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Official Profile

Age 23 Height 98 cm Race Harvin
Hobbies Taking care of her hair, peacefully walking through the forest
Likes Family, corn
Dislikes Scissors

Character Release

Character Release

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Age 23歳 Height 98cm Race ハーヴィン
Hobbies 髪の毛のお手入れ、森林浴
Likes 家族、とうもろこし

Character Release

Character Release

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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain).
Could you stick out your pinky? This might come as a little bit of a shock, but...
I'm connecting your finger to my hair's—
W-wait! Don't worry!
Can you see the magic connecting us? My hair's just a vessel for it.
This magic will protect you from harm. A birthday present that I hope will keep you safe in the year to come.
I can't do everything... but I can do this much, at least. Hehe... Surprised?


Happy birthday, (Captain). I'm glad I can celebrate today with you again.
Did my good luck charm from last year help? I know you certainly thought tying my hair to your finger was strange at the time.
You're always putting yourself on the front lines, and I just wanted to do anything I could to help.
This year I'll give you twice the hair for twice the luck!
Thanks for everything, (Captain).


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Hehe, and you know what that means! Time to tie on another hair charm to your finger!
Can I see your hand?
Teehee... I'm really glad you put your trust in me.
When I'm alone on the battlefield, I can only wield my power for myself.
But it's when I use my hair to protect you that I really shine!
So I hope you'll keep letting me support you.
Keep fighting the good fight, (Captain). Let's have each other's backs.


It's always nice to see you grow another year more mature, (Captain).
Before meeting you, I made an effort to avoid people and hide my powers.
I know all too well that having close friends around, sharing good times together, and helping each other through difficult times isn't something to be taken for granted.
That's why it's such a lucky thing to be able to celebrate days like this.
Lately my body's been taking more and more nutrition from my body, and I seem to get hungry faster...
And controlling my hair now requires greater effort on my part.
It makes me wonder if the power of my hair, which was supposed to be mere legend, might be starting to take shape...
Even I get afraid sometimes of what my hair can do.
But because you, Vyrn, and Lyria are always around to support me...
I know I'm not alone... Having strong, dependable friends I can trust is so reassuring.
Meeting you has changed my life for the better in every way possible, (Captain)!
It won't be easy paying you back for everything you've done for me, but...
If there's ever anything I can do at all to make your life easier, please just say the word.
This was embarrasing to say, but I wanted let you know how I feel. Just know I'm here for you, (Captain).
And before I forget, happy birthday.


Happy birthday. Another year means you're due for another hair charm.
This one is special. I found it while combing my hair this morning.
Look! It's a richer gold color than the rest. Neat, don't you think?
I think maybe my desire to give you power was so strong, I ended up storing magic in this one strand.
This year is sure to be a lucky one. That's the feeling I got when I found this hair.
So make sure to try lots of things, have lots of new experiences, and become a fine grown-up, okay?

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year, (Captain). Anything on your mind as we enter the new year?
Me? I want to make greater strides than I did last year.
What will I lose? What will I gain? Should I fearlessly continue walking this path or pick another one?
Even if there's no obvious right answer, I want to make a choice myself and stick to it.
And if we can't create a future we can all be satisfied with... I at least want to believe in the path I've chosen for myself.
I'm facing up to things now. That's how it's been ever since I met you and joined the crew, (Captain).
And for that... I want to say thanks.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
I've noticed recently your hair's all dried out.
Here, I want you to take this. Think of it as a New Year's present from me.
Try using it sometime. It'll add luster and moisture to your hair all the way down to the roots.
To maintain healthy hair, you need to take good care of your roots and scalp.
Give your head a good massage with it the next time you take a bath.
A head of sleek, lustrous hair will do wonders for your overall appearance.
I was thinking of how I could help you out someway as thanks for all you do... I'm glad I was able to give you this.
Hehe. Happy New Year!


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Someone just showed me how to write my resolutions using fancy calligraphy.
But what I found out was my penmanship is much better when I use my hair instead of a brush!
That proves how much I've gotten better at controlling my hair, doesn't it?
And I still think there's room to improve this year!
Hehe! I'm going to train super hard some more!


(May my mom, dad, little brothers... and everyone else back home continue to be in good health...)
((Captain), may you find your father soon...)
(Lastly, may our crew enjoy another successful year...)
Hm? Oh, (Captain). Did you finish praying? I just got done myself.
What was I praying for?
That's a secret. Didn't you know that telling others could prevent the prayer from being answered?
Haha. Let's have another great year together, (Captain).


Hm? Is that (Captain) sleeping on the sofa?
Hehe. Looks like someone had too much fun at the New Year's feast.
But you're going to catch a cold like this.
Melissabelle takes a blanket off the back of a nearby chair and lays it over the captain.
Hehe. You look so sweet when you're sleeping. Reminds me of my baby brothers.
Yawn... Come to think of it, I also stayed up the whole night.
Well, looks like there's room for two.
Zz... Zzz...

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's, (Captain).
I ground up some cornmeal and made you pancakes. They should go great with chocolate sauce.
Corn is a fantastic source of energy, so eat up and grow strong!
O-of course I didn't put any of my hair in there! Don't even joke about that.
Geez. Keep this up and I'm calling off Valentine's pancakes entirely...


Happy Valentine's, (Captain). I made you cornmeal pancakes again this year.
Corn really is magical... You can use it to make anything from cakes to chowder. It's tasty just on its own as well.
So eat up, (Captain), and you'll grow even stronger!
See, I wanted to make you something extra nice as thanks for everything you do...
I didn't want to risk messing it up on the big day though, and cornmeal pancakes are my specialty.
Oh, d-did you like it? I can tell by the look on your face. I'm so glad... Hehe.
Umm... Well, I made a whole bunch just in case. Do you want some more?
Hehe, of course you do. One plate alone isn't enough to fill you up!


Um, (Captain)?
This is a Valentine's Day gift for you!
It's the cornmeal pancakes you like, except this year I added a secret ingredient.
Here's a hint: it's something the eye can't see.
You get it, don't you?
And after you eat them, you'll power up to the max!
Yeah! So, um... Buh-bye!


Is it good?
Oh, it is. Great!
What a relief to hear that. I'm glad I put in the effort.
A compliment from you means so much to me.
Wait... There's chocolate on your mouth. Don't move.
There, I cleaned you up.
Haha. I hope you'll compliment me again next year when I bring you more tasty chocolates.


So? Is it good?
Hehe. You finally smiled.
It's just that, lately, you've seemed kind of stressed. I was worried about you.
You know you can come talk to me at any time, right? I am a big sister, after all.
I realize I come off as kind of dazed and distracted, but you'd be surprised at how much power I can summon up if it's for your sake.
All I ask in return... is one of your big, warm smiles.

Fluffy Pancakes square.jpg Fluffy Pancakes
5th year: Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Happy White Day... Oh? You got me something?
Oh, how wonderful!
Since it's from you, (Captain), I bet it'll recover my energy even more than corn!
Hehehe... Thanks!


Oof... Ooh...
(Captain)... I-is that you?
With corn already in hand, (Captain) delivers the usual remedy to Melissabelle, who has collapsed once again.
Om, nom... Nom...
Ahh... (Captain)! Oh, it looks like it happened again... I'm sorry. And thanks.
(Captain) continues feeding the corn to Melissabelle to nurse her back to health.
Hmm... Om, nom...
Wow... Simply delectable! It's so rich... and creamy.
Where did you find this corn? It was superb... Thank you. But what's the occasion?
What! Today's White Day? Oh, so that's why...
I'm sorry you have to see me like this on such a special day...
Sniff... Thanks so much, (Captain). It was delicious!


White Day's here... I wonder if (Captain) got me anything? Wouldn't that be so nice...
Erk... Hi, (Captain). What brings you here?
Huh? A gift for White Day?
Wow! Can I really have it?
Actually, I was just saying to myself how nice it'd be to get a return gift from you.
Whoo-hoo! This is great! Thank you very much, (Captain)!


Ah, (Captain), look. Mahira gave me white shortbread cookies.
They're her way of saying thanks for the Valentine's chocolates I gave her.
Haha, I can't believe she went as far as to invent a machine that can create shortbread cookies!
Huh? You have a White Day gift for me too, (Captain)?
Wow! Teehee, thanks! This makes me so happy.
This isn't the friendship kind? What do you mean...
E-eep! (Captain)!


(Captain), happy white corn...
No. I meant... happy White Day...
Oh... Not again... Thanks for catching me.
Ehehe... Um, so I overheard some crew members talking about how hunger is the most delicious spice
So I skipped a few meals, because I thought it'd help me really savor whatever you got me, but... looks like I overdid it...
Hm? To thank me for Valentine's?
Yay, food! Let's see here...
Nom nom...
It's amazing... I'm so glad I didn't eat until now.
(Captain), thank you.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

T-trick or treat, (Captain)...
Y-yeah, I'm starving, but today's Halloween...
And everyone keeps tricking me... instead of treating me...
Haha... I'm just about to hit empty... Give me some treats... please...


Trick or treat! I made sure to eat up so that I can enjoy Halloween.
Hm? You're on your way to get some pumpkin pie? That sounds tasty. I'll go with you.
Hm? W-well, I did eat a lot, but...
I-it's just a snack! There's always some room for pie!
Hehe. Pumpkin pie... I can't wait!


Say, (Captain), have you ever wondered why it's pumpkins that are used for Halloween?
I guess they do have a history rooted in harvest festivals and exorcisms, but...
It's mainly because the place where Halloween originates from has an abundance of pumpkins.
In my hometown, we use leftover corn silk in our decorations.
It's a way to pray for a bountiful harvest, and they act as wards against evil.
It's fun discovering how each region has their own traditional festivals.


Hehe, did I scare you?
Oh, it's ok—I don't need a treat.
Because I've decided to focus on the trick aspect of Halloween this year.
With this costume, I should look more than ghostly enough.
Teehee... Time for my next scare!


There seem to be a lot of people in pumpkin ghost costumes around here.
So I'm going to put on a big ear of corn and turn myself into a corn ghost.
I actually made a corn hood for you too, (Captain). If I dress up by myself, I'm afraid I'll stick out too much.
Will you wear it with me?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
It's really cold today... You look cold too. Which means there's only one thing to do.
I'll wrap you up in my hair! Well? Feeling warmer?
Gasp! The color's draining from your face!
I just wanted to warm you up, but I went too far. Hold on. I'm loosening my grip!
I'm... sorry.


Say, (Captain). What comes to your mind when you think of the holidays?
For me... all it reminds me of is the pain of watching the corn fields wither away.
Where I'm from, it's warm enough for the corn to grow all year round.
Just the thought that there's a time when it'd be too cold for corn to live... Brrr...
That fateful night... That's when I first experienced that kind of horror.
That winter night when Bianco and I retilled the soil of that withered corn patch.
It was so cold that night... So cold...


Happy holidays.
Isn't it around bedtime for good little girls and boys, (Captain)?
Soon Santa will be placing presents right by their pillows.
You should get to bed too if you don't want to miss out.
Feeling cold? Okay, I'll slip under the covers with you.
I'll wrap your body in my hair and spin you around to generate warmth.
I used to do that for my little brothers back home. Haha, good times...


You're not feeling all that warm even after I've wrapped you in my hair?
Hm... I guess my locks aren't exactly the most efficient in retaining heat.
There must be something else I can do to keep you warm...
Haha, is this any better?
When my kid brothers were still young, I would have a brother on each side as I held their hands for the long walks we took.
Ah, this brings back memories. Do you mind if we take a walk like this?


It's freezing tonight.
Where I grew up, it used to be warm even around the holiday season. So I guess I'm not used to this weather yet.
But I have something here that'll make us forget all about the cold.
Corn potage. My brothers used to love this. I brought enough for you too.
It's sweet and smooth, and it'll warm you from the inside out.
Oh, wait a second. It's pretty hot right now.
Phwoo, phwoo.
There, perfect. Go on, (Captain). Try it.

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

In Preparation

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, Melissabelle finds herself having trouble coming up with a new treat for (Captain). Meanwhile Alex and Syr find Bianco with a package for Melissabelle. After delivering the goods to Melissabelle, the two boys agree to help her make new confections for (Captain).

Valentine's Day approaches.
Melissabelle: Hm... Hmm...
Melissabelle is having trouble in the Grandcypher kitchen.
Melissabelle: Corn pancakes...
Melissabelle: That's the dish I make best, but this year I want to make something else...
Melissabelle: (Captain) is probably bored of getting the same thing every year...
Melissabelle wonders what she should make (Captain) for the coming Valentine's Day.
Melissabelle: Hm...
Melissabelle: Whatever I make will probably need corn flour, so I should work on preparing a lot of it...
On the deck of the ship are a few members enjoying themselves.
???: Wow! That bird is really pretty! Look at those colors! I wonder what species it is!
???: Gasp! And that bird is super cool!
While some entertain themselves by watching the birds that pass the ship, others sleep.
???: Zzz... Zzz...
Cat: Mi-ow.
???: Hey... Wait! Basking in the sun felt so good.
Syr and a cat have been awakened from their slumber.
???: Hm? What is that? That big owl is flying kinda funny.
Alec spots an owl with its sights set on the Grandcypher.
???: Hoot... Hoot...
Alec: Is that...
A white owl with a large parcel attached to its talon is heading straight for the ship in a haphazard manner.
Alec: Syr! Look out!
Syr: Huh?
???: Hoot... Hoot...
Syr: Agh! What the heck! Where'd that big owl come from!
The owl fails to land safely and crashes onto the deck. The goods it was carrying scatter all over the ship.
Alec: Are you okay?
Syr: Yeah. I'm fine...
???: Hoot... Hoot...
Syr: Isn't this bird...
Alec: Melissabelle's carrier owl, Bianco.
Alec: Bianco, you okay?
Syr: Maybe it came from some place far away and now it's tired...
Bianco: Hoot...
Syr: It doesn't seem like it can move. I hope it's not hurt...
Alec: Let's see. Nope, doesn't seem to be injured anywhere. That's a relief.
Syr: Good to know... Except look at all this stuff that got scattered on the deck.
Syr points to all the things still rolling around them.
Alec: Crap. Guess we should take this bird to Melissabelle first. Help me.
Syr: On it!
The two clean up the wreckage and take Bianco to Melissabelle.
Alec: Yo!
Melissabelle: Huh!
Syr: What was that noise?
Melissabelle: Oh no... I did it again...
Alec and Syr enter the kitchen only to find Melissabelle covered in corn flour.
Alec: You okay?
Melissabelle: Hi, Alec. Hi, Syr.
Syr: Hi? Pretty nonchalant looking like that and all...
Melissabelle: Hm? Oh. You noticed the corn flour. Give me one second.
Melissabelle tries to shake off the flour and then turns to face the two boys once again.
Melissabelle: Sigh... What are you doing in the kitchen? Did you need me?
Syr: Something came for you, Melissabelle.
Alec: Bianco made a mess on the deck because he crashed. But we picked everything up for you.
Melissabelle: Really? Sorry about that...
Syr: It was nothing!
Melissabelle receives the goods from Alec and Syr.
Alec: We were on the deck when Bianco showed up. Thankfully no one was hurt.
Melissabelle: That's good to hear! Thank you both for your help.
Bianco: Hoot.
Melissabelle: And you brought all of this to me. Thank you, Bianco.
Bianco looks proud after being praised by Melissabelle.
Melissabelle: Would either of you happen to like corn? How about some before you go?
Alec: Huh? Really?
Melissabelle: Of course!
Syr: I'm down!
Melissabelle: Hehe. I'll have it ready in a jiffy. Sit right there.
Melissabelle makes corn on the cob for her two guests.
Alec: Can I ask what else you're making? You seemed a little flustered.
Melissabelle: Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I was trying to make some treats—mainly for (Captain).
Melissabelle: I can't make pancakes again... So I wanted to try my hand at something new.
Syr: Cool! Whatcha got so far?
Melissabelle: Well... I made a lot of corn flour to use in my candy...
Alec: But no new candy?
Melissabelle: Ehehe... Not yet...
Melissabelle: I keep getting lost in thought... I just can't make up my mind...
Syr: ...
Alec: ...
Alec and Syr look at the disheveled Melissabelle and conclude she needs help.
Alec: Um... How about we lend a hand?
Melissabelle: Huh?
Syr: I'm with Alec. We'll do whatever we can to be of service!
Melissabelle: You sure?
Alec: In for a rupie, in for a gold brick. Can't just leave you and Bianco all by yourselves.
Melissabelle: Your help would be great!
Melissabelle: Can I ask the two of you to be my taste-testers?
Syr: Yeah! Being a taste-tester is the best!
Alec: So we don't have to make any food?
Melissabelle: If it's okay with you, I want this present to be something I make through my own efforts.
Alec: No problem! Leave the nomming to us!
Syr: But... you haven't made anything yet, right?
Melissabelle: That's true. I'll make a few things I want to test and have you try them tomorrow around noon. Sound okay?
Syr: Sure thing!
Alec: See you tomorrow!
Melissabelle: Thank you. See you then.
The next day Alec and Syr return to the kitchen.
Alec: Yo!
Melissabelle: Oh, Alec and Syr. Right on time.
Today Melissabelle is donning a completely new outfit.
Alec: Hm?
Syr: Melissabelle, your hair is braided today! Don't see that very often!
Melissabelle: It sure is. When I cook, it gets in my way from time to time. Organizing it a bit was the only solution.
Syr: It looks nice! A great look for you!
Melissabelle: Hehe. You think? Thank you.
Alec: Hmm...
Syr: Alec, your face is all red.
Alec: What! Shut up! No, it isn't!
Melissabelle: Hehe.
Alec: And why are you laughing!
Melissabelle: Me? It's just something about how cute you are.
Alec: Me? Cute?
Alec: I'm tough! Got it?
Melissabelle: Right... I'm sorry.
Alec: A-as long as you know...
Syr: Melissabelle! Something smells great! Did you make a lot of things for us to try?
Melissabelle: Hehe. I sure did. They're over here.
Melissabelle: Have a bite of everything, okay?
Syr: Yay!
Alec: Will do!
And so Melissabelle gains two adorable helpers to test her cooking skills.

Kind Times

After Alec and Syr agree to taste-test for Melissabelle, they find her treats lacking in originality. Melissabelle takes their words to heart and tries her hand at making something truly new.

Melissabelle works hard to make new treats for the coming Valentine's Day.
Alec and Syr accompany her as taste-testers.
Alec: Nom...
Syr: Nom...
Melissabelle: How is it?
Alec: Great!
Syr: Tasty!
Melissabelle: Really? That's a relief!
Alec: But...
Melissabelle: But?
Alec: These don't seem too different from your pancakes.
Before the three are chiffon cakes, madeleines, and financiers.
Syr: That's true. The taste and texture are pretty similar.
Syr: That's not to say they don't taste great or anything!
Alec: I just think they lack that something new that you were talking to us about the other day.
Melissabelle: You make a good point! I should think more about the taste and texture together...
Melissabelle: And to change the texture, I need to change the way I prepare the dessert...
Syr: Any ideas?
Melissabelle: Yes. Let me try a few things, and I'll go to you when I'm done.
Alec: We'll be waiting!
Syr: Good luck. I'm sure it'll be good!
Melissabelle: Thank you.

Kind Times: Scene 2

Melissabelle makes changes to the dough preparation, but sadly both Syr and Alec still think there is something missing. Later Melissabelle remembers that there is popcorn in the package she received, and suddenly inspiration strikes.

Melissabelle goes back to square one and changes the way she makes the dough.
Melissabelle: One change I could make would be to add the corn flour to the dough and...
  1. Bake it.
  2. Boil it.
  3. Steam it.

Choose: Bake it.
Melissabelle: Let's spread it out thinly and then put it in the oven.
Melissabelle kneads the dough, cuts it into pieces, and then places it in the oven.
The baked chips come out with a fantastic smell and a bit of a crunch.
Melissabelle: Then I'll need to add the chocolate...
She then proceeds to apply melted chocolate.
She lines up the chips and soon enough the chocolate cools.
Melissabelle: These don't look half bad.
Melissabelle brings the finished delicacies to Alec and Syr.
Melissabelle: Ta-da.
Alec: Oh! These look good!
Syr: Right? My mouth's already watering!
Melissabelle: So you're ready to start taste-testing?
Alec: Sure am!
Syr: Me first!
Alec and Syr begin chomping down on the sweets.
Alec: Om...
Syr: Crunch...
Melissabelle: How is it?
Alec: Hmm...
Syr: I like it! But Alec, you don't?
Alec: It's not that I don't like it...
Melissabelle: Alec, be perfectly honest with me. I value your opinion.
Alec: Here's the thing... It's not for everybody.
Syr: Why's that?
Alec: I don't know if everyone enjoys chocolate on their chips... Sweet and salty is kinda eh...
Melissabelle: That's true... Not everyone cares for that mix.
Syr: Really? I love savory meets chocolate! Best of both worlds.
Melissabelle: Hehe. Thanks, Syr. Thank you too, Alec! I'll think of something else.

Choose: Boil it.
Melissabelle: Let's try boiling it.
Melissabelle parts the dough into small pieces, rolls them into small balls, puts chocolate inside of each, and begins boiling.
The dangos she produces are as lustrous as they are jiggly little puffs.
Melissabelle: They look like tasty dumplings.
Melissabelle brings the finished delicacies to Alec and Syr.
Melissabelle: Ta-da.
Alec: Oh! These look good!
Syr: Right? My mouth's already watering!
Melissabelle: So you're ready to start taste-testing?
Alec: Sure am!
Syr: Me first!
Alec and Syr begin chomping down on the sweets.
Alec: Om...
Syr: Chew...
Melissabelle: How is it?
Syr: It's... wiggly...
Alec: It's yummy, but it gets stuck in all the corners of my mouth...
Melissabelle: Oh no... I did add quite a bit of water...
Alec: Maybe adding some honey or something could make it taste even better.
Syr: Yeah. That sounds like a good idea.
Melissabelle: I see...
Melissabelle: Thank you. I'll think of something else.

Choose: Steam it.
Melissabelle: How about I steam it.
Melissabelle parts the dough into small pieces, rolls the pieces into small balls, puts chocolate inside of each of them, and begins steaming.
The dangos she produces are pleasantly plump.
Melissabelle: I love how soft and fluffy these came out. Hehe. I bet they're delicious!
Melissabelle brings the finished delicacies to Alec and Syr.
Melissabelle: Ta-da.
Alec: Oh! These look good!
Syr: Right? My mouth's already watering!
Melissabelle: So you're ready to start taste-testing?
Alec: Sure am!
Syr: Me first!
Alec and Syr begin chomping down on the sweets.
Alec: Om...
Melissabelle: How is it?
Alec: Ow!
Melissabelle: Gasp! Are you two okay? Have some water!
The two appear to have burned their mouths from the scorching hot chocolate in the center of the treat.
The two are stunned.
Melissabelle: Oh no! Does it hurt?
Alec: It's not t-too bad...
Syr: I'm still standing...
Melissabelle: I didn't think the center would get that hot. I'm so sorry...
Melissabelle apologetically hands the two some cold herbal tea.
The two down their drinks which seems to calm them.
Alec: Phew... That was a little too hot, but it tasted awesome!
Syr: Yeah! The squishy texture works really well with the chocolate!
Melissabelle: That's good to know... But...
Alec: Yeah... You don't want anyone burning their mouths.
Syr: And if you let these get too cold, they'll get stale...
The three look at the dangos that have been on the serving plate for some time and can see how dry they've become.
Melissabelle: Oh dear...
Melissabelle: I can't risk hurting anyone and cooling it doesn't seem too appealing either. This just won't do.
Melissabelle: Thanks, you two. I'll think of something else.
Continue 1
Syr: I know you'll think of something super tasty since you're so good at baking!
Alec: Me too! I can't wait for what's next!
Melissabelle: Hehe. Thank you. That means a lot to me.
Melissabelle: That's all for today though.
Melissabelle: If you eat too much, you won't have room in your tummies for dinner.
Syr: Haha! I could eat a primal beast!
Alec: Me too! But waiting till tomorrow is another option.
Melissabelle: Good. Then tomorrow it is. See you.
Melissabelle leaves the two and returns to the kitchen.
Melissabelle: I'm so glad they're helping me.
Melissabelle: I wouldn't have been able to come this far without their opinions.
Melissabelle: I have to make something just for them...
Melissabelle: I think there was some popcorn in the package that Bianco brought...
Melissabelle: Oh!
Melissabelle: That's it! What if I let the dough rise?
Melissabelle seems to have found a solution to her problem and begins preparations at once.

Kind Times: Scene 3

Melissabelle finally creates a new edible gift, Pugalates. Alec and Syr love the unfamiliar delicacies so much that they gobble them all up. To make more, the three head for Chocolae Island.

From early in the morning the next day, Melissabelle works meticulously in the kitchen.
Melissabelle: And then put some chocolate here...
She tries a bit of the treat she was inspired to make the night before.
Melissabelle: Yum...
Melissabelle: How tasty...
Melissabelle: I bet Alec, Syr, and (Captain) will love it!
Full of pride, Melissabelle takes the new pastries she's made straight to Alec and Syr.
Melissabelle: Alec! Syr! Have a bite!
Alec: Whatcha got there? Gimme!
Syr: Me too!
The two try a bite, and their eyes begin to sparkle.
Alec: What... is this?
Syr: It's super good!
Melissabelle: Oh goodie!
Alec: Is this chocolate? It's so flaky...
Syr: I could eat these all up! This is so good, Melissabelle!
With stars flashing in their eyes, the two continue consuming all of the new treats.
Melissabelle: I'm glad you like them!
Alec: How'd you make something this tasty?
Melissabelle: Actually, where I'm from we have treats called Pugles. I made these in their image.
Melissabelle: The trick is to let the dough rise when you bake the corn flour.
Melissabelle: And the result is a light, crispy, little morsel.
Melissabelle: I just added chocolate to it and voila, a Pugalate!
Syr: Who knew there was something this tasty out there in the big blue sky!
Alec: A Pugalate! This is pretty awesome! Hats off to the chef!
Syr: I need more!
The two lose themselves in the conical world of chocolate-covered Pugles.
Melissabelle: Then it's decided. This is what I'll give to (Captain) on Valentine's Day.
Alec: You can't go wrong with this! (Captain) will love these! I bet my life on it!
Syr: And I bet everyone else will love these too! They're like getting infusions of happiness!
Alec: Maybe just one more...
Syr: Hm? We ate them all...
Although Melissabelle had prepared a large amount of Pugalates, they are all gone now.
Alec and Syr had let their appetite get the best of them and before they knew it, all the snacks were in their stomachs.
Alec: I'm sorry...
Syr: Me too...
Melissabelle: Hehe. Don't apologize. I'm glad you thought they were that good.
Syr: Do you have enough ingredients to make more?
Melissabelle: Actually... I didn't have a surplus to begin with, so I need to go get some more anyways.
Alec and Syr look at each other and share the same idea.
Alec: Let us go to Chocolae Island for you!
Syr: You just stay put on the ship, okay?
Melissabelle is a bit surprised by their offer.
Melissabelle: Oh... But...
Melissabelle: But thanks to you I was able to make my Pugalates, so you don't need to do anything else for me...
Alec: That's not enough! I mean, we ate all of them!
Syr: All we really did was give you an idea and then ate it up!
Syr: So let us do a little more for you!
Melissabelle: I...
Melissabelle: If you say so... Okay, I suppose.
Alec: Right on! Leave it to us!
Melissabelle: But I can't let two little boys go all alone. I'm coming with you.
Syr: That kinda defeats the purpose!
Alec: Don't let our looks deceive you! We can handle the chocolate sprites!
Melissabelle: I'm coming. That's final. This is one of those times where I have to insist.
Alec: Tch... I hate being treated like a baby...
Syr: Urh... Fine...
Melissabelle: Hehe. Good. Let's go.
Alec: You just watch! We're gonna catch a whole bunch of sprites just for you!
Syr: Sure will!
And so the three make their way to Chocolae Island.
They arrive and immediately get a whiff of something sweet.
Syr: Something smells yummy!
Melissabelle: It does. But I feel the presence of many monsters nearby. Be careful.
Melissabelle: If it comes to it, stay behind me as I fight.
Syr: Grr... We're not babies!
Alec: Yeah, we can hold our own in battle too, you know!
Chocolate Sprite: ────
Melissabelle: There they are!
Alec: What's that?
Syr: Whoa! Those are chocolate sprites?
Melissabelle: Yes. Time to collect what we need!

Kind Times: Scene 4

After procuring the ingredients to make more Pugalates, Melissabelle devotes herself to their propagation. They are received with great appreciation from the crew, and after distributing them Melissabelle gives Syr and Alec popcorn for all their hard work. The help they gave her lights an everlasting fire in her heart.

Alec: Hey...
Syr: What just happened?
Melissabelle's hair rips through one chocolate sprite after another.
While large amounts of chocolate accumulate in front of their eyes, Alec and Syr have no time to lay a finger on any of the monsters.
Melissabelle: Phew... Are you two all right?
Alec: I'm fine...
Syr: Me too...
Melissabelle: I'm glad to hear that.
Melissabelle: Because of you two I have enough ingredients to make sweets that everyone will love.
Alec: We didn't do anything...
Syr: At all...
Melissabelle: That's not true. I'm really grateful. You just wait and see what I've got for you two later.
Alec: Right...
Syr: Really excited...
Melissabelle smiles kindly at Alec and Syr.
The two cannot hide their surprise. They wonder how someone so benevolent could also be such an angel of death.
With a satisfied look on her face, Melissabelle returns to the kitchen holding a great quantity of ingredients.
Melissabelle: This is more than enough.
Melissabelle: Just a little more work and I'm done!
Melissabelle pours all of her concentration into making a new batch of Pugalates for Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day arrives.
Melissabelle: Lyria gets a red ribbon... Vyrn gets a yellow ribbon...
Djeeta is the Main Character

Melissabelle: (Captain) gets a pink ribbon.
Melissabelle: Good. This looks nice.
Gran is the Main Character

Melissabelle: (Captain) gets a blue ribbon.
Melissabelle: Good. This looks nice.
Melissabelle: I wonder if (Captain) is resting.
Melissabelle grabs her carefully wrapped present and heads to (Captain)'s room.
Melissabelle: (Captain), do you have a minute?
(Captain) is taking the day off and so welcomes Melissabelle's visit.
Melissabelle: This... is for you. I'll leave it here.
Melissabelle: Hehe. Happy Valentine's Day!
Melissabelle puts the neatly wrapped present down with her small delicate hands.
(Captain) opens the box to see an array of adorably small chocolate cones.
Melissabelle: Surprised because it's not a pancake?
Melissabelle: I had Alec and Syr help me make a brand new kind of snack.
Melissabelle: Have one.
(Captain) excitedly takes a bite.
  1. It's good!
  2. Not what I was expecting...

Choose: It's good!
Melissabelle: Really?
Melissabelle: Hehe... I'm so glad!
Melissabelle: That you like them makes all the effort that went into making these worth it.

Choose: Not what I was expecting...
Melissabelle: That's the point! Hehe. You like it, right?
Continue 1
Melissabelle: I'm happy you're happy.
Djeeta is the Main Character

(Captain) takes out a small box of chocolates intended for Melissabelle.
Melissabelle: Really? For me? Wow!
Melissabelle: I didn't expect to receive anything. Thank you so much!
Melissabelle: I'll eat these a bit later.
Melissabelle: Hehe. Not only did you like my chocolates, but you also got me a present. I'm a lucky one!
Melissabelle: I'll be sure to make tasty treats for you next year too.
Melissabelle looks content as she leaves (Captain)'s room.
Melissabelle proceeds to walk around the ship and hand out her new creation.
The crew begins raving about the delicacy, and soon everyone is lining up to give Melissabelle some chocolate of their own.
Alec and Syr watch on from a distance.
Syr: She sure looks popular.
Alec: That's 'cause the Pugalates were super good.
Alec: Our job here is done.
Syr: You said it. I had a lot of fun testing everything, so I'm kinda sad it's over!
Alec: You're just sad you don't get to eat more sweet stuff, aren't you?
Syr: That too, but... Melissabelle was so nice. I really liked helping her.
Alec: Yeah. Same. It was fun.
While the two talk about how much they enjoyed their time with Melissabelle, she comes over to them.
Melissabelle: So there you two were.
Melissabelle: Hehehe.
Melissabelle: Thanks to you two, everyone was really happy with my new kind of chocolate!
Melissabelle: So I made you both this.
Melissabelle hands them both bags that don't weigh much, but are clearly full to the brim.
Alec: Why's this so light? What's inside?
Melissabelle: Open them up.
Inside the bags are small white objects.
Syr: Never seen this before.
Melissabelle: It's called popcorn. They come from corn. They have a really fluffy texture.
Melissabelle: You both reminded me so much of the past...
Melissabelle: So I wanted to give you just as much in return.
Alec: The past?
She explains that time spent with them was like time spent with her younger brothers.
Syr: I didn't know you have siblings!
Melissabelle: I do.
Melissabelle: Sometimes they act more grown-up than me though...
Melissabelle: They're cute and dependable. Just like you two.
Alec: Hmm... You seem like you need dependable people in your life.
Syr: Hehehe! She does. She had corn flour all over her when we found her!
Alec: She was practically swimming in it and acted like it was nothing.
Melissabelle: Hey... Be nice...
Alec: But when it comes to fighting, you're the dependable one! You scared me a little!
Syr: Yeah! She moved so fast I couldn't keep up. Neither could the monsters!
Melissabelle: You think I'm scary?
Alec: Not in a bad way!
Syr: Not at all! You're strong, nice, and pretty!
Alec: Took the words outta my mouth...
Melissabelle: Hehe. All those compliments are going to get you more treats.
Alec: Haha! I'd be happy to get more!
Syr: Same here!
Syr: Also, can we start eating this?
Melissabelle: Of course.
Melissabelle: I used a little bit of salt for flavor. I thought you might like something savory instead of sweet this time around.
Alec: Sounds great! Time to dig in!
Syr: This is yummy too! Melissabelle, you did it again!
Melissabelle: Hehe.
Joining (Captain)'s crew has led Melissabelle to many other fateful encounters.
Meeting two souls that remind Melissabelle of her family makes the Grandcypher another place she can call home.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ポップンコーンは美味しいな~♪ Popcorn is so tasty!
やっつけてあげる……! I'll take them out!
とうもろこしは無限大~♪ Maize, amaze, it's all the craze!
気を付けて……魔物の気配が多い…… Be careful... Monsters lurk nearby...
はぅ……お腹すいちゃったな Sigh... I'm hungry.
チョコパフ気に入った? Do you like my Pugalates?
三つ編みとポニーテールどっちが好き? Do you like braids or a ponytail better?
弟達に会いたいな…… I wish I could see my brothers...
チョコの香りって癒されるよね The smell of chocolate is so relaxing.
逃がさない……! You won't get away!