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Official Profile

Age Unknown
Height 165 cm
Race Unknown
Hobbies Nothing in particular
Likes All kinds of meat, dancing, alcohol
Dislikes Unappetizing crabs and fishes

Granblue Fantasy Chronicle
大空を行く主人公達の騎空挺のさらに上空から、突然降ってきた謎多き少女。母を探してヘルヘイムという場所を目指しているそうだが、それ以上のことは全くわかっていない。うっかり騎空挺から落下してしまった後、徐々に性格にも変化が表れているようだが……? 常人よりも食欲があるのか、よく腹を空かせている。

Character Release
先日開催されたイベント「熱闘! 真夏のフードファイト!」にて、「コルル」と「レッドラック」と共にフードファイトの激戦に挑んだ放浪娘「アーミラ」が水着バージョンとして登場!


Source [1] [2] [3]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 不詳
Height 165cm
Race 不明
Hobbies 特になし
Likes 肉全般、ダンス、お酒
Dislikes まずいカニと魚

Granblue Fantasy Chronicle
大空を行く主人公達の騎空挺のさらに上空から、突然降ってきた謎多き少女。母を探してヘルヘイムという場所を目指しているそうだが、それ以上のことは全くわかっていない。うっかり騎空挺から落下してしまった後、徐々に性格にも変化が表れているようだが……? 常人よりも食欲があるのか、よく腹を空かせている。

Character Release
先日開催されたイベント「熱闘! 真夏のフードファイト!」にて、「コルル」と「レッドラック」と共にフードファイトの激戦に挑んだ放浪娘「アーミラ」が水着バージョンとして登場!


Source [1] [2] [3]


Amira is a young woman who is said to have fallen from the sky. She possesses the God Key inside her, which grants her the ability to transform into a demon. She joins the player's crew in hopes of finding her mother, who resides in an unknown land called Helheim. However, it seems no one knows where Helheim is.

She is hinted to be connected to Bahamut in some way.


Amira is determined to find her mother, no matter the cost. Despite the fact that nearly everyone has never heard of Helheim before, she remains steadfast in her journey. As a result, she can be naive and believes anyone who says they can take her to Helheim.
She is somewhat innocent, as evidenced by the fact she still believes in Santa each year. Her devotion to finding her mother is still the same, since she hopes Santa will grant her wish of finding her mother.
Amira also has an enormous appetite and spends a lot of her time eating. She can be rather childish when she's hungry.



Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Your... birthday?
Congratulations! Is there anything you want? How about that fish over there?
Y-you wouldn't happen to know when my birthday is, would you?
All I want for my birthday is to meet my mother again.


Happy birthday. (Captain), today's the day your mother brought you into this world.
What was your mother like?
You... don't know? You've never met her... Just like me.
You'll meet your mother again one day, (Captain). I'll look for her.
You said you would help me find Helheim.
So I'll help you look for your mother, (Captain).
I owe you.


Happy birthday. Here's your cake.
I heard that people give presents to those who are important to them. So here, eat this.
I also heard that the best presents to give are things you want to receive. So I got you this... tasty... tasty looking cake.
Cake... Mmm...
Huh? You want share it with me! Hehe! Yippie!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I bought you another cake.
A big, beautiful, sugary, delicious cake.
I know you'll share it with me, so I figured the bigger the better.
Oh, whoops!
Katalina told me we were ready to roll, so I should come get you.
So get the lead out! It's not just cake—there's a whole birthday feast waiting!
Let's stuff ourselves and party it up!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Here, take a look at your birthday present! It's a big bird I hunted up for you!
I love food, and you love food. So I thought we could roast up this bird for your party!
Then we'll both be happy!
I'll go hand it off to Katalina now.
Earlier she said she would handle the cooking!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year!
Mmm! This tastes great! I love the new year!
Rackam! Katalina! I want more food! Gimme more meat!


I won't be drinking this year. Last year I got an earful for making too much noise.
So I'll be nice and quiet this year. You keep it down too, (Captain).
Food? I guess I'll have some... quietly.


Hap... Happy New Year.
We're only supposed to eat the new year food after wishing everyone a good year. So I came to wish you well.
Katalina! I wished everyone a good year! Can I eat now?
She said to bring you along! Hurry! I'm hungry!


Mmm, these New Year's dishes look so good. There's all kinds of different bites to try.
But each portion is tiny... I can't get full on just these.
Huh? I can have all of yours, (Captain)?
Yaay, thanks! This is awesome! So awesome!
Oh yeah, let's go for a walk in town after this, (Captain).
There'll be lots of food stands since it's New Year's.
I'll show you the yummy hot spots as thanks for your food. So keep giving me more when you can.


Hey, (Captain). Care if I get started eating this New Year's soup?
Thanks. Let's dig in!
Nom, nom... More!
Nom, nom, nom... More!
Nom, nom... Ngh!
Cough! Cough, cough! Ack, I had mochi stuck in my throat.
I shouldn't eat it too quickly?
Got it! Next time I'll pace myself.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Here, take this. A woman from the chapel gave it to me.
She told me not to eat it myself, but to give it to someone special instead. So take it. Make sure to leave some for Mother though.
It looks so good...
I'll have some too!


Hehe! The woman at the chapel gave me chocolates again!
Here, you can have half!
I love Valentine's Day! I can't wait till White Day!


(Captain)! I got chocolate again this year!
This is your half, and this is mine.
The woman at the chapel said she'd give them to me if I shared it. So you have to share this with me.
Hehe! Valentine's is fun!


(Captain)! Thanks for waiting!
I brought chocolates again this year! Come on, let's starting eating!
Hm? Your chocolates and my chocolates are different?
I want to eat your chocolates too, (Captain).
Okay, so I'll take yours, and I'll give you the ones I got.
That way we both have sweets to eat.
They taste way more delicious when we're together!


I made you chocolate this year, (Captain)! You better eat it.
Yes, it is handmade!
Last time a woman from the chapel gave me the chocolate, but this time I wanted to make it with her.
How is it? Good?
Yay! If you're happy, then I'm happy!

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Huh? This is in return for Valentine's?
Yum! Hehehe, I'll be giving you something for next Valentine's too!


Oh, this is in return for Valentine's? Wow, it looks delicious!
Hehe, I love White Day! Thanks!
I hope I can always have Valentine's Day and White Day with you!
What're you going to give me for next year's White Day, (Captain)?


This is in return for Valentine's? Thanks!
It looks yummy! Eat it with me, (Captain)!
We shared the Valentine's chocolates, so we'll share this too!
The woman at the chapel told me that if I shared it with you, I'll get even more next year!


Yaaay! So many return gifts from Valentine's Day!
It's like a mountain of chocolate. I can give you some, (Captain).
It's okay for me to eat everything myself?
Well... I'd be very happy to stuff my tummy.
But I'd be even happier if I get to eat with you.
I'd still have a lot left over anyway. So let's both stuff our tummies!


Thanks for the present, (Captain)!
Let's eat it together!
It's always more fun eating with you than eating alone!
I learned that last year!
Let's try to eat together as much as possible from here on out!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat!
We need to get to town! They're giving away candy!
Everyone's in strange clothes too! Why're they doing that?


Trick or treat. Give me lots of candy!
Oh, this? The villagers told me I should disguise myself for treats.
What do you mean? Is something wrong with my disguise?


Trick or treat! Give me lots of candy, (Captain)!
Where'd I get this candy? All the nice people from town gave it to me!
Don't worry. I didn't change form this time. Just like you told me.
I'll be good this year and won't scare anyone. So give me lots of candy!


Trick or treat!
C'mon, (Captain), let's hit the town! Gotta get that candy!
I missed out on a lot of candy last year because I could only carry so much...
If you come with me, I can haul twice the loot!
No time to lose! The early ghoul gets the gummy worm!


(Captain), trick or treat!
No treats? I have to play a trick on you?
Ungh, I don't care about pranks though! I want candy!
Go get some already!
When you get back, let's start from the top!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Santa Claus? What's that?
Do you think he knows a shortcut to Helheim?
I know! Let's catch him! He can get us into Helheim and I can meet my mother!


I couldn't find him this year either... You know, the old man who grants wishes.
So I asked the woman at the chapel to give him a message for me. She promised me she'd tell him.
And would you believe it, I got his reply today! He said that if I was a good little girl, I'll meet Mother again for sure!
So that's just what I'm going to be! Hehe!


(Captain). Have you met the grandpa? The wish granting one.
I heard that he grants good little boys and girls their wishes.
Rackam said if I wanted to become a good little girl, I should follow your example.
So I'm gonna watch you real close and do what you do. Stay close to me until I become a good little girl, okay?


Does the gift-grandpa really fly around the world in a sleigh?
If he does, and I catch him, I'll get the sleigh too.
I bet he knows a shortcut to Helheim...
And his sleigh can go around the world in one night...
With both him and the sleigh, I can go to where Mother is!
So help me capture the gift-grandpa, (Captain)!


This year will be the year I finally capture the gift-grandpa!
How do I plan to go about that? It's obvious, isn't it? With raw strength!
It'll be fine! I'm going to pull out all the stops this year!
Why are you trying to stop me, (Captain)? Huh? If I injure him he won't give us gifts?
Ah, I didn't think about that! Do you have a better plan?

Fate Episodes

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Encounters in... #1

A naked woman named Amira falls onto the deck of the Grandcypher one afternoon. She's trying to get to Helheim to meet her mother, but she doesn't know how to get there, so the crew decides to help her.

(Captain) stands on the deck of the Grandcypher, enjoying the gentle breeze as lunch is being prepared.
It's another a quiet, peaceful afternoon. Or so it seems.
Vyrn: Nice weather, huh? Days like today are made for nappin'.
Lyria: Vyrn! (Captain)! Lunch is ready!
Vyrn: Oh! Guess my nap can wait until I'm full! Let's go, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Huh? What's wrong? You see a bird up there or something?
(Captain) stares at something in the distant sky above them. As the once small blot grows larger, it seems—strangely enough—to take on a vaguely human shape.
Vyrn: Whoa! It's comin' right for us!
Lyria: Aah! What is that—
With a thundering boom—and crackling sounds that hint of hours of ship repairs—the object makes contact with the deck.
The group approaches; breath bated, mouths agape. There, veiled in lighting and smoke, they find anything but what they were expecting.
???: ...
Lyria: I-is... that a.... p-person?
Vyrn: Naked women falling from the sky? I've heard of it raining cats and dogs, but this...
???: ...
???: My compass is broken.
???: How will I ever get to Helheim now?
Lyria: Um! Excuse me, miss! Are you all right? Are you hurt?
???: You. Do you know where Helheim is?
Lyria: Wha? Helheim?
???: Yes, Helheim. That's were I need to go. So—
Katalina: Lyria! What was that noise?
???: ...
Katalina: Huh? Wh-who's she?
Rackam: All right, all right. What's all the ruckus out h—
Rackam: Hng! Who's the girl?
Rackam: Whoa. And why's she nud—
Katalina rushes over to cover Rackam's eyes, but not before he manages to get an eyeful.
Katalina: Ahem... You go inside, Rackam.
Rackam: Hey, wait! It's not like I was—
Rackam frantically tries to clear up the suspicions cast upon him. Katalina grabs him by the collar and drags him back toward his quarters.
???: Hey, could you answer my question?
Lyria: W-we should talk later! Right now we need to find you some clothes before you catch a cold! I'll go fetch some of mine!
???: Wait! What about Helh—
???: ...!
Vyrn: Hm? Lady? Hey, lady! Stay with us here!
Lyria: Are you okay? I knew it; you're hurt, aren't you?
???: Uhn...
Lyria: Oh no! Where does it hurt?
???: Un... gry...
???: So... hungry...
The girls bring the woman inside and dress her, while the boys set the table for the food. When they all gather to eat, however...
???: Nom nom! Munch munch!
Rackam: Uh... You do know we were supposed to share all that, right? And where are you even puttin' all that?
Katalina: Just who in the skies are you?
Amira: Me? I'm Amira!
Vyrn: So, uhh... this falling from the sky business a regular thing for you?
Amira: ...!
A red lizard.
Amira pinches Vyrn's tail and gazes at him with apparent fascination. Something seems to occur to her.
Amira: He so... soft and squishy...
Amira: Looks tasty!
Vyrn: Hey! No way!
Amira: Chomp!
Vyrn: Ack! Hey! Watch it with those teeth! I ain't no snack!
Katalina: Come over here, Vyrn! Oh, you poor baby.
Though there are many suspicious things about her, Amira doesn't strike the crew as a bad person.
However, they can't help but be puzzled by her strange demeanor.
Katalina: She's quite the mystery, I must say. Do we know anything that might help us understand more about her?
Lyria: Oh! Well, she did say she wants to go a certain... Helheim? I think?
Katalina: Helheim... Could that be the name of some sort of location?
Lyria: I'm not sure myself. Rackam, do you know anything about this?
Rackam: Ahh... Sorry, never even heard of it.
Vyrn: Hmm... Now that you mention it...
Vyrn: I think I heard about it from (Captain)'s dad once. He said it's a really cold place.
Amira: So you do know about it!
Vyrn: Aahh!
Amira: Where is it? Tell me!
Vyrn: I only know what the old man told me. I've never actually been there.
Amira: You don't know where it is?
Lyria: Why are you searching for Helheim, Amira?
Amira: If I go there, I can meet my mother.
Lyria: Oh... So you want to see your mother.
Amira: I don't actually remember anything about her.
Amira: But when I hold this pendant in my hand, something stirs in my memory, and I can almost see her.
Lyria: Wow! What a pretty pendant!
Amira: My mother has one just like it. I hope I can meet her soon.
Amira: But my compass is broken, and I don't know where Helheim is.
Katalina: Sounds like quite a challenging situation.
Amira: Can't this ship make it to Helheim? Your father knows about it, right?
  1. We might be able to go there...
  2. We told you we don't know where it is.

Choose: We might be able to go there...
Amira: Truly? Then please take me with you!
Lyria: I think we should bring her too, (Captain)!
Lyria: If I were in her shoes... If I ever got separated from you or Katalina... I can't imagine how difficult it would be searching for you all on my own.
Lyria: I don't know what it's like to have a mother, but I know what it's like to be alone!
Amira is relieved to finally see a possibility of reaching Helheim. Almost as if in response, her stomach gives a loud growl.

Choose: We told you we don't know where it is.
Amira: Ugh...
Lyria: Um... I know we can't promise to take you there right this moment...
Lyria: But I'll help you search for Helheim in any way I can!
Amira: Really?
Lyria: If I were in your shoes... If I ever got separated from (Captain) or Katalina... I can't imagine how difficult it would be searching for them all on my own.
Lyria: I don't know what it's like to have a mother, but I know what it's like to be alone!
Katalina: Lyria...
Lyria: That's why you've just got to help her, (Captain). Please!
  1. All right.
  2. Can't do it.

Choose: All right.
Lyria: Yay! We'll have so much fun, Amira!
Amira: Thank you!
Amira is relieved to finally see a possibility of reaching Helheim. Almost as if in response, her stomach gives a loud growl.

Choose: Can't do it.
Lyria: No... No way! Absolutely not! You have to help her!
Lyria: I'm going to stand firm until you say yes!
  1. Yes.
  2. No.

Choose: Yes.
Katalina: Ha-ha... This is just one of (Captain)'s typical jokes.
Amira is so hurt that she can't speak, and Lyria seems absolutely appalled with (Captain).
(Captain) apologizes to both of them for saying such mean things and allows Amira to join the crew. Lyria and the others are thrilled to hear it.
Lyria: Yay! We're going to have so much fun together, Amira!
Amira: Thank you!
Amira: But you're still a meanie, (Captain).
Amira is relieved to finally see a possibility of reaching Helheim. Almost as if in response, her stomach gives a loud growl.
Continue 1
Amira: I'm hungry!
Lyria: Hee-hee. Amira! Please eat this too if you want!
Vyrn: Hey! That's my apple pie!
Rackam: Sigh... Looks like we have another bottomless well of a mouth to feed. But I guess that's fine.
Rackam: Jokes aside, (Captain) never abandons anyone in trouble.
Katalina: And now we have one more friend. If you need something cooked, I'm always happy to help, be it day or night!
Amira: No thanks.
Katalina: What? W-why?
Amira: Just because.
The enigmatic Amira seems to have used her mysterious perception to sense the danger of Katalina's cooking.
And so onward they go to Estalucia, to seek (Captain)'s father, and to seek the clues of Helheim he might hold.

The Raging Storm

After Amira joins (Captain) and the crew, they hear about a man who knows a shortcut to Helheim. They track him to a town of outlaws and go to visit the town boss, but the way is blocked by a gatekeeper.

After Amira joins the crew, they hear about a man who apparently knows a shortcut to Helheim.
They eventually trace him to a certain island.
The town they follow him to, however, is full of outlaws.
Outlaw 1: ...
Outlaw 2: ...
Outlaw 3: ...
Vyrn: Guys... Whatever you do, don't get separated from the group. I got a bad feeling about this place.
Lyria: Nnn... Everyone's giving us really scary stares.
Katalina: It's okay, Lyria. (Captain) and I are right by your side.
Rackam: Say, Amira. Where is this guy who supposedly knows the shortcut to Helheim?
Amira: Over there.
Amira points to one of the largest buildings in the city. Rackam is left speechless at the sight of it.
The people living there are clearly not the sort to get involved with, but Amira heads for the manor gates before anyone can say a word.
As she approaches the building, more and more outlaws start to surround her.
Outlaw 1: ...
Outlaw 2: ...
Rackam: Wait! Don't just wander off alone like that!
Amira: Hurry up. You're all so slow.
Rackam: Hey, do you even know what this city is about? Whoever's living in there is bad news—no doubt about it.
Katalina: Yes, from what I've heard, he seems to have quite a bit of infamy. It seems he's the boss of this outlaw infested town. I doubt it'll be easy to meet him in person.
Katalina: And we'd be better off not stirring up any trouble. We wouldn't gain anything from it.
Amira: What do you mean? I heard the top boss in this city knows the shortcut to Helheim.
Amira: And the top dog will be in the biggest house, right? So let's go already.
Vyrn: Hmm... I don't think there's any use in trying to stop her.
Lyria: Hmm... I guess we could go see what the place looks like up close and then decide what to do.
Lyria: It seems better than standing here doing nothing. We should start with the hints we have.
Katalina: I suppose you have a point.
Katalina: Just make sure to be very careful. I wouldn't be surprised if they suddenly came out and attacked us.
Rackam: Sigh... Why can't anything ever be easy?
Surrounded by the glaring outlaws, (Captain) and company arrive at the manor gates. A gatekeeper stands in their way.
Gatekeeper: ...
Amira: Hey. Are you the old man who knows the shortcut to Helheim?
Gatekeeper: What was that? Who you callin' an old man, pinkie?
Amira: Do you know about Helheim or not?
Gatekeeper: Quit your squawkin'! Got no clue what you're talkin' about! Now get lost while your face is still intact!
Amira: Let me through. I need to talk to your boss inside.
Gatekeeper: What? Keep on squawkin' and see who gets a busted wing, little birdie!
Rackam: Oh well, I should've known this would happen.
Katalina: Can't help it now. Let's do this!

The Raging Storm: Scene 2

(Captain) and company defeat the gatekeeper and head inside to confront the boss. Amira tries to force the boss to tell her about the bounty hunter who knows a shortcut to Helheim, but the boss responds by summoning a powerful monster.

(Captain) and company defeat the gatekeeper and enter the manor. Many men who heard the commotion have gathered to block them.
Katalina: Well, how do you suppose we take care of this?
Amira: Get out of my way! I just want to meet with your boss!
???: Oh? You mean me?
The horde of outlaws parts to reveal a large Draph man.
Sure enough, those around him call him boss, clearly identifying him as the lord of the manor and most powerful man in town.
Amira: So you run this town?
Boss: You've got guts messing around with my guys. I should waste you right here and now to make an example.
Katalina: ...!
Rackam: ...!
Boss: Oho! Looks like that might be easier said than done. Who are you guys?
  1. Just a group of skyfarers.
  2. Like we'd ever tell you.

Choose: Just a group of skyfarers.
Boss: Oh? And what a bundle of skyfarers want from me?

Choose: Like we'd ever tell you.
Boss: What? Do you have any idea who you're talking to, you little maggot?
Boss: Heh. Just kidding. You've got guts. I like guts.
Continue 1
Katalina: I'm sorry. We didn't mean to cause any trouble.
Katalina: It's just that this girl wants to ask you a few things. Could you spare her a bit of your time?
Boss: Sure, I'll listen. But that's all.
Amira: Tell me the shortcut to Helheim. You know it, right? If you do, I need you to tell me.
Amira: My mother... I need to go see her!
Boss: Huh? Helheim? Ah, Helheim...
Amira: So you know?
Boss: Sure do. Quite well.
Amira: Really? So is there a shortcut?
Boss: Could be, but I can't just tell you for free, if you catch my drift.
Amira: Free? So you want money? But I thought you had more than enough of that.
Boss: Not money. Why don't you start by giving me that necklace? We'll make a little trade.
Boss: Heh-heh... And then I'll tell you all about it—in bed. Hee-hee!
The man grabs Amira's necklace with one hand and reaches out to caress her face with the other.
Amira: ...!
Don't you dare touch this!
Boss: Whoooa!
Amira grabs the man by his collar and lifts him like he weighs nothing. No one can believe their eyes.
Boss: Ugh... You've made your point! Let me go!
Vyrn: Hey! That's enough! Put him down!
Lyria: Please stay calm! Amira!
Amira lets go of the man, who falls to his knees, coughing. She closes in on him.
Amira: Tell me now!
Boss: Ugh... H-Helheim, right?
Boss: That bounty hunter... He was talking about some shortcut or something. I just overheard it.
Boss: It was at the town tavern. I don't know any of the details.
Amira: A bounty hunter? So you don't know? Then where's the bounty hunter?
Boss: Heh-heh... Save your breath.
Amira: Huh? Why?
Boss: Because you guys aren't walkin' out of here alive!
Boss: You honestly thought you could come into my home and disrespect me? I'll bury every last one of you!
The man strikes his palm against the floor, and a multilayered magic circle twinkles into existence there.
Vyrn: Aahh! What's all this light?
Katalina: Oh no... Is that a monster-summoning circle? Everyone, watch out!
Monster: Groar!
Boss: Heh-heh... Go forth! Beat those insolent little fools to a pulp!
Lyria: Katalina! I'm sensing strong magical power from that monster!
Katalina: Argh... Who would have thought we'd get into this much trouble?
Rackam: Well, me for one.
Katalina: Nothing for it now. Amira! Feel free to unload! We'll fight our way out!
Amira: Got it!

The Raging Storm: Scene 3

(Captain) and company defeat the monster, but the boss summons some more. Amira transforms into a half-demon and trounces them, but the boss still refuses to talk, so she continues her journey with the crew in search of the bounty hunter.

Monster: Grargh...
Boss: Ugh... You're a little tougher than you look. But I've got many more cards up my sleeve!
Katalina: What? This is... There's no way!
Rackam: That coward... The last monster was bad enough, but now he's adding three more to hide behind?
Though covered in wounds, (Captain) and company dig deep for the strength to ready their weapons again, but Amira stops them and steps forward.
Amira: Relax. I've got this!
A black rift gapes open before Amira, and she wastes not a moment walking through it.
Amira: ...
Lyria: Wha?
Katalina: What is that?
Monster: Graaargh!
Amira: ...
Amira: You still want to fight?
Boss: Aahh! I don't have any magic power left! Please have mercy!
Amira: ...
Amira: Tell me where the bounty hunter is, and I'll think about it.
Boss: Eek! I really don't know! He made some dumb comment about the future and left for another island!
Amira: Okay. Thanks, old man!
Boss: Damn you! Just go already!
Amira: That little workout tired me out! Hey, can I eat the meat on that table over there?
Rackam: Sigh... Sorry, can we take that?
Boss: Sure! Take it! Take whatever you want!
The confused outlaws get out of the crew's way as they make their way back to the Grandcypher, continuing to watch for signs of trouble.
Rackam: Amira scares me sometimes with that craziness of hers.
Katalina: Yeah, and we still have no good clues. I'm starting to feel sorry for her.
Lyria: I hope we can reunite her with her mother soon.
Vyrn: Still, she might be odd, but she sure seems happy when she's eating.
Amira: This meat is so good! I should've taken more!
Katalina: Yeah... Anyway. I guess our next course of action would be to find this bounty hunter.
The crew has learned one thing as a result of the detour: there's apparently a bounty hunter who knows the shortcut to Helheim.
Amira seems simple and innocent enough, but it might be a while before the crew learns who she really is.

Searching for Mother

While walking through town for info on a route to Helheim, Amira gets separated from the crew in a crowd. She then comes across a lost little girl who is also searching for her mother. The pair of them get hungry and enter an eating competition.

It's been quite some time since Amira joined the crew to continue searching for her mother in Helheim.
But now they're heading toward a certain city to investigate rumors of a bounty hunter who knows a shortcut to that fabled place.
Lyria: Wow, there are so many people here.
Vyrn: Yep. Let's try not to get separated.
Lyria: Right. It would be terrible to get lost in crowds like this.
Lyria: So, Amira...
Lyria: Huh! Amira's gone!
Vyrn: What! Well, speak of the devil!
Lyria: We have to hurry and find her!
(Captain) and the others head into the masses to begin their search for Amira.
Amira: Where did (Captain) go?
Amira looks all around for the crew and its captain.
But no matter where she turns, she sees neither hide nor hair of anyone she recognizes.
Amira: I must get back to (Captain) and the others.
Little Girl: Sob... Sniff... Mommy. Mommy, where are you?
Amira: Mommy?
A plaintive cry rings out, drawing Amira's attention to its owner, a distressed girl walking through the street alone.
Amira: Hey, you. Are you searching for your mother too?
Little Girl: Yeah... I am...
Amira: Is that so. We're the same.
Little Girl: You're looking for your mommy too?
Amira: Yeah. That's right.
Hey, do you know of Helheim?
Little Girl: No. What's that?
Amira: It's the place where my mother is waiting for me. I want to go there to meet her.
Amira: So if you know of a way to get there, tell me.
Little Girl: Sorry, I don't know.
Amira: I see...
Amira: I'm hungry... I need meat...
Seeing that her chat with the little girl can go no further, Amira turns to walk away.
Little Girl: H-hey! Wait, miss!
The little girl clings desperately to Amira.
Amira: What?
Little Girl: Um...
Amira: Don't tell me. You're hungry too?
Little Girl: Yeah...
Amira: Then... Want to come with me?
Little Girl: Yes, I do!
Amira: Fine. Let's go.
The pair heads off down the street.
They circle the city, looking for (Captain) and the others, but to no avail.
Amira: Where did they go?
Eventually they walk past a store with a rather alluring smell.
As soon as Amira and the young girl get a whiff, their stomachs growl in unison.
Amira: That smells so good... And I'm so hungry...
Little Girl: Yeah...
Restaurateur: Got what it takes? Step right up! Come take on our hefty eater throw down!
Restaurateur: What do you say? Finish everything and it's on the house—and what's more, there's even prize money attached!
Restaurateur: But if you can't finish it, you'll have to cough up extra!
Restaurateur: Hah-hah-hah! Does anyone have what it takes? Just talk to me to enter!
Amira: Free food!
Amira: I want to join!
Restaurateur: A young lady? Sure, but uh, you have money on you, right?
Amira: I do!
Restaurateur: Heh-heh-heh. Good to hear, good to hear. Right this way, please.
With their tummies rumbling like thunder, Amira and the young girl enter the restaurant.

Searching for Mother: Scene 2

Amira and the girl conquer the eating competition and then reunite with the crew. (Captain) decides that they should help the little girl find her mother. But the proprietor of the restaurant from earlier shows up and demands that Amira return the prize money she won fair and square.

Restaurateur: I'll explain this one last time just so we're clear. If you can finish everything, you'll get prize money equal to the amount of food you eat.
Restaurateur: But if you don't, then you'll have to pay double.
Amira: I understand.
Little Girl: I don't think I can eat that much.
Restaurateur: Since you're still little, you can participate with your older sister.
Little Girl: Okay.
Restaurateur: Now then, let's bring out the food!
Soon piles of food, much more than any regular person could handle, are stacked in front of Amira and the little girl.
Little Girl: It's a mountain of food.
Little Girl: Can you really eat all of this?
Amira: I can. I'm that hungry.
Restaurateur: You sure are confident. Well, go ahead. Get started!
Amira: Thank you.
Amira: More!
Amira: More!
Amira: More!
Little Girl: You're amazing...
Spectator 1: That girl's going wild.
Spectator 2: Aye. Wonder where she's putting it all.
Amira continues eating in silence.
Before long a crowd forms around her. These spectators watch her in half-shocked fascination.
Amira: Munch, munch... Gulp.
Amira: Delicious. That hit the spot.
Restaurateur: How...
Amira: I've eaten everything! Do I get my money now?
Restaurateur: A-aye... Here. This is the money.
With a trembling hand and a face gone pale, the shopkeeper hands Amira her prize money.
Amira: Thanks.
Young Man: Um... Boss, if you really give away that much money...
Restaurateur: Shh. Not in front of the customers!
Restaurateur: Damn it!
Restaurateur: I'll do whatever it takes—whatever I have to—to get that money back!
Amira: I'm stuffed. I better find (Captain) and the others.
Lyria: Ah, Amira! We finally found you!
Amira: Lyria?
Amira turns on her heel to see Lyria, (Captain), and Vyrn approaching her.
Lyria: We were so worried about you. You were suddenly gone and—
Lyria: Hey, who's this girl?
Amira: We met in town. She said she's looking for her mother.
Amira: I asked her if she wanted to come with me. She said she would, and so now we're searching together.
Lyria: Eh, um, so you mean you just picked up a lost child?
Amira: Yeah. Maybe.
Vyrn: Hey now...
Lyria: Uh-oh... Um... What do we do, (Captain)?
  1. Let's search for her mom.
  2. What do you want to do, Amira?

Choose: Let's search for her mom.
Lyria: You're right! Let's help!
Vyrn: Yep, you're right. We can't just leave her alone.

Choose: What do you want to do, Amira?
Amira: Me? I want her to find her mother.
Amira: Because I understand how lonely it is to be away from your mother...
Lyria: Hehe. Then that settles it.
Vyrn: Yep! We're gonna find your mom in no time flat!
(Captain) enthusiastically nods in agreement.
Continue 1
Little Girl: Are you sure?
Lyria: Of course!
Little Girl: Thank you, everybody!
The little girl beams with satisfaction.
(Captain) and the crew walk through the city, looking for any sign of the girl's mother.
Lyria: Hmm... We can't seem to find her.
Amira: Munch, munch...
Vyrn: Hey now! This is no time to be snackin'!
Amira: What? I got hungry, so I went to that shop over there.
Lyria: Amira... Do you even carry money?
Vyrn: Don't tell me...
Amira: Yes. I have money.
Amira opens up her bag, revealing a large amount of rupies.
Vyrn: Where'd you get that much money?
Amira: I got it from eating.
Vyrn: Huh... You lost me...
Little Girl: Um, well what happened was...
The little girl explains the restaurant's promotion to (Captain) and the others.
Lyria: I see. So that's what happened.
Vyrn: And you mean to tell me you're hungry now? After doin' nothin' but eat all day?
Amira: Yeah.
Amira reaches into her shopping bag, pulls out a fresh piece of bread, and bites into it.
Little Girl: I'm hungry too.
Amira: Munch, munch...
Amira: Right. Here.
Amira pulls out another piece of bread and hands it to the girl.
Little Girl: Thank you.
Amira: Munch, munch... Make sure you chew well before you swallow.
Little Girl: I know!
Vyrn: Whoa... Amira makes a pretty good big sister.
Amira: Munch, munch... Big sister?
Vyrn: Yeah, you always—
Restaurateur: Hello there. Mind if I have a word?
Amira turns to face the voice and sees the man who was promoting the eating competition from before.
Amira: Munch, munch... Mrfrmfr...
Vyrn: No idea what you just said. How about you finish what's in your mouth first?
Amira: Munch, munch.
Vyrn: Gah, there you go taking another giant bite!
Amira: ...?
Restaurateur: Eh, um, excuse me. I just wanted to have a little chat.
Amira: ...?
Restaurateur: That money you won from our store. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind giving it back?
Amira: Munch, munch.
Restaurateur: Sigh... We want to end things peacefully. So I suggest you listen to my request.
The man snaps his fingers. A surly gang of men appear from the shadows and surround (Captain) and the crew.
Vyrn: What's the big idea?
Restaurateur: Hehehe... I don't suppose you'll return the money now?
Amira: I used some of it already. And besides, if I don't have money, how am I supposed to eat?
Restaurateur: I guess this is how it has to be. We'll have to take it back by force.
The men begin closing in on the crew.
Little Girl: Eek!
Amira: Munch, munch.
It's all right. They don't stand a chance.
Amira holds her bread in her mouth, winds her body around, and launches a powerful kick.
Young Man: Guh!
Amira: Munch, munch...
Vyrn: Hey! Finish eating after we take 'em out! More are comin'!
Amira: Munch!

Searching for Mother: Scene 3

With the proprietor's hired muscle dealt with, the little girl's mother comes running over—only to be snatched away by the restaurant owner before the mother and daughter can reunite. Amira rushes in to the rescue and sends the proprietor packing.

Restaurateur: Damn it... What in the skies are you people?
(Captain) and the crew stand victorious against the restaurateur's thugs.
But during the commotion, a crowd has apparently formed around them.
???: ...!
From the spectators, a single woman emerges and dashes toward the crew.
Little Girl: M-Mommy!
Lyria: So that's your mother!
In one swift motion the restaurateur stands up, grabs the woman, and brings a dagger to her throat.
Little Girl's Mom: Ah!
Restaurateur: Hehehe. Don't struggle now.
Restaurateur: If you want this woman to live, give me back my money.
Restaurateur: No, give me all the money you've got.
Amira: Munch, munch... I won't let you...
Amira: Harm someone's mother!
Clasping her bread between her teeth, Amira makes a lightning quick movement to knock the restaurateur away from the woman.
Then, twisting her momentum, she launches a powerful kick in his direction.
Restaurateur: Guh!
Amira: Munch, munch... That should do it.
Vyrn: Yeah, but when do you ever stop eating?
Amira: This bread's too big. It takes more than a couple of bites to finish.
Lyria: Haha... Amira, you're so funny.
Little Girl's Mom: Thank you for saving me.
Little Girl: Thank you, guys!
Lyria: We were happy to help. I'm just glad you were able to find your mother.
Little Girl: Yeah!
Little Girl: I hope you get to find your mommy too!
Amira: Not hope. I will find her. Definitely!
Little Girl: Good luck!
The little girl smiles at Amira before leaving hand in hand with her mother.
Amira: I can't wait to see my mother...
Lyria: Don't worry! We'll help you until you can see her again, Amira!
Vyrn: Yep! That's a promise!
Amira: I'm holding you to it, (Captain)!
As Amira looks at the crew, her heart begins to swell with confidence. She grins, content to be surrounded by friends.

Bottomless Appetite

The crew stop to resupply in Auguste during their search for the bounty hunter. But, strangely enough, it seems as though almost every restaurant is closed. A quick investigation reveals that the city's supply of fish has been mysteriously cut off. They resolve to figure out what's up.

(Captain) and the others continue their pursuit of the bounty hunter who supposedly knows a secret route to Helheim.
While on the search, they make a pit stop in Auguste to replenish their supplies.
Vyrn: Sigh... They're sold out here too?
Lyria: What could be going on?
No matter where they go, every shop seems to be out of supplies.
Amira: I'm starving. Let's get something to eat, (Captain)!
Amira: They say this city is famous for its fish. I want to try some.
Vyrn: We might as well. Not like we'll get anything done anytime soon anyway.
Lyria: Yes. A break would be nice.
Shopkeeper: My apologies. We're currently closed.
Shopkeeper: Sorry. We've had to suspend service for the day.
Vyrn: We can't even get some grub. Seriously... What's up with this place?
Amira: I'm so hungry...
Lyria: I'm starting to get hungry too.
  1. Let's look a little longer.
  2. Let's try a different street.

Choose: Let's look a little longer.
Lyria: Okay...

Choose: Let's try a different street.
Vyrn: That's probably a good idea...
Continue 1
Amira: I'm so hungry I could collapse...
Amira: Ah... fiiiish...
Amira sets her eyes on fish swimming in a decorative pond on someone's personal property.
Lyria: Amira? You can't be thinking—
Amira: They look so good...
Amira: I'm eating!
Amira throws a hand into the pond and desperately grabs at the fish.
Lyria: Aaah! Y-you can't do that, Amira!
Vyrn: She's right! If you eat any ol' fish, you'll break your tummy!
Amira: But I'm hungry...
Vyrn: We get it already, but still.
Shopkeeper: Excuse me...
Vyrn: Hmm? Oh, you're the guy from the shop?
Shopkeeper: Yes. But, you see, well... If you're that hungry, please take this.
The shopkeeper produces a pastry from his bag and temptingly displays it to Amira.
Amira: ...!
Amira descends onto the baked good like a falcon swooping down on a mouse.
Amira: Munch, munch...
Lyria: Aah! Amira, you didn't even say thank you...
Amira: Munch, munch... Gulp.
Amira: Do you have any more? I'm still hungry.
Shopkeeper: I'm sorry. That's all I had.
Amira: Ah... Urgh, I'm so hungry...
Lyria: Amira!
Lyria: I'm sorry. She just ate it without thanking you properly.
Shopkeeper: Don't worry about it. Actually, I feel that I should apologize to you. I can't even open my store to you...
Vyrn: Speaking of, why's every store in this city sold out of stuff?
Vyrn: Aren't fish s'posed to be famous around here? We can't seem to find any no matter where we go.
Shopkeeper: You're right. We're famous for our fish.
Shopkeeper: But we haven't been able to catch any in quite some time. None at all.
Shopkeeper: Which led to a reduction of tourists... Which led to all of the stores doing worse and worse...
Shopkeeper: So now we can't even afford to stock our wares, let alone feed our guests.
Lyria: Um... What happened? Why can't you catch any fish?
Shopkeeper: No one knows for sure. Not even the people sent to investigate the issue.
Shopkeeper: Sigh... If things continue like this for much longer, then this city's had it.
  1. We'll check it out.

Choose: We'll check it out.
Shopkeeper: What? Really?
Lyria: Yes! We won't let you face this problem alone!
Shopkeeper: But to push this problem onto children...
Lyria: Hehe, it's okay.
Lyria: I just want to try the fish this place is famous for!
Shopkeeper: Well... All right. We'll put our faith in you.
The shopkeeper and (Captain) shake hands.
Vyrn: Let's get this investigation started!
Amira: Ugh... Too hungry; can't move.
Vyrn: Didn't you just get food from that guy back there?
Amira: That wasn't nearly enough...
Lyria: Hahaha. Amira, once we're done, you'll be able to eat as much fish as you want.
Lyria: And we'll be done faster if you help out.
Amira: Then in that case I'll do what I can. For the fish!
Amira: (Captain), let's hurry up and figure out what's going on so I can eat!
Amira grabs (Captain)'s hand and pulls the captain in a random direction.
The others giggle out loud as they follow behind.

Bottomless Appetite: Scene 2

(Captain) and the crew head toward the sea to figure out what's going on with the fish supply. Amira dives into the water, prompting the cause of the fish shortage to reveal itself: a giant monster. The crew prepares to fight it off.

(Captain) and the others head to the coast to investigate the area's lack of fish.
Vyrn: Hmm... Everything seems normal here.
Lyria: Yes. I wonder why no one can catch anything...
Stuck in the mystery of it all, (Captain) lets out a frustrated sigh.
Vyrn: Hey, Amira, what'd you find over there?
Amira: I see a huge fish!
Vyrn: Hold up! We're not here to look at fish—
Vyrn: Hey! Where are you headed?
Amira: I'm going to catch it!
With reckless abandon, Amira dives into the sea in pursuit of the fish.
A massive monster is drawn by the sudden movement and captures both Amira and the fish with its tentacles.
Vyrn: Ah!
Lyria: Aah! A monster!
Amira: Oh, it looks delicious!
Vyrn: What! That's what the monster's thinkin' about you!
Amira: Hey!
Amira: That's my fish!
The monster pulls the fish toward its mouth and begins greedily eating into it.
Lyria: Is that thing the reason why there aren't any more fish?
Vyrn: Maybe this monster ate all the fish around here?
Lyria: If that's true, then all we have to do is defeat—oh no, Amira!
As if unsatisfied with its first meal, the monster pulls Amira toward its mouth.
Vyrn: Ah! Amira, swim for your life!
Amira: What? Why?
Vyrn: Are you serious! You're gonna get gobbled!
Amira: It's fine. It can't eat me.
Amira transforms, slicing off the tentacle that had been restraining her.
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: ...
Amira: Munch, munch... Told you it's fine...
Vyrn: Whew... Thank good—
Vyrn: Hey! What're you eating?
Amira: Munch, munch... A slice of, uh, that monster? Munch, munch...
Lyria: No, Amira! You shouldn't!
Amira: ...!
Lyria: Oh no! Amira, what's wrong?
Amira: This monster... tastes amazing!
Lyria: Aaah! Ah? It does?
Amira: Mhm! It's sweet and crunchy...
Lyria: Um... Wow... Uh...
Amira: I want to eat more! (Captain), let's defeat this thing!
Amira: Then I'll be able to eat all of it!
Amira heads back out toward the monster.
Lyria: Aah! Amira, please wait!
Vyrn: H-hey! No! Wait!

Bottomless Appetite: Scene 3

After learning that the slain beast makes for a fine meal, the crew rushes off to retrieve it for delicious octopus cuisine. During their feast, guards enter the establishment and explain that they're searching for a girl who fell from the sky.

(Captain) and the others crowd around the defeated monster.
Amira: Well, can't let a perfectly good monster go to waste.
Amira heads toward the monster with a particularly hungry glint in her eye.
Lyria: N-no! Stop! You can't eat more of it! You'll really hurt your stomach!
Amira: But...
Vyrn: Let's just get back to the city for now. If we stick around here any longer, no telling what Amira'll try to wolf down.
Lyria: Haha, you're right.
(Captain) grabs Amira's hand and leads her back toward town before she's able to tear into the monster.
Amira: Aww... I'm hungry... And that delicious monster's going to go to waste...
Once (Captain) and the others return to town, they tell the shopkeeper about the huge monster.
Shopkeeper: We appreciate your help. Now business should finally pick back up.
Shopkeeper: But to think a giant octopus set up its home in these waters...
Vyrn: Huh? A giant octopus? You mean that monster?
Shopkeeper: Haha. That's no monster. Octopuses are majestic creatures that live in the sea.
Shopkeeper: Maybe they look a little strange, but they taste absolutely divine.
Amira: See! I told you so!
Lyria: Haha. Sorry, Amira.
Vyrn: How could something so slimy taste good? I'm not buyin' it.
Shopkeeper: Hmm. Well anyway, you all must be starving.
Amira: Yeah... I know I am...
Shopkeeper: If you've got octopus on hand, how about I make something out of it for you.
Amira: I'll be right back with it!
Amira transforms and, with blistering speed, bolts toward the downed octopus.
Lyria: Hahaha...
Vyrn: Sheesh. She's somethin' else.
Amira: Munch, munch... Octopus, I've come for you!
Vyrn: You already made it here? That was so qui—
Vyrn: Hey! What are you eating?
Amira: Munch, munch... Octopus. It's got a nice texture.
Amira: Hey, cook it already.
Shopkeeper: Huh? Uh... Right...
The shopkeeper, stunned by both the size of the octopus and the alarming nature of Amira's transformation, can only nod in response.
Shopkeeper: Here you are—an entire meal made using octopus.
The shopkeeper lays out numerous octopus dishes before (Captain) and the others.
Lyria: Wow! It all looks so delicious!
Vyrn: Yeah! When you dress it up like this, it looks a lot better.
Shopkeeper: Haha. Go ahead. Dig in.
Lyria: Okay! Let me just—
???: Forgive me—is the manager of this establishment around?
Shopkeeper: Yes. What's going on? It's rare that we get a visit from a guard.
Guard: There's been an... emergency.
The guard casts an eye toward (Captain) and the crew.
Shopkeeper: Hm. All right. Excuse me, everyone. I'll be leaving for a moment, but please eat up.
The shopkeeper excuses himself and exits with the guard.
Amira: What are we waiting for!
Amira: Munch, munch... Gulp.
Vyrn: Whoa, slow down! You gotta breathe!
Amira: Munch, munch... Gulp.
Lyria: Haha. Seems like you're not going to get through to her right now.
Vyrn: Sheesh...
Amira continues powering through the meal, her concentration set entirely on the flavor of the octopus.
(Captain) and the others nervously smile at the sight of her voracious appetite.
Shopkeeper: Hahaha. You've got an iron stomach. I'll be back with seconds in a moment.
Lyria: Thank you.
Vyrn: But is everything okay? That guard fella came over and said there was an emergency.
Shopkeeper: Haha. It's nothing to worry about.
Shopkeeper: It was just about some knights who came here to collect information on a strange girl.
Shopkeeper: So they're going around asking all the locals.
Vyrn: What kinda girl were they lookin' for?
Shopkeeper: The guards don't know any details either. Said it was top secret...
Shopkeeper: Well, he did say they might be searching for a girl who fell out of the sky.
Vyrn: A girl that fell from the sky!
(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn all glance at Amira.
Amira: Munch, munch... What?
Shopkeeper: Hahaha. What a silly rumor. But you all look like you've seen a ghost.
Lyria: Eh-heh... Right...
The mood in the room turns awkward for a moment, but soon everyone returns their attention to the meal.
A man pensively scratches his chin after reading the report his subordinate brought to him.
???: I see. Thank you for the report. We'll leave for this place soon.
Soldier: Yes sir! About the girl that fell from the sky... Is she the key of the gods?
Soldier: Is she as powerful as the legends say?
???: Who's to say? But it's what the higher-ups believe.
The man returns his eyes to the report.
He rereads the details of one particular incident: a girl that allegedly fell from the sky took out imperial troops all by herself.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ヘルヘイム…そこにお母さんが… My mother... is in Helheim...
赤いトカゲ…もふもふプニプニでおいしそう That red lizard looks good enough to eat!
はやくお母さんに会いたいな I want to hurry and see Mother...
大丈夫だ私がやる It's okay! I'll do it!
まだやるか? Are we done?
カタリナの料理はなんとなく、無理 I just can't handle Katalina's food...
おなかすいた… I'm getting hungry...
はやく、ヘルヘイムへ… I must hurry to Helheim...
(主人公)ありがとう (Captain), thanks for everything.
(主人公)は嘘をつかないか? (Captain), do you ever lie?

Other Appearances

Rage of Bahamut


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