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Official Profile

Age 18
Height 173 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Weight training, squats, fishing
Likes Fishes, fights, strong people
Dislikes Feather, leg cramps

Character Release


Character Release

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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 18歳
Height 173cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 筋トレ、スクワット、釣り
Likes 魚、喧嘩、強者
Dislikes フェザー、こむらがえり

Character Release


Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3]



  • Randall has character banter with FeatherAny version when paired in battle.
  • Randall's name is similar to the German word "Randale", meaning "riot" or "rampage".

Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Ah. Is it your birthday, (Captain)?
We can celebrate if you want. Randall style. Stand over there!
Now I see. The source of your lethargy and chronic unhealthiness... was skeletal deformation!
Humph. Your skeleton is your life. If you could see how messed up your bones were, you'd see that clear as day.
So quit trying to imitate me. You're wrecking your body!


Hey, (Captain). Seems like it's your birthday.
Here. Take this.
Just fished it up this morning. Better eat it while it's fresh.
If you don't want it, I'll sell it. This thing flies off the shelves--it's not any regular fish.
And it tastes best right after it's caught. So, come on, down the hatch.
Yup. Of course it's delicious--I'm the one that fished it up after all!
You got it because today's your birthday. Don't expect this kind of treatment all the time.


Yo, (Captain). So today's your birthday, huh.
What do you think of birthdays anyway?
Whenever my birthday rolls around, I always wonder if it's been my fate since birth to get stronger.
I can't help that my blood boils every time I come face-to-face with someone strong. It was the same when I first met you.
How about you, (Captain)? What do you think you were brought into this world for?
Actually, never mind. Dumb question. I can tell reaching the Island of the Astrals means everything to you.
Besides, if you were just a deadweight, I wouldn't even give you the time of day.
I don't usually say this kinda thing, (Captain), but I'm glad to be a part of the crew.


Yo, (Captain). Know what today is?
Hey, what's got your guard up? You've got me all wrong. Just wanted to say happy birthday.
I know I'm always lookin' for a fight. But I really am thankful to have you as a friend. I mean, got myself another rival whose butt I can kick to skydom come.
You've done your fair share of traveling, so you get it, right? The way your blood sings when you meet a real tough guy.
But it's going to be me who knocks you out, you hear? Don't even think about throwin' in the towel before then.
By the way, I made you a little fish dish; it'll give you some more backbone. Eat up, and bulk up.


Today's your birthday, eh, (Captain)?
These five years of celebrating your birthday sure went by in a flash.
There's something I've learned from watching you all these years.
We should better ourselves not for our sake, but for the sake of protecting others... That's the trick to your strength.
Heck, that'd never work for me though. 'Course, I'm not sayin' that other people don't matter.
Just goes to show that you're the better person—I'll admit it.
But that doesn't mean I'm calling it quits! I'll just have to follow my own path in achieving true strength!
Let's keep on keepin' on, eh, (Captain)!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Hm? You want me to reach in there and pull out my fortune for this year?
Humph. I'm not one to argue with what the heavens ordain.
You shall not meet the one you seek.
Who needs fortunes? These things never come true anyway.


Hey, (Captain). I'm not doing no stupid New Year's prayers this year. That stuff don't work.
I'd rather rely on the strength of my kicks to find my way in the world.
This year I'm gonna find my ultimate rival—and send him flying with one blow.
So listen up, (Captain)! You're gonna be right beside me as I aim for these new heights!
The strong beckon the strong. And your strength is real. With you here, I'll definitely find him.


(Captain), check out these fish I caught.
Where I come from, it's a New Year's tradition to chow down on fish for good luck.
This one's an amberjack. They say it's good for prosperity.
One of these and I'll be on top of the world! That's just my way of saying I'll be stronger than ever!
You and I are having a bout right after this! You better not run!


Here comes another year.
(Captain), got a question for you. You think I got any tougher last year?
I mean, 'course I did. But I don't feel it. And you know why? It's 'cause of you!
You powered up so fast. It's like I hardly changed, in comaparison.
Well, guess it ain't all bad. Feels good, knowing I got a strong rival to kick into the dust!
Got my resolution figured out too. I'm gonna one-up you!
You get tougher too, you hear? The crazier the goal, the more pumped I get!


Rah! Take this! Hiyah!
Phew... (Captain)? You're up early.
I got up pretty early too. Nice morning, right? Figured I should take advantage of it.
Can't afford to pass up any chance to train. Do you remember my goal from last year?
I said I'd get strong enough to surpass you. I plan on working on that same goal this year.
Can't focus on anything else anyway. Not when a powerhouse like you is right in front of me.
So make sure you keep your strength up, or else all this hard work will be for nothing!
Haha! This year's going to be a fun one, I just know it!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Sigh. I know why you went to the trouble of calling me all the way out here.
Using confectionery as a ruse to convey your true feelings... I know what Valentine's Day is about.
What? What are you waiting for? Come at me from wherever you want! I'm ready!
Huh? You're finally ready to settle this, aren't you?
We don't need trivial junk food like chocolates to be honest with each other... Right?


Hey. Why'd you just sigh? Pipe up.
Ah! This must be about last year's Valentine's!
Calling me and then leaving the scene before we could settle our score... That kind of hurt my feelings...
Wait... Are you holding a valentine in your hand?
Ah-hah... So you postponed our match until this year! Good, bring it—
H-hey! Where are you going, (Captain)? Come back! Wait!


Yo, (Captain). That thing in your hands for Valentine's?
I figured. 'Preciate it.
Huh? You're wondering how I accept something like this with a straight face?
Heh... I only found out about this recently, but it turns out chocolate can boost concentration.
Meaning a few of these and I get greater access to my power!
Bet you thought I didn't see this coming, eh?
Just gimme a sec! I'm gonna lay it on you good after I put a few of these into my mouth!
Hey, wait up! I'm still digestin' em...
Mm! These are pretty good!


(Captain), you have chocolates for me? I can tell by the smell.
Kinda hard to believe you aren't sick of all this candy crap. You've been keepin' it up for so long that, heck, even I'm kinda interested.
I don't get why you've gotta run away after you hand off the goods, without even throwing a punch. Feels like there's some kinda unfinished business.
Huh? Hey, you're lookin' kinda red.
Heh. I gotchu. You're itching for a fight, and the blood's coursing through you. It's obvious to me.
Right, then. Bring it!
What? What're sighing for? Just spell it out for me, will you!


Yo, (Captain). I'm here for my present.
I'm talkin' about chocolate, duh. I know a goody two-shoes like you wouldn't forget.
You give me sweets year after year, so now every time Valentine's rolls around, I get all on edge!
This is all your fault, (Captain)! So you'd better prepare yourself for—
(Captain) hands Randall the chocolates and immediately takes off running.
H-hey! Hold it right there!
Must've thought I was lookin' for a fight. Well, I can't exactly blame (Captain), all things considered...
Ugh, I missed my chance to say thanks too.

White Day Cutscenes
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Hey. Meet me out back later. Hm?
Heh. Don't worry. It's not for a fight.
Why are you so surprised? You know what today is, don't you?
I always repay my debts. In full. Three times over!


Looks like it's time for me to pay you back for the Valentine you gave me, (Captain).
Huh? What do you mean, "Is this it?"
Oh, you mean if I want to fight you... Hey! Don't treat me like that idiot!
The one who always wants to fight is him—not me. I've actually got sense.
Just take it already. There's some delicious cookies inside. Worth three times what you gave me.


Heya, (Captain).
These rice crackers are thanks for Valentine's.
They're famous for being the toughest crackers in all the skies.
I just knew I had to try these when I learned about 'em. Turns out they're still hard to bite into even for me.
Huh? You think you've got what it takes?
Urgh! You cracked them with your fists!
Now they're easier to bite into, huh... I guess there was never any rule about not using your fists...
Damn it! You punchaholics are all the same!


(Captain), you ever heard of wet sembei?
In short, they're rice crackers that've been marinated in sauce. Kinda moist, like cookies.
First thing I thought was, "Soft crackers are for wusses."
But they're pretty damn good. Actually caught me off guard.
Hah. Looks like you won't need to crack these open with your fists.
Just letting you know, but I'm not holding any grudges 'bout last year. Don't get me wrong here!


Here, (Captain). Fish rice crackers.
I tried tossin' in one of the small fry I caught before bakin' 'em. Pretty nifty, huh?
Goes without sayin' I put in tons of time and effort. But I had to, or they wouldn't hold a candle to your chocolates.
So, uh, y'know... I missed my chance to say it before, but, well...
Never mind! Anyway, eat up and put some pep in that step!
Fish is good for you! And you gotta take care of your health! Got it?

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies
2nd year:
Chocolate Biscuits square.jpg Chocolate Biscuits
3rd year:
Chocolate Biscuits square.jpg Chocolate Biscuits
5th year:
Chocolate Biscuits square.jpg Chocolate Biscuits

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Hm? Oh. It's you, (Captain).
Around this time of year, I think back to all those times I hid away in the pumpkin fields when I was a kid.
I challenged that jerk to see who could split the most pumpkins.
Just thinking about it makes me angry. Now give me that stupid mask you're wearing.


Hey. Same costume again? You can't wait to get out there, huh?
What? Don't I have candy?
Fraid not. You've got some nerve expecting candy from me.
So you'll trick me instead?
Hah! Cool. Bring it on.
I've been itching to beat up a brat, so this is perfect!


Halloween, eh? It's costume-crazy madness everywhere you look.
What's that? You want me to dress up as a girl? Hey, stop screwing around!
Hands off my hair, buster! Now!
Hm? Trick complete, you say?
Heh... Pretty snazzy trick you pulled just now.
Since it's Halloween, I might as well have a shot at it too.
'Cept I'm doing this my way!
You'd better be ready for it! We're duking it out in style!


Trick or treat!
Ha! Surprised? Well, figured I'd have some good clean fun this Halloween!
Yeah, right. Catch me dead before I cough out a goody-two-shoes line like that.
So on Halloween, when you get candy, you can't pull pranks, right? But by that same token, it means if you don't get nothin', you can play all the tricks you want.
I saw you give out the last of your candy to those kids just now. You're fresh out, aint'cha?
Don't even try to run. 'Cause I'm about to prank you—Randall style!


You finally done giving out treats, (Captain)?
About time! Now I get to prank you—
(Captain) produces a treat out of concealment and hands it to Randall.
Heh, you saw me comin' a mile away, huh? But you're not getting off this easy!
Randall snatches the treat and pops it into his mouth.
Hah, no more treats! Now give it up—
(Captain) produces a mountain of treats out of concealment.
What a gutsy move! But I'm just as gutsy of a trick-or-treater!
We'll just have to see which one of us lasts longer! Treats are gonna fly!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Ah, so you've heard as well, (Captain).
There's an old man with a huge red bag who gives out presents to children...
And it seems he flies using his fists. Like, he punches the ground and sends himself to the air with the repercussion.
That accursed old hack! I'm going to stay up all night to get him. Stay with me and help, (Captain).


(Captain), last year I stayed up all night, but that old hack in red didn't show up.
But for some reason there were presents laid next to both my bed and your bed...
What could this mean?
Sigh... This is baffling. If he knew just how strong we were, he would've never come.
Ah! He must've snuck in when we weren't looking! And that's why he laid the presents down!
I can't believe he was able to do that! Grr! How much longer will you taunt me, you old fart!
We can't back down, (Captain).
We've gotta try even harder this year to challenge old red!


Get a load of this, (Captain)!
Check out all this stuff the old guy in red left us!
Ooh, a greeting card! "I look forward to meeting you again next year," it says!
You know what that means, Captain? The old-timer'll finally be ready to duke it out with me!
Whoo! Can't wait till next year!


Hey (Captain)! Come check out this box! It was sitting by my pillow when I woke up.
And it's bursting with food! There's even a message. "Take care of yourself."
You get it, right, (Captain)! They're tellin' me to eat up and build some muscle!
Darn that old red dude... What's he doing, sending provisions into the enemy camp? Tryin' to say I'm weak, huh!
Just you wait... (Captain)! We're training! I'm gonna get ripped and blow that red dude outta the water!


Damn it... When will that old red dude finally show his face around here?
He left food and a message card again before running away. He's messing with me... I know he is!
(Captain)! He spends his time flying through the air, right?
Why am I asking? So I can catch him, duh!
But I can't fly myself, so...
I'll jump real high and take him down!
Gonna need a lot of training before then, so help me out, (Captain)!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Friend and Rival

(Captain) is suddenly challenged to a duel by a man named Randall. (Captain) refuses, but Randall starts to suspect the crew is connected to someone he's searching for. He forces the crew to let him join, believing they will lead him to the one he seeks.

Two voices echo through a street on a distant island.
???: Check it out! The weather's perfect!
???: The world's practically puttin' on a party celebrating the start of our journey, Randall!
Randall: Heh. Really now.
Randall: Who said anything about me going with you?
???: Huh? I thought you were coming with! What brings you here, then?
Randall: A simple coincidence. Nothing more!
Randall: Whatever. If you're heading that way, I'm going this way.
Randall: See you! Time to take our separate ways! I can finally say goodbye to your ugly mug!
???: H-hey, hang on a sec, Randall!
Randall: What is it this time?
???: Look. We go way back, don't we?
Randall: That doesn't mean I have to like it. Now spare me your insipid recollections, and—
???: But I never got the chance to share a battle with you! That's my greatest regret!
Randall: That's it. I'm gonna—
???: No! I should be the one to apologize! I'm too weak, and you just couldn't bring yourself to raise your hand against a weakling like me. Isn't that right?
Randall: ...!
???: So I'm going to get stronger. I'm going to fight the strongest foes in the sky with these fists of mine!
???: And when we meet again, you'll have to fight me!
Randall: Don't you dare—
???: Hm? What was that? Oh, of course! I wouldn't dare put myself in danger!
???: Right on! We may not have matched fists, but I still know exactly what you're thinking!
???: Well, off I go! Till we meet again!
Randall: That simpleton!
Randall: Humph! You're going to be the best? Don't make me laugh!
Randall: You won't even get close to me! I'm out of your reach!
Randall: Run as fast as you want. I'll always be ahead of you!
Randall: I'll have to fight you the next time we meet?
Randall: Very well! But that will be the moment this little farce between us comes to an end.
Randall: And until that day arrives... I'll be training!
Villager 1: Wow, look at how fast he took those monsters out!
Villager 2: That's amazing! It's like I blinked and all the monsters were gone!
Villager 3: Yeah! But what I'm wondering is...
Villagers: Why does he keep talking to himself?
The crew completes a routine monster hunt in a nearby village.
On their way back, someone calls out to (Captain).
Randall: You there. You seem much stronger than you look.
Randall: Perfect timing. Care for a duel?
Lyria: Huh?
Vyrn: Do you do this to every random passerby you meet?
Randall: I know you came here to help defend that town from the monsters.
Randall: But I can see it in your eyes. Those monsters could barely satisfy you. You long for a worthy opponent. It's what drives you!
Randall: Just like me... When I think of that aggravating idiot, it makes me want to wipe out every monster in sight.
Randall: In fact... I still have plenty of steam to blow off!
Vyrn: Uh-huh...
Randall: So what do you say? A duel between—
Cutting the stranger off, (Captain) refuses.
But the young man—who calls himself Randall—takes the refusal rather calmly.
Randall: Hmm. Won't bare your fangs to just anyone, eh? I can respect that.
Vyrn: You're taking this surprisingly well.
Randall: If you're not interested, I won't force the issue.
Randall: Guess I'll be seeing you around then. See ya.
(Captain) watches him start to leave.
Any version of Feather is a crew member

Lyria: Say, (Captain)...
Lyria: Am I the only one who's getting deja vu?
Vyrn: Now that you mention it, this does feel oddly familiar.
Vyrn: I guess getting asked to fight with random strangers isn't that weird...
Vyrn: I mean, this definitely wouldn't be the first time it's happened to us.
Randall: What did you say?
Vyrn: Whoa! I thought you left already!
Randall: Did some other stranger challenge you? That's definitely not normal!
Vyrn: Didn't you just do it to us?
Randall: Based on your last conversation... you know him, don't you?

No version of Feather in crew

Lyria: Hmm. Hey, (Captain)...
Lyria: Maybe asking someone to fight is just his way of saying hello?
Vyrn: Yeah, right!
Vyrn: You've got a point though. We've been all sorts of places, met all sorts of characters.
Vyrn: And this wouldn't be the first time someone's challenged us out of the blue.
Randall: What did you say?
Vyrn: Whoa! I thought you left already!
Randall: Did some other stranger challenge you? That's definitely not normal!
Vyrn: Didn't you just do it to us?
Randall: I knew it... I could sense it the moment I saw your little group.
Randall: You're just the type of people he'd hang around!
Randall: You know him, don't you?
Vyrn: Whoa! What're you talking about?
Continue 1
Randall: Where is he? Tell me where he is!
  1. Where's who?
  2. Heh...

Choose: Where's who?
Randall: Don't play dumb with me! Why are you covering for him?
Randall: That's it! You're after him too! And you don't want me to reach him before you do!
Randall: I've changed my mind! Looks like I'll have to get the truth out of you by force!

Choose: Heh...
Randall: Wh-what's so funny?
Vyrn: I think (Captain) was just letting out a sigh...
Randall: I see. In other words... if I want to get you to talk, I have to make it happen by force!
Randall: Very well! Challenge accepted!
Continue 2
Vyrn: What? No! We didn't throw down any challenge!
Lyria: That's enough! I'm sorry, but (Captain) refused to fight, and you'll just have to respect that!
Lyria: And didn't you say yourself that you don't force people into fights?
Randall: Humph. Well, you've got me there.
Randall: Very well. I won't ask about his whereabouts for now.
Randall: But this meeting of ours has surely been arranged by the stars themselves. A sign that the day of reckoning between us draws near!
Vyrn: Uhh. Okay.
Randall: If he's found someone as strong as you, he can't be far. He'll show himself. I know it.
Randall: I'll be joining you on your travels until then, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Hey! We ain't no bait!
Randall: Humph. Keep telling yourself that.
The crew didn't ask for Randall to join the crew, but he did anyway.
He forges onward, spending every day preparing for the climactic showdown with his ultimate rival.

And the Winner Is

The crew attends a festival on a certain island, but finds nothing but burly, muscular men parading around the festival grounds. The festival is held to determine the strongest individual in the sky, and Randall is convinced his rival will participate.

Lyria: Vyrn! (Captain)! Over here, hurry! This must be where the festival is—
Lyria: Oh my gosh!
Vyrn: Wh-what's going on here?
(Captain) and company have come to an island on which a special annual festival is held.
What currently dominates the festival grounds, however, is a sea of burly, muscular men.
Burly Villager: Howdy, folks! You look like you're new to these parts! Anythin' we can help you with?
Lyria: Eek! Um, well!
Lyria: Wh-what sort of festival is this exactly?
Burly Villager: Hahaha! Your confusion is totally understandable, little lady.
Burly Villager: What's about to start is the battle—I mean festival—to determine the strongest man in the sky!
Vyrn: Wait a sec... Did you say battle? You did... didn't you?
Burly Villager: The festival rules are simple! At the signal participants start punching each other. Last person standing wins!
Burly Villager: Those gathered here today are the toughest of the tough, assembled from across the sky!
Lyria: So this is a fighting festival? Doesn't sound like I'll have much to do here...
Burly Villager: Aw! No need to feel down, lil' lady!
Burly Villager: There's only one condition needed to enter!
Burly Villager: If your body's your only weapon, you're in!
Lyria: You mean I can join too? Yay!
Vyrn: No way we're letting you do that!
Burly Villager: Whoa there! No need to get your scales scuffed, lil' lizard! We have very noble reasons for doing this!
Vyrn: Hey! I ain't no—
Vyrn: Wait, noble reasons? You mean you guys aren't just gonna punch each other for the heck of it?
Burly Villager: Of course not! The key for us all to understand each other is one thing and one thing only!
Vyrn: Uh...
Burly Villager: Muscles.
Vyrn: What?
Burly Villager: Yes. Nothing speaks louder than a well-trained body.
Burly Villager: A bicep speaks a thousand words, as they say. Our fists allow us to understand one another to our very cores. To foster bonds deeper than any other!
Vyrn: R-right...
Randall: There's no doubt about it! He's here!
Lyria: Randall?
Vyrn: Whoa! When did you get here?
Vyrn: And what do you mean he's here?
Lyria: You mean the person you said you'd have your final showdown with?
Vyrn: That guy's here?
Randall: Exactly!
Randall: He can't possibly resist an event like this!
Vyrn: And here I thought you had a real reason to think he's here!
Vyrn: Geez...
Vyrn: Wha! Hey! What's the big idea?
(Captain) and company are suddenly obstructed by a group of festival participants.
Thug 1: Heh! Hey man, check it out. Didn't know they let babies join too. Easy pickings!
Thug 2: Nothing personal, kids. There's a whole lotta money in it for the winner of this festival. No one's going to be pulling any punches here.
Vyrn: Are you jerks trying to take out your opponents before the thing even starts?
Lyria: And they're using weapons! That's not fair at all!
Vyrn: Don't get the wrong idea! We're not even taking part in the festival!
Vyrn: Randall! Don't just stand there! Say some—
Randall: Hrah!
Thug 1: Ugh!
Thug 2: Why you little... I'll teach you not to mess with us!
Vyrn: Hey! What're you doing?
Randall: He's here. He has to be! I can feel it!
Randall: The day has finally come!
Vyrn: Sigh... He's not even listening.
Thug 2: All right, pipsqueaks! Now it's my turn!
Randall: You've wasted enough of my time. Out of the way!

And the Winner Is: Scene 2

Randall hears of an exceptionally powerful individual among the participants. Before he can find out more, the festival starts and waves of fighters descend on Randall and (Captain).

Thug 2: Heh. I'm impressed.
Randall: Humph. I could say the same to you. You might act like scum, but you're not rotten to the core.
Thug 2: Haha, you got me. This little fight's opened my eyes.
Thug 2: If guys like you are out there... I might just enter with my own two fists next time.
Vyrn: Looks like they understood each other to their very cores.
Lyria: Hee hee! I wasn't sure how things were going to turn out at first...
Lyria: But all's well that ends well! Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) starts to nod, only to be suddenly overwhelmed by the feeling that something's been forgotten.
Randall: Ha! Next time? The festival gong is just about to ring. Why not join right now?
Thug 2: Heh heh, cut me some slack here! Lady Luck really ain't on my side today.
Thug 2: Not to mention I ran into a real maniac earlier today. That's not an excuse. I lost to you fair and square. But he was the real deal.
Thug 2: Punched just like you. Each blow felt like he'd put all his heart and soul into it.
Thug 2: He said exchanging a few punches can tell you everything there is to know about someone.
Randall: What? Could it be... him?
Vyrn: Ack! I forgot he's still on his manhunt...
At that moment a loud gong silences the bustling crowd.
Vyrn: Whoa! Was that the signal to start the festival?
Vyrn: Oh man! We gotta get outta here, (Captain)! We're standing right in the middle of the battlefield!
Fighting erupts all around them in spectacular display.
Realizing the situation they are in, (Captain) raises their fists in anticipation.
Vyrn: (Captain)? You can't be thinking what I think you're thinking!
Randall: You're joining in, eh? Now we're talking!
Randall: I'll test my skills against you... Then have my final showdown with him!
Randall: But no matter who I fight first...
Randall: I'll be the last one standing after this is all over!
Vyrn: Uh-oh...
A pregnant pause fills the air.
And then all at once, the throng of festival participants descends on Randall and (Captain) like a tidal wave.

And the Winner Is: Scene 3

A sudden wind brings the festival to an abrupt end. When Randall hears that the phenomenon's source was a single punch from a mysterious, powerful individual, he finds himself feeling respect for a fellow fighter for the very first time.

The festival comes to an end.
Randall: I don't believe this! I've never heard of something so ridiculous before!
Vyrn: Could you not yell? My head's killing me...
Lyria: Hard as it is to believe, the organizers made the decision, Randall.
Randall: How could they decide that nobody won?
Vyrn: I told you to keep it down! Ow...
Vyrn: It's not like they had a choice after what happened...
The festival was just about to reach its conclusion.
Just as the winner was about to be decided, a deafening roar rends the air.
Hurricane force winds rip across the battlefield, knocking everyone to the ground.
And when the smoke clears, it's not clear who the winner is.
Vyrn: Man, that was some crazy wind back there. I thought my head was gonna get blown off!
Vyrn: Anyway. I understand your frustration, Randall, but let's not mince words here.
Vyrn: Your opponent was a real natural phenomenon!
Vyrn: So what if there isn't a winner this year? There's always next time!
Randall: I don't care about that!
Vyrn: Huh?
Lyria: Actually... a few people saw.
Vyrn: S-saw who doing what?
???: Hrm? A festival dedicated to muscular communion, you say?
???: Haha! Excellent!
???: But how will I then partake in this festival's communion when my fists do not seek victory?
???: Very well. Allow this to initiate the festivities!
???: Hah!
???: Gahahaha! Gahahahaha!
Vyrn: You gotta be kidding me!
Vyrn: S-so what you're saying is that just one punch from this guy was enough to send everyone flying?
Lyria: I know it's hard to believe, but everyone's saying the same thing.
Lyria: Whoever it was, they've already left. Everyone got knocked down, so they decided not to award a winner this year.
Vyrn: So that's why Randall's all wound up.
Vyrn: I mean... to be fair, the festival killer just up and disappeared without a trace.
Vyrn: Thanks to one guy, the festival was ruined and Randall can't find the guy he's looking for.
Lyria: Oh my gosh! Vyrn!
Vyrn: Ah! I-I uhh, I didn't mean to—
Randall: Heh...
Randall: Heheheh... Hahaha!
Vyrn: What's gotten into you, Randster?
Randall: After a stunt like that, it's fair to say that no one here can lay claim to the title of Sky's Strongest!
Randall: It feels like we've just been reminded of how small we really are, to be honest.
Randall: To know that someone out there can do that much damage with one punch?
Randall: This world of ours has got some serious monsters in it!
Vyrn: Wow...
Vyrn: Yup! You said it! The sky's one seriously awesome place! Right, (Captain)?
Seeing Randall's contented expression lulls the crew into believing he has ended his obsessive manhunt.
Randall: Heh, all these musclebrains...
Randall: They're so crazy... It drives me nuts just thinking about them!
Vyrn: Y-yeah... They sure are.
Randall feels awe and respect for a fellow fighter for the very first time.
However as time goes by, slowly yet surely, animosity returns to his heart.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
勘違いするな。俺は拳を否定しねぇ…使わねぇだけだ I don't deny the fist. I just don't use it.
なれなれしいヤツは嫌いだ…人の話を聞かねぇヤツもな I hate jerks who try to cozy up to me... and jerks who don't listen.
誰彼かまわず勝負したがるヤツと一緒にするな! Don't lump me in with that hot-headed fight freak!
ふん、ちょうど退屈してたところだぜ Good timing. I was just starting to get bored.
ストレス解消にはもってこいだな No better way to relieve stress.
一掃してやるぜ! Time to take out the trash!
拳でわかりあえるなど幻想にすぎん! How do you expect to understand someone by punching each other! Nonsense!
チッ……気をつけな! Tch... Watch it!
忘れるなよ、(主人公)…お前の決着もいつかつける I'm going to settle the score with you someday, (Captain).
お前のムダ口きかねぇとこ悪くねぇぜ、(主人公) You don't mince words. I like that, (Captain).


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