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Official Profile[edit]

Age 25
Height 92 cm
Race Harvin
Hobbies Working in the fields, weaving, pickling
Likes Sun, good weather, the smell of laundry that's been left to dry in the sun
Dislikes Hot weather, intense sunlight


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Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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I wish you a very happy birthday, (Captain).
It really is wonderful to be able to celebrate your birthday while travelling together.
I know that you will continue your journey heartily and healthily for many years to come.
For the sun and I will always shine down on you.


As you live on, there will be many things you do that you never would have imagined yourself doing.
When I was young, I never imagined I would do battle with primal beasts.
Surely throughout your adventures you've experienced all kinds of things.
There may be times when your heart battles with sad and painful situations that will leave you feeling down.
But I never want you to give up.
For even where there is rain, sunlight is never far behind. As long as you never give up, you can always make it to sunrise.
If you are ever feeling weak, I will be there for you. Let me be your strength.


(Captain), happy birthday.
You shine so brightly to everyone in this crew; you are quite like our own sun.
Although it's certainly splendid, isn't constantly shining tiring?
I'd like to support you so that your light never goes out.
After all there's still a long way to go on our journey, and there are times when clouds will cover the sun.
It is during those times I want you to call upon me for support.
It's okay. No matter how much you protest, I am priestess of the sun—this is part of my duty!
Hehe. I assure you I'm sturdier than I look. So, plesae, lean on me from time to time.


Happy birthday, (Captain). I'm happy I can be by your side this year too. There are four more candles on your cake than there were when I joined your crew. As their light increases, so too do your memories. I can't think of anything I want more than to be here every time another little light joins the others atop your cake. Oops. The longer I talk, the closer we get to a lot of wax in our frosting. All right, (Captain). See if you can blow them all out in one breath!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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(Captain)... You can't go around wearing such thin clothing. You'll catch a cold!
Hehe. So did you see the first sunrise of the new year?
As the Sun Maiden, I must see the sun's first rising to fulfill my duties.
Come closer now. I'll warm you up.


Yawn... Dear me! I'm sorry. How very shameless of me to act like this in front of you.
I'm staying up late to prepare for the countdown.
I'm just not used to burning the midnight oil, so around this time I tend to get sleepy.
But it's so embarrassing. Please, don't tell the crew.
As thanks you can eat whatever you want from my New Year's treats, (Captain).


It's beautiful, isn't it, (Captain)? The first light of a new year...
As a priestess of the sun, I give my praise to the heavens every day.
But there's something about this day that makes it feel extra special.
Looking at the shining sun, I just get so excited for the possibilities present in a new year. Don't you?
Hehe. Let's make this a year we won't forget, (Captain).


(Captain), care to have some mochi soup with me?
It's cooked with vegetables taken fresh from a garden. Here's a bowl for you.
Oh, make sure you chew slowly and thoroughly. We wouldn't want any mochi getting stuck in your throat.
Haha, the soup's not going anywhere, so take your time.
I cooked a big pot, so eat to your heart's content.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Ummm... Happy... Uh, Valentine's.
Could I speak with you for a moment? Well, you see... Today's Valentine's, and I...
Um... I wanted to know if you would like this...
I'm sorry it's not something cute you might find in a store. I made it myself.
I bet you get all kinds of things from the younger members of the crew.
Oh, my! I'm glad you're so willing to have this too, hehe.


(Captain), umm... Do you have a moment to spare? You do? Oh, wonderful.
Today is, umm... Valentine's Day, right?
So I was thinking... maybe I could give you something for that.
I'm sure you get things from the other members of the crew, but would it be a bother if I did the same?
You'd be glad to receive something? Then I'm glad I made this.
I made them by hand, and they're a little deformed, but I trust they show you how I feel.
Hehe. I guess that's what makes it so... sweet?


Um, (Captain)... I made you some sweets this year.
Would you mind accepting them?
Ah... Thank you. I was so nervous to give someone a gift.
And doubly so because it was you, (Captain).
You always do so much for me. I was worried about how to best show my gratitude.
Oh truly! That makes me so relieved that you would say that, (Captain).
Hehe. Thanks for everything you do.

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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"Why, hello, (Captain). Did you want to discuss something with me?
What's that?
Dear me, a present! Thank you so very much!
Hehe. I'm so happy to know you've been thinking of me.


Hello there. Is something happening today, (Captain)?
Dear me! A present? You shouldn't have!
I can tell you really put some thought into this. I'll be sure to enjoy it.
Whenever you get something nice, you should consider it a reward for your own good deeds.
Hehe. So next time I'll get you something that I know will make you happy.


(Captain), what ever are you doing? Oh, is this for the gift I gave you one month ago?
Well, thank you very much! I'm glad to receive your gift!
Um, it's time to eat, and I have some snacks here...
Would you care for tea?
I hate to put you on the spot if you're busy, but I would love to spend more time with you.
Haha! In that case, let's stop by the kitchen first!


Oh my! The room's all spick-and-span!
My laundry's done and my vegetables are tended to. Who could have...
Ah, (Captain)... Haha, thank you.
Oh, you'll massage my shoulders too?
I appreciate the gesture, but I'm a bit tied up at the moment... Huh, a White Day present?
Wow, you're giving me so much, (Captain)...
Thank you for it all. I consider myself blessed.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Whew, that was a surprise.
Hehe, I'll give you this treat. So let's put an end to the tricks, okay?


Heehee. It's such a wonderful day. Everyone seems to be enjoying Halloween. I have candy to hand out as well—eek! Dearie me! Well, the fall didn't hurt, but I thought you would at least catch me, (Captain)! I'm sorry. Even though it wasn't a prank, I overreacted. Please take this candy as an apology. Go on, enjoy!


Well, well, (Captain). Today is Halloween, so allow me to play a little prank.
First, would you kindly eat this pickle?
Come on, open uuup.
How is it? It's good, isn't it?
I knew it would be. Hehe. I'm glad.
Now. On to our next prank. Please come sit over here.
I'll selfishly give you a massage!
Oh dearie me, even though you're so young, you have so many knots. This will be effective in getting your muscles relaxed.
Hm? How in the skies are these pranks, you ask?
Isn't a Halloween full of these kinds of pranks a good thing?

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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Season's greetings!
Hey Captain, let's try to finish up our work early today! We've gotta be up early tomorrrow!
Hehe. After all, Santa's coming tonight!
Aw, what's the matter? You think you're not a kid anymore?
Teehee. Well now, we'll just have to see about that in the morning!


Huh? What's the matter? Do you need something from the kitchen?
Hehe. It's pretty astounding to see all the food-obsessed crew mates here in the kitchen to prepare tonight's special meal.
And it seems we're nearly out of table space for all the food! Oh dear!
Now, (Captain), you can't go nibbling on the food before the big meal!
Wait for everyone to sit first! If we all sit down and eat together, everyone will feel warm and welcome.
Eat your fill, talk the night away, and go to bed, satisfied and waiting for Santa Claus.


(Captain)! You've made your way here to the kitchen. Care to lend me a hand with the cooking?
Hehe. Thank you. I plan on making a lot, so I appreciate the extra manpower.
Oh, that vegetable is something I got from my hometown.
Let's all give thanks to the blessings of nature as we feast to celebrate this season.
However, we must also remember to go to bed early. Because you've been a good kid all year.
One would assume Santa Claus will be paying you a visit tonight.

Fate Episodes[edit]

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She Who Wields the Stars[edit]

After witnessing Lyria absorb the power of the Leviathan on the Auguste Isles, Zahlhamelina is wary. However, after watching (Captain) and the crew help clear up the town, and seeing Lyria help a lost child, she is convinced that they are good people. To make sure nobody takes advantage of Lyria and (Captain), Zahlhamelina decides to join the crew to keep an eye on things.

The Empire’s weapons development is spoiling the oceans. Auguste has gone to war to put an end to this atrocity.
The Great Primal Beast Leviathan, a creature one with the oceans, swallows an Imperial battleship in order to recover from the damage of decay.
As the Imperial soldiers bring chaos to the seas, the Augustians cannot escape the effects of the raging deep.
Fisherman: Dagnabbit! My boat’s gettin’ carried off! I have to pull her up to land somehow.
Monster: Graaagh!
Fisherman: Aaaaaahhh! Wh-what’s a monster doing here?
The monster bears down on the horror-stricken fisherman. But...
???: Look out!
Fisherman: saved me! Thank you!
???: I’m only glad made it in time. Are you hurt?
Fisherman: I’m fit as a fiddle! You’re that girl that came to buy fish—that maiden from whatsitplace.
Zahlhamelina: That’s right. My name is Zahlhamelina.
Fisherman: Once all this settles down, I’ll bring some fish to the inn where you’re staying! As my way of saying thanks!
Zahlhamelina: Oh! Well, thank you very much!
Fisherman: Now I better do something about these boats.
The fisherman hurries off to protect the other fishermen and their boats.
Zahlhamelina bids him farewell, then gazes at the angry manifestation of Leviathan.
Zahlhamelina: I thought Leviathan was supposed to bring the blessing of healing to Auguste’s oceans...
Zahlhamelina: But with the sea raging like this, he’ll only scare people and confuse them. Animals, too. Even monsters...
Zahlhamelina: It’s just too dangerous for a primal beast to have such great power.
As Zahlhamelina watches Leviathan, frowning, she sees something unexpected.
Lyria: I’m sorry! That hurt, didn’t it? But it’s okay. Come here, Leviathan.
Zahlhamelina: ......! That girl... Is she...absorbing Leviathan’s power?
Zahlhamelina: Taking control of a Great Primal Beast’s powers... Is that even possible?
Zahlhamelina: But if she is, she’s too dangerous. For a human to have such power at her command...I can’t even imagine what she could do with it.
Zahlhamelina: I can only hope that the girl and the people around her have no evil intentions.
Before Zahlhamelina loses herself in her thoughts, she catches sight the damage done to the ocean around the now calm Leviathan, and her expression grows even bleaker.
Zahlhamelina: Oh, no! Look at everything that’s been broken... I wonder if there’s anything I can do to help.
Zahlhamelina joins the townspeople in cleaning up the mess.
Zahlhamelina: Oh, dear...there’s broken glass here. That’s not safe. I need to clean it all up.
Female Stall Owner: I’m so sorry, Miss. Here you are visiting Auguste and we’re asking you to clean it up.
Zahlhamelina: Please, don’t worry about it! I’m glad I can help.
As Zahlhamelina helps pick up debris, a cheerful voice reaches her ears.
Vyrn: Hey, Mister! Is this the bag you were looking for? It was caught on something over here!
Male Stall Owner: Yes, that’s the one! You’re a lifesaver. little lizard!
Vyrn: I am NOT a lizard! ...But I can fly, and see things from the air. So finding your bag was no sweat!
Male Stall Owner: I appreciate it, little lizard. And you, too, friendly skyfarer! Thanks for all your help!
Vyrn: Heh heh! You would have done the same for us.
Zahlhamelina: That lizard... I think I saw it with that blue-haired girl...
Female Stall Owner: Oh, you mean the skyfarers and the lizard! What was his name... Vane?
Female Stall Owner: Those skyfarers there are with Eugen. They help him patrol.
Female Stall Owner: They’re young, but they get’re good workers, and so well-mannered. I wish my fool son would take a page out of their book.
Zahlhamelina: I see. ...So they’re good people.
Female Stall Owner: Yes, very good! ...Well, this area’s all cleaned up. Thank you so much for all your help!
Zahlhamelina says goodbye to the stall owner and walks off in search of anyone else who could use her help.
Zahlhamelina: What? Is that...a child crying?
Boy: Waaah! Waaah!
Lyria: Excuse me. Are you alright? Are you hurt?
Boy: Hic... Mommy! Where’s my mommy?
Lyria: Oh! You’ve lost your mother.
Lyria: Let’s go find her together! Okay?
Boy: ...sniff... Okay.
Zahlhamelina: It’s that girl...!
Zahlhamelina stops in her tracks, surprised at the sight of Lyria. Meanwhile, Lyria and the boy walk off.
Lyria: Excuse me! Has anyone seen this boy’s mother?
Boy: Mommy!
Lyria walks around with the boy for some time, but his mother is nowhere to be found.
Lyria: What do we do...? I could really use (Captain) and Vyrn at a time like this.
Lyria: ...sniff... Where did everybody go?
Boy: You’re looking for somebody, too?
Lyria: Uh-huh... You see, I got separated from my friends.
Lyria: Oh! But don’t you worry! I will get you back to your mother! I promise!
Boy: Okay. Thanks, lady.
Lyria and the boy huddle closer together as they continue their forlorn search. Zahlhamelina calls to them.
Zahlhamelina: Um...excuse me. Are you lost?
Lyria: Y...yes, we are. I think I can probably find my friends if I can get to the airship docks, but...
Lyria: I...lost track of how to get there.
Zahlhamelina: I see. The docks. I can show you the way. Want to come with me?
Lyria: Really?
Zahlhamelina: Really! And you’re looking for your mother, right, little one?
Boy: S-Sure...
Zahlhamelina: I’m pretty sure the townfolk set up a place for lost items. There should be a lot of people there.
Zahlhamelina: Let’s go and ask if anyone there has seen your mother.
Boy: Really? We can find my mom?
Zahlhamelina: Of course we can! So cheer up, okay? Both of you!
Boy: Okay!
Lyria: Yes, sir!
Zahlhamelina shows them to the lost and found. One of the townspeople there goes to get the boy’s mother, and the two are safely reunited.
Through a shower of thanks from the mother and her son, Zahlhamelina and Lyria head for the docks.
Lyria: Oh! There! That’s our airship!
Lyria dashes toward the ship. (Captain), who had been looking for her, sees her and runs up to her.
Vyrn: Lyria! Where WERE you? We were so worried!
Vyrn: We just got here ourselves. We thought maybe you’d come back to the ship.
Lyria: Really? I’m sorry for making you worry about me.
Lyria: Hngh... But...but... I’m so glad I found you!
Lyria: When I was lost, I started thinking, “What if I never find them? What if I never see them again?” I was so scared!
Lyria sheds tears of happiness as (Captain) gives her a hug, letting out a deep sigh of relief.
Zahlhamelina: Hee hee. I’m happy for you, Lyria.
Lyria: Thanks! ...Oh, this is Zahlhamelina. She showed me how to get here!
  1. Thanks for your help!
  2. Lyria needs an ID tag for when she's lost

Choose: Thanks for your help!
Zahlhamelina: It was no problem. I was only doing what anyone would do.
Zahlhamelina: Heh heh... I saw you helping the townsfolk. If you had found someone else who was lost, you would have helped them, too.

Choose: Lyria needs an ID tag for when she's lost
Vyrn: Yeah, it’s not like she memorized a map to the docks. She could get lost again.
Lyria: I-I will NOT get lost again! I learned my lesson. I do not want to go through that ever again. ...sniff...
Zahlhamelina: Oh, no, Lyria! There, there. Don’t cry.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Still, we owe you one, maiden lady! How can we thank you?
Zahlhamelina: Oh, you don’t need to thank me...
Zahlhamelina tries to refuse, but (Captain) insists that the party would like to thank her.
Zahlhamelina: Well... In that case...if you don’t mind, would you let me join you on your journey?
Lyria: What? You’re a skyfarer?
Zahlhamelina: I’m on a quest to see the world. I’m not a skyfarer, but...I don’t suppose you’d take me on as an apprentice?
Vyrn: I don’t see why not. We travel all over the place. If you want to see the world, then this is the place for you!
Zahlhamelina: Thank you, thank you! I look forward to journeying with you, (Captain)!
Zahlhamelina: And Lyria, you have more experience than I do. Please teach me how to be a skyfarer!
Lyria: Okay! First things first—let me give you a tour of the ship!
Zahlhamelina: Thank you very much. Hee hee, you’ve made me so happy.
Zahlhamelina: I just saw what good friends you all are, and I thought it would be so much fun to travel with you!
And so Zahlhamelina joins the crew, and Lyria enthusiastically shows her around the airship.
Lyria: Zzz... Zzz...
Zahlhamelina: Hee hee, she’s so cute when she’s sleeping. It’s been a long day—she must be exhausted
Zahlhamelina: ...... ......
Zahlhamelina: Lyria... And (Captain), too. They really are such kind-hearted people.
Zahlhamelina: I’m sure they’re trying to use the power they have to do what’s right.
Zahlhamelina: But people might try to take advantage of their pure hearts for their own twisted purposes.
Zahlhamelina: ...I have to watch over them to make sure that doesn’t happen. To make sure they never stop smiling!
Zahlhamelina is filled with quiet determination as she gazes at Lyria’s peaceful face.
Unaware of the thoughts in her heart, (Captain) and Lyria dream blissfully on.

She Who Basks in Blessings[edit]

(Captain) and the crew take a job from the Knickknack Shack to deliver parcels to various islands. Seeing how tired everyone is after they finish, Zahlhamelina invites them to rest in her home village. The crew accepts, and sets a course for her home.

The party accepts a job from the Knickknack Shack to make deliveries all across the islands.
With many islands to visit, not to mention plenty of items to deliver, the party finds itself qute busy.
Vyrn: Whew, that was the last of the stuff we needed to deliver, right?
Zahlhamelina: Yes, I’ve just had it confirmed. We’re all done.
Lyria: Wonderful! Then we delivered all the things the Knickknack Shack asked us to deliver.
Vyrn: And man, that sure was tricky, making sure all the right things go to the right places without getting mixed up!
Lyria: But they were all so happy to receive the deliveries!
Lyria: But...I am a bit tired, to tell the truth.
Zahlhamelina: Hang in there, Lyria! Let’s go back to the inn and get some rest!
Zahlhamelina: You look pretty tired, too, (Captain)... Don't push yourself too hard now, okay?
Vyrn: Yeah. Let’s take a nice, long break.
Zahlhamelina: Working too much is bad for your health. I think some rest would do us good.
Zahlhamelina: ...Oh, that reminds me! If it's okay, why don't we all head to my home island?
Zahlhamelina: It's very laid-back there, so I think it will be a good place to stretch out our wings and relax.
Lyria: Ooh! I would love to visit your home island!
Zahlhamelina: It should be harvest season right about now... Hee hee, in that case, I can cook you a nice meal nice with the fresh vegetables.
(Captain) accepts her proposal and points the ship in the direction of Zahlhamelina’s hometown.

She Who Basks in Blessings: Scene 2[edit]

(Captain) and the crew are interested in learning why the villagers call Zahlhamelina the "Sun Maiden", and one of the villagers begins to explain what happened to the island in the past. However, they are interrupted when they hear Lyria scream outside. They rush out in a panic, and discover that a monster has eaten the vegetables being harvested. (Captain) and the crew set off in pursuit of the monsters.

Zahlhamelina: Here we are. This is my village, and that house over there is my home.
Vyrn: Wow! Seems like a nice and quiet little place. Reminds me of Zinkenstill...
Villager: Oh my goodness... The Sun Maiden! The Sun Maiden has returned!
Zahlhamelina: It’s good to see you all! I just thought I’d come relax in the village for a bit.
Villager: Ah, what a wonderful idea! It's a good place for relaxing. And are these your friends?
Lyria: Yes! I'm Lyria. We're traveling together.
Villager: My, my, it's great to have visitors! Later, I’ll bring you some freshly picked vegetables.
Zahlhamelina: Wow! Thank you so much.
Zahlhamelina leads (Captain) and the others to her house.
Zahlhamelina: I haven't been back in awhile, but it seems the villagers have kept the place aired out for me. It's not musty at all!
Zahlhamelina: Please, (Captain), make yourself at home. I’m going to go out for a bit.
Lyria: Hm? Where are you going, Zahlhamelina?
Zahlhamelina: Since I’m here and all, I figured I could help with the harvest.
Lyria: Oh! Then I'd like to help, too! Is that okay?
Zahlhamelina: My, my. How nice of you. Hee hee, let's go together, then.
Lyria: Yay! Zahlhamelina and I are going to the fields! We’ll be back later!
(Captain) sees Lyria off on her way to the fields with Zahlhamelina, and then sits down to rest.
Villager: Sun Maiden! I brought you some fresh vegetables! ...Oh, she's not here.
Vyrn: If you’re looking for Zahlhamelina, she just left to help in the fields!
Villager: Well, I'll be! Our Sun Maiden's as hard-working as ever! I do wish she'd slow down.
Vyrn: ...By the way, what do you mean with that whole "Sun Maiden" thing?
Villager: Hm? Oh, she hasn't told you about that? Well, when she was a little girl...
Much to Vyrn and (Captain)'s interest, the villager starts to tell of Zahlhamelina's past.
Long ago, our idyllic little island was visited by a primal beast that could wander through time and space.
Because of this primal beast, the island was afflicted with a long spell of bad weather, and suffered a lot of damage because of it.
Villager: All the crops were destroyed...and we didn't know when the primal beast would get tired of playing with the weather.
Villager: The islanders were up against the wall...some started to give voice to a belief that we would be saved if we offered up a sacrifice.
Zahlhamelina—a young girl at the time—heard this idea.
She thought she could save the island if she sacrificed herself, so she went to confront the primal beast alone.
Vyrn: Wow, that's incredible... She was just a litle kid, right? And she had the courage to do that...
Vyrn: Wait, then how come she's still alive? How did she survive?
Villager: Well, that’s what makes our Sun Maiden even more incredible.
Lyria: Ahhh! Stop!
Vyrn: That's Lyria! What happened?
Startled by the screams, (Captain) runs outside and heads for the nearby fields.
Lyria: Stop! No! Don't eat those!
Monster: Uweeeee!
Zahlhamelina: Oh, dear! Did you eat all the vegetables in this pile?
Lyria: Ugh... I was looking forward to those vegetables! Oh! (Captain)! Help us chase them away!
Zahlhamelina: Sorry to bother you while you were resting, (Captain). Think you could lend a hand?
(Captain) nods at the clearly frustrated Zahlhamelina and tries to chase away the monsters.

She Who Basks in Blessings: Scene 3[edit]

In the middle of the night, (Captain) hears from Zahlhamelina about the time she used her newly-awakened fire magic to drive away the primal beast plaguing the island. She tells (Captain) that she believes the sun blessed her with its power. They hear a noise outside, and discover that the monsters from that afternoon have returned to eat the vegetables the villagers harvested. They set off to clear out the monsters.

(Captain) and Lyria go to bed early that night, worn out by the exhausting work in the fields.
Waking up thirsty in the middle of the night, (Captain) gets out of bed and heads to the kitchen for a drink of water.
Zahlhamelina: There we go, and...huh? What are you doing awake, (Captain)?
Zahlhamelina: ...Wondering about the smell? It’s rice bran. I was just pickling some vegetables.
Zahlhamelina: Oh, are you thirsty? Then how about some tea? Here, sit down while I make some.
Zahlhamelina steps away from her pickling, washes her hands, and makes (Captain) some tea.
Zahlhamelina: Here you go. It'll warm you up and put you right back to sleep.
Zahlhamelina: What's that? ...Sacrifice? Yes, that's right. I thought it would save the island.
Zahlhamelina: It was hard. I was scared to go see the primal beast...but it was harder to watch everyone on the island suffer.
Zahlhamelina: When I stood in front of it, my legs were shaking. But, at that instant...that's when I discovered my powers with fire.
Zahlhamelina: It was a long, long battle...for me, at least.
Zahlhamelina: I think the primal beast got tired of dealing with my powers. I was just about ready to collapse...when it left the island.
Zahlhamelina: ...And when those first rays of light finally broke through the clouds...
Zahlhamelina: I'll never forget how beautiful it was.
Zahlhamelina: And those rays of sun brought life back to the withered plants and forests... The sunlight truly saved us.
Zahlhamelina: As for my powers, I think the gods lent them to me so I could save my people.
Zahlhamelina: That's why I want to use my powers to help others.
Seeing Zahlhamelina smile, (Captain) understands why she is called the Sun Maiden.
Zahlhamelina: ...Huh? What's that sound?
(Captain) exchanges a glance with Zahlhamelina and together they go outside in search of the sound’s source.
Monster: Uwee, uwee...
Zahlhamelina: My goodness! Don't tell me you've gotten into the vegetables again!
Zahlhamelina: ...I know you're hungry, too, but if you eat all the vegetables what do you expect the villagers to eat?
Zahlhamelina: Sorry to keep you up, (Captain), but I need you to help me chase them off again.

She Who Basks in Blessings: Scene 4[edit]

(Captain) and the crew rest thoroughly before they depart from the island. The villagers come to see off Zahlhamelina, and she tells them that there's a task that she wants to accomplish, and returns to her journey with (Captain) and the crew.

(Captain) and Zahlhamelina chase off the monsters and take measures to make sure they don't come back again.
Thus, their days in the quiet village were nice and peaceful, but not without a fair amount of excitement.
Villager: It's sad to see the Sun Maiden leave us again...
Vyrn: Heh heh! It's natural to start longing for adventure again after awhile! Isn't that right, (Captain)?
Lyria: I had a lot of fun here! Can we come back again sometime?
Villager: Oh sure, any time! We’ll be here, waiting for our Sun Maiden!
Zahlhamelina: Thank you all. I’m so flattered to know you feel that way.
Zahlhamelina: There’s a job I want to do, and I’m going to do it. And so...I’m off!
The villagers wave goodbye, and Zahlhamelina once again leaves her beloved village...
...with the belief in her heart that by traveling with (Captain) and the others, she could maintain peace.


  1. Granblue Fantasy Official Blog Post, 新キャラクター紹介!「アオイドス」「ザルハメリナ」「ライアン」「ラムレッダ」