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Vermeil is a simple character at first glance, but to fully utilize him requires some knowledge on team composition. Vermeil relies very heavily on his auto-attacks and not getting hit, and his allies (and sometimes summons) must revolve around this fact. Otherwise, the harvin cannot contribute much to the party, and can even be a dead weight.

Despite his status as an R Character, however, his damage output is nothing to laugh at when at full capacity. He is also a fairly versatile character, as his bonus damage's (also referred to as "echoes") element will change depending on the target's element. This means he can participate in off-element fights, and due to his Light element, opponents of any element do not deal extra damage against him either. As long as Vermeil is allowed to hit his target, he can surely take down his foes.

How to Play

Using Vermeil by himself is very easy. To play him, simply use one or both of his skills and let him do all the work by himself. If the bonus damage runs out or is dispelled somehow, simply reuse his skills when available.

Due to his first skill's usage of charge bar, it is recommended to put him on the fourth position in the main lineup. This is unless your team has a character who requires charge bar more, or if your party members can provide him the charge bar very easily. By placing him there, Vermeil will only need 70% charge to participate in a full party chain burst. If Vermeil has 100% charge, it is also possible to recast his first skill and still be able to participate in a chain burst, allowing him to deal bonus damage on subsequent turns. In addition, if you belong in a crew and the crew support skill that grants 30% charge bar is active, it is possible to use the first skill immediately at the start of the battle.

Reusing the second skill requires some consideration on when opponents are about to attack. It is not recommended to use the second skill if a charge attack is imminent, especially one who can do a party-wide attack. Unless the damage is negated completely or target is neutralized on or before your turn, the damage will dispel the second skill immediately.

Again, unless the party has ways of mitigating damage completely, it's also recommended to save some heals for Vermeil. Due to his support skill and overall low HP stats, the harvin cannot take hits, and can often die in 1-hit less than most characters can take.


As said earlier, much of Vermeil's difficulty is not getting hit. It is highly recommended to have characters who can take hits. Classes like Holy Saber, or characters like Naoise have skills with Status Substitute.pngSubstituteReceives foe attack in place of an ally
(Excludes all-foe all-ally attacks)
who can draw damage to them. Alternatively, characters with Status AggroUpArrow.pngHostility UpMore likely to be attacked
can work well with Vermeil's support skill, although it's not a 100% guarantee. Against party-wide attacks, it's recommended to mitigate the damage with a Status DefenseUp.pngDMG CutTaking less DMG
Damage Cut reducing damage taken for all elements.
Warning! Does not work for Plain Damage!
from characters and/or summons. Alternatively, if the raid boss could be controlled via Status Paralysis.pngParalysisCan't attack
, Status Charm.pngCharmedAttacks are slightly limited
and other similar status effects, Vermeil will be free to hit without fear of getting hit.

As a character who relies on auto-attacks, it is also recommended to have classes or characters who provide high multiattack buffs, such as Ferry. This allows Vermeil to proc as many echo damage as he can.

Extended Mastery Perks