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Official Profile

Npc f 3030033000 01.jpg Lucius
Age 28 years old
Height 178 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Swordsmanship training
Likes Sword fights
Dislikes His father, vegetable dishes
Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030033000 01.jpg Lucius
Age 28歳
Height 178cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 剣の鍛練
Likes 殺陣
Dislikes 父、野菜料理
Source [1]

Npc f 3030171000 01.jpg Lucius (Fire)
Age 28 years old
Height 178 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Swordsmanship training
Likes Sword fights
Dislikes His father, vegetable dishes
Source [2]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030171000 01.jpg Lucius (Fire)
Age 28歳
Height 178cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 剣の鍛練
Likes 殺陣
Dislikes 父、野菜料理
Source [2]

Npc f 3040254000 01.jpg Lucius (SSR)
Age 28 years old
Height 178 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Swordsmanship training
Likes Sword fights
Dislikes His father, vegetable dishes
Source [3] [4]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040254000 01.jpg Lucius (SSR)
Age 28歳
Height 178cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 剣の鍛練
Likes 殺陣
Dislikes 父、野菜料理
Source [3] [4]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday.
Today's the day you were brought into this world.
You should express appreciation to those who cared for you all this time.
Sorry, I didn't mean to sound preachy... Well, happy birthday.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
So you're heading for Estalucia in search of your father.
Then I have a request.
Allow me to scout ahead and clear the way for you.


So today's your birthday, huh?
Up until now all I've ever thought about—all I've ever lived for—was to choke the life out of every fiend I could find.
Celebrating Teena's birthday felt locked in the past.
But then someone like me found companions and was able to experience their birthdays with them...
You could say the moment is fleeting, but you're the one that made it all possible, (Captain).
It's because of you that Teena and I get to live a normal life like everyone else.
Thank you for pulling us out from the abyss of despair.
I'm probably late in saying this, but let me say it again anyway.
Thank you.
I hope you have a wonderful day.


Today's your birthday, isn't it, (Captain)?
Young as you are, you serve admirably as our captain. That's what garners the respect of your fellow crew members.
You have this unflappable confidence burning inside you that everyone aspires to.
I'd advise against turning out like me, but I'm being disrespectful in even thinking you might end up doing so.
I'm confident you'll be able to overcome whatever trials lie in wait.
I want to see which path you take for myself. Let's continue onward in good health.


Happy Birthday, (Captain).
I tried making cake with my sister. Though I can't guaranteed it'll suit your palate.
Teena was especially fired up about it. In return, I hope you'll celebrate her birthday in a grand fashion when the time comes.
My birthday? I prefer to keep mine low-key.
Thought I couldn't even imagine that until recently. I'm just glad my birthday gets celebrated at all.
But since this if you we're talking about, I imagine you'll do your utmost to please me.
Heh... Perhaps it'd be rude of me to keep my expectations low. Fine, let's just say I'm looking forward to it.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year.
Whenever a new year arrives, I reflect on everything that's happened on my journey up to that point. Where will my path take me?


Happy New Year.
Take this time to reflect on your future course.
(I myself have taken many lives... That's something I can never forget.)
Use your time wisely so as not to live with regret later on, (Captain). That's all I wanted to say.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
What? You seem surprised.
Perhaps you've noticed the change in me, my decision to start down a new path in life.
I don't intend to brood forever after all.
As long as I continue on my previous path, I'll only know struggle.
So please keep watching over me and Teena as you have been.


The morning sun is dazzling, (Captain).
During my long stint in the prison that was revenge, I hardly ever bothered to lift my head toward the sky.
It's probably been ages since I last saw the sun in this way. What a sight it is.
I have you to thank for showing me the importance of moving forward.
I'm eternally grateful. I hope this year serves you well.


Happy New Year. Today marks a fresh start for all of us.
I look delighted, you say? Hm, perhaps I am.
I was playing some traditional New Year's games with Teena earlier.
That innocent smile on her face takes me back to the time when we were just kids.
At one point, I wasn't sure we'd ever be able to take things in stride again. Things sure have changed...
Unfortunately, I suffered utter defeat in every game we played...
But I got to see Teena smile. That made every defeat worth it.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hmm... I remember watching my mother and Teena as they cooked in the kitchen. They made me the official taste taster.
What's this? It's for me? T-thanks. I'll save it for later.


You're giving me a Valentine's gift?
No, no. Don't get me wrong. I don't mind it at all.
I just wasn't expecting to receive anything. Thank you.
I'll treat it with care. Thanks again, (Captain)


Oh, it's you, (Captain). Is that another Valentine's Day gift for me?
I see. Thank you.
Hm? What is this? There's a smell coming from whatever's inside...
Candied vegetables?
Is this actually edible? Humph. You can't fool me. A dressed up vegetable is still a vegetable.
I don't accept plants. I am a man of blood and meat!
Ugh... But...
If this came from you, then I will make an exception...


Oh, this is chocolate.
You took it upon yourself to give it to me again this year. Humph, I don't know what to make of you.
Hm, it's just that last year's chocolate had vegetables in them.
It sure would be nice if there aren't any hated vegetables in this year's batch.
They're clean? I see. Very well then.
You better not be lying to me. If you are, then so help me I'll...


Hm? Chocolate this year too?
You're ever so sincere to go out of your way to do this, (Captain).
...! What's with these red chocolates!
Ruby chocolates, you say? I didn't even know such a thing existed.
You're not trying to hoodwink me, are you, (Captain)?
Take tomatoes, for instance... You could've used the crimson flesh of those demons to produce this color...
Can I really trust you, (Captain)? Very well, I'll take your word for it...
But if it's a lie, you'd best be ready for the consequences.

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy White Day.
I don't know if it tastes good, but take this anyway, (Captain).
Teena taught me how to make it, so it's safe to eat at least.


I hope you don't mind if I give this to you, (Captain).
Teena wasn't around, but I tried anyway. There was a minor mishap, and it didn't exactly turn out the way I'd wanted it to.
I can't say that I got any better at it even after all my attempts.
Would you still want this after knowing all that? Thanks... I put a lot of effort into this...


Here. For last month's consideration, (Captain).
I didn't seek Teena's assistance in making this.
Now, I must confess that last year's concoction was a failure. Sorry.
I'd honestly meant to thank you, but it sort of...
Heh. I'm not one to get out of my comfort zone.
But I wonder if I've made any progress in improving myself.
In any case, it's reasonably edible. It's been checked to ensure you won't get food poisoning.
I'll just leave it here if you decide to take it. Carry on.


Take this, (Captain).
It's White Day. Here's my way of saying thank you for last month.
I was informed that you enjoyed last year's gift.
It seems I've improved upon myself with each year.
Humph. Getting better at candy-making does nothing to sharpen my swordsmanship however.
But I must say these days of lasting calm are quite agreeable. I wouldn't have thought so until now.


(Captain), I must apologize.
On Valentine's, it was wrong of me to be so dubious of your intentions.
Though it wasn't a taste I was accustomed to, it was delicious. I wanted to be sure I conveyed that to you.
As I'm sure you very well know, I can be a rather clumsy man.
I can't really do much better than these standard, run-of-the-mill chocolates.
But please know that I worked hard in making them. I hope they'll suit your taste.

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies
5th year:
Chocolates square.jpg Chocolates

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat.
Humph. I used to go trick-or-treating in a costume my mother made for me. Going around the village and getting candy with my sister... Those were the days.


When Teena and I were children, we'd knock on our neighbors' doors and ask for treats.
Back then Teena was all smiles, but I had the same sullen face as I do now.
I never got much candy, so Teena would share plenty of hers with me.
She'd say she wanted everyone to have fun on Halloween.
You know, all I want is for that little sister of mine to be happy. Nothing more.


Humph. You dare play a trick on me? I can't say you lack for courage.
I accept your challenge! Feel free to strike whenever you please.
Hm? This? Yes, Teena had a hand in making this candy.
You want me to give it to you? Well, you're awfully quick to drop your threat after hearing about my sister's handmade treats.
Heh... Take it.


Halloween is here. Enjoying yourself much, (Captain)?
Hm... A treat for me?
It would be rude to refuse. I shall indulge.
Let's have a look at what it is...
This is a pumpkin cookie!
(But is it a trap or a simple gesture of goodwill?)
Urgh! What am I to do!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

The winter holiday... I used to spend it with Teena and my mother back home.
Never mind... Forget what I said.


It was on a night like this when Teena got angry at me.
Even though it was a holiday, all I did was spend it swinging my sword.
Heh. I guess that's why I'm always the odd one out.


Lucius: What is it, (Captain)? What do you have there in your hands? Huh? Letters from all the children aboard the Grandcypher?
Ah, of course... Letters addressed to Santa Claus.
("A teddy bear." Heh... There was a time when Teena wanted the same thing.)
("A picture of Leviathan." That's one macho kid.)
("A world where I don't have to eat veggies.")

Lucius instinctively checks to see who this letter is from.

Lucius: Heh... You and me, both. Looks like we'll get along just fine.

(Captain) looks at Lucius quizzically, but Lucius simply flashes his captain a knowing smile.


Another holy night arrives...
Mm, I was just revisiting a past memory.
A memory of when a much younger Teena begged Santa Claus to bring her a teddy bear.
I worked my fingers to the bone in making one for her as a present.
It came out ugly as sin, but she loved it all the same.
I'll never forget the smile on her face. That was the best gift I could ever receive.
Heh. And here I am rambling on about such an embarrassing reflection. I ask that you keep this between the two of us.


Hm? You found that creepy, (Captain)?
Well, it's just that I found something really surprising earlier in Teena's room.
I thought I'd seen that teddy bear somewhere before, but then I realized it was a present I gave to her a long time ago.
If you ask me, she should just toss out something that old.
Then again, taking good care of your possessions isn't necessarily a bad thing. Hm...

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Aimless Nomad

After attaining the revenge they had both sought, Teena embarks on a new path. Lucius, however, is unable to reconcile his own inadequacies and decides to leave the crew.

Lucius: Hyargh!
Enemy Soldier 1: Gurgh!
Enemy Soldier 2: No! I'm not gonna die!
Lucius: Too late!
The rain falls quietly on a winter's night, robbing one's body of precious heat.
Lucius: Huff... Huff...
Lucius: Huff... Who's next?
Lucius continues to wander as an agent, seeking out foes to cross swords with as if to test himself.
Lucius: (Teena... I don't know if your future will include me in it...)
Lucius and his sister Teena had been plagued with bitterness ever since their home town was razed and their beloved mother killed.
At last the chance for retribution showed itself to the siblings, but their long, tragic story could only be concluded by surviving a fight to the death.
Foe: Guugh... All of us are already bound... by the chains of hate...
Foe: There's no turning back... Cough... We'll meet again in the fiery abyss...
With their quest for vengeance behind them, the siblings could finally start a new life.
Or so it seemed.
Lucius had walked the dark path of bitterness and sadness for far too long.
He has lost his lust for life, replaced by an unshakable sense of defeat.
Teena no longer has a direction to follow either, but unlike her brother, she strives to find a new purpose in life.
Vyrn: So what are you two gonna do now that it's all over?
Lucius: We plan to keep traveling like this as we make our way back to Mother's grave.
Teena: After we do that... Well, Lucius and I had a long talk about it.
Teena: We want to do something to make sure no other children have to suffer as we have. We're still working out how to go about it.
Feena: I like it! Eyes forward to the future! That's the spirit!
Since then Teena has worked hard to realize her new dream.
Lucius regards his sister's actions with pride, but he knows in his heart she's undertaking a near insurmountable task.
There's no such thing as a world without pain and suffering. But at the very least, he wants to shield Teena from the ills of the world.
He has chosen to shoulder all the pain of their past.
Lucius's brotherly self-sacrifice is all for the sake of releasing Teena's full potential.
He wants her to escape the shackles of bloodshed and walk the path of a brighter future.
Vyrn: Lucius! Lucius! Get in here before Lyria eats everything!
Lyria: Oh, stop it, Vyrn! How could I possibly eat all of this myself?
It is really delicious though...
Teena: Haha, it looks like my brother still prefers his own company.
Teena: But seeing as we're all here, I think we might as well enjoy ourselves. Isn't that right, Lucius?
Lucius: Humph. Why bother asking me if you've already decided on the answer?
Teena: Hehe, don't be shy!
Teena not in crew

Teena is visiting the airship for the first time in ages and finds time to cook for everyone.
After completing a mission, the crew settles down for a small party with Teena volunteering to cook.
Vyrn: I can tell you're enjoying yourself, Lucius!
Lucius: Hmm... So I am.
Lyria: Yay! Glad to hear it. Say, Teena, is there any more food left?
Teena: Sure, there's loads more. I went all out today!
Vyrn: Hahaha! What'd I tell ya? I knew you were going to make sure we didn't have any leftovers, Lyria!
Lyria: Huh? I-it's not for me! I just wanted to fill (Captain)'s empty plate!
  1. Sure you did, Lyria.
  2. Thanks, Lyria.

Choose: Sure you did, Lyria.
Lyria: Waah! Not you too, (Captain)! I really was getting it for you!
Lucius: Heh. If you want to eat it, then just go for it, Lyria.
Lyria: Boo... Even Lucius is teasing me...
Lucius: ...

Choose: Thanks, Lyria.
Lyria: You're welcome! I mean, Teena's cooking is just too good to pass up, isn't it?
Lucius: Heh... (Captain), Lyria... This crew is full of nothing but nice people...
Lucius: ...
Continue 1
Lucius enjoys the peaceful sight of the skyfarers chatting among themselves, but a restlessness lingers inside him.
Lucius: (Meeting (Captain) and the others has been great for Teena.)
Lucius: (She's even asked the crew to help me find my way.)
Lucius: (But it's not just me. She's always thinking about ways to help others.)
Lucius: (She deserves a brother who isn't always brooding.)
Lucius: (Perhaps this is my chance...)
Lucius: (Captain), can I have a word? There's something I want to discuss with you.
While everyone enjoys the party, Lucius calls (Captain) over and explains what's on his mind.
Vyrn: Hey, Lucius, what's this all about?
Teena: What's going on, Lucius? Why did you call us here?
Lucius prepares to tell Teena, Vyrn, and Lyria the news.
Lucius: Thanks for coming out this late. I won't take up too much of your time.
Lucius: I'll get straight to it. I'm leaving the crew.
Teena: ...
Lyria: Huh? But... why?
Lucius: I'm sorry, but my mind's made up.
Teena: You can't be serious! What are you going to do if you're not a skyfarer? Where do you plan to go?
Lucius: I—
Teena: No...
Teena: No, I won't let you!
Lucius: Teena...
Teena: Why do you always do this? You impulsively decide to do things on your own and expect me to accept it because you say sorry?
Teena: You told me yourself that we would face the challenges in life together!
Teena: Was that just an empty promise? Well? Answer me, Lucius!
  1. Calm down. Let's hear what he has to say.
  2. ...

Choose: Calm down. Let's hear what he has to say.
Teena: Calm down? No, I will not calm down! He promised me we would work together!

Choose: ...
Lyria: (Captain)... Lucius did say that he and Teena would stay together, didn't he?
Continue 2
Lucius: I'm doing this because of that promise.
Teena: What?
Lucius: Teena, you dream of a world where kids don't have to suffer like we did. I don't know how to help you make that dream a reality.
Lucius: All I know is the sword and how to use it for revenge.
Teena: That's not true...
Lucius: As long as this restless blade remains in my hands, I can't accompany you on your mission.
Lucius: Before I can start living as you do, with the thoughts of others in my heart, I must come to terms with my own heart.
Lucius: I just need some time, Teena.
Teena: Lucius...
Lucius: I don't know how long it's going to take, but I swear I'll come back. I'll keep my promise.
Vyrn: He's obviously given this a lot of thought. Maybe you should let him go, Teena.
Teena: ...
Lucius: I'm not asking for permission, Lizard. I'm simply stating the facts.
Teena: Ugh... You really are a self-centered jerk!
Teena: You hear me? A big, stupid jerk!
Lucius: Teena...
Teena: Fine, see if I care! Go do whatever it is you want to do so badly!
Teena: Just... do me one favor. You'd better have this all figured out by the time you come back.
Teena: Because if you come to me with some wishy-washy answer, I'll never speak to you again!
Lucius: Heh. I'll make a note of it.
Vyrn: Heh heh! That's the power of sibling bonds in action! Deep down you both know what needs to be done.
Lucius: Thanks for everything, (Captain). Look after Teena for me.
  1. Nod resolutely.
  2. Hurry back, or else...

Choose: Nod resolutely.
Lucius: Thanks, I appreciate it.

Choose: Hurry back, or else...
Lucius: Excuse me? Is that a threat? You said you'd take care of Teena earlier at the party! You little liar—
Lucius: What? You were joking? Tch, not funny.
Vyrn: Hahaha! You're way too worked up right now, buddy!
Lucius: Of course I am! Cut the jokes.
Lyria: Teehee. That's what you get for making Teena sad! Now you know how it feels!
Continue 3
In the end Lucius leaves his beloved sister behind and sets off on a journey of self-discovery.
Teena: Lucius... Take care...
Teena gazes at her brother as he disappears into the distance.
(Captain) stands supportively by her side until Lucius is completely out of sight.

Cries of a New Dawn

Lucius spends his days earning money as an agent when he encounters a war-orphaned boy trying to steal his food. Lucius, reminded of the difficult childhood he and Teena suffered through, considers teaching the boy how to fight.

It has been some time since Lucius left the crew.
Lucius: Raah! Haaargh!
Lucius: (Cleave evil in two, oh well-honed blade of mine...)
Monster 1: Gyargh...
Lucius: (Meaning. Worth. When I'm swinging my sword, I don't have to think about any of that stuff.)
Monster 2: Gyaaagh!
Lucius: You're finished!
Monster 2: Grrr...
Lucius: (Yeah... Slashing things is all I know how to do...)
Lucius: Wheeze... Cough...
Lucius: (This sword that slays evil is all I have...)
Lucius: ...
Lucius is propped up against a tree, sleeping off the exhaustion of days of monster-slaying.
Lucius: What's your deal, kid? What do you want?
The tip of Lucius's sword hovers but a hair's breadth from a boy's throat.
The boy is rigid with fear, tears streaming down his cheeks, but he looks Lucius straight in the eye.
Young Boy: Darn it! Darn it all!
Lucius: What are you crying for?
Young Boy: Argh! You're gonna chop me up, aren'tcha? I'm gonna die, aren't I?
Lucius: Just what were you up to?
Young Boy: I... I was gonna steal your food...
Lucius: Stealing's wrong, kid. It'll just leave you with needless regret.
Young Boy: Oh yeah? Well, that's the only way me and my sister can survive!
Lucius: Don't you have parents?
Young Boy: Sob... They died in the stupid war! My sister's the only family I got left.
Lucius: (War orphans...)
Young Boy: Sniff... And now she's waiting for me... Argh!
Lucius: ...
Lucius: (What's wrong with me. I of all people should understand what this boy is going through.)
Young Boy: Huh?
Lucius: I don't take lives without good reason.
Young Boy: So... you're going to turn me in for a reward?
Lucius: Hah. I'm not so hard up for cash that I need to resort to stuff like that.
Lucius: Look, you can't even take care of yourself. If you're going to talk big about protecting your sister, you need to get stronger.
Young Boy: Ugh...
Lucius: And you call that thing you got a sword? You'll be in the ground long before you can protect your sister with that thing.
Young Boy: Really? Well, once I turn ten I'll be even stronger—
Lucius: When you turn ten? You're as good as done with naive thinking like that.
Young Boy: B-but I...
Monster 2: Groooar!
Monster 2: Grooar...
Lucius: Heh!
Young Boy: Oh no!
Lucius: Perfect timing. Watch and learn, kid. This is how you handle a sword!

Cries of a New Dawn: Scene 2

Lucius trains the orphan boy in the way of the sword until one day the boy's home is attacked by bandits. The boy rushes at the bandits in a blind rage, but Lucius stops him before he can make a grave mistake.

Lucius handles the monster ambush with ease.
Young Boy: Whoa... Amazing...
Lucius: That was nothing.
Young Boy: No way, that was awesome! Gee, we'd never be hungry again if I were as tough as you!
Lucius: Then get good. Just thinking about it won't change a damn thing.
Young Boy: It's not that easy!
Lucius: Look at you. You're full of nothing but excuses. Guess you don't have what it takes if you're going to give up so easily.
Lucius: Oh well. That's your problem, not mine.
Lucius turns and walks away.
Young Boy: H-hey, wait, mister!
Lucius: What is it?
Young Boy: Um... Can ya teach me how to use a sword?
Lucius: I don't teach cowards.
Young Boy: I ain't a coward! I need to know so I can protect my sister!
Lucius: (He seems to trust me for some reason.)
Young Boy: Please... um, sir!
Lucius: ...
The boy's face is scrunched in desperation. Lucius slowly walks back toward him.
Lucius: I'm a harsh teacher. You'd better prepare yourself for what's about to come.
From that day on Lucius starts teaching the boy swordsmanship in between taking agent jobs.
Lucius: Your side's wide open! You're going to get your arm chopped off if you hold the sword like that!
Young Boy: Darn it!
Lucius's training is hard and fast with no lenience for the boy's age. His pupil is soon covered in cuts and bruises.
But the boy never once falters, absorbing every technique from Lucius head-on.
Lucius: Watch your enemy's body language! Concentrate!
Young Boy: Huff... Puff...
The days go by with blades clashing amid blood and sweat.
But no matter how much he bleeds, or how much he perspires, the boy's determination to improve remains unfazed.
Lucius can't help but see his younger self in the boy.
Lucius: The greatest sin that a guardian can bear is weakness! You must be stronger than anyone else!
Young Boy: Sniff... Yeah...
Lucius: You don't have the luxury of crying! Time's not going to stop for you!
Their training continues for several months.
Villager: Come quick! They set your house on fire and took Miya!
Young Boy: What!
Lucius: ...!
Young Boy's Sister: Aaaah! Stop it!
Bandit 1: Hah hah hah! That's what you get for makin' a racket! I had to torch the place!
Bandit 2: Go easy on her, huh? She's just a little girl.
Young Boy's Sister: Waaah! Someone help! Brotheeer!
Young Boy: Miya! Darn you, jerkbags!
Bandit 1: What, is this runt your bro?
Blinded by rage and with sword in hand, the boy launches at the bandits with all his might.
Lucius intercepts the boy and stops his sword.
Lucius: Don't stain your hands with blood and start a chain of hatred. Your sword is for protecting, not killing!
Lucius: Take her and get out of here!
Bandit 1: Who the heck are you?
Lucius: Me? I'm just a man who's been sharpening his blade on monsters to deal with trash like you!

Cries of a New Dawn: Scene 3

The young boy thanks Lucius for helping him become strong enough to protect his only remaining family. The exchange inspires Lucius to rethink his path in life, and he returns to the Grandcypher, where Teena and the crew welcome him with open arms.

Despite all the villagers pitching in to put out the fire, the young children's home is completely destroyed.
The siblings decide to leave the area to go stay with their relatives.
Young Boy: Heh heh. I'll teach Auntie a lesson if she's mean to us. There's nothing to worry about!
Young Boy's Sister: Yeah, because you're with me.
Lucius: Mmm.
Young Boy: Heh! I'm glad to have met you, Master!
Lucius: Master?
Young Boy: Yeah! Ya know, a sword master! You taught me how to fight!
Young Boy: I'm way stronger now thanks to you. I ain't gonna kick the bucket!
Young Boy: I wouldn't have been able to keep Miya safe if I hadn't met you. I'll always be thankful to ya!
Young Boy: You've been nice to me since we first met. I'm gonna be a nice guy like you when I grow up!
Lucius: Humph. I'm not a nice person. Trust me.
Young Boy: Ahaha! Well, you might think so, but I don't!
With a carefree smile, the two kids climb into the horse-drawn cart that will take them to their new home.
Lucius: (A world where kids don't have to suffer like Teena and I did...)
Lucius: (I guess this is the kind of thing she had in mind.)
Lucius: (Maybe I've been overthinking everything. I've been too stubborn.)
The cart pulls away under the cloudless, blue sky.
Lucius: ...
Teena: Lucius?
Vyrn: Hey, look who's back!
Lyria: Oh, it's Lucius!
Lucius: I just got back. I must apologize to Teena, (Captain), and everyone here. I've caused you nothing but trouble.
Teena: Lucius!
There's a party aboard the airship later that night to celebrate Lucius's return.
Lucius: I realized something while I was on my travels, (Captain).
Lucius: I have to guide the children into the future.
Lucius: I can teach them how to become stronger with my sword. That's what I still have to offer.
Vyrn: Whoa... Did Lucius just say something positive for once?
Teena: Hehe, shocking, isn't it? Sniff...
Huh? Oh, geez, I'm tearing up with joy...
Vyrn: Haha! Maybe you should open up a sword fighting school, huh?
Lucius: A what?
Teena: That's a great idea! You've loved swinging your sword since you were a kid, and it's the perfect way to help us achieve our dream!
Lucius: A school of swordsmanship...
Vyrn: Yeah, and you could name your sword-style the Way of the Single Slash or something! You'd be the headmaster!
Lyria: Wow! That has a nice ring to it!
  1. Lucius! Teach us your way of the sword!
  2. I'll show your students how it's done!

Choose: Lucius! Teach us your way of the sword!
Lucius: Wait! I haven't even said anything yet!
  1. So you're not gonna do it?
  2. I'm hearing a yes.

Choose: I'll show your students how it's done!
Lucius: What! Just try it! Wait, I haven't agreed to anything yet.
  1. So you're not gonna do it?
  2. I'm hearing a yes.

Choose: So you're not gonna do it?
Choose: So you're not gonna do it?
Lucius: I didn't say that... Look, you've made your point! At least give me some time to think it over!

Choose: I'm hearing a yes.
Choose: I'm hearing a yes.
Lucius: Are you trying to push me, (Captain)? I have no qualms with settling this on the battlefield.
Continue 1
Lyria: Eep! Please don't fight, you two...
Vyrn: Aw, they're just messin' with each other. (Captain)'s just happy to have Lucius back.
Lucius: Humph.
Lucius: (I wonder if I'll be able to walk with Teena and the others, side by side toward a brighter future.)
Teena: Oh, right! There's something else I've been meaning to say to you, Lucius.
Lucius: Oh? What's that?
Teena: Welcome home!
Lucius: Yeah. It's good to be... home.
Lucius, unbound from the chains that had been keeping him down, has reunited with his beloved sister and faithful friends.
And as Lucius steps forward with everyone at his side, the future shines brightly for all the intrepid travelers.

The Student's Mentor

Lucius wishes to teach others the techniques to live strong but is unable to take the next step to become a mentor. Suframare takes Lucius as her student, and after much effort, successfully teaches him about magic and mentorship alike.

Lucius: ...
Lucius stands alone on the deck of the Grandcypher taking in his environs.
Laughter can be heard from beyond the deck.
Lucius: Heh... Me teaching those kids? That's one tall order.
Suframare: You try next, Vyrn! Go on!
Vyrn: I'm gonna do it! Today's the day!
Suframare: That's the spirit, Vyrn! I can tell you're going to be a fantastic sorcerer one day!
Lucius: Teaching kids magic is one thing, but I've never heard of someone teaching a lizard magic...
Lucius: Hmm, what was her name again? Suframare?
Vyrn: Oh, Lucius! Whatcha doin' over there all by yourself? Come on over and join the fun!
Lucius: It's fine. I'm—
Vyrn: Aww, don't be shy! C'mon, hurry up!
Lucius: Sigh...
Lucius lets out a heavy sigh and descends from the ship.
Suframare: Well, it's nice of you to join us, Lucius! Hm? You look like you've got something on your mind.
Suframare: Is something troubling you? You can tell us.
Lucius: No, it's nothing.
Vyrn: Ohhh, I know what it is! You're wondering about becoming a teacher yourself, but you're not sure!
Lucius: Wha? H-how did you...
Vyrn: Heh heh! It's pretty obvious to me, seeing you watch Suframare teach us from afar and all.
Suframare: Oh! You want to be a mentor? Why, that's a marvelous aspiration!
Lucius: It's... not like I've decided or anything, but...
Suframare: Why not? If you don't make up your mind, you're never going to start, you know.
Suframare: But not to worry! I'll do my very best to assist you in any way I can. Feel free to ask me anything!
Vyrn: Hmm, but Lucius can be pretty intimidating sometimes. The kids in the crew are always running away from him.
Vyrn: That's what you're worried about, right?
Lucius: ...!
Suframare: I see... It would be a pity to have students running away from someone so willing to teach.
Suframare: I've got it! How about you become a student of mine for a while to see what mentorship is like?
Lucius: Huh?
Vyrn: What? Lucius as your student?
Suframare: Why not? The best teachers are students themselves after all! I think it's an excellent idea!
Suframare: I've no doubt you'll be a superb mentor, Lucius! How about it?
Lucius: Hey! J-just slow down a second!
Vyrn: Yeah! The best way to start is by having fun, right? You can do it, Lucius!
Lucius: ...!
Unable to accept or refuse Suframare's generous offer, Lucius spends a moment at a loss for words.
But in that moment, he remembers his resolve and realizes that declining this offer would be to abandon the goal he had sought after for so long.
Lucius: Sigh... I still have much to learn, don't I? Suframare, consider me under your tutelage.
Lucius bows low and accepts Suframare's guidance with gratitude.
Suframare: Here, take this.
Suframare hands Lucius a slender training staff.
Suframare: Now... wave the staff as I do.
Lucius: Hm? You want me to wave it?
Suframare: That's right. Novice students can only wield magic with a staff.
Lucius: (I never thought the day would come when I'd use a staff.)
Suframare: Well then! Ready your staff and chant the incantation. Begin!
Embarrassed and full of hesitation, Lucius pushes past his inhibitions though sheer willpower.
Lucius: (Damn it all! I don't care anymore! I'm desperate!)
Lucius: Hrraaagh!
He swings the staff with all his might, shouting with reckless abandon.
Suframare: Hrm? What are you doing? Relax! You don't need to swing it that hard!
Suframare: Hehe! This is the first time I've seen someone swing a staff so hard I could hear it swooshing through the air!
Lucius: I knew it... I'm not cut out for this, am I?
Suframare: Oh, no, no! You just have to swing it a little more gently is all! Relax and move it nice and gently... Like this.
Lucius: I see. One thing though. If I'm not doing anything wrong, you don't need to encourage me. This is my battle...
Lucius: I shall conquer myself and open up a new path before me!
Suframare: Very well. If that's what you want, I'll respect your wishes. Now let's try again!
Lucius: Yes, Master Suframare!
Suframare: Hmm... I'm pretty sure you're making progress. I think.
Lucius: Huff... Wheeze... Pant...
Lucius has been waving his staff with undivided attention for almost an hour now but has yet to successfully conjure any frost from it.
Suframare: Maybe you could try picturing something cold shooting out from the staff?
Lucius: Hm, something cold...
(If only it were spine-chilling experiences this needed. I have mountains of those.)
Suframare: And don't forget to smile! Remember, happy chanting! Now follow me!
Lucius: ...!
Lucius has an acute and sudden realization that he may never reach his goal.
Accepting Suframare's cordial instruction, it seems to him, would also very much be a battle of humility.
Lucius: (A smile? What's a smile compared to all the other hurdles I've faced?)
Suframare: Hmm, you're still looking a little gloomy there.
Suframare: I know! How about we up the fun by trying to imagine an ice flower? Move your staff like you're drawing a flower in the air, and...
Lucius: (An ice flower? Waving my staff while smiling isn't enough?)
Suframare: Hehe, now try to picture dozens of delicate, sparkling ice flowers in bloom!
With much sweat and tears, Lucius continues to struggle through his training, abandoning any semblance of pride and hesitation left in him.
Lucius: Sigh...
Lucius stands alone on the deck of the Grandcypher rehearsing the motions he learned during Suframare's training.
Lucius: (Sigh... Maybe I just don't have any talent for magic.)
Though some time has passed since Lucius came under Suframare's mentorship, frost magic yet eludes him.
Suframare: Oh, there you are, Lucius.
Lucius: Ah, Master Suframare. What brings you here?
Suframare: I was worried about you. You seemed somewhat glum during our last session.
Lucius: ...
Suframare: Let me tell you a story, Lucius. Come, sit a while with me and listen.
Suframare settles down next to Lucius and begins her story in a gentle voice.
Suframare: Once upon a time, in a far away land—my homeland to be exact...
Suframare: There lived three types of people: ice sorcerers, fire sorcerers, and those who couldn't use magic at all.
Suframare: I was from a region where most people were ice sorcerers.
Suframare: For the longest time, all three groups feared each other, opposed one another, and even fought at times. But lately things have been changing.
Suframare: They started understanding each other, teaching each other their magic. They even taught the ones who couldn't use magic.
Suframare: Those incapable of magic soon found themselves performing feats of sorcery they initially thought impossible. And I'm sure it wasn't easy for them either.
Lucius: I see...
Suframare: So I know you can do this, Lucius. Don't give up on yourself, okay?
Lucius: I have a bad habit of overthinking things. I've always tried not to, but it looks like it's crept up on me again.
Lucius: Heh... Thanks for the encouragement. I don't suppose you're still willing to mentor me?
Suframare: Of course! We're not going to stop until we reach the finish line! You can do it, Lucius!
Lucius: Hraagh! Pant... Pant...
Suframare: That's it! You're doing great! Keep going!
Lucius: Wheeze... Haagh!
Lucius: ...!
I-I felt a chill just now!
Suframare: Don't stop now, Lucius! Keep going! You're so close!
Lucius: Hraaah!
Lucius: ...!
I did it, Master! I finally did it!
Suframare: You sure did, Lucius! Congratulations! I'm so proud of you!
Lucius: Pant... Pant...
Suframare: Hehe! What outstanding work! You've passed with flying colors!
Suframare and Lucius share a moment of joy as teacher and student.
They take time to bask in their triumph.
Vyrn: Whoa, what's all the hubbub?
Lucius: Lizard... I've finally learned to use ice magic! All thanks to Master Suframare!
Vyrn: For real? You've even surpassed me now!
Lucius: Hahaha. If I can learn to use magic, anyone can. Even you.
Vyrn: Uh... cool?
Lucius: Master Suframare's instruction was sometimes strict, sometimes relaxed... but always enjoyable.
Vyrn: Y-yeah! I get you! Her lessons can be pretty intense, but they sure are fun!
Lucius: Indeed. She's shown me what I should do from here on. Master Suframare... I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Suframare: Hehe! It's all because of your hard work, Lucius! I always knew you had it in you!
Lucius: Heh. Thank you, Master.
Lucius's eyes now shine with hope.
Vyrn: Well, I'm happy for ya! To be honest, I was pretty worried about you at first.
Vyrn: I always used to think you were just a hothead!
Vyrn: Looks like I underestimated you!
While Vyrn is baffled with the change that has taken place in Lucius, seeing Lucius satisfied with his accomplishment fills Vyrn with gladness.
Some time has passed since then.
A new book is seen in stores titled: From Sword to Staff by Suframare.
Vyrn: Wha! When did you write this?
Suframare: Hehe! Looks like this one just might become a best seller! Might even surpass Basic Magic Even a Troll Could Understand!
The book would soon be a hit even among the crew of the Grandcypher. But that's a story for another time.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
邪魔だ! You're in my way!
遅い! Too slow!
俺には……剣しかないのだ…… All I know is the sword...
切り捨てる! I'll cut you down!
(主人公)、前は任せろ! Take the front, (Captain)!
危ない! Watch out!
(主人公)、ティナを頼んだぞ……! (Captain), look after Teena for me!
俺達の未来……か Our... future?
母さん…… Mother...
我が剣技……受けよ! I will hone my blade on you!

Other Appearances

Rage of Bahamut


Lucius, Goblin Slayer

SV Lucius, Goblin Slayer.png SV Lucius, Goblin Slayer E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Deal 1 damage to all other followers that cost 2 play points or more. Deal 2 damage to all followers that cost 1 play point or less.

Never have the cursed demons crawled out of their burrows in such numbers. If they aren't dispensed with quickly, innocent villagers will pay the price.


You demon spawn who dared to assault my homeland... I will not rest until you've tasted the same suffering. My blades will dance until every last one of you succumbs to despair.

Class Neutral
Card Pack Rise of Bahamut
SV Portal Lucius, Goblin Slayer
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Sellsword Lucius

SV Sellsword Lucius.png SV Sellsword Lucius E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Enhance (5) - Destroy an enemy follower.

After all these years honing my swordsmanship on goblins, I should be prepared for the battlefield. Despite that, swinging my blade against fellow humans still doesn't feel right.


A life lived by the sword isn't such an unpleasant prospect. There are still opponents out there with swords worth crossing.

Class Swordcraft
Trait Officer
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Sellsword Lucius
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Lucius, Vampire Slayer

Lucius, Vampire Slayer.png Lucius, Vampire Slayer E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: If there are at least 4 enemy cards in play, gain the ability to evolve for 0 evolution points.
Enhance (7) : Gain +5/+5 and Bane.

My first battle was waged in vengeance against the goblins. Next, I plunged into the fray as an agent. If never-ending battle is my lot, then let my blade be the bane of a thousand fiends!


Evolve: Destroy an enemy follower with X defense or less. X equals 20 minus your leader's defense.

Teena: I'm worried about Lucius. He's always throwing himself into dangerous situations...

Feena: Yeah, I really wish he'd settle down a bit.

Class Bloodcraft
Card Pack Ultimate Colosseum
SV Portal Lucius, Vampire Slayer
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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