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Official Profile




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Captain, happy birthday!
I'm so glad to be here with you today!
Here, I'll even teach you a special magic spell!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I'm so happy to celebrate your birthday, (Captain). You're my beloved student after all!
Well then, let's get this party started.
Hehe, surprised? Everyone's been making preparations just for today!
Even Vyr—
Oh, I'm not supposed to say. Teehee, let's sing the song, everyone!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Today's birthday party was a blast too!
You're always so optimistic, (Captain), but...
I'm certain the experience you've been accumulating each year has done wonders for you.
The growth everyone sees in you is what allows us to rejoice on your birthday.
Your incessant positivity and willingness to take on any challenge make us all proud to call you captain.
As your teacher, it would be my greatest joy to learn more about the experiences that have shaped you into the person you are today.
Won't you tell me more?


Happy birthday, (Captain). How many times have we celebrated this day together? Thank you for letting me be a part of your travels for so long. Watching you and Vyrn grow and change is such a wonderful treat... I hope we can further our pursuit of knowledge together. And I hope that when you help someone, the time you have spent learning with me will come in handy... Truly... Happy birthday to you, (Captain). And many more...


Happy birthday, (Captain).
You've grown quite a lot since the day we first met, I must say.
Time certainly flies. Now you're the one teaching me about a lot of things...
I need to keep learning more so I can keep up with you.
You still have a long journey ahead of you as you continue to grow and walk different paths in your life...
Hehe. I look forward to seeing what kind of person you'll grow up to be.
Once again, happy birthday. I pray that it will be a most fruitful year for you.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year! Vyrn, (Captain), let's make this year the best we can!
It's time for the first lesson of the year!


Happy New Year.
(Captain), don't forget to wash your hands and gargle regularly.
Studying will be so much harder if you catch a cold.
Even Vyrn is doing it, you know.
Haha. Well, that's enough lecturing for today. It's going to be another wonderful year of studying, (Captain)!


Listen to this, (Captain)!
I've finally been able to catch a glimpse of Vyrn releasing magic from a staff...
In my dreams at least. Haha... Brings me to tears though.
To make this dream a reality, we need to study hard this year too!
That goes for you too, (Captain).


Sniffle... Because of the snow machine I made that went haywire during my special class, I got sick...
Although I'm used to the cold, that was a bit too much... If I worried you, I apologize...
But... Hehe... Vyrn is taking care of me. He brings me warm tea...
Achoo! I feel kind of special...


Happy New Year, (Captain)! Vyrn!
Have the both of you decided on your goals for this year yet?
Oh, you're still thinking about it? That's unusual.
Perhaps this is an opportunity for you to take a good look at yourself.
It's important to reflect on your journey thus far, and respond to any questions or concerns you have within yourself in order to take the next step.
Well then, here's a task for you, (Captain)!
Your task is to decide on a goal for yourself for the following year.
Hehe. You have plenty of time, so don't rush and think about it carefully!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Here's some chocolate for all your hard work, (Captain)!
Now, do you know where Vyrn is? I figured he'd prefer apples over chocolate, so I have a whole crate here just for him!


Happy Valentine's!
Hehe, you and Vyrn are always studying so hard, (Captain)!
Surely all that hard work is giving you a craving for some sweets?
So here it is: my gift to you two!
The strawberry ones are for (Captain), and the apple ones are for Vyrn.
No fighting over the chocolates now!


Today's Valentine's Day!
This here's for you and Vyrn's hard work all the time, (Captain)!
Chocolate shaved ice!
Hehe, I made sure to put apple syrup in yours too, Vyrn!
I really put my heart into this, so I imagine it must taste fabulous!
I know it's rather cold today, but I can heat these up for us to enjoy in my room!


I add the chopped chocolate to some warm milk...
Spread the cinnamon and make my meringue snow man float on top! Voila!
Hehe. Since Vyrn was kind enough to make me tea when I was sick, I've made him my special hot chocolate!
There's some for you too, (Captain)! Let's drink it together.
Hehe... This puts me at ease. Who doesn't love a warm drink.


Happy Valentine's Day!
Hehe, isn't it amazing? I prepared a chocolate fondue this year!
There are marshmallows, cookies, fruit... I made sure to include apples for Vyrn, of course.
Now everyone can have fun and enjoy Valentine's Day together!
Well then, let's get started! There's plenty to go around, so don't hold back and dig in!
Hehe, I'm glad to see you so excited about it. It was definitely worth the effort!

Mixed Chocolate Cake square.jpg Mixed Chocolate Cake
3rd year: Chocolate Shaved Ice square.jpg Chocolate Shaved Ice
4th year: Rich Hot Chocolate square.jpg Rich Hot Chocolate
5th year: Chocolate Fondue square.jpg Chocolate Fondue

White Day Cutscenes
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Oh my! These are for me, Captain? For White Day? Heheh, thank you!
Teehee, Vyrn gave me some sweets too! He was adorable, being all nervous and fidgety.


Happy White Day!
You're wondering why I'm so happy? Teehee, Vyrn gave me some chocolates!
He turned bright red as he thanked me when handing them over!
I know I can be a bit strict sometimes, but to know that Vyrn can see past it all makes me so happy!
Hm? You have chocolates for me too, (Captain)?
Haha, thanks!


Vyrn gave me chocolates this year too!
He seemed kind of bashful but was also really proud when he handed over the handmade chocolate.
The ones this year were snowman-shaped!
To see him taking on new challenges like this every year makes me proud to be his teacher!
Hm? You have chocolates for me too, (Captain)? Oh, more snowman-shaped chocolates!
What a coincidence, eh... How nice to see you two always getting along so well!


Oh! This cup is lovely! (Captain), did you make it?
And Vyrn helped? This cup connects all three of us? Wonderful...
Oh, so you got the idea from the fact that I drank so much tea while I was sick?
Hehe... You really are attentive to detail. I'll treasure this forever and ever.
Thank you, (Captain).


Wow, what a delicious-looking omelet! Did you and Vyrn make this, (Captain)?
You even drew my picture on it with ketchup! Hehe, it looks great.
I'll dig right in then. It'd be a waste if it grew cold before I could give it a taste.
Nom nom... Mmm, it's so soft and mellow. The both of you must have put a lot of effort into making this.
I'm so touched, it's hard to put it into words...
Thank you, Vyrn, (Captain). This is the best omelet I've ever had.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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There's a festival on Halloween, right?
In that case, lessons are officially canceled! Let's go have some fun!


Happy Halloween!
Okay, class is canceled today because it's a day for celebration!
Haha... You know, I've been thinking of a costume for Vyrn.
We can make cloth out of white cotton wool and then turn Vyrn into a snowman with it!
You think Vyrn might be against the idea? I'm sure it'll look great on him though!


As a teacher I can't give a free pass to mischief-making, but I'll make an exception just for today!
Just don't be a trickster to anyone who gives you treats!
I know Halloween's a day for fun, but you still need some rules in pl—
Urgh, (Captain)!
You're supposed to say "trick or treat" before playing your trick!


Hehehe... Have you seen Vyrn's costume?
He has a wig that's shaped like the Grandcypher on his head. So cute!
Vyrn says he's copying his buddies' hairstyle.
I bet the friends and memories he made at Mysteria Academy are just wonderful.
I'm so happy. When you find people you can study with, it becomes much easier.
Hehe... I'm sure Vyrn found many things to treasure during his time at the academy.


Oh, (Captain)! I see it's become quite the festival this year too... Is that whipped cream on your face?
What's that? People played tricks on you even though you gave them candy?
Oh dear, how terrible!
The rule of Halloween is, of course, trick or treat. Having both is simply against—
Hm? Trick and treat is the new rule?
W-who made that up! How dare they change the rules and make you go through this!
I will most definitely be having a talk with them. Once I've heard what they have to say...
I'll freeze them with my magic and make sure they're punished for their bad behavior!
Now bring them to me, (Captain)!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays! Surprise! Look at what Santa brought you!
It's the guide I wrote: Basic Magic Even a Troll Could Understand!


Happy holidays, (Captain)! Did you ask Santa for anything?
I asked for my students to feel happy when I get them to open up their textbooks!
I want to show them that, as Vyrn has demonstrated, studying can help you overcome so many obstacles!
Well then, let's have dinner and then get on with the gift exchange!
Of course I have a gift for you too, (Captain)!


Happy holidays! My holiday present is...
A copy of my personal reference: From Sword to Staff!
Haha... Now you and Vyrn will never have to brave the winter cold without a good study guide!
What is it, (Captain)? You want me to give you a lesson using this book right here, right now?
I'd be glad to! Glad to see you so eager to learn all the time, (Captain)!
But that'll have to come after the holiday party! We should treat ourselves to a good time first!


All right, everyone! It's time for this special night's class to begin!
As all of you know, magic has a wide variety of use cases.
For example, fire magic is used as the source of fuel for gearcycles...
Of course my ice magic has equally useful applications!
I can create a machine that releases snow like this! It's beautiful, isn't it?
Hm? Did I use too much energy? Uh-oh... I did this in such a hurry that now I can't stop it...


Happy Holidays! Here's a present from me to you on this holy night!
As she says this, Suframare holds out a beautiful, crystal-like ornament with flecks of ice dancing inside it.
It's a snow globe in which I've trapped my ice magic. Hehe, isn't it cute?
See it, touch it, feel it. Knowledge is something you accumulate through the various experiences you encounter.
Just like the snow inside this globe—see?
Hehe. With that said, we'll learn by observing this snow globe for tonight's special lesson!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Wandering Tutor

One day, Vyrn openly wondered what would happen if he himself were able to use magic. Suddenly, Suframare, a wandering tutor who had heard this discussion, appeared before the party and began giving a basic magic lecture to Vyrn. However, ultimately Vyrn would not be able to even use simple magic. Suframare’s pride as a tutor had been wounded. She thus took it upon herself to become Vyrn’s private tutor and joined up with the Order.

It happened one day. Our heroes notice that Vyrn had a lot less to say than usual. They tried broaching this matter with him...
Vyrn: Mmm? What have I done?
Katalina: Ah. I’m worried that Vyrn might be overdoing this...
Vyrn: No... I’m not especially sick or anything...
Vyrn: Katalina and (Captain), your specialty is the sword, correct? Lyria can summon...
Vyrn: I, too, would like to have a special skill... Something like being able to use magic...
Suframare: Magic?! Let me tell you the details of such things!
Vyrn: Ahh! All of a sudden, you...?!
Suframare: I’m sorry... that was rude of me! I am Suframare! I make my living as a wandering private tutor!
Katalina: Hm? Wandering, you say?
Suframare: That’s right! Allow me to guide you into the world of the mages... At a reasonable price!
Vyrn: Ooh! That’s great! Don’t be shy! Teach me!
Townsperson 1: Oho! You are teaching magic to a lizard? If a lizard can do it, then maybe I can do it?
Townsperson 2: All right! I want to try, too!
Surrounded by people with inquiries, Suframare’s lecture had begun.
Suframare: Everyone! Have you prepared the staves you will be using for practice? Okay, follow my example...
Suframare waived her staff as she chanted a spell. The townsfolk imitated her as she did so.
Townsperson 1: Ooh! I had no idea that magic was so easy!
Townsperson 2: Dahahaha! Though it’s just basic stuff, it’s fun if you can do it!
Suframare: Keep practicing and you will be able to do something like this! Yes!
Vyrn: Ooh! Your amazing! I’ll do my best!
Suframare: Now it’s your turn, Captain! And the rest of you! Please!
Suframare: Ooh! Excellent, Captain! That’s a very high level magic!
Vyrn: That’s my (Captain)! Now I’m gonna give it a go!
Vyrn: Mmm? Nothing happened...
Afterwards, after numerous attempts, the results remained unchanged.
Vyrn: Hmph... And this wand doesn’t seem to be defective...
Suframare: That’s right... Maybe it’s beyond you, Vyrn?
Suframare: It'll be alright!Everyone is like that when they first try. Why don’t we begin with cooling off our surroundings a little?
Suframare: We shouldn’t summon an ice spirit so abruptly. First we chill the tip of the staff...
Vyrn: Hm... Cool off, cool off...
Nothing happened whatsoever.
Vyrn: GRRRR! See? It’s no use!
Suframare: I can’t believe they were no results even after following the procedure... This is the first time this is happened in my career as a private tutor!
Vyrn: Say what!? You really mean to say that I am that incompetent?!
Suframare: I can’t believe it... There goes my self-confidence...
Vyrn: Hey hey... I’m the one who feels like giving up here...
Suframare: I can’t believe it! This means that the title of my work “A Magic Primer Even a Troll Could Understand” is a lie!
Vyrn: Hey hey... What was that title?
Suframare: There is nothing more I can do than to accompany Vyrn and keep teaching him until he is able to use magic!
Vyrn: Say what!? You mean to tag along with me, Teach?!
Suframare: Confidence in me is the lifeblood of my profession as a private tutor! I will be ruined if it turns out I was peddling a book of lies! Ruined!
Suframare: And with that... Hey (Captain)! I’m going with you all!
  1. Hang in there, Vyrn!
  2. This is way too much for Vyrn to handle.

Choose: Hang in there, Vyrn!
Suframare: I’m looking forward to our journey together! From now on every day we are going to hold nothing back, Vyrn!
Vyrn: Hey hey... I want you to give me the occasional reprieve. .
Suframare: This is all for making Vyrn into a sorcerer! Let's do it! Vyrn!

Choose: This is way too much for Vyrn to handle.
Suframare: What?!? What are you saying, (Captain)?!
Suframare: I cannot permit that... As an educator, I absolutely cannot allow statements that will damage the enthusiasm of others!
Suframare: Vyrn! Let's do it! Eventually you will become a topflight sorcerer!
Vyrn: GRRRR! Now look here! (Captain)!
Suframare: That's the spirit! Vyrn! Eventually I will become a topflight sorcerer...
Suframare: Let me give you the power to reduce your enemies to cinders or minced meat with the mightiest magic! You won’t regret bringing me on board, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Nah... I don’t feel like going that far...
Continue 1
Thus the wandering private tutor Suframare joined the Order.
Tuition for the coursework would be paid later, but (Captain) felt uneasy about just how expensive the tuition for several days’ coursework would be.

Training Results

One night, (Captain) hears suspicious footsteps outside and follows Suframar as she leaves the inn. As Suframar reaches her destination, Vyrn could be seen practicing magic alone. Suframar shouts out encouragement, revealing (Captain) and company's presence to Vyrn. Then, monsters are drawn to the disturbance and appear before the party.

One night... (Captain) hears suspicious footsteps outside and steps out to investigate with sword in hand.
(Captain) notices a small figure step away from the inn and follows it. Who could the mysterious figure be...?
Suframare: Ack!
Suframare: (Captain)?! Oh no, you followed me? I'm sorry if I woke you up.
Suframare: Oh! Shhh! Be quiet, (Captain)!
Suframar holds up a finger to her lips. She points at something ahead...
Vyrn: Hmm... It feels like I'm starting to get the hang of it but...
Vyrn chants a spell and swings a practice wand, however...
Vyrn: Arrrgh! Why won't it work?!
Suframare: He's been sneaking out at night and practicing like this.
Suframare: It makes me happy to see my student working so hard.
Suframare: ... Oh? He's...
Vyrn: Mmm? I think I just felt something...
Vyrn: All right! One more time! I can do this!
Suframare: You can do it...
Suframare: You can do it, Vyrn!
Vyrn: Whoa?! Who's there... Wait, (Captain)?! You too, teacher?
Suframare: Oh my... I guess I was too loud.
Vyrn: Tsk! I wanted to use magic out of nowhere and surprise you!
Suframare: Hehe... It seems like you've almost got the hang of it!
Vyrn: Yeah! I think I'm finally about to learn how to use magic!
Suframare: ... Oh? I just heard something...
Monster: Gwoooooaaarrrr!
Suframare: Oh my... Looks like they were attracted by the noise. We have no choice, get ready (Captain)!

Training Results: Scene 2

Discouraged by his failure, Vyrn decides he doesn't have the necessary talent and almost gives up on magic altogether. However, Suframar tells him that she used to have no talent for magic herself. Saddened by the fact that she was always compared to a natural born mage princess in her home of Crystalia, she researched a way for anyone to easily learn magic. As Suframar encouraged Vyrn, the rest of the monsters suddenly appear. Vyrn quickly swings his wand, and a small amount of magic is emitted.

Vyrn: But... sometimes it makes wonder. What if I never learn?
Suframare: Hey! Don't be so negative!
Vyrn: Hm... The guys from town learned how to use magic right away. But I...
Suframare: Yes, some people are more suited for magic than others.
Suframare: But anyone can learn. I really believe that. I used to be unable to use magic too.
Vyrn: Really? I dunno about that...
Suframare: I used to have absolutely no magical talent! It was awful!
Suframare: There was a princess in Crystalia, which is where I was born...
Suframare: She was a natural magic user since birth, and I was always compared to her. I hated it.
Vyrn: Oh... It must have been hard for you to learn magic too...
Suframare: Because of the bitter experience I had back then, I researched a way so anyone can easily learn how to use magic.
Suframare: I did it so people like you won't have to go through the same sad feelings I did.
Suframare: That's why I need you to learn magic no matter what, Vyrn!
Vyrn: ... I see. Alright! Then I'll do my best!
Monster: Gwoooooaaarrrr!
Suframare: Ack?!
Vyrn: Whoa! Are those the rest of the monsters from earlier?!
As the monsters leap toward him, Vyrn quickly swings his wand...
Vyrn: Woah?! What the?! I just cast some magic!
Suframare: Vyrn, you did it! But there's no time to celebrate!
Suframare: Let's go! Vyrn! Take these monsters down!
Vyrn: Okay!

Training Results: Scene 3

Vyrn is in high spirits from successfully casting magic. However, nothing would happen when he tried his hand at magic again. When Suframar returns to the inn, she admits that she modified Vyrn's wand so it would cast magic when he was in trouble. Seeing herself in the hard-working Vyrn, she asks (Captain) to try and cheer him up when he's down. And so, Vyrn's magic training continued under Suframar's instructions.

Vyrn: Heheh! I knew I could do it!
Suframare: Great job, Vyrn! Oh, show me again!
Vyrn: Heheh! Watch this! (Captain)!
Vyrn: Wha?! It's not working!
Vyrn: Tsk! I thought I finally got the hang of using magic!
Suframare: Oh my... But you did it once, so I'm sure you'll be able to do it again!
Vyrn: Yeah! I'm gonna practice even harder now!
Suframare: (Captain), can I talk to you for a minute?
Suframare: I thought maybe you noticed already, but... I made some modifications to Vyrn's wand.
Suframare: I noticed him sneaking out and practicing at night and...
Suframare: I didn't want him to get hurt, so I made some small changes that would let him use magic when he's in danger.
Suframare: Can you keep this a secret? I want you to support Vyrn. He's been working so hard.
Suframare: When I see him putting in so much effort, it reminds me of my old self.
  1. Got it.
  2. Maybe Vyrn doesn't have what it takes?

Choose: Got it.
Suframare: Thank you, (Captain). If Vyrn is ever feeling down... please try to cheer him up.

Choose: Maybe Vyrn doesn't have what it takes?
Suframare: That's not true!
Suframare: He was able to activate the magic in the wand because he understood my teachings!
Suframare: If he really had no talent... he wouldn't have been able to use magic at all!
Suframare: So... please, (Captain). If Vyrn is ever feeling down... please try to cheer him up.
Continue 1
With Suframar's confidence in him, Vyrn continues his magic training.
One day, he hopes, he will be using magic with graceful mastery...

Teacher vs Midnight Prowler

That night Elmott returned home to get an earful from Suframare. She’d been up half the night worrying herself sick. Suframare decided to tag along the next night and found that Elmott had been using this time to do a little monster hunting and keep the kids in town safe. Their fondness for the youngster’s wellbeing helped a little to bridge the gap between them. No sooner had Elmott returned home than he and Vyrn began to bicker. Suframare appeared, ready to give another sermon. Elmott sighed. He still had a long way to go with this partner of his.

On a certain island. Ever a fan of his nightly constitutionals, Elmott strolls through the forest at a leisurely pace.
As usual, Elmott had himself a late dinner and prepared to get himself a bit of shuteye. However...
Suframare: Hey! Elmott! Where exactly did you get off to?
Elmott: Wha? I go where I want and do what I want.
Suframare: Goodness... do you realize how worried everyone is?! Especially Vyrn!
Elmott: Sigh... even the lizard’s worried about me. I’m gonna lose my edge...
Suframare: Hey! You keep changing the subject!
Elmott: (Hah. You know... she kind of looks like... )
Elmott: (Snkkt... she moves just like that monkey doll I had when I was a kid... )
Suframare: Hey! Would you care to tell me what’s so funny? Everybody is worried sick about you! And I won’t have it!
Elmott: Damn... you know what, kid? You’re a real pain in the ass. The lizard’s already on my list. You wanna be on there, too?
Suframare: What?! Who exactly are you calling “kid”? I’m 22 years old, I’ll have you know! I’m a fully grown adult!
Elmott: Hm? That’s not far off from me. You know, it’s hard to tell with Harvin...
Suframare: Wha? You’re in your 20s? Hehe. I could’ve sworn you were younger than me, given how you look...
Elmott: Wow. That’s a first. People usually think I’m older.
Suframare: Hehe. Well it’s quite the shock!
Suframare: ... wait a second! Did you just try to change the subject?! Hey! What kind of way is that to treat your teacher?!
Elmott: (... dang. So close... )
Suframare: Goodness, me... do you understand? If you’re going to be out late, you need to let me?
Elmott: Hah! You think I’m so kinda juvenile delinquent, don’tcha?! Fine, fine! I got it. I’m gonna hit the hay. Night.
Suframare: Hey! ... I’m not done talking!
Elmott decided he’d had enough for tonight. He went back to his room.
Suframare wasn’t quite satisfied with that, but what could she do? She took a dip in the bath and went to bed.
And the next night.
Monster: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!
Elmott: Alright. I know you gotta eat like everyone else...
Elmott: But towns are for people. They’re off limits. You know what happens if you step foot in town, don’t you?
Elmott: Whew...
Elmott: Tsk... what? The damned lizard is worried about me? Who the hell does he think he is...
Suframare: Hey! Elmott! I was wondering where you went! And I find you here!
Elmott: What?! You followed me?!
Suframare: Gracious, me... this place is dangerous, you know! Just a little while ago, monsters came down from the mountains and attacked the children!
Suframare: I told Vyrn the same thing I told you! Practicing magic at night can get you hurt. Just don’t do it!
Elmott: Sigh... nothing’s gonna hurt me. You said monsters, right? Look over there.
Suframare followed Elmott’s finger to a pile of smoldering flames. Words failed her.
Elmott: Heh... you see that? You don’t need to worry about me.
Suframare: ... so you heard about the monsters in the forest and decided you’d protect Vyrn... and the children...
Elmott: Hah! You’re reading way too much into this. I wanna burn things... so I do.
Suframare: I see... so I guess I can tell Vyrn it’s safe now. He’s been wanting to work on his magic.
Elmott: Just wondering... why do you gotta teach him magic?
Suframare: Because he said he wants to learn, of course. I couldn’t have asked for a better pupil! Hehe...
Suframare: Hehe. Didn’t you come to me because you wanted to learn, Elmott?
Elmott: Nah. Old Elmott here’s been able to use fire since the day he was born. I just needed to figure out how to control it.
Suframare: I see... it’s natural for you. You’re a bit like Lily in that respect.
Elmott: Hm? What’s that supposed to mean?
Suframare: Lily is a princess of the Crystalia family... born with an innate and powerful magic. In fact, everything around her freezes...
Suframare: She needed something to keep her power in check... she went out all alone in search of spring. And she’s still so young...
Elmott: Come again? No one stopped her? They just let a kid wonder out alone? Can’t say I like the sound of that...
Suframare: Of course I thought to stop her. But by the time I knew it was already too late... how could such a thing happen...
Alec not in crew

Elmott: It happens to lots of kids... you got ones who can control fire, lightning, you name it. They get chased out to who knows where...
Alec is a crew member

Elmott: It happens to lots of kids... like with Alec...
Elmott: Tsk... makes me sick.
Suframare: It does indeed... I hope one day to be someone that can help Lily and children like her...
Suframare: But it’s so wonderful of you, Elmott! You use your anger for the sake of the little ones!
Suframare: Hehe. I knew you were a much sweeter child than you let on! I understand now!
Elmott: Wha? For the love of... what part of me looks sweet to you?
Suframare: But you know... the way you worry yourself over the children is the way everyone else worries about you.
Suframare: Listen, will you? You don’t have to face the danger alone! You hear?
Elmott: (Here we go again... what a pain in the ass... )
And so, with his work finished, Elmott followed Suframare back to the inn.
Vyrn: Hey! Didn’t expect you to be back so early!
Elmott: Wha? What d’you expect... can’t take a walk with some little bug buzzing in your damn ear...
Vyrn: Hm? Bug? You mean Suframare?
Elmott: Who else... you’re telling me being around her all day doesn’t get to you?
Vyrn: What?! You can’t talk about her like that!
Elmott: Huh? C’mon. She’s a real pest, right?
Vyrn: GRRRR! You’re gonna eat those words, guy!
Suframare: Hey! Vyrn! Elmott! You musn’t fight!
Elmott: (Wha?! There she goes again! Some teacher I’ve got here... )
Suframare: Gracious... I’m you’re getting along, but no fighting! Ever!
Vyrn: But you heard how he was talking about you...
Suframare: No means no, Vyrn! No ifs, ands, or buts!
Elmott: (Hah... how about that. She’s the spitting image... )
Suframare: Hey! Elmott! Would you care to tell me what’s so funny? I’m quite angry, you know!
Elmott: Snkkt... nothing.
It seemed that, in spite of her severe demeanor, even Suframare could show a bit of kindness to a student as rambunctious as Elmott.
And so the day finally came when they realized they had a shared interest in the well-being of children.

The Student's Mentor

Lucius wishes to teach others the techniques to live strong but is unable to take the next step to become a mentor. Suframare takes Lucius as her student, and after much effort, successfully teaches him about magic and mentorship alike.

Lucius: ...
Lucius stands alone on the deck of the Grandcypher taking in his environs.
Laughter can be heard from beyond the deck.
Lucius: Heh... Me teaching those kids? That's one tall order.
Suframare: You try next, Vyrn! Go on!
Vyrn: I'm gonna do it! Today's the day!
Suframare: That's the spirit, Vyrn! I can tell you're going to be a fantastic sorcerer one day!
Lucius: Teaching kids magic is one thing, but I've never heard of someone teaching a lizard magic...
Lucius: Hmm, what was her name again? Suframare?
Vyrn: Oh, Lucius! Whatcha doin' over there all by yourself? Come on over and join the fun!
Lucius: It's fine. I'm—
Vyrn: Aww, don't be shy! C'mon, hurry up!
Lucius: Sigh...
Lucius lets out a heavy sigh and descends from the ship.
Suframare: Well, it's nice of you to join us, Lucius! Hm? You look like you've got something on your mind.
Suframare: Is something troubling you? You can tell us.
Lucius: No, it's nothing.
Vyrn: Ohhh, I know what it is! You're wondering about becoming a teacher yourself, but you're not sure!
Lucius: Wha? H-how did you...
Vyrn: Heh heh! It's pretty obvious to me, seeing you watch Suframare teach us from afar and all.
Suframare: Oh! You want to be a mentor? Why, that's a marvelous aspiration!
Lucius: It's... not like I've decided or anything, but...
Suframare: Why not? If you don't make up your mind, you're never going to start, you know.
Suframare: But not to worry! I'll do my very best to assist you in any way I can. Feel free to ask me anything!
Vyrn: Hmm, but Lucius can be pretty intimidating sometimes. The kids in the crew are always running away from him.
Vyrn: That's what you're worried about, right?
Lucius: ...!
Suframare: I see... It would be a pity to have students running away from someone so willing to teach.
Suframare: I've got it! How about you become a student of mine for a while to see what mentorship is like?
Lucius: Huh?
Vyrn: What? Lucius as your student?
Suframare: Why not? The best teachers are students themselves after all! I think it's an excellent idea!
Suframare: I've no doubt you'll be a superb mentor, Lucius! How about it?
Lucius: Hey! J-just slow down a second!
Vyrn: Yeah! The best way to start is by having fun, right? You can do it, Lucius!
Lucius: ...!
Unable to accept or refuse Suframare's generous offer, Lucius spends a moment at a loss for words.
But in that moment, he remembers his resolve and realizes that declining this offer would be to abandon the goal he had sought after for so long.
Lucius: Sigh... I still have much to learn, don't I? Suframare, consider me under your tutelage.
Lucius bows low and accepts Suframare's guidance with gratitude.
Suframare: Here, take this.
Suframare hands Lucius a slender training staff.
Suframare: Now... wave the staff as I do.
Lucius: Hm? You want me to wave it?
Suframare: That's right. Novice students can only wield magic with a staff.
Lucius: (I never thought the day would come when I'd use a staff.)
Suframare: Well then! Ready your staff and chant the incantation. Begin!
Embarrassed and full of hesitation, Lucius pushes past his inhibitions though sheer willpower.
Lucius: (Damn it all! I don't care anymore! I'm desperate!)
Lucius: Hrraaagh!
He swings the staff with all his might, shouting with reckless abandon.
Suframare: Hrm? What are you doing? Relax! You don't need to swing it that hard!
Suframare: Hehe! This is the first time I've seen someone swing a staff so hard I could hear it swooshing through the air!
Lucius: I knew it... I'm not cut out for this, am I?
Suframare: Oh, no, no! You just have to swing it a little more gently is all! Relax and move it nice and gently... Like this.
Lucius: I see. One thing though. If I'm not doing anything wrong, you don't need to encourage me. This is my battle...
Lucius: I shall conquer myself and open up a new path before me!
Suframare: Very well. If that's what you want, I'll respect your wishes. Now let's try again!
Lucius: Yes, Master Suframare!
Suframare: Hmm... I'm pretty sure you're making progress. I think.
Lucius: Huff... Wheeze... Pant...
Lucius has been waving his staff with undivided attention for almost an hour now but has yet to successfully conjure any frost from it.
Suframare: Maybe you could try picturing something cold shooting out from the staff?
Lucius: Hm, something cold...
(If only it were spine-chilling experiences this needed. I have mountains of those.)
Suframare: And don't forget to smile! Remember, happy chanting! Now follow me!
Lucius: ...!
Lucius has an acute and sudden realization that he may never reach his goal.
Accepting Suframare's cordial instruction, it seems to him, would also very much be a battle of humility.
Lucius: (A smile? What's a smile compared to all the other hurdles I've faced?)
Suframare: Hmm, you're still looking a little gloomy there.
Suframare: I know! How about we up the fun by trying to imagine an ice flower? Move your staff like you're drawing a flower in the air, and...
Lucius: (An ice flower? Waving my staff while smiling isn't enough?)
Suframare: Hehe, now try to picture dozens of delicate, sparkling ice flowers in bloom!
With much sweat and tears, Lucius continues to struggle through his training, abandoning any semblance of pride and hesitation left in him.
Lucius: Sigh...
Lucius stands alone on the deck of the Grandcypher rehearsing the motions he learned during Suframare's training.
Lucius: (Sigh... Maybe I just don't have any talent for magic.)
Though some time has passed since Lucius came under Suframare's mentorship, frost magic yet eludes him.
Suframare: Oh, there you are, Lucius.
Lucius: Ah, Master Suframare. What brings you here?
Suframare: I was worried about you. You seemed somewhat glum during our last session.
Lucius: ...
Suframare: Let me tell you a story, Lucius. Come, sit a while with me and listen.
Suframare settles down next to Lucius and begins her story in a gentle voice.
Suframare: Once upon a time, in a far away land—my homeland to be exact...
Suframare: There lived three types of people: ice sorcerers, fire sorcerers, and those who couldn't use magic at all.
Suframare: I was from a region where most people were ice sorcerers.
Suframare: For the longest time, all three groups feared each other, opposed one another, and even fought at times. But lately things have been changing.
Suframare: They started understanding each other, teaching each other their magic. They even taught the ones who couldn't use magic.
Suframare: Those incapable of magic soon found themselves performing feats of sorcery they initially thought impossible. And I'm sure it wasn't easy for them either.
Lucius: I see...
Suframare: So I know you can do this, Lucius. Don't give up on yourself, okay?
Lucius: I have a bad habit of overthinking things. I've always tried not to, but it looks like it's crept up on me again.
Lucius: Heh... Thanks for the encouragement. I don't suppose you're still willing to mentor me?
Suframare: Of course! We're not going to stop until we reach the finish line! You can do it, Lucius!
Lucius: Hraagh! Pant... Pant...
Suframare: That's it! You're doing great! Keep going!
Lucius: Wheeze... Haagh!
Lucius: ...!
I-I felt a chill just now!
Suframare: Don't stop now, Lucius! Keep going! You're so close!
Lucius: Hraaah!
Lucius: ...!
I did it, Master! I finally did it!
Suframare: You sure did, Lucius! Congratulations! I'm so proud of you!
Lucius: Pant... Pant...
Suframare: Hehe! What outstanding work! You've passed with flying colors!
Suframare and Lucius share a moment of joy as teacher and student.
They take time to bask in their triumph.
Vyrn: Whoa, what's all the hubbub?
Lucius: Lizard... I've finally learned to use ice magic! All thanks to Master Suframare!
Vyrn: For real? You've even surpassed me now!
Lucius: Hahaha. If I can learn to use magic, anyone can. Even you.
Vyrn: Uh... cool?
Lucius: Master Suframare's instruction was sometimes strict, sometimes relaxed... but always enjoyable.
Vyrn: Y-yeah! I get you! Her lessons can be pretty intense, but they sure are fun!
Lucius: Indeed. She's shown me what I should do from here on. Master Suframare... I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Suframare: Hehe! It's all because of your hard work, Lucius! I always knew you had it in you!
Lucius: Heh. Thank you, Master.
Lucius's eyes now shine with hope.
Vyrn: Well, I'm happy for ya! To be honest, I was pretty worried about you at first.
Vyrn: I always used to think you were just a hothead!
Vyrn: Looks like I underestimated you!
While Vyrn is baffled with the change that has taken place in Lucius, seeing Lucius satisfied with his accomplishment fills Vyrn with gladness.
Some time has passed since then.
A new book is seen in stores titled: From Sword to Staff by Suframare.
Vyrn: Wha! When did you write this?
Suframare: Hehe! Looks like this one just might become a best seller! Might even surpass Basic Magic Even a Troll Could Understand!
The book would soon be a hit even among the crew of the Grandcypher. But that's a story for another time.

Cool Gear

Suframare volunteers to teach Tsubasa and his academy friends the finer points of ice magic, using the topic of gearcycle improvement as a means of engaging her students. Add in Elmott's tough-love teaching style, and these students are on their way to bright futures.

Tsubasa and his motley friends from Mysteria Academy sit down to a class with Suframare.
Suframare: Class is now in session!
Tsubasa: Let's do this!
Suframare has volunteered to take charge of these students while they're on a study-abroad trip.
Suframare: Hehe, that's the spirit! I can tell you're all ready to stuff your brains with knowledge!
Elmott: Heh, it'd suck if their grades fell because of this trip, especially on your watch.
Suframare: My lesson plan is totally ready! When eyes burning with curiosity are on me, I get fired up!
Suframare: Okay! Today we're going to start off with ice spells! Does everyone have their staves?
The students wave their implements in earnest, copying Suframare, but the results are dismal.
Tsubasa: Oh, come on. How come I'm not getting any ice?
Killa Taiga: The hell! Not even a single snowflake!
Killa Taiga: Yo, what's the deal? Staff's busted or somethin'?
Yung Rintaro: Man. There's, like, all these little things you gotta remember. Gettin' wrecked here...
Suframare: Hehe. Even if it's all classified as magic, the rudiments change depending on the element. An astute observation!
Suframare: Understanding this point will surely be useful to you in the future. Give it your best!
Suframare: All right, follow my lead now. Wave your staff like this to chill the air around you.
Tsubasa: Son of a... Screwed up the casting order again!
Yung Rintaro: Say what? The staff's angle is all bent outta wack? Are you screwin' with me?
Yung Rintaro: Ugh... If Tsubasa can't do it, we don't stand a chance!
The students strain to pull off techniques they've never done before.
The enthusiasm they had at the beginning is steadily fading away.
Yung Rintaro: Pfft... Lame... No wonder we're such flunk-outs...
Killa Taiga: Sniff... I can't let Akina see me fail like this. Can't even pull off a stupid magic trick...
Yung Rintaro: Haha, that's all you ever think about.
Tsubasa: Tch! This sucks!
Elmott: Hm? Gimme a break. Where'd your fire go? Burned out already?
Tsubasa: I dare you to say that again! You're gettin' on my nerves, Teach. How 'bout stayin' out of my way?
Suframare: Wait a minute, Elmott! I'm sure you didn't mean to say it like that!
Elmott: Haha, sorry. My tongue has a sarcastic mind of its own sometimes.
Tsubasa: Tch!
Tsubasa: (Sigh... But seriously, this isn't gonna work. Guess I'm just a joke too, huh?)
Tsubasa: I'm gonna be a mage that Mysteria Academy can be proud of!
Tsubasa: (Tch... Falling apart after the tough guy act ain't exactly gonna help though.)
Suframare: ...
Suframare picks up on the mood of the students and grows concerned.
Suframare: Hm... So be it! Let's take a brief recess. It's not good to overstrain oneself.
Tsubasa and the others sit down with a thud and let out a collective sigh.
Trio: ...
Suframare: By the way, you guys are better at fire magic, is that right?
Tsubasa: Yep. Can't rip it up on a gearcycle without fire.
Suframare: Hm-hm... A gearcycle, you say. Do you mind showing me what kind of ride it is?
Trio: ...!
Three pairs of eyes light up in an instant.
Tsubasa: Haha! How you like these apples, Teach! Meet our babies.
Tsubasa and his buddies beam with pride, the roars of exhaust that come from the vehicles matching the roars of pride in their chests.
Suframare: Oh my! You weren't kidding about running them on magic! Lovely!
Tsubasa: Heh. The rear wheel's connected to the turbine reactor which runs on fire.
Killa Taiga: Gyahaha! Strap on a ridiculous thing like that and pedalin' ain't no thang!
The boys can't stop telling Suframare about their beloved gearcycles.
Suframare: Incredible! To think that you've mastered such complex maneuvers!
Killa Taiga: Hehehe. We'd be in the dumps if we couldn't ride like the wind anymore!
Yung Rintaro: Hell yeah! We live by the flames burning inside these gearcycles!
Suframare: I see. That's why you worked so hard on fire magic.
Tsubasa: Yeah, 'cause of that, we get Fs in everything else.
Suframare: I see... Have you ever considered adding cold to your gearcycles instead?
Tsubasa: Huh? Like, freeze it? Nah, never done that before.
Killa Taiga: Weren't you listenin'? We said the reactor takes fire magic.
Yung Rintaro: Yeah, geez. Coolin' it down after gettin' it all nice and hot doesn't make sense.
Tsubasa: ...
Tsubasa: Hold up. The more I think about it, the reactor's not the only thing that can be chilled.
Tsubasa: Our wheels get shredded by heat while we're riding, right?
Taiga & Rintaro: ...
Yung Rintaro: Definitely. Plus all the wear and tear we put on the brakes from clashes and junk makes 'em less responsive.
Killa Taiga: Haha. Hate to say this, but one time I juiced the reactor so hard it warped from the heat.
Tsubasa: We're not made out of cash, and retooling scrap only works so many times.
Tsubasa: Think we could ice our parts to keep the temperature constant?
Suframare: Hehe. See? Ice magic has its uses.
Tsubasa: Yeah, seems like it. That way the parts we're already using can motor on for a bit longer.
Yung Rintaro: Sweet! Let's test it out. Which should we cool though, wheels or brakes?
Yung Rintaro: Eh, guess it doesn't really matter since we still can't use ice magic yet...
Killa Taiga: Wait. If we chill the gearcycles during a ride, they won't be able to run anymore.
Suframare: So the wheels have to get hot first before they can be cooled.
Tsubasa: How are we supposed to make the gearcycles run that way? Never heard of magic that can do that.
Suframare: Actually, I believe some imperial weapons employ such magics, but I don't know the details.
Tsubasa: Man... Wish we could score some classified info.
And so a discussion commences.
The crew wrestles with the question of how to infuse recycled components with magic in order to improve the efficiency of the gearcycles.
It's a hotly debated topic with little consensus. For each idea given, another conflicts.
Nothing concrete comes out of the discussion. Some ideas are too complex while others have a low chance of success.
Tsubasa: Damn it! This idea is so good, but we just can't break through...
Elmott: Eh, it's not a total loss. You're finally putting that empty head of yours to good use.
Tsubasa: Huh?
Suframare: Excuse me! I won't allow any fighting!
Suframare: Elmott, please. Can't you find a different way to express yourself?
Suframare: Listen, everyone. Even if you can't think of anything now, you can't give up. Keep learning, and it'll come to you.
Tsubasa: Yeah. Using my hands is more interesting anyway. Gonna go tinker around a bit.
Elmott: Hehehe... Best of luck, kid.
Tsubasa: Yuk it up. I'll wipe that smirk off your face.
Elmott: Hahaha! That's rich. How's this? I'll whip up a better gearcycle before you even finish yours.
Tsubasa: Tch! Still treatin' us like kids.
Suframare: Elmott... I thought I made myself clear not to provoke our pupils.
Tsubasa: I'll show you. I ain't gonna lose when it comes to soupin' up gearcycles!
As Suframare observes Tsubasa and the others getting to work, she has a few words with Elmott.
Suframare: Why are you being so abrasive, Elmott? I thought you were getting along with them.
Elmott: What? You're the one who's the rah-rah type. You even put up with annoying stuff. That's not my style.
Suframare: Geez. It's no wonder you're always getting into it with others given that attitude of yours.
Elmott: Urk! That's not fair! Look, I—
Vyrn's Voice: Whoa! I just saw some ice come out from your staff, Tsubasa!
Suframare & Elmott: ...!
The teachers turn to see Tsubasa staring at the tip of his staff, white frost forming around it.
Tsubasa: (Phew! Check it out, Teach! I got this!)
With his face beet red, Tsubasa focuses his eyes on the staff and lets out a shout.
Tsubasa: Raaah!
Tsubasa's Voice: Aaargh!
A huge clump of ice bursts forth.
It envelops Tsubasa's front bangs, causing Suframare to panic.
Suframare: Oh no! This is bad! Was he too forceful with his casting?
Suframare: I can't believe he conjured ice of that size! I should've hammered in the basics so an accident like this would never happen!
Elmott mutters to himself as he watches Suframare run off to save Tsubasa.
Elmott: Sigh... It's not just one or two adults who bust their butts to teach you right from wrong.
Elmott: Eh, you brats are better off learning the stuff I can't teach from other people anyway.
Elmott: But still. Was I out of line with what I said?
Suframare: Wake up, Elmott! You're good at suppressing magic, aren't you? I bet you have lots of tips to offer.
Elmott: What the! H-hey, I—
Suframare: Hehe! Could you please drop the act and teach like you mean it? Surely it won't kill you, right, Elmott?
Elmott: (Tch... Completely forgot how stubborn she can be...)
Tsubasa: Hm? 'Sup, Teach. Need something?
Elmott: Hehehe... Thought you could use some personal tutoring from yours truly.
Tsubasa: Yeah, right! I don't remember beggin' for help for any—
Suframare: Enough! I'm not putting up with this anymore! You two will play nice, got it?
Play. Nice.
Tsubasa & Elmott: ...!
Yes, ma'am.
Suframare continues to hold lessons from time to time while Tsubasa and his buds are on their study-abroad trip.
Through Suframare's mentorship—among others'—Tsubasa and his friends will grow from experience.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ふふふ、昨夜もビィ君頑張ってたわ! Hehe, Vyrn did great last night again!
先生のお手本、よく見ておくように! Watch how I do it!
先生許しませんよ! I won't allow this!
ビシビシいきますよ! I won't go easy on you!
クリスタリアのお姫様元気かしら? I wonder how the princess of the Crystalia is doing...
さ、ビィ君!杖を振ってみせて! Now, Vyrn! Swing the staff!
魔法を学ぶ楽しさを知ってほしいわ! I want you to appreciate the joy in learning magic!
ビィ君には実戦はまだ早いかしら? I'm not sure Vyrn's ready for actual battle yet.
(主人公)、ビィ君を見守ってあげてね Please watch over Vyrn, (Captain).
(主人公)の才能がちょっと羨ましいわ I envy your talent, (Captain).