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Official Profile[edit]

Age 23 [1]
Height 168cm
Race Human
Hobbies Monster studies, judging sinners
Likes Monsters
Dislikes Unpunctual people, messy people
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.




  • His obsession with monsters also extends to Vyrn and Bobo.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday. What do you want for a present?
I know! How about the encyclopedia of monsters I've been making? I wouldn't give it to just anyone.
What? You don't want it? But you never know when it might come in handy!


Happy birthday. It's a profound honor to be able to celebrate this most special of days once again.
Allow me then to give a presentation of my most recent research. It's not quite complete, but I hope you won't mind.
Let's see... If I run your birthday and age through some officially verified formulae and compare the end result with this monster table...
Oh my! Your destined monster is none other than Nopal! How wonderful!


Happy birthday! Wonderful getting to celebrate with you yet again.
So allow me to present to you this year's research results. Last year I believe I talked about destined monsters, correct?
That's right. Yours was Nopal. Those results led me to discover a destined monster's compatibility.
And, if my new results are to be trusted, the monsters you have the most compatibility with aaare—drum roll please—
The evil eye! Impressive!
What do you mean no one would want to be associated with an evil eye? Preposterous! Other than the rampant terror, they make great friends, no, family members!


Happy birthday, (Captain). We once again raise a toast to you on this special day.
Now last year I determined the destined monster you're compatible with to be Evil Eye.
And you asked me which other people fell under the category of an evil eye.
After giving it much thought, why couldn't it be the evil eyes themselves? How could I have missed that!
So today I'll be showing you to an evil eye nest—
Huh? (Captain)?
Why did the captain run away like that? Embarrassed maybe?

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year!
When I think of New Year's, I think slimes, don't you?
That slurptacular texture is just like a sumptuous holiday pudding.
Oh, they're so cute. I just want to eat them up! Don't you?


Happy New Year. No time to sleep in now! We must get ready to depart!
What's the hurry you ask? I have to write the first monster journal of the year, of course.And tomorrow I write the second journal entry. And the third after that. Ah, the monsters... they are waiting for me!


Happy New Year! I bet this year's going to be great!
Hm? You had your fortune read? As it just so happens, I did too. Looks like I'm in for terrible luck. How thrilling that is.
Look at what was written!
I was told that I would encounter a number of unknown perils throughout our journey and to beware of menacing dangers!


Oh, (Captain). A moment of your time?
I went to the shrine today to draw my fortune slip, but all that's written on it is doom and gloom.
Here, read it for yourself.
"Stability at home, protection from illness, fortuitous wealth awaits..."
Nothing at all about brushes with monsters!
Where are my near-death experiences? My staredowns with rare beasties? Believing the unbelievable? I was hoping for something more thrilling.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Chocolates? These aren't for me, are they?
No, no, I'm perfectly happy to accept! There are plenty of monsters that enjoy sweets. I'll happily share it with them, if that's okay with you.


Chocolates? Heheh, you feel that way about me, do you?
You're right, though. We would likely make a wonderful couple, if you were so inclined.
You would spend your days exploring skies unknown, while I would document monsters unseen.
Ah, we would make such incredible partners! Let me know if you're serious, and we can begin a discourse on the subject!


What's that? You want to give chocolate to me again this year? Lucky me! Thanks!
So do you remember my proposition from last year?
Come on, yes you do—about us becoming a couple. A monster researcher and a skyfarer would make quite the pair.
Of course we can wait until it's convenient for—
Hm? This isn't the type of talk you have over candy? Really?
Well, let me know when you feel like talking. The monsters and I are waiting.


Chocolates again? Hehehe, thanks a million.
By the way, I think I might have mistook chocolates for a marriage proposal.
Certain words get thrown around during Valentine's, like "obligation," so I naturally jumped to the conclusion that—
Hm? Your face is beet red. Are you okay?
Ah, don't tell me you were being serious?
Hehehe. Okay then! Once we're married, there's nothing we won't be able to handle!
You're under no obligation to get married, but you still give it a second thought. You're quite the eccentric.

White Day Cutscenes
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Today's White Day, isn't it? Here's something special for you. You've always treated me so well after all.
By the way, I've also prepared a little extra for Vyrn. Give it to him when you have the chance, will you?
Let me know what you think of it. I'm looking forward to seeing your reaction.


Happy White Day! I've prepared something for you this year as well. And a little something for Vyrn of course.
Your reaction last year was a tad underwhelming, so I've done a little... something to the ingredients this time. I do hope you'll let me know what you think.
Heheheh... Now then. By all means...


I've prepared a little something for you and Vyrn again this year.
Don't worry though. Your reaction last year was a little overwhelming, even though it brought out something in you never seen before...
So I've changed the way I prepare this delight. It's no longer so dangerous. Here, try a bit and let me know what you think.
Heheheh... Go ahead. Eat up.


Hey, (Captain). I got you a little something this year. Hope you like it.
As usual I prepared a portion for Vyrn as well.
I'm a little worried though. Make sure you both wait until late at night to eat it, and do so in your own room. Otherwise you might get arrested.
Hehehe... I can't wait to hear what happens from this.

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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It's Halloween!
Do you have your costume yet? If not, I have one for you.
This nopal outfit is custom-made... What's that? You don't like it? Perhaps going as an evil eye would strike your fancy?
Ah, you're too picky. You'd best be careful. The gods don't have treats for picky kids!


The town's always in such a festive mood for the trick or treat season.
I'll gladly take on a monster's trick any day. Wouldn't you, (Captain)?


Having fun? The whole town is bustling this time of year, so why don't you try getting in touch with your inner child too?
Oh, you go ahead without me. I'm busy with my research, so I can't—
Huh? Halloween is a ceremony to exorcise evil spirits? And why isn't a priest doing his fair share, you ask?
Simple. I'm interested in the relationship between spirits and monsters, so exorcising them seems fairly counterintuitive.
Haha. But in the course of my research, if I'm suddenly possessed, be sure you still come and visit me, okay?


Hmm... This is not good...
Ah, (Captain). Have you by any chance seen a monster around here? It's an injured little one I took in.
I thought the festive mood might do it some good, so we went for a walk. But then I took my eyes off for a second, and it was gone.
I have to find it before other people do and a real Halloween nightmare ensues!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays!
Today is a very special day. Who are you planning on spending it with?
Naturally, I'll be spending it with the monsters. We're going to celebrate together.
Say, why don't you join us? You can bring Vyrn along with you. We'll have a splendid evening.


May tonight be a blessed night of miracles. A time of happiness for all the skies.
Hm? Oh, it's you. What's wrong? You look surprised.
I am a holy man, after all. On special days like today, I pray... for the peace and happiness of monsters.
Huh? Am I going to pray for people too? Do I have to? That sounds like such a pain...


Oh, oh my... This is quite the spectacle.
Oh, hello. Did you need me for something? Oh, you're having a party to celebrate the holidays?
Never mind that; look at this! There are monsters huddled together sleeping down there. I think they're hibernating!
Ah, what noble creatures! Wish I could snuggle up with them.
Sounds like a good idea, right?


And... lift. Oof.
Oh, hi there, (Captain). What am I carrying?
Presents of course. I'm going to give these to the monsters.
I made a cake too, but I'm not feeling confident that they'll like it. Probably should've just stuck to fresh meat...
Say, can you help a fellow out, (Captain)? With what, you ask?
Hehehe... That's for you to find out.

Fate Episodes[edit]

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Boy with Two Faces[edit]

Vyrn had been kidnapped. (Captain)’s party planned to sneak into the facilities of the people who had done it.But they had already been destroyed, according a priest by the name of Will. He decided to offer (Captain)’s party his guidance, having found them most interesting.

In a town where a shadowy organization went about its shady business, (Captain) and company didn't know what to do. Vyrn had been taken.
The organization hoped to harness the power of the monsters they’d captured to further their own nefarious goal.
Katalina: Wha...what does that mean?!

Think of what they’re doing to Vyrn!

We need to get him out of there!
Rackam: Yeesh, Lyria. You might wanna tone it down a notch. Here we go, (Captain)...into the darkness!
Rackam: Blegh...I don’t like the look of this place. Who cares if they’re monsters? They deserve better than that...
Katalina: Th-this is terrible...I sure hope Vyrn is okay...
Lyria: Oh! Katalina...! Over there! It’s Vyrn!
Vyrn: Damnit! Hands off, I said! What the hell are you doing?! Lemme go!
Katalina: Vyrn!

We...we need to help him!

Let’s go, (Captain)!
???: Well I’ll be damned! A monster in the shape of a talking lizard!
Vyrn: Dude! Call me a lizard ONE more time! H-hey! D-don’t do that, it tick?hee! Hyuk hyuk!
Rackam: That’ll be enough of that!

You...you work here or something?

Well have Vyrn back now!
???: Me? With that flock of fools? Perish the thought. Just the thought...yuck.
???: The name’s Will. I’m just as I look: a humble servant of a higher power.
Rackam: A priest? Couldn’t tell by the way you talk. What’re you doing around here?
Will: It's all part of the job, I suppose. You know how they kill monsters? I’m not turning a blind eye to THAT.
Will: I snuck right on in, thinking I’d deliver a little divine retribution.
Will: And that’s when I find the dear lizard! What I'm saying is, I saved him!
Vyrn: I guess...doesn’t feel like it, though...
Will: Well don’t you worry. They had a rough touch with monsters. A judgment half as harsh would be too kind for those knuckleheads.
Rackam: Wha?!

Judgment? What d’you mean judgment?!

Who the hell d’you think you are...
Will: Well you don’t look like you’re from around here. Guess I can clue you in. This is underworld business.
Will: Or as much of it as a peacenik priest can handle, anyway.
Rackam: Oh, c’mon! Underworld? And you call yourself a priest...
Will: Hehe...anyway. Dear Vyrn! I’ve seen many a creature in my life, but never one like you!
Will: Those charming eyes...and I bet that tail’s got a few stories to tell. And those wings! I bet you have a little dragon in you! Man, you would look great mounted on a wall!
Vyrn: Eeek! What do you mean, “mounted?!" What kind of thing is that to say?!
Will: Ah...this is kind of a big deal for me! Talking with a real, live monster!
Rackam: But he did crush that organization..and he did it by himself. Bet you’ve got some stories, too...
Will: Well what about you folks? You’re a pretty odd combination...
Lyria: Buh? I, uh... i’m just your average, run-of-the-mill girl! Go ahead and put me under the microscope! You’ll only find more girl!
Will: Ah, it’s not the girls that interest me. Give me a good old monster any day of the week.
Vyrn: Uh...okay.
Will: C’mon. Don’t be scared.
Vyrn: What? NO!

Scared?! Who’s scared?

We’re skyfarers!
Vyrn: Damnit! Why don’t you go and ask a few primal beasts about us? Oh, that’s right. You can’t.
Will: Ask what?!

Hot damn! That’s even better than a monster!

Heh. Let’s try this.
Will: I say, “I sure would like to join you guys!” And you say, “Great idea, Will!”
Vyrn: Hold up, dude! You think this is a joke?! You were talking about putting me up on a wall, like, ten seconds ago!
  1. Fine. But no taxidermy
  2. I’d better keep an eye on you

Choose: Fine. But no taxidermy
Katalina: (Captain)...you can’t be serious. Do you really want someone like that traveling with us?

Choose: I’d better keep an eye on you
Rackam: Nah...this is (Captain) we’re talking about. We don’t have a thing to worry about.
Continue 1
Will: Finally! Somebody on my level! So are you going to show me to the ship or what?
Vyrn: What they...c’mon!

Why do you need to bring all that?!

What’re you planning?!
Will: Oh, this? This is my monster journal. Wonderful, wonderful creatures.
Will: And this one is for the judged...and I got some assassination tools somewhere in there...
Rackam: H-Hey, wait! Did you say assassination?! Anyone else having second thoughts?
Vyrn: Fine, you’re in. But whatever you’re planning, you’d better run it through us first!
Will: Okay, okay. I mean...I might get to see a real, live primal beast...
Will: I’ll keep the assassinations to a minimum.
And so the Evil Hunter Will, man of at least two faces, joined our heroes as they set off once again.
Although it would be some time before (Captain) and company knew him for who he truly was...

The Secret List[edit]

Will’s “Criminal List” is stolen by thieves that snuck into the airship. When the find and confront the thieves, they send monsters against the party.

The “Criminal List” is...
It is the list of names of people in power who have committed crimes and should never be revealed to the public.
Vyrn: Say what?! The Criminal List has been stolen? Was it the thieves that snuck into the ship?!
Rackam: Hmm... (Captain) defeated them all right away, so there wasn't too much damage...
Will: But it seems like they were after my things all along.
Rackam: Come on... Why are you being so calm? The Criminal List can never be made public.
Will: Yeah, if that list gets out there, it would be terrible. But what’s bothering me is...
Rackam: Heh! We gotta move! Let’s go get it back, (Captain)!
Will: Bad boys that steal people’s precious treasures will need to be punished...
Vyrn: There they are! It’s the guys that snuck into the ship! There’s no mistake!
Thief: Damnit... They found us... Take this!
Monster: Grrrr...
Rackam: This is bad! They sent monsters at us!
Will: You enslave the monsters to use them for this?! How could you?!
Vyrn: Hmm... But we can’t keep going without defeating the monsters...
Will: I know... I don’t want to, but it looks like we have to fight...
Will: At the very least, make sure the monsters die painlessly, (Captain)!

The Secret List: Scene 2[edit]

Will burns in anger at the thieves who take advantage of monsters for their personal gain. Will declares that even if they return his “Criminal List,” he will not forgive the thieves that used monsters on them.

Vyrn: All right! We cornered them!
Will: Get out here, you bastards! I’ll make you regret taking advantage of the monsters for your own personal gain!
Rackam: Yeah! You better prepare yourself! This scary dude is mad now!
Vyrn: Hmph! If you don’t want to get hurt, you better give back the Criminal List!
Will: Too bad! Even if you give that back, I already made up my mind that I’ll make you pay!
Thief: Hehehe... You think we’ll let go of treasure this valuable?!
Thief: Ahaha...! With this, we can blackmail the people in power all we want!
Will: That’s so stupid... You have less brains than those monsters.
Will: Punishing you is a pain. I’ll just end you! You got that, (Captain)?
Thief: Ugh... Just because you defeated some small fry, don’t get ahead of yourself! These guys will be your opponent next!
Monster: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!
Vyrn: Damnit! It’s them! They sent monsters at us again!
Vyrn: Let’s go! This one’s huge! Be careful, (Captain)!

The Secret List: Scene 3[edit]

After cornering the thieves, (Captain) and company manage to calm down Will. The “Criminal List” returns to Will’s hands, but what Will worried most for was the “Monster Observation Journal” that was also stolen.

Will: Not once, but twice... How do you plan on making it up to me for forcing me to fight the innocent monsters?
Thief: Eek! Forgive us! We’ll give back everything we stole! Please! I beg of you!
Rackam: They were a disappointment. I hope you learned your lesson and you...
Will: Deplorable fools. You are past the point of retribution.
Will: You shall feel the same amount of pain the monsters suffered! You damn vermin... Prepare yourselves...
Vyrn: Ahh! Hey! This is the getting way out of hand! (Captain), stop Will!
And thus, the “Criminal List” is returned to Will without being abused.
The thieves manage to escape Will’s punishment. However, the image of the bone-chilling clergy will be forever burned into their minds.
Will: It’s not here... Is it over here? Where did it go?!
Vyrn: What happened?! You got the Criminal List back, didn’t you? What are you looking for now?
Will: Criminal List? I have something much more important than that!
Rackam: Hm? More important than the Criminal List? W-What could it be? Depending on what it is...
Will: It’s my Monster Observation Journal!
Vyrn: Huh?
Will: I have sought the beautiful and transient lives of monsters for many years. It’s all written in my Monster Observation Journal!
Will: Gasp! I must have forgotten it at the cave from earlier!
Will: (Captain), let’s go find it right away! Hurry!
Vyrn: Geez. I can’t deal with this.
Will’s attachment to monsters knows no bounds.
But in their long journey, there are countless monsters they have met. The “Monster Observation Journal” will continue to update.


Abby and Bobo find themselves relentlessly hunted by assassins, and Will soon discovers that Bobo has been mistaken for a dangerous, rare bear. He hunts down the bear, simultaneously helping his friends and satisfying his craving to meet new monsters.

It's late at night, and all that can be heard throughout the Grandcypher is the sound of quiet footsteps.
Men who have stolen onto the ship smile gleefully down at the sleeping faces of Abby and Bobo.
Assassin 1: Heh... They're sleepin' like babies.
Assassin 2: Heh-heh... Yep. Looks like it's time to get paid... Take this!
Assassin 2: What in the?
Will: Well, well, what do we have here? Attacking people in their sleep, huh? Talk about unsightly filth.
Assassin 1: Damn... You'll pay for gettin' in our way! You're ours now!
Will: Yeah, yeah... It seems that you two need to be taught a lesson. Abby! Bobo!
Abby and Bobo spring out of bed, looking so ready for action that it's almost like they were waiting for the call.
Abby: Choppin' time! Let's split 'em in two!
Bobo: Bobo! (You've got a lot of nerve waking me up at this hour! And I get cranky when I'm tired!)
Will: You losers seriously think you can fight me?
Assassin 1: Ugh!
Assassin 2: Oof!
Suspicious men like these two assassins have recently been attacking Abby and Bobo day and night.
Will, who's sure there's a reason for the attacks, glares at the defeated intruders.
Will: You two will talk, won't you? You know, about why you're after Abby and her friend here. Well?
The two assassins, who sense an unspeakable sort of insanity behind Will's benign smile, quiver as they beg for their lives.
Assassin 1: P-please! Have mercy on us!
Will: Hee-hee. Well, that depends on you two, doesn't it?
Assassin 1: The truth is... Huh?
The moment the assassin begins to speak, he sees the criminal list, which is under Will's arm.
Assassin 1: Ha! So you're an assassin too!
Assassin 2: Ha-ha! Pretendin' to be their friends so you can catch 'em off guard, huh?
Will: What exactly do you mean by that?
Assassin 1: Gotcha!
Will: Oof!
Assassin 2: Not so high-and-mighty now!
After taking advantage of Will's moment of weakness to send him flying, the assassins turn around and flee from the Grandcypher.
Will: Phew... I really should pay more attention. But what were they on about?
Will's face clouds over as he considers the implications of the assassins taking notice of his criminal list.
Will: All right, you guys... Do you have any idea why people are after you?
Abby: Hmm... Nope. Any clue, Bobo?
Bobo: Bobo... (I have no idea either.)
Abby: Bobo says it doesn't matter, 'cause he can beat down any assassin with his blazin' punches inferno-style!
Bobo: Bobo! (I said nothing like that!)
Will: What? You can summon fire from your paws? Hold it. I thought you were a bear, but are you actually some new species of monster?
Bobo: Bobo... (I'm not sure that I like that serious gleam in his eyes. There's something off about this guy.)
Convinced that there's a clue hidden in his criminal list, Will heads out to investigate, and he returns the next day with some new information.
Will: Hee-hee! I found out why assassins have been attacking you guys!
He shows them not his list of criminals but a list of pests.
The list warns that a big bad bear is prowling the area and includes a ferocious-looking drawing of the beast.
Abby: Check it out, Bobo! They made you look crazy wicked!
Will: Yeah, and the list also says that the big bad bear's glossy fur is likely worth a small fortune.
Bobo: Bobo, Bo... (Maybe, but my fur doesn't look like that, so they must have the wrong bear. Besides, I've done nothing wrong...)
Bobo suddenly remembers something that happened the other day.
Bobo: Bobo... Bo! (Oh! That must be what this is about!)
Abby: Oh, Bobo. What do you mean you want to give whoever drew that your autograph? You already think you're a celebrity?
Bobo: Bobo! (I never said that!)
Abby: Oh! Now I remember! Though I can't really be sure...
Will: Huh? Did you think of something?
On a sunny day off, Abby and Bobo are strolling through the forest as usual.
Suddenly a beehive falls from a tree and bops Bobo on the head.
Bobo: Bobo! Bobo! (Ouch! That smarts!)
Abby: Ha-ha! Your head's a sticky mess! And the honey in your fur's all sparkly!
Bobo: Bobo... (Quit guffawing and wipe me off already.)
The ominous sound of buzzing bees behind Bobo sends a shiver down his spine, and he timidly turns to look.
Bobo: Bobo? Bobo! (Huh? No way! You can't be serious!)
Abby: Bobo! Run for it!
Bobo: Bobo! (Let's get outta here!)
Village Soldier: Wha? The big bad bear's at it again! Hey! Get down, kid!
The soldier, who assumes that the bear is attacking Abby, aims his gun at Bobo.
Bobo: Bobo! Bobo! (H-hold it! Can't we talk about this?)
Bobo somehow manages to dodge the sudden enemy fire and flees into the forest.
Bobo: Bobo... Bobo? (That could have been it for me. And I'm still all sticky.)
Bobo wipes off some of the honey running down his head with his paw and gives it a curious taste.
Bobo: Bobo... Bobo! (Say, this honey's great! But wait. Now's no time for that! Get it together, Bobo!)
Bobo cautiously looks back in the direction of his attacker and sees the soldier guarding Abby.
Village Soldier: Damn... I guess the bear got away. Little girl, are you okay? You were being chased just now, right?
Abby: Huh? Oh, I sure was! That's why I ran here!
Village Soldier: I see... That must have been scary. The big bad bear has taken out a bunch of people from this village.
Village Soldier: There won't be anyone left at this rate... No! I have to deal with the bear before that happens!
The soldier weeps as he thinks of the damage done by the bear, but a villager runs up and interrupts him.
Villager: Um... I managed to draw a picture of the big bad bear. You think you could use it to help keep the villagers on guard?
Village Soldier: Oh, this is wonderful! You even captured the glossiness of his fur. I'll make sure everyone in the nearby villages sees this!
Will: I see... So the honey was why the bear's fur seemed so glossy.
Will: Hmm... You know, it's probably nothing more than a rumor, but I've heard of a rare bear with sparkling fur.
Will: It seems that people are thinking that's actually the big bad bear that's been causing trouble around here, and poor Bobo's been framed.
Will: Just let me take care of this, guys. If you wander around with Bobo, it'll probably just cause more problems.
Bobo: Bobo. (He's kinda weird, but he seems like a good enough guy.)
Several hours pass after Will leaves the airship.
He finally comes back to Abby and Bobo, wearing a cheerful expression on his face.
Will: Ha-ha. Everything's fine now. I hunted down the big bad bear and cleared Bobo's name.
Bobo: Bobo. (I see. Thank you so much. Now I can finally get a good night's sleep.)
Abby: Bobo says he was looking forward to beating down more assassins and that you should mind your own business.
Bobo: Bobo! (Hey, you should really thank the man for his hard work!)
Abby: Say, why'd you care enough about Bobo to help him anyway?
Bobo: Bobo! (Praise the skies! She actually asked a question I wanted to!)
Will: Hee-hee... You think I need a reason to help a friend?
Will gallantly returns to his room without another word.
Bobo's heart flutters at the heroic sight of the man walking off.
Bobo: Bobo! (S-so awesome!)
Will: I thank you, my lord. I still can't believe today's little adventure led me to such a rare creature.
Will: Hee-hee... And its fur really was so glossy that it sparkled. This is why I just can't get enough of traveling!
Will smiles as he recalls the rare bear and hums as he gets his monster journal out of his desk.


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