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Official Profile

Age 19
Height 160 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Dancing
Likes Dancing, things she doesn't know yet
Dislikes Interacting with people (though she doesn't hate it), people who talk too fast

Character Release


Character Release

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Age 19歳
Height 160cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 演舞
Likes 演舞、知らないこと
Dislikes 人と接する事(嫌いではない)、矢継ぎ早に話す人

Character Release


Character Release

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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday!
It's your birthday... I'm happy for you! I hope you have a wonderful day, (Captain)!


I-I thought I'd dance for you on your special day, (Captain).
The choreography's all new for your birthday, (Captain).
I'm about to put everything I've got into this, so pay attention, okay?
Now then... Here I go.


Happy birthday. Do you still remember the dance I did for you last year?
Well, I've made a few changes for this time around.
Changes so that we can dance together.
Um, so if you would just t-take my hand...
Ah... Heehee...
Your hand is nice and warm to touch.
Now, let's dance. You'll do fine. Trust me. One, two...


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Teehee... I choreographed another dance for you this year.
But, um, I'd like you to dance it with me just like last time.
Choose: Take Societte's hand.
Teehee... Thank you, (Captain).
You know, whenever I dance with Yuel and Kou, that's when I feel happiest.
But it's different with you. Our dances make me feel a little... flustered inside.
I wish we could stay like this, with our hands together, forever and ever, teehee.
Ah, I can't thank you enough for making me feel this way.
Well, let's start our dance.


(Captain), happy birthday.
I'll be cooking for tonight's dinner party.
I've put a lot of thought into recipes that'll make you happy, (Captain).
And when the party's over, can I get some private time with you?
I came up with a special dance just for the occasion. I really want you to see it...
Teehee, thanks. I'll be dressed up real nice. You're gonna love it.
You have a lot to look forward to tonight, (Captain).

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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E-erm... Happy New Year...
So... Um...
I-it pleases me to be in your company for another year...


This makes another year I've spent with you, (Captain).
Being with you has been so much fun.
S-so, um, I mean...
I really want to spend this year with you, too.
Happy New Year, (Captain).


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Traveling with you has treated me to so many experiences.
Fun ones, happy ones... The memories of the time we've spent together are my treasures.
L-let's make many more memories, okay?


Happy New Year, (Captain).
B-but, um, do you have some free time right now?
Yuel is helping out with a pillow kebab stall for the holiday.
So, um... W-would you want to go with me to check it out?
And, also... W-we could do other holiday stuff together too...
Are you sure?
Thank you, (Captain).
Teehee. I wasn't expecting I'd get you all to myself for New Year's.
It makes me so happy...


Happy New Year, (Captain). I look forward to more fun times together.
Which reminds me... Will you be free later?
Yuel, Kou, You, and me will be visiting the shrine.
I was wondering if you'd like to join us.
Choose: You sure it's cool if I tag along?
Of course. The others would be happy to have you too.
And it'd really warm my heart to have you by my side—
O-oh, don't mind me. So will you be joining us, (Captain)?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Um... Happy Valentine's.
So, ah, this is for you...
Huh? You want to know why? Oogh... Yer such a tease, (Captain).


H-here. Just like last year.
I made these for you, (Captain).
D-don't ask me why.
You're making me blush... I can't take this...
Ngh... E-eat them slowly, okay? Savor them...


I wanted to say thank you, (Captain).
Um... So I made chocolates for you again this year.
Your face popped into my head as I was making them, and it made me feel really happy.
Thanks to you, I can wear those happy feelings like a second coat.
D-do you agree with my feelings?


(Captain), happy Valentine's Day!
I'm not very good at cooking.
But I think I did a good job with the chocolates I made for you this year.
I bet it was because I was thinking of you the entire time I was making them.
A-at the very least, they should taste good.
Actually, whenever I get lost daydreaming about you...
It's just... I get so flustered, it's hard to focus.
Teehee. I'm glad you're in my life, (Captain).


I made chocolate for you again, (Captain).
Just like last year, I put everything I had into making them.
Would you like to try some right now?
Okay then. Say "aah..."
Yuel said my feelings would better get across if I hand-fed them to you.
Well? Did you enjoy that?
Whew, what a relief... I was worried you might feel weird about it.
Let's try it again, (Captain)... Say "aah."

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

White Day is today, isn't it.
I-I'm fidgeting? W-well, er... urk...
Th-this is for me? Seriously? It's okay for me to have this?
Thank you so much.


Oh, hi, (Captain)! U-um...
You're in a hurry? Sigh... Oh well.
Hm? You were joking? You just wanted to see me flustered?
So you've got candy for me, right? For real?
Geez, are you trying to make me upset, (Captain)? You're such a bully...
Heh heh heh...


You went all out this year, didn't you? Thank you.
No, it's not that I thought you wouldn't give me anything.
I mean, you've got a bully side too, but I know you're a kind person.
I knew you would give me a sweet lil' something. Teehee.
I won't let these tasty candies go to waste!


Y-you're giving me a present this year too?
U-um, okay! That's really nice of you! I-I love it!
But, to tell you the truth, I was a little worried...
You know, with everything you've pulled on me in the past.
N-no! I'm very happy with my gift! That's not what I meant at all!
Oooh... (Captain), you're making a sneaky face like Yuel.
But I think I'm okay if you're the one doing the teasing.
Just make sure you go easy on me, okay?


(Captain), thanks for giving me something back in return every year.
Ehehe... I just love getting these from you.
Um, of course I'm happy about the candy itself, but...
What really matters to me is the fact that you had me in your thoughts.
You make me feel so good...
I-I'm so happy to have you in my life, (Captain).

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

What am I doing?
Oh, I was thinking of playing a prank on you...
Um, but then I kind of chickened out...


T-this is the year I play some serious tricks on (Captain)!
Although, um... Just thinking about it makes me kind of embarrassed...
I don't know where the line is. I really don't want to make anyone angry...
M-maybe if I blindfold (Captain) first... H-huh?
(Captain)? W-when did you... Oh no, you heard everything?


Wooo! Um... B-b-b...
Trick or treat...
Huh? You're giving me all this candy? Really?
Then did my performance spook you? I pulled off the trick?
Y-yes! Teehee.


(Captain), will you help me look for Kou?
I'm not sure what it is, but I've just got this feeling...
My Yuel-senses are tingling – it's like I know I'd better find Kou before she can!
She's probably planning to do something awful to him.
Kou's a good boy, but I bet he would do anything Yuel put him up to.
This isn't good! That poor boy! We have to protect him, (Captain)!
Kou! Hang in there! We're coming!


You're asking me "trick or treat," (Captain)?
I don't have any treats though...
I guess I'll have to take the trick then, whatever that might be...
J-just don't make it hurt, okay? As long as you're gentle, I don't really mind...
Actually, nuh-uh-uh! Forget about this! I can do without the trick!
Choose: Too late!
Aw, you meanie...

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

The holidays are coming up, right?
Then... Um...
N-nothing! Never mind...


H-happy holidays, (Captain). Today's, um...
I-I... Um, you know...
I-I want to be with you today! I-if that's okay with you, I mean...
I-it is? F'real?
Heh heh, it's like a dream come true...


Oh, (Captain). Um... Huh? That's strange...
It was cold a moment ago...
But then things got warmer as soon as I saw you...
Heehee. You're a mysterious person, (Captain).
Um, so... W-would you spend time with me on this winter night?


Happy holidays, (Captain).
When I'm with you, I don't feel the winter cold at all.
Actually, you make me feel all warm and happy on the inside.
B-but... You look like you're shivering a little right now.
If you're cold, you can just tell me.
And, um... Uh... I'll do my best to warm you up!
Please let me know if there's anything I can do for you!
If you're the one asking, (Captain), I'll give it my all. Teehee.


(Captain), happy holidays.
I'm so happy for the chance to celebrate the holidays with you again, (Captain).
I have a present for you. I hope you'll like it.
It's a scarf... I sewed it myself. You look like you've been feeling cold lately, so...
What do you think? Do you like it?
Ehehe, thanks... You just made my entire winter season.
Me? No, I'm not cold at all—not with you by my side...
(Captain)? Wouldn't it be nice if we could spend next year's holiday season like this next year too?

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

A Dip with Societte

The crew brings Kou to the island of Mimaka, where they hope to lift the curse on Kou's legs. In the meantime Societte dons a new outfit and performs various curative dances that whisk away Yuel's fatigue but exhaust Societte in the process.

Societte and Yuel, successors of the lost royal families from a thousand years ago, continue to travel with the crew.
Over the course of their journey, they found another successor named Kou, who was caught up in the feud between the royal families and Ninetails.
With the crew's help, they struck down the evil incarnate that was Ninetails, thereby saving Kou from a darker fate.
Following those events he goes on a journey alone, parting with (Captain) and company for some time.
Months have passed when they next meet Kou again.
Kou has been rendered largely immobile by a curse put on his legs.
The crew pays a visit to Mimaka, the island of blessing, in hopes of finding a cure for the curse.
Yuel: Whew... Hot springs are the best...
Societte: I love how relaxing it feels in here...
Yuel: Ya can say that again... Hehe, yer wide open!
Societte: Eep! Y-Yuel!
Yuel: Ahaha. Just 'cause yer in the water doesn't mean yer safe from the tickle monster! Coochie-coochie-coo!
Societte: Aha, ahaha! That tickles, Yuel! I... I'm gonna have to fight back!
Yuel: Ahahaha! Wow, Societte! Aiiee, not my ears! Ya know how sensitive I get over there!
Societte: I do, that's why I'm going there... I've been taking this lying down for too long!
Yuel: Ahaha! I-I give up!
Vyrn: Sigh... What are those two even doing?
Lyria: Teehee... They always get along so well.
The crew is taking a relaxing dip in the hot springs.
However, Kou is not with them. They got separated slightly earlier.
Washers: This way, boy!
Kou: Hey! You don't have to pull—
Kou: Waaaah!
Societte and Yuel had offered to help him into the hot springs because he couldn't walk under his own power.
But the innkeeper had a few helpers take him away for a more efficient washing instead.
Being left without cause to use the special outfit she had prepared, Societte droops her shoulders in disappointment.
Lyria: Um... I'm sure you'll have another chance to use it sometime!
Lyria: I mean, Kou did agree to go in with you at the end!
Societte: You're right... I guess I'll have to wait for another chance to use it.
Societte: Sigh... What a shame... I guess I unpacked this outfit for nothing.
Yuel: Don't think I've seen that one before. Any chance that's the one ya use to treat wounds and illnesses?
Societte: Mm-hm, I got it from my mom. It's for the Recovery Dance.
Societte: My mom danced it for me once when I got really sick as a child.
Societte: I felt better immediately.
Societte: Haha. I still remember being so surprised and bombarding my mom with questions.
Lyria: Teehee, that outfit must bring back so many memories of your mother.
Societte: Yeah...
With a nod, Societte slips off her outer garment.
Societte: It was also used for ablutions originally.
Vyrn: Ablutions? Haven't heard much about that...
Societte: It's a ritual where you use water to cleanse one's body of impurities.
Societte: It was also worn when helping the injured enter a bath.
Societte: You'd take off the outer garment like I just did when getting in.
Vyrn: Neat... You can do the Recovery Dance okay like that?
Societte: It'd be hard wearing just the kimono slip. But it's easier to do the Tranquility Dance this way, which instills a sense of calm in anyone who watches.
Societte: From what my mom told me, you perform ablutions with the sick or injured, then do the Tranquility Dance.
Societte: It's only when they're relaxed enough that you put the outer garment back on and start the Recovery Dance.
Yuel: Whew... That's really somethin' special ya got there, Societte.
Vyrn: I would've taken it for plain ol' clothes if I didn't know otherwise.
Societte: ...
Societte: Hey, (Captain), why don't you join me in the hot spring?
Lyria: Huh? Why the sudden invitation?
Societte: There's even more secrets hidden in this attire that I'd like to show you directly.
Gran is the Main Character

Societte: Besides, aren't you guys tired too? A dip would be so refreshing...
  1. Erm, I dunno about that...
  2. Sure.

Choose: Erm, I dunno about that...
Societte: Y-you don't want to take a dip with me, (Captain)?
(Captain) tries to clear any misunderstanding.
Yuel: Ahaha... That's pretty much the same thing Kou said.
Yuel: But it'll be fine! I'll wear either my bathin' suit or bathrobe! And you can rest assured Societte won't be goin' in naked!
Yuel: C'mon, (Captain), just say yes!
Though hesitant at first, (Captain) eventually acquiesces.

Choose: Sure.
Societte: Ehehe... I get to take a dip with (Captain)...
Societte: Oh, that's right!
Societte: Um, if you don't mind, is it okay if I wash your back?
Societte: You do so much for us all the time, so this'd be a way for me to pay you back...
Lyria: Ooh, I want to wash (Captain)'s back too!
Societte: Teehee... We can do it together, Lyria.
Lyria: I'd like that! I've never washed someone's back before, but I'll try my best, (Captain)!
Djeeta is the Main Character

Societte: Besides, aren't you guys tired too? A dip would be so refreshing...
(Captain) responds with a warm smile, looking to the Erune with genuine curiosity.
Societte: Oh, that's right!
Societte: Um, if you don't mind, is it okay if I wash your back?
Societte: You do so much for us all the time, so this'd be a way for me to pay you back...
Lyria: Ooh, I want to wash (Captain)'s back too!
Societte: Teehee... We can do it together, Lyria.
Lyria: I'd like that! I've never washed someone's back before, but I'll try my best, (Captain)!
The two manage to draw a sheepish grin from the captain.
Continue 1
Societte: Teehee... One big happy crew in the hot spring... What fun...
And that is how (Captain) and company ended up joining the Erune pair for a soak in the hot spring.
Vyrn: Nothing wrong with messing around, but I hope you're not forgetting about us...
Societte: Oh, sorry... Gimme a sec.
Societte steps out of the hot spring and gestures for the others to come over to her.
(Captain) and company approach in puzzlement.
Societte: Go on and touch my clothing.
Following her instructions, the others reach out with their hands.
Lyria: Wow! Even after all that time in the hot spring, it's not wet at all!
Vyrn: I can't even feel any heaviness... Wait, am I really holding this? It's gotta be some kinda illusion!
Societte: Haha. Oh, you're definitely holding on to it.
Societte: This outfit can do so much more than just purify.
Societte: In addition to being able to dry itself instantly, it's also incredibly lightweight.
Lyria: So that's the secret to the Recovery and Tranquility Dances... It really is amazing.
Vyrn: But if we've got this amazing outfit already, couldn't we have solved Kou's problem without comin' to Mimaka?
Societte: Well... There are limits to what it can do.
Societte: The curse that's been put on Kou is too strong for me to do anything about.
Societte: But if the curse can be weakened on this island...
Lyria: Then you'd be able to cure him!
Societte: Uh-huh. Of course, I won't know if it'll work until I try it...
  1. I have every confidence in you.

Choose: I have every confidence in you.
Societte: Teehee... Thanks, (Captain).
Yuel: Societte, I've gotta ask... Any chance the dance cures dizziness after a long bath?
Societte: I think it would, but I can't say for sure...
Societte: Wait, is something wrong? Yuel, your face is bright red!
Yuel: It's not every day we get to bathe in a hot spring... Thought I'd take advantage of the opportunity...
Yuel: Hoo boy, the world's spinnin' round and round... I ain't feelin' so good...
Vyrn: Guess that explains why you stayed quiet for so long!
Vyrn: Loosening up in a hot spring is cool and all, but taking it too far doesn't do your body any favors!
Societte: Okay, I'm going to try the Recovery Dance now. Let's see how well it works.
Societte puts her kimono jacket back on, whips out her fan, then whirls into a cascade of graceful steps.
Yuel: Ooh! That's what I'm talkin' about!
Yuel: I feel way better now... Can't believe I was feelin' woozy only moments ago!
Vyrn: Whoa, that sure took effect fast!
Societte: Ehehe... Now to do it for the rest of you.
Societte: We could all use a little pick-me-up after running all over the place for Kou.
One glimpse at her dance, and any hint of fatigue the crew feels is instantly wiped away. Instead, they are now brimming with energy.
Lyria: Wow! I feel so much lighter and ready to do anything now...
Vyrn: Wouldja believe I'm actually brimmin' with energy.
Societte: Ehehe, I'm glad it worked...
Societte suddenly reels before collapsing on the ground.
Yuel: What the... Societte! You okay?
Societte: Ahaha... There's only one little problem with this outfit...
Societte: The Restoration and Tranquility Dances take so much outta me...
Societte: Especially when you consider I just came out of the hot spring... I...
Societte: Rgh...
Yuel: No! Societte!
Lyria: Yikes! Now it's Societte's cheeks that are bright red!
Yuel: Curing someone else only to get sick yourself? Oh, the irony! Take it easy, Societte!
Extended time spent soaking in the hot spring has led to excess blood rushing to her head, causing the Erune to collapse.
The crew act in haste as they tend to her.

Aren't Baths Fun?

While comparing the fluffiness of their tails, Societte and Yuel are surprised by the stiffness in You's tails. The older successors suggest You take a warm bath, which causes You to lose her temper.

The crew rescues You, who was being used as Ninetails's puppet.
Some time after reconciling with her, they all assist with Mimaka's reconstruction.
One day Societte, Yuel, and You head out to town for a supply run.
After acquiring the necessary items, the three decide to take a break on a bench in the town square of Mimaka.
You: ...
Societte: What's wrong, You? Is there something on our tails?
You: No... It's just that yours are so much more bushier and fluffier than mine... They smell great too...
Yuel: Ahaha, nice to know ya can appreciate some fine tail! How are they any different from yers though?
Yuel: If ya ask me, yer tails are just as fuzzy and wuzzy!
Yuel: I bet it'd feel so good to wrap my arms around 'em all at once!
You: Wh-whoa! Don't just go touching them without asking!
Yuel: Aw, c'mon now, what have ya got to lose?
Yuel: Yeeowch! What the hay! Why are they so stiff?
Societte: Huh?
Societte gently strokes one of You's tails.
Her eyes widen in surprise at the rigidity belied by its fluffy appearance.
Societte: I-it's almost rock solid.
The confused Societte whips out a comb and lightly brushes it against You's tail.
However, the comb won't go through. Societte is puzzled.
Societte: But it looks so soft... How is this possible?
You: Oh, quit it already... See, I told you...
Societte: Um... Are you washing them regularly?
You: Well yeah, they can get pretty dirty... So I run 'em through some cold water every day—that's about it.
Yuel: You're kiddin'! Do ya not take baths?
You: Baths?
The mere mention of the word makes every strand of fur on her stand on end as she leaps away from Societte.
You: No way am I gonna have anything to do with baths! That'd just burn my skin off!
Societte: Huh?
You: You better not try to make me either! My mind's made up on this!
You: Unless you two wanna drown me that bad! Please tell me that's not it!
Yuel: Whoa! Slow down there, You!
You: Gah! Don't come any closer!
An indigo flame begins to engulf her entire body.
Societte: What's happenin'... Oh no...

Aren't Baths Fun?: Scene 2

You's angry outburst causes Kou to come quickly to see what the commotion is. After hearing about You's refusal to take hot baths, he explains that You is traumatized from being forcibly submerged in hot water during her captivity. Societte persuades You that warm baths aren't scary, and You agrees to enter the hot spring as long as Societte, Yuel, and Kou go with her.

Societte and Yuel are surprised to see You's sudden outburst.
Societte notices she is shaking.
Societte: You...
You: Argh! Get the hell away from me!
Societte: I... I can't get any closer...
Yuel: What's wrong, You?
Kou: Societte, Yuel!
Societte: Kou? What are you doing here?
Kou: I ran here as soon as I saw You's flames! What's happening?
Societte: We're just as confused... We got to talking about baths, and then...
Kou: Baths, huh... That would do it.
Societte: Hm? What do you mean?
Kou: Well, back when I saw You's memories...
Kou: There was one episode where members of the eighth family forced her to enter scalding hot water under the guise of "purification."
Kou: It wasn't just once either... This was a regular thing. Every time she tried to get out, they'd just dunk her head right back in and hold her down there.
Yuel: Holy hell... Now that's just disgusting...
Kou: I experienced it only once in reliving her memory, and that was enough to scare me away from hot water for a while... I can't imagine how much worse it must be for her...
Societte: That explains why she hates baths so much...
Yuel: Those eighth family bullies are lower than a snake's belly! I'd tan their hides if I could!
Societte: I can't believe it... You's still just a child...
The three look to her, feeling sorry for what she's had to endure.
Societte then approaches the frightened You.
You: Rgh! No... I hate baths!
As if already thrust back into scalding water, You's body contorts as she shrieks in utter pain and terror.
However, a gentle, loving hug from Societte proves enough to calm her down.
You: Ah...
Societte: It'll be okay... Everything'll be fine... We'd never ever do anything to hurt you.
Societte: So please just settle down...
You: Huh? You're not going to force me under water?
Societte: Absolutely not... That's a promise.
Yuel: When Societte makes a promise, she keeps it. Not like we'd ever do somethin' so awful to ya anyway...
You: Sis Yuel... Sis Societte...
Yuel: Oh, and You... There's something you've got completely mixed up.
You: And that is?
Yuel: A real bath is so soothing and cozy.
Yuel: The sorta "bath" ya have in mind is called torture. It's definitely not a real bath.
You: Soothing and cozy?
Societte: Mm-hm. Why don't you join us, You? It'll be fun...
You: ...!
Societte: Scrub your tails real good in there, and they'll be as soft and fluffy as ours.
Societte: We can guide you through every step of the way if you're not sure how to go about it.
You: Mng...
You: You really think it'll work? Fluffy tails for me?
You: Just like you two?
Yuel: Heck yeah! Have I ever lied to ya, You?
You: Well, you do tell a lot of jokes...
Yuel: Whoopsy... Yer right about that...
Societte: It's true. Your tails will be so soft to the touch when we're done.
You: ...
You: O-okay... Let's go in together then...
Yuel: Aw, how adorable. Startin' to get an interest in that stuff, aren't ya?
Yuel gently ruffles You's head, a smile playing on her face.
You: Hey! Cut that out, Sis Yuel!
Kou: Ahaha... Take care of her, you two.
Kou: Well, I'm off to the hot spring...
Yuel: Hold it right there!
Just as Kou turns around to go on his way...
Yuel clutches his hand.
Yuel: Yer goin' to the hot spring too?
Kou: Yeah, need to wash off all this sweat...
Yuel: Hehehe! Perfect! We all get to go together then!
Kou: Wait... Why together!
Societte: We couldn't go in together on our last visit. So it's time for a do-over.
Kou: That's not much of a reason! I can move around just fine on my own now, so don't expect me to join you three!
Kou makes a run for it.
You is the one to grab his arm this time.
You: Bro Kou... I'm scared of being the only new one to go in there...
Kou: Ah... Y-You...
Yuel: Y'see, Kou? Even You wants ya to join us.
Yuel: Or would ya rather have a lil' sis like her go through something' so frightenin' without ya?
Kou: Now that's just mean... Fine already! I'll come along!
Kou: I'll be keeping my eyes closed the whole time though!
Yuel: Ahaha... We'll have clothin' on. It'll be fine.
Yuel: All righty! On to the hot spring!
Societte: Ehehe, we get to bathe with Kou and You together... This is gonna be fun.
And so the four make their way to the hot spring.

Aren't Baths Fun?: Scene 3

Societte and Yuel take turns washing You, but Yuel's propensity for teasing is too much for the young Erune, who tells her to stop. While a dejected Yuel takes out her bullying on Kou, Societte resumes washing You, happily musing that this is what it must be like to have a little sister.

Yuel and Societte bring You and Kou to the hot spring.
After changing into their respective garments, they gather in the bathing room.
You: Mng...
A fearful You grasps Societte's clothing.
Societte responds with a smile and a head pat.
Societte: It'll be fine. I'll be right beside you.
Societte: And like I said before, I promise we won't do anything that might make you feel uncomfortable.
You: But scary stuff is still scary...
Yuel: Now that's a side of You I ain't seen much... It's kinda adorable.
Societte: C'mon, Yuel, stop teasing her... I do know what you mean though.
Yuel: Ahaha... Kou, why are ya so far from us? Come closer.
Yuel: Don't tell me yer feelin' all shy from seein' our swimsuits and bathrobes?
Kou: Ngh... You know darn well why, but I see that doesn't stop you from poking fun at me...
Kou: I'm going in!
His cheeks flushed bright red, Kou steps into the hot spring as if to escape.
Societte: Would you stop teasing Kou already.
Yuel: Ahaha, I hear ya. I just can't get enough of his reactions. Hehe...
Yuel: I'll have more fun with him later... 'Cuz washin' You comes first!
You: ...
Societte: Relax, You. We'll be gentle and clean you up real nice.
You: Okay...
Societte and Yuel lather up some soap and begin scrubbing You's body.
Yuel: Rub and scrub, grime goes down the drain!
You: Eep! Sis Yuel! You're being too touchy-feely!
Yuel: Well, whaddya expect? I've gotta wash ya down good. Coochie-coochie!
Yuel gets to work on You's ears, making sure to wash them in their entirety.
You: Eep! Aiiee! Stop touching me all funny, Sis Yuel! It tickles!
Societte: Aw, Yuel. You big bully.
Yuel: Me? A bully? I was only tryin' to help her settle in with a bit of laughs...
You: I... don't really like being tickled...
You: If I have to be washed, can it just be Sis Societte?
Yuel: Wha... I can't believe You just dumped me... Waah!
Yuel: Koouuu! Societte and You don't want me anymore! I need someone to comfort me!
Kou: Wh-whoa! Really now, Yuel! Could you please not grab on to me all of a sudden?
Societte: Ahaha... Yuel's being Yuel as always...
Societte: Let's keep going, You.
You: Y-you're not gonna pull anything funny like Sis Yuel, are you?
Societte: Haha, of course not.
Societte is delicate in her movements as she happily washes You's hair and tails.
Societte: Scrub, scrub.
How does it feel? Good, I hope?
You: Mm... Can you do it a little stronger?
Societte: Like this?
Scrub, scrub.
You: Mm... That's good... Ahh... I... don't know how to put it... But... this feels so good... I think...
You: Aah... Aha... That's a bit ticklish there... But I don't mind if it's you, Sis Societte.
Societte: Teehee, I'm glad to hear that.
Societte: You sure is adorable. This might be what it feels like to have a little sister...
As Societte continues rinsing...
Her smile is so genuinely sweet that an unexpected warmth rushes through You.

Aren't Baths Fun?: Scene 4

You finally takes her first step into the hot spring with Societte and Yuel. A smile crosses her face as she soaks in the comforting, warm water, and she thanks them for helping her overcome her fears.

While continuing to wash You...
Societte takes out a bottle filled with creamy white liquid and applies it to You's tails.
You: Eep! That really tickles! Wh-what is that you're rubbing in there?
Societte: Much better... It's a type of moisturizing agent. One of my favorites actually.
Societte: Don't you find that floral scent so relaxing?
You: Sniff, sniff... You're right...
Societte: There's many different kinds. This one's a lavender scent.
Societte: Teehee. It works so well on you, You.
You: Y-you think so? Thanks...
You: B-but it feels so much more ticklish now...
Societte: Can you let it sit for a bit? This'll really make your tails shine.
You: Urgh, hurry up, will ya? Mm... Hngggh!
Societte: There, that should do it. Now to just rinse it off with some warm water.
You: Aah...
Societte: Okay! All done.
You: Whew, finally...
You: Wait a sec! Are these really my tails? How are they so pretty!
You: So fluffy, moist, and shiny... Just like yours and Sis Yuel's!
Societte: They'll look even better if you make sure to take care of them every day!
You: Every day? But I'm not really good with this stuff... I'd probably just forget how to do it...
Societte: Haha, I wouldn't mind teaching you all over again. Feel free to come ask me anytime.
You: Really? I wouldn't be too much of a bother?
Societte: Not in the slightest. I mean, we're like family now, aren't we?
You: Family... We're family...
You: Wah! Sis Societte...
You pulls Societte in close for an embrace, tears streaming down her cheeks.
Societte: Attagirl, You...
Societte: But weep too much, and it might ruin your cute face.
Societte wipes You's tears with her sleeve.
You: I don't know if I'd call myself cute...
Societte: Oh, you're definitely adorable, You. I guarantee it.
You: Mm...
Societte: Teehee...
With a loving look in her eyes, Societte responds to You's embrace with a head rub.
Yuel: You. Looks like you've really taken to Societte, eh?
Societte: Ah, Yuel. Where's Kou?
Yuel: Haha, he's restin' up over there.
Kou is sprawled out, floating lifelessly in the hot spring.
Societte: Yuel? What did you do to him?
Yuel: Nothin' out of the ordinary! All I did was tickle him a bit here and there...
Yuel: Well, okay. I tickled his entire body to bits.
Societte: "Nothing out of the ordinary"... Well, I guess that's probably true in your mind...
Yuel: I might've went overboard after feelin' down about You dumpin' me... Guess I should be more careful next time.
Yuel: Anyhoo, are ya done washin'? 'Cuz the next step is to actually enter the hot spring bath!
You: S-so we'll be entering a bath after all...
Yuel: Oh, you'll be all right. I mean, ya saw me and Kou soakin' in there just fine, right?
You: But...
Societte: Relax, You. I'll be in there with you.
You: O-okay... Um... Is it okay if we hold hands?
Societte: Sure, I don't mind at all.
Societte layers her own hand on top of You's trembling one.
You: Here goes...
You timidly steps into the water.
You: It... isn't hot... More like warm...
Yuel: Haha, just let go of yerself and take it all in. It'll feel even better.
You: Okay...
You relaxes her whole body.
You: Aah...
You: It feels so nice and warm in here...
You: I didn't know a bath could be so soothing... Mm...
Societte: Right? There's nothing to be afraid of, so just kick back and enjoy it.
Societte: From now on, you can try real bathing instead of just splashing cold water.
Yuel: If yer ever afraid again, we'll gladly come in with ya anytime.
You: Really? Okay then, I guess I can try bathing...
You: I want my tails to be soft and fluffy with all that glimmer like yours...
Societte: Haha, glad to hear it.
Societte and Yuel are relieved to hear You's words.
You: And um... Sorry about today.
Yuel: Huh? What for?
You: I must've caused so much trouble for you two today...
Yuel: Pff, ahaha!
You: Huh? Did I say something weird?
Yuel: Kou said somethin' like that to us a long time ago.
Yuel: And back then, I told him that he should be sayin' thanks instead of apologizin'.
You: Ah...
You: I'm sorry! I'm sorry, Kou!
Kou: Hehe... Actually, the right thing to say in this case is thank you.
You: Kou said the same thing...
You: Sis Societte, Sis Yuel... Thanks.
The two exchange smiles while stroking You's hair.
You responds to the gesture with a huge grin.
Kou: (I'm glad it worked out, You...)
Kou: (Though I wonder if there was any point in me tagging along...)
Kou: (Well, I guess it's all good as long as You's happy now.)
Kou is more delighted than anyone else to see You so content.
However, he does have mixed feelings about his role in all this.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
あぅ、そんなにじっと見んといて…… Hey, stop staring at me like that...
お姉ちゃんかぁ……なんや、嬉しいなぁ…… So I'm a big sister now? It feels nice...
今度はみんなで温泉に入ろうな Let's all go to a hot spring together sometime.
ヨウちゃん、ずぅとよしよししてたいわぁ…… I could pat You's head all day...
コウ君、見ぃひんうちに大人になったなぁ…… Kou's gotten so much more mature since I last saw him.
おあげさんのたいたん…… Braised bean curd is so good...
ユエルちゃんもこれ似合うやろな…… I bet this'd look great on Yuel too.
うちになら、いくらでも甘えてええのに…… I can be really nice if you need a friend...
(主人公)はん、後で一緒に温泉に入らへん? (Captain), why you don't you join me in the hot spring later?
(主人公)はんと一緒やと心強いわ Having (Captain) around is so reassuring.


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