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Official Profile[edit | edit source]

Age 13
Height 122 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies Finding ore
Likes The people from the workshop, her mom's rye bread sandwiches
Dislikes Loud voices (even ones that aren't angry), loud noises, ghost stories
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Source [1]

Background[edit | edit source]

Events[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • International players may sometimes use her romanized Japanese name, Kumuyu.
  • Her sister, Cucouroux affectionately calls her 'Cammy' ('クム坊' in Japanese).
  • Camieux has character banter with her siblings CucourouxAny version and SilvaAny version while together in battle.

Special Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday! I really don't get the point of birthdays...
But, I guess it's worth celebrating that you've made it this far.
I'm certainly happy that I met you. That's for sure!


Happy Birthday, (Captain)!
You know, there have been so many nice people in my life. Mommy, Daddy, Silva, Cucouroux...
And of course, you and the crew, (Captain)!
We've had so much fun together.
I've been so lucky to have this life.
You know, your birthday is special because that's the day all the wonderful things in life begin.
I guess what I'm saying is, I'm glad you're here, (Captain)!


Happy birthday to you, (Captain)!
I'm so grateful that you're always so kind to me.
But, well... I just can't help you enough when you need it most.
I'm gonna try even harder though so one day I can truly repay you. So please let me keep traveling by your side!
Yep! I'm gonna do my best as both a master gunpowder mixer and a skyfarer!


(Captain)! Happy birthday!
I'm so happy I get to spend your birthday with you!
(Captain), you better not give up or croak any time soon...
You just keep getting stronger and getting all the experience, so that you become an even greater person!
Not like me... I'm a scaredy-cat that gets mad real easy...
(Captain), I'm going to be just like you one day! Watch me!
So whenever you need help, you just holler.
I'll put my whole heart into it! I want to give you as much as you've given me!
Here's to another year with you, (Captain)!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year! I wonder if everyone in the crew and at the shop have made their resolutions yet.
Did you know? My resolution this year is to be less timid!


Happy New Year, (Captain). I'm looking forward to another great year with you!
This year I really want to get over feeling scared. And I want to work on my short temper, too, if I can...
I can't always ask you to step in and save me, (Captain)!
I'll do better this year, I promise! Just you watch, (Captain)!


Happy New Year to you, (Captain)! Let's make this year another great one!
This year, so I'll get over feeling scared and having a short temper, I'm going to make a wish at sunrise on New Year's Day.
It's only happening little by little each year... But I'm getting better... I think...
I'm much better than before, you say? It sure makes me feel good to hear you say that!
It might only be a little this year too, but I'm gonna do my best to keep going forward!


I've gotta try harder...
Eeeek! C-c-captain! Why'd you sneak up on me like that!
Oh no... I got scared again...
I guess I just don't have what Silva does...
It's just... Silva began the year with training.
People like Silva, strong people, are never satisfied with themselves. They just keep working at it...
I wanna be like that. So I've gotta put way, way more effort in.
I'm already not very useful, so if I don't try harder I'm just going to become useless.
I'm going to be even better than last year!
You just watch, (Captain)!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Today? V-Valentine's Day? Oh no! I forgot!
I... I am going to go make something for you right away, okay? You gotta eat it, okay?


Umm, uhh... (Captain), do you like sweets?
Y-you do? Well, then let me bring out the chocolate!
This is for you, (Captain). Please try some!
Ah! No, I didn't make this! And it doesn't look funny, either! You're just imagining things! That's what chocolates usually look like!
Just take it already!


C-Captain! Do you have a second?
H-here! I want you to have this! It's chocolates I made myself!
I m-mean, it's because of last year! The promise I made to you then!
I think these taste a lot better than last year's too!
Th-that's right! The chocolates from last year were homemade too!
So hurry up and take the gift!
B-because I really... really like you, (Captain)! You idiot!


You better accept this, (Captain)!
Huh? What do you mean "accept what?"
You know what I'm talking about, smarty-pants!
This chocolate! For Valentine's Day! Take it!
Making it and just thinking of giving it to you made me really nervous! I'm nervous now too!
You know, you really know how to pick on me sometimes!
Enough! Just take it! I said take it!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Happy White Day! My father always returns the favor. Usually overdoes it though...
But this makes me happy too, tee hee!


Fwaah! Ooo... Sorry, (Captain). You startled me...
What? A present? For White Day?
R-really? This is really for me?
Wow! Thank you! That makes me super happy!
Hehe. Next Valentine's Day, I'll have to make you something good, (Captain).
And this time I'll do a better job. I sure hope you like it.


Eep! Is th-this... a White Day present? Are you sure you want me to have it?
I'd rather you forget what happened this past Valentine's Day...
Well, um, uh... I mean, I wasn't lying when I said I really like you, (Captain)...
Look! I'm just an innocent girl! I wish you wouldn't pick on me so much!


Is t-this... a White Day present?
Wowowow! Thank you, (Captain)! I'm so happy!
I... Another year, and I'm still this nervous... I'm so surprised I could hardly say thank you...
Sigh... Silva wouldn't be this startled... So why am I? I need more mental training...
I... wanna be able to take anything you throw at me!
I want to... I want to... show everyone how mature I can be!
Wha? But then that wouldn't be me?
Hey! What's that supposed to mean!
You just watch, you dastard! I'll be the biggest, bestest, most maturest person in the crew!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween!
My sister always scared me outta my wits on Halloween...
You're not gonna try to get me too, are you? Are you?


Gah! Ooo... (Captain), please don't surprise me like that!
Oh... I surprised you since I was under the bed?
Why was I hiding? Well, today is the day people go running around stirring up trouble. And I always get so scared...
(Captain), you want to hide here too? Seeing you act like that makes me think I should stop hiding...
Hey, you don't have to act scared just for me, you know!


(Captain). I won't let you fool me this year!
Every time you trick me, you have this silly grin on your face!
So this year I decided I won't be surprised by anything you do.
Ah, ahhh... I almost jumped out of my skin... I wonder who's playing tricks now...
That last one doesn't count! You weren't the one scaring me, (Captain)!
No fair! Wipe that grin off your face, (Captain)!


Waaah! You're so mean, Cucouroux!
I did say I want to learn to be braver... but still!
Aaaaah! (Captain), are you here to play a trick on me too?
Waaahhhh! Cucouroux's behind me and now (Captain)'s in front of me! I'm trapped!
Silva! Help me!


La la la... Oh, (Captain)! Happy Halloween!
Yep! I was just at Siero's picking up something from Mom and Dad.
It's a pretty big package... I wonder what's inside.
Yep, time to open it up!
Oh! This is a decoration to put up for Halloween, isn't it? But... there's more than one...
Hmm, let's see... "Dear Camieux. Once you take your share, pass the rest on to Cucouroux. Enjoy!"
Hm? But Mom, what exactly is this...
Hehe. Well, whatever it is, I'm really happy that Mom made something for us!
Okay! I'm gonna put up the decorations, then go into town to get some candy to send Mom and Dad!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays!
What? I should go to bed early because Santa Claus is coming?
Don't be silly! I'm not a kid anymore! I can't believe you...


This is a special time of year, (Captain)! Take this firecracker!
Hehe. I made it myself. Just setting it off will fill you with cheer!
You know, back when I first started messing with gunpowder, this is the kind of thing I wanted to make.
My sister Cucouroux loves this time of year. If she were here, I'm sure she'd love setting off some fireworks.
Anyway, I hope we can all have some fun and celebrate the season together!


Oh! (Captain)! Are you on your way to the kitchen too?
Aye! I thought I'd help out with the all the cooking they're doing for the holiday feast.
We've got a lot of crew members who are geniuses in the kitchen, but more importantly, we've got a lot of crew members...
And I can help with the simple things at least! It's time to use the skills my mom taught me!
Besides, I mean... When it comes to cooking, there aren't many surprises to scare you...
Aye! Let's go and give them a hand!


Oh, (Captain)! Happy holidays!
Sorry about the table being a mess and all.
I just didn't know which wrapping paper was best for my present.
Hehe... This year I'm sending mommy and daddy a gift! Me and Cucouroux decided on it!
And I want to make mommy and daddy as happy as possible, so I'm even being really picky with the wrapping too!
(Captain), would you help me pick one? I'm not so sure I know which one of these is best...
Oh, thank you! With your help I feel a hundred times more confident!

Fate Episodes[edit | edit source]

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Timid Workshop Apprentice[edit source]

During their journey, the party undertook a mission from a gun workshop. The party met a young woman named Camieux at the workshop who said that she wanted to stop being so timid. Camieux resolve to join the Order with the backing of our heroes. The master and mistress of the gun workshop sent her off on her journey.

Our heroes undertook a mission to deliver metal that would provide materials for guns to a workshop.
Our heroes were taken through the workshop’s reception room in order to confirm the documents.
???: *Sigh*...
Master Gunsmith's wife: Huh? What's your deal? We have customers here!
???: Ahh?! Ohhh, I'm sorry! WELCOME!
Vyrn: I’m going to butt in here... Could you sign here?
Master Gunsmith: This is good quality. Looks like you can make good products! Right, Kummy!
???: Da... I mean, Boss! You can make such amazing guns!
Master Gunsmith's wife: First you have to revise the paperwork! This is not good, right Skyfarers? She’s so childlike. It will cause trouble.
Lyria: Hahaha... Don't worry about it. It looks like bringing this here has made you pretty pleased.
Master Gunsmith's wife: That was really helpful. Airships require constant maintenance in order to keep moving, right Camieux?
Camieux: Wha?! Hya! What do you want?
Master Gunsmith's wife: I came to see if you maybe could deliver something for me?Just as a one-off deal.
Camieux: Okay! I’ll be back!
Master Gunsmith: Oi! Kummy! Papa...
Master Gunsmith's wife: Now look here! Pampering Camieux won’t do her any good!
Master Gunsmith: Yeah, but she has seemed depressed ever since she came back here from the town.
Master Gunsmith's wife: It’s best to give girls her age some freedom!
Vyrn: Um... How about the documents then?
Master Gunsmith's wife: Yes! Sorry for making you wait. Yes, it’s okay.
Master Gunsmith: Thank you! I will rely on you again if I ever need to!
Lyria: Great! Please consider us!
Camieux: Ugh... I’m such an idiot...
Lyria: Huh? That person in the gunsmith’s workshop seems depressed somehow.
Camieux: Uuh...
Lyria: Right, Miss Camieux? What's the matter?
Camieux: Ahhhh!! What you want with me?! You!
Lyria: Wha...?! Sorry, I got a little mopey there...
Camieux: Ah?! I’m sorry! That caught me off guard...
Camieux: I need to do something about how I get surprised so easily...
Vyrn: What’s wrong? You look depressed. It must’ve been faint that brought us together. Why don’t we talk a bit?
Lyria: That’s right, you might be relieved by talking to others.
Camieux: I’m pleased to hear that.
Camieux: When I was a baby, I was adopted by the Master Gunsmith and his wife.
Camieux: I am actually a Draph, but they raised me exactly the same as they raised my my sister, their heir.
Camieux: My mom, my dad, and my sister took good care of me.
Camieux: So I only naturally came to want to become a gunsmith myself.
Vyrn: I see...! What a nice story!
Camieux: But...
Camieux: Hahaha... But I am very timid and easily startled...
Vyrn: Hm? What do you mean by that?
Camieux: For example, I trained to be the formulator of gunpowder, but I was startled by the sound of explosions...
Vyrn: Well that would be surprising if you’re not used to it... So get used to it already!
Camieux: When I went to the store house to get materials, I was startled by a mouse that appeared, hit my head on the shelf, and collapsed
Lyria: Oh dear... That sounds awful!
Camieux: When someone called out to me from behind when I was formulating gunpowder, I was surprised, dropped the bottle, and broke it.
Camieux: When I testfired a prototype gun, I worried about what would happen, froze up, and couldn’t do it...
Vyrn: It would have been a problem... Gunpowder can produce loud bangs, yes?
Camieux: Yeah! I’m such a knucklehead! Why do I have to be such a loser?
Vyrn: Wha?! All of a sudden you... Now we’re the ones who were surprised!
Camieux: Whoa! Ohhh, I'm sorry! We at the workshop tend to say such things...
Camieux: If I remain like this there’s no way I’ll be able to face my traveling sister.
Lyria: Right, Miss Camieux? That’s why you been depressed all this time? Your parents have been worried.
Camieux: Ah?! Mom and dad?! Ugh... I’m such an idiot...
Camieux: I’m always this bad, but I think I want to improve...
Camieux: I want to try to be more like my sister, but it didn’t go well...
Vyrn: You get along well with your sister, don’t you!
Camieux: My sister is good-looking, cool, kind, and the best sister ever!
Vyrn: I got it now! By the way, just how did you try to emulate her?
Camieux: My sister is a gun designer. She joined an Order in order to see how the guns she made actually felt when used.
Camieux: My sister said that it was good that she joined an Order because it would allow her to have lots of different experiences.
Camieux: And I feel that I wouldn’t be so timid anymore if I had lots of experiences together with Skyfarers...
Vyrn: Yeah, for sure, if you join an Order you can’t be surprised by every little thing!
Camieux: But I wasn’t able to even say a peep to the Skyfarers when they were in town!
  1. But you are talking to some right now
  2. Relying on others won't improve things.

Choose: But you are talking to some right now
Camieux: Wha?! Hey! Ahh! Hmm... Maybe so...
Camieux: Hey! Hey! Hey U-um... Uh... Haha... I’m such an idiot! I can never think of what to say!
Lyria: Please, calm down! Here, take a deep breath.
Camieux: Haaaah...

Choose: Relying on others won't improve things.
Vyrn: That’s right, only you can change yourself from within! If you don’t realize that, only your surroundings will change, and it will be impossible to make the change you want...
Vyrn: Until now you have been trained by the people in the gun shop, right? You probably had a lot of experiences just like you would in an Order?
Camieux: I... well... H-Hnnng...
Lyria: (Hm... (Captain) and Vyrn don’t usually talk like this...?)
Lyria: (Oh! I see! Maybe they’re doing it on purpose...?)
Continue 1
Camieux: I am so stupid! I’m a worthless little nobody! But I want to change!
Camieux: I want to be an excellent gunpowder chemist and make myself useful to my mother, my father, and my sister!
Camieux: So please, (Captain)! Please let me join your Order!
Vyrn: Well said! We will welcome her aboard, right (Captain)?
Camieux: Truly?! Even someone like me?! You must be kidding... I don’t believe you - you would accept an idiot like me?!
Lyria: Hahaha, Miss Camieux! From now on, we’ll have each other’s backs.
Thus Camieux joined our heroes on their journey as a member of their Order.
Master Gunsmith: Hm... If both my daughters are out traveling... Kummy! Hurry back if something bad happens!
Master Gunsmith's wife: You... Don’t say something so unlucky!
Camieux: Da... Um, Master and Mistress! I’m going to do my best!
Master Gunsmith's wife: Go on your journey, my beloved daughter. And be well!
Camieux: Yes! I’m going to come back after I toughen up and quit being so spineless!
Vyrn: Anyway! Well, it’s time to go, Camieux!
Camieux: Ahhhh?! Oh no, you calling out to me all of a sudden surprised me again! I’m hopeless!
Master Gunsmith's wife: Sigh... Oh, brother. You’ve got a long way to go. Please take good care of her, (Captain)!
Camieux was a timid gunpowder mixer. Would she be able to gain the boldness she desired by joining the Order?
Nevertheless, she had definitely taken the first step to becoming brave.

Mustering Courage[edit source]

During their journey, the party returns to the factory where they first met Camieux. Camieux's parents welcome them warmly, but a ruffian barges into the workshop and claims their gun went off by itself. When her father points out that the man is lying, Camieux drives away the ruffian along with (Captain) and the others.

In an effort to become braver, Camieux joins (Captain)'s skyfarer group and their adventures.
Since they were in the neighborhood on a mission, (Captain) and company stop by the gunsmith's workshop, which is also Camieux's parents' house.
Camieux: Da... I mean, Big Boss! And Missus Boss!! I'm home!
Master Gunsmith: Oh! Welcome back, Kummy Boy! How've you been? Are you alright? You haven't caught a cold, have you?
Master Gunsmith's wife: Oh come on, dear! I'm sorry (Captain), everyone... We haven't even greeted you yet...
Lyria: Please don't mind us. I'm happy to see you all so happy!
Master Gunsmith's wife: You're so sweet... I'm glad Camieux made such nice friends.
Camieux: Yes'm! They're all very good people, mama!
Master Gunsmith's wife: Hehehe, let us know if you ever need us to take a look at your guns!
Vyrn: Thanks! That's reassuring, right (Captain)?
As the group chats happily together, the door is suddenly slammed open.
Camieux: Aiieeeee?! W-What's your problem, punk?!
Ruffian: Huh?! I'll tell you what my problem is!!
Camieux: Wha?!
Ruffian: You guys sold me a defective product... What kind of sloppy construction is this? It exploded by itself as soon as I used it!
Camieux: Eep?! E-Exploded?!
Master Gunsmith: Ey? I'm very sorry to hear that... Which gun was it? Do ya mind if I take a look?
Ruffian: Sure, it's this one.
Master Gunsmith: Hm, it exploded huh... Let's see here...
Ruffian: Hey! What's the hold up? Where's my compensation?!
Master Gunsmith's wife: And... sir? You said the gun went off by itself after you used it, is that right?
Ruffian: Tch... I already told you! That's right, that's what happened!
Master Gunsmith: Is that so? That's odd. Both your hands look perfectly fine to me!
Camieux: Ah! He's right! If it exploded, you'd have burn marks even under gloves!
Ruffian: Shut up, you little shrimp!
Camieux: I-I won't shut up! Were you planning to extort us? You've got some nerve!
Ruffian: Damn you! You should have shut up and paid me!
Camieux: Whaaaa?! H-H-He drew a weapon!! Y-Y-You're gonna get it now!!

Mustering Courage: Scene 2[edit source]

Camieux was able to drive away the ruffian, but she criticizes herself for being so timid. She wallows in shame for not seeing through the ruffian's lie, but suddenly hears a noise and discovers the man intruding in their warehouse. As Camieux attempts to save the workshop by herself, (Captain) and the others join in to help her.

Ruffian: You'll pay for this!
Camieux: D-Don't come back here again! Please!
Master Gunsmith: Sigh... What a troublesome customer! Sorry about that, (Captain). Thanks for the help.
Lyria: I'm just glad you two didn't get hurt! Right, Camieux?
Camieux: Y-Yeah!
Camieux: ...
Master Gunsmith's wife: Oh, look at the time! Why don't you have dinner with us?
Vyrn: Heheh! Let's take her up on her offer, (Captain)!
(Captain) and company finish eating, then go out to find Camieux when they realize she's missing.
Camieux: ... Sigh...
Lyria: There! Is that Camieux over there in the shadow?
Vyrn: Oh, you're right! Hey! Camieux!
Camieux: Pyaa?! Why I outta!! Oh, (Captain)... and Lyria, and Vyrn too...
Vyrn: Um... Are you feeling down again? What is it this time?
Camieux: Uuuh... Darn it... I thought I became tougher from my journey with (Captain)...
Camieux: But earlier, I was too scared of that guy to say much...
Lyria: Hmm... He did look pretty threatening. I don't blame you for being startled.
Camieux: It's not just that!
Camieux: It would have been obvious if I stayed calm, but I didn't notice that there were no injuries on his hands...
Camieux: Most of all, I'm ashamed that I didn't trust a product from our workshop...
Lyria: Hmm... Well, that's...
Camieux: Sigh...
Suddenly, they hear a loud sound as if something is being broken.
Camieux: Aiieeee?! W-What was that?! I-It came from our warehouse...
Vyrn: Wait, Camieux! There she goes. Let's go after her, (Captain)!
Ruffian: Tch... They should have just shut their mouths and paid up... Let's see how they like it when I light up their gunpowder!
Camieux: You little jerk! What do ya think you're doin' in our warehouse?!
Ruffian: Hah! You're that scared little brat from earlier. What are you gonna do by yourself? Wanna get hit?!
Camieux: Eep... H-Hit me if you want! But I won't let you do anything to our warehouse!
Ruffian: Heh, I'll beat you to a pulp and make those annoying gunsmiths regret messing with me!
Camieux: I-I won't lose! Bring it on!
Lyria: Oh no! Camieux is getting in a fight with that person from earlier...! Let's help her, (Captain)!

Mustering Courage: Scene 3[edit source]

The party successfully stops the ruffian. Camieux's parents see that their daughter has matured since joining the skyfarer order. Camieux continues her journey with (Captain) and company to become as brave and strong as she can be.

Camieux, (Captain) and the others stop the ruffian and hand him over to the town guards.
Master Gunsmith: I didn't think he would force his way in through the lock and door... Thanks for the help, everyone.
Vyrn: Heheh! You should thank Camieux. She's the one that ran off by herself and found him first!
Master Gunsmith: What?! You went in by yourself...? That was dangerous! You should have called someone!
Camieux: B-But I was worried someone might have gotten hurt! And there's a lot of gunpowder in that warehouse...
Camieux: I thought that if I at least slowed him down, (Captain) or one of you would come in on time...
Master Gunsmith: But... I just don't want you to get hurt, Kummy...
Camieux: Papa...
Master Gunsmith's wife: Whew... Well, that was a close call, but mama's a little relieved...
Camieux: Mama...?
Master Gunsmith's wife: Hehe... Camieux, you used to clam up when you had trouble saying what you wanted to say.
Master Gunsmith's wife: Mama was worried about you... but you've finally learned to speak your mind to Papa...
Camieux: Mama...! That's right! I learned to say what's on my mind!
Camieux: I became braver on my journey with the skyfarers!
Lyria: Yeah! She gets startled a lot less now, too...
Camieux: Ahhhh?! W-W-What was that noise?!
Gunsmith: Huh? Oh, it's just me. I just came to tell you that nothing was damaged in the warehouse.
Camieux: Auugh... you surprised me... Huh?!
Camieux: I-I got surprised too easily again... Stupid Camieux!
Master Gunsmith's wife: Well... Looks like she has a long way to go. Please take good care of her, (Captain)!
Camieux: Urrrrg! I-I'll try my best! Camieux will be strong!!
Camieux is able to stand up to her fears for her family and friends.
However, her path to becoming bold and fearless is still has a long way to go.

Another Family[edit source]

Reunited on (Captain)'s ship, Camieux tells Silva how worried they've been at the workshop after not hearing from her in so long. When Silva replies that she didn't think it was a good idea to rely too heavily on the workshop, Camieux admonishes her not to be so afraid to be a bother. Surprised to see how Camieux has grown, Silva decides that the two of them should write a letter to the workshop.

Silva and Camieux have been reunited as members of (Captain)'s crew.
Delighted at their accidental reunion, the two decide to talk over some tea.
Silva: Hee hee. The tea is ready. Here you are, Camieux.
Camieux: Thank you! Hee hee. It's been ages since the last time we had tea together!
Silva: And I can’t believe we ended up joining the same crew... The world is smaller than I thought.
Camieux: I know! I mean, I’m happy to see you, but it was a big surprise!
Silva: I must admit I was surprised to see you, too.
Camieux: Silva, you never come around the workshop anymore. Are you doing okay?
Camieux: I mean...I know you can't go back home anymore, so... Papa’s worried, too. We’re all worried.
Silva: I’m sorry. ...Before I joined this crew, I was on a long term job. I couldn't contact anyone.
Camieux: Oh... Well, if it was a job, I guess that makes sense...
Camieux: But, you know... If you're trying not to be a bother, then stop it!
Silva: Camieux? ...Well, I...I mean...
Silva: When I left my hometown, Master let me stay at the workshop because he knew my father...and everyone was kind to me.
Silva: I know I owe a lot to all of you, and I love your family. That’s exactly why I don't want to be too dependent on you.
Camieux: Urgh... So you WERE trying not to be a bother? You know Papa and Mama think of you like their own daughter.
Camieux: And of course, me and Cucule love you like a real sister, too!
Camieux: So we don’t want you to feel like you have to hide from us.
Silva: Camieux...
Camieux: When I don’t hear from you, I start to worry if you’re lying somewhere hurt and crying, you little such-and-such!
Camieux: And I know you’re always hard on I worry about if you’re getting enough sleep, and if you’re eating right!
Camieux: And... And...!
Silva: ...Thank you, Camieux. Hee hee. Look at you, lecturing me like this. I never would have imagined it.
Silva: In my were always the little girl tagging along after Cucule, and hiding behind her back.
Silva: And now see how you’ve grown... For a minute, I felt like it was your father or mother scolding me.
Camieux: Tee hee hee. I sounded like Mama and Papa? Maybe I am growing up!
Silva: There is definitely a resemblance. You and Cucule are both just like your parents.
Camieux: Yay! Heh heh, I did get a lot of guts after I joined this crew, you know.
Frightened by a noise, Camieux leaps out of her chair and flings her arms around Silva.
Silva: Oof! ...It sounded like something fell.
Silva gently strokes Camieux's hair, and takes the shivering girl outside for a look around.
Lyria: Oh! Hello, Silva and Camieux.
Silva: Lyria? And (Captain). ...Oh, you were carrying some cargo. Those are pretty big boxes.
Lyria: Oh, did the noise scare you? I’m sorry, my hand slipped...
Silva: I see; the weight isn’t too bad, but the size is too much to handle. Let’s carry it in pieces. I’ll help.
Camieux: Aye, sir! I'm helping, too!
Lyria: Thank you! That would be great!
Silva: Hee hee, and when we’ve finished, we can ALL have some tea together.
Silva: And...Camieux. I want to write a letter to everyone at the workshop. Will you help me?
Silva: We can tell them about our crew, and the journeys we’ve been having...together.
Camieux: Of course! Papa will be soooo happy to hear from you!
Silva and Camieux laugh joyfully.
As the two continue to journey with the crew, they will be like real sisters.

Other Appearances[edit | edit source]

Shadowverse[edit | edit source]

SV Camieux, Gunpowder Gal.png SV Camieux, Gunpowder Gal E.png
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Last Words: Deal 1 damage to a random enemy 3 times.

Loud noises and voices and stuff scare me... But I gotta be a stronger girl so Mom and Dad don't worry about me so much. Sigh... But how do you learn not to be a scaredy cat?


(Same as the unevolved form.)

Eeek! You scared me half to death! B-but I won't let anybody bother my friends! I'm gonna make you pay, you big meanie!

Class Portalcraft
Card Pack Token
SV Portal Camieux, Gunpowder Gal
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

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