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Official Profile

Age 18
Height 142 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies Confectionery making (such as Japanese sweets)
Likes Her family (her parents, younger brother, and younger sister), sleeping in
Dislikes People who disturb the peace

Character Release

Character Release


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Age 18歳
Height 142cm
Race ドラフ
Hobbies 菓子作り(和菓子のようなもの)
Likes 家族(両親と、弟と妹がいる)、二度寝
Dislikes 和を乱す人

Character Release

Character Release


Source [1] [2] [3]





  • Like the other Divine Generals in Granblue Fantasy, her name is derived from the Twelve Heavenly Generals in Buddhism. Her English name is the romanization of her corresponding General's Sanskrit name.[4][5]

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday. Today is the day you were born, and so it's a day now dear to my heart!
This should be a fantastic day as you reflect on how far you've come and where you'll go from here.
Now then... What sort of future will you choose?


Happy wishes to you on your special day.
Heheheh... Looking back on this year, what say you?
No doubt that many trials await in the path ahead for both you and I...
But I believe that the two of us will help each other to overcome them.
And as long as we keep celebrating each other year after year as we grow older, I'll be content.
Oh my... Now that I've put it into words, I feel a mite embarrassed!
I've a long way to go, (Captain), but I'm counting on you to be by my side.


Happy birthday to you, (Captain)!
How has this past year treated you? I see, I see... You've seen your share of trials, it seems.
You did well to overcome it all. Just as I suspected you would. And it pleases me from the bottom of my heart.
And so... here's your birthday head-rub!
But don't let your guard down now. If you should lose your will to prevail through a challenge, then the coming trials will surely be daunting.
And if you desire to grow, then even more difficult trials await up ahead. Take hold of the resolve within you and face them.
Now then, I think I shall give you a trial right now. Open this large box.
Ta-da! Look at that! A jumbo serving of my homemade cooking! Try and eat it all yourself!
Heh-heh! It's a test to see which is greater: my appreciation for you or your stomach!
But do not fret... If you need it, I'll be there to help. After all, some trials shouldn't be faced alone!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! Today's your special day!
Hm? You seem out of sorts. Is something the matter?
Hm. I see. What troubles you?
Ah, then I have just the thing. Follow me and we'll get you a blessing for good luck.
All should go well from now on. Don't worry about failing; just do your best in whatever you can.
If you keep your eyes set on your goal, everything else should fall into place.
There are times, however, when hard work alone is not enough. When such a time comes, be sure to talk to a trusted comrade for advice.
When others see how hard you've been working, they're sure to lend a helping hand.
Hm? How do I know? Hehe. Well, because I want to help you myself.
There's a dessert shop nearby that sells that sweet bean jelly I like. How about we get some and think of a solution to your problem together?


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Through your many adventures, you have become so much stronger in body and in spirit.
However, you must not grow arrogant from your achievements, or look upon others with disdain.
One wrong move can hurt not only you, but jeopardize the people dear to you as well.
But this may be unnecessary advice for someone as humble and gentle as yourself.
Now, let's leave the somber talk behind and celebrate your growth with extravagance!
I have prepared another very special cake this year! Feast your eyes on this delectable delight!
Go on, (Captain)! I put all my love into preparing this cake just for you. Enjoy it to your heart's content!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Heheh... When I think about spending the new year with all of you...
It's like I'm all filled up with warmth and happiness! This year will surely be special with you!


Now then, it seems we've made it to another new year!
You could say we were busy with all kinds of cleaning at end of the year to sweep in the new one!
People come together with friends and family in order to welcome the new year.
In other words, creating joy and warmth with people you love invites a new spirit of good fortune for the new year.
But enough with the speeches...
Now let's celebrate, everyone! It's time to share a feast together!
Heheh... How is it? How is it? Isn't it delicious?


I made you some homemade dishes again this year, (Captain)! Just look! These are my best creations yet!
Heh-heh-heh! You look very pleased... I'd venture to say that you're captivated by this feast!
No need to rush though! Now, hand me a plate. I'll fill it up nice and neat for you, okay?
Some shrimp for your health and longevity, some golden mashed potatoes for wealth, and some herring roe—but not for lots of offspring! It's so our crew gets bigger and bigger!
Now, now, don't be shy! Eat until your heart's content!
When your tummy's nice and full, let's go see the festival at the shrine together!


Ah, I can start to see the altar from here. Looks like all this waiting in line will soon pay off!
By the way, are you familiar with the customs and practices to uphold when visiting a temple?
First, you make a light bow before entering the gate.
Then, once you've cleansed your mind and body with the temple's water, give your thanks before the altar and ring the bell.
Hehe! And that's all there is to it!
Ah, and let's not forget to go right home after the visit.
Wouldn't want to let that thankfulness go to waste—gotta bring all those thanks and blessings straight back home.
And, besides, you can taste some of my delicious New Year's cooking!
Hehe. Are you looking forward to it that much? Oh, you're adorable!
All right, it's our turn to go up! Hehe, what are you going to wish for?


Hup! Hup!
Hehe, it seems we're settling into a good rhythm for making mochi.
This reminds me... Did you know that in my hometown, we believe sacred spirits inhabit grains of rice?
When we use that rice to make mochi on a special occasion, we receive some of that sacred power.
In doing so, we can infuse a year's worth of well-wishes for friends and loved ones into the mochi.
Well, there are a few complicated details I didn't mention, but the most important takeaway here is that we should enjoy the mochi-making process!
Hehe, let's keep everyone's health and good fortune in mind as we keep pounding away! Now work those muscles!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Oh boy... I made a few too many sweets.
I'm not sure if it suits your tastes, but you'll have a bite, won't you?
Heheheh! It's a Valentine's Day surprise!
Look! They're chocolate ram treats! It's the perfect combination of sweet chocolate and cute rams!
Now hurry up and take a bite! Open wide and say ahhh...


It's that time of year again... That's right. It's Valentine's Day!
After the ram treats I made last year, I made new chocolate recipes for this year!
Come now... I've prepared a table full of chocolates just for you!
Chocolate-filled chocolate on chocolate with chocolate! Heh-heh, don't be shy. Pick what you like!
Maybe you should try this one on the right first! I'll feed it to you! Open wide!
Hm? How is it? Tell me what you think. Oh, don't turn your head away!


Today is Valentine's Day! And I got you something pretty rare.
Ta-da! Chocolate jelly balls! The different coats of sweet jelly on the outsides are colorful like fireworks, don't you think?
And there's a fancy way you're supposed to eat 'em too. You take a toothpick and poke it through the coating...
Whoa, whoa, whoa! It's about to fall off! Open your mouth quick!
Heh-heh-heh! Was it good? Then have another. Here!
Come on, come on! Hurry or it'll fall! Open up wide!
Heh-heh-heh! I could do this all day...
But I can't since it looks like they're all gone now...
I thought that might happen though, so I brought a bunch of homemade chocolates! Now, go ahead and pick whatever you like!


(Captain). Just trust me. Close your eyes and say aaah.
Trust me, I say! Don't worry! I just want you to guess what my new chocolate recipe is.
Come on now, hurry up! Close your eyes and open wide!
There! Hehe. How was it? Can you tell what it is?
(Captain) chews for a moment and then identifies a flavorful mix of chocolate and sweet beans sandwiched between two pancakes.
That's right! It's a chocolate dorayaki.
And here's your prize! One more! Enjoy!


Look! I made some chocolate and sweet bean jelly rams! They're adorable, aren't they?
These jelly rams actually hold a curious secret to them, if you'd like to see.
Pick one that catches your fancy and give it a little rub, why don't you?
(Captain) does as Anila says and gives one of the lightly wrapped rams a quick rub on the head.
Baa, baa! Your head pat has given me the power to move around! Baa!
Hehehe, you've breathed life into our little friend here! Look how happy she is!
Anila lifts the jelly ram up and presses it lightly against (Captain)'s lips.
Kiss, kiss, kiss! I love you so much, (Captain)! You're so nice to me, I just have to give you a Valentine's treat!
Hehehe! And so I present to you a range of treats! Take any and all that you like!
This little one is coming with you no matter what you say though!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat!
Hehehe, which would you prefer?


Hehehe... Once again, the eldritch season is upon us.
Well? Shall we embrace that oft-forgotten childlike side of us and gambol together on All Hallows' Eve?
Yes, (Captain). Let us frolic through town, tricking and treating to our hearts' content!
Hm? What's this? Just lazing about, are you?
Heh heh heh heh... Behold! A trick withheld, since times of old!
Prepare yourself... for tickle purgatory! Coochie coochie coochie coo!
Hey! Hold on! Trying to run away, are you? Coochie coochie coochie coo!


Hm? You want to play a trick on me? Go on then! Give it your best shot!
Ha-ha! That tickles! Hoo-hoo-hoo!
Ha-ha-ha! Hee-hee-hee! A-ha-ha-ha!
All right! That's enough! Give it a rest!
Now how did you know I was ticklish? That was supposed to be a secret!
You were just trying to get me back for my trick last year?
Now that I think about it, I did give you quite a tickling...
Ha-ha-ha! Hee-hee!
Enough! I give up! You can get all the candy that I've got on me, (Captain)!
So... So—ha-ha-ha! So give me a break already!


Trick or treat! I must say that's a fetching costume you have, (Captain)!
Hm? I've got my eyes on those hands of yours. I hope you're not trying to tickle me again, are you?
Because I'm sorry to say that I've come prepared for just that!
Secret technique! Hand-binding-jutsu of the no-tickle-wickle!
Ha-ha! Try tickling me now!
Hngh? Hehe... Hehehe! Hahahaha!
Grrr... Using your long fingernails to tickle the very hands that are binding you. Well played...
Very well. If you must, then I'll allow you to tickle me. Just a little though.
Aha... Haha, hehehe... Hahahaha!
I-I said... Hehehe... Just a little! Ahahaha!


Oh! That's quite the lovable costume you have on this year!
Squeeee! You are so adorable that I cannot help but snuggle up to you!
How did you make this tail? It's so soft and fluffy!
Hm... Well, this is a problem. It seems I cannot separate myself from this fluffiness.
Okay! I guess I'll put on a fluffy layer of wool and dress up as a sheep myself!
Once we are both fluffy, we can snuggle up to each other all day! A splendid idea, wouldn't you agree?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Season's greetings! Everyone in town gets so excited around the holidays!
Before I was called to duty, every year I would spend the holidays with my family.
I remember the holiday cookies were to die for...
Hm? No, I didn't mean that you should go and make some for me or anything! Honest!


This is our second holiday season together!
So let's get dressed up and go out into town!
Heheh... When you and I stand together like this, we almost look like...
Wait! Never mind!
Hm? What's that you say? You got a table reservation at that pastry place?
That's incredible! Don't tell me... You remembered what I told you last year, didn't you?
Aw! You had me fooled acting all nonchalant!
Heheh! You're a doll! Now let me pinch those cheeks! Pinch pinch pinch!


So this place is your favorite this time of year, right, (Captain)?
It's quite nice! Sitting here on this hill and looking down at the lights in the town below...
With the blanket of snow all around, it looks completely surreal! I'm quite enjoying it here.
Hm? You have one more place you want to go after this? A store that sells strawberry pastries, huh?
You don't really think that buying me some strawberry snacks will get you on my good side, do you?
As if! Heh-heh-heh!
But I'm very pleased! Now let me smush your cute little cheeks!
Smush! Smush! Smush!


La-lalaa. There we are. Decorations are all set.
It's a pity that there's a snowstorm out today, but sometimes it's nice to spend a cozy night indoors.
Hm? What's that box you have there?
S-strawberry cake! My favorite!
How did you know? Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Ahem. Actually, I too have a present for you.
Ta-daa! A hand-knitted wool cap! It even has a fluffy little ball on top! Isn't it cute?
Mhm! Suits you well! As expected!
It's made from the best, warmest wool one can find. Do you like it?


Welcome to my humble abode! Come join me inside.
It truly is a shame that our plans to enjoy an evening excursion were disrupted by a raging blizzard.
Though I suppose spending this holy night lounging indoors can prove to be enjoyable in its own right.
Well then, an occasion such as this one calls for a nice knitted blanket! Come a little closer...
Hehehe! A fine, fluffy bundle of warmth we make!
Hmm? Is that a box in your hands? Could that be a present for me?
How marvelous! A strawberry cake! Did you prepare this for my sake?
What a thoughtful present from a thoughtful person! You must allow me to provide a show of appreciation in return!
Hold your mouth open and say "ahh"! Come now, do it quickly!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

A New Proposition

While preparing for the annual summer festival at the Sheep Temple, Anila decides she wants to spice up this year's festivities, but can't figure out how. She brainstorms with Makura, (Captain), and the rest of the crew, and they come up with the idea of putting on a play starring Anila herself.

(Captain) and company have been asked to help out with preparations for the Sheep Temple's annual summer festival.
Upon arrival, the crew finds Anila running around, checking on every aspect of the preparations.
Sometimes, she samples food from the stalls...
Anila: Mmm, this is quite good but... I feel like the dish is still lacking some body to it...
Anila: For the flavors, we should offer two types—one that's covered in a rich sauce, and the other lightly seasoned with lemon salt. Customers will want to come back for seconds.
Villager 1: Thank you very much! I'll definitely incorporate your advice!
Other times, she prepares her own stall to sell handmade traditional sweets...
Villager 2: Miss Anila, how would you like for your stall to be decorated?
Anila: Hmm, good question. I definitely want to hang up some wind chimes.
Anila: The decorations must reflect how refreshingly cool red bean jellies are when eaten!
Villager 2: Understood!
Anila: Hehe, I'm sure people will fall in love with traditional sweets after getting a taste of mine!
And on top of everything else, she checks on the security arrangements...
Villager 3: This is how the security will look like on the day of the event.
Anila: Hm, I see, I see. It looks like we're expecting a lot of visitors this year.
Villager 3: Everyone in the village wants the festival to be a success, so there's plenty of help to go around.
Anila: I'm happy to hear that. Thank you for your assistance.
Anila: By the way, if anything happens, don't hesitate to contact me right away. Please don't act on your own.
Villager 3: I will.
Anila: Also, remind the security guards to take periodic breaks and hydrate themselves!
Anila: The festival will be in shambles if staff members start collapsing.
Villager 3: Roger that.
And last but not least, Anila heads off to practice the traditional shrine dance.
Anila: Okay, let's do this.
As Anila stands in the center of the stage, a tranquil atmosphere embraces the surrounding area.
She begins moving, smoothly transitioning from one movement to the next in a fluid motion.
Anila: (I feel a bit stiff since I haven't practiced in a while...)
Anila: (But I'm glad that my body remembers everything...)
Anila: (I think I'll be fine for the actual performance.)
And so, Anila continues running back and forth to prepare for the festival with the villagers.
As (Captain) and the crew work at a more relaxed pace, they can't help but feel a mixture of respect and concern for Anila.
With dance practice under her belt, Anila decides to take a break in the temple office.
But, despite everything going well, her facial expressions tell a different story.
Anila: Hmm... I can't just let it be like this... I need something more...
Makura: What's with the long face?
Anila: Eek!
A voice pops up behind Anila. She swivels around in panic, only to see Makura lounging about.
Anila: Oh, it's just you, Makura... Gosh, don't scare me like that! You could've given me a heart attack!
Makura: Whoopsies, sorry about that! Didn't mean to put you in a fright.
Makura: But when I heard your little voice cry out for help, I had to rush over.
Anila: Your ears are as sharp as ever...
Makura: Of course! And you know me—I can't turn a blind eye to anyone who's in a pinch!
Anila: Hehe, you're right. There's nothing I can hide from you.
Makura: Anyway, I'm all ears. Tell me what's going on.
Anila: Well—
Lyria: Haaah... Makura, please wait up!
Lyria: Huh? Anila's here too?
Anila: Oh, it's (Captain) and the crew! What brings you all here?
Vyrn: We were in the middle of takin' a break and thought about invitin' ya to join us.
Vyrn: And then all of a sudden, Makura says, "Roger!" and starts jumpin' away from us...
Anila: Oh, I see.
Lyria: Umm, were you perhaps also taking a break? If you'd like, you can join us. We actually have some treats from the villagers.
Lyria carefully takes out a package wrapped in decorative paper.
Anila: This packaging! Well, if it isn't the red bean jellies from the sheep stall! Hehe, thank you.
Anila: If you don't mind, I would love to accompany you all.
Anila: Ahh... I can feel the exhaustion leaving my body with the sweet yet refreshing red bean jellies...
While Anila happily digs in, the crew watch her with a hint of worry on their faces.
Lyria: Ahaha... You've really been running around nonstop since this morning, Anila.
Lyria: We saw you sampling food, setting up your own stall, and talking to the security guards...
Vyrn: Yeah. And on top of that, you were practicing the shrine dance too, right?
Anila: Indeed! That is my duty.
Lyria: The shrine dance?
Anila: Every year, the Sheep Temple summer festival presents a performance of the shrine dance.
Anila: And the dancer is always the head of the Sheep Temple... A job for the current Divine Sheep.
Vyrn: Ooh, gotcha. So that's how it is.
Makura: I also happened to catch a peek of it earlier. It's quite the dance—definitely not something anyone can pull off.
Anila: It's the festival's grand finale, so it needs to be a sight to remember.
Anila: I want the festival to wrap up on a high note, so that all the guests will want to come back again next year.
Anila: That's why, as the head of the Sheep Temple, it's my duty to make this a success!
Anila: No efforts will be spared! I'll give it my all!
Makura: Hehe, that's the spirit.
Lyria: Yeah! I'm really looking forward to your dancing, Anila!
(Captain) nods in agreement.
Anila: Well then, I better work hard so I don't let anyone down.
Makura: But there's something worrying you about the festival, right?
Makura: Or did I misunderstand your SOS earlier?
Anila: It's not that I'm worried. Something has been bothering me though...
Anila: I... I want to bring something new to the festival this year.
Anila: It's been the same thing every year, and I think a breath of fresh air is needed...
Makura: Oh...
Anila: But the problem is, I can't think of any ideas that would liven up the festival...
Makura: I see, I see. So that's what's gotten you down.
Makura: Don't worry then—just leave it to me!
Anila: Oh! You're always a big help!
Makura: When problems like this arise, we should all think together and come up with ideas. Let the creativity flow!
Vyrn: But do ya really think we can come up with a bunch of ideas like that on the spot?
Makura: Of course! The key here is to not overthink. Just say what comes naturally to you!
Makura: Once we've gathered enough ideas, we'll pick the ones we think are the most interesting and plausible.
Makura: I'm sure we'll find something super neat that way!
Vyrn: Well, ya got a point there...
(Captain) and the crew nod at each other and begin to brainstorm.
The next few hours consists of everyone chatting and throwing out suggestions freely.
Lyria: So far we have singing, stand-up comedy, reader's theater, and public confessions...
Makura: What do you think about these ideas, Anila? Anything sound good to you?
Anila: Hmm... There's definitely a few that certainly sound interesting, but I'm not sure if they have the spark that I'm looking for...
Vyrn: Well, we've got variety at least.
Makura: What do you say we pick the ones that sound the best and combine them?
Anila: Combining them, huh? Hmm...
Anila pauses for a moment as she ponders.
A moment of realization strikes Anila as she looks up and makes eye contact with Makura.
Anila: Oh, I know! Why don't we work together with the Lepus Troupe?
Anila: We could put on a theater on the temple grounds!
Anila: We can make the audience laugh or cry or do just about anything! And plus, we could even throw in some songs too.
Makura: We perform all the time at the Rabbit Temple, so it won't be a problem at all!
Makura: But do you think it'll be enough to make the festival really special?
Anila: Hm, you've got a point.
Vyrn: Anila, what if you star as the lead actress?
Vyrn: That'll make the whole production stand out for sure!
Vyrn: You don't do theater stuff, so nobody would expect your debut.
Makura: I love that idea! You could even add in your shrine dance too!
Makura: If you put the dance at the very end, I guarantee it'll make a strong mark on the audience.
Anila: That doesn't sound half bad... I like where this is going!
Vyrn: All right, so we're officially doing a play?
Anila: Yes!
Anila: With a mix of both theater and dance, people won't know what's coming! The festival has never seen anything like this!
Anila beams with excitement.
The crew reciprocates her feelings with equally wide grins.

The Creative's Quagmire

At the suggestion of Makura, Anila takes on the task of putting together a script. She racks her brain for a few days but fails to make any progress. Hoping for some helpful advice that might jumpstart her writing, she consults a couple of creatives from the crew, Nier and Lunalu. Despite her efforts, she still finds herself stuck in the proverbial mud.

With the help of everyone around her, Anila has decided to act and dance for the summer festival.
(Captain) and the crew gather together to discuss the logistics of the performance.
Makura: Well, all that's left is to decide what kind of play we want.
Anila: That's hard though... I'm not familiar with theatrical performances, so I don't know what's good or not.
Anila: All I know is that I want this show to be something that you can only see at the Sheep Temple.
Makura: Right...
Makura quietly ponders over Anila's words.
Makura: Well then, how about something new?
Anila: Something new?
Makura: An original play. If you've got an image in your head of how you want the story to go, tell me and I'll whip up a script.
Anila: Hngh...
Makura: Hm? Is there a problem?
Anila: Not really, but I feel bad for depending on you so much.
Anila: You're already helping me with setting up the stage and directing the play...
Anila: I just wish there was something I could do to help out...
Makura: Hmm... In that case, I think I have a proposition for you...
Makura: What if you wrote the script?
Anila: Me?
Anila is completely taken by surprise by Makura's suggestion.
Makura: Yeah! You don't get a chance like this every day, so how about giving it a go?
Makura: And plus, the fact that you're the playwright makes it even more special!
Makura: Picture this—the head of the Sheep Temple debuts in her first theater as the lead actress and writer!
Makura: It'll be a show you can't miss, only available at the Sheep Temple's summer festival!
Vyrn: She's got a good point.
Lyria: Yeah! When you put it like that, I'm sure lots of people will be interested!
Anila: Hm, I guess I've got no choice but to take a stab at it...
Anila: Still, I wonder if I have what it takes...
Makura: Don't think too hard about it, okay? Just let it all flooow!
Anila: Let it flow?
Makura: Yup, yup!
Makura: Oh, but if you do get stuck on something, let me know. You can ask me for help whenever.
Lyria: Also, there are plenty of members in the crew that do creative work as well!
Lyria: You can ask them for advice too!
Anila: That's reassuring to hear. All right... I'll do my best!
Vyrn: We'll handle all the other prep work and stuff, so just relax and write to your heart's content.
Echoing Vyrn's words, (Captain) nods and gives a thumbs up.
Anila: Makura, (Captain)... I truly owe all of you a great debt.
Anila: It's hard for me to ask yet another favor, but... would it be possible to have you all read my script once I'm done?
Anila: Since it will be my first attempt at writing, I would love to have as many eyes on it as possible.
  1. Of course!

Choose: Of course!
Anila: I'm grateful, (Captain). Well then, I'll get to work now.
Anila picks up a pen and notebook nearby and begins to formulate her thoughts.
Several days have passed. Anila is still busy at work on her script.
Anila: Gaaaah!
Letting a huge groan of frustration escape her lips, Anila flops down on her table in defeat.
Anila: Everything I write is baaaad! I can't do this!
Anila: If only I could find a starting point at least, then the rest would follow...
Anila: ...
Anila: It's no good. I can't think of anything.
Anila: The situation is looking grim. And the deadline is approaching too...
Anila: Perhaps... I should ask Makura for some advice...
Anila: Maybe I'll find inspiration after talking to her...
Anila grabs her notebook and heads off to find Makura.
Makura: Hmm, I think I'd like a bit more room in the front... Also, as for the seating...
Makura, the Lepus Troupe, and the villagers are busy setting up the pavilion area.
Anila: (Makura's hands seem to be full...)
Anila: (Of course, why did I expect anything else? I was the one who asked her to help set up everything...)
Anila: (I can't keep relying on Makura... but the script...)
Anila: ...
Anila: (Oh, speaking of which, Lyria did mention that there are crew members who have writing experience.)
Anila: (I should go ask them instead!)
A few moments later, Anila approaches Nier and explains the situation at hand while asking for advice.
Nier: Umm... I'm sorry...
Nier: All I want to write about is... a world that makes me happy...
Nier: I write for myself so... that's what I've been doing.
Nier: Sadly, I don't know what it's like to write for theater, since I've only ever worked on novels...
Anila: Hm, I see...
Nier: I'm... sorry...
Anila: Don't apologize. I'm the one who asked you to help me with something beyond your expertise.
Anila: By the way... would it be okay to read your writing?
Nier: Um... Why...
Anila: Well, I just thought that it'd give me some ideas for my script. Perhaps I shouldn't have asked?
Nier: S-sorry, I can't show you... It's too embarrassing...
Anila: No, I'm sure it's perfectly fine! I promise I won't tell another soul! So please... allow me to take a look!
Nier: Nngh...
Nier: Um... Umm... You promise you won't laugh?
Anila: Of course!
Nier: O-okay... But it's super embarrassing...
Anila: Thank you so much!
Anila takes the notebook from Nier and begins flipping through the pages.
Anila: Whoa whoa whoa! H-hang on a second! Are they...
Anila: Oh my goodness gracious!
Anila's legs wobble a bit as her voice turns strangely high-pitched.
Anila: I-I must say... this is quite extreme, don't you think?
Anila: My cheeks feel hot simply from reading it...
Nier: O-oh really? Is it too much for you? I feel like this is pretty average...
Anila: A-average...
Nier: Yeah. I've written even more extreme stuff before...
Anila: Oh...
After a few unsteady moments, Anila regains her composure and hands back the notebook to Nier, thanking her for the experience.
The Divine General realizes that there are many things left unknown to her in this world.
Taking her leave, Anila heads to Lunalu's room next.
Lunalu: What is my creative process, you ask?
Lunalu: Hmm well... How should I put it? It's hard to explain...
Anila: Then, why did you begin illustrating in the first place?
Lunalu: Why, you ask...
Lunalu goes deep into thought.
Lunalu: I suppose the answer is simple—I wanted to express myself and share the things I love with others.
Lunalu: Being able to create a new world and show it to others... is truly special.
Lunalu: So I suppose that's why?
Anila: Why do you say that with a question mark?
Lunalu: I-I mean, it's just that once I got into it, I reaaally became obsessed.
Lunalu: When I truly started drawing, I realized...
Lunalu: There were lots of ideas I wanted to bring to life...
Lunalu: A lot of this is based on intuition and feelings, so it's hard to put it into words.
Lunalu: And it's embarrassing to try and explain all of this to someone else too...
Lunalu: E-either way, I just like drawing, okay!
Lunalu: Also, I don't know anything about writing for theater. The only experience I have is with storybooks...
Lunalu: I'm afraid I can't really help you much.
Anila: Oh, is that so?
Lunalu: Yeah. The creative process varies a lot between different mediums.
Lunalu: That's why it would be better to ask someone who has directly worked with theater productions.
Anila: I see...
Lunalu: Also, I do have one piece of advice as a fellow creative.
Lunalu: Regardless of whether you're writing for a play or drawing art, you need to know what you want to express.
Lunalu: Understanding that is fundamental. If your fundamentals are shaky, then you can't expect the rest of your project to go well.
Anila: I see... These are wise words that only an experienced artist would be able to say... I understand!
Lunalu: Good luck with everything.
Anila: Oh, just one more thing... Can I see your art?
Lunalu: H-huh? My art? I suppose you can... You can take one of the books from the shelf over there.
Anila: Are you sure it's okay?
Lunalu: Yeah. There's nothing dangerous in there. It's perfectly safe.
Anila: What? Dangerous?
Lunalu: D-don't worry about it.
Anila: Very well then... Allow me to take a look!
Anila walks over to the shelf and plucks out a single volume.
Anila: Let's see...
But the moment her eyes lay on the page, Anila freezes in shock.
Lunalu: What... Oh my gosh, what is that one doing there!
Lunalu snatches the book out of Anila's hands.
Lunalu: Did... Did you see it?
Anila: Y-yeah... I... So it's that type of drawing...
Lunalu: It is... But don't get me wrong, this is special! It's for a... friend...
Anila: I see...
Lunalu: A-anyway, just forget about what you saw!
Lunalu stiffens, feeling extremely awkward.
Nonetheless, Anila thanks her for showing her a new perspective in life and politely exits the room.

The Creative's Quagmire: Scene 2

Seeing Anila in distress, (Captain) and the crew offer to introduce her to Romeo, who's writing a play of his own. Romeo shares his insights on the critical aspects of script-writing and responds to her questions. Later, Anila has a chat with (Captain) on the veranda and reveals her intent to write about everyone working together to make the summer festival a success.

After exiting Lunalu's room, Anila walks to the dining hall to take a break.
Anila: (Wow... I had no idea those two were writing such... graphic things...)
Anila: (That caught me completely by surprise...)
Vyrn: Hey, what's wrong? You don't look too well.
Suddenly, a voice calls out from behind Anila. She turns around to see (Captain) and the usual members of the crew.
Anila: No, it's nothing... I was just questioning my worldview is all.
(Captain) and company look at her, puzzled.
Vyrn: ...?
Well, if ya say it's nothin' then I suppose it's okay.
Vyrn: Anyway, how's the script goin'? Ya makin' good progress?
Anila: I asked some of the creative members of the crew for some advice, but I haven't found much success yet...
Anila: I hate to say it, but I don't even know what I want to write about...
Vyrn: That's gotta be rough...
Vyrn: I'd like to say we'll lend a hand, but making a script is beyond any of us...
Lyria: Yeah... The most we could do is read your writing and give you feedback, unfortunately...
Vyrn: Did you ask Makura for help?
Vyrn: Makura probably knows a lot about this stuff and can give you some good advice.
Anila: No, I couldn't ask her.
Anila: I wanted to, but... she looked really busy...
Vyrn: Oh, right. She's doing the stage setup and all that.
Anila: Yeah... Nnngh, what should I do...
Anila groans and plops down onto the table in dismay.
Lyria: ...
Lyria: Um... Maybe we should ask him...
Vyrn: Yeah, you're right. We're not much help.
Vyrn: But we should probably let him know in advance about this...
Lyria: Actually, I talked to him earlier. He said he's fine with it, but he won't talk to anyone else except Anila.
Vyrn: Well that takes care of it, then.
Anila: What are you two talking about?
Lyria: Um... Please don't tell anyone else what I'm about to say. This conversation is just between us.
Anila: O-okay...
Anila's brow furrows slightly as she nods.
Lyria: So... I asked Romeo if he's willing to help since he's written very famous plays himself...
Anila: Oh my gosh!
Lyria: I think it'd be great to get some advice from him. He says he's on board with chatting.
Anila: Wooow! I'm so grateful! I swear on my name as one of the Twelve Divine Generals to never speak a word of this to anyone else!
Vyrn: Good! Then head on down to his room!
Anila nods and runs off to find Romeo.
Romeo: When it comes to developing a script, there are a few important questions you must ask yourself.
Romeo: Are you writing for the audience or for yourself? Do you make a compromise?
Romeo: What do you want to show the audience? What do you want to remain in their hearts after they leave? These are things you must consider.
Romeo: Will your work be able to resonate with the audience?
Romeo: You must clearly define and understand your role in all of this in order to express your passion.
Romeo: There are many other things to consider, but these are the main questions I ask myself whenever I begin a new project.
Romeo: Also, for the actual writing itself, I think you should take a look at this book.
Romeo: Of course, there are many different writing techniques to choose from, and everyone has their own style.
Romeo: But learning the fundamentals from this book will guide you to the writing style that's easiest for you.
Romeo picks up a book and hands it to Anila.
Anila: Very interesting... You've given me extremely helpful advice.
Romeo: I'm glad to be of service.
Anila: ...
Anila: Romeo, I hesitate to ask this, but...
Anila: If... it's okay with you, would you be able to read my work and provide feedback?
Anila: I understand you must be very busy, but I have no one else to ask... So please!
Romeo: I don't mind giving feedback.
Anila: R-really! Are you absolutely sure?
Romeo: Yes. I'm sure that reading your work will give me inspiration.
Romeo: And that, in turn, will help me with my own projects.
Romeo: That's why I would be honored to read.
Anila: I see now... Truly spoken like a pro.
Anila: Anyway, may I ask you a few questions?
Anila: What do you do when you have absolutely no idea where to start?
Romeo: Good question. I recommend thinking from the perspective of the stage.
Romeo: What is it that you wish to do and show on the stage?
Romeo: Once you know, simply write it down.
Romeo: That way, you'll have a concrete point of reference for how to proceed with the script.
Romeo: Also, you can refer to other plays and books for inspiration as well.
Romeo: Take what you can from your surroundings. The more you do so, the more ideas you'll glean.
Anila: I see... So that's how it goes... Very well, I'll try it out as soon as I return!
Anila: I'm also wondering about a few other things...
The pair chat away for a while, as Anila continues to question Romeo.
Unable to sleep, (Captain) gets up and decides to take an evening stroll.
Anila: Hm? (Captain)? What are you doing here at this hour?
(Captain) turns around to find Anila sitting on the porch and donning a yukata.
Anila: Trouble falling asleep?
(Captain) gives a small, weary smile and nods.
Anila: Well, tonight is quite hot and humid. I understand it's hard to relax.
  1. By the way, what's that yukata?

Choose: By the way, what's that yukata?
Anila: Oh, this? This will be my outfit for the summer festival.
Anila: I thought I might have trouble figuring how to wear it, so I decided to test it out and see.
  1. It looks really good on you.
  2. It looks so light and breathable.

Choose: It looks really good on you.
Anila: Hehe, thank you. I'm quite a fan of this design.
Anila: I'm happy that you like it too.

Choose: It looks so light and breathable.
Anila: Yes, definitely. There are many summer days ahead of us, so I'd like to continue wearing this.
Continue 1
Anila: Anyway, why don't you have a seat and make yourself comfortable?
(Captain) agrees and sits down next to Anila.
  1. How's the script going?

Choose: How's the script going?
Anila: Heh... Not great, in all honesty...
Anila: But, thanks to the advice I got from Romeo and everyone else, I know what I want to write now.
Anila gazes up at the night sky.
Anila: Romeo and Lunalu told me to think about the things I like...
Anila: And how I can express those things to the audience.
Anila: I've been thinking very hard about it. What is it that I want to do?
Anila: The answer was surprisingly simple. I simply want to make this summer festival a success. I want everyone to enjoy it.
Anila: That's all there is to it. I'm going to keep moving forward and collaborate with everyone to create an unforgettable event...
Anila: And that's what the play will be about—the making of this summer festival.
  1. You got this!

Choose: You got this!
Anila: It's all thanks to everyone's help that I was able to come to this idea!
Anila: All there's left to do is to rise up to the occasion and write something fantastic!
Anila's face fills with determination as she grips her hands together.
Looking at her now, (Captain) feels a sense of relief, knowing that she's found her direction.

The Creative's Quagmire: Scene 3

Anila manages to finish her script and attempts to rehearse what she's written, but her nerves get in the way. To help Anila feel at ease, Makura proposes (Captain) participate in the play. The night before the festival, Anila lies in bed wide awake, anxious about her upcoming performance. After having another pep talk with (Captain) on the veranda, Anila is able to muster up just enough courage for her summer stage debut.

Several days have passed, and Anila has managed to finish writing her script.
She brings her completed work to Makura for feedback.
Makura: Hmm...
Anila: H-how is it?
Makura: I'm shocked by how good it is! You did a fantastic job!
A huge wave of relief washes over Anila as she hears those words.
Makura: Where have you been hiding that talent this whole time?
Anila: No, I couldn't have done this without everyone's advice.
Anila reflects on the past few days of gathering critique from different crew members.
Nier: Right now, the pacing feels... off.
Nier: Make sure you maintain a good tempo throughout the story to keep the audience entertained...
Nier: And so... I think you should trim the climax a bit... Some lines can be cut out...
Nier: When I was reading it, I felt like it was being dragged out too much...
Lunalu: Some of the characters feel like they're passively being led on by the plot...
Lunalu: It's important to make sure the characters are the ones advancing the plot forward—not the other way around.
Lunalu: What I mean is, try giving the characters' motivations more clarity.
Lunalu: I think adding in more lines to show the characters' emotions would help.
Lunalu: By doing so, it'll feel like the characters are organically developing the story.
Romeo: Hm... I think you can delete this section.
Romeo: Sorry. But these deletions are a matter of course. Cutting parts that distract from the story's main themes is a process that every script goes through.
Romeo: So don't feel bad—you're doing a great job.
Romeo: One more thing—in these two spots, the character's emotions aren't coming through clearly. I recommending fixing that.
Romeo: And this part seems a little jumbled. The storyline isn't flowing well here, so I would reorganize your ideas.
Anila: (And just when I thought that was all the feedback I'd get, there was even more...)
Anila: (It's been... a rough week...)
Makura: Anila?
Anila: Sorry, it's nothing. I was just thinking about how creative people are so amazing.
Makura: All right, are you ready for the next step? We're gonna turn your script into reality now!
Makura: Buckle up 'cause things are gonna get busy!
Anila: Yeah! Let's do our best!
A few days later, Anila is rehearsing under Makura's watchful gaze and direction.
Anila: I must make the summer festival a success! That's why I'll do anything to make it happen!
Anila: This is just the beginning! I won't let it end here!
Anila: M-my determination is unshakable!
Makura: Gah...
Lyria: Makura's been holding her head this entire time...
Vyrn: Anila's voice keeps tremblin' too. And her movements are kinda stiff, don'tcha think?
Vyrn: I bet Makura's feelin' real worried if Anila'll be able to pull it off or not.
Anila: I c-can't help it! It's... my first time acting on a stage like this!
Anila: And when I start thinking about how much trouble I'm causing because of my amateurish acting, I feel even worse...
Makura: Instead of worrying about the acting part, we need to do something about those nerves first...
Makura: ...
Makura: Oh, I know! (Captain), will you and the crew perform with Anila on stage?
Vyrn: Huh, you sure you want us? Why?
Makura: It'll be better for Anila if you're all up there with her instead of supporting her from the audience!
Lyria: That's a good point...
(Captain) hesitates for a moment, but agrees to perform for Anila's sake.
Anila: Aaaah... I'm so sorry you all have to do this for me...
The captain reassures Anila, motioning at her to not worry about it.
Vyrn: Exactly! (Captain)'s right.
Vyrn: And if us gettin' on stage makes ya feel better, then we'll do it as many times as ya need!
Anila: Honestly, I... I can't begin to express my gratitude!
Anila lowers her head in front of the crew as she profusely thanks them.
And so, with the addition of (Captain) and company, rehearsal continues.
The night before the performance...
Unable to fall asleep due to nerves, (Captain) climbs out of bed and heads out for a stroll.
Once again, (Captain) finds Anila sitting on the porch, taking in the refreshing evening breeze.
Anila: (Captain)? What a coincidence bumping into you again at this hour...
Anila: I'm guessing you can't sleep either.
(Captain) nods, giving a weary grin in response.
Anila: Heh-heh, me too...
Anila: I can't believe tomorrow's the big day...
Anila gazes up at the night sky.
Anila: To be completely honest, I'm... I'm really worried.
Anila: I don't know if the audience will like it, or if the festival will go well...
  1. Don't worry. I promise it'll be great.

Choose: Don't worry. I promise it'll be great.
Anila: Hehe... Well, if you say so, then maybe it'll all be okay.
Anila: Actually, you're right... I'm sure the audience will enjoy it! I just need to believe in myself!
Firing herself up, Anila slaps herself on the cheeks.
Anila: Thank you for being here with me tonight, (Captain)! I was feeling scared earlier, but...
Anila: I'm all right now!
Anila: Let's give it our all tomorrow, (Captain)!
(Captain) echoes Anila's enthusiasm and flashes a wide grin.

The Creative's Quagmire: Scene 4

Anila's summer festival play finally opens, and while she makes a few mistakes, she manages to pull through with the support of (Captain) and the crew. The play is a huge hit with the crowd, and Anila attributes its success to the crew's assistance. This year's summer festival at the Sheep Temple quickly becomes a cherished memory that Anila will never forget.

The day of the performance has arrived.
With preparations complete, (Captain) and the crew gather backstage.
Anila: L-let's look at the script one more time...
Vyrn: Hey, that's like the tenth time already...
Anila opens her notes as she trembles with anxiety.
Worried expressions flash across the crew's faces as they look at Anila shaking.
Anila: Ugh... My stomach suddenly started hurting...
Makura: Everyone's nervous for their first show. Come on, let's loosen up those shoulders now.
Anila: Easier said than done...
Makura: Hey, even if you make a mistake, it's not over! We'll be right there to support you.
(Captain) backs up Makura's words with encouragement.
  1. We got this.

Choose: We got this.
Anila: R-right. I have faith in our teamwork!
Everyone grins at each other in excitement and anticipation.
Makura: All right, it's showtime folks! Get out there and have fun!
With one last glance at the crew, Anila nods and steps out onto the stage to the sound of welcoming applause.
And so, the play begins.
The show goes on as rehearsed, as all eyes are on Anila.
Anila: I don't want this summer festival to be any usual event, but something that will resonate with the hearts of many!
Anila: And I believe the way to do that is to create something entirely new!
Vyrn: I know but—
Anila: I'll be proudly combining theater and shrine dancing into one show!
Anila: (Huh? Wait a second... That line...)
Anila: (Crap, it was the wrong one! I was supposed to say that after we introduce the shrine dancing idea!)
As soon as Anila realizes her mistake, cold beads of sweat begin forming on her skin.
(Captain) quickly takes notice, and gives a subtle, reassuring nod.
  1. That's a great idea.

Choose: That's a great idea.
Vyrn: Oh... Yeah, I agree.
Anila: (Thanks for covering me back there, (Captain).)
Anila: Once I've made up my mind, I'll see it to the very end! No matter what happens, I won't give up!
Lyria: But can you handle writing the script?
Anila: Of course! I'll make sure it's done by the deadline!
Lyria: But—
Anila: Now if you'll excuse me, I'll head back to my room to work!
Makura: Wait, Anila! You're supposed to say that line after Lyria's next line!
Anila: Wait, really?
Flustered, Anila tries to walk back onto the stage.
Makura: Hold your horses! Look, (Captain)'s ad-libbing the rest of the scene, so no need to rush back out there.
Anila: Gah...
Makura: Heh, this happens to everyone on their debut performance, so don't sweat it!
Anila: Aaah...
Vyrn: Phew... Okay, so all that's left is Anila's dance.
Makura: Yeah, we're close to the end. Let's finish strong!
Anila: All right! I got this!
Anila takes a deep breath and walks back out onto the stage.
Anila: I dedicate this shrine dance to bring an end to the summer festival.
Anila: By holding everyone's thoughts and feelings in my mind as I perform...
Anila: I pray that this dance will speak to your heart.
Anila allows her sentence to hang in the air for a moment before she begins to flow from movement to movement.
Anila: (I hope that everyone will remember this festival for years to come...)
Anila: (And that my feelings will reach them as well...)
Mustering all of her effort, Anila continues her shrine dance.
She slides gracefully into her last step and holds her pose, slowly exhaling.
A moment later, the crowd erupts into loud applause.
Anila: Whoooa!
Anila's face lights up as she gets swept away by the sound of cheers.
The performance comes to an end.
(Captain) and the crew are heading off to celebrate a successful show.
Anila: Phew! I'm so glad we pulled it off!
Anila: Hehehe... I think this has been the best festival ever!
Vyrn: Well, there were a few hiccups here and there in the middle.
Anila: Ah...
Vyrn: I panicked hard when the lines got all jumbled up.
Anila: I'm sorry... Please forgive me... The nerves really got to me.
Makura: Things don't always go perfectly during live performances, so don't worry.
Makura: The most important thing is that the audience loooved it! It was a big hit!
Anila: Y-yeah, you're right!
Anila: I would like to take this moment to properly thank each and every one of you.
Anila: I couldn't have gotten this far without all of your help and advice.
Anila: I'm truly grateful from the bottom of my heart.
Anila goes into a deep bow as she expresses her appreciation toward (Captain) and the group.
Lyria: Ahaha, I'm glad it all worked out. We had fun too!
Vyrn: Yup! And plus, ya know we can't leave a friend hangin' when they're in trouble!
(Captain) nods in agreement.
Makura: That's right—I couldn't have said it any better myself, Vyrn! (Captain)! So don't sweat it!
Vyrn: By the way, Romeo, Nier, and Lunalu all said it was great.
Anila: I'm so happy to hear such kinds words from them!
Anila: Especially from Romeo... I took up a lot of his time...
Makura: Oh, I just remembered! Earlier, one of the villagers asked us to give this to you, Anila.
Makura presses a large box into Anila's hands.
Anila: Huh? What's inside?
Makura: They said it's a gift.
Anila: Hmm...
Anila opens the package and peers inside.
Anila: Woooow! It's my favorite brand of sweet bean jellies!
Anila: And are these sparklers?
Anila: Well, well... Perfect timing, I say. Why don't we all light them together?
Anila: It's not summer without sparklers!
Vyrn: In that case, how 'bout a little competition?
Vyrn: The rule is whoever's sparkler goes out first loses.
Makura: Sounds good. Then how about this one—the loser has to listen to whatever the winner says!
Lyria: I definitely don't wanna lose now!
Anila: Hehe, if that's how it's going to be, then I won't go down either!
Laughter and chatter fills the air as they each take a stick and light it up.
Anila: (Hehehe, I'm happy that this year's festival turned out so well.)
Anila: (And next year will be just as much of a success, if not more!)
Vyrn: Oh! Anila's fell!
Anila: Wha!
With another summer festival down in the books, Anila feels a great sense of accomplishment.
The fond memories made today will certainly be cherished forevermore.

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