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Official Profile[edit]




Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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My tears are inappropriate for a such a joyous occasion.
And yet, my eccentric captain still invites me.
That's fine. I'd planned on declining but I can't, seeing how far you went for me.
Happy birthday, (Captain). My sincerest wish is for you is to never forget your smile.


My captain, what's wrong? You seem hesitant.
Hehehe. I know why. Because it's your birthday, correct?
Did you come here to formally invite me to your party?
You have my upmost thanks to your kindness.
But I must say...
You don't need to hesitate any longer.
I had said it was not becoming of me to cry at your party. I apologize.
Please don't let it bother you.
That is what you told me last year, and those words are what I want to tell you this year.
I will enjoy your celebration. So don't hesitate any longer. Simply ask me to come.
Thank you, (Captain). Through this long journey and the days I have spent with you, I have changed.
You have made me a better person with your kindness and words of the heart...
I am grateful that on this day a wonderful person—that you—came into this world. I wish you nothing but the best...
Happy birthday!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I've always avoided celebrations like this because of my tears.
But ever since you invited me to your party, I've learned what it means to share in another's happiness during special times such as these.
I owe all of these experiences to you. You have my deepest gratitudes for giving me such wonderful gifts.
Allow me to say it one more time: Happy birthday, (Captain).

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year.
I hope the new year brings you much good fortune and I wish you safe passage on your journey.
Hm? You'd rather make my wish come true, instead of yours?
Hehe, I appreciate it, Captain, but that doesn't seem possible.
You see, my wish will come true when the time comes for me to leave this ship. But I don't want to leave just yet.


Wait... I must apologize in advance, but stop where you are.
Just for today I need you to keep away from me.
Even touching or talking to me would cause unspeakable evil to befall you.
I'm talking about what will happen to your wallet.
Don't you remember?
Any contact with me leads to money problems.
Not to mention that today is the first of a new year. I hear that some people give money on this holiday.
There can be no worse omen... So don't come near me.
Gasp! What are you—
Stop! Why would you... Even though I bring misfortune...
I can't believe you... (Captain), you really are different.
Don't say I didn't warn you, okay? I don't want you mad at me when bad things happen...


(Captain), happy New Year.
What are you doing? I warned you last year that when you get close to me, money problems ensue.
Or did you have no such difficulties last year? Didn't the crew want a New Year's gift that cost you a pretty rupie?
Hm. That may have been a silly question. You aren't the type to worry about such small things, are you...
I know that any price is a small one to see the smiling faces of the crew... Which in turn would put a smile on my face... I can see it now.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Er, is this for me?
Geez, this captain of mine. You're as eccentric as ever.
But please, don't do this again.
If I eat too much, my tears are going to turn sweet, and then my face will be covered in ants, hahaha.
Sorry, that was a lame joke. I can be a bit awkwa—No, I was just distracted, that's all.


Huh? Is this for me?
This looks so expensive...
Sigh... You never cease to amaze me.
Getting involved with me will cost you.
You know that I only bring misfortune...
You're just someone who likes to live life dangerously, aren't you?
I respect and am truly thankful for your courage and kindness.
Happy Valentine's Day.


Is this chocolate for me?
I'm very happy to receive it. I know this is an annual event, but I'm always moved to tears.
Well... I am always crying to begin with. Hehe. I only jest.
To be perfectly honest, I'm very happy.
Even though I weep, there is no reason to hide my smile. That is what you have taught me.

White Day Cutscenes
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I have some sweets that I want to give you, but there's one thing I'd like you to do.
Please finish them all as soon as I give them to you, (Captain)
No, it's not because I'm embarrassed. I'm worried that people will misinterpret the expression on my face and cause trouble for you.
They'll think that I'm crying because you turned down my sweets.
Ehehehe, that was a joke... Was is it really that unfunny?


Happy White Day, (Captain).
This is my gift to you. Please enjoy it.
Hehe. What do you think? This was a little out of my comfort zone.
Hm? It tastes a little salty?
Huh... I see...
Perhaps that is the taste of my tears.
Hehehe, just kidding.
I must have not put in enough sugar.
Sigh... My joke was a bit too much... Really?


Happy White Day, (Captain).
Here you are. This is for what you gave me on Valentine's Day.
Apparently adding a small amount of salt to a sweet cookie magnifies its taste.
So I tried that technique.
You could say the hidden ingredient in these cookies are my tears.
I only jest. I used regular salt.
Oh? It didn't sound like a joke you say? Some things never change...

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies
3rd year:
Crunchtastic Cookie square.jpg Crunchtastic Cookie

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Ahh, so it's Halloween. No wonder everyone's in such a happy mood.
Hm? Even I can be happy too if I wear a costume?
Hehe, you may be right. It'd be good if I do it too.
Okay, for today, I'll give it a try. I need a smiling costume...


Trick or treat...
That's... That's what you say, is it not?
My mind does not work well when it comes to things of this sort...
As you can see, my tears only ruin these joyous occasions.
That's why I normally don't present myself to others during affairs of this nature...
Hehe... But there was no way I could resist your pleading eyes...
Hehe... That's enough. This year I too shall participate in the hunt for candy.
Let us begin this Halloween in splendid ensemble!


Trick or treat.
I've never been one for these kinds of events. But this year I've decided to put my fears aside and participate in the festivities.
The problem is everyone who sees my tears is so surprised they don't give me any candy.
Truly a tragedy... I only wanted to see what it was like to ask for treats once in my life...
Hm? Is that for me? You would give me a treat?
Hehe... I feel as if I gave you no other choice... I'm sorry.
Yes, you're right. Halloween is not a time to apologize.
Thank you, (Captain).

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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy Holidays.
What is it? What's with that look on your face? You're saying I look like I'm not having any fun?
I see. It might look that way, but my chest is pounding with excitement. I'm having a lot of fun. But I wonder...
If my tears fall like a blanket of snow, then would it look like I'm having fun?
Ehehehe, that was a joke. Yes, telling jokes makes everything more festive.


Damn... Don't look at me!
A festive day such as this is not suited for tears...
Your words have touched me oh so...
You have my apologies, but I must leave here at once.
From the bottom of my heart... you have my thanks.
Perhaps beyond the pure white snow and these never-ending tears, I might find spring.
Sigh... I have only one wish... That a flower from the world beyond be with you and your happiness.
I wish nothing but the best for you on this journey...
Happy holidays.


Happy holidays, (Captain).
These never-ending tears have caused me to give up celebrating the holy night. I am not fit for the occasion.
But there is something I am fit for.
The church...
There are songs that are sung there that move others to tears. This I have seen...
That my tears and I have a place where we belong fills me with a most mysterious feeling.
(Captain), would you like to join in listening to the songs? You may find tears your eyes as well.

Fate Episodes[edit]

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The Sobbing Knight[edit]

While taking a walk, the crew hear a loud scream coming from a restaurant. They meet Vermeil, a man whose right eye will not stop crying. It's a condition, or so he says. Vermeil joins the crew, hoping to find out how the crew can smile in even the worst situations.

The crew is taking a stroll when a loud shriek suddenly pierces the calm.
???: Waaaaaah! It wasn't me, I didn't do anything!
Vyrn: Do you hear that? Sounds like somebody's in trouble.
Lyria: It's coming from that restaurant over there!
(Captain) and company rush toward the restaurant.
Sobbing Man: Hm?
Lyria: Huff, huff. What's wrong? Is everything all right?
Sobbing Man: Who? Me? I'm fine, why do you ask?
Lyria: Oh but we heard someone cry out just now. That wasn't you?
Sobbing Man: Crying? Coming from me?
Sobbing Man: Hehe, that's a good one miss.
Sobbing Man: But it's unwise to insult a knight. Someone worthy enough to be a knight would never cry in public.
Vyrn: Hey, hey, what are you talking about? I can see the tears in your right eye you know.
Sobbing Man: Ah, this is simply a condition that I was born with. The tears never stop for some reason.
Vyrn: That's called crying!
Sobbing Man: My my, I suppose tragedy is too complex for a lizard to understand.
Vyrn: I ain't no lizard! I'm Vyrn! And I know what tragedy means!
Sobbing Man: Hahaha, well that may be, but take a look over there. Isn't that young man over there the one you should be worried about?
Young Man: Sniff. I didn't steal any money, honest! You have to believe me!
Shopkeeper: Don't pretend like you didn't do it you rotten punk! You're going to answer to my fist!
Vyrn: Woah, chill out mister!
Lyria: Yes, please calm down. Can you tell us what happened?
Shopkeeper: Huh? You've got eyes don't you? It's exactly what it looks like. Or maybe you're all in cahoots with this thief too!
Lyria: No sir, we just came over to see what the fuss was about. We wouldn't dare to steal anything.
Vyrn: This shopkeeper's a real pain in the butt.
Even though the whole crew is being accused of stealing, everyone calmly smiles.
The situation piques this man's interest.
Sobbing Man: (... Hm, they immediately try to diffuse the situation without violence. I wonder if that will really work... )
Instead of calming down, the shopkeeper only grows angrier and more suspicious. The man decides that it's time to step in.
Sobbing Man: Seriously, did you get up on the wrong side of the bed today?
Sobbing Man: This person, that person, you accuse anyone who even happens to glance at you. It's practically a witch-hunt.
Shopkeeper: Oh yeah? And what are you gonna to do about it?
Sobbing Man: I'm going to give the ones you should be accusing a stern warning.
The man draws his saber as he speaks.
Restaurant customer: ...!
A group of rowdy ruffians drink nearby. The man pierces one of their bags and a river of rupies flow out onto the floor.
Shopkeeper: Ah! That's my money! So it was you punks!
Shopkeeper: Wahaha, sorry about what happened earlier. Order whatever you like, this one's on me!
Accepting the gracious offer, the man named Vermeil and the crew sit down for a meal.
As the meal goes on, the crew can't help but notice Vermeil's right eye.
Vermeil notices the curious glances and stops eating. He begins his tale while staring off into the distance.
Vermeil: Please don't get the wrong idea. It's not because I'm sad or miserable.
Vermeil: I resent these tears that flow for no reason. They belong to my other self, who I'm searching for.
Vermeil: I was born with a right eye that wouldn't stop crying.
Vermeil: One day, I met a renowned fortune-teller in hopes of curing my condition.
Fortune-teller: Ahhh... I see you carried a heavy burden in a previous life.
Fortune-teller: Yes... You caused a terrible tragedy to happen and the soul you aggrieved lingers on in this lifetime.
Fortune-teller: As long as this soul is not found and healed, your tears will never stop flowing.
Vermeil: I've believed those words ever since. I've been hopping from island to island, chasing after this suffering soul.
Lyria: What kind of person are you looking for?
Vermeil: I don't know. My only clue is that it's a woman whose left eye is always crying like mine.
Vyrn: Wow, that's a total mystery.
Vermeil: Well, how should I put this. I think all of you are more mysterious.
Vyrn: What are you talking about, you big baby?
Vermeil: That's exactly what I mean Vyrn. Why do all of you always have a smile on your faces?
Vermeil: Even in the outrageous situation back there, you never once turned a sour face.
Vermeil: Hehe, you guys are one of a kind. How can you smile all the time?
The crew look at each other and laugh. (Captain) turns to Vermeil with a smile and asks him a question.
  1. Do you really want to know?
  2. It's because we're the same.

Choose: Do you really want to know?
Vermeil: Yes, please tell me your secret.
Lyria: Heehee, there's no secret to it. If you followed (Captain) you'd understand what I mean.
Vermeil: Follow? What exactly-

Choose: It's because we're the same.
Vermeil: Um, the same?
Lyria: Yep, that's right. (Captain)'s saying there's nothing different about us.
Vermeil: Nothing different? So that means you're also...
Continue 1
Vyrn: Hehe we're on a journey too. You're an interesting guy, so you might as well come along!
Vermeil's face brightens at Vyrn's suggestion.
Vermeil: I'm interesting, huh? That's the first time anyone's ever said that about me.
Vermeil: Well, how could I say no to your infectious smiles.
Vermeil: Hehehe. You people truly are one of a kind.
And with that, the knight in red who can't seem to stop crying joins your crew.

Enigmatic Tears[edit]

Rumors that a famous entertainer is in town turn out to be true. The allure of a good show is too good to pass up. The somber performance jars Vermeil's memory, offering a clue to his past. Before he has time to think, the ticket money is stolen, and the crew chases after the thief.

The party stops at an island for the night. There are rumors that a famous performer is in town.
Vermeil's eyes light up like a child's upon hearing the news. He makes a rare request.
Vermeil: I have a favor to ask. Would it be all right to go watch this performance?
Vyrn: Huh? You want to go see something artsy?
Vermeil: Is that so strange? Go ahead and laugh if you want.
Vyrn: No, it's not what I meant. I didn't think you were interested in that stuff.
Vermeil: Hm, my teary-right eye would certainly stand out a little amidst a cheering crowd.
Vermeil: But when I'm watching something compelling, I feel a warmth in my chest and it puts me at ease.
Vermeil: I know it sounds strange, but it lets me forget about my eye for a while.
Lyria: Hey, don't worry about that. It sounds like fun. Let's go (Captain).
The party reaches a bustling square. A cheerful, boisterous voice rings out over the din of the crowd.
Ulamnuran: Attention! A fantastical, magical performance is about to begin!
His comical antics and light-hearted words draw in large audiences.
The Harvin performer commands the enthusiastic applause and cheer of the crowd.
Vermeil: Hahaha! Splendid. This is more than I had expected, bravo!
Ulamnuran is a crew member

Ulamnuran: Hey, Captain! Hey, everyone! Did you come to see me?
Lyria: Oh my, so the famous performer was you, Ulamnuran.
Ulamnuran: Ah, I guess I forgot to tell you. While I'm docked here I decided to promote myself.
Ulamnuran: Well then, let's get this show on the road!
Lyria: Huh? Look at that, Vermeil.
Vermeil: What is it, Lyria?
Lyria: You're certainly in high spirits, Vyrn.
Faint streaks of tears can be seen in Ulamnuran's makeup, just below his right eye.
Ulamnuran not in crew

Vyrn: Whoa, he's really popular. Now I get how crybaby Vermeil feels.
Lyria: You're certainly in high spirits, Vyrn.
Lyria: Huh? Look at that, Vermeil.
Vermeil: What is it, Lyria?
Lyria: He has a right eye that is crying just like yours. See?
Streaks of tears can be seen distinctly in the performer's makeup, just below the right eye.
Lyria's observation hit Vermeil just as the soft timbre of music reaches his ears. With a flourish, the performer launches into a soliloquy.
There once was a legendary jester whose performances always sold out.
He never cared for anyone, except for one lone woman sitting in the third row.
He had fallen in love with her. In order to make her smile, he would do his best to act the fool.
One day she went to speak with the jester. She wanted to confess her love, but alas, it was not to him.
What to do, what to do? His heart ached but he kept smiling.
"Bring him to the stage. I will fill him with laughter and then surely your confession of love will be a success."
The woman did as she was told and, sure enough, they lived happily ever after.
Ever since that incident, no matter how much he dried his eyes, a tear would always remain.
Lyria: What a sad story.
Ulamnuran: Yes, yes, I think so too. It's tragic.
Ulamnuran: But you know, as an entertainer, I have a different interpretation.
Vyrn: A different interpretation?
Ulamnuran: You see, a true entertainer brings happiness to others, even if it means sometimes sacrificing your own.
Vermeil: More important than your own happiness...
Ulamnuran: Yes. I believe from the bottom of my heart that he willingly sacrificed his own happiness so that she could continue smiling.
Vermeil: Urgh!
Ulamnuran's words hit Vermeil like a bolt of lightning.
A long forgotten memory comes racing back to Vermeil.
A beautiful woman that I have never met before but at the same time seems so familiar...
I understand now. She is the one I am sworn to meet.
A woman with eyes, green as jade, whose tears cannot stop flowing...
Lyria: Are you ok? Say something, Vermeil!
Vermeil: I see. Your smiles... and mine. Ah, what am I saying?
While Vermeil recovers, Ulamnuran lets out a shriek.
Ulamnuran: Oh my goodness! The box with all the ticket money is gone!
Vermeil mutters to himself amid the confusion.
Vermeil: Just as I thought. Everytime I'm happy, something bad happens.
Vyrn: Did you say something?
Vermeil: It's nothing. We must hurry and catch the thief.
As he speaks, the party's gaze fall onto a suspcious man slowly slinking away.
Suspicious Man: What are you looking at? It wasn't me, go away!

Enigmatic Tears: Scene 2[edit]

The thief confesses the whereabouts of his gang's hideout after a quick interrogation. Vermeil thinks he should leave the crew, believing that misfortune always strikes whenever he's happy. Lyria and Vyrn try to reassure him but he continues to brood.

(Captain) and crew stop the suspicious man but can't find any money.
After some tough questioning, the man lets slip that a gang of pickpockets have a hideout nearby.
The party hurries toward the hideout.
Vermeil: I'm sorry. This is all my fault.
Lyria: Why? You're not the bad guy, the bad guys are the pickpockets.
Vermeil: That's not what I mean.
Vermeil: Whether it's fate or karma, I've always been the harbinger of misfortune.
Vermeil: Whenever I laugh, someone always loses their money.
Lyria: Why are you saying this all of a sudden? You shouldn't worry about that.
Vermeil: No, it's all right. I'll take my ship and leave this island, alone.
Vermeil: I'd thought that this ever-smiling crew could finally change my fate.
Vermeil: Perhaps it was a little too much to ask for. I can't keep troubling you any longer.
Lyria: It's not like that. No one thinks you're responsible for any of this.
Vyrn: That's right. Besides, small stuff like this is nothing to (Captain)!
Vermeil: What are you saying. I'm causing you trouble right now, just like I said.
Lyria: When someone's in trouble, we should all bear the burden.
Vyrn: That's right, Lyria. A huge problem can be solved if we break it down into smaller pieces, right?
Vermeil: Is that so...
Lyria: Yep, that's what it means to be our comrade. (Captain) won't let you shoulder everything yourself.
Vyrn: If there ever comes a day for you to leave the Grandcypher, it'll be when your tears stop and you have a big smile on your face.
Vermeil is taken aback for just an instant but quickly recovers.
Vermeil: Hehe, like I said before, you're a one of a kind bunch.
Vermeil's face suddenly turns grim as he knits his brows in concentration.
Vermeil: We should be careful. It seems they know we're here.

Enigmatic Tears: Scene 3[edit]

The party defeats the gang and returns to the Grandcypher. Vermeil reconsiders his role and joins the crew. He has tears in his eyes, but this time they are tears of joy, for he knows that someday, his true smile will return.

The party defeats the pickpockets. After giving back the money to Ulamnuran, they return to the Grandcypher.
Vermeil, who had earlier vowed to leave the group, stands on the deck of the ship.
Vyrn: Oh, you're still here? Didn't you say you were going to leave?
Vermeil: ...
Lyria: Vyrn! Don't tease him like that!
Vyrn: Come on, it was just a joke. He wasn't saying anything so I wanted to wake him up.
Vermeil: Everything has a cause and effect, but it seems my right eye is a liar.
Vermeil: It'll be hard to break old habits but I've decided to join you on your journey.
Vyrn: Hehe, I thought so.
Lyria: What made you change your mind?
Vermeil: It's because of all of you that I was able to remember something from a long time ago.
Vermeil: You don't have to be sad in order to cry.
Large drops of tears fall from his right eye, as well as his left.
His smiling face shows no trace of sadness whatsoever. These are tears of joy.
Lyria: Hee hee, that's a wonderful smile Vermeil.
Vermeil: I don't know when I'll be able to lift this curse.
Vermeil: But when that day comes I have a feeling that all of you will be at my side.
Vermeil: Let me say it once more: I, the teary-eyed knight Vermeil, shall accompany you on your quest.
From that day on, no one in the crew thinks of Vermeil's tears as tears of sadness.
As for Vermeil, he no longer envies (Captain)'s smile.