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This character has multiple versions.
Npc m 3020010000 01.jpgNpc m 3030092000 01.jpg
WillWill (SR)
Label Rarity R.png
[Evil Hunter]This title is an unofficial, amateur translation.

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MAX HP 768
MAX ATK 4200 (+280Total ATK bonuses from Cross-Fate Episodes.)
Element Label Element Dark.png
RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Human.png
Style Label Type Special.png
SpecialtyThis character gains 20% more ATK from weapons of this type in your grid. Label Weapon Sabre.png Label Weapon Staff.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Male
Voice Actor Daisuke Kishio
How to Recruit
Premium Draw
Recruitment Weapon
Weapon s 1020401500.jpg The Cross

ID 3020010000
Char ID 1010
Uncap Limit Icon Yellow Star.pngIcon Yellow Star.pngIcon Yellow Star.png
Blush ValueA value between 0 and 3. It is used exclusively for Nina Drango's skills. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Status Blush 4.pngStatus Blush 4.pngStatus Blush 4.png
NameJP ウィル
TitleJP イービルハンター
Voice ActorJP 岸尾だいすけ
Release Date 2014-04-24
Other Sites
Icon gbf-wiki.pnggbf-wiki
(Japanese wiki)
Icon Gamewith.pngGamewith Icon Kamigame.pngKamigame

A two-faced preacher who won't accept compromise—good or bad. This is a threat to those who stand to have their misdeeds judged by him. As for the creatures who would receive his affection? It's still a threat.

Charge Attack

Charge Attack
Icon Name Effect
Skill charge attack.png Spatter Big Dark damage to a foe


Icon Name Cooldown Duration Obtained Effect
Ability Poison.png Jinx 8 turns
Lvl 45:
7 turns
180 sec Lvl 1
⇧ Lvl 45This skill is enhanced at level 45.
Dark damage to a foe and inflict Status Poison.pngPoisonedHP is lowered on every turn
Strength: 1000 HPDuration: 180 seconds
Ability Duration.png Atonement 5 turns - Lvl 25
Inflict Mode Bar CutCut to foe's mode bar
on a foe in Overdrive.

Support Skills

Support SkillsDoes not work from the backline unless explicitly stated.
Icon Name Obtained Effect
Icon Extended Mastery Support Skill.png Extended Mastery Support Skill EMP Convert turn-based DMG dealt to a foe to heal all allies

Extended Mastery Perks

Extended Mastery Perks
Style ZenithAtk.pngATK
ZenithDebuffRes.pngDebuff Resistance
ZenithODA.pngOverdrive Attack
ZenithModeBar.pngOverdrive Curbed
RaceCalled "Type" in-game. ZenithAtk.pngATK
ZenithDA.pngDouble Attack Rate
ZenithCritHit.pngCritical Hit
12% chance for 12% more DMG20% chance for 20% more DMG25% chance for 25% more DMG
Individual ZenithAtk.pngATK
ZenithSkillDmg.pngSkill Damage
ZenithDebuffAcc.pngDebuff Success Rate Up
ZenithODA.pngOverdrive Attack
ZenithSupportSkill.pngConvert turn-based DMG dealt to a foe to heal all allies
Coronation Ring square.jpg Over Mastery Nightshade Earrings square.jpg Aetherial Mastery
Icon augment2 l.pngPermanent Mastery


Gameplay Notes

Extended Mastery Support Skill

  • Heals all allies when turn-based damage applies to enemies (e.g. poison, burn). The heal amount depends on the turn-based damage dealt and is capped based on rank.
Rank Healing Cap
1★ 100 HP
2★ 150 HP
3★ 200 HP

Uncap Materials

Uncap 1★ Uncap 2★ Uncap 3★

Awakening Materials

Lvl 2: Icon Bonus Attack.png ATK +1000 Lvl 3: Icon Bonus HP.png HP +500 Lvl 4: Icon Bonus CA DMG.png C.A. DMG +5% Lvl 5: Icon Bonus Attack.png Multiattack +2%
Lvl 6: Icon Bonus Attack.png ATK +2000 Lvl 7: Icon Bonus HP.png HP +1000

Facsimile Compatibility

Icon Skill Copyable?
Ability Poison.png Jinx Yes
Ability Duration.png Atonement Yes