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Official Profile

Age 16
Height 163 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Reading
Likes Putting in great effort
Dislikes Being out in public

Character Release

Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 16歳
Height 163cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 読書
Likes 努力
Dislikes 人前に出ること

Character Release

Source [1]




  • Diantha's charge attack, "Idol on the Beach", changes the background music into Never Ending Fantasy (Instrumental) while Status Tlepilli Glow.pngTlepilli GlowATK and multiattack rate are boosted (Can't be removed)
    is active. This effect can be disabled on Diantha's character screen.

Special Cutscenes

Stamp118.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday, Captain.
Well, here they are: the tools for maintaining your weapons and armor.
This is high-grade stuff, so I hope it comes in handy.
Phew, I'm so glad you like it.
Huh, you want to hear me sing?
Thank you for everything!
You are my most cherished—
Hey! Haha, stop laughing!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I want to celebrate with you. Can you hold my hand?
I pray that the future will be full of great things—
With a prayer in our hearts...
I offered you a prayer using my maiden powers. Hopefully we get to do this next year too!
I thought long and hard about a good present for you, and I figured this would be best.
Ahaha... Okay, I'm gonna let go now. Happy birthday again, (Captain).


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Haha. It looks like my prayer came true.
Don't you remember? From last year? Aww...
I offered you a prayer using my maiden powers. Don't you remember my song? "I pray that the future will be full of great things—with a prayer in our hearts..."
The fact that you set aside some time to spend with me means my prayer came true.
So... I just want to thank you for being with me on such an important day, (Captain).


(Captain), happy birthday!
How many times have we celebrated your birthday together now, (Captain)?
I'm so lucky to be able to join in on a day that's so important to you every year.
That's why I'm going to sing you a little song to celebrate.
Here goes...
I smile at you to brighten your day.
You smile back, and I feel a tug at my heartstrings.
Well, how was it?
It's also a prayer that I'll be able to celebrate this important day with you for a long time to come.
And to let you know that I'll always be around for you no matter how hard things get.
Here's hoping that I'll be able to support you even better in the days ahead.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Feels like it was only yesterday that we last celebrated your birthday...
Every day we spend together is so much fun, time just flies.
The time I spend with you is like the summer sun.
It flashes bright and sears itself into my heart.
Hehe. We've made so many memories together, and they're all here in my heart.
Every minute, every second that I spend with you is so precious, and encourages me to keep going in life.
I want to create many, many more memories with you from here on out, (Captain).
Next year, and the years after that, and even when we're both old and wrinkly.
It's a miracle that I was able to meet someone whom I can feel this way toward. I'll never forget this.
(Captain), I'm so glad we were able to meet.
Thank you for coming into this world.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

It's New Year's already? Time has really flown by since I joined the crew.
Umm, (Captain). I actually don't like fighting all that much, and I just hope it's not becoming a problem.
It's okay? Thank goodness. I wasn't sure what I'd do otherwise.
My priestess studies, instrument practice, and skyfarer duties... There's so much to do, but I'll give it my best this year too!
Here's to another great year, (Captain)!


Mrgh... The sun's not up yet?
Hm? You're curious as to why I want to see the first sunrise of the new year?
Well, everyone in the crew is just... so... pretty... Yawn...
Ngh... It's so bright...
Huh? Ahaha, sorry for falling asleep. And thanks for putting the blanket on me.
Ah... The sunrise of the new year is so... beautiful. Making a wish while it's within view is the perfect timing.
Wanna do it together, (Captain)?
You want to know what I wished for? Hm... That's staying a secret.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Would you like to go to the shrine with me? I want to make a wish.
I could never muster up the courage before, but I told myself this would be the year I finally do it...
My wish? That's a secret. But you'll find out next month.


Wow... Look at all the people here for the New Year's shrine visit. I wonder what they're all praying for.
Me? I pray for the same thing every year—
That I'll continue to improve and become a better person than I was the year before.
Oh, and there's one other huge thing on my wish list.
You want to hear it? Well, too bad—it's a secret.
Don't even tell anyone that I have this secret wish, okay?
The thing I said before? Sure, you can tell people that much.
Because that's more like a personal vow I've taken on rather than a wish, really.
But if it should ever come true...
That'll be when I let you in on the secret, (Captain).


Hey, since we're here at the shrine already, why don't we try drawing our fortunes? I hear they're pretty accurate here.
Hehe, but I'm kind of scared. What if I get a bad fortune?
Oh! Look, (Captain). I got the best luck!
"Your wish will come true. Take action." Hmm...
Okay. I've decided on my goal for this year.
Hehe... Maybe it won't hurt to be a little ambitious. What do you think?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Yawn... What? Is it morning already?
Ack... (Captain)! You didn't see what I was holding, did you?
No? Well, it's actually a gift for you.
Today's Valentine's, right?
I didn't have much time and stayed up late making it, so I ended up falling asleep here. Teehee...


Here, chocolate for you.
Hehehe... I made extra sure that you wouldn't catch me dozing off here like last year.
You see dark circles under my eyes? No way—I made sure to cover them up! Ah, n-never mind what I just said!
I left something in my room! I'll be right back with it!
(Better get my makeup in order fast...)
Sorry to keep you waiting! So, erm... I added a ribbon to the box of chocolates..
Hm? Something seems different with my face? Oh, don't worry about that.
Here, enjoy the chocolate.


Here you go, (Captain). I made treats this year too.
You know, I realized something really amazing after spending all this time with you.
It's not easy to tell someone you like them at first, but... I think I have a crush on you...
Haha. There, I said it.


Hey, (Captain)? Do you know what day it is?
Haha, right on. It's Valentine's Day.
So here's my present this time. I paid attention to every detail, even the wrapping. Go on, open it up.
Hm? What I said last year?
Haha, I still can't believe I had the guts to say that.
I... don't plan on saying anything like that this year. I mean, there are other ways to express my feelings.
So instead of going the verbal route...
I ended up carving the words directly onto the chocolate! It wasn't easy.
Honestly, it's something I'd rather tell you straight-up over and over again, but I wouldn't want you to get too used to it. Haha.


Oh, (Captain)... Here! It's your Valentine's gift!
Sorry I was late. Hehe... I was cramping up after rehearsal.
Wh-what! You thought I had forgotten? No way!
This day is one of the only days I get to really show you how I feel!
You're the most important thing to me in the skies, (Captain). That's why I would never miss a chance to give you a gift.
It's true. If I had to go back in time, and do it all over again, I would still choose to be a maiden.
Think about it... Otherwise, how could I get you to help me out so much?
Hehe, you're blushing. It's nice to see your captain blush.

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Ah, (Captain)! G-good morning.
Nervous? Me? Ehehe, no way. I'm acting perfectly normal.
This is for me? For White Day?
Yay! Thanks, (Captain)! This makes me so happy!


Ah, (Captain). You're asking me what today is?
Hehe, as if I didn't know.
I know you're the serious type, so you'd have a present for me in return.
So I'll be giving you goodies for next year's Valentine's too and hopefully get another gift from you...
In any case, thank you, (Captain). I'll savor every bite.
Huh? My face is all red? Oh, no it's not. Hehe...


Thanks for the gift. I really look forward to this day every year.
(Captain), you're a friend and captain to everyone in the crew...
But you chose this gift specifically for me.
It makes me feel really special. That's why I'm going to savor every bite.
It goes the other way around too? Aww, you're making me blush... Oh, what am I saying...


It's always such a joy to get these gifts from you, (Captain).
It feels like I've added another treasure to my collection.
I take good care of everything you've ever given me.
Because, well, the thoughts going through your head each time you give me one are different, I imagine.
It's the same with me. I have much stronger feelings for you now compared to when I first met you. My feelings grow with every passing year.
In other words, I like you more today than I did yesterday.
And I find myself wishing it's been the same for you...
Haha, don't mind me. I'm just talking to myself...


Welcome back, (Captain). Did everything go okay? Did you finish the job?
I'm glad it went well. You had such a depressed look on your face, I was worried.
Huh? You were too busy on the mission and didn't have time to get a White Day present?
Hey, that's no biggie. You don't have to make that face. Okay?
Let's see... I know how you can make it up to me! You can give me your time instead, (Captain)!
As long as we can spend time together, that's all I need.
You've been worn out with all these quests, right? Let me spoil you for a change, huh?
But it wouldn't be right for you to receive something today?
Haha. Don't think like that. You give me the gift of your presence every day, (Captain).
It's only fair that I return the favor and spoil you rotten today.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe...
Harie? Oh, it's you, (Captain). Which costume do you think I should go with?
When I get stumped, I'm really stumped. Just an old habit of mine.
Talking to Harie usually solves the problem, so sorry about that little mix-up. Teehee.


Say, (Captain)! Which of these Halloween costumes do you think suits me better?
Black robe with pointy hat, or this doggy fur getup?
I always thought they were kinda cute, so...
Well, which one of these do you think would look better on me? I just thought I'd get your two rupies on this.


Hey, (Captain). Will you be dressing up this year?
Still undecided? Then how about you try...
A furry costume to look like Xolotl, for example!
Haha, you can't really picture it? Well then...
You know, a costume's nice too, but I'd also like to see you try dressing up prim and proper.


Wow! That costume looks great on you, (Captain)!
Haha. I don't know if you noticed, but you and I are actually wearing matching costumes.
That's why I wanted you to wear that one so bad. Sorry if it seemed a bit selfish...
Hm? You were having trouble picking out a costume, so things worked out perfectly? I'm glad to hear that.
I was actually really worried about what to do if you had turned me down.
Ehehe. I'm blushing just thinking about how we're wearing matching costumes... You really made my day, (Captain).
Can we just chat for a bit?
Because I want to take a really good look at you tonight.


Look, (Captain).
Isn't this bunny puppet so cute? It was in one of the boxes for my costumes.
Ooh, I just came up with a good idea!
(Captain), trick or treat.
You don't have any candy? Then I guess I'll have to play a trick on you.
Close your eyes. No peeking, okay?
Hehe, were you surprised? That was all Mr. Bunny's doing!
Ahaha, you're getting so red. Guess the trick worked!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Wow, the city lights are so beautiful tonight.
Teehee, spending the day with you makes me feel like a rebel.
Why? Well, I was always decorating the altar this time of year when I was still a maiden.
But here I am enjoying the day with you, Captain. I wonder how everyone's doing at the altar.
Anyway, I have a present for you. I hope you like it!


I made cake for the holiday party, but I accidentally burned my hand a bit when I was taking it out of the oven.
Hehe... Guess I should've been more careful.
Ah, it's all better now... So you can use curative magic, huh? Thanks, (Captain).
Hm? You want to know what kind of cake it was? Nuh-uh, too early for that. Teehee, you'll have to wait until the party.


Okay, the sponge is about to cool down.
(Captain), what toppings would you like on the cake?
Apple, cherry, and orange? Okay, I'll add some strawberries for myself. Let's see, how should I cut this...
First I need to place the fruit and apply whipped cream. Hehe, just a bit longer.
Hm? Whipped cream? Of course I can make it.
Like this...
Okay, I cut the cake into three pieces of the same size. I've been practicing this recipe every day, you know—
Wha! Wouldn't it be more enjoyable to take a look at it before biting in, (Captain)? Sigh...
So how is it? Should I make another one? Haha.


I love seeing all the holiday decorations in town. It never gets old.
Sparkly lights, jolly music, and people in a merry mood...
Brr, it's getting cold. I wonder if it'll snow.
Um... Is it okay if we hold hands?
My fingertips are freezing...
Ah, much better.
Thanks for keeping me warm, (Captain).


Oh... Look, (Captain). It's snowing.
Choose: A...
Choose: Achoooo!
Whoa! That was a big sneeze... Are you okay? It is pretty cold today.
All right, guess I'll...
Hehe. Surprised? I've always wanted to give you a hug like this.
I really love snow, you know. It's beautiful and all, of course...
But when it snows, you can stand close to someone you love and warm them up, just like what we're doing now.
Hehe... Feeling better? Your face is a little red.
(Captain)... Hug me tighter, will you?
I wish it'd snowed all year long like this...

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Beach-Bound Maidens

The head priestess speaks of a prophecy calling for Diantha to join the current maidens for a beach concert. The crew is on guard duty as the maidens change into their outfits and proceed with venue setup.

After sifting through the contents of a letter from Sierokarte, (Captain) and company make their way toward Xochitl Island.
It is home to five maidens and their adherents known as ichnia.
Having handled an incident there previously, the crew is getting ready for a return visit after learning of further trouble on the island.
Rackam: Whew... Here we are, guys—Xochitl Island at last.
Lyria: Teehee, it's been so long since we last saw these sights! I can't wait to see the maidens again!
Rackam: I'll be doing maintenance on the Grandcypher with Eugen. You guys go on ahead.
The crew wax nostalgic as they saunter along the city streets of Xochitl Island.
Diantha (Promo) is a crew member

Diantha: It's been so long since I last saw these dorms...
Diantha looks up pensively at the dorms she used to inhabit. Just then a girl with a petite figure opens the door to the entrance.
Linaria: Ah... Diantha... Welcome back...
Diantha: Haha, Linaria. It's great to see you again.
Linaria: Ehehe... Everything good with you? You seem different somehow.
Diantha: More skyfarish, you mean? Daily adventures do a lot to toughen me up.
Linaria: Teehee. We know all about that thanks to your letters.
Harie: Diantha, great to have you back.
Canna: Ooh! Missed ya, Diantha! Hope the skyfarer life's been treating you well!
Diola: Bwuhhh... The snack of the day... is waffles... I hope.
The remaining maidens have appeared in turn, lured by Diantha and Linaria's conversation.
Diantha (Promo) not in crew

On arriving at the entrance to a dorm, (Captain) raps the door knocker, after which two girls respond.
Diantha: Long time no see, (Captain).
Linaria: Teehee. Guess what, (Captain)? Diantha's been restless ever since we heard you'd be coming!
Diantha: C'mon, Linaria... I'd rather not give them the wrong idea here...
Linaria: Hehe. It was so obvious when you didn't give it your all at practice.
Diantha: That's only because I was still surprised by the prophecy!
Harie: Ahaha... Let's calm down, you two.
Canna: I've been looking forward to seeing you guys again too. Can't wait to hear about your adventures on other islands!
Diola: Bwuh... I could really go for something soft and chewy right now...
Lyria: Hey, good to see you all again, everyone!
A joyous reunion ensues as the maidens gather around the crew.
Harie: Hehe, we were so worried when you first said you'd be leaving the island, but one look at (Captain)'s face shows that any fears we had were unfounded.
Canna: No surprise there! I bet (Captain)'s crew just plows through all the dangerous missions!
Diola: Bwuhhh... An island of fish...
Vyrn: Speaking of missions, our job this time is to escort you girls to Auguste. What's the deal with that?
Head Priestess: Allow me to explain.
Head Priestess: It all started a few days ago. Prophecy revealed that our next performance is to take place at a beach.
Lyria: And Auguste would be the ideal place for that, huh... Has the next maiden been chosen yet?
Head Priestess: No. Although Diantha is no longer a maiden, a special exception is being made for her to participate this time.
Lyria: Huh? But I thought the rules were held above all else...
Head Priestess: Well, this exception comes directly from Xolotl himself...
Diola: I'm sure there's a reason for it though. Stranger things have happened.
Harie: This'll be our first time performing outside the island, and that's why we thought we'd ask for protection.
Vyrn: With us rockin' the job, you girls'll be safe. But since this is going to be a first for you all, we'd best be prepared.
Canna: Hehe, it'll be fine! Set up, rehearse, perform, and bam—we're done!
Diantha Fan: Don't forget we're coming along too. We'll make sure all the setting up goes smooth as butter.
Entire droves of ichnia with their bags packed and ready to go on a flight appear before the crew.
Vyrn: What the... That's a few dozen ichnia right there... Are they all coming aboard? We'll already have our hands full protecting the maidens...
Linaria Fan: A beach performance and we get to see Diantha on stage again. We wouldn't miss it for the world!
Canna Fan: Hahaha! A bit of danger makes it all that much more thrilling! Don't worry too much about us.
Vyrn: We'll have one super-crowded Grandcypher with all these islanders aboard...
Harie: Ahaha... I know it'll be tough transporting us all, but I sure hope it works out.
After getting everyone on board, the crew departs Xochitl Island.
Diantha: Phew... We somehow all managed to fit... Good work, everyone.
Linaria: Wow... The sky's just crazy huge!
Harie: So this is what (Captain) sees out here all the time.
Head Priestess: I'll be discussing flight arrangements with Rackam and everyone else in the cockpit.
Canna: Ah! You mean Rackam, the helmsman! I wanna come with!
Diola: Me too...
(Captain) sees them off. The captain thinks for a moment and then decides to...
  1. Remain on deck.
  2. Follow them to the cockpit.

Choose: Remain on deck.
The maidens are all enjoying themselves despite the potential threat of an aerial monster attack. (Captain) remains on deck to keep watch.
  1. Speak to Diantha.
  2. Speak to Linaria.
  3. Speak to Harie.

Choose: Speak to Diantha.
Diantha (Promo) is a crew member

Diantha: Ah, (Captain). What's up?
  1. Watch out for monsters.

Choose: Watch out for monsters.
Diantha: Right. Flying monsters don't show up much in this area, but I suppose we should keep a lookout for wyverns.
Diantha: Especially since we have to make sure the ichnia can also make it to Auguste safe and sound.
Diantha: It sure does feel strange riding together with everyone though.
Diantha: Almost as if everyone's staying in my house. Heheh.
Diantha (Promo) not in crew

Diantha: Ah, (Captain). What's up?
Diantha: Hm? You want to know if I'm nervous about performing outside the island?
Diantha: I've been practicing all along for this, so I'm sure it'll be fine.
Diantha: Especially with you to watch over me, (Captain).
Diantha: The head priestess has even prepared special outfits for the occasion. I hope you'll like the design.
While standing vigilant, (Captain) passes the time shooting the breeze.
Rackam's Voice: We're almost there. Get ready to unload your gear, everyone!
Upon landing, the crew and Xochitl islanders unload the cargo and immediately get to setting up the venue.
Head Priestess: Should we proceed with preparations by ourselves while the maidens are changing?
  1. They're changing?

Choose: They're changing?
Head Priestess: Yes. I placed a special order for new outfits befitting a performance on the beach. They should be done changing soon enough.
Maidens: Ta-da!
Diantha: Hehe... What do you think, (Captain)? Matches the scenery quite well, wouldn't you say?
  1. Too cute!
  2. You're not too embarrassed?

Choose: Too cute!
Diantha: Teehee, thanks...
Diantha: Truth is ever since joining up with you... Well, if you look closely at my arms... and my legs...
Diantha: You might notice I've slimmed down a bit...
Diantha: Eep! Stop staring!

Choose: You're not too embarrassed?
Diantha: Erm... Well... This outfit is definitely so much more revealing...
Diantha: But I also thought showing this to you would be the most embarrassing part...
Diantha: Why, you ask?
Oh, never mind I ever said that!
Continue 1
Their gorgeous swimsuits appear to even brighten up the surrounding scenery.

Choose: Speak to Linaria.
Linaria: Ehehe... Everything okay, (Captain)?
  1. Journeying in the skies has its risks.

Choose: Journeying in the skies has its risks.
Linaria: Heheh. Are you saying you'll protect me? You're the best, (Captain)!
Linaria childishly fawns over (Captain) before suddenly putting on a more perplexed look.
Linaria: The people of Auguste don't know anything about us yet, do they?
Linaria: I can't wait to see whether this new crowd'll favor me or Diantha more.
Linaria: But more than anything else, I'm just glad for the chance to dance beside Diantha again. Teehee.
Linaria: Between me and Diantha, who do you think is going to come out on top, (Captain)? Ehehe.
While standing vigilant, (Captain) passes the time shooting the breeze.
Rackam's Voice: We're almost there. Get ready to unload your gear, everyone!
Upon landing, the crew and Xochitl islanders unload the cargo and immediately get to setting up the venue.
Head Priestess: Should we proceed with preparations by ourselves while the maidens are changing?
  1. They're changing?

Choose: They're changing?
Head Priestess: Yes. I placed a special order for new outfits befitting a performance on the beach. They should be done changing soon enough.
Maidens: Ta-da!
Linaria: Hey, hey, (Captain)! Don't you think my swimsuit is just the most adorable thing ever?
  1. Too cute.
  2. It's all right.

Choose: Too cute.
Linaria: Teehee. I know, right? But do you think you can put a little more oomph into it? On your mark, get set—
  1. You're the cutest thing ever!

Choose: You're the cutest thing ever!
Linaria: Gyaah! Yes! Say it again! Haha, love you, (Captain)!

Choose: It's all right.
Linaria: Just all right?
Linaria: Can you, like, gimme some more details on that?
Linaria: You should know this is my first time putting on a swimsuit! It's got all the frills, it's pink, and even my belly button is showing! I'm doing my best, and that's all you've got to say?
Linaria: Would it bother you that much to pay me a compliment or two?
Linaria: Urgh—
Diantha covers Linaria's mouth before she is able to spew some very colorful interjections.
Diantha: Calm down already, Linaria.
Linaria: Mmph! Rgh!
Diantha: You even put on makeup to match the outfit? Great job! You look incredible, Linaria!
Linaria: Mm...
Continue 3
Their gorgeous swimsuits appear to even brighten up the surrounding scenery.

Choose: Speak to Harie.
Harie: ...
(Captain) calls out to Harie, who stands on the bow of the ship with a distant gaze.
Harie: Hm? You want to know what I'm looking at, (Captain)?
Harie: I was wondering what kind of place Auguste might be. I mean, this is my first time outside of Xochitl Island after all.
Harie: Haha, I'm so excited just thinking about it.
  1. Be careful of any monsters.

Choose: Be careful of any monsters.
Harie: Thank you for the heads up.
Harie: Of course, I'm sure you'll be there to protect me if anything happens.
Harie: If it comes to that, you can bet I'll be ready and willing to follow any orders.
Harie: To be honest, I'm kind of looking forward to having you safeguard me from any harm, (Captain)... Maybe that's going too far. Hehe.
While standing vigilant, (Captain) passes the time shooting the breeze.
Rackam's Voice: We're almost there. Get ready to unload your gear, everyone!
Upon landing, the crew and Xochitl islanders unload the cargo and immediately get to setting up the venue.
Head Priestess: Should we proceed with preparations by ourselves while the maidens are changing?
  1. They're changing?

Choose: They're changing?
Head Priestess: Yes. I placed a special order for new outfits befitting a performance on the beach. They should be done changing soon enough.
Maidens: Ta-da!
Harie: What do you think of my swimsuit, (Captain)?
Harie: My main color's red, but I wonder if it might be too flashy...
  1. It looks great on you.
  2. It's really eye-catching!

Choose: It looks great on you.
Harie: Really? Hehe... Thanks for the compliment.
Harie: Praise from you makes me feel like I can really do this now.
Harie: This swimsuit will be like my good luck charm for really wowing the crowd with our performance later.

Choose: It's really eye-catching!
Harie: D-does that mean it's too flashy? Oh no... Do you think I should tone it down a bit?
Harie: Huh? You mean that in a good way—as in this is bringing out the best in me? Really?
Harie: Hm... Okay. Since I've already changed and all, I think I'll just go ahead with this. Hehe.
Continue 4
Their gorgeous swimsuits appear to even brighten up the surrounding scenery.

Choose: Follow them to the cockpit.
As the skies they traverse for now appear to be relatively monster-free, (Captain) and company ease up a bit.
(Captain) heads toward the cockpit to check up on things.
Diola: ...
Canna: Rackam! What is it you do to keep this airship moving?
Rackam: Hm? All I do is steer the wheel and adjust the engine power accordingly.
Canna: I see... Can I give it a shot?
Rackam: Haha! I admire your guts, girl. But now's probably not the best time for that.
Head Priestess: Canna, if you would please refrain from being too clingy with Rackam.
Canna: But I mean, the steering wheel's right there! How could I not want to touch it?
Rackam: Believe me—I'd love to give you a hands-on demo of this thing, but stability of the ship is hard to keep up with so many passengers and cargo aboard right now.
Canna: That's too bad...
Diola: ...
Rackam: Maybe after the load on the ship lightens up a bit, we can... Hm? Everything okay, (Captain)?
  1. I came to talk to Canna.
  2. I came to talk to Diola.
  3. I came to talk to the head priestess.

Choose: I came to talk to Canna.
(Captain) asks the ever-curious Canna if she likes airships.
Canna: Of course! This is my first time on an airship after all! I'd be totally missing out if I didn't get my hands on the wheel.
Canna: You know, when I was a kid, I was always told to cut it out every time I wanted to try something new.
Canna: Maybe it's because I used to be such a scaredy-cat that I turned out like this—curious about every little thing.
Canna: Performing in front of others as a maiden was extremely trying, but I got really good at it with practice.
Canna: And I'm sure piloting a ship's just the same! I just need to give it a shot! Hehe, nothing trumps positivity and free will!
Canna: Surely you agree, (Captain). I mean, here you are on your own adventure with this massive crew just because you wanted to check out the Island of the Astrals!
While standing vigilant, (Captain) passes the time shooting the breeze.
Rackam: We're almost there. Get ready to unload your gear, everyone!
Upon landing, the crew and Xochitl islanders unload the cargo and immediately get to setting up the venue.
Head Priestess: Should we proceed with preparations by ourselves while the maidens are changing?
  1. They're changing?

Choose: They're changing?
Head Priestess: Yes. I placed a special order for new outfits befitting a performance on the beach. They should be done changing soon enough.
Maidens: Ta-da!
Canna: How about it, (Captain)! I spoke long and hard with the head priestess about this, and this is the swimsuit I decided on!
  1. Too cute!
  2. Pretty gutsy!

Choose: Too cute!
Canna: Yay! Thanks a bunch, (Captain)! You just made my day!
Canna: I'm sure it'll be a hit with everyone in Auguste!
Canna: With our outfits all good to go, now we just have to make sure we deliver on stage!

Choose: Pretty gutsy!
Canna: Hehe, you bet it is! It's not every day that I get to wear a swimsuit, so I figured I might as well go all out!
Canna: This visor's my favorite part of it! Hehe, what do you think, (Captain)?
Canna: Can't forget about my boy shorts either! I made sure to get them fashioned in leather to better match my image!
Continue 5
Their gorgeous swimsuits appear to even brighten up the surrounding scenery.

Choose: I came to talk to Diola.
(Captain) asks Diola if everything is okay, as she appears unwell.
Diola: Mm...
Diola: Seeing the bottomless sky is more frightening than I thought it'd be...
Diola remains still, huddled in the corner.
(Captain) hands her a drink in hopes of cheering her up.
Diola: Thanks...
Yet she maintains her huddled-up posture.
Diola: Mm... Ahh...
Drenching her throat with the drink, some color returns to her pale face.
Diola: I owe you one.
While standing vigilant, (Captain) passes the time shooting the breeze.
Rackam's Voice: We're almost there. Get ready to unload your gear, everyone!
Upon landing, the crew and Xochitl islanders unload the cargo and immediately get to setting up the venue.
Head Priestess: Should we proceed with preparations by ourselves while the maidens are changing?
  1. They're changing?

Choose: They're changing?
Head Priestess: Yes. I placed a special order for new outfits befitting a performance on the beach. They should be done changing soon enough.
Maidens: Ta-da!
Diola: Bwuh... Can we have some of this fish?
  1. Your swimsuit seems... different.

Choose: Your swimsuit seems... different.
Diola: I've got my reasons...
  1. You still look cute though.
  2. Are you hiding something?

Choose: You still look cute though.
Diola: Phew, that's good to know.
Diola: A compliment from you makes all the effort I put in worth it.

Choose: Are you hiding something?
Diola: Yep.
  1. What are you hiding?

Choose: What are you hiding?
Diola: My tummy...
Continue 6
Their gorgeous swimsuits appear to even brighten up the surrounding scenery.

Choose: I came to talk to the head priestess.
Head Priestess: Is something the matter, (Captain)?
Head Priestess: You wish to speak to me? Wouldn't your time be better spent talking to the maidens?
(Captain)'s head shakes sideways.
Head Priestess: Hehe, you're a strange one. Perhaps that is what draws so many individuals to your crew.
Head Priestess: That's just me speaking from my experience as head priestess. The girls chosen to be maidens tend to have very distinct personalities.
Head Priestess: And those with truly unique dispositions usually garner the most enthusiastic support.
While making sure all is well on deck, (Captain) passes the time shooting the breeze.
Rackam: Oh... Sorry to cut short our chitchat, but Auguste is just ahead.
Upon landing, the crew and Xochitl islanders unload the cargo and immediately get to setting up the venue.
Head Priestess: Should we proceed with preparations by ourselves while the maidens are changing?
  1. They're changing?

Choose: They're changing?
Head Priestess: Yes. I placed a special order for new outfits befitting a performance on the beach. They should be done changing soon enough.
Maidens: Ta-da!
Head Priestess: Haha, what do you think of their swimsuits, (Captain)?
  1. Absolutely brilliant.
  2. No swimsuit for yourself?

Choose: Absolutely brilliant.
Head Priestess: Glad to hear it. I'm sure the maidens are just as pleased.
Head Priestess: We requested your protection specifically because we know full well you're up to the task.
Head Priestess: And also because we wanted to show you our appreciation for helping us back on Xochitl Island.

Choose: No swimsuit for yourself?
Head Priestess: Huh? Well... I won't be going onstage, so...
  1. Try wearing one anyway!

Choose: Try wearing one anyway!
Head Priestess: I don't know about that... There are preparations, you know... Erm, never mind...
Head Priestess: Cough... Hey, enough teasing already.
Continue 7
Their gorgeous swimsuits appear to even brighten up the surrounding scenery.
Continue 2
This fun reprieve as they share their impressions on each other's dazzling outfit is soon cut short.
Diantha: Yikes! Wh-wh-what's with that monster!
Diola: Nuh-uh, take a closer look.
Xolotl: ...
Linaria: Xolotl's playing with the water...
Harie: Maybe that's why he chose the beach?
Canna: Ahaha! I guess Xolotl really wanted to hang out at the beach. And considering what a blast it is out here, I don't blame him!
Diantha: Then what's the reason I get another chance to perform?
Head Priestess: It's too early to say, but I'm sure Xolotl has it all thought out.
Xolotl: ...
Diola: Maybe. Maybe not.
Canna: Haha, does it really matter? What does matter is that we pull out all the stops for the concert!
Diantha: Right! Let's give it our best, everyone!
Maidens: Yeah!
And thus the five maidens who've traveled far from their hometown begin preparations for the concert.
Only fate knows what could possibly be awaiting them in the days to come.

The Seaside Performance Is On

The crew comes across a little girl holding a homemade tlepilli who laments her father's inability to attend the concert. Because non-ticketed guests are prohibited, the maidens think of a way to bypass the rules.

Days pass after the crew's arrival in Auguste. All the while their preparations for the upcoming concert continue.
The day of the concert finally arrives. The maidens are about to rehearse on the completed altar.
Diantha: ...
Harie: You okay? Feeling nervous?
Diantha: Yeah, I'm good. We should see how far our voices will go from this altar.
The maidens exchange knowing glances.
Diantha: ...
The ichnia, preoccupied with decorating the outer part of the altar, suddenly stop in their tracks and focus their full attention on the maidens.
Diantha: Yes, this is a neo fairy tale—
Linaria: Teehee... In this world that has forgotten how to believe—
Harie: We've descended as the stars of hope...
Canna: To clear the clouds of darkness...
Diola: By shining our dancing light!
Diantha: Hehe, sounds great! We should be able to handle this without a hitch!
Ichnia: Ahh...
Diantha Fan: Aaagh! Th-this is too good! Our beloved Diantha gets to sing on stage again! Hic...
Linaria Fan: D-dude, crying in a place like this? What gives, man? Hope you get it out of your system before the main event!
Lyria: Wow... Everyone's voice sounds as beautiful as ever!
Guard 1: Ahh... Those must be the maidens we've been hearing about! That's some incredible singing!
Guard 2: I can see why they're treasured as much as we treasure our seas in Auguste.
Guard 1: I swear on my pride as an agent of Auguste to keep them safe during their stay here. Let's move on with the patrol.
After taking a breather, the guards go off to deal with monsters who've been showing up in an area near the altar.
Linaria: Ehehe... Looks like they love our singing on this island too.
Canna: That's a given! I mean, just think about how hard we practiced for this! We'll ace this thing for sure!
Diola: Hey... I'm worried about what's happening outside.
Diantha: You too, Diola? I was wondering the same thing after singing just now. I hope everything's okay...
Vyrn: (Captain), just the thought of monsters creeping around behind rocks and stuff gives me the heebie-jeebies. How 'bout we go check it out?
(Captain) also feels an uncertain presence in the vicinity.
They walk out the tent covering the altar and go with the maidens and ichnia to search for the source of this presence.
Girl: Sniff... Hic...
Harie: What we felt was from her?
The young girl appears to be three to four years of age. Everyone's attention is drawn to her.
Girl: Ngh...
Harie: Hi there. Everything okay? Care to tell us what happened?
Girl: Um... Well... Only Mommy and I will get to see your performance...
A look of confoundedness colors everyone's faces as they press for more info.
Girl: Daddy couldn't get a ticket to the concert...
Diantha Fan: No way... How could something like that happen?
Harie: Anyone who placed an order should've had no trouble getting a ticket...
Diantha: Maybe there was some kind of mistake with her father's ticket?
Linaria Fan: We've gotta do something about this... Is that a handmade tlepilli she's holding?
Although a bit unwieldy, it is obvious enough that the girl put a lot of effort into making her own tlepilli.
Diantha Fan: To think that the people of Auguste would make their own tlepilli in celebration... I never expected to see such respect for our culture here...
Girl: I heard maidens would be coming... and that they'd be giving a concert. I wanted to see it so much, so I made my own tlepilli...
Girl: It's transparent for now. I thought of adding color later—after I decided on my favorite maiden...
Harie: Yeah, I hear you... Thank you so much...
Diantha Fan: Harie... Isn't there anything we can do for her? I can't bear to see her so upset because of the concert.
Harie: Hm... I'll bring this up with the head priestess.
Head Priestess: So that happened, huh...
Harie: Head Priestess, there must be some way to secure a seat for the little girl's father.
Head Priestess: I hate to say this, but...
Head Priestess: The Auguste authorities have stipulated a few conditions for our performance here.
Head Priestess: Among them is one particular rule prohibiting non-ticketed guests—a necessary caveat to minimize confusion and to keep both the maidens and the islanders safe.
Harie: Are we really going to just let this go? How do you expect us to just stand by and watch that baby girl bawl her eyes out?
Head Priestess: If I make this one exception, I'll have to make exceptions for everyone else.
Head Priestess: And if that happens, the authorities might very well call off the concert. So I'm sorry, but I can't bend the rules.
The head priestess herself does not seem fully content with her decision.
But the damage a cancelled concert would cause to both Auguste and Xolotl is simply too great to ignore.
As head priestess she simply made the best decision she possibly could in her position.
Vyrn: That kinda felt like we were putting her on the spot...
Lyria: The girl was really looking forward to it. I feel sorry for her...
Harie: There must be something we can do...
Diantha: Something that wouldn't cause trouble for the head priestess...
Linaria: Let's go find out what that something is then. I hate seeing that child heartbroken and unable to pick her favorite maiden as much as any one of you.
Canna: Yeah, we've still got time until the concert. I'm sure it'll all pan out somehow!
Diola: Mm-hm, let's do what we can. Xolotl wouldn't be pleased about leaving a little girl out in the cold either.
Diantha Fan: We'll look into things from our side too.
Diola: Just be careful to act under the radar.
Vyrn: I get ya. Wouldn't want any guards to think we're trying to sneak someone in...
Guard 1: Hm, what's going on here? What's this about sneaking someone in?
Lyria: Yikes! I-it's nothing!
Vyrn: We were talking about sneaking around any monsters in the area so we could get the upper hand on them!
Guard 2: Yeah? We could definitely use the help. There's a few places we haven't checked yet that you might want to scout.
Vyrn: We're on it! C'mon, (Captain)!
(Captain) goes out monster hunting—
Leaving the matter of how to let the little girl's father attend the concert to the others.

The Seaside Performance Is On: Scene 2

The maidens have the girl's father hide underneath the altar until the concert begins. When Diola begins singing on a whim, the man's blue tlepilli—symbolizing allegiance to Diantha—begins to glow, drawing the attention of nearby guards.

Linaria: Good job taking out the monsters, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Heheh! They had us beat in numbers, but we got them beat... Period!
Vyrn: Anyway, how'd things go over here?
Canna: I get the feeling we might beat this one too! We've got a plan in mind!
Linaria: I know she said plan, but it's just a matter of having the father hide in a small opening beneath the altar until the concert starts.
Lyria: Good idea... Once the performance gets going, all eyes will be focused on the maidens...
Vyrn: The ichnia will be raving so hard that no one'll notice one extra person coming out to play.
Canna: Perfect! Now we just need to explain it to the girl's parents! Let's move it!
Canna: Scuse me! We heard you missed out on a concert ticket?
Man: Those outfits... You must be the maidens!
Man: It's true I missed my chance to get a ticket... But how did you know that?
Linaria: We heard about it from your daughter. We'd love for you to come to our concert as a family!
Man: You're too kind! Ah, fate has truly smiled upon me!
Canna: Well, we really want the people of Auguste to enjoy our show!
Canna: So we thought of a way for you guys to come as a family!
Man: I'm all ears.
Though deeply moved, the man's expression remains cloudy.
Man: I don't deserve to attend the concert...
Linaria: Huh? What's there to be deserving of? Don't tell us you actually didn't order your own ticket on purpose?
Canna: You sounded like you were really looking forward to it though. Is there something else we don't know about?
Man: No! It's nothing! Please forget anything I said!
Linaria: Come... on! Do you have any idea how upset your daughter is about this whole thing? She even went as far as to make her own tlepilli!
Man: Rgh! But I...
Vyrn: Crud! We can't draw this out any longer! Guards are coming!
Canna: It's time, ichnia!
Linaria Fans: Woo!
Man: Th-the heck is with you guys? Let go of me!
Linaria Fan: Heh... You're coming with us!
The man is hauled off by the brawny Linaria fans to where the altar is.
Drawn by the surrounding clamor, the other maidens come rushing to (Captain).
Diantha: So... I take it this man is the girl's father?
Man: Ungh...
The man's expression suddenly changes at the sight of Diantha.
Man: Oh my! Diantha? I thought you had given up the maiden life... But here you are in matching outfits with the other maidens!
Maidens: ...?
Vyrn: I was thinking, mister... Your attitude toward the maidens seems different from that of everyone else in Auguste...
Linaria: To top it off, you know way too much about us.
Man: What... are you getting at?
Diola: This is going nowhere...
Diola: Hm-hmm... Hm-hm-hmm...
A faint light fills the surroundings as if responding to Diola's humming.
Man: Ouch, too hot for me!
The man lets out a shriek and squirms, causing an object to fall out of his pocket.
Man: Why would it heat up all of a sudden?
The man grabs the glowing blue glass tube before it lands on the ground.
Diantha: It's the type that my fans use...
Diantha Fan: There's no mistaking it. It appears to be an older design, but it's extremely well-made.
Linaria Fan: Just who are you!
Man: Rgh!
Guard 1: You don't have a supporter badge. Tell us who you really are!
Man: Huh?
Lyria: (Yikes! (Captain), the guards are on to us!)
Guard 1: Don't tell me you're an intruder...
A bright light fills the surroundings as the guard approaches the man.
It is the radiant tlepilli in the man's hand that shines so brightly. All eyes stare wondrously at the captivating glow.
Monster: Groaar!
Guard 1: Monsters? They must've been hiding under the sand!
Guard 1: The concert starts soon! Protect the maidens at all costs!

The Seaside Performance Is On: Scene 3

The man turns out to be a former Xochitl ichnia who lost the chance to see Diantha's final performance when moving to Auguste due to sickness. Canna's encouragement keeps him strong as he hides under the altar, while Xolotl keeps the guards on lookout at bay.

Monster: Groaar!
Guard 1: Rgh... Hold it!
(Captain), we're counting on you to keep the maidens safe!
Vyrn: Whew, saved by the monsters...
Diola: Mister, you should know... Xolotl's doing what he can to make sure you're okay.
Man: Xolotl?
Diantha: The primal beast who grants power to the maidens. Our performances were originally meant to honor Xolotl...
Diantha briefly summarizes the history of the maidens and Xolotl.
Man: Not just all of you, but even a deity would go so far for me and my daughter?
Man: Very well. I'll explain my circumstances.
The man resigns himself to the situation and begins to speak at length.
Man: I once lived on Xochitl Island. And as you may have noticed from my tlepilli, I was a Diantha fan...
Diantha: Huh? You were an ichnia on Xochitl Island?
Man: Yes... My wife and I were all set to watch your debut performance, but I suddenly fell ill.
The doctors on the island could do nothing for the man. The family went to Auguste in pursuit of more advanced medical care.
Many things happened, obstructing their return to Xochitl Island. They have been living in Auguste ever since then.
Diantha: And I was no longer a maiden by the time your illness was cured...
Man: My wife was a devout Diantha fan as well, but she chose to take care of me over attending the sessions at the altar...
Man: Rgh! If only I hadn't fallen sick!
Linaria: So that's what you meant by undeserving... Because you gave up the chance to see off your favorite maiden...
Man: Yes...
Diantha: ...
Canna: Why don't we consider it a revival of sorts of Diantha's final concert then?
Diantha: Sounds good to me. Though I'll have to admit I'm a bit nervous about being the main event again.
Linaria: Ehehe... That'll give me all the more reason to shine onstage! We'll be fine!
Harie: Well, how about it? Now that we've heard your story, I have to say you are absolutely positively deserving of attending.
Man: Thank you... You have my utmost gratitude.
Harie: Hehe, perfect! You can come on out now!
Girl: Yay! Let's watch it together, Daddy!
Man: Aah, I'd be glad to...
Canna: Okay! Under the altar now!
Canna: As soon as we've finished singing the opening chant, we need you to run to the front of the crowd. The guards won't notice that way, so it'll work out just fine!
The crew hides the family under the altar and proceeds with concert preparations.
Diola: Something's up...
Diola knits her brows in consternation as multiple sets of footsteps approach.
Guard 1: We're on the homestretch! Check every nook and cranny—monsters could be lurking anywhere!
Guard 2: Having monsters around during the performance would be most unacceptable! It is our job to make sure we root them all out beforehand!
Multiple guards come rushing into the tent.
Lyria: Uh-oh! They're doing a really thorough search!
Harie: What's our move? It all goes down the drain if the guards find them...
Diola: Let's cover up this spot really good for now.
The crew places a myriad of objects that fit the scene atop the hiding spot, praying that the guards miss it entirely.
Guard 1: All clear here!
Guard 2: Same!
Making sure to leave no stone unturned, the guards approach the hiding spot of the family.
Guard 1: This is the last spot.
Maidens: ...!
Just as one of the guards reaches out to the opening covering the hiding spot...
Guard 2's Voice: Aaagh! I-I—
Guard 2's Voice: It's a primal beast!
Guard 1: What!
A dreadful shriek sounds from outside the tent, cutting short the inspection.
Lyria: A primal beast? Could it be...
Vyrn: I've got a bad feeling about this! We should go check it out too!
Guard 1: Stand your guard! We have to protect the altar and everyone inside!
Guards: Yaaargh!
Xolotl: Woof! Woof!
Guards: Aaargh!
Xolotl sweeps the guards off their feet with his tail.
Guard 2: What the... It's got my armor and belt all tangled up! I can't move!
Guard 1: Ngh! Why the heck are you guys stuck to me like glue? Ack, someone cut off our belts!
By way of Xolotl's reality-distorting powers, the guards have been clumped together like grains of sticky rice.
Diantha: Xolotl! What's this all about?
Diola: He's playing with the guards.
Linaria: Maybe he's gotten tired of the beach already?
Diola: Nuh-uh. Xolotl's drawing everyone's attention until the concert starts.
Diola: He really wants that family to see Diantha onstage, I think.
Xolotl: ...!
Guards: Yaaargh!
Lyria: Wow, this has really gotten out of hand...
The tangled-up guards come crawling toward (Captain) and company.
Guard 1: P-please, (Captain)! We don't stand a chance! Help us!
Diola: (Captain), I think we've got enough of a distraction already. Can you help them with this?
Vyrn: I'm guessing we don't have to go all out?
Vyrn: Hm... C'mon, (Captain)! Let's trade a few blows with Xolotl!

The Seaside Performance Is On: Scene 4

The maidens manage to pull a fast one on the guards, giving the family a chance to enjoy the concert. Seeing their radiant smiles allows Diantha to realize that Xolotl's prophecy was a means for lifting the spirits of ichnia who no longer reside in Xochitl Island.

Xolotl: ...
Guard 1: Huff... Huff... Have we quelled the beast?
Head Priestess: What in tarnation is—
Guard 2: Pant... Wheeze... From monster after monster to a primal beast appearing on the altar... It's been one battle after another...
Head Priestess: A primal beast?
Diantha: Erm... It looked like a giant dog with a golden mask...
Diantha tries to allude to Xolotl's manifestation without being too obvious.
Head Priestess: I see...
Guard 1: While we haven't sustained any serious injuries, we're definitely not in any shape to keep up the patrol. Perhaps the show should be postponed...
Head Priestess: No, we're going ahead with it.
Guard 1: Wha! But if monsters show up again—
Head Priestess: It'll be fine. The maidens are protected by a sacred power during their performances.
Head Priestess: Yes, it's always been that way. A monster or two won't make a difference.
Guard 2: I... I see... Well, I guess it should be fine if the maidens are up to it...
Although the guards cannot brush off their concern, the head priestess's strong conviction lulls them into a mild sense of security.
Rehearsal ends a little later than scheduled, and the time of the main event draws near.
Linaria Fan: Remember, sweetie. As soon as the maidens finish singing the opening chant, run with your family to the front of the crowd.
Girl: Okay! Mommy, Daddy—we get to see it all up close!
Man: I have no words for your kindness, everyone... As if giving us special entry weren't enough, you're even giving us the best seats in the house!
Canna Fan: Oh, it's nothing. The whole event's meant for Xolotl and his friends anyway. We have every reason to help you.
Diola Fan: And of course we're stoked to see what color your daughter's gonna make her tlepilli.
Harie Fan: Haha, I bet it'll be Harie—she's every girl's favorite maiden!
As a select few ichnia chat it up with the family while hiding beneath the altar, the lights suddenly go dim.
Head Priestess: Sorry to keep you waiting, everyone! But the show is about to begin!
Maidens' Voices: Ti Icniuhtli Xolotl!
Ichnia's Voice: Now! Run for it!
The ichnia in the very front take a few steps back to make room for the family that comes rushing in.
Maidens: Thank you for everything! You are my most cherished treasure. One, two, three—I love you.
Maidens: Yes, this is a neo fairy tale—
In this world that has forgotten how to believe—
Maidens: We've descended as the stars of hope—
To clear the clouds of darkness—
By shining our dancing light!
Girl: Wow. It's beautiful...
Man: Diantha's final concert—revived! I won't even blink if I can help it!
Girl: Mm!
The dance of the maidens begins with glorious applause and cheer from the people of both Auguste and Xochitl.
The concert ends on a remarkably high note, leaving everyone speechless yet feeling warm and fuzzy.
Lyria: Teehee... Another wonderful performance!
Girl: Uh-huh! They were all so cute!
Diantha Fan: So have you decided on one maiden to give your full support to?
Girl: You mean which one I like best?
Ichnia: ...!
Girl: I love all of them!
Ichnia: Haahahaha!
Linaria Fan: That's what I'm talkin' about!
Canna Fan: Instead of being caught up with who's best, simply enjoying things for what they are is certainly a fine way of looking at things!
The maidens watch the smiling family in the distance.
Diantha: So that's what Xolotl's prophecy was all about...
Diantha comes to an epiphany.
Diantha: Xolotl specifically chose this locale and wanted me to join the performance all for that family.
Canna: Hm, makes sense. Xolotl considers even ichnia that have left the island to be his friends!
Harie: So that's what this was all about... He could've told us that beforehand...
Diola: Communication's tough for canine deities.
Linaria: Teehee, friends are friends no matter how far apart they are.
Harie: But how would he even know about ichnia outside the island to begin with?
Diola: His senses must've sharpened after everyone on Xochitl Island remembered him.
Diantha: I guess he planned this all out when he realized that people on other islands need the help of us maidens too...
Linaria: Does that mean we could be doing more concerts on other islands in the future?
Diola: It's possible.
Canna: Sounds fun! I'm always up for seeing new sights and trying out new things!
Linaria: That means I'll get the chance to show sooo many more people just how amazingly cute I am! Teehee!
Harie: If such an opportunity does arise, we would need protection...
Harie: Meaning we'd get to work with you again, (Captain). It'd be a pleasure.
(Captain) and company rave about the spectacular showing as they return to their lodgings.
Diantha: Hehe, I'm really glad we came to this island.
Diantha speaks about the family who had no choice but to leave Xochitl Island due to unforeseen circumstances.
Diantha: I guess I never did get past my stage fright, but I'm really glad to see that child and her parents so happy.
Diantha: And getting the chance to perform on a different island was an invaluable experience, especially for me as an apprentice priestess.
Diantha: But it's all due to your efforts that we're able to appreciate these things... Thank you, (Captain).
Though no longer a maiden, extraordinary circumstances have allowed her to perform on the altar again.
Diantha's experiences in Auguste will no doubt prove valuable in her journey to one day become a distinguished head priestess.
It can very well be said that the legend of Xolotl and the maidens has only just begun.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
海って、こんなに広いんだね… The seas are so vast...
日焼け止め、日焼け止め… Sunscreen, sunscreen...
ショロトル様は水遊びが好きみたい Guess Xolotl loves playing with water.
砂浜の設営、結構大変だね Beach setup is hard work.
外の島での公演緊張するなぁ… Singing on a new island gives me the jitters...
この衣装、可愛くて気に入ってるんだ I love this swimsuit. It's just adorable!
イクニアさん達、今は仲いいみたい The ichnia get along pretty well nowadays.
ふふ…一緒に旅ができて嬉しいな Hehe... I'm so glad we get to travel together...
(主人公)さん、この衣装、似合う? (Captain), how do you like my swimsuit?
私、泳げないけど(主人公)さんとなら Can't swim, but I'll try it with you, (Captain).