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Official Profile[edit]


Age 11
Height 142 cm
Race Unknown
Hobbies Blending herbal tea
Likes Phoebe, firm pillows
Dislikes Mean people, Phoebe's pranks
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Source [1]


Age 11
Height 142 cm
Race Unknown
Hobbies Fortune-telling, teasing Morphe
Likes Futons, stories about people's dreams
Dislikes Being in hurry, being scolded
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Source [2]




  • Although their event suggests that a Primal typing would be more appropriate for them, they have remained Unknown even after the introduction of Primal as a type.
  • For Valentine's and White Day, you can have scenes with either Gran or Djeeta, interacting with Phoebe or Morphe respectively.


  • Morphe and Phoebe are named after Morpheus and Phobetor, two of the sons of Somnus named in Ovid's Metamorphoses.[3]
  • Phoebe's Japanese name is Betor.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Phoebe: We have lived for such a long time alone... So lonely. So Sad.
The time that we have had... It exists, and it doesn't...
Morphe: But since we started traveling with you, (Captain), everything's been different!
Talking with people every day, having meals, doing quests... So many things.
All of them have been so much fun, and we've never been happier.
Phoebe: So... we're glad you exist, and that you met us. Thank you.


Phoebe: (Captain), thank you for spending this year with us.
I... I know I'm not very useful, and I caused you a lot of headaches.
Morphe: Me too... We're still learning so much. You've helped us a lot.
(Captain)... Thank you for taking us in.
Phoebe: I... We...
We want to be able to say, "don't worry about it" to everyone else the way you say that to us.
Morphe: I'm sure this year is going to bring fun, hardship, joy, and grief...
Phoebe: I want us to share those emotions... Together...
Morphe: So happy birthday! I hope we're able to celebrate this special day with you next year too!


Phoebe: Another year of traveling together, eating together, playing together, and doing missions together.
We can't thank you enough for letting us join in all these activities, (Captain).
Morphe: We're super happy to be part of this adventure.
So today marks the beginning of our commitment to make you happy, (Captain).
Phoebe: I'm not sure yet how we can pull that off...
Or if it's even feasible... But...
Morphe: We'll continue to do what we can and bring you happiness on a regular basis, (Captain)!
Phoebe: For starters, we want to celebrate your birthday today.
Morphe: Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Phoebe: Happy birthday... May we have another great year together, (Captain).

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Phoebe: Spoogly googly... Wheee!
Morphe: Phoebe! Stop lying around! The new year is here!
Phoebe: There's no better way to spend New Year's than sleeping at home, you know.
Yawn... You should go to sleep too, Captain.
I'll use my powers to make sure your first dream of the New Year is extra special.
Morphe: Hey! (Captain), Phoebe, get up! I want to go and see the fireworks!


Morphe: Wow... The first light of the new year is amazing, right, Sis? Right, (Captain)?
Phoebe: Uh... It's pretty... cold...
Morphe: Hey! Sis, you scared me... Why'd you gotta go and cling to me out of nowhere?
Phoebe: Shiver... My back is still cold...
(Captain)... Hold me... from behind...
Morphe: Golly, Sis... You just want us to baby you all the time. That's no good!
Phoebe: Shiver... Hold me!
Morphe: Hey! That hurts! Let go of me!


Phoebe: Zzz... Hehe...
Morphe: Aw, c'mon, Sis. Don't tell this is what you meant by "taking it easy on New Year's..."
Ah! (Captain), happy New Year!
Here's to another great year!
Phoebe: Zzz... Teehee...
Morphe: Phoebe sure seems to be having a lot of fun. I wonder what kind of dream she's having.
Have you already had your first dream of the year, (Captain)?
Maybe you can have my sis tell your fortune when she wakes up!
Phoebe: (Captain)... Lyria... Morphe... Happy... New... Zzz...

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Gran only:
Phoebe: (Captain)... No one else... is around, right?
You see, this... is your Valentine's chocolate.
I like you a lot, (Captain), so I'm giving you this gift.
Thank you for being my friend... And thank you for taking me with you on your voyage.
I hope we can spend even more time together from now on...

Djeeta only:
Morphe: Everyone seems to be rushing around. What's going on?
Valentine's Day... You give people you like chocolate? What? Really?
Oh no, what should I do? I haven't prepared any chocolate for you, (Captain)!
I'm going into town! Be right back! Huh?
Wow... Is it really okay for me to have this? Yay, thank you!
I really appreciate everything you do, (Captain)! It's so wonderful to know that you like us too!


Gran only:
Phoebe:(Captain), (Captain), come over here.
I have something for you.
It's Valentine's day chocolate. It's really sweet.
Why is it so sweet? Because I put all my feelings that I have for you into it!
Feelings are mysterious.
When I think about you I just get so happy.
I'm glad you think of me as your friend.
You make me feel so good. So I wanted you to feel the same way I do. Have at it, okay?

Djeeta only:
Morphe: Hey! Thank you, Captain!
I'm so, so glad to be a part of the things you like!
I just love you so much!
I'm always so happy when I'm with you...
That you feel the same way I do puts me on cloud nine.


Gran only:
Phoebe: (Captain), (Captain)... Here, this is for you.
Mm-hm, it's a yummy Valentine's Day chocolate.
I have all these wonderful feelings well up inside me when I'm around you, (Captain)...
This is my way of paying you back for it all.
I know one little treat isn't much, but...
Thanks for accepting it. I'll think of ways to continue showing my gratitude in the time to come.

Djeeta only:
Morphe: Wow! Thanks a ton, (Captain)! You just made my day with this gift!
As if just being able to travel with you weren't such a blast by itself...
Ah, you give me so much joy, (Captain)...
I can hardly keep track of everything you've done for me. But I definitely want to keep it all fresh in my mind.
And of course, I want to give you joy too!
Because I like seeing that smile on your face...
And I'll do what I can to keep it on!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Gran only:
Phoebe: You're giving me... candy? Thank you... But why?
Huh? It's a thank you for my Valentine's gift? Oh, I see.
But, if you give me something in return, then I need to give you something in return.
Then you give me something, then I give you something. Round and round and round and round, until we get dizzy!
Wooh, wooh, wheeee! Let's stay together so we can keep giving gifts to each other!

Djeeta only:
Morphe: (Captain), (Captain)! I... I brought you this candy!
It's to show how much I appreciate everything you do for us!
I'm just a shadow, made from part of my sister.
It seems like such a small thing for you to tell me that you appreciate me.
But it's so important to me, and I just want to convey my affection to you somehow!
Heehee... Even if I disappear one day... never forget me, okay?


Gran only:
Phoebe: Thank you. It warms my heart to get a White Day present from you.
We can give and receive presents because someone we care for exists.
I'm glad that somebody is you, (Captain).
You make me so happy. Not just that, but...
When I want you to be happy, you smile. It's like our hearts are connected.
Hm? Our hearts are connected? Even better. Hehe...

Djeeta only:
Morphe: Captain, this is for White Day! Go ahead, take it.
Hehe. I'm so happy I got to give you something.
I don't think I'm like everyone else...
But I can still show you how much I care about you.
I might one day disappear, but...
As long as you remember me, I will stay a part of you.
Sorry. That was a little out there...
I just want you to remember how much I care about you. That'd make me happy.


Gran only:
Phoebe: Thank you for the White Day present. I'm happy to have it as always.
Um... I was just wondering, but...
Do you sometimes have things you want to tell me, but instead keep it to yourself?
Because you're such a nice person, even if you're angry with me, I figure you'd just keep it in...
Maybe it's like that with my presents...
Sorry. I just get so afraid sometimes...
As a bad primal beast, I've done a lot of awful things to you, so...
Y-you really like me?
Is that what you wanted to tell me?
Th-thank you... (Captain)...
I really, really like you too!

Djeeta only:
Morphe: (Captain), here's a White Day present! Just for you!
Just being able to give you a present feels so good.
I can feel the joy welling up within me each time. It's such a wonderful sensation.
Even if we have to part ways someday...
All these fond memories of our time together will help keep me from feeling lonely.
I won't have any lingering regrets if I'm able to profess my fondness for you regularly.
While I'm around, I'm hoping to give you a gift every year...
So that when the time comes, I'll be able to say goodbye with a smile.
Sorry if this makes me seem selfish.

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Phoebe: Trap or treat!
Morphe: You got it all wrong, Pheobe [sic]!
It's trick or treat, not trap or treat!
Phoebe: What's the difference?
Morphe: Hmm... That's a good question.
Phoebe: Hahaha, I'm gonna trap (Captain) anyway! Haha! (Captain) can't move at all!
Morphe: Hey, what are you doing Let go of them!


Phoebe: Trick or treat! If you don't give us candy, you're gonna get it!
What? You wanna get it? But... We...
Morphe: Aah! Phoebe! Why are you playing with my clothes?
Phoebe: If (Captain) doesn't give us candy then you're gonna get it, Morphe.
Morphe: Hey! Why me?
Phoebe: (Captain), you want to join me? We can get him together...
Morphe: W-what! Wait! I need candy! Candy!


Morphe: ...
Ah! (Captain)! Yeah, I'm hiding from my sister.
I figure it's only fair if I play a trick on her too once in a while.
Phoebe: Morphe? Where are you?
Morphe: Now!
Phoebe: ...!
Morphe: Haha! Scared, Sis? It's only fair that I get to play a—
Phoebe: Nngh...
Morphe: What the... Sis! Tell me you're okay! Oh my gosh, you're not breathing!
Sis, come baaack!

4 Cutscene link missing. Please add links to the character's lore page.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Phoebe: Santa Claus is a lie! He doesn't give presents to all the children of the world.
Morphe: Really? Aw, and I was looking forward to it!
Phoebe: Well... I've never gotten any presents before.
Morphe: Huh? But you've never looked like a kid before now! Santa Claus only gives presents to children! When you're in primal beast form you look like an adult! That's why Santa skipped you!
Phoebe: Gasp!


Phoebe: (Captain), open up wide.
Yup, these are from the other crew members. They say you eat cookies in the shape of humans for the holy night and the new year.
Morphe: They say the cookie collects all the evil energy.
Phoebe: But why would anyone eat something that's absorbed evil energy? The cookie must feel so abused...
Morphe: Hmm... If I were a cookie, I guess I'd be happy if someone just loved eating me, right?
Phoebe: Hehe... I hope the cookie is happy. What if it's not? What do you think, (Captain)?
Morphe: Ugh! Sis! Why you gotta go and say that before the captain is even done eating?
Phoebe: Hehe... If the cookie comes for you in your dreams... then I'll protect you.


Phoebe: (Captain), (Captain)... Why don't we go to bed soon?
Morphe: Santa Claus is supposed to come visit while we're asleep!
Winter comes at different times for each island, but still... Touring through an entire island in a single night can't be easy.
Phoebe: Which means us hitting the hay early makes it that much easier for Santa.
Morphe: I got fluffy bed blankets and pillows ready to help us fall fast asleep!
Phoebe: So let's go to bed, (Captain).
I'll read you a storybook and sing you a lullaby or two to help you enter a deep sleep.
Or would you rather we share my bed? I think it'd be a lot more comfortable that way...
Morphe: Isn't your bed a bit small for two? I'm not sure how that'd be comfy...
Phoebe: ...
Morphe: Yeowch! What's the big idea, Sis? Can you stop with the pinching already?

Fate Episodes[edit]

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.


The crew decides to take a quick break while searching the Gallery of Dreams for Katalina and Rackam. Morphe prepares some tea, which has a unique flavor based on the memories of the person drinking it.

Katalina and Rackam have been trapped in a nightmare through the power of the primal beast Oneiros.
To save them, (Captain) and the crew use Phoebe's magic to travel to the Gallery of Dreams.
Vyrn: Hmm... This Gallery of Dreams place is pretty strange.
Morphe: There's no up or down, left or right, so it's not easy to reach the places you can see.
Phoebe: Heehee... There may not be an up or down, but there are pitfalls. I bet they make you fall out of the ceiling.
Lyria: Yeah, this place really is strange. We'll end up lost at this rate.
Vyrn: Whew, I'm beat... Feels like we're just going round and round in circles.
Phoebe: We don't have physical bodies in this world, so just thinking about being tired wears you out.
Phoebe: Heehee. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Both and neither.
Vyrn: Huh? So if I think about not being tired, I'll stop being tired?
Morphe: Once you start thinking you're tired, I don't think it's that easy to think yourself full of energy again, Vyrn.
Vyrn: But we need to hurry up and rescue Katalina and Rackam, right?
Phoebe: Heehee... The flow of time here is different from the real world.
Phoebe: If you hurry, you'll be late, and if you take it easy, time will pass in a flash. Are you the hare or the tortoise?
Morphe: Let's take a quick break. We can look for the door when we're feeling better. Slow and steady wins the race, right?
(Captain) and the crew hide from the nightmare fragments, and take a break beneath the shadow of a large door.
Lyria: Um, it doesn't seem like Katalina and Rackam are behind this door...
Phoebe: Ahh, this is more like it. Wake me up later!
Morphe: Hey, Phoebe! Don't lean against the door like that. What if it opens?
Vyrn: Geez, what a place to go to sleep.
...Wait, can you sleep inside a dream?
Phoebe: ...I wonder what will happen?
Vyrn: H-hey, wait a minute! If you don't know what's going to happen, you shouldn't be going to sleep!
Morphe: Phoebe, stop teasing Vyrn! You're not really going to sleep, anyway!
Phoebe: Is that so?
Morphe: I'm sorry, everyone. She's always like this.
Lyria: Heehee, you don't need to apologize. Phoebe, we might not be able to sleep, but we can take it easy for a while!
Phoebe: Teehee... okay then, Morphe, how about some tea?
Morphe: Tea? If this were the real world then sure, but we don't have any equipment here.
Phoebe: If thinking about being tired makes you tired, then surely thinking about tea... gives you tea, right?
Morphe: Huh, really? Is that how it works?
Phoebe: That's right, that's right! Let's give it a try.
Morphe: Let's see. For some herbal tea, you need a teapot... Huh? Hey, there's one!
Phoebe: All right, let's set this teapot down here.
Lyria: Wow, Phoebe, that's amazing! Where did it come from?
Phoebe: Heehee, that's a trade secret. It's full of hot water, too.
As Phoebe speaks, Morphe begins preparing the tea, handing teacups to the crew.
Morphe: Here you go, everyone. Enjoy!
Lyria: Thank you! Ooh, it smells good.
Vyrn: This looks great! (Gulp...) Well, it sure goes down easy! You've got yourself a fan!
Lyria: Heehee, it's lovely and sweet! ...But wait, I didn't put any sugar in...
Vyrn: Huh? Mine's not sweet. How did we get different flavors from the same pot?
Morphe: (Captain), how is your tea? Huh? Just like the herbal tea you had the other day?
Morphe: That tea was to help you sleep better, but this is supposed to wake you up. They're supposed to taste different...
Lyria: So everyone's tea tastes different?
As (Captain) and the crew stare at each other, Phoebe smiles to herself as she drinks.
Phoebe: Thoughts and memories, likes and dislikes. Everyone is different.
Phoebe: This tea is part of our dreams, and dreams come from our memories.
Morphe: I get it! I made the tea for you when Phoebe did the reading, and you're remembering it now.
Vyrn: My tea tastes just like the stuff that old lady served in Zinkenstill.
Lyria: I see! We all drink the same tea, but we each remember a different flavor. How strange.
(Captain) and the crew enjoy their brief respite as they discuss the tea.
Vyrn: All right, let's get back to searching for that door!
Lyria: Yeah, let's get going. Morphe, thank you for the tea!
Morphe: You're welcome! When we get out of here, I'll make you the real thing.
Lyria: Heehee. We can invite Katalina and Rackam and all enjoy it together!
(Captain) smiles and nods at Lyria's suggestion, then walks off in search of the doors that will lead the crew to Katalina and Rackam's dreams.
The crew soon catches up with (Captain), but Phoebe alone stands there staring at them.
Phoebe: ...
Lyria: What's wrong, Phoebe? Let's go find that door!
Phoebe: ...
Morphe: Phoebe? What's up, are you tired?
Phoebe: ...No. Let's get going...
Running a short way, Phoebe rejoins the crew.
(Captain) and the crew continue their search for the door, unaware of the darkness lurking in Phoebe's eyes.

May You Find Happiness[edit]

(Captain) and crew visit an island for a courier job. With the job safely done, Phoebe asks the crew to go with her to a certain place, but won't explain where. Intrigued, (Captain) and company follow her into the forest.

(Captain) and the crew visit an island for a courier job.
With their cargo delivered safely, the crew takes a break, and Phoebe and Morphe appear.
Morphe: Say, (Captain), are you busy? We wanted to ask a favor...
Vyrn: A favor? Sure, what did you have in mind?
Morphe: Oh, well, it's not so much me as my sister. Come on, Phoebe, tell them.
Phoebe: Um, well, there's somewhere I want to go, and I was wondering if you would come with me.
Vyrn: Hmm... Well, we're happy to travel with you, but where is it you want to go?
Phoebe: Um, it's over there...
Morphe: You want to cross the mountains, right, Phoebe?
Phoebe: Yeah. (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn... will you come with me?
Lyria: Of course, we'd be happy to! What do you want to do there?
Morphe: Well, Phoebe wants—
Phoebe: !
Just as Morphe excitedly begins to explain, Phoebe claps a hand over his mouth in a panic.
Morphe: Mph!
Meebe, 'ot are oo doinph?
Phoebe: Be quiet!
Morphe: Huh?
Phoebe: Let's go, everyone.
Phoebe grabs (Captain) and Lyria by the hand and runs off. The crew leaves the airship in pursuit.

May You Find Happiness: Scene 2[edit]

The crew follows Phoebe to a village in the heart of the forest, where she begins crying without explanation. That night, an unsettled Morphe leads (Captain) and the others into the Gallery of Dreams, where they attempt to rescue Phoebe from nightmare fragments of her own dream.

Led by Phoebe, (Captain) and the crew make their way along the mountain path.
Phoebe: Oh! If I just slip through here...
Lyria: Hey, Phoebe, wait!
(Captain) and the crew follow Phoebe into a thicket.
Beyond the thicket lies a path through the mountains, and not far from it is a village.
Phoebe: Huh?
Vyrn: A village, huh? Do you have something you need to do here?
Phoebe: I-I don't understand... This can't be...
Lyria: What's wrong, Phoebe? Isn't this where you wanted to go?
Phoebe: No, no it wasn't. It wasn't supposed to be like this... Sob...
Vyrn: Whoa! Hey, what's wrong? There's no need to cry!
Morphe: Calm down, Phoebe... Come on, everyone's worried about you!
Phoebe: Sniff... Sob...
(Captain) and the crew look at Phoebe, and then at one another before deciding to head toward the village for now.
They decide to stop for the day and stay in the village.
Vyrn: What was up with Phoebe back there? It doesn't look like she has any business in the village.
Lyria: Yeah, I'd like to know what made her so sad, but it's difficult to ask...
Although they are worried about Phoebe, (Captain) and the crew retire to their beds.
Morphe: Um, hello everyone! I'm sorry to disturb you so late at night, but I need your help with something.
Lyria: Morphe, what's wrong?
Morphe: Phoebe has run into a little trouble in the Gallery of Dreams...
Morphe: I realize you probably don't want to return there, but would you come with me?
Vyrn: Of course! If there's any way we can help, we'll do it! Right, (Captain)?
Morphe: Are you sure? (Captain), thank you so much!
(Captain) and the crew lie back down, and Morphe guides them to the Gallery of Dreams.
Nightmare Fragment: !
Phoebe: Eek! It hurts, it hurts! Stop it!
Nightmare Fragment: !
Phoebe: Ugh, I said stop it! Ow! Cut it out...
When (Captain) and the crew wake in the Hall of Dreams, they see Phoebe being menaced by nightmare fragments.
Lyria: Oh no! The nightmare fragments are attacking Phoebe!
Vyrn: How did that happen? I thought they were supposed to be her servants!
Morphe: Those nightmare fragments were from other people's dreams. They leaked out of the Gallery's doors.
Morphe: These nightmare fragments are from Phoebe's own dreams.
Morphe: (Captain), please! You have to help her!
Lyria: Of course! Come on, (Captain), we have to hurry!

May You Find Happiness: Scene 3[edit]

Phoebe explains that the village she led the crew to was once the site of a beautiful flower garden. The next morning, Lyria invites her on a stroll to get her spirits up, and tells her they'll create lots of wonderful memories going forward. Overcome with emotion, Phoebe begins crying tears of joy.

Phoebe: Sob...
Lyria: Are you okay, Phoebe? Oh no, look at those injuries...
Phoebe: Sniff... You all came... to save me?
Lyria: That's right! Morphe asked us.
Phoebe: ...Morphe, you fool.
Vyrn: Hey, don't be like that! Morphe was just worried about you.
Phoebe: It's fine. This is my punishment for the mistakes I've made!
Lyria: P-punishment? Phoebe, what do you mean?
Phoebe: ...
Morphe: Come on, you have to tell them. They can't read minds.
Morphe: You know we have to do this. They have to know everything.
Phoebe: ...
Phoebe: I... I wanted to take you all to a meadow.
Phoebe: A long time ago, I saw a beautiful meadow... It made me so happy.
Phoebe: When we came here, I remembered that this is the same island where I saw it.
Phoebe: So I wanted to take you all there... Then you could feel the same happiness I did, but... but...
Morphe: It's been a long time since my sister saw the meadow.
Morphe: We never imagined it would be gone, with a village in its place.
Lyria: I see... So that's why you were so upset, Phoebe.
Phoebe: We came all this way into the mountains, but it was all for nothing...
Vyrn: H-hey, come on... It's no big deal. Cheer up, OK?
(Captain) and the crew comfort Phoebe as she cries.
Lyria: (At this rate, she'll never cheer up.)
Lyria: (Oh! I know!)
Morphe: Everyone, thank you for helping us. I'm sorry we misled you all.
Morphe: But I'm glad Phoebe managed to explain everything.
Morphe guides (Captain) and the crew back to the real world.
Phoebe: Ah...
Morphe: Hey, Phoebe, are you awake? Oh, your eyes look all red.
Phoebe: Everyone will be worried if they see me like this... I think I'm going to spend the day in bed.
Morphe: That'll make them even more worried...
Morphe: I'm coming!
Oh, good morning, Lyria!
Lyria: Heehee, morning! Morphe, Phoebe, would you like to come for a walk?
Phoebe: A walk?
Lyria: Yeah! The weather is lovely, and it's our first time in this village, after all.
Morphe: Good idea! Are you coming, Phoebe?
Phoebe: Sure.
Phoebe and Morphe set off on their walk with (Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria.
Lyria: Oh, look! There's an herbalist over there.
Vyrn: Heh, that sounds right up Morphe's alley. Let's take a look!
Morphe: Ah, wait up, Vyrn!
(Captain) and the crew peer into the herbalist's shop.
Morphe: Wow, look at all these herbs! Were they picked in the forest, or did they grow them here?
Morphe: This one acts as a pain killer, and this one helps with fever... Hm, I wonder how much they are.
Vyrn: Heh, Morphe is in a world of his own. He really likes his herbal teas!
Phoebe: Not just that. Lately he's been studying from a book about medicinal plants.
Phoebe: He might have been part of me once, but little by little, he's becoming his own person.
Vyrn: Really? That's great! I'm glad to hear it.
Phoebe: Yes. It's a little lonely, though...
Lyria: Wow, Phoebe, look! This teapot is so cute!
Phoebe: It is! If I had this for making tea... Oh, but it's really expensive.
Lyria: Eek! Y-you're right! And just imagine if it broke...
Phoebe: ...
Phoebe gently takes the teapot in her hands.
Lyria: Phoebe, please, put it back! My heart is pounding just watching you!
Phoebe: Pft! Heehee... OK, I'll put it back.
Lyria: Heehee, you're finally smiling again!
Phoebe: Huh?
Lyria: Yeah, you were so worried about the meadow...
Lyria: And it's really a shame, but I don't want you to feel bad about it.
Phoebe: !
Lyria: We'll have plenty of chances to make fun, happy memories from here on out. Just like we did today.
Lyria: Right? So cheer up, okay?
Phoebe: !
Vyrn: Huh? What's wrong now? You're crying again!
Phoebe: N-no! I'm not crying, I'm just... yawning!
Morphe: Come on, Phoebe. I told you to be honest, didn't I? You're crying because you're happy.
Phoebe: Wha— No, be quiet!
Morphe: Hey! Ow, quit it!
As Phoebe chases the fleeing Morphe, she smiles once again.
After walking in solitude for so long, the primal beast has finally found somewhere to call home.


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