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Official Profile[edit]

Age 23 [1]
Height 168cm
Race Human
Hobbies Monster studies, judging sinners
Likes Monsters
Dislikes Unpunctual people, messy people
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  • His obsession with monsters also extends to Vyrn and Bobo.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday. What do you want for a present?
I know! How about the encyclopedia of monsters I've been making? I wouldn't give it to just anyone.
What? You don't want it? But you never know when it might come in handy!


Happy birthday. It's a profound honor to be able to celebrate this most special of days once again.
Allow me then to give a presentation of my most recent research. It's not quite complete, but I hope you won't mind.
Let's see... If I run your birthday and age through some officially verified formulae and compare the end result with this monster table...
Oh my! Your destined monster is none other than Nopal! How wonderful!


Happy birthday! Wonderful getting to celebrate with you yet again.
So allow me to present to you this year's research results. Last year I believe I talked about destined monsters, correct?
That's right. Yours was Nopal. Those results led me to discover a destined monster's compatibility.
And, if my new results are to be trusted, the monsters you have the most compatibility with aaare—drum roll please—
The evil eye! Impressive!
What do you mean no one would want to be associated with an evil eye? Preposterous! Other than the rampant terror, they make great friends, no, family members!


Happy birthday, (Captain). We once again raise a toast to you on this special day.
Now last year I determined the destined monster you're compatible with to be Evil Eye.
And you asked me which other people fell under the category of an evil eye.
After giving it much thought, why couldn't it be the evil eyes themselves? How could I have missed that!
So today I'll be showing you to an evil eye nest—
Huh? (Captain)?
Why did the captain run away like that? Embarrassed maybe?

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year!
When I think of New Year's, I think slimes, don't you?
That slurptacular texture is just like a sumptuous holiday pudding.
Oh, they're so cute. I just want to eat them up! Don't you?


Happy New Year. No time to sleep in now! We must get ready to depart!
What's the hurry you ask? I have to write the first monster journal of the year, of course.And tomorrow I write the second journal entry. And the third after that. Ah, the monsters... they are waiting for me!


Happy New Year! I bet this year's going to be great!
Hm? You had your fortune read? As it just so happens, I did too. Looks like I'm in for terrible luck. How thrilling that is.
Look at what was written!
I was told that I would encounter a number of unknown perils throughout our journey and to beware of menacing dangers!


Oh, (Captain). A moment of your time?
I went to the shrine today to draw my fortune slip, but all that's written on it is doom and gloom.
Here, read it for yourself.
"Stability at home, protection from illness, fortuitous wealth awaits..."
Nothing at all about brushes with monsters!
Where are my near-death experiences? My staredowns with rare beasties? Believing the unbelievable? I was hoping for something more thrilling.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Chocolates? These aren't for me, are they?
No, no, I'm perfectly happy to accept! There are plenty of monsters that enjoy sweets. I'll happily share it with them, if that's okay with you.


Chocolates? Heheh, you feel that way about me, do you?
You're right, though. We would likely make a wonderful couple, if you were so inclined.
You would spend your days exploring skies unknown, while I would document monsters unseen.
Ah, we would make such incredible partners! Let me know if you're serious, and we can begin a discourse on the subject!


What's that? You want to give chocolate to me again this year? Lucky me! Thanks!
So do you remember my proposition from last year?
Come on, yes you do—about us becoming a couple. A monster researcher and a skyfarer would make quite the pair.
Of course we can wait until it's convenient for—
Hm? This isn't the type of talk you have over candy? Really?
Well, let me know when you feel like talking. The monsters and I are waiting.


Chocolates again? Hehehe, thanks a million.
By the way, I think I might have mistook chocolates for a marriage proposal.
Certain words get thrown around during Valentine's, like "obligation," do I naturally jumped to the conclusion that—
Hm? Your face is beet red. Are you okay?
Ah, don't tell me you were being serious?
Hehehe. Okay then! Once we're married, there's nothing we won't be able to handle!
You're under no obligation to get married, but you still give it a second thought. You're quite the eccentric.

White Day Cutscenes
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Today's White Day, isn't it? Here's something special for you. You've always treated me so well after all.
By the way, I've also prepared a little extra for Vyrn. Give it to him when you have the chance, will you?
Let me know what you think of it. I'm looking forward to seeing your reaction.


Happy White Day! I've prepared something for you this year as well. And a little something for Vyrn of course.
Your reaction last year was a tad underwhelming, so I've done a little... something to the ingredients this time. I do hope you'll let me know what you think.
Heheheh... Now then. By all means...


I've prepared a little something for you and Vyrn again this year.
Don't worry though. Your reaction last year was a little overwhelming, even though it brought out something in you never seen before...
So I've changed the way I prepare this delight. It's no longer so dangerous. Here, try a bit and let me know what you think.
Heheheh... Go ahead. Eat up.


Hey, (Captain). I got you a little something this year. Hope you like it.
As usual I prepared a portion for Vyrn as well.
I'm a little worried though. Make sure you both wait until late at night to eat it, and do so in your own room. Otherwise you might get arrested.
Hehehe... I can't wait to hear what happens from this.

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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It's Halloween!
Do you have your costume yet? If not, I have one for you.
This nopal outfit is custom-made... What's that? you don't like it? Perhaps going as an evil eye would strike your fancy?
Ah, you're too picky. You'd best be careful. The gods don't have treats for picky kids!


The town's always in such a festive mood for the trick or treat season.
I'll gladly take on a monster's trick any day. Wouldn't you, (Captain)?


Having fun? The whole town is bustling this time of year, so why don't you try getting in touch with your inner child too?
Oh, you go ahead without me. I'm busy with my research, so I can't—
Huh? Halloween is a ceremony to exorcise evil spirits? And why isn't a priest doing his fair share, you ask?
Simple. I'm interested in the relationship between spirits and monsters, so exorcising them seems fairly counterintuitive.
Haha. But in the course of my research, if I'm suddenly possessed, be sure you still come and visit me, okay?


Hmm... This is not good...
Ah, (Captain). Have you by any chance seen a monster around here? It's an injured little one I took in.
I thought the festive mood might do it some good, so we went for a walk. But then I took my eyes off for a second, and it was gone.
I have to find it before other people do and a real Halloween nightmare ensues!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays!
Today is a very special day. Who are you planning on spending it with?
Naturally, I'll be spending it with the monsters. We're going to celebrate together.
Say, why don't you join us? You can bring Vyrn along with you. We'll have a splendid evening.


May tonight be a blessed night of miracles. A time of happiness for all the skies.
Hm? Oh, it's you. What's wrong? You look surprised.
I am a holy man, after all. On special days like today, I pray... for the peace and happiness of monsters.
Huh? Am I going to pray for people too? Do I have to? That sounds like such a pain...


Oh, oh my... This is quite the spectacle.
Oh, hello. Did you need me for something? Oh, you're having a party to celebrate the holidays?
Never mind that; look at this! There are monsters huddled together sleeping down there. I think they're hibernating!
Ah, what noble creatures! Wish I could snuggle up with them.
Sounds like a good idea, right?


And... lift. Oof.
Oh, hi there, (Captain). What am I carrying?
Presents of course. I'm going to give these to the monsters.
I made a cake too, but I'm not feeling confident that they'll like it. Probably should've just stuck to fresh meat...
Say, can you help a fellow out, (Captain)? With what, you ask?
Hehehe... That's for you to find out.

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Separation Anxiety[edit]

Ever since joining (Captain)'s crew, Will has made great strides in his monster research. However, long stretches of time on board the Grandcypher with no monsters in sight begin to take their toll on the part-time preacher, full-time monster maniac.

[[]] not in crew

Vyrn is mysteriously abducted while (Captain) and the crew are investigating the activities of a suspicious syndicate in town.
Katalina: How awful! Think of what they could be doing to Vyrn! We must get him out at all costs, now!
Rackam: Yeesh. Just take a deep breath, all right? Okay, (Captain), are you ready? We're going in!
The crew sneaks into the research facility under the cover of darkness. There, they find a young man seemingly obsessed with Vyrn.
Rackam: Stop right there, buddy! Are you one of the researchers here? We're gonna need our friend Vyrn back.
???: Oh no, please don't lump me in with those dolts who run this place. How repulsive.
???: The name's Will. I'm just as I look—a humble servant of a... higher power, as you can see.
Will had taken care of the group that had abducted Vyrn, but it seems that he has other plans.
Will: Heh heh... Anyways, my dear Vyrn! I've seen many a creature in this life, but never one like you!
Will: Those eyes are simply captivating... and I bet that tail's got a few stories to tell. Oh, and of course, those wings! I bet you've got a little bit of dragon in you, yes? Man, you'd look great mounted on a wall!
Vyrn: Yikes! What the heck do ya mean by "mounted"? Get this guy away from me!
Will: Ohhh... simply incredible! Fascinating! To think I'd be having a conversation with a real monster!
Rackam: Well, uh... Anyway, to take care of that syndicate all by yourself, I'd say you've got some stories of your own.
As a monster fanatic and researcher, Will takes an interest in Vyrn and the crew of skyfarers who battle with Primal Beasts.
The part-time preacher offers to join the crew, with (Captain)'s approval.
Vyrn: Now hold up just a second! This guy was just talking about mounting me on a wall, like, ten seconds ago!
  1. Fine, but no taxidermy.
  2. Someone like you should be monitored.

Choose: Fine, but no taxidermy.
Katalina: You can't be serious, (Captain)... Do you really want a man like that traveling with us?

Choose: Someone like you should be monitored.
Rackam: Yeah... But this is (Captain) we're talking about here—surely there's a plan.
Continue 1
Will: So glad we could work things out. Well then, would you mind showing me around?
With that, Will joins the Grandcypher crew, continuing his research as they travel the skies. However, a few weeks later—
The crew sails between islands, relaxing as they float through a quiet patch of sky with no monsters to harass them.
Lyria: Oh, what a beautiful day! The breeze feels so nice.
Vyrn: Yawn... I think I'll take a nap.
Rackam: Go ahead, little guy. It'll be a while before we reach the next island.
Will: Sigh...
Lyria: Oh? What's the matter, Will? You seem a little blue.
Will: Hm? Oh, well...
Will: More importantly, are we at the next island yet?
Rackam: Why? You in a hurry?
Will: ...
Vyrn: Hm? What's up, Will? You're quiet, all of a sudden.
Will: Aaaargh! I can't control it any longer!
Lyria: Wha...?
Will: How many days has it been! I haven't seen a single monster in days! If I don't see a monster soon, I... I...
Will: Aaaargh! It's so boring! I'm bored, bored, bored! I want to see some new and exciting monsters!
Will yells to the sky above in vain, and drops to his knees on the deck.
Vyrn: Whoa, what's up with Weirdo Will?
Lyria: Um... For now, just try to relax, okay?
Will: Oh!
Will: Ah, my apologies. I seem to be going through withdrawal symptoms.
Lyria: Huh? What are those?
Will: Since I've started my travels with you, my monster research has gone absolutely nowhere.
Will: I studied all types of monsters each and every day—their territories, physiology, and biology... it was simply intoxicating!
Will: Now, it's but the very opposite! Without finding new monsters, the lack of stimulation will drive me mad!
Vyrn: Wow... I actually feel kinda sorry for you.
Will: Well, that's how I am... Say, can this ship go any faster?
Rackam: Afraid not, we're going as fast as we safely can! You'll have to hang on a bit longer.
Will: Oh... okay. I guess it can't be helped.
Will: ...
Will: It's not okay after all! I can't hang on any longer, let me meet new monsters nowww!
Will: Oh, I get it now! You're all jealous of the connection I have with monsters! You're slowing the ship down on purpose!
Rackam: Hey, your "withdrawal symptoms" are showing again.
Will: Ugh... I can't do it anymore—I'm reaching my limit!
Vyrn: Geez, what a strange, strange man.
Lyria: Um... Okay. Let's just have a chat for now, and you'll be distracted until we get there.
Will: Ch-chat?
Lyria: Yeah, like... Why do you like monsters so much?
Will: Why, isn't it obvious?
Will: They're just gorgeous. More interesting than humans, anyway.
Lyria: What?
Will: I suppose it's because of my work. Back when I was really serious about my preacher work, I met many people on my travels.
Will: People came to me to confess their sins, only to turn around and repeat them as soon as they leave...
Will: Doing things like collecting money for charity, only to make a fortune from the interest on that money!
Lyria: Oh no...
Will: Or so called priests who sell dirty river water, claiming it to be holy water...
Vyrn: Man, that's awful!
Will: It may not be everyone, but humans are, in essence, bad.
Will: Compared to them... monsters who live on the edge, fighting just to survive—they're amazing. That's what I realized.
Rackam: It makes sense now... I thought you were just a weirdo at first, but now I feel like I understand where you're coming from.
Will: Heh, how rude. More importantly, I just want to find new monsters to study!
Will: Oh, I've just had a brilliant idea! Perhaps I could study Vyrn?
Vyrn: Say what?
Will: I've always wanted to do it! Those adorable eyes, the fascinating bone structure of his wings—not to mention his brain, able to learn how to speak!
Will: Heh heh heh... What a fantastic idea!
Vyrn: Don't count on it, creepazoid! I'm not going anywhere near you!
Will: Don't worry, Vyrn! This isn't going to hurt a bit!
Rackam: Geez. I guess he really is just a weirdo.
Lyria: Well, at least he isn't sad anymore!
And as such, Will's "withdrawal symptoms" were relieved, at least for the time being.
On the other hand, (Captain) and the crew are now worried for Vyrn's fate.

Uglier Than A Monster[edit]

The crew accepts a mission from a wealthy client to hunt down a monster. However, Will suspects that the rare species normally doesn't inhabit the island and heads into the forest to see for themselves.

(Captain) and the crew have traveled to an island to accept a monster hunting mission from a client—the wealthiest man on the island.
Rich Man: It was an awful, hideous monster—not to mention, truly obstreperous! My hand has been forced.
Lyria: I see... It must have been hard for you to escape.
Rich Man: Yes... so can I really leave such a difficult and arduous task to a crew led by a bunch of kids?
Vyrn: You know it! (Captain) is crazy strong!
Rich Man: Hmm... Well, if you say so.
Rich Man: I should tell you about this monster. It has massive eyes and wings, and was last seen deep within the forest.
Lyria: Okay, just leave it to us! We can handle it! Right, (Captain)?
Rich Man: Very well, then. I'm counting on you.
Vyrn: All right, let's get going! We'll show that old geezer just what a bunch of kids are capable of!
Will: ...
Lyria: Hmm? What's wrong, Will?
Will: Massive eyes... and wings, eh...
Vyrn: Hey, what are you brooding about?
Will: Well... I was just thinking about what the man was saying about the monster's appearance...
Will: Now, I may be wrong, but it sounds like a certain rare species that doesn't normally inhabit this island.
Lyria: Huh? A rare species?
Will: Yes. A rare and special monster!
Lyria: Hm, that is something to think about...
Will: So that old man was pretty well off, right? You don't think... No, surely not...
Vyrn: But Will, a monster's a monster. If we don't do something, people will be in danger!
Will: Hmm... I suppose you're right.
Will: Anyways, before jumping to conclusions, let's head to the forest! Just try not to harm the monster in question, okay?
Vyrn: All right, let's go!

Uglier Than A Monster: Scene 2[edit]

The crew finally finds the monster in question, exhausted and lost. Will concludes that the client brought it here against its will. His qualms are confirmed when the client appears with a team of mercenaries to dispose of the monster.

Lyria: Oh, over there! Isn't that the monster?
Monster: Grr...
Vyrn: Yup, that's gotta be the one—just how that old geezer described it!
Lyria: Wait, though... Doesn't it look a little timid? It almost looks... scared.
Will: Hmm... Just as I thought. It doesn't fit in at all with the conditions of this island.
Lyria: What do you mean?
Will: Like I said earlier, right? This monster is clearly a rare species, not native to this island. It shouldn't be here.
Vyrn: Huh? So why is it here then?
Will: I believe it may have been transported here from another island, probably by the rich guy that hired us himself.
Lyria: What? Moving a monster to this island deliberately? Why would anyone do that?
Will: You haven't heard? Rich scumbags with too much money and time on their hands like to import monsters and keep them as trophy pets.
Vyrn: No way!
Will: Shutting them into cages, and stealing their freedom just to use them as conversation pieces. The abuse is sickening.
Monster: Rrr...
Will: This is bad... Its pupils are dilated. It must've used the last of its strength to escape from our old friend back there.
Lyria: Oh no... Poor thing...
Vyrn: Yeah, it's looking kinda...
Rich Man: What's going on here? What are you dawdling for?
Lyria: Huh? What are you doing here?
Rich Man: Pah... I was right to hire these extra agents for the job. Just as I thought, this isn't a job for mere children.
Agent 1: Aha! There it is. That's the monster, right?
Agent 2: Haha, it looks weak! Shall we finish it off, sir?
Rich Man: I suppose... I bought it at such a high price, yet it dared to bite and snap at me!
Rich Man: Argh, I detest this beast! Dispose of it! Now!
Will: Heh, I was gonna say the same thing, but for you instead.
Rich Man: Wha... What do you think you're doing!
Will: Who, me? I'm simply judging a sinner who has strayed from the path of righteousness.
Will: I'm returning this monster to the island it came from. I hope you guys don't mind.
Vyrn: Of course not! We're with you all the way on this one, Will!
Lyria: Me too! We have to help the poor monster! Right, (Captain)?
Will: Heh, thanks, everyone.
Rich Man: Why, you little... That's it—I'm raising the bounty! A bonus for anyone who can teach these punks a lesson!
Will: I'm afraid you're about to get a lesson—a lesson on this poor animal's suffering!

Uglier Than A Monster: Scene 3[edit]

After rescuing the monster, the crew takes it on board the Grandcypher, to Will's delight. While transporting it to a more suitable island, he takes the chance to study everything about its behavior. The crew suspects that he knew it would end up this way from the start.

(Captain) and the crew fought off the hired mercenaries and their rich client in order to save the abducted monster.
At Will's request, the crew loaded the monster onto the Grandcypher to transport it back to its native habitat.
Monster: Groargh!
Will: Ahh, saving this monster was its own reward! Being able to travel, albeit briefly, with a genuine, rare monster!
Will: Oh, this is just so exciting! My heart's beating like a drum!
Will: Haha, now I can finally make a new entry in my monster journal!
Vyrn: Hmm...
Lyria: What is it, Vyrn?
Vyrn: Well, I've got a suspicion that this is what Will was aiming for with this mission from the start.
Lyria: Huh? No way!
Lyria: There's no way Will would do that! He loves the animals!
Monster: Groar?
Will: It's okay, it's okay. I'm just gonna pet you, no need to be afraid!
Will: Aha! Fluid sacs underneath the eyes! That's how it keeps those giant eyes moist!
Vyrn: See what I mean?
Lyria: B-but... Hmm...
Will ate and slept next to the monster, while nursing it back to health on the journey back to its native habitat.
His love for monsters knows no bounds—Will never passes up a chance to help a monster in need... or update his monster journal too, of course.

Scientific Method[edit]

One day the crew is enjoying a leisurely game aboard the Grandcypher, when suddenly a roar is heard from within the ship. They go to the scene to find Katalina already engaging with a monster. Will beseeches the crew to calm the monster without causing it harm.

One day, on board the Grandcypher...
The crew is enjoying a rare period of downtime from the usual missions with a leisurely game of Sky Quest.
Vyrn: Hmm... Oh! Looks like I get to change classes. In that case, I'm gonna be a knight!
Lyria: Wow, that's great! Now it's my turn—just roll the dice, and...
Lyria: What? I... I got attacked by monsters!
Vyrn: Haha! Oh man, that's unlucky. Looks like you gotta go back to the hospital.
Lyria: Aww, no fair! I didn't even do anything bad, but monsters attacked me!
Lyria: Something's wrong here! I don't wanna go to the hospital!
Vyrn: Bwahaha! You're surprisingly competitive... But you know, monsters will do what monsters do.
Lyria: But... But! (Captain), what do you think? Isn't it strange?
Will: Heh-heh... Indeed, it is strange. A fine observation, Lyria.
Vyrn: Oh, heya, Will.
Will: Greetings, everyone. Oh, playing Sky Quest I see. How nostalgic... Who's in the lead?
Lyria: Vyrn, for now. What observation were you talking about?
Will: Ah, yes. The aggression of
monsters—actually a topic I've been researching lately.
Will: Let's see, answer me this—what is the fundamental reason that monsters attack us?
Vyrn: Hmm... Maybe next time. Anyways... (Captain), you're up next.
Will: Yes, yes, yes, of course! You're just dying to know, aren't you! I understand.
Will: First off, we need to understand what defines a monster. Biologically, they're not too different from normal plants and animals. So! We must look deeper—what separates them psychologically?
Lyria: Ahaha... You sure are fired up.
Will: Oh, but of course! They're always fired up... to attack! Not for food, or even for territory. So what is the root of that impulse to attack people?
Will: There are various theories regarding this... Mysterian scholars believe that it may be caused by an magical phenomenon coming from the Crimson Horizon.
Vyrn: Yeah, I don't really know about that. More importantly, are you all right? You're not going through withdrawal symptoms again, are ya?
Will: Yes, exactly! What is the symptom? Sphirian scholars believe that it's due to a mutation of the mind which made them aggressive.
Will: Over the course of thousands of years, this mutation of aggressive behavior was passed on from generation to generation.
Will: So, whether it's a magical phenomenon or a biological phenomenon, surely something happened long ago that changed them... At least, that's what I've been thinking about.
Lyria: Sorry to interrupt, but are you feeling all right? I know it's been quite some time since you've seen a monster.
Will: What's this, now? My withdrawal symptoms?
Will: Please, I've long grown well accustomed to dry spells by now, traveling with you all.
Vyrn: Yeah... I wanna believe you, but I don't know. You were kinda having a manic episode there.
Will: Ahaha, my apologies. More importantly, about my theory...
Monster Roar: Groooar!
Will: ...!
Lyria: Was that a monster? I heard it coming from the deck!
Vyrn: Jumpin' jawfish! There aren't supposed to be any monsters in these parts!
Katalina: Hah!
Monster: Groooar!
Katalina: This isn't good... I can't keep my feet steady with all this wind. But I can't back down here!
Lyria: Katalina, we're here!
Katalina: Lyria, (Captain)! Thanks, everyone. Stay on your toes!
Vyrn: Roger that! But this monster...
Will: It can't be... How did this...
Will: Everyone, wait! Try to calm this monster without hurting it, all right?

Scientific Method: Scene 2[edit]

After investigating the monster, the crew determines that it somehow boarded the ship despite being wingless. As it turns out, Will secretly snuck some on board to test his theory regarding monster aggression, hoping to prove monsters and people could live together.

As Will requested, the crew quells the monster while doing minimal harm to it.
Giving it a closer look, Vyrn feels something off about the monster.
Vyrn: Say, what do you guys think? I dunno about you, but something's... weird.
Lyria: Hm, you're right... It's different. But how? What do you think Katalina?
Katalina: Let's see... This one here is quite different from the other monsters in the sky—the fact that it has no wings definitely raises some questions.
Vyrn: Whoa, you're right! How was this guy even flying?
Katalina: Indeed, I thought it may have been concealing its wings somewhere, but I don't see anywhere it could hide them.
Lyria: Hmm... Maybe it's a land monster? Then how did it end up here?
Katalina: It must've snuck onboard while we were docked and stowed away for a few days. We should check around the ship for others, just in case.
Vyrn: Yeah, no kidding! Hey, Will, about these monsters...
Lyria: Oh! Where is he? He was right here just a moment ago...
Vyrn: What? I've got a bad feeling about this... Where'd he run off to?
Katalina: ...!
That came from the cargo hold!
The crew arrives at the cargo hold to find Rackam armed with his gun, and Will embracing a toolbox.
Rackam: Will! Get away from that box this instant!
Will: Never! This is my box—get away from me!
Rackam: Come on, step aside! We both know there's a monster in there!
Will: Monster? What monster? No monsters in here!
???: Prowrrr...
Will: Oh, drat! Stay quiet would you!
Will: Uh... Prowrrr, prowrrr! Yeah, uh... I say that all the time! Prowrrr!
Rackam: He's lost it... What am I supposed to do with this guy? Oh, hey there, (Captain).
Vyrn: Oh man... He's totally latched onto the box. Maybe we could try prying him off?
Lyria: But... We shouldn't force him. Let's hear what he has to say.
Katalina: That's right. Surely he has his reasons.
(Captain) nods and approaches Will unarmed in order to calm him down.
Will regains his composure in response.
Will: Sorry, (Captain)... I got kind of carried away there.
Will: I was the one who brought these monsters onboard. I was so desperate to show you all...
Will: ...
Will: I wanted to show you all what it'd be like, to live in harmony with monsters. Have you ever imagined what it'd be like?
Rackam: Can't say I can.
Vyrn: Nope.
Will: Right? Everyone has their own dreams, though.
Will: Even though this dream will probably never come true. I know that more than anybody, but...
Lyria: Oh, really?
Katalina: A-ahem... Anyways, let's see where he's going with this.
Will: While observing various monsters on my travels with you all, I came up with a theory.
Will: A theory regarding the root cause and solution for the innate aggression in monsters...
Will: I thought perhaps it may have been due to the minerals within the land, but clearly it seems that isn't the case.
Will: I wish I could apologize to the monsters, getting them involved in this mess all because of my misguided ego.
Vyrn: Hey now—what about us? Well... I guess we should be used to it by this point.
Lyria: It's fine, right? I don't think anyone was injured or hurt. When were you able to get the monsters onboard though?
Will: At the last island, not too long ago. I chose three monsters I thought would be best suited for my theory.
Rackam: I see. Now that you mention it, you were peculiarly late getting back to the ship last time...
Katalina: Hm? Wait a minute. Did you say... three? That means...
Monster: ...!
Will: Oh, there you were! It looks like we haven't taken care of all of them yet.
Will: Remember not to hurt them too badly, (Captain)!

Scientific Method: Scene 3[edit]

Will understands what must be done and releases the monsters back to a nearby uninhabited island. However, it seems that one of them has taken a liking to the Grandcypher and refuses to leave. Will decides to keep this to himself for the time being.

Vyrn: Hey, Will's back! Were you able to set 'em free all right?
Will: Yeah... They seemed to adjust well to their new surroundings.
Will: ...
Lyria: Will, is everything okay? It sure would be nice if you could live with them someday...
Will: Thanks. Don't worry about me
though—hope that we'll someday know what drives these creatures.
Will: Until that day, my research will never end.
Will: Anyways, shall we head back to the ship?
After releasing the wild monsters to a nearby uninhabited island, the crew returns back to the Grandcypher.
Will heads back to his quarters with a sullen look on his face, clearly remorseful for the situation.
Toolbox Monster: Prrr... rowrrr?
Will: Hee hee hee! I'm back, my dear Mr. Prowrs! The other monsters aren't here anymore.
Will: But is it really all right with you? I mean, I can still release you if that's what you wish...
Mr. Prowrs: Prowrrr!
As if somehow able to comprehend the question, Mr. Prowrs answers by shutting itself inside the toolbox.
Will: Ah! Understood, then. Welcome aboard the Grandcypher, once again! Right, we still need (Captain) to approve, I suppose.
Will: However, you are truly fascinating, indeed... I've never seen such a timid monster in all of my travels! I wonder what it could be about you...
Mr. Prowrs: Prowrrr?
Will: Heh, no need to rush things though, right? You'll need some time to adjust, of course! Don't worry, we have all the time in the skies!
With this newly made friend, Will's research takes its first major step forward.
This man's unwavering bond with monsters will someday unravel the mysteries of the sky, however unbeknownst to anyone yet.

The Principle of Love[edit]

Will awakens in a cave, unable to move his body. Fascinated with the monsters who are about to prey on him, he recollects how he managed to end up at death's door while pursuing a group of bandits.

Will: Uh, ugh... Where... am I?
Will: What the... I... I can't move my body?
Will: It's so cold... but I'm so hot inside... My throat is on fire.
???: Grr...
Will: Who is it?
Monster: Groooar!
Will: ...!
Will: Heh heh... You've taken a big bite of my arm there...
Will: It's... fortunate that I can't feel any pain right now either...
Young Monster: Rawrrr!
Will: The mother is teaching its child... how to hunt its prey?
Will: I see... Their bodies are small, but their fangs are already so mature. This must allow them to become predators early on...
Will: Beautiful... It's simply beautiful!
Monsters: Groooar!
Noticing the change in Will's expression, the monsters instinctively fall back to observe their prey further before proceeding.
As if trying to read his mind, the monsters' gazes never waver from his eyes.
Will: Heh. It's all coming back to me now, I think...
Will: That's right, I was on a mission with everyone else.
Will: So how did I...
Vyrn: Get back here! That money belongs to the villagers!
Bandit Thug: Shut it, lizard! Damn, these punks are tenacious!
Lyria: What should we do, (Captain)? They're running all over the place!
Will: Hmm, quite a pickle indeed. Not only are they fast, they seem to be quite familiar with this land.
Will: But it's only a matter a time—let's say we block off the exit of this cave and take 'em out from there?
Vyrn: Sounds like a plan... Whoa, hold up just a minute! They're coming back at us with monsters now!
Monster: Grrr...
Bandit Thug: Heh, here's a succulent skyfarer crew for
ya—eat up! Come on, we didn't starve ya guys all week for nothin'!
Will: Change of plans. We must punish these sinners, posthaste!
Will: Repent and atone, you bastards!
Vyrn: Whoa, Will's lost it! Here they come, (Captain)!

The Principle of Love: Scene 2[edit]

Succumbing to his injuries, Will accepts his fate but is happy to die if it means the monsters he loves so much can live. However, before the monsters can go any further, the bandits find him. Will finds new ambition within himself and takes a stand against the bandits.

Vyrn: Pant... wheeze... H-how's that?
Bandit Thug: I-impossible... How are they so strong?
Lyria: It sure wasn't easy, but we've got them now!
Will: Hmm...
Vyrn: What's up, Will? Is something wrong?
Will: Oh, nothing... Just—take a look at the ground here. Isn't it peculiar? It's so smooth, almost like a man-made path...
Bandit Boss: Hahaha! That's right, ya dumb preacher! This is our emergency hide out that y'all have just set foot in!
Vyrn: No way! Oh, geez... We're surrounded!
Bandit Boss: Heh, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Eat bullets, chumps!
Lyria: Vyrn, no!
Will: Not on my watch!
Will: Ah, that's right... I jumped off the cliff.
Will: Heh heh, how foolish of me. How can I even show my face to the crew after such a stunt?
Will: But... I really gotta get going soon. Come on, just start with your pinkie toe...
Will: All righty then...
Will: Arrrgh!
Will: Huff... puff...
Will: Not good... I didn't consider the internal damage. This certainly does not bode well...
Will: It doesn't look like I'll be moving anytime soon...
Monsters: Grrr...
The monsters approach Will once again upon watching him succumb to his injuries.
Their gazes are much different than
earlier—they now see him simply as fallen prey for themselves.
Will: Death, huh?
Will: They're so close... I can hear their hearts beating...
Will: So this is what fear feels like? Which must mean... I'm afraid?
Will: Vyrn... Mr. Prowrs... and (Captain)...
Will: I thought I loved monsters with all of my heart, but it turns out I am afraid in the end...
Young Monster: Groar!
Will: Was my love for monsters not true? Then... what is love?
Will: Sacrificing myself here? Granting their desires here?
Will: Either way, I'm also guilty of killing monsters, myself. Why would I deserve any better than this?
Will: By offering my body to these monsters, I can provide sustenance and life to these monsters... Surely, that is a true love!
Will: Heh heh heh... Splendid! My final thesis!
Will: Yes, indeed! A fitting end for a hypocrite—a monster researcher with the blood of monster on his hands...
Monsters: Grooowr!
Will: ...?
Bandit Boss: Damn, just some monsters... Hey! Someone get a trap set up here!
Bandit Thug: Get lost, monsters! Man, once I get my hands on 'em damn skyfarers...
Will: ...
Bandit Boss: Oho, what's this now? It looks like Mister Preacher here survived!
Bandit Thug: Hahaha, look at him now! Pathetic. Oh, here's an idea! Let's use him as bait—
Bandit Thug: Yarrrgh!
Will: A shame, really...
Bandit Boss: You're kidding! This guy was supposed to be on the brink of death... What kind of monster are you?
Will: Such a shame that I wasn't able to finish my final thesis...
Bandit Boss: Huh? What are you going on about, ya lunatic? Come on, men! Get him!
Will: What love is... and the proof... of my love...
Vyrn: Hey, there he is! Will, are you all right?
Will: Oh? It's Vyrn, and everyone else...
Lyria: Look at Will, he's terribly injured! Come on (Captain), let's go!

The Principle of Love: Scene 3[edit]

The crew tends to Will's injuries as he ponders the bonds between people and monsters. In an attempt to cheer him up, Vyrn offers to help him with monster research as a study sample, much to Will's delight.

Despite everything that happened, the crew managed to capture the band of thieves and fulfill their mission.
While attending to Will's injuries, the crew finds rest and shelter at a nearby inn.
Vyrn: Whew... Well, that takes care of first aid for now, but how are you holdin' up?
Will: ...
Lyria: Um... Will? Does it hurt anywhere else?
Will: Hm? Oh, no worries. I'm all patched up, thanks to you.
Vyrn: But seriously, we're glad to see you all right! You really saved us back there!
Will: ...
Will: (Those monsters... I wasn't able to do anything for them...)
Will: (Monsters and humans, those monsters and I... Can such a bond possibly exist?)
Will: (I don't know, but... now...)
Vyrn: Will? Anybody home? Hey, what's the matter?
Will: Sorry about that. What were you saying now?
Vyrn: Come on, I was thankin' ya for saving all of us! I'll even offer to help you with your monster research.
Vyrn: But... Nothing that involves pain, got it? I ain't drinking any weird concoctions you make either!
Will: Really, Vyrn? Do you mean it? A dragon never goes back on their word, you know!
Vyrn: Yikes! Keep it down, will ya? I mean, you should be careful, considering—
Will: Don't you worry your little tail about me! I've been waiting, Vyrn!
Vyrn: Whoa, hey now! Stop chasing me! Uh, I take it back after all!
Will: Hee hee hee! Those adorable eyes, that nose, those fangs... I can't decide—where should my experiments begin?
And such, Will found a new purpose in his research, in the most dire of situations.
As his love for monsters deepened once more, so did the love for his companions on the Grandcypher.


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