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Official Profile

Npc f 3030018000 01.jpg Sutera
Age 21 years old
Height 167 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Archery practice, cleaning the ears of others (for the sense of satisfaction)
Likes Sleeping in, doing laundry
Dislikes Waking up early, putting on makeup
Granblue Fantasy Theater
Hailing from a forest village dedicated to watching over an ancient temple, Sutera fights using a bow granted only to those chosen to become temple guardians, a considerable honor. Aspiring to become a guardian from an early age but not blessed with the abilities required, it was ultimately Sutera's sister Metera who earned the honor, despite Metera's complete lack of interest. Deeply earnest and prone to worrying about others, Sutera tends to dwell on what might be, often monstrously exaggerating things she hears in conversation. Being incredibly earnest, it's easy to believe Sutera as she creates mountains out of molehills.
Npc f 3030018000 03.jpg Final Uncap
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Npc f 3030018000 01.jpg Sutera
Age 21歳
Height 167cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 弓の訓練、他の人の耳かき(達成感があるので)
Likes 二度寝、洗濯
Dislikes 早起き、化粧
Granblue Fantasy Theater
Npc f 3030018000 03.jpg Final Uncap
Source [1] [2]

Npc f 3030113000 01.jpg Sutera (Fire)
Age 21 years old
Height 167 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Archery practice, cleaning the ears of others (for the sense of satisfaction)
Likes Sleeping in, doing laundry
Dislikes Waking up early, putting on makeup
Character Release
80px Final Uncap
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Npc f 3030113000 01.jpg Sutera (Fire)
Age 21歳
Height 167cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 弓の訓練、他の人の耳かき(達成感があるので)
Likes 二度寝、洗濯
Dislikes 早起き、化粧
Character Release
80px Final Uncap
Source [3]

Npc f 3030187000 01.jpg Sutera (Event)
Age 21 years old
Height 167 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Archery practice, cleaning the ears of others (for the sense of satisfaction)
Likes Sleeping in, doing laundry
Dislikes Waking up early, putting on makeup
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Hobbies {{{uncap_hobbiesjp}}}
Likes {{{uncap_likesjp}}}
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Npc f 3030187000 01.jpg Sutera (Event)
Age 21歳
Height 167cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 弓の訓練、他の人の耳かき(達成感があるので)
Likes 二度寝、洗濯
Dislikes 早起き、化粧
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Race {{{uncap_racejp}}}
Hobbies {{{uncap_hobbiesjp}}}
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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday!
I'm wishing you all the best this year!


Allow me to wish you a very happy birthday, (Captain)!
It's been a profound honor to accompany you on your journey and to experience a wonderful day like today.
I can only provide so much assistance to you, (Captain).
Nonetheless, I'll do my best to ensure you get to celebrate your next birthday.
Let's make this next year just as good as the last!
I stake my life on this magic bow to always have your back, (Captain)!


(Captain), a very happy birthday to you!
The fact that we can celebrate your birthday yet again is a wonderful blessing.
I heard from the other crew members that one becomes king for a day for their birthday.
Everyone must follow their orders as if they were a royal decree.
So I'm prepared to obey your command.
King (Captain), my liege, what is your order?
No matter your wish, I will fulfill it with aplomb!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! I'm so happy I get to celebrate this special day with you! Let's make it one to remember! Oh, and don't think I've forgotten that on your birthday you get to be king for a day! You really surprised me with your royal decree last year though... I'm still a little embarrassed about what you made me do... Wait. Speaking of that, what did you have everyone else do? I don't remember seeing anyone else carrying out your orders... Ah, sorry! I should be focusing on this year's decree, shouldn't I? Go ahead and order me to do whatever you'd like! It's your day after all!


(Captain)... No, my liege! Happy birthday!
Of course I remember... The custom of treating somone as the king on their birthday.
You may certainly ask anything of me! I shall carry out whatever you ask of me, if that is your wish.
Hm? Why do I look so happy, you ask?
Haha... You are always so considerate of those around you and suppress your own desires, (Captain).
It hasn't escaped me, you see. After all, we have been together for quite a while.
Having you request something without constraint is proof of your trust in me. That is what makes me so glad.
And if granting your wish can put your heart at ease, then it will be my utmost honor.
So please, do not hesitate to ask anything of me. Your wish is my command!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Wishing you all the best in the new year, (Captain)!
Time to get a head start on the new year! Let's train in the crisp and cool air, shall we?


Happy New Year, (Captain). I'm looking forward to continuing my journey with you.
I'm going to keep up my training and do my best to be of use to you and the rest of the crew!
Best to get a head start on day one. I'm going to start archery training right now!
If it's okay with you, (Captain), want to tag along? The crisp, cool air out there is going to feel great!


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
It's kinda embarrassing to admit, but I'm not a morning person... My resolution this year is to start waking up earlier!
It feels good to start your day early like this. Now that I'm up, it's off to training I go!


Why hello, (Captain)! Happy New Year!
That's right! I've just returned from a training session.
I'm not much of a morning person, but I thought I should fully experience the start of the new year, so I headed out before dawn.
It was so refreshing working out in the cool air under the clear sky of a new year!
I feel like a whole new me! I really should make a habit of getting up early, instead of saving it for special occasions.
I'll be religious about my training, so I can render another full year of faithful service to the crew!


Happy New Year, (Captain). I'm looking forward to spending another year with you!
Oh, so you've noticed. As you can see, I was able to wake up early today!
This is certainly thanks to my training. I'll need to continue working hard in my training so that I can be of further help to you, (Captain).
Well then, (Captain). May I have the honor of having my first training session of the year with you?
Thank you very much! Hehe... I'm happy to have you as company right from the start of the year.
This can only be a good omen. This year will most definitely be a fulfilling one.
I'm counting on you, (Captain)!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's! Sounds like this is the day to feed chocolates to those that matter to you! Open up! Say aaah!
I said say aaah, (Captain)! Aaah! There you go!


(Captain)! Got a second to talk, (Captain)?
I'm really sorry about getting everything wrong about Valentine's last time!
So I did some research and found out that we can determine the strength of our bonds through chocolate throwing. If I can throw a chocolate into your mouth from a distance, then our bonds are truly unbreakable!
The farther away I am, the stronger the bond! Let's see just how strong the bond between us really is, (Captain)!
I'm quite good at throwing things, so just leave it to me!
Here I come! Chocolate... throw!


There you are, (Captain)! I've been looking for you.
What? Isn't it obvious?
I've been wanting to give you a... Special... Valentine's... Present!
Hehe... Do you want it? Here you go. I've made them just for you.
Now then—open your mouth. Ahh...
How's that, (Captain)!
My Valentine's Day treats are simply delectable, aren't they?
My sister taught me how to make them. She said I really had a knack for this, so I've been honing my recipe!
I hope you'll find them just as delightful—I'm gonna keep working hard on them for next year too!


I am truly sorry I've been so clueless about Valentine's Day in the past...
It seems I've completely misunderstood the tradition.
Now I know that all I actually had to do was give you chocolate.
So here you are, (Captain). I made it just for you.
Fear not! It's full to the brim of hot sauce!
Huh? Oh, yes!
Metera told me I had to make my chocolates as hot as the fire of my gratitude toward the recipient!


(Captain)! Hehe, there you are. I found you!
It's your turn next! And according to the rules, it's time for me to go and hide.
Huh? Yes... Whoever can't find the other in hide-and-seek will have to give chocolate to the person who hid...
I heard from Metera that this was your idea for Valentine's Day.
I believe that you must always give it your all, even in play. So I will certainly participate as is expected of me, and do my very best!
Oh, but I suppose it'll be a little lonely if I hide and no one ends up finding me...
Why don't we do this! I'll give you some chocolate when you find me, (Captain)!
So please be sure to find me! Well then, I'm off!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hi! Did you need me for something, (Captain)? Wait. This is for me?
Wow... I see!
This must be like how expert warriors always bow before their opponent before beginning a duel.
Very well! I gracefully accept your challenge, (Captain)!
Huh? I've got it all wrong?
Hrm... White Day, you say? So this is an expression of your appreciation... and love...
A-are you confessing? For real?
Ah! Aaaah! Wait up, (Captain)! Come baaack!


What's that, (Captain)? Do you have something for me?
A present! Thank you... I'm so happy.
But why? I mean, um, I'm delighted, but what's the occasion?
White Day?
This is for White Day? Th-then that must mean th-this is... This i-is...
A... A confession of love!
N-no? I knew it... It must be a proposition of battle!
Not that either? Hmm...
I see. I'll take this as a trial lesson from you this year, (Captain).
Give me some time to get ready and prepare for the real deal on White Day next year.
I'll be ready to take you on then with a proper response!


(Captain)... That's a White Day present you're carrying, isn't it?
Grr... I won't be fooled twice!
I was told that White Day was for declarations of love, but it looks like that was a lie!
Now I know the true meaning behind this White Day present—a battle request!
Feigning empathy only to strike when your opponent lets their guard down for a second...
Not this year, (Captain)! Let us battle, fair and square!


That fighting spirit...
(Captain)! I knew it was you!
So White Day has come again... And that little parcel you're holding is the victor's trophy!
White signifies innocence.
In other words, this is a day to fight fair and square, without recourse to any dirty tricks!
I was confused over the import of this holiday in the past, but I finally understand!
You're telling me to fight if I desire that shiny package in your hands!
So be it!
Let us engage in the customary duel!


(Captain)... I pray that you'll find it in your heart to forgive me! I've been most disrespectful!
Yes... It seems I've misunderstood the meaning of giving presents on Valentine's and White Day...
Goodwill, gratitude, respect... It appears that those are the kinds of feelings one must have when giving out presents on these days.
You've shown your generosity to me through your gifts, and yet, I paid you back with such atrocious behavior!
Ngh... Sniff... Y-you'll forgive me? You are... too kind..
(Captain)... I promise that I will present you with something every year from here on out as proof of my goodwill toward you.
Now it's my turn to prove my affection.
I'd like you to accept this as my first genuine gift to you. I hope it's to your liking.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat!
Hmm, those sound like fighting words! All right, the loser must hand over all of their delicious sweets!
Wait... that's not how it works?


Ngh... Metera, where are you?
Umm... Is that you, (Captain)? My eyes are feeling bleary after Metera's little prank.
Ah, it really is you, (Captain)! Sorry, I had to get real close to see your face.
You'll hold my hand? Thank you, (Captain).
Metera's prank really got the best of me.
Maybe I should get back at her...


(Captain), please listen!
I've finally done it!
I've played a Halloween prank on Metera!
Usually I am taking the brunt of the abuse, but this year I took the initiative!
Huh? That was my sister's arrow! Did she already catch on to my ploy?
(Captain), if we stick around here, it'll only be a matter of time until she finds us! Quickly, come this way!


Oh hello, (Captain)...
You'd better keep your distance... As you can see, I'm sopping wet.
I tried to play a Halloween trick on Metera, but she was too quick for me...
It seems she was onto me from the start... She really is a pro.
I got neither candy nor the satisfaction of a successful prank... What a shameful performance.
What? You'll help me get my revenge?
Thank you, (Captain)!
Yes! Let's do our best to catch Metera off her guard!


Ah, (Captain). Happy Halloween!
Yes... I am feeling quite nervous. I am thinking of asking Metera whether she would like a trick or a treat.
With her sharp perception, constant vigilance, and agile movements, playing a trick on her would be a nearly impossible task.
However... this may be the perfect opportunity to show Metera that I am no longer a child.
I must prove to her that I am capable of protecting myself, and that she need not be worried over my well-being!
Well then, I shall be on my way. I would appreciate it very much if you could pray for my success, (Captain).
Come! Trick or treat!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
I heard a suspicious man in red was going to show up, so I patrolled the skies all night long. Yawn...


Let's see... One, two, three... Oh, is there anything wrong, (Captain)?
Huh? You're wondering what I'm doing? I'm counting the candles we're going to use for tonight's holiday banquet!
I hear that it's customary to carry a candle with you, and blow it out while you make a wish!
Huh? That's not right?
I see... So that's more of a birthday thing.
Well, I went through all the trouble of getting these candles together, so I might as well use them to decorate. I'll go talk with the crew about it!


Oh, (Captain)! My sister invited me to a holiday get-together she's having, so I will be heading out for the night!
That's right. She said she wants to teach me how to be more feminine...
My mind is ready—I'm ready to do whatever it takes!
Apparently there are plenty of opportunities to increase one's womanly charm during the holidays.
I'll spare no effort if it means getting closer to my sister... I just hope that everything goes well!
Anyway, I'll be off now! Have a wonderful evening, (Captain).


Huff... puff... huff... puff...
Oh! If it isn't (Captain)! Happy holidays!
I was just doing my daily training routine. Although I thought I'd hit it a little harder than usual...
I mean... We're throwing our party this evening...
Metera said if I burn a few extra calories beforehand, I can indulge myself at the buffet table...
So that's why I've been working out like a fiend...
Agh, this is so embarrassing...
Uh... Please promise me you'll keep this between us!


I have to hurry... But I'd hate to compromise!
Oh, (Captain)! To think we'd see each other in town like this!
What am I so flustered about? Well, you see... I'm currently looking for something for the gift exchange at tonight's dinner.
I've been looking all over for something anyone would be happy to receive...
But I have yet to find something worthy... And before I knew it, the holy night had already arrived...
Huh? You've been looking around for a present as well, (Captain)? What a coincidence!
Then if it's not too much to ask... Would you like to search for one together? That way, we can make sure we don't end up buying the same item.
Thank you, (Captain)! Your advice will certainly be of great help to me. Well then, let's go!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

An Archer, Mix-Up, and Nushi

Sutera invites (Captain) and company to come challenge a bird called the lord of the mountain, but it turns out to be a peaceful, beautiful bird. Sutera regrets her mistake and joins the crew to search for her older sister.

While visiting a village, (Captain) and company meet an Erune woman getting ready to go up a mountain.
Vyrn: Hey, where are you headed? Is there something interesting up there?
Sutera: Well, I suppose you could say that. You see, someone in the village told me about a bird known as the lord of the mountain.
Lyria: The lord of the mountain? I wonder what kind of bird it is.
Sutera: Well, I bet it's huge based on its name.
Lyria: Wow! I want to see it!
Sutera: Would you like to come with me? Good company makes the road shorter, you know.
Vyrn: Sounds great! I'm Vyrn, and this is Lyria. Last but not least, this is (Captain)!
Sutera: It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance! With our numbers, we might even be able to challenge the bird. It should make for good training!
Lyria: What? So the bird's not only big but strong too?
Sutera: Well, it is the lord of the mountain!
Vyrn: Yeah, there's no way they'd call some scrawny little hatchling a lord! Now I'm itching to find this thing, (Captain)!
Sutera: Then let's be off. It's time for our audience with the lord of the mountain.
Lyria: Oh, I see... So you're looking for your big sister, Sutera?
Sutera: Yes. She's brilliant, and I guess that made her want to test her strength because she left the village all of a sudden.
Sutera: And she took Father's savings with her. Naturally he was furious.
Lyria: Oh dear... That doesn't sound good.
Sutera: My sister might even be charged with theft!
Sutera: Before that happens, I want to bring her home and make her apologize to Father.
Lyria: Hee-hee! You must really love your big sister!
Sutera: She's always causing trouble, but she's taught me so much. I have a deep respect for her.
Sutera: And I'm learning even more now that I've left the village to find her. It turns out there's an upside to running away from home.
Vyrn: I see... Yeah, I'd say there's an upside to pretty much everything!
Lyria: ...!
Did you guys hear that?
Sutera: You heard something? Maybe it's the lord of the mountain!
Sutera: Those bushes just rustled. Let's move, everyone!
Sutera: Lord of the mountain! I challenge you!
Sutera: Wait... What?
Lyria: Wow! What a pretty bird! Don't you think so, (Captain)?
Sutera: It's absolutely gorgeous! I've never seen anything like it!
Vyrn: Hey! Wait! Aaand it's gone.
Sutera: It's quite the graceful flier too! It may not be large or powerful, but I can see how it earned its name.
Lyria: You're right! I'm glad we came to see it!
Sutera: Well, it looks like I jumped to conclusions. You know, this isn't the first time I've gotten the wrong idea or assumed too much...
Sutera: And I ended up misleading you all. I can't even begin to apologize...
Vyrn: No biggie! All we really wanted was to see it anyway!
Sutera: Really? Well, I agree that it was certainly worth the trip up here.
Lyria: Hee-hee! I want to see it again.
Sutera: I guess it's sometimes better to take the road less traveled.
Sutera: And were it not for this misunderstanding, I probably wouldn't have had the chance to travel with you.
Vyrn: Yeah, you got that right!
Lyria: So where are you headed next, Sutera?
Sutera: Well, let's see... I should start by looking for people who might have heard anything about a woman resembling my sister.
Sutera: She's talented with flight magic, so even if I chase her on an airship, she'll have an easy time staying one step ahead.
Sutera: We just missed each other a while back, and I haven't been able to find any trace of her since.
Lyria: Oh no! That must be tough to deal with.
Lyria: I know! Hey, (Captain). Why don't we ask Sutera to join the crew?
Sutera: Wha? But won't I just get in your way?
  1. It will be easier to find your sister.
  2. You seem strong enough to join us.

Choose: It will be easier to find your sister.
Sutera: Indeed... It would be a lot easier to chase after my sister if I had constant access to an airship.
Sutera: Of course I'll also pull my weight to make your journey a success!

Choose: You seem strong enough to join us.
Sutera: Compared to my sister, I've got a lot to learn, but I am capable enough with a bow to perform in battle.
Sutera: Let me join you, and I'll watch your backs!
Continue 1
Vyrn: All right! Welcome aboard!
Lyria: Yay! Welcome aboard, Sutera!
Lyria: Ugh... My nose is itchy... Achoo!
Sutera: Have you caught a cold? Does your head hurt? How about your throat?
Lyria: I'm fine! My nose was just a little itchy.
Sutera: Gasp! That could be a telltale symptom of a serious disease. Someone, call a doctor! Oh... Please don't die on me, Lyria!
Lyria: Please calm down! I'm honestly fine!
Vyrn: Good grief, Sutera. You're jumping to conclusions again.
Though she does tend to jump to conclusions, Sutera is a skilled archer who's both serious and optimistic.
Her misunderstandings will send (Captain) and company on more than one wild-goose chase, but that's a story for another time.

Nice One

Sutera decides that the red mark on an old map of hers might lead to treasure, so she sets out on a treasure hunt with the crew.

Lyria: What's wrong, Sutera? You seem to be thinking awfully hard about something.
Sutera: Well, I found an old map of this island, but there's a strange mark on it.
Vyrn: What? Lemme take a look!
Sutera: Here you go. See this red mark right here?
Vyrn: You mean this? It's really close to this town!
Sutera: I wonder what it's pointing to. It could be where a primal beast is sleeping—or perhaps treasure!
Vyrn: Whoa! I vote for treasure.
Lyria: Hee-hee. Then we could buy lots of snacks!
Sutera: Forget about snacks. We might even be able to hire our own cook.
Vyrn: Ha-ha! That'd be great! With the way Lyria cooks, she could make apple pie taste bad!
Lyria: Oooh! Cut it out, Vyrn!
Sutera: We could buy every variety of apple there is, and compare how they taste.
Vyrn: Show me the apples! Boy, I'd love to try a bunch of those side by side.
Sutera: (Captain)! Let's use this map to go treasure hunting!
Vyrn: Yeah, (Captain)! Think of all those apples waiting for us!

Nice One: Scene 2

The spot shown on the map is a forest infested with monsters, who Sutera thinks are guarding the treasure. Lyria worries that the ghosts of monster victims could appear, but the crew heads deeper into the woods.

Sutera: I didn't expect the map to lead us straight to a monster-infested forest. Maybe they are guarding the treasure?
Sutera: I bet everyone who came looking for it before us fell victim to them...
Lyria: Uh-oh! Then their ghosts might still be here!
Sutera: The vengeful ghosts of poor murdered souls, huh? Goodness, what a terrifying thought.
Lyria: Let's not talk about it then! My imagination will run away with me!
Vyrn: Can't do much about that! Scary stories really do mess with you, don't they?
Sutera: But the treasure must be good if there are monsters guarding it, right?
Vyrn: Yeah! I'm sure it'll be amazing!
Sutera: This is so exciting! Leave the monsters to me. I'll show you the results of my training!

Nice One: Scene 3

(Captain) and company reach the cave where the treasure is supposed to be. Sutera tries to assuage Lyria's fear of ghosts with a story about her sister, but monsters interrupt.

Sutera: According to the map, our destination is deep inside this cave.
Vyrn: Hey, Lyria. Give me some space!
Lyria: Ugh... But there might be ghosts. Why is no one else afraid?
Sutera: I was scared of ghosts when I was little too. Sometimes my older sister would keep me up at night with scary stories.
Vyrn: Haha! Gotta love older sisters!
Sutera: I'm sure she just wanted me to be stronger. She loved to toughen me up in all sorts of ways.
Vyrn: Uh... You sure she wasn't just messing with you?
Lyria: Eeep! I th-think I heard something! Is it a gh-ghost?
Sutera: That's no ghost! It's a monster! Lyria, stand back. I'll take care of this!

Nice One: Scene 4

(Captain) and company finally reach the spot shown on the map. They find a worn-out knife and a message commemorating another crew's first adventure. Lyria suggests leaving something behind as well, and Sutera agrees.

Sutera: A dead end... There's no sign of a collapse, so the cave must have always been this way.
Vyrn: Huh? Hey, look at that! A wooden box!
Lyria: Wow! You're right! Could it be the treasure?
Sutera: Let's open it and find out! Here we go...
Vyrn: Let's see... Huh? It's just an old worn-out knife.
Sutera: There's something written on the bottom of the box. In memory of the founding of our crew and our first adventure.
Lyria: Hee-hee. I guess it's treasure, but only for the people who left it behind.
Vyrn: Humph! Then we came all the way out here for nothing.
Sutera: Well, it is a little unfortunate. But I had fun exploring with you guys.
Sutera: I'd love to do more stuff like this with you!
Vyrn: Sheesh... Well, if you insist, I don't mind tagging along.
Lyria: I know! Why don't we leave something here too?
Sutera: That's a wonderful idea, Lyria! But I wonder if I have anything worth leaving behind...
Like the skyfarers before them, (Captain) and company leave a memento in the cave.
Thus the adventure of Sutera and the old map comes to a close.

Heir of the Magic Bow

Vyrn worries about how much Sutera trains and tells her to be more like her sister Metera. Sutera assumes Metera's only interest in men is to duel them, so she has a store owner post a notice calling for challengers, which is answered by some men the next day.

After joining (Captain)'s crew, Sutera continues training every day in hopes of catching up to her older sister.
Sutera: Okay, I'm off for my daily training! I don't expect to be out too late.
Vyrn: Hey, Sutera. Don't you think you might be overdoing the whole training thing?
Vyrn: I mean, why not be more like your sister?
Sutera: More like my sister... Great idea!
Vyrn: Right? Like, relax a little... Have some fun, you know?
Sutera: Yes, by imitating Metera's mannerisms, it might help me close the gap on her!
Sutera: Okay, then... I'm off to find myself a man!
Vyrn: What? Whoa, whoa! Whaddya mean by that!
Lyria: Is everything okay? Sutera just ran off the ship.
Vyrn: This is bad! We gotta go after her, (Captain)!
Sutera: Excuse me, sir! Could you spare me a moment?
Man: Huh? Is something wrong? I wouldn't mind lending you a hand.
Sutera: Oh, thank you! Thank you so much! We must be off, and quickly!
Vyrn: There she is! Uh, why's she leading that guy away from the crowds?
Sutera: Good. I don't think we need to worry about any lookie-loos here. So...
Sutera: I would like to challenge you to a fair match!
Vyrn: Hold it! What do you think you're doing?
Sutera: Vyrn? You followed me? As you can see, I'm hitting men!
Sutera: I heard Metera used to engage men this way all the time!
Man: Um, did you mean to say hit on men? Even if you didn't, I'm just a business man not a fighter.
Sutera: Is that so? Since you were carrying around such hefty wares, I thought surely you must be strong...
Man: Hahaha! But I'm hopeless in a fight.
Sutera: Oh... Then I am truly sorry to have wasted your time.
Man: Oh, no need to apologize! But if you're looking for a partner, I can put up a notice in my shop.
Sutera: You would do that for me? Oh, how so very kind! Thank you!
With a hearty thank-you to the store owner, Sutera returns to town with (Captain)'s party.
A challenger answers the notice the next day.
Riffraff: Hey, honey bunch! Saw the notice. You the girl looking for a partner?
Sutera: Why, yes I am! So you're here for a duel?
Riffraff: Yep! Brought a friend too. So all we gotta do is knock you off your feet, right?
Sutera: Such confidence. My heart is pounding with excitement!
Vyrn: What do you mean you brought a friend? You do know this is a one-on-one type deal, right?
Riffraff: Whatever. The notice didn't say nothin' about not bringing friends. Now watch us win!
Vyrn: What? Let's teach these idiots a lesson, (Captain)!

Heir of the Magic Bow: Scene 2

Sutera finally learns what it actually means to hit on a man and has her challenge notice taken down. She gets called back home by her father, where she is asked to eliminate monsters to prove that she's worthy of wielding her village's arcane bow.

Riffraff: Damn... I can't believe I lost! And all I had to do was knock you down and we coulda gone out...
Sutera: Gone out? To where? Do you mean we should thank each other for the duel?
Riffraff: No, I mean go out. You know, hold hands, kiss, and do all the other stuff people do on dates.
Sutera: D-dates? But that'd be no different than having a romantic relationship!
Riffraff: Uhh... Yeah? That's what going out means!
Sutera: Wh-what? Of all the shameless... I don't recall ever saying that!
Sutera: What in the world did that store owner put on that notice! I'd better go find out!
Sutera: Excuse me, sir!
Man: Huh? Hey, you're that skyfarer from before! How'd the notice work out?
Sutera: That's what I'm here about! That notice of yours certainly attracted some attention...
Sutera: But they expected me to date them if they won! Why would you write something like that?
Man: Hm? Well, you said you wanted to hit on men, so that's what I wrote.
Man: I thought you might be looking for a man who's stronger than you as a suitable companion.
Sutera: Wha? Wait... Is that what hitting on someone means?
Vyrn: Um... Yeah... Something like that, I guess.
Sutera: ...!
Sutera: No, no, no! This is all a misunderstanding! My misunderstanding!
Sutera: Please just take down the notice right away!
After hearing the explanation from Sutera, (Captain), and the rest of the crew, the store owner apologizes and takes down the notice.
But word has already spread, and the days are filled with men coming to throw down a challenge.
In the midst of the madness, a letter from Sutera's father reaches her through the Knickknack Shack.
The letter asks her to return home, so she does so with (Captain) and company in tow.
Mayor: Welcome home, Sutera. And you, dear skyfarers. Thank you for taking the trouble to come here.
Sutera: What did you want to see me about, Father? Um... I still haven't managed to find Metera yet.
Mayor: It was all because of her that your mother learned of my secret savi—Ahem... But this is not about that.
Sutera: Then what is it about? I don't know what's going on, but I would be glad to help in any way I can!
Mayor: There's only one reason why we would summon you. We are considering choosing you as the next successor of the arcane bow.
Sutera: ...?
Mayor: Yes. We want to see if you are worthy.
Sutera: But... I...
Lyria: Um... What exactly is this arcane bow?
Sutera: The arcane bow fires magical arrows. Its power is sealed away, and the bow has been passed down in our village through the ages.
Sutera: Many generations have passed without anyone born who is capable of controlling that power.
Sutera: Father. I find it hard to believe that I could be the chosen one, a great honor though it may be—
Mayor: Sutera, I know you have dreamed of holding the bow in your own hands.
Sutera: What makes you—
Mayor: You have a terrible habit of underestimating yourself. You could certainly stand to gain some experience doing something reckless while you are still young.
Mayor: Though I hardly think obtaining the bow qualifies as reckless for you.
Sutera: Father...
Sutera: Very well. Please test me and discover whether I'm worthy of wielding the bow!
Mayor: There is only one trial fit for you. Some monsters have built a lair just outside our village. Clear it and return here.
Sutera: Monsters? If this is a trial, they must be quite strong.
Sutera: I'll take care of it!
Sutera: Father. (Captain). I'll not disappoint you! I'll return soon!
Vyrn: Ah! Hey!
There she goes. Can't say I'm not worried. Right, (Captain)?
Lyria: Maybe we should sneak after her just to make sure she doesn't get into trouble.
Monster: Groar!
Sutera: Take that!
Monster: Grargh...
Sutera: Huff... Huff... Quite a few of you, aren't there? And you're no slouches at masking yourselves!
Monster: Groar!
Sutera: Oh no! Right in my blind spot!
Sutera doesn't have enough time to nock an arrow.
(Captain), having followed in secret, leaps out to back her up.
Sutera: (Captain)? What are you do—never mind! First we have to defeat these monsters!

Heir of the Magic Bow: Scene 3

Sutera completes the first stage of her trial but suspects that her sister is a better choice for the arcane bow. Still, her main priority is to defeat the monsters threatening her village, so she enlists the help of (Captain) and the others to do so.

Vyrn: Well, that's it for the vermin around here!
Sutera: My apologies, (Captain). I must still be wet behind the ears to get all of you involved.
Sutera: I knew my sister was more worthy of the arcane bow than me.
Lyria: Is that why you tried to say no the first time?
Sutera: It is. My sister is a prodigy, the likes of which only appears once in a century, and she's much more suitable than me.
Lyria: But your father knows how strong your sister is and still offered the bow to you, Sutera.
Lyria: He must have a reason!
Sutera: Lyria...
Vyrn: Um... Hey, Sutera. Sorry we stuck our noses in. You want us to leave and let you take care of this?
Sutera: Of course not! My trial isn't what's important. I need to clear out these monsters quickly and bring peace to my village.
Sutera: I hate to ask, but could you help me finish this?
Vyrn: You got it! We're already here anyway. Right, (Captain)?
Lyria: Let's go! You're right, Sutera. We need to give those villagers some peace of mind!

Heir of the Magic Bow: Scene 4

After defeating the monsters, Sutera tries to refuse the bow, citing her inability to clear the trial alone. Her father reveals that he was testing her ability to work with others in order to defend the weak. Thus she is chosen to wield the sacred bow.

Sutera: Father! I have returned!
Mayor: I'm glad to see you home safely, Sutera. You did a splendid job ridding us of those monsters.
Sutera: Yes. But I couldn't have done it without (Captain) and the others.
Sutera: I decided that asking them for help was the only way to protect the village.
Sutera: I'm just not strong enough, which means I'm not the one to inherit the bow. I would like to be withdrawn from consideration.
Mayor: Is that so? Even when you are exactly who I have been searching for?
Sutera: Huh?
Mayor: I was looking for someone who doesn't try to do everything alone. Someone who works with others to defend those who can't defend themselves.
Mayor: That's exactly the sort of spirit the chosen needs. And it's a spirit that dwells within you, child.
Mayor: Step forward. Take the bow and become our guardian, Sutera.
Sutera: ...!
The mayor gestures toward the bow. Sutera picks it up with great reverence.
Sutera: So this is the arcane bow! I've wanted to hold it ever since I was a child...
Mayor: I know. There is no reward without effort. I want you to remember that, Sutera!
Sutera: I will! I will work hard to become truly worthy of this honor!
And so Sutera becomes the wielder of her village's sacred bow.
But it won't be easy to master, and whether Sutera can do so will depend on her effort.


Sutera tries to persuade Metera to return to their village to apologize, but monsters summoned by normally protective guardian spirits interrupts them. Sutera, trusting in her bow to stop the spirits, leaps into action with the crew.

Sutera follows rumors to a town where she finally meets her sister, Metera.
(Captain) and company settle at a dining hall to talk.
Sutera: Think about it, Metera! You ran off with Father's savings! You have to apologize!
Sutera: He's well and truly angry! If you don't do something, he might even punish you as a thief!
Metera: Okay, okay... I get it already. But that village is such a bore, you know. If he's that pissed, why should I even care about going back?
Sutera: Metera! Stop being childish! This time the fault lies entirely with you.
Sutera: I hate to see this rift between you two! At least say you're sorry! Please!
Metera: Oh, stop. Just stop. You're more like dear old Dad every day.
Sutera: Do you really mean it? Perhaps some of his thoughtfulness rubbed off on me...
Metera: That's not what I meant, you dweeb! You're such a dork, I swear.
'Scuse me, hon! I'd like to order something!
Waitress: What can I getcha?
Metera: Hmm... Gotta have a salad, and of course one of those sandwiches, and...
Metera: Hey, what's with Mr. Gloomy over there? Is he trying to spoil all our appetites or what?
Dejected Man: Damn... Now what am I supposed to do? Hey, miss! Gimme another ale!
Waitress: Oh, you'll have to forgive him. A group of spirits caused quite a clamor recently, and his house was destroyed.
Lyria: What do you mean? What sort of clamor?
Waitress: Well, this town has been home to some rather temperamental spirits for a pretty long time. They can get a little rambunctious.
Waitress: But recently they've brought monsters to the party whenever they get in one of those moods. The damages are pretty bad.
Waitress: Normally the spirits keep the monsters away. We've all been thankful for that, but now...
Lyria: I see. That sounds awful.
Metera: Well, I haven't seen them for myself, but maybe these spirits just have too much energy and have to vent once in a while.
Metera: Seal off their extra energy, and they'll probably stop. Not that I'm gonna do it though.
Sutera: A seal, you say? I could perhaps apply one with the arcane bow.
Metera: I mean, you can try. Think I should get some cake for dessert?
Townsperson: Hey! Come quick! Monsters! Monsters in the town! And spirits too!
Sutera: This sounds serious! We need to get those monsters out of here, (Captain)!
Waitress: We'd be so grateful if you could! I'm sure everyone will pitch in to reward you if you do!
Metera: Ugh... I see you making your game face, (Captain). Such a pain... Fine! How about this?
Metera: Let's make a bet, Sutera. Whoever finishes this mission gets to boss the other one around, 'kay?
Metera: And if I win, I want you to stop asking me to say sorry to Dad!
Metera: Get it? Got it? Good. Let the games begin!
Sutera: What are you talking about? This town is in grave danger, and you're making bets?
Sutera: But first thing's first. We must get rid of the monsters and appease the spirits. Let's hurry!

Autobiography: Scene 2

Furious spirits suddenly appear before (Captain). Sutera manages to seal away some of their power with her bow, but their anger is not yet quelled, and the crew is forced to fight.

Metera: Gotcha!
Metera rapidly looses arrows, each one stopping a rampaging monster in its tracks.
Sutera: That's Metera for you! If only I had her skill, I could help so many more people.
Confronted by the proof of her older sister's greater battle prowess, Sutera starts to brood.
As (Captain) worries about Sutera, some spirits suddenly appear right in front of the captain.
Spirit: ...!
Vyrn: Whoa! Those things popped outta nowhere! Careful, (Captain)!
The crew members are cautious of accidentally hitting (Captain) and can't immediately go to their captain's aid.
Sutera: (Captain)'s in trouble! Oh, if only I could seal away the spirits' power!
Sutera: Please hear me, arcane bow! Lend me the strength to protect someone important to me!
Sutera: With this arrow, I seal thee!
Sutera lets her arrow fly, successfully sealing away a portion of the spirits' power.
Sutera: Huff... Huff... Wait. The bow responded to me?
Lyria: Watch out! The spirits aren't giving up yet! Ready your weapon, (Captain)!

Autobiography: Scene 3

The sheer power of using the arcane bow causes Sutera to faint. She later wakes up to find Metera watching over her. They briefly talk, and Sutera discovers a new path for herself.

Sutera: ...
Lyria: Eek! Sutera fainted! Is she okay?
Metera: She'll be fine. She just accidentally dumped all her magical power into the bow. All she needs is a little rest.
Lyria: Thank goodness! Good job out there too, (Captain)! Let's head back to the dining hall!
The hall erupts with cheers of thanks as (Captain) and company enter. The townspeople insist that they stay one more night.
Sutera wakes up the next day.
Sutera: Ugh... Huh? Wait. Where am I?
Sutera: That's right... I fainted after we fought those spirits. Is this an inn?
Sutera: Oh... (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn are sleeping on the floor.
Sutera: You guys have been taking care of me, huh? Thank you.
Metera: You know, you've always had a ton of friends. Not that I care or anything.
Sutera: Oh! Metera! You looked after me as well? Thank you!
Metera: It was nothing. With the captain and everyone else passed out, someone had to do it.
Sutera: Even after a battle like that... I'm sure you're as exhausted as the rest of the crew.
Sutera: I don't think I'll ever be as graceful in battle as you, Metera...
Sutera: I shot the arcane bow's arrows somehow, but I just don't know how I managed to do it.
Metera: And what does that have to do with me?
Metera: You obviously shot the bow because you were entirely focused.
Sutera: Entirely focused... You might be right. All I could think of was saving (Captain).
Metera: You're never at your best because you think too much. All you needed was a reason to clear out the cobwebs.
Sutera: But—
Metera: Come on, Sutera! Why do you always have to be such a pain?
Metera approaches the bed and peers into Sutera's eyes.
Metera: You're you and I'm me. We want different stuff. We do different stuff.
Metera: Do you hate me just 'cause I can't live like you?
Sutera: Why would I hate you? You're my sister! I love you no matter what!
Metera: Humph.
Metera: The same goes for me. You don't need to be like me.
Sutera: Metera... Thank you! I love you so much!
Metera: Aw, jeez! That is so like you! Hurry up and go to sleep! And don't get up until you're better!
Sutera: Well, I am a bit tired... I guess I really should get some sleep...
Sutera drifts off with her sister watching over her.
(Captain) and company set off a few days later. The town is sad to see them go.
Vyrn: Tell me something, Sutera. You won the bet and all. You sure you don't wanna drag your sister back home?
Sutera: It's fine, Vyrn. I carry her word with me.
Sutera smiles. In her hand is a piece of paper with one word hastily scribbled on it: sorry.
Sutera: Heehee. Father should really see this. I plan to send it to him along with a letter about what we've been up to.
And so, Sutera accomplishes the original goal of her journey.
But having seen the world beyond her village and learning of her place in it, she has no intention of stopping there.
What sort of life will she lead with (Captain) and the crew as they travel? Her future unfolds before her, as wide as the sky.

Sister Shopping

Sutera and the others join Metera on one of her spur-of-the-moment shopping trips. Sutera is exhausted by the crush of people and takes her leave, only to return later with a pastry for her older sister. Metera smiles at what feels like approval from Sutera. It would seem two birds of different feathers can get along after all.

It is late into the night before (Captain) and company finish the mission they'd picked up in town.
The client couldn't be more pleased. They prepare a room in the inn for the crew to relax and put their feet up.
Lyria: Munch, munch... Gulp. Thank you so much! That was delicious!
Vyrn: Hehe! We even get food! Now that's what I call quality service!
Metera: Yawn... Morning.
Vyrn: Morning? Whoa now... You do realize it's almost noon, right?
Lyria: That reminds me... I haven't seen Sutera yet today. Has she gone out already?
Metera: Nah, she's still holed up in her room. Probably still knocked out. She never was much of a morning person.
Lyria: What? Sutera... really? I had no idea...
The party shares a pleasant conversation while they wait for Sutera to wake up.
Sutera: Sorry for being late! You must have been waiting for so long... I don't know what to say...
Vyrn: Haha! You're always so dramatic, Sutera. You work your butt off all the time! You're allowed to sleep in once in a while.
Metera: You have got to be kidding me! You'd never let me slide if I did something like that!
Metera: Oh! Hey, Sutera! You got a bad case of bedhead. I can't believe you'd present yourself like this...
Sutera: S-sorry, Metera... You're right. A guardian should take better care of their appearance...
Metera: That's totally not what I... Oh, forget it! Hey, (Captain). I'd love to do some shopping.
Metera: How about we go on a little date? It'll be f-u-n, fun, fun, fun!
Metera: And you. We gotta do something about those clothes. Why don't you come with?
Metera: All right, then! I'm gonna go and get ready! You'd better be ready to go too, Sutera!
Sutera: Wha? No thanks, Metera... I don't know all that much about fashion. I think I'll just stay here and do some training...
Metera: Let's go, go, go!
And so the party find themselves half-dragged into the town market on an impromptu shopping spree.
Metera: What? Oh, wow! You don't see a color like this every day!
Metera: Tell me, (Captain). Does it make me look wowzers or uggo?
Metera: Oh. But, tsk. This design... Nope! Let's put it in the no pile!
Metera: Oh! Check out that makeup shop. C'mon, Sutera!
Sutera: Metera! You don't need to be in such a rush! The market's not going anywhere!
Metera: How could you say that? Shops do sell out of stuff, you know!
Metera: Oh, that is just toooo cute! Close your eyes, Sutera! Excuse me! Attendant? I'd like to try this one!
Metera: Hm... You know, you think you'd worry more about getting sunburned with how pale you are...
Metera: Nope. No good! Get rid of the lipstick! We'll try this one!
Sutera: Metera... please. I'm not a big fan of makeup...
Metera: Well, now's the time to fix that! And a little foundation! Now what to do with those eyebrows...
Vyrn: Wow... Ms. Shameless treats her sister like a darn toy.
Lyria: Hm... Metera seems to be enjoying herself. Though I can't say the same for Sutera...
But Metera hasn't even begun to shop. She flitters from shop to shop like a hummingbird after nectar.
Metera: This shop is no good! Onto the next one! You hear me, Sutera... Sutera?
Sutera: Ah... I'm sorry, Metera. I'm just a little tired. I need to get away from the crowd and rest for a bit...
Metera: Wait... Sutera!
Sutera disappears into the crowd, wobbling on unsteady legs. Metera can only stand there, dumbfounded.
Metera: Oh... tired, eh?
Vyrn: Geez... what kinda sister are you? She could barely walk!
Metera: I guess we've never seen eye to eye... Different personalities, different hobbies...
Lyria: Oh... Metera...
Metera: But she's not a kid anymore. She'll be fine on her own, right? We've still got some shopping to do!
Metera: And I think I know someone who'd make a great canvas... Oh, Lyria? I bet you looove to play dress up!
With Sutera gone, Metera sets her sights on Lyria. The shopping trip goes on unimpeded.
After a short while, Sutera rejoins the crew.
Sutera: Sorry to keep you waiting! It was hard finding you with so many people around.
Metera: Wait. So you didn't you go back to the ship after all?
Sutera: Actually, I did. I just needed a little break! I'm okay now!
Sutera: Hehe... Hey, Metera! Hold out your hand.
Metera: Huh? What's this...
Metera obediently holds out her hand. In it, Sutera places a small and rather charming box.
Sutera: Hehe... I saw it in a bakery while we were shopping, and I thought there was no way I wasn't getting it for you.
Metera: Wait. For me? Fine... I'll go ahead and take it since you went through the trouble, but...
Still half mumbling, Metera opens the box to reveal a beautifully decorated pastry.
Lyria: Wow! It looks like treasure! I don't think I could ever eat something that looks that good!
Metera: Haha! A pastry. Geez, you're always so... practical!
Sutera: Oh... Well, that is true! But just look at it, Metera! Look at how nicely it's decorated!
Sutera: And they probably did it all with sugar! It's not just food, it's art!
Metera: You're really reaching. But it's not bad.
Metera: Nope, not bad at all.
There couldn't be two sisters more unlike one another than Sutera and Metera. And Sutera is completely at the mercy of her older sister.
But only they know the special bond they share. A bond that makes their relationship that much stronger.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
さぁ、参りましょう! Well, off we go!
この服は見た目より動きやすいのです。 These clothes are more practical than they look.
服屋というのはどうも苦手で… I'm not that great at picking out fashionable clothes...
魔導弓の力、お見せしましょう! I'll show you the power of my bow!
皆さんに手は出させません! I'll protect everybody at any cost!
守り人の誇りにかけて…! On my pride as a guardian!
姉様のようにはなれなくても…! I know I'm not on Metera's level, but I can still fight!
アステールと共に修行に励みます! I'll train hard alongside Aster!
(主人公)殿もとてもお洒落ですね! I noticed (Captain)'s really fashionable too!
(主人公)殿の力になりたい…! I want to help you out, (Captain).

Other Appearances


Sutera of the Sacred Bow

SV Sutera of the Sacred Bow.png SV Sutera of the Sacred Bow E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Draw a card.

My sister's a prodigy, the kind that only appears once a century. I'm nothing compared to her, so surely she is more worthy of the sacred bow.


Whenever this follower attacks, deal 1 damage to all enemy followers.

My father, my sister, Captain... They're all counting on me. So, please, sacred bow! Heed my call, and come to my aid!

Class Forestcraft
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Sutera of the Sacred Bow
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Sylvan Justice

SV Sylvan Justice alt.png
Click to reveal card data

Deal 2 damage to an enemy follower.
Put a Fairy into your hand.

I won't pardon anyone who aims to bring harm to our village! Prepare yourself!

Class Forestcraft
Card Pack Promo
SV Portal Sylvan Justice
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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