished and a celebratory pie party is in the works, so they pay a visit to the Ice Crystal Palace.
Lily: Mmm! It's so nummy!
Ginta: Geez, I never thought you'd have the guests helping you make pie...
Ginta: But to be honest, it was a lot of fun.
Gile: You said it. This is a nice way to thank someone after all.
Hassan: That's right. It's tastier than ever before since we all made these together.
Tia: Teehee, and we've also gotten better than before!
Erin: We've been trying our hands at lots of different dishes since then.
Linus: I'd really like to try some of your home cooking, Allie.
Allie: Teehee, let's do it sometime if you'd like.
Linus: What! Are my ears playing tricks on—
Linus: Of course!
Grueler: You said you have a massive crush on her, right? Notions like "crushes" are foreign to Souval warriors... But for some reason I'm wishing you the best.
Ganba: Sorry I'm late!
Lyria: Oh, Ganba!
Santos: My boss suddenly insisted I bring some pie.
Milko: What's the problem? You got here in time for the party after all.
Roddy: Yeah, you're right. And I brought the candy Tia ordered!
When Ganba and the others make their late appearance, the party grows that much more lively.
The celebration comes to an enjoyable end. Afterward Lily guides the others into the forest, saying that there's something she'd like to show them.
Lily: La-lala-lalaa! This way!
Ginta: She sure seems to be in a good mood... But we've walked a long way.
Tia: We must be halfway to the Central Plains. You know, there's a story about how a Crystalia once helped a lost Harvin around here.
Allie: I never would've guessed...
Tia: I wonder if the information was only shared among princesses. There's so much I have to share with you all.
Lily: Ah, we're getting close!
Hassan: So it's around here? If I remember correctly, there's a snowy field just ahead...
There is a sudden clearing between the trees.
In it there is no trace of snow but rather a kaleidoscopic field of flowers.
Lyria: Ooh, it's so pretty... Did you do all this, Lily?
Lily: Uh huh! I found a place where all the snow had melted, and I planted seeds.
Erin: So now we're having a flower party. I've read about these in books.
Grueler: What a gorgeous sight!
Tia: ...
The group gazes quietly at the flowers.
Lily: I wanted everyone to see this together!
Lily: It's a nice, toasty flower garden that smells like spring!
Snow Maiden: ...
Lily: Oh yeah... "Spring has come."
Tia: Quoting the Snow Maiden? Did you have some sort of realization?
Lily: Um, maybe!
Lily grins and gazes at the flower garden.
Lily: They all have little differences, but they're the same! They're all pretty... Like all of the Crystalia!
Lily: Each and every one of us is spring.
Lily: I think that's what the Snow Maiden was trying to say.
Erin: Spring... The key to preserving our species... The hope of the Crystalia...
Tia: Yes... We got through the danger because we all worked together.
Lily: Yeah! And spring isn't just the Crystalia!
Lily smiles at the others, united as they gaze at the flowers.
Lily: You know, the reason the Ice Crystal Palace survived was that we all helped out pie style.
Lily: So Grueler, and Gile, and Ginta...
Lily: And Ganba, and Roddy, and Santos, and Milko, and Hassan, and Linus...
Lily: And of course Vyrn, and Lyria, and (Captain) too!
Lily: You're all spring—aaaall of you!
Lily: I found real spring!
As if answering Lily, a northerly wind blows through the garden.
It is cold—cold, but somehow mysteriously warm as well.
The swaying flowers at her back, Lily smiles as brilliantly as the sun.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
……くんくんくんあったかいにおい Sniff, sniff. You smell warm.
春のにおい……ずっと探してた…… I've searched so long for the smell of spring.
もう、ひとりじゃなくていいの? You mean... I'm not alone anymore?
ふちゅちゅかですが末永くお願い、です! I can be a lily bit silly, but I wanna help you forever!
さむいのきらい?リリィは好きだよ! You don't like the cold? I love it!
おうちでいっしょにあそびたいなぁ…… I wish I could show you around my home...
おねえちゃんたちげんきしてるかなぁ? I hope my sisters are happy.
ルリアおねえさまに一生ついていくの! I wanna be with Lyria forever!
(主人公)って春のひだまりみたい (Captain) is like a ball of sunshine.
(主人公)といるとねむくなる……の…… Being around (Captain) is so warm it makes me... sleepy...

Other Appearances

Rage of Bahamut


Crystalia Lily

SV Crystalia Lily.png SV Crystalia Lily E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Enhance (6) - Transform an enemy follower into a Snowman.

Sledding, snowball fights, and snowmen! I love playing in the snow!


Snowmen are so big and silly! I think I'll make some more!

Class Forestcraft
Card Pack Rise of Bahamut
SV Portal Crystalia Lily
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Lily, Crystalian Conductor

SV Lily, Crystalian Conductor.png SV Lily, Crystalian Conductor E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: If at least 2 other cards were played this turn, give +1/+0 to all allied followers. Then if at least 4 other cards were played this turn, give +0/+1 to all allied followers.

Her guileless voice rings out in the halls of the crystal palace, urging everyone to partake in celebration of the holy day.
"Welcome to the crystal palace! Come dance with me!"


Evolve: Give +2/+2 to another allied follower.

Music descends from on high, covering the city of Crystalia like a blanket of snow. Only she knows the magic spell to put a smile on everyone's face.
"I'm having the time of my life! How about you?"

Class Forestcraft
Card Pack Omen of the Ten
SV Portal Lily, Crystalian Conductor
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Dragalia Lost


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