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Official Profile

Npc f 3040145000 01.jpg Olivia
Age ???
Height 166 cm
Race Primal Beast (Fallen Angel)
Hobbies Observing everything
Likes "That person", her brethren
Dislikes Angels, Astrals, God of Creation
Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040145000 01.jpg Olivia
Age ???
Height 166cm
Race 星晶獣(堕天司)
Hobbies あらゆるものの観察
Likes 「あの方」、同朋
Dislikes 天司、星の民、創造神
Source [1]

Npc f 3030246000 01.jpg Olivia (Event)
Age Unknown
Height 166 cm
Race Primal Beast (Fallen Angel)
Hobbies Observing everything
Likes "That person", her brethren
Dislikes Angels, Astrals, God of Creation
Source [2] [3]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030246000 01.jpg Olivia (Event)
Age 不明
Height 166cm
Race 星晶獣(堕天司)
Hobbies あらゆるものの観察
Likes 「あの方」、同朋
Dislikes 天司、星の民、創造神
Source [2] [3]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain).
Everyone is overjoyed that you've safely reached another year of age.
The preparations for your party have been completed, so please enjoy it to your heart's content.
(I am grateful to continue this journey with your crew, (Captain)...)
(So long as I fly on this ship, I'll be able to gather more information about the supreme primarch and the other enemies of the fallen angels.)
(I must use you for the end. As regrettable as that may be...)


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Today we celebrate the fact that you've grown another year.
And in that time, yes... I think you've gotten much stronger.
You've given me the chance to see the growth of the children of man in a new light. After all, we primal beasts do not change.
(However it's strange to think such different beings are able to journey together...)
(No, I'm using this crew for our own means. I can't forget that.)


(Captain), what do you think of your party?
It seems everyone is in higher spirits than usual. Hehe, I suppose that was obvious though.
After all, everyone on this ship thinks quite highly of you.
It's as if they're celebrating not only another year in your life but their own small, personal victories as well.
Of course I share in their elation. I do not differ from the other crew members in that regard.
(You've passed another year on your journey—but only because your survival aligns with my goals.)
(Let's see if I allow you another year.)
May your next birthday be just as joyous as this one. Happy birthday, (Captain).

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year. Let's make this year better than the last, (Captain).
Haha. This is my first time to celebrate the beginning of a year.
Perhaps it's because I'm a primal beast. I've lived for so long... One year passes as quickly as one second.
However, it is interesting. The days I've spent with you do not feel so fast.
Perhaps your crew has captured my attention.
When I am with you and the others, I learn so many new things. It's all extremely interesting.
(But is that because (Captain) is the singularity?)


Happy New Year, (Captain).
We're celebrating yet another new year together. It feels...
Ah, never mind. I look forward to spending the upcoming year with you too.
I hope our coming adventures are fruitful.
(How long will I be able to accompany these children of man on their journey?)
(I need to free my brethren to ensure victory for our leader... How much longer will it be until the day comes?)
(All I can do now is continue preparing myself until the time is right.)


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Do my eyes deceive me, or are you prepared for an outing? Where are you heading?
Hm, you're heading to the shrine to pray for the year ahead? A custom of the children of man, I take it.
You want me to accompany you? Praying would be a bit... Never mind...
I shall pray for the continued safety of this crew and its members.
(There is no way my true prayers for this crew would be answered...)
(But as long as things continue smoothly, I suppose there's no harm in praying for everyone's continued health.)

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's Day, (Captain).
Here. For you. I was told about this custom of giving chocolate. So accept this treat.
Haha. Lyria told me. She said that today is the day you give someone special a present.
You know, this might be my first time to give someone a present.
I'm glad, then, that my first present should go to you.


Oh, (Captain). Happy Valentine's Day.
I procured some chocolate for you this year too. Go ahead and take them.
At first I thought I would try handmaking them... But I gave up.
It's only natural that a professional would be able to make much more delicious chocolate than myself, an amateur.
A present for any occasion should be up to standard. Surely you're happier with quality?
What's that? Did you want to say something?
Hmm? I should try handmaking them? No, I see little point in going through the trouble of learning the complicated art of the chocolatier just for a gift.
Fine. If you insist, I'll try making them by hand next year.


There you are, (Captain).
I was searching for you to give you your Valentine's Day gift.
Just as I told you I would do last year, I prepared it this year by hand. But it was difficult to say the least.
I'm certain it's safe to eat, but the appearance leaves something to be desired. How would I describe it? It looks... destroyed?
Are you sure you want it?
Are you actually pleased?
No, it's just I never thought a confection of this level would bring you joy.
I suppose I don't understand the merit in giving such an unrefined gift.
I see. The children of men find joy in all manner of objects, not just the perfect. Intriguing.

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Mm, White Day? A day to thank those who gave you gifts on Valentine's Day? I see.
So then that means this candy represents your gratitude to me.
Haha. I'm not on this journey because I want you to give me gifts, but I'm happy all the same.
Thank you. I'll cherish this gesture.
(I'm always treated so well and with such purity.)
(I don't feel wrong for deceiving the captain, but perhaps I should consider doing something for the crew as thanks for their service.)


Oh, is it White Day? I remember it—the day where one gives a return gift for Valentine's Day, correct?
And you're giving me another gift this year?
Hah. Thank you. I'll humbly accept it.
(However, this means I'll have to give you something for Valentine's Day, which means you'll be obligated to return the favor for next White Day, and then we're back to Valentine's Day and then...)
(It's a never-ending cycle. And it means our connection will deepen...)
(I see. This ceremony has been well thought out. The ways of the children of man are certainly interesting.)


Oh, (Captain)? Running an errand?
Is that a White Day gift? I suppose it's for me?
Thank you once again. I gratefully accept.
(Hm? This looks homemade.)
(Was I given a homemade confection because that was the nature of my Valentine's gift?)
(Hmm... The shape is not as perfect as a store-bought item. And I'm certain the flavor won't hold up either.)
(And yet...)
(I don't find its flaws to be disappointing at all. How strange...)
(Perhaps this is another power the singularity possesses)

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Haha. (Captain), you won't fool me. Today is a day of mischief, is it not?
Vyrn told me so.
However, I'm a bit worried, as I haven't brought any candy to pass out.
I won't be able to prevent any tricks from coming my way.
Mm? You suggest we should take to doing mischief together because it's my first Halloween?
I see. I suppose we could do that.
In that case, I humbly ask for your guidance, (Captain).
To tell you the truth, I find the idea of tricks fascinating. Please teach me all you know.


(Captain). Trick or treat.
I'm planning on using what you taught me last year to participate in the mischief of this year's Halloween festivities.
Haha. So? Which do you choose?
Oh, you have brought candies with you? I should've known you would be well prepared.
After all, you've had years more Halloween experience than me. It won't be easy to make you choose the other.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Tonight is the longest night of all. And to greet one another on this night, we are to say, "happy holidays." Correct?
Ah, no children of man lived on my island. It was a very small island.
I've come to learn much from traveling with you.
A holy night... What will the children of man think up next.
I pray that you and yours will have a joyous celebration.


Happy holidays, (Captain).
Who are you going to spend this festive night with?
It seems that the celebratory banquet aboard the Grandcypher is already underway.
Everyone is having the time of their lives to make this a memorable day.
Oh, sorry. I forgot that the children of man find the night air of winter to be cold.
You should bundle up so you don't catch a cold.


Hm? (Captain), why have you come here? Did you grow weary of the festivities?
I see. The feast was growing long, was it? Taking a reprieve from the bustle isn't such a bad idea.
I'm mistaken?
Me? At the party? So you came here to invite me.
(Hmm. There is no reason for me to participate in a party held by the children of man, but...)
Well, since you went out of your way, I have no objections.
Let us hurry to the venue. Once we arrive, would you introduce me to your favorite dish?

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Fallen One

A primal beast named Olivia visits the crew while they're taking a much-needed sabbatical. She explains she's lost her home island in the cataclysms before asking to join the crew. Underneath this veneer, Olivia is actually a fallen angel outcast and sealed to Pandemonium. She's using the crew to keep a closer eye on Lucifer, the supreme primarch.

The Grandcypher crew have successfully soared through skies of all sorts while continuing forth on their Estalucia-bound odyssey.
But one of their stormiest encounters occurred when the careful elemental balance maintained by the primarchs was torn asunder.
It was only through great effort that (Captain) and the others managed to thwart this cataclysm and restore harmony to the skies.
In a show of splendid gratitude, the supreme and omnipotent primarch, Lucifer, descended from above to thank them personally.
Lucifer: (Captain), I thank you for stopping my fellow archangel before it was too late.
Lucifer: We shall meet again. Until then, continue forth on the path you believe is true.
Lyria: ...
(Captain) and the others look on in pure amazement as Lucifer dissipates into thin air.
Meanwhile a solitary figure, furtive and unnoticed, watches this scene from nearby shadows.
???: ...
???: The supreme primarch, Lucifer. Amazing that he would manifest like this...
???: It could only mean... That child of man is the singularity...
Having saved countless skydwellers from certain doom, the crew take a well-deserved break.
Vyrn: Yawn...
(Captain) and Vyrn, who both woke up at the crack of noon, stretch out on the deck of the Grandcypher.
Lyria: (Captain), Vyrn! We've got a guest!
Vyrn: A guest?
Look, sorry, but we're not taking any jobs right now.
???: I don't have a job for you. But I do have a favor to ask.
Vyrn: Mm? That sounds real close to the same thing to me...
???: Ah well, it's a bit of a long story...
Olivia: I guess, then, that I'll introduce myself first. I'm Olivia.
Lyria: Nice to meet you, Olivia! I'm Lyria, and this is (Captain) and Vyrn!
Lyria: But, Olivia... Do you happen to be, um... a primal beast?
Vyrn: P-primal beast! This girl?
Lyria: I believe so. I get that feeling from her...
Olivia: Ah, so I see you can discern the presence of primals.
Olivia: It was not my intention to hide my true nature, but it's just as you say, Lyria.
Vyrn: A primal beast just walks up to us and asks for a favor... You can't make this kinda stuff up.
Olivia: Are you so sure? It seems you're already very close with a number of primals. Wouldn't be that surprising if one or two had asked you for something...
Olivia: But I suppose this is our first meeting. Allow me to explain before you decide.
Olivia: You are aware that several islands came crashing down on that fateful day of the cataclysm, correct?
Lyria: Yes... They were small islands...
Olivia: Well, truth be told, one of those small islands was my home.
Vyrn: Your what? You're okay, right?
Olivia: Yes, I was fortunate. Or rather, I saw the signs and managed to escape in time.
Olivia: And, lo and behold, the first thing I see when I set foot on stable ground is your group.
Olivia: You all acted to save the islands without a second thought to your own safety.
Olivia: Not to mention I spied you successfully restoring balance to the primarchs' respective elements.
Olivia: As one who dwells in these skies, allow me to offer you my gratitude. You did wonderful work—thank you.
Lyria: Thank us? We weren't even able to save your island...
Olivia: It's not your fault the island fell. Don't burden yourself with things that are out of your control, Lyria.
Olivia: Hah. Look how long my introduction's gotten. My apologies.
Olivia: Now, unless my eyes deceive me, it seems you have primal beasts acting as crew members...
Vyrn: You got that right! We're best buds with our primals! That got something to do with your favor?
Olivia: People and primals, working hand-in-hand to counter the crises of the sky realms...
Olivia: It's not every day you get to see a display like that.
Olivia: It made me wonder if I should side with such company...
Lyria: Ah! So, you mean you want to come with us?
Olivia: Indeed. I would like to become your ally and join your adventure.
Vyrn: Really? So that's what you meant by favor!
Olivia: So long as I'm with this crew, I won't have to hide the fact I'm a primal beast.
Olivia: And besides that, my island's gone—I have no place to go.
Olivia: I hope you'll consider me worthy...
  1. What kind of primal beast are you, Olivia?
  2. Of course! Let's get this journey started!

Choose: What kind of primal beast are you, Olivia?
Olivia: Ah, I control dusk.
Vyrn: Dusk? You mean you can make it night time or something?
Olivia: Haha. Sorry to disappoint you, but my power doesn't go that far.
Olivia: You could think of dusk as the time where endings begin and rest comes to the weary.
Olivia: No matter what foes you face, I can grant them a fitting ending...
Olivia: And thus provide absolute protection, even when you are at rest.
Lyria: Wow! That sounds really cool somehow!
Olivia: Hehe. Well, I won't object to a little flattery.
Olivia: As for matters of battle, worry not. I'd venture to say I'm quite adept in the ways of war. I won't be a hindrance to you in that respect.

Choose: Of course! Let's get this journey started!
Lyria: That's right! It must be so hard for you now that your home is gone.
Olivia: Thank you. I'm glad I'll be traveling with kind people such as yourselves.
Olivia: Which reminds me that I've forgotten to
ask—where is your destination anyway?
Vyrn: Hehe. We're headed on a course straight for Estalucia!
Olivia: Estalucia, you say...
Vyrn: Yep! Which is why powerful buds like you are always welcome aboard!
Olivia: As for matters of battle, worry not. I'd venture to say I'm quite adept in the ways of war. I won't be a hindrance to you in that respect.
Continue 1
Olivia: Thanks for allowing me to join your ranks, (Captain). Or, Captain, I should say.
Lyria: We're happy to have you, Olivia!
(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn gleefully welcome Olivia aboard the Grandcypher.
Lyria: Well, this is your room! Go ahead and make yourself at home. I'll be back to call you when it's time to eat.
Olivia: Very well. Thanks for showing me around.
Lyria: Not at all! See you later!
Olivia: ...
Olivia: That (Captain)... Certainly friendly, but lacks precaution...
Olivia: If a fresh warrior invited an unknown element into the group, they would be severely reprimanded.
Releasing a long and heavy sigh, Olivia sits back into a chair. Her brows then furrow and her expression turns stern.
Olivia: I will do what must be done for Him... For all of my brethren...
Olivia: This is merely the first, small step.
Olivia stares blankly at the wall before falling into a state of quiet reminiscence.
Olivia: (Primal beast Olivia... That title isn't wrong, but nor is it correct.)
Olivia: (Long ago, when the Astrals took over the skydoms, I was born an archangel—one of the original primal beasts.)
Olivia: (With my mastery over dusk, I was tasked with preventing nightmares from seeping into the sky realms. But that was in the past.)
Olivia: (It was not long until my brethren and I stood against the lords and their Creator... So we became fallen angels as a result.)
Olivia: (We fought bravely; yet we were defeated. As a matter of course, we fallen few were sealed within Pandemonium.)
Olivia: (However... Even though my brethren weren't searching for a way to break our binding, they did discover a way to circumvent it.)
Olivia: (It was the sheer force of their will that allowed me to manifest this form—a piece of my consciousness and power.)
Olivia: (This body is nothing more than a phantom... But it's enough to do what I must. Long enough to accomplish what He wills...)
Olivia: (One day we will ascend once more. But to assure our victory, I will first need to observe our foe's movements.)
Olivia: (So long as I remain close to the singularity, I should be able to ascertain the movements of our enemies—including the supreme primarch's.)
Olivia: (Although I find it distasteful that I must feign to be an ally to a child of man...)
Olivia: (Brethren, I will fulfill my role and release you all from Pandemonium!)
Olivia: ...
Olivia: ...!
Vyrn: Olivia! You in there?
Olivia: I've been here the whole time. Has something happened?
Vyrn: A nearby village has been attacked by monsters! We gotta go help 'em!
Olivia: You took on a job? I thought you weren't planning on accepting any assignments for a while.
Vyrn: No time to explain! It sounds like those villagers are barely hangin' in there!
(Captain) and Vyrn give Olivia a pleading look.
Olivia: Hah...
Olivia: This is exactly why I signed up for this crew.
Olivia: You have my sword! Let's move!
Vyrn: That's what I'm talkin' about! C'mon, (Captain)!
Olivia follows behind (Captain) and the others as they make haste for the beleaguered village.
Olivia. She was an archangel, outcast for once standing against the Astrals and their Creator.
It is under a shroud of falsified friendship that she deceives (Captain)'s crew—and thereby gains a position to spy on the foes of the fallen.

Pride of the Fallen

Lyria, Vyrn, and (Captain) invite Olivia to see a famous play about the Crimson Horizon. After the play ends, Olivia spots an angelic young man she identifies as having some connection to Lucifer.

A few days have passed since Olivia joined (Captain)'s crew.
(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn decide to pay Olivia a visit in her room.
Lyria: Olivia, if you're free tomorrow, do you want to come see a play with us?
Olivia: A play?
Lyria: Yeah! I've heard that it's supposed to be really interesting!
Vyrn: Guess lady luck was on our side, 'cuz we scored some tickets!
Vyrn: It's s'posed to be about the bottom of the sky! So how about it?
Olivia: The bottom of the sky?
Olivia: (Could they mean the Crimson Horizon? Do the children of man know about such a place?)
Olivia: (But I mustn't...)
Olivia: Thank you for the invitation, but I shouldn't really go out in public.
Lyria: Huh?
Olivia: I'm a primal beast. If ordinary folk laid eyes upon me, it would certainly present a hindrance to the crew.
Olivia: (Furthermore there is no need to fraternize with these children of man.)
Just as Olivia is about to solidify her refusal of the invitation, Lyria pipes up.
Lyria: Yes, but, but... I don't think you should worry about that sort of thing!
Olivia: Lyria?
Lyria: You're not going to be a burden on anyone just because you're a primal beast!
Vyrn: That's right. And it's not every day we get to go to the theater! Whaddya say?
Olivia: I mustn't...
Lyria: But you've helped us out with a mountain of jobs already...
Lyria: A-and you haven't gone out to shop or relax at all.
Lyria: If you're with us for the hard times, then you should join us for the fun times too!
Lyria, Vyrn, and (Captain) press the invitation with renewed vigor.
Olivia: Hah...
Olivia: Haha. After hearing all of that, how could I refuse you?
Lyria: Then you'll go?
Olivia: Yes. I will watch this play with you.
Olivia: (So rejecting something in the face of strong insistence is unnatural. Duly noted.)
Olivia: (In any case, this show may prove useful in verifying the accuracy of the skydwellers' knowledge. I must keep that in mind.)
Lyria: Yay!
Lyria: Hehe. It's going to be so fun. Right, (Captain)?
After passing out tickets, (Captain) and the others leave for the theater.
Performer: Thank you for joining us tonight to witness the reenactment of a bloodcurdling, yet true, tale.
Performer: The story of the bottom of the sky...
The Crimson Horizon!
Performer: Are you ready? Then I challenge you to watch until the very end without once covering your eyes!
Lyria: My heart is racing!
Since getting the ticket in her hands, Lyria has been looking forward to seeing the show.
Lyria: Oh dear...
But now that she's heard it's based on a story both scary and true, she begins to show some reservation.
Olivia: Lyria, are you okay? If you don't feel well, we could leave.
Lyria: N-no... I'll be fine! I want to see the show...
Lyria holds (Captain)'s hand in a vise grip while waiting for the play to start.
As the curtains rise, the color drains from Lyria's face.
Lyria: Aaah! I-I never knew there were so many ghosts at the bottom of the sky!
Olivia: (Hm. The skydwellers grasp more about that land than I had imagined...)
Olivia: (Never mind that...)
Olivia: (Captain), Lyria needs to rest, and someone should look after her.
Olivia: I shall go buy her a drink. If she sips something cold, perhaps she'll start to feel better.
Lyria: Thanks, Olivia...
Olivia: It's no trouble. Just focus on resting.
Olivia walks to the theater's concession stall, procures a beverage, and begins walking back to the crew.
She pauses when she sees a strangely familiar figure addressing (Captain) and the others.
???: In days gone by, a tale of such gravity would never have been made up.
???: Such is the vast span of time that has passed since the beginning of the world.
Olivia: Could it be...
After studying the man a little longer, her face whitens.
Olivia: (That face... That aura... It's the supreme primarch!)
Olivia: (Or is it? If he truly is the supreme one, then why do I not sense the full force of his power?)
Olivia: (Is he an avatar? Or some being who is merely impersonating the supreme primarch?)
Olivia: (In either case, he's come to make direct contact with the singularity. What will become of this, I wonder...)
Olivia continues watching the conversation from an obscured corner.
But moments later, infatuated admirers crowd around the angelic young man.
Manager: You wanna be an actor, son? I could make you the star of my next show!
Rival Manager: Hey! Butt out, pal! I scouted this guy first! He's mine!
Young Lady: What a handsome face! Please accept this flower as a symbol of our meeting like thi—
Rich Lady: No, no, you must take this piece of my handiwork instead. I insist.
Vyrn: Oh boy, they're coming at him from all sides!
(Captain) and the others begin trudging through the throng to escape the obsessive fans.
Vyrn: Coming through! 'Scuse us!
Olivia: (Captain)! This way! Let us leave the theater!
Lyria: Ah, Olivia!
Olivia: The crowds must be unbearable in your condition. Come on. Let's hurry back to the airship.
Lyria: Okay, thank you!
Olivia and (Captain) shield Lyria as they navigate the thinning horde of theatergoers. After they escape, they make the quick walk back to the Grandcypher.
Olivia sees Lyria off to bed before heading to her own room.
Olivia: (That man. It's reasonable to assume he was dispatched by the supreme primarch.)
Olivia: (But what is the supreme one plotting?)
Olivia: (It's possible that he was able to sense the pieces of my consciousness and power harbored in this body. He may know I have partially escaped.)
Olivia: (I must proceed carefully...)

Pride of the Fallen: Scene 2

A wounded woman comes to the Grandcypher seeking help. She tells (Captain) and the others her village has been surrounded by monsters. On the way to the hamlet, the crew splits into teams to tackle the swarms.

Villager: Help me! Somebody help me!
One day, during the early afternoon, a horrified woman rushes to the Grandcypher.
Villager: Skyfarers, please! Please save our village!
Vyrn: Just breathe and tell us what happened!
Villager: Mm... W-well, a swarm of monsters has surrounded our village...
Lyria: What! Are the other villagers okay?
Villager: No... Some people already have grave injuries. I barely escaped the monsters to call for help...
Vyrn: I'll say! You've got bruises and scrapes all over! We better get you treated before—
Villager: I'm fine! Just please... Please do something about our village!
Recognizing the urgency in the woman's request, (Captain) orders the crew to head for the village.
Olivia follows closely behind her crewmates as they depart to repel the monsters.
En route to the village, (Captain) and Olivia take a moment to discuss strategy.
Olivia: Break the crew members into separate teams?
Olivia: I see the merit... After all, a giant horde of monsters would actually be composed of smaller groups. Aim to defeat them one by one, correct?
Olivia: This method would disperse their fighting strength, but there is the possibility they would surge into the village seeking refuge. We have to take them out in one fell swoop.
Olivia: Understood. We'll follow your orders. Should I accompany you, (Captain)?
(Captain) quickly splits the crew members before they continue onward toward the village to fight the monsters.

Pride of the Fallen: Scene 3

After (Captain)'s group finishes battling one swarm of monsters, an otherworldly being appears and reveals that the distressed woman was the one who summoned him. The being then lunges for Vyrn and Lyria, but Olivia intercepts him in the nick of time.

After dispatching one swarm of monsters, (Captain) tries to head for another group, eager to help them take out their assigned foes.
Olivia: Wait, (Captain). I understand the urgency, but we must first treat our injured.
Olivia: Remember that needless haste amounts to death on the battlefield. Leap before you look, and you jump to your doom.
(Captain) agrees with Olivia's advice and begins checking the condition of the group.
But before everyone's status can be inspected, (Captain) begins to sense a peculiar presence.
Lyria: This feeling... That's not a monster...
Lyria: But I know I've felt it before...
Lyria: Could it be...
Otherworldly Being: The red dragon! The blue-haired girl! I've found them!
Olivia: Beings from the Otherworld!
(Captain) and Olivia stand protectively in front of Vyrn and Lyria.
  1. Did someone summon them?

Choose: Did someone summon them?
Olivia: It's just as (Captain) suggests. There is a ritual that allows them to appear.
Olivia: But it can only start when someone answers the call of one of the beings...
Olivia: (Where in the skies did (Captain) learn this information?)
Otherworldly Being: You want to know who responded to me? Since that is your wish, allow me to show you...
Villager: Whimper...
Vyrn: Gah! That's the lady that asked us to help her village...
Vyrn: We told you to wait back at our airship, so what're you doin' here?
Otherworldly Being: Heh-heh... How very foolish you are!
Villager: I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!
Villager: It's been several days since the monsters began attacking the village...
Villager: The voice came when I had completely lost hope...
Villager: It told me that if I lured you here, then it would save me and the lives of all the villagers!
Lyria: How awful!
Villager: Forgive me, please! I knew that I was bringing you directly into danger...
Villager: But we don't want to die! That's all!
(Captain) is stunned by the woman's confession.
Otherworldly Being: You so desperately wanted to save these children of man...
Otherworldly Being: Bringing you here was simple—and taking you will be much the same!
The otherworldly beings reach out toward Vyrn and Lyria.
Vyrn: Yikes!
Lyria: Aaah!
Olivia: Both of you, get back!
Olivia dispels the power of the otherworldly beings with her blade, saving Vyrn and Lyria.
Olivia: (Captain)! The enemy has appeared! Do not back down!
Olivia: We won't give up Vyrn nor Lyria so easily!
Olivia: Now is not the time to waver! Slay these otherworldly beings!
Spurred on by Olivia's call to action, (Captain) settles into a battle stance.
Olivia: Perfect. Now let us begin!

Pride of the Fallen: Scene 4

Olivia and the others head back to the Grandcypher, where she asks how (Captain) learned about the Crimson Horizon. (Captain) confesses that Lucifer warned (Captain) about Pandemonium in a dream. Olivia is relieved to hear that Lucifer is focused on the otherworldly beings and not her fellow fallen angels.

Otherworldly Being: You...
Olivia: Humph. You didn't account for me? It seems you also underestimated (Captain)'s power.
Olivia: (This will do. It would be of no benefit to us if Vyrn and Lyria were to be abducted.)
Lyria: (Captain), Olivia! Are you all right? You didn't get hurt, did you?
Olivia: I'm fine. (Captain) seems well too. Thankfully.
Vyrn: Whew... You guys had me worried...
Villager: ...
Olivia: Now. What will we do with this child of man?
(Captain) sighs and gestures to let the woman go.
Olivia: Are you sure? She was going to sacrifice you and your friends to save herself.
Olivia: Is it truly fine for her to forego justice and walk free?
Nodding yes, (Captain) suggests that they hand the woman back to the village.
Olivia: I suppose you see the woman as a victim of the otherworldly beings' plot. I can't say you're incorrect.
Olivia: If that is truly your wish, (Captain), then I won't disagree. Let us make haste in returning her.
By the time (Captain) and Olivia return the woman, the swarm of monsters has dissipated. It is an uneventful trip back to the Grandcypher.
Back aboard the airship, Olivia walks over to (Captain), who seems to be lost in a daydream.
Olivia: (Captain), you must be worn out. Both physically and mentally.
Olivia: Is anxiety keeping you from resting?
Olivia: I see. If it helps, why don't we talk?
Olivia: It seems you know a bit about the otherworldly beings.
Olivia: How did you come to receive this information?
There aboard the deck of the Grandcypher, (Captain) reveals to Olivia that the Supreme Primarch once visited during a dream and described the otherworld.
Olivia: A dream? The supreme primarch came to you in a dream and warned you of the Otherworld?
Olivia: I see. So the supreme primarch regards the spawn of the Otherworld as a threat.
Olivia: Then I presume you released that villager because you knew she'd never answer their call again?
Olivia: Ah, but you haven't forgiven her.
Olivia: Yes... I see. Lyria and Vyrn are quite important to you.
Olivia: You can't forgive someone who would intentionally put your friends in harm's way.
Olivia: ...
Olivia: And being unable to forgive someone is making you feel guilty...
Olivia: But there is no forgiveness for her.
Olivia: The emotion you're feeling now, it is your justified right to have it.
Olivia: I could stand to repeat this to Lyria as well, but do not burden yourself with things beyond your control.
Olivia: Understand?
(Captain) manages a nod.
Olivia: It seems we've lost track of time. Come, it's time to get some rest.
Knowing that Olivia's right, (Captain) gives her a friendly grin and leaves for the sleeping quarters.
Olivia: ...
Olivia: (Supreme Primarch... It seems you've thoroughly warned them of the otherworldly beings.)
Olivia: (Does that mean you've taken your eye off of the fallen angels?)
Olivia: (If so, then this is our chance. I must search for a way to free my brethren from Pandemonium!)
Olivia: Hahah!
Olivia has learned that the supreme primarch regards the otherworldly beings with caution.
In order to challenge the Creator once again, Olivia is determined to free her fallen brethren.
Should her wish be granted, would they even be able to overthrow the Creator?
Too many things remain clouded for the fallen angel to know the answer. She has no choice but to face the gravity of a future unknown.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
戦いのことなら任せておいてくれ You may leave the battling to me.
敵に終わりを君達に安寧を Dreams for my friends. Nightmares for my foes.
敵の動きに注意して進もう Look for signs of the enemy as we move forward.
(あの方々の為、同朋の為に…!) (For the others, for my brethren!)
(主人公)、無理は禁物だ (Captain), do not fatigue yourself.
私は宵闇の星晶獣だ I am the primal beast of dusk.
君達と旅が出来て嬉しいよ I'm glad to join you on this journey.
戦いのさなかに気を緩めるな Do not let your guard down in the midst of battle.
(天司長の動向には注意せねば…) (I must watch for the supreme primarch's movements.)
(主人公)達は少し優しすぎる (Captain), you and your crew are too friendly.

Other Appearances

Rage Of Bahamut


SV Dark Angel Olivia.png SV Dark Angel Olivia E.png
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Fanfare: Increase your evolution points to 3.

I welcome you, my new brethren in a world of chaos! Our clan's victories on the battlefield will surely be a blow to the gods.


Today, my new brethren, we embark on a journey that will start with bloodshed but will one day lead us to a new world!

Class Neutral
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SV Portal Dark Angel Olivia
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World Flipper


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