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Official Profile[edit]

Age 19
Height 160 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Looking for falling stars
Likes Dawdling
Dislikes Difficult conversations
Manipulator of foxflame, Yuel searches for the remnants of a thousand years of history. As the inheritor of an ancient ancestral power, Yuel is determined to restore her family's royal lineage. Though it is questionable whether an heir still exists, she continues to travel the Skydom and experience much on her travels. Full of curiosity about the world, Yuel often finds herself off-track, but she views such moments as only minor setbacks.
Source [1]




  • Yuel has character banter with her childhood friend Societte while together in battle.
  • Yuel is something of a glutton, and is especially fond of fish, to the point that she even dreams about them.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday!
Today's the happiest day of all! A huge event that only comes around once a year!
I'm always making you to do stuff, after all.
So as thanks, today we have to do things your way!
So where do you want to go? I'll take you anywhere! Heheh!


Teehee, aren't I just the luckiest girl alive?
Whee! This is the second time I get to celebrate (Captain)'s birthday!
I feel so full inside. The happiness is overwhelmin'! Hey, hey, isn't there anything you'd like me to do?
Go ahead—say it! Today's yer birthday after all!


Mm, cake!
It looks so good, right? I made it just for you, (Captain)!
I'm sure you know... that this is yours. Mm-hm, all yours!
But since you and I are as one, sorta...
This cake is also kinda mine! Probably! No, definitely!
So happy birthday, (Captain)! To you and to me! Time to eat up—together!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
I got a present for ya!
Hehe. A little while ago, Kou taught me a spell from the Ninth Family that binds people together.
You make a little foxfire and stretch it real thin, until it looks like a bright piece of string. Then you connect your and your partner's fingers with it.
There. Now we'll be friends forever.
Hehe. Well, who knows—it might just be a dumb fox's tale. But I know how I feel...
And I don't think we need some dumb trick to make our friendship last, right, (Captain)?

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

I hear the sunrise is a real beauty this time of the year!
How about we go watch it together? It'll be quite a climb though if we want the best view!
But hey, come wit' me and you'll be just fine!
Let's make tracks! Ahaha!


(Captain), where's my New Year's present?
You don't have one for me? Aww, but why not?
Because we'll be together this year too? Mm, fair enough...
It's okay if ya won't give me a present. I still want to be with ya—Hey, look what ya just made me say!
Enough about New Year's gifts! Let's go out fer a night of fun, (Captain)!


This marks the third year we've been able to spend New Year's Day together, (Captain).
It got me thinkin'... Maybe we oughta do something to mark the occasion?
I know! You can watch as I do funny imitations of other folks in the crew! We'll get our first laughs of the year!
Startin' wit' Lyria—
Aw, what's with the look? Tch... Now you spoiled the mood.
Hm... How 'bout we pay a visit to the shrine?
It's settled then! Best get ready right away, cuz I'm goin' ahead! Ahaha!


Hey, hey! After we're done with our New Year's prayers and such, how about some special pillow kebabs from yours truly!
Ahaha! There's nothin' better for such an auspicious occasion! Go ahead and buy thirty dozen for me!
You're gonna love the textures—crispy fried coating, a chewy mochi inside, all skewered together with crunchy vegetables!
Ooh, then it's slathered in some secret sauce from Akino and grilled until it's good n' juicy! Mm-mm-mm! Perfect!
The more you chew the more you can taste that sweet, saucy flavor!
Oh, I haven't even mentioned the health benefits yet! Eat some now, and you'll be ripe and rarin' to go for a full year!
Go ahead, buy some!
How about it, (Captain)? I'll throw in a l'il somethin' extra if you take the plunge now!
Why am I hawkin' these 'babs? Oh, this old guy from Akino's runnin' a food court for the New Year's festival, and I'm helpin' him out.
He said I could have fifty percent of whatever I sell!
That's why I'm gonna sell a big, ol' stack of 'em! I'll be rich enough to welcome the new year with style! Ahaha!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's Day!
Check it out! See these chocolates? I went out and bought 'em just for you.
Wazzat? Course they're store-bought. Making 'em's too much work.
Whaddya mean they're weird lookin'? All you do is complain...
Look, it was my first time making chocolate, okay? I'm not good at it!
Ack! Wait, wait, wait! I meant some rookie at the chocolate shop whipped it up!
It totally wasn't me! I bought it one hundred percent!
Here, here, open wide! You're really enjoying it, aren't ya...


Yoo-hoo! I have chocolate for ya this year too, (Captain)!
Hrm? You want to know if they're handmade? Th-that's a secret!
Sigh, maybe it was too obvious... I'll have to cover my tracks better next year.
Yes, that's right. I made these just for you! Hope ya enjoy them, (Captain)!


Here ya go. Handmade just like last year. No point tryin' to lie about it.
I decided to give it to ya straight up this year!
Can't deny I'm a bit embarrassed though...
You look surprised... Hey, I feel bashful too sometimes, ya know?
But I guess it's not much like me, eh? Fine then—I'm gonna play fire wit' fire!
Ya made me blush, and now I'm gonna use everything in my foxy repertoire to make you blush!
Heh heh heh... Don't look too surprised when I pounce on ya!


Happy Valentine's Day, (Captain)...
Sigh... What's the matter with me? I feel real funny.
Weird though, because it's a regular ol' thing to give a person chocolate on a day like today.
But every year, I keep gettin' more and more embarrassed for some reason... What's goin' on with me!
Ah, this must be your fault! That much I can tell!
Like, when I'm by myself, I'm a way feistier varmint...
Hope you're ready to take responsibility for what you've done to me, (Captain). Hehe.

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hm? What's up? You're all fidgety... Trying to pop the question or something?
You got me something? As thanks for everything I do?
Heheh, now I get it! Today's White Day, right? Heheheh, got it!
Do I understand how you feel? Ahaha, absolutely!


Chocolate for me this year too? Yay!
Teehee. So ya do care about me after all!
I'm always grateful for everything ya do for us, (Captain).
So I hope you'll give me chocolates next year too!
That won't be a problem, right? Hahaha, thanks again!


Appreciate the chocolates every year, (Captain).
It's startin' to feel old though. Maybe you can think of an excitin' new way to hand 'em to me?
I know! How 'bout you lob them into my mouth?
Go ahead and fling the yummies at me the moment I open up!
On second thought, it could be a mess if I don't catch 'em right... How about I just go "aahhh"?


Ahaha! Yay! I just knew you'd bring me a gift again this year, (Captain)!
Attention like that might give a girl a few ideas... Am I really that important to ya?

  • Choose: Of course!
    Whoa, whoa! That's awful forward!
    You shouldn't make little ol' wallflowers like me blush so hard!
    Hehehe... Even though I appreciate hearing it.
  • Choose: Maybe, maybe not.
    Ahaha, ooh, you're gonna make me blush! You're a cutie when you're playin' coy, (Captain).
    Hehe, that settles it! I'll have to tease you until I can get the truth outta yeah!
    Don't even think of trying to get away from me. Hehe.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat!
Hmm? You're givin' me candy? Heh heh. Well, let me think. I guess I could take some...
All right, I made up my mind! No candy for me. I've got a better idea! It's trick or trick!
Look! I made this scary tail for you! You must be dying to put it on...
Huh? Hey, where are ya goin', Captain? Wait up! Ahahaha!


Yer not gettin' away from me, (Captain)!
Hahaha! I put so much effort into thinking up the meanest trick ya ever seen!
No runnin' away now! Hm? Candy? Who needs it!
I just wanna give ya a good prankin'! Haha! Wait, where ya goin'? I'm gonna getcha!


Hey, (Captain)! Whatcha say to swimmin' together in that sea of candy?
It'll be so much fun, and it'll feel oh-so-good! Not to mention all the treats in there!
Okay! Let's round up all the candy in town! I'll use all the cunning and foxiness I have up my sleeve!
Just kidding! No need to panic now—you know I wouldn't do somethin' so dastardly.

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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey! Isn't today the day good kids get lots and lots of presents?
I heard there's like this old grandpa guy who wears red and he brings everyone tons of cool presents!
Oh, that is sooo cool! I can't wait! I've been good all year, too! That means I'm gonna get lots and lots!
I hope you get loads too!


Whoo! It's holiday season! Mm, what to do, what to do...
Oh! There's this thing we do where I'm from! Come here—I'll show ya.
First we put on a coat dyed in red
Next put in presents people would love to get as a present in this snow-white bag.
All in there? Ooh, it's packed! Now carry it over yer shoulder and put on a bushy white mustache fer the final touch-up.
There, all done! Hm? Whaddaya do in this getup, you ask?
You'll want to walk around and give out gifts to those who've helped ya out over the year. Seein' their face burst into a smile is priceless!
And now... It's time for my present. C'mon, (Captain)! Hahaha!


Ta-da! A present to you for a bein' a good kid all year round, (Captain)!
C'mon, open it up, open it up! Go, go, go!
Well? How about it? A pass to "cuddle wit' tails" for an entire day!
That's right—any tail is fair game, not just mine!
Ahaha! I didn't exactly get permission from anyone else though, so it's better to stick with my tail!
So? When do you think you'll use it? Just keep in mind that cuddling is as far as I'll let ya go!


Hmm... I'm stumped. What kinda present should I give (Captain) this year?
Sigh... Maybe I'd make a good present...
No, you big dummy! That's so stupid!
Seriously, get a grip, Yuel! You're just embarassin yourself now—
Aaaaah! (Captain)! How long have you been there for?
Heh... Heh-heh... Um, well...
Look, I got you a present... It's me...

Fate Episodes[edit]

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Taking It Off Ad Infinitum[edit]

The crew learns that Yuel was simply pestering Societte to wear a certain foxy outfit. Yuel eventually gives up and dons the outfit herself, and then proceeds to change back and forth between outfits—relishing in the crew's reactions.

While dancing on the deck of the Grandcypher one day, Yuel and Societte see a vision of the land known as Akino.
They head there with the crew.
Along the way, (Captain) and company try to put together all the info they have.
They finish up their discussion shortly before arriving on Akino and get ready for a short break.
Societte: Urgh!
Yuel: Societte, wait fer me! Ahahahaha!
Vyrn: Whatcha guys doin'? Might as well rest up while you can.
Lyria: Ah, Yuel. What happened to your new outfit?
  1. Careful. Don't wanna catch a cold now.
  2. Guess you didn't like it much?

Choose: Careful. Don't wanna catch a cold now.
Yuel: This is how I usually dress! Ain't all that chilly to begin wit' anyway!
Yuel: And don'tcha worry 'bout me comin' down wit' a cold. It's never happened once in my lifetime!
Vyrn: Hahaha, good point. I can't imagine you ever being under the weather!
Lyria: I still don't see why you took it off though...

Choose: Guess you didn't like it much?
Yuel: Nuh-uh! That ain't it at all!
Yuel: I love that outfit so much, I could keep it on forever and ever!
Vyrn: Bwuh? Didn't you just take it off?
Continue 1
Yuel: Ah, well, I do have a reason, ya know?
Yuel: You sure I can have this adorable outfit all to myself, Societte?
Societte: Mm-hm. I'm glad you like it so much.
Yuel: Course I like it—it's a present from you!
Yuel: Gotta say it feels kinda weird though.
Yuel: Like it's sappin' my power—can't really feel my foxflames with this on.
Societte: I imagine that stems from the power of the outfit.
Societte explains that the clothing temporarily seals the power of Ninetails before permanently enhancing it.
Yuel: Whoa-ho! That means I'll be super strong if I keep it on me all the time!
Societte: I've gotten stronger myself by doing just that, so yes—I do believe that to be the case.
Yuel: Hm, hm... Hm?
Yuel: Didja say you wore it too?
Societte: Y-yes...
Yuel: I bet ya look ravishin' in it! Gosh, would I love to have a peek...
Societte: Huh... Eh?
Yuel: So when I tried to put it on her, she hightailed it outta there faster than I could say, "What the hay?"
Vyrn: Ugh, what's with you two...
Yuel: Aw c'mon, admit ya wanna see Societte in it too.
Lyria: Well, I guess I am a bit curious...
Yuel: Right? It'd fit her to an absolute T. Bet she'd look even more stunnin' than me!
Yuel: Don'tcha think so too, (Captain)?
  1. Looks cuter on you, Yuel.
  2. I definitely see what you mean.

Choose: Looks cuter on you, Yuel.
Yuel: Y-you think so? Aw, yer makin' me blush, (Captain)...
Societte: I'm wit' (Captain) on this one...

Choose: I definitely see what you mean.
Yuel: That's what I've been sayin' all along! Gimme five, (Captain)!
Lyria: I think it looks just as good on you though, Yuel...
(Captain) slowly nods in response after pondering the notion.
Yuel: Ahaha! C'mon, (Captain), I was hopin' for more of a "heck yeah!" reaction outta you.
(Captain) remarks that it was all in jest and praises Yuel's beauty in the outfit.
Societte: Mm-hm, I think so too.
Continue 2
Yuel: Y-ya think so? Maybe I should just keep it on then...
Yuel is about to change right then and there.
Vyrn: Whoa, whoa, whoa! You plan on changin' right here?
Yuel: Somethin' wrong wit' that?
  1. Oh so wrong, Yuel.
  2. Nothin' wrong with a change o' clothes.

Choose: Oh so wrong, Yuel.
Lyria: That's right! You should change in your room!
Yuel: Meh, what a bother.
Yuel: Sheesh, what's the big deal over a change of clothes?

Choose: Nothin' wrong with a change o' clothes.
Yuel: Ya see? If (Captain)'s okay with it, then it must be okay!
Lyria: It's not okay! Please go change in your room!
Yuel: Sheesh, what's the big deal over a change of clothes?
Continue 3
Yuel gets ready to strip off her current outfit...
Lyria: Ahh! (Captain), quick, cover your eyes!
A faint flame surrounds Yuel, instantly switching her manner of dress.
Lyria: Huh?
Yuel: Ahahaha! Didn't ya know I could change clothes like this?
Lyria: Hm... Never would've guessed it...
Yuel: Don't tell me you were expectin' somethin' more?
Yuel winks at (Captain) with a mischievous grin.
Yuel: It's a bit of a shame really. I really wanted to see ya in this outfit, Societte.
Yuel: Why are ya hatin' it so much anyway?
Societte: That's not it! I just...
Societte: I can't just go and wear something that you've clothed yourself in... That would be so embarrassing...
Yuel: Ahahaha! Gimme a break, Societte! Oh, yer just so adorable!
Yuel: In any case I'll be wearin' it fer a while.
Vyrn: Took it off again? Well, what's it gonna be, on or off?
Yuel: Oh, I want to keep it on forever and ever! Especially after hearin' how Societte and (Captain) love the way I look in it!
Lyria: But then why...
Yuel: I can't get enough of yer reactions!
Yuel changes again right in front of (Captain).
Until the moment they make landfall at Akino, Yuel changes time and time again, relishing in the crew's reactions each time.

Collaborative Effort[edit]

The crew assists Kou in tilling the fields to help improve his unfavorable reputation among the locals. Seeing his sheer arrogance and slipshod work ethic, Yuel decides to instill some discipline in Kou.

On Akino, Yuel and Societte crossed paths with a clumsy young man by the name of Kou who happened to be a successor just like them.
Previously Kou single-handedly protected the people of Akino from miasma unleashed via the slaughterstone that seals Ninetails.
His perilous actions and haughty attitude unfortunately landed him in a bit of hot water with the villagers.
To clear up any misunderstandings, Yuel and Societte work with Kou to help the villagers.
Yuel: So we harvest the vegetables next. Kou, you think this field was polluted by the miasma too?
Kou: It's far enough from the forest. The soil looks good to me too. Should be fine.
Yuel: That's great! Means we can make oodles of pillow kebabs!
Societte: Haha. You really love that stuff, don't you, Yuel?
Yuel: Nothin's better than soft, crunchy deep-fried tofu with pipin'-hot veggies! You know what I'm sayin', Kou?
Kou: Wouldn't know—never had the dish. I'm always up for some deep-fried tofu though.
Yuel: Ahaha! We've gotta have some together later!
Kou: Humph, no thanks. I'll pass.
Vyrn: Tch, talk about an obnoxious lunkhead.
Yuel: Yep. Wouldn't hurt to be a little nice sometimes, Kou... Huh?
Yuel: Whatcha doin' over there?
Kou: I saw this nice-looking stump just begging for me to take a break on it.
Yuel: Geez! I take my eyes off ya for one sec, and yer playin' hooky already?
Kou: All right, all right, no need to lay it on me. I just gather the veggies and I'm good, right?
Yuel immediately jumps in upon seeing Kou trying to violently yank out the vegetables from the ground.
Yuel: Stop, stop, stop! Manhandlin' won't get ya anywhere! You'll just tear apart the veggies entirely!
Kou: How else am I supposed to do it?
Societte: Gently. Like this.
Yuel: Think ya can handle it? Or would you like me to guide ya every step of the way?
Kou: H-hands off of me! I've got this, all right!
Yuel: Ahaha! How cute—yer blushin'.
Kou: I am not!
Yuel: Hahaha... This takes me back...
Yuel: To when Societte was still a child.
Lyria: Was Societte really similar to how Kou is now?
Yuel: Nuh-uh, that ain't it. She was awkward and clumsy... and just all-around clueless about the world.
Yuel: But just like I still do nowadays, I got the chance to teach Societte so many things.
Societte: S-stop it... You're embarrassing me...
Kou: Societte couldn't do much either?
Societte: Mm... That's because I didn't know much to begin with.
Societte: With Yuel by my side, I've learned so much about myself and the things I can do.
Kou: Oh?
Societte: So... So... It's time for me to pay it forward and teach you the ways of the world, Kou...
Kou: N-no thanks...
Yuel: Heh, ain't very convincin' when ya say that wit' a blush, ya know?
Kou: ...!

I am not blushing!

Let's get back to the veggies already!
Yuel: Ahaha! You're suddenly lookin' awful cute to me, Kou!
Kou: E-enough about that!
Societte: Teehee...
They finish gathering the vegetables before the sun sets and return to the village.

Collaborative Effort: Scene 2[edit]

The crew gets to investigating why the public bathhouse's drainage isn't working properly. It becomes obvious when Kou steps on a slime monster that everyone mistook for wastewater.

Upon (Captain) and company's return to the village, they are next entrusted with cleaning the public bathhouse.
Dirt and grime is accumulating rapidly in the pool due to poor drainage, and their job is to find that drainage issue.
Kou: Hm...
Kou steps out of the pool for a break.
Yuel: Seriously? Goofin' off already? Get off your butt and start scrubbin'!
Kou: I'm getting sick of these odd jobs...
Yuel: I bet everyone in the crew feels that much more strongly than you.
Yuel: And yet they're puttin' everything aside to help us out. How 'bout ya show some gratitude?
Kou: I never asked for help.
  1. Don't make me pinch your cheeks.
  2. Yuel!

Choose: Don't make me pinch your cheeks.
Kou: Eep! S-stop it...
Yuel: I see right through yer tough guy act. I know yer feelin' thankful inside, so why not just let it all out? Here, I'll even wring it out of ya!
Kou: Nosh you choo, Yuel! Sh-shtawp pit!
Yuel and (Captain) pull back from Kou as tears well up in his eyes.

Choose: Yuel!
Yuel: I've got this!
Kou: Wh-what's that supposed to mean? Hey, wipe that giant smirk off your face!
Yuel: I just need ya to be more true to yerself! Nyahaha!
Societte: Hey, don't bully him too much.
Societte: You do know how to give thanks, right, Kou?
Kou: Rgh...
Continue 1
Kou: I appreciate all the help...
Vyrn: Meh, why are you two so obsessed with training this ungrateful whelp anyway?
Yuel: I'm sure you guys in the crew can understand.
Yuel: Kou ain't a bad kid. Just a bit clumsy is all.
Yuel: But more importantly he's a successor just like us. It's only normal for us to wanna get along!
Societte: Wouldn't it be great for the three of us to dance together some day? I'm sure it'd be so much fun!
Yuel: Ahahaha! No doubt about that! I can already picture the excitement!
Vyrn: Heheh. Yeah, I get ya.
Lyria: Mm-hm! We'll do our best to get to know Kou!
Kou: ...
Kou's cheeks and ears flush bright red as he mops the floor.
Kou: Ah!
Perhaps because Kou is scrubbing too hard, he slips over the grime on the floor.
Yuel: Kou?
Societte: Kou!
The two run to Kou in unison and catch him before his body lands on the ground.
Societte: Ngh...
Yuel: Ouch...
The girls bump foreheads in the rush of it all.
Kou: Y-you two okay?
Yuel: Ah... Hahaha... Boy, isn't this adorable?
Societte: Teehee. The two of us going in for the save and literally butting heads is too funny.
Kou: Th-thank you...
Yuel: Hm? Did you say somethin—
Lyria: Yuel! Watch out!
Societte: Huh? Wh-what is it?
The two foxy girls look down to find that underneath them is a slime, not just mere grime.
Yuel: So this slimy creep's why the drainage wasn't workin' right!
Vyrn: Let's beat it to a slimy pulp—if that's even possible! C'mon, (Captain)!
(Captain) nods and readies a weapon.

Collaborative Effort: Scene 3[edit]

The village's bathhouse plight is solved, and despite Kou's standoffish disposition, familial bonds begin to form among the three successors.

Vanquishing the slime immediately resolves the drainage problem in the bathhouse.
The villagers thank the crew with numerous rewards.
Yuel: Now ya see what it feels like when people thank you?
Kou: Mm...
Yuel: Hahah! You can play naive all you
want—only makes ya seem that much cuter!
Kou: C-c-cute? I am not cute!
Yuel: Ahaha! Whatever ya say!
Yuel: Anyhoo, now that the gig's over, how 'bout we hop into the bath together, Societte?
Yuel: Care to join us, Kou?
Kou: D-don't even ask!
Yuel: Hm? You kinda look like you want to though.
Kou: I don't know how I look—I just know no means no, Sis...
Yuel: Hm? Did you just call me Sis?
Kou: N-no! That was a slip of the tongue!
Yuel: Ooh! I'd never thought you'd be callin' me Sis one day...
Societte: H-how nice... Can you call me Sis too?
Kou: No, stop it! You didn't hear me mumble anything!
Yuel and Societte chuckle at the flustered Kou.
(Captain) looks on at the heartful exchange and sees the three successors as a wonderful trio of siblings.

Other Appearances[edit]

Rage of Bahamut[edit]


SV Yuel the Ancient.png SV Yuel the Ancient E.png
Click to reveal card data

Driven to free her captured ally, Yuel commanded will-o'-wisps to banish the darkness. No foe could escape her fiery wrath.

At the end of your turn, deal 1 damage to a random enemy follower 2 times.

In the darkness Yuel's flames dance, warding away the evil that threatens to overtake her companion. The embers flicker, each capable of incinerating an entire forest.
Class Forestcraft
Card Pack Darkness Evolved
SV Portal Yuel the Ancient
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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