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Official Profile[edit]

Age 24 years old
Height 85 cm
Race harvin
Hobbies Collecting rare bird feathers
Likes practicing
Dislikes performing
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Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, Captain.
To celebrate, let us venture into the forest and hunt for something extra special to eat!


Happy Birthday, (Captain)!
Well, without further ado, here's your present.
That's right, it's a feather of a very rare bird I caught in the forest.
Collecting feathers is only hobby, and I'm glad it finally came in handy.
Look, if you hold it like this, there's a rainbow effect.
Hey, are you listening?
If you just put it in your hair like this...
W-w-we'll have matching feathers.


Sahli Lao: (Captain)! Happy birthday!
I-I want you to have this—
Cat: Meow!
Sahli Lao: Oww...
Ah! Th-the cat's running away with the present!
Cat: Meow!
Sahli Lao: Aah! It's getting away! W-wait!
I'm sorry, (Captain). To have such a failure on today of all days.
B-but please believe me when say I really wanted to celebrate your birthday!
I'm ever grateful to you for letting me join the crew!
S-so I hope we can always be togeth—
Cat: Meow!
Sahli Lao: Ah! The cat's back with the present!!
Whew! Here, this is for you.
What was I about to say just now? P-please forget all about that!


Happy birthday, (Captain). I have a gift for you, naturally. But in addition to that— Let me make a vow! I may be a timid soul, but someday I'll overcome my weaknesses and become a solider worthy of the name. And at that time I'll pay you back for all your help, (Captain)! But until that day comes and after it passes... May our relationship continue forever, (Captain).

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year! Here's to a new year and new adventures!
I hope this year will be even better than the last!


Wind direction, check! Wind velocity, check!
(Captain)! It's time to fly the New Year kite—I mean—time for the aerial scout's test flight!
Quick, quick! You have to get up! You promised you'd fly it with me! Yeah, you said so yesterday!
Oh, and by the way... H-Happy New Year!


Captain! Happy New Year!
Hmm, it seems the town is abuzz with New Year's celebrations.
This year I want to try taking on a challenge. I'll build my courage up with that.
Hm? L-look, (Captain)!
What an amazing bow and arrow you've got as a decoration. Do you mind if I hold it?
Huh? It's a talisman to ward off evil?
I'm sorry! I got a little over excited there before knowing what it was...
I still have a long way to go... Just have to keep at it, that's what.
I hope I can learn from your example this year, (Captain)!


(Captain)! Happy New Year!
It's the beginning of a new year. Let's get ourselves ready for the challenge!
So then, what do you say we go take a trip into town?
There are food stalls and events galore! The whole place is coming alive.
Simply put, there's a world of temptations out there.
What better test of equanimity could there be than to bring ourselves into close proximity of those temptations?
A-ah, don't get me wrong. This is just a part of training!
Come now. We should hurry!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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My family sent me some chocolates. Here, have some.
No, no, no! That sounds way too forced. Eep! (Captain)! Why didn't you tell me you were in the room!


H-H-Happy Valentine's, (Captain)!
This year I'll let you know how I feel for sure!
I won't fall for the same tricks this time!
There's no hiding, (Captain)!
Happy Valentine's! Initiating Operation: Chocolate!


(Captain)! H-h-happy Valentine's!
Th-this year I thought I'd bite the bullet and...
Ca-captain, p-p-please take this!
Ow-ow-ow! I bit my lip...
But I'm glad I could give you the chocolates. Hehe.
I wanted to tell you how thankful I am to you for taking care of me every day.


I, uh...
H-here! Hahahahappy Valentine's!
Mmph... I stumbled over my words this time around too.
When am I going to be able to give you chocolate without being awkward?
I won't give up until then!
I guess I'm just going to have to stick around with you forever, (Captain)!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Wait, that is for me? For White Day? Th-thank you.
I... don't suppose you ever get nervous when you're giving a present to someone, do you, (Captain)?


I'm... no good with White Day.
Receiving or giving presents was never my forte...
Right at those moments, I always get so flustered...
Huh? I said the same thing last year?
M-m-my apologies!


C-Captain! That's for me? Are you sure it's all right?
N-no, no! I'm more than happy! Overjoyed in fact!
Hm? This is... in return for Valentine's?
Thank you! Thank you so much!
Th-that's strange, I feel all... warm and fuzzy inside...
But I can't stand the fact that you don't seem nervous at all!
This year I'll train to be more confident!


A White Day present for me?
Thank you!
How about that! I said thank you without stumbling over my words this time!
Has all my daily training finally paid off?
It's an honor to be praised by you!
Goodbye now. I'll be taking my leaf!
Aaaah... I messed up in the end...
Agh! But a soldier won't be beaten by something that small.
(Captain)! I'm looking forward to next year!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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So Halloween has come. My candy preparations are all set.
I'm not taking any chances. Nobody's going to trick me this year!


Trick or treat! Ah, (Captain)! Today's operation involves deception.
Please take a look at this mountain of candy.
Yes, you're absolutely correct! We will be giving away each and every one of these treats.
We shall take care of the treat part before the trick happens! That way no one can catch us off guard!
Heh heh heh. What do you think of the plan? It's essentially a preemptive strike.
We shall take command of Halloween this year!


(Captain)! We'll be taking the preemptive strike this Halloween as well!
Codename: Operation Hit and Run!
Last year we gave out candy before they came or trick-or-treat us. But nothing really happened after that, and that left things a bit wanting....
So this time we'll be going around to trick everyone and run away before they know what hit them!
The trick? We'll just tickle them with this feather, but...
Th-that's heartless?
Heh heh heh. War knows no mercy, (Captain)! Today we tickle like never before!
And then we run never before!


(Captain), it's Halloween again this year!
We have to cook up some secret operations like we did last time around.
You want to go head-to-head, do you, (Captain)?
Oh! You want to compete on who can play the most tricks and who can avoid them!
Very well. My tried-and-true pranks will see to your challenge!
Huh? The winner gets to play any trick they want on the loser?
I-I'm going to be nervous if that's how we're playing!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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It's almost that time of the year again... Hmm, what should I get for (Captain)...
Wah! (Captain)! Where'd you come out from?


Red alert, red alert! (Captain)! The Red General is mounting an attack!
On a silent and holy night, when all are fast asleep, when they least expect it... Ka-boom, ka-boom!
An aerial present bomb strike!
Our army's shouts of joy turns to screams of agony!
(Captain)! Are countermeasures ready?
Make sure to check the marshmallow trenches and barricades of holly!
And most important, the turkey stronghold!
W-what I'm trying to say it... Happy holidays!


(Captain)! Are you looking forward to the party? I sure am!
About the dinner... Actually, one of the dishes is a turkey I caught.
Ah! Aaah...
D-don't pat my head! Don't treat me like a child; I'm a full-grown woman!
Well, I do guess today of all days it's all right to go back to being a child...
B-but look at all this cake!
I-is it really okay to eat all of this?
Ah! Aaah...
I told you not to pat my head!


How is this stocking meant to be used?
I received one just now, but I can't figure out its purpose for the life of me.
Hm? Hang it near the tree and Santa will put presents inside?
Th-that's a custom for children, isn't it?
Like I've told you so often before, I am an adult!
Well, it's fun enough anyway, and I wouldn't want to be a wet blanket.
Even if it is child's play, I am bound by duty to give my all.
What I mean to say, (Captain), is come hang up your stocking together with me!

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Shaky Aim[edit]

While walking through a wood, (Captain) and the crew are set upon by an enormous monster. They are saved by the great bow-wielding archer known as Sahli Lao. They later bump into him again at a tournament, in which his natural anxiety gets the better of him. Lyria learns of his quest to rid himself of his stage fright, and invites him aboard their airship.

It's a sunny, lazy afternoon, and the crew have entered in to a sleepy, verdant forest.
However, the ground was still wet from the previous night's rain, and Lyria sprained her ankle, tripping in the mire.
Vyrn: What're we going to do? We must have the worst luck in the world to find a swamp in a place like this.
(Captain) appears, slightly winded and holding up the injured Lyria.
Lyria: I'm so sorry, (Captain)…
Lyria: But, I sure am glad that you're here. I feel much safer with you nearby.
Lyria: Ah! I mean… Oh, I'm sorry! Please, just ignore me.
A shadow appraoched the unwary party. (Captain), still supporting the injured Lyria, was unable to react until it is too late.
Vyrn: What now? More rain?
Lyria: Vyrn, behind you!
Vyrn: What's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost…
Monster of Unusual Size: Grararrrgh!
A gigantic, four-legged monster looms behind Vyrn, licking its lips.
Vyrn: Whaaa! That's huge! Let's get outta here, (Captain)!
(Captain) and the crew try to make a hasty retreat, but with Lyria still injured progress was slow.
Vyrn: Darn! We'll never outrun it at this rate!
???: D-don't worry! I-I won't miss this time!
An arrow appeared from nowhere, hitting the monster square between the eyes and felling the beast with an almighty thud.
Vyrn: Whaaat! What was that!
???: Got it!
The myserious saviour of (Captain) and the crew was a Harvin archer wielding an enormous bow.
Vyrn: Wow, now that's what I call a bow! It's even bigger than you! How are you even able to hold it?
???: When you're a Harvin, using something like this isn't so difficult.
Vyrn: Incredible! You must be a master archer! Thanks a bunch, big guy!
???: I'm just glad you're all unharmed. Now, I bid you all farewell…
Lyria: No, wait! We haven't had a chance to thank you yet.
???: No need! It is I who should be thanking you.
Lyria: Huh?
???: I'm just a soldier. Protecting the young and helpless is my job.
???: …Well, to tell you the truth, I'm actually off-duty right now, so I'm not protecting anyone per se.
???: In fact I'm taking the opportunity to travel.
Lyria: Fascinating… Wait! If you don't mind me asking, could you tell us your name?
Sahli Lao: Oh, how rude of me. My name is Sahli Lao. Now, I must be off.
Several days later, (Captain) and a fully recovered Lyria went to enjoy the local sights.
They found a tournament where archers from all over Sky World pit their skills against one another.
Sahli Lao: Ha! Ugh! Ooph!
Lyria: Wait! Over there, isn't that Sahli Lao?
Sahli Lao: It's you two!
Sahli Lao: Hello. So it seems you decided to stay on the island, then.
Lyria: Yes! Sahli Lao, are you going to be entering the tournament?
Sahli Lao: That's right. I need to keep my skills sharp…
Lyria: Good Luck! We'll be cheering for you!
Sahli Lao: You will? Oh, th-thank you…
With great grace and faultless aim, Sahli Lao easily made his way into the final.
However, as the final approached his arms started to show signs of exhaustion.
Sahli Lao: I-its… It's the final…
Sahli Lao: No problem, no problem… I just need to cross my fingers and hope for the best…
Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen! The final is about to begin!
Sahli Lao: Oh no! I mean, y-yes…! Here I go!
Sahli Lao stood, ready. But even from a distance it was clear that his great bow was shaking in his hands.
Vyrn: Hmm? Oh, dear. That doesn't look good.
Lyria: Oh my… He does look a bit nervous, doesn't he?
Sahli Lao: (Sigh)
Announcer: Aha! The little Harvin with the Great Bow! He has yet to miss a target in this competition! Can he make it a perfect score?
Sahli Lao: J-just… one… more…
Cat: Meow!
Announcer: What's this? Oh my, folks, a ferocious beast has made its way onto the field!
Sahli Lao: What! Oh no!
Sahli Lao's arrow shot off in entirely the wrong direction, and he was relegated to second place.
Lyria: Sahli! Congratulations on making it ot the final. Second place is still a great achievement.
Vyrn: I suppose… But to lose because of a stupid, little cat…
Sahli Lao: Please don't fret over it. Getting to the final is enough for this soldier!
Lyria: Oh… I'm sorry…
Vyrn: Hey, you didn't mean anything bad by it…
Sahli Lao: No, of course not. If anyone did anything wrong, it was me.
Sahli Lao: I've never been able to handle the pressure when it came to the crunch. My comrades used to call me "king of the runner-ups."
Sahli Lao: I was hoping to find a cure for my anxiety on this trip, but…
  1. I understand completely.
  2. No worries, "king of the runner-ups"!

Choose: I understand completely.
Vyrn: Don't worry about it. Everyone gets nervous when it comes to the crunch.

Choose: No worries, "king of the runner-ups"!
Vyrn: (Captain)! This is no laughing matter!
Continue 1
Sahli Lao: Ah, but I was so close to ridding myself of this affliction, back when she was here…
Milleore is a crew member

Sahli Lao: …There was another reason I went on this trip. I need to find one of my comrades, a woman, of great talent.
Milleore not in crew

Vyrn: Wait, you're saying there are other Harvins who use a great bow?
Sahli Lao: That's right. I'm looking for one of my comrades. She was a free spirit, and had a very talented aim.
Lyria: I see… I think I'd like to meet this woman!
Lyria: Sahli Lao. What would you say to the idea of joining our crew?
Lyria: We have many great warriors who could help you with your problem, and we might find your friend on our travels.
Sahli Lao: An interesting proposal… Until now I've been practicing alone.
Sahli Lao: You might be right. To improve beyond where I am currently, I need to surround myself with great warriors.
Vyrn: So it's decided then! From today you're offically one of the crew! Best of luck, big guy!
Sahli Lao: I'll try my best not to disappoint you, (Captain)!
A small warrior with a great bow, the nervous archer Sahli Lao was on a quest to rid himself of his debilitating stage fright.
Milleore is a crew member

Milleore: Lao… You've not changed a bit, have you?
Milleore: But, maybe we're fated to be together. Things are about to get very interesting…
Vyrn: Hey, something doesn't always feel right with that guy…
The source of that unease was a story in and of itself, but maybe that's a tale for another time.

That Person's Aura[edit]

Sahli Lao, who suffers from anxiety, is offered a special training session by the party. Since Lao states he always misses his target as soon as there is something at stake, the crew decide to introduce a penalty for failing. The added forfeit seems to have the desired effect of putting Sahli Lao under pressure, and he fires a stray arrow into a nearby thicket, disturbing a sleeping monster.

A small shadow stood beneath the night sky.
Sahli Lao, the Harvin archer plagued by stage fright stood with his cloak blowing around him.
Sahli Lao: (Sigh…)
Lyria: What's wrong, Mr. Lao?
Vyrn: Hey! What's up? What's with the glum face?
Sahli Lao: Mr. Vyrn, Miss Lyria… How close do you think I am to overcoming my weakness?
Lyria: Huh? Hmm… When we were fighting together just now, it didn't look like you were having any problems.
Lyria: In fact, I'd say everyone has come to rely on you, Mr. Lao.
Vyrn: That's right! With you picking off targets with your huge bow, our jobs get a lot easier!
Sahli Lao: Is that right? I must admit, when I'm fighting with all of you, I do feel quite calm.
Sahli Lao: However, it's rather shameful, but there haven't been many times I've been able to make that one perfect shot.
Vyrn: I see… So until you start making those shots, you think you're not a great archer?
Sahli Lao: That may indeed be so…
Vyrn: Well then! Sounds like you're a perfect candidate for some special training! Yep, it's decided!
Sahli Lao: Err… what?
Vyrn: Hehehe, we'll start right after breakfast! (Captain), you can help too!
The next day,
Sahli Lao: What in the world are we doing here?
Vyrn: Okay! This spot should be perfect, (Captain)!
As Vyrn was saying this, (Captain) and Lyria suddenly pulled out a quiver of arrows and some apples.
Sahli Lao: Y-you don't mean…?
Vyrn: Hehehe! These apples will be your targets!
Sahli Lao: Surely you don't mean…
Lyria: That's right! We'll use these to train! There are ten apples, and ten arrows. You can't miss even once, OK?
Sahli Lao: Heh… heh heh heh…
Vyrn: Huh? What's so amusing?
Sahli Lao: Oh, nothing. It's just… I'm truly grateful for your kindness.
Sahli Lao: However, if I'm aware it's only practice, there's no danger of my aim faltering.
Sahli Lao: Hmm… I've an idea… Maybe there should be some form of penalty for missing, then…
Vyrn: A penalty, huh? That would certainly increase the pressure for you…
Sahli Lao: Fine. Then, may I suggest that (Captain) choose a suitable one?
Lyria: Umm… Like going without dinner, or something?
Sahli Lao: Heh heh.I would accept an even more severe penalty than that. A soldier's word is their bond.
  1. How about getting a buzz cut?
  2. How about hitting on ten girls?

Choose: How about getting a buzz cut?
Sahli Lao: Huh?
Lyria: Hey, (Captain), what's a "buzz cut"?
Huh? A motivational haircut, you say?

Choose: How about hitting on ten girls?
Sahli Lao: Wha??
Lyria: Hey, (Captain), what do you mean, 'hit on'
Continue 1
Vyrn: Ha ha! Good idea! Maybe it'll make you seem more like a tough guy, Lao!
Sahli Lao:
Vyrn: …huh?
Sahli Lao: …Uh, yes. You're right. Very well, then.
Sahli Lao: After all, if there isn't a degree of risk to it, it wouldn't be proper training…
Lyria: Um… Don't force yourself, OK?
Sahli Lao: It's fine! A soldier's word is their bond, remember! I shall give it my all.
Vyrn: Yeah, well said! Let's do it!
The objective of the training was to hit the ten apples positioned around the forest with the ten arrows.
Sahli Lao: Two more to go! All right, I can do this!
Lyria: Well done! You're so fast!
Vyrn: (Gulp) This is where it starts to get tough. You can do it, Lao!
Vyrn: Hey, he's shaking pretty bad…
Sahli Lao: Whoops!
The arrow grazed the side of the target, but luckily the force was still enough to split the apple cleanly in two.
Sahli Lao: …thank goodness! O-one more now!
Grouchy Monster: Grararaaahhh!
Sahli Lao: What?
The arrow Lao had just shot, having disappeared into a nearby thicket, seemed to have disturbed a sleeping creature.
Vyrn: Darn it! It was going so well, too. All right, practice is cancelled! Let's go, (Captain)!

That Person's Aura: Scene 2[edit]

After a speedy shadow saves Sahli Lao from a sticky predicament, he identifies the figure as his former colleague, Milleore.

Sahli Lao: Ugh… How pathetic! I suppose this really is all I amount to!
Lyria: Mr. Lao! Watch out!
Sahli Lao: Huh?
Milleore: ……!
Sahli Lao: Wha??
Moving faster than the eye could see, a small shadow took out the monster that had been approaching from Lao's blind spot.
Sahli Lao: M-Milly?
Vyrn: Hey guys! A lot of big ones are coming this way! Be careful!

That Person's Aura: Scene 3[edit]

Assured of the close presence of his former comrade, Milleore, Sahli Lao's courage is restored. His next shot then takes out not only the monsters, but the last training target too. In this way, he is able to both avoid the penalty and conquer his anxiety.

Vyrn: Darn it! Lao! There are a lot over there, too!
Sahli Lao: Oh! This arrow… there's no mistaking it.
Sahli Lao: It's her! She's nearby…
Knowing his former companion was nearby gave Lao courage. His trembling stopped, and he collected himself with a deep breath.
Sahli Lao: I should be all right now.
Sahli Lao: Here goes!
Closing his eyes, Lao let his arms drop loosely to his side, appearing almost defenseless.
Grouchy Monster: Rararaarrrrrr!
Sahli Lao: I see it! Just there!
Sahli Lao released an arrow with such power that the surrounding targets were instantly destroyed… including the final apple.
Sahli Lao: Milly…
Vyrn: Wow, awesome! That one really packed a punch!
Lyria: Whew… Thank goodness. Now Mr. Lao won't have to face the training penalty…
Vyrn: But you know, Lao… I still think it would improve your nerves in the long run if you tried something a little more aggressive?
Sahli Lao:
Vyrn: Hey, come on, not again! What's with the silence?
Sahli Lao: Well, I didn't think it was so important, so I didn't correct you before, but…
Vyrn: Oh?
Lyria: …yes?
Sahli Lao: …well, it doesn't really matter. It's a common mistake, so it's not worth worrying about, I suppose!
Milleore is a crew member

Through overcoming his great fear, Sahli Lao was able to maintain his pride as a soldier.
Milleore: Lao… I'm glad for you.
However, Vyrn couldn't help but feel that there was still something amiss…
Milleore not in crew

Through overcoming his great fear, Sahli Lao was able to maintain his pride as a soldier.
However, Vyrn couldn't help but feel that there was still something amiss…

Twin Arrows[edit]

On their travels, (Captain) and the crew have picked up two Harvin archers. Though arriving separately, it turns out they were once very close. Lyria asked if there was some romance between them, only for it to be revealed that Sahli Lao is in fact a woman, who is often mistaken for a man, and that they are simply old army mates, nothing more. The crew's shock at this revelation seems to soften up Milleore's hard exterior, and the two slip back into their friendship as if no time had passed at all.

At one time there were two Harvin archers in (Captain)'s crew.
With unparalleled skill born of their preternatural agility, the crew quickly came to depend on them.
They came to the crew independently, but upon meeting each other, it became clear that they had a history.
Sahli Lao: Mi…Milly? What are you doing here?
Milleore: …Lao. Long time no see. When did you get here?
Sahli Lao: Ever since you left without so much as a goodbye. To find you on this airship, of all places…
Vyrn: Oh, do you two know each other?
Sahli Lao: Yes, we used to be very close. Milly, maybe now you can tell me, why did you leave the army?
Milleore: I just wasn't cut out for the soldier life. That's all.
Milleore: More to the point, what are you doing here? What about the army?
Sahli Lao: Well… I took a break from the army. I'm on a journey of self-improvement, to rid myself of all weaknesses.
Milleore: But you were doing so well in the army. Why would someone like you decide to go out on your own?
Sahli Lao: Um… Well…
Sahli Lao began the tale of his goings on ever since Milleore left the army.
He told of how he failed the officer's test, and how he was passed over for promotion.
Milleore: I see. That is a shame indeed.
Sahli Lao: And that's why I took the time off, to rid myself of this stage fright… But I'll stop now, I know how much you hate long stories.
Milleore: I don't mind, at least just this once. Anyway, it's nearly time to eat. Lao, do you have any provisions?
Sahli Lao: Hehe, it's been a long time since you've asked me that. It really takes me back.
Milleore: I didn't mean to remind you of anything. I just don't want to waste time, is all.
Milleore: An agent's life is a busy one. Sometimes you have to choose between hearing a story and having something to eat.
Milleore: Speaking of which, I've heard of a place nearby that does excellent seafood. Do you want to try it?
Sahli Lao: Haha, you haven't changed a bit.
The two left, and sat on the restaurant terrace with their seafood platter, and engaged in a deep conversation.
Sahli Lao: …And that's how your snap decision saved all those people. I was so impressed.
Milleore: Heehee, I'd almost forgotten about that.
Milleore broke into a rare smile. Watching the couple from afar, the rest of the crew started to speculate.
Vyrn: Hohoho, now that's a relationship for the ages, I'll bet my wings on it!
Lyria: You really think so?
Katalina: Hmm, I agree. For someone to make Lady Milleore smile, they must surely…
Vyrn: Huh? That's not that hard to do. As long as she's interested.
Katalina: Do you think we need to worry about their relationship?
With the crew unable to come to a decision over their relationship, that night Lyria decided to ask them about it.
Lyria: Um, excuse me, Sahli Lao? Are you and Milleore, you know, in a relationship?
Sahli Lao: Lyria, what are you?
Lyria: Er… erm, I mean, to think that you parted ways so long ago, and found each other again on this airship…
Lyria: Heehee, don't you think that's romantic?
Milleore: I think you're mistaken. You do know that Lao is a woman, don't you?
Katalina: Wh-wh-what! My apologies, we meant no offense.
Vyrn: Hey, don't you think you coulda told us earlier? It would've made things a lot less awkward now.
Sahli Lao: It's… It happens all the time, so I gave up correcting people after a while.
Sahli Lao: And you know, there are benefits to being mistaken for a man too.
Milleore: I can imagine. Though I suppose there are downsides as well.
Milleore: But doesn't it ever get old? Do you ever tell people that they're mistaken?
Sahli Lao: Hmm… People always think it will get old, but I've never felt that way.
Milleore: You never fail to surprise me. In that you haven't changed either, Lao.
Sahli Lao: Haha, I guess neither of us have changed that much.
Vyrn: So wait, if you're not a couple, what's going on between you?
Milleore: We're just two friends who grew up together. Nothing more.
Sahli Lao: Haha. To be precise, we met in boot camp, and just got on from the start.
Sahli Lao: Even when we entered the army, we always worked better together than alone.
Sahli Lao: There were of course times when we butted heads, but still, there's no one in this world I trust more.
Milleore: Please, you're making me blush.
Katalina: Hmm… So you and Lady Milleore have always been this close.
Sahli Lao: We were inseparable, unbeatable. Milly would provide covering fire, and I'd finish off the target.
Sahli Lao: Haha, we'd take on entire strongholds on our own, with no support. We were renowned in the army.
Vyrn: Uh-huh… You're both pretty tough on your own, but I guess two bows are better than one!
Milleore: Growing up we just learned to depend on each other. That's all.
Vyrn: I see! So, does that mean that you guys are gonna join forces again?
Sahli Lao: What a good idea! My self-improvement had hit a wall, maybe this is what I've been missing!
Milleore: Agreed. I've been coming up against tougher and tougher monsters of late, I could do with you by my side once again.
Milleore: Good to have you back, Lao. I've missed you.
Sahli Lao: Right back at you, Milly. I'm sure glad we bumped into each other like this.
With a firm handshake Milleore and Sahli Lao were once again together as they were of old.
However, there was one in the group who seemed not to be understanding what was going on.
Lyria: Errr…
Vyrn: What's wrong, Lyria?
Lyria: Eh…um… It's just that, Sahli Lao's a woman. But then, how does she know Milleore?……
Lyria: They're close friends, but are they more than that? I'm getting confused.
Milleore: Lyria, weren't you listening? I said earlier that there was nothing romantic between us.
Lyria: Oh! That's right, you did! Not that there'd be anything wrong if there was, of course.
Katalina: Agreed. If there's something more going on, don't be afraid, you're among friends.
Milleore: …Katalina, surely you of all people can see that we're just comrades-in-arms, nothing more?
Vyrn: What was that?
Milleore: I said, Lao's nothing but a comrade-in-arms.
Vyrn: What? I didn't quite catch that.
Sahli Lao: Haha, Milly's always had a problem saying "comrade in arms." Look, even now she's getting embarrassed.
Milleore: Grrr…
Katalina: I see…
Milleore: …Lao, do you want me to tell them more about your little "stage fright" problem?
Sahli Lao: What! N-no, there's no need to bring up ancient history like that!
Vyrn: Now I want to know what happened! Milleore, you will tell us, won't you?
Vyrn: I like this new, chatty Milleore!
The two seemed to withdraw slightly, but after taking the conversation to the tavern, they left for their room together.
They may have parted ways in their youth, but on the deck of the Grandcypher the two have forged their bond anew.


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