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Official Profile[edit]




  • Viceroy is the apprentice of Galadar.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Bwahahah! Happy birthday to you!
You know, iron gets stronger the more you hammer it.
People are the same. Every year makes you tougher and tougher.
So you just need to keep gettin' stronger until you're tough as nails!
And if you ask me to, I'll make a sword that's just as tough as you!


Hey there! I got you a great gift this year!
Go on and take it!
Huh? You don't know what it is?
It's an iron egg, see? An iron egg! You put it in your tea pot or use it when you cook to make things extra delicious and nutritious!
Ha-ha-ha! I know you'll put this to good use, (Captain)!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Go on and take it!
Huh? You don't know what it is?
It's a horseshoe, of course!
You know, like the ones you find on a horse's hoof!
Huh? You knew that already?
You just wanted to know why I'm giving you one?
Heh-heh-heh! The truth is...
If you hang this near your door, then it'll bring good luck your way!
They also say that if you send it to a forlorn lover, then your love can be rekindled...
Or whatever! Just hurry up and take it already!


Today we've got a huge birthday bash for you!
Everyone's coming, and there'll be tasty food. Don't worry, it's nothing very formal—
There'll be barrelsful of booze too!
Bwahahaha! That's a joke!
It's your big day, (Captain). I'm not about to ruin it by getting trashed.
You're always helping me out some way or another. I'm gonna be on my best behavior for you.
Aw, I'm getting embarrassed. Happy birthday, (Captain)!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year!
You wanna see some fireworks?
Heheh, I thought you'd say that.
I went and got some fireworks to shoot into the sky later.
Here, check these out.
What's wrong? Why do you look so disappointed?
You wanna see big fireworks?
Ha-ha-ha! But these things pack a powerful punch, see! I know a thing or two about fire!
Ha-ha-ha! Who do you take me for?


Happy New Year!
Hey, (Captain). You know what I was thinking?
Some people eat beans for good luck in the new year. I thought I'd eat some too.
But beans are like iron, don't you think?
Both are hard at first, but after you put some heat to them, they begin to soften.
They're exactly the same!
So maybe... we could eat iron eggs instead of beans! Imagine how delicious that would be!
Ha-ha-ha! I'm just pullin' your leg! It's a New Year's joke!


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
Hey, you'll got a sec to chat?
I was on the deck just now where they're making mochi! You know? That stretchy snack!
I'm looking at it and it hits me—it looks just like iron!
Huh? Sounds like what I told you last year? Oh, don't sweat the small stuff!
Just listen what the Alloy Artisan's got to tell ya!
If we threw some things into the mochi, we could make a first-class filling, you know!
What do you say, (Captain)? Wanna grab some ingredients and sneak it into the mix?


Happy New Yeeears!
Hey, (Captain), I finally tried it out!
What else? Pounding mochi!
Ever since I saw them making it last year, I wanted to give it a shot!
Turns out it's a heck of a lot harder than it looks.
I figured that pounding mochi was a lot like pounding steel, but... turns out I got my hopes up.
This isn't the end though. I'm gonna become a major mochi maker this year!
Once I can pound mochi right, I'll be that much better at pounding steel!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Huh? Is this for me?
Valentine's chocolate...
Oh! No, it's just that I've never gotten any before...
Heheh! But it's nice to get a gift like this! Thank you.
Huh? What's that you say?
Oh, don't be silly! Of course I won't do that! Even I've got brains enough to know you can't melt chocolate into iron!


(Captain), I just thought of something neat! Will you hear me out for a second?
A long time ago, folks used to love putting scents on everything. It was a hit with young girls and little kids.
So... I thought of this!
What do you think? It's a chocolate-scented body shield!
It's as robust as any armor! And check out the aroma. That was hard to do!
Huh? You don't need a shield like this? Aw, come on! You've gotta take it, (Captain)!


(Captain)! (Captain)! Listen to this!
That chocolate you got me was awfully good, see!
Just one bite got me so happy. I started feeling bad about eating it all...
So I baked it with a handheld burner!
No, no, no... But that's what you'd think, right? That it'd melt into a sticky goop? Heh-heh-heh...
But take a look! It's all crispy and delicious!
So I was thinking I should call these things fried fudge and sell them around.
But that won't fly! I mean, when it comes down to it...
I'm a blacksmith, not a baker!
Bwa-ha-ha-ha! That's no oven for me!


You giving me chocolates again this year? Thanks for all the presents.
Whoooa, these are really something! They look amazing... I could never make any like this.
I've gotta pop one of these babies into my mouth.
Aaaagh! It's delicious!
The look of the outside, the taste of the inside... (Captain), you've got some real skills!
How about that? You wanna throw together a little alloy? I'll show you just how.
Buwahahaha! Smithing and chocolate-making are different?
I guess you've got a point. And besides, I've still got a lot to learn before I can catch up to my master. And that's nothing you can do overnight.

White Day Cutscenes
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Here. This is for you...
What's that look for?
Huh? You think I filled it with iron?
Don't be silly! As much as I love iron, I'm not stupid enough to do that!


Hey, (Captain)! I know you know what today is, right? Heheh...
Huh? You don't know? Come on, (Captain)! Are you serious?
I see... Then I'll give you a clue! A hint!
Two words. The color of milk... And the whole time the sun is out... Think!
Huh? What's that? You knew all along? You were only pulling my leg?
Happy White Day! Here ya go, (Captain)... Thanks for the chocolate you gave me!


Hey, (Captain)! Thanks for the chocolates you got me!
I got you a thank you present for today. Just wait till you see it!
Remember that fried fudge, I made?
Well, it's what I thought I'd make for you at first.
But I just know you'd be happier if I gave you this instead...
Here you go! It's iron!
Bwa-ha-ha-ha! Yep! It's all iron to me!


Were you waiting for me, (Captain)?
I made you a little something to say thanks for the Valentine's present.
You thought it was going to be steel, didn't you?
Don't mean to burst your bubble, but this year I put together something a bit different.
This year it's something you can eat.
Since I got chocolate from you, (Captain), I've been thinking.
I figure that if I learned how to make more stuff, my alloy abilities would be that much stronger...
Buwahahaha! If you're happy, (Captain), that's all that matters!

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons
3rd year:
Iron Cluster square.jpg Iron Cluster
4th year:
Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween!
Ta-da! Take a look at this jack-o'-lantern I made!
Say, why don't ya try it on?
Whoa... Guess ya can't even lift your head.
Heh heh! Is it too heavy for ya?
Yeah, I see... Iron is tough, but it's not always the answer.
The master blacksmith used to say the heavier, the better. But I suppose how you use your tools is what counts.
Hey, I just got a great idea! Come help me out! We'll make this thing lighter with some alloy!


Heh heh! Trick or treat!
Hand over the candy or face the wrath of my vice!
Bwahahaha! Just kidding!
Oh? Too scary to have been a joke?
Bwahahaha! So I finally got the better of ya!


Say, (Captain)! (Captain)!
Hey, (Captain)!
Ah! How's it go again...
You know, that thing! That thing you say!
Everyone says it for Halloween!
Let's see... Trick or...
Yeah! Now I remember!
Iron or steel!
It's all iron to me! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays!
Huh? A present?
Of course I didn't go shopping!
Fine, you got me...
Here's your gift. Go on and take it!
What? You don't know what it is?
Well, it's a block of iron! Pure iron, see! Pure iron!
Oh, boy... You can't even tell, can ya? I fired it super hot in my furnace, so it's completely purified.
It won't rust in water or corrode in acid.
Ah, just take it already! Happy holidays, and all that!


Hey, (Captain)! Happy holidays!
Heh-heh! I got you something good this year!
Here you go! Go on and open it!
Hey! It's not a lump of metal! It's an iron Santa statue!
Feel how heavy it is! And it's tough too!
Ha-ha-ha! I knew you'd get fired up over a gift of metal. Reminds me of the first gift I got from my master!


Hey there, (Captain)! Happy holidays, yeah?
Heh-heh! What kind of party are we having this year?
Nah! I'm looking forward to the spread no matter what it is!
Nope, nope... You go ahead and pick out whatever desserts and snacks you fancy.
The only thing I really want...
Oops! I better watch it. I'd be mortified if someone heard what I'm gonna say...
So... how about it? Do you think you could set aside a plate of cream puffs for me?
Heh-heh! I'm looking forward to it! Can't hardly wait!


Hey, (Captain)! Can I get a "happy holidays"?
You mean I just asked? Haha, so what!
Don't you worry; I haven't drunk a drop yet. The party's about to start picking up real soon though.
I gotta say, that moon sure is gorgeous tonight.
Wish I could make steel that shined like that and lasted just as long...
Buwahahaha! What am I saying...
Looks like I'm already intoxicated by the holiday spirit.

Fate Episodes[edit]

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Superalloy[edit]

On their travels (Captain) and crew find themselves in a town which is having trouble keeping its criminals locked away. The crew head to a nearby factory to ask if they can make a sturdier jail cell for them. Along the way they are confronted by a personable young man who leads the way. The man turns out to be Viceroy, the owner of the factory who agrees to make the townspeople their new jail cell.

Rowdy Ruffian: Bwahahah! You call that iron? It looks like I could just bend that with my pinky! DO you really think you'll keep me in that?
The local peacekeepers' jail is poorly constructed. Every time they try to arrest someone they just escape.
The townspeople are understandably annoyed by this.
Hearing a commotion, (Captain) and crew go and investigate.
Vyrn: Whoa, what is that? What's wrong with that iron grate? It looks about ready to fall apart?
Militia: Ah, travelers. You see we've arrested this no-good hoodlum, only…
Vyrn: Why don't you just build a better jail?
Blacksmith: Ahahaha! Would that we could! No, unfortunately we're more used to working with pots and pans than forges and foundries.
Militia: Well why don't we go ask at the factory by the mountain?
Blacksmith: What? The mountain? You don't mean… Don't be silly!
Vyrn: Why is it silly?
Militia: There's a factory at the foot of the mountain with some talented workers, but there's a rumor they used to be bandits…
Lyria: What? Bandits?
Blacksmith: They're so scary. I can't imagine anyone wanting to go.
Lyria: Don't worry. As long as I'm with (Captain) I'm not scared of anything.
Blacksmith: What? You're not?
Lyria: Besides, we're not the kind of people to just leave you in trouble like this.
Militia: Wow, you're so kind. In that case, if you can help us please do. Tell them we need a properly made jail cell.
A figure in the shadows looks out on the scene.
???: …Hehe, they might be interesting.
As (Captain) and the others hurry along the path to the factory they are accosted by a young man.
Despite his shocking entrance the young man has a friendly face. He starts talking to the crew.
???: I finally found you! I've been looking all over for someone like you guys!
Lyria: Erm, you were waiting for us? Why?
???: Heheheh, you're all heading to the factory by the mountain, right? Let me take you the rest of the way!
Vyrn: Huh? What's going on here? You know that factory is supposed to be home to bandits, don't you?
???: Heheh, don't worry about that. I think you'll find me an excellent guide!
Vyrn: Hey, are we really gonna follow this chatty punk? We don't know anything about him.
Vyrn: Wait, where'd he go? Did he get lost? Some guide he turned out to be!
Lyria: Oh no, what if something's happened to him?
The crew turn back to look for the missing boy.
They soon find him. He's digging a hole and whistling to himself.
???: Heheh, look at this! This is some high quality sand!
Saying this he picked up a handful of the glittering sand and put it in his leather bag.
Vyrn: Y'know seeing him playing in the sand like that, he looks even younger.
(Captain) and crew finally arrive at the factory, and knock on its door with a great deal of trepidation.
Artisan: Bwahahaha! Sounds like we have visitors, boys! Who could it be all the way in the forest here?
Artisan: Hey, you'd better have something good to eat! C'mon, you must have some fruit or somethin'!
The townspeople's fears were for nothing. The men at the factory turn out to be nice, friendly people.
The men in the factory were once in fact bandits, but they gave up that life a long time ago.
They happily explain that they were taken in by a master blacksmith and have completely changed their ways.
Artisan: So what is it? The town needs a new prison?
Artisan: Bwahahaha! So that's why they sent you! You guys must be the most helpful people in the world!
Artisan: Makes it all the harder to say this, but I'm afraid we can't help you.
Vyrn: What! D'you mean we came all this way for nothing?
Artisan: The problem is, we need a certain material to make strong steel, and we're all out of it.
Lyria: Then why don't you get some more? Come on, we'll come with you to the store.
Artisan: The thing is, we sent someone out to collect it for us, but we've not heard from them in some time now…
???: Hehe, I have what you need! Look, there's loads of it!
Artisan: Oh, that's it! That's what we?master! Wh-when did you get back?
Vyrn: What! You don't mean this kid is your master blacksmith, do you?
Lyria: What's going on? Is he someone important?
Artisan: He may look young, but this kid here is the greatest metallurgist alive today! He's known throughout the skies.
???: Heheheh, stop it! You're making me blush.
Viceroy: Oh, I almost forgot! My name's Viceroy. Feel free to call me Vice, though!
Under Viceroy's orders the workers put the sand into the furnace and started work making the steel for the jail.
The workers then lifted the steel cage on their shoulders and carried it to the town like a parade float.
Viceroy: OK, everyone! Let's get this to the town, then we can celebrate!
Viceroy: Another job well done! This might just be the finest jail in all the skies! Nothing's gonna break my super alloy.
Viceroy: …Huh? Hey! Why am I inside the jail cell?
Viceroy looks puzzled by his incarceration.
Artisan: Isn't it obvious? You spent all of our savings partying!
Artisan: Not only that, but you were a nuisance to just about everyone in town! What do you have to say for yourself?
Viceroy: Damn, not again. I'm sorry, townspeople!
Viceroy: Surely you can't blame me for liking a party every now and then. But I guess I do let things get out of hand.
Viceroy: Don't worry about paying for the jail cell, you can keep it! Just please, let me out!
Artisan: We really are sorry. But don't worry, we can make sure it won't happen again. So please let him go.
Vyrn: Agreed! These guys all worked really hard on this jail cell, the least you can do is let him out of it.
Lyria: Yes! Please let him out!
Viceroy: Y-you guys. I really appreciate you doing this for me.
Militia: Well, looks like he has support from all kinds of people. I guess he can't be such a bad egg after all.
Viceroy: (Captain), thanks a bunch. If you weren't here I'd probably still be in that jail cell.
Vyrn: Heheheh, don't mention it!
Viceroy: And… there's something I was thinking about… While I was making that cell.
Viceroy: Iron is not enough on it's own. To make it stronger you need to mix it with something else.
Viceroy: Maybe people are like that too. Maybe I need something else to make me stronger. (Captain), what do you think?
  1. Just come out and say it: you want in.
  2. I'd love to see you in action.

Choose: Just come out and say it: you want in.
Choose: I'd love to see you in action.
Viceroy: Heheh, you saw right through me! I think if I travel with you, I'll uncover the secret to the ultimate super alloy!
The master metallurgist has alloyed with the crew, creating something far stronger than either was before.
The young master smith, Viceroy, is in search of something to make him stronger. He heads out into unknown skies to find it.

Metal Maniacs[edit]

With a rich appetite for exploration, the young engineer Viceroy sets out to make the world's strongest superalloy, and tells (Captain) and the crew he wants to obtain a gold brick. However, they aren't able to get such a valuable item so easily. A suspicious-looking merchant appears and almost convinces Viceroy to buy a fake gold brick.

As their new ally Viceroy wants a new material to meld with iron, (Captain)'s crew travels to an island to find it.
After sailing to an island famous for its large bazaar, they are delighted when they find the bustling marketplace.
At the bazaar, Viceroy stops in his tracks when he spots a family working at a produce stand.
Vyrn: What's up, Vice? Never seen a mom-and-pop produce stand before?
Viceroy: No, it's not that! I just saw that mom and her daughter and felt this rush of nostalgia.
Lyria: Viceroy, did your family own a produce stand before?
Viceroy: No, it's not that either! Here, check it out.
Viceroy: See, that mom taught her daughter everything about their business, right? It's just like me and my teacher.
Lyria: Hmm… Is your teacher that blacksmith you told us about earlier?
Viceroy, now somewhat embarrassed, squints his eyes and gives a slight sniffle with his nose as he begins to tell his tale.
Viceroy: First off, I'm not the sharpest bulb in the box, right? At the time, I had been tricked by a friend to join a group of thieves.
Viceroy: I had no clue what I was doing. So one day, call it fate, I dunno, but we got this idea to break into a famous metal factory…
Viceroy: When all of a sudden, the head artisan saw us and came at us with this giant hammer of his. I thought it was the end, right?
Viceroy: But he said he wasn't attacking us, he was just forging our spirits, and taught us how to make iron.
Vyrn: Sounds like a really nice guy!
Lyria: Haha… Just hearing about him, I can tell he was a great teacher!
Viceroy: Right? That's why I wanted to study how to make the best weapon ever so that I could repay his kindness!
Lyria: Yeah, great idea! That's really thoughtful of you, Vice!
Viceroy: That's why I really want that over there. Do you think I can buy it?
Viceroy points to something sitting deep in the shop that's shining a brilliant gold. It's a rare piece of ingot.
Rackam: What! There's no way you can get that! That's a rare gold brick!
Viceroy: Oh. I can't?
Rackam: Well, of course not! There's some cheaper stuff at this other metal shop you can get, though. Why don't I show you?
The crew hurries over to the shop, weaving their way through the crowd.
Only Viceroy is left standing by himself, unable to take his eyes off of the gold brick.
Charming Merchant: Hehehe… My friend, over here. You, the man with the golden hair.
Viceroy: Huh? Is someone talkin' to me?
Charming Merchant: Pardon me, but I couldn't help but overhear your predicament.
Charming Merchant: Hehehe… I have something over here you may be interested in…
The merchant removes a gold brick from her shirt…
Viceroy: Is that…
His voice cracks as he tries to speak.
Viceroy: Just a small piece will do. Could you, please…
Charming Merchant: Please step into my shop. I have plenty more inside…
Viceroy: Thank you so much! You're so nice!
The merchant says it's an unusual metal that's been circulating around the black market, and the purity seems quite low.
Viceroy doesn't mind, because he can raise the purity levels as much as he wants if he's able to purify it.
They leave the main street and the crowd, then slip into a dark alley where they enter a small, musty shop.
Viceroy: Hey, this place is kind of a mess… Lots of junk in here, too… Are you sure it's really here?
Charming Merchant: Yes, sir, here you are.
Viceroy: Finally! Hehe, I waited so long for this! It's so shiny… Hey, wait a second…
Viceroy: You call this a gold brick? This just looks like a rough, dusty block you use for building a house!
Charming Merchant: Oh, no, this is a gold brick.
The kindly merchant drops her smile. Her eyes, now sly and cunning, dart back and forth as she moves closer.
Charming Merchant: All right, that will be 1,000,000 rupies. Now pay up!
Viceroy: Are you serious? You think I'll pay all that for this?
Hoodlum: Yes, I think you will! Hehehe!
Suddenly, as if he had been watching the whole time, a hoodlum appears and the mood in the room grows tense.
Viceroy: This isn't good. It's so crowded in here, even if I could take them it'd be a bad idea…
At that moment, a familiar voice echoes through the store.
Rackam: Hey, there you are! What the heck are you doing here?
Lyria: (Captain), we found him! You went missing, Vice!
Hoodlum: What's going on here? I didn't hear anything about his friends coming along!
Charming Merchant: What are you waiting for? Attack them!

Metal Maniacs: Scene 2[edit]

One lazy afternoon, Katalina's angry cries can be heard from across the Grandcypher as it sits anchored on the coast.
Katalina: Knock it off, Vice! Just give up already!
Viceroy: Please, Katalina! I just need a little bit is all!
Katalina: No! And quit looking at me like that! I don't care how many times you ask, the answer is no!
Viceroy: I'm not giving up! This is fate, Katalina! You're exactly what I need to make the greatest, most radiant iron in the world!
Katalina: "Fate"! I don't think that word means what you think it means!
Rackam: Hey, what's all the racket?
Katalina: It's just Vice. He said it's "fate" that he should find me…
Rackam: Vice, you hound! I didn't know Katalina was your type.
Katalina: Wait, what!
Viceroy: Lyria, you gotta help me out here! Just a small lock of hair is all I need!
Lyria: What! What is this all about?
Katalina: Huh?
Katalina spins around and finds Vice has gone over to Lyria and is begging and pleading on the ground.
Rackam: Now on to Lyria, huh? Hahaha! You are a fickle one, my friend!
Katalina: What nerve…
Rackam: Oh, what could have been, eh, Katalina?
Katalina: (Sigh)… Oh, shut up! Don't be stupid! We need to put a stop to this.
The crew questions Viceroy on his strange behavior.
Crestfallen, he explains his story…
Viceroy: I heard about it from a blacksmith who had traveled to the far east.
Viceroy: According to island legend, you can make incredible swords by melting a woman's hair into the iron.
Rackam: Yeah, right! Sounds like a fairy tale to me. Putting hair in iron won't do anything, Vice.
Viceroy: Well, I dunno… I'd still like to try it for myself.
Viceroy: If I could make a sword like that, then I'd be that much closer to becoming a master artisan.
Viceroy: All I need is a woman's hair and my ultimate superalloy recipe will be complete. Then my teacher will finally recognize my skills!
Katalina: But…
Lyria: Yeah, I don't know…
Charming Merchant: Hee hee hee… I couldn't help but overhear your story.
No sooner do they hear her strange voice than the mysterious merchant from before appears.
Katalina: You again! You are simply incorrigible!
Charming Merchant: Now just hold on a moment! This isn't like before, I'm a new person now.
Katalina: Oh, that's believable! You're nothing but a crook!
Charming Merchant: I'm telling the truth! Look, I won't ask for a single rupie. This is my way of thanking you for earlier.
Vyrn: So you're going to help us for free? Seems a little suspicious…
Viceroy: It couldn't hurt to just hear her out, right?
Charming Merchant: Thank you, young man!
According to the merchant, there is a forest nearby where they can find a monster with long hair.
This monster's hair is particularly famous for its beauty and fetches a high price at bazaars.
Viceroy desperately wants some, so the crew sets off for the forest.
Vyrn: Hey, what if this is just another trick? It's hard enough finding any animals around here, much less a monster with long hair.
Lyria: I feel like there's something around here. (Captain), be on your guard!
Monster: Grooo!
Viceroy: Here it comes! Sorry, bud, but we need that hair!

Metal Maniacs: Scene 3[edit]

Once he finally has the monster hair, Viceroy hurries to make his sword. After it's completed, the crew is awestruck at its perfection. However, an unexpected visitor arrives and warns them that a sword made using materials from a monster will lead to disaster.

With the monster defeated, Viceroy collects its hair and hurries to fire up the oven.
Viceroy: All done!
Viceroy: Here, check it out! Notice the sturdy, yet graceful curve. Stunning, is it not?
Katalina: My goodness… I have to admit, that really does look spectacular.
Vyrn: You did it, Vice!
Lyria: Yes, well done!
With his work finally complete and praised by all around him, Viceroy smiles with satisfaction and breathes a sigh of relief…
When all of a sudden, an unexpected visitor arrives.
Any version of Galadar is a crew member

Galadar: Buwahahaha! Just as ah suspected!
Viceroy: Master Craftsman Galadar?
Viceroy: What are you doing here? I never thought I'd see you on the ship!
Lyria: Vice, you mean Galadar is the teacher you spoke of earlier?
Vyrn: Wait a minute! He's been on board the whole time!
Viceroy: Oh, really? Well, then you should've said something! I would've gone to see you!
Galadar: Buwahahaha! It's no problem, laddie. Ah've heard a lot about what yeh've been up to and it sounds like yeh've been working hard!
Viceroy: Th-thank you, sir!
Galadar: But I'm afraid this time yeh worked a little too hard…
Viceroy: What do you mean, sir?
Galadar: Laddie, what yeh have here is a rather curious blade.
Viceroy: My sword? What's wrong with it?
Galadar: Here, let me give it a wee look.
Galadar snatches the beautiful sword out of Viceroy's hands.
He eyes it carefully, inspecting the craftsmanship.
Galadar: Just as ah thought! Yeh've used yeti hair. That's how you got it to shine so nicely.
Viceroy: Incredible! That's exactly right, sir! I failed so many times before, but I finally came up with this masterpiece!
Galadar: Unfortunately, yeh not the first.
Viceroy: What?
Galadar: When ah was about your age, and still an inexperienced blacksmith, ah used the same method.
Viceroy: Really? You did?
Galadar: Aye, it's not so surprising. All the finest craftsmen should know this one.
Viceroy: But… I didn't…
Galadar: Haha! There's actually one more thing yeh didn't know…
Galadar: Forging a weapon using materials from a monster like this is certain teh bring about great disaster.
Viceroy: Great… disaster?
Monster's voice: GRRROOOAAARRR!
Galadar: Haha! Right on cue!
No version of Galadar in crew

Artisan: Wahahaha! Exactly as the master said!
Viceroy: Hey, don't you work in the workshop? What are you doing here?
Artisan: I've heard about what you've been up to! You know you've been making the boss worried.
Viceroy: I have? You've got to be joking! I wasn't doing anything bad!
Artisan: Wahahaha! Then what's that in your hand?
Artisan: Let me guess… You made an alloy with yeti hair and iron, then forged it into this fine item you have here, yes?
Viceroy: That's amazing! You have quite the eye!
Artisan: And if all the master artisans say the same thing, you know what that means, right?
Viceroy: No…
Artisan: It means you're not the first!
Viceroy: So then there were others…
Artisan: Indeed there were. Ages ago, our very own Galadar did the same!
Viceroy: Woah, really?
Artisan: Just like you, he realized that he could make a powerful weapon by using materials collected from monsters.
Artisan: However, what you didn't realize was that doing so would bring about a great disaster.
Viceroy: A disaster… But there's nothing wrong with my sword…
Monster's voice: GRRROOOAAARRR!
Artisan: Hehehe! Looks like he found you!

Metal Maniacs: Scene 4[edit]

The sword that Viceroy has made using monster hair turns out to have the additional effect of attracting monsters. Viceroy slumps his shoulders in disappointment and has no choice but to get rid of the dangerous blade. However, he is not one to stay sad for long, and after getting a short pep talk, returns back to his positive self.

Despite having successfully fended off the beast, Viceroy is still in a state of shock.
His shoulders are slumped and he barely has the energy to raise his head.
Any version of Galadar is a crew member

Galadar: Guwahahaha! I think now yeh understand!
Galadar: Haha! Now consider again why it is I'm traveling around the world and collecting weapons.
With that said, Galadar takes the strange sword from Viceroy.
Viceroy: Man… I was so sure that I'd finally made a great sword that you'd be proud of…
Viceroy: But in reality, I was the only one who was convinced. I'm still not as good as you. Man, I'm such an idiot!
Galadar: Hey, what are yeh saying!
Galadar: Just don't get ahead of yehself. Yeh not going to catch up with me that easily!
Viceroy: But I'm such a screw-up… Argh! I just wanted you to be proud of me! That's why I tried so hard.
Galadar: Haha! It's not about getting recognition! Besides, someday, yeh'll have to teach me a thing or two!
Viceroy: Really?
Galadar: That's right. When I was your age, ah couldnae make a sword like that. Take some pride in what yeh can do!
Galadar: Gahahaha! Just keep at it, all right, Vice?
Viceroy: Thank you, sir!
No version of Galadar in crew

Artisan: Well, I think you get it now.
Artisan: See, you need to consider again why it is the boss is traveling around the world and collecting weapons.
With that said, the artisan takes the strange sword from Viceroy.
Viceroy: Man… I was so sure that I'd finally made a great sword that you'd be proud of…
Viceroy: But in reality, I was the only one who was convinced. I'm still not as good as you. Man, I'm such an idiot!
Artisan: Hey, what are yeh saying!
Artisan: Don't get ahead of yourself! You're not going to catch up to the boss that easily!
Viceroy: But I'm such a screw-up… Argh! I just wanted you to be proud of me! That's why I tried so hard.
Artisan: Ah, but that's not so important. And even if he doesn't give you recognition, I still will.
Viceroy: You… you will?
Artisan: You know, when the boss was your age, he couldn't make a sword like that.
Artisan: Buwahaha! You may not get what I'm saying, but it's the darn truth!
Viceroy: Thank you, sir!
The road to making the ultimate superalloy is a long and winding one, but Viceroy will never give up.
He looks straight ahead and, with a will as strong as iron, vows to do the best he can.