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Official Profile

Age 12 Height 130 cm Race Erune
Hobbies Dressing up, shopping with Sis Yuel and Sis Societte
Likes Abura-ageDeep-fried tofu pouches made from soybeans., cow's milk
Dislikes Coffee, baths
Source [1] [2]

Age 12歳 Height 130cm Race エルーン
Hobbies おめかし,ユエ姉とソシ姉と買い物
Likes おあげさん,牛乳
Dislikes 珈琲,お風呂
Source [1] [2]


Journal Entry

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RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Erune.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Female
Voice Actor Miho Wataya
Voice ActorJP
ID 3991564000
Release Date
Kou and the Hollow Existence

A descendant of the eighth lost royal family. She was born without a single tail denoting her lineage and could not learn to use foxflames properly even as the years passed. For these reasons, the eighth family refused to acknowledge her as a rightful successor and denied her the sacred treasures and dances. To compensate, they prepped her to be a substitute for Ninetails's vessel should things fail with Kou. Because the frail You could not withstand the harsh training required of her, the eighth family came to detest her. You's Void Dance is an offshoot of the Ebon Dance and requires no sacred treasure to perform. Unlike the Ebon Dance, which can temporarily seal the powers of those it touches, the Void Dance had effect only over the Ebon Dance. But Ninetails helped her elevate the dance into something that could absorb the flames of other successors, then cajoled her into doing so. You’s body began to undergo a transformation in the process, sprouting giant tails for each flame she absorbed.



Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, dear (Captain).
Happy birthday to you!
Congratulations, (Captain).
Did that sound okay? Someone taught me that song, but I wasn't sure I could sing it very well.
Hehe. This is my first time celebrating someone's birthday, and I like it!
We wouldn't be here talking right now if you hadn't been born.
Like, I know that sounds pretty obvious, but it's still sort of crazy to think about.
From now on I'm gonna be there every year to celebrate your birthday with you! I'm already looking forward to next year!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Hehehe. You know, I feel kinda happy whenever your birthday comes around.
I asked Bro Kou why that is, and he said it's probably because I really like you.
That's how I realized that when something good happens to someone I like, I feel happy for them!
So I hope a ton of good things are waiting for you from here on out.
If what Bro Kou said is true, then I'm sure I'll have a great time as long as you're smiling too!
I owe you a lot, so if you ever need anything, just ask! I wanna do what I can for you too!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year, (Captain).
Yep, I know what New Year's resolutions are.
My goals for this year are to learn how to be more fashionable and to completely stop grinding my teeth.
That way I can be more womanly like Sis Yuel and Sis Societte, you know?

  • Choose: Aren't you cute enough as you are?
    What the! Since when am I cute!
  • Choose: Bro Kou will be happy to hear that!
    Th-this has nothing to do with him!

Gimme a break! Teasing me is no way to start off the new year!
Damn it... It hasn't even been a day yet, and I already started grinding my teeth again!
Tch. That one doesn't count! You're gonna help me kick the habit, (Captain)!


(Captain)! Mochi sure is fun, isn't it? See how they puff up when you grill them?
When you bite into it, it's chewy and stretches... but the puffy parts are thin and crispy!
Then you dunk it in this sauce, right? It gets all sweet and sticky, and tastes so good!
I'm really loving this! It's my first time having mochi, and it's so much fun! Not to mention delicious!
How do you like to have your mochi, (Captain)? I wanna know!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey, can I talk to you, (Captain)?
So today is when you're supposed to show appreciation for the people you care about, right?
Well, since you're always looking out for me...
I figured I'd try making you some tasty treats.
I've never done it before though, so they probably won't taste that good...
Luckily Sis Yuel and Sis Societte pitched in to make sure they're edible. Should be anyway.
Um, so... Uh... Ugh, come on! Why does my chest feel so tight?
Here! Take them, okay? They're all yours!

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

You: Oh, whoa! Hey, (Captain)! What are the odds of us bumping into each other here of all places, huh? Or maybe you were actually looking for me? Haha.
No? Not really?
R-right, obviously!
(What the hell, (Captain). Did you only come to see me as a joke?)

Seeing the sullen look on You's face, (Captain) whips out a present kept hidden behind the captain's back.

You: Is that what I think it is! I knew it was a return gift for Valentine's Day!
Hell yeah! This is the first time I've ever gotten a gift in return!
Thank you, (Captain)! You better believe I'll enjoy these!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat! Give me something good to eat or suffer the consequences!
How was that, (Captain)? I've been practicing for my first Halloween!
Huh? You think I still have a long way to go?
Fine then. Why don't you show me how it's done?
(Captain) hides out of sight. After letting the suspense build up to a palpable level, the captain unleashes the mightiest "trick or treat!" ever mustered.
Eeek! I'm so s-s-sorry!
I was in the wrong! Please forgive me! Just take all my candy or whatever!
Huff... Hufff...
Geez... When it comes to Halloween, (Captain)'s on a whole nother level...


Found you! It's Halloween today, (Captain)! Let me play some tricks on you!
All right then, this is for always teasing me! Here comes Sis Yuel's ruffle attack!
Ruffle, ruffle, ruffle, ruffle!
Huh? You don't look very bothered by it... Aren't you embarrassed having your hair ruffled like that?
Whaaa! Hey, you can't ruffle my hair back like that! It's against the rules!
Ahahaha! That tickles! Hahaha!
I give up! I'll give you some candy, so just let me go already!
Huff... Huff... Guess I just can't win against you, huh?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey, hey, (Captain)! Look what I got!
I found this present next to my bed when I woke up!
Santa came to visit me! What a swell guy!
Oh, yeah! I have to tell him thanks!
But, um... How am I supposed to meet him anyway?
Hm... As long as I stay on his nice list, maybe I can try to catch him next year.


Hey, I saw Bro Kou in that room over there decorating for the party just now...
Is there anything I can help with too, (Captain)?
Preparing the dishes to be served?
Th-that's a pretty important task... Are you sure you want me to do it?
Well... you can leave it to me! I've been in charge of cooking and stuff recently, so arranging it nicely on dishes should be easy!
Okay... so you want me to put the veggies around the meat? Gotcha! I'll make sure they look nice for everyone to enjoy!

Fate Episodes

You's Fate Episodes include Chapter 7 and the Epilogue of the event Kou and the Hollow Existence.

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Kou and the Hollow Existence - Chapter 7: Her Atonement - Episode 1

You returns Yuel's and Societte's flames and apologizes for all the wrong she's done up to this point. However, Yuel does not forgive her so easily and urges her to formally apologize to the people of Mimaka and all the other successors.

Ninetails's reign of evil comes to an end at the hands of (Captain) and company. Now that the wicked monstrosity is vanquished, they return to the Grandcypher.
(Captain) escorts You into a room where Yuel and Societte lie in a comatose state.
Yuel & Societte: ...
You: I'm sorry. Let me give everything back.
The girl offers her apology as she takes Yuel's hand in her own. A familiar indigo flame envelops You.
Gradually the flame turns red and diffuses over Yuel's body.
Yuel: Nnh...
Yuel's murmur signals to You that her awareness is returning, so she moves on to Societte.
You's flame turns blue this time before spreading over Societte.
The flames go out after a short while, and the two bedridden Erunes slowly open their eyes.
Yuel: Yawn... That was a good sleep.
Societte: Huh? Are we on (Captain)'s ship?
Kou: Yuel... Societte...
Kou: Good morning, you two.
Societte: Kou? Um, good morning?
Lyria: What a relief to see you both awake. Does it hurt anywhere?
Societte: No, I feel perfectly fine.
Yuel: Same here. Hm. Actually, my throat kinda hurts.
You: ...
Societte: What!
Yuel: It's Y-You!
Yuel: Ah! I remember now! My throat hurts 'cause ya had yer mitts wrapped around it!
Yuel: What are ya after now, huh? Come to raid (Captain)'s airship?
Yuel leaps out of bed, striking up a war pose.
Lyria: Yikes! C-calm down, Yuel!
Yuel: Why should I? She's our enemy!
Kou: No, she's not our enemy anymore!
Societte: Oh? But what about all the things she's done?
You: Um... You don't have to believe me, but I'm through fighting.
Yuel: Huh?
You: I'm sorry for all the awful things I did to you. I'm really sorry.
Yuel and Societte look at each other in surprise. They weren't expecting to see You bowing her head in shame.
(Captain) and company explain in detail the events that took place while Yuel and Societte were knocked out of action.
Societte: I see. Kou and You both had the same troubled upbringing and circumstances.
Yuel: Geez, it ain't easy bein' a royal.
Kou: I had no idea either that the eighth family was plotting to resurrect Ninetails.
Kou: They subjected You to torture because they needed a spare vessel. What's worse is they had no qualms with killing her when she was no longer needed!
Kou: Damn that rotten royal family!
Yuel: Yep, Kou nailed it. Ninetails and the eighth family are rotten to the core.
Yuel: You's definitely not a bad girl! Guess I'm just gonna have to forgive her after all!
Yuel: ...
Yeah right.
You: Oh...
Lyria: But it's not like all of this was her fault!
Societte: Lyria's right, Yuel. Can't you let her off the hook?
Yuel: Wow, you guys are way too soft. Naive even.
Yuel: Did ya forget how she had me by the neck and then tossed me like a doll? You got injured too, Societte.
Societte: Yes, but—
Yuel: And then there's Kou. She almost murdered ya.
Yuel: Ya really gonna forgive her after all that?
Kou: Yeah. I don't hold it against her.
Kou: She's reflected on what's she's done. I think she can atone for her mistakes.
Kou: When I think back to the way you all reached out to me, that's what I want to do for You too.
Societte: I see. Heehee, you've really matured, Kou.
Yuel: All right. If that's how ya see it, then I'll let it go.
Yuel: But there's a whole bunch of people who aren't gonna be won over by a few sorrys.
You: Yeah, I know...
You: I did terrible things to the townspeople of Mimaka and the members of the other royal families.
You: They'll never forgive me for that stuff...
  1. Let's go say sorry together.

Choose: Let's go say sorry together.
(Captain) gently puts a hand on the remorseful girl's shoulder.
You: (Captain)...
Kou: Don't worry, You. We'll be right by your side.
Lyria: That's right! We'll all go together, You!
You: Th-thank you...
You: I'll go apologize to the townspeople right now.
Kou: Good idea. Better sooner rather than later. I'm right behind you.
Yuel: Sigh. Guess we oughta go with her.
Societte: Say, Yuel... Aren'tcha being a little too hard on her?
Yuel: Nope. I think it's about right.
Lyria: Really?
Yuel: She needs someone to keep her in check.
Yuel: If we excuse her too quickly, she's gonna expect everyone else to roll over and forgive her too.
Yuel: Mimaka's townspeople and the successors ain't gonna be so quick to wipe the slate clean like we are.
Yuel: She knows how bad she messed up, which means there can't be shortcuts on the road to forgiveness. This is fer her own good.
Societte: Oh, I see... I guess you're right.
  1. That's very gracious of you, Yuel.

Choose: That's very gracious of you, Yuel.
Yuel: Wha? What makes ya say that!
Vyrn: It obvious you put in a lot of thought about her well-being! That shows how much of a big sister you are!
Societte: That's why I look up to you, Yuel.
Yuel: Aw, this is so awkward! L-let's get goin' already!
Societte: Okay!
(Captain), an embarrassed Yuel, and the rest hurry after You and Kou.

Kou and the Hollow Existence - Chapter 7: Her Atonement - Episode 2

The crew returns to Mimaka with You in tow to explain her circumstances. Though the majority of the townspeople are unwilling to forgive You, the innkeeper wants to give You a chance at redemption and asks the crew for help with repairs to her establishment, scorched in the battle earlier.

The townspeople of Mimaka are busy rebuilding their damaged homes, when (Captain) asks them all to gather in the town square.
(Captain) and Kou explain the circumstances behind the events that have unfolded. You bows her head in repentant apology the entire time.
It doesn't seem to go over well, however.
Mimaka Resident 1: All right. I'm sorry to hear that, but what else do you want me to say?
Mimaka Resident 2: Is her being sorry supposed to bring our town back to the way it was?
You: Ooh...
You: I'll do whatever I can! Tell me what you need, and I'll take care of it!
You: I'm not asking you to forgive me, but at least let me help out somehow!
Mimaka Resident 1: No thanks. Honestly I don't wanna see your face around here anymore.
Mimaka Resident 2: Who in their right mind would let a ticking fire bomb stay in their town?
You: That won't happen again! I swear!
Mimaka Resident 2: Hah. I'm not gambling on that. Look, we're busy, so take a hike.
Mimaka Resident 1: Well said! Get lost! We aren't going to lock you up, but don't go getting the wrong idea!
You: Nnh...
The townspeople start to disperse, unwilling to accept You's sincere words.
You stands there heartbroken, but it's Kou's emphatic pleading that comes to her aid.
Kou: Please wait! I have something to say!
Mimaka Residents: ...!
Kou's sudden urging takes the townspeople by surprise.
When they turn back around, they see (Captain) and company bowing their heads in solidarity.
Mimaka Resident 2: Wait, why are you guys taking the fall with her!
Yuel: I know how tough it is for y'all to forgive her, but can't ya at least give the girl a chance?
Societte: I believe she's good at heart. So please don't write her off.
Kou: This is how far we'll go. Allow us to offer ourselves in helping You make up for her mistakes.
  1. Please.

Choose: Please.
You: You guys...
You: (What am I doing?)
You: (I knew for a fact it wouldn't be easy at all for anyone to accept my apology!)
You: (I can't believe I'm feeling sad for myself when everyone is apologizing on my behalf! I have to do more to fix this!)
You: Ngh...
The girl stifles her tears and resolutely bows her head once more.
You: Please give me a chance!
Mimaka Resident 1: W-well...
Hesitation sets in among the crowd, unsure what to say or do. In the end it's a familiar elderly woman that speaks up.
Innkeeper: Very well. I could use some more hands at my inn.
Lyria: It's the innkeeper!
You: Are you really okay with that?
Innkeeper: Of course. Good help is hard to find these days. I'm not letting this opportunity get away.
Innkeeper: Besides, it looks like you've learned your lesson. There's not a lick of evil left in your body, right?
You: Right! No more bad stuff! Promise! You can pull my tongue out if you catch me lying!
Mimaka Resident 1: Humph. Words are cheap.
Innkeeper: Which is why we should let her actions do the talking.
Mimaka Resident 2: Yeah, that's one way of doing it, I guess.
Innkeeper: This poor young girl is pouring her heart out.
Innkeeper: That's worth giving her a chance if you ask me.
Mimaka Resident 2: ...
Kou: Thank you, innkeeper!
You: Yeah, thanks—I mean, thank you very much!
Innkeeper: Don't mention it. Come on then. All of you chin up. We've got lots of work to do.
Innkeeper: I expect great things from you, girl.
You: O-okay! Leave everything to me. I'm gonna work my tail off!
Thanking the elderly woman profusely, (Captain) and the others follow her to the inn.

Kou and the Hollow Existence - Chapter 7: Her Atonement - Episode 3

(Captain) and company head into the forest to gather materials for repairs. When You wonders why the crew is so nice to her, they tell the story of how they worked with Kou to restore a field he trampled in the past.

The crew's first task is to repair the scorched outer wall of the hot spring's outdoor pool.
They head into Mimaka's forest to collect wood.
Halfway through their work, however, You suddenly stops.
You: ...
Kou: What's wrong?
The others follow You's gaze.
She's looking at a field of flowers, or at least the charred remains of one.
You: It must've looked so pretty with all the different colors and everything.
You: But now it's all black like charcoal... My flames burned those flowers to a crisp.
  1. We can grow a prettier flower field.
  2. How about we fix it back up?

Choose: We can grow a prettier flower field.
You: We can?
Lyria: Yes. After we finish helping the townspeople, let's plant some new flowers.
Kou: Sounds good to me. Let's leave the forest with the gift of an even more beautiful flower field.

Choose: How about we fix it back up?
You: Is that even possible?
Vyrn: Don't see why not! As long as we plant the seeds right, the flowers should be bloomin' in no time.
You: I see... Then I wanna plant a whole bunch of them!
Kou: Haha. All right. After we finish helping the townspeople, we'll sow a new field.
Continue 1
Yuel: I'm onboard! It's not every day ya get to plant a whole flower field with yer favorite colors!
Yuel: Mine's gonna be all blue; the same blue as Societte's foxflames!
Societte: Heehee. Then I'll plant red ones. I hope they can grow up big and strong like Yuel.
Societte: What color will you plant, You?
You: Huh? I don't know... Maybe...
You: Black?
Lyria: Oh! The same color as Kou's flames!
You: There's no special meaning behind it or anything... It's just the first color that popped in my head....
Kou: Haha. Then I choose indigo.
You: ...
Vyrn: Sweet! I can't wait to grab some seeds! Right, (Captain)?
You: ...
You: Hey, you guys. Why're you all so nice to me?
You: What makes you go this far?
You: First you apologized to the townspeople when it wasn't your fault, you're helping me with my tasks, and now the flower stuff...
You: What gives?
The others trade knowing smiles.
Yuel: I guess ya could say it's 'cause we already went through this once before.
Kou: Ha... Haha...
You: You did?
Kou: Um, you remember me mentioning earlier how similar we are?
Yuel: When we first met Kou, he was tearin' up this one village's crop fields.
Societte: N-not out of spite or anything. Ninetails's miasma had poisoned the vegetables. He was making sure no one would eat them.
Vyrn: Except he didn't actually give us a reason at the time, so it obviously looked like he was being a punk.
Vyrn: I remember you had the worst attitude back then.
Kou: It wasn't my proudest moment, no.
You: I can't imagine Kou being like that...
Yuel: Afterward we got our green thumbs on and helped him replant all the veggies in order to apologize to the villagers.
You: Hmm... I'm not sure I get it, but you seemed pretty easygoing. We're nothing like each other.
Kou: No, it's just like Vyrn said. I was a brat with an attitude problem. I wasn't sorry about anything.
Kou: That fact that you're willing to make amends shows you're more mature than I am.
Kou: Anyway... Uh, this is so awkward to say, but...
Kou: I said if you ever felt empty, I'd help fill that emptiness.
Kou: My offer is good anytime, You. I'm always happy to help. All of us are your friends.
You: Kou...
Lyria: Heehee. Doesn't Kou sound like he could be You's big brother?
You: My big brother...
Yuel: Ahaha! Congrats on findin' a cute lil sis, Big Brother Kou!
Societte: Heehee. Big Brother Kou. Very cool.
Kou: Agh! Must you always find ways to tease me?
You: It's easier for me to say Bro Kou.
Kou: Don't you start!
Kou: Hey, would you look at that! The sun's going down! Come on, let's get back to work!
  1. Roger that, Bro Kou!

Choose: Roger that, Bro Kou!
Kou: (Captain)... Please... Stop...
You: Hehe...
Touched by everyone's kindness, the gloom on her face softens just a bit.

Kou and the Hollow Existence - Chapter 7: Her Atonement - Episode 4

Seeing You work so hard to repair the inn's walls, the people of Mimaka gradually come to forgive her. That night, she sees a dream where she confronts her other, more sinister self.

With help from the crew and You's own diligence, the hot spring wall is made good as new.
They do such a fine job, in fact, that it takes the innkeeper's breath away when she comes to inspect it.
Innkeeper: Well, isn't that something. That rickety old wall doesn't hold a candle to this one.
Innkeeper: This is some sturdy timber you picked up. It's going to take a tornado to blow it down. I'm glad I put you in charge.
You: Really?
Innkeeper: Mm-hm. Lying isn't in my blood. Thanks. You've been such dears.
Yuel: Good goin', You. That's one happy customer for the books!
You: Y-yeah...
You: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Innkeeper: Sure, since you're so eager to offer. I have a bunch of errands that need to be run.
You: Okay! I'm all ears!
Innkeeper: That's what I like to hear. All right, lads. Your turn.
Kou: I have a bad feeling about this...
The innkeeper claps, immediately followed by a rumbling of approaching footsteps.
Washers: Yo! At your call!
Kou: Oh crap! I knew it was them!
Innkeeper: Teach them how this place runs. Be gentle, but thorough. Got it?
Washers: Righto! This way, girl!
You: Huh? Wha?
Kou: Wait! Why am I going too!
You & Kou: Yaaagh!
Kou and You are hoisted onto the shoulders of the washers and promptly taken inside the inn.
Societte: Oh. They got taken away again.
And so the washers begin teaching You and Kou how to run a hot spring establishment.
Over the following days, You and the others settle into an efficient routine of maintaining the inn.
Washer 1: Lady You! Sir Kou! Have you replaced the towels?
You: Yep, all done. All the bathrobes are also washed and restocked.
Kou: All tubs are scrubbed, and the water has been heated. The only thing left is to make the guest rooms.
Washer 2: Oh... Well... Seems like we've fallen behind by a few floors...
Washer 3: We can't be outdone! Put some more backbone into it, men!
You: Can you take care of cleaning the rooms, Bro Kou? I'm gonna help the innkeeper in the kitchen.
Kou: Sure, I've got you covered. And, uh, maybe you could stop calling me "Bro"?
You: Hehe!
Hey, old lady! Is that braised bean curd you're making? I'm real good at that, so let me do it!
Innkeeper: That would be a huge help, You. Thanks.
Yuel: Yowza. Kou and You have this inn stuff down pat.
Lyria: I don't think our help is needed anymore.
Societte: Kou sure has grown up, hasn't he? He's become so supportive of You.
Yuel: I feel happy but lonely at the same time. Gonna need to get my bullyin' on later.
Vyrn: Haha... Try to go easy on 'im.
(Captain) and company are impressed by the youngsters' work ethic.
But it's not just them that have taken notice.
Mimaka Residents: ...
It would seem that You's hard work has resonated with the townspeople as well.
Mimaka Resident 1: She's really giving it her all, isn't she?
Mimaka Resident 2: I've changed my mind. Her efforts to redeem herself seem pretty genuine to me.
Mimaka Resident 1: I think I'll ask for her help.
Mimaka Resident 2: I was just thinking of doing that too. Could use all the help that's available.
The townspeople of Mimaka begin coming to You with requests of their own.
No matter how menial the task, she does it all with a smile—from sweeping floors to busing tables.
One day You and the others arrive in town to start working as usual.
But this time the townspeople have gathered in the town square for some reason.
You: What's everyone doing here? Is there a festival today?
Mimaka Resident 1: No, that's not it, You.
Innkeeper: We've all gathered to tell you something.
You: H-huh? W-was it something I did?
Mimaka Resident 2: No, not at all! You're not in trouble. In fact, I have a good feeling you're going to like what you hear!
Mimaka Resident 1: Thanks to your help, Mimaka is even better than ever. Just when I'd gotten used to all the hustle and bustle too.
Mimaka Resident 1: We really want to thank you for everything. You've done enough, You.
Vyrn: Does that mean you're forgiving her?
Mimaka Resident 2: That it does. You have our utmost thanks.
Mimaka Resident 1: No one bears ill will anymore, You. We appreciate what you've done for us.
Yuel: That's great, You. Ya really showed off yer good side.
Societte: All because of the hard work you put in. This calls for a pat on the head.
You: Hehe. Yay. I'm forgiv—
Ninetails: A sin is a sin! You can't weasel your way out of this! No one will forgive you!
You: ...!
Lyria: Something wrong, You?
You: Erm, it's nothing...
You: Say! Are you guys absolutely sure there's nothing else I can do?
Mimaka Resident 1: Hm?
You: There has to be something you missed! I'll even take out the trash!
Kou: You?
Mimaka Resident 2: We can't ask you to do anymore. That wouldn't be moral...
You: Don't say that! I'm the immoral one, remember!
You: I haven't done nearly enough to earn your forgiveness yet! Please! I'd like to do any other jobs you can think of!
The rattled girl lowers her head to the townspeople.
Everyone is unsettled by her sudden shift in behavior.
Societte: Come on, You. Lift your head, okay? No one's mad anymore.
Mimaka Resident 1: That's right. You've done enough. It's the truth.
You: But!
Innkeeper: Hm, I bet you must be tired. You deserve a day off.
Yuel: Yep. Let's rest up for today, 'kay?
You: ...
You: Okay...
The girl barely nods before trudging back to the airship.
(Captain) and the others follow behind her, racked with concern.
The day draws to an end.
You: Ngh... Nnnh...
(Captain) has a room made up for You. She tries going to bed.
Sadly she isn't able to sleep. Her sheets are soaked in sweat, and strange noises are coming from her mouth.
You: Urk... Gugh...
Sensing that someone is strangling her, she tries to open her eyes.
You: Ergh...
???: Haha... Gahaha!
???: You actually thought they'd let you off the hook? What a dolt!
You: Who... are...
???: Aw, is that any way to say hi to yourself?
You: You're... me?
Alter You: Precisely! I am You!
Alter You: You seem to have the wrong idea, so I'm here to set the record straight, Miss Worthless!
You: Ungh...
Alter You: Nice job playing the good-girl card, but you know it's meaningless, right? Your sins will haunt you forever!
Alter You: They're all just paying lip service. The townspeople, (Captain), Kou—all of them! No one's handing out pardons to you!
You: Uagh...
Alter You: And how about the successors you hurt, huh? Did you forget about them?
Alter You: You think they're gonna be buddies with you after stealing their dances, treasures, and flames?
You: Hngh...
Alter You: Embrace death, I say! Surrender everything to that old hag, Ninetails!
Alter You: She'll gladly take on your sins and more. You'll feel much better after handing it all off to her!
Alter You: What the old hag said was totally right! You're too twisted to be loved by anyone. You've got nothing to offer!
Alter You: You're totally empty!
You: Hurk...
Alter You: Nah, you know what? That old hag can't be counted on for nothing. I'll ease your pain, You.
Alter You: Now die!
You: Guh...
You: (Yeah, that's right. Of course I'm right.)
You: (I might as well die since I'm already empty inside...)
But then You sees something that makes her reconsider.
She sees images of Kou, Yuel, Societte, (Captain), and the others.
Yuel: I know how tough it is for y'all to forgive her, but can't ya at least give the girl a chance?
Societte: I believe she's good at heart. So please don't write her off.
Kou: This is how far we'll go. Allow us to offer ourselves in helping You make up for her mistakes.
Kou: Anyway... Uh, this is so awkward to say, but...
Kou: I said if you ever felt empty, I'd help fill that emptiness.
Kou: My offer is good anytime, You. I'm always happy to help. All of us are your friends.
You: (No... I do have people who support me.)
You: (People who are willingly to show humility for me.)
You: (They're the ones who take away my emptiness!)
You grabs the hands of the alternate You who is strangling her.
Alter You: Huh?
You: A sin is a sin, and that won't change. But you think because of that, I should've given myself up to Ninetails, rolled over, and died?
You: Yeah right! I'm not gonna run from this! That would be the worst betrayal ever!
Alter You: What betrayal?
You: The betrayal of Kou and Yuel and Societte... plus the crew!
You: Not to mention the people of Mimaka! I'm alive because of them!
You: Even though I lied, they forgave me! I won't stab them in the back! Dying now would be taking the coward's way out!
That final outburst gives You the power to pry the alternate You's hands off of her.
Alter You: How! You're supposed to be empty!
You: That's weird. You should've figured it by now!
You: I am not hollow anymore!
Alter You: Shut up! Just shut your damn mouth!
The alternate You snarls and launches an attack.
You looks at her other self straight in the eyes, prepared to fight back.
You: Bring it on! I'm not going anywhere!

Kou and the Hollow Existence - Epilogue

You's resolve to right her wrongs of the past shines through, allowing her to part with the more malicious side of her. She comes to be accepted by everyone in Mimaka and eventually decides to go on a journey to return the flames to the other successors and ask for forgiveness. As a parting gift, (Captain) and company let her know that she'll always have a home on the Grandcypher.

Alter You: Damn it!
You: Let's just stop this already. We have the same memories, don't we?
You: Don't you remember that Mommy and Daddy love us?
Alter You: ...!
You: They wanted us to live our way. That's what they wrote in the letter.
You: And that's what I'm going to do. So I can't die here.
You: I own my sins. I'm not gonna run away from them.
Alter You: ...
You: And another thing. I now have other people who fill me with love.
You: So I know it's okay for me to keep on living.
Alter You: Even though it's only going to get harder from now on?
You: Yeah, I know. Thanks for the warning.
You: But I have to say goodbye to the old me!
A long sigh escapes from the alternate You when she sees the reinvigorated expression on You's face.
And then the alternate You slowly fades away.
The sun rises on a new day.
You: Hey, guys! Morning!
Lyria: G-good morning, You.
Yuel: Whoa. Somebody woke up on the right side of the bed!
Kou: Did something happen?
You: Yeah. Kinda. I got a few things sorted out.
You: Gahaha! You guys are great for clearing out the clutter in my heart and my head!
You: Thanks!
Vyrn: Um, you're welcome?
You: Bro Kou! Let's go to Mimaka for some fun instead of work for a change!
Kou: You really don't have to call me—
Kou: Hey, that's my arm! Okay, I get it! Stop pulling!
Societte: I'm not sure what happened, but it seems she got rid of her inner demons.
  1. I think she's gonna be just fine.
  2. Shall we follow them?

Choose: I think she's gonna be just fine.
Yuel: Guess I was super worried fer nothin'!
Yuel: Let's go join the fun! Ahaha!

Choose: Shall we follow them?
Societte: Mm-hm. I think she's going to be just fine.
Societte: So let's join them and have lots of fun!
Continue 1
Lyria: Come on, everyone! Let's catch up before we lose them!
You's rejuvenated smile brings relief to the others. They hurry after the two kids, who are skipping their way into town.
A few more days fly by.
The people of Mimaka open their hearts to You, who has cast off the sadness that hung over her. She becomes fast friends with the residents.
She continues to help out around the island—not out of guilt but out of good will. She quickly becomes the jewel of Mimaka.
Maybe in the back of the minds of the townspeople and the crew they knew this day would come, but they weren't expecting it to come so soon.
You: Thank you all for taking care of me, but I think it's time for me to leave.
Mimaka Resident 2: Wh-what! This is all so sudden!
Mimaka Resident 1: Just when we were getting along so well too...
Kou: Are you going on a journey of atonement?
You: Yeah. I've gotta give back the things I stole from the successors.
You: Of course I have to make a full apology too. I can't stay here and avoid it forever.
You: So this is where we have to part ways.
  1. Why?
  2. We're gonna lock you up this time.

Choose: Why?
You: Huh? Weren't you listening! I have to go apologize to everybody.
Yuel: Okay, but goin' by yerself is a big no-no.
You: Huh?
Vyrn: It'd be better if we traveled together. How are you gonna get around anyway? And where would you stay?
You: I haven't really thought that far yet...

Choose: We're gonna lock you up this time.
You: Huh? What does that mean?
Kou: Ah... Haha... It's like you're following in my footsteps...
You: I'm so lost...
Societte: Last time, Kou also left us to go on a journey of atonement. Now you're doing the same thing.
You: Seriously, Bro Kou?
Kou: Heh, I guess you could say the younger sibling takes after the older one.
Kou: You don't have to do everything on your own. We're in this together.
Continue 2
You: I don't know about this. You can't drop what you're doing to take care of me on the airship. Wouldn't I be getting in your way?
Lyria: That's okay. Think of the Grandcypher as your new home!
You: My home?
Yuel: Great idea, Lyria! Feel free to make a pit stop whenever ya feel tired or lonely!
Vyrn: And if we have time, we'll tag along on your journey!
You: Really?
You: Can I really stay with you guys?
Kou: Of course you can, You. We're always going to be together.
You: Sniff... Sob...
Yuel: Ahaha, wipe those eyes dry! Your big sisters and Bro Kou are here for ya!
Kou: Stop calling me that!
Oh, fine. Whatever.
You: You guys are the best! Waaah!
(Captain) and Kou gently ruffle You's hair as her tears continue to fall.
The warm welcome You receives is something she'll never forget. She promises to forever cherish this feeling of love.

You's Aspiration

Societte and Yuel notice You looking longingly at two girls shopping for accessories, and they ask her if she wants to go shopping too. Despite You's repeated negativity about her own appearance, Societte and Yuel drag her into a store to try on makeup and accessories. You is amazed by her makeover and suddenly bolts from the shop.

Accompanied by a few fellow travelers, You embarked on a journey of her own.
The girl sought out each of the royal successors to return the sacred treasures, dances, and Ninetails's flames that she stole from them.
Kou, Yuel, and Societte were always with her to help explain why You did what she did. Thanks to their unwavering support, her apologies were accepted without incident.
Having expressed regret to the final successor on the list, You and the others rendezvous with (Captain), who had been off taking care of a different job.
They're enjoying their break in a nearby town when (Captain) catches You gazing wistfully across the street.
You: ...
Adolescent Girl 1: Ooh, isn't this ribbon the cutest? It'll look great in my hair!
Adolescent Girl 2: This new type of foundation looks nice too! Let's try it out!
You: Lucky...
  1. Do you want an accessory for your hair?
  2. Why don't we go check out that shop?

Choose: Do you want an accessory for your hair?
You: Huh? N-not really... I mean, I just think they look nice, is all...
Yuel: Ahaha, that sounds like a yes to me. It's okay to be honest with yerself, You. Don't try to force it.

Choose: Why don't we go check out that shop?
You: Wha? No way! I'd stick out like a sore thumb in a shop full of cute things! Everyone'll laugh at me!
Societte: Heehee. Oh, I think you'll be fine. No one's going to laugh at you in there.
Continue 1
Yuel: Hey, You's about at that age. Ya know, a time in every girl's life when she starts to blossom.
You: Quit making fun of me.
Yuel: Ahaha, sorry, sorry. Seriously though, if yer interested in hair accessories, go ahead and try some on.
You: N-no, I think I'm good...
Kou: Why not? We're already here, so you might as well go for it.
You: I can't, okay? They'd all look ugly on me!
You: Cute things only belong on pretty ladies like Sis Yuel and Sis Societte!
Yuel: What in the hay are ya talkin' about? You're just as much a lady as we are! And cute as a button!
You: Huh? What part of me is cute?
Societte: Um... Every part?
You: That's way too vague!
Societte: But it's true.
Lyria: I agree with Societte and Yuel. I think You is very adorable.
Lyria: Like when she mumbles in her sleep while curled up in a ball!
Societte: Heehee. It makes me smile seeing her fall back asleep like that.
You: Ack! Do I really do that in my sleep? Funny. I don't remember a thing...
Yuel: Ya also act kinda like a kid who's afraid of the dark. Makes me wanna give ya a big hug.
You: Th-that's...
Yuel: And doesn't she have such big eyes for a petite face? Her little canines poke out when she opens her mouth too.
You: Ergh... Enough...
Societte: I like all those tails of yours. Your ears are bigger than ours too. More like cutesy rabbit ears...
Kou: Oh, and—
You: Aaah, put a sock in it!
You: Krrrk... My face is getting all hot! You're pissing me off!
Yuel: Ahaha. But that teeth grinding isn't becoming of a lady.
You must not have noticed her habit, for she quickly forces herself to stop.
You: Mmph!
Yuel: I love the way ya do that! Keep it up, You!
You: When are you gonna finish teasing me!
Yuel: Hahaha. Sorry fer the teasin', You. I know ya've been workin' hard, so I think ya deserve a reward! I'm gonna splurge on accessories fer ya!
You: I said it's fine! I don't need them, because they'll definitely make me look weird!
Societte: No, they won't. You'll look positively delightful! Come on!
Yuel: Yep, yep! It's time to go hog wild with a shopping spree!
You: I don't wanna be carried! Put me down, Sis Yuel!
Yuel picks up the fidgeting girl and heads for the general store.
Kou: Dragged against her will...
Vyrn: Hehe. It's all good, right? They seem to be having fun.
Vyrn: Why don't we go chill at a teahouse while we wait for them to finish?
Kou: Yeah, sounds good. There should be some places nearby.
While (Captain) and the others relax at a cafe, Yuel, Societte, and You get busy checking out the store.
You: Hey, Sis Societte. What's this?
Societte: That's lipstick. It's a type of makeup used to give your lips a certain color.
You: Okay. Then how about this round thing with powdery-looking stuff in it?
Yuel: That's called blush. It's to bring out the color in yer cheeks for a brighter look.
You: Huh... There's all kinds of stuff I don't know about.
Shop Employee: Ah, in that case would you like to try some on, miss? I'll help you properly apply it.
You: Er... No, I—
Yuel: Go for it! Give her the works!
You: What! Don't go making decisions for me!
Shop Employee: You got it! Some perfume and nail polish wouldn't hurt either.
You: H-hey...
Yuel, Societte, and the store employee buzz around You in a flurry of activity as they test out different products on the girl's hair and face.
Despite You's earlier protests, she thoroughly enjoys being doted on for the first time in her life.
Yuel and Societte pay for the makeup and You's new charming hair ribbons.
The two Erunes quickly deck out You with their latest purchases and hand her a mirror.
You: Is that... me?
Yuel: Nice! Ya oughta win a cuteness award.
You's eyes light up upon seeing a reflection of herself that she's never seen before.
Without warning, she bolts out of the store.
Societte: Eep! Where are you going, You!
Yuel: Hahaha... Maybe to show certain friends her new look?
Societte: Oh... Heehee, I see. She's just the sweetest.

You's Aspiration: Scene 2

Desperate to show off her new look to (Captain), Kou, and the others, You accidently bumps into some ruffians who are eager to start trouble. You prepares to fight back but realizes something and quickly begins to back away. Luckily Kou and (Captain) arrive to save the day.

You: Huff... Huff...
You runs frantically through the streets in search of Kou and the others.
She doesn't know why, but when she saw her new look in the mirror, she felt this urge to show it to Kou and company.
You: (Where did you guys go, Bro Kou? (Captain)?)
You: Oof!
In her haste to find her friends, she doesn't pay attention to where she's going and carelessly bumps into a passerby.
You: Oops!
Ruffian 1: Oops? Smack into somebody and all you can say is "oops"?
You: Um, I'm very sorry for bumping into you. I wasn't looking where I was going.
Ruffian 2: Ow... Man, I think my shoulder's broken. I need some compensation money for this.
You: Wh-what! I barely hit you though! There's no way it's broken!
Ruffian 2: If I say it's broken, then it's freakin' broken! Now gimme a million rupies!
You: (This is so stupid. Bet he thinks I'm just some dumb kid! Well, I've got things to do, idiot!)
Ruffian 1: Oh, what's this? Givin' us the stink eye? If you ain't gonna pay up, then I got another option for you.
You: Krrrk... Tch! Bring it!
Yuel: Ahaha. But that teeth grinding isn't becoming of a lady.
You: Gasp!
You quickly stops grinding her teeth. She then realizes another problem.
You: (Crap... I don't think I can fight like this.)
She breaks into a cold sweat and tries to back away from the ruffians.
But they quickly grab her by the arm.
You: Ouch!
Ruffian 1: Where do you think you're going?
Ruffian 2: Bwahaha! If you can't pay up, then you're going to work off your debt! Move it!
You: Let me go, damn it! Stop!
The ruffians are about to drag You away.
Ruffian 1: Augh!
One of the ruffians suddenly feels a sharp pain in his back, and he releases his grip on You.
Kou: Stop right there! Keep your dirty hands off her! Or else next time I won't use the back of my sword!
Lyria: Are you all right, You?
Vyrn: We heard a commotion and thought we'd better check it out. And it's a good thing we did!
You: Bro Kou... (Captain)...
Ruffian 1: Damn, that smarts! If it's a fight you want, then you got one! I'm gonna wreck the lot of you!
Kou: You two aren't the sharpest tools in the shed, are you! You're going to get what's coming to you!

You's Aspiration: Scene 3

The crew learns the reason why You didn't fight back against the ruffians was because she didn't want to ruin her ribbons and makeup before she had the chance to show (Captain) and Kou. The crew praises You for her cuteness, causing her to flush and run away from the scene. Nevertheless You's interest in fashion is born.

Ruffian 1: Yaaagh!
Ruffian 2: We're soorrryyy!
The ruffians flee in a terrified panic after feeling the wrath of Kou and (Captain).
Yuel and Societte almost smash into the ruffians as the two parties bolt past each other.
Yuel: We heard a huge racket and came a-runnin'. Is everything all right, You?
You: Yeah. Just a minor inconvenience.
Societte: This is all our fault. If only we'd gone after you...
You: You don't have to apologize. It was my fault for running off like that.
Kou: Did they hurt you?
You: No. I'm alive and kicking thanks to you guys.
Vyrn: Why didn't you fight back though? You could've worn a blindfold and still crushed those punks.
You: Um, yeah, but if I did that, then...
You: Well...
Kou: Hey, you're all dressed up.
You: ...
Kou: The ribbons in your hair look nice, and so does that makeup.
Kou: Did Yuel and Societte pick all that out for you?
You: Yeah, hehe. Um, so it looks good, you said?
Seeing You's bashful demeanor, (Captain) immediately understands why she didn't fight back.
  1. It's because you changed your look!

Choose: It's because you changed your look!
You: Mm-hm...
You: Sis Yuel and Sis Societte took the trouble of picking everything out for me, so I didn't wanna mess it all up.
You: And I really wanted to show it off to Bro Kou and (Captain), so I kinda held back...
Yuel: Hehehe. I get it. Aw, You. Yer such a cutie-patootie.
You: Wha!
Societte: Uh-huh. I just want to stroke your head all day long.
You: S-stop patting me on the head, Sis Societte!
Societte: But I can't help it. Kou agrees with me. Right, Kou?
Kou: Yeah, there's no way anyone can claim she isn't charming.
Kou: She's just lovely, isn't she, (Captain)?
Lyria: Yes! She's adorable!
You: Nooo! Stop repeating yourselves!
You: Krrrk... Damn it, I'm starting to boil over... You'd better quit it...
You: Oh, shoot.
Realizing that she has subconsciously started grinding her teeth again, she puts a stop to it.
You: Sigh...
Yuel: Hehehe! Ya can't escape from the cuteness bug, You!
You: Ugh, I've had it up to here with this crap! Enough is enough!
A beet-red You has to flee from the incessant lighthearted ribbing.
From that day on, she manages to curb her habit of teeth-grinding to a certain degree, while also picking up an interest in fashion.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
オレに任せろッ!全部ぶち殺すッ! You're done for! I'll tear you into itty-bitty pieces!
ふ、風呂苦手だけどよ皆と一緒なら大丈夫…… I don't like baths, but I guess I can stand it if everyone's around...
オレもいつかユエ姉ぇとソシ姉ぇみてぇに…… I wanna be like Sis Yuel and Sis Societte one day...
コウ兄ぃってさ女みてぇにキレイだよな Bro Kou's as pretty as a lady.
いつのまにか尻尾生えてたンだよな I'm not sure when I started sprouting tails.
黯之舞……今なら舞えるぜ! I can do the Ebon Dance now!
またミマカの町に遊びにいきてぇな I'd love to take another trip to Mimaka.
おあげサン……うぅ、腹減ったな…… Braised bean curd... Mm, so good.
なぁ! (主人公)おもてなししてやろうか! Hey, (Captain)! You looking for some hospitality?
(主人公)……ホント、ありがとな…… Thank you so much, (Captain)...


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