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Official Profile[edit]




Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Today's your birthday? Congratulations.
Here, I got this for you. Why? Well, why not.
Look. I've been working for you for a while now. I'm just making sure I stay on my employer's good side, okay?
In this line of work, making it to another birthday is something worth celebrating. Believe me.
Whatever. Forget I said anything. See you later.


Happy birthday. Here's your present.
We've had our fair share of crises this past year.
Which just makes it all the more important that we made it here safe and sound.
And that's why we're celebrating.
With any luck we'll be here next year, celebrating just the way we are now.


It's your birthday today, isn't it?
Why? Well, this is the third time I've celebrated your birthday with you.
It's bad enough to use the same strategy twice, and thrice is just out of the question.
So this year we're doing something different. There's a good cafe two blocks down; I'll treat you.
What's with the face? That's not a very mercenary thing to do?
Well, you're right. I guess I'd be doing this less as your hired hand and more as a...
What should I call it...
Huh? A friend? Well, if you want to see it that way, I can't stop you.
Enough talk. Let's get moving, (Captain).
Ah, I almost forgot. Happy birthday, (Captain).


You certainly eat a lot. I'm glad this restaurant was the sort you like.
Don't get me wrong—I didn't choose the location just for you.
I picked it while doing some pre-battle research of the town.
I'll pick up the check. For your smile...
No, as an investment for the future of my work.
How's the flavor? Oh? That's wonderful.
Happy birthday.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Another year gone by, eh?
I've never stayed in one place for this long before. Can't say I don't like it around here.
Well, here's to another year, (Captain).


Happy New Year! Another one for the record books.
I wonder if they're doing the same thing right now... Hm? It's nothing. Just some personal stuff.
I've probably talked about them before. My best friend. And I just suddenly remembered them...
We always spent the new year together, so watching the sunrise really brought back memories.
Next year I'll probably end up thinking of you, (Captain).
You... and memories of watching the sunrise like this. Together. Let's make this a good one.


Happy New Year.
It's funny... I used to think I'd be just fine being alone, but now I can't imagine spending the new year without you.
The times I've seen with my best friend, the times I've seen with you...
I'm collecting more and more precious memories all the time.
There may be a day I'll have to part with you and the crew...
But even then, I'll still remember the times we shared.
Nothing. Just talking to myself. Here's to another good year.


Happy New Year.
Is something wrong? What's that scowl for?
Are you concerned about what I said last year? That there will come a day when I leave this crew? I might've said something like that.
But I have no intention of departing anytime soon. I'm satisfied with my pay, and our relationship isn't bad.
So we're not about to become enemies. You can relax about that.
To put it a bit differently, I like you.
Let's make this year a good one, (Captain).

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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So it's Valentine's again.
I got this for you. It brought back memories from the old days.
We used to give each other chocolates on Valentine's, my buddy and I. She was one of the best Harvin archers I knew.


Here. Chocolates for you.
Why? Valentine's Day is the day you show your appreciation, and I wanted to thank my boss for looking out for me.
It's fine. You don't have to do anything. I just wanted to show you how I feel.
N-no, I'm not blushing.


(Captain), I was just looking for you.
Happy Valentine's.
Here. Chocolates. A famous chocolatier's on this island; I got these from him.
What? N-no, it wasn't any trouble... I was on my way back from something and bought these on the way.
I said it wasn't any trouble! It's not like I woke up early in the morning just to line up and get these!
It was... on the way.
What? You going to stand there or take them?


(Captain), I'm giving these to you.
They might be a bit unsightly, but don't let that concern you. Lyria stopped me and prodded me to make chocolates with everyone else.
Well, she didn't exactly prod me. I suppose she invited me, saying that there were plenty of ingredients. That didn't bother me much though.
She asked me to imagine the face of the person who'd be eating them. And my hands started trembling because I was so embarrassed...
Er, no, not embarrassed!
At any rate, these are nice every once in a while, don't you think? Try one out if you don't mind.
I made some others for a close friend. I'm going to hand those over to her now. Goodbye.

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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You remembered what I did on Valentine's? Thoughtful, aren't you?
I'm not blushing. Just surprised. I always remain calm.
I am not blushing!


This is for me? Thanks, I appreciate it.
You didn't need to get me anything in return. I just wanted to show you how I felt is all. This is really nice of you.
Y-you wanted to show me how you felt as well? Th-that's some mouth you have on you.
F-fine. I get it, thanks for the gift. I-I'll be going now.


What? These are for me? Fine, I'll take them.
You really don't have to though.
Huh? Well, how else am I supposed to react?
I... I don't know what else to say.
I'm, uhh... glad... Thanks.
But... as a professional soldier, I have to remain calm and collected at all times.
Blushing? I'm not blushing. No, I said I'm not.
C-cute? Y-you got some nerve.
Poking fun at a hired hand who might just stab you in the back one day... You're playing with fire here.


(Captain)... Did you make these for me?
I see. I guess I don't need to feel competitive just because of how I handled Valentine's Day.
I'm a soldier of fortune, and anyone could become my enemy at any time. When it comes to handmade food, I have to be a bit cautious.
I'm not skeptical about your gift to me though. You don't seem like you'd betray me, (Captain).
But unless I truly trust someone, I can't just put whatever they give me into my mouth and...
Never mind! I'll just express my thanks. It will be a pleasure to eat these.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat.
Surprised to hear me say that? I do possess the basic ideas of socializing, you know.


Hand over the candy or I'm taking everything you have.
What? I'm just giving Halloween a personal touch. You got a problem with that?
I'm just not good with pranks, okay? I can't come up with any ideas on what I'm supposed to do.
I know, I know. Halloween's tough for me.


All right, the treats are all set. Quite a bit, isn't it? I have to be prepared. Your crew has a lot of young members, after all.
So what will you have? I've got cookies, candy, even—
Put me down! Wh-what do think you're doing!
Don't treat you like a child? Fine, fine. I understand. Just put me down.
Sigh... You ever try that again and I'll...
Hm? Trick successful? Humph. You win this time.


Pick me up, (Captain).
W-w-w-were you embarrassed? This is payback for last year.
I put together my strategy by asking Vyrn and Lyria what would surprise you, (Captain)...
Hehehe... Looks like I tricked you this year.
(But somehow...)
(I feel like I lost!)

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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It's been a while since I've gone out celebrating for the holidays.
I'm usually working around this time of year. Plenty of money to be made!
Oh, I almost forgot! I have this for you. It's nothing really. Just a little something.


The city sure is lively. Everyone looks so happy out there.
I look happy too? You might be right.
Huh? Is that really so surprising? I've had a few happy moments as of late, you know.
Spending so much time on the ship is probably responsible. Nothing wrong with that.


There you are. Right on time.
I know. You're here to invite me to the holiday party, aren't you?
Thinking about it, this is the third time I've spent the holidays with you, isn't it?
All right. I'll go to the party with you. I kind of like spending this time of the year with you.
What? Don't get used to it, I'm not always in this mood.


(Captain), the holiday party is about to begin.
Is it strange for me to be the one telling you? I'm sure you were planning to invite me anyway.
I wasn't looking forward to it, particularly. Predicting what your client will want is part of a hired hand's bag of tricks.
This year's cake? I'm not especially looking forward to that either. I simply need to understand the power of the people I'm dealing with.
Why are you smiling? We need to get to the party right away.

Fate Episodes[edit]

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The Little Commando[edit]

Having become the protectors of that person, our heroes participated in a strategy session held by the Knickknack Shack, where they met Milleore, a Harvin agent. After the start of their duties, the tide of the conflict turned in their favor thanks to raids conducted by Milleore, and the mission was completed without a hitch. The party believed that they could learn something from Milleore due to her extensive experiences in battle with a variety of enemies. They invited her to join the Order.

On a mission from the Knickknack Shack, our heroes would act as the guardians of a certain important personage.
In addition to our heroes, some others thought especially trustworthy were gathered together by the Knickknack Shack, and a strategy session commenced.
Sierokarte: Looks like everyone’s here. Let’s get started with our strategy session.
Lyria: Look how many people have come together! Amazing!
Katalina: I didn't know Miss Siero had such connections.
Those who gathered at the Knickknack Shack were of a variety of races and occupations. There was one especially eye-catching person there.
Milleore: ...
Katalina: Hm? You don't see Harvin warriors too often, do you?
Milleore: Really? They weren’t at all rare in my hometown.
Milleore: Isn’t it more a matter of having the right person in the right place? Sometimes Harvin were the primary force in my hometown military’s raiders.
Katalina: Oh, excuse me. I'm sorry I doubted your ability. I thought that I had a better eye for skill.
Milleore: There’s no need to gloss over that. I don’t let things like that get to me. And I have no intention of becoming your friend.
Milleore: All you need to do is trust me. After all, I trust you. Sierokarte introduced me, so that should be good enough for you, right?
Katalina: Yeah... Sure. Anyway, I look foward to working with you. I am Katalina. This is (Captain).
Milleore: I am Milleore. Pleased to meet you.
Thus the job of protecting the important personage began. Having been tasked with a raid upon entry into a deep ravine, Milleore disappeared.
The attack on the important person began shortly thereafter.
Ruffian 1: Hah... hah...
Ruffian 2: Damn you...
Katalina: There are many enemies... But are they all wounded? What about Milleore and her raid?
Skyfarer: So... Is the plan to use this geography to our advantage in the fight?
Katalina: If it diminishes the enemy’s ability to fight then there’s hope for us...
Katalina: We will make it through here! Our destination is not that far!
Our heroes were outnumbered by the enemy, but repeated raids by Milleore threw the enemy’s comand into disarray. And...
Ruffian 1: Ugh!
Milleore: Looks like it’s over.
Katalina: You were a real help.
Milleore: How? Selective use of armaments and geography can allow a Harvin's physique to be an asset. Have I convinced you?
Milleore: There are probably none who can match you all in hand-to-hand combat.
Skyfarer: Ah... If it weren't for your support I probably would have been in danger.
Katalina: Still, it was surprising... Being able to beat so many enemies.
Milleore: My crossbow was made so that multiple opponents could be faced at once.
Milleore: It is very complex internally, and not particularly imposing. Its maintenance is also demanding.
Skyfarer: I see!
Katalina: Hrm? What’s wrong? Are you hurt?
Milleore: Let me see it.
Milleore examined the condition of the Skyfarer. She washed his wounds with drinking water, and treated them with an experienced hand.
Milleore: That should do. Can you walk?
Skyfarer: I'm sorry... You seemed cold to me, but you are in fact surprisingly kind.
Milleore: Don't get the wrong idea. I just do this for the money.
The party completed their duties and headed back. (Captain) noticed that Katalina seemed troubled and called out to her.
Katalina: Hm? Ah, I was thinking about Milleore. Taking on so many enemies by herself...
Milleore: It’s not a big deal.
Milleore: Didn’t I say that it was hard for me to relate to others? Even if you praise me, I won't be able to come up with a response that would please you. That’s just the way I am.
Katalina: But here’s my true impression of you. Your combat skills differ from those of Albion or the Erste Empire.
Milleore: My way of doing battle is certainly different from that of the Imperial military. That is because instead of adhering to convention I adapt to whatever the circumstances require.
Katalina: Where'd you learn to fight like that?
Milleore: I was taught in my hometown. Why do you ask?
Katalina: Is that something that we can learn, too?
Milleore: Yes. You should be able to fight like that if you’re called into a geogrpahy that is absolutely advantageous for you.
Katalina: I see... I’ll keep that in mind.
Katalina: I think that manner of fighting will prove beneficial to us, whether we are fighting many or few opponents.
Katalina: Well? Don’t you think the Milleore method of fighting would come in handing when doing battle with the Imperial military.
Milleore: You mean the military of the Erste Empire? Aren’t you all just an Order? Why?
Milleore furrowed her brow and discussed her circumstances with Katalina.
How Lyria and (Captain) were being hunted by the Imperial military, and were traveling to escape from the Empire
Milleore: That’s right. That girl wants to learn my fighting style. I don’t really mind.
Milleore: However, I won't teach it for free. It involves a risk to me as well, you know.
Katalina: I see... Thanks. It will be hugely beneficial to learn what you know.
Katalina: Right, (Captain)? Why don't we try inviting Milleore into our Order?
  1. Sure, she’d be a great asset
  2. I doubt she'd be too thrilled about that

Choose: Sure, she’d be a great asset
Milleore: It’s not a big deal.
Milleore: Flattery will get you nothing. Don't try to get so friendly with me.
Milleore: I wouldn’t mind going with you. But it won't be as a friend. After all, I am still a soldier of fortune.

Choose: I doubt she'd be too thrilled about that
Milleore: ...Yeah. It’s hard for me to relate to others.
Milleore: However, there’s nothing wrong with going with you all. You do seem to have deep ties with Sierokarte.
Milleore: If my fighing techniques acquire a reputation as useful it should be good for my business. I don’t mind. I’ll go with you.
Milleore: An Order, huh?
Katalina: Is there a problem?
Milleore: I just don't like warm and fuzzy stuff.
Milleore: So I will just be going with you as a hired gun. I don't like being seen as someone’s buddy.

Continue 1
Katalina: Thank you, Lady Milleore. There’s a lot that we can learn from you. Thank you very much.
Milleore: Thank you for your business. Katalina and (Captain).
Thus the adventurer Milleore joined (Captain)'s order.
This day Katalina studied the fighting techniques of Milleore's hometown.

A Heavy Reward[edit]

(Captain) and company decide to tour the town, surprisingly with Milleore as their guide. They enjoy the peaceful moment of rest. However, a group of ruffians who were after Lyria appear and launch an attack on them.

(Captain) and the crew decided to stop by an island. Hearing that the Erste Empire had no part on this island, everyone relaxed.
It had been a long time since they were able to enjoy the rest. The party set out to tour the town.
Lyria: Hehe. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to shop around like this!
Katalina: Yeah. We could only supply ourselves with the bare necessities on all the other islands because they were watched by the imperials.
Katalina: Haha. Now that we’re free to walk around town, it’s hard to decide where we want to go.
Milleore: The north side of town is a residential area. If you want to look at shops, it’d be more efficient to stay in the south side where we’re at now.
Milleore: I think there’s a lot of food places in this area.
Milleore: On that note... The cake shop three doors down is supposedly very popular.
Milleore: If I’m not mistaken, I think you would really love the place, Lyria.
Lyria: Really? Katalina! I want to go there!
Katalina: Um, sure. I mean, I don’t mind... Milleore, are you offering to scout the town for Lyria’s safety?
Milleore: No... I just wanted to see if I could find a shop that might sell tools for my crossbow.
Milleore: If you want to build a trusting relationship with the person you’re guarding, things like this are necessary, right?
Milleore: It’s not like I intend to become friends but I won’t neglect performing at least the necessary level of interaction.
Lyria: Hehe... It’s still nice to know. Thank you, Miss Milly.
Milleore: ...
With Milleore as their guide, the party came to a cake shop to enjoy their break from their adventures. However...
Katalina: You know... If you eat too much now, you’re not gonna be able to eat dinner.
Lyria: Hmr?
Katalina: Haha... You’ve got something on your cheek. Come on, you can eat the rest of it later.
Lyria: Hehe. These snacks are so good...
Ruffian 1: Well, well. Look what we have here. Isn’t she that “Lyria” girl?
Ruffian 2: Heh! If we catch her and turn her in, we can get enough money to not work for a month! What a lucky job! Hey!
Katalina: Lyria! What are you guys...?
Ruffian 2: Muhahaha! We just get you guys to shut up and we’re done here! Really! An easy job we got! Hey!
Milleore: Stop right there. If you don’t want to regret this, just walk away.
Ruffian 1: Oh, what’s this? A little runt wants to play with us?
Ruffian 2: Heh! Look at her! She’s even equipped with a weapon! What’s a Harvin doing trying to look like a soldier?!
Milleore: Look down on me all you want. It makes my job a lot easier.
Ruffian 1: Heh! You’re gonna regret this! You little punk!
Milleore: Fighting is my job. I won’t let you lay a finger on Lyria.

A Heavy Reward: Scene 2[edit]

(Captain)’s party is able to defeat the ruffians. But soon after, they find themselves surrounded by many imperial soldiers. Milleore finds a gap in their defenses and slips past them, leaving the rest of the group behind. The party is captured and about to be thrown into prison. Just then, Milleore appears and shoots her arrows at the unsuspecting imperial soldiers.

Ruffian 1: This is... madness...
Milleore: I hope you’ve learned your lesson. Harvin warriors are not weak.
Milleore: Do they not teach you on this island? If you ever see a Harvin bowman, duck first.
Imperial Soldier 1: Heh... Thanks for the warning.
Milleore: ...!
Katalina: Wha?! Imperial soldiers! Why, on this island?
Imperial Soldier 2: Hah! You were caught in our trap! We played around with the information here.
Katalina: Grh... They’ve got us completely surrounded!
Katalina: Huh? Where’d Milleore go?
Milleore had somehow managed to escape from the imperials’ formation. She looks at (Captain) and company with a cold stare.
Milleore: I’ve worked enough for my pay with that last battle. Sorry, but I’m done with you guys here.
Lyria: But... Milleore...
Imperial Soldier 1: Hahaha! What a dependable ally you have! Lieutenant Katalina!
Imperial Soldier 1: Now go! Capture the guinea pig and Lieutenant Katalina, and don’t forget to take (Captain)!
Unable to do anything, (Captain)’s party was captured. They were then taken to a large castle.
Imperial Soldier 3: Oh right, I almost forgot to mention. Lieutenant Katalina. Furias would like to speak to you directly after this.
Imperial Soldier 1: Heh. He’s probably going to smack that head off your neck. Your time is finally up!
Katalina: ...!
Imperial Soldier 2: Hah! What a waste of your beautiful face! But oh well. Not like it matters to me!
Imperial Soldier 3: Come on! Get in your prison cells!
Katalina: Ugh...!
Just as the imperial soldier was about to kick Katalina into the cell...
Imperial Soldier 3: Gah!
Distracted by Milleore’s rain of arrows, the imperial soldiers begin to lose formation. Milleore rushes in and quickly retrieves the key to the shackles.
Lyria: Whaa?! Milly?!
Imperial Soldier 1: You little...! Why are you here?
Milleore: “Why?” you ask? You really want to know?
Milleore: It was a mistake for you to ask that question. You should’ve used that time to call for help.

A Heavy Reward: Scene 3[edit]

Milleore defeats the imperial soldiers and saves (Captain)’s party. Everyone tells her how thankful they are, but Milleore just blushes in embarrassment. Katalina asks her if she’s just shy. Without saying a word, Milleore walks away. The party follows her, now knowing for sure that they can place their trust in her.

Imperial Soldier 2: Gh... *Panting* You’re an agent, aren’t you? This won’t make you any money...
Milleore: I just forgot to invoice you. You know, for expenses for that battle in town.
Imperial Soldier 2: Grr... Expenses...? What, it takes that much money to get you to work...?
Milleore: I’ve already received my reward in advance... But I invoice the payment for my arrows separately.
Imperial Soldier 2: Seriously...? Costs for arrows is like chump change... You’re crazy.
Milleore: What, so the Imperial Army doesn’t teach you the worth of chump change?
Milleore: Didn’t you know? Trust between client and agent can be built on.
Imperial Soldier 2: Why the hell would I know? You’re just crazy...
Lyria: Uh... Um... Milly...?
Katalina: Did you really come here just to get paid for your arrows?
Milleore: We don’t have time to chat about that now. Let’s get out of here.
Katalina: Thank you, Lady Milleore. You really saved us. All that danger you had to go through...
Lyria: Thank you. I can’t even imagine... if anything had happened to (Captain) or Katalina, I...
Milleore: ...
Milleore: It’s because I knew I could win. I knew I could get in there without anyone noticing.
Milleore: And no one can escape from a crossbow rapidfire in a tight space like those castle hallways. I could take on as many people as I needed to.
Milleore: Didn’t I say before? As long as the weapon and the terrain match, I can fight.
Milleore: I mean, if you had been caught somewhere else, then I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to ask you for my arrow costs. So just remember that.
Katalina: Yeah. I’ll keep that in mind.
Milleore: And also... I had to give this to Lyria.
Lyria: Huh? These are... the sweets at that cake shop...
Milleore: The imperial soldiers took away the ones you bought, right? So I got you something instead.
Milleore: I needed to give it some time so that the imperial soldiers would let their guard down. This was just something to do on the side.
Lyria: Aww! Thank you!
Milleore: All I did was fulfill my responsibilities. Since I was the one who introduced you to the shop.
Lyria: Hehe, I’m still really happy!
Milleore: I-it’s not to make you happy or anything. It was just... my responsibility, as an agent.
Katalina: Umm... Lady Milleore. I’ve been wanting to ask, but uh... Are you just being very shy?
Milleore: ...!
Milleore: Let’s get going. We don’t have time to chat. We should leave the island as soon as we can.
Lyria: Hey! Milly! W-wait!
They rush after Milleore as she walks away as fast as she can. When the wind blew her hood a little, they saw that her ears were blushed.
Milleore will probably never reveal her honest emotions but from this day forth, everyone knew for sure that they could trust her.

Twin Arrows[edit]

On their travels, (Captain) and the crew have picked up two Harvin archers. Though arriving separately, it turns out they were once very close. Lyria asked if there was some romance between them, only for it to be revealed that Sahli Lao is in fact a woman, who is often mistaken for a man, and that they are simply old army mates, nothing more. The crew's shock at this revelation seems to soften up Milleore's hard exterior, and the two slip back into their friendship as if no time had passed at all.

At one time there were two Harvin archers in (Captain)'s crew.
With unparalleled skill born of their preternatural agility, the crew quickly came to depend on them.
They came to the crew independently, but upon meeting each other, it became clear that they had a history.
Sahli Lao: Mi…Milly? What are you doing here?
Milleore: …Lao. Long time no see. When did you get here?
Sahli Lao: Ever since you left without so much as a goodbye. To find you on this airship, of all places…
Vyrn: Oh, do you two know each other?
Sahli Lao: Yes, we used to be very close. Milly, maybe now you can tell me, why did you leave the army?
Milleore: I just wasn't cut out for the soldier life. That's all.
Milleore: More to the point, what are you doing here? What about the army?
Sahli Lao: Well… I took a break from the army. I'm on a journey of self-improvement, to rid myself of all weaknesses.
Milleore: But you were doing so well in the army. Why would someone like you decide to go out on your own?
Sahli Lao: Um… Well…
Sahli Lao began the tale of his goings on ever since Milleore left the army.
He told of how he failed the officer's test, and how he was passed over for promotion.
Milleore: I see. That is a shame indeed.
Sahli Lao: And that's why I took the time off, to rid myself of this stage fright… But I'll stop now, I know how much you hate long stories.
Milleore: I don't mind, at least just this once. Anyway, it's nearly time to eat. Lao, do you have any provisions?
Sahli Lao: Hehe, it's been a long time since you've asked me that. It really takes me back.
Milleore: I didn't mean to remind you of anything. I just don't want to waste time, is all.
Milleore: An agent's life is a busy one. Sometimes you have to choose between hearing a story and having something to eat.
Milleore: Speaking of which, I've heard of a place nearby that does excellent seafood. Do you want to try it?
Sahli Lao: Haha, you haven't changed a bit.
The two left, and sat on the restaurant terrace with their seafood platter, and engaged in a deep conversation.
Sahli Lao: …And that's how your snap decision saved all those people. I was so impressed.
Milleore: Heehee, I'd almost forgotten about that.
Milleore broke into a rare smile. Watching the couple from afar, the rest of the crew started to speculate.
Vyrn: Hohoho, now that's a relationship for the ages, I'll bet my wings on it!
Lyria: You really think so?
Katalina: Hmm, I agree. For someone to make Lady Milleore smile, they must surely…
Vyrn: Huh? That's not that hard to do. As long as she's interested.
Katalina: Do you think we need to worry about their relationship?
With the crew unable to come to a decision over their relationship, that night Lyria decided to ask them about it.
Lyria: Um, excuse me, Sahli Lao? Are you and Milleore, you know, in a relationship?
Sahli Lao: Lyria, what are you?
Lyria: Er… erm, I mean, to think that you parted ways so long ago, and found each other again on this airship…
Lyria: Heehee, don't you think that's romantic?
Milleore: I think you're mistaken. You do know that Lao is a woman, don't you?
Katalina: Wh-wh-what! My apologies, we meant no offense.
Vyrn: Hey, don't you think you coulda told us earlier? It would've made things a lot less awkward now.
Sahli Lao: It's… It happens all the time, so I gave up correcting people after a while.
Sahli Lao: And you know, there are benefits to being mistaken for a man too.
Milleore: I can imagine. Though I suppose there are downsides as well.
Milleore: But doesn't it ever get old? Do you ever tell people that they're mistaken?
Sahli Lao: Hmm… People always think it will get old, but I've never felt that way.
Milleore: You never fail to surprise me. In that you haven't changed either, Lao.
Sahli Lao: Haha, I guess neither of us have changed that much.
Vyrn: So wait, if you're not a couple, what's going on between you?
Milleore: We're just two friends who grew up together. Nothing more.
Sahli Lao: Haha. To be precise, we met in boot camp, and just got on from the start.
Sahli Lao: Even when we entered the army, we always worked better together than alone.
Sahli Lao: There were of course times when we butted heads, but still, there's no one in this world I trust more.
Milleore: Please, you're making me blush.
Katalina: Hmm… So you and Lady Milleore have always been this close.
Sahli Lao: We were inseparable, unbeatable. Milly would provide covering fire, and I'd finish off the target.
Sahli Lao: Haha, we'd take on entire strongholds on our own, with no support. We were renowned in the army.
Vyrn: Uh-huh… You're both pretty tough on your own, but I guess two bows are better than one!
Milleore: Growing up we just learned to depend on each other. That's all.
Vyrn: I see! So, does that mean that you guys are gonna join forces again?
Sahli Lao: What a good idea! My self-improvement had hit a wall, maybe this is what I've been missing!
Milleore: Agreed. I've been coming up against tougher and tougher monsters of late, I could do with you by my side once again.
Milleore: Good to have you back, Lao. I've missed you.
Sahli Lao: Right back at you, Milly. I'm sure glad we bumped into each other like this.
With a firm handshake Milleore and Sahli Lao were once again together as they were of old.
However, there was one in the group who seemed not to be understanding what was going on.
Lyria: Errr…
Vyrn: What's wrong, Lyria?
Lyria: Eh…um… It's just that, Sahli Lao's a woman. But then, how does she know Milleore?……
Lyria: They're close friends, but are they more than that? I'm getting confused.
Milleore: Lyria, weren't you listening? I said earlier that there was nothing romantic between us.
Lyria: Oh! That's right, you did! Not that there'd be anything wrong if there was, of course.
Katalina: Agreed. If there's something more going on, don't be afraid, you're among friends.
Milleore: …Katalina, surely you of all people can see that we're just comrades-in-arms, nothing more?
Vyrn: What was that?
Milleore: I said, Lao's nothing but a comrade-in-arms.
Vyrn: What? I didn't quite catch that.
Sahli Lao: Haha, Milly's always had a problem saying "comrade in arms." Look, even now she's getting embarrassed.
Milleore: Grrr…
Katalina: I see…
Milleore: …Lao, do you want me to tell them more about your little "stage fright" problem?
Sahli Lao: What! N-no, there's no need to bring up ancient history like that!
Vyrn: Now I want to know what happened! Milleore, you will tell us, won't you?
Vyrn: I like this new, chatty Milleore!
The two seemed to withdraw slightly, but after taking the conversation to the tavern, they left for their room together.
They may have parted ways in their youth, but on the deck of the Grandcypher the two have forged their bond anew.