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Official Profile

Age 17 years old
Height 130 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies Training, practicing martial arts
Likes Exercise, food
Dislikes Cumbersome clothing, anything difficult
Granblue Fantasy Theater
The lone heir to a long line of respected martial artists from the Valtz Duchy, Aliza is a candidate to become the future grand duchess. Despite occasionally appearing demure and refined, she usually plays by her own rules, and is prone to outbursts when things don't go her way. The type to act first and ask questions later, Aliza can't stand guys who are incapable of standing up for themselves, or to her.
Source [1] [2]

Age 17歳
Height 130cm
Race ドラフ
Hobbies 修行、格闘技
Likes 運動、食事
Dislikes 煩わしい服、難しいこと
Granblue Fantasy Theater

Source [1] [2]


Stamp119.png This section contains spoilers. Continue reading at your own discretion.

As the previous current head of the Clythe family, Aliza was eligible for the throne of Valtz. However, she renounced her nobility, inheritance, and hiership to depart on a journey as she was hoping to fight more powerful foes and improve as a fighter.


  • She and Stan are childhood friends. The two later fall in love with each other.

End of spoilers.



Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Birthday!
Wow, congratulations! We've gotta celebrate today like we mean it!
As a present, I'll let you train with me whenever you like!
So when's a good time for you? Today? Today would work great!


(Captain)! Happy birthday! I'm so happy for you!
Y'know, this year I really racked my brain over what to get you.
I already promised to train with you whenever you wanted, so I can't give you that again... What do you think I got you this time?
Hmm? Of course, just take a guess! I really wanted to give you something good this year!
You can't think of anything? Hehe. And the answer is...
You get to name my new special move! Woohoo! So? Do you like it?
H-hey, don't make that face!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! Yaaay!
I got you a present this year too. Here, choose one card out of these three.
You're choosing this one? Let me see!
"Rising Phoenix!" Ooh, you chose the move that can take out even flying dragons!
Hm, you have no idea what I'm talking about? Heh heh heh! One look at this, and you'll be a believer!
Here I go! Hyaaah!
See? Was that awesome or what? I'm gonna teach you this move, (Captain)!
Hehe, is this the best birthday present or what? Hey, no need to be bashful!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! Clap clap clap!
How're you doing with the move I gave you before?
Whoa, that's awesome! I'm so glad I gave it to you!
Okay, here's another present from me this year!
Tada! A giant special bithday meat pie!
If you eat this, you'll have enough energy to use the move, like, fifty times!
Seeing you get stronger, (Captain), makes me want to get stronger too!
So let's continue training this year and grow stronger together!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Who would've thought that we'd end up journeying together for this long, right?
But ever since I met you, I got to know so many new things in this world, and I was able to meet so many strong people!
That's why I'm really grateful for you, (Captain). Thanks for letting me see just how vast these skies are!
We still have a long way ahead, but let's keep it up and plough our way through together!
Hehe... It sure is nice to say these things out loud sometimes!
Oh, that's right—I have a present for you! Here you go!
It's a secret book of new techniques that I made myself! Promise me you'll read it carefully and get even stronger!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year!
I want to come flying out of the gate this year like you wouldn't believe!
Hm, I wonder how strong I'll be able to get by next year?
Of course, I'll gladly train with you, Captain!


A whole new year, a whole new me! Say, (Captain), what's your resolution for this year?
What? Haven't decided yet? Oh, come on, you've gotta have a New Year's resolution!
Me? To get stronger of course!
Huh? It's the same as every other year's?
S-so what!


Happy New Year! And full speed ahead to the south!
Hehe, I opened up a fortune cookie and it said to go south. That's why I'm gonna sprint south as far as I can.
You wanna join me, (Captain)?
Yay! Off we go then!
Hm? What's with all the clamor?
Ah! Over there, (Captain)! Look, they're holding a festival!
I had no idea a New Year's festival was being held so close to home! I guess I hit the jackpot in a way with that fortune cookie!
Hehe, I can already tell this is gonna be one fantastic year!


Happy New Year!
Huh? Are you still half-asleep?
Well, I guess it's still before sunrise, so it's a bit earlier than usual.
But we can't waste time like this! We gotta get started on our first practice of the year!
Come on! Let's run up to the top of that mountain. If we start now, we should be able to get there in time for the sunrise!
No problem! I know we can both do it!
Huh? You wanna race all the way to the top? Good idea!
All right, then let's do it.
Ready... Go!


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
I had a crazy dream last night! I felt my mind, skill, and body get really in tune, so I made a sharp kick and split an entire island in two!
Since that was my first dream of the year, that must mean I'm gonna get a lot stronger this year, right?
Aww, it would be so cool if I could actually do that! It'd feel so good!
Well, I guess we'd be in trouble if the island fell apart...
Still, I'm gonna use that as motivation and keep working hard in my training!
If you have some time, let's go train together, (Captain)! How about it?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's!
Right, here we go... This chocolate is for you, Captain.
Huh? You... weren't expecting this? I can make chocolate just fine, you know!
You thought I was just some kung-fu klutz? Well, boo to that!


(Captain), won't you try some chocolates I made?
Stan says they're the best he's tasted so far.
Wh-what're you grinning about? It's not like it means anything.
S-stop it! Don't get the wrong idea!


Hey, (Captain)... Are you free right now?
You know how today's Valentine's? So you see, I had my mom help me make some chocolate.
Problem is we tried out so many recipes that we ended up with too much chocolate. So feel free to take any you like!
Hm, you're wondering why I went with new recipes? Well, how should I put this...
Huh? Wh-what's Stan got to do with this?
It's not like I was so happy when Stan praised my chocolates last year that I wanted to do one better! It's not that at all!
Hey! Quit laughing!
A-anyway, this here's for you! I'm really proud of this one, so I hope you'll like it!


Oh, (Captain)! Perfect timing!
I just wanted to say, thanks for everything. Here's some Valentine's chocolate from me!
I made a lot this year, so I sent some to Papa, Mama, and Grandpa too.
Heheh. It's kind of embarrassing, but it's great being able to express my gratitude like this! I'm happy and my family is happy...
Huh? S-Stan? O-oh, well, of course I gave some to him too...
Huh? Express my gratitude?
Yeah, I already did... I told him I appreciated him for always being there for me...
Ahhhh! A-anyway, I gave you yours, so I hope you like it!


Here's some Valentine's chocolate for this year, (Captain)!
And I wrote something for you this time! Here, let me read it!
"Thanks for protecting me from those monsters the other day! You've become really strong and dependable!"
"Next time, I'll be the one to protect you. So let's keep working hard together, Stan."
Wait a second... Huh?
Ahh, this was a letter for Stan! I read the wrong one!
Forget what you heard just now, okay? Pleeease?
Eeeek... I can't believe that just happened... I've never been so embarrassed in my life...

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Whew, today was another perfect training day... Huh? This is for me?
Oh my gosh, I couldn't be happier! You remembered! Thank you so much, (Captain)!
Hee hee, I'm feeling extra energized now. Time for one more round of training!


Hehe. Are these for me? Aww, thanks!
Great timing too. I was just in the mood for something sweet.
Well, no reason I can't try a bite right now!
Mmm! This is delicious! Just what the doctor ordered!
All right! Now that I'm stocked up on sugar, it's time to train! Wanna join me, (Captain)?


This is to pay me back for Valentine's? Hey, thanks! You just made my day!
Let's see what you got for me this year! These would be great in between training sessions!
Hey, you have some time after this? I came up with a special White Day training menu, and I'd like you to join me!
There's tug-of-war, elevated push-ups while we hold each other's legs, and so much more! C'mon, it'll be fun!
You're up for it? Good, let's go!


A White Day present? For me? Wow, thanks!
It even says "Thanks for everything" on it!
That's amazing! This kind of thing just makes me so happy.
Hehe. I'm gonna really give it my best at today's training!
I'll save this and eat it during my break! I'm off to practice!


Huh? A gift in return for Valentine's? Wow, I'm so happy!
You're always giving me things and being so thoughtful. I really love you, (Captain)!
Sigh... That's weird. Saying stuff like "I love you" to you isn't hard at all...
But I couldn't even write it in the letter I gave Stan the other day. I'd try, only to crumple it up and toss the paper in the garbage...
Hm? You're saying that Stan understands even if you don't say it out loud? Yeah, I'm sure you're right...
Still, I want to be able to say it properly. So I guess I'll try practicing while I train!
Thanks for listening! And for the dessert too. I can't wait to eat it!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Halloween!
Kick or treat! If you don't give me any candy I'll kick you into the next skydom!
Just kidding! Trick or treat, with a trick incoming!
Oogie boogie boogie! Gimme your candy! All of it!


I'm here for candy!
Oops, I mean... Trick or treat!
Hand over all them treats, (Captain)! Groaarr!
Wh-what? You choose trick? N-no, wait! That's not how it works!
Huh? Then you're going to play a trick on me? W-wait! Nooo!


Almost there... Now!
Ahahaha! Did that scare you? I guess Operation Tiptoe's a success!
Huh? I played a trick on you, so I don't get any candy? But I didn't know you... Wait, last year you said you'd prefer a trick over a treat!
C'mon, be a good sport and gimme the candy! Please! Please! Pretty please!
Wait, now you want to play a trick on me? Oh, you can be so naughty, (Captain)!
Okay, just give me a sec... Gotta psyche myself up...


Hey, (Captain)! Trick or tre—
Whoa! What the heck was that? A party cracker?
Wait a minute... You did this, didn't you? That smirk on your face says it all!
Roooar, roooar! You really did it this time, (Captain)! I'm not letting you get away until you give me some treats!


(Captain)! Did you see the children dressed up and going around for candy over there?
It looks so fun... I wish I could go around and say "trick or treat" too!
Hey, why don't we give it a try? We'll get so much candy!
Don't worry, I've already prepared my costume! I just bought something nice from the Knickknack Shack!
Okay, then it's settled! I'm gonna go get changed, so wait for me!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
I always spend today with my Mama and Papa.
All day long, I get to enjoy my family's cooking!
I'm sure they'd both appreciate it if you came along, (Captain). Let's go!


Mama and Papa are asking for you to come over, (Captain).
Seems they really enjoyed your company last year!
Mama's made all your favorites! C'mon and get ready, she's waiting for you!
Papa told me to invite all the crew members along this time! Let's go let them know!
I have a feeling this year's holiday party is going to be a blast! Don't you?


Happy holidays!
My grandpa's coming by my house for a visit today! It's been so long!
We'll get to duke it out like the old days! I can't wait to show him how much stronger I've gotten!
We'll follow up the training session with a holiday party!
You and everyone else should drop by, (Captain)! I'd love to introduce you to Gramps!
Teehehe, it's gonna be so much fun tonight... I'm already stoked just thinking about it!
Well, I'd better get shopping in preparation. Any chance you can give me a hand with that, (Captain)?
I'll treat you to an extra helping of everything as thanks!
Let's make this the bestest party ever, (Captain)!


This year, I followed Mama's instructions and tried making a special dinner to celebrate the holy night!
I've always helped out and stuff, but this was my first time making it from scratch by myself.
It's harder than it looks, you know! There's a lot of secret ingredients involved and tricks to adjusting the heat and flavor in Mama's cooking.
I'm impressed that she's always put so much effort into preparing for the party every year!
Anyway, I think it turned out pretty well, so I hope you'll have some too. Are you free tonight, (Captain)?
Great! Okay, then I'll go and get things ready! Look forward to it!


Wow, look, (Captain)! It's really snowing outside!
Since it never snows in Valtz, this might be my first time seeing so much of it around this time of year!
Do you think it's gonna stay? I hope it piles up so the snow's taller than me!
Then we can make a huge snowman that's as big as this ship! We can make it on the deck—it'd look awesome!
Huh? We can't make one that big?
Of course we can! With the both of us, I'm sure it'll be easy-peasy.
I can't wait! I'm having so much fun just imagining it.
Come on! Snow more, snow more! Ahaha!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Alicia shares embarrassing old stories about her daughter Aliza when (Captain) and the crew drop in. Aliza spends the night trying and failing to keep her mother from sharing all about her childhood.

Aliza returns home for the first time in a long while.
An excited Aliza is in the living room having an animated conversation with Alicia, her mother.
Alicia: Hee hee, seeing you and Stan together really takes me back.
Aliza: We've had some good times together, huh?
Alicia: Indeed. Remember how he used to cry in the garden?
Aliza: Oh my goodness, yes! Stan's always been such a crybaby.
Alicia: Hey, don't forget that you used to be right there next to him crying just as hard.
Aliza: What? No I wasn't!
Aliza: Or at least... I never cried as much as Stan did!
Aliza's voice starts to rise as she tries to hide her embarrassment.
As Vyrn, Lyria, and (Captain) pass by they are drawn to the living room by the heated conversation.
Alicia: No need to get so defensive. There's no hiding the truth from your own mother.
Alicia: Oh? Is that you, (Captain)?
Alicia notices the crew and welcomes them to the conversation.
Alicia: What's this? An audience? Well, the more the merrier! Just sit back and enjoy the show.
Lyria: Yay! Thank you so much!
Aliza: Rgh... Enough! I think it's time we all went to bed, don't you?
Vyrn: Aw, c'mon... We're all pals here. Just a little more?
Aliza's protests don't amount to much, and the crew turns to listen to Alicia's story.
Alicia: Before her grandpa got to her, Aliza was a really timid child...
Alicia: She'd climb trees, realize she couldn't come down, and burst into tears.
Alicia: If she didn't like dinner she'd bawl her eyes out.
Alicia: Oh, and—
Aliza: Gah, enough!
Aliza: Mama just likes to exaggerate. I was nothing like that! Really!
Vyrn: Calm down, Aliza. We know.
Alicia: Hee hee... Stan was a real crybaby, but Aliza wasn't far behind.
Alicia: And she couldn't fight back then, so she would always go to Stan for help.
Alicia: But then Stan would start crying, so she'd have to comfort him.
Lyria: Hee hee, it sounds like you two have been close for a long time!
Aliza blushes, trembling in the face of Lyria's words.
Aliza: I-it wasn't like that! I only hung out with Stan because he was the only other kid around...
Aliza: And... I... Anyway, it wasn't like that!
Vyrn: All right, all right! You made your point!
Vyrn, seeing Aliza floundering, gives a little laugh before continuing.
Vyrn: But you know... I never would've guessed that you were like that as a kid!
Aliza: I hated always having to depend on Stan, so I went to my grandfather to train.
Aliza: I wanted to fight alongside Stan...
Aliza: And before I knew it, I was stronger than him.
Alicia smiles gently at the sight of her daughter's embarrassment.
Alicia: You really feel for Stan, don't you?
Alicia: Just don't rush into anything, okay? You're both still so young.
Aliza: I... I know.
Aliza mutters this through gritted teeth, her face flush.
Alicia: Anyway, it's really getting late. Let's call it a night, shall we?
Alicia: Oh, Aliza, I'll need ingredients for the feast tomorrow. Would you mind going with Stan in the morning to pick those up for me?
Alicia says this as she pushes Aliza toward her daughter's bedroom.
Aliza plays the obedient daughter and heads into her room.
Aliza: (Shopping with Stan... Hee hee, I can't wait.)
Aliza: Wait. I need to know what she's planning to make tomorrow.
Aliza heads back to Alicia to ask about the following day's feast.
Aliza: Mama, about the ingredients you need for tomorrow...
Alicia: Hee hee... Actually, we were just talking about you, Aliza!
Alicia fixes Aliza with a mischievous smile. It seems she was telling the crew of Aliza's childhood.
Aliza: Mama, cut it out! What were you telling them?
Alicia: Hee hee, I'm just kidding!
Vyrn: Aw, and just when she was getting to the good stuff too...
Alicia: Yawn... I'm about due for bed, myself. We'll have to pick this up another time.
Aliza: Mrgh...
Aliza stands stock-still, waiting until Alicia is out of the living room.
Alicia: What's with that look, dear?
Aliza: I'm not moving until you're back in your room!
Alicia: Sigh... Very well. I'm off to bed, then.
Alicia: Sleep well, everyone!
Lyria: Good night.
Vyrn: See you tomorrow morning!
With a wave to the crew Alicia leaves the living room.
Vyrn: Huh? Aliza, aren't you going to bed too?
Aliza: What? Ah! Y-yes, right away!
Vyrn: Don't worry, I don't think your mom's gonna be telling us any more about your childhood tonight.
Aliza: I wasn't worried! I mean...
Aliza: I was just concerned you wouldn't be able to find your rooms, is all!
Lyria: Why, thank you, Aliza!
Vyrn: I think we can find our rooms just fine, honestly...
Aliza: Please, it's the least I can do! Follow me!
(Captain) and crew are shepherded to their bedrooms by Aliza.
The crew have learned about Aliza's unlikely past from her mother, Alicia.
After seeing the crew to their quarters, Aliza heads to her room with a contented look on her face.

Master Catoblepas

On Tarvi, Aliza diligently attempts to mimic a catoblepas, a native monster. The crew thinks back to how this all started: with Aliza attempting to create a fighting move.

Tarvi, a wasteland desolate and unforgiving, its landscape oft likened to a vision of the apocalypse.
Backdropped by this bereft land, Aliza and a catoblepas face off.
Catoblepas: Grrr...
Aliza: Grrr...
As the catoblepas raises its leg, so too does Aliza.
(Captain) and the crew, meanwhile, try to get a handle on this strange situation.
Vyrn: Uhh, Aliza, I can see you're pretty focused on the fight and all, but...
Vyrn: Watch out so you don't get any nasty bug bites or anything!
Aliza: Don't worry, I'll be careful!
Vyrn: Hoo boy... Hey, (Captain), what's she doing with a catoblepas anyway?
At a loss for an answer, (Captain) tries to think back to what happened that morning.
Aliza mutters to herself as she kicks the air again and again.
When asked what she's doing, Aliza responds very seriously that she's trying to create a new fighting technique.
Aliza: My grandfather told me something a long time ago.
Aliza: "The true successor must not only improve the techniques handed down from our ancestors."
Aliza: "They must create something new!"
Aliza: So I thought I'd come up with a move of my own.
Vyrn: Aren't you strong enough already though?
Aliza: No, I need to get stronger. Much stronger.
Aliza: Even he's been getting stronger, so...
Vyrn: He? You mean Stan?
Aliza: N-no... I mean, yes, but...
Aliza flushes red, and Vyrn realizes what she's trying to say.
Vyrn: Yeah, you're right. He's a lot stronger than he used to be.
Vyrn: It's because of Tarvi, I guess...
Vyrn: He's been improving in leaps and bounds since we were there.
Upon hearing this, something seems to click for Aliza.
Aliza: That's it... Tarvi! Let's go there and fight some of the local monsters!
Lyria: What? Fight monsters?
Aliza: Right! Catoblepas, the beast of Tarvi! Its body, and legs in particular...
Aliza: The kicking techniques it uses with those well-trained legs are sure to give me some inspiration!
The somewhat confused crew sets off for Tarvi with a newly energized Aliza.

Master Catoblepas: Scene 2

The crew arrives in Tarvi and encounters a catoblepas, who Aliza asks to train under. She studies its strange, languid movements in search of something to incorporate into her new move.

Thug: Argh! At this rate I'll never get that golden flower!
The crew hears some thugs' cries as soon as they arrive in Tarvi.
They rush over to find an angry catoblepas.
Catoblepas: Graaaghhh!
Thug: Eep! Waarrrghh!
Seeing the magnificent beast send the thugs flying confirms what Aliza suspected.
Aliza: I knew it... Those kicks are gonna make for a great reference point!
The catoblepas makes sure it's sent every last thug packing.
Catoblepas: ...
Satisfied that it has removed the intruders from its territory, the creature heads into Tarvi's interior.
Aliza: Wait!
Catoblepas: Graaah?
Faced with Aliza's sudden appearance, the catoblepas readies itself for a fight.
Aliza: I don't want to fight! Please, let me train with you!
Aliza: Wait... does this thing even understand what I'm saying?
Catoblepas: Grrr...
The catoblepas narrows its eyes and surveys Aliza and the crew.
It senses no ill will and realizes the crew poses no threat.
Catoblepas: Graaah!
The catoblepas carries on to Tarvi's interior, unconcerned with the group.
Aliza: I guess that means okay!
Vyrn: H-hey, are you sure this is all right?
The crew follows the catoblepas with caution, but it shows no sign of aggression.
Vyrn: I thought we were dealing with a ferocious monster, but it's actually pretty laid back.
Lyria: I guess Aliza got her intentions across.
Aliza sticks by the catoblepas, copying its movements.
Catoblepas: Grrrrr...
Aliza: I see... You use your legs like springs, and then... you leap.
Aliza thinks things over while muttering to herself and then casually begins speaking to the catoblepas.
Aliza: You're kinda strange for a monster.
Aliza: Well, I guess I'm kinda strange myself, asking a monster to train me.
Aliza gives a wry smile and resumes her careful observervation of the catoblepas's movements.
Catoblepas: Graaaghhh!
Aliza: Graaaghhh!
As if to answer Aliza's request, the catoblepas unleashes a kick.
Aliza: Oh! I could use this!
Something clicks for Aliza.
Catoblepas: Graaah?
Suddenly, as if sensing something, the catoblepas dashes off somewhere.
Aliza: Wait! Please! Just a little longer and I'll have it!
The crew chases after the catoblepas, but loses sight of the creature.
Chasing after the sound of shouting, they find the catoblepas staring down a thug.
Thug: Damn it, this guy again? Stay out of our way!
Catoblepas: Grrrrr...
Aliza: Hey, what are those jerks doing here again?
Aliza yells at the thugs without thinking.
Aliza: Hey, weren't you talking about the golden flower earlier?
Thug: Yeah, so what if we were? Ain't none of your business!
Aliza: What do you need it for so badly, anyway?
Thug: Are you stupid? To sell, of course! That thing's gonna make us rich!
Thug: Problem is, this butthead keeps getting in the way!
Catoblepas: Graaaghhh!
At the mention of the golden flowers, the catoblepas launches itself at the thug.
Vyrn: Don't tell me... You're trying to protect the golden flowers?
The crew realizes that it must be true. The catoblepas is protecting the flowers.
Ignoring the crew's conversation, the thugs prepare to attack.
Thug: Hah! Take a look at me now, monster! I'm not alone today!
Thug: I brought plenty of friends this time!
Catoblepas: Graaah?
A gang of thugs surrounds the catoblepas.
Outnumbered and cornered, the catoblepas bellows in distress.
Catoblepas: Grrrrr...
Thug: Heheh, take this!
Aliza: Oh, watch out!
Just as the thugs are about to strike the catoblepas from behind, Aliza leaps to shield it.
Aliza: Hahh!
Thug: H-hey, what are you doing?
Aliza strikes out with her signature kick, meeting the thugs' attacks with grace and beauty.
Catoblepas: Gragh!
Aliza: Don't worry! I have your back, Master!
Catoblepas: Grrr... Grah?
Aliza: Everyone, please! Lend us your strength!
Vyrn: S-sure! I don't know what's going on, but we'll help you out!
Lyria: Right! Aliza and her mentor need our help!
Thug: Pft, what a bunch of weirdos. Get 'em, boys!

Master Catoblepas: Scene 3

As Aliza defeats thug after thug, she notices a marked improvement in her abilities. Seeing this, the catoblepas challenges her to a final sparring match between teacher and student.

Catoblepas: Roaargh!
Thug: Guhh...
Aliza: Roaargh!
Thug: Gah!
As she defeats thug after thug, Aliza notices a marked improvement in the power of her kicks.
Thug: Sh-she's inhuman! How is she so powerful?
Realizing they're outmatched, the thugs turn tail and run.
Catoblepas: Roarrrrgh!
Aliza: We did it!
Catoblepas: Grrrrr...
With the thugs defeated, the catoblepas faces the party and lowers its head as if in gratitude.
Aliza: No, I'm the one who should be thanking you.
Aliza: Thanks to your teachings, I seem to have discovered something.
However, Aliza begins muttering to herself as if distraught.
Aliza: I'm still a long way from perfecting it, though... Just a little more...
The catoblepas considers Aliza for a moment before suddenly adopting a combat stance.
Catoblepas: Roarooaaargh!
Aliza: Master? Why are you doing this?
At that moment, Aliza senses something from the catoblepas's gaze.
Aliza: Hee hee... Got it. Now you're talking!
Aliza: If it's a sparring match you want, I gladly accept. I'm sure I'll learn a lot!
Aliza: Hee hee... Just what I'd expect from my master!
Vyrn: W-wait, Aliza seems to understand this thing, but I have no idea what's going on!
Lyria: I'm not sure, myself... But it seems like they understand one another!
Aliza: Right, then. Master, I humbly request a match!
Catoblepas: Grrrrr!

Master Catoblepas: Scene 4

Aliza defeats the catoblepas, perfecting a new move in the process. Seeing her joy at this new discovery, the beast begins to leave. When Aliza says her final words of thanks, the catoblepas offers up a happy roar that thunders through Tarvi.

Catoblepas: Roargh!
Aliza: Guah!
The catoblepas unleashes a mighty kick at Aliza.
Aliza: I knew this was going to be tough. That one almost hurt!
Aliza: But now it's my turn!
Aliza: Let's dance!
Catoblepas: Roargh?
Aliza: (If I time my kick just right...)
Aliza instinctively prepares to launch her new attack based on the catoblepas's movements.
Aliza: Now! Haaah!
Aliza: Phoenix style! Flaming Beast Kick!
Her leg glows crimson, sending the catoblepas flying with inhuman speed and ferocity.
Catoblepas: Roagh?
The beast is thrown into the air and then falls to the ground with a mighty thud.
Aliza: I... I did it. I actually did it!
Aliza: You see that just now, (Captain)? Awesome, huh?
The catoblepas shakily gets back on its feet.
Catoblepas: Roagh...
Aliza: M-Master, are... are you okay?
Although ecstatic about her new technique, Aliza immediately apologizes to the catoblepas.
Aliza: I'm so sorry, Master. Are you hurt?
Catoblepas: Roooargh...
With a passing glance at Aliza, the catoblepas vanishes into Tarvi's interior as if nothing happened.
Aliza: Oh, Master...
Aliza: I can't thank you enough for what you've done, Master!
Catoblepas: Roargh!
As if in response to Aliza's thanks, the catoblepas lets out a piercing roar just as it disappears into Tarvi.
Catoblepas: Roaaaargh!
The crew is speechless and astonished at the spectacle that has unfolded before them.
Vyrn: Wh-what the heck was that all about?
Lyria: Hee hee... What a nice monster!
Aliza: Got that right!
Aliza: Thanks to Master Catoblepas, I was able to get even stronger!
Aliza: Hee hee... Good luck trying to keep up with me now, Stan!
Aliza, looking quite pleased with herself, begins kicking the air.
Aliza: Aw man, all this exercise is making me hungry!
Aliza: Let's get Mama to make us something tasty!
Vyrn: Ooh, now that's the best idea I've heard all day!
Vyrn: We can tell her all about making friends with the monsters here too!
Lyria: She's going to be so surprised when she hears about it!
Aliza: All right, let's head on home!
(Captain), the crew, and Aliza are all overjoyed about the day's events.
Leaving Tarvi behind, their mouths water in expectation of the feast to come.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
はぁああっ!! Haaah!
カトブレパス師匠……元気にしてるかな~ I wonder if Master Catoblepas is doing okay...
スタン……あたしももっと、強くなるよ…… I'm going to get stronger too, Stan...
ママのご馳走食べたいなぁ~ Mama's cooking sounds good right about now...
パパは今、どこを旅してるのかな~ I wonder where Papa's off to now...
あたしが蹴散らしたげる! My feet, your face!
へへっ!隙だらけだよっ! Heh heh! You're wide open!
さぁさぁ!今日も修行修行! Can't skimp on training today!
(主人公)は誰かを愛したこと、ある? Have you ever been in love, (Captain)?
(主人公)!稽古に付き合って! Wanna train together, (Captain)?

Other Appearances


SV Aliza, Pugilist Princess.png SV Aliza, Pugilist Princess E.png
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Fanfare: If Overflow is active for you, gain Clash - Gain +1/+1.

All right! Next up, I'll race you to that hill over there! Stan, you lazy butt, stand up! Training never ends!



Stan and me? Hah! Don't make me laugh! Of course there's nothing between us. Stan is just my, uh... This is stupid! I'm going for a run!

Class Dragoncraft
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Aliza, Pugilist Princess
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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