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Official Profile

Age 17 Height 158 cm Race Human
Hobbies Cooking, cleaning, laundry
Likes Jewelry
Dislikes Reptiles

Granblue Fantasy Theater
Princess of a country known for lithomancy, the advanced magical techniques used to draw energy out of precious jewels. De La Fille believes that these powers must be used responsibly; gems are the stuff of love and dreams, after all. Though De La Fille possesses the elegance of royalty, she disdains wasteful spending, avoiding any unnecessary expenditures. She sets out on a journey to find out more about dark essence due to its similarities to lithomancy.
Granblue Fantasy Chronicle

Character Release

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Age 17歳 Height 158cm Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 掃除、洗濯、料理
Likes 宝石類
Dislikes 爬虫類

Granblue Fantasy Theater
Granblue Fantasy Chronicle

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Captain, is there anything in particular that you would like to eat today?
As it's your birthday, I will try and cater to any request that you might have!
Ah, when I was young I couldn't wait to grow up… What's that? How about now?
Heehee… Well, I'm no longer a child!
I'd very much like to continue travelling with you, Captain. That is... if you'll have me!


(Captain), this is a gift from me.
Consider it my thanks for everything you do for the crew.
Because I am royalty, I struggle every day to uphold my image as the perfect role model for the people.
And I've learned a few things from watching the way you live, (Captain).
Its truly impressive how you go about accomplishing your tasks.
I hope you have a wonderful day, (Captain).


Ah, (Captain). Is everything okay? It's still early for the party.
Huh? What am I doing? I'm preparing to celebrate your birthday, silly.
To pay you back for everything you do for me, I want to go all out!
Do let me know if there's anything in particular you want to eat. I'll try my best to satisfy you.
I'll have a present ready too, of course.
I can't wait to see the surprise on your face when you open it up!
Heheh, soon enough, (Captain).
Hm, you'll help me with the preparations? No, that won't do!
You're the guest of honor today!
But more importantly I really want to do this for you.
So won't you return to your room?
I'll drop by when everything's ready for you.


Happy birthday to you!
Have you received all your presents from everyone yet, (Captain)?
If you haven't, would you mind paying them a visit?
You're the linchpin of this crew, the one that guides this ship forward.
Everyone was itching to give you their presents.
I still need time in the kitchen to finish whipping up your gift though.
Why don't you go say hello to everyone and come back later?
By that time I'll be ready to give you the best present I possibly can.


Oh my, (Captain)... What are you doing up so late?
Me? Er... I guess I lost track of time when I was sewing.
But this works out just fine, because I finally completed sewing the garment mere moments ago.
(Captain), please accept this. It's my birthday present to you!
I came up with the design myself. Even chose the finest yarn and fabric I could possibly find.
With a focus on durability and mobility, I tried to keep your preferences in mind while making it, (Captain).
Also, I made another one for myself using the same design. So we have a matching pair.
Well, I... hope you find it to your liking.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

My New Year's resolution is to live more frugally than ever.
After all, royalty such as I must serve as a role model for the common citizen.
A fancy lifestyle doesn't suit me anyway.


Have you made any New Year's resolutions, (Captain)?
Setting new goals can often provide us with a fresh perspective!
My resolution is to keep things pure and simple. That would make my life easier.
After all, as royalty I'm always thinking of how to be a better role model for the common citizen.
And also...
It'd be a great pleasure if I could spend more time with you this year, (Captain).


My New Year's resolution this time? It's to be strong and resolute in the face of any adversity.
I'm willing to tackle any hardships head-on.
Haha. And when I do, (Captain), I hope you'll be watching.


You want to hear my resolutions for this year? As usual I plan to be frugal and live within my means.
That's the best way to stay out of the poorhouse in my opinion.
Royalty shouldn't be concerned with wrapping themselves in extravagance. We're constantly viewed as role models by the people.
On the other hand, being too thrifty brings its own set of problems.
Tighten up where you need to, and don't be so stingy where you don't.
Variation is the spice of life!
Being diverse in what I do is my goal for this year.
Okay, now it's your turn. What are your resolutions?


Sweetened chestnut paste with herring roe and rolled kelp... Black beans, dried anchovies, red-and-white fish cake... That should be everything.
Next for the rice cake soup and dried bonito flakes...
Oh, (Captain). Happy New Year. This is going to be a wonderful year.
If you don't mind, could I ask you to bring that osechi to the dining table?
I can't really pull away from the soup right now.
Mm-hm, that's right. I made it all by myself.
Haha... Yeah, I guess you could say I went all out today.
You can count on it being real tasty! I'm sure you're going to love it!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

So you know how today is Valentine's? I thought I'd try making some chocolate.
But hey, don't get the wrong idea now! I'm only doing my duty as royalty by partaking in the affairs of the common people!
Ugh, as if any of that matters! Here, take my chocolate already!
W-well? How do they taste?
I made them myself, so they might not look as nice as the ones you find in fancy gourmet shops...
You like it? Really?
Teehee, you're making me blush...


Captain? All that chocolate in your hands can only mean one thing...
That you have quite the sweet tooth. You're in luck, Captain. This is for you.
What is it, you ask? Why, it's chocolate of course! I can see the craving in your eyes!
What? You're actually not craving chocolate? Oh, yes you are! It's written all over your face! Come on, be honest with yourself! Tell me you want this chocolate!
See, that wasn't so bad, was it? It pays to be true to your feelings sometimes.


(Captain). So today's Valentine's, right?
I made chocolate this year too. Hope you'll have some.
Giving chocolate to those I'm grateful for is part of my responsibility as royalty.
Haha, why don't you open it up?
Beautiful, right? I tried to make them in the shape of jewels.
Wasn't easy making them glitter like real jewels.
I hope you'll savor their taste.


I made another batch of chocolates this year. You can have some if you'd like.
That is, maybe if you begged for them...
What! You would really go that far for my chocolates?
Oh. I wasn't expecting you to give in so quickly. That throws a wrench in my—
A-anyway, since you asked so politely, then I have no choice but to give you some!
Heehee. I see the glimmer in your eyes.
Well, that was embarrassing, but not altogether unpleasant. In fact it was—
Huh? I-I didn't say anything!


I made chocolate this year too. Here, it's all yours.
Consider it my way of showing appreciation for everything you do for us.
Hm, of course that's all it is. No, I swear there's no ulterior motive involved.
Yet... I don't know why it bugs me a bit how you took my word for it just like that...
Strange, isn't it? It's like I'm contradicting myself...
Oh, never mind me! Just... let me know how you like it later. I could use some pointers on how to make it even better next year.

Mixed Chocolate Cake square.jpg Mixed Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh my? Is this for me? Goodness! This is in return for Valentine's?
Hee hee... You remembered, did you? Thank you very much. I'll make sure to treasure it.


Ah, this is in return for Valentine's?
This makes me so happy! You are truly a generous one, (Captain)!
So what's inside? No, wait... Opening it up to find out is all part of the fun!
Hehe, exchanging gifts like this is so much fun—it really fills my heart somehow.
Now I'll have to think of something splendid for next year's Valentine's as well.


This is in return for Valentine's? Oh, how nice. Thank you.
Is it all right if I take a peek inside?
This candy... Oh no, (Captain)!
This won't do! (Captain) and I...
You're wondering what's so wrong about this?
Don't you see what I mean?
Candy for this occasion usually denotes romantic feelings for the other person.
So I thought you...
Ngh... It hurts to see you deny it so passionately...


Oooh, a White Day gift for me?
While I understand it's in your nature to uphold the obligation of returning favors...
I still happily look forward to this exciting moment every single year.
Oh my. This wrapping paper glitters when you look at it from different angles. It's like I'm gazing at a jewel.
It's too beautiful and far too nice to throw away. I must be extra careful in unwrapping this.


(Captain), thank you for the White Day gift.
Hm? What's with the injury on your hand?
You hurt yourself when making these treats?
I'm happy to receive the gift, but please don't overdo it.
I'll be right back with a first aid kit. Wait here, please.
You were injured while making something for me... So it's only fair that I be the one to treat your wound.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Halloween!
Captain! Why don't we go around and visit the rest of the crew?
We can give everyone a scare and get bags of candy!


Trick or treat, I say! Hm, can I get that big one instead?
Wow, it's heavier by just a smidge! Guess I was right!
Hm? Oh, you're here too, (Captain)?
They were giving out free pumpkins, so I was comparing these two.
We're having a pumpkin party with the crew tonight!
It'll be a blast!
With so many people in our crew, the bigger the pumpkin, the better!


Good timing, (Captain)!
I'm being chased by a group of children! Can you help me get away?
Knowing it was Halloween, I headed out today with a bagful of candy today.
But with so many children on the streets, I ran out of candy all too fast...
Indeed. I don't have any more candy on hand.
Huh? Trick or treat? What do you mean, (Captain)?
B-but I don't—
Aha! Is this your idea of a trick?
Fine! It wouldn't be becoming of royalty to run or hide from a trick anyway, so come at me with every trick you have, (Captain)!


(Captain)! Trick or treat!
I actually have enough treats as it is, so would you happen to have any old clothing or textiles?
I'm planning on making my own Halloween costume.
Everyone needs to dress up for Halloween obviously.
But to buy a new costume every year that you'll only wear once? It's so wasteful.
Which is why I'll be sewing together used fabric this time around.
To enjoy one's self at an event while striving for frugality is the obligation of a magnificent royal!


Trick or treat, you say? Well, if you insist...
You can have these roasted pumpkin seeds seasoned with honey.
When I heard how everyone was throwing out their seeds, I thought I'd use them to make something.
Oh, didn't you know? Pumpkin seeds are said to promote good health, being an exceptional source of nutrition.
Just try one and see how you like it. Say "aah."
Haha... Its gentle sweetness and texture can be really addictive.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Holiday presents... How nostalgic.
When I was little, my father gave me a beautiful jewel encasing a snowy night sky.
I still treasure it more than anything else in the world.


Look at all those pretty lights! It's as if the city's decorated with gems!
I think I can use this scenery as a motif for new accessories!
Inspiration is everything! I'd better get to work while it's still fresh in my mind!
Gems polished during the holiday season contain the greatest magical power.
You'll be the first to see the accessories when I'm done, (Captain)!


I did it!
Ah, (Captain)! Take a look at this! It's the best ornament I've made yet!
I made it using jewels fashioned in the shape of snow crystals.
Which cost me a pretty rupie, but I don't mind.
I prefer to enjoy my holiday seasons!


Oh, (Captain), what timing!
You see, I'm making ornaments to hang up on the tree.
They're silhouettes of our friends aboard the airship cut from gemstones.
This is Lyria... This is Katalina...
And here's you.
I think they turned out pretty well, but I wouldn't mind a second opinion.
Teehee, if you like them, that's all I need to know.
They would look grand hanging high up in the top branches. Will you help me get them up there, (Captain)?


(Captain), get a load of this giant turkey!
I mean, just look at how plump it is! I found it while shopping in town earlier.
Though it did cost me a pretty rupie...
But I guess a bit of expenditure's to be expected for an occasion like this.
After all, nothing beats roast turkey for the holidays. Hehe.
We'll be having it for dinner tonight. It's gonna be great.

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Gems and a Girl's Best Friend

After learning that her friend Therese is dueling to beat a winning streak record, De La Fille convinces (Captain) and the crew to go visit the Jewel Resort where the match is being held. De La Fille inspires confidence in the timid Therese, but Ladiva seems eager to break her streak. De La Fille bets all her money on Therese in support.

De La Fille: Dear, oh dear. To think she'd keep something so important from me...
De La Fille gives a heavy sigh on the deck of the Grandcypher as she reads a letter she's received.
De La Fille: Well, standing around won't do. I should speak with (Captain)!
Vyrn: You wanna go to the casino liner? What's come up all of a sudden?
De La Fille: I've been invited to a party at the Jewel Resort, you see!
Any version of Therese is a crew member

De La Fille: Therese will appear in a special duel held during the party. So I want to cheer for her from the crowd!
Lyria: Now that you mention it, Therese said the other day she'd be returning to the casino liner for a bit.
Vyrn: Yeah, I remember that! But what's all this about a special duel?
De La Fille: It's a match to see if Therese can beat the winning streak record.
Vyrn: Beat the record? That'd be incredible!
Vyrn: But wait a sec! Why'd she have to go and keep this all a secret from us?
De La Fille: She's quite shy, you know. Perhaps she couldn't bring herself to talk about it with you.
Vyrn: Oh, well that figures. She's as sheepish as they come unless she's dueling.
De La Fille: Yes, yes! So would you mind if we stopped by the Jewel Resort?
Lyria: Yeah, (Captain)! Can we go?
Lyria: I want to cheer for Therese too!
(Captain) nods and smiles in agreement.
Vyrn: Great! Let's get going then!
No version of Therese in crew

De La Fille: A friend of mine will appear in a special duel held during the party. So I want to cheer for her from the crowd!
Vyrn: Oh yeah? I see now. But what's all this about a special duel?
De La Fille: It's a match to see if she can beat the winning streak record.
Vyrn: That's incredible!
De La Fille: Yes! That's why I'm asking you for this favor.
Vyrn: Come on, (Captain)! Let's go check it out!
Vyrn: I can't wait to see how this duel goes down!
(Captain) nods and smiles in agreement.
De La Fille: Thank you kindly, (Captain)!
(Captain) and the crew arrive with De La Fille at the casino liner.
Lyria: Wow! This place has more glitz than usual!
De La Fille: It's a Jewel Resort party after all. It's nothing if not dazzling.
De La Fille: Now, I'll have to take my leave for a while. You all go ahead inside!
Vyrn: Huh? Wait! Where are you off to?
De La Fille: I'm off to change of course! One must look the part for a party, you know.
Lyria: What does she mean by look the part?
Vyrn: Beats me!
Any version of Therese is a crew member

Therese: Welcome aboard... th-the Jewel Resort...
Lyria: Huh? Is that you, Therese?
Therese: What are y-you doing here!
Vyrn: Hey... What's with the getup?
Therese: It's not what you think! It's for the match later today...
Therese: So I have a reason for wearing this!
Lyria: It's really... for the match?
Therese: Oh! Well, um... I mean...
Vyrn: What's wrong? You seem kind of nervous.
Therese: Well... Since it's you, (Captain), I suppose I can let it slip.
Therese: But please keep this a secret from the other resort visitors.
Therese leans in close to (Captain)'s ear, but Lyria and Vyrn lean in to listen as well.
Therese: Truth is, Lady Christy made me do it. She wants to bring a thrill to the show, so first I'll greet visitors while dressed like this...
Therese: Then when the match begins, I'll jump in and surprise the crowd.
Vyrn: I got ya... You're gonna fight dressed like that, huh? That'll give the crowd a good shock!
Lyria: Yeah! And no one would think that a sweet bunny could be so strong!
Therese: So that's why I'm greeting visitors like this until the match starts.
Therese: But I'm just not good at public speaking... Especially dressed like this.
Vyrn: Poor Therese...
Vyrn: Wait! Scratch that! Why didn't you tell us anything about the duel?
Vyrn: That's cold, don't you think?
Therese: I was too embarrassed. I don't even know if I can win.
De La Fille: That sort of timid thinking will get you nowhere! You must have confidence!
Therese: Fille!
De La Fille: If you don't, then you'll never be able to win anything, my dear.
No version of Therese in crew

???: Welcome aboard... th-the Jewel Resort...
May I h-help you?
Vyrn: Nope! We're just waiting on someone. But you've got a neat outfit there!
???: Yes, well... the owner of the casino liner, Lady Christy, told me to wear this while I greet guests.
???: But I'm so embarrassed... and I'm terrible at public speaking...
Vyrn: I'm not sure what you mean, but I can see you're having a hard time.
???: Ha-ha... Well, you got me there...
Lyria: Gosh, it seems like De La Fille is taking a while to come back.
???: What? De La Fille? Are you all friends of hers?
De La Fille: They're members of the crew I've joined, you see!
???: Fille!
De La Fille: It's good to see you, Therese. That wardrobe suits you. You look adorable!
Therese: Ah...
Lyria: Is she a friend of yours, De La Fille?
De La Fille: Yes. A dear friend of mine!
De La Fille introduces Therese to (Captain) and the crew.
Lyria: So Therese is your duelist friend you were talking about before, right?
Vyrn: But this is a surprise! I'd never have taken you for a master duelist!
Lyria: Good luck with your match today! I'll be cheering as loudly as I can!
Therese: Thank you!
De La Fille: By the way, Therese, why didn't you invite me to the duel today?
De La Fille: It's your big moment after all! And if I hadn't received that letter from the casino liner, I'd never have come.
Therese: I was too embarrassed. I don't even know if I can win.
De La Fille: That sort of timid thinking will get you nowhere! You must have confidence!
De La Fille: If you don't, then you'll never be able to win anything, my dear.
De La Fille: You agree, don't you, (Captain)?
De La Fille: Oh, now what's gotten into you? Why are you staring at me like that?
  1. You look enchanting in that dress!
  2. You look like a real noble!

Choose: You look enchanting in that dress!
De La Fille: Huh? Well, of course I do!
Vyrn: What's wrong? Your face is all red.
De La Fille: No, it's not! I'm perfectly fine!
De La Fille: Receiving compliments from (Captain) doesn't make me blush with glee or anything!
Vyrn: But where'd you get that dress anyway? Is it a rental?

Choose: You look like a real noble!
Vyrn: You said it. She looks like one of those fancy ladies you see in a fairy tale book!
De La Fille: But let's not forget that I come from a long line of nobility... I'm royalty, in fact!
Vyrn: You're right! I almost forgot...
Vyrn: But where'd you get that dress anyway? Is it a rental?
Continue 1
De La Fille: No, no! I made it myself! Buying dresses can get expensive, you see.
De La Fille: So I took some clothes I don't wear anymore and turned them into a whole new outfit.
De La Fille: It didn't cost me much money. And more importantly it's a design I can truly call my own!
De La Fille: I think it came out superb, if I say so myself!
Vyrn: Poor Fille...
De La Fille: What did you say? How about a warmer reaction!
De La Fille: It's not as if I... m-made the dress because I couldn't afford one myself!
De La Fille: I'm still royalty, you know. But as a role model for the common citizen, I must sometimes demonstrate the virtues of frugality.
Vyrn: All right. We got it already...
De La Fille: Then don't look at me with such pity in your eyes!
Vyrn: Look, the point is that you changed into a fancy dress. You could've worn your regular clothes.
De La Fille: As a royal of the Gem Domain, I could never attend a party if I'm not dressed in the proper attire.
De La Fille: And it's Therese's time to shine. I want to cheer her on wearing my choice finery!
Therese: Oh, Fille!
De La Fille: Good luck! If anyone can break the record, it's most certainly you, Therese!
Therese: Thanks! I'll be sure to win today's duel just for you, Fille!
Any version of Ladiva is a crew member

Ladiva: Heh-heh... That's love for you! And I guess that makes little old me the test that stands in the way of her love.
Lyria: Oh! It's Ladiva!
Vyrn: Hey, when you say test, do you mean the person dueling Therese...
Ladiva: That's right. It's me!
Lyria: Oh dear! What should we do? Who should we cheer for?
Vyrn: Well, can't we cheer for them both?
De La Fille: Come now! A record is on the line! We should be cheering for Therese of course! Right?
(Captain) can only smile and shrug.
No version of Ladiva in crew

???: It's looove!
Vyrn: Whoa there!
Lyria: Ah! You surprised me!
???: Oh my, I'm so sorry. I felt the love coming from Therese just now and I couldn't help myself...
Lyria: Well, uh...
Ladiva: I guess I startled you! My name is Ladiva, and I'm a duelist here at the Jewel Resort.
Ladiva: I'll be dueling against Therese in the match today. I hope you'll come and watch!
Vyrn: Oh! You're in the match, huh?
Therese: Ladiva, I hate to disappoint you, but I'm going to win the duel today!
Therese: There's no way I'll let Fille see me lose!
De La Fille: That's the spirit, Therese!
Ladiva: Heh-heh, how lovely! But I won't lose either! So duel me with everything you've got!
Ladiva: Besides that, you look so cute today! It must be from all this love you're getting!
De La Fille: If you think Therese's outfit is cute, then you must have an eye for aesthetics!
Ladiva: Heh-heh, how flattering.
Staff: Ladiva! Therese! It's almost time to begin.
Ladiva: Thanks for letting us know!
Let's go then, Therese.
Therese: A-all right...
Staff: Come and place your bets for tonight's matchup between Ladiva and Therese!
De La Fille: I'm betting all I've got on Therese!
Vyrn: Whoa!
De La Fille: Don't worry. This is money I set aside for a little fun.
Vyrn: If you say so. But I'm not sure about betting all of it...
De La Fille: I believe in Therese, you see. And it's but a small sacrifice if it means I can be here to support her.
As De La Fille asserts her decision, (Captain) can only smile and shrug.
They all attend the match between the fierce duelists, gripped by the excitement of the fight.

Guardian of the Glitter

While (Captain) and the crew are enjoying a party on the casino liner, a woman appears and demands De La Fille to sell her jewels to her. De La Fille notices that the jewels on the woman's shoes are stolen and asks about them. The woman runs away and the crew gives chase.

Lyria: That duel was amazing to watch!
De La Fille: Yes, it was! My heart was pounding with excitement!
Therese's duel has ended. (Captain) and the crew are enjoying the after-party on the casino liner.
Greedy Lady: You there. In the dress.
May I have a word?
De La Fille: With me, you mean?
Greedy Lady: Yes, that's right. And I'll get right to the point: sell me your jewels.
De La Fille: That's quite a brazen thing to say...
Greedy Lady: Humph. Think what you like. But how much will you sell them for?
De La Fille: I have no intention of selling my jewels! Thank you and good day.
Greedy Lady: Why you... I'm offering you any price you ask! You should be grateful!
De La Fille: It's not a matter of being grateful. I still have no intention of selling them.
Greedy Lady: Don't be foolish! Sell them to me this instant! I'm better suited to wear them anyway!
Greedy Lady: Yes, they'd look much lovelier on me! I can make them shine just like these jewels here!
The lady shifts her foot slightly, drawing the crew's attention to the jewels on her shoes.
De La Fille: You're quite stubborn. If you continue pestering me about this, I'll have to call the staff, and...
De La Fille: Wait! Those jewels!
De La Fille: Where did you get them? They were most certainly stolen...
Greedy Lady: ...!
Fine! Forget it!
Greedy Lady: But you'll surely regret your decision not to sell to me!
The lady turns her back to (Captain) and the crew before hurrying away.
De La Fille: Wait!
Vyrn: Hey! What's wrong? Why are you upset?
De La Fille: Those jewels were stolen from the Gem Domain!
Vyrn: What! Are you sure?
De La Fille: I know jewels and there's no mistaking it!
Lyria: Does that mean that lady is a thief?
De La Fille: Well... I can't say for sure. But from the way she hurried off, I'm sure she knows something!
De La Fille: So I must find her and make her talk!
Without another word De La Fille runs after the lady.
Vyrn: Hey! Wait up!
Lyria: Oh, gosh! Wait for us, De La Fille!
(Captain) and the crew have no choice but to hurry after her as well.

Guardian of the Glitter: Scene 2

While chasing after the woman, (Captain) and the crew run into the Harvin swordsman Vermeil. After explaining what happened earlier, Vermeil decides to help search for the woman. Just as he leaves to investigate alone, a merchant appears and threatens to hurt the crew if De La Fille doesn't sell her jewels.

(Captain) and the crew are running about the casino liner in search of the lady with the stolen jewels.
Lyria: Oh, gosh! We're sorry! We were in a hurry...
???: It's unwise to run around indoors. If you get injured, your pleasant vacation will be ruined.
Any version of Vermeil is a crew member

Lyria: Wait! Is that you, Vermeil?
Vyrn: What are you doing here?
Vermeil: That's not a matter for the present, for I believe I'm keeping you from hurrying off somewhere...
Vyrn: Oh. Yeah. A lot's happened, you see...
(Captain) and the crew tell Vermeil about their earlier encounter with the casino guest.
Vermeil: I see... If that's the case, then allow me to assist you.
Vermeil: As a matter of fact, I have a connection with that woman as well.
Lyria: Thanks, Vermeil!
Vermeil: However, searching in one group is very inefficient. Shall we split up to look for her?
De La Fille: You're right. Could I ask you to go and search in that direction?
Vermeil: Yes. Of course.
De La Fille: Then we'll search in the opposite direction!
Lyria: Okay!

No version of Vermeil in crew

???: I'm also at fault for not watching where I was going. My apologies. Are you sure you're not injured?
???: And I don't mean to pry, but might I ask why you're in such a hurry?
De La Fille: We're looking for someone!
De La Fille tells the young man about their earlier encounter with the casino guest.
???: I see... If that's the case, then I would be happy to assist you.
???: As a matter of fact, I have a connection with that woman as well.
De La Fille: You really don't mind helping us?
???: No, I don't mind at all. This must surely be fate!
The stranger introduces himself as Vermeil. He explains what he'd just witnessed, as well as the stream of tears running down his cheek.
Lyria: Thanks, Vermeil!
Vermeil: It's no problem. However, searching in one group is very inefficient.
Vermeil: Shall we split up to look for her? I'll search this way. You all can search the opposite way.
Lyria: But you'll be searching alone...
Vermeil: Now, now... You shouldn't judge a book by its slight frame and weepy-eyed cover!
Vermeil: There's no need to worry. I may not look it, but I'm quite familiar with confrontation.
Vermeil bows to the crew before turning on his heel to leave.
De La Fille: We'll leave it to him then. Let's be off this way!
Vyrn: All right!
Continue 1
Merchant 1: May I have a word with you?
De La Fille: I'm sorry, but we're quite busy at the moment! Can this wait?
Merchant 1: No, I'm afraid it can't...
(Captain) and the crew are suddenly surrounded by a group of men.
De La Fille: What's this all about? What are you doing?
Merchant 1: This won't take long... if you hurry up and sell me those jewels, that is.
Vyrn: Sell her jewels? Wait, are you a goon for that greedy lady?
Merchant 1: No, not at all. I'm just your average merchant.
Merchant 1: But she just happens to be a valued customer of mine. So you could say we're well acquainted...
Vyrn: Ha! I knew it!
De La Fille: Just answer me one thing. Are you the one who sold her the jewels on her shoes?
Merchant 1: Well... who can say? Now let's forget that and get back to our negotiation.
Merchant 1: Looky here... I'll make you a good offer to part with those jewels.
Merchant 1: Of course if you refuse... Well, let's just say I'd advise against that...
De La Fille: Too bad. I firmly refuse. I refuse to place my jewels in your dirty hands.
De La Fille: As a royal of the Gem Domain, I absolutely will not allow these jewels and their sparkle to ever be soiled!
Merchant 1: Then I have no choice. I'll just have to use another method to change your mind...
De La Fille: Brace yourself, (Captain)!

Guardian of the Glitter: Scene 3

(Captain) and the crew follow the merchant to a room. Inside the room they find the woman from earlier and a desk covered in jewels and dark essence fragments. The woman orders De La Fille's jewels to be taken by force.

De La Fille: Are you quite done now? You're being foolish.
(Captain) and the crew defeat the goons threatening De La Fille's jewels.
Merchant 1: Yikes! I didn't sign up for this! They weren't supposed to be this powerful!
Vyrn: Hey! They're getting away!
De La Fille: Then let's follow them! They must know where we can find that woman!
They follow the merchant into a room. Standing before them is the lady from earlier and another sharply dressed merchant.
Between them is a desk covered in sparkling jewels and dark essence fragments.
Greedy Lady: Who's there?
Oh! It's you!
Vyrn: Hey! Is that dark essence I see?
De La Fille: That's not all. Those jewels next to them are all stolen.
De La Fille: To think you'd stoop so low as to sell both dark essence and stolen jewels... Unforgiveable!
Merchant 2: And what about it? It's got nothing to do with you!
De La Fille: It has everything to do with me. Because all the jewels you're trying to sell don't belong to you!
De La Fille: I am a royal of the Gem Domain. Therefore I can't overlook what you're doing here.
De La Fille: And as a lithomancer myself, I cannot allow jewels to be used in such wicked ways.
Greedy Lady: A royal of the Gem Domain, you say! Then the jewels you're wearing now must be from...
Greedy Lady: I'll pay you! I'll pay you anything you ask! Just do whatever it takes to get those jewels from her!
Greedy Lady: I don't care how! Just hurry!
Merchant 2: Heh-heh! Don't go back on your promise later... Hey, fellas!
The man snaps his fingers and in an instant bodyguards come pouring in.
De La Fille: By my honor and duty I shall punish you!
De La Fille: Let's go, (Captain)!

Guardian of the Glitter: Scene 4

(Captain) and the crew defeat the bodyguards who tried to take De La Fille's jewels. The woman and merchants attempt to run away, but Vermeil, Therese, and Ladiva arrive in time to stop them.

(Captain) and the crew defeat the bodyguards with ease.
Merchant 2: We'll lose everything if we get caught! Let's get out of here!
Greedy Lady: Eep!
Merchant 1: Wait for me!
De La Fille: We can't let them get away!
De La Fille: Oh! It's so hard to keep up in this dress...
Greedy Lady: You must do something! I'll pay whatever you ask, so please protect me!
Merchant 2: My airship is just ahead. If we can just make it there...
Vermeil: Alas, you've reached the end of the line.
Merchant 2: What!
Ladiva: If you've no love for others... then we've got no love for you!
Greedy Lady: Aaah!
Therese: We won't hold back!
Merchant 1: Nghh!
Lyria: It's Therese and Ladiva! And Vermeil too!
Vyrn: You saved the day! And your timing was perfect!
Vermeil: We overheard your voices just now while we were searching for you.
Vyrn: That explains that!
Lyria: And you even got Therese and Ladiva to come to the rescue! Thank you!
Ladiva: After we heard about what happened from Vermeil, we couldn't just sit around and do nothing!
Ladiva: There's no room for thieves here on our casino liner!
Therese: Yes! And I was so worried about you, Fille.
Therese: Because, you know... You're quick to jump to conclusions and get caught up in things...
De La Fille: Therese! You could've kept the last part to yourself!
Lyria: Ah... Ha-ha...
Therese: Oh! I almost forgot. I have a message for Fille from Lady Christy.
Therese: She says she'd like the stolen jewels to be handled by a royal of the Gem Domain.
Therese: So is it all right to have you handle the jewels?
De La Fille: Of course. I shall take full responsibility in taking care of them.
Ladiva: Then it's settled! We'll handle these people in the meantime. Do you mind helping us out here?
Vermeil: I don't mind at all, as I see everything through to the end. Allow me to assist you.
Ladiva: Why, thank you!
De La Fille: Then let's return to the room where they were storing the jewels. I should inspect them at once!
Lyria: Okay!
De La Fille: It looks like the jewels aren't scratched or marred... What a relief.
Under De La Fille's careful instructions, (Captain) and the crew inspect and wrap up the jewels.
Vyrn: Hey, what do we do about the dark essence?
De La Fille: Dark essence? It's much too dangerous...
De La Fille: Oh dear!
Vyrn: What's with the yelling! You didn't break a dark essence fragment, did you?
De La Fille: My dress! It's all tattered! And look at the stains on my sleeves...
Vyrn: Oh boy... Is that all? You scared me there.
De La Fille: What do you mean is that all? I toiled so many nights to make this...
De La Fille: Oh, even the lace has become all frayed. Dear, oh dear...
Vyrn: You were quick to rush around the casino liner, but now you're starting to regret it, huh?
Vyrn: Well, just think of it this way: now you look like a real diamond in the rough!
Lyria: Ah... Ha-ha. I guess he's right!
De La Fille: Come now! This is no joking matter!
De La Fille holds her head in her hands as she laments over her soiled dress.
Again (Captain) can only smile and shrug.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
わ、私に見とれてもいいんですのよ? A-aren't I enchanting?
宝石の煌めきの導くままに…… Follow the jewel's sparkle...
ドレスが汚れてしまいますわ Don't you dare sully this dress!
このドレス、似合ってますでしょう? Doesn't this dress suit me?
ああ! ドレスの裾がほつれてっ! Oh dear! My sleeves are torn!
庶民的って、言わないでくださいな! A commoner's dress? I don't think so!
宝石を悪用する輩は成敗しますわ! By my honor I'll punish you!
これが私の一張羅ですわ! This is my choice finery, you see!
(主人公)さんの衣裳も今度用意しますわ。 (Captain), I'll make an outfit just for you!
(主人公)さんとなら、何とかなりますわ! With you, (Captain), I can do anything!

Other Appearances

Rage of Bahamut


  • Appears as both a card and as an alternate leader for the Havencraft class.
SV De La Fille, Gem Princess.png SV De La Fille, Gem Princess E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Give your leader the following effect - At the end of your turn, restore 1 defense to all allies. (This effect is not stackable and lasts for the rest of the match.)

As Princess of the Gem Domain, I won't permit anyone to misuse the power of precious stones. I'll punish this villainy with my lithomancy!


The glittering brilliance. The dazzling beauty... Someone of your refinement must appreciate it. What? N-no, not me! I was talking about the gems!

Class Havencraft
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal De La Fille, Gem Princess
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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