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Official Profile

Npc f 3030043000 01.jpg Mimlemel
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Race Harvin
Hobbies Mystery
Likes Mystery
Dislikes Mystery
Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030043000 01.jpg Mimlemel
Age 不明
Height 不明
Race ハーヴィン
Source [1]

Npc f 3030166000 01.jpg Mimlemel and Stumpeye
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Race Harvin
Hobbies Mystery
Likes Mystery
Dislikes Mystery

Source [2]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030166000 01.jpg Mimlemel and Stumpeye
Age 不明
Height 不明
Race ハーヴィン

Source [2]

Npc f 3030220000 01.jpg Mimlemel and Pun-Kin (Halloween)
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Race Harvin
Hobbies Mystery
Likes Mystery
Dislikes Mystery
Source [3]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030220000 01.jpg Mimlemel and Pun-Kin (Halloween)
Age 不明
Height 不明
Race ハーヴィン
Source [3]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Mimlemel: It's your birthday? You get a piece of candy from my secret stash.
Pun-Kin: Ahaha, congrats! How long has it been since (Captain) sprouted buds? Anyway, hope we can turn this into wooonderful day!


Mimlemel: Birthday... Here, I'll give you some of my Halloween candy.
Pun-Kin: Happy birthday! I hope you have a good time celebrating today with the princess!


Mimlemel: So it's your birthday. You can have this: today's leftover candy.
Pun-Kin: Aw really now, Princess... it's plain as day that you chose ones you knew (Captain) would really like.
Hope you savor every last morsel, (Captain)!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Mimlemel: I'm ready to see the first surise of the new year, but my wheels might as well be on grease.
Pun-Kin: Zzz... Mmng... Just five more minutes of nappy time, please, Princess...


Mimlemel: Snooze...
Pun-kin: Princess! Time to get up way early before the first sunrise of the year!
Princess? Um... Is that a no-go for the sunrise?


Mimlemel: I got to see the New Year's sunrise. Nice job, me.
Pun-kin: Hey, don't I deserve some praise too for waking up so early? Mng... Yawn...
Mimlemel: Huh? Why does the carriage suddenly feel so much weightier?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Mimlemel: Hm, not here either. Where'd my Valentine's gifts go.
Pun-Kin: Oh no, what have I done... I just chewed on whatever was inside my mouth! Stumpeye's not gonna be happy when he hears about this!


Mimlemel: All done. Friendship chocolates coated with kindness and empathy.
Pun-Kin: No, Princess! Don't store chocolates in my mouth! I might accidentally swallow them again!


Mimlemel: The chocolate's for you. Eat up. And make sure you pay me back tenfold next month.
Pun-Kin: Princess! I did my best not to gobble up any of the chocolates you threw in my mouth this year!
So... is it okay if I have one too?

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Mimlemel: A gift for me? Two boxes must mean...
Pun-Kin: What? One for me too! Thanks a bunch, (Captain)! Aaaah, I'm sooo glad to be alive!
Mimlemel: You snuck wasabi into one of these, didn't you?
I'll take the one on the right.
Pun-Kin: No waaay! (Captain)'s no Mimlemel; I seriously doubt the captain would do that! Take mine too, c'mon!


Mimlemel: So many mini chocolates. Quantity-wise, it meets the triple return-on-investment condition.
Pun-Kin: Wowie! That sure is a caboodle! And I'm sure with sooo many pieces you wouldn't mind giving me one measly little—
Nooo! You can't scarf 'em all at once! Save some for me!


Mimlemel: It's a real mystery to me why you separate the packaging for each piece every year.
It takes so much work open up each one. Might as well just put them all in one giant bag.
Pun-Kin: Um, Princess? I'm sure (Captain) was just taking my feelings into consideration!
So could you please save at least one piece for me? Please, please, pretty please?

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Mimlemel: Like my haul? I filled up my basket all the way.
Pun-Kin: Urgh... Princess... I... can't move... My jaw might be dislocated...


Mimlemel: Oh, a trick. I get it.
Okay, you can scribble all over this seat if you want.
Pun-Kin:Whatty-what! How can you let this fly, Princess?
Augh, nooo! It tickles! Stop it, will you!


Pun-Kin: Today's the perfect opportunity to showcase my real charm.
I'm all ready to put the scare in Halloween! Princess, let's you and I trick (Captain) real good!
Mimlemel: Hey, (Captain). Tricks aren't worth the trouble. So just give me your candy already.
Pun-Kin: Wha! We're not playing any tricks, Princess?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Mimlemel: Hm? What's this? Something happen during my nap?
Pun-Kin: Wow, wow, wowie, wow! Look at the snowy-white snow covering the ground! Isn't it beautiful, Princess?
About time we got back though... Uh-oh, the wheel tracks are all covered up by the snow now... Which way do we go again?


Pun-Kin: Princess! That mysterious old man they call Santa is in town!
I wonder where he is? I've looked all over, but I can't find him anywhere!
Mimlemel: Nnh? What are you doing outside? And I was having such a good nap after my snack too.


Mimlemel: There's leftover food. Let's take it back to my room.
Pun-Kin: Aww, Princess! Don't you know I might just gobble up whatever yummy food you chuck into my mouth?
Mm, that smells so good... I bet she won't notice if it's just a bit of chicken leg... Chomp...

Fate Episodes

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Happy Pumpkin

Mimlemel tours the town with a pumpkin granted consciousness as her ride. Its name is Pun-Kin, and it goes wild when it learns that all pumpkins are to be "disposed" of.

Any version of Mimlemel is a crew member

Go to "Continue 1"

No version of Mimlemel in crew

Mimlemel: ...
Lyria: Oh, hello there! What are you doing in a place like this?
Mimlemel: Tootle-too!
Vyrn: Whoa, nice horn! And what a weird-lookin' stump.
Mimlemel: Toot-toot!
Vyrn: I don't know what's going on, but it's kinda dangerous for a kid like you to be out here.
Lyria: Yes. Why don't you head back home before it gets dark?
Mimlemel: Toot...
Vyrn: All right, be careful on your way back! See ya!
Mimlemel: ...
The girl silently stares at the crew but finally nods, as if she has decided something.
Vyrn: Don't look now, (Captain), but she followed us again.
Mimlemel: Tootle-too! Too-too-tootle!
Vyrn: Do we owe you something?
Vyrn: Maybe there's a tour guide fee that we gotta pay.
Mimlemel: Not really.
Lyria: Definitely not! I think she wants to come with us!
Mimlemel: Tootle-tootle-too!
Vyrn: Are you serious?
Mimlemel: Nice.
Lyria: Yay! Mimlemel's joining our crew!
Mimlemel: Tootle-too!
And so (Captain) and company find themselves with a mysterious new companion.
Some time thereafter...
Continue 1
On the night before Halloween, (Captain) and company dock the Grandcypher in the port of a remote town and get ready to enjoy the local festivities.
They try to get their costumes in order for the spectacle that is Halloween.
Vyrn: Guys! Word is that this town stocks all sorts of cool costumes! You up for tryin' out a few, Lyria?
Lyria: Huh? M-m-me?
Lyria: But I...
Vyrn: Hahah, no need to be shy! Just go with the flow and you'll be good!
Lyria: Well, if (Captain) will be getting a costume too...
Mimlemel: Tootle-too!
Vyrn: Lookie here, it's Mimlemel! You out for a night of fun with us?
Mimlemel: I need art supplies. Give 'em to me.
Lyria: Art supplies? I think I saw some in the storeroom. What do you need them for?
Mimlemel: My new ride. It needs prettying up.
Mimlemel rolls in a pumpkin from the shadows, a work in progress to be sure.
Vyrn: Ahahah, this is pretty sweet! Fits Halloween perfectly!
Lyria: Yeah, it looks fabulous! Are you here for the festival too, Mimlemel?
Mimlemel: Festival?
Vyrn: Why don't you get a costume too? It'll be, like, ten times more fun if you do! I'll even help you find something nice!
Lyria: We'll even help you color in the pumpkin! Right, (Captain)?
Mimlemel: Hm? Okay. Thanks.
Thanks to the efforts of (Captain) and company, Mimlemel's costume is completed just in time for Halloween.
???: ...
Mimlemel: ...
Vyrn: Woo-hoo, right on time! This
jack-o'-lantern's just oozin' with atmosphere!
Lyria: Wow, you look adorable as a witch too! How does the costume feel on you, Mimlemel?
Mimlemel: Kinda rough. Can I take it off?
Vyrn: How 'bout we tour the town before that? You go like that, and you're bound to get oodles of free candy.
Mimlemel: Candy?
Lyria: There's lots of fun stuff to see and do too! Why not keep the costume on a bit longer and take in all the fun?
Mimlemel: Tootle-too!
Mimlemel: Fine. You get to come with me.
Vyrn: Whoa, wait for us! Time to pick up the pace, (Captain)!
Lyria: Right! Mimlemel, wait for us!
Meanwhile a heavy aura wafts from a corner of the Grandcypher's storeroom.
There lie the once inanimate objects granted consciousness via Mimlemel's mysterious power.
Stumpeye: Humph...
Hornby: Looks like she's already gone off. You still pouting, Stumpeye?
Stumpeye: Oh, come now. How do ya expect me to pout when I'm faced with the realization that I'm not good enough fer her?
Hornby: Can you really blame her? I mean, it's Halloween. Nice guys like you and I are terrible at scaring people.
Stumpeye: I'm not too sure about that new guy though, Hornby.
Hornby: Well, his buds only sprouted recently.
Stumpeye: Urgh, I'm getting the jitters just thinkin' about it... No time to be playin' lifeless stump anyhow!
Hornby: Hm, I have an idea...
Pun-Kin: Woo-hoo-hoo!
Pun-Kin: Ahaha, everything's so pretty! Like I'm in Halloween Wonderland or something!
Pun-Kin: Am I in a dream? It's almost as if some fairy godmother cast a spell on me and turned me into the princess's carriage!
Pun-Kin: Ooh, looks like fun over there! Hold on tight, Princess! I'm going full-throttle!
Pun-Kin: Aaagh!
Lyria: Eep! A-are you okay, Mimlemel?
Mimlemel: Mm... Hit a rock. I'm fine.
Vyrn: Hey, I know you're having a blast, but don't get too carried away either.
Mimlemel: Wasn't me. The wheels just...
Mimlemel: Hm... Maybe the screws are on too tight.
Lyria: Look, Mimlemel! Some kind of performance is about to start in the plaza!
Vyrn: Ooh, always love a good street performance! Can we worry about the wheels later? Gotta get up front to see the show.
Mimlemel: Fine. Could use a walk anyway.
She leaves her new ride behind and makes for the plaza on foot with the others.
A faint shadow appears above a nearby hill and charges forward with a thunderous rumble.
Stumpeye: Watch it, tenderfoot! You get Mim in a jam and you'll have me to deal with!
Pun-Kin: Uh-oh, here comes Stumpeye!
Pun-Kin: I-I'm so sorry! I...
Stumpeye: Good thing I followed ya! Why do ya think I taught you how to let loose with those wheels!
Stumpeye: To protect Mim!
Pun-Kin: Sorry... Guess I'm still getting the hang of things...
Hornby: C'mon, give him a break. It's only been half a year since he sprouted his pumpkin buds.
Pun-Kin: Hornby... So you came here on Stumpeye, huh? I'm sorry if I made you worry.
Hornby: Oh, not to worry, Pun-Kin. She is safe after all.
Stumpeye: Oi, don't be pamperin' 'im now! It's much too dangerous to rely entirely on shiftin' yer weight fer a cruise. Better he learn it now rather than later...
Hornby: Look who's talking? You were pretty wild the first time I met you too. Mimlemel and I sure had it rough back then.
Pun-Kin: Ahaha, really? Tell me more about Stumpeye back in the day!
Stumpeye: Oh, bollocks! You tryin' to play Mommy now, Hornby?
Stumpeye: Then again, this might actually be a fine opportunity. I'm going to elucidate our true purpose.
Stumpeye: First of all, you need to know that we owe our consciousness to Mim's special power.
Stumpeye: Hornby's memories tell us it dates back to the War—something supposedly so great it tipped the scales.
Pun-Kin: Well, what exactly is this power, Hornby?
Hornby: That's the thing—I can't remember... I might be made from a really old tree, but I have trouble recalling things from centuries ago.
Stumpeye: Might take some work, but I'm sure you'll get there in due time. The problem is those who crave her power. She could fall into danger at any time.
Stumpeye: That's why it's our job to protect her. Got all that, tenderfoot?
Pun-Kin: Uh-huh! I definitely kind of think I got it!
Pun-Kin: Oh, before I forget! Who were those people walking with the princess?
Stumpeye: Sigh... They're skyfarers, okay? Skyfarers. Mim tours the skies with 'em.
Pun-Kin: Tour the skies?
Pun-Kin: Wooow! Do I get to sail the skies too?
Hornby: I guess so, except... Oh look, everyone's back!
Lyria: Teehee! That performance was so much fun!
Vyrn: Sure took me by surprise! Definitely wasn't expectin' 'em to hit that mark from so far away... Hey, what's that over there?
Mimlemel: Hm? A horn and a stump...
Mimlemel: They're mine. Wonder what they're doing here though.
Mimlemel: Huh?
Mimlemel: Aah!
Lyria: Yikes! Look at her go!
Vyrn: Whoa! This might be more entertaining than the street performance...
Cotton Candy Guy: Freshly made cotton candy for only a few rupies a pop!
Pun-Kin: Lantataran!
Cotton Candy Guy: What the? A girl and a pumpkin?
Mimlemel: Hm... Cotton candy, huh.
Mimlemel: Trick or treat.
Cotton Candy Guy: Really sorry, but I'm running a business here. I can give you this cookie though.
Mimlemel: Only one cookie? You've got guts.
Mimlemel: Take your pick: give me cotton candy or die.
Cotton Candy Guy: Wha?
Trick-or-Treater 1: Ahaha! Trick or treat!
Trick-or-Treater 2: Snicker... Gimme all your candy!
Pun-Kin: Eeek!
Pun-Kin: I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry!
Vyrn: Eheheh, you're literally shaken to the core! Didn't know you scare so easily.
Mimlemel: Not me. It's my ride that's shaking.
Vyrn: Oh, really?
Vyrn: Wh-wh-whoa!
Mimlemel: Should've listened...
Pun-Kin: Eeep!
Pun-Kin: I can't take this anymore! Someone save me!
Lyria: Yay! Look at all this candy I got from the lady in that house!
Mimlemel: Nice, Lyria. I'll trade you for a bite of my cotton candy.
Pun-Kin: Sweeet! Gimme some too, pretty please!
Lyria: Sure. Have this fancy-looking one!
Mimlemel: Thanks.
Nom... Nom...
Mimlemel: ...
Mimlemel: Rgh... You got me, Lyria... You didn't say anything about it being so sour...
Lyria: Really? I'm so sorry—I thought it might be strawberry-flavored because of the red color... Was it a plum flavor?
Pun-Kin: Okay, no more candy for me then! Any chance you throw some of that cotton goodness into my mouth?
Mimlemel: We'll leave the plum candy for the adults... I'll put them all in the trunk for now.
Pun-Kin: Ack!
The crew walks around town enjoying the festival. Pun-Kin, with his recently
sprouted-consciousness, finds joy at everything in sight.
The day soon comes to an end.
Mimlemel: Yawn...
Lyria: Hm? You look sleepy, Mimlemel.
Vyrn: Ah, looks like she's dozing off. It's getting dark anyway; how about we head back?
Mimlemel: Absolutely... not... Must have... yakisoba...
Lyria: Ahahaha... Sure thing! Let's make yakisoba our last purchase for the night!
Vyrn: I think there was a yakisoba stand down that way! Wait right here, Mimlemel!
Mimlemel: Zzz... Hold the... pickled ginger...
Pun-Kin: Princess... Aww, the festival's over already?
Pun-Kin: I wanted to have some more fun, but I guess I'll get another chance next year. Should probably plan on how I'll make the rounds in advance.
Council Executive: Phew... Thank goodness. Everything ended without a hitch this year too.
Council Member: Yeah, we did great! Are you gonna have a party with the other execs tonight?
Council Executive: Boy, would I love to... 'Cept I've got some heavy-duty work waiting for me tomorrow. Gotta gather up all the pumpkins in town.
Council Member: Yeah, after Halloween, it's all just trash really. We should all help to dispose of them.
Pun-Kin: ...!
Council Executive: The fine wines will have to wait a bit longer. Gotta turn in early and rest up for tomorrow.
Council Member: Yep, I'll do my part too!
Pun-Kin: Dispose? Is that what they do to us pumpkins after Halloween?
Pun-Kin: I can't...
Pun-Kin: Aaaargh!
Hornby: Not good! Pun-Kin just went down a really steep hill!
Stumpeye: Aw, shoot!
The world that shone so bright suddenly seemed like nothing more than a bottomless pit to Pun-Kin.
As if seeking liberation from such torment, he continues to roll down the hill in a mad frenzy. Only time will tell how this pumpkin's fate will play out.

Pumpkin Gone Wild

Mimlemel awakens in a lush farming village replete with pumpkins, and Pun-Kin appears distressed that he is the only pumpkin with a consciousness. When monsters come after the crops, Stumpeye and Hornby come in with the crew for the rescue.

It is Halloween night. The crew had kept their eyes off Mimlemel for only seconds before she managed to wander off.
The truth is her pumpkin had gone out of control, but no one in the crew suspects this.
Vyrn: Yoo-hoo, Mimlemel! Where are you? Answer us!
Lyria: Hm... Doesn't look like she's in the area...
Vyrn: Oh, great... She was right here catching up on z's only a moment ago. Her horn and stump are still around...
Lyria: What to do... How about we wait here for a while? Maybe she'll come back.
Stumpeye: Time's a wastin', everyone! Our tenderfoot pumpkin's gone mad!
Stumpeye: We'd better catch up soon or Mim's gonna be in a jam!
Vyrn: How 'bout we kill time on the shootin' gallery in the meantime? We can gift her that doll if we manage to snag it!
Lyria: Good idea! C'mon, (Captain)!
Stumpeye: Gah, this ain't no time for child's play!
Hornby: It's pointless, Stumpeye. None of them can hear us.
Stumpeye: Whaddya reckon we do then, huh? I sure as heck ain't gonna play stumped while Mim's in danger!
Hornby: We have to come up with something fast!
Mimlemel: Hm? Is the festival over?
Mimlemel: Lyria, Vyrn... Where'd everyone go?
Mimlemel: Wait, where am I?
Mimlemel squints and surveys her surroundings in the darkness.
She appears to be in an affluent farming village, surrounded by rich plots of land.
Mimlemel: Ooh! That's a lot of pumpkins on the fields.
Mimlemel: Wahaha. Looks like you have some big friends here.
Pun-Kin: Friends?
Pun-Kin: Oh, I see what you mean... None of them have consciousness though...
Pun-Kin: Ahaha... Guess you can't expect much from a veggie.
Pun-Kin: ...
Pun-Kin: Same goes for me...
Pun-Kin: I'd be better off as any one of those other lifeless pumpkins!
Pun-Kin: I mean, if everyone can have so much fun, it also means we can feel so much pain!
Pun-Kin: If only I never knew what it meant to feel!
Monster: Graa-ooh!
Mimlemel: Hm? Looks like those monsters are after the food in the fields.
Pun-Kin: Yikes! It's all my fault, Princess. We need to get out of here fast—
Stumpeye: Miiim!
Pun-Kin: S-Stumpeye! Hornby's here too...
Hornby: Sorry to keep you waiting, Pun-Kin! Hope those monsters are ready for a Hornby Home Run!
Monster: Grraahh...
Monsters: Graa-ooh!
Vyrn: Huff... Puff...
Vyrn: Mimlemel's all surrounded by monsters there!
Lyria: We're coming to save you, Mimlemel! Hold on just a bit longer!
Mimlemel: You guys... Thanks.

Pumpkin Gone Wild: Scene 2

After the monsters are dealt with, Pun-Kin explains to the other two formerly inanimate objects what's come to pass. When Stumpeye emphasizes that Pun-Kin's "disposal" is merely a way of giving life to the next generation, a great sense of pride overtakes the pumpkin.

With the monsters vanquished and Mimlemel's safety ascertained, Lyria focuses her gaze on the vast stretch of fields before her.
Lyria: Wow, this is amazing! There's pumpkins everywhere!
Vyrn: Yeah, this is definitely impressive. But why come out here in the first place?
Mimlemel: Dunno. How'd you know I was here anyway?
Lyria: It's all a coincidence, really. The stump seemed to have rolled down the hill, and we were only trying to stop it before finding ourselves here.
Vyrn: Yeah. Especially with the horn on the stump, we didn't want to lose any of your stuff.
Mimlemel: The stump rode out here with the horn? Stumpeye together with Hornby?
Mimlemel: ...?
Pun-Kin: When I thought I'd be disposed of like any other common trash, I just...
Pun-Kin: I'm so sorry!
Stumpeye: I see the predicament. I suppose anyone would be at a loss here.
Stumpeye: Though there does seem to be a misunderstanding here. No one's gonna be tossin' ya into a trash bin.
Pun-Kin: But the people back there mentioned garbage disposal...
Hornby: You're to become the life force that gives way to the next generation.
Hornby: When Halloween ends, the pumpkins are ground into a powdery form to become fertilizer for the following year.
Pun-Kin: Fertilizer... I'm the life force that drives the next generation...
Stumpeye: That's the tradition in this town. It's also how ya came to be, tenderfoot.
Hornby: Can I ask a question? Do you really think you'd have been better off without a consciousness?
Pun-Kin: ...
Pun-Kin: Truth is... To be able to blaze through the vast fields as someone's ride and see how beautiful the world is...
Pun-Kin: Is incredible!
Pun-Kin: I'm so glad to be alive!
Stumpeye: Tenderfoot...
Hornby: Pun-Kin...
Pun-Kin: I hope you two come to this island again next year! I'll play my part as fertilizer and give life to new—
Monsters: Grooaar!
Stumpeye: Tch! Here they come again!
Hornby: Good thing we've brought allies with us! Can't let them get to the crops!
Pun-Kin: Not if I can do anything about it! I'll protect this field... and the next generation!
Pun-Kin: Raaah!

Pumpkin Gone Wild: Scene 3

The morning after Halloween, Mimlemel remarks that Pun-Kin was no mere one-day decoration for the festivities. He is elated to learn that his adventures as a member of the mysterious Mimlemel family will continue for a long time to come.

Vyrn: Phew... Time to put away the costumes...
Lyria: How about all the candy? I put our biggest stash in the dining hall.
It is the morning after Halloween. (Captain) and company are storing away their costumes and distributing the candy gathered.
Then there appears Mimlemel.
Mimlemel: Tootle-too!
Vyrn: Huh? What's goin' on, Mimlemel? You'd better get your things ready before we take off.
Mimlemel: Done with mine. I'm here to help.
Lyria: Oh, so you're going to keep on the witch costume?
Mimlemel: It'll be my work clothes. I've gotten used to its roughness.
Vyrn: Ahaha, guess it all worked out, huh? Now that's what I call making use of what you've got! You gonna do the same with the pumpkin?
Mimlemel: Hm? This was never part of the costume. I only made it as a fun ride.
Lyria: Ah, since you never mentioned anything about it, we all had the wrong impression.
Mimlemel: It's fine. Had fun yesterday.
Mimlemel: Moving that candy? Hm, you're lucky that I'll help you carry half.
Mimlemel descends from the pumpkin to go inside the ship.
Something inexplicable happens next.
Stumpeye: Tenderfoot! Ya heard everything just now?
Pun-Kin: Stumpeye... I'm glad to see you one last time, but what do you mean by heard everything?
Stumpeye: Don't you get it, ya ninny-ninny nincompoop! Halloween's got nothin' to do with ya!
Pun-Kin: Are you sure about that? But then that means—
Hornby: It means you can continue on as Mimlemel's ride!
Pun-Kin: R-really? Does that mean I get to travel with you all?
Hornby: Of course! I won't say it'll be easy, but at least we'll be able to brave whatever comes together!
Pun-Kin: Haha... Ahahahaha!
Pun-Kin: Woo-hoo-hoo! Hurray, hurray! I get to be with you all again!
Stumpeye: Heh, don't get carried away now! Never forget your role as Mim's ride...
Stumpeye: Hold it... If tenderfoot's to continue on as her sole vehicle for transportation, what is to become of me?
Hornby: Why not consider yourself a spare?
Stumpeye: Oh, heck no! Wait... A spare?
Stumpeye: Now why didn't I think of that?
Stumpeye: Yer not taking my place anytime soon, tenderfoot!
Pun-Kin: Rantattaran!
Unbeknownst to anyone else, the enigmatic Mimlemel family continues to grow in size.
With a new ally in tow, their familial bonds continue to strengthen as their journey in the skies continue.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
菓子を寄こせ Gimme your candy.
ハロウィン?結局なんの日だ? What's the point of Halloween?
ぼぉん♪愉快な乗り心地だ Tootle-too! Love my ride.
ん?勝手に走ってる…? Hm? It's running on its own...
(主人公)、菓子をわけてやる (Captain), here's some candy.
(飛ばすよ、姫様!) (Full-speed ahead, Princess!)
(切り株センパイは、僕の理想の台座だよ!) (I want to be just like Stumpeye!)
(笛さんみたいに、僕も音が鳴ればなぁ…) (Wish I could play music like Hornby...)
(ランタッタラ~ン♪タンタッタラ~ン♪) (Rantattaran! Tantattaran!)
(旅は楽しいね!(主人公)さん!) (These adventures are so much fun, (Captain)!)