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Official Profile

Age 21 (as of "Platinum Sky")
22 (as of "Platinum Sky II")
Height 169 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Weight loss exercises
Likes Racing ships, apples
Dislikes People without a goal, people with no guts

Character Release
Final Uncap

Character Release


地平線の向こうのまだ見ぬ答えを探す 、彼のスピードの極致をご覧ください!

Source [1] [2] [3] [4]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 21歳(プラチナ・スカイ 時点)
22歳(プラチナ・スカイII 時点)
Height 169cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 減量
Likes 走艇、リンゴ
Dislikes 目標のない奴、根性のない奴

Character Release
Final Uncap

Character Release


地平線の向こうのまだ見ぬ答えを探す 、彼のスピードの極致をご覧ください!

Source [1] [2] [3] [4]




  • His full name is Meteon A. Prester.
    • Prester is an archaic word for meteor
  • His holiday lines reference the original start date of Platinum Sky's first run, 12/31/2016.


  • His Japanese name is Muon.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain), happy birthday!
This is a special day that only comes around once a year. Honestly... I'm incredibly thankful I had the chance to meet you, (Captain).
I wasn't dissatisfied with my life or anything. And it was plenty exciting to be sure.
But you've expanded my horizons.
There are so many vistas I've never laid eyes on. And I have you to thank for making me realize that!
Let's make this next year a good one.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
How's this year been for you? I hear that if a year feels extra long, it's a sign that you've accomplished a lot during that time.
I suppose everyone perceives time differently though.
It's already been over a year since I've joined you on this journey, but it all still feels fresh to me!
Thanks for always keeping things exciting, (Captain).
Here's to another year of new adventures! Oh, and one more thing.
We gotta have another speedship race soon! The sooner, the better!


Psst. (Captain), you still up?
Good. You're wide awake.
Happy birthday.
Haha, what's with the surprised look? The date's already changed.
Hey, sorry to barge in on you like this in the middle of the night.
I just wanted to be the first to say it to you.
When it comes to speed, I gotta be at the top of my game, you know!
Hope you have a terrific rest of the day, (Captain)!


Sorry for making you stay so late to help with fixing the Blue Orbit.
It usually doesn't take this long, but I just had something extra I needed to look at today.
Sorry... I lied. I took my time on purpose because you were here keeping me company.
You know, there are more people in the crew now, right? There's always someone who needs you, so it's pretty hard getting a hold of you.
So when you offered to help me with the fixes, I thought it was a good chance for me to keep you to myself...
Oh, look, the date changed. Happy birthday, (Captain).
Of course. I wanted to be the first one to say it—that's why I kept you here.
I just can't let someone else take the number one spot.
Thanks for coming into this world, (Captain). I'm so glad I met you.


Hey, (Captain). Are you all done with the job from yesterday?
What's with that expression? I heard from Rackam that you were on this island, so I flew all the way here to see you.
Haha! I'm glad you're happy with the surprise.
As you can see, I brought the Nightcypher with me. What do you say to a little getaway with me in the skies?
I've told you before—I'm not giving up the number one spot. I want to make sure you have the best birthday ever.
All right, then it's settled! I have a place in mind—you'll love it. Let's get going!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

What're you up to in here, (Captain)? Making a resolution for the new year? Ahh...
Perfect timing. Let me get in on this. Huh? You're surprised I'm doing this kind of thing? I make resolutions too, y'know.
It's important to set goals. Just throwing resolutions out there without seriously going after them isn't how I do things.
How do I put this... It helps put things in focus for me. Making your resolutions come true is all up to you.
Either way, I like the feeling of working towards something one step at a time.


Ah, (Captain). There you are.
I was wondering if you'd wanna go for a ride and see the morning sunrise. You know, to start the year off right.
Flying across glistening fields of snow as the light of dawn dissolves into the white powder, illuminating the sky—there's nothing quite like it.
It's a spectacular sight... I want you to see it with me.
So come on, let's go for a ride! What do you say?


Happy New Year, (Captain).
I don't mind just taking it easy on an occasion like this, but...
Filling ourselves with New Year's treats and then slacking under a kotatsu all day...
Isn't gonna do our bods any favors!
Hahaha! Put on too much weight, and you're gonna have trouble getting into the cockpit of a speedship.
Best watch out!


Wow, you're pretty good, (Captain)! It's catching the wind pretty well and staying up there.
You know, flying a kite might look easy at first glance, but it actually takes a bit of skill to get it going.
And if you let it catch too much wind, it'll rip right out of your hands and fly away...
Whoa, watch out!
Phew... Are you okay? I know you're having fun chasing after the wind, but you've got to watch where you're going still.
I know I'd rather not see you ironically fall to the bottom of a cliff because you're busy staring at the sky.


Morning, (Captain).
Sorry to wake you before dawn. There's somewhere I want to take you.
Think you can get up?
Great, then let's head out! Make sure you wear something over so you don't get cold.
Whoooa! You can really see the sun coming up from the very tip of the mountain!
Apparently you can see this once every few decades on this island. This place acts as a kind of power spot.
Well, I'm the type of person who believes luck and power depend on yourself... but seeing amazing scenery like this really energizes you, huh?
I have a feeling I'll be able to fly to even farther places this year.
All right! Come on, (Captain). Let's go and have our first race of the year!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hm? What's up, (Captain)?
This is for me? For Valentine's?
No, no. Just a little surprised is all... I am not blushing!
I get stuff from my fans on Valentine's every year, and I'm grateful, of course.
But getting something from you is different, (Captain).
It's more... special. It really means a lot to me. Thanks.


For me? For Valentine's Day?
I... I see...
I, uh, I was worried that I wouldn't get any this year, and now you've...
It's just... I'm sorry! Don't look at me right now!
... Thank you.


Ah, this is for Valentine's?
Hey, there's no need to take it so seriously every year...
Actually, never mind I said that.
Truth is I'm always glad to get this from you, so...


Oh... It's Valentine's Day, isn't it?
I thought something was a little different today, what with the ship smelling strangely sweet and all the bustling around since morning.
That being the case, well...
Wh-what? Why are you grinning like that?
Huh? Is this for me?
Phew... I was worried for a second there...
Oh, um, I was just talking to myself. Thanks for going out of your way every year.
I'll be sure to give you something nice in return. Hope you look forward to it.


Oh, (Captain)! What a coincidence.
I, um, I'm just taking a break from tuning up the speedship. I mean... You gotta eat, right?
Sigh... You've probably seen right through me already, huh?
I admit it... I couldn't concentrate on anything after realizing it was Valentine's Day.
Usually I'm able to stay in control of these feelings, but... when it comes to you, things are different.
There it is. I knew you had something for me this year too.
Thanks, (Captain).
Phew... With this, I think I can finally get back to work now.

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey, (Captain). Got a sec?
Oh, um... Here you go! I wanted to give you this!
Today's White Day, after all. A day to give thanks for what you did on Valentine's Day... and every other day.
Anyway! I got this for you, so here! Take it!
Whew... I'm feeling tired for some reason. Always feels like my body's out of whack when I'm with you.


This... this is for you.
Um, for White Day. You remember, right?
Well, of course I'd get you a White Day gift! After all, you're...
I mean... Uh, forget I said anything!


Here you go, (Captain). It's for White Day.
Hey, this might seem kinda sudden, but... You're the only person I've ever given chocolate to for the occasion, so...
I don't want you to take this too seriously, but...
Well, maybe I do.
You're special to me!
Whew, got it outta me! Erm, catch ya later!


(Captain), it's me. I'm sorry to bother you so late.
It's White Day still, right? I know I'm cutting it close, but here's your gift.
I just want you to know, I didn't forget or anything. Actually...
I spent a lot of time worrying about what would be a good enough gift for you.
U-um, I'd prefer if you opened it while I'm not around.
Anyway, it's in your hands now. You can boil it or burn it... Do whatever you like.
Good night, (Captain). See you tomorrow!


Today's White Day, right? I didn't forget. Here.
This one's your favorite, right? I'll be honest... I got the intel from Vyrn this time around.
I don't know what you think of me, but...
I think you're one-of-a-kind, (Captain). I hope you consider me someone special in your life, too.
I was just thinking it'd be nice...
Wait, what am I even saying anymore? Sorry. I must be making things awkward, huh?
A-anyways, this is just something in return for Valentine's Day! I hope you enjoy it!

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons
4th year:
25px Personalized Box of Caramels

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey, (Captain). The reason everyone's lurking around right now is because of Halloween, right?
Aren't you gonna change? You're not gonna just lounge around in the same outfit as always, are you?
Shouldn't you consider dressing up?
You and Lyria seem like you'd be all about that.
Me? I'm good. I'm not a kid anymore, y'know.


All right. That should do it.
Oh, hey there, (Captain). I'm just preparing some Halloween candy for the kids tonight.
You want some of this? Heh, why don't you say it then, come on! Trick or...
Hahaha! Sorry about that! I shouldn't treat you like a kid, after all.


Heya, (Captain). Trick or treat, you say? I didn't prepare any—
Oh, you're wondering about my costume?
I might've told you before, but dressing up for Halloween isn't my kind of thing.
Why are you so desperate to see me in one anyway?
Well, since you're so insistent, maybe I'll give it some thought for next year.
Can't promise anything though!


Hey, (Captain)... I mean, I did say last year that I'd give it some thought...
But I didn't think you'd prepare so many costumes for me...
I'm not gonna wear one. It'll be hard to move around in something like that...
Come on, I'll give a treat. So why don't you give up and move on to—
Wha! What are you... Are these ears?
They won't come off! What the heck!
Sigh... Fine, you win.
But you're not getting a treat, you hear! You played your trick on me—that should be good enough!


What, this again? I'm telling you, I'm not putting these weird things on!
I let you have your way last year, didn't I? Putting on ears is still considered as dressing up. I'm not doing it again.
Huh? Is this... fan mail?
"Dear Meteon. I was so impressed by your efforts in dressing up for the festivities. I look forward to seeing it again this year." What!
Wait a second... Only you saw me in that getup, so there's no way I'd be getting fan mail about it.
You wrote this letter, didn't you?
Sigh... Fine.
If you want to see me in costume so badly, I'll do it. But you have to dress up too, all right?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

I haven't had a chance to celebrate the holidays these past few years. The PSC's always been right around the corner.
And I'm usually spending all my time in the pit stall tuning my machine. Good luck doing anything festive in there.
It's really bustling here though. I'm worried about losing focus, but you have to relax from time to time.


All right, just tighten this bolt here... that should do it.
Oh! What's up, (Captain)? Sorry, I was just performing some maintenance on the Blue Orbit.
Ah, today's the holiday, huh? Totally slipped my mind.
Okay, then! Should we head out?
It'll be nice to take a break outside tonight, especially with you, (Captain).


Ah, there you are, (Captain)!
I was looking all over for you. Any chance you're free right now? We should head out!
Hm, a speedship? Nah, that'd be overkill. I'm talking about a good ol' walk.
C'mon, it's fun to just hang out around town once in a while.
I mean, today is the holy eve after all...


Hm. This should be everything we were asked to buy, right?
Hey, what's that look for? Don't sweat it. I was already done with maintenance so it's not like I had anything else to do.
We should head back now though. Huh? What's that?
They're setting up food stalls? I guess we did hear that shop owner saying something about that.
All right, let's go check it out then!
No one said we couldn't take a detour.
Besides, there's nothing like a bit of food for some holiday cheer.


The toolbox goes on the shelf in the back. Yup, you can just leave it there.
I'm really glad you came to help. The Blue Orbit's maintenance check went by in a flash today thanks to you.
All right... Let's get going then.
I heard they're going to light up the town plaza tonight, so I was hoping we could go check it out together.
Fixing the ship didn't take as long as I thought, so we've still got a bit of time before it starts...
Since it's the holy night, why don't we find a nice place to sit and take it easy while we wait?

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Sky Racer

Meteon, the skyracer known as the Cobalt Comet, has won the Platinum Sky Cup for the fifth time in a row but still hungers for more. Inspired by the crew's tales of adventure, he stealthily boards the Grandcypher while Fangio sleeps.

After a history-making race, Meteon, the Cobalt Comet, brings home his fifth consecutive victory at the Platinum Sky Cup.
He still has a few personal issues to contend with, however.
Fangio: What were you trying to pull back there?
Meteon: Fange, I just—
Fangio: Use nitro twice, that's nice. Use nitro thrice, you're on thin ice. Did I tell you that or did I tell you that?
Meteon: I'm still alive, aren't I? Sure, the engine's a little crispy, but whatever.
Fangio: Stop making me repeat myself! That's not the problem here!
Meteon: I figured the ship could handle it after all those upgrades you did.
Meteon: And it's why I won! Your skills in the garage haven't rusted a bit, Fange.
Fangio: Don't try to sweet talk me just to save your bacon, kiddo!
Lyria: Um, there's really no reason for you to be so upset...
Vyrn: Got that right, gramps! Meteon's the reason we're all in one piece!
Fangio: That goes for you kiddos too!
Vyrn: Eep!
Lyria: Us too? Why?
Fangio: Don't play dumb! I told you not to exceed the speed threshold, but you went and did it anyway!
Vyrn: You said you wouldn't recommend it, didn't you?
Fangio: No talking back to your elders!
Lyria: Sorry!
Fangio: Geez. The ship's always a wreck after he's through with it.
Fangio finishes checking over the Blue Orbit and begins poking his nose into the engine block of the Nightcypher.
Fangio: Some risk is involved with a race like this, sure.
Fangio: But entertaining reckless flights of fancy and turning your machine into a smoking heap of scrap metal? Out of the question!
Meteon: I screwed up. Are we good now?
Fangio: You don't understand anything. Haul your machines to the pit stall!
Vyrn: Um... Are you talkin' to all of us?
Fangio: Who else? If you think treating your machines like this is acceptable, you've got another thing coming!
Meteon: Sigh...
Meteon lets out a sigh before placing a hand softly on (Captain)'s shoulder.
Meteon: When he gets like this, there's no reasoning with him. Let's get the machines over to the pit stall.
Vyrn: Fair enough. We should just be glad to have gramps look over the Nightcypher!
Fangio: Okay... Grab that box for me, Elly.
Elly: Woof!
Lyria: Um! Is there anything we can do to help out?
Fangio: Of course not! You'll just get in the way. Go bother someone else!
Meteon: If that's what you want, that's what you'll get. Good luck in the workshop, Fange.
Elly: Woof!
Meteon: Guys. Let's go.
Lyria: Wait for us!
Meteon and (Captain)'s crew head to a restaurant in town.
Meteon: Right then. Ready to eat?
Vyrn: Yeah! I'm starvin'!
Lyria: Hee hee! I bet you can't wait to celebrate your victory, Meteon!
Meteon: My victory, huh... Let's make this one on me then.
Lyria: Huh? But why?
Meteon: I've got plenty of prize money to burn, and I owe you guys anyway.
Vyrn: Hmm, pretty sure we could say the same to you. But if that's what you want, it all sounds good to me!
Vyrn: Yup! And that's when Lyria turned to me and said—
Lyria: Vyrn! You can't reveal that!
Meteon: Hahaha! So your ship... the Grandcypher, was it? It was okay after that, right?
Lyria: Yes! Rackam, our helmsman, is incredibly skilled!
(Captain) and company tell Meteon stories of their journey, the people they've met, and the primal beasts they've fought.
Meteon: You've seen all sorts of stuff flying across the skies, haven't you?
Vyrn: You could say that! I mean... you've been on an airship before too, right?
Meteon: Of course I have. Used 'em to fly to skyraces all over the place.
Meteon: But having your own crew and ship to journey across the skies with? That's something else entirely.
Lyria: Hee hee, you might be right!
Vyrn: How about joining our crew then, Meteon?
Meteon: Hahaha! I'll think about it.
After enjoying an evening of good food and good company, the crew returns home, stomachs happily full of food.
For the next few days, the crew stays by Fangio's side while he works on repairing the Nightcypher.
At last the day of departure arrives.
Meteon: Hey, (Captain)! Wake up!
Meteon slowly rouses (Captain) from a deep slumber.
Meteon: Morning. Ready to rise and shine?
Vyrn: Yawn... A little early to rise and shine when it's still dark out, Mr. Champ.
Meteon: Shhh! Quiet. I need you to help me with something real quick.
Lyria: Yaawn... Can we help you?
Meteon: Hurry. We're going to get the Blue Orbit and Nightcypher out of storage.
Vyrn: Huh? In the middle of the night?
Meteon: I told you to be quiet.
After exchanging glances with each other, the crew follow Meteon's directions, bringing the two speedships out from the pit stall.
Meteon: Okay. That just leaves...
Elly: Grrr...
Meteon: Did I wake you? Sorry, Elly.
Elly: Pant... Pant... Woof!
Meteon: Now, now. I need you to be quiet for me.
Elly: Woof...
Meteon: That's a good girl.
Meteon crouches down and ruffles Elly's neck with his fingers.
Meteon: I'm going away for a little bit, so watch after Fange for me, okay?
Elly: Woof!
Meteon: Okay... Later!
After standing back up, Meteon turns to the crew.
Meteon: Let's get out of here. Now.
Lyria: Where are we going?
Meteon: Huh? The Grandcypher, of course.
Vyrn: Well that sure came out of left field!
Meteon: Hey! I told you guys to be quiet!
Lyria: Both of you need a good shooshing!
Meteon: This is getting out of hand. We really have to be quiet.
Vyrn: Why are you insisting on going to the Grandcypher though?
Meteon: You asked me if I wanted to join, didn't you?
Meteon: Anyway, let's hurry. The old man's gonna wake up any second now.
Lyria: Um, Meteon? Are you really going to join us?
Meteon: Yeah. I'm looking forward to working with you guys.
Lyria: Yay! I can't wait!
Vyrn: This is all pretty sudden, isn't it? You never even mentioned the idea before.
Meteon: Oh yeah? Could've sworn I told you I was thinking about it.
Meteon: I bet I'll be able to participate in skyraces way beyond the bounds of what I have access to now.
Meteon: But more than anything, I want to live aboard the Grandcypher.
Lyria: Hee hee! We're happy to have you!
Vyrn: Okay then! Let's give you the grand tour!
Lyria: Wait... Why are we sneaking out at night like this? We won't be able to say goodbye to Fangio.
Meteon: That's the point.
Meteon shrugs.
Meteon: If he found out I was joining the crew, I'd never hear the end of it.
Vyrn: But isn't he going to worry if you suddenly disappear?
Meteon: He'll be fine. Now let's hurry up and get out of here!
Fangio: Mercy... Listen to them making a ruckus at this hour.
Elly: Whimper...
Fangio: Back to bed, Elly.
Elly: Woof...
Fangio: Goodness. Are you like this just because that fussy crybaby left?
Elly: Whimper... Woof!
Elly gently licks Fangio's face. He smiles.
By the time the sun begins to rise, Meteon and the crew are already soaring the skies aboard the Grandcypher.
Meteon: Wow, so this is the Grandcypher?
Vyrn: Heh heh! Welcome to the crew!
Meteon: Hahaha! Guess that makes me a skyfarer, huh? It doesn't feel real somehow.
Meteon: Still... This is one beautiful ship. As pristine as the azure skies.
Meteon: Now I get why you named your speedship the Nightcypher.
As Meteon and the others enjoy the cool morning breeze on their cheeks, the Grandcypher steadily picks up speed.
Meteon: This is the first time I've felt like I'm really riding an airship.
Meteon: The altitude and speed are different from a speedship. Same with the scenery, the way it sways, the wind...
Meteon squints for a moment, giving his entire body over to the pleasant sensation of flight...
Meteon: By the way, what's the Grandcypher's max speed, give or take?
Lyria: A little bit faster than this, I think. Nothing special compared to a speedship, but...
Meteon: Have you ever had to push it to the limit? Hm... Now I'm wondering what the engine room looks like.
Meteon: You don't think I might have a chance to pilot the ship, do you? I'd love to see how much speed I could wring out of the engines.
Rackam: Hold it! My Grandcypher is not a speedship! And as long as I'm here, your speedster sensibilities aren't going anywhere!
Meteon: Don't worry. I won't do anything you wouldn't want me to.
Rackam: Oh sure. Like I believe that!
Vyrn: Looks like Rackam's gonna have his work cut out for him!
With the sky's fastest racer now among their ranks, the Grandcypher and its crew speed off to parts unknown once more.

Apple Capriccio

Meteon is limiting his food consumption in preparation for his next race, but Vyrn and Lyria have accidentally eaten his personal apple stash. To make amends to the distraught racer, the crew races to a nearby island to buy more apples.

A short time has passed since Meteon joined the crew.
Lyria: Hee hee! I'm totally stuffed!
Vyrn: Whew... Me too!
Meteon: Oh? I was looking for you guys.
Meteon peeks his head into the Grandcypher's mess hall, where (Captain) and the crew are finishing a meal.
Lyria: Huh? Did you want to eat with us, Meteon?
Meteon: Nah, that's not it.
Vyrn: Still not eating, huh? Boy, being a racer must be tough. Trying to reduce weight, I take it?
Meteon: Yeah. Got a race coming up.
Meteon is heading with the crew to a nearby island to participate in a small skyrace tournament.

    Vyrn: Hmm... I bet you must be starving! Seems rough!
    Meteon: Of course. It's not as harsh as it might seem. It is challenging though.

      Lyria: Hm... I'm not sure I understand.
      Meteon: If your strength and concentration worsen, all the weight reduction in the world doesn't mean squat. Achieving a good balance is particularly hard.

        Vyrn: Gotcha... Hm? Something in the cupboards you're looking for?

          Meteon: Hm... Strange. There should be plenty left.
          Lyria: Plenty of what?
          Meteon: Apples.
          Vyrn: Buh?

            Meteon: Apples are the big thing I have to look forward to when I'm cutting weight. I bought a bunch the day before, but...
            Meteon: Yeah. I'm not seeing any. Where'd they go?
            Lyria: Oh dear... Vyrn?
            Vyrn: Uh-oh...
            Meteon: Hm? Something up?
            Vyrn: Um, well... This isn't the easiest thing to admit right now, but... I probably ate 'em.
            Meteon: Huh? All of them? But there were so many!
            Lyria: Um, actually... (Captain) and I helped out too.
            Meteon: Seriously? (Captain) too?
            1. I didn't eat any.
            2. S-sorry...

            Choose: I didn't eat any.
            Lyria: Hey! Don't try to get out of this, (Captain)!
            Vyrn: No way, no how! I handed you a few of those succulent crimson orbs myself!

            Choose: S-sorry...
            Vyrn: Okay, I'll own up to it! I found the apples and asked everyone to eat them with me...
            Lyria: No, Vyrn! I-I was the one who invited (Captain) to join in!
            Continue 1
            Meteon: Listen. It's okay.
            Lyria: Oh, I'm so sorry...
            Vyrn: My bad, man. When I saw all those apples, I just kind of lost myself. If I knew they were yours...

              Meteon: ...
              Meteon falls silent, but his suffering is not lost on (Captain) and company.
              An incredible noise erupts from the general direction of Meteon's stomach.
              Meteon: Urk...
              Lyria: I'm so sorry! Um...
              Vyrn: Oh, I know! Let's head to that island over there and buy some apples!
              Lyria: Yes! Let's do that!

              Apple Capriccio: Scene 2

              Bandits have taken over the only road to a nearby village, preventing the transport of apples from one village to another. Starving from apple denial, Meteon sets off to defeat the bandits and restore the island's flow of apples to normal.

              The crew arrives at a nearby island and visits the small village there.
              Lyria: Wow, it's so small!
              Vyrn: I bet they at least sell apples though.
              They take a peek into a small grocery. What they find... is disappointment.
              Meteon: Nothing.
              Lyria: Seems that way.
              Vyrn: Hmm... They barely have anything for sale. What happened here?
              Villager: Terribly sorry. There's nothing here for you.
              Lyria: What happened? The people here must be suffering terribly!
              Villager: Sigh... If you must know...
              A narrow mountain path connects the two villages on the island.
              Unfortunately for the villagers, a gang of bandits has taken up shop along the path, cutting off supplies.
              Lyria: Oh no... If this keeps up, the village is going to...
              Villager: Yes. We're at the end of our ropes.
              Meteon: Let's go.
              Vyrn: H-hey! Where are you heading?
              Meteon: To find these bandits or whatever, obviously! That's what skyfarers do, right?
              Lyria: Yes! Let's go!
              Vyrn: We'll do something about those bandits!
              Villager: Oh my goodness, you're skyfarers? Thank you so much. We're counting on you!
              Vyrn: We've got this! We'll be back before you know it!
              Lyria: Hm... Is this the path the person from the village mentioned? I wonder where those bandits are.
              Meteon: ...
              Lyria: Oh my gosh!
              Bandit 1: Hey, youse! If you wanna get through here, cough up everything you've got!
              Bandit 2: Bweh heh heh... Do what we say, and nobody has to get hurt... Probably!
              Vyrn: Speak of the devils!
              Meteon: Listen up.
              Meteon takes a step forward as he growls the following...
              Meteon: I am really not in the mood for this right now.
              Bandit: Huh? What's your problem, jerk?
              Meteon: Do what we say... and you're still gonna get hurt!

              Apple Capriccio: Scene 3

              With the bandits defeated, a very hungry Meteon rushes to a nearby village to finally partake of the apples he wanted from the beginning. He also apologizes to the crew and promises to properly label any future apples he purchases in the future.

              Vyrn: Bandits: busted!
              Lyria: Hee hee! Those villagers should be able to breathe a sigh of relief after this!
              Meteon: Sigh... Let's get going.
              Vyrn: Wait a sec! Aren't we gonna go and let the villagers know?
              Meteon: Later. If I don't eat something now, I'm going to collapse.
              Lyria: Hahaha... I bet! With the bandits out of the way, we can let them know whenever we want.
              The crew reaches the village on the other side of the mountain and immediately heads out to buy some apples.
              Meteon: Chomp...
              Meteon: Haah... I feel alive again!
              Vyrn: As a fellow apple fanatic, I know exactly how you feel right now!
              Lyria: Wow... I'm just glad you were able to buy some apples, Meteon!
              Vyrn: Got that right. Um... I'm really sorry about eating your apples earlier, champ.
              Lyria: Me too...
              Meteon: It's fine. I'm sorry for making you tag along on this.
              Meteon: I'm the one who put those apples I bought in the shared cupboard after all.
              Meteon: Fange and Elly didn't like apples, so I never paid it much mind.
              Meteon: But I'm living with a lot more people now that I'm on the Grandcypher. Including Vyrn.
              Meteon laughs before pulling an apple out of his grocery bag and handing it to Vyrn.
              Meteon: Here.
              Vyrn: Huh? You sure?
              Meteon: Hahaha! After coming this far, there's no way I'm hogging them all to myself.
              Vyrn: Heck yeah! It's apple time!
              Meteon: Here's one for you, Lyria. And you, (Captain).
              Lyria: Hooray! Thank you!
              Meteon: I'll be sure to write my name on anything I put in the cupboard from now on.
              Vyrn: Haha! And I'll be sure to check before chowing down next time!
              (Captain) and the crew laugh as they enjoy their hard-earned apples.

              Actions Say It All

              Meteon and the crew arrive at a skyracing track to participate in the first qualifier of a tournament. After a brief reunion with Fangio, the two go take a look at the Blue Orbit where the old mechanic mysteriously kneels over in pain. Meanwhile, Eustace makes a sudden appearance at the race to look into a certain matter.

              Vyrn: Wow, it's totally packed out here today!
              The crew has arrived at a skyracing track with Meteon to participate in the first qualifier of the year.
              Meteon: Yeah. It's supposed to be a minor race, but I guess the first race of the year is a pretty big deal for the fans.
              Lyria: It isn't as crowded as the Platinum Sky Cup was, but there are still so many people!
              Meteon: Well... To be fair, there isn't a race in the sky that can hold a candle to the PSC.
              Meteon: Ahem. Anyways...
              Meteon: It looks like we've got some time until the qualifier starts. What do you guys say we do some last minute tune-ups on our speedships?
              Lyria: Okay!
              Vyrn: Whoa, hold up a sec! Over there, isn't that...
              Vyrn: It is! Hey there, gramps!
              Meteon: Fange?
              Lyria: Oh, it's Fangio!
              (Captain) and company rush over to greet the old speedship mechanic.
              Fangio: You lot!
              Meteon: Yo, Fange! Didn't think I'd see you here today.
              Meteon: Here to do some mechanic work for someone?
              Fangio: Yeah, well... something like that.
              Fangio: More importantly, kiddo... To be honest, I wasn't expectin' to see yer face here today after skipping out on me and all, but...
              Fangio: You really planning on racing today?
              Meteon: Well, yeah. I mean, why else would a skyracer be here?
              Lyria: Hee hee... (Captain) is racing today too!
              Fangio: ...
              Meteon: Anyway, once you're done taking care of business, you mind giving the Blue Orbit a look?
              Fangio: Hmm, why not... I suppose I could go take a look at 'er right now, actually.
              Meteon: Right now? Great, thanks!
              Lyria: In that case, we'll give you two some room and head back outside.
              Vyrn: Sounds like a plan. We've gotta get in the zone too!
              Meteon: Oh? All right, I'll see you guys later then.
              Fangio: Come on, kiddo. Let's get to work.
              Meteon: H-hey, wait up!
              Fangio and Meteon make their way to the Blue Orbit to begin their inspection.
              Fangio: ...
              Meteon: How's it look? I think it's in pretty good shape myself, but...
              Fangio: Heh. I see that the only thing on your mind is making this thing go fast, as usual.
              Meteon: Shut it.
              Fangio: But it doesn't look like you've been slacking with the maintenance at least.
              Meteon: Geez, if you're gonna praise me, you could lose the attitude.
              Fangio: Ain't nobody praisin' you, kiddo.
              Fangio: ...!
              Meteon: Hm?
              Fangio: Urgh...
              While inspecting the undercarriage, Fangio suddenly kneels over, groaning in pain.
              Meteon: H-hey! You all right there, Fange?
              Fangio: It's nothing. Don't worry about it.
              Meteon: Nothing? Come on, let me see.
              Fangio: I said it's nothing! Cut me some slack, kiddo. I'm not about to bite the dust just yet!
              Meteon: What's your problem? I just wanted to help!
              Meteon: I swear... You haven't changed a bit, old man.
              Meanwhile, (Captain) and the others make their way back to the skyracing track.
              Lyria: Wow, it looks like even more people showed up!
              Vyrn: It just goes to show that people love a good skyrace!
              ???: Hey.
              Lyria: Huh?
              (Captain) turns around to see a tall figure standing over the crew.
              Eustace: (Captain)...
              Lyria: Oh, Eustace!
              Vyrn: What's up, Sourpuss? Did ya come to watch the race too?
              Eustace: No. There's just... something worth looking into.
              Vyrn: Worth looking into?
              (Captain) and the others look at each other, puzzled at Eustace's sudden appearance.

              Actions Say It All: Scene 2

              Despite having a late start, (Captain) quickly forfeits the race to assist another racer whose speedship has crashed. Meanwhile, Meteon struggles to keep up with Fangio, who has unexpectedly entered the race. However, with a broken nitro boost system the young racer doesn't stand a chance, taking second place. Before Meteon can interrogate him, Fangio collapses.

              (Captain) and the crew ask Eustace about what exactly he is looking into.
              Lyria: Um... Eustace, can you tell us what's going on?
              Vyrn: Now that I think about it, you showed up at the PSC last year too, warning us about that half-man, half-machine freak.
              Vyrn: Wait... Don't tell me something like that is gonna happen again!
              Eustace: Relax. It's nothing like that.
              Lyria: That's a relief. What's the matter then?
              Eustace: (Captain), are you racing today?
              Vyrn: Yeah, that's right!
              Eustace: Meteon as well, I assume?
              Lyria: Yes! He's actually making last-minute adjustments to his ship right now with Fangio.
              Eustace: Will he be using the Blue Orbit?
              Vyrn: Well, of course he is... What's the big deal though? Spit it out already.
              Eustace: ...
              Before Eustace is able to explain any further, their conversation is abruptly interrupted by a blaring voice.
              Commentator: Ladies and gentlemen, the race will be starting soon. All registered racers—please move to your assigned starting position!
              Vyrn: Yikes, it's already time!
              Lyria: Oh! Sorry, Eustace! We have to go right now!
              Vyrn: Yeah, you're gonna have to tell us later!
              The skyracers have made their way to their starting positions on the track. Among them, a new challenger appears.
              Meteon: What the... Is that old man seriously racing?
              Fangio: ...
              Meteon is shocked to see Fangio on the racetrack, in a speedship of his own.
              Meteon: Fange... He didn't say a word about racing today.
              Meteon: Geez, I can't believe that guy.
              Meteon: But hold on, this could be my chance.
              Meteon grips the speedship controls in his hands.
              Meteon: Fange was a legendary racer in his heyday, once renowned throughout the skies.
              Meteon: He's long since retired though... I never thought the day would come where I could actually compete against him.
              Meteon: Heh.
              Meteon: The chance to race a living legend doesn't come every day—this race just got interesting!
              Relishing the idea of racing against Fangio himself, a smirk spreads across Meteon's face.
              The race has begun, yet one speedship remains at the starting line.
              Vyrn: Aw, man! We didn't make it in time for the start!
              Lyria: Well... It is our first race in quite some time. I don't even see Meteon anymore.
              Vyrn: Humph! It's too early for us to give up here. We can still catch up to 'em!
              (Captain) nods in agreement, increasing the speed of the Nightcypher.
              Before they're able to get too far, however, something else catches their attention.
              Vyrn: Whoa, what's that?
              Lyria: Look over there—the speedship in front of us!
              Another speedship seems to have lost control and crashed off course.
              Skyracer: U-ugh...
              Lyria: Oh no! The racer was thrown out of the speedship!
              Vyrn: Holy smokes! We've gotta do something!
              (Captain): ...
              (Captain) brings the Nightcypher to a halt on the outskirts of the racetrack.
              Lyria: Let's go! We have to hurry!
              Vyrn: Yeah, forget the race for now—we gotta save them!
              Meanwhile at the front of the race, one speedship in particular can't seem to be stopped.
              Meteon: He's too fast!
              Fangio's speedship leads the race with an overwhelming lead.
              Meteon: What incredible speed... That old man's still got it!
              Meteon: I can't take my focus off him for even a second!
              Meteon: At this rate, I won't have a chance of catching up...
              Meteon rests his hand on the nitro boost, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.
              Meteon: Just you wait, old man... I'll catch up to you before you know it!
              Meteon: Huh?
              For some reason, the nitro boost system doesn't activate as usual.
              Meteon: What's going on?
              Meteon: Come on! Nitro boost!
              Meteon: Damn thing's busted. Why now, of all times?
              Meteon: Wait... Fange! That old man, did he...
              Meteon: No, get it together... This isn't the time to be making excuses.
              Meteon grips the controls once again, recomposing himself.
              Fangio ends up taking first place in the qualifier.
              Meteon: Blast! I couldn't catch up...
              Meteon was able to close the distance somewhat, but without a nitro boost he ended up in second, unable to pass Fangio.
              Meteon: That's right... Fange!
              Meteon hastily dismounts from the Blue Orbit.
              Meteon: Fange!
              Flustered and agitated, he quickly approaches Fangio, who has just dismounted off his own speedship.
              Fangio: Hey, kiddo...
              Meteon: You! What did you do to the Blue Orbit—
              Fangio: Urk...
              Meteon: H-hey! Fange!
              Having reached his absolute limit, Fangio suddenly collapses into Meteon's arms.

              Actions Say It All: Scene 3

              Eustace reveals that Fangio may have been involved with the same underground lab behind the events of the Platinum Sky Cup in an attempt to protect Meteon. After storming out of the room, Meteon reflects on (Captain)'s and Fangio's selfless actions, and his own disposition.

              (Captain) and the crew help Meteon carry Fangio to a resting area.
              Meteon: What the hell were you thinking, old man...
              Lyria: Do you think Fangio forced himself to race, knowing this would happen?
              Vyrn: Yeah, but why the heck would anyone do somethin' like that?
              Meteon: I haven't the slightest...
              Meteon: Now that I think about it, he did seem to be in some sort of pain before the race started.
              Eustace: It must have been his speedship...
              Meteon: The one he was riding? It's certainly a new model... One that I've never seen, at least.
              Eustace: Correct. It is a new model—a speedship that likely places considerable strain on the pilot.
              Meteon: Why would he race with a speedship like that?
              Eustace: Behind the scenes of the PSC last year was an organization doing research on illegal flight technology.
              Eustace: This is clearly the work of that underground lab.
              There was more happening behind the scenes of the PSC than (Captain) and company were aware of.
              Eustace: I believe the laboratory's original intent must have been to target Meteon.
              Meteon: Me?
              Vyrn: Yeah, it makes sense that they'd want to test their latest tech with a PSC champion!
              Lyria: That means, in Meteon's place, Fangio must have volunteered himself...
              Eustace: In order to protect Meteon.
              Meteon: No way...
              Meteon: Damn it!
              Lyria: Wait! Meteon!
              (Captain) and company chase after Meteon as he runs out of the room.
              Meteon: ...
              Vyrn: H-hey there, buddy... How's it hangin'?
              Meteon: (Captain)... I have a favor to ask of you.
              Meteon: Race me. Race me right now.
              Lyria: What? Right now?
              Meteon: Yeah, even if just for a little—I need to get this out of my system.
              Vyrn: Whew... He's just way too fast!
              Lyria: Even without his nitro boosts, we could barely keep up.
              Vyrn: That's a champion skyracer for ya!
              Meteon: That old man, I just can't believe he didn't tell me anything...
              Meteon: Who does he think I am?
              Vyrn: Yeah, but gramps was probably just trying to protect you though, right?
              Lyria: He must really care for you, Meteon.
              Meteon: Yeah, I know that.
              Meteon: I know that, but... I'm still furious he never told me anything.
              Lyria: Meteon...
              Meteon: Sorry. I didn't mean to vent.
              Meteon: During the qualifier today, you guys forfeited the race to go help a complete stranger.
              Meteon: Fange, that old codger... He raced using a dangerous and experimental speedship just to protect me.
              As if talking to himself, Meteon's words are barely audible.
              Meteon: Meanwhile, I've only ever done things for myself.
              Meteon: Well, that stops today.
              Meteon pauses for a moment, looking to the azure horizon with a sense of newfound purpose in his eyes.

              The Things We Bear

              Rejecting (Captain)'s and Eustace's offers to help, Meteon resolves to settle the situation in his own way. Unfortunately, the parts necessary to fix the nitro boost system on his speedship aren't easily obtainable, rendering the race nearly impossible for him. To Meteon's surprise, Maddie turns up to help, going as far as arranging the necessary parts for him.

              (Captain) and company return to Meteon's room, where Fangio still lies unconscious.
              Meteon: Fange...
              Eustace: Don't worry—he went through a lot of strain but should return to us soon.
              Meteon: Yeah, I know. Thanks, Eustace.
              Vyrn: Okay, so what's the plan for now? We can't just leave gramps all alone like this, right?
              Eustace: You guys keep an eye on him, and make sure he lays low for a while.
              Eustace: In the meantime, I'll deal with whatever's left of that underground lab.
              Lyria: Understood!
              Vyrn: Roger that! Ain't nothing gonna happen to him on our watch!
              Meteon: Hold on a second.
              Vyrn: What's up?
              Meteon: I sincerely appreciate the offer and understand you're all trying to help.
              Meteon: But I can't have it go on any longer like this.
              Lyria: Um... Go on like what, exactly?
              Meteon: If I don't do anything about this myself, nothing will change between us—I can't have Fange or others protecting me forever.
              Meteon: Not being able to open up to someone in times of need or times of importance...
              Meteon: That's no way to communicate.
              Vyrn: Yeah, I get it. You two are partners, after all!
              Meteon: Uh, t-that's not exactly what I was saying...
              Meteon: Anyways! So that's why, in order to fix this, I've got to prove to him that I'm capable of dealing with problems on my own.
              Meteon: I don't want him to shelter me from danger, especially at the cost of his own safety, ever again.
              Eustace: I see.
              Vyrn: Okay. What's your plan then?
              With sheer determination in his eyes, Meteon turns to (Captain).
              Meteon: I'm a skyracer—I'll settle this in my own way.
              Meteon: All right... Now I just need to adjust this generator...
              The skyracer has returned to the Blue Orbit to perform last-minute maintenance before the final race.
              Meteon: There's the problem.
              Meteon inspects the nitro boost mechanism, looking for the source of the problem.
              Meteon: The frame's completely busted. No wonder I couldn't use it during the qualifier...
              Meteon: I won't be able to use the nitro boost at all at this rate.
              Meteon takes another look through his list of parts, furrows in his brow.
              Meteon: In either case, I'm gonna need more of this...
              The parts necessary to repair the nitro boost are made of rare material that would require a special order.
              Meteon: Even if I ordered now, it'd never make it in time for the race.
              Meteon: There's no way that Fange would lend me the parts either.
              Meteon: Race without nitro boost? I wouldn't stand a chance against Fangio though.
              Meteon: Damn!
              Meteon clenches his fists in despair.
              ???: Geez, how pathetic can someone look?
              Meteon: You!
              Maddie: Yeah, that's the face I was looking for.
              Meteon: Maddie! What are you doing in a place like this?
              Maddie: You didn't know? I put up the money for this race myself!
              Maddie: I thought I'd swing by to watch the finals today, but...
              Maddie: Heh, it looks like it's gonna be a snoozefest.
              Meteon: What are you trying to say?
              Meteon: For me, this race... This race is...
              Maddie: I don't give a damn about your situation, kid—go cry on someone else's shoulder!
              Maddie: I ain't gonna have a wishy-washy loser like you put a damper on my race.
              Meteon: ...
              Maddie: Humph. Anyways.
              Maddie: Not like I came here to have a nice lil' chat with ya either though.
              Meteon: Then what the hell did you come here for?
              Maddie: Just hurry up and lemme know what parts you need.
              Meteon: Huh?
              Maddie takes it upon himself to arrange the missing components needed to fix the Blue Orbit's nitro boost.
              Maddie: That should do it. Do whatever you want with it now.
              Meteon: You... Why are you helping me?
              Maddie: Huh?
              Meteon: Didn't you say you wanted to beat me? Then why are you helping me like this?
              Maddie: That's right, man—don't you get it?
              Maddie: I already told you. I'm gonna be the one who takes you down one of these days.
              Maddie: That's why you can't lose here yet—I can't stand to see someone that beat me lookin' so pathetic.
              Maddie: Don't you ever forget that!
              Meteon: What's with that guy, seriously...
              Meteon: Spouting all of that, just to leave right after.
              Meteon: ...
              Meteon: I've gotta pay him back somehow one of these days.
              Meteon lets out a sigh and looks back up at the Blue Orbit—now fully equipped and ready for the final race.

              The Things We Bear: Scene 2

              Halfway through the race, it's still neck and neck between Meteon and Fangio. With two consecutive nitro boosts, however, the Blue Orbit takes the lead in a blaze of light to take first place. Meanwhile, (Captain) and Eustace notice two mysterious onlookers in the spectator stands and pursue them.

              Fangio: If you're lookin' fer Meteon, he ain't here.
              Fangio: Is that a new speedship model?
              Fangio: ...
              Fangio: You know what? Let me pilot it—I am a former racer, after all.
              Fangio: Surely I'd be more suited to test out your machine than some newbie kid, right?
              Fangio: Yeah, yeah, I understand—take it for test runs, qualify, and win the championship race, right? Got it.
              Elly: Whimper...
              Fangio: Don't give me that look, Elly.
              Fangio: That kid just needs to focus on going fast without worrying about anything else.
              The time for the final race has finally come.
              At the head of the race, Meteon and Fangio compete for first place.
              Meteon: Damn... He really is fast!
              Without using any nitro boosts, Meteon has managed to catch up to Fangio's experimental speedship.
              Meteon: It's almost time.
              Meteon shifts his hand to the nitro boost function once again.
              Meteon: This is it, Fange.
              Meteon: Wait for it... I'll show you what true speed looks like!
              In a blinding flash of speed, the Blue Orbit approaches Fangio's speedship, taking the lead.
              Meteon: Urgh!
              Meteon: I'm not... done... yet! Here's another one, old man!
              Immediately following up one nitro boost with another, the Blue Orbit blasts forward in a blaze of light.
              Meteon: Whoooa!
              Riding on the momentum of continuous nitro boosts, the Blue Orbit reaches the finish line and takes first place.
              Lyria: He did it! He won!
              Vyrn: All right! I knew he could do it!
              (Captain) and the crew celebrate with gusto, cheering loudly for Meteon.
              However, in one corner of the spectator stand, two mysterious onlookers mutter in hushed tones.
              ???: Hmm... As expected, we should have used Meteon.
              ???: It looks like there's still some room for improvement regarding the speedship as well.
              Eustace: ...
              Vyrn: Hey, what's the matter, Sourpuss?
              Eustace: Look, (Captain), over there.
              (Captain) turns to look where Eustace is pointing and sees the two mysterious figures watching the race.
              Eustace: It's time to move. They're the ones working for the underground lab. Let's go.

              The Things We Bear: Scene 3

              Meteon supports a weakened Fangio on his shoulders after the race. In a petulant fit, Meteon tells the enfeebled mechanic not to treat him like a child. However, the young skyracer returns to the Grandcypher, having learned that having something in your life to truly care for isn't a burden but a blessing.

              After the race, Meteon immediately makes his way to Fangio's experimental speedship.
              Meteon: Fange!
              Fangio: Oof...
              Meteon: Whoa, careful!
              Catching his fall, Meteon struggles to support Fangio on his shoulders.
              Meteon: D-don't push yourself too hard, old man.
              Fangio: Humph... Cheeky kid.
              Meteon: Heh, considering the stunt you pulled today, you're not one to talk.
              Meteon: Either way, I won the race. That means I get to take care of you today.
              Fangio: ...
              Meteon: Look... I'm not a kid anymore—you don't need to protect me everywhere I go.
              Fangio: ...
              Fangio: Heh, big words coming from you.
              Meteon: There you go again...
              The two skyracers continue their usual banter.
              However, the tone in their voices is much warmer and more familiar than before.
              After parting with Fangio once again, Meteon returns to the Grandcypher to continue his travels with (Captain).
              Meteon: Heh, even after all that though...
              Meteon: Despite everything I said back there, I still ended up getting help from others.
              Meteon: Especially you, (Captain), but also from Eustace and even Maddie.
              Lyria: Hee hee, we're happy to help anytime. Eustace too!
              Vyrn: Yeah! I dunno about that half-machine guy though.
              Meteon: Heh, I know I'll be able to pay him back someday with a rematch—he'll be counting on it.
              Meteon cracks a smile and proudly looks up to the sky.
              Meteon: For the first time today, I raced for someone other than myself.
              Meteon: I used to think that having people rely on you would be a distraction and just slow you down.
              Meteon: But as it turns out, that isn't true at all.
              Meteon: (Captain), at the PSC you blew me away with your speed, despite it being your first race.
              Meteon: Now I understand—it wasn't only because of the Nightcypher.
              Lyria: Um... What do you mean?
              Meteon: Haha! I guess what I'm trying to say is, you had something all along that I never considered until now.
              Meteon: This race felt different than any other race I've ever done before.
              Meteon: It was exhausting and much more strenuous than any of my previous races.
              Meteon: But, you know... I'd do it all over again if I had to.
              Vyrn: Heh, I'm sure you'll get the opportunity to before you know it!
              Meteon: Thanks.
              Meteon: So that's why I want to keep traveling with you all, (Captain).
              Meteon: Here's to the adventures that await us in the skies!
              Meteon's smile is as bright as the platinum skies above.

              Side-scrolling Quotes

              JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
              俺は先に行く。ついてこれるか? I'm moving ahead. Think you can keep up?
              昨日、オヤジに怒鳴られる夢を見たんだよ…… Fange was screaming at me in my dreams the other night...
              速さで勝負しろ! Let's see who's faster!
              俺も今は、一応騎空士だからな。 I'm a skyfarer too. For now.
              走艇なら一瞬で突破できるんじゃねぇか? If we were in a speedship right now, we could punch through in one shot.
              よしっ!俺の勝ち! I win this one!
              戦いにも、なんだか慣れてきちまったな。 Looks like I'm getting used to this fighting business.
              落ち着けば、追えない動きじゃねぇな。 As long as I keep my cool, you're not getting away from me.
              ビィ!それは俺のリンゴだぞ! Vyrn! That's my apple!
              (主人公)、ここは冷静にいこうぜ。 We've gotta stay calm here, (Captain).