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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday to ya! I reckon we should celebrate!
Get yerself o'er here an' I'll fix you somethin' good to eat, yeah?
Oops... I slipped into my accent again. I meant to say have a seat and I'll whip up a tasty treat!


Happy birthday to ya! I reckon we should celebrate!
I'm deeply indebted to ya, (Captain).
But I'm gonna work harder to make sure the next year goes by easier!
Don't work yourself too hard! And let's be sure to celebrate your birthday again next year!


(Captain), I owe so much to ya.
Even my ma back home says she wants to meet ya when she gets better. Wants to give proper thanks.
Joinin' your crew has been life changin' for me, see.
So I'm much obliged... And today's a special day for the person who means so much to me. Let's go all out and celebrate!


(Captain), you know what day it is today? Uh oh, don't tell me ya done forgot!
It's the day you were born on, (Captain). Happy birthday!
Every year I think the same thing. I had some good gosh-darn luck comin' 'cross you, (Captain).
You're real nice to country people like me, and you learned me all kinds of neat things too.
Today's gonna be the day I pay you back for everything.
Can't say it's fancy, but I'm putting on a big ol' hootenanny for ya! I'd be happier than a pig in mud to hear you like it!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
It's been a while since we first met, but I never get tired of celebratin' your big day.
You just keep improvin', and more people keep joinin' the crew. It's burstin' at the seams by now.
That tickles me as pink as if it were me.
I gotta work hard so I don't lose to you or the other fellers in the crew!
But first it's time to celebrate! This year I'm gonna use the ingredients my mum sent to give you a taste of my hometown!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year to ya! Here's to another year together!
It sure is chilly outside. Better stay in with a warm bite to eat and relax!


Hey there, (Captain)! You sure look sleepy. Did you just wake up?
Ha-ha, you overslept, yeah? Tried to keep awake to see the first sunrise, I see.
Oops! Pardon my manners! Happy New Year! I should've started with that!
Here's to hopin' ya wake up on time throughout the year and give it yer best!


New Year's celebrations in the big city are one of a kind! This place is bustlin' compared to the country!
Sure are a lot of folks walkin' around in their fancy duds...
I wanna take my ma to a lively town like this one day.
Ha-ha! Her eyes might pop right out of her head when she sees it though!


Happy New Year's to you and yours! You ever seen anything as fancy as this here city in the holidays?
All along the street you got them food tents, folk every which way you look... You got the hustle, and you got the bustle too...
It sure is pretty, don't you think, (Captain)? Probably ain't no surprise to someone like you though.
Heehee, I don't know though... I'm startin' to turn into a bit of city boy myself!
Maybe it ain't my place to say, but it feels like I fit in a teeny more than last year.
Gotta work real hard to take in everything this year too. Ain't that right, (Captain)?


Happy New Year, (Captain)! It's gonna be a boatload of fun this year!
I'm about to go pound some mochi. Hehe, I was the best of the best in my village.
Even Mum couldn't get enough of the mochi I made.
I was so over the moon that I lost track and made a mountain o' it.
Hey, (Captain), you like mochi too? Well, shut my mouth! Then you better eat up!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's Day! Is that what you say? We don't have any holidays like this back home.
You're givin' me chocolate? Much obliged! I'll be sure to get you somethin' in return! Just you wait!


What brings ya here, (Captain)? Well looky here! Is that chocolate for me?
Thanks a bunch! I didn't expect to get anything from ya, so it's a mighty fine surprise!
Sure glad that you remembered me today. Thanks again! I'll eat these up later!
And I'll need to return this gesture of kindness too. Just you wait!


Oh... You give a gift to people you appreciate and not just the ones you fancy?
Ha-ha! Oh, boy! You surprised me for a second, but I had the wrong idea...
I know someone who'd be pleased as pie to hear that you appreciate me, (Captain)... Thanks a lot!


Ah, (Captain)! What in the blue sky're you doin' here?
Huh? You came to see little ol' me? And you got some chocolates too?
Well... Today's the day for that kind of stuff, ain't it?
(Captain), I really gotta thank you for this.
Them ones you gave me last year were real tasty. I cain't hardly wait to eat these ones.


Thanks for another year of chocolates, (Captain).
It makes me happy knowin' how much effort ya put into these.
It'd be a waste of your hard work not to eat all of these, but...
On the flip side, it's kinda hard to eat somethin' ya poured your heart into, ya'know?
So my answer is to savor 'em slowly but surely.
Oops! I haven't forgotten to return the favor, (Captain). Just you wait!

White Day Cutscenes
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Happy White Day!
Now just hold on a sec and I'll give you somethin' good to eat! I left it back in my quarters!
Thanks for everything though... Oh, you've got me blushin' now!


Aah... This won't do...
Oh! (Captain)! Now I'm embarrassed!
I'm lookin' mighty anxious, you say? Don't say that! Now I'm even more embarrassed!
Ahem... So I tried to look for something cute to give ya, but I wasn't quite sure what to get...
I'm worried whether or not you'll like it, but please take this!
Well blow me down! I'm glad you like it! Nothin' makes me happier than seeing you happy, (Captain)!


I'm always grateful for ya, (Captain), so I went and got ya a gift. I hope you'll accept it.
Ha-ha! I'm happy if you're happy! Honestly I wasn't sure if I should make you something or buy you something...
Sorry for being such a country boy...
You've got your own countryside over in Zinkenstill, you say? That's nice of ya to mention, so thanks!
But I think next year I'll try and make ya something, (Captain)!


Uh, uh, (Captain)! Hold up! Don't go nowhere.
Here, take this. It's for them chocolates you gave me. Made it all by my lonesome.
I flavored it up how we do in my neck of the woods. Truth be told, I dunno if it'll suit your fancy.
I worked real hard on it though, so I'd be happy as a clam if you try some.
Don't worry if you can't eat none though...
Huh? You like it?
What a relief... Good thing I worked so darn hard! Guess I gotta keep tryin' next year, huh?


Howdy, (Captain)! One White Day gift comin' up!
I remember you sayin' how much ya liked the country flavor of last year's chocolates.
So this year I figured I'd try some country-cookin' instead.
These are pickled vegetables.
It doesn't really fit White Day's theme of givin' sweets, but I just wanted ya to get a taste of my hometown.
Oh? You think they're delicious? Phew... That's a real brow-wiper.
I can't keep my joy bottled up when I see you smilin'!

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons
4th year:
Chocolate Biscuits square.jpg Chocolate Biscuits

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween! Wow! Take a gander at all this!
Everyone's really getting into the costumes and pranks! Should I get in on the fun?


Yoo-hoo, vegetables for everyone!
Hey, don't look so surprised!
I'll give you some candy, so let's stop it with the trick or treat threats.
I knew I had to up the ante when I saw everyone with their costumes and tricks!


Thought I'd take a gander at this homemade candy cookbook and whip up a batch of these temptin' treats... I'll give these folks a treat before they give me a scare! I can't take their tricks... C'mon, (Captain)! You'll have a bite, won't ya? How is it? Melts in your mouth, huh? Ha-ha, I knew you'd like it!


Looks like Halloween's come 'round again this year. Well I got something to say to you, (Captain).
Ahem... Trick or treat!
Whatcha think? Didn't sound too funny, did it?
Phew, that's a relief to hear! Guess I said it real good.
Everyone and their brother's always hollering it at me, so I just had to try it out myself.
Huh? How come you're giving me candy all of a sudden?
No fooling! I never knew that's what it meant!
Ahaha... I wanted so say trick or treat so bad that I never bothered to think about the meaning.
Good thing you gave me treats, (Captain). I don't wanna play no tricks on you!


Trick or treat! Hehe, I done nailed it this year too.
Oh, that one was only practice, (Captain). Don't worry 'bout givin' me no treats...
Sorry, here I am takin' candy from you again. But I ain't got the heart to play a trick on ya.
So I'm awful glad you were carryin' some treats.
But I guess if somebody ain't got no candy, I'll have to trick 'em...
I can't think o' no tricks to play though. What'll I do?
You'll help me think somethin' up? Well, bless your heart, (Captain)! That'd be great.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays!
What's that? You're worried about Santa Claus making it here through all this snow?
Ah! No problem! Our town gets tons of snow, but he always makes it there just fine.


Santa Claus must be havin' it rough in this cold, yeah?
I heard he comes on a sleigh, and that's more than a mite chillier than an airship, I reckon.
It'd sure be nice if he could stop and have some warm milk and cookies with us...
But he's so busy, there's no way he'll have time, yeah?


Good golly! I've never seen a cake this big! I guess that's what you get from the big city.
You didn't buy it, but you made it yourself? Well, hot dog! I can't believe my eyes or my ears!
Thanks for the slice, (Captain)! Yum... Hm?
This cake is so good I wanna go swimmin' in a pool of the batter! Even the apple on top had me droolin' for more!
Ooh wee, I'm in heaven!


Dad fetch my buttons, if it ain't (Captain)! A happy holiday to ya!
I tell ya, today's a real special day. This big 'ol city's quiet as a mouse for once... It feels real blessed or somethin'.
Huh? You're wondering what I was doin' up this way all by my lonesome?
All ya'll in the crew're gonna have that big holiday hoe-down, but I just get so gosh-darn nervous...
I sure hate to ask you a favor, but... (Captain), would you mind stickin' by my side if I go?
No foolin'? Well shucks, (Captain), there ain't nothing gonna spook me when you're by my side!
A little bird told me there's gonna be some nice and tasty cake at that party.
Last year was such a hoot. I get ants in my pants just thinkin' 'bout this one!


Hiyo, (Captain). Snow's really comin' down this year.
I'm used to city livin' now, but seein' all this snow pilin' up reminds me of the mountains.
But it's nothin' like my hometown snow! That stuff'll bury you good.
When it comes to ease of livin', city dwellin' takes the cake.
Haha, listen to me talk like city folk! Well, I've been livin' this way for a while now, ya'know!
The country boy in me'll never change, but I can safely say I've done some growin' up, (Captain).

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Momma-Lovin' Country Boy

After our heroes had accepted the mission to transport cargo from the Knickknack Shack, they sighted Norcel, who had been beset by hooligans. The party trying to help, but the hooligans ran in terror from Norcel’s fears and powers. The interested party attempted to speak to Norcel, who claimed that he was looking for a job to support his bedridden sickly mother, but was having trouble finding one. Thus the party invited Norcel into their Order.

Our heroes undertook a mission from the Knickknack Shack To transport cargo to a different island, and headed back for the airship with a wagon in tow.
Lyria: Don’t overdo things, (Captain). This book is rather heavy...
Vyrn: Good grief... Hey maybe it would be good to have you help us inside our airship?
Someone could be her breathing heavily nearby after pushing a heavy card.
Hooligan: Hey, watch where you’re going! You bump into this injury I have and I’ll have to go see a doctor!
???: A doctor! That must’ve been some injury!
Hooligan: Hm? What do you really mean?! Give us all your money!
???: Money?! I just came back from work, I'm not carrying any money!
Hooligan: What? How are you going to make it up to us?! Then give us that book! We will sell it!
???: Hey! That book ain’t the real thing!
Vyrn: Uhm! They're trying to shake him down! We gotta help him!
Hooligan: Oh shut up! Just shut up and give us the book! Whoa, it’s heavy!
The hooligan dropped the book that he had stolen from the Harvin, and it fell on his foot.
Hooligan: Gah! Ouch! What kind of book is this?!
???: Argh! I dropped it!
???: You’d better go to the doctor. Over here!
Hooligan: Forgive us! It’s a bad idea to try to get that power in that book!
???: Hey! Where you going!?
Vyrn: Whoa, there! You guys are just trying to extort him! Leave him alone!
???: Katalina?! It’s true? Scary...
Lyria: Are you alright? This book for you! I picked it up and it’s very heavy!
???: Hey! So this is a book of magic? It’s heavy!
Lyria: Wha...?! Oh my gosh! Handling such a heavy book so lightly!
???: Oh stop praising me like that, you’re embarrassing me!
???: If you read this book out loud you can use magic. But it’s so heavy it’s a pain in the neck.
Lyria: Pain in the neck?
???: Yeah, you know, it’s bothersome to handle it...
???: I’m from a village in the mountains. It’s snows all the time in this island. I’m sorry I speak with such a thick accent.
Lyria: Don't worry about it. I think you sound cute.
???: Ha ha, you’re embarrassing me by praising me like that! hey! My name is Norcel.
Lyria: Hey! Hey, we haven’t introduced ourselves yet, either. I am Lyria, this is (Captain), and this is Vyrn.
Norcel: You are very kindly people. They say people in the big city are cold, but you guys seem pretty warm.
Vyrn: Right, Norcel. Why did you come from your home all the way to this town? Did you have something you need to take care of?
Norcel: My mother is in a coma. It seems like a grave illness.
Norcel: And when she drank a little medicine she became well enough to work for a bit.
Lyria: I see... You are worried about your mother...
Norcel: Yeah. I think I could help her if I could just find the right doctor.
Vyrn: For sure, just a temporary reprieve from her illness thanks to some medicine wouldn’t be enough.
Norcel: They are not used to seeing a Harvin on this island.
Norcel: I was mistaken for a child and cannot find work...
Vyrn: Yeah, I bet a Harvin would look like a young person if you didn’t know what they were...
  1. Can I come with your Order?
  2. You, boy? Girl?

Choose: Can I come with your Order?
Norcel: For real? Well, whatever the case, let’s do it! Though I have never been in a fight before...
Norcel: In the mountains I hundred rabbits, refined metals, made footwear... Maybe I could come in handy doing those things?
Vyrn: Great job, dude! You seem like a pretty useful guy! Welcome aboard!
Norcel: Thank you for looking out for me from now on, (Captain). I will do my best, so I am looking forward to traveling with you.

Choose: You, boy? Girl?
Norcel: Wha?! I'm a man, but...
Lyria: Huh? Was that it?! Without a doubt I...
Norcel: Uh... That’s not what I think...
Norcel: All right! Maybe that’s why I always get turned down for manual labor?
Vyrn: Is that so?! That’s just too damn bad...
Norcel: Hm...? What you think, (Captain)? Could manual labor be my strong point?
Norcel: Because of all the snow, I brought back and stacked up some firewood higher than myself.
Vyrn: What?!? Higher than yourself?! That’s a huge amount!
Norcel: Oh yeah? That’s actually the norm in my village... What's wrong, (Captain)?
Norcel: Whaaat?! You’re going to let me into your Order? However, I don’t know if I could be of use to you...
Lyria: You’ll be fine! There is a great variety of work that is done within an Order!
Lyria: Ever since joining our fellowship, it looks like Norcel will take on an ever greater variety of work...
Norcel: Oh yeah? Then why don’t you tell me what I can do?
Norcel: Thank you for looking out for me from now on, (Captain). I will do my best, so I am looking forward to traveling with you.
Continue 1
Norcel: So, is that your wagon? Shall I carry something?
Lyria: Wha?! It's dangerous to carry something so heavy on your own!
Norcel: Yeah, you said it! Huh? What did you just say?!
Lyria: You're amazing! You’re so very strong!
Norcel: No need to praise me, I didn’t do anything special. Nothing like the way you make it sound.
Norcel: Ah, what nice weather. It would be nice to go for a walk through the mountains.
Norcel had wondered about aimlessly since leaving the countryside, but after his chance encounter with our heroes he joined their fellowship.
If he goes so far to help his mother, that he would probably do the same thing for his friends.

Agony of the Magic Tome

As (Captain)'s party discusses their next destination, Norcel tells them he would like to send out a letter to his mother. The party agrees, and heads for the Knickknack Shack to drop the letter off.

Norcel: Scuse me, (Captain). Do ya have a min'?
Norcel appears while the party is deciding on their next destination.
Norcel: Will we be goin' to the Knickknack Shack anytime soon? I wanna send a letter to my mum.
Lyria: Oh? Then why don't we go to the Knickknack Shack now, (Captain)?
Lyria: We have some free time too, so we could check if there are any new requests.
With Lyria's suggestion, (Captain)'s party starts heading toward the Knickknack Shack.
Norcel: Hehe...
Lyria: What is it? You've been all smiles today!
Norcel: Ah! Well, this is kinda embarrassin', but...
Norcel: I was just thinkin', I'm glad to have such kind people as my friends.
Vyrn: Wha? F-Flattery won't get you anywhere, you know?
Lyria: Hehe, are you blushing, Vyrn?
Norcel: It ain't flat'ry. I really think y'all are good people.
Norcel: When I'm travelin' wit' you guys, I'm reminded of the ol' stories of my ancestors.
Norcel: My mum's always happy to read my letters 'bout our adventures.
Vyrn: Hehe, glad to hear that!
Norcel: And now, mum can get her medicine so she's feelin' a lot better...
Norcel: The medicine lady told her that she'll be cured if we find a doctor, too.
Lyria: Really? I'm happy to hear that! Let's find a good doctor for her!
Norcel: Thanks, Lyria. And (Captain)... I don't know to thank ya guys...
Vyrn: Good for you, Norcel! But you should save the tears for after your mom gets better!
Norcel: Yeah! First, I gotta write send out a letter for mum!

Agony of the Magic Tome: Scene 2

After dropping off the letter, (Captain) and company stay at an inn for the night. While they sleep, a thief sneaks in and attempts to steal Norcel's magic book. The thief gives up after realizing the book is too heavy to carry, and the party chases after him as he tries to get away. .

Norcel drops off the letter for his mother at the Knickknack Shack.
Without any missions to work on, (Captain)'s party decides to leave the island after a good night's rest.
(Captain) and company rent a room at an inn and decide to have dinner at the dining hall downstairs.
Norcel: I'm still not used to eatin' other people's cooking like this. There weren't any places like this in my village.
Vyrn: Hm... Is it even smaller than the village of Zinkenstill?
Norcel: Yeah. It snows all year and we don't really get no visitors.
Norcel: It must be way different in big cities where there are kings and princesses.
Lyria: I see... It must be hard dealing with snow all year long. Oh, but maybe you'll be okay with your magic book?
Norcel: Yeah, this book is mighty useful. I'm grateful to my ancestors for bringing it back.
Lyria: Hm? I didn't know it had a history like that... That book must be very important to you then!
Norcel: Yeah. I gotta be thankful to my mum for giving it to me.
Vyrn: A book that lets the reader cast magic... That's quite a book you've got there.
Lyria: It is. I wonder who wrote it?
???: ... ...
Norcel: But I get tired whenever I read it, and I get real dizzy if I use it too much.
Norcel: And it's a bit heavy, too... Makes me trip a lot.
Vyrn: Hm, so it has its downsides too.
(Captain) and company enjoy their dinner, then decide to rest in the room they rented. That night...
Norcel: Aaahhh?! W-What're ya doin?!
???: Agh! This book is too damn heavy to carry!
Vyrn: What's going on?! Are you alright, Norcel?
Norcel: Aiieee! A thief j-just tried to steal my book!
Vyrn: Say what?! Where is he?!
Norcel: He went out the window right before I turned the light's on!
Vyrn: He won't get away with this! Let's go get him, (Captain)!

Agony of the Magic Tome: Scene 3

After capturing the thief, (Captain) and company hand him over to the guards. Norcel stares at his book and begins wondering if his ancestors had stolen it. In response, Lyria suggests that they look into the magical book's origin. Norcel agrees to her suggestion and makes it his new goal for his journey.

(Captain) and company capture the thief and hand him over to the guards.
Lyria: Hmm... I wonder why he went after your book... It just looks like an ordinary book on the outside.
Vyrn: He might have been listening in on our conversation at the dining hall... We should have been more careful!
Norcel: ...
Lyria: Um... Are you alright, Norcel? You've been staring off into the distance... Did the thief scare you?
Norcel: Oh... Well that too, but... I've been thinkin' about this book.
Norcel: My ancestors brought it back from... somewhere... But I thought, what if it was stolen?
Norcel: Then I would feel bad for the owner...
Vyrn: But no one ever came to claim it, right? It should be okay then.
Norcel: Maybe... But... if the real owner is somewhere out there...
Lyria: Umm... Then why don't we find out who wrote that book? Maybe the author gave it to your ancestor.
Lyria: We can look into it while we search for a doctor. How does that sound?
Norcel: ...!
Norcel: Yeah. ! It sure beats sittin' here wonderin' about it.
Norcel: I can go apologize to the author if it's stolen, and I can go say thanks if it's a gift!
Lyria: Yeah! Sounds good!
With the prospects for his mother's cure looking brighter, Norcel finds a new goal for his journey.
The journey with his magical book still seems to have a long way ahead.