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Official Profile

Npc f 3040109000 01.jpg Razia
Age 20 years old
Height 132 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies Training
Likes Reading (especially stories of poetic justice)
Dislikes Insects, loneliness

Source [1] [2]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040109000 01.jpg Razia
Age 20歳
Height 132cm
Race ドラフ
Hobbies 訓練
Likes 読書(勧善懲悪の物語など)
Dislikes 虫、孤独

Source [1] [2]

Npc f 3030257000 01.jpg Razia (SR)
Age 20 years old
Height 132 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies Training
Likes Reading (especially stories of poetic justice)
Dislikes Insects, loneliness
憎きゼエン教の神殿内で 彼女に何が待ち受けており、どういうシチュエーションで「くっ、殺せっ!」と言うのでしょうか?
Source [3] [4]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030257000 01.jpg Razia (SR)
Age 20歳
Height 132cm
Race ドラフ
Hobbies 訓練
Likes 読書(勧善懲悪の物語など)
Dislikes 虫、孤独
憎きゼエン教の神殿内で 彼女に何が待ち受けており、どういうシチュエーションで「くっ、殺せっ!」と言うのでしょうか?
Source [3] [4]





  • It is possible that Razia's name comes from the French/German word "razzia" which commonly refers to a police raid.
  • The names of Razia's abilities are German.
    • Absolute Gerechtigkeit means "absolute justice".
    • Ausbruch means "breakout", "escape", or even "eruption".
    • Uebel Zerstoeren's correct spelling is "Übel Zerstören" and translates to "to destroy evil" or "to injure badly".
    • Seismische Welle means "seismic wave".
  • Her Japanese name is Rastina.

Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain).
This cake?
I baked it just for this occasion. Let's share it with everyone.
Would you stop telling me to watch my step? I'm not that clumsy, you know.
Why's it so slippery?
Who put this rope here?
Hah! It'll take more than that to bring me down!
Ack! Now what? Is that a banana peel?
I don't care what gets in my way. I'm not dropping this cake!
Not to worry, (Captain)... I've protected this cake with my life!
We're going to have the best party ever tonight!


(Captain), happy birthday!
As for your present... I apologize... I didn't have time to get anything ready.
What? I don't have to worry? Of course I do!
I owe you so much... The least I can do is get you a birthday present...
I couldn't call myself a knight... I wouldn't be a good person if I didn't get you something!
But all I can do now is...
Wait... Is there something I can do for you now?
Just for today, I'll do anything you ask of me.
That will be my present to you! Just tell me what you want, (Captain)!


(Captain), happy birthday.
These are for you. I picked them out myself.
I got you two things this year since last year I didn't get to give you anything.
So basically this year you get double the trouble. Just so you know how much I appreciate you of course.
What's inside? These are talismans from the motherland.
They're blessed with protection magic to keep you safe from grave danger.
It's true you know!
I have some just like these on me at all times. That's what makes me so durable.
Putting these on will make you as tough to take down as I am!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
This is from me. Go on, take it.
What's inside, you ask? A collection of books, handpicked by me.
Unfortunately, I haven't a clue as to what sort of books you usually read...
Therefore, I've included books of all genres.
Hm? What kind of books do I like?
Isn't that obvious? Books about the eternal battle between good and evil!
And, in the end, justice must always prevail!
I've included a few books on that theme in the bundle.
I really hope you like them, (Captain)...

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year, (Captain). This one's going to be as good as the last.
Okay, next on the list is...
Hm? Oh, I'm making sure I wish everyone a happy New Year today.
Just one of my duties.


(Captain), happy New Year!
Do you want to go out for a walk?
Decisions made on New Year's Day are the keys to a successful year, right?
Just don't mention the Zeyen today, got it?


(Captain), happy New Year. Looking forward to more time with you.
Gah... This morning we're having ozoni?
It's not that I hate it... But I can only recall stained memories...
I... Long ago, I got mochi stuck in my throat... After that I just couldn't stomach it...
But put your fears at ease. That won't happen again. I will chew properly.
So stop looking at me with those eyes.
Very well. I will try it.
This mochi really stretches...
Nom, nom... And the taste is quite good...
Thank you. That was pretty tasty.
Gah... Why those eyes?
Choose: I'm glad you didn't choke.
Humph. I too have grown.
I don't make the same mistake twice!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Can you spare a moment for me, (Captain)?
Thing is, I made some chocolate. Would you like some?
Since it's Valentine's Day, I wanted to give chocolate to the people who have looked out for me.
And you fit the bill perfectly
This is my first time making chocolate though. It wasn't easy.
I can't tell you how many times I messed up.
Don't worry. Vyrn and my subordinates made sure the failures didn't go to waste.
They assured me they tasted fine, so you can eat with confidence.


Hi, (Captain). I made chocolate for you again. Please take it.
I've turned a new leaf and this year my chocolates are amazing!
I had to go through a lot of trial and error to make these.
Hmm? The errors? It goes without saying, I made Vyrn and my subordinates eat them all.
My errors couldn't go to waste.
Everyone was so moved by my chocolates that they were all in tears saying, "We couldn't possibly eat any more!"
I assure you, these treats are to die for.


(Captain), I made chocolate this year too.
Here you go.
What? Why do I look worried?
Well... This year no one would taste-test the chocolate I made...
They said I made them eat too much last year...
So I didn't get a chance to make many batches...
I can vouch for it though. I tried it. But it's nothing like last year's...
I'm sorry... This was supposed to be a special day...
Next year I'll be sure to round up my underlings and make the best chocolate you have ever tasted. So forgive me this year.
What? I don't have to try so hard?
What are you rambling about! Of course I do. The others told me what this day stands for.
Valentine's Day is when you express your feelings of gratitude with the fiercest chocolate you can prepare. It's a chocolate war...
That's why I must prepare the best chocolate you receive.


Grr. H-how! How could this happen!
Oh, (Captain)! Perfect timing!
Sorry, but I've been tangled up in these ribbons. Think you could help free me?

  • Choose: What do you think you're doing?
    E-erm... I had some gifts to wrap, so I bought ribbon. Then, I was meaning to cut the ribbon down to size...
    But I slipped on a banana peel.
    And before I knew it, I was wrapped up like a caterpillar in a cocoon.
  • Choose: Are you my present, Razia?
    N-no! I slipped and somehow got tangled up in ribbon!

D-don't look at me with such pitying eyes!
J-just finish me off! I'd rather be dead than looked at like that!

Mixed Chocolate Cake square.jpg Mixed Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Hey, (Captain), what do you have there?
White Day chocolates? I see... Thank you.
You returned the favor... Hehe...
Wh-wh-what? I am not blushing!
A-and it's not like I'm touched or anything either!
I can't help it, okay? I've never gotten something like this from a friend before!
My emotions got the best of me!
Ungh, I wish I were dead! I'd rather embrace death than be looked upon with such pitiable eyes!


What's the meaning of this present addressed to me!
Hm? Oh right, it's White Day.
Apologies. I completely forgot.
You sure do hit the mark, (Captain). I'm proud you remembered that I was due chocolates...
I can't even remember if I've put bullets in my lance gun or not...
Wait! Why do you dare look at me with those pitiable eyes!
Ungh, I wish I were dead! I'd rather embrace death than be looked upon with such pitiable eyes!


These are... bullets for my cannonlance!
(Captain), why would you do this for me?
For what I gave you on Valentine's Day?
Thank you... Thank you, (Captain)!
I'll do... even better than before!
Thank you so much, (Captain)!


(Captain), thank you for the White Day gift.
Speaking of. The bullets you gave me for my cannonlance last year... They're still in the box.
N-no! I didn't forget about them!
E-erm... It's 'cause they were from you! I didn't want to use them up!
I-I'm telling the truth! So don't look at me like that!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

So today's Halloween...
You're wondering if I have something on my mind?
Actually, Halloween brings back painful memories.
First there was the time the knights' captain jumped at me in an incredibly life-like monster costume, so I panicked and gave him a face full of bullets...
Then there was the time a subordinate tried to trick me, and I stabbed him with my lance...
Or when I spilled all the kids' candy, and they egged me when I had nothing to give them...
Why did the higher-ups have to get so mad at me when I used my subordinates for target practice? They deserved it.
And then there were the costumes three sizes too small. Talk about embarrassing.
Just stupid stuff like that.
Those were trying times...
But the worst embarrassment I've ever suffered through was when my lance accidentally discharged in front of the king...
I'd... prefer not to think about that one.
No! I'm not clumsy! It was all just bad luck!
So don't you dare look at me with those pitiable eyes!
S-stop it! No more!
Ungh, I wish I were dead! I'd rather embrace death than be looked upon with those eyes!


Huff... (Captain)...
It's nothing. I just went into town and were out of treats...
So that's why I came back.
So much for trick or treat...
What? What do you mean if I don't have a treat...
H-hey! Why are your hands out like that!
What do you mean tickle or treat?
No! Stop! I won't have this!


Trick or treat, (Captain)!
Tch... Damn you... You've got candy ready and everything...
I thought I would repay you for what you did to me last year...
What? Now you're asking me?
You underestimate the enemy, (Captain).
This time I won't make the same mistake as last! I have all the can-
Huh? Wait... Why aren't they... But I just had some...
Oh! Right. I left the stash in my room.
W-wait! (Captain)! Why are you grinning like that!
What do you mean, if it's not a treat, then it's a trick?
S-stop! I do have a treat! In my room! So...
N-no! Don't come any closer! Not another step, (Captain)!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Urgh! Why does it always turn out so gross?
Gasp! Who's there? Oh, it's you, (Captain).
What are you doing up so late?
Oh, you were thirsty? O-okay, well, grab a drink and hurry back to your room.
Huh? Um, I'm not up to anything... Wait! Don't come over here!
What do you mean, what's that? Can't you tell it's a cake? I mean, it's a little soggy, but...
No! Stop! Don't look at me with those pitiable eyes!
Ungh, I wish I were dead! I'd rather embrace death than suffer this disgrace!
Huh? Oh... S-sure, you can help me.
Let's roll up our sleeves and bake the tastiest cake the crew's ever had!
That's right! There's nothing the two of us can't accomplish when we work together!


This went well! Hahaha! Have a look! This is what I can do!
...! Who is it? Oh, it's just you, (Captain).
Why are you here so late?
What? The sound of my voice woke you up? I see... You have my apologies.
Huh? What was I doing? I'm making a cake!
Look at it, (Captain)! It is the cake! Nothing like the disaster I made last year!
Hahaha! How do you like that? I've gotten quite skilled at this.
What? I should watch where I step? What are yo—
O-Ouch... Oh no... My cake...
Just when I finally made it right...
Why do I always slip up when it matters the most!
Don't you dare look at me with those pitiable eyes!
Ungh, I wish I were dead! I'd rather embrace death than be so humiliated!


Razia:Who is it!
What am I doing? What does it look like I'm doing? I'm knitting socks.
For what? It's obvious!
So Santa can put a present in it!
What do I want?
Hm... I want bullets for my cannonlance.
The bullets are custom order. I can't just buy them anywhere.
I asked my servants to purchase them for me, but they all insist they can't be bought.
So I need another way to get my goods!
That's why I've decided to ask Santa for them instead.
What? Why are you looking at me like that?
S-stop! Don't you dare look at me with those pitiable eyes!
Kill me! I'd rather be dead than looked at like that!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

A Knight Forever Hunting

During a mission to infiltrate a thieves' hideout, the crew frees the captive knight Razia and fights alongside her. Razia initially mistakes the crew to be members of the Zeyen faith, which she has sworn vengeance against, but the crew manages to convince her of their innocence.

Vyrn: I think we're getting close to the thieves' den. Keep your eyes peeled, guys!
Lyria: Right!
During a visit to a town, the crew is entrusted with a request.
Their task is to clear out a thieves' stronghold in a nearby mountain. Or at least that's what they were told.
Vyrn: So now we just—
???: Ungh... I wish I were dead! I'd rather embrace death than suffer this disgrace!
???: S-stop! No! Aaagh!
Vyrn: H-hey, did you hear that? Sounds like someone's bein' held captive!
Lyria: We have to hurry and save her, (Captain)!
(Captain) nods and they dash into the cave.
???: Huff... Huff... I... I am a knight!
???: I won't be done in by something like this—Yaaagh!
A group of bandits stands around an immobilized Draph who is breathing heavily.
Thief: Yer a feisty one, I'll give ya that. Let's take it up a notch, and—Huh?
Thief: Who the heck are you?
Vyrn: It's time to take out the trash! Come on, Lyria! Go, (Captain)!
Thief: Urgh... Who are... you meddlers...
Lyria: Are you okay? We'll untie you right away!
???: I'm fine... Thank you.
Lyria: How are you feeling? Does it hurt anywhere?
???: No, I'm fine. You have my gratitude for getting me out of that bind.
Razia: My name is Razia. Who are yo—Gasp!
Razia: Behind you!
Vyrn: Shoot, there's more of 'em?
Thief: Got ya!
Lyria: No!
Razia: Impossible! That was the power of a primal beast. How was she able to bend it to her will?
Lyria: (Captain)! Are you okay?
(Captain) is fine and thanks Lyria for her concern.
Lyria: Phew... That's a relief.
Vyrn: Yeesh. I was all on edge back there.
Vyrn: Oh yeah, we should thank that girl too. If it weren't for her...
Vyrn: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
When (Captain) and crew turn back toward Razia, they find themselves staring into the barrel of a cannonlance.
Vyrn: C-could you not point that thing at us?
Razia: Silence, adherent of Zeyen!
Razia: I can't believe you've managed to grasp the power of the primals and make it your own.
Razia: But to what end? I know you're scheming something, and I want answers!
Vyrn: Er, what? What? Look, we're just a buncha skyfarers...
Razia: Cut the crap! I don't want to hear any of that Zeyen sweet-talk!
Razia: Now answer my question!
Lyria: Vyrn's telling the truth! We're just—
Razia: It's obvious you have no intention of giving me a straight answer. I'll just have to do this the hard way!
Razia: What? Why won't it...
Vyrn: Did it misfire?
Razia: Oh right, it must be empty...
Razia: I'll just put in another magazine... But it looks like I'm out of those too.
Razia: My subordinates were worried about letting me handle the ammo...
Razia: Grargh! F-fine!
Razia lifts the cannonlance and aims it once more at the crew.
Razia: Oops—
But her foot gets caught on one of the ropes the thieves used to bind her, and she tumbles to the ground with a loud thud.
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: ...
Razia: ...
Lyria: Um... Are you all right?
Razia: That... hurt.
Razia: Ugh... How Zeyen of you to ensnare me in a makeshift trap!
Vyrn: But we didn't do anything...
Razia: Rest assured, a shoddy trap like this isn't going to stop—Hurgh!
Razia: Ngh... Somehow I'm all tied up again... I can't move...
Razia thrashes around trying to unbind herself.
But the more she struggles, the tighter the rope becomes.
Vyrn: Maybe you shouldn't...
Razia: Aaaugh! This sucks!
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: ...
Razia: Ungh, I wish I were dead!
Razia: I can't stand that look of pity in your Zeyen eyes!
Razia: I'd rather embrace death than suffer this disgrace!
Vyrn: Wouldja at least hear us out first? You've got us all wrong!
(Captain) and crew calmly explain Lyria's powers and the purpose of their journey.
Razia: You think I'm stupid enough to fall for an absurd story like that?
Razia: Zeyen practitioners are the only ones that can manipulate the power of the primals!
Razia: I won't be misled by your lies!
Vyrn: I don't think she's getting the message. What should we do?
Lyria: May I ask you something? Why do you dislike the Zeyens so much?
Razia: You want to know... why?
Razia: My father was brainwashed by the Zeyens to sow the seeds of war in my country.
Razia: Then I lost my dearest friend because of them... And to top it off, they even took my younger sister!
Razia: I'll never forgive them! They took every important person in my life away from me!
Vyrn: Fine, but how many times do we gotta repeat ourselves? We ain't no Zeyens!
Vyrn: For cryin' out loud. What's it gonna take for you to believe us?
Razia: Nothing you say can change my mind.
  1. Then travel with us.
  2. Then you can stay here.

Choose: Then travel with us.
Razia: Huh? Travel... with you? What's your game?
Lyria: We're not playing any games.
Vyrn: You won't listen to us, so (Captain)'s gonna let our actions speak for themselves.
Lyria: Right. I'm sure you'll believe us once you get to know us better!
Razia: Are you mad? The second you drop your facade, you're mine...
Lyria: That's fine by us! We have nothing to hide!
Lyria: So please join us on our journey.
Lyria: I think we'll be able to understand each other much better if we do.
Lyria: Well?
Razia: ...
Razia: Very well. Show me the meaning behind your actions.
Razia: Whatever the case may be, you're too dangerous to ignore. I'll be watching you like a hawk.
Razia: Once I uncover your evil Zeyen plot, you'll be forced to face justice!

Choose: Then you can stay here.
Razia: W-wait! I can't move! You're going to just leave me behind?
Vyrn: We ain't got much of a choice, Scrappy. You'll just attack us if we untie you.
Razia: Ngh...
Vyrn: Do you promise not to fight us if we untie you?
Razia: Impossible! There's no way I can overlook such dangerous individuals when they're right in front me!
Vyrn: Yeah, that's what I thought. Guess we'll just leave you here!
Razia: Ugh. I can't stay like this.
Razia: But my only other option is to swallow the bitter pill of these believers...
Razia: No, wait.
Vyrn: You got something to say, Scrappy?
Razia: I'll compromise. As long as you don't do anything evil, I promise not to harm you.
Razia: Now cut me loose!
Vyrn: For real? You're not lying, are you?
Razia: A knight never goes back on her word!
Razia: In fact! Let me accompany you on your journey!
Vyrn: What? Where's this coming from all of a sudden?
Razia: As I've told you countless times before, you're too dangerous. That's why I'm going to watch you like a hawk!
Razia: I won't cause trouble. I just want to travel with you.
Razia: If you're truly as innocent as you say, then you shouldn't have any objections.
Lyria: What do we do?
Vyrn: What else can we do? We have to take her.
Vyrn: Well then, I guess Scrappy's gonna be following us around wherever we go.
Lyria: Aha... ha... Yeah...
Continue 1
Vyrn: All righty then. Let's get those ropes loose.
Razia: Thank you. I can move on my own again.
Lyria: Watch out, Razia! The rope is still—
Razia: Wha-Aaah!
Razia: Ow, ow, ow... Agh! Not again! Stupid rope!
Vyrn: You can't be serious...
Lyria: Are you all right, Razia?
Razia: Not again. Not this feeling of... disgrace!
Razia: Ungh, I wish I were dead!
Razia continues to lament her precarious situation.
The depths of darkness within this woman's heart are too deep to fathom.
Will this new path she has chosen allow her to dispel that darkness?
At this point in time, none can say.

In Search of Distant Truth

The crew delivers medicine to a supposedly sick village, but finds the citizens in excellent health thanks to the efforts of a Zeyen missionary. Razia accuses the missionary of having ulterior motives, but is forced to work alongside him when monsters attack the village.

Vyrn: Are you sure this is the right village, Lyria?
Lyria: I think so. This should be it according to the map the requester gave us...
Vyrn: Yeah, well, I don't see any sick people around. Everyone looks pretty healthy to me.
Lyria: It does look that way.
The crew is on a mission to deliver medicine to a village beset by disease.
Arriving after an arduous journey, it seems perhaps the requester had been mistaken. The village is filled with lively banter.
Razia: Let's speak with the villagers. That'll tell us what's really going on here.
Lyria: You're right! Um, excuse me!
Lyria: Um, excuse me!
Villager 1: Yes? How can I help you?
The crew inquires about the state of the village and the disease mentioned in their request.
Villager 1: Nah, you heard right. We got hit pretty hard by the illness. Everyone was bedridden.
Villager 1: Then a Zeyen missionary came along and healed us all. Now we're healthy as can be.
Razia: You were healed by a Zeyen missionary?
Villager 1: Yep, that's right. However...
???: What's wrong? I thought I heard some raised voices coming from over here. Oh, are these travelers?
Villager 1: Yes. They said they brought us medicine.
Missionary: Praise Zeyen, that's wonderful. Thank you very much.
The missionary bows as a gesture of appreciation.
Razia responds by pulling out her cannonlance and thrusting it in the missionary's face without hesitation.
Missionary: ...!
Vyrn: Whoa, what do you think you're doing?
Lyria: Don't do it, Razia!
Villager 1: How dare you point that thing at the missionary!
Razia: What did you do to this village? What's your game?
Razia: For an adherent of Zeyen to save people... there must be an ulterior motive to your actions!
Razia: Answer my question! What are you Zeyens plotting?
Missionary: ...
Razia: I won't let you do to this village what you did to my country! I'll make you talk!
Missionary: I see. So that's what this is all about.
Missionary: Yes, I'm a practitioner of Zeyen, but I don't follow the Va'hen sect.
Missionary: Their ideology is a little too extreme for my liking.
Missionary: I'm just here to help out a village in its time of need.
Razia: I will never believe the words of the Zeyen!
Razia: You wriggle into people's hearts with sweet-talk and brainwash them!
Razia: But that won't work on me! I'll never believe a word that comes out of your mouth!
Missionary: I see you harbor deep resentment and hatred. You've witnessed truly terrible things in your life...
Razia: Terrible? You have no idea what you people have done to me!
Villager 2: Oh, missionary! It's awful!
Missionary: What in the world? You're wounded!
Villager 2: Monsters... There's a swarm of monsters approaching the village!
Missionary: Where are the villagers who were with you?
Villager 2: I don't know. We all panicked and scattered...
Missionary: I see...
Missionary: I know you're hurt, but I need you to warn the rest of the village to bar their doors!
Missionary: I'm going to see what I can do about those monsters!
Villager 1: R-right!
Villager 2: Understood!
Missionary: I'm afraid our conversation will have to wait. I must protect the villagers.
Lyria: We'll help you too!
Missionary: Are you sure?
Lyria: Yes, it's not a problem. Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods approvingly.
Missionary: You may accept me as a follower of Zeyen, but what about our knight over here?
Lyria: Um, Razia?
Razia: Why are we still standing around here? We have to hurry!
Lyria: Huh? Wha? O-okay!
Missionary: You have my thanks.
Razia: Don't get the wrong idea! I'm... I'm not helping you!
Razia: It's my duty as a knight to spare no effort in rescuing helpless villagers!
Monster: Grooar!
Knight 1: Ergh... We're being pushed back...
Knight 2: No! The line must hold! We've got innocents behind us!
Knight 1: I know that! If only Lady Razia were here, we'd beat these monsters in seconds...
Monster: Grrr...
Knight 2: What? Who did that?
Razia: You there! Knights! We'll take care of the—Wait...
Knight 1: Is that you, Lady Razia?
Knight 2: What are you doing here?
Razia: It's a long story...
Vyrn: Save it for later, Scrappy! We've got more incoming!
Razia: I don't need you to tell me that!

In Search of Distant Truth: Scene 2

Razia runs into her former subordinates, who have been searching for her ever since she disappeared some time ago. When she finds out the missionary helped cure them too, she's not sure what to say.

Razia: That should be the last of them.
(Captain) and the others succeed in chasing off the monsters.
Knight 1: Lady Razia! We were hoping to rendezvous with you!
Knight 2: Who could've guessed we'd meet in a place like this?
Vyrn: Hey, Scrappy, you know these knights?
Razia: Yes, they're my subordinates. I'm not sure what they're doing here though.
Knight 1: That's what we'd like to ask you! To say we're surprised is an understatement.
Knight 1: And you've got quite the group with you to boot.
Razia: Oh, uh...
Lyria: Excuse me!
Razia: What is it?
Lyria: I'm sure you've got a lot of questions, but shouldn't we go back to the village for now?
Lyria: We have injured people with us.
Razia: I guess you're right.
The crew brings the knights up to speed on their meeting with Razia on the way back to the village.
Missionary: Has everyone returned safely? Allow me to tend to your wounds.
Knight 1: Thank you, but I would ask that you prioritize the villagers first.
Missionary: So it shall be. The villagers will be in my care.
Razia: Ahem. You still haven't told me what brings you here.
Knight 2: We decided to form a search party to look for you after you went missing of course!
Lyria: Razia was... missing?
Vyrn: What're they talkin' about, Scrappy?
Vyrn: Does this have something to do with those thieves we found you with?
Razia: Erk! T-this isn't about me! Your superior is asking for a situation report!
Knight 2: Lady Razia...
Lyria: Aha... Haha...
Vyrn: Sigh...
Knight 1: You haven't changed a bit, Lady Razia.
Razia: Enough. Continue your report! That's an order!
Knight 2: Sigh... Affirmative.
Knight 2: When Lady Razia got lost—
Razia: I wasn't lost!
Knight 2: When... we couldn't confirm Lady Razia's whereabouts, we expanded our search to this village.
Knight 2: That's when we found out about the highly contagious illness... by catching it ourselves.
Razia: Gasp! How long have you been sick for? How bad is it?
Razia: Here, we brought medicine! Hurry up and take it!
Knight 2: Don't worry. We're all fine. That Zeyen missionary was able to cure us.
Razia: What? That missionary helped you?
Knight 2: Yes...
Razia: ...
Razia: Let me ask you something, missionary. We knights oppose you. Knowing that, why would you help my subordinates?
Razia: Surely you knew you stood to gain nothing.
Missionary: Does one require a reason to help those in need?
Razia: Pardon?
Missionary: It's heartbreaking to be viewed as an enemy. But that's still no reason to ignore the needy.
Razia: ...
Missionary: Now then, who's next? Please show me your injuries.
Villager 3: O-okay. Go easy on me...
The missionary gingerly applies medicine to the open wound.
Villager 3: The pain is fading away...
Missionary: There. You should be fine now.
Villager 3: Thank you! Oh, thank you!
Lyria: That medicine of yours is amazing...
Lyria: The mood was so gloomy just a minute ago, but now everyone's walking around with smiles.
Missionary: This is a special Zeyen salve.
Lyria: It's special?
Missionary: That's right. It was created with knowledge obtained from observing the Astrals.
Missionary: It's extremely potent but requires an extraordinary amount of effort to produce.
Vyrn: Should you really be using something that valuable?
Missionary: The teachings of Zeyen demand that we bring happiness to all people. That was the purpose of acquiring the Astral's knowledge in the first place.
Missionary: I'm simply following those teachings.
Razia: ...
Villager 2: Hey, come quick! There's an emergency smoke signal coming from the forest!
Missionary: From the forest, you say?
Villager 2: What do we do?
Missionary: I'm going in.
Villager 2: You can't! That forest is full of violent creatures!
Missionary: We cannot abandon those in need of aid.
Villager 2: I know how you feel, but...
Razia: Fear not. We'll accompany you.
Missionary: Are you certain?
Razia: The villagers are depending on us.
Missionary: You have my thanks.
Razia: Come. Before we're too late.
Vyrn: Got it!
Razia: I want the rest of you to form a perimeter around the village just in case.
Knight 1: Understood. We'll take care of things here.
Missionary: This road leads into the forest.
Monster: Groooar!
Vyrn: Yikes! We're fightin' already?
Razia: This shouldn't take long.

In Search of Distant Truth: Scene 3

Razia explains that she despises the Zeyen faith for brainwashing her father and destroying her country. The missionary tells her that her father is searching for a legendary relic of the Astrals with the power to change the past... and undo the death of her mother.

The party fights off the monsters and continues deeper into the forest.
Razia: I'd like to ask you something, missionary.
Missionary: Yes?
Razia: The Zeyens—that is, the Va'hen sect—approached my father while he was still mourning my mother's death.
Razia: They told him they had the power to peer into the past.
Razia: It was a power that would allow us to see her again alive and well.
Razia: Or so they claimed.
Missionary: Go on...
Razia: My foolish father fell for it hook, line, and sinker. He bought into their ideology completely.
Razia: And when they called him into the heart of the country to help instigate anarchy, he obeyed without question.
Razia: I lost a beloved friend in the chaos that followed!
Razia: And to make matters worse, Father took my sister and disappeared with the sect, abandoning me completely!
Razia: Why? Why did you people have to tear my country and family apart?
Razia: Answer me, dammit!
Missionary: ...
Razia: If it weren't for you... you zealots, then I...
Vyrn: Scrappy...
Lyria: Oh, Razia...
Missionary: And that's why you harbor a grudge against me—nay, us Zeyens?
Razia: Yes! I made a vow that day.
Razia: To get revenge on the ones responsible for my friend's death: the Va'hen sect! The Zeyens!
Razia: I will find my family and expose the truth! The score will be settled by my own two hands!
Razia: My possessions, my status... I threw them all away for this singular purpose!
Missionary: I'm deeply sorry for your circumstances.
Missionary: I know my apology can't even begin to soften the resentment you feel, but I must apologize nonetheless.
The missionary bows deeply.
Razia: Indeed, your apologies mean nothing to me.
Razia: I'd rather have you tell me the truth instead! What was the reason behind that uprising?
Missionary: Very well. I'll tell you everything I know.
Missionary: First of all, regarding the power to see into the past... That much is true.
Missionary: Those who have reached the level of high priest or have connections to the upper circle are bestowed with that power.
Razia: So it wasn't a lie...
Missionary: Correct. As for what happened to your country...
Missionary: Did you know that it was founded on ruins from the War?
Razia: Yes, I'm familiar with that part of our history.
Missionary: Well, did you also know that those ruins still exist underground, intact?
Razia: What?
Vyrn: Whoa! Those must be ruins from the Astrals!
Missionary: Yes. I'm not sure where that information comes from, but it appears to be true.
Missionary: Whatever the case may be, the Va'hen sect wants those ruins for themselves.
Razia: And in order to claim the ruins, they attacked my country.
Missionary: Yes. It also had to do with your country experiencing a wave of anti-Zeyen sentiment, I believe.
Lyria: Excuse me, but can I ask you something?
Missionary: Sure, what would you like to ask?
Lyria: It's been on my mind for a long time now, but what is the Va'hen sect? Aren't they the same as Zeyen?
Missionary: They are the same in a sense, but... their way of thinking differs from our original principles.
Razia: To fulfill their goals... to fulfill their faith... there's nothing they won't do.
Razia: Hurting others with indifference, stealing away lives as they see fit... It's an affront to our collective dignity.
Razia: I'd call that an evil that shouldn't be allowed to exist!
Missionary: I can't deny that. Their way of thinking is extreme, to put it lightly.
Lyria: Oh dear... And Razia's father is with them...
Missionary: I've heard rumors of your father.
Razia: Tell me! What's become of him?
Missionary: It would seem he's become a fervent Va'hen believer.
Missionary: He seeks the legendary Zeyen power to alter the past.
Razia: He wants to alter the past? Why would my father want such a thing...
Razia: No, it couldn't be...
Missionary: He likely intends to change history to bring your mother back.
Razia: I can't believe he would go to such lengths...
Razia: ...
Razia: But... but that's wrong!
Razia: I would love nothing more than to see her again, but not at the expense of others!
Razia: I... have to stop him!
Lyria: Um...
???: Grrr...
Razia: ...!
Villager 4: Yaaargh!
Vyrn: Lyria! Scrappy! Finish talking later!
Lyria: Okay!
Razia: Like you even need to say it!

In Search of Distant Truth: Scene 4

The crew escorts the rescued villager back home and thanks the missionary for his help. Razia realizes not all members of the Zeyen faith are evil, and the crew vows to help her find her missing father.

After taking care of the threat, the party escorts the villager back home.
Missionary: Please accept my sincere thanks for your aid today.
Vyrn: Don't mention it.
Lyria: That's right! We could never ignore people in need!
Missionary: I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Razia: ...
Missionary: Now, as for our knight... What will you do with me? Am I to be arrested?
Missionary: If it is your decision to bring me in, I will happily comply.
Razia: My hatred for Zeyen and desire for vengeance remain unchanged.
Missionary: ...
Razia: But there is one thing I've reconsidered.
Razia: I used to think everything the Zeyen faith preached was evil.
Razia: But I realize now that I was wrong.
Missionary: Oh?
Lyria: Razia?
Vyrn: For real, Scrappy?
Razia: You've proven that to me yourself.
Razia: And so you bear no guilt.
Missionary: ...
Razia: There are still many villagers here who need your help.
Razia: Arresting you for my own selfish reasons would only increase their suffering.
Razia: I couldn't bring myself to do such a thing!
Razia: How could I look at myself knowing that I harmed innocents for my own gain?
Razia: I would be no better than the Va'hen. I won't be the one to pull that trigger!
Missionary: I see...
Razia: I leave you with a warning!
Razia: Harm any of these villagers, and consider yourself marked for life!
Razia: You'd do well to burn that into your mind!
Missionary: Understood. I will take it to heart.
Lyria: Hee hee...
Razia: Hm? Do you find something about this amusing?
Lyria: Oh no. I'm just happy. That's all.
Razia: Happy? About what?
Lyria: It's... a secret.
Lyria: Say, Razia...
Razia: Yes?
Lyria: We're going to help you find your dad too!
Lyria: If we work together, there's nothing we can't do!
Razia: H-huh? Together?
Lyria: Yes!
Razia: You do realize my enemy is the Va'hen, don't you? We won't know what to expect.
Lyria: It's okay! We can tackle anything if we're all together!
Vyrn: Yeah! And now that we've heard your story, we can't just let you go it alone!
Razia: You don't have to go out of your way to do this, you know.
Razia: I fully understand now that you're not dangerous.
Razia: There's no reason for me to keep watch over you.
Razia: So stop worrying about me.
Lyria: We can't! You're a precious friend to us now!
Razia: Can you truly call me a friend given everything that's happened?
Vyrn: What're you talkin' about, Razia? Of course we can!
Razia: Ah. Thanks...
Razia: Then I won't belabor the point anymore. I'll do everything I can to help you. Promise.
Razia: In turn, I'm counting on you to support me!
Lyria: We will!
Vyrn: Yep, you got it!
(Captain) nods in agreement.
Razia can hold back no longer, her face lighting up in a smile from ear to ear.
The deepest recesses of this young lady's heart remain shrouded in darkness.
Slowly but surely, however, that darkness is beginning to recede.

Bound Together

The crew accepts a mission to infiltrate a bandit hideout. Beatrix and Razia each scramble to be first to reach the hideout and prove their strength to the other, but they fall into one of the bandits' traps and end up bound together. The pair manage to escape unharmed thanks to Razia causing a diversion and Beatrix freeing herself from the rope. They finally recognize each other's ability, but soon begin arguing once again.

Beatrix: Argh! Why are you following me? You don't think I can handle this on my own?
Razia: Huh? What about you! Why are you running away? You think I'm just going to be a hindrance?
Beatrix and Razia dash through the narrow cave, bickering all the way.
The two are determined to prove their strength to each other.
It all started when (Captain) and company accepted a mission to locate a bandit hideout.
Beatrix: Heheh. I'm here to help this time, Razia! You're in good hands!
Razia: Right. That's most reassuring... But why are you so concerned about me?
Beatrix: Hm? You were careless and got yourself caught by bandits before, didn't you? I can't let you go alone!
Razia: Urgh!
Razia: But if that's the case, shouldn't you need my help too?
Beatrix: Huh? What do you mean?
Razia: I heard from (Captain) that the crew first met you when you'd been captured after failing to infiltrate an enemy base.
Beatrix: Urgh... I-I wasn't feeling well that day!
Razia: Heh... I can't let you go alone! I'll be the one to lend you a hand.
Beatrix: Hah! I don't need your help!
Beatrix: I'm used to missions like this. Just let me take the lead, and we'll be finished in a jiff!
Razia: I'm concerned you'll get too comfortable and let your guard down. You should stay behind me!
Beatrix: Don't worry! I'll be careful! Just leave it to me!
Vyrn: Hey, are those two gonna be okay?
Lyria: Hahaha... They're both really strong. I'm sure they'll be fine!
But the argument between Beatrix and Razia becomes increasingly heated.
Beatrix: Argh! If you're going to keep doubting my ability, I'll just have to show you what I can do!
Beatrix: Heheh. You just watch! I'll smash this hideout to pieces all by myself!
Razia: W-what? Where did that come from?
Beatrix: Heheh! I'll show 'em!
Razia: Argh! Wait!
Vyrn: H-hey! Calm down, you two!
The pair race through the cave, each attempting to be the first to find the bandit hideout and demonstrate their true strength.
Razia: Huff... Huff...
Beatrix: Heheh! What's wrong? You seem out of breath. I'm not even close to being tired!
Razia: Urgh... I'm carrying a lot more weight than you! My cannonlance is incredibly heavy, I'll have you know. I'm at a big disadvantage here!
Razia: Heh. In other words, don't you feel embarrassed that you aren't leaving me in the dust?
Beatrix: Heh. I've got nothing to be embarrassed about!
Beatrix: I had three extra helpings of rice for breakfast! That's gotta be at least as much extra weight as that thing you're carrying around!
Razia: Wha... There's no rice in all the skies that would be that heavy!
Beatrix: Heh. Then I guess I've just got a bigger heart than you, and it's weighing me down!
Razia: Huh? W-what was that for! Are you resorting to insults now?
A suspicious glowing string is stretched across their path.
But the pair are so absorbed in their quarrel that they fail to notice.
Beatrix: Aaaaah!
Beatrix and Razia are launched into the air, their screams echoing through the cave.
They then tumble to the ground, bound together.
Beatrix: What did I do to deserve this!
Razia: Urgh. What a clever trap...
Bandit: Heh... Nah, you two are just morons!
Beatrix: Wha! Hey, who are you calling a moron?
Razia: I am a proud knight! It'll take more than a trap like this to make me surrender!
They twist about trying to remove the rope, but the more they struggle, the more tangled the rope becomes.
Razia: Urgh... I can't... breathe!
Beatrix: Ngh... It hurts...
Bandit: ...
Razia: Argh! I can't believe I have suffered such disgrace at the hands of you second-rate scoundrels!
Razia: Ngh! Just kill me!
Beatrix: Hey, don't be stupid! You can't just give up like that!
Bandit: Tch. What's wrong with those two? They go and make everything worse all by themselves, and then they ask us to kill 'em? What's that about?
Beatrix: (Huh? They're all out of sorts because of what Razia said...)
Beatrix: (I get it! She's putting on an act to give us an opening!)
Beatrix: (All right! In that case...)
While the bandits are distracted, Beatrix makes to cut the rope with the Embrasque Sword.
Beatrix: Oh no!
She drops the sword due to the awkward position she's stuck in.
The sword slides down an incline, coming to a stop at the edge of a gaping hole in the ground.
Beatrix: Thank goodness... That was close!
Bandit: Hey, sword lady! Quit your wigglin'!
Beatrix: Tch... I guess it won't be easy getting out of this rope while those goons are watching...
Bandit: Heh. I wouldn't mind killin' you like you asked, but you might still have buddies lurkin' around!
Bandit: Let's see... Whaddya say we rough you up a bit, and we'll all have a nice chat!
The bandits creep closer. But just as all hope seems lost, Razia makes her move.
Razia: Take this!
Bandit: What the?
Razia fires a shot from her cannonlance.
However, the awkward position makes aiming difficult, and the bullet shoots off in the wrong direction, causing an explosion.
Razia: Urgh... I missed! And that was my only bullet!
Bandit: Are you crazy, lady? You tryin' to bring down the entire cave?
Beatrix: Nooo! My Embrasque!
Beatrix watches as the Embrasque Sword soars through the air and plummets into the hole.
Razia: Oh no! I-I'm so sorry...
Bandit: Hahaha! What a couple of screw-ups!
Beatrix: ...!
(The bandits are distracted... Now's my chance!)
Razia: Ngh... Prepare yourselves! I'll finish this with one more shot!
Bandit: Hey now, didn't you just say you're all outta bullets?
Razia: Oh, right... Curses!
Bandit: Hahaha! You really are a moron!
Razia: Urgh! I'm being mocked by bandits!
Beatrix: Heh! They've gotten a bit big for their boots, but that ends now!
Beatrix claps her newly freed hands together and turns to face the bandits.
Razia: Wha! Beatrix! What happened to the rope?
Beatrix: Heheh. I untied it ages ago! Get up, Razia! It's time to get our revenge! They're gonna pay for those insults!
Bandit: Damn it! All that talking was just to buy time?
Beatrix: Heheh. So you finally noticed. Who are the morons now?
Razia: Well... I wasn't really trying to buy time, but no matter...
Razia: You have my thanks! Now we can bring these bandits to justice!
Bandit: Tch. Think you're hot stuff, do you?
Bandit: Hah! A swordswoman without a sword and a cannon-wielding knight without bullets? You don't stand a chance against us!
The bandits ready their weapons.
Vyrn: H-hey, you two okay? We heard a loud explosion...
(Captain) and the crew catch up, turning the tables on the bandits.
Razia: (Captain)! Perfect timing!
Bandit: Tch. They brought their friends! We'll just have to take 'em all out at once!
Beatrix: Bring it on! I'm ready when you are, flunkies!
Razia: I'll make you feel the same disgrace I suffered at your hands!
(Captain) and company make quick work of the bandits.
Vyrn: Man, don't just run off like that. I'm sure glad you two are okay though.
Lyria: Yeah! We already know you two are strong. You don't need to prove it to anyone!
Beatrix: Ngh... S-sorry about that.
Razia: I got a bit carried away...
Vyrn: Hey, Beatrix, where'd your sword go?
Razia: My cannon fire caused it to fall into that hole...
Vyrn: Um... Isn't that gonna be a problem? Doesn't that thing belong to the Society?
Beatrix: Augh... I-if my drill sergeant finds out, she'll kill me! We've gotta get it back!
Beatrix peers into the hole, hoping to spot the Embrasque Sword.
Beatrix: Sigh... It's too dark to see anything...
Razia: Oh? Let me take a look...
Razia peeks into the hole from behind Beatrix.
Vyrn: H-hey, that rock wall's startin' to collapse!
Razia: Huh? Whoa!
Beatrix: You've gotta be kidding me!
Beatrix: Aaaaah!
Vyrn: Whoa! I tried to tell 'em! Let's get 'em outta there, (Captain)!
(Captain) and the crew hastily descend into the hole to rescue Beatrix and Razia, who had fallen inside.
After a while, (Captain) and company manage to climb their way up from the depths of the pit.
Vyrn: Sheesh. I feel like all we've been doing is saving those two...
Lyria: Hahaha... It's been quite an adventure.
Beatrix: But I'm so glad we found the Embrasque Sword... Thanks for the help!
Razia: Er... I feel I should apologize. It was all my fault...
Beatrix: Haha! What are you talking about? It was my fault too. Besides, you really saved our necks back there!
Beatrix: I especially liked the part when you told those thugs to kill you! Man, that was some great acting!
Razia: Hm? A-acting? What do you mean?
Beatrix: Hahaha. There's no need to be modest! Sorry Razia, I really underestimated you.
Razia: I appreciate your kind words, but... Well...
Razia: You see... Oh, never mind.
Razia: Er... The way you freed yourself from that rope was most impressive. I didn't even notice you untying it.
Beatrix: Heheh! Well, I have a lot of experience escaping from ropes!
Vyrn: Huh? Doesn't that just mean you've been caught a bunch?
Beatrix: Oh, come on! Don't sweat the details!
Beatrix: But I guess if it hadn't been for my brilliant escape from that rope, we would've been in real trouble!
Razia: Hm?
Razia: Now just a minute! If it hadn't been for that shot I fired, they would have rounded us all up!
Beatrix: Hmm. That was pretty helpful... but I would've been able to make an opening on my own!
Razia: W-what was that?
Lyria: Oh no... There they go again!
Vyrn: Well, I guess they just fight like that 'cause they're such good friends... We can prolly just let 'em be.
Beatrix and Razia start bickering once again. (Captain) and company can do nothing but watch, smiling wryly.
The voices from the lively argument echo through the narrow cave.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ゼエン教だけは私の手で……っ! I'll be the one to stop the Zeyens!
ゼエン教の廃絶。それが私の使命だ My life's mission is to abolish the Zeyen creed!
私はドジではないっ! I'm not clumsy!
私の一撃に耐えられるかっ! Think you can handle this?
弾を装填しておかなくては…… I've gotta remember to keep it loaded...
邪魔をするなら、倒すまで! You're dead if you get in my way!
父と妹はいったいどこに…… Father... Sister... Where did you go?
弾がなければ、殴ればいい! No bullets, no problem! Eat spear!
(主人公)の事、少しは認めよう! You're not half bad, (Captain)!
(主人公)……お前となら私は…… If I'm with you, (Captain), then...


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