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Official Profile[edit]

Age 17
Height 175 cm (ears included)
Race Erune
Hobbies Cooking
Likes Nature
Dislikes Hard work, authority
Stan works to defend Aliza, heiress of a well-to-do family in Valtz, but he generally lacks the qualities necessary for the job. His overinflated manner of speaking is easily punctured, he's indecisive, and his emotional state is that of a rollercoaster, frequently leaving him on the verge of tears. As much as he wants to help Aliza deal with family issues, Stan constantly worries about whether he should step back and watch it all from a distance instead.
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Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy Birthday!
Thanks for everything, (Captain)! Seriously!
I mean, words don't do justice to what you've done for me.
So you better believe I'm gonna go all-out celebrating your birthday!
Let's head into town and party hearty!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! You know, I really think I'm lucky being able to travel with you.
If not for you...
Whoaaa, there. Oh, man, that was a close one. Almost got kinda sappy for a second.
(Captain)! What do you say we party till dawn! It's your birthday after all!
All right! Are you ready? Let's go!


You know, your birthday is special to me too, (Captain). So today I'm gonna treat you to the works! Geez, relax... You look like the sky's about to fall. I mean, I get why you're worried, but rest assured! I've made a lot of progress in the past year! I'm not gonna letcha down! C'mon, follow me! I'm gonna show you the best birthday you've ever had! Hehe, now am I a stand-up guy, or what?

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year!
I'm gonna get stronger this year! Both physically and mentally!
(Captain), I hope you'll let me travel with you again this year and soak up all sorts of new experiences.
Yep, were gonna be best buds this year as always, (Captain).


Last year I vowed that I'd become strong. Stronger than ever.
What do you think, (Captain)? Does it look to you like I've gotten stronger?
H-hey, come on, (Captain)! Say something!
...! I... I get it. I've still got a long way to go.
This'll be the year. I'll make you proud, (Captain). Mark my words.


What? Seriously?
You really think I've grown this year?
Well... How about that...
Haha! When you say it all formal-like, it's kinda embarrassing.
Aaall right! Last year's mission—accomplished!
So this year... Hm...
This year, I'll surpass you, (Captain)!
No... wait... That might be biting off more than I can chew... Haha...

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's Day!
Th-this is for me? Um, wow... Heh-heh!
I couldn't be happier to get chocolates from you!
I mean, the chocolates are okay, but knowing you feel that way about me makes my day!
Thanks so much, (Captain)!


Happy Valentine's! Thanks for always lookin' out for me, (Captain)!
Look, I know the tradition around here is to have only the girls giving chocolates on Valentine's...
But I thought, who cares, you know? Gender equality, right? So I got a present for you!
Huh? Wait, what? Uhhh... Hang on a sec. Hmm, I could have sworn it was right here this morning.
A... ahaha! I... shouldn't actually be laughing... Sorry, I think I might have lost it somewhere.
(Captain), just wait right there. I'll make a new one for you! Be right back!


Last year I went and lost the chocolates I made for you.
But this year, I got you covered!
Here ya go! Deluxe, handmade chocolates, just for you!
Geez, (Captian)... You look like I just handed you a box of spiders.
I know they're not exactly pretty... But I put my heart and soul into making those! Just try one, okay?
Hehe. They're good, right?

White Day Cutscenes
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Happy White Day!
I made you some cookies, (Captain)!
They're thanks for everything you do! You're always looking after me, so it's the least I can do!
I really worked hard to make sure they'd be extra tasty!
Take your time and really savor 'em, (Captain)!


Heh heh heh! Get ready 'cause this year's cookies are better than ever!
I've been secretly honing my baking skills for this past year. Looks like it's all paid off!
Happy White Day! Here you go, (Captain)! Enjoy!
Trust me, you'll be beggin' me for more in no time!


Hehe, I guess I just like giving you presents, (Captain).
It always seems to make you so happy...
H-hey! What're you laughin' about?
Whaddya mean I looked cute just now!
No way did I look cute!
I was serious as a heart attack, (Captain)!
Geez, you're so mean...

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween!
Geez, I can't leave my room today... As soon as I do, someone's gonna play a mean trick on me or something...
Wait... (Captain)? When did you get here? Huh? Trick or treat?
Sorry, I don't have any candy in here.
J-just calm down. Let's talk it over, (Captain)!
No! You stay away from me!


(Captain)'s not gonna get me this time. This year it's my turn! All right, time to get ready to—
...! (Captain)! Wh-where'd you come out from? And why are you smiling like that!
W-wait! Stop! L-let's talk this out!
Nooo! It's last year all over again!


I've got something to say.
I hate Halloween.
Hey, (Captain)! I see you looking at me like I'm crazy!
But it's because you always, always prank me!
We should join forces? You mean it?
Ha... Haha! I see. I see!
It's finally time to strut my stuff as a pranksman!
Ohhh, man! This is gonna be epic! The pranks are on till the break of dawn!

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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays!
So, (Captain), have you decided what to ask Santa for?
Me? Well, I'd sure like to have a bit more courage, but...
I mean, there's no point if someone just gives you that kind of thing! So basically I haven't decided.
Hey, if it's okay with you, how about we spend the day thinking it over, (Captain)?


What's wrong, (Captain)? You seem deep in thought.
Oh, I know! You're wondering about what to ask Santa for!
Haha. Boy, do I know how you feel. I had a real headache last year over that.
But I've got none of those problems this year! Why, you ask? That's simple!
I just told him anything's good!


I've never met Santa Claus. Have you, (Captain)?
I was just wondering what kinda guy he is.
Every single year, he's out there giving gifts to kids all over the sky.
It must be a tough job all by himself, so I'd love to give him a hand.
Hehe, is that a great idea or what?

Fate Episodes[edit]

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Timid Apprentice[edit]

Among those spared from the monsters is Stan. He aimed to be (Captain)'s apprentice.Vyrn suggested he start by taking down some monsters, but suddenly Stan decided he wasn't feeling too well.

(Captain)'s party fights back wave after wave of monsters attacking the town.
A boy stood screaming in terror, the monsters closing in. The party barely got to him in time.
???: I thought maybe I could confuse them. You know, take them out all at once. Looks like you guys already took care of that, though!
???: I mean, I could've handled it all on my own...but who likes a glory hog, am I right?!
Vyrn: Sigh...who's this clown...
Lyria: Hehe...he seems like a fun guy!
???: Uh, anyway...are you guys leaving already?
Lyria: We are! I'm pretty sure there are still a lot of monsters in town...
???: Wait. Aren't you scared of taking them on all by yourselves? I'll come with you! You know, to help out!
Lyria: Wha? Er...maybe you should-
Vyrn: Heheh!

We're Skyfarers!

No stinking monsters are gonna get the best of us!
???: What?!
Vyrn: Let’s go! See you later, kid! Try not to run away at the first sign of trouble next time...
???: W-wait! Wait up! I got it! I'll tell you the truth!
???: Just...just let me be your apprentice!
Vyrn: What's that supposed to mean?
Stan: My name is Stan...I mentioned that I had a pretty big problem. It's just, I can't do anything about it by myself...
Stan: So I'm begging you! I wanna be strong like you!
  1. Come with us
  2. An apprentice? I don't know...

Choose: Come with us
Stan: R-really?! Thanks!

Choose: An apprentice? I don't know...
Stan: I mean, I don't have to be an apprentice! I'll do anything, just take me with you!
Vyrn: Geez...fine, then.
Continue 1
Stan: I'll train every day, I swear. I bet it'll only take me a day to catch up to you, (Captain)!
Vyrn: don't know how strong we are. You think it'll be easy?
Stan: You just leave that to me! When it comes to determination, I'm the strongest there is!
Vyrn: Sounds good! Let's get you started on taking down some monsters!
Stan: Eep?! Oh, uh...well, you sores are really acting up today...
And so Stan joined (Captain) on the road.
Perhaps the day would come when he could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with (Captain). Only the sky could know.

I Spy a Monster![edit]

Stan became (Captain)’s student and now trains every day. One day, Stan says that he can sense the presence of monsters. Monsters do appear from where Stan indicated, and a battle ensues.

Vyrn: You did it! Next up, do 100 pushups! You can do it, Stan!
Stan: You can count on me, lizard! Raaaah!
Stan joins (Captain) and company and trains every day.
Lyria: Hehe... Stan is working hard.
Vyrn: Get with the program! 90 more!
Stan: Huff... Huff... H-Hey, lizard... Can we call it a day?
Vyrn: I’m not a lizard! And what are you talking about?! You’re not even halfway done!
Stan: Wheeze... Wheeze... It’s because... You know! Don’t you feel it?
Stan: I sense the presence of monsters around here...
Monster: Gwoooaaargh!
Stan: Huh? What the...? They were really there...
Vyrn: Wow, that's amazing! You noticed the monsters faster than anyone!
Stan: Y-Yeah, I know! Ain’t I great?! When I really focus, I can tell where the monsters are on the whole island!
Vyrn: All right! Let’s keep this up and defeat the monsters!
Stan: Leave it to me! Let’s get ‘em!

I Spy a Monster!: Scene 2[edit]

(Captain) and party head to a monster’s den after Stan accepts a request to hunt monsters. Stan feels confident that he can sense the presence of monsters, but he is wrong time and time again. He is then attacked from behind.

Lyria: Ugh... I hope it’s okay...
Stan: I’m okay... I’m okay! Leave it to me!
Feeling confident, Stan begins accepting monster hunting requests.
Stan: I don’t know about that monster’s den or whatever, but it’s an easy job for me!
Vyrn: Oh, brother... It was fine until he said his training was working...
Stan: Mm! This feeling... They’re close! Monsters!
Lyria: Um... I don’t see anything...
Stan: Oh... W-Well... I didn’t get enough sleep last night, so maybe I’m a little off...
Stan: Hm! Over here! There’s no mistake!
Vyrn: Sigh... So you got it right the last time by sheer luck.
Stan: N-No! I-I’m running on lack of sleep and I got this heavy feeling in my gut, too...
Lyria: ...?! Stan! Behind you!
Stan: Huh?
Monster: Gwoooaaargh!
Stan: Whoa! When did he...?!
Vyrn: I told you so! Get ready! (Captain)! We’ll beat them down!

I Spy a Monster!: Scene 3[edit]

After realizing that his ability to sense monsters is just a fluke, Stan feels depressed. Vyrn comforts Stan, telling him that he should just grow stronger little by little. Being told to do 1000 pushups, Stan pretends that his stomach is hurting.

Stan: Sigh... So my ability to sense the monsters was just a lucky guess...
Lyria: B-But you looked really cool when you fight, Stan! Right? (Captain).
Stan: Ugh... This is no good... Aliza will just laugh at me again...
Vyrn: Come on... Just take it slowly and grow stronger little by little!
Vyrn: Right?! Don’t you think so, (Captain)? You’ve been training for a long time!
Stan: Yeah... I guess you’re right. I guess you can’t grow stronger that easily.
Stan: All right! I’ll change my attitude and train slowly but surely!
Vyrn: That's right! Now let’s start with 1000 pushups!
Stan: Huh...?
Stan: Uhh... I think my stomach is starting to hurt...
In order to grow stronger, Stan vows to train again.
But the path to become a powerful warrior is a long and treacherous one.

State of the Princess[edit]

Stan had worked a princess once, a princess that sounded much like the one Ange herself hoped to find. Ange was desperate to know much about her. Stan’s princess had been quite the troublemaker. Working for her hadn’t been the most relaxing of jobs. Ange had a feeling that there was a reason the princess paid so much attention to Stan, but he didn’t seem to realize it himself. Ange couldn’t just stand by and do nothing, and Stan could use a few lessons in being a proper gentleman. From that day forward they were partners on the path to princeliness.

Ange stopped by to talk to Stan as he was hanging laundry on the deck.
Ange: Stan! Here you are! Do you have a sec?
Stan: Hm? Ah, hold on a second. Almost done here... and there. Something you need?
Ange: Good work! This is something I just heard through the grapevine... but did you work in a noble house?
Stan: Yup. You got it. I worked for a noble house over in Valtz. Served the princess, mostly.
Ange: That’s awesome! Can you do me a favor, Stan?! Tell me how a real princess lives!
Stan: Um... real, you say...
Ange: Hehe... well, you see I’m looking for a princess. And I need to know everything I can to be the perfect prince!
Stan: Hm... is that right? Well, sure. I’m glad to help if I can.
Ange: That’s great! So princesses must lead pretty elegant lives, right? Tea parties everyday...
Stan: Well, they had tea parties and stuff. But it was a bunch of hifalutin fuddie-duddies. Didn’t seem like much fun.
Ange: What?! Really? Did they eat fancy cakes and drink with their pinkies out and have elegant conversations?!
Stan: What?! What are you thinking of?! Well, I guess that’s pretty much what it was like on the surface.
Stan: Anyway. The princess had a pretty big sweet tooth, but the loved meat even more.
Ange: Wow! I thought princesses only ate salad!
Stan: Where the hell did you get that idea... granted, the family I served was pretty big on fighting.
Ange: Wait... fighting? I thought princesses were supposed to be more... graceful. You know, wear dances, go to balls...
Stan: Oh, yeah. There is that. But she didn’t like dresses one bit. And she hated sitting around.
Stan: It was like I was... like I was her practice dummy all day, every day...
Ange: That sounds pretty rough... I guess I had it all wrong about princesses.
Ange: A brand spanking new kind of princess! I guess she’d be the one to protect you from monsters instead of the other way around.
Stan: Yeah! That’s exactly what she was like!
Stan: But she was a hell of a lot of trouble. Ever since she was a kid, she was always up to something or other.
Ange: Really?! Hah! She was a tomboy? That’s adorable!
Stan: But get this! If I got angry, the head maid would make ME apologize to HER! Crazy, right?!
Stan: Gah... it’s all coming back to me now! I mean, you don’t have to wear a dress, but at least put on SOMETHING decent...
Stan: And I work for you, y’know? I say you can’t talk to me like I’m your friend, but nooo...
Stan: And how am I supposed to do my other work with you bothering me all the time... yeesh...
Stan: Sigh... she was so nice to everybody else. Why do I gotta get Miss Attitude?!
Ange: Hrm... er, Stan? Were you and the princess together for a long time?
Stan: Yeah, we were. I starting working there when I was a kid, myself. Why do you ask?
Ange: No reason... it’s just, it sounds like she was only rude to you...
Ange: Maybe you’re like a childhood friend to her... so she doesn’t have to put on airs around you, right? She can just be herself.
Stan: What?! No! Don’t be silly! You know how many times she said I was useless! If that’s her, then no thank you!
Stan: Sigh... it’s fine if that’s how she wants to act. But I’d be scared to work for her if that’s how she really is...
Ange: (Oh my god... he doesn’t understand how she feels at all... )
Ange: ... oh my god! Stan, you need to be more... more gentlemanly!
Stan: What?! Wh-what the heck’re you talking about?
Ange: I can’t let you go on like this! You and me! We’re going to be princes together!
Ange: ...Oh! That sounds great! And then you’ll be able to understand how princesses feel!
Stan: D-don’t worry about it... I’m fine, really...
Ange: Go on! We’ll start now! First thing’s first! Proper sword technique!
Stan: ...Buh?! Ange! That hurts! Leggo my neck, will you?!
Ange: As if! I do that and you’ll just run away, won’t you? Look, the forest is right there!
Ange: Haha! And while we practice, you can tell me everything you know about working for nobles!
Stan: M-my tummy hurts... c’mon Ange! Lemme go!
And from that day on, thanks to a little bit of help from Ange, Stan began to take his studies in swordsmanship more seriously.
Though Ange tried not to seem to excited to hear all about the lives of nobility, she was more than a little zealous in making sure Stan didn’t miss a single training session.
Though it would be some time before Stan would be able to call himself a proper gentleman, it was more than a fair enough exchange for both of them.

Bravery or Bravado[edit]

One day, Stan learns of how Zaja's friends died valiantly in battle. As if to make up for his blunt remark about the fact, Stan confesses how weak he truly feels. Startled by his honesty, Zaja promises to protect him. However, he also senses danger in Stan's heart, and prays he never turns reckless in his pursuit of strength.

One day, Stan comes out to the deck to find a most peculiar sight.
Zaja: ...
Stan: Hmm, is that Zaja? What's he doing out here?
Curious as to why Zaja is standing so close to the edge of the deck while looking down, Stan approaches him.
Stan: Hey, Zaja. What are you doing over there?
Zaja: Hm? Ah, Stan...
Zaja: I was searching for my friends... forever lost to the depths of the skies...
Stan: Heh, you can actually see that far down?
Stan joins Zaja and leans forward, but sees nothing but the vast blue sky.
Zaja: My friends live on... happily below the skies...
Stan: Umm, I don't see anything...
Zaja: Forgive me... My words... are filled with irony...
Stan: Uhh, what do you mean?
Zaja: My friends fought fearlessly... And passed on to the other side, to the bottom of the sky...
Stan: ...
Zaja: And now... They live happily down there...
Stan tries to make sense of what Zaja is saying.
Stan: I see what you mean now. They fought without fear of death, and died honorably... I can respect that...
Zaja: ...
Stan: Sorry, I mean they're still alive! Right below the skies!
Zaja: Yes... But no... My friends are no longer...
Stan: U-um, I'm so... I... I wish I knew what to say...
Zaja: Forgive me... As I try to forget my sin... Truths and untruths overlap...
Stan: ...
Zaja: You need not concern yourself... I do not seek to be understood.
Although Zaja speaks little of his past, Stan can feel the weight behind each of his words.
Stan: (Uh oh, did I make him angry? Maybe I hurt his feelings...)
Stan: (I might've pried too much into his past...)
Stan often resorts to bravado, but this turn of events with Zaja help him come to a realization.
Stan: I'm a coward. I shake inside every time I fight a monster. That's why I've always admired the fearless and daring...
Stan: I'm sorry, Zaja... That just slipped...
Zaja: ...
Stan: Heh... I'm too afraid to even tell others that I'm afraid of monsters...
Zaja: You're afraid...? To go down in battle...
Stan: Yea, I'll admit it...
Zaja: Then I will protect you, my friend... You have nothing to fear...
Stan: P-protect me? Hey, I'm no dainty little princess, alright!
Zaja: That is not the issue... I am here... to protect my friends...
Stan: Argh! Everyone always looks down on me! Always!
Stan: I'll get stronger! I'll train harder than ever! I'll show you that I don't need any protecting!
And with that, Stan turns on his heel and leaves.
Zaja: ...
Zaja: Please, do not fret, my friend... Do not be like my friends who rushed off into battle...
Zaja: When you have gained true strength... I pray that you may never come to enjoy the pursuit of war...
Zaja looks on worriedly as Stan walks away.
Although Zaja's tribe always favored bravery and courage, Stan's attitude presents a different kind of peril. With his thoughts still on Stan, Zaja tightly grips the handle of his axe.


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