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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Always challenging yourself with high hopes and a sincere spirit... I have nothing but admiration for you, (Captain).
But as it's your birthday today, why don't you stretch your wings a bit and take it easy?
If you'd like, I'd be happy to spend the day with you!


They say a person of virtue will naturally attract admirers...
And I think this saying fits you perfectly, (Captain).
Your birthday is surely overflowing with blessings...
Given your natural virtue of course!
Have a wonderful birthday!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Everyone is in high spirits aboard the airship today. They're all celebrating your birthday.
It's all thanks to you that such a wide range of people have come together to form this crew.
They all want to be there to help you.
And don't forget that I'm one of them.
I hope you have a wonderful year.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
It's been a pleasure to see you spend this past year in such high spirits. So much has happened.
But everything that has transpired is what makes you who you are.
Of course, I'm no exception to that. I, too, play a role in shaping you.
To think that I'm a pillar of this remarkable community you've built up aboard the Grandcypher makes me proud.
I plan on seeing to the very end wherever this journey might take you, (Captain). Safe travels to all of us.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I'm very pleased that we can celebrate your birthday once again.
It is my desire for this crew to come together and continue to celebrate this day for many years to come. And someday...
When you finally reach the end of the skies, I hope I can stand beside you to witness the moment.
Ah, but it is unbefitting of a strategist to say such wishes. It is my role to ensure that this vision becomes reality.
Allow me to stay with you as I have up until now, and I will do my best to establish a way for us to reach the place you so long for.
After all, I am your strategist. I will utilize all of my knowledge to support you on your journey. I hope you'll continue to rely on me from here on out.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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New Year's Day is the key to the new year, they say.
Now then, (Captain)... How would you like to spend the day?


Happiness comes to those who smile, you say?
This airship is always filled with smiles and laughter, so happiness will surely find its way to all of us here.
Hm? You think I should smile more?
But I've been complimented on how my range of expressions has grown a great deal...
I could give it a try. I'll make it one of my new year's resolutions!


Happy New Year. I look forward to another year of traveling together.
Happiness comes to those who smile. I've taken your words to heart and strived to improve over the past year.
Hm? What's that?
My face looks... scary?
I practiced smiling so I could give you a cheerful New Year's greeting...
But smiling seems to be trickier than I thought.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
For you to be up so early in the morning must mean you're eager to see the first sunrise of the year.
Yes, me too. The special occasion makes it worth viewing, I suppose.
But just as willows are green and flowers are red—as the saying goes, the rising sun is no different on any other day.
Yet we give meaning to this one particular sunrise of the year.
Strange how people think, isn't it? Perhaps not everything can be explained by logic alone.


Happy New Year, (Captain). I'm looking forward to another year of traveling with you.
I'm glad we can spend the first day of this year together as well.
Hm? What is it, (Captain)? I... smiled, you say? I wasn't aware of it myself...
Heh, I see. It's true that I feel at ease next to you.
Who would have thought that putting on a smile—something I'd struggled with before—would be so simple?
Overthinking it may have pushed me down a longer path instead. But now, I can finally set a new goal for myself.
Yes, for example... To spend the first day of next year with you like this once again. How's that?
Our journey to the end of the skies is certainly a hard and dangerous one, but I will do my best as strategist to ensure that we can celebrate another new year together.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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A Valentine's Day gift? For me?
Then I'll happily accept this token of gratitude from you, (Captain)!
You caught me just as I was about to make some tea. Won't you join me?
I'll make a delicious cup of green tea just for you!


Well, look at this! Instead of chocolates this year, I see you've brought me some tea snacks as a gift.
I suppose it's because you remembered I'd made you tea last time, right?
I'll be sure to make tea to complement these snacks, but it's certainly different from your usual Valentine's gift...
So shall we enjoy this Valentine's Day in our own special way?


Oh, if it isn't (Captain). Did you need to speak with me?
Is this... a Valentine's Day gift?
Thank you very much.
I appreciate you taking the time to think of me each year.
Perhaps I'll take a short break from my reading.
Would you care to join me for some tea, (Captain)?
I'll make you a delicious cup of tea to show my gratitude.


So you've prepared chocolate for me this year too, (Captain)? Why, thank you kindly.
Allow me to put on some tea... Hm? Come again?
You'll take care of the tea as well? Well, I suppose that's only fair since I'm on the receiving end today.
But please, I insist.
Normally, I'd be more than glad to accept your tea, (Captain). However...
Because this is such a special day, I'd like to offer you tea from my hands as a way of saying thanks.
Just as swiftness can save a soldier on the battlefield, I find that waiting an entire month to show my gratitude is much too delayed.


Ah, a gift for Valentine's? Heh, thank you very much.
Please have a seat. I will prepare us some tea.
Our tea time together on Valentine's Day has become a yearly tradition, it seems.
Choosing the tea leaves and keeping the tea set in perfect shape for this day has been a favorite pastime of mine in recent years.
I am under the assumption that you feel the same as I do.
Judging from the contents of this bag, you must look forward to this time as well, seeing how you've prepared enough snacks for two.
Thank you... Hearing those words from you makes the effort I've put in for this time worthwhile.
Heh... I'm quite glad to know that we share the same feelings.

White Day Cutscenes
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Hm... According to the cookbook, this is just the right amount...
Now then we'll just add the egg whites and sugar... Mix in some flour and butter...
Let's see... (Captain)! Don't get too close to the oven. Yes, I've set it to the correct temperature.
But I can't have you getting burned in the middle of cooking up these treats I plan to give you.
Now let's read a book while we wait for them to finish baking!


(Captain), this is for you... As a thank you for the Valentine's gift.
I'm honored that I can be of use to you on this airship as a part of your crew.
Indeed... I'm glad there are holidays like this where I can express to you my constant gratitude.
After all, it's a little awkward to tell you straight out of the blue!


Could I see you for a moment, (Captain)?
Please accept this token of my appreciation for your gift last month.
The green tea chocolates you gave me were delicious. I was impressed by how perfect your selection was.
I hope this will suit your tastes.
Yes, I made it myself.
You put so much effort into my gift that I wanted to do the same for you.
Is it to your liking?


(Captain). Here's my White Day present.
In looking through ancient writings, I came across a recipe for treats said to garner the affection of whoever eats it.
I realize my cooking skills may not exactly be up to par, but they were sufficient for making this.
I've learned that making food which does not grow tiresome even if consumed daily is the true way to someone's heart.
Which is why I'd like to know if my present here is something you wouldn't mind eating daily, (Captain).
Hearing your thoughts will conclude my research on these ancient writings. So please, eat up.
Not to mention it's often said that the fastest way to a person's heart is through their stomach.


If you would kindly accept this from me, (Captain)—it's a gift for White Day.
I'd appreciate it if you could take a bite now and tell me how you like it.
That expression on your face is enough to inform me that you're quite enjoying it.
Actually, this year, I used a recipe I found in an ancient text and attempted to make some of my own adjustments.
The results of the original recipe were quite good as is...
But I wanted to cater to your tastes, and tried adjusting the sweetness and aroma.
After some trial and error, I decided to add honey and nuts to the dessert. I was worried whether it was a wise choice...
But it appears I knew you well enough to make something to your liking. Heh... I'm glad.

Tasty Macaroons
Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Captain (Captain)! Please give back my glasses!
Good grief... I won't give you a single treat for playing a trick like this on me. Understand?
Now then, if you don't want that to happen then hand them over.
I'm talking to you of course, Captain (Captain).
Wait... Where did you go?


I can see right through your scheme, you know...
You can try it, but I won't let you get my glasses again this year.
Humph... You can't play the same trick all the time and expect it to work.
Agh! What are you doing! It's not fair using Vyrn to help you!
Hey! Wait! Give them back!
Good grief... Next year I hope you'll at least give me the choice of trick or treat!


Being a sensible adult, I didn't want to resort to this course of action, but I hope you will overlook it just this once.
You can't expect me to simply allow my eyeglasses to be taken year after year.
(Captain)! Trick or treat!
So which will it be? How does it feel to be on the receiving end—
Ah! My glasses!
Please give them back, (Captain)!
Good grief... If you're going to return them so readily, perhaps you just shouldn't take them in the first place...
Wait, something feels strange... Is this a glasses-shaped cookie? Good grief, what an elaborate trick!
I think that's enough mischief, (Captain). Please give me back my glasses!


Trick or treat... Gah! How many times do I have to tell you to stop snatching away my glasses!
Some captain you are...
Hah, I've come to express that same outrage every year, but things have finally turned out my way for once...
Look closely at the glasses you just snatched from me.
Those aren't mine. It's a glasses-shaped cookie, just like the ones you gave me last year!
My real glasses are right here. Knowing that you'd try to take them again, I made sure to switch them in advance.
Here am I explaining myself while you bite away without a moment's hesitation. Then again, it is food...
Perhaps it is my attachment to glasses that causes my heart to ache when you make that crunchy chewing sound...


Halloween has come around once again. Before you play any tricks, there's something I'd like to give you. A treat for the occasion, and...
Take this as well. What is it, you ask? As you can see, it is a pair of glasses.
You appear to be quite fixated on my glasses, so I had a new pair crafted in exactly the same style.
You... aren't looking for glasses? Is this true?
You mean to say that your objective has never been the glasses, but to play tricks on me... I see.
It seems I misinterpreted the enemy's motives. I'm afraid I've failed as a strategist.
That was tactless of me. To prevent this from happening again, I will need to further my knowledge of Halloween and—
Not my glasses again! Return them to me at once... Hm? This isn't (Captain). It's a pillar!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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The airship's been looking a bit festive lately...
What exactly is going on here, (Captain)?
I see... You're planning a celebration! Indeed everyone has gotten into the holiday spirit.
Is this how you celebrate the holidays where you're from?
Well, being a wallflower won't do me any good...
So please allow me to join in on the festivities with you!


Come now, Vyrn! Give them back! My glasses aren't for you to play with!
Vyrn! That's quite enough joking for now!
Good grief. Vyrn is a handful...
What is he thinking? Using my glasses to decorate the tree...
And don't just stand there, (Captain). Tell him to behave already...
What are you laughing about? Hm? You're saying that all this time...
I haven't been talking to you, (Captain), but to the tree...


Is that a holiday gift list for the younger crew members?
Hoo-hoo. That brings back memories. I once made a request to Santa Claus when I was a child.
I asked for a rare, out-of-print analytical report written in a mysterious ancient language...
But when I woke up the next day, there was a brand new analytical report beside me.
I recall thinking that must have been the best Santa Claus was capable of.
What did you ask for, (Captain)?


Oh, (Captain)? Huh? I have a fine holiday outfit, you say?
That's not exactly what I had in mind... Hm? My back?
What in the... These are tree decorations that got stuck to the feathers of my clothing!
I must have been so absorbed in my reading material that I didn't notice the ornaments falling from the tree!
I'll have to set things right before dinner begins, or the efforts of those handling decorations will be for naught!
But which tree was it? If I cannot even recall that...
You happen to know, (Captain)? Ah, a true savior you are! Won't you please show me the way?
As thanks, I'll sing you a holy hymn for tonight's banquet. Hm? You'd rather not hear it? But why not?


This year's winter celebrations are yet another success. It seems the ship has been thoroughly decorated with a mixture of various cultures—magnificent indeed.
Of course, I also partook in the preparations for this celebration by delegating tasks for the decorating as well as the purchasing of food and props.
As the members of our crew have increased, now we can enjoy an even wider variety of customs and dishes. I believe I have read about some of these before....
But having someone I personally know showing them to me is certainly different from reading about them. It is a very interesting and novel experience.
Perhaps what made it especially enjoyable was seeing our friends' smiles as they introduced what they had to offer.
I consider myself fortunate to be the strategist of a crew that you put together, (Captain), where all of its members can truly enjoy their time together like this.
Now, let's get back to the celebrations, shall we? There is still much more for you to revel in tonight.
After all, your happiness is what holds this crew together, (Captain). I am sure that that is what everyone here wishes for.

Fate Episodes

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A Mysterious Gift

One winter day, a mysterious package arrives for Altair. He opens it to find a red, formal garment inside with a letter that says it is for him, the true star of the "Holy Night's Miracle." Altair puts it on as he reflects on the nostalgic words written in the letter.

One winter day, (Captain) is on the deck of the Grandcypher when Lyria comes running, holding something in her arms.
Lyria: Vyrn! (Captain)! The mail carrier just dropped off this package.
Lyria: But I don't think there's anyone in our crew expecting one... Do you know anything, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Hmm, can't say that we do. Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) replies that there hasn't been any word about crew members waiting for mail.
Vyrn: I mean, sometimes we get letters, but it's kinda rare for a whole package to just show up.
Vyrn: Is it from the Knickknack Shack?
Lyria: No... Actually, the sender's name isn't written anywhere.
Lyria: The mail carrier checked whether the contents were safe or not, but they weren't able to find out who it's from.
Vyrn: That sounds awfully fishy... Who exactly is it supposed to be for anyway?
(Captain) takes the package from Lyria.
Upon examining it, the captain notices a tiny scribble in the corner of the box that says "For the Silver Strategist."
  1. It's for Altair.
  2. The Silver Strategist?

Choose: It's for Altair.
Vyrn: Oh yeah. Don't they call Specs the "Silver Strategist" sometimes?
Lyria: Then maybe it's a friend from back when Altair was working as a strategist.
Vyrn: You think it's an early holiday present from his friend? Still kinda suspicious though.

Choose: The Silver Strategist?
Lyria: Ooh, that sounds familiar...
Lyria: Wasn't Altair called the "Silver Strategist" before?
Vyrn: Oh, right. This package must be for Specs then.
Vyrn: Specs is pretty absent-minded, so maybe he forgot to tell us he was expectin' mail.
Continue 1
Altair not in crew

Altair once worked as a military strategist for Sphiria, a country known for housing an enormous library called the Hall of Knowledge.
After leaving his country to embark on a search for ancient books across different islands, he encountered (Captain).
Intrigued by (Captain) and company's journey, he now travels together with the crew.
Lyria: I think Altair mentioned he'll be spending the day in his room.
Lyria: He might be waiting for this package, so let's go give it to him, (Captain)!
Lyria: Hello, Altair! Are you there?
Altair: Ah, you're all here. Did you need something from me?
Vyrn: We've got a package addressed to ya! Any idea what it is?
Altair receives the bundle from Lyria and puts a hand to his chin, thinking.
Altair: Hm... That's strange. I don't believe I ordered any books or tea leaves recently.
Vyrn: But it says it's for the "Silver Strategist"... That's you, right?
Altair: Indeed. But sending something addressed to me in this way is rather puzzling in itself.
Altair: Could it be someone I've fought before? Putting my experiences into account, I can't say I haven't given anyone reason to hold a grudge against me...
He carefully inspects the box in his hands.
Altair: I don't see any signs of magic or explosives, and the seal isn't something that's difficult to crack.
Altair: It isn't particularly heavy, and judging from the sound when I shake it... the contents seem to be soft—most likely made of cloth.
Lyria: What do you think we should do, Altair?
Altair: Hm, let's see...
Altair thinks for a while, his expression giving nothing away.
Altair: Receiving a package is a rare occasion, after all. It doesn't appear to be anything dangerous, so why don't we try opening it?
The silver-haired strategist takes out a knife from his pocket and cuts open the seal.
Altair lifts the lid to find a crimson garment folded inside.
Altair: A military uniform? No, it's too bright to be something for wearing on the front lines.
Altair: This is more suited for a high-ranked commander, or as ceremonial wear.
Vyrn: Yeah, it looks pretty fancy.
Vyrn: Hey, a letter fell out when you opened the box.
Vyrn hands over a piece of paper, which Altair begins to read with great interest.
Altair: "This is a formal dress once tailored for a tactician."
Altair: "I am sending this to you in hopes that you will wear it as the true star of the Holy Night's Miracle."
Altair: "I pray you will find it to your liking."
That's all the letter says.
Lyria: That's it? It doesn't say who it's from?
Altair: No, it doesn't seem to be written anywhere.
Altair: The "Holy Night's Miracle"... Such a nostalgic ring to these words.
Whispering the long-forgotten words, Altair closes his eyes.
Altair: (Captain), it appears this garment is, indeed, meant for me.
Altair: Since it was sent all the way here, perhaps I should try it on.
  1. Let's see how it looks on you!
  2. I'm sure you'll look great in it!

Choose: Let's see how it looks on you!
Altair: Haha, I thought you'd say something of the sort.
Altair: Very well. Please wait a moment while I change into it.

Choose: I'm sure you'll look great in it!
Altair: Hm... I have to say, red is not a color I usually choose for my own attire.
Altair: I suppose I'll put it on, and all of you can see whether it suits me or not.
Continue 2
Altair walks back into his room to change into the new garb.
Several minutes later, the door opens again.
Altair: I apologize for the wait. What do you think, (Captain)?
  1. Smart and classy.
  2. Makes you look really strong.

Choose: Smart and classy.
Altair: Hm, you're right. It does make me want to stand taller.
Altair: Perhaps the elegant design and ornaments encourage the wearer to be someone suitable for such grand attire.

Choose: Makes you look really strong.
Altair: Yes, the crimson color does evoke an image of a leader who fights for their people.
Altair: Looking at the design and ornaments, I believe the garment was tailored for a person of such standing.
Continue 3
Lyria: It really suits you, Altair! Since it's the holiday season, you look a little like Santa!
Vyrn: Yeah! You should wear this to our winter celebration!
Altair: That is a good idea. This attire would be quite appropriate for a party occasion.
Altair: Still, to mention my involvement with the "Holy Night's Miracle"...
Altair: There is only one person who knows of this. If that's the case, the fact that they sent me this garment must mean...
While Lyria and the others continue admiring his new outfit, Altair stands unmoving, engrossed in his own thoughts.
(Captain) looks curiously at Altair, wondering what is going through the strategist's mind.

Holy Night's Miracle

Several days after receiving the package, Altair tells the crew about a battle in the past called the "Holy Night's Miracle." At the time, Altair was serving as a military strategist for Sphiria in a battle against a country that had suddenly declared war on them. However, one day the enemy troops retreat from their advantageous position, and the enemy strategist invites Altair to have a one-on-one talk with him. Altair accepts the invitation and goes to see the enemy strategist at the mountain summit.

Several days after the arrival of the mysterious package.
(Captain) and company visit Altair's room to ask for his help preparing for the upcoming winter celebration.
Lyria: Hello, Altair! We wanted to talk to you about the winter party...
Altair: Ah, my apologies. I said I would offer my assistance, didn't I?
Altair: Please give me a moment. I will be right there.
  1. Are you in the middle of a book?
  2. What's that you're reading?

Choose: Are you in the middle of a book?
Altair: No, I was only rereading an old journal of mine to confirm a few things.
Altair: Don't worry, I've already found what I needed.

Choose: What's that you're reading?
Altair: Ah, this is an old journal of mine. Notes I wrote on previous battles in which I served as strategist.
Altair: I was rereading it because something caught my attention recently.
Continue 1
Altair: Do you recall the package we received a few days ago?
(Captain) nods.
  1. There was a letter inside, right?
  2. The package with the clothes you're wearing?

Choose: There was a letter inside, right?
Altair: Sharp as ever, (Captain). Has the mysterious letter been on your mind as well?

Choose: The package with the clothes you're wearing?
Altair: Yes. This garment is quite comfortable, so I've taken a liking to it.
Altair: However, what caught my attention was the letter included with these clothes.
Continue 2
Altair: The "Holy Night's Miracle" mentioned in the letter refers to a certain battle from a few years ago.
Altair: I participated in that battle as a strategist.
Lyria: You did seem like you had an idea on what the letter was about.
Vyrn: The "Holy Night's Miracle" sounds pretty epic. What kind of battle was it exactly?
When (Captain) and the others press the strategist for details, Altair looks thoughtful.
Altair: Hm... Yes, it should be all right to tell all of you.
Altair: If you'll allow me to recall a memory from years past...
It is a winter memory from several years ago.
At the time, Altair was working as a strategist for Sphiria, posted at the foot of a mountain near the country's border.
Altair: (It's been ten days since the sudden declaration of war... The more I think about it, the stranger it seems.)
Altair: (The enemy is the one attacking us, but they are much smaller in number compared to our army. They're at a severe disadvantage.)
Altair: (I highly doubt they have a grudge against Sphiria—especially not one so big they would strike despite the difference in military strength.)
Altair: (What is the reason behind their sudden hostility?)
Sphiria Soldier: Pardon my interruption, Altair. I'd like to make a report.
Altair: Very well. Has there been any sign of movement from the enemy?
Sphiria Soldier: No. The enemy forces are currently encamped at the south summit with no sign of moving anytime soon.
Sphiria Soldier: Their soldiers appear exhausted. It's clear we currently have the upper hand.
Altair: So they have no intention of retreating, yet are holding back on making an attack.
Altair: Their strategist is a seasoned commander—it's strange that they are choosing neither to retreat or advance.
Sphiria Soldier: What should we do? It shouldn't be difficult for us to take them down if we mobilize our entire army.
Altair listens to the soldier's proposal, but shakes his head.
Altair: One must not climb heights in order to fight. The enemy army is not unprepared—marching carelessly would not end well.
Altair: We'll simply have to continue waiting on them.
A few days later, a letter from the enemy strategist arrives, addressed to Altair.
He reads through it, his expression growing perplexed the further down he goes.
Altair: I see... So he'd like to talk to me one-on-one.
Altair: (They say that unless you venture into the tiger's den, you cannot get the tiger's cubs... But it would be unwise to walk straight into a trap.)
Altair: (Not to mention, I doubt the enemy thinks I'd simply accept his invitation without some form of assurance.)
Altair: What is the current status on the enemy's formation? It's possible they're splitting up their forces and waiting to strike while I'm away.
Sphiria Soldier: Actually... it appears the enemy has already left the summit!
Altair: What? They withdrew from the summit?
Altair's eyes widen at the unexpected news.
Sphiria Soldier: Their troops have already descended the mountain and are lined up at the base on the other side.
Sphiria Soldier: Furthermore, it appears the only one left at their summit camp is the strategist.
Altair: I see. They left their advantageous position and now stand without a commander as well.
Altair: That is their strategist's way of showing his goodwill.
Sphiria Soldier: Altair, does that mean...
Altair: The enemy strategist has something he is willing to prioritize above his duty to ensure his troops' safety.
Altair: Whether his plan is foolish or clever, I'm certainly intrigued. I believe his invitation to have a talk is worthy of consideration.
Altair: As a precaution, select a few of our soldiers who are accustomed to the terrain and position them throughout the mountain.
Altair: In the case of an emergency, I will release a red flare into the sky. That will be your signal to march on the enemy.
Despite the uneasiness on his face, the soldier nods.
And with that, Altair ventures into the quiet mountains by himself.
His trip is smooth, without a trace of the enemy troops anywhere. Finally, the young tactician reaches a house at the summit.
Elderly Strategist: Thank you for coming all the way here. Are you the Silver Strategist?
At the house, Altair finds an elderly but imposing man dressed in uniform, standing patiently in wait.

Holy Night's Miracle: Scene 2

The enemy strategist asks Altair for his help. The elderly man explains that due to the king's orders, his troops cannot stop fighting unless they lose; thus, he would like Altair to help bring his troops to defeat without any losses so the soldiers can return home to spend the holy night with their families. Altair is impressed by the elderly strategist's concern for his country and its people and agrees to help. Altair comes up with a plan in which the Sphiria army stumbles upon the troops the king is positioned with, under the pretense of a coincidence. Seeing the difference in their armies' power, the king decides to withdraw his own troops, which puts an end to the battle without any sacrifices made.

Inside the house, Altair and the elderly man face one another.
After a few moments of silence, the elderly strategist looks Altair in the eye and begins to speak solemnly.
Elderly Strategist: Your talent and efforts are well-known even within my army.
Elderly Strategist: It is an honor to have you accept my invitation and come all the way here to see me.
The strategist bows to Altair.
Altair gazes at the man, unsure of his motives, before returning the bow.
Altair: Likewise. It is my honor to receive your goodwill.
Altair: I have to say, I was surprised by your decision to withdraw your troops from the summit.
Elderly Strategist: Haha. As were my men, who questioned my sanity for doing so.
Elderly Strategist: But I knew I had to prove my good faith at least to that extent for you to consider my invitation.
Elderly Strategist: Now, we don't have much time. Let's get straight to the point.
The elderly strategist straightens up, his mouth tightening into a line.
Elderly Strategist: To put it frankly, I'd like to ask for your insight on how my troops can be brought to defeat without suffering any losses.
Altair: What?
Altair raises his eyebrows at the startling request.
Altair: You want your own army to lose? No strategist in his right mind would dare to speak such words... May I ask for the reason?
Elderly Strategist: Of course.
Elderly Strategist: But first, I'd like to ask you—how informed are your people on the affairs of my country?
Altair: To our knowledge, your armies suddenly took up the conquest of invading other countries a few years ago.
Altair: But you were on decent terms with Sphiria.
Altair: Imagine our surprise when you assaulted us unprovoked.
Hearing this, the elderly man heaves a mournful sigh.
Elderly Strategist: All of this is according to our king's wishes.
Elderly Strategist: Recently, our king has been anxious over his old age... Or rather, he is concerned for the prince, who was born late and is still very young.
Elderly Strategist: If the king were to pass away and have his young son ascend the throne, it would certainly cause much conflict both within our nation as well as with other countries.
Elderly Strategist: In order to prevent that from happening, the king thought to strengthen our country's power... by engaging in battles we have no chance of winning, over and over again.
Altair: But I have not heard any news of your country suffering multiple defeats or losing any territory.
Elderly Strategist: Up until now, both the soldiers and I have done our best to avoid utter defeat.
Elderly Strategist: Thanks to that, we have managed to prevent ourselves from losing our land.
Elderly Strategist: However, our army is reaching its limit. Continuing to battle in this way will lead to many sacrifices in the future.
Altair: I see. And that is why you want your country to be defeated before such sacrifices are made.
Altair: However, it would've been more logical to convince your king to stop, rather than risking your life to meet an enemy like myself.
Altair: Or has your king become so foolish that he can no longer discern the state of his war?
Elderly Strategist: Our king is not wicked or foolish. He has protected the peace in our country for decades.
Elderly Strategist: The fact remains that we have yet to suffer a clear loss—and this is, in part, my fault as well.
Elderly Strategist: Since we have never suffered defeat, there is no reason to stop the battles. That is what the king thinks.
The old tactician lets out a deep sigh.
Elderly Strategist: Of course, if our army sustains enough damage from yours, the king may reconsider.
Elderly Strategist: But I don't want any of my men's lives to be wasted in meaningless conflict.
Elderly Strategist: I want to free them from battle as soon as possible and let them spend the holy night this year at home with their families.
Altair: So you'd like to work with me to bring your army to defeat without hurting any of your soldiers.
Elderly Strategist: That's right. A plan that would only be possible with your cooperation.
Elderly Strategist: Will you work with me, Silver Strategist?
Altair: Your proposal as a strategist to lead your own troops to defeat... is quite startling.
Altair: You'd even go so far as to consult the enemy. Under normal circumstances, this would be considered treason.
Altair: But I suppose that simply shows how prepared you are to undertake this responsibility.
The elderly strategist nods, not a sliver of doubt in his eyes.
Elderly Strategist: Even if I am to be accused of treason, it is the duty of a strategist to ensure the safety of his troops.
Elderly Strategist: I could not end this battle in which our impending loss is already clear.
Elderly Strategist: The least I can do now is decide the way we suffer our loss.
Altair: (His determination is as strong as steel.)
Altair: (I see... Deciding a loss for the sake of your country and its people is also a strategist's duty.)
Altair: (This only proves that I still have much to learn...)
Altair: Very well. Then I will do my best to present you with a plan worthy of my name as "Silver Strategist."
For the next several hours, Altair and the elderly strategist discuss their plan.
Elderly Strategist: I have no objections. This should allow my soldiers to return home safely.
Elderly Strategist: I will inform them of the formation and strategy tomorrow morning.
Altair: Ah, one more thing. I have one request I'd like to make regarding this plan.
Elderly Strategist: Very well. I would give even my own life if that is what you require.
Altair: Oh, no, it's something much more simple. Please tell your troops that the Silver Strategist did not come to see you.
Altair: We never met today, and we have not conspired anything together.
Altair: Everything that happens from here is merely a coincidence—that is how I'd like it to be.
Elderly Strategist: Oho... What is your reasoning for that? After all, this plan we've devised would only add to your list of accomplishments.
Altair: Even if this plan produces the desired results, a strategist found conspiring with the enemy faces an inescapable execution.
Altair: However, if events unfold one after another by mere coincidence and luck happens to be on the enemy's side, then your army's defeat will hurt only your honor and not your life.
Elderly Strategist: The death of one old man is a price I'm willing to pay if it means spurring the king to reconsider his actions.
Altair: Your intentions are noble indeed. These skies are in great need of a commander such as yourself.
Altair: Which means it falls to this strategist to devise a plan that can preserve as many lives as possible, including yours.
Taking in Altair's words, the elderly tactician closes his eyes, as if deep in thought.
Finally, the man nods. He extends his hand toward Altair for a handshake, finalizing the plan between them.
The next day, the Sphiria army takes a detour, sneaking around the mountain to regroup on the other side.
Altair's instructions to his troops are to gather at a nearby field and strike the enemy from behind, taking them by surprise.
Sphiria Soldier: Altair! We have a report from our scouts!
Altair: Have the enemy troops at the mountain base made a move?
Sphiria Soldier: No—our scouts found the enemy standing in our path around the mountain. It appears someone resembling the king himself is among them!
Sphiria Soldier: As they are quite small in number, it shouldn't be a problem if we charge ahead. Your orders, Altair?
Altair: (It seems all is going according to plan...)
Altair: What a surprise. I'd planned to attack from behind, but who would've thought that they'd choose to close in on us at the same time.
Altair: Still, this is the best opportunity we could ask for. We can't let it go to waste.
Altair: Tell all the mages in our magic unit to release a beam of light at the enemy simultaneously.
Altair: However, fire the light only as a warning. We need not inspire vengeance with unnecessary damage.
Altair: The point is to show them our military strength and reduce the enemy's morale by doing so.
Sphiria Soldier: Right away, sir!
Elderly Strategist: What happened? Report, soldier.
Elderly Strategist: So the enemy thought to ambush us from behind, and located the king's troops by coincidence as they were marching...
Elderly Strategist: And you say that upon seeing the strength of our enemy, the king has decided to withdraw... and propose a treaty instead?
Elderly Strategist: Then we have no choice but to retreat as he wishes. I must ask the king to forgive my failure to bring us to victory.
Elderly Strategist: Thank you, Silver Strategist... or should I say, Altair.
The elderly strategist looks toward the field where he knows Altair is positioned.
The man's eyes fill with tears of gratitude as he gazes into the distance.

Holy Night's Miracle: Scene 3

The crew accompanies Altair to the elderly strategist's house. There, they find out that the person who had sent the crimson garment to Altair was, in fact, the grandson of the elderly strategist, who has already passed away. The grandson explains that the clothing was something the families of the returning soldiers made for the elderly strategist as a token of gratitude; however, the strategist had insisted to his family that the one most suitable for the garment was Altair. Hearing this, Altair is once again reminded of the true resolve of a strategist that he had learned from the elderly man, and promises (Captain) that he will always be there to support the captain.

Altair: After that, Sphiria received an envoy from the other country proposing an official treaty.
Altair: And on the day of the holy night, the two countries agreed to peace.
Altair: The battle went down in Sphiria's military history as a miraculous battle that ended with zero losses on either side.
Altair: It has since been referred to as the "Holy Night's Miracle" by both countries.
Lyria: That's incredible... So you and the other strategist were able to end the battle peacefully!
Altair: Yes. No one other than the other strategist knows I was involved with devising a plan that led to the treaty.
Altair: To everyone else, a miracle occurred that day—the result of unexpected actions from both sides.
Altair: That's why there aren't many people who would be capable of writing this letter.
Lyria: Do you think the one who sent you this outfit is that strategist then?
Vyrn: Hold on. How many years ago was that battle again?
Vyrn: Wouldn't it be kinda weird that he waited all this time to send you something?
Lyria: Hmm, good point... Maybe it took many years to make this?
Altair: Haha, that is a very good question. In fact, I already have a theory.
Altair: I was looking at a map of Sphiria's surrounding areas that I had in my journal.
Altair: There is a location I'd like to investigate as soon as possible.
Altair: Would all of you like to come with me?
(Captain) and the others nod at Altair's invitation, eager to find out the identity of the mysterious sender.
Vyrn: So the sender of that package lives somewhere around here?
Altair: Yes. The strategist I spoke of earlier works for the country we're in now.
Altair takes a look at their surroundings.
Altair: Looking at the well-kept state of this town, it doesn't seem like the country is caught in warfare at the moment.
Altair: The king must have ceased any meaningless declarations of war after that battle.
Altair and company ask the townspeople whether they know the strategist the crew is looking for.
With help from several people, the crew eventually arrives at a small house slightly outside of town.
Altair: Pardon me. Is anyone home?
???: Yes, who is it—
???: ...!
Those clothes! You must be the one Grandfather talked about, the...
Altair: Yes, I am who they call the Silver Strategist. My name is Altair.
Altair: So you're his grandson. Are you the one who sent me these clothes?
Altair gestures to the crimson garment on himself.
Altair: I assume your grandfather, once the military strategist of this country... has already passed away.
Grandson: Nothing escapes the Silver Strategist, I see. It is as you say.
Grandson: Please come in, and we'll talk more inside.
The young man shows the crew into the house.
Grandson: It's an honor to meet you, Altair.
Grandson: I've heard the story of the Holy Night's Miracle many times from my grandfather.
Altair: So he spoke to only you and his family about the truth of that day.
Grandson: Yes, albeit years after the battle.
Altair: I see... How are the state of affairs in your country now? The town seemed peaceful at a glance.
Grandson: After that fateful battle, the king turned his attention from increasing political strength to prioritizing internal affairs.
Grandson: He selected several retainers who were especially capable to assist him.
Grandson: Currently, those retainers serve as advisers who support the young prince.
Altair: So the king decided to seek power from within his own country.
Altair: I had my doubts during the battle, but now it's clear that your king was a wise ruler after all.
Lyria: Um, I hope your grandfather didn't end up getting punished by the king...
Grandson: No, he didn't. But to take public responsibility for our defeat, my grandfather left the army.
Grandson: The battle has been recorded as one in which our strategist was unable to accurately perceive the enemy's advances.
Altair: But on the other hand... the people of your country thanked your grandfather for bringing back their families safely.
Altair: This red garment was something made for your grandfather as a token of the people's gratitude, wasn't it?
The young man nods, proving Altair's speculation correct.
Grandson: In our country, red is the color of heroes. To the families of the soldiers, my grandfather was their hero.
Grandson: But my grandfather kept telling us—his family—that the real hero of the Holy Night's Miracle was not himself, but you, Altair.
Grandson: He explained how you, despite being the enemy commander, gave your best effort to devise a plan that allowed our soldiers to return home safely.
Grandson: He also told us about how you advised Sphiria's king to make the peace treaty's terms more agreeable to both countries.
Grandson: In his eyes, you were the one most suited for that garment.
Lyria: So that's why you decided to send it to Altair.
Vyrn: We were really suspicious of it at first 'cause you didn't include a name on the package, but I'm glad Altair opened it after all!
Grandson: I'm very sorry. The fact remains that Altair was once our enemy, so I decided against writing a name when sending it.
The strategist's grandson smiles sheepishly.
He turns to face Altair once more.
Grandson: Altair, I apologize for not considering your circumstances when sending the garment.
Grandson: Still, will you please accept this gift from my grandfather?
At the young man's plea, Altair puts on a gentle smile.
Altair: Of course, I gladly accept. Otherwise, I would not be here to talk to you.
Altair: It's true that I'm here to verify the sender of this garment, but more importantly, I came to offer my thanks.
Grandson: Your thanks?
Altair: Yes. Your grandfather showed me what it truly meant to be a strategist—
Altair: To be willing to cast away your honor and even your own life in order to protect your people, your troops, and your king's integrity.
Altair: You say your grandfather called me a hero... but to me, your grandfather was the one worthy of the title.
Grandson: Thank you very much... I'm sure he would have been overjoyed to hear those words from you, Altair.
After that, the crew goes to visit the strategist at his grave before bidding the island goodbye.
As the Grandcypher slowly departs from the port, Altair stands on the deck, lost in thought.
Altair: ...
Altair: Ah, (Captain).
Altair: Come to think of it, I haven't expressed my gratitude yet.
Altair: Thank you for agreeing to come with me today, despite it being a personal request.
  1. Did it bring back memories?
  2. Are you happy knowing the full story?

Choose: Did it bring back memories?
Altair: It certainly did. This was a good opportunity for me to learn from my past experiences and reflect on my life up until now.

Choose: Are you happy knowing the full story?
Altair: I am. I respected the strategist very much, so I'm glad I was able to hear more about him.
Continue 1
Altair: The "battle" that day taught me just how heavy the responsibility of a tactician is.
Altair: It gave me the determination and desire to expand my knowledge and experiences.
Altair: This garment reminds me of the strong feelings the strategist had stirred within me back then.
Altair turns to face (Captain), his eyes serious.
Altair: (Captain). Allow me to swear to you once more.
Altair: I will devote my entire being to aiding you whenever you need me.
Altair: And I promise that, someday, we will reach the Island of the Astrals together.
(Captain) returns Altair's sincere words with a smile.
  1. You know I always depend on you.
  2. Let's start with preparing for the party.

Choose: You know I always depend on you.
Altair: Indeed, I am more than aware.
Altair: After all, you have given me the very important task of supervising the winter celebration.

Choose: Let's start with preparing for the party.
Altair: Ah, that's right. You wanted to talk to me about that the other day.
Altair: I'd be honored to help. In fact, I've already devised a number of plans.
Continue 2
Altair: Now, let's get started, (Captain).
Altair: From the menu to the entertainment, leave everything to me.
Altair: Rest assured that I will present you with a most miraculous feast this holy night!
Altair nods confidently at (Captain).
The hem of his crimson garment fluttering in the wind, Altair makes his way back inside the ship together with the captain.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
団員の数を考えると、チキンの数は…… As for how much chicken we'll need, considering the number of crew members...
聖夜に向けて、メガネにも磨きをかけていますよ I've polished my glasses in preparation for the holy night.
子供達が楽しめるよう計画を立てましょう I'll need to prepare something that can entertain the children as well.
ルリア、私と共に聖夜のケーキを作りましょう Lyria, will you help me in baking a cake for the winter celebration?
宴の余興に、兵法書の朗読なんていかがです? For the entertainment, how about putting on a dramatic reading of a military text?
赤い服だと、ビィとお揃いのようですね It appears Vyrn and I match, now that I, too, am dressed in red.
手早く片付けましょう Let's tidy this up quickly.
(主人公)殿、プレゼントのご希望は? What would you like as a present, (Captain)?
楽しみが近いからこそ気を引き締めなければ With the winter celebration just around the corner, I need to focus.
(主人公)殿の期待に応えるとしましょう I won't betray (Captain)'s trust in me.