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Official Profile

Age 32 (as of Aglovale)
33 (as of Aglovale and Tor As of The Strength to Wield)
Height 182 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Improving his swordplay, inspecting the castle town incognito
Likes His family, small animals
Dislikes Filth, insolence, disloyalty
Character Release
Character Release
続いては、覇業の道を征く氷皇「アグロヴァル」が凛々しい姿で光属性のSSレアとして登場です! フェイトエピソードでは、チョコレート不足に陥った我が国「ウェールズ」を救おうと奔走する、民想いのアグロヴァルを見ることができます。平和が訪れた国で繰り広げられる、この寒い冬でも心温まるエピソードをぜひお楽しみください。
Character Release


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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 32歳 (as of Aglovale)
33歳 (as of Aglovale and Tor As of The Strength to Wield)
Height 182cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 剣術の修業、お忍びで城下町の様子をうかがうこと
Likes 家族、小動物
Dislikes 穢ないもの、不遜な輩、不忠な行為
Character Release
Character Release
続いては、覇業の道を征く氷皇「アグロヴァル」が凛々しい姿で光属性のSSレアとして登場です! フェイトエピソードでは、チョコレート不足に陥った我が国「ウェールズ」を救おうと奔走する、民想いのアグロヴァルを見ることができます。平和が訪れた国で繰り広げられる、この寒い冬でも心温まるエピソードをぜひお楽しみください。
Character Release


Source [1] [2] [3] [4]

Age 24 (as of Aglovale and Tor As of The Strength to Wield)
Height 175 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Market research, writing letters to his family
Likes His family, negotiations, being asked for his opinions
Dislikes Violence, being forced to react
Character Release


Source [5]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 24歳 (as of Aglovale and Tor As of The Strength to Wield)
Height 175cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 市場調査、家族に手紙を書くこと
Likes 家族、交渉事、意見を求められること
Dislikes 荒事、リアクションを求められること
Character Release


Source [5]







Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Aglovale: Welcome, (Captain). Please have a seat, and I'll have the tea served.
Tor: Happy birthday, (Captain). Today we have prepared a fine selection of delicacies from the favorite confectioner of the House of Wales.
Aglovale: I've invited Percival to join us, but it seems he will be late due to an emergency.
When ruling a nation, one is bound to encounter unexpected issues. Since he knows you are waiting, I am sure he will resolve the matter swiftly.
Well, I know the two of you will want to catch up when he arrives. In the meantime, I am afraid you will have to chat with me instead.
Tor: (That being said, I have a feeling Lord Aglovale will be talking about Lord Percival the entire time...)
(Ever since Lord Percival's return, my lord speaks of him so often that I hear his name at least once a day.)
Aglovale: Tor, you may take your seat as well. I've already alerted the wait staff.
Tor: Yes, my lord. (Captain), I hope you will indulge yourself to your heart's content.


Tor: Welcome, (Captain), and happy birthday.
Aglovale: How very nice to see you, (Captain). This wonderful dinner party in celebration of you was organized by Tor. Please enjoy yourself.
Tor: It is not much, but I took the pleasure of preparing the drinks and decorating the venue.
I do hope everything is to your liking, (Captain).
Aglovale: What's there to "hope" for? Knowing you, you've already figured out (Captain)'s tastes before organizing this party.
And these decorations... They're exactly the kind I like. Your humility sometimes vexes me, Tor.
Tor: There is no need for me to research what you like, Lord Aglovale. In the course of being your attendant, your tastes come naturally to me...
Aglovale: And what a capable attendant you are. I'm quite lucky to have an aide at my side talented enough to satisfy the whimsies of both (Captain) and myself.
Tor:You honor me, my lord. I promise to continue giving you my best as your attendant.
Aglovale: Percival will be joining us soon, (Captain). Please, make yourself at home.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Aglovale: The new year is a time of celebration throughout the town, and an opportunity for a variety of cultures to shine.
Aglovale: I will be visiting the castle town for my inspection as usual, but in secret so as not to disturb the people.
Tor: Your garments have already been arranged. I myself will be changing into my civilian clothes shortly.
Aglovale: I see. Then I shall go complete my preparations.
Tor: Captain? Is something weighing on your mind?
Tor: Are we certain that he will not be discovered? As you may have guessed, with his notoriety, there is no doubt he will be found out.
Tor: No, we will indeed be going in disguise. If Lord Aglovale says that we are incognito, then no one will argue.
Tor: Even if the people in the city do in fact notice, they will go about business as usual. Although they may behave a little better than they would otherwise.
Tor: You are welcome to accompany us on the inspection, Gran, but I ask that you bear what I said in mind.


Tor: Happy New Year, (Captain).
Aglovale: I've got plenty of audiences scheduled for today. I suspect I won't be able to go on my annual inspection of the town until nightfall.
Tor: Your growing popularity among the people has made this new year quite a hectic one, Lord Aglovale.
Aglovale: I'm the head of the House of Wales. Garnering the people's favor is practically my duty.
Tor: I am afraid this agenda will eventually see you exhausted.
I will arrange a medicinal bath for you this evening so that you may properly relax.
Aglovale: As accommodating as always, aren't you, Tor. I'm sure this schedule has you as weary as I. You must prepare a special bath for yourself as well, I insist.
Tor: That will not be necessary, I—
Aglovale: When you're fatigued, you have a habit of pressing down on the right side of your neck. You're doing it right now, in fact.
Tor: You are... very perceptive, my lord.
Aglovale: Heh, quite ironic coming from you. It'd be odd if I didn't notice the mannerisms of a man who's always by my side.
Well then, (Captain), if you'd like to join me for inspections again this year, do come back later tonight.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Aglovale: Oho? A gift for me, and for Tor as well?
Tor: Are you sure it's right for me to accept this? You needn't have gone to the trouble...
Aglovale: What reason is there to be so reserved? Considering your achievements, you've more than earned it.
But I must say I envy you, (Captain). In your position, no one will find fault with you giving a gift to Tor.
Tor: Are you still bitter that I advised you to refrain from giving gifts, my lord?
Aglovale: What's so wrong with a lord showing his appreciation to an attendant? I was deeply hurt when you refused, I'll have you know.
But when you stated that you felt your life would be in danger, I had no option but to back down.
Tor: You have no concept of just how much your people and retainers adore you, my lord.
I am already shown a great deal of favoritism. If I were to receive anything more, it would surely breed resentment...
Aglovale: I'd wager you're overthinking things. Regardless, I am delighted that Tor now has a gift of his own.
You have my thanks, (Captain).


Aglovale: My, is this Valentine's confection for me and Tor? Considering the fuss we made last year, I'm amazed you'd attempt to gift us treats again.
Tor, what say we indulge in (Captain)'s present tonight with our evening tea?
Tor: Very good, my lord. I will prepare a platter and bring it to your room later tonight.
Aglovale: You look surprised, (Captain). Is it so odd to enjoy a cup of tea with one's attendant?
Having a cup with Tor has become something of a daily ritual as of late; our moment of rest after a long day.
Tor: Though I do think it would be most prudent for my lord to extend this invitation to others as well...
Aglovale: That would only rob you of a chance to relax. Is this perhaps your way of saying you don't fancy having tea with me?
Tor: No, not at all, Lord Aglovale. To be true, I feel quite the opposite.
I am just concerned spending this much time with you will make me an object of envy among the people.
Summoning only me to an affair as intimate as having a cup of tea would—
Aglovale: Put your life in "danger," is that it?
Well and good, but I will not hear of it, not today. After all, we have (Captain)'s sweets to enjoy.
Many thanks for the thoughtful gift, (Captain).

White Day Cutscenes
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Aglovale: Tor and I have prepared a few items in return for your previous gift. I hope you'll accept them.
Tor: Once again, thank you very much for the delectable sweets you presented us.
Thanks to you, Lord Aglovale and I were able to enjoy a wonderful teatime together.
Aglovale: I had Tor make a number of selections and narrowed them down personally. You are sure to find them to your liking.
Tor: We have also included some herbal tea leaves that pair well with the confections. I hope you can use them to enjoy your own delightful tea break.


Aglovale: (Captain), accept these treats Tor and I have prepared as a token of our appreciation for the gift you gave us.
Tor: We cannot thank you enough for your thoughtful present. It was quite delicious paired with our evening tea.
Lord Aglovale has begun to invite people other than myself to his tea gatherings since we last talked about them...
Aglovale: Only at your insistence, Tor. I admit the change has rewarded me with a deeper connection to my people I wouldn't have gained otherwise.
But these gatherings are supposed to be a moment of respite. Inviting others defeats the purpose.
Tor: Lord Aglovale...
Aglovale: That said, opening it up to my subjects has greatly improved their morale, that I can't deny. I was right to take your advice, Tor.
In any case, do find some time to relax and partake in these treats when you can, (Captain).

Tasty Macaroons
Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Aglovale: This is an order from your king, Tor. You have no right to refuse.
Tor: Surely you're not serious... There is no way I can play a trick on you, my lord.
Aglovale: This isn't like you at all. What happened to your usual boldness?
Tor: Be that as it may, I am merely an attendant...
Aglovale: That's no fun. Don't you agree, (Captain)?
You went so far as to convince Percival to don a pair of wolf ears, and even made him howl.
Tor: What! The young lord himself? You have far more courage than I...
Very well. I will attempt to come up with something that you will enjoy, my lord.
Aglovale: Heheh. I look forward to it, my faithful retainer.


Aglovale: The day of mischief is upon us, Tor. Whatever you have planned for me, I hope it's at least as good as what you did last year.
Tor: I am afraid shaping your hair into cat ears as I did the year prior is as much roguery as I can muster, my lord.
Aglovale: Don't overthink it. All I want is for you to come up with something wild and outlandish, is that too much to ask?
Or perhaps you would prefer being the target of mischief yourself?
Though I must warn you, I have no intent on holding back just because you're my attendant.
Tor: If that is what you prefer, Lord Aglovale... But I must admit, the mere thought of what you might have in store makes me terribly nervous...
Aglovale: Heheh... I hope you're ready for what's coming, Tor.
You're in for quite a show, (Captain).

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Tor: Happy Holidays, (Captain). I bid you a warm welcome to Wales.
Aglovale: I left the specifics of the banquet in Tor's hands this year, so not even I know what to expect.
Well, this is Tor we're talking about. I'm certain we won't find ourselves bored.
Tor: Indeed. I have done my utmost to ensure that our honored guests enjoy their time here today.
I can assure you that the finale in particular will not disappoint.
Aglovale: There you have it. (Captain), together let us witness what Tor is capable of.
It is a tremendous amount of pressure, but as the organizer, I must not shy away from a challenge. I can assure that you won't be disappointed.
Aglovale: I've prepared a special seat for you as my benefactor, (Captain). I pray you will enjoy yourself to the fullest.


Tor: We are overjoyed to be welcoming you to Wales for yet another winter holiday celebration.
Aglovale: (Captain), I'm sure you've come expecting Tor's preparations to be as amusing as last year's, no?
Having the army band serenade our guests with a euphonious marching song was quite a spectacular way to end the night.
Tor: It brings me great honor to know you all enjoyed yourselves.
Aglovale: Assembling so many vassals for such a grand performance must've been quite the hassle. You truly outdid yourself, Tor.
Tor: You give me too much credit, Lord Aglovale. I would not have been able to do it without your influence and prestige with the people.
Aglovale: One cannot plan an entertaining banquet on authority and popularity alone. You're far too modest, Tor. I insist you take the compliment.
Tor: Ngh...
Though I believe your kind words are wasted on me... I humbly receive them.
Aglovale: Heh, its like pulling teeth trying to get you to accept praise.
I'm terribly sorry, my lord...
Aglovale: It's quite all right, you're just being yourself. Now, escort (Captain) to the banquet hall, will you, Tor?
Tor: Of course. This way, (Captain). I wish you a most relaxing and enjoyable stay this holiday season at Castle Wales.

Fate Episodes

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For Family's Sake

Shortly after the investigation into the cabal, Aglovale thinks back on the day he met Tor. After being informed by Tor of a planned uprising, an intrigued Aglovale had decided to enlist the merchant in the search for the missing Lamorak. This reminiscence causes Aglovale to realize just how much their relationship has evolved.

Some time has passed since the nations of Feendrache, Wales, and Dalmore entered into an alliance.
Following a solo investigation, Aglovale discovered that his brother Lamorak was operating under the guise of Lusor—an elite member of a hostile faction known as the cabal.
After realizing the truth, Aglovale set out for the cabal's base, which Tor had successfully identified.
However, Lamorak had escaped moments before he arrived, leaving him unable to uncover any additional information about the mysterious organization.
One afternoon, shortly after the investigation into the cabal had been conducted...
Aglovale peers through the gates of the Wales Castle training grounds to see a man swinging his sword diligently.
Tor: Hah! Hup!
Aglovale: (It seems the rumors of Tor practicing at this time of day were true. He's nothing if not committed.)
Aglovale: (Though he may be considered a knight on paper, I've never once urged him to go into battle. What could have driven him to such lengths?)
Aglovale: (Actually... I can make an educated guess.)
Aglovale: (In the past, every interaction between us was a constant battle of wits. I can remember the day I met him as if it were yesterday...)
Nearly a year prior, Wales had transformed drastically following a series of reforms put in place by Aglovale.
One day, Aglovale and his attendants had come to inspect the marketplace outside the castle in order to see the results of his policies firsthand.
After witnessing an incident involving a dishonest shopkeeper, he lavishes praise upon a particular merchant operating a stall alongside his mentor.
Aglovale: Tor, was it? The finesse with which you dispensed of that scoundrel was magnificent.
Tor: I hardly deserve such praise. He only withdrew because you were nearby, my lord.
Aglovale: It's true that I would have punished him severely for demanding an unreasonable sum from a customer who damaged his merchandise...
Aglovale: But not many merchants would have intervened in my presence, encouraging him to make a graceful retreat if he didn't want to face the king's wrath.
Merchant: My deepest apologies. This fellow can be oddly strong-willed at times. I'll make sure to give him a stern talking-to.
Aglovale: Not to worry. If that rogue had not been dealt with, his actions would have cast a stain upon this market's reputation.
Aglovale: Part of the reason I have come here with my retinue is to maintain public order. If my authority can be of use to that effect, then by all means.
Tor: Such generosity of spirit! Your virtue exceeds even my highest expectations.
Aglovale: Humph. Well, since the opportunity has presented itself, let me see your wares.
After carefully examining the goods shown to him, Aglovale decides to purchase a number of products that caught his interest.
Merchant: I'm delighted you were able to find several items to suit your taste. I'll have your purchases wrapped up in just a moment.
Merchant: I'll be right back, Torry. Good luck.
Tor: Thank you, master.
Aglovale: ...?
Following an exchange of meaningful glances, Tor straightens up and turns to Aglovale as the merchant excuses himself.
Tor: My lord, forgive my impudence, but there is a certain matter I would like to bring to your attention.
Aglovale: What might that be?
Tor: Word has reached my ear that an uprising will soon take place in the southern district.
Aglovale: That is quite serious. Do you have evidence to support this claim?
Tor: The cost of armaments has dropped considerably since you chose to cease your invasion of Feendrache, my lord.
Tor: As a result, the nobles of the southern district who had been purchasing large quantities of weaponry suffered great losses.
Tor: It seems they intend to instigate war by staging an insurrection, all for the purpose of exacting revenge, as well as causing a surge in the price of munitions.
Aglovale: (Hmm... That certainly stands to reason.)
Tor: I understand that you are currently aiming to expand the market and strengthen the nation's influence by incorporating the knowledge of various regions.
Tor: Presuming such a revolt might be unfavorable in light of your plans, I decided it best to inform you.
Aglovale: (This information is undoubtedly valuable to me... but what a disturbing issue to disclose upon our first meeting.)
Aglovale: (If he is a superficial man who simply wants to earn my gratitude for the sake of a reward, I suppose I should just give him a small sum...)
Aglovale: Well done reporting this to me. Will this amount suffice as payment?
Tor: Oh, no, that was not my intent. I was merely expressing my concerns to you, my lord.
Aglovale: (He declined? So it seems he's not motivated by money after all...)
Aglovale: (Perhaps the reason he quelled the turmoil in such a showy fashion was to establish contact with me. He's far too dangerous to ignore.)
Aglovale: Ah, is that so? Well, I must say, I've taken quite an interest in you. In fact, I'd like to invite you to join me for tea.
Tor: Pardon? Me, my lord?
Aglovale: Tea is far more delicious when enjoyed with company, after all. I shall send for you at a later date. I look forward to your attendance.
Tor: Yes, my lord.
Brow furrowed, Tor watches as Aglovale accepts his goods and departs from the stall.
Tor is summoned to the castle a few days later, where he finds himself seated at a table with Aglovale, the scent of herbal tea wafting through the air.
Aglovale: You're here as my own personal guest, so make yourself comfortable.
Tor: Yes, my lord.
Aglovale: Humph... I assume you are wise enough to recognize that I didn't invite you here today on a mere whim.
Aglovale sets aside his steaming cup and smiles icily, an appraising look in his eyes.
Aglovale: Let's stop trying to sound each other out, shall we? Answer me honestly. Why did you choose to blow the whistle?
Aglovale: What do you stand to gain by deterring an uprising in the southern district?
Tor: ...
Tor: (The pressure he exhibits is tremendous. If there is but a single flaw in my logic, my argument will fall apart in an instant.)
Tor: The southern district is a important point of travel to and from neighboring countries. If it were to become inaccessible, the flow of goods would be impeded as well.
Aglovale: I see... And that is your sole motivation?
Tor: Well... I am afraid this is a more personal incentive, but the trade association I belong to has been purchasing a great number of recreational goods...
Tor: We have been doing so on the assumption that they would continue to increase in value as Wales moves toward peace.
Tor: If the nation were to be engulfed in the flames of war once more, there is no doubt that we would suffer a considerable loss.
Aglovale: ...
Tor: (I am sure I haven't uttered a single lie... but then why does the pressure emanating from him seem to be increasing?)
Aglovale: I believe I asked you to answer honestly. Avoiding lies and telling the truth are not one and the same.
Aglovale: First and foremost, if you are seeking to take advantage of me for the sake of your business, know that I will not accept your demands.
Aglovale: If the ruler of a nation provides backing for a single merchant, there can be no semblance of equity. It undermines the very foundation of a free market.
Aglovale: Business requires trust, does it not? Do you think I would engage in such folly?
Tor: No, my lord.
Aglovale: Then allow me to ask you again, Tor. What is your true aim?
Aglovale: I want the whole unvarnished truth.
Tor: ...
Tor: The southern district is my home. I still have family there...
Aglovale: In other words, you want to put a stop to the rebellion in order to protect your loved ones?
Tor: I apologize for acting upon such a selfish reason. My family shares a rigidly subordinate relationship with the nobles in question, you see.
Tor: If rumors were to circulate and the source was identified, my family's position would be in jeopardy. Therefore, I made the decision to inform you...
Aglovale: Heh... Hahaha!
Tor: My lord?
Aglovale: Well, I must say that comes as a surprise.
Aglovale: Clever as you are, you would use everything at your discretion for the sake of your family. Even going so far as to use the king himself for your purposes...
Aglovale: You are far bolder than you appear.
Tor: I cannot express the shame I feel...
Aglovale: Your actions just show that it was worth the risk. I do agree that family is important.
Aglovale: But taking my nature into account, I wouldn't be satisfied with you claiming it was all in the interest of your family, now would I?
Tor: I can assure you, I am not lying. It's the honest truth!
Aglovale: I know.
Aglovale reaches for the cup of tea he had set aside and quietly takes a sip.
Aglovale: Forgive me. Please relax and enjoy yourself.
Tor: Yes, my lord. Thank you for the tea.
The pair proceed to engage in idle conversation as they partake of their herbal tea and confections.
Although on the surface they wear pleasant smiles, neither man lets his guard down as they continue to scrutinize each other.
Aglovale: (Hmm. I believe I have the gist of things.)
Aglovale: (He hails from a family of merchants, but his parents wield little influence. Though he entered the business world through their connections, he has since been managing on his own.)
Aglovale: (Rather than working toward owning a store, he peddles wares in order to support his family.)
Aglovale: (He possesses a keen sense for recognizing critical junctures, as well as a vast network of connections he established himself. As a result, he excels at gathering intelligence.)
Aglovale: (It would be a pity to cast aside such a diamond in the rough. If he were to gain a broad range of experience, he would surely contribute to the nation's development.)
Aglovale: (Above all, he has a clear weakness—his family. Shall I try entrusting him with that matter, then? It may be a bit premature, but...)
Tor: (Lord Aglovale must be an incredibly busy individual. I cannot see him inviting a humble merchant such as myself to tea without a specific reason in mind.)
Tor: (There must be some purpose to all this. Word has it that he has appointed a number of attendants since he began his reforms...)
Aglovale: (Perhaps the time is right to clue him in. Let us see how he fares.)
Aglovale: Incidentally, I hear that merchants have their own information network. Apparently any time an item is purchased, that news reaches all the way to the other side of the island.
Aglovale: Would it be possible to use those connections to search for a certain individual?
Tor: You want to find someone?
Aglovale: That's correct.
Tor: It is indeed possible to collect information on shoppers to some degree... but who exactly is it that you looking for, if I may ask?
Aglovale: The elder of my brothers, Lamorak.
Tor: Lord Lamorak? His whereabouts are unknown, then?
Aglovale: It has become rather... difficult to contact him. That's all I can say at present.
Aglovale: Those who reside in Wales know his face well. A merchant in particular should have no trouble identifying him.
Aglovale: I intend to offer compensation, of course. If you agree to work as my attendant, rest assured that you will be able to send more than enough funds to your family.
Tor: I beg your pardon, but why entrust such knowledge to someone like me? Is this not confidential?
Aglovale: If you want to misuse this information, be my guest. However, bear in mind that the following scenario is still possible...
Aglovale: I heard nothing from you in the marketplace. I summoned you to the castle, but that was merely as a companion for tea.
Aglovale: Therefore, the uprising in the southern district comes as a complete surprise. Having been caught off guard, I am greatly delayed in dispatching troops.
Tor: So that is your strategy...
Aglovale: I am not so credulous as to naively trust a man that I've only just met.
Aglovale: I only revealed what I did because I believed it would give me the upper hand. And this way, you can trust me as well, correct?
Tor: Well... I suppose it's preferable to gain the faith of someone who has you over a barrel than to be trusted without any grounds.
Aglovale: Spoken like a true merchant. If I had threatened you to obey, my other brother would have certainly not remained silent on the matter.
Aglovale: Therefore I wish to proceed with your consent. I will do everything in my power to meet your demands. So will you accept my offer?
Tor: (This is quite an opportunity. It would be enormously helpful if I could earn enough money to send to my family...)
Tor: (Disclosing confidential information is akin to making yourself vulnerable. I'm sure he was prepared for any possible repercussions when he did so.)
Tor: First, I have two conditions.
Aglovale: Let me hear them.
Tor: I would ask you to leave the entire search for Lord Lamorak to me.
Aglovale: I see. If I were to personally intervene, it would create problems for the other merchants, correct? Very well. And your second condition?
Tor: I would like you to appoint me not as an attendant, but as a knight.
Aglovale: Oho? A knight?
Tor: Well, I suppose it doesn't have to be that particular title...
Tor: But as this matter is highly classified, it would be troublesome if someone were to catch wind of it.
Tor: That being said, an endless stream of private tea parties will spark wild rumors. After all, my own social status is not particularly high...
Tor: Once you are suspected, in the worst case, the situation concerning Lord Lamorak could come out into the open.
Aglovale: I see. Yes, that should be avoided at all costs.
Tor: As a knight, it would not be at all strange if I were to visit you frequently as a member of your guard.
Tor: Even if something did seem off, no one would think for a moment that you were cooperating with a merchant to search for someone.
Aglovale: Hmm, so the more brazen the camouflage, the more effective it will be? You make a compelling argument.
Tor: Indeed. Furthermore, a civil servant acting alone would undoubtedly turn heads, but under the guise of a knight, no one would think twice about it.
Tor: For these reasons, I believe the most favorable course of action would be to appoint me as a knight.
Aglovale: (He thought through all that in such a short span of time? His mind truly is quick.)
Aglovale: I understand your point. However, Tor...
Aglovale: The primary duty of a knight is, of course, to fight. Do you believe you possess the necessary strength?
Tor: Well... I typically hire mercenaries for protection...
Aglovale: I'm sure you do. Your bearing alone leaves you full of openings.
Tor: Is it that obvious at a glance?
Aglovale: Yes. I could overpower you with one hand tied behind my back, without the use of a blade or magic.
Tor: Then do you think my being a knight would appear too implausible?
Aglovale: No, it's not a bad suggestion.
Aglovale: An ordinary civilian won't be able to deduce your physical ability from the way you stand. Provided you are clad in armor, they will not think you powerless.
Aglovale: On the other hand, those who know the art of battle understand that it involves more than wielding a sword. Even if it is clear that you are weak, they will not question it.
Aglovale: As long as you don a suit of armor and are courteous, those around you will infer your role for themselves.
Aglovale: Who knows? You might even get away with it.
Tor: Does that mean...
Aglovale: I will request a custom-made suit of light armor, much like an actor would use, and you will be employed as part of my royal guard.
Aglovale: The official story will be that I saw in you the qualities of a military officer and personally appointed you. How does that sound?
Tor: I have no objection.
Aglovale: Then we have a deal.
Shaking hands across the table, Aglovale and Tor share an intense stare, as though each is trying to read the other's mind.
Aglovale: (That's right. In the beginning we were probing each other's true intentions and sharing only information that was absolutely necessary.)
Aglovale: (As he came to report on the search for Lamorak, we began to converse. Tor was talented at winning people over with his highly adaptable conversation skills.)
Aglovale: (Placing my trust in his penchant for negotiation, I gave him a variety of assignments. He worked diligently and never failed to exceed my expectations.)
Aglovale: (At some point along the way, I stopped sounding him out... It's truly amazing how much a person can change.)
Steeling his expression, Aglovale opens the gate and strolls out onto the training grounds.
Tor: (He typically attends to his official duties at this time of day. Did he come to observe my progress?)
Feeling Tor's gaze on his back, Aglovale sets to work on his own training schedule in silence.

Deepening Trust

Following a swordsmanship lesson on the Wales Castle training grounds, Tor visits Aglovale's office, where he reassures the king regarding the three-nation alliance. Aglovale asks Tor if he has ever considered studying military science and gives him a simple test, which seems to spark an interest in the subject for Tor.

Tor: Hah! Hyah!
Wales Soldier: You can stop there!
Having completed a round of sword practice under the instruction of a fellow royal guard member, Tor wipes the sweat from his brow.
Tor: Phew... How was my performance?
Wales Soldier: You've made a lot of headway since you first started. But the basics aren't quite there yet...
Tor: I suppose improvement doesn't happen overnight. I must continue to apply myself.
Wales Soldier: Why'd you suddenly decide to work on your swordsmanship anyway? Shouldn't you be studying for your officer duties or something?
Wales Soldier: Word has it you're also helping with government work, so you ought to just leave the fighting to the big boys.
Tor: As I am now, even if I wanted to accompany Lord Aglovale on his outings, it would be impossible. I decided I must change myself for the better...
Wales Soldier: Talk about dedicated... But the king doesn't really need an escort, you know. He's actually—
At that moment, a biting chill fills the air as though winter has suddenly come, causing a thin layer of frost to creep across Tor's armor.
Aglovale: Hurrrgh!
Aglovale: Hyaaah!
Tor: Seeing him work up close is quite intimidating...
Wales Soldier: On top of being more skilled with a sword than any soldier, he's also blessed with the unrivaled magical power of the House of Wales.
Tor: I had heard rumors of his prowess for quite some time, but I was surprised to learn that he is even more powerful than his reputation suggests.
Tor: His strength must be the result of not only his innate talent, but his tireless efforts as well.
Wales Soldier: During times of national crisis, King Aglovale himself stands on the front lines. He's our last line of defense, so to speak.
Wales Soldier: It's because of that great responsibility that he trains every day without fail, despite how busy he may be.
Tor: He is indeed on a completely different level. I cannot help but admire how he refuses to compromise on anything.
Wales Soldier: Agreed. He's truly a flawless individual.
Wales Soldier: When it comes down to it, he's just made of different stuff. Really hammers it home that a king can't be created through hard work alone.
Aglovale: ...
Breaking his concentration, Aglovale holds up a hand to dispel the surrounding ice before striding regally from the training grounds.
Tor: (A flawless individual... He is an indeed the embodiment of those words.)
Tor: (However, it must be incredibly isolating to go through life completely unrivaled.)
Staring at Aglovale's blonde mane shining in the sunlight, Tor purses his lips, feeling the magnitude of the weight resting on the king's shoulders.
After finishing his routine duties, Tor pays a visit to Aglovale's office.
Tor: I have finished preparing the materials for tomorrow's meeting, my lord. Everything appears to be in order.
Aglovale: Sorry for making you go to so much trouble. You may leave them on the table.
Aglovale: ...
Is this sufficient, I wonder?
Aglovale wears an uncharacteristically serious expression as he mutters to himself, scanning the document he had just finished writing.
Tor: Is that a letter to our allies?
Aglovale: Yes, that's correct. I plan to hold an emergency conference to report on the recent investigation into the cabal.
Tor: You are going to explain the matter regarding Lord Lamorak to them firsthand, then?
Aglovale: Misleading them will only serve to make the situation worse. Our alliance could even fall apart...
Tor: Are you certain of that?
Aglovale: My family has turned out a traitor. Who in their right mind would still trust me?
Tor: Sir Gawain should be presenting a report as well. I do not believe that Dalmore will place any blame on you, my lord.
Tor: And the fact of the matter is that you have not been in contact with Lord Lamorak in over three years.
Tor: I am certain that King Carl, too, will determine that you are not accountable for the actions of your brother.
Aglovale: Feendrache... The kingdom that agreed to settle my blunder in a peaceful manner.
Aglovale: It seems I am fated to find myself in their debt once again.
Aglovale's expression softens slightly as he lowers his gaze to the red insignia beside him.
The Wales brooch—an ornament acting as proof that one belongs to the House of Wales, previously dropped by Lamorak.
Aglovale: The fact that he remained in possession of this suggests that he didn't wish to sever our connection.
Aglovale: That's why I don't understand. What does he hope to achieve so badly that he would turn his own brother against him?
Tor: It is difficult to be kept in the dark.
Aglovale: Humph... I finally have an idea of how you feel.
Aglovale affixes his seal to the letter and leans back in his chair, breathing a deep sigh.
Aglovale: By the by, you've been receiving lessons in swordsmanship without my knowledge, haven't you?
Tor: Yes, my lord. At my current level, I have no prospect of joining you in the field. I was hoping to learn the fundamentals, at the very least...
Aglovale: (An admirable mindset. But my intention was never to make you fight...)
Aglovale: Well, light material or not, you do wear armor. It wouldn't be a bad idea for you to learn how to fight.
Aglovale: You may continue your training. But there is more to battle than wielding a sword.
Aglovale: I've always believed you well-suited for military science, Tor. Do you have any interest in such a pursuit?
Tor: Military science... The study of tactical command?
Aglovale: That's the basic idea. Here, allow me to test you.
Aglovale takes a large roll of paper from a nearby shelf and spreads it out on the desk.
Aglovale: This is a map showing the borders of Wales. Now then...
Aglovale: As you can see, a river flows through this mountainous region, and there is no place to cross it aside from two bridges in the lower and upper reaches.
Aglovale: The enemy is on the opposite shore from your squadron, camped by the bridge downstream. How do you choose to attack?
Tor: Well...
Tor: While crossing the bridge, your movements will be restricted, putting you at a disadvantage. That being the case...
Tor: It would be rather indirect, but would it not be safest to take a roundabout path from upstream?
Aglovale: Exactly. If you were to use the bridge downstream, you would be targeted by mages and archers stationed along the river. That would be playing right into the enemy's hands.
Aglovale: But there is yet another advantage to coming around from upstream. Do you know what that might be?
Tor: Upstream... which means the elevation will be higher. Thus the enemy will be fatigued from ascending the slope, and it will be less likely that incoming arrows will hit their mark.
Aglovale: Excellent work. It appears you are able to comprehend this level of strategy using intuition alone.
Aglovale: By controlling the terrain, it is possible to defeat an enemy army larger than your own. However, the reverse also holds true.
Tor: I see... Very interesting. Military science... Hmm...
Aglovale: (Hah. As I thought, it seems to come quite naturally to him.)
Tor: Ah... Taking up a position slightly upstream from the enemy without crossing either bridge could be an effective method as well...
Aglovale: Hm? You can't strike without first traversing the river.
Tor: That may not be the case. For example, if you used magic to dam the river and alter its flow, the enemy camp would be swept away by the water...
Aglovale: A water attack? Bahahaha!
Tor: My lord! Forgive my foolishness. I was mistaken...
Aglovale: No, quite the opposite. If the enemy were to launch such offensive, anyone would be stunned, myself included.
Aglovale: You truly are intriguing. I'm always impressed by how you think outside the box.
Tor: Not at all, my lord. It was merely an idea...
Aglovale: Well, freezing a portion of a river is no small feat, even for me. I shall give it a try sometime, should the mood strike me.
Tor: I am honored, my lord.
Following their conversation, Aglovale cheerfully continues his work until Tor takes his leave.

Deepening Trust: Scene 2

A few days later, Tor finds himself kidnapped by a group of skilled fighters, whom he proceeds to drive into a corner using nothing but his conversation skills. Just as the men are about to escape, Aglovale appears in a fury, wasting no time in having them captured.

While visiting the marketplace outside the castle a few days later, Tor closely inspects the goods at his mentor's stall.
Tor: This chemical has quite an unusual color. The beautiful dark blue hue makes it appear as though the night sky itself has been sealed inside the vial.
Merchant: It's a new product made from monster fluids that works wonders at repelling insects. And it's said to be practically harmless to the body.
Merchant: I'll give you a discount for trying it out. Just make sure to buy more if you like it.
Tor: Thank you very much. I shall present it to the castle gardener.
Tor tucks away the vial and departs from the marketplace.
Tor: (I am deeply grateful to my master for always locating quality products and recommending them to me.)
Tor: (Becoming a purveyor to the House of Wales would make it much easier for him to do business. I must exert my utmost effort.)
???: You're Tor, right?
Tor: What?
The moment he turns onto a deserted street, a voice from behind causes him to stop in his tracks.
Feeling something hard on his back, Tor cautiously glances down to see a knife pressed against a gap in his armor.
Tor: ...!
Skilled Fighter 1: You're coming with us.
Two men grab him on either side, forcing him into the basement of a nearby building.
Skilled Fighter 1: Don't make a fuss, got it? No one'll be able to hear you outside anyway.
Tor: What do you want from me?
Skilled Fighter 2: Just stay still and keep your mouth shut. Our buddies are writing a letter to Aglovale as we speak.
Skilled Fighter 2: "We've captured your faithful retainer, Tor. If you want him back in one piece, you'll have to pay up."
Tor: In short, I have been kidnapped.
Skilled Fighter 1: Don't worry, you're a valuable hostage. As long as you don't try anything funny, we won't have to get rough.
Tor: (These men pointed a knife at me with nary a hint of fear, despite my knightly attire.)
Tor: (They must have been able to tell in an instant that I was weak. Or perhaps they're simply that skilled.)
Tor: Why are you committing such a heinous act? You don't have the look of common thugs.
Skilled Fighter 2: To get back at Aglovale, of course! He's the reason our employer was taken away!
Skilled Fighter 1: I don't know how the king found out about the rebellion... but thanks to him, we're all out of a job.
Tor: (Judging from their responses, these two must have been private soldiers of a noble who was apprehended for helping to plot the insurgence.)
Tor: (My whistleblowing as good as turned them out onto the streets. Though I expected some amount of collateral damage, it still pains my heart.)
Skilled Fighter 2: So yeah. You can thank your master for the mess you're in.
Tor: (It is true that I should thank him. If these men knew that I was the informant, who knows what they would have done to me.)
Tor: (I cannot cause any further trouble for Lord Aglovale. I must find a way out of this on my own.)
Skilled Fighter 2: What's wrong? Too scared to open your mouth?
Tor: No, I was merely overcome with sympathy. The pain you must have gone through...
Tor: I understand that you are pressed for funds. As an apology, allow me to assist you in procuring employment.
Skilled Fighter 2: Yeah, that's right! Hurry and find us a job—
Skilled Fighter 2: Wait, huh? What're you talking about?
Tor: You see, Lord Aglovale is planning to launch a flood control project in order to prevent the river from overflowing.
Tor: However, we have yet to establish a route to safely transport goods upstream.
Tor: Monsters are prone to appearing in the area, so we are seeking out capable individuals such as yourselves to carry out the work.
Skilled Fighter 1: What's with this guy? He's yammering on like a merchant all of a sudden.
Tor: Well, yes. This is a business negotiation.
Skilled Fighter 1: A business negotiation! Are you out of your mind?
Tor: On the contrary, I am very much sane. So what say you? There is a good bit of risk involved, but rest assured that you will be compensated accordingly.
Skilled Fighter 1: Tch... Listen to you trying to run things here. You're a hostage, so act like one!
Skilled Fighter 2: But isn't this a pretty good offer? Maybe we should give up on the whole kidnapping thing and take the job...
Skilled Fighter 1: Don't let yourself get taken in! First of all, it'd be a lot quicker and easier to just get the ransom!
Tor: It is true that Lord Aglovale will likely be willing to comply with a substantial ransom demand.
Tor: But then what happens to you after that? Suppose you receive a large sum of money in exchange for my release.
Tor: Lord Aglovale will be furiously pursuing you both, as well as your comrades. Escaping across the border will be nigh impossible.
Skilled Fighter 1: Hah! Avoiding the guards will be child's play for us!
Tor: Are you quite sure? You will be making an enemy of the entire state. And that includes any and all merchants.
Tor: If you find yourselves hungry and purchase food, you will be tracked from that moment on. Merchants are able to instantly memorize the faces of their customers, you see.
Tor: And it will be impossible for you to lodge at an inn as well. I will have already spread your descriptions far and wide.
Tor: You will be forced to sleep outdoors, sustaining yourselves on monsters you hunt in the forest as you evade capture by the guards. All while attempting to protect your newly earned fortune.
Tor: Can you endure such a life on the run? Even as you are tormented by never-ending fear?
Skilled Fighter 1: U-urgh...
Skilled Fighter 2: Hey, is it my imagination, or is this guy bad news? He looks pretty slow on the uptake, but he doesn't seem to be scared one bit...
The two men gradually begin to shrink before Tor's fearless smile.
Skilled Fighter 1: You're hiding something, aren't you? Fess up!
Tor: Hiding something? Oh, are you perhaps referring to this?
Tor reaches into his pocket and pulls out the vial of insect repellent he had just purchased.
Tor: My apologies. It completely slipped my mind to inform you...
Tor: This is a special bottle given to me by Lord Aglovale. It contains a type of bugging magic.
Skilled Fighter 1: What! Did you say bugging?
Tor: Yes. I am rather unskilled at fighting, you see, so I have been asked to carry it with me.
Tor: Lord Aglovale is able to hear everything said in this place, and he can also sense the magic within the vial...
Tor: I have no doubt that he is on his way here at this very moment.
Both: ...!
Tor: So what is your decision? You have two paths before you.
Tor: You can either wait for Lord Aglovale to arrive and turn you into ice sculptures, or you can accept my request and help me make this venture a success.
Tor: If you choose the latter option, I vow to accept full responsibility and take you under my wing.
Tor: Until death... literally.
Skilled Fighter 2: N-nope, nope, nope! If we involve ourselves with this guy any more, it's not gonna end well!
Skilled Fighter 1: Forget the ransom! Let's get out of here!
Seized with unspeakable terror, the two men bolt for the exit.
As if on cue, the heavy basement door flies open to reveal none other than Aglovale, his face contorted with rage.
Tor: Eh?
Skilled Fighter 2: H-he's here!
Aglovale: Oho? In other words, you two are the fools who dared to lay a hand on my attendant.
The moment Aglovale steps forward, frigid air begins to flow from his body, covering the floor and walls with frost in an instant.
Skilled Fighter 1: S-s-so cold! A-am I dying?
Skilled Fighter 2: Y-you've got it all wrong! This was just a joke!
Aglovale: A joke? How could something so immensely unpleasant possibly be passed off as a joke!
Aglovale: It appears to me that you desire nothing more than to become ice sculptures. Shall I grant your wish here and now?
Skilled Fighter 2: Eep!
Skilled Fighter 1: Spare us, please! Have mercy!
Tor: My lord... These two gentlemen have already lost the will to resist...
Aglovale: Are you injured?
Tor: No, my lord. They merely threatened me.
Aglovale: Very well.
As Aglovale lowers his hand, the bone-chilling cold recedes, and the frost turns to powdered snow and melts away.
Taking that as a signal, soldiers storm into the basement and quickly restrain the cowering kidnappers.
With a final unsympathetic glance at the two men, Aglovale silently departs from the room with Tor in tow.

Deepening Trust: Scene 3

Astonished by the tale of the kidnapping, Aglovale admits that he had underestimated Tor and asks him to become his right-hand man. Having decided to change his way of thinking, Aglovale declares that he wants to trust Tor, and Tor agrees to stand with him on the front lines.

Aglovale: I must say, I'm surprised. To think you would employ such a method to drive them into a corner.
Aglovale is astonished upon hearing the tale of Tor's captivity.
Tor: It never occurred to me that you might actually be outside. I thought it must be time for your audience...
Aglovale: You are privy to the inner workings and guarded secrets of the state. If something were to happen to you, it is inevitable that Wales would suffer a great deal of damage.
Aglovale: Therefore, I determined it worthwhile to rescue you, even if it meant cutting my schedule short.
Tor: I see... You have my deepest gratitude...
Aglovale: But little did I know that you had already steered the conversation in your favor, rushing them to rob them of their decision-making ability and bring them to bay.
Aglovale: I myself made a great show of extracting your whereabouts from the man who delivered the letter, but there's no doubt that you bested me.
Tor: ...
Aglovale: Your captors were remarkably skilled. Were you not afraid?
Tor: To be honest, I was indeed quite frightened. So much so that I was distracting myself from my fear by focusing on my own thoughts.
Aglovale: You appeared to be perfectly calm and collected when I made my entrance.
Tor: Well... I have always been told that my face is unreadable...
Aglovale: Bahahaha! That is a rare gift!
Tor: Ah! No laughing, please! I am actually quite self-conscious about it, you see...
Aglovale: Heh... Forgive me.
Tor: You were tremendous, my lord. Even though I was fully aware that you were acting, it shook me to the core.
Aglovale: Did you believe that was an act?
Tor: Eh?
Aglovale: If it had been my brother, I would have left him to wriggle his way out of such a measly predicament on his own
Aglovale: But you are different. I was genuinely worried.
Tor: I had no idea...
Aglovale: That being said, in your hands, mere insect repellant transforms into bugging magic. It seems I underestimated you.
Aglovale gives the vial of deep blue liquid a little shake, smiling broadly.
Aglovale: Tor, you showed an impressive amount of resourcefulness today. A man of your talent should not be handling menial tasks.
Aglovale: Therefore, I have a proposition. How would you like to become my right-hand man and join me on the front lines?
Tor: Your right-hand man! How could you even think to propose such a thing?
Aglovale: So you decline?
Tor: Surely you jest, my lord... I am in no way equal to such a task.
Aglovale: In terms of lack of power, you and the other soldiers are much the same. When it comes to close combat, I am strongest alone.
Aglovale: However, as the ruler of a nation, I must be accompanied by soldiers wherever I go.
Tor: But surely that doesn't mean that just anyone will suffice...
Aglovale: Correct—it has to be you. To be more precise, I want your mind for strategy.
Aglovale: My way of doing battle is a straightforward method that relies on force. Though I can defeat most any foe, such a generic approach leads to a large amount of waste.
Aglovale: You possess the ability to look at things from multiple angles. It may very well be that you conceive of an unexpected move that alters the course of battle.
Aglovale: But above all, it would be amusing to witness an ineffectual bodyguard under the king's protection think up a clever scheme that brings victory to the nation.
Tor: Forgive me for saying so, but I believe my outlandishness may have rubbed off on you a bit.
Aglovale: Hah. You may be right.
Tor: (I am quite sure this must be a joke. But at the same time, I don't recall Lord Aglovale being the type...)
Aglovale: Well, putting the matter of your title aside, I am serious about enlisting your aid.
Aglovale rises from his chair to move in front of the desk where Tor stands.
Aglovale: I will teach you everything you need to know.
Aglovale: Stand beside me and see what I see. Share with me your thoughts.
Tor: Are you certain you can trust me? Even though I'm an outsider?
Aglovale: How is that relevant?
Tor: With all due respect, it is plain to see that you value the ties of blood above all else.
Tor: When you were attempting to hatch the key to the Otherworld, you summoned the young lord back so as not to harm your precious brother...
Tor: You went out of your way to assign me to the search for Lord Lamorak, yet you always keep your distance from your attendants...
Tor: All this considered, it is only a matter of time before the truth comes to light.
Aglovale: You are indeed perceptive.
Tor: I know it is presumptuous of me...
Aglovale: No... Not to worry. It would have been necessary for me to tell you eventually anyway.
Aglovale closes his eyes as though preparing himself and then begins to speak.
He tells Tor of the day his mother lost her life to bandits. It is in fact the first time Aglovale has spoken of his family's past to another.
With tears in his eyes, he describes the despair he felt as he shouted himself hoarse calling out for someone to save his mother, but to no avail.
Aglovale: That was the day my faith crumbled away.
Aglovale: It was difficult for me to accept the fact that my mother, who believed in the goodness of all people, had lost her life at the hands of those she had cared for.
Aglovale: There was a time when I saw everyone as an enemy. In the end, I acted the role of a solitary king because I wished to keep others at a distance.
Aglovale: Disillusioning, isn't it? You must be wondering how a king could spout such nonsense.
Tor: I myself have never lost a family member, so I cannot begin to fathom your pain...
Tor: But I can only imagine how difficult it must be to take the first step toward changing yourself, and how much courage that must require.
Tor: How could I possibly be disillusioned? On the contrary, I find it beyond admirable.
Aglovale: Tor?
Tor: (I cannot recall how many times I have come to report on the search for Lord Lamorak...)
Aglovale: No leads thus far? Well, continue with the investigation.
Aglovale: I see. So there is a region that escaped our notice? Search there next.
Aglovale: Still nothing? Very well... You're dismissed.
Aglovale: How have we yet to find a single clue? Lamorak...
Tor: (An entire year will have soon passed. After all this time, I have come to realize something.)
Tor: (Lord Aglovale is so utterly... human at heart. He is far too warm and vulnerable to be deserving of the moniker Lord of Frost.)
Tor: (Despite his grief, he presents a flawless front and conceals his intentions behind a cold smile. Perhaps that is why no one realizes his true nature.)
Aglovale: As you said, I have put my absolute trust in those connected to me by blood.
Aglovale: But just look at the reality of the situation. I have been forced to become enemies with my own brother.
Aglovale: It is only due to the kindness of fellow kings that I am able to continue ruling my nation. (Captain), too, helped bring me back from the brink.
Aglovale: At this point, it would be the height of folly to make a distinction between family members and outsiders. Therefore, I have decided to change my way of thinking.
Tor: I see...
Aglovale: Tor, I would like to begin by putting my faith in you.
Aglovale: However, a person's nature cannot be changed so quickly. We people are foolish creatures, after all.
Tor: (Does this mean he is uncertain... or rather, lacking confidence?)
Tor: (In my eyes, he achieved his goal the moment he said he wished to trust me... but I suppose this just shows how important it is to him.)
Tor: Please rest assured. I will be at your side no matter what may come.
Tor: You are aware just how brazen I am, are you not?
Aglovale: Heh... Indeed I am.
Tor: I understand your feelings on the matter. If you will have me, I shall fulfill my role to the best of my ability.
Aglovale: Of course.
Aglovale: Don't worry—you may stand behind me in battle. It will be simple enough for me to fight while protecting you.
Tor: You were serious about what you said before?
Aglovale: If you are going to study military science, you will need to witness real battles with your own eyes.
Aglovale: You will not be left holding the fort any longer. We move forward together, Tor!
Tor: ...!
With pleasure, my lord!
Staring fixedly into each other's eyes, lord and attendant share a firm handshake.
This time there is no hint of calculation—instead, a connection based on a sense of trust that defies logic has taken its place.
Aglovale and Tor smile, each feeling the weight and warmth of the other's hand.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
我が力の前にひれ伏せ Bow before my power.
勝利に繋がる一手は…… What is the surest path to victory?
血縁は絶対の絆とはならん考えを改めねば…… The bonds of blood are not absolute. I must change my way of thinking...
アグロヴァル様と戦線に立てて、誠に光栄です It is an honor to stand by your side on the front lines, my lord.
お前の豪胆さは少し羨ましくもあるな I must say, I rather envy your dauntlessness.
家族を喪うなど考えたくもありませんね…… I don't even want to think about losing a member of my family...
「トー坊」とな……ふっ、たまにはそう呼んでみるか Torry, was it? Heh. Perhaps I'll try calling him that myself from time to time.
アグロヴァル様は意外とお茶目なお方ですね Lord Aglovale can be surprisingly mischievous.
トーも(主人公)も時々年下であることを忘れる Sometimes I forget that you and Tor are younger than me, (Captain).
(主人公)様からも戦いについて学びたいです I would like you to teach me to fight as well, (Captain).