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Official Profile[edit]

Height 156 cm
Hobbies Giving sweets to anyone and everyone
Likes Her daughter, Yae, and her AWOL husband
Dislikes Silence and listening to people
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Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday to ya!
Sorry I didn't get ya a present. But how about some birthday okonomiyaki?
Ha-ha! It's just okonomiyaki! No need to get so excited. You're embarrassin' me here.
By the way that's okonomiyaki sauce on the top there. Not chocolate.
It's easy to make with some seafood broth, an egg, and some flour. Fry up about 4 of 'em and you're done!
Ta-da! Here's the Nene Special: pork filling with egg on top!


What's that ya say? Today's your birthday? Why didn't ya tell me sooner!
Oh silly! If you'd have told me, I would've picked up a present or a treat or somethin' more special...
Nonsense! I'm not fibbin' ya! Matter of fact, I was just talkin' to Yae about what to get ya this year. Right, Yae?
Oops! Shot myself in the foot. Now ya knew I know your birthday...
You gotta forgive me. I was really tryin' to put somethin' together for ya, (Captain).
Thought so long and so hard about what you might like, your birthday up and came!
Right, Yae? We thought long and hard, didn't we?
If there was a contest for thinkin' long and hard, we'd take first prize! In all the skydom!
See? Even Yae says so! Let us off this hook this once, (Captain)!


(Captain)! Happy birthday to ya!
So, uh... you're gonna have one, right?
Huh? You won't? You will, won't ya? Everyone does!
I'm talkin' about a birthday party, of course!
So? It's all right, yeah? You're gonna have one, right? I hope you invite my little girl, Yae.
She was just sayin' how much she wants to celebrate with ya.
Oh yeah? Thanks a bunch!
Aren't you glad, Yae? (Captain) says you better be there!


Your birthday's here again this year.
(Captain), you're growing up so fast...
You used to be such a cute little devil too...
Haha! So what if I never saw you when you were little? That's not the point!
It really sets me to thinkin'. My little baby Yae's gonna be all grown up before you know it.
I keep getting choked up today...
Sigh... Well I don't wanna poop the party, so I'm gonna head out.
Oh, you caught me! I thought I'd be able to pull one over on you...
All right, I'll go out and shop for a present. You're a sharp kid, you know that?
This is only once a year, (Captain), so I'm gonna really splurge!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year!
Now come on. Hand it over.
What? Don't play dumb. I'm talking about Yae's New Year's Day shopping allowance!
I know you can spare some change. Now just hand it over! But not to her... Give it to me!
Oh don't you worry. I'll just hold on to it for Yae till we go out.


Huh? Gimme a break! There's no happy around this new year!
If you think I'll let you squeeze me for change, then you've got another thing coming!
What? You haven't heard?
They went and made a law that you can't get a shopping allowance for New Year's if you're over the age of ten!
Don't tell me you're tryin' to turn me into a criminal over here!
That's right! I'm only followin' the law, so I can't give ya anything! But I know Yae would appreciate it...
Some spendin' money, of course! But not to worry because my little girl Yae is far from 10. And she'd love it!
Look now, hurry up and hand it over. Don't worry because it's legal! Legal, I tell ya!


(Captain)! Happy New Year!
Ah, enough with the stiff greetings! Who cares about that? Just cough it up already!
Hey... Who are you callin' a bully!
You ever seen a bully as cute as this?
Oh, I get it... You just wanna pick on a poor, innocent lady for fun. Is that it?
That's right. That's right... You should've just handed over the shopping allowance for New Year's in the first place.
Thanks a bunch, Cap'n!
You see, when you do somethin' nice for my Yae, you might just get somethin' nice in return!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's Day!
Now listen... I shouldn't have to say it,b ut don't get any ideas about me givin' you these chocolates...
What? Don't play dumb! You know my husband is my one and only valentine!
How could you pick on me like that!
Goodness... You've got some nerve talkin' to a lady like that. Should've known you were a fool...


Nene:Listen here, (Captain). Do you like chocolate? Of course ya do. Ha-ha! Go on and have some.
So, (Captain)... How much do you think these go for?
No, no! This is a luxury brand. It's from that famous chef's place, but I can't remember the name...
There's a line around the store every day. The place is so good, you can't even get a reservation. Not that I'd know...
Now what's gotten into you? What's with that face? I'm only kidding. It was all a joke!
I swear! Yae comes up to me sayin' she wants to whip up some chocolate for you, (Captain). So I just helped.
Yae:Ha-ha! Now go on and eat up!
Nene:That's all to the story! So you can go ahead and eat our homemade treat guilt-free!


So how about it? How about it, (Captain)?
You're jonesin' for it, aren't ya? Hmmm? You've been lookin' forward to it, eh?
It's all right! Go on and admit it.
There really is no denyin' it though!
Since ya do so much for us, I really ought to show you my thanks.
Here, go on and take it! It's from me and Yae!
But you'd better be careful! There's nothing scarier than a free lunch!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Oh! Well aren't you a smart cookie! Bringing a gift in return as thanks. Here! Have some candy.
And would ya look at this! You brought me candy as a gift?
Haha... Since I'm always handin' out candy, you're tellin' me to have some for myself?
This is too funny! I should've known you had a quick wit, (Captain)!


No! No! Listen here, (Captain). It's White Day.
Say what?
I can't believe it... You don't know what today is?
Oh, I've had just about enough. White Day gifts should be three times the Valentine's Day gift. Everybody knows that!
Come on now! I want every last rupie you owe!
Me and Yae made an investment! And we'll hound you until you cough it up, (Captain), so you better get it ready!


Always good to see ya, (Captain)! The due date for what you owe us is finally here!
Oops! That's not what I meant! No, no! I mean it's White Day!
Huh? All you could get was a cheap gift?
Oh, silly ! Now what do I do? You think I'm supposed to accept somethin' like that!
Now I won't ask ya for somethin' worth three times the gift I gave ya. It all comes down to the thought behind it!
I guess I'm happy you took the time to get a gift for me anyway...
Oh, you fool! Look at what ya got me sayin'!
Look, I'll play along! I'll accept the gift already, okay?


Oooh... I just can't wait! I bet this year's gonna be amazing too.
I mean, (Captain) always gives just the best gifts on White Day.
Oh? Didn't see ya there, (Captain).
Sneaky one, aren't ya? Like, say somethin' if you're nearby.
H-hey, what's with the glum expression?
So you didn't get me nothin'... Even after I told you so many times...
Well, that ain't a problem. I'll sit here and wait, so...
Come back and bring me something ASAP!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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What? What do you mean a trick!
Go on then. Do it if you've got the guts! I'll trick ya right back!
Hahaha... I see now. No problem. I should've give you candy in the first place.
Here ya are. Have a candy... And another. And another one. And another. And one more.
Come on, and don't be shy. Stuff yourself full of candy!


Howdy, (Captain), and trick or treat!
Huh? This ain't no costume!
This here's what we wear back where I'm from. I'm not tryin' to be no critter or nothing!
I sure wouldn't mind gettin' the critter's powers though... Whatever critter this is from.
Anyways I'm gonna trick you real good unless you give Yae a treat. Hurry it up now!


Ah! Eeeeeek!
(Captain), you nitwit! You can't just sneak up on me like that!
Good grief! What's so great about Halloween anyway?
Going around trickin' people and demandin' candy—who do you think you are?
Oh, it's just stupid... I've never heard of anything so silly!
Hey, wait a second. What'd you say just now?
Huh? I'm a scaredy-cat, you say?
Fine then! But you try that whenever Halloween comes around!
I'll beat ya to a real good pulp, ya hear!
Ah! Eeeeeek!
I'm tellin' ya, (Captain)... Gimme a break and quit the scares already...

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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays to ya!
What's that? Hand over the present, you say? You've got a lot of nerve there!
But I'll tell ya... I've just about lost my cheer for the season.
I wonder how long it's been... You know, since I became the one givin' gifts instead of gettin' 'em.
Ha-ha-ha! I better stop. Got me thinkin' about my darlin' husband.
But I deserve a gift every now and then, don't you think? So, (Captain), how about my present?


Hey, did you hear?
The gift exchange's been canceled this year.
Why are you so surprised? A memo went around the airship and everything!
Yae's been a good girl this year too... It's a real shame.
I even got you somethin' nice this year, (Captain).
A real shame indeed... But my hands are tied!


(Captain)! Happy holidays to ya!
I heard what ya did! You went and got my little girl a present, didn't ya?
Thanks a bunch, hon!
I think I might've misjudged you. You're a lot nicer than I thought!
Hm... Or maybe I'm lookin' at this the wrong way. Are you goin' after my Yae?
Ha-ha-ha! I'm just foolin'! Why are you makin' that face at me?
Ha-ha-ha! You're hilarious! Pickin' on you is worth the trouble!

Fate Episodes[edit]

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Want Some Cake?[edit]

(Captain) and the crew are walking through town when suddenly a coarse voice brings them to a halt. Surprised, the crew looks back, and sees that the voice belongs to the gaudy Nene, who is stood with her daughter Yae. Nene says that she mistook (Captain) for her runaway husband, who she has been searching for for a long time. Hearing Vyrn's story, however, Nene realizes that this is a case of mistaken identity, and in order to actually find her husband, invites herself to join the crew on their travels.

Walking through town, the party hears an unfamiliar voice call out to them.
???: Hey, you! I finally found ya!
(Captain) turns around frantically after suddenly being grabbed by the scruff of the neck.
Nene: Hey there! I knew it was you! It's me, Nene!
Vyrn: What the—? Have we met? You act like you know us...
(Captain) frantically gestures in the negative.
Hurt by the emphatic denial, Nene raises her voice indignantly.
Nene: Don’t you play dumb with me! I know you haven’t forgotten about your own daughter!
Yae: What? Forgot? ...Daddy, did you really forget about me?
Lyria: What! Daddy? You’re a father?
(Captain) gestures even more frantically in the negative.
Gran is the Main Character

Vyrn: Wait a minute Lyria. We've been together a long time. There's no way (Captain) could have gone off and made a family without us noticing.
Lyria: Hm...I suppose that's true. I was just a little surprised.
Vyrn: Sheesh... Whoever she is, she is one crazy momma.

Djeeta is the Main Character

Vyrn: W-wait a minute, Lyria! (Captain) is a woman!
Lyria: Gasp! You’re right! Nene, you must have mistaken her for someone else!
Nene: No, it’s him, all right. You're just the kind of man who’d pretend to be a woman to get away from his family!
Vyrn: Hold your horses, crazy momma, now you're just talking nonsense!
Continue 1
Nene: You little lizard! What did you just call me?
Vyrn: Hey, I’m not a lizard!
Nene: And I’m not "momma"! I only respond to "Miss"!
Vyrn: What! Um, okay, if you say so, “Miss”!
Nene: What, you gotta problem with that?
Yae: Ha ha, gotta problem?
Vyrn: I guess not...if it’s that important to you, I’ll call you Miss. ...But you’re not made that I called you crazy?
Nene: You've been very good today, dear. Here, have a candy to suck on.
Yae: Ha ha! Time for candy, time for candy!
(Captain) and the others take Nene and Yae to a nearby pub to hear their story.
Nene: Boy howdy! Y’all really came here on that giant airship?
Her surprise is a little over the top as she gestures out the window toward the Grandcypher in the distance.
Nene: Oh...Estalucia. So y’all are skyfarers, too. No wonder you look so much like him.
Lyria: Look like who?
Nene: A good guy I used to know...
A cloud falls over Nene's bright smile, and she starts to speak in an uncharacteristically sad tone.
Nene: See, I... A long time ago, I was madly in love with a skyfarer. That's when Yae came into my life.
Nene: But then one day, without a word, my husband was gone.
Vyrn: Oh, come on... He didn’t just get scared of you and run away?
Nene: Oh, yeah, I was a real bride from hell! NOT! How could you say such a thing!
Nene: Obviously, you could never find a kinder or more beautiful lady than me!
Vyrn: Sure, if you say so, Miss Nene...
Nene: What, you don't believe me? But now that you mention it, that’s what everyone on the island says—he left you, forget about him.
Nene: But I don't think so. He may have been a yellow belly, but he wouldn’ta run out on us.
Nene: If something came up, I wish he’d just told us... So we’re hopping from island to island, trying to find out.
Nene finishes her water and her smile returns to her face. She makes a nonchalant declaration.
Nene: Hahaha! Alright, then I’ve made up my mind!
Nene: I'll hop aboard your airship and go with y’all to find my yellow-bellied husband!
Vyrn: W-wait a minute! Why would you...
Nene: Don't be so selfish. I have a strange feeling I'll see my husband again if I travel around with y’all.
Vyrn: Sigh... You're a pushy little missy. So, (Captain), what do you say?
  1. Yer darn tootin'!
  2. No way, Jose!

Choose: Yer darn tootin'!
Nene: Yeehaw! Then we're all set! I'm lookin' forward to this!
Vyrn: Hey, I wasn’t voting to let you on board! ...She's not even listening to me.
Lyria: This is great. Now we have more interesting people on the team!
Whether they’re dauntless or just plain shameless, our heroes can’t help liking them anyway. They are a mysterious mother and daughter pair, to be sure.

Choose: No way, Jose!
Nene: Ooh, your captain is cute, too! Hahaha! Y’all are so congenial!
Nene: Come on, now, don’t be shy. Have some candy!
Whether they’re dauntless or just plain shameless, our heroes can’t help liking them anyway. They are a mysterious mother and daughter pair, to be sure.
Continue 2
With the addition of Nene and Yae, the Grandcypher becomes even livelier than before.

Take as it Comes[edit]

The crew watches a mysterious exchange between Nene and Yae, and is surprised at the relationship of mutual trust that the two have between them. However, Nene seems to have lost confidence in herself as a mother. (Captain) and the crew head toward a town to help Nene chose a present for Yae, but suddenly, a horse and cart barrels toward the crew, and Nene becomes furious at the man holding the reins.

As the ship sails through the afternoon wind, boisterous chatter echoes across the ship’s cozy deck.
Nene: You gotta be kidding me, Yae! Are you for real?
Yae: Yeah, I thought it was that, but it turned out to be that.
Nene: No, no, it wasn’t that. You mean THAT.
Yae: Huh? It wasn’t that?
Nene: No, not that! That!
Vyrn: This is making me dizzy. A whole conversation about different thats. Do they even understand each other?
Lyria: Hee hee... Nene and Yae are really close.
Vyrn: Well, sure, but that doesn't make it okay! I mean, c'mon!
As the two go back and forth like this, Nene hears the commotion and approaches (Captain).
Nene: My, my, Captain, you have been staring at me for quite some time, you little lech, you!
Vyrn: Nuh-uh! We were just noticing that you two are really close!
Vyrn: Isn't that right, (Captain)?
  1. Yeah,! And it's cool that you dress the same.
  2. No, it's just that leopard print is...interesting!

Choose: Yeah,! And it's cool that you dress the same.
Nene: Y’all are right, Yae is the joy of my life. We are very close.

Choose: No, it's just that leopard print is...interesting!
Nene: You got a good eye, Captain!
Continue 1
Nene: Ya know, this is the traditional garb of people from our home village.
Nene: We wear it to remind us to be happy and strong, like the hearty, healthy animals we have there.
Yae: Ha ha, yeah! Do you like it? Rarr! Grarr!
Lyria: Wow, really? Your home village sounds like very lovely.
Nene: It's a small island off to the west, and everyone there takes pride in where they're from. It really is a great place.
Yae: Yeah, and THAT is the best! And Momma’s is best of all!
Nene: When you say "that," you mean...THAT?
Yae: Mm-mm, no... The only that I can think of is THAT.
Nene: Haha, well yeah, obviously. That’s how I stole your daddy’s heart, too. Your momma’s is the best that in the skies!
Vyrn: Oh geez, not this again! You can't have a whole conversation with just “that”!
Lyria: Um... Nene, what exactly is this "that" you keep talking about?
Nene: Oh, that? It’s one of our island’s traditional dishes.
Nene: You take some flour and mix it up with eggs and seafood stock until you get a paste. Then you sizzle it up in a pan.
Vyrn: Whoa, now THAT sounds delicious!
Lyria: Ooh, I'd like to try it, too!
Nene: Would you now? Hmm, okay...then why don’t y’all come with me?
With that, Nene drags the party to a certain town.
Lyria: But was it really okay to leave Yae on the ship?
Vyrn: Yeah...she was wailing like a banshee.
Nene: We’re better off without her.
Lyria: What?
Nene: Look, I know we came to buy ingredients for that, but my real mission is to buy a birthday present for Yae.
Vyrn: For real? You should've told us sooner!
Nene: Haha, I’m happy to hear that. Now get over here Vyrnie, and help me choose a present.
Nene: I’m ashamed to say it...but I'm so busy looking for my husband, I have given Yae any of the attention she deserves.
Nene: So I have no idea what she'd like.
Vyrn: Heh heh... So you can have a whole conversation made up of the word “that”, but you don’t know what she likes?
Nene: Haha. Terrible, aren't I? I'm a failure as a mother.
Lyria: No! You're not a fail—
Nene: Lyria, look out!
Nene’s sharp observation saves our heroes from injury, but...
A wagon suddenly comes crashing into the party’s line.
Nene: Ya klutz! Watch where you're going!
Ruffian: Eh? Who’re you yelling at, Granny?
Nene: Who’re you callin' Granny? I'm a nice young woman, I'll have you know!
Her expression suddenly goes dark.
Nene: Ugh, you stink! Totally reek of alcohol! Are you drunk, mister?
Ruffian: Guh heh heh, the cat’s out of the bag, eh?
Nene: Ugh, you disgust me! You shouldn't be drinking and driving that wagon! Take that!

Take as it Comes: Scene 2[edit]

After the cart driver regains consciousness, he admits that he had a hard time keeping himself awake, because he drank a large cup of delicious hot milk and afterwards he felt so cozy and warm that he fell asleep at the wheel. After being chastised for his silly behavior by Nene, the man reflects meekly and thanks her for scolding him like a mother would. Nene, having regained a little of her confidence as a mother, picks an item from the man's cargo to take back to Yae. But, on the way back, monsters swoop down and attack the crew, trampling all over the present.

Nene: Wow, we really sandpapered him.
Nene: That was mean, Captain, very mean. I know he’s a no-account ruffian, but I think you overdid it.
Vyrn: Come on... What is it this time?
Nene: You’ve been through a lot, Mr. Ruffian. Here, have a candy.
Ruffian: Uh.... Ouch! What the—? What am I doing here!
Ruffian: ...Gasp! ...Don't tell me I did it again!
Ruffian: AAHHH! I'm sorry! I was just sittin' here holding the reins all night, and I had a drink—you know, for a little pick-me-up. And then...
Nene: Are you still half asleep? If a child had been here, she could’ve got seriously hurt! Do you understand me?
Nene: Man up and pull yourself together!
Ruffian: Y-yes ma'am! I feel like my mom just slapped some sense into me...
Ruffian: You're a real nice woman. Something about your voice makes me want to do whatever you say.
Nene: D-don’t be ridiculous! You are hitting on a married woman!
Ruffian: Ga ha ha, rejected.
Lyria: See, even that ruffian thinks you're a good mother, Nene!
Lyria: So please...stop calling yourself a failure.
Nene: Lyria...
Ruffian: Hey, I know this won't make up for what I did, but you can take whatever you want from my cargo here.
Nene: We could never do that. You need those goods to sell.
Ruffian: Don't worry about that. I'm really grateful to you, and this is how I wanna show it.
Ruffian: But...all I have is toys and kids' clothes. Not much a grown woman like you would be interested in... Heh.
Nene: Wh-what! Did you just say what I think you said?
Lyria: Go on, Nene. Yae's waiting for you.
Nene: Yeah, but...ah, I don't know if she'll like it.
Lyria: It's okay. She'll love anything her mother chose for her.
Nene: Yeah... Thanks, Lyria. I needed that.
Nene thanks Lyria, then takes the present and walks over to Yae.
But then...
Monster: GRRAAHHH!
Surprised at the sudden attack, Nene drops the present just in time for the monster to trample it.
Nene: You no-good rotten varmint! Don’t move a muscle—I’m gonna make you scream!

Take as it Comes: Scene 3[edit]

(Captain) and the crew repel the monsters, but unfortunately the present is completely soggy and crumpled. However, Yae expresses her gratitude anyway. Nene's confidence as a mother is back in full force, and she treats the crew to a delicious recipe that has been passed down in her hometown for generations. And thus, Yae's birthday party is a roaring success, and the laughs of the crew echo into the night.

Nene stands guilt-ridden before the crushed present. Her expression is as crushed as the gift.
Nene: I'm sorry, honey...please forgive me. I’m no good as a mother. I can't even give you a decent present.
But Yae picks up the crushed present and hugs it to her chest like it's the most precious thing in the world.
Yae: Ha ha, thank you! I always knew you were the best momma in the world!
Nene sees the smile light up her daughter's face and returns to her usual cheerful self.
Once the fire is lit under the pan, Nene starts hollering.
Nene: Okay, time for a wallopin’!
Vyrn: Um, what is "walloping" supposed to mean?
Nene: Yae, make sure you wallop those veggies good and proper!
Yae: Ha ha! Already done, Momma!
Nene: Then wallop the eggs! And the meat, and the squid...
Yae: Yeah, they’re all walloped now!
Nene: Oh honey, you are the best daughter in the skies!
Nene: "The pan is sounding, so give it a good pounding!" Everybody give it your best wallop!
Vyrn: But what does "walloping" MEAN?
Lyria: All right, I'll wallop the best I can! I hope I do it right!
Vyrn: Huh? Lyria!
Nene: Ha ha ha... That’s my Lyria! You’re already speaking my language!
The skyfarers' laughter, as pleasant as ever, is carried away by the gentle breeze...
...along with the slightly burnt aroma of Nene’s secret sauce.