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Official Profile

Age Unknown
Height 170 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Songwriting, singing, listening to music
Likes Pure and clean timbre, natural timbre
Dislikes Hustle and bustle, noise
Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 不明
Height 170cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 作詞作曲、歌うこと、歌を聴くこと
Likes 綺麗な音色、自然の音色
Dislikes ガヤガヤした騒がしさ、ノイズ
Source [1]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hmm hmm hmmm mmm. (Happy birthday.)
Mmmm, hmm hmm. Hm mmm hmm...
(I would sing you a birthday song if I could only take off this mask. I guess you'll just have to make do with my feelings...)


Mmm hmph, hmm mmm. (Happy birthday to you... Ugh, of course I can't sing with this mask on.)
Mmph mm, mmm hmm... (Well, as long as you know how I feel, I guess that's enough...)
Mmm hmm hm mmm! (Have a very happy birthday!)


Hmmngh, mmmph. (Happy birthday, (Captain)!)
Mmph nnggh... (Another year where I can't wish you a happy birthday with my real voice...)
Mmph mm hmmph. (But you still seem to know what I want to say, and that makes me happy.)
Mm, mmph hhrghh... (Ah, it's your birthday, but I'm the one soaking up all the joy.)
Mmph hmm hrmhmm. (From now I'll try really hard to get my feelings across.)


Mmm mmph hmm! (Happy birthday, (Captain)!)
Mmm mmm hmmph... (I'd really like to wish you a happy birthday with my own voice...)
Mmph, hmm mmm... (But I still can't speak...)
Mmm hmmph mmm! (So I put all my feelings into this present!)
Hmm... mmph hmm? (Um... Will you accept my gift?)
Mmm hmm mmph! (Th-thank you!)
Mmph mmm hmm. (Oh, I also put my feelings of gratitude for you into a song.)
Mmm... mmph... (But, well... I can't sing it yet...)
Hmmph mmm mmph? (Will you listen to my song when I can sing it to you one day?)
Mmm hmm mmm! (I'll try to make it so I can wish you a happy birthday with actual words next year!)


Mmm, hmm mmmm! ((Captain), happy birthday!)
Hmm, mmph mmm hmmm? (Umm... Do you have some time right now?)
Mmm hmph hmmm mmmm mmmph. (I made a song for your birthday, you see.)
Mm mmm... Mmm hmm hmph mmm. (I can't sing yet... but I can play it on an instrument.)
Mmph hmmm hm? (Will you listen to it?)
Hmm mmm. Mmm, hmph mm mmm! (Thank you. Well then, come with me!)

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hmm hmm, mmph. (Happy New Year.)
Mmph! Hmm mmm hm. (Let's sing the first song of the new year!)


Hmm mmm, mmph... (It doesn't matter if the new year comes like clockwork. Each one always feels refreshing.)
Hmm... Mm mm mph... (Judging from the time I've spent with the crew over the past year...)
Mmph mm hmm! (We're in store for another fun one.)
Hmm, mmm! (Oh, I can't stop shaking from excitement!)


Hngh mmph hnngh! (Here we go again! Happy New Year!)
Mmph mm. (Every year since I've joined the crew has been a blast.)
Hmmph mmph... (It's so much better than all those years I spent alone...)
Mmph ummph hnngh! (Let's have another great year, (Captain)!)


Mmm... hmm mmph? (Sob... Oh, (Captain). What's wrong?)
Hmm? Mmm mmph... hmph? (You want to know why I'm upset?)
Mmm, hmmph mmm... (Well, I went to the shrine to get my fortune told...)
Mmph... hmmm... mmm... (And... it said I'm going to have bad luck... Sob...)
Mmm, mmph! (Hey, why are you laughing!)
Hmm mmph mmm? (What? My luck can't get any worse than that?)
Mmph, mmm... hmm? (I don't have anywhere to go but up?)
Mmm, hmmph. Mmph. (W-well, you do have a point. My luck's already about as bad as it can be.)
Mmm hmmph. (Thank you.)
Hmm mmm, mmph! (You made me feel a lot better, (Captain)!)
Mmph! Hmm mmm! (Okay! I'll do my best not to lose to some silly fortune!)


Mm! Hmm, mmm mph! (Ah, (Captain)! Happy New Years.)
Mmm? Mmph, hmmm. (What am I doing, you ask? Erm, I'm preparing a few dishes—just to ring in the new year.)
Mm... Hmm mm mmph. (Er... I can't taste the food myself, but I know just how much seasoning to put in. It's all memorized.)
Hmm... Mmph, mmm. (However, I'm just the slightest bit worried. Would you terribly mind it if I ask you to be my taste-tester?)
Mmmph! Hmm mmm. (Thank you! Well, er, in that case...)
M, mm... Hmmph. (W-would you please say "ahh?")
Hmmm... Mm, mmph mmm? (Oh... W-why is this so embarrassing?)

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Unnf umph mm! (Happy Valentine's Day!)
Mmm... Mm mmph ffmph... (Um... I made you chocolate, but...)
(I couldn't do a taste test, so...)


Hnn m-mmph... (Um, p-please take this, (Captain)!)
Mmph hm mm hmph... (I couldn't taste test it this year either...)
Hmm... hnn mmph mm! (But... at least it smells good!)


Hmm mmph! ((Captain)! Valentine's chocolates for you!)
Hnngh hmm mmph. (Since I can't taste anything beforehand, I thought it'd be easier just to buy them.)
Mmph mmm! (But handmade was definitely the way to go!)
Nnnn mmh hmmph. (I put a lot of effort and gratitude into making these for you.)
Hm-hm. (Hehe... I hope you like them!)


Mmm, hmm mmph! (Happy Valentine's Day, (Captain)!)
Hmph, mmm! Mmm... hmm? (I made you chocolates again this year. Um... Will you accept them?)
Mmm, mmm mmph! (Yes! They're handmade, of course!)
Mmm, hmmph mmm! (Oh, but I feel a lot more confident about them this time around!)
Mmph... mmm, hmmph. (You see... I had the crew taste-test them for me.)
Mmm, hmm mmph! (Everyone said they were delicious!)
Hmm mmm! (So they must be tasty!)


Mm, hmm mmph! ((Captain), it's Valentines today!)
Mmm. Mmph hmmm. (These chocolates are from me. I do hope you like them.)
Hmm, mm mmph? (Hehe. Say, did you know?)
Mph, mm hm mmm. (Actually, you're the only person I've ever given chocolates to.)
Mm... Hmm mmm mmph. (Er, well... In the past, I didn't so much give chocolates as receive them.)
Hmm mmmph. (Fans would send in enough chocolates to fill a room.)
Hmm mm. Mmm mmph. (Of course I ate them all—well, with some help. I cared very much for my fans, you know.)

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Mrm? Hmm hm mmph? (Huh? A White Day present for me?)
Mm hmm! Mmph! (Oh, I just love it! Thank you so much!)


Mmm? Hnnmf? (What is it, (Captain)? This is...)
Mmph! Mm... (Oh, it's White Day! This looks so good!)
Hmm, mm mmpf... (Even though I can't eat it...)
Mmph... Hmmf mmf! (But that doesn't make me like it any less!)


Hmph hmm? (A White Day present for me?)
Nnh, hnn hmmph... (The feelings I get when someone does something nice for me...)
Mmm hmmph. (It's like I'm on cloud nine.)
Hnngh mmmph! (Thank you so much, (Captain)!)


Mmm, mmph... hmm? Mmm... (F-flowers? For me? But why?)
Mmm hmmph mmm? (You want to thank me for Valentine's Day?)
Mmm hmmph mmm? (You want to thank me for Valentine's Day?)
Hmm... mmm! (Um... Thank you very much!)
Mmm, hmm mmph... (But why flowers?)
Hmm mmm, mmph... (Because I can smell them even with my mask on?)
Mmph mmm. (You really put a lot of thought into this gift.)
Mmm... hmmph. Mmph. (Um... Th-thank you. I'll place them somewhere where I can see them every day.)
Mmph. Mmm. (Hehe. Now where shall I put them?)


Hm, mmm? Mmmph! (Oh, is this for me? Why thank you!)
Hm, mm... Mmmph mm? (What? Isn't this... the playbook I told you about?)
Hmmm! Mmmph! (I'm utterly speechless! I can't tell you how long I've been searching for this book!)
Mmm, hm mmmph. (But no matter where I looked, it was nowhere to be found.)
Mm... Hmm? Mm mph. (Erm... Are you sure about this? It's quite a valuable piece.)
Mm, mmn mm! (Th-thank you so very much!)
Hm. Mm, hmm mph! (Hehe. Oh, I do so look forward to reading it!)

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Mmhmm! (Happy Halloween!)
Mmm? (What should I be?)
Mm! Mmhmm... (Ah! How about a vampire? Oh, wait, I can't wear the fangs.)


Mm... Mmmm! (Trick or treat, (Captain)!)
Mm, hmm... Mmm... (Oh, you had some candy ready. And here I thought this was my chance to pull a fast one on you.)
Mm! Mmm, mmm... (Hey wait! How am I supposed to eat this!)


Hnngh! Hmmm hmm! (Listen to me, (Captain)!)
Hmmng hmmph. (Some kids just said trick or treat to me!)
Hmm mmm... (They weren't afraid of me. Could it be thanks to Halloween?)
Mm, mmph hrnng. (Or maybe it's because I've been traveling with everyone.)
Hrng hmm mmph. (I guess I've also changed a little, huh?)


Mmm, mmm hmmm... (Hm, I wonder which costume would be best...)
Mmph, hmmph mmm... (If I wear a scary one, the children will all be frightened of me...)
Mmm mmph hmm... (But cute costumes don't really fit me either...)
Hmm mmm... (Urgh... I can't decide...)
Mmm mmph mmm... (Would a costume like this even look good on me?)
Mmph mmm, hmmph! (Oh, (Captain). Perfect timing!)
Mmm... hmmph mmm? (Um... Which costume do you think would look better on me?)
Hmm... mmph mmm... (You see... I don't really know anything about costumes...)
Mmm hmm, mmph? (So would you mind picking for me, (Captain)?)
Mmm mmph mmm? (What? You won't be able to tell unless I try them on?)
Hmmph... mmm. (Urgh... Okay.)
Mmm hmm mmm. (I'll swallow my embarrassment and try them on one by one.)
Mmph, mmm hmmph. (So please pick the one that looks best on me.)


Mm... Mmm hm hmmph? (Huh... Trick or treat?)
Mmph, mmm hmmm... (Oh, I ran out of candy...)
Mmm... Hmm mmm hmph mm. (Oh... All right, you can play a trick on me.)
Mmm, mmm mmm hmm hmph mmm... (Huh, what do you mean change into this...)
Hmmmph! Mmm hmm mmm mmph! (No way! I can't wear something that frilly!)
Mmm mmm hmmmmph hmm mmm mmm... (I mean, I'm not exactly young so this kinda thing is a bit...)
Mm mmm... Hmm mm mmph... (Oh, fine... I'll wear it...)
Hmm mm mmph? Mmm mmm mmph hmm... (Can we go somewhere quieter though? I wouldn't want anyone else to see me in costume...)

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hm hmm hm hm hmmm! (Happy holidays!)
Mm hmm... Hm mmph hmph hm... (Ah, memories... I used to sing at parties...)
Mmm mmmph! Hm hmmph! (I love the buzzing holiday atmosphere, and walking in a winter wonderland!)


Hmm mmm, mmmph mm! (Happy holidays, (Captain)!)
Mm... Mmph hmm hmm. (I can't enjoy the food unfortunately, but I love the feeling in the air!)
Mmph, hm hmmm. (The feelings of my heart will surely join the happy voices in harmonious chorus!)


Mmm mmph hmmm! (Season's greetings, (Captain)!)
Mm? Hnn unnh? (Oh? Go into town? How fun! I'd love to!)
Mmmph... (Hehe, strolling the streets with (Captain)... It'll be like a winter wonderland!)


Mmm mmph! Hmmm! (Look, (Captain)! Snow!)
Mmm hmm, mmph mmm! (I can't believe it's snowing on this special night. How romantic!)
Mmm hmm... (Urgh... I guess I shouldn't be surprised that it's cold when there's snow falling...)
Hmm.... mmm hmm? (Hm? You think I ought to go back to my room so I don't get sick?)
Mmm... hmm, mmm mmph? (You're probably right... But I'd like to stay outside just a bit longer.)
Mmph, hmmm... (The snow is so beautiful. It'd be a shame not to enjoy it.)
Mm, mmm hmph? (Really? You'll stay with me?)
Mmm! Mmph... hmm mmm! (Thank you! It would have been kind of lonely watching the snow fall by myself.)
Mmm... (And...)
Hmm, mmph mmm! (Well, I'm just really happy.)
Mmph, mmm hmmm. (Hehe. I love when the holidays are festive, but a quiet night like this is nice in its own way.)


Mm, hmm mmph... (Ah, are you out shopping too, (Captain)?)
Mm, mmph... Hmmmph! (Yes! I am also buying supplies for tonight's party.)
Hmm... Mm mmph... (And, of course, I need to find presents for everyone.)
Mm... Hmm, hmph mm. (Oh, I would never forget you, (Captain).)
Hmmph... Mm, hm mmph. (You'll get your present at the party. Do look forward to it.)
Hmmm, mm... Hmmph. (I put a lot of thought into these gifts. I do hope everyone will like them.)

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Hidden Emotions

The crew gets mixed up with some thugs while shopping in town, but a masked woman, Ejaeli, who leads the thugs stops them. Ejaeli can only moan through her mask, so Lyria translates for her. She ends up joining the crew because she finally found someone who understands her.

(Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria are out shopping in a new town.
Lyria: Wow! Look, (Captain)! There's a shop even in a place like this!
Vyrn: Try to calm down a bit, Lyria! It's dangerous to get too excited.
Lyria: I'll be fine! I'm watching where I'm go—
Lyria: Aahh!
Vyrn: See? I told you so!
Lyria: I'm so sorry! Are you okay?
Thug 1: Well... Let's see...
Thug 1: Wha? Ouch! My shoulder! I think you must have broken something!
Lyria: Oh no! I'm terribly sorry!
Vyrn: Hey! Hold it right there! It looked like you were just fine right after she bumped into you!
Thug 1: Oh... This injury seems serious. I can't move my arm at all.
Thug 2: Hey! You okay, buddy? Talk about rotten luck.
Thug 1: Heh-heh. Looks like you'll have to pay me for medical expenses and of course pain and suffering.
Vyrn: What are you talking about? You're not even injured! And Lyria already apologized!
Thug 2: Sorry. But that's not going to be nearly enough. And—Huh? Is that who I think it is?
???: ...
Thug 1: Heh... If you can't pay money, then hand over your valuables.
Thug 2: Hey, idiot! Look over there!
Thug 1: What? Uh-oh... It can't be...
???: ...
Thug 3: Hey! What do you think you're doing?
Thug 1: Um... Well...
???: ...
Thug 3: What's that? Oh... Understood, Lady Ejaeli.
Thug 3: Listen up, you! Lady Ejaeli says she doesn't want to see you picking on little girls!
Thug 1: But... Understood, ma'am.
Vyrn: Whoa. What's up with that scary-looking girl?
Lyria: Thanks for helping me!
Ejaeli: ...
Thug 3: Slow down there. You better stay away from Lady Ejaeli if you don't want to get hurt.
Lyria: Huh? What's that supposed to mean?
Thug 3: Heh-heh... You really don't know, do you? Then let me tell you the heroic tale of Lady Ejaeli!
It is said that Lady Ejaeli was once a powerful sorceress.
And she may or may not have brutally burned down a hundred cities.
But one day a cursed mask was placed on her face by another sorceress who feared her power.
The enraged Ejaeli cut herself off from her so-called friends and eventually found her way to this town.
Thug 3: And now she leads thugs like us right here in town.
Vyrn: What? Wow! You're really terrifying, lady!
Ejaeli: Mmrm...
Lyria: What was that? None of what she said is true?
Ejaeli: ...!
Thug 3: Go on! Get out of here before you get yourselves involved in any more trouble!
Lyria: But... Wait!
Vyrn: We better not try our luck, Lyria. Let's go! Right, (Captain)?
Ejaeli: ...
That evening, the crew discuss what they should do the following day.
Vyrn: I vote to get out of this town as fast as we can. That lady seemed pretty scary.
Lyria: But... She didn't actually seem so bad to me.
Vyrn: What do you mean? Didn't you hear how many cities she destroyed?
Lyria: Well actually... She said that wasn't true.
Ejaeli: Mmrm!
Vyrn: Eek! Hey... you're the woman from earlier!
Ejaeli: Mmph!
Ejaeli: Mmmp.
Ejaeli: Mmrm!
Vyrn: What are you trying to say?
Lyria: I see... So that's what happened.
Ejaeli: Mmph!
Vyrn: What? You can understand her, Lyria?
Lyria: Yes! More or less at least. You can too, right, (Captain)?
  1. Of course.
  2. Not really.

Choose: Of course.
Vyrn: So I'm the only one who can't understand her?

Choose: Not really.
Vyrn: Whew... At least I'm not alone.
Continue 1
Ejaeli, who has boarded the airship uninvited, begins telling the story of her life.
Ejaeli: Mmrm. (I was originally a singer in my hometown.)
Ejaeli: Mmph. (But one of the other singers grew very jealous of me.)
Ejaeli: Mmmp! (And then this cursed mask was forced onto me!)
Ejaeli: Mmrm... (I started traveling to try to find a way to get it off, but I've always had a bit of a dangerous look in my eyes...)
Ejaeli: Mmmp. (And I soon found myself made into the leader of a band of ruffians.)
Ejaeli: Mmrm. (People started attributing all these strange acts to me, but I couldn't speak up to deny them.)
Lyria: That sounds tough.
Vyrn: Um... What are you two talking about?
Ejaeli: Mmrm. (This is the first time I've been able to speak to anyone since this mask was put on me.)
Ejaeli: Mmph? (So may I join your crew?)
Lyria: Sure! We could never just leave someone on their own!
Lyria: Hey, (Captain). You feel the same way, right?
Vyrn: Time-out! Can someone please tell me what in the world is going on?
Lyria explains everything she has heard from Ejaeli.
Vyrn: Wow! That really is rough.
Ejaeli: Mmph... (So even the lizard understands me now...)
Ejaeli: Mmrm! (I can't actually say it, but I look forward to our journey together!)
  1. Welcome aboard!
  2. We'll get along just fine without words...

Choose: Welcome aboard!
Ejaeli: Mmrm! (Yes! I'll do everything I can to pull my own weight!)
Thus Ejaeli is welcomed into the crew by (Captain) and company.

Choose: We'll get along just fine without words...
Ejaeli: Mmph? (Wha? Are you trying to say we have some sort of emotional connection?)
Ejaeli: Mmrm! (But it's too soon for that, (Captain)! We just met!)
Vyrn: Hey... What you mumbling about?
Thus Ejaeli is welcomed into the crew by (Captain) and the crew.
Continue 2
But it will take some time before Vyrn is able to comprehend everything she says.

The Truth of the Curse

(Captain)'s crew visits a quiet town to complete a request. Ejaeli is stunned to realize that they're in her home town, and the crew decides to ask around about her cursed mask. There they end up fighting monsters to protect an elderly woman.

(Captain)'s crew receives a request to protect someone who's being targeted by monsters.
The crew heads to the quiet town where the client is said to live.
Ejaeli: Mmrm! (I knew it!)
Vyrn: What's wrong? You look really surprised.
Ejaeli: Mmph... (This is my hometown! All the memories...)
Ejaeli: Mmmp. (Everything looks so different. Time changes everything.)
Vyrn: Hey! Since we're here anyway, let's look into your cursed mask.
Lyria: Yeah! Maybe we can find some clues, Ejaeli!
Ejaeli: Mmrm! (Thank you, everyone!)
Ejaeli: Mmmp. (Aw... I'm really touched. I didn't think people could be so kind.)
Vyrn: Sure can! Let's take care of our mission first though.
Ejaeli: Mmph! (Okay! I'll help as much as I can!)
The crew soon arrives at their destination.
Granddaughter: Thank you for taking our request.
Granddaughter: You see... The one being targeted by monsters is actually my grandmother.
Elderly Woman: I'm glad you're here... You're skyfarers, right? Thank you for coming all the way out here.
Ejaeli: ...
Elderly Woman: Gasp! Y-you're... But why?
Vyrn: What's the matter, lady?
Elderly Woman: Ugh... Get out! You'll never get the better of me!
Granddaughter: Grandma? Why would you say such a thing?
Elderly Woman: Y-you're one of them too? Just get out!
Lyria: What do we do? She won't listen to us...
Vyrn: Looks like we better just scram for now!
Ejaeli: ...
Granddaughter: I'm sorry... She's been so stressed out by the monsters coming after her. I think she's confused.
Lyria: I see... She must be under a lot of stress.
Vyrn: That's our cue! Let's beat those monsters up and give her grandma some relief!
Ejaeli: Mmrm...
Lyria: Huh? Did you say something?
Monster: Groar!
Vyrn: Whoa... These must be the monsters that are after the old lady! Let's take 'em down!

The Truth of the Curse: Scene 2

The crew defeats the monsters, but the old woman refuses to see them. The crew decides to seek out information about Ejaeli's curse, and they learn that the elderly woman is responsible for it. The woman apologizes and says she deserves to be attacked, but Ejaeli steps in to protect her.

Although (Captain) and crew defeat the monsters, the elderly woman continues to avoid them.
Lyria: Hmm... According to the townsfolk, there are other monsters that are after the old woman.
Lyria: What should we do? We don't even know why they're chasing her.
Vyrn: Hmm... Then let's just try to find info on Ejaeli's curse first!
Ejaeli: Mmrm... (Thank you... but...)
Vyrn: Don't worry about it! We'll take out the monsters as they come!
The crew starts asking around about the cursed singer.
Townsperson 1: Yeah... I've heard of her. She's part of a famous ghost story here!
Townsperson 2: Heh-heh... You've got some guts to ask about that story.
Townsperson 2: They say that if you hear the story, a woman in a steel mask will appear at your bedside that night!
Lyria: Aahh!
Ejaeli: Mmrm... (Um... I'm pretty sure the masked woman in the story is me.)
Vyrn: But why does everyone think it's just some story?
Vyrn: Do the people in this town think you died, Ejaeli?
Ejaeli: Mmrm... (Well... I can't really blame them.)
Vyrn: Huh? What do you mea—
Townsperson 3: Hey! Are you the ones asking around about the cursed singer?
Lyria: Yeah! Why do you ask?
Townsperson 3: Well... I can take you to someone who was directly involved in that story, if you want.
Vyrn: Wha? Directly involved?
Lyria: Wow! This could be a big clue to lifting your curse!
Ejaeli: ...
The crew follows the man and arrives at a house...
Elderly Woman: ...
Ejaeli: Mmmp...
Vyrn: Oh man... You've got to be kidding me.
Ejaeli: Mmph? (Um... Lyria, can I ask you for something?)
Lyria: Sure. I'll do what I can...
Ejaeli: Mmrm. (I want you to tell everyone what I'm about to tell you. )
Ejaeli seems to make up her mind about something and begins to talk.
Ejaeli: Mmrm... (You see... The singer who put the curse on me...)
Ejaeli: Mmmp. (Is this woman. We used to work together.)
Elderly Woman: ...
Granddaughter: I've heard that story before too, but I thought it happened decades ago...
Ejaeli: Mmrm. (The thing is... I'm actually the same age as her.)
Ejaeli: Mmmm... (I stopped aging once this mask was put on me.)
Vyrn: Wha? That ain't possible!
Ejaeli: Mmrm... (Because of my mask, I'm not able to put anything into my mouth...)
Ejaeli: Mmph. (But I never get hungry, which is apparently due to the curse.)
Ejaeli: Mmmp. (I've been living for a long time like this, and for some reason I haven't aged.)
Lyria: I see. I had no idea.
Ejaeli: Mmrm. (I'm sorry for keeping it secret, but I was afraid to tell you.)
Elderly Woman: Ugh... I deserve any punishment I get.
The old woman finally reveals the truth.
She reveals that she had asked monsters to help her curse Ejaeli.
Elderly Woman: And now those fiends have come to collect what is owed to them...
Vyrn: Whoa! Where did these monsters come from? This house is surrounded!
Elderly Woman: Don't worry, skyfarers... I'll leave now.
Elderly Woman: I'm sorry, Ejaeli. In my youthful ignorance, I did something terrible to you.
Ejaeli: ...
Elderly Woman: But I don't remember how to lift your curse... so the least I can do is atone for my crime.
Ejaeli: Mmrm... (Wait...)
Ejaeli: Mmmp! (I won't let you do this! I'll defeat every last monster out there!)
Ejaeli: Mmph. (Help me, (Captain).)
Ejaeli: Mmrm! (I don't want more sadness to come from this curse!)

The Truth of the Curse: Scene 3

(Captain) and crew fend off the monsters and complete their original mission, but they fail to break Ejaeli's curse. Still, she smiles as if a burden has been lifted from her shoulders.

(Captain) and crew successfully fend off the monsters.
They stay in the town for a short while afterward, but it seems like the monsters have left the elderly woman alone for good.
Elderly Woman: Ejaeli? Why would you help me?
Ejaeli: ...
With their mission completed, the crew leaves Ejaeli's hometown and doesn't look back.
Vyrn: It's really too bad we couldn't help Ejaeli with her curse.
Lyria: Hmm... We beat the monsters that helped the old woman, but I guess that wasn't enough.
Ejaeli: Mmrm. (I'm still glad I was able to see my hometown again.)
Ejaeli: Mmmp! (We couldn't get rid of the curse, but I feel so much better!)
With that, Ejaeli smiles brightly.
The mask remains, but her smile suggests that a heavy burden has been lifted off her shoulders.

Spun Spoken Word

Ejaeli, (Captain), and crew visit a magician specializing in the removal of curses. The specialist explains that this curse's power comes from the caster and that even if this curse is lifted, there is no guaranteeing Ejaeli's safety.

Quite some time has passed since the girl with the cursed mask, Ejaeli, joined the crew.
(Captain) and the crew hear of a magician specializing in the removal of curses and decide to pay them a visit.
Vyrn: Heh-heh! Maybe the magician can help Metal Mask get that thing off her face!
Ejaeli: Mmrm! (Awesome!)
Lyria: Hehe. Ejaeli, what's the first thing you want to do when you get the mask off?
Ejaeli: Mmph! (Let's see... I want to sing! And then I want to eat!)
Ejaeli: Mmrm... (Because of the curse, I won't die even though I can't eat...)
Lyria: That's so sad... I can't imagine what it's like not being able to eat.
Ejaeli: Mmmp... (I don't even remember the tastes of my favorite foods anymore...)
Ejaeli: Mmrm... (Actually... What are my favorite foods? I can't remember...)
Lyria: Hehe. When we get your mask off, let's make sure you eat a whole bunch.
Lyria: Oh! And then I would love to hear your singing.
Ejaeli: Mmmp! (Okay. Once this is off, I'll sing you something special!)
Ejaeli: Mmrm! (Something I've saved since before I was cursed!)
Ejaeli: Mmph! (You just wait!)
Vyrn: Hey! Look over there... Do you think that's where the magician lives?
Vyrn points to a lone house in the forest.
Vyrn: Let's check it out.
(Captain) nods and the crew heads towards the house.
Lyria: Excuse me. Would you happen to be the magician who helps with curses?
???: Give me a moment...
Magician: Hello there, skyfarers. What can I help you—
The magician opens the door and is taken aback when she sees Ejaeli's face.
Lyria: What's wrong?
Magician: Is that really Ejaeli?
Lyria: Gasp... Do you know her?
Magician: Y-yes... I once heard Ejaeli perform...
Magician: I've been a fan ever since...
Ejaeli: Mmmp... (Y-you're... making me blush...)
Vyrn: What? The last time Metal Mask sang was a real while ago.
Lyria: Hmm... And you don't look that old...
(Captain)'s crew examines the magician more closely.
Magician: Hehe. I look young, but I'm really not.
Magician: With the power of magic, I'm able to keep myself looking like this.
Vyrn: Hey, Metal Mask, I didn't know you were so famous.
Magician: Hehe. Back in my day, skyfarers from all sorts of skydoms would gather together just to hear Ejaeli perform.
Magician: Everyone says that hearing Ejaeli's songs brings happiness.
Vyrn: Dang... That's pretty cool.
Magician: If you could hear her sing, you'd understand just how amazing she really is.
Magician: She even stole my heart with just one song.
Ejaeli: Mmph... (I... did I really...)
Magician: That's why everyone was so sad when they heard that Ejaeli had passed away.
The magician looks at Ejaeli in disbelief.
Magician: Are... are you really Ejaeli?
(Captain) and crew inform the magician of the curse that was placed on Ejaeli.
Magician: I see. So you came looking for a way to break this curse...
Magician: Now that I have the full story, I would love to help.
Ejaeli: Mmmp. (Thank you.)
Magician: Hmm?
Lyria: Hehe! She's saying thank you.
Magician: Hehe. It's my pleasure. As long as I have the power to help, I will.
Magician: After all, I am who I am today thanks to you.
Ejaeli: Mmrm? (Hm? What do you mean?)
Magician: When I saw the light you brought to all of those around you, I realized I wanted to do the same thing...
Magician: I wanted to be someone who brought happiness to others, someone who could help them...
Magician: That's why I use my magic to free those poor people who've been cursed.
Lyria: Hehe! So you looked up to Ejaeli.
Magician: Yes, that I did...
Magician: Please come inside. Let me examine this curse more closely.
The crew nods and enters the magician's home.
The crew stares on as the magician inspects Ejaeli's curse.
They hold their breath, waiting in both fear and anticipation as she works.
Magician: Sorry to keep you waiting.
Lyria: So... what do you think? Can it be removed?
Magician: I'm sorry to say that the curse placed on Ejaeli is extremely powerful and will not be lifted easily.
Ejaeli: Mmmp... (Is that so...)
(Captain) and crew can't hide their disappointed faces from the magician.
Magician: But there may be a way to remove it.
Ejaeli: Mmph! (R-really!)
Magician: Yes... You must destroy the root of this mask's curse.
Lyria: But... We already defeated the monster that gave the curse power...
Magician: How can that be? I still feel the power of the curse lingering on her...
The magician considers Lyria's words and thinks calmly.
Magician: Then... could you tell me more about how this curse came to be?
Magician: The solution may lie in the method.
Lyria interprets as Ejaeli tells her story to the magician.
Magician: So that's what happened to you...
Magician: Then I believe the source of the curse is the old woman.
Lyria: But she doesn't hold a grudge anymore.
Vyrn: Yeah. She even apologized and everything.
Magician: What if she regrets what she's done?
Lyria: W-what do you mean?
Magician: A curse's power comes from the negative energy the caster feels toward the castee.
Magician: Once a curse is cast, it will never fade unless those feelings fade too.
Magician: And when I say negative energy, I'm not just talking about jealousy or hate.
Magician: Regret is also very negative energy.
Magician: So long as that emotion lingers, this curse will not end...
Ejaeli: Mmmp... (That can't be...)
Magician: By the same token, if the emotions fade, then the curse and its effects will too.
(Captain) and company consider the magician's words.
Vyrn: So basically, that old granny is responsible for this?
Magician: Correct. I don't have evidence, but that seems to be the case.
Ejaeli: ...
Ejaeli: Mmph... (Maybe we should go back and talk to her.)
Ejaeli: Mmrm... (It's not like there's anything else we can do.)
Ejaeli: Mmmp. (And I want to know more about how she felt too.)
  1. Good idea.

Choose: Good idea.
Lyria: I think so too!
Ejaeli: Mmrm. (Thank you.)
Lyria: Off we go...
Magician: Please... wait.
The crew's newfound hope is stopped short.
The urgency in the magician's voice brings them back to uncertainty.
Magician: You must not break this curse.
Vyrn: What? How come? That's the whole reason we came...
Magician: But the curse allows Ejaeli to live. What if it's the only thing that's keeping her alive?
Magician: If the curse were to be lifted, she might...
Vyrn: Y-you mean...
Magician: I can't be sure. She might remain as healthy as she is or she may age in the blink of an eye, and then...
Ejaeli: !
Lyria: No...
The crew's hope is extinguished, and now only fear consumes their hearts.

Spun Spoken Word: Scene 2

The crew visits the town where the caster resides, but cannot find her. As it so happens, to free Ejaeli from her curse, the castor agrees to merge her life with a monster. Ejaeli's mask falls to the ground and she regains her voice, but she wants to save the castor by fighting the monster.

In order to find out more about the curse inflicted upon Ejaeli, the crew visits the place where it all began.
Lyria: Ejaeli... are you sure you want to lift this curse?
Ejaeli: Mmmp. (Yes.)
  1. But if you lift the curse...
  2. We'll help you.

Choose: But if you lift the curse...
Lyria: We... We don't know what will happen to you. The magician said...

Choose: We'll help you.
Lyria: But if you lift the curse, then...
Continue 1
Ejaeli: Mmph... (I want to sing the way I used to...)
Ejaeli: Mmrm... (It's all I've dreamt of for so long...)
Ejaeli: Mmmp. (I need to wake up from this nightmare.)
Ejaeli: Mmph. (We won't know what will happen to me unless we try.)
Ejaeli: Mmrm! (I can only hope for the best.)
Ejaeli looks straight into the crew's fearful eyes.
(Captain) and crew are left speechless, but uncertainty lingers on their faces.
After arriving in the town, the crew heads straight for the old woman's house.
They knock, but no one answers the door.
Ejaeli: Mmrm... (Maybe they're not home.)
???: Oh, hello again...
The crew turn to face the voice and see the granddaughter of the old woman.
Lyria: Oh, why hello. Would your grandmother be around by any chance?
Granddaughter: About that—you have to find her! Please!
Vyrn: What the heck? Where's the fire?
Granddaughter: It's my grandma... She's gone.
Ejaeli: Mmmp! (What!)
The girl explains the circumstances of her grandmother's disappearance.
Granddaughter: She... She was so distraught after everything was settled.
Lyria: What do you mean?
Granddaughter: She became lost in thought. And she kept reading these diaries she had. She'd even forget to eat and wouldn't sleep sometimes.
Granddaughter: Then yesterday she just said she had something she must do...
Granddaughter: She said it was her only way to make up for what she did. Then she left and hasn't come back.
Granddaughter: She's all the family I have... Please find her...
  1. Leave it to us.
  2. There must be something she left behind...

Choose: Leave it to us.
Granddaughter: Oh... Thank you!
Lyria: Don't worry. We need to talk to your grandmother anyways.
Vyrn: But how exactly are we gonna find her? We don't have any leads...
Lyria: Well...

Choose: There must be something she left behind...
Granddaughter: Something she left behind... No, I don't think...
Continue 2
Ejaeli: Mmph! (Lyria, would you please interpret for me?)
Lyria: Hm? Yes, of course.
Ejaeli: Mmrm. (If she left after reading her diaries, then there must be a clue in one of them.)
Ejaeli: Mmmp? (Otherwise, why would she have been reading them so obsessively?)
Ejaeli: Mmrm? (Would you let us read her diaries?)
Granddaughter: Right. That makes sense. I'll take you to her room!
Ejaeli: Mmph! (Thank you!)
Vyrn: This diary is just full of apologies. It's kinda hard to read, ya know...
Lyria: These diaries are the same.
The crew splits the task of reading the numerous diaries amongst themselves.
What they find among the pages is heart-wrenching pain and guilt.
Lyria: This page seems like it's talking about the time we met.
I saw Ejaeli and felt the weight of my sins pierce my very soul.
I knew then the evil that I had done.
To repay my debt, I must give Ejaeli her voice back.
Ejaeli: Mmmp... (This is what was running through her mind...)
Vyrn: Hey! Look at this!
Vyrn shows the crew a page from one of the diaries.
Ejaeli: Mmrm? (What? She found a way to lift the curse?)
Ejaeli's surprise grips her as she continues to read the contents of the diary.
Ejaeli: Mmrm. (Long ago when she learned how to perform the curse, she also learned how to undo it.)
Ejaeli: Mmph. (She didn't think it would be necessary to lift the curse, so...)
Ejaeli: Mmmp. (She left the method of reversal in one of her diaries.)
Ejaeli: Mmrm. (After all these years, her regret... her remorse... Finally it will all end.)
Vyrn: Hey! Which diary has what we want?
Lyria: Um...
(Captain) and the others frantically begin checking all the diaries.
Ejaeli: Mmmp? (Could this be it?)
Ejaeli finds something in one of the diaries and begins to read.
Ejaeli: !
Suddenly Ejaeli's calm expression shifts into panic and she dashes out of the house.
Vyrn: Hey! Wait up! What happened?
Ejaeli: Mmrm! (She plans to end the curse by ending her own life!)
Lyria: What!
Ejaeli: Mmph... (That's what it said in the letter I found in her diary...)
Ejaeli: Mmmp! (To stop the effects of this curse, the caster must die!)
(Captain) and Lyria shoot each other a worried glance before following Ejaeli.
Elderly Woman: Hehe. Well then. It's time to finally end this once and for all.
Monster: Grrr...
Ejaeli: Mph... Mph... Mmmm! (Huff... Huff... There you are!)
Elderly Woman: Ejaeli! What are you doing here? What are all of you doing here?
When they arrive at the location detailed in the diary, they find the elderly woman—and a gigantic monster looming behind her.
Ejaeli: Mmrm! (We were looking for you!)
Ejaeli: Mmph! (Please stop! You can't do this!)
Elderly Woman: Sorry, dear. I can't understand a thing you're saying.
Ejaeli: Mmrm! (Lyria, help me!)
Vyrn: Uh... I think we have bigger problems. Like that monster...
Elderly Woman: This monster won't hurt anyone so long as it is not attacked.
Vyrn: And how do you know that!
Elderly Woman: Because I summoned this monster.
Elderly Woman: I summoned it in the same manner as when I cast my curse on Ejaeli.
The crew is shocked by the elderly woman's words.
Elderly Woman: Hehe. Didn't I tell you?
Elderly Woman: I borrow power from the monsters I summon. I used this beast's power to curse you.
Elderly Woman: I can summon as many of these as I like.
Elderly Woman: So long as I'm prepared to pay the price, that is.
Vyrn: What are you talking about! I thought you wanted to help Metal Mask!
Elderly Woman: I do.
Lyria: But... You just said you borrow power to curse people...
Elderly Woman: This time I'm going to borrow my monster's power to break a curse...
Ejaeli: Mmph! (But if you do that, then you'll...)
Elderly Woman: This is my apology to you, Ejaeli. I have walked down the wrong path for far too long.
Elderly Woman: Had I not cursed you, you would have been the most famed songstress in all the skies.
Elderly Woman: I stole all the happiness that awaited you.
Elderly Woman: So let me pay for what I did.
Elderly Woman: My jealousy is the reason your voice is gone. But I'll get it back for you... No matter the cost...
Elderly Woman: So please... Bear it just a little longer...
The elderly woman approaches the monster.
Elderly Woman: Now... Lend us your power to remove the curse on Ejaeli!
Elderly Woman: Of course I'm prepared to pay. Take my life in exchange!
Monster: Groooar!!
The monster prepares to strike the elderly woman, but Ejaeli rushes to stop her.
Ejaeli: Mmph! (Stop!)
Elderly Woman: I've lived... such a long life...
Elderly Woman: So let this be my finale. I want to let go of my regret. I want to be free of this guilt.
Elderly Woman: Let me be free from it all...
Those are her last words as she becomes one with the monster.
Ejaeli: No...
Ejaeli's mask falls to the ground below.
Ejaeli: My mask...
Lyria: Ejaeli, your voice...
Ejaeli: My... voice... It's back...
Ejaeli: But not like this...
Ejaeli: This isn't how it was supposed to be!
Ejaeli bears her weapon against the monster before her.
Ejaeli: (Captain), please lend me your strength!
Ejaeli: I want to help her! I want to talk to her! I have to...
  1. Understood!

Choose: Understood!
Ejaeli: Thank you!
Ejaeli: I... I will save her!
Ejaeli: There is so much I have to tell her!

Spun Spoken Word: Scene 3

Having been freed from the monster, the castor awakens and asks why Ejaeli saved her. Ejaeli explains that the caster is still a dear friend to her and bears her no ill will. After being trapped behind the mask for so long, Ejaeli is finally able to have a meal again and is left in tears of joy.

Monster: Grrr...
After the crew defeats the monster, the elderly woman emerges from its corpse.
However, she lies on the ground unconscious.
Ejaeli: Please! Wake up!
Ejaeli: I have so much to share with you! You can't leave me yet!
Ejaeli's voice breaks as she tries to reach the elderly woman.
Elderly Woman: Ah... Where am...
Ejaeli: Thank goodness!
Ejaeli takes the elderly woman in her arms.
Elderly Woman: Ejaeli?
Elderly Woman: How am I alive? I gave my life to that monster...
Ejaeli: We saved you.
Elderly Woman: What! Why would you do such a thing!
Elderly Woman: Why won't you just let me die in peace!
Vyrn: Hey! Come on now...
Elderly Woman: I can't live like this. The weight on my shoulders is too much to bear and you hate me. I can't go on!
Elderly Woman: That is why I gave my life!
The elderly woman's misery comes bursting out of her like an erupting volcano.
Ejaeli: !
Ejaeli slaps the elderly woman in a fit of rage.
Elderly Woman: E-Ejaeli...
Ejaeli: How dare you!
Ejaeli: Did you think about how I would feel if you died for my voice?
Ejaeli: You never considered that, did you!
Ejaeli: If it had cost your life to free me...
Ejaeli: How do you think I could have lived with myself!
Elderly Woman: Then what should I have done!
Elderly Woman: This pain... This misery... You're asking me to live like this?
Ejaeli: I am!
Elderly Woman: W-why would you say such spiteful things!
Ejaeli: I have lived in so much pain for so many years. We're even now.
Elderly Woman: ...
Ejaeli: I didn't want you to die!
Ejaeli: We've overcome so many hardships together. How could you think I'd want to take your life to get my voice back?
Elderly Woman: Ejaeli...
Ejaeli: You've been wrong for so many years.
Ejaeli: I don't hate you. I've already forgiven what you did.
Elderly Woman: You what... You lie... How could you forgive me!
Ejaeli: I'm not lying.
Elderly Woman: But what I did... Who could forgive that...
Ejaeli: My journey has taught me many things. One of those lessons was that hatred doesn't heal old wounds.
Ejaeli: Nothing changes the past.
Ejaeli: So I've learned to accept it and move forward with my life.
Ejaeli: I've learned to let go of my anger.
Ejaeli: That's why I forgive you.
Elderly Woman: Ejaeli... you're such a good per—
The elderly woman begins to cry before she can finish her sentence and falls to the floor.
Ejaeli: If you really are sorry for what you've done, then live.
Ejaeli: See that no one ever meets the same fate as us...
Ejaeli: Let everyone know your struggles, so that no one repeats your mistakes.
Ejaeli: Let them know what it costs to curse another.
Ejaeli: That is my only wish.
Elderly Woman: If that is... what you want...
Elderly Woman: Then... I will live with this regret.
Elderly Woman: I will teach the young the lessons I have learned and do my best to make sure this history doesn't repeat itself.
Elderly Woman: That is what you want?
Ejaeli: Yes. Thank you.
Elderly Woman: It is I who should be thanking you.
Elderly Woman: This conversation has helped me in more ways than you'll ever know.
Elderly Woman: Thank you, Ejaeli.
The elderly woman bows with great respect.
Vyrn: Whoo... That's that.
Lyria: Let's take her back to town!
Vyrn: Yeah. I bet a lot of people back home are worried.
With that, (Captain) and the crew take the elderly woman back to her home.
On the road back to the Grandcypher, the crew chats merrily.
Lyria: Hehe. I'm so glad the curse is finally gone.
Ejaeli: Me too!
Vyrn: Hey, Metal Mask, are you really all right? Your body doesn't feel all out of whack or anything, right?
Ejaeli: I'm fine so fa—
Then Ejaeli falls to the ground without warning.
Lyria: Ejaeli!
(Captain) helps Ejaeli to her feet.
Ejaeli: T-thank you...
Vyrn: Whoa! You okay?
Ejaeli: My body... It feels so heavy. My strength has completely left me.
Vyrn: Was that a tummy grumble?
Lyria: I think... Ejaeli is hungry.
Ejaeli: Hungry?
Ejaeli: Oh! You might be right.
Ejaeli: It's been ages since I've eaten anything at all. I've forgotten what an empty stomach feels like,
Vyrn: Gotcha. Time to get some grub.
  1. Let's grab a bite before we go back!

Choose: Let's grab a bite before we go back!
Vyrn: Sounds like a plan. We wouldn't want Metal Mask here to fall over again.
Ejaeli: I'm sorry for the bother...
Lyria: Ahaha, don't worry about it. Besides, if you're hungry, you won't be at your best.
Ejaeli: My face must be so red...
Vyrn: Ahaha! So, Metal Mask, whatcha wanna eat?
Ejaeli: Umm... I think I want some fish.
Lyria: Ahaha... Let's go looking for a shop that sells seafood.
Ejaeli: Thank you, everyone.
Ejaeli thanks the crew before starting her first meal in decades.
Ejaeli: Sob...
Lyria: Ah! Ejaeli! Why are you crying?
Ejaeli: Sob... This... is so good that...
Ejaeli: It's bringing me to tears...
Lyria: Hehe. If you eat it slowly it tastes even better.
Ejaeli: Okay...
Ejaeli eats with blissful tears.
As (Captain) and the others watch her long-overdue feast, their affection for the warmhearted singer only grows deeper.

A Timeless Wish

Ejaeli meets a girl singing "Tears of a Mermaid"—a song originally meant for Ejaeli. The girl is actually the granddaughter of Ejaeli's friend, and so the girl guides the crew to their home. However, after Ejaeli sings "Tears of a Mermaid" beautifully, she loses consciousness.

Some time has passed since Ejaeli's curse was lifted. Today she and the crew are on a quest to restock supplies.
Ejaeli: Cough... Cough... I can't...
Lyria: Ejaeli? Are you all right? You seem sick.
Ejaeli: I... I'm okay. It's just my body feels so tired...
Vyrn: Yeah... What part of that do you think is okay?
Ejaeli: No, really. I'm fine. I've just been speaking too much.
Lyria: Huh? What do you mean?
Ejaeli: I guess because I'd had the mask on for so long...
Ejaeli: Speaking too much wears me out...
Ejaeli: That... song...
A surprised Ejaeli hears a familiar song and walks toward its source.
Vyrn: What the heck! Where you going!
Lyria: Let's follow her!
Alarmed, (Captain) and the crew follow Ejaeli.
Woman: Phew...
Ejaeli claps as the song comes to its end.
Woman: Miss, do I know you?
Ejaeli: No. I just thought your song was so beautiful...
Woman: Well... Thank you...
Ejaeli: May I ask... What kind of song was that?
Woman: This song was made by my grandmother for a singer she knew.
Woman: But that singer went missing...
Woman: So this song had never been sung before.
Ejaeli: ...
Ejaeli is pained by the woman's words.
Woman: My grandmother is still sorry that the singer couldn't perform it...
Woman: So I sang it instead as a way to cheer Grandma up.
Ejaeli: Cheer her up? Is something the matter?
Woman: She's been ill as of late...
Ejaeli: Please take me to her!
Woman: What?
Vyrn: Hey! Metal Mask!
Ejaeli: Actually... I know her. She's an old friend of mine.
Ejaeli: I've been through some difficult times... And haven't been able to see her...
Ejaeli: But it worries me knowing that she's sick.
Ejaeli: So would you please take me to her?
Woman: Are you... sure you know my grandmother?
The woman looks at Ejaeli with suspicion.
Ejaeli: The name of that song is "Tears of a Mermaid."
Woman: What? How do you know that? Does that mean you're the singer she knew?
Ejaeli decides to share her story, including the reality of her curse, with the confused woman.
Woman: That sounds like it was awful... All right. I'll take you to her.
Vyrn: Wait! Metal Mask... Let us in on what's happening.
Ejaeli: That song she was singing. My friend wrote it for me as a gift a long time ago.
Ejaeli: But, thanks to that mask, I was never able to sing it...
Ejaeli: I just want to apologize. In person...
Vyrn: Oh...
Ejaeli: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have left you all without explaining the situation...
  1. Don't worry about it.
  2. We wanna hear you sing that song!

Choose: Don't worry about it.
Ejaeli: Thank you.
Ejaeli bows her head in apology.

Choose: We wanna hear you sing that song!
Ejaeli: Of course!
Ejaeli: I did promise that I would sing for everyone, didn't I!
Ejaeli: You just wait!
Ejaeli smiles at (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn.
Continue 1
Woman: Grandma... There's someone here to see you.
Woman's Grandma: Huh? For me? Who is it?
Ejaeli: It's me... Have you been well?
Woman's Grandma: What! You're Ejaeli! How is this possible? I heard you passed away!
The woman's grandmother is shocked but outstretches a trembling hand toward Ejaeli.
Woman's Grandma: If I can touch you... that means you're not a ghost.
Ejaeli: That's right. I'm alive.
Ejaeli: Hehe. But on the other hand, you look a little worse for wear.
Woman's Grandma: Hmph. What did you expect? Do you know how many years have passed?
Ejaeli: Ahaha... I guess I do. I'm glad to see you. I thought I might never get the chance again.
Ejaeli begins to cry, her tears softly falling to the floor.
Woman's Grandma: Sigh... Stole the words right out of my mouth. I missed you, Ejaeli.
Ejaeli: I missed you too!
Ejaeli embraces her friend...
And finds a long-forgotten warmth.
Woman's Grandma: There, there... Feel better now?
Ejaeli: Yes. I'm sorry for crying...
Woman's Grandma: You... Haven't changed one bit.
Ejaeli: Sob...
Woman's Grandma: Now tell me what happened to you.
Ejaeli: Well, it all started when...
Ejaeli shares her cursed past with her old friend.
Woman's Grandma: A curse, eh? Since you haven't aged a day, I suppose I believe you.
Ejaeli: I'm sorry that I wasn't able to sing that song...
Woman's Grandma: No one can blame you with a story like that.
Woman's Grandma: But if it helps you feel better, how about you sing me that song now?
Ejaeli: What? You mean here and now?
Ejaeli: But I'm...
Woman's Grandma: What now? You better not say you forgot the words to my song.
Ejaeli: I haven't! I've wanted to sing that song for so long!
Woman's Grandma: Hm... So you say...
Ejaeli: Hmph... Fine. If you're going to be that way then I'll sing it.
Ejaeli: You'd better listen up!
Woman's Grandma: Haha. That's all I wanted from the start.
Ejaeli: Ugh... She just played me like a violin.
Ejaeli closes her eyes and concentrates.
Vyrn: Haha. This is gonna be good. Give 'er heck, Metal Mask!
Lyria: The magician even told us that just one performance would be enough to steal our hearts.
Ejaeli: I'm ready to begin.
Ejaeli calmly and slowly inhales to begin singing.
Lyria: Wow!
Watching their crewmate croon, (Captain) and the others become fully absorbed in the performance.
Ejaeli: Phew...
As Ejaeli finishes her song, the crew breaks out in applause.
Vyrn: Now that's what I call singin'! You really tugged at my heart strings, Metal Mask!
Lyria: Hehe. The rumors were true. One listen was all I needed to fall for Ejaeli!
Woman's Grandma: Absolutely wonderful. That's the singer I remember.
  1. Can we hear it again?
  2. That was amazing!

Choose: Can we hear it again?
Ejaeli: Pant... Pant... Thank you...
Ejaeli: I... That's very flattering, but...
Ejaeli: I don't think I'll... be able to sing that again today...
Ejaeli: But don't worry. I'll sing for you later.

Choose: That was amazing!
Ejaeli: Pant... Pant... Thank you...
Ejaeli: I haven't sung in so long... I didn't think I could do it, but... I'm glad it went well.
Continue 2
Ejaeli: I...
Ejaeli falls to the ground without warning.
  1. Ejaeli!

Choose: Ejaeli!
(Captain) helps Ejaeli to her feet.
Vyrn: Metal Mask... What happened?
Lyria: Ejaeli!
Ejaeli: Pant... Pant... I'm sorry. I can't control my body... My strength...
Before she can even finish her thought, Ejaeli falls unconscious.

A Timeless Wish: Scene 2

Upon waking, Ejaeli explains that since the curse has been lifted, singing and talking cause her to become weak. The crew ask the curse specialist what is happening and are told that this is the aftermath of the curse; the more Ejaeli speaks, the more her life will be cut short. To help Ejaeli, the crew fight monsters to gather medicinal ingredients.

Ejaeli: Hm? Where am I?
A dazed Ejaeli opens her eyes and pushes herself up slowly.
Ejaeli: Why am I in bed?
Lyria: Ejaeli! You're awake!
  1. You passed out. We were so worried!

Choose: You passed out. We were so worried!
Ejaeli: What? I did?
Vyrn: You don't remember? It was right after you finished singing!
Ejaeli: Really...
Lyria: Yeah. We asked your friend if we could put you in one of her beds.
Ejaeli: I'm so sorry. I hope I didn't worry any of you...
Lyria: Well... How do you feel? Does anything hurt?
Ejaeli: No... I don't thin—
In the next instant, Ejaeli grimaces in misery before fainting once again.
Lyria: Ejaeli!
Vyrn: Really? Again?
Ejaeli: Pant... Pant... I'm so sorr—
Ejaeli: Just... give me... a moment...
Ejaeli: My voice... It's... so hard... to speak...
Vyrn: What are you talking about? We already lifted your curse! Why's it still hard for you to talk?
Ejaeli: I... Cough... Cough...
Lyria: Ejaeli! If it's hard to talk, then you don't have to!
Ejaeli: Pant... Pant... I can't keep... putting you all... through this...
Ejaeli: I have to... explain everything... to you all.
Vyrn: But without your voice, how are you gonna do that?
Lyria: Oh, I know! I'll interpret for you! What do you say?
Lyria: You don't need to use your voice to communicate with me. Just pretend you have your mask on...
Ejaeli: O-okay... I can... try.
Ejaeli: Mmmp... (How's this?)
Lyria: I understand you! How's your throat?
Ejaeli: Mmph. (Better. So I'll talk through you for now.)
Ejaeli: Mmrm. (This is good. The strain on my throat is gone.)
Lyria: Thank goodness...
Lyria let's out a sigh of relief and goes back to interpreting for Ejaeli.
Vyrn: Phew... Well that's a relief.
Lyria: So... What seems to be the problem with your voice? Is it still the curse?
Ejaeli: Mmph! (It must be.)
Ejaeli: Mmrm... (Whenever I use my voice, it robs my body of energy. I suddenly get very weak.)
Ejaeli: Mmmp! (Normal conversation is not too much of a problem though...)
Ejaeli: Mmrm... (But if I sing or talk too much, I get a little dizzy...)
Lyria: Maybe this is what the magician was talking about...
Magician: But the curse allows Ejaeli to live. What if it's the only thing that's keeping her alive?
Magician: If the curse were to be lifted, she might...
Ejaeli: Mmmp. (I think you might be right.)
Lyria: Why didn't you tell us about your pain sooner!
Lyria: If you had told us... We wouldn't have asked you to sing...
Ejaeli: Mmrm... (I didn't want to cause even more worry...)
Ejaeli: Mmmp... (It was just so fun singing and talking with everyone...)
Ejaeli smiles sadly.
  1. Let's go see the magician.
  2. There must be a way to cure her...

Choose: Let's go see the magician.
Lyria: Good idea. Maybe she can help us.

Choose: There must be a way to cure her...
Lyria: What if we go see the magician one more time?
Lyria: Maybe she can help us.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Good thinking!
And so the crew sets out to see the magician once again.
After arriving at the magician's house, they explain Ejaeli's situation.
Magician: I see... That sounds terrible...
Magician: All right. Allow me some time to investigate.
The magician begins using magic to examine Ejaeli.
Magician: Phew...
Lyria: What's wrong?
Magician: The results of my investigation have revealed that Ejaeli is correct.
Magician: The more she uses her voice, the weaker she will become.
Magician: There is even the possibility that these symptoms may prove fatal.
Vyrn: What!
Lyria: There must be something we can do...
Magician: This is no longer the work of the curse. We're dealing with its side effects now.
Magician: My specialty lies elsewhere...
Ejaeli: ...
Magician: But I may have a temporary solution.
Ejaeli: Do... you... really?
Magician: Yes. Before that though, we must restore the energy that you've lost thus far.
Magician: At this rate, you may lose the ability to move completely.
Lyria: Is... Is there something I can do?
Magician: You're all skyfarers, correct?
Vyrn: Yup, sure are.
Magician: Then would you be able to go and get these materials?
The magician hands the crew a list of items to collect.
Ejaeli: Cough... Cough... What... for?
Magician: These materials can be used to restore Ejaeli's vitality.
Vyrn: So if we get this stuff, we can help Metal Mask?
Magician: Correct.
  1. Let's get going!

Choose: Let's get going!
Magician: Off you go.
Vyrn: So what about Metal Mask?
Ejaeli: Mmmp! (I want to go too!)
Lyria: But... What about your condition? I think you might want to rest...
Ejaeli: Mmph! (Please let me go with you!)
Ejaeli: Mmrm. (I want to do what I can to help.)
Ejaeli: Mmmp! (Please don't leave me behind!)
Ejaeli bows her head in dejection.
  1. Okay.
  2. No way.

Choose: No way.
Ejaeli: Mmmp! (I promise not to push myself!)
Ejaeli: Mmrm. (I know what I can and can't do.)
Ejaeli: Mmph! (Please!)
(Captain) breathes in deeply, exhales, and then agrees to let Ejaeli go along.
Choose: Okay.
Ejaeli: Mmrm. (Thank you.)
Vyrn: Let's get on it!
Ejaeli: Mmmp! (Okay!)
The crew sets out to search for the materials to help Ejaeli.
Ejaeli: Mmph! (Here's something!)
Vyrn: Good. Now just a few more things.
Lyria: I've found something too!
Lyria then stares at a flower just out of reach growing on a cliff.
Lyria: Vyrn...
Vyrn: Leave it to me!
Vyrn flies over to the flower and plucks it.
Lyria: Hehe. Now we have two of the items.
Lyria: So the last item we need is a mushroom that absorbs the life force of monsters...
Lyria: Then we need to prepare that mushroom just right to get the life force it stole...
Vyrn: So basically we gotta K.O. a monster to get a special mushroom, right?
Lyria: Right. That's what the note the magician gave us says anyway.
Vyrn: Gotcha! Time to get crackin'!
Ejaeli: Mmph! (Let's go!)

A Timeless Wish: Scene 3

After restoring the life force that was taken from Ejaeli, the specialist offers Ejaeli three choices to combat her seemingly permanent symptoms. Ejaeli chooses the option that forces her to wear her mask when her vitality takes a turn for the worse. The crew resolve to stand by Ejaeli, who never loses hope even in the most difficult of situations.

Magician: Drink this. You'll feel better.
The magician gives a potion to Ejaeli made from the items gathered by the crew.
Ejaeli: Mmmp? (This smells and looks terrible... Is this really safe to drink?)
Lyria: Ejaeli is wondering if this is really okay to drink...
Magician: Of course it is. I can vouch for its safety.
Ejaeli: Mmrm... (Okay...)
Ejaeli begins to gulp down the liquid.
Ejaeli: Mmph!
Ejaeli writhes in agony as she forces herself to swallow every last sip. She even begins to cry.
Vyrn: Metal Mask!
Lyria: Ejaeli! Are you okay?
Ejaeli: Mmmp!
Ejaeli: Pant... Pant... That was truly awful...
Vyrn: Hey! You spoke! Does that mean you're back to normal?
Ejaeli: Oh... right. I feel much better.
Ejaeli: It's not hard for me to talk anymore.
Magician: That's proof that the vitality you lost has been restored.
Magician: However this is only a temporary fix.
Magician: If you don't get to the root of the problem, the symptoms will return.
Lyria: No...
Vyrn: But didn't you say you had something in mind?
Magician: I did. I have three options, to be precise.
Magician: The first option is to create this potion in large quantities.
Magician: However, that is not realistic, as the materials are scarce and cannot be stored for very long.
Magician: My second option is to have you stay mute. So long as you don't speak, your condition will not decline...
Ejaeli: Absolutely not.
Ejaeli: All I've dreamt of for so long is to speak and sing. There must be another way...
Magician: Then there is a third option. You can use that mask you had before.
Lyria: What do you mean?
Magician: I'll cast a spell on you that will preserve your energy once it declines past a certain point, but you'll have to wear your mask.
Magician: To be more precise, if you don't wear the mask when that happens, you won't be able to breathe.
Vyrn: What good is that?
Magician: That's only if her life force falls too much. So long as she's healthy, she'll be able to live normally.
Vyrn: Can you really do that? The curse was already broken.
Magician: Yes. That much I can handle.
Ejaeli: ...
Magician: I cannot offer a cure. Only preventative measures.
Lyria: Are you sure there's no way to cure her?
Magician: I'm sorry. We've reached the limit of what I can do.
Magician: However that is only what I am capable of. There may exist another way to cure you.
Magician: There's a tale about a medicine that can completely cure someone from a curse—including any residual effects.
Lyria: I see...
Ejaeli: Then I will take the third option.
Ejaeli: That is the most practical...
Magician: Very well. Let me begin preparations.
The magician walks to the innermost part of her home.
Lyria: Ejaeli...
(Captain) and the others cast worried looks at Ejaeli.
Ejaeli: Please don't look at me like that. It's not like I can't speak anymore.
Vyrn: But you wanted to sing... How will you do that now...
Ejaeli: It's fine. When I'm better, I will do just that!
Ejaeli: I can hum. And it doesn't even hurt. I can live with that for now.
Ejaeli: Once I can freely use my voice, I will sing my heart out.
Ejaeli smiles sadly again.
Though she is met with many obstacles, Ejaeli will never give up her dream of singing again.
She vows to face any strife head-on to accomplish her goals.
Looking on at Ejaeli's bittersweet but hopeful grin, (Captain)'s commitment to her cause only grows stronger.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
んっんー!(頑張りましょう!) Mmhmm! (Let's do this!)
んん、んんんぅ…(歌、歌いたいな…) Mm, hmmmhmm... (I want to sing...)
んん、んぅんんん…(いま良い旋律が…) Hmmhmmmm... (A beautiful melody...)
んぅ! んんんぅ!(さぁ! 次です!) Mm! Mhmmhmm! (Okay! Who's next!)
んんん、んっんんん(旅は結構好きです) Mmm, hmm, mmmm! (Traveling is really fun!)
んんんぅんんん…(深呼吸したい…) Mmmmph... (I just want to take a deep breath...)
んんんぅ!(余裕です!) Mmmmmm! (Too easy!)
ん~んん~んん~♪ Mmm-hmm-mmm...
んぅ?…んんぅ! んん! Hmm? Mm... Mmmm!
んぐぐぐぐ… Mgh... Mmm...


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