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Official Profile

Age 13 Height 122 cm Race Draph
Hobbies Gathering ores
Likes The people from the workshop, her mom's rye bread sandwiches
Dislikes Loud voices (even ones that aren't angry), loud noises, ghost stories

Character Release

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Age 13歳 Height 122cm Race ドラフ
Hobbies 鉱石拾い
Likes 工房の人達、お母ちゃんが作ってくれる黒パンのサンドウィッチ
Dislikes 大声(怒鳴り声でなくても)、大きな音、怪談

Character Release

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  • International players may sometimes use her romanized Japanese name, Kumuyu.
  • Her sister, Cucouroux affectionately calls her 'Cammy' ('クム坊' in Japanese).
  • Camieux has character banter with her siblings CucourouxAny version and SilvaAny version while together in battle.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday! I really don't get the point of birthdays...
But, I guess it's worth celebrating that you've made it this far.
I'm certainly happy that I met you. That's for sure!


Happy Birthday, (Captain)!
You know, there have been so many nice people in my life. Mommy, Daddy, Silva, Cucouroux...
And of course, you and the crew, (Captain)!
We've had so much fun together.
I've been so lucky to have this life.
You know, your birthday is special because that's the day all the wonderful things in life begin.
I guess what I'm saying is, I'm glad you're here, (Captain)!


Happy birthday to you, (Captain)!
I'm so grateful that you're always so kind to me.
But, well... I just can't help you enough when you need it most.
I'm gonna try even harder though so one day I can truly repay you. So please let me keep traveling by your side!
Yep! I'm gonna do my best as both a master gunpowder mixer and a skyfarer!


(Captain)! Happy birthday!
I'm so happy I get to spend your birthday with you!
(Captain), you better not give up or croak any time soon...
You just keep getting stronger and getting all the experience, so that you become an even greater person!
Not like me... I'm a scaredy-cat that gets mad real easy...
(Captain), I'm going to be just like you one day! Watch me!
So whenever you need help, you just holler.
I'll put my whole heart into it! I want to give you as much as you've given me!
Here's to another year with you, (Captain)!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! I'm so happy I can celebrate this special day with you!
Oh, and I have something for you! A card and present from Uncle Dan!
Both Uncle Dan and I are so grateful for everything you've done for us, (Captain).
Right now I'm still not brave enough, and I have a long way to go before becoming a full-fledged gunpowder mixer... So I'm afraid I can't do much for you yet.
But I'm gonna change that, just like Uncle Dan!
It might be just one little step at a time... But if I get too ahead of myself, I'll end up tripping and losing more than I have to.
I'm gonna become someone you can depend on, like Cucouroux!
So please let me travel with you, (Captain), at least until your next birthday comes around!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year! I wonder if everyone in the crew and at the shop have made their resolutions yet.
Did you know? My resolution this year is to be less timid!


Happy New Year, (Captain). I'm looking forward to another great year with you!
This year I really want to get over feeling scared. Also, I want to do something about my short temper...
I mean, I can't always ask you to step in and save me, (Captain)!
I'll do better this year, I promise! Just you watch, (Captain)!


Happy New Year to you, (Captain)! Let's make this year another great one!
This year I'll get over feeling scared and having a short temper, I'm going to make a wish at sunrise on New Year's Day.
It's only happening little by little each year... But I'm getting better... I think...
I'm much better than before, you say? It sure makes me feel good to hear you say that!
It might only be a little this year too, but I'm gonna do my best to keep going forward!


I've gotta try harder...
Eeeek! C-c-captain! Why'd you sneak up on me like that!
Oh no... I got scared again...
I guess I just don't have what Silva does...
It's just... Silva began the year with training.
People like Silva, strong people, are never satisfied with themselves. They just keep working at it...
I wanna be like that. So I've gotta put way, way more effort in.
I'm already not very useful, so if I don't try harder I'm just going to become useless.
I'm going to be even better than last year!
You just watch, (Captain)!


Mrmph! W-what the! (Captain)! Ugh, you caught me slacking off...
U-uh... There's a reason for this! I'm not just lazing around on New Year's for fun, okay?
So you know how Silva always talks about how important the beginning of the year is, right? Then she goes off to train in the cold?
But, really, she shouldn't be that serious all the time. I mean, Cucouroux and I were talking about how it can't be good for her health—mental or physical.
So we decided that, this year, the two of us were gonna teach Silva how to slack off!
You get it, right! Right? I was slacking off for a reason! Seriously!
Come ooon! All right, I get it—I had a stupid face on. But it couldn't have been that funny!
All right, you know what? If you're gonna laugh so much, then how about you show me how to be a cool slacker, huh?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Today? V-Valentine's Day? Oh no! I forgot!
I... I am going to go make something for you right away, okay? You gotta eat it, okay?


Umm, uhh... (Captain), do you like sweets?
Y-you do? Well, then let me bring out the chocolate!
This is for you, (Captain). Please try some!
Ah! No, I didn't make this! And it doesn't look funny, either! You're just imagining things! That's what chocolates usually look like!
Just take it already!


C-Captain! Do you have a second?
H-here! I want you to have this! It's chocolates I made myself!
I m-mean, it's because of last year! The promise I made to you then!
I think these taste a lot better than last year's too!
Th-that's right! The chocolates from last year were homemade too!
So hurry up and take the gift!
B-because I really... really like you, (Captain)! You idiot!


You better accept this, (Captain)!
Huh? What do you mean "accept what?"
You know what I'm talking about, smarty-pants!
This chocolate! For Valentine's Day! Take it!
Making it and just thinking of giving it to you made me really nervous! I'm nervous now too!
You know, you really know how to pick on me sometimes!
Enough! Just take it! I said take it!


Uh, uhh, uhhh! (Captain)! Umm!
Guhh! What am I even saying, damn it all! Get your act together, Camieux!
Here! I brought you some Valentine's chocolates! Take them, please!
Phew... Thanks, (Captain)... Glad that's over with...
Sigh... I've given you so many presents. When am I gonna get used to it? I keep gettin' nervous... Or I start feelin' shy...
I wanna be a strong independent woman, like Mom or Silva. But I've still a ways to go, huh...
But I can't go givin' up! I'm gonna grow up—in the kinda adult you look up to, (Captain).
Let's shake on it. One of these days, I'm gonna knock your socks off—just you wait!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Happy White Day! My father always returns the favor. Usually overdoes it though...
But this makes me happy too, tee hee!


Fwaah! Ooo... Sorry, (Captain). You startled me...
What? A present? For White Day?
R-really? This is really for me?
Wow! Thank you! That makes me super happy!
Hehe. Next Valentine's Day, I'll have to make you something good, (Captain).
And this time I'll do a better job. I sure hope you like it.


Eep! Is th-this... a White Day present? Are you sure you want me to have it?
I'd rather you forget what happened this past Valentine's Day...
Well, um, uh... I mean, I wasn't lying when I said I really like you, (Captain)...
Look! I'm just an innocent girl! I wish you wouldn't pick on me so much!


Is t-this... a White Day present?
Wowowow! Thank you, (Captain)! I'm so happy!
I... Another year, and I'm still this nervous... I'm so surprised I could hardly say thank you...
Sigh... Silva wouldn't be this startled... So why am I? I need more mental training...
I... wanna be able to take anything you throw at me!
I want to... I want to... show everyone how mature I can be!
Wha? But then that wouldn't be me?
Hey! What's that supposed to mean!
You just watch, you dastard! I'll be the biggest, bestest, most maturest person in the crew!


Eep! Is this a White Day present? Thanks, (Captain)!
Sniff... You're always, always so nice to me.
All I ever do is get in your way. So I feel kinda bad, accepting presents like this.
Huh? I don't needa make such a big deal outta it... Since I can just pay you back someday?
Sniff... You're so kind, (Captain). I'm gonna work hard and I'm gonna repay you.
Sure be nice if someday you could look back and think, "Boy, am I glad I invested in good ol' Camieux!"
Just watch! When I grow up, I'm gonna be a strong independent woman—just like my mom!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Hey, Happy Halloween!
My sister always tried to scare me on Halloween...
You're not gonna try to get me too, are you?


Fwah! Ooo... (Captain), don't scare me like that!
Oh... I surprised you since I was under the bed?
Why was I hiding? Well, today is the day people go running around stirring up trouble. And I always get so scared...
Huh? You'll stay by me? A-all right, I'll stop hiding then.
Th-this better not be some trick to scare me!


(Captain). I won't let you fool me this year!
Every time you trick me, you have this silly grin on your face!
So this year I decided I won't be surprised by anything you do.
Ah, ahhh... I almost jumped out of my skin... I wonder who's playing tricks now...
That last one doesn't count! You weren't the one scaring me, (Captain)!
No fair! Wipe that grin off your face, (Captain)!


Waaah! You're so mean, Cucouroux!
I did say I want to learn to be braver... but still!
Aaaaah! (Captain), are you here to play a trick on me too?
Waaahhhh! Cucouroux's behind me and now (Captain)'s in front of me! I'm trapped!
Silva! Help me!


La la la... Oh, (Captain)! Happy Halloween!
Yep! I was just at Siero's picking up something from Mom and Dad.
It's a pretty big package... I wonder what's inside.
Yep, time to open it up!
Oh! This is a decoration to put up for Halloween, isn't it? But... there's more than one...
Hmm, let's see... "Dear Camieux. Once you take your share, pass the rest on to Cucouroux. Enjoy!"
Hm? But Mom, what exactly is this...
Hehe. Well, whatever it is, I'm really happy that Mom made something for us!
Okay! I'm gonna put up the decorations, then go into town to get some candy to send Mom and Dad!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays!
What? I should go to bed early because Santa Claus is coming?
Don't be silly! I'm not a kid anymore! I can't believe you...


This is a special time of year, (Captain)! Here, take this firecracker!
Hehe. I made it myself. Just setting it off will fill you with cheer!
You know, back when I first started messing with gunpowder, this is the kind of thing I wanted to make.
My sister Cassie loves this time of year. If she were here, I'm sure she'd love setting off some fireworks.
Anyway, I hope we can all have some fun and celebrate the season together!


Oh! (Captain)! Are you on your way to the kitchen too?
Aye! I thought I'd help out with all the cooking they're doing for the holiday feast.
We've got a lot of crew members who are geniuses in the kitchen, but more importantly, we've got a lot of crew members...
And I can help with the simple things at least! It's time to use the skills my mom taught me!
Besides, I mean... When it comes to cooking, there aren't many surprises to scare you...
Aye! Let's go and give them a hand!


Oh, (Captain)! Happy holidays!
Sorry about the table being a mess and all.
I just didn't know which wrapping paper was best for my present.
Hehe... This year I'm sending mommy and daddy a gift! Me and Cucouroux decided on it!
And I want to make mommy and daddy as happy as possible, so I'm even being really picky with the wrapping too!
(Captain), would you help me pick one? I'm not so sure I know which one of these is best...
Oh, thank you! With your help I feel a hundred times more confident!


Gotta lay low. Gotta be stealthy.
Bah? Hey, (Captain)! What gives? You can't just call out to me like that. Gonna give me a heart attack!
Er. You can stop apologizing now...
Eh? You wanna know why I was sneaking around?
Well, uh... I was thinking 'bout getting Tweyen a present. Brighten up her day a bit, you know?
You bet! Plus, she gave me my present early this year. So this is also a thank-you gift.
I want it to be a surprise but... You know how Tweyen's got a sharp pair of eyes on her?
So the plan's to go shopping—and be real stealthy about it.
And, (Captain). I'd appreciate it if you kept all this a secret from Tweyen.

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Gun Girl Getaway

Camieux and the crew go to Venera Beach for vacation. Camieux volunteers to help Kaz sell his shish kebabs and succeeds in selling every last one.

No version of Camieux in crew

While on one of their missions, (Captain) and company meet Camieux, a young girl in training to be a powdersmith.
Camieux: Ooo, I just get surprised so easily...
Camieux asks to join (Captain)'s crew in hopes of overcoming her timidness.
Camieux: Gosh darn it! I'm just so pathetic, but I wanna change!
Camieux: So please, (Captain). Let me join your crew!
Hearing Camieux's plea and seeing her desire, (Captain) gladly invites her to join the crew.
Camieux, the youngest daughter of a gunsmith, continues to serve the crew as a powdersmith. Today, however, she and the crew are on vacation in Auguste.
They step off their ship and are greeted by beautiful shores. They follow them toward the beach house.
Lyria: Hehe, the weather sure is nice today! It's a great day to lay by the beach!
Camieux: Yeah! And that sea breeze feels wonderful!
Vyrn: Huh? I thought you'd be more surprised to see all this, Camieux. You hardly seem fazed.
Camieux: Well, I've been trying to be a little calmer ever since I joined the crew.
Camieux: But... Umm... I guess it also helps that I came here when I was little.
Vyrn: Oh! Well that makes sense then!
Camieux: We all came here together! Mommy, Daddy, Silva, Cassie, and me. And we had tons of fun!
Camieux: Heehee. Back then, the sea looked so big. I was scared and I cried all day.
Camieux: So my big sis Cassie held my hand.
Camieux: But as the years grew on, our shop got more and more work. We couldn't go out and play like we used to.
Camieux: Thinking about it now, I'm sure Cassie wanted to go swimming that day. I feel bad that she had to take care of me.
Lyria: Aww, Cassie sure is a great sister.
Camieux: Yeah! I love her. She's my favorite sister in the whole wide sky!
Camieux: Oh wait, but I also love Silva. So, maybe not the whole sky?
Camieux becomes lost in thought, but (Captain) and company pull her along as they stroll by the shore.
Camieux: Hey, that reminds me. On our last adventure, we met that powdersmith who loved pyrotechnics.
Camieux: He said that he'd give anything to become a pyrotechnician. So he gave up his old job and started following one of the masters around.
Camieux: He taught me all kinds of stuff about gunpowder. I wonder how he's been...
Vyrn: Hmm... Well, he'd have to be pretty tough to do that kind of work. I'm sure he's doing fine!
Lyria: Maybe we'll have a chance to see him while we're here!
The crew walks and talks along the shore. Before long, the outline of the beach house comes into view.
Kaz: Ah crud. What am I gonna do?
Lyria: Huh? Hey, is that Kaz coming out to greet us?
As the crew gets closer, they wave to Kaz, who then greets them with a friendly smile.
Kaz: Oh ho! Welcome, my friends! It's hot out here. Come! It's cool inside!
Vyrn: Hehe. Thanks, Kaz!
Camieux: Umm, Mr. Kaz, is something wrong?
Kaz: Ah, nah. It's nothin'.
Vyrn: Hey come on, Kaz! Don't be like that. If something's wrong, you can tell us!
Kaz sees now that he can't hide his problem. He begins to explain the situation.
Camieux: So, you were going to sell some shish kebabs down by the beach, but your assistant got sick?
Kaz: Yeah, it's one of those summer colds too. I didn't want to push it, so I let him take the day off.
Camieux: Oh, I see. And your fish are going to go bad if you don't sell them, right? How terrible...
Camieux stands there for a moment and thinks of a solution. With a sudden look of determination on her face, she raises her hand.
Camieux: Um, well... If you wouldn't mind, I could help you sell those shish kebabs!
Kaz: Hey, that'd be great! What a nice girl you are. But aren't you all here on vacation?
Camieux: It's okay. I want to help. I'm just so jittery all the time, and I want to get better.
Camieux: If I talk to some new people while I'm helping you, maybe I can get over being so nervous.
Camieux: My mom and dad always used to get on me about my business manners. This'll be my chance to show everyone what I can do!
Camieux is determined to help, but Kaz still shows some concern.
Vyrn: Hey (Captain). If Camieux wants to help, then let's help, too!
Lyria: Yeah, we should! He's letting us stay here, after all!
Camieux: Maybe he doesn't want our help...
Kaz looks at the crew. He sighs and then lets out a hearty chuckle.
Kaz: You kids are just so nice. I'd feel bad if I accepted!
Kaz: Well then, if you wouldn't mind, I could really use the help.
Camieux: You got it! Leave it to us!
And with that, (Captain) and company head down to the beach to launch their shish kebab venture.
Vyrn: Wow! There are lots of people walking through here! This is a great spot!
Lyria: Okay then, let's set up shop here! What do you think, Camieux?
Camieux: Yeah! Let's really sell 'em!
Camieux: Uh... Umm... Would you like some... shish kebabs?
Vyrn: Camieux, come on! I'm standing right next to you, and I can barely hear you!
Camieux: Oh dear... You're right. I'll try to talk a little louder.
Mother with Child: Well hello there! And what are you selling?
Camieux: Gaah! Ooo, oooh.
Seeing Camieux feeling spooked, (Captain) steps in to make the sale.
Mother with Child: Shish kebabs? Is that right? Well, my son just told me that he's hungry. Can I get two for him?
Camieux: T-two... Two!
Lyria: Thank you! And here you go!
Mother with Child: Hehe, thank you! You guys are doing great. Keep up the good work!
Camieux: Oh! Uh... C-come back anytime!
Aah, gosh darn it!
Camieux: Sigh. I'm so sorry about that.
Lyria: Don't worry about it! We're here for you. If you need help again, just ask!
  1. Yeah, don't you worry!
  2. Relax, I'll take care of this!

Choose: Yeah, don't you worry!
Camieux: Sniff... That makes me so happy...
Camieux: But I gotta do this for myself! I'm gonna work really hard!

Choose: Relax, I'll take care of this!
Camieux: Wha—? Wow, I should have figured! Unlike me, we can actually count on you...
Camieux: Hey wait, don't let me off the hook that easy! Let me show you what I can do!
Continue 1
Camieux: Hehehe! Hey everyone, tasty shish kebabs! Get your tasty shish kebabs!
Camieux: Grilled to perfection by a pro! These are the best shish kebabs around! Come and try one!
Vyrn: Hahah! Camieux is pretty good at this. Don't let her upstage you, (Captain)!
Hearing Camieux's energetic voice, people start to come over to see what the excitement is all about.
Camieux: Thanks for stopping by! Come back anytime!
Lyria: Huh? Hey Camieux, that was our last one!
Camieux: What! I mean... We did it? We did it!
Vyrn: All right! Nice job, Camieux!
Camieux: Thanks! But I really owe it all to you and the crew, (Captain).
Camieux: I'm just glad I could help out.
Camieux: But I have to stop getting so scared.
Vyrn: Haha! We'll work on that next.
Camieux: Yeah! I'll try my best to improve!
By working with her friends to help others, Camieux begins to build confidence.
Today marks a successful step in her journey toward overcoming her fear. Tomorrow, her journey continues.

Fire Flowers in the Sky

One of Camieux's old friends, a powdersmith, drops by while she is selling shish kebabs and reveals that he is doing pyrotechnics now. After he goes back to work, a ruffian comes by and stirs up trouble.

During the crew's last adventure, Camieux helped out Kaz by selling shish kebabs at his stand.
Since then, Camieux has helped out at the stand several more times in order to continue building her courage.
Camieux: Shish kebabs! Tasty shish kebabs! Get 'em while they're hot!
Pyrotechnician: Hey there, little lady. Can I get five of those shish kebabs?
Camieux: You got it! Five shish kebabs, coming right up... Hey, wait a sec!
Camieux: I know you! You're that powdersmith! Do you remember me? I'm Camieux, from the gunsmith!
Pyrotechnician: What? Camieux, is that really you? You've grown up so much!
Camieux: I can see you haven't changed a bit! How have you been?
Lyria: Hey Camieux, do you know him? Oh, is he that powdersmith you told us about?
Camieux: Yeah! He's the one that got me interested in gunpowder. And now he's studying under a master!
Pyrotechnician: So, Camieux. What are you doin' selling shish kebabs? And who are your new friends?
Camieux: Umm, it's kind of a long story. B-but nothing bad happened!
Camieux and the young man do some catching up as they excitedly exchange their tales of adventure.
Camieux: I can't believe we're both here! What an amazing coincidence!
Pyrotechnician: Hahaha. Yeah, it really is! I'm normally not around these parts, but today they're holding this fireworks expo.
Pyrotechnician: They asked us to present some of the stuff we've been workin' on. And that's why we're here.
Camieux: Wow, really? So tonight we get to see something you made?
Camieux: Yay! This'll make a great story for my family back home.
Pyrotechnician: Well, I'm basically just the master's assistant at this point. But I'd still be thrilled if you saw our creations.
Camieux: We'll definitely be there! Uh... That's okay, right (Captain)?
Vyrn: Of course! Can't say no to that!
Lyria: Hehe! I'm looking forward to the show!
The crew sees the young man off as he carries the shish kebabs back to his workshop.
Camieux: Shish kebabs! Get some tasty shish kebabs! We've got the best ones around!
Tough Guy: Hey, you there!
Camieux: Gah! Y-y-you surprised me! Welcome!
Tough Guy: Huh? Don't you welcome me! You got a permit to sell those things here?
Lyria: Umm, well, we never really needed one before...
Camieux: Yeah! And I never heard of a permit for shish kebabs!
Camieux: Your turn. Where did you get a permit to collect money around here?
Tough Guy: Don't give me no lip, kid! How about I sell you a knuckle sandwich?
Camieux: Oh y-yeah? Bring it on!

Fire Flowers in the Sky: Scene 2

While in search of a place to sit for the fireworks festival, (Captain) and the crew run into the same ruffian from before. They see him trying to extort money from the locals and step in to stop him.

Tough Guy: Gah! I'm not gonna forget this!
Camieux: Yeah, get outta here! And don't ever come back!
Vyrn: Man, can you believe that guy?
Camieux: I know! We'll have to tell Kaz about this so he can report it.
Lyria: Good idea. Now let's sell the rest of these things and go to that expo!
In anticipation of the fireworks later, (Captain) and company quickly sell the rest of the shish kebabs.
Lyria: Wow... There sure are a lot of people here. We'd better try and stay together.
Camieux: What is it, (Captain)? Oh yeah, we should hold hands so we don't get separated!
(Captain) holds hands with Camieux and Lyria. Together they walk through the crowd and look for a nice place to sit.
Vyrn: Look! There's hardly anyone over there!
Vyrn flies into the air and scopes out a good spot. He starts to guide (Captain) and company toward it.
But just as (Captain) and the girls start toward the spot, they hear a yell coming from the crowd.
Camieux: Gah! W-w-what was that?
Tough Guy: Whaddya think you're doin'? You gotta pay if you wanna use this spot!
Family Man: No way! I've been holding this spot all night.
Tough Guy: Unless you want a fight, you better shut your trap and open your wallet!
Camieux: It's that jerk from before! Is he out causing trouble again?
Camieux: He's gonna get it now! I'm gonna teach him a lesson!
Lyria: Aah! Camieux, you can't fight him alone!
Vyrn: Great. She's always talkin' about how scared she gets, but now she's running out there guns blazing! We better go help her, (Captain)!

Fire Flowers in the Sky: Scene 3

The local security shows up as (Captain) and company finish teaching the ruffian a lesson. Things settle down just in time for the fireworks to begin, during which Camieux does her best to stay calm and enjoy the show.

Tough Guy: Uwah!
Camieux: Maybe now you'll think twice before trying that again!
Just as (Captain) and company finish teaching the ruffians a lesson, the local security shows up.
Security Guard: Sorry we couldn't get here sooner. We were having trouble getting through the crowd. We'll take over from here.
Lyria: Okay! Thank you and good luck!
Pyrotechnician: Hey, Camieux! Oh, so you guys were at the middle of all that ruckus!
Camieux: Huh? What are you doing here? Isn't the show about to begin?
Pyrotechnician: Well, I heard that a certain someone was caught in a sticky situation. I wanted to make sure you were okay.
Camieux: Really? Oh dear. Well, thank you for coming to check on me! I know how busy you are right now.
Pyrotechnician: Hah. I'm just glad you're okay. And it looks like your friends are doing all right too.
Pyrotechnician: I can tell you guys want to keep the peace around here. I think that's great and all, but don't get yourselves hurt, okay?
Pyrotechnician: I know how much your family worries, Camieux, but I can't exactly keep an eye on you. I have to take care of the fireworks.
Camieux: Oh... I'm sorry for making you worry. From now on, I'll be extra, extra careful.
Giving Camieux a pat on the head, the young man goes off to make the final preparations for the show.
Camieux: Sigh... I know I need to be calm, but...
Camieux: For some reason, I still act like such a dummy...
Camieux: Gah!
Lyria: Wow! They're so pretty!
After taking a moment to calm down, Camieux looks up into the sky. In an instant, she too is entranced by the beauty of the fireworks.
Camieux: Wow! Ooo... I don't know if I should be startled by the noise, or if I should be startled by the bright colors...
Camieux: B-b-but anyway, those fireworks sure are great! They're more beautiful than any I've ever seen!
Lyria: Hehe! There's more where that came from!
Camieux: Wow... I hope my heart can take all this!
Vyrn: Haha! You should tell that pyro guy what you think of his work!
Camieux: Y-yeah, you're right! I will!
Though a little frightened by all the noise, Camieux continues to stare right at the fireworks.
She may be getting used to the noise, or she may simply be mesmerized by the fireworks. Either way, she enjoys the show with a smile on her face.
During her time on the shores of Auguste, Camieux has thought a lot about changing herself. For her, this will surely be a summer to remember.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ぴゃあああ!こっちくんなです~! Aah! You stay away!
お、落ち着け~落ち着け~… I have to calm down...
浜辺は変わった石がたくさんあるですよ! There are all sorts of crazy rocks by the shore!
う~ん、海では潮風で銃が傷みそうです… Hmm... That sea breeze is gonna rust up these guns...
光華玉、またみんなで見たいです~! Let's go watch the fireworks again sometime!
お、泳ぎは自信ねぇですよ… I... I don't know if I can swim...
ククル姉ちゃんとまた海に行きたいです I wanna go to the beach with Cucouroux.
シルヴァ姉ちゃんは水着、似合いそうです Silva must look good in a bathing suit!
(主人公)さん、お供するですよ! (Captain), I'll be right beside you!
(主人公)さんは泳ぐの得意です? Are you a good swimmer, (Captain)?

Other Appearances


SV Camieux, Gunpowder Gal.png SV Camieux, Gunpowder Gal E.png
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Last Words: Deal 1 damage to a random enemy 3 times.

Loud noises and voices and stuff scare me... But I gotta be a stronger girl so Mom and Dad don't worry about me so much. Sigh... But how do you learn not to be a scaredy cat?


(Same as the unevolved form.)

Eeek! You scared me half to death! B-but I won't let anybody bother my friends! I'm gonna make you pay, you big meanie!

Class Portalcraft
Card Pack Token
SV Portal Camieux, Gunpowder Gal
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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