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Official Profile

Npc f 3030127000 01.jpg Sen
Age 16 years old
Height 157 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Physical activities
Likes High places, warm places
Dislikes Crowds, cold places

Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030127000 01.jpg Sen
Age 16歳
Height 157cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 身体を動かすこと
Likes 高いところ、温かいところ
Dislikes 人混み、寒さ

Source [1]

Npc f 3030169000 01.jpg Sen (Holiday)
Age 16 years old
Height 157 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Physical activities
Likes High places, warm places
Dislikes Crowds, cold places


Source [2]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030169000 01.jpg Sen (Holiday)
Age 16歳
Height 157cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 身体を動かすこと
Likes 高いところ、温かいところ
Dislikes 人混み、寒さ


Source [2]

Npc f 3040204000 01.jpg Sen (SSR)
Age 16 years old
Height 157 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Physical activities
Likes High places, warm places
Dislikes Crowds, cold places
Source [3] [4]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040204000 01.jpg Sen (SSR)
Age 16歳
Height 157cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 身体を動かすこと
Likes 高いところ、温かいところ
Dislikes 人混み、寒さ
Source [3] [4]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain)!
I'm grateful that I have the chance to wish you a very happy birthday. Thank you.
Hm? You think that's too much? Well, it's because of everything you've done for me, Captain.
It's something that I really wanted to say to you. Have a happy birthday, meowrow!


I'm sorry, (Captain)...
I wanted to get you something for your birthday for always being so nice to me.
But I took too long thinking about what to get you, and I couldn't decide in time.
So I'll get stronger to help you out even more!
(Captain), happy birthday!


(Captain), happy birthday.
I'm always glad for the chance to celebrate such an important day with you.
You know, I'm really glad I met up with you all and got to join your crew.
Being around you, Lyria, and Vyrn fills me with the fuzzies all over.
It's the same feeling I get from catnapping.
You're like the sun to me...
I hope we can be together for a really, really long time to come, (Captain)... Meow.


(Captain), happy birthday.
And, er... Feliz cumpleaños!
And, and! Fuh-lee-see-tay-shons? I offer my heartiest congratulations.
Yeah, I know they all mean the same thing.
But it's your special day, (Captain)... I wanted to wish you happy birthday in as many ways as possible.
Erm... Did I get the message across?

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy new year, Captain!
I was so happy when everyone welcomed me aboard the airship last year.
Um, so this year.... Can I still travel with everyone?
Yay! Thank you everyone! I'm going to do my best this year. Please watch over me!


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
I've already decided on my New Year's goal.
Hehe. I want to learn how to speak cat!
Hehe. After I figure it out, I'll teach you too, (Captain)!


Mng... (Captain)... Happy New Year.
Sorry... I'm still half-asleep...
You know how they say the wish we make to the first sunrise of the year comes true?
So I tried hard to be a morning cat today... Only to fall asleep again.
It's too bad... Maybe next year.
That reminds me—(Captain), care to watch the next New Year's sunrise with me?
I'm absolutely pawsitive that I can get up early if you're the motivation!
Ehehe, it's a promise then?


Yawn... Where are you, Mr. Sun?
This New Year's, for sure... I'll watch the sunrise... Can't fall asleep... Yawn...
Phew... Gotta get a hold of myself. But it's so warm next to you... I'm getting sleepy...
Want to see... a beautiful sky... With (Captain)... And make a wish...
Mmh... It's so bright... Mr. Sun?
He's very round and very orange... So this is what he looks like on the first day of the year...
Uh... Um... My wish... My wish is...
Yawn... Let me sleep... For just a little while...
Zzz... Zzz...

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's Day, Captain!
I heard that people give gifts of appreciation today, so please accept this, Captain.
I wanted to give you something really big, like a bear, or maybe a boar.
Vyrn said I should stop that, though. It's small, but it would make me very happy if you like that.


Here, (Captain)...
Um... Today's Valentine's Day! And, uh!
T-they're handmade... Lyria and I worked really hard on them.
I hope that you like them... Meow.


(Captain), Happy Valentine's.
I made chocolate this year too. It should be better than last year's—hopefully...
Ah, no, no! Not now! You can open it up when I'm not around!
It's... erm, embarrassing for me...
Hrm? My face is all hot...
Ahem! Well, I'll be off now! Catch ya later!


Come on... Please turn out good...
Wh-what! (Captain)! D-did you see?
Er, uh, um... I was putting my feelings into the chocolates. The ones I'm making for you...
I heard the more feeling you put into food, the better it tastes. So I kept hoping and wishing...
What you heard just now was the final touch! I got worried the chocolates were missing something...
Er... I just wanted them to taste amazing!
I hope you like them, (Captian). Meow.

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Hm? Do you need something, (Captain)?
I was just taking in the sun. It's starting to get warmer.
Gasp. Is this for me? Ooh, thank you! But why are you giving this to me?
White Day? Hm... I don't really know what tthis is, but getting anything from you always makes me happy.
Oh, since you're here, why don't you come join me in the sun?


Hm? What's this, (Captain)?
White Day?
Oh no... Sorry! I didn't get you anything!
What? That's not how White Day works>
It sure is hard to keep track of all these holiday customs...
But I'm really happy you've thought of me. Thank you!


(Captain)? Is this...
Ah! I know! It's for White Day, right?
Ehehe... This is my third time getting a present from you, (Captain).
Why does it suddenly feel all warm and fuzzy around my chest...
No, no, I'm not upset! I'm super happy! Really!
I'm just a bit restless... It's a strange feeling.
I wonder what it is...


A present... For me? Oh, it's White Day...
Ehehe. I'm so happy... Meow.
Your presents feel so warm...
Like a little puddle of sunshine... I want to rub my cheeks against them. And they make me smile.
Sniff, sniff... There's sweets inside, right?
I'll savor them, I promise. One bite a day!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween, (Captain)!
Someone told me to say that whenever I see anyone today.
Where's my costume? I'm ok without one. The atmosphere is enjoyable enough for me.
A cat suit? No, no, I'm not... Ahem, meowrow. Excuse me, something just came up, meowrow!


(Captain), happy Halloween.
The festival when the pumpkin ghost passes out presents to all of the good little children...
Huh? You don't think that's right?
Well as long as I have candy, I should be okay, right?
Here's my candy, so I'm all set!


(Captain), trick or treat!
Since today's Halloween, it's cool if I play tricks on everyone, right?
Okay, then you'd better be ready if you don't have any candy on hand, (Captain)!
Here I go—
I don't have any tricks in mind!
(Captain), let's come up with a neat trick together!


(Captain), happy Halloween!
Choose: Trick or treat!
Eh, what! I don't have any candy right now...
Am I gonna get pranked?
Unnh... Is everything gonna be okay? Will I survive without a scratch?
But, but! I kind of wanna know what tricks you have in store.
Okay, do whatever you want... I'm ready!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey, Captain! Um, happy holidays? I've seen it in a picture book!
Yeah! It's a holiday where, if you're good, Stanley Claus will let you ride in his sled, right?
Wrong? Well, anyway, this is my first winter so I'm going to do my best!
Umm... What am I supposed to do, exactly?


Happy holidays!
I decided to be Santa this year. I have a present for you too, (Captain)...
Ah! Oh no... That was supposed to be a secret...
Um... (Captain), make sure you go to sleep early tonight!


Ah, (Captain)! Happy holidays!
Did you hear that just now?
Clarisse and Ladiva were teaching me this holiday tune...
It's still kind of embarrassing for me...
But it's a really fun little melody though. You ought to sing it with me sometime.


Sen: Zzz... Zzz...
Sen slumbers at the very tip of a decorated tree, keeping her balance through some kind of cat witchery.
Sen: Mmh... Is that you, (Captain)?
Sen descends from the tree in a single leap, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.
Sen: Yawn... I fell asleep...
Um... I wanted to put the star on top of the tree, so I climbed up.
But the lights from town were so pretty, I got lost in them, and before I knew it...
What? Oh. I'm still holding on to the star. Guess I forgot to set it on top...
You wanna climb back up with me? The way the view glitters—it's breathtaking!

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Sen's First Job

Stopping over in a town, (Captain) and the crew stock up with Siero and ask about assignments. The shopkeeper replies that she has the perfect post for Sen at a cattina, an establishment where customers come to play with cats. Pushing through her nervousness, Sen accepts and swears to give her all.

On an island stopover, the party heads to the Knickknack Shack to purchase supplies.
Lyria: It sure is lively here with all these people.
Vyrn: Looks like this is the town center or somethin'.
Sen: Hm...
Lyria: Sen? Is something wrong?
Sen: Uh, yeah... It's that, um...
Sen slips between Lyria and (Captain) as if to hide herself.
  1. You cold?
  2. Isn't that a tight squeeze?

Choose: You cold?
Sen: No! It's not that... I just...

Choose: Isn't that a tight squeeze?
Sen: Huh? I like cozy places...
Sen: Ah, I'm sorry! I'm taking up all your space, huh, (Captain) and Lyria.
Lyria: Heehee, you're just fine.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Ahaha! You still have a hard time with crowds, don'tcha, Sen?
Sen: Well, maybe a little...
Sen was born and raised in a tranquil mountain village.
Sen: I heard you're all skyfarers.
Sen: Would you mind taking me along with you?
Sen: I love living here, but I've always wanted to see the skies beyond.
Sen: And I can fight using my martial arts. I won't be a burden. I promise. Please make me a crew member!
Lyria: Well, you never saw any big towns or crowds before you started traveling with us.
Sen: You're right. I don't exactly dislike those things...
Sen: But when people sneak up on me or there's a big noise or shout out of nowhere...
Sen: That still startles me a bit.
Vyrn: I guess...
Vyrn: But you sure seem okay having Lyria and (Captain) by your side.
Sen: Huh?
Vyrn: You're always joined at the hip with those two—even now.
Lyria: That's because we're friends! Isn't it, Sen!
Sen: Ehehe... Yeah.
Sen: I feel so warm when I'm with the two of you.
Sen: I like being by your side.
Seeing Sen's bashful smile, (Captain) and the others are filled with bliss.
Sierokarte: Hm... Will that be all? Is there anything else you need?
Lyria: No, that should be it. I don't think we missed anything.
Sierokarte: Thank you for your patronage!
Vyrn: Say, Siero, since we're here and all, do you have any assignments we could help out with?
Sierokarte: Hm... I do have a few.
Sierokarte: Ah, that's right. Seeing as Sen's here, I've got just the thing.
Sen: Huh! An assignment for me?
Vyrn: What do you need done?
Sierokarte: One of the cattinas in this town is currently understaffed, so you'd be helping out there.
Sen: Cat... tina?
Sierokarte: A sort of cafe where customers come to play with a full cast of cats.
Sierokarte: Cattinas have become a big thing in this town. There are already a number of them.
Lyria: A cafe with cats...
Lyria: That sounds like fun!
Vyrn: And it's one of those cattinas that's looking for help.
Sierokarte: Exactly. What do you say, Sen?
Sen: D-do you think I can handle it?
Lyria: You'll do great! I mean, you recently became such good friends with all of Dante's cats.

Continue 3
After falling in love with the free spirit of felines, Dante left behind the world of people to live among cats.
He currently spends his days on the Grandcypher alongside the cats he looks up to as his mentors.
Vyrn: That's right. If there are so many cats at that little watering hole, you'll fit right in.

Continue 2
Vyrn: That's right. If there are so many cats at that little watering hole, you'll fit right in.
Continue 4
Sen: A cafe with cats...
Sen: All right! This will be my first time working in town alone, so I feel a little jittery...
Sen: But I'll try! I'll do what I can!
Sierokarte: Thank you very much!
Sen has agreed to take on the cattina assignment by herself.
(Captain) and the others warmly encourage her as she prepares for the task.

Happy in Their Own Ways

Her first day working at the cattina, Sen is told by the manager that there's no need to greet the cats or even feed them before doors open. She remembers a rumor from Siero that the cattina's master is pushing the cats too hard. Though she's growing more anxious, Sen vows to focus on the job for now.

Having accepted the assignment from Sierokarte, Sen sets to work at the cattina.
Sen: My name's Sen. It's good to meet you!
Shop Master: Put 'er there. I hear you're used to cats, so this job should be a walk in the park for you.
Shop Master: Things get crazy when the customers start pouring in, but the work's not too hard.
Sen: All right. I'll do my best!
Sen: (I'm on an assignment now... If I mess this up, it'll be a real headache for (Captain).)
Sen: Okay... Here we go!
Sen looks around the cattina with renewed enthusiasm.
Sen: There are a lot more cats here than I'd thought...
Sen: (Don't they seem a little... packed together?)
Sen: Oh, maybe they're all just close friends.
Cat 1: ...
Sen: Hello there. My name's Sen.
Sen: I've come to help out at your place today. Meow...
Cat 1: ...
Sen: Uh, next one...
Cat 2: ...
Sen: Hello, I'm Sen. Good to meet you. Meow!
Cat 2: ...
Sen: On to the next cat...
Shop Master: Heeey! Gimme a hand over here!
Sen: Okay! I'll be there right away.
Sen's greetings are interrupted, and she hurries to the back of the cattina.
Shop Master: We're gonna open soon. You all ready to go?
Sen: Yes...
Shop Master: Anything you're not sure about?
Sen: No, but... I wasn't able to finish greeting all the cats, and...
Shop Master: Greet the cats?
Sen: So I'm not sure I have a handle on who's who. I'm sorry.
Shop Master: Ahahaha! You're serious, aren't you?
Sen: What do you mean?
Shop Master: You remember what you're here to do, right?
Sen: Yes. I've got it down.
Shop Master: Then you'll be fine.
Sen: Do you think so?
Shop Master: Yeah, of course! You're a bit of an oddball, huh?
Shop Master: Well, anyway, I'm about to open the doors.
Sen: Um... Is it okay not to feed the cats?
Shop Master: It's fine, it's fine. We always have a ton of customers.
Shop Master: Better for the cats to be a little peckish—that way they'll put on more of a show when the customers offer them treats.
Sen: Okay. I guess...
Sen: (Is this the kind of stuff that Siero was talking about earlier?)
Sierokarte: So Sen, you'll help out at the cattina...
Sierokarte: (Captain) and everyone else, I've got another job for you.
Vyrn: Oh? Another job?
Sierokarte: That's right. It's another job that has to do with the same cattina.
Lyria: The same place?
Sierokarte: As a matter of fact, there are rumors that the cattina's master pushes the cats much too hard.
Sierokarte: Looking into them is the other job.
Vyrn: Okay, I get it.
Vyrn: We'll split up the work—Sen will help out at the cafe while we look into the rumors!
Sierokarte: That would be an enormous help.
Sen: Um, so I...
Sierokarte: You don't need to worry about the other assignment, Sen.
Vyrn: Yeah, things'll work better that way!
Sen: Got it! I'll do whatever I can to help out at the cafe.
Sen: Hm...
Sen: This is no good. I've got to focus on my own work for now.
Brushing aside the anxiety in her chest, Sen begins preparing to open the shop.

Happy in Their Own Ways: Scene 2

When one of the felines runs away from a customer at the cattina and starts trembling, the shop master brushes her aside as a fraidy-cat. As Sen's doubts about the establishment deepen, (Captain) and company stop by as part of an investigation of allegations against the cattina. While they're attending to the spiritless Sen, the frightened cat dashes out the door, and Sen rushes after it.

Customer 1: Aww! This one's adorable!
Cat 1: Meow!
Customer 2: Hey, isn't this cat a tad grumpy?
Cat 2: ...
Customer 1: Excuse me! Cat treats, please!
Sen: Sure thing! I'll be right there!
Customer 2: Oh, over here too!
Sen: Uh... Just one moment!
Cat 1: Meow!
Sen: Ah! Kitty, what's wrong?
Cat 1: ...
Sen: Uh... Are you okay?
Sen speaks to the cat, which has run away from a customer and is trembling in a corner.
Cat 1: Hisss!
Sen: S-sorry! But, um...
Shop Master: What's going on? Did something happen?
Sen: The cat, um... She seems to be afraid...
Shop Master: Yes... That cat's always like that...
Sen: But then...
Shop Master: You've just gotta wait till it stops shaking. Just leave it.
Sen: Huh? Here? But there are lots of customers and other cats all around.
Shop Master: Don't worry about it. Customers' orders come first.
Sen: Uh, okay! Two treats, coming right up!
Customer after customer files into the cattina, where business is booming. But Sen's doubts only grow stronger.
Sen: Sigh...
Sen: (It's not just that one cat—a lot of them seem a little off.)
Sen: (Some seem a little unhealthy, and others are really irritable.)
Sen: (They're totally different from the cats on the ship.)
Sen: I guess cats are really affected by where they live.
Sen scratches her head and continues with her work.
Some time passes.
Sen: Welcome to the—
Sen: Ah!
Lyria: Hello!
Through the door come (Captain) and the others, who are on the other assignment from Sierokarte.
Sen: Uh... Welcome to the cattina! Let me show you to your table.
Sen wants to run up to the guests, but she eliminates any trace of emotion from her face and continues working.
Shop Master: Take that little fluffball over to the folks who just came in.
Sen: You mean that cat?
Cat 1: ...
The shop master points to the cat who fled from the other customer just a bit earlier.
Sen: Um...
Sen crouches down and makes tentative eye contact with the cat.
Sen: Kitty, I'm really sorry, but... Would you mind coming with me to the table over there?
Cat 1: Ssss!
Sen: Aah!
At a loss for how to proceed with the hissing cat, she reaches out and retracts her hands a couple of times.
Sen: Uh, er... What do I do now?
Shop Master: What gives? No luck?
Sen: That cat seems really upset. Are you sure we can't let her rest in the back or—
Shop Master: No need for that! It's fine—you can snag it with a treat.
Sen: All right...
Unsure of what to do, Sen takes out the treat and holds it in front of the cat.
Sen: Kitty, I've got a treat for you...
Cat 1: ...
Sen: Please... Kitty...
Cat 2: Meow!
Sen: Whoa!
All of a sudden, another cat leaps out and begins munching on the treat in Sen's hand.
Sen: Um! That treat is for the cat over here...
Cat 2: Meow!
Sen: Aah!
Shop Master: Hm... That cat'll do. Hurry up and bring it over to the customer.
Sen: Ah, all right! Got it!
Sen soothes the treat-hungry cat as she picks it up and heads toward (Captain) and the others.
Sen: Uh... I hope you have fun playing with the kitty.
Vyrn: Huh? You bring us a cat and everything?
Lyria: Thank you!
Sen: Yes... We have cat treats for sale as well. If you need anything, just call me over.
Vyrn: Okay! Got it!
Lyria: Uh, Sen... Is something wrong? You look like you're feeling a little down...
Sen: Ah... It's okay. I'm really sorry.
Vyrn: Well, she is working after all. Let's not worry about it for now, Lyria.
Lyria: O-okay.
Sen: Uh... Please enjoy yourselves!
Sen: Sigh...
Sen retires to a corner of the store and sighs.
Sen: (I'm worrying everyone... And I'm not even doing a good job.)
Sen: (This is an assignment... But I'm not helping (Captain) in the least...)
Sen: There's no time to beat myself up. It's time to get things back on track.
Just a moment later, there's a sudden cry.
Cat 1: Fuh-ruuur!
Shop Master: Ah, get back here!
Cat 1: Growrrr!
Sen: Kitty?
Shop Master: Damn it! It ran off!
The door swings open, and the irate cat seizes the chance to bolt outside.
Sen: I'll catch her!
Sen follows the cat out of the shop.

Happy in Their Own Ways: Scene 3

The cat jumps from alleyway to walltop, walltop to rooftop. Sen nimbly gives chase but loses her footing at the edge of a roof, distracted by thoughts that the cat wouldn't thrive in the cattina. But in the end, after finally catching it with the help of (Captain) and crew, she makes the agonizing choice to return the cat.

Cat 1: Meow!
Sen: Please wait!
Cat 1: Meow!
Sen: Huh!
Cat 1: Meow!
Sen: Wait!
The cat jumps nimbly from alleyway to walltop, walltop to rooftop. Sen, no less nimbly, chases after her.
Townsperson 1: W-what's going on?
Townsperson 2: How come that girl's running up on the roofs?
The people express their surprise at seeing the girl dashing from roof to roof, but Sen is too occupied to notice.
Sen: Wait... Please wait!
Cat 1: ...!
Sen: Um! It's dangerous out here... Please turn back!
Sen: Kitty! Please!
Despite everything Sen says, the cat refuses to slow down.
Sen: Huff, huff... Now what?
Sen: Anyway though...
Cat 1: ...
Cat 1: Ssss!
Sen: (The cat really hated it back there, so she ran away...)
Sen: (She'd probably be better off if I didn't take her back...)
Sen: Mmph, but still...
Sen: It's my job to help out the cattina!
Tears begin to well up in the eyes of the conflicted Sen.
Sen: I...
Sen: Eek!
Blurry vision and a distracted mind mix poorly with Sen's pursuit of the cat, and she loses her footing at the edge of a roof.
Sen: I'm gonna fall!
Sen: ...!
Vyrn: Phew! That was a close call!
Sen's fall is broken when (Captain) catches her.
Sen: Ah...
Sen: Captain!
Lyria: I know you probably could've handled that yourself, Sen, but I'm glad that (Captain) got to you in time!
Sen: Thank you very much! Um, uh...
Lyria: We saw you and the kitty go out the door, so we ran after you.
Vyrn: It's not like you to fall off a roof, Sen.
Sen: Sorry... I was just thinking...
Vyrn: Thinking? About what?
Sen: Well, you see...
Sen: Ah! The cat comes first!
Sen leaps back onto the roof and looks around, but the cat is gone without a trace.
Sen: I lost sight of the cat. Now what...
Vyrn: Yeah, we can't just let it go.
Sen: That's right. She might've run away because she didn't like it back there...
Sen: But I'm worried that the outdoors is too much for her to handle on her own. We've got to find her!
Lyria: Yes! We'll help out too!
Sen, (Captain), and the others agree to split up and search for the cat.
Vyrn: Nope... No sign of her this way.
Lyria: And she isn't over here...
Sen: Ah! There she is!
From atop the roof Sen spots the cat.
Sen: The cat's up in a tree that way!
Cat 1: Meow... Meow...
Sen: Something's wrong. There's a chance she can't get back down..
Lyria: Oh no! We have to save her!
Cat 1: Meow...
The party follows Sen to the base of a tree on the town's edge.
Dog: Rrr... Ruff, ruff!
Vyrn: Oh! She couldn't come down because of this dog barking under the tree.
Sen: Yeah, that's what it looks like. Well, then...
  1. Ruff!
  2. I'll distract the dog.

Choose: Ruff!
Dog: Rrr...
Sen: (Captain)?
Vyrn: Uh... (Captain) and I'll do something about that little pupper.

Choose: I'll distract the dog.
Vyrn: Sounds like a plan!
Continue 1
Sen: Sure thing! I'll go save the cat then.
Sen: Heeere goes!
Sen climbs up the tree to the branch where the cat is sitting.
Cat 1: Meow...
Sen: Everything's okay now.
Cat 1: Meow...
Sen: Wh-what is it?
Lyria: Sen? Is the kitty okay?
Sen: Uh, well, about that...
Sen hurries down the tree with the cat in one arm.
Sen: She seems exhausted...
Cat 1: ...
Lyria: Oh no! She really does...
Vyrn: All that running around must've worn her out.
Sen: Anyway, I've got to head back to the cattina.
Lyria: Are you sure that's okay?
(Captain) looks at Sen and the cat with a worried expression.
Sen: Yes. For now that's a part of my job.
Gently embracing the fatigued feline, Sen nods.
Shop Master: Oh, wonderful. You snatched her and brought her back!
Sen: Um, uh...
(Captain) and company depart to give their report to Sierokarte; Sen returns to the cattina.
Shop Master: I tell you, you really saved my skin. That couldn't've been easy. Thanks, kid.
Sen: No... I'm fine, but the cat...
Cat 1: ...
Sen: She doesn't seem to have any energy...
Shop Master: Sure...
The shop master looks at the cat and shakes his head.
Shop Master: Guess we'll just have to let it rest in the back.
Sen: Is it okay to just leave her alone like that? Maybe a vet could—
Shop Master: Don't worry, don't worry.
Shop Master: What matters now is the big rush we're about to get. I need you helping out in the front.
Sen: Okay then.
Sen nods and gently hugs the cat.

Happy in Their Own Ways: Scene 4

(Captain) and Sen's work pays off when the cattina in question is forced to close its doors. At the recommendation of Sierokarte the group goes to visit another more ethical establishment. Gazing at the cats there, Sen realizes that no matter where they live—or where she herself lives—there are ways to be happy.

Several days have passed since the cattina assignments.
Vyrn: You mean to say it ended up closing its doors?
Sierokarte: Yes! Sure enough, the investigation found problems with how the cafe was operated.
Sierokarte: As a result, it received an official order to close its doors.
Sen: Oh, really...
Sierokarte: On top of your report, many people from town saw Sen chasing the runaway cat.
Sierokarte: A good number of them spoke with the local government and chamber of commerce.
Lyria: Oh, I see. That's good to hear.
Vyrn: It's all thanks to you, Sen!
Sen: ...
Lyria: Sen?
Sen: What's going to happen to all the cats who were there?
Sierokarte: There's no need to worry.
Sierokarte: They've been taken in by a number of other cattinas and cat lovers.
Sen: Is that so? I'm glad to hear it.
Sierokarte: Thank you very much, Sen.
Sen: No... I didn't do anything...
Though Sen seems somewhat relieved, a hint of gloom remains on her face.
Lyria: Sen...
Sierokarte: Hm... This assignment seems to have taken quite a toll on you, Sen.
Sen: Huh! Uh, I, um...
Sierokarte: What would you say about going to have fun at another cattina?
Sen: Another one?
Sierokarte: Yes! I'd like to make sure that you can look back on this assignment fondly in the future.
Sen: Okay...
(Captain) and the other crew members have come to the cattina recommended by Sierokarte.
Cat 3: Yawn...
Lyria: Hehehe, this kitty looks so sleepy.
Employee: Please don't pet the cats or pick them up when they're sleeping. They'll appreciate it.
Lyria: Oh, all right!
Sen: Ah, that cat's coming this way.
Cat 4: ...
Lyria: Kitty, over here!
Cat 4: ...
The cat slowly makes its way over to sniff the treat that Lyria is holding out.
Lyria: Hehe, try some of this.
Cat 4: Meow...
When Lyria first attempts to pet the cat, it initially turns away but then lazily eats the treat.
Vyrn: Hahaha, looks like she's putting up with us to get the treat.
Vyrn: This cat's kinda like the ones on the ship—it only does what it feels like!
Sen: You might be right...
Letting out a little chuckle, Sen looks around at the cats spread throughout the room.
Sen: (But something feels different between these kitties and the ones onboard.)
Sensing flickers of calculation in the cats' seemingly free-spirited actions, Sen remembers Sierokarte's words.
Sierokarte: Does it seem cruel to move the cats that had such a hard time in one cattina to another?
Sen: Um... I don't really know.
Sierokarte: Most of those cats have been owned by people from the time they were born, so we can't really release them into the wild.
Sierokarte: To survive, they either have to be taken in by another cattina or individual.
Sen: For those cats to survive...
Sen: Ah! That cat is—
Cat 1: ...
Before Sen's eyes appears none other than the cat that escaped from the cattina the other day.
Cat 1: ...
Yawning lazily, the cat seems far more relaxed than before.
Vyrn: Huh? That's the cat from earlier, isn't it?
Sen: That's right. It's a relief to see she's doing well.
Lyria: It really is good. I hope that she can live in peace from now on.
Sen: I started asking myself lots of deep questions, like whether these cats are really happy in cafes.
Sen: But I guess this is just one of the ways cats in this town live.
Lyria: It's true that these cats aren't exactly the same as the ones on the ship.
Sen: Since I left my home in the mountains to travel with all of you on the ship...
Sen: I've changed a lot.
Sen: I still don't really like the city, but...
Sen shrugs her shoulders, and (Captain) responds with a smile.
Sen: It's hard to put into words, but...
Sen: I know that people and cats have their own ways of being happy wherever they are.
Sen: Me... I love my life traveling with (Captain) and everybody else.
Sen: Meow...
After gently mewing, Sen smiles softly.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
お仕事って大変ですね…… Work sure is hard...
アファカさん、その箱気持ちいいですか? Afaka, is it comfy in that box?
もっともっと猫さんの ことを解りたいです! I want to understand cats more—way more!
みぅちゃんさん、抱っこはちょっと待って下さい Mewmew, I'll give you hugs in a second.
リベラさん、お散歩行きますか? Rivera, want to take a walk with me?
あ、エレフセリアさん……起こしてごめんなさい! Ah, Aselia... Sorry I woke you up!
ヴァパウスさん、待ってください! Vapaus, hold up!
もっと大空あかりさんのお役に立ちたいな……! I have to be more useful to (Captain)!
ムクタさん、おなかすきませんか? Mukuta, is your tummy rumbling?
にゃん、にゃにゃにゃ、にゃにゃん…… Meow, mew, mew, mew, merooow...