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Official Profile[edit]

Npc f 3040175000 01.jpg Selfira
Age 17 years old
Height 163 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Tuning instruments, looking at sky charts
Likes Her grandfather, listening to traveler's tales, gardening
Dislikes Weak-willed people, lack of self-confidence

* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040175000 01.jpg Selfira
Age 17歳
Height 163 cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 楽器の手入れ、空図を見ること
Likes お爺ちゃん、旅の話を聞くこと、植物の育成
Dislikes だらしない人、意気地のない態度


Source [1]




  • Selfira became the adoptive child of Keehar after her parents passed.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday.
I don't suppose you have a minute do you? I want to put on a heartfelt performance just for you.


Happy birthday! Do you have any requests? I'll be performing later at the party.
But you know, performing the same old pieces over and over again is a dull affair.
There has to be something you want or want to do.
Go on, ask me for anything. You've always been there for me, and now I'd like to return the favor.
W-what was that?
Ah! You can't just say something and run, you little sneak! Come back here!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I remember when I was still living in my village, I'd lay out a map and dream of adventure.
I loved the world my grandfather's tales took place in. I thought someday I'd travel there myself.
Then I met you and off on our travels we went.
The sky is grand and vast. I finally got to have the fun adventures I could only have in my imagination.
Say, (Captain). The twinkle you always have in your eye is so lovely.
They're just like Grandfather's eyes whenever he tells his stories.
Eyes filled with so much excitement and fun that even I couldn't help but feel the same way.
I hope I'll be able to tell adventures of us one day with the same sparkling eyes.
So until then, (Captain), let's make the most of our journey.


(Captain), happy birthday.
This is the fourth time I've celebrated this special occasion.
I consider it a reminder of how long we've been journeying together.
Haha, it really takes me back.
My grandpa used to talk of islands where gravity might be reversed or where everything is giant...
We haven't run into anything that bizarre, but every day is filled with fun and excitement.
I don't know where we're headed next, what kind of people we'll see there, and what sort of adventures await us...
But I'm already worked up just thinking about it. And that's all thanks to you, (Captain).
Here's hoping our journey lasts for a long time to come.


Happy birthday, (Captain)! I'm so happy I can celebrate with you again this year.
You went on some dangerous missions and there were a few frightening incidents as well... You were in a lot of tight spots this year, weren't you?
I know you're a strong person and don't need me to worry over every little thing...
Still, I'm always praying for your safety and well-being.
The work of a skyfarer involves many dangers and trials...
But I hope we can both live long and healthy, just like my grandpa.
That's way ahead in the future though, hehe. Meanwhile, let's have another great year together until your next birthday!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year. Are you ready for it?
I can't wait to head back out there together with you and face ever newer challenges.


Happy New Year! What do you think the new year will bring? Oh, my heart is pounding with excitement!
Am I being too lax? Yeah, I know danger comes with the job. Such is the life of a skyfarer.
But I came from a tiny village out in the boonies. I never got to explore the outside world.
Adventuring through the skies with you and the crew is the most fun I've ever had.
Thank you for bringing me onboard, (Captain). I'll do my best not to slow you down.


Come on, (Captain)! How long do you plan on staying in bed for?
The town is buzzing with excitement for the new year. Let's go out there together.
Hm? You want to sleep in all day?
No way! I'm going to pull you out from under those sheets myself if I have to!
Fine. This is the perfect chance to play for you my newest piece: Cacophony of Loud Noises.
Oh, you're up? Well, get your shoes on and let's go for that walk.


(Captain), happy New Year!
Haha, I definitely wasn't expecting you to drop in just to say hello.
You made it pretty clear last year about how you'd be staying cooped up in your room for the next New Year's.
I'm glad you're here though. I have tickets for an upcoming concert.
Exactly two of them. Would you like to go with me?


What a beautiful sunrise! The light filtering through the clouds and shining across the sky everywhere you look...
Oh, I can't quite put it into words! None that can do this scene justice!
Perhaps a melody would do better than words to convey what I'm feeling right now...
Yes, a sound that can express the brightness of the light and the rush of clouds...
Hmm, no, maybe not like that. Maybe...
Oooh, these sounds are threatening to spill out of me! (Captain)! Would you mind if I do a little improvisation right here, right now?
Thanks! If you're feeling up to it, how about assisting me by clapping a rhythm? I'd appreciate it!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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So it's Valentine's Day. You like sweet things, right? Yeah, you do.
Um, would you mind having a snack with me? I already made some sweets, and I boiled a pot of tea. How about it?


Thank you got being there when I needed you. This is a token of my appreciation. Yes, appreciation...
Gasp! Don't sneak up on me like that, (Captain)!
Ah, please wait!
I, um... got you this! It's Valentine's Day chocolate!
It's appreciation, I mean, a token of my appreciation for you. I'd be happy if you accepted it...
Is it too much? You've probably already gotten a lot of chocolate. I shouln't have given you something sweet...
Thank you got taking it. I hope you like them.


Um... Today's Valentine's Day, (Captain).
H-here, I made you this!
It's just a raspberry chocolate cake...
You know, to say thanks for everything. I hope you like—
Oh, phew. Thanks.
I grew those raspberries myself actually.
I put a lot of effort into growing them, just like I did when I baked the cake.
So it's probably, uh, extra sweet.


Here... I made these for you, (Captain)... For Valentine's...
I made them myself this year too. I'm sorry if they don't look all that appetizing, but...
Hm? Ah, I'm so relieved you like them.
Sigh... This might be my third time, yet I still break out in cold sweat...
Though seeing your contagious smile at the end makes it all worth it.


Um, (Captain)... I have a Valentine's gift for you this year as well.
It's simply another batch of homemade chocolate, but I fear it's not enough to give the same thing every year.
Which is why I'd like for you to request a song of me! I'll perform any one you choose!
You don't have to name any specific pieces either. If you describe the kind of feeling you wish for, I can come up with something appropriate.
E-excuse me? A l-love song?
If you insist... Just having the word "love" roll off my tongue is quite embarrassing...
No, it's fine! You don't need to change your request! I am capable of doing this!
Because I'm a musician—no, because this is your request! R-rest assured, I will do it!

Mixed Chocolate Cake square.jpg Mixed Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Happy White Day! Grandpa gave me some rare treats for Valentine's Day.
These are special rice crackers, and they're quite salty. Wanna share one with me?


Um... Could this be a White Day present?
This really touches my heart. Thank you so much.
By the way do you know the meaning behind giving someone a gift on White Day?
You don't? Um, I'm not sure how to explain it...
Humph, quit teasing me like that! If you really don't know, then go look it up yourself!
How could you do that to me? You're unbelievable!


What is it, (Captain)?
Returning the favor for Valentine's Day?
Thank you. This is great.
What do you mean you looked up the meaning behind giving White Day presents?
Oh, that's right. Last year you said you didn't know.
And to top it off, you avoided giving a present that could be misconstrued... Sigh...
I'm somewhat disappointed yet relieved...
Huh? I didn't say anything!
Thank you again for the gift. I'll open it later in my room.


Everything okay, (Captain)?
Hm? Is this... for White Day?
Thank you. I'll savor it.
Hm? The meaning of a White Day gift? Yeah, you mentioned that last year too. I remember.
Hey, stop it—you're embarrassing me! Now I'm afraid to open it...
Fine! I'll just have to open it in my room then! Don't come after me!


Don't give me that mischievous grin... Are you planning on teasing me again this year?
Yes, you really made my heart pound last year with the contents of your White Day gift.
Of course I remember it! I especially remember how I was feeling at the time...
But you won't be able to send me into a panic this year as well!
Why? Because I've already figured out that receiving any kind of gift from you fills me with joy.
It's not the gift that matters, but the fact that you did something for my sake... That's enough to make my heart soar.
Huh? Now you feel nervous about giving your gift?Hehe! How's that for a taste of the heart-pounding you gave me last year? I hadn't planned on this kind of payback, but I'll take it!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween!
It's fine to quietly remember those who have passed, but festivities like these aren't so bad either.
I wish I could show Mother and Father how well I'm doing.


I hear Halloween's when ghosts and dead people come out to play.
I wonder if my parents will show up too?
Hehe, sure would be nice if they did. Even if they can't talk as ghosts, just seeing them would be enough.
So let me play a jig to put a spring in the step of all the ghost and ghouls out there.
And if you enjoy it too, (Captain), well... that would be just wonderful.


It's Halloween, (Captain)! Look at the smiles on everyone's faces!
I'll play a little tune to really stir up some—
D—don't play jokes on me without warning!
Goodness. If it's candy you want, I have it right here.
There you go.
No more teasing while I play, hear me?
Huh? Well, technically I did say no teasing while I play, not after, but...
Ugh! Just don't do it!
I mean... Well... I guess I don't mind a little bit of mischief from you, (Captain)...


(Captain), happy Halloween...
Of course I'll be careful today. After the sudden prank last year, I've learned to be on my guard.
Wh-what's that you're holding on to? Some kind of outfit?
Rgh... I'm not going in a costume!
I mean...
That'd get in the way of my performance!
It's my job first and foremost to liven up the atmosphere of the crew with my music!
I need to be in my usual dress to do that!


Eeek! (Captain)?
Hey! Just what do you think you're doing, tickling me from behind... That scared me!
And playing a trick without saying trick-or-treat first is against the rules!
Nope, I won't forgive you! I'm going to make sure you get a taste of your own medicine!
Hehe... Instead of a performance, you're about to witness me pull one trick of a lifetime!
I haven't played any tricks in years... But I can get serious if I want to, you know. Are you ready, (Captain)?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays! I get so excited seeing all the gorgeous decorations.
You know, my grandfather told me he once met Santa Claus. I wonder if it's true...


(Captain), a moment of your time if I may.
Well, thank you.
About tonight's special holiday banquet everyone's been waiting for...
Would it be all right if I provided some entertainment? I've prepared a repertoire of holiday songs.
I can? Thank you! I'm going to put on my best performance yet.
The banquet's finally here. Nothing would bring me more joy than to help make wonderful new memories.
Heehee. I bet the food will be delicious, but please don't forget about my concert, (Captain)!


Hey, (Captain). Happy holidays!
I was just in the middle of tuning.
That's right. I'll be performing again for this year's holiday banquet.
But unlike last year, this year I went the extra mile and helped with preparing the feast.
You've always got to keep challenging yourself. It's a surefire way to get on Santa Claus's good—
Er, you didn't hear that. Okay? Nothing at all...
A-anyway, I hope you look forward to hearing my performance at the banquet!


Ah, happy holidays, (Captain).
What's wrong? You seem a bit fidgety.
The get-together dinner? Yes, I'm thinking of performing this year as well.
Let me guess... You were looking forward to it it? Ah, that makes me so happy...
Haha, I'm going to express the joy I feel right now through my music later tonight.
I hope you'll like it, (Captain).


Oh? Look, (Captain)! It's snowing! I suppose we'll be having a holy night filled with white.
This reminds me of a story my grandpa used to tell me.
If you see dancers in the snow on a holy night, it's a sign that you'll meet someone who will change your life.
Supposedly the dancers in the snow are breathtakingly beautiful, and I used to wish every year that it would snow so I could see one.
Hehe, I never did end up spotting a single dancer in all those years. But I'm lucky enough that I've had two life-changing encounters without them!
The first was my grandpa coming to live with me after my parents passed away.
The second, of course, was meeting you and the rest of the crew!

Fate Episodes[edit]

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

A New Path[edit]

Following a performance of the famous Viale Symphony Orchestra, (Captain) and the crew happen upon a street concert in town. Selfira decides to join in on a whim and finds herself being scouted by the Viale Symphony Orchestra's concertmaster. But Selfira hesitates when she realizes joining the orchestra would mean leaving her friends behind.

Selfira: Hey, are we still okay on time? Shouldn't we pick up the pace a little?
Vyrn: Geez, how many times are you gonna ask? We've got plenty of time.
Selfira: Okay... I guess you're right.
Lyria: Hehe. I know how you feel. I'm excited too!
In a certain town, (Captain) and the crew follow behind an impatient Selfira.
Vyrn: Hey, I can see it!
Lyria: Wow... What an incredible building!
The town holds a large theater, home to a famous orchestra.
Selfira: It's finally time... I never would've dreamed I'd snag tickets to hear the Viale Symphony Orchestra in concert!
Selfira: If I hadn't left my island, I never would've had this opportunity.
Selfira (Event) is a crew member

Selfira smiles, reminiscing about her first encounter with the crew on her home island, where they were instrumental in helping her put the primal beast Midgardsormr back to sleep.

Selfira (Event) not in crew

(Captain) and the crew once paid a visit to the island where the primal beast Midgardsormr slumbers.
The first ones to seal the beast were none other than a legendary crew of skyfaring minstrels.
Selfira: If anyone is going to play my great grandmother's song, it should be me!
Selfira is a descendent of one of those very minstrels.
Selfira: My great grandmother's song was first used to put Midgardsormr to sleep. Now it's been passed down to me.
Selfira: I want to carry out the duty that was given to me by birth and put the primal to sleep once more.
With the help of (Captain) and the crew, Selfira succeeded at putting Midgardsormr back to sleep.
And afterward, she made an important decision.
Selfira: I've decided I'm coming with you. I need to see more of this world to become a better performer.
Together with (Captain)'s crew, she took flight into the vast skies.
Continue 1
Selfira: You have no idea how grateful I am, (Captain).
Vyrn: Haha! Isn't it kinda early for that? You haven't even listened to the concert yet!
Selfira: Hehe. Good point. Let's get going!
(Captain) and company enter the theater with Selfira still in the lead.
Lyria: Wow... That was amazing.
Vyrn: It sure was. It's gonna be hard to come back down to reality now.
(Captain) and the crew stroll through the town, still basking in the afterglow of the concert.
Selfira: Aaah! That was a dream come true!
Vyrn: Haha! Selfira's all fired up!
Selfira: Can you blame me? They were just as amazing as I'd heard—no, they were even better!
Selfira: You could tell each and every one of them was incredibly talented, but somehow their individual sounds all blended together perfectly...
Selfira: I've never heard musicians harmonize together so well before.
Lyria: Even though we were just listening to music, all kinds of scenes kept popping into my head.
Selfira: Yeah, I know what you mean.
Selfira: A raging sky... A gentle breeze blowing across a meadow... A lively tavern...
Selfira: Every piece, every movement, painted a different picture! It was like magic!
Lyria: Yeah! It really was!
Vyrn: Man... Those two look like they could talk about the show all day!
Vyrn: But, you know, I've never really seen Selfira enjoy herself that much before.
  1. She looks happy.
  2. I wasn't expecting that reaction.

Choose: She looks happy.
Vyrn: Haha! She sure does. I guess that's all that matters!

Choose: I wasn't expecting that reaction.
Vyrn: Me neither. But I guess that just shows how much she loves music!
Continue 2
As they make their way cheerfully through the town, the faint sound of a musical instrument reaches (Captain)'s ears.
Selfira: Huh? Is that music?
Exchanging glances with Selfira, the crew make their way toward the source of the music.
Eventually they find themselves in a bustling plaza filled with people.
Vyrn: Look, there's a big crowd gathered over there.
Lyria: It sounds like that's where the music is coming from.
Selfira: Yeah... Someone's performing in the middle of that group of people.
The performance ends as the crew approaches, and the crowd around them bursts out with cheers and applause.
Vyrn: Whoa! Everyone's really into it!
Selfira: This is basically a full-fledged concert!
Lyria: Yeah. It's wonderful getting to hear music out on the street like this!
Selfira: Yeah, it is. You can tell the people in this town really appreciate music.
Townsperson 1: Say, is that a violin case you're carrying, miss?
Selfira: Who, me? Yes, it is...
Townsperson 2: Oh, another musician! Play for us, won't you?
Selfira: Huh? Is it really okay for me to play here?
Townsperson 3: Hehe. There are no rules here as to who's performing next or what they're playing.
Vyrn: So anyone can just jump in on a whim, huh?
Lyria: In that case... Selfira!
Selfira: Okay! Maybe I'll play a little then.
Selfira makes her way to the center of the crowd, where she pulls out her instrument and takes a bow.
Selfira: Whew...
She takes a small breath and begins to play a light, cheerful melody.
Townsperson 3: Oh my!
Townsperson 2: Wow!
The upbeat, inviting tune causes smiles to appear on the people's faces. They happily clap in time to the music.
Vyrn: Haha! This song is so much fun it makes you want to get up and dance around!
Lyria: Yeah! Selfira looks like she's having fun too!
Selfira: ...
Lyria: I think this is the first time I've ever heard Selfira play such a happy tune.
Vyrn: Yeah, she really has changed—in a good way!
(Captain) smiles, thinking about how Selfira continues to grow on their journey.
Selfira: Whew.
Finishing the last phrase of the melody, Selfira lifts her bow with a flourish and looks out into the crowd.
Townsperson 1: Whoa!
Townsperson 3: That was fantastic!
The crowd erupts with roaring cheers and applause.
Lyria: Wow! That was wonderful!
Townsperson 2: You're an incredible musician, miss!
Selfira: N-not at all...
Selfira: But I'm glad you enjoyed my performance. Thank you.
Townsperson 4: Hehe. You're Selfira, right?
Selfira: Huh? You know me?
Townsperson 4: Yes. I heard you play in the contest at the Balaban Jamboree.
Vyrn: Oh! The Balaban Jamboree!
The Balaban Jamboree is a music festival held to honor the achievements of its namesake—one of the legendary skyfaring minstrels.
Selfira previously accepted an invitation to compete in a contest held at the festival.
Selfira: I can't believe it... I never would've imagined I'd run into someone else who was there.
Townsperson 4: I can't believe it either. But I'm absolutely thrilled.
Townsperson 4: I thought your performance in the contest was amazing, but your performance today was even more incredible!
Townsperson 4: In such a short span of time you've been able to refine your music and give it so much more depth.
Selfira: I'm so glad to hear you say that...
Selfira: It's all thanks to the journey I've shared with (Captain)'s crew.
Selfira smiles happily, her cheeks reddening.
A little while later, the crew visits a restaurant in town to grab a bite to eat.
Lyria: Hehe! Street concerts are so much fun!
Vyrn: They really loved Selfira out there! They called for an encore after every song!
Selfira: I was having so much fun at the time that I wasn't really thinking...
Selfira: But looking back, it was kind of embarrassing...
Vyrn: What? That performance of yours was really impressive though.
Selfira: Cut it out! You're going to make me even more embarrassed...
???: Excuse me.
Vyrn: Huh? What's up?
???: I'm sorry to interrupt your conversation, but could I ask for a moment of your time?
Lyria: Yes, of course. Um... Who might you be?
Selfira: Ah!
Upon seeing the man's face, Selfira suddenly jumps up from her seat.
Selfira: Um... You're the Viale Symphony Orchestra's concertmaster, aren't you?
Concertmaster: Oh? You know me?
Vyrn: Oh! Now that you mention it, I remember seeing him at the theater!
Selfira: We attended the concert earlier... And, um, it was absolutely incredible!
Concertmaster: Haha. I'm honored to hear you say that.
Concertmaster: But I actually came to tell you the same thing.
The man smiles kindly at Selfira.
Concertmaster: Selfira.
Selfira: Huh? What? You know my name?
Concertmaster: I heard your performance in the plaza earlier.
Lyria: Wow! Really?
Selfira: No way... I'm so embarrassed!
Concertmaster: What's there to be embarrassed about? Your performance gave me the same thrill I felt back when I first touched a musical instrument.
Selfira: ...!
Concertmaster: Listen, Selfira. I came to invite you to join the Viale Symphony Orchestra.
Selfira: Huh? Wha...
Vyrn: Whoa! That's awesome! Did you just get scouted?
Lyria: That's amazing, Selfira! It's an honor to be invited to join such a wonderful orchestra!
Selfira: No way... Me? You're really asking me?
Concertmaster: Haha. You seem quite surprised. Yes, we'd love to have you as part of our ensemble.
Selfira: I can't believe this...
Vyrn: Wait, hang on a second! If you joined the orchestra, wouldn't that mean we'd have to leave you behind?
Selfira: Ah!
Selfira looks around at her friends' faces.
Lyria: Th-that's true... This town is where the orchestra performs, so you wouldn't be able to continue traveling with us...
Selfira: But I...
Sensing Selfira's hesitation, the concertmaster speaks to her in a gentle voice.
Concertmaster: I wouldn't expect you to make such a big decision so quickly.
Concertmaster: Will you all be in town for a while?
Vyrn: Y-yeah. We were thinking about taking some requests around here, so we were planning to stay a little longer...
Concertmaster: I see. Then could I ask you to think it over while you're here?
Selfira: ...
Concertmaster: You're welcome to come observe our orchestra rehearsal, if you'd like.
The concertmaster smiles gently at the bewildered crew and takes his leave.
Selfira: ...
Lyria: U-um, aren't you going to eat your food? It's going to get cold...
Vyrn: Yeah!
Vyrn: Don't look so glum, Selfira.
Selfira: O-okay...
Selfira: (I wasn't ready for this... What should I do?)
Even as (Captain) attempts to console her by patting her gently on the back, Selfira's expression remains tense.

Traveling Musician[edit]

The day after being invited to join the Viale Symphony Orchestra, Selfira sits in on the orchestra's rehearsal. She is deeply impressed but still unsure how to respond to the invitation. The next day Selfira joins the crew on a mission to deliver cargo, but she panics and is unable to play her instrument when she encounters a monster.

It is the day after Selfira was invited to join the Viale Symphony Orchestra.
Selfira: (They really are incredible...)
At the crew's urging, she has gone to observe the orchestra's rehearsal.
Conductor: Stop!
Conductor: Try not to use so much rubato before the third measure. And violins, play a bit more staccato.
Concertmaster: So something like this...
The concertmaster plays a short phrase.
Concertmaster: Was that better?
Conductor: Yes! Wonderful. Just like that.
Conductor: Okay, let's start over from the section where it says mezzo piano.
Selfira sits watching the orchestra from a distance, overwhelmed.
Selfira: (Wow... This is only rehearsal, but it already sounds so polished. Each and every one of the members is incredibly skilled.)
Selfira: (No, what's really impressive is the evolution of the music.)
Selfira: (As the sounds slowly change, the piece becomes more and more vivid.)
Selfira: (Sometimes it's as though they're competing, and at other times they support and enhance each other... It's exhilarating.)
Selfira has played with Elta before, but most of her time spent practicing has been on her own.
Thus the scene before her eyes is something brand new to her.
Conductor: Okay, let's take a short break. We'll tackle the third movement next.
The orchestra practice enters an intermission, giving Selfira a chance to let out the breath she's been holding since she arrived.
Orchestra Member: Um... You're Selfira, right?
Selfira: Oh... Yes. I was cordially invited to observe your rehearsal.
Orchestra Member: Hehe. You don't have to be so formal. The concertmaster told us about you.
Orchestra Member: Oh, hey! Would you mind playing some for us?
Selfira: Huh?
Orchestra Member: Ever since the concertmaster told us about you, I've been really looking forward to meeting you and hearing you play!
Selfira: Er... I...
Orchestra Member: You play the violin, right? I do too. What do you say we play a bit together—
Concertmaster: Now, now, don't be so pushy.
Selfira: Ah...
Concertmaster: She's so very kindly come to watch us rehearse.
Concertmaster: You're going to overwhelm her if you keep pestering her like that.
Orchestra Member: You're right. I'm so sorry! I just really wanted to hear you play and lost my head a little.
Selfira: No, it's fine. Thank you.
The orchestra member smiles cheerfully, but Selfira can give no more than a vague reply.
Lyria: Oh, Selfira! Welcome back!
The crew welcomes Selfira back to the airship with a smile.
Selfira: I'm back.
Vyrn: How was the rehearsal? I bet it was awesome, right?
Selfira: Yeah, it was. They were all extremely skilled and professional...
Selfira: ...
Lyria: Selfira?
Vyrn: Did something bad happen?
Selfira: No, nothing like that. It's just me.
Selfira: I was just thinking about how I never follow through with anything...
Lyria: You never follow through?
Selfira: I was so happy to be invited to join the orchestra yesterday. It made me feel like I had really grown as a musician...
Selfira: But when I realized I'd have to give up traveling in order to join the orchestra... I suddenly didn't know how to answer.
Selfira: I'm embarrassed that I wasn't able to decide right away.
Lyria: There's no reason to be embarrassed! It's an important decision, so it's only natural that you need to think about your answer!
Selfira: Thanks.
Selfira: But it's true. The way I am now, I just can't seem to follow through with anything—whether as part of the crew or as a musician.
(Captain) and the crew try to find the right words to say to Selfira as she stares at the ground sadly.
But before they can come up with any advice, Selfira raises her head as though she's shaken off her bad mood.
Selfira: Say, (Captain). Do you know your plans for tomorrow? I remember you mentioning you were going to take on some requests.
Vyrn: Yep. We're gonna be delivering cargo tomorrow!
Selfira: I see... Mind if I come along?
Lyria: Of course not! Let's all go together!
The next day, the crew departs from the town to deliver some cargo to a small village in the mountains.
Vyrn: Lyria! Are you getting tired?
Lyria: This is nothing!
Lyria: What about you, Selfira?
Selfira: Huh? Did you say something?
Vyrn: Hmm... This is getting kinda serious.
Lyria: Yeah... She seems so worried...
Vyrn: Well, she's got a lot on her mind. I guess the best thing to do right now is to let her be.
Lyria: You're probably right...
(Captain) and the crew decide to stop trying to engage Selfira in conversation and continue down the mountain path in silence.
Selfira: Sigh...
Selfira: (What am I doing? I volunteered for this mission, but here I am again not following through.)
Selfira: (I bet the crew is disgusted with me...)
Selfira: Oh, whoops. I'm falling behind.
Selfira looks up to see the crew's outlines growing smaller in the distance.
Selfira: I'm such a disgrace...
Monster: Grrr!
Selfira: Gyah!
Selfira: I can't believe I didn't notice that monster approaching!
Selfira readies her instrument as always, but in her haste she is unable to play properly.
Selfira: Oh no, what's wrong with me?
Monster: Groar!
Selfira: Aah!
Monster: Groar!
She opens her eyes to see (Captain) dealing the deathblow to the monster.
Vyrn: Sorry, Selfira! It took us a while to figure out you weren't right behind us!
Lyria: Are you okay? You're not hurt, are you?
Selfira: I-I'm fine!
Vyrn: Oh, guess there were still some monsters left! Let's take 'em out, (Captain)!
Selfira: I-I'll come too! I won't let myself fall behind again!

Traveling Musician: Scene 2[edit]

(Captain) and the crew arrive in the village, where Selfira meets a young girl who dreams of becoming a musician. But the other children argue that skyfarers are cooler than musicians, and an argument follows. Lyria tells them that Selfira is both a musician and a skyfarer, and Selfira is filled with confusion as the children turn to her, their expressions full of awe.

Vyrn: Whew... We did it!
After defeating all of the monsters, (Captain) rushes over to Selfira.
Selfira: I'm so sorry, (Captain)... I just...
(Captain) gently pats Selfira on the shoulder.
Vyrn: Don't let it bother you so much! Nobody got hurt or anything!
The crew try their utmost to cheer Selfira up, but she doesn't smile the rest of the way to the village.
(Captain) and crew arrive in the small mountain village and immediately head to complete the delivery.
But Selfira splits off from the others and wanders around the village alone.
Selfira: (I keep making a fool of myself... First at the orchestra rehearsal and now on this mission...)
Selfira: (Even though I know I can't just keep wallowing in uncertainty like this...)
Selfira trudges along, struggling to suppress the sigh that threatens to escape her lips.
The sounds of excited voices reach her ears.
Village Boy 1: Ha-ha-ha! No vessel can match the speed of our airship!
Village Boy 2: Hah! Then I guess you haven't heard how strong our airship is!
There are a number of children frolicking about in the small village square.
Village Boy 1: My crew's the one that took on this request. A job like this is still too hard for the likes of you!
Selfira: (They must be pretending to be skyfarers. They look like they're having fun... I bet they'd love to meet (Captain).)
Charming though the children are, Selfira quickly tires of watching and starts to leave.
Village Girl: Hey, wait!
A young girl emerges from the group and comes running up to Selfira.
Selfira: Huh? Me?
Village Girl: Yeah!
Village Girl: Hey, is that a violin?
Selfira: Y-yeah...
The girl's eyes sparkle as she stares at the case in Selfira's hands.
Village Girl: Are you a musician?
Selfira: Well, yes I am...
Village Girl: I knew it! Wow! I can't believe a musician came to our village!
Village Girl: I want to be a musician when I grow up!
Selfira: You do?
Village Girl: Hey, you know what? I went into town with my dad the other day to listen to an orchestra play.
Village Girl: There were so many instruments, and they filled the whole room with a bunch of pretty sounds!
Village Girl: It was like magic!
Selfira: Yeah, it was. I thought so too.
Village Girl: I wanna be a musician like that too one day.
Village Girl: I wanna hear the orchestra play again, but I don't get to go into town much.
Village Girl: But—yay! This time a musician came to us!
Selfira: You mean me?
Village Girl: Yeah! Will you play—
Village Boy 1: Pssh! Skyfarers are way cooler than musicians!
Village Boy 2: Musicians are boooring!
Village Girl: That's not true! You're only saying that 'cause you've never heard really great music before!
Village Boy 1: Hah! Skyfarers can go wherever they want on their airships. They're way better!
Village Girl: There are musicians who travel around doing concerts too!
Village Boy 2: But a musician can't fight against monsters!
Selfira: C-come on now, kids! Let's all calm down...
Shocked by the sudden argument, Selfira tries to pacify the children.
Village Girl: So anything's automatically cool if it can defeat monsters?
Village Boy 2: Duh! The stronger, the cooler!
But Selfira's pleas fall on deaf ears, and the fight continues to escalate.
Suddenly, Selfira hears a familiar voice.
Lyria: Ha-hah! Then that means Selfira is the coolest of them all!
Lyria appears and puffs out her chest proudly, pointing at Selfira.
Lyria: You see, she's a musician and a skyfarer!
The children's eyes widen at Lyria's proclamation, and they turn to stare at Selfira.
Selfira: U-um...
Seeing their sparkling eyes all focused on her, Selfira raises her eyebrows in confusion.

Traveling Musician: Scene 3[edit]

The crew is alerted to the appearance of monsters just outside the village. Selfira attempts to lead the children to safety, but one of the young boys runs off to catch a glimpse of the monsters. Selfira finds the boy being attacked and pulls out her instrument, stopping the monster in its tracks with her melody.

Village Girl: A musician and skyfarer?
Village Boy 1: Whoa!
Village Boy 2: Seriously? That's so cool!
Selfira: Um, I'm—
Village Boy 1: Hey! Do you ride around on an airship? What's it like? Is it big? Is it fast?
Village Girl: No fair! I was talking to her first!
Village Girl: Hey, play your instrument! I wanna hear it!
Selfira: But I—
Villager: Skyfarers! Thank goodness you're still here!
Villager: We've got trouble! There are monsters right outside the village! Will you help us drive them off?
Vyrn: Uh-oh! Let's move, (Captain)!
Selfira: I'll help too!
Selfira reflexively starts to run after the others, but hesitates as she remembers her earlier blunder.
Selfira: ...
Vyrn: Selfira, you take those kids someplace safe!
Selfira: Got it. Leave it to me.
Vyrn: Thanks!
Selfira: Okay, kids! Follow me! It's dangerous, so make sure you stay close!
Selfira: (I'm so pathetic...)
Selfira: (But right now I need to worry about getting these kids to safety... I have to keep it together!)
Selfira: Okay, this way!
Village Boy 1: I'm gonna go look over there!
Selfira: ...!
Wait! Where are you going?
Village Boy 1: Those are skyfarers—fighting against monsters! I gotta see this!
Selfira: Come back!
Warning the other children not to follow her, Selfira chases after the boy.
Selfira: I have to hurry!
Monster: Grrr!
Selfira: A monster! All the way over here? Then where's that boy?
Village Boy 1: Eek!
Monster: Groooar!
Selfira: Look out!
The monster hunches down, preparing to launch itself at the boy.
Selfira: ...!
Selfira: (I'm not going to make it!)
Selfira whips her instrument out of its case and readies her bow.
Selfira: Please, let this work!
Monster: Groar...
The melody, first composed to put even the primal beast Midgardsormr to sleep, causes the monster to slowly come to a halt.
Village Boy 1: Huh? What happened?
Vyrn: Sorry, Selfira! One of the monsters escaped and came this way...
Lyria: Oh, it looks like it's asleep! I guess that's thanks to your song, Selfira!
(Captain) dashes forward, weapon at the ready, and nods in approval at Selfira's handiwork.
Vyrn: That's our Selfira! Let's take care of the leftover monsters while we have the chance!

Traveling Musician: Scene 4[edit]

After defeating all the monsters, the crew is greeted by the gratitude of the villagers. Upon seeing the sparkling eyes of the children, Selfira finds her answer—she wants to continue bringing music to people all across the skies. Selfira boards the Grandcypher and sets sail with (Captain) and the crew once more.

After defeating all the monsters, the crew is greeted by the gratitude of the adult villagers and the delighted voices of the children.
Village Boy 1: And then she played her instrument, and the monster went down just like that!
Village Girl: Wow, that's awesome!
Village Boy 2: Her instrument can defeat monsters? That's so cool!
Gran is the Main Character

Village Boy 1: The guy who showed up later was really cool too! I was like, now that's a real skyfarer!
Djeeta is the Main Character

Village Boy 1: The lady who showed up later was really cool too! I was like, now that's a real skyfarer!
The children circle around Selfira and (Captain), chattering excitedly.
Village Girl: You're so lucky. I wanna hear her play too! Play another song!
Selfira: ...
Selfira: All right.
Selfira: ...
When they get back to the town, the crew pay a visit to the Viale Symphony Orchestra at Selfira's request.
Concertmaster: Well, if it isn't Selfira and company.
Selfira: I'm sorry to barge in like this.
Concertmaster: It's no trouble at all. What can I help you with today?
Selfira: I came to give my response to your invitation.
Concertmaster: I see.
Selfira stands up straight, takes a slow breath, and begins to speak.
Selfira: I left my home island and set out on a journey in order to grow as a musician.
Selfira: Along the way I met lots of people and had lots of new experiences, and now here I am in this town...
Selfira: When you invited me to join the orchestra, I realized that I really have grown.
Selfira: It made me so happy...
Selfira tells the concertmaster about the girl who decided she wanted to be a musician after hearing the orchestra play.
Selfira: Your orchestra's music truly has power. I felt it myself when I listened to you perform.
Selfira: I believe it's thanks to you that this town is always overflowing with music and that the people here love music so dearly.
Selfira: I can't even find the words to describe how incredible the Viale Symphony Orchestra is.
Concertmaster: Haha... I'm happy to hear you say that.
Selfira: But...
Selfira: I think I'm going to continue traveling with this crew.
Lyria: Selfira!
Selfira: I want to bring music to people all across the skies.
Concertmaster: I see.
Selfira: You see...
Selfira: I'm a musician and a skyfarer—all in one!
Face full of pride and eyes sparkling, Selfira's declaration resonates with triumph.
(Captain) and the crew board the Grandcypher once more.
Selfira: Sigh...
Gazing at the distant blue sky, Selfira lets out a long sigh. She closes her eyes.
In her mind she sees the village children gazing up at her, clapping their tiny hands furiously.
Village Girl: Wow... That was so good!
Village Boy 2: Seriously! I've never heard anything like that before!
Village Girl: See? Didn't I tell you? Musicians are awesome.
Village Boy 2: I want to learn to play music too! Musicians are so cool!
The sight of their sparkling eyes so full of hope warms Selfira's heart.
Village Girl: Hey, will you come back to our village again?
Selfira: Yeah, I'll make sure to.
Selfira: But you ought to try traveling yourselves when you grow up. There's nothing else like it!
Selfira: Hehe!
Vyrn: What are you laughing about, Selfira?
Selfira: I'm just so glad I get to travel on this ship again.
Lyria: I am too!
Lyria: I would have been really sad if you'd left...
Vyrn: We would've let you go if that was what you wanted, but we would've really missed you...
Selfira: I'm sorry for making you all worry.
Selfira: There may come a day far in the future when I leave this ship...
Selfira: But not today.
Selfira: I won't stop traveling unless I find some place perfect, just like my great grandmother did.
Selfira: Until then I want to continue my journey with you all.
Selfira: I hope you'll have me.
Lyria: Yes! Of course we will!
Vyrn: Oooh yeah, your great granny left her crew because she fell in love with somebody, right?
Vyrn: Guess there's nothin' stopping you from finding somebody special too, huh, Selfira?
Selfira: Wha!
Selfira: Hang on! That's not what I meant!
Lyria: It sounds lovely to me!
Selfira: You too, Lyria? Stop teasing me!
The sounds of cheerful voices echo through the Grandcypher as it soars along on its way.
And as it soars, it heads toward new skies where the traveling musician's melody will surely be met with adoration.

Side-scrolling Quotes[edit]

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
もっと上手くなりたいし、もっと強くなりたい I want to hone my skills and become even stronger.
聴いてくれた人の笑顔が何より嬉しいわ Nothing makes me happier than seeing smiles out in the audience.
ふふ、(主人公)次はどこへ行くの? Hehe. Where are we headed next, (Captain)?
ルリアも何か楽器をやってみる気はない? Why don't you try picking up an instrument, Lyria?
エルタとも、また一緒に歌いたいわね I'd like to sing with Elta again someday.
最近、前よりずっと旅が楽しいの Recently I've been having even more fun traveling.
お爺ちゃんの話、全部信じてはいないけれど… Don't believe all of Grandad's stories.
私の演奏が、旅に役立てば… I hope my music can be of use on our journey.
もっともっと色々なところに行きたいわね! I want to visit more and more new places!
(主人公)の歌が聴いてみたいな I'd love to hear you sing, (Captain).