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Official Profile

Age Unknown Height 168 cm Race Unknown
Hobbies Taking walks
Likes Meals
Dislikes Punishment
Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 不明 Height 168cm Race 不明
Hobbies 外をお散歩すること
Likes お食事
Dislikes お仕置き
Source [1]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Cerberus: Happy birthday!
Mimi: Birthday wishes all around! Woof, woof, woof!
Coco: Yeah, happy birthday! The day for you to go to that place is getting closer!
Cerberus: Right, Master? I'll show you around once you get there!
Mimi: Don't be shy, ruff! We can even take you there right now if you want! C'mon, you'll be buried in fun, woof!
Coco: You said it! Just follow us!
Cerberus: Uh-uh, not yet. I want to enjoy my time here a little longer!


Mimi: It's your birthday again, woof! Happy birthday, woof woof!!
Coco: Ruff, ruff! Happy birthday, ruff!
Cerberus: Hee-hee! I can't believe it's already been this long, Master.
Mimi: Seriously though, how long are we staying for, woof?
Coco: Arf, that's right! It's pretty cushy here, but we may have forgotten our way home, ruff!
Cerberus: Oh? I wouldn't mind that, as long as we get to be together forever. Right, Master?


Cerberus: Happy birthday, my Master!
Mimi: Arf! Today's your birthday, so let's chow down on the grub already!
Coco: We'll help you woof-woof it all up. That'll be our birthday present to you!
Cerberus Hee hee! We've been together for three years already. Mimi and Coco love you now!
Mimi: You're gonna ruin our image! We never said anything like that!
Coco: That's right! What gives you that idea?
Cerberus: Hm? Your tails!
Coco & Mimi: T-they're not wagging!


Cerberus: Hehe. Happy birthday to you, my master.
Mimi: Now that you're a whole year older, we got something to say to you. So perk up those ears, whelp.
Coco: Today's the doggone oldest you've ever been in your life. You've never been closer to that.
Mimi: Today's the arfin' youngest you'll ever be again. You'll never be farther from that.
Coco: Think caaarefully on what that means, pup. Cerberus: Eeh? What are you even saying? Pretty sure none of that meant anything. Mimi: Why you gotta yap and spoil it? With humans, all you gotta do is bark somethin' vaguely dramatic and they fret their gizzards over it. Coco: The plan was to woof out some gibberish and make (Captain) writhe and whine. Cerberus: Hehe. Don't pay them any attention, (Captain). Why don't you take me on a walk, and we can get to celebrating your birthday?


Cerberus: Happy birthday!
Huh? Well, what do you know. Coco and Mimi are actually celebrating this year too.
Mimi: We just felt like it. These things are bound to happen if you wait long enough, woof!
Coco: It is what it is. Even we get the urge to do stuff like this sometimes, ruff!
Cerberus: Oh, I get it! You're after the birthday party goodies, aren't you?
Mimi: That's part of it. The other part's 'cause we've run into guys who escaped from you-know-where on this side.
Coco: We're gonna eat our fill of grub too. But all those guys who escaped here from the other side are a pain in the tail.
Mimi: A bunch of 'em who want to come here lost all hope for the future after failing in life. Better stay on your paws, (Captain).
Coco: We'll make sure there's not more work later on. Even we can tone it down from fierce to frosty once in a while.
Cerberus: Huh? I'm not following. Enough of all that confusing talk—let's go to the party! Come on, Master!
Mimi: Arf? But this is kinda important!
Coco: Ruff? We've been doing lots of thinking!
Cerberus: Hehe. It's all good as long as the party's fun, right?
Mimi: We'll blow out all the arfing candles on (Captain)'s cake, woof!
Coco: We'll woof down all the strawberries in the most shocking way possible, ruff!
Cerberus: Then, let's see... I'll hand-feed my master.
In other words... Make sure to have lots more fun parties, Master!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Cerberus: Happy New Year!
Mimi: Shouldn't we be heading back to the other side soon? Woof!
Coco: End of the year's a busy time, woof! Plenty of work to take care of!
Cerberus: Not yet! Our contract with the Master isn't even close to done!
Mimi: Yeah, heading back home's gonna be a pain. Woof!
Coco: It's just gonna get everyone ticked off. Woof!
Cerberus: What are we talking about? Hee hee hee... Wouldn't you like to know. Let's make this another good year... Master.


Mimi: We've made a New Year's resolution, woof!
Coco: That's right, ruff! Your resolution for this year is to feed and entertain us to our heart's content! If you bore us, we'll send you there before you know it!
Cerberus: Oh? What ever happened to going back home?
Mimi: We know that's not gonna happen anytime soon, woof!
Coco: We've accepted our fate in this world for now, ruff!
Cerberus: Hee hee. In that case, I wanna enjoy my time here forever with Master!
Doesn't that sound just lovely? Here's to another year of fun, Master!


Cerberus: Happy New Year, Master!
Mimi: You there! You've been hiding something huge from us!
Coco: People on this side are supposed to give out wads of cash on New Year's... But we've never gotten a rupie from you!
Cerberus: Hee hee! Master wasn't hiding anything at all. Isn't that right?
Mimi: You're always such a softie. Enough of the defending!
Coco: Yeah, yeah! We're gonna guzzle down that sad sack's eyeballs and chomp off the rump!
Cerberus: Hee hee! Master always gives us little treats. Isn't that right?
But... Aaaah, I want a wad of cash too.
What do you say? Come on, Master?


Mimi: Rolled a three. Advance three spaces and string 'em up with a nose hook.
Coco: Rolled a two. Advance two spaces and hang 'em by their hind paws.
Cerberus: Hey. What are you pups doing?
Mimi: Playin' a board game. We're trying to work out how to send (Captain) to you-know-where.
Cerberus: Um... Can't we take (Captain)'s hands and, you know, go gentle into that good night?
Coco: Gets my hackles up just imagining it. I think that's our only choice after all.
Mimi: You're a barkin' genius. Best way to go out is with a woof and a bang.
Hey, (Captain). We're gonna have to make a puzzle outta your face!
Coco: We'll maul you and mess you up real good!


Cerberus: Happy New Year!
Mimi: Chew chew... Not a bad gift you brought us. You've got pretty good taste after all.
Coco: Chomp chomp... Just look at this mountain of meatballs. I might even give you a belly rub for this.
Cerberus: Aw... They're so happy. Coco, Mimi? I've got a present for you too!
The meat that (Captain) gave me... It's all yours.
Coco & Mimi: Chew chew... Chomp chomp...
Cerberus: Looks like they're too busy eating to pay attention. Oh well. Let's go to the shrines!
Coco & Mimi: ...!
Mimi: Ruff! You trying to leave us behind?
Coco: Grr... No one goes on walks without us!
Cerberus: Hm? But if I stay, you'll have to share the meatballs with me. You sure you don't want them all to yourselves?
Coco & Mimi: ...
Chew chew... Chomp chomp...
Cerberu: Seems like they don't want to come after all. Well, shall we go?
Hehe. I'm so happy. After all, now... it's just the two of us.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Cerberus: Happy Valentine's Day!
Mimi: You! This is yours! Because it's Valentine's Day, woof!
Coco: We wanna say thanks! It was ruff, but we made it ourselves!
Cerberus: Doesn't it look delicious? But how we made it is a secret! Now say ah!
Mimi: Woof, (Captain) really ate it! And stop with the pampering! Makes me wanna arf!
Coco: Bow wow, that was easy! The contract is complete! (Captain)'s return gift must be three million times better!
Cerberus: Teeheehee... I can't wait!


Mimi: Grrr... Woof! Have you forgotten our arrangement? We demanded a return gift three million times better from last year's Valentine's Day, woof!
Coco: Grrr... Ruff! We doubled it to six million, remember? No chocolate for you until you've met our demands, ruff!
Cerberus: Aww, don't bully poor Master like that, you guys... Right, Master? There, there.
Mimi: Now just hold on a woofing second! This isn't what we agreed upon, woof!
Coco: That's right, ruff! We oughta ruff you up and take back our chocolate from last year!
Cerberus: We'll do no such thing. Now then, this chocolate treat is for you, Master—from yours truly.
Mimi: Grrr... I don't approve of this, woof!
Coco: Grrr... That makes two of us, ruff!
Cerberus: Come on, guys... don't you want to keep having fun with Master? Now then, Master... open wide!


Mimi: What choice do we have? We're giving you some more this year!
Coco: But the gift you give in return has to be six million—no, this time it's nine million times better.
Cerberus: Oh nooo! We can't head back to the other side until Master's done paying us back.
Mimi: Was that the woofing plan all along!
Coco: You mean I lengthened the pact just like that?
Cerberus: Hee hee. I don't have a clue...
All I know is that I want to be together with Master!


Cerberus: Here you are, Master. They're handmade as always. Now, say "ahhh."
Mimi: And another one goes down the hatch. That smile of yours is creepin' me out, (Captain).
Cerberus: Want another bite? Come on now. "Ahhh."
Coco: And yet another ones goes down the hatch. You don't know what you're getting' into, pup.
Cerberus: Hehe. You can eat one or a million—it won't change anything. So... It's time for another biiiite. "Ahhh."
Mimi: Can't believe this has been going on for four barkin' mad years. Welp, guess we can tell you the truth, now that it's too late.
Coco: Apparently, when you eat anything made by an inhabitant of you-know-where, part of you starts living there too. In you-know-where, that is.
Cerberus: Teehee. Doesn't matter if (Captain)'s over here or in you-know-where. My master will always be my master. Now, say "ahhh!"


Cerberus: Happy Valentine's! I have chocolates for you! Now say "ahh."
Mimi: Wipe that arfin' grin off your face. You dirty ol' dog, you.
Coco: You slobber after treats every single year. You deserve to have that sorry tail kicked into the underworld for your gluttony.
Cerberus: Are you a glutton? Hehe. Then I'd better feed you a mountain of chocolates every day.
Mimi: Sounds like a plan. Fatten the captain up, and there'll be more of 'em to eat.
Coco: Fatty meat tastes better anyways. How 'bout we pour 100 buckets of chocolate down (Captain)'s throat daily?
Cerberus: I've already told you two... (Captain) isn't for eating. Here, have some chocolates instead.
Mimi: Chew, chew... Not a bad trade-off.
Coco: Chomp, chomp... They're pretty tasty. Far too good for an ol' dog like you, (Captain).
Cerberus: Coco, Mimi, are you feeling all right? I heard that chocolate's toxic to dogs.
Mimi: What are you barking on about? We aren't the same as your average pups.
Coco: Yeah. How are we supposed to guard the underworld if we can't take a little venom?
Cerberus: Aw... Okay...
Mimi: Wait. You were trying to poison us?
Coco: What were you thinking? The three of us come as a pack!
Cerberus: I just wanted some alone time with (Captain). It is Valentine's, after all.

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Cerberus: Happy White Day!
Mimi: We've been waiting for this day, woof!
Coco: (Captain)! I think you have something for us, bark!
Cerberus: What beautiful sweets! That's my master for you!
Mimi: That's pretty good, but there's one bone I've got to pick with you: it's not enough!
Coco: Nope, it's definitely not enough, woof! No where near the three million times we demanded! Better double it for next year, yip yip!
Cerberus: Okeydokey! Next year's going to be so much fun, Master!


Mimi: Munch, munch... This year's White Day present... Chomp, chomp... You've outdone yourself, woof!
Coco: Nom, nom... Suckling pig... Not too shabby, ruff!
Cerberus: It looks like Mimi and Coco are quite pleased with your White Day treats!
Now then, Master... Where could mine be? I know you have a special treat for me, I can smell it on you.
I knew it! These candy treats look simply divine. Hee hee... Thank you so much, Master!
One more thing, Master—if I could just make a request?
Maybe next year, you could... get me a collar? Just kidding, tee hee.


Cerberus: Thanks for the lovely present, Master.
Mimi: (Captain) has arfing great taste.
Coco: Looks like we got candy and the collars we talked about last year. (Captain)'s taste is wild.
Cerberus: You remembered what I asked for last year. I'm so happy!
Mimi: Next time you only have to give us something 8.95 million times better.
Coco: You're too soft. Let's say 8.99 million times better.
Cerberus: Hee hee! Master won't be able to pay that back in one lifetime.
Mimi: Don't tell me that's the woofing plan!
Coco: On the other side, we'll pile on the work till we're all paid back.
Cerberus: Hmm... Guess we'll have to wait and see.


Cerberus: Yay! You've brought me handmade sweets again! That's my master for you!
Come on, feed me! Ahhh.
Mimi: Coco, do you remember?
Coco: What we said on Valentine's, you mean?
Cerberus: Eat something made by an inhabitant of you-know-where, and part of you starts living there... Which means?
Mimi: No arfin' way! The opposite holds true for us?
Coco: Are we half-livin' over here already?
Coco & Mimi: ...
Mimi: No barkin' way that's true. It's just an old dame's tale.
Coco: Yeah. It's an urban myth, doggone it! Only a naive pup would believe something like that.
Cerberus: Hehe. I kinda want it to be true. Master, another bite please! Ahhh.


Cerberus: Oh, (Captain)! It's just what I wanted!
Mimi: No way it's that good of a present. I'm telling you, all this praise is gonna go to (Captain)'s head.
Coco: You've got a straight face on now, Cap'n. But I know you're trying not to smirk.
Cerberus: Stop with the bullying. (Captain) got you two presents as well, you know.
Mimi: Hmph. That mutt better have. Anyone who tries to snub us will have their life turned into a living hell.
Coco: We'd kill 'em, wrestle their soul back into their body, and kill 'em again. They'll be begging to stay dead before we're done with 'em.
Mimi: So what'd you get for us (Captain)?
Coco: Better be arfin' good if you don't wanna taste a million deaths in 30 seconds.
Cerberus: Collars and leashes! And look—the three of ours match!
Mimi: Of all the doggoned gifts... This is humiliating!
Coco: Wait, why are you giving (Captain) the leashes? You're barkin' crazy!
Cerberus: Hmm? Did you not want to go on a walk and show off these wonderful new collars?
They've got your names printed on them too. No one will mix you up ever again.
Mimi: Y-you can't say that here!
Coco: Now (Captain) knows our greatest weakness!
Cerberus: Hehe. Seems Coco and Mimi like your gift after all. Now, what do you say to that walk?

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Cerberus: Trick or treat!
Mimi: Grr... Hey you! Give us treats and make it quick!
Coco: Yeah, or we'll tear you to shreds and feed 'em to the dead!
Cerberus: What are you going to do? They sound pretty serious to me.
Mimi: Woof, woof! I don't see any treats!
Coco: Ruff, ruff! Let's turn this fool into a chew toy!
Cerberus: Heh heh! Looks you're going to get punished!


Mimi: I've got a bad feeling about today, woof!
Coco: Ruff! Me too! So many creatures out and about that shouldn't be on this side, ruff!
Cerberus: Hee hee, that's perfect for us then, isn't it? We'll just have to send them back there.
Gotta show everyone back home that we're still on the job, right?
Mimi: Arf? What are you even going on about? That's not what's important here, woof!
Coco: That's right, ruff! The important thing is candy! Bring us all the candy you've got, ruff!
Cerberus: Oh, of course. Hee hee. Say, Master? Which would you like—some treats, or... a trick? Hee hee.


???: Hey, Master? Look this way!
(Captain) turns around in the direction of the voice.
Coco & Mimi: Awoooo! Groooar!
Mimi: Our spookery didn't do a thing—that sad sack's no fun at all.
Coco: And we were so chilling! Where's the knee-knocking, pants-peeing, old-fashioned scare we deserved?
Cerberus: Hee hee... Don't speak too soon. After all...
Whiff... Sniff, sniff...
I knew it! Scent doesn't lie—you're terrified deep down inside.


Cerberus: Ooh, Master? Wanna face this way?
Cerberus's voice sounds from behind (Captain). The captain thinks back to last year, then turns around, braced for another fright.
Coco & Mimi: Meow.
Cerberus: Pfft!
Mimi: Hey! You woofin' said (Captain) would be howlin' in terror!
Coco: Yeah! (Captain) was supposed to fall flat on the old tail bone and wriggle like a newborn pup! You arfin' tricked us!
Cerberus: Come ooon! I just thought it'd be fun to prank the two of you for a change.


Mimi: Grr... Where'd that doggone jerk disappear to? I'll rip it to shreds, woof!
Coco: Rrr... I'm gonna knock it clear back to the other side! I'll chew it to bits, then I'll flush those bits down the drain, ruff!
Cerberus: Hehe. Coco and Mimi sure are in a tizzy. They're bounding all over the place.
Did you hear, Master? Sounds like a scaaary ghost's appeared in town. I'm a little worried, so stick with me, okay?
Mimi: Why're you acting like it's not your problem? You gotta help us sniff it out!
Coco: Yeah! If it gets away, we're gonna get arfing punished along with you!
Cerberus: Listen to this—if we find it and drive it away, Master'll give us a reward!
Mimi: I'm holding you to that, pup! You'd better prepare a nice, juicy dragon steak for us!
Coco: Dragon alone's not gonna cut it! I wanna woof down some primal beast stew for dinner!
Cerberus: Well then, what do you say we enjoy a nice Halloween walk together?
And don't worry! If a ghost shows up, I'll be sure to protect you.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Cerberus: Happy holidays!
Mimi: Woof! A whole day of festive treats!
Coco: And if we bop that Santa guy on the head, he'll give us a bag full of loot! Woof!
Cerberus: Bingo! Today's a super fun day full of presents and food!
Mimi: Grr... Where's the grub? Woof!
Coco: Growl... Where'd that Santa guy run off to? Woof woof!
Cerberus: Heh heh! We don't have this kind of thing where we come from, so let's enjoy today to the fullest!


Mimi: This year we're sure to catch that Santa guy, woof! He'll make an excellent meal for the holidays!
Coco: His cries for help will be our present this year, ruff!
Cerberus: Master, do you hear the things these guys are saying?
Mimi: Woof, hey now! You care what happens to that old coot, woof?
Coco: If we can't have Santa, then we demand an equally scrumptious meal to feast on for our present!
Cerberus: Hee hee, it looks like they've really gotten into the holiday spirit this year.
Cerberus: Well, Master, you heard them—I can't wait to see what you'll surprise us with at today's party!


Mimi: Grr... This old coot's a fake!
Coco: Rrr... That old coot's a fake too!
Cerberus: Hm... All these Santas are impostors. We're as far from the real one as ever.
Mimi: They're not just fakes—they're not even scared of us! They're so arrogant, arf!
Coco: One even kicked me around like a ball, hohoho-ing all the way! Who does he think he is!
Mimi: The sham santas are toying with us!
Coco: It makes me so arfing mad! Let's tear out their guts and deck the halls with 'em!
Cerberus: Nuh-uh! If you do that, you'll get a spanking on the other side.
Hee hee! We're going to have a wonderful holiday this year. I hear there's going to be a wild party. Isn't that right, Master?


Mimi: When we woke up this morning, we found chunks of meat and a message. Somethin' smells fishy.
Coco: We didn't sniff anyone out last night. Must've been (Captain) here that did it.
Cerberus: Hmm... You sure it wasn't the man himself? Santa, I mean.
Mimi: That arfin' old man trying to start somethin'? This meat hasta be cursed or poisoned! He's probably trying to send us to you-know-where.
Cerberus: Santa wouldn't do anything like that. Come on, Coco, take a bite.
Coco: You believe all those rumors 'bout Santa, huh? Well, wouldn't hurt to give it a nip. You take some too, Mimi. Chomp, chomp...
With dubious looks on their little faces, Coco and Mimi dig into the chunks of meat ostensibly left behind by Santa.
Cerberus: So, food tasters, is it poisoned?
Mimi: Bwa! So you didn't trust it after all! I declare animal abuse! Barkin' unbelievable. Munch, much...
Mimi:Incorrectly translated in-game as Mimi, and should instead be Coco. Honestly. Chomp, chomp...
Cerberus: Hehe. But you're still eating.


Cerberus: Happy holidays!
Mimi: Heard an ol' cookie-muncher's making his rounds tonight. You been naughty or nice, captain?
Coco: We were really good pups this year. How about you?
Cerberus: Hehe... Coco and Mimi have been nothing but sweet for the longest time. They really want that present from Santa.
Mimi: I'm bad deep down in my bones, but I wasn't about to pass up on free stuff.
Coco: Gotta wag your tail for the ol' chimney-hopper to get what you want.
Cerberus: What do we want? Oh, just three little things...
Mimi: Your flesh. Wanna shred it with my fangs.
Coco: Your bones. Wanna crush them in my jaws.
Cerberus: And your soul... goes to me, of course.
Hehe. Perfect, isn't it? 'Cause then you and I will be together forever.
Even beyond the end of time...
So do make sure you give me your soul someday. Pretty please? Hehe.

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Magic Circle Greeting

As they investigated a certain abandoned house, our heroes accidentally triggered a magic circle. Just then, a girl by the name of Cerberus appeared from within the magic circle. Our heroes tried to decipher what was written in the magic circle, but the girl told them to take responsibility for their actions, and so they decided to travel together.

(Captain) and company had taken up a request to investigate an abandoned house.
Vyrn: Wooow... It’s really been left to rot, huh. I wonder who lived here? What was their life like?
Vyrn: Gulp... There’s a huge magic circle over there on that wall... That’s not normal, dude...
Lyria: This place looks haunted... I’m scared...
Vyrn: Watch your step. The floor’s littered with books and other junk...
Lyria: Oh! (Captain)!
(Captain) tripped over a book on the floor and fell.
Vyrn: What did I just tell you?! You okay?
Vyrn: Wh-what the?! The circle’s activated! Something’s coming out!
???: Did you call us? Woof!
???: What the? Woof! What’s with this little lizard thing?!
???: It’s the girl who always comes when called...
???: Ta-daaa! Look who’s here! It’s Cerberus!
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: What the? Who’s this dog-puppet girl...?
Cerberus: You’re the one who summoned me here, right? Ooh, you’re cuter than I was expecting!
Mimi: More importantly, you there, lizard! What did you just call us?! Woof!
Coco: Depending on how you answer, we might just eat you! Woof!
Cerberus: Aww, it’s fine, you guys! They went to all the trouble of calling us out here, after all!
Cerberus: Say, Master! Let’s go on a walk before you start your work! Take me outside!
Lyria: Master? Is she referring to (Captain)...?
Lyria: This person is... weird... I don’t entirely understand it, but she gives off a weird vibe...
Vyrn: The dog-puppet girl, you mean? Well, it’s not just her vibe. She looks just as weird as she feels...
Mimi: That’s the second time that lizard has called us dog puppets! Woof!
Coco: I won’t let it slide anymore! Woof! I’ll roast him and feed him to the birds! Woof!
Vyrn: I... I am NOT a lizard! And... Wait, feed me to the birds?!
Cerberus: Nooo fightiiing! Forget all that! Let’s talk to Master instead!
Cerberus: Hmm?
Mimi: Did we step on something? Woof!
Coco: A different magic circle from the one we came out of? Woof!
Vyrn: Something else is coming out this time! (Captain)! Get ready!
Monster: GROOORGH!
Lyria: I-It was a monster this time!
Vyrn: The likes of which we’ve never seen, either! Hey! (Captain)! We should run...!
Cerberus: No pranks allowed, silly monster!
Monster: !!!
Lyria: The monster disappeared...
Vyrn: And all it took was a single glare... Just who are you, dog-puppet lady?
Cerberus: How to explain it... I’m Cerberus the Hellhound! Grrrr!
Cerberus: I can’t tell you anything more. It’s my little s-e-c-r-e-t!
Mimi: You should know of us. Woof!
Coco: After all, you summoned us. Woof!
Vyrn: Uhh, I’m pretty sure this is the first time we’ve met! Although... I’m not entirely sure...
Mimi: Forget all that. State your business. Woof!
Coco: Now that you’ve summoned us, make it quick. Woof!
Vyrn: Our business, you say...? Honestly, we never meant to trigger that magic circle... It was an accident...
Vyrn: We didn’t even make this magic circle. How does it work?
Mimi: You useless lizard! Woof! The best contribution you can make to society is to let us turn you into bird food! Woof!
Coco: We can’t go back without doing our job! Woof! If you accidentally summoned us, then take responsibility and look into it! Woof!
Lyria: Look into... what, exactly?
Mimi: The purpose behind why we were summoned here. Woof!
Vyrn: You can tell us to look into it all you want, but... You’d be better off asking the person who used to live here for that kinda information.
Lyria: U-Um... Hey! Maybe if we examined the magic circle, we could figure it out?
Vyrn: O-Okay! (Captain)! Let’s go check out that magic circle back there!
Our heroes drew close to the circle that (Captain) had activated to summon Cerberus.
Vyrn: ?! Th-this writing...!
Lyria: The handwriting’s too messy... I can barely read it...
Mimi: I don’t know why we were called here. Woof!
Coco: And now we can’t go back! Woof!
Cerberus: Which means...
Cerberus: We’ll be stuck here until you figure out what’s written in the circle!
Mimi: Gee, how convenient! Woof!
Coco: I’m getting really angry! Woof!
Cerberus: Oh, it’s fine! There’s plenty of work here that we can’t do anywhere else!
Cerberus: So, that being said... Until we learn why we were called here, you guys are stuck with us!
Vyrn: Whoa, whoa, whoa... I’m not so sure about this... How do you feel about it, (Captain)?
  1. I guess, if that’s how it has to be
  2. Glad to have you with us

Choose: I guess, if that’s how it has to be
Mimi: Glad you understand! Woof! You should have said that sooner! Woof!
Coco: I see you’re a grade above that gutless scaredy-lizard! Woof!
Vyrn: How many times do I have to say it? I'm NOT a damn lizard!

Choose: Glad to have you with us
Vyrn: But... We can’t guarantee this dog-puppet girl is on our side!
Mimi: No worries! Woof!
Coco: If we end up enemies, we’ll make things nice and painless for you! Woof!
Vyrn: H-hey! Are you sure we should take her with us?!
Continue 1
Cerberus: Haha! Let’s worry about the details later! For now...
Cerberus: Since you’re the one who summoned me... Take responsibility, p-l-e-a-s-e! Okay, Master?
And so, the mysterious girl who called herself Cerberus ended up joining forces with (Captain) and company.
This mystery girl had popped out of a magic circle oozing strange vibes. Her true identity was surely shrouded in enigma.

Confessions of a Mage

Being summoned unintentionally, Cerberus decides to enjoy her time since she’s here anyway. “Don’t you want to be with me?”... is what Cerberus says to (Captain) right before some monsters appear.

Mimi: So why were we called here, woof?
Coco: Who is drew the magic circle to summon us, woof?
Mimi: Hey, lizard! Do something, woof!
Vyrn: D-Don’t take it out on me!
Cerberus: Stay calm! We’re here anyway, so we might as well enjoy it!
Coco: You! Go and try to decipher it again, woof!
Vyrn: Nothing will change no matter how many times you look at it. The writing is so messy. I have no idea what’s written.
Mimi: We’ll get yelled at if we take too long to go back, woof.
Coco: I’m scared of being punished, woof.
Cerberus: Don’t worry! We’ll do our jobs here, too...
Cerberus: Besides...! (Captain), don’t you want to be with me?
Cerberus: Right?
  1. I want to be with you.
  2. Not really.

Choose: I want to be with you.
Cerberus: You’re so kind! I’m so glad it was you who summoned me, (Captain)!

Choose: Not really.
Cerberus: We're...? You actually...?
Coco: The answer won’t change even if you’re being annoying, woof. Besides...
Continue 1
Mimi: Talk time’s over, woof.
Coco: Something’s coming out, woof! Be careful, woof!
Monster: Graaaorgh!
Cerberus: Oh, it’s a puny monster? Aha! Let’s play with it a little! Let’s go, (Captain)!

Confessions of a Mage: Scene 2

Vyrn is surprised at how the monsters they fought earlier appeared out of thin air. That is when the mage who drew the magic circle to summon monsters appears. He states that he drew the transport circle to summon Cerberus, and sends monsters at (Captain) and party, saying that the fruits of his research are his to keep.

Vyrn: Hey, what was that?! They just appeared from out of nowhere!
Cerberus: Don’t worry! I’ll beat down that puny monster right away!
Mage: How dare you call it puny! I’m actually quite proud of this creation!
Vyrn: W-Who are you?! Did you do this?!
Mage: Cerberus! I was the one who drew your transport circle!
Vyrn: What!?
Mimi: He finally came out, woof.
Coco: Tell us what you wrote on the circle, woof.
Mage: N-Never mind that...! Why are you with them?!
Mimi: Hey, this is important!
Coco: We’re in trouble because we can’t find a way back, woof! We’re all jumbled up, woof!
Mage: Skyfarers... This is the fruit of my research... I won’t let you have them!
Cerberus: He’s going after (Captain)! But I won’t let anyone hurt Master!

Confessions of a Mage: Scene 3

(Captain) and company question the mage about why he would have sent monsters at them after summoning Cerberus through the transport circle. But the mage’s explanation is incomprehensible. Cerberus reacted to the mage saying the research was a failure and is now motivated to force him to apologize. (Captain) and party start another fight with the monsters that the mage summoned.

Vyrn: W-Wait a second! Why would you send monsters at us?! Why did you summon her in the first place?!
Mage: My magic is superior... to the likes of machines... I...
Mimi: What is this fraudster talking about, woof?
Coco: Stop mumbling and speak clearly, woof!
Mage: That woman... is a failure of my research...
Mimi: Failure? He’s rude, woof. I’ll show you what happens if you make us mad, woof.
Coco: Time to force you to apologize, woof!
Cerberus: It’s too late to regret it now!
Mage: Ugh... I don’t care about you!
Vyrn: What’s going on with this mage? He’s talking nonsense.
Cerberus: Well, whatever the case, you can just leave me alone!
Mage: Shut up! I won’t allow that to happen! I’ll show you my greatest monster!
Vyrn: He’s summoning monsters out of thin air! Watch out!

Confessions of a Mage: Scene 4

The mage tried to explain why Cerberus was summoned through the transportation circle that he drew long ago. However, Cerberus added a few lines to the circle and transports the mage somewhere else... And so, Cerberus ended up staying with (Captain) and company.

Mimi: You all out of stuff to say, woof?!
Coco: That monster was nothing.
Mage: Y-You actually defeated it...
Vyrn: Hey... Could you slow down and explain what's going on?
Vyrn: If you don't do something about it, who knows what that puppy girl will do to you?
Mage: Y-Yeah...
The mage begins to talk about the time he created Cerberus' transportation circle.
Mage: As I said before... Summoning her was sort of an accident...
Mage: I've been studying transportation magic, you see...
Mage: Nowadays, everyone relies on machines... like those barbaric airships to get around. No one tries to use magic for travel anymore...
Mage: With humans relying so much upon the convenience of machines... I suspect the mystical power of humans will slowly diminish...
Mage: That's why I experimented through trial and error, and finally completed that transportation circle.
Mage: I left it alone without activating it, never suspecting that something like this would happen...
Vyrn: You mean... you only wanted to complete your transportation magic?
Mage: That's right. I didn't think it could actually summon anything. It's the first real result that came from my years of research...
Mimi: Woof, what did you write in the circle?
Coco: We can't leave until we finish the job that's written here, woof woof!
Mage: I don't remember... It's been so many years...
Vyrn: I have a copy of that magic circle! The writing is too sloppy for me to read, though.
Mage: Let me see it. Hm, I do have awful handwriting... Uhh... "I... hereby... "
Cerberus: Wait a minute! That circle wasn't a failure, you know.
Mage: What? Not a failure...? What are you talking about...?
Cerberus: If you just write this... right here... There!
Mage: T-This is...
Vyrn: H-hey! He disappeared!
Mimi: Woof! What did you do?!
Cerberus: Mmm? I just added some lines is all.
Mimi: Woof, you reversed the effect of the circle!
Coco: You sent that fraud to the other side, woof!
Lyria: Whaaat?! Then, that mage is...
Cerberus: Haha, don't worry! He seemed like he'll be okay!
Cerberus: I'm sure he'll be back soon! Right, (Captain)?
Mimi: If you completed the circle...
Coco: You must know what was written on it, woof!
Cerberus: Who knows?
Cerberus: Anyway... We're back where we started!
Cerberus: I can't go back for a while, so I'll stick around with master for a while longer!
Cerberus: You're the one that activated the circle, right? So... you need to take responsibility!
The only lead they were able to decode on the transportation circle vanishes with a bright light.
Cerberus' walk on this side of the circle goes on for a while longer.

Cerberus's Truth

Cerberus goes looking for (Captain), hoping to make the captain her new true master. Things quickly turn hostile when she bumps into Sandalphon, as Coco and Mimi perceive him as an enemy. Fortunately, Cerberus is able to calm things down and asks Sandalphon for some coffee.

Cerberus is basking in the warm weather one beautiful afternoon on the Grandcypher.
Cerberus: Love the breeze today! Days like this are best spent napping under the sun!
Coco: Geez, how carefree can you be! We should be thinking about what to do next! Woof!
Coco: We can't afford to be kicking it back without a care in the world while you-know-who's getting stronger day by day. Woof. Woof.
Cerberus: Huh? You sure about that? Maybe you two are just mistaken.
Mimi: Not in a million years! We'd know what the deal is with our real master! Woof!
Cerberus: Sigh...
Mimi: Chances are that seal's gonna break sooner rather than later. Woof.
Coco: We'd better haul ourselves back to the other side, or we're gonna be in for a rough spankin'! Woof!
Cerberus: Aw, shucks. It was so nice to be free of those chains once the master was sealed away.
Cerberus: And you two seem to be enjoying the freedom just as much as I am.
Coco: That's for sure. Woof...
Cerberus: Ooor... Would you guys rather go back to that boring old life?
Cerberus: A life where our master wouldn't even take us for walks no matter how obedient we were in following those distasteful orders.
Coco: Well... We were never meant to be free to begin with. Woof.
Mimi: Either way, we're gonna go back to being servants once the seal breaks. Woof.
Mimi: And I'd rather be a good little puppy about it so that the spanking doesn't hurt too much later. Woof.
Mimi: That's our fate. It was always meant to be this way. Woof.
Cerberus: So, in other words...
Cerberus: A big obstacle's in the way of our freedom.
Cerberus: We simply need a new master. And we've already found the perfect candidate.
Coco: What are you saying! Woof!
Mimi: Yeah, how would we even change our master to begin with? Woof!
Cerberus: Heheh...
Cerberus responds with a playful smile.
Cerberus: Now we have the perfect reason for (Captain) to become our real master!
Coco: Hold it right there! Are you sure (Captain)'s the right choice? Woof!
Mimi: You can't be serious! (Captain)'s a filthy skydweller! Woof!
Cerberus: I don't see what's the big deal. The point is for us to not have to go back.
Cerberus: Besides... Just imagine how much fun it's gonna be with (Captain) as our true master.
Cerberus: The captain wouldn't mind playing with us and taking us for walks every day.
Cerberus: And we don't have to do anything we don't want to either.
Coco & Mimi: ...
Cerberus: Hahah, your silence tells me you think this isn't such a bad idea.
Coco: I like the sound of it. I'm just not sure we've chosen the right person... Woof.
Mimi: What other options do we have? Woof.
Cerberus: Aw, c'mon now. You might say that, but I know that deep down you're both big fans of the captain.
Mimi: Th-that's not true! The most I'll admit is that (Captain)'s pretty good at grooming us! Woof!
Coco: That's for sure! Also, (Captain) doesn't get me and Mimi confused! But that's all I'll acknowledge! Woof!
Cerberus: Aw, look at you guys heap the praise on our captain!
Cerberus: Well, let's go make it official.
Cerberus is in high spirits as she goes off to look for (Captain).
(Captain) and company are relaxing in a room, munching away at snacks.
Cerberus: There you are, (Captain). I thought you might be here.
Vyrn: Heyo. How's it goin', Puppy Girl?
Cerberus: I have a favor to ask of (Captain)...
After taking a good whiff with her nose, Cerberus turns to the coffee on the table.
Cerberus: What is that, (Captain)? It smells so good.
Lyria: It's coffee. Would you like some too?
Vyrn: I'm not sure that's such a good idea. Coffee's supposed to be poisonous to dogs.
Coco: You better not be comparing us to your average doggy! Woof!
Mimi: Yeah, we can even munch on chocolate! Coffee can't be that far off! Woof!
Lyria delightedly pours coffee into a cup and hands it to Cerberus.
Cerberus: Thanks! Let's have a sip—
Cerberus: Eek! It's hot!
Lyria: Oh, sorry about that. Maybe I should've waited a bit first.
Cerberus: It's fine... It's just hotter than I thought it would be. Then again...
A mischievous smile plays on Cerberus's lips as she turns to (Captain).
Cerberus: Hey, (Captain). How would you like to blow on my coffee and cool it down for me?
A sheepish grin spreads over the captain's face.
Coco: Something's real suspicious about that grin! What could (Captain) possibly be thinking? Woof!
Mimi: Tell us what's on your mind! Spit it all out! Woof!
Sandalphon: (Captain), would you like a refill—
Sandalphon: ...
Coco & Mimi: ...
Sandalphon: C-Cerberus!
Sandalphon tosses his tray aside and readies his sword in a panic.
Coco and Mimi, too, take up battle positions.
Coco: We sure didn't expect to find you here! Woof!
Mimi: We've found you at last! Now to tie you up and send you back to Pandemonium! Woof!
Things quickly grow volatile.
(Captain) and company try to defuse the situation.
Lyria: What's gotten into everyone! No fighting allowed on the ship!
Vyrn: Let's all settle down! For starters, how do you guys even know each other?
Mimi: Quiet, you! This is our problem! Woof!
Cerberus: Coco, Mimi, stop right there! You're scaring (Captain).
Mimi: You're being way too relaxed if you ask me! We need to nab this guy! Woof!
Coco: Yeah, what Mimi said! Woof!
Cerberus: Sigh... I've been avoiding Sandalphon because I figured things would turn out like this...
Coco: Wait, you knew he was here all along? Woof!
Mimi: What a risky play! Don't you know the danger he poses? Woof!
Cerberus: Nah, it's all good. Especially since we'll be going with a new master.
Cerberus: So I need you two to stay put, okay?
Mimi: At this rate, we'll be in deep doo-doo if we don't change our master. Woof.
Coco: We're gonna get so much more than a spanking if it gets out that we found Sandalphon and let him go without so much as a growl. Woof.
Cerberus & Co.: You don't plan on fighting... Good.
Cerberus: Mm-hm. No need for hostilities here.
Cerberus: Anyway, Sandalphon, don't you have any cold coffee?
Sandalphon: Huh?
Cerberus: My tongue burns easily, so I can't handle hot beverages. It would really make my day if you had some cold coffee!
Sandalphon: ...
Cerberus: I mean, it'd be a shame if I'm the only one who doesn't get to drink something, right?
Cerberus: And as thanks, I'll answer any questions you might have.
Sandalphon: Fair enough.
Vyrn: Sheesh... Sounds like one wacky relationship you guys have...
Cerberus: It's decided then—a chat over cold coffee.
Sandalphon sheathes his sword and goes off to the kitchen to get some cold coffee.
Not quite sure what to make of what just happened, (Captain) and company shrug at each other.

Cerberus's Truth: Scene 2

Sandalphon reveals that Cerberus was originally created to be the watchdog of Pandemonium. She was sealed there along with her master, the archangel Kokabiel. Split into three separate Cerberuses because of her overwhelming power, it was the Cerberus of Instinct that made her way out and joined the crew.

Happy to oblige with Cerberus's request, Sandalphon returns from the kitchen with cold coffee.
Cerberus happily takes a sip of the beverage.
Cerberus: Hahah. This is more my speed.
Sandalphon: Well? What's your reason for being here?
Cerberus: Why don't you tell him all about how we first met, Master?
(Captain) explains how the crew first crossed paths with Cerberus.
Sandalphon: She suddenly popped out of a magic circle?
Mimi: We were pretty surprised ourselves with what that crazy fella pulled off. Woof.
Coco: It was pure luck that his cruddy magic circle happened to connect to our world. Woof.
Sandalphon: Is a mortal's magic really capable of such a thing?
Cerberus: It must've been fate. Surely Master and I were destined to meet that day.
Sandalphon: So you say... Then again, we're talking about (Captain) here, so that's a very real possibility...
Sandalphon: Still though...
Sandalphon clutches his head, a perplexed expression crossing his visage.
Lyria: Um, so you two used to know each other?
Sandalphon: Well, we've never spoken directly.
Sandalphon: But I could see for myself just how wicked she was during my confinement in Pandemonium.
Vyrn: You sure we're talkin' about the same Puppy Girl? What's this Pandemonium thing anyway?
Sandalphon: Has Cerberus told you nothing? She is the watchdog of Pandemonium...
Sandalphon: It's what she was created to do.
Vyrn: No way!
(Captain) and company cannot contain their surprise.
Vyrn: Strange, I've always found Cerberus to be way too friendly to watch over a place like that.
Cerberus: That was a long, long time ago. Nowadays, I'm just (Captain)'s adorable pet!
Cerberus: So be sure to show me lots of love, (Captain)!
Sandalphon: Anyhow, it sure is a surprise to see you in the Sky Realm...
Sandalphon: I once heard that you were bound to Pandemonium by a subjugation bond...
Sandalphon: Though I may have simply misunderstood.
Vyrn: A subjugation bond? What's that all about?
Cerberus: I think Sandalphon's talking about the chains that tied us to Pandemonium.
Cerberus: To make sure we could handle the job, we were given great power.
Coco: We had to be up to snuff to watch Pandemonium's prisoners! Woof!
Mimi: We pack a mean bite when we mean business! Woof!
Cerberus: But certain Astrals found us to be far too strong to be left to our own devices.
Coco: That's why they placed a restraint on us. Woof.
Mimi: To prevent us from running about freely. Woof.
Cerberus: That restraint is the subjugation bond... It forces absolute obedience on us.
Cerberus: Meaning we have to obey our master no matter what.
Sandalphon: Hold it. If that's true, then you have no freedom.
Sandalphon: Which would mean you're here only because your master ordered it... Am I wrong?
Sandalphon grows wary at Cerberus's words.
Cerberus: Nuh-uh. The subjugation bond holding us back is no more... We're without a master right now.
Sandalphon: What do you mean?
Cerberus: Our true master is an archangel named Kokabiel.
Cerberus: Using her special privileges as warden of the place, she conducted some pretty nasty experiments in the name of research.
Cerberus: Fortunately she was eventually found out, captured, and sealed away in Pandemonium.
Cerberus: We were sealed away too, along with the subjugation bond.
Lyria: Huh? But you're right here with us, Cerberus.
Cerberus: Oh, right. I guess I forgot to tell you guys.
Cerberus: There's actually three parts to me: instinct, reason, and power. And all of me was sealed in Pandemonium.
Cerberus: The Cerberus you see before you is instinct.
Cerberus: Locked inside the seal, I kept thinking about how much fun it'd be to go play outside.
Cerberus: The summoning circle must've picked up my wishes and transported me here.
Cerberus: Just goes to show how much of a coinkydink it is that I wound up here!
Sandalphon: ...
Sandalphon: You mentioned something about changing your master.
Sandalphon: I suppose that would essentially mean giving someone else absolute authority over you?
Cerberus: Mm-hm! I have my reasons for wanting a new master ASAP!
Hoping for a show of generosity, Cerberus clings to the captain.
Cerberus: (Captain), you remember how I said I needed a favor?
Cerberus: Well, that favor is for you to become my master for real!
Sandalphon: Wha?
Lyria: Ah!
Vyrn: Gah!
While (Captain) and company are flabbergasted...
Cerberus looks straight into the captain's eyes with excited anticipation.

Cerberus's Truth: Scene 3

Kokabiel was a cruel master who restricted Cerberus's freedom and often punished her. Not wanting her to suffer anymore, (Captain) officially becomes her new master through a subjugation bond. The hellhound is overjoyed with her newfound freedom under the auspices of the captain.

Cerberus is serious about wanting the captain as her new master.
(Captain)'s mouth is agape at the request.
  1. Why me?

Choose: Why me?
Cerberus: You're trustworthy, and you're a ton of fun to be around.
Cerberus: You definitely wouldn't treat us as just another tool like Kokabiel does.
Coco: Funny thing is, I always thought of us as nothing more than a tool. Woof.
Mimi: She subjected us to all sorts of cruel and unusual punishment. Woof.
Mimi: I almost cried that one time she shaved me bald. Woof...
Coco: She also left us without food for days on end. Woof.
Cerberus: Worst of all, we couldn't go on walks or play around.
Cerberus: And every job she ever gave us was a total bore.
Cerberus: Thankfully... You're the total opposite of that, (Captain).
Cerberus: You regularly take us for walks, you groom us, and you play with us.
Cerberus: That's why I choose you, (Captain).
Cerberus: Besides, things are going to get real hairy if I don't get myself a new master soon.
Vyrn: Whaddya mean?
Mimi: Kokabiel and the subjugation bond are both sealed on the other side, which allows us to do as we please on this side. Woof.
Coco: Thing is, we sniff activity around the seal. If Kokabiel breaks through it, we'll be forced to go back at once. Woof.
Cerberus: And when that happens, it'd likely be goodbye for good.
Cerberus: Which would suck big-time. Wouldn't you two agree?
Mimi: It's like comparing a mud ditch to a mud pit. And yeah, I suppose the ditch is somewhat better. Woof.
Coco: We won't have to go back to that mud pit if we change our master now. Woof.
Sandalphon: So that's your reasoning, huh...
Mimi: Freedom would be ours. Woof.
Coco: And there'd be no need for us to have to drag Sandalphon back. Woof.
Cerberus: Mm-hm. No one would have to get caught up in a battle between me and Sandalphon.
Sandalphon: Understood, but is changing your master really possible?
Mimi: The filthy fallen angel with a twisted personality's got a point! Is it even possible? Woof!
Cerberus: There are special rules in place for the subjugation bond.
Cerberus: If the current master of the bond should become incapacitated, the servant is allowed to renew the bond with a different master.
Cerberus: If no one else has been specifically chosen beforehand to be the next master, then the servant gets to freely choose the next candidate.
Cerberus: Once the new subjugation bond is forged, the previous one is rendered null.
Cerberus: Hope that clears it up!
Coco: I had no idea. Woof.
Mimi: H-how did you even know that? Woof!
Cerberus: Hahah, a doggy's gotta have her secrets!
Sandalphon: So all the pieces are in place. Your current master's sealed off, and there's no one else in line.
Sandalphon: That explains why you're free to choose (Captain) as your next master...
Cerberus: Uh-huh, that's right!
Cerberus: Please, please, pretty please, (Captain). Won't you become our master for real?
Cerberus: If you agree to it, we'll be able to do more for you than ever before!
Coco: Being bossed around by a grimy skydweller doesn't sound like fun. Sure beats rolling around in a mud pit though. Woof.
Mimi: I can feel my stomach turning inside out at the thought of (Captain) as master, but yeah, the mud pit's definitely worse. Woof.
Vyrn: The puppies don't exactly sound convinced. You sure about this?
Cerberus: As sure as can be! They're just trying to act tough!
Coco & Mimi: Humph!
Sandalphon: Well, (Captain)? What do you say?
Sandalphon: Personally, I would prefer if you became Cerberus's master.
Vyrn: Oh yeah? That's a surprise, comin' from you.
Sandalphon: If (Captain) goes through with this, then I get to avoid an unnecessary battle.
Sandalphon: And we can mitigate the risk of someone more dangerous subjugating her.
  1. You sure I'm the right choice?
  2. All right. Let's do this.

Choose: You sure I'm the right choice?
Cerberus: You're my number one choice!
Cerberus: No one else walks, plays, and naps with me like you do!
Cerberus: You're the master of my dreams!
(Captain) gives an understanding nod.
Cerberus: Thank you, (Captain)!

Choose: All right. Let's do this.
Cerberus: Thank you, (Captain)!
Continue 1
A relieved smile spreads across Cerberus's face.
  1. So how does this work?

Choose: So how does this work?
Cerberus: One second.
Cerberus produces a collar and hands it to the captain.
Cerberus: You see that jewel on the collar? You have to drip some of your blood on it.
Cerberus: Then you put the collar around my neck, and our bond is complete!
(Captain) does as instructed.
In the next moment, the collar turns into chains of light that wrap around Cerberus's body multiple times over.
Cerberus: Wonderful, now we're bonded. Try giving me orders, (Captain)!
  1. Gimme your paws!
  2. Um...

Choose: Gimme your paws!
Cerberus & Co.: Woof!
Cerberus gently places her paws on (Captain)'s hands, the sign of a well-mannered canine.
Coco: Wh-what an embarrassment this is... Woof!
Mimi: For the mighty watchdog of Pandemonium to have to play games with (Captain) shows how far we've fallen... Woof!

Choose: Um...
Vyrn: Gimme your paws!
Coco: You picking a fight with us? You're on! Woof!
Mimi: Let's see you talk big after I chomp down on you headfirst! Woof!
Vyrn: Whoa! Whatever happened to absolute obedience?
Cerberus: (Captain)'s the only one we pledged allegiance to!
Coco: Hahah, prepare yourself! Woof!
Mimi: We're sending you to meet your maker! Woof!
Vyrn: Ack! (Captain), you've gotta stop 'em!
Lyria: Ahahaha...
Continue 2
Cerberus: Haha. May we be together forever and always, (Captain).
Cerberus: I trust you'll take very good care of me.
Grinning from ear to ear, Cerberus snuggles up to (Captain).
The captain reciprocates with a wry smile.
Cerberus: Now we're officially (Captain)'s pets!
Coco: Whatever. More importantly, what do we do next? Woof.
Mimi: Come to think of it, there's no way Kokabiel's going to let this lie if she finds out what we've done. Woof.
Coco: Yeah, she'd be beside herself. Woof.
Cerberus: Does it really matter though?
Cerberus: She no longer has anything to do with us.
Mimi: That hag's gonna try to get us back for sure. Woof.
Coco: Worst-case scenario, she might even go after the crew. Woof.
Cerberus: When that time comes, we'll just have to teach Kokabiel a lesson she won't forget. For our sakes too.
Coco: You okay with that? Woof.
Cerberus: I don't see why not. We belong to (Captain) now!
Cerberus: And it's every pet's duty to protect their master!
Coco: Don't get the wrong idea now. I've been waiting for the chance to sink my jaws into her. Woof.
Mimi: It's a chance we won't get again. I'm gonna chew her out for every bit of pride she's worth. Woof.
Cerberus: Hahah... I'm already looking forward to being spoiled by (Captain) tomorrow.
Cerberus: First thing's first...
Cerberus imagines what her future will be like, a sparkle in her eyes.
Though Coco and Mimi may grumble, they share in her joy.

Cerberus Threefold!

The mage who once summoned Cerberus shows up before the crew. Something about him seems different as he gives the order for Cerberus to return—an order that the hellhound gleefully refuses.

The crew is taking it easy one sunny afternoon.
Lyria: Phew, it sure is nice to just relax and enjoy ourselves sometimes.
Vyrn: You said it.
Cerberus: Can you brush me, (Captain)?
(Captain) accepts the brush and gently combs Cerberus's hair, tail, and ears.
Cerberus: Mm... Teehee, (Captain), go over that spot again. It feels sooo good... Oh, yes...
Vyrn: From the way you're moaning, you sound like you're in bliss, Puppy Girl.
Cerberus: What can I say? (Captain)'s just that good at making me feel good.
Lyria: Maybe I should ask (Captain) to brush me too...
Vyrn: You sure have been stickin' to (Captain) like glue lately, Puppy Girl.
Cerberus: Haha. I mean, I'm (Captain)'s pet after all, aren't I?
Cerberus: Besides...
???: I've found you.
A magic circle appears beside the crew.
A familiar-looking mage comes out of it.
Cerberus: Stuff like this happens too.
Lyria: Eep! Who's this all of a sudden... Wait...
Vyrn: Hey, that's the guy who drew the magic circle that Puppy Girl came out of.
Lyria: Yeah, I think you're right. But after that...
Vyrn: Puppy Girl sent him packing. To "the other side," I think it was...
Lyria: Cerberus wasn't kidding when she said the mage would be back before (Captain) could say woof...
(Captain) and company look puzzledly at the mage.
He ignores their curious gazes and turns straight to Cerberus.
Mage: I can't believe you're really out... How did you get past the seal?
Mage: Never mind that. I can figure out the details later.
Coco: No way! Does this mean the seal's undone? Woof!
Mimi: Wh-what do we do? Are we gonna have to fight it out? Woof!
Mage: Quiet. Who gave you permission to speak?
Mage: Don't tell me you're itching for another full-body shave.
Coco: W-woof!
Mimi: No, anything but that! Woof!
Cerberus: ...
Mage: I command you to return to my side, Cerberus.
Cerberus: Nuh-uh.
Mage: ...
I'm sorry, I didn't hear you.
Cerberus: I said no.
Mage: Urk!
Unable to believe how Cerberus is responding...
The mage is rendered speechless.

Cerberus Threefold!: Scene 2

Cerberus's former master, Kokabiel, through possession of the mage, promises to use the Cerberuses of Reason and Power to regain full control over the hellhound. (Captain) hopes to prevent that from happening by becoming the master of the other two Cerberuses as well, and takes the plunge into Pandemonium.

Mage: Th-this cannot be. It should not be possible for you to refuse my orders as your master. The subjugation bond is absolute...
Cerberus: Unfortunately for you, our current master is (Captain) here.
Cerberus: Meaning there's no reason for us to have to listen to a thing you say.
Cerberus takes this chance to cuddle up to (Captain).
Mage: Your current master?
Mage: You've renewed the subjugation bond, haven't you?
Cerberus: Mm-hm, that makes you our former master. Get it?
Vyrn: Wait, Puppy Girl. Whaddya mean this guy's your former master?
Vyrn: This is the mage you sent off somewhere.
Cerberus: Yes, but the one in control of that body right now is Kokabiel, my former master.
Cerberus: The poor mage must've had his consciousness taken over. I mean, I did send him to Pandemonium after all.
Vyrn: Geez. I'm surprised the guy survived a trip to that place.
Cerberus: Hehe. I knew he'd be fine.
Cerberus: Anyhoo, former Master... Or should I say, Kokabiel... I have just one question.
Cerberus: Can I take the fact that you're possessing a mortal to mean that your own body is still locked behind the seal?
Mage: Quite the rude little mutt, aren't you...
Mage: But I'll allow it, for you've been of great service to me.
Mage: You are correct, Cerberus of Instinct. The seal remains intact.
Mage: But it is only a matter of time for it to be undone.
Mage: Thanks to the sudden appearance of this mortal in Pandemonium.
Mage: It's all thanks to you that I can be here right now, Cerberus of Instinct.
Cerberus: ...
Mimi: Wait, you knew? Woof.
Cerberus: ...
Mage: I commend you for freeing me, but I cannot offer the same praise for your renewal of the bond.
Kokabiel turns to (Captain).
Mage: I didn't want to do this...
Mage: But if I've lost control of Cerberus, then I must reactivate my bond with her.
Cerberus: You lay a hand on (Captain), and you're gonna be in for a world of pain.
Mage: ...
Mage: Very well. I'll take my leave for now.
Coco: Aw, Kokabiel's gone soft. Woof.
Mimi: What are you plotting? Woof.
Mage: There are two ways for me to reclaim my bond with the Cerberus of Instinct.
Mage: The first is to reinstate the bond after killing its current master.
Mage: The second is to have the Cerberuses of Power and Reason kill and absorb you, the Cerberus of Instinct.
Cerberus: Oh no...
Mage: I prefer to avoid fighting wherever I can. I'm not fond of something so barbaric and unproductive.
Mage: That's why I'm going to leave the fighting to you Cerberuses instead.
Mage: The other two are still under my control after all.
Coco: But they're sealed away too! Woof!
Mage: Releasing their seal is going to be a cinch once I'm fully resurrected.
Mage: Haha, you're going to regret casting me off as your master.
With those words, a magic circle emerges once more.
The mage possessed by Kokabiel vanishes with the circle.
Cerberus: ...
Vyrn: What are we gonna do! That creep plans on offin' either (Captain) or Puppy Girl!
Coco: I'm not ready to be pushing up daisies! Woof!
Mimi: You've gotta think of something, (Captain)! It's every master's duty to protect their pets! Woof!
Vyrn: Why's she so obsessed with you anyway, Puppy Girl?
Vyrn: Are you that powerful?
Cerberus: She probably needs me to continue on with her experiments.
  1. Experiments?

Choose: Experiments?
Cerberus: She's trying to use Astrals and archangels as fodder to create stronger primal beasts.
Lyria: Wh-why is she doing something so horrible?
Cerberus: Kokabiel is an archangel responsible for the research behind primal beast creation.
Cerberus: But she never actually produced any noteworthy results—
Coco: What a loser! Woof!
Mimi: A total beanbrain! Woof!
Cerberus: And so she wants to teach a lesson to everyone who ever looked down on her.
Cerberus: She's made it her life's goal to show everyone just how incredible she is.
Cerberus: And so Kokabiel really doubled down on the idea of making a powerful primal beast.
Cerberus: So much so that she decided to become Pandemonium's warden.
Mimi: The creep began throwing captured archangels and Astrals together to create primal beasts. Woof.
Coco: We were forced to help. Woof.
Mimi: We hated it but had to follow along, no thanks to the subjugation bond. Woof.
Cerberus: When the awful things we were doing came to light, we were captured along with Kokabiel and sealed in Pandemonium.
Coco: That's also when we were considered to be far too dangerous and split into three: instinct, power, and reason. Woof.
Lyria: Kokabiel mentioned she still has control over the Cerberuses of Reason and Power...
Cerberus: Mm-hm, there's no change to their subjugation bonds.
Cerberus: So they remain obedient to her.
Cerberus: If either one of them manages to defeat and absorb me, my bond with (Captain) will be null.
Cerberus: Meaning (Captain) and I can never truly be together as long as Kokabiel's around.
Vyrn: You seem pretty lackadaisical about it. You have a plan in mind?
Cerberus: Uh-huh, there's only one thing to do.
Cerberus: It's to go to Pandemonium together and have (Captain) form a bond with the Cerberuses of Power and Reason!
Cerberus: Then Kokabiel will be powerless.
Mimi: She's a total pushover without us to back her up. Woof.
Coco: Maybe we can even reseal her there. Woof.
Cerberus: Pandemonium might seem like a scary place, but with me around, there's nothing to be afraid of.
Cerberus: So please, (Captain). Won't you come with me to Pandemonium?
  1. Sure.
  2. I dunno about this...

Choose: Sure.
Cerberus: Great! We'll show you the way and be your bodyguards!
Cerberus: All in a day's work for a pet!

Choose: I dunno about this...
Cerberus: Oh, it'll be fine. Trust in Cerberus, (Captain).
Cerberus: As your loyal pets, we promise to keep you safe.
Cerberus: There's nothing to worry about, (Captain).
Continue 1
The captain nods with a wry smile.
Coco: Problem is there's no guarantee our reason and power versions will agree to the change in master. Woof.
Mimi: Especially the Cerberus of Reason. She might actually try to reason things out. Woof.
Coco: Won't have to worry about that with the Cerberus of Power, thankfully. Woof.
Cerberus: It'll be fine.
Cerberus: I mean, just look at how drawn I am to (Captain).
Cerberus: The other versions of me will find (Captain) just as charming.
Cerberus flashes a confident smile.
The captain responds with a nervous laugh.

Cerberus Threefold!: Scene 3

By the time the crew arrives at Pandemonium, Kokabiel has undone the seal on herself and sics the Cerberuses of Reason and Power on the crew. As much as they'd rather not, they are forced to obey Kokabiel because of the subjugation bond.

The crew sets out to stop Kokabiel from carrying out her plan.
And for the captain to bond with the Cerberuses of power and reason.
Lyria: Hm...
Vyrn: What's wrong, Lyria? Something troublin' ya?
Lyria: It feels like I'm being stared at in every direction...
Coco: We've got some nasty prisoners sealed on this floor of Pandemonium. Woof.
Mimi: That explains what Lyria's feeling. Woof.
Cerberus: Their resent can also take the form of terrifying ghosts that haunt us...
Lyria: Eek! Th-there are ghosts here?
Cerberus: Hahah...
Lyria: Um... Is it okay if we hold hands, (Captain)?
The captain grips Lyria's hand, bringing her some relief.
Cerberus: Just kidding. I didn't see a single ghost in all the time I was here.
Cerberus: Oh, that's the room we're looking for.
Cerberus stops in her tracks before the large door.
Cerberus: Now for authentication...
Coco: It opened... Woof.
Mimi: It really did... Woof.
Seeing how serious Cerberus is, the others take care to be vigilant.
Cerberus: Let's go inside first. We won't get anywhere by just standing here.
The crew enters the room, ready to engage in battle at a moment's notice.
Inside, they find three women, along with a familiar-looking mage collapsed on the ground.
Two of the women look exactly like Cerberus.
Cerberus of Power: Ooh, we have a guest.
Cerberus of Reason: ...
???: It's you...
Cerberus: Kokabiel...
Coco: The seal's gone! We were too late! Woof!
Mimi: Power and Reason are free too! Woof!
Cerberus: What a surprise... I would've thought it'd take more time than this...
Cerberus: This calls for a change of plans, (Captain).
Cerberus of Reason: (Captain)?
Cerberus of Reason: What do you mean, Cerberus of Instinct? Kokabiel is the one we follow—
Kokabiel: That's Master Kokabiel to you.
Kokabiel smacks the Cerberus of Reason hard.
Vyrn: Whoa! What's the big idea?
Kokabiel: I'm showing a worthless tool its place.
Kokabiel: I will not tolerate any disrespect from a tool.
Cerberus of Reason: Forgive me, Master.
Cerberus of Reason: But if you could please explain why I—
Kokabiel: You deserve no explanation.
Cerberus of Reason: But...
The Cerberus of Reason tries to reason with Kokabiel.
Which only agitates her, inciting her to smack the Cerberus of Reason once more.
Kokabiel: Don't make me repeat myself. Understood?
Cerberus of Reason: Yes...
Kokabiel: Any good tool knows to follow orders.
Cerberus of Power: Tch... As if you'd have been able to do anything without our power.
Kokabiel: You sound like you need some disciplining.
Cerberus of Power: Forgive me, Master...
Kokabiel: Hm, the Cerberus of Power is openly hostile to me...
Kokabiel: While the Cerberus of Reason has a rebuke for everything I say...
Kokabiel: A worthless tool becoming infinitely more worthless after being split into three.
Kokabiel: I'll have to merge you all back into one somehow.
Kokabiel turns her attention to (Captain) and company.
Kokabiel: Cerberuses of Power and Reason, I command you.
Kokabiel: Eliminate the Cerberus of Instinct and its master.
Kokabiel: And bring the others to me once you've overpowered them.
Kokabiel: They'll make for fine specimens.
Cerberus of Reason: Understood...
Cerberus of Power: Sorry, but we have our orders...
The Cerberuses of Power and Reason bare their fangs at the crew.
Vyrn: Yikes! What do we do?
Cerberus: We'll just have to fight back.
Cerberus: The subjugation bond is absolute, so they have to obey their orders no matter what.
Vyrn: Are you really gonna be okay? If we lose...
Cerberus: Nah, it'll be fine.
Lyria: Um, I hope you're right...
Cerberus: Oh, I'm definitely stronger than those two.
Cerberus: Coco, Mimi, it's been a long time, but we're going all out today.
Coco: You sure? Didn't you want us to hold back to not scare the crew? Woof.
Cerberus: The situation's changed. Besides, a good pet has to protect its master.
Cerberus: And there's not a chance in hell I'm going back to serving Kokabiel!
Mimi: My thoughts exactly. Woof.
Coco: No holding back then! Woof!
Mimi: (Captain) and the others are gonna see for themselves just how strong we are! Woof!
Cerberus: Haha! Instinct is not to be underestimated!

Cerberus Threefold!: Scene 4

With the battle ended, the opposing Cerberuses are absorbed by the Cerberus of Instinct. The fully-powered Cerberus seals Kokabiel in Pandemonium once more and saves the captive mage. (Captain) walks away the proud master of a complete and wholesome Cerberus.

The crew defeats the hostile Cerberuses.
They turn into rays of light and are absorbed by the Cerberus of Instinct.
Cerberus: Three Cerberuses in one! I'm back, baby!
Coco: I can feel the power! Woof!
Mimi: (Captain)'s the only one who can stop us now! Woof!
Lyria: So this is your true strength... It's incredible...
  1. You sound surprised, Lyria...
  2. Gimme your paws!

Choose: You sound surprised, Lyria...
Lyria: She's so powerful, it's almost terrifying...
Coco: You can say that again, Lyria! (Captain)'s kinda wimpy in comparison! Woof!
Mimi: Yeah, (Captain) can't even sense our power—just what you'd expect from a filthy skydweller! Woof!
Cerberus: Haha! All right, (Captain)—time to give you a taste of my true strength!

Choose: Gimme your paws!
Cerberus & Co.: Woof!
With a soft growl, Cerberus puts both hands on (Captain)'s.
Coco: What'd you ask us to do that for? Woof!
Mimi: Stop teasing us! Woof!
Cerberus: Aren't I a good doggy, (Captain)? I hope you'll reward me by petting me lots and lots!
Continue 1
Kokabiel: I-impossible... How could this possibly happen!
Kokabiel: The Cerberus of Instinct coupled with a bunch of trifling skydwellers!
Kokabiel: The likes of you could never best the other two Cerberuses!
Cerberus: Just goes to show how much stronger we are.
Coco: The Cerberuses of Power and Reason were hardly motivated. Woof.
Mimi: They attacked us out of obligation, not because they wanted to. Woof.
Cerberus: I bet they were hoping to lose and be absorbed by me to be free of your control.
Coco: Smart doggies. Woof.
Mimi: It's crazy how much better (Captain) is than Kokabiel. Woof.
Kokabiel: I refuse to accept this! I'm meant for greater things!
Cerberus: Aw. Too bad for you.
Cerberus goes up to Kokabiel, a triumphant smirk on her lips.
Cerberus: No matter how much you beg, I'm never gonna forgive you.
Cerberus: You deserve payback for laying a hand on (Captain).
Kokabiel: S-stay away!
Cerberus: Coco, Mimi, let's finish the job.
Coco & Mimi: On it! Woof!
Chains of light spring forth from Coco and Mimi and wrap around Kokabiel's body.
Kokabiel: Wh-what is this!
Cerberus: It's only right that anyone caught attempting a prison break is locked back up... Am I right?
Coco: It's a watchdog's job! Woof!
Mimi: Did you forget? Woof!
Kokabiel: S-stop! Cerberus, I command you!
Cerberus: Huh? But why?
Kokabiel: Ngh... I am your master—
Cerberus: Don't you mean former master?
Cerberus: Oh, before the final goodbye, there's something I wanted to tell you.
Mimi: You're a total loser! Woof!
Coco: Suck it, loser! Woof!
Cerberus: Oof, took the words right out of my mouth.
Kokabiel: ...!
How dare you make a mockery of me!
Kokabiel: Why does everyone treat me like a failure...
Kokabiel: I won't have it! I'm far superior to all of you!
Kokabiel: And I'll do whatever it takes to prove it!
Kokabiel: Just you wai—
Cerberus: Time's over! Say hello to your new home in the seal!
Kokabiel: No—
The chains of light turn into a magic circle that engulfs Kokabiel.
Cerberus: Resealing complete. What say we get out of this hellhole already, (Captain)?
Mimi: Might as well wipe out any evidence of something gone foul while we're at it. Woof.
Coco: And let's not forget the guy we sent here. Woof.
Lyria: Hm?
Lyria: Ah! I almost forgot about him!
Vyrn: Hey, you okay, bud?
(Captain) and company go to check on the mage.
After leaving Pandemonium, the crew takes the mage to a safe place for refuge.
Then they use the opportunity for a short reprieve.
Vyrn: Phew... I'm beat.
Lyria: Ahaha... I'm a bit tired myself.
Vyrn: Look at Puppy Girl though...
The two direct their attention to Cerberus.
Cerberus: Mm, that's real nice, (Captain)... Can you do my tail a bit more?
Coco: I-I hate this! But it feels incredible! Woof!
Mimi: No fair! You know we can't refuse a good brushing! Woof!
Cerberus: Hey, (Captain), can you take us for a walk once you're done with the brushing?
Cerberus excitedly yelps with every stroke of (Captain)'s brush.
Vyrn: She is one happy puppy...
  1. It's done.

Choose: It's done.
Cerberus: Thank you (Captain). Now to go for a stroll—
A magic circle suddenly manifests and wraps itself around Cerberus.
The white light shooting out from it coats the environment in an alabaster hue.
The crew involuntarily shut their eyes at the intensity of the light.
Once it subsides, they open up their eyes again to find three Cerberuses before them.
Coco: Huh? Why are we split up again? Woof.
Mimi: I thought we absorbed the Cerberuses of Power and Reason! Woof!
Cerberus of Power: Did you forget that the Astrals gave us each free will when they split us up?
Cerberus of Reason: Meaning even when we're one, each of us still has a distinct and separate consciousness.
Cerberus of Power: Which is why we're able to split up when we feel like it.
Vyrn: Why did the Astrals do such a thing to begin with? Aren't you tougher as a single doggy?
Cerberus of Reason: It was likely a safety mechanism designed out of fear of our combined might.
Cerberus of Reason: As things currently stand, we can only realize our true strength...
Cerberus of Reason: When the three of us are merged, or if (Captain) commands it.
Cerberus of Power: Another possibility is that the Astrals wanted to use us as three separate pawns...
Cerberus of Power: Whatever the case, it's something we'll probably never get a conclusive answer to.
Mimi: So why are you split up right now? Woof.
Cerberus of Reason: You see, the Cerberus of Instinct was getting all the love and attention from (Captain).
Cerberus of Reason: The Cerberus of Power and I just couldn't allow that.
Vyrn: Huh?
Lyria: Um...
Cerberus of Power: (Captain) is our master too.
Cerberus of Power: It's only fair that we get to partake in the pleasures of that in equal measure.
Coco: You don't split up for such a boneheaded reason! Woof!
Cerberus of Reason: It's not boneheaded in the least!
Cerberus of Power: Yeah, it's really important to us.
Vyrn: Well... Whatever makes you happy, Puppy Girl.
Cerberus of Reason: C'mon, (Captain). Play with us too.
Cerberus of Power: Don't tell us you only have love for the Cerberus of Instinct, (Captain)...
Cerberus of Power: If you actually feel that way, I might have to pretend your hand's a chew toy...
  1. I'm kind of occupied at the moment...
  2. Sure, come on over.

Choose: I'm kind of occupied at the moment...
Cerberus: Can't you see (Captain)'s busy showering me with love and attention?

Choose: Sure, come on over.
Cerberus: Nuh-uh, (Captain). It's my turn to have you pet me like there's no tomorrow.
Continue 2
Cerberus: Besides, you can always play with them later.
Cerberuses: ...
Coco: H-how did things get like this? Woof.
Mimi: Don't ask me. Woof...
Lyria: Ahaha...
Vyrn: C'mon, (Captain), I'm sure you've got enough love to go around for all of 'em at the same time.
Cerberus of Reason: You know, that's a really good point.
Cerberus of Reason: We're all your pets, (Captain).
Cerberus of Power: Yeah, and I'd rather not cause trouble for our nice, new master.
Cerberus: Okay then, no playing favorites.
Cerberus: Show us that you love us all equally...
Cerberuses: (Captain)!
The hellhound trifecta are full of smiles as they latch onto (Captain)'s body.
The captain is more than happy to frolic with them.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
セ・キ・ニ・ン♪取ってよね? Take responsibility, okay?
ぽいぽ~いって片付けてあ・げ・る♪ I'll clean you up good.
うふっ♪一緒にあーそぼっ♪ Yay, let's play together!
お散歩お散歩楽しいな~♪ Whee, coming out here is so much fun!
ボッコボコにしてやるわん! I'm going to take you out!
早く帰らないとお仕置きが怖いわん I'll be scolded if I get back late...
ガウウ! さっさと片付けるわん! Grr! Let's get this over with!
鳥のエサにしてやるわん! I'll turn you into bird feed!
(主人公)も一緒にいたいでしょ? You like being with me too, right, (Captain)?
(主人公)!よそ見するなわんよ! Hey, stop looking away, (Captain)!

Other Appearances

Rage of Bahamut



SV Cerberus.png SV Cerberus E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Put Coco and Mimi into your hand.

"Woof! You can never enter the underworld!" "Woof! I won't let you through this gate!" "Sorry, but we can't let you go any further! Come back when you're dead!"


"Woof! Are you going to the surface?" "Woof! Are you going to take us with you?" "You certainly are pushy, but I guess we can follow you for a little bit!"

Class Shadowcraft
Card Pack Classic
SV Portal Cerberus
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other
SV Cerberus 2.png SV Cerberus 2 E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Put Coco and Mimi into your hand.

"Woof! You can never enter the underworld!" "Woof! I won't let you through this gate!" "Sorry, but we can't let you go any further! Come back when you're dead!"


"Woof! Are you going to the surface?" "Woof! Are you going to take us with you?" "You certainly are pushy, but I guess we can follow you for a little bit!"

Class Shadowcraft
Card Pack Prebuild Decks Set 1
SV Portal Cerberus
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other
SV Cerberus 3.png SV Cerberus 3 E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Put Coco and Mimi into your hand.

"Woof! You can never enter the underworld!" "Woof! I won't let you through this gate!" "Sorry, but we can't let you go any further! Come back when you're dead!"


"Woof! Are you going to the surface?" "Woof! Are you going to take us with you?" "You certainly are pushy, but I guess we can follow you for a little bit!"

Class Shadowcraft
Card Pack Classic
SV Portal Cerberus
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


SV Coco.png
Click to reveal card data

Give +2/+0 to an allied follower.

Ruff! Time to tear your soul into little shreds!

Class Shadowcraft
Card Pack Token
SV Portal Coco
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


SV Mimi.png
Click to reveal card data

Deal 2 damage to an enemy.

Ruff! I'll drag you right to the pits of the underworld!

Class Shadowcraft
Card Pack Token
SV Portal Mimi
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Cerberus, Hound of Hades

SV Cerberus, Hound of Hades.png SV Cerberus, Hound of Hades E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Summon a Mimi, Right Paw Hellhound and a Coco, Left Paw Hellhound.

"Woof! You're a funny lookin' playmate!"
"Woof! Just right, if you ask me!"
"You ready? 'Cuz we're just itchin' to go at it with ya!"


Evolve: Give all other allied followers Last Words - Deal 1 damage to a random enemy follower.

Charon: Heh... How cute. I wouldn't get so cocky if I were you.
Orthrus: You're in for it now—my sister's flames are the fiercest in the underworld!

Class Shadowcraft
Card Pack Omen of the Ten
SV Portal Cerberus, Hound of Hades
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Mimi, Right Paw Hellhound

SV Mimi, Right Paw Hellhound.png SV Mimi, Right Paw Hellhound E.png
Click to reveal card data

Last Words: Deal 2 damage to the enemy leader.

Ruff 'em up! No matter what kinda soul it is, we'll give 'em the ol' one-two bark n' snap!


(Same as the unevolved form.)

Charon: Hehe... I hear she likes it when you pet her.
Orthrus: I-if you try it, you'll lose a finger!

Class Shadowcraft
Card Pack
SV Portal Mimi, Right Paw Hellhound
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Coco, Left Paw Hellhound

SV Coco, Left Paw Hellhound.png SV Coco, Left Paw Hellhound E.png
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Last Words: Restore 2 defense to your leader.

Hound 'em to death! We'll round up all the souls an' put 'em in the dog pound!


(Same as the unevolved form.)

Charon: Hehe... He's so fluffy I could die.
Orthrus: Yeah, but he bites...

Class Shadowcraft
Card Pack
SV Portal Coco, Left Paw Hellhound
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Knights Of Glory

Dragalia Lost


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