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Official Profile

Npc f 3040034000 01.jpg Fif
Age 7 years old
Height 78 cm
Race Harvin
Hobbies 楽しいこと全て(なんにでも興味を持つので、趣味に相当することがすぐ変わる)
Likes 褒められること、友達
Dislikes お説教、テーブルマナー、香水の匂い
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040034000 01.jpg Fif
Age 7歳
Height 78 cm
Race ハーヴィン
Hobbies 楽しいこと全て(なんにでも興味を持つので、趣味に相当することがすぐ変わる)
Likes 褒められること、友達
Dislikes お説教、テーブルマナー、香水の匂い

Source [1]




  • Fif's name in Japanese is "Fünf," which is German for "five".

Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday, (Captain)! How many candles are on your cake this year? I'll light them with my magic, then you can blow them out with a mighty fwoooosh!


Ah! Hold on, (Captain)!
I'm enchanting all these birthday candles with different colored flames!
I wanted a cake that would simply scream today's your special day!
Oh! Don't forget to make a wish when you blow them out! Okay... Go ahead!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
How old are you? Heh, guess you're an adult now.
I want to hurry up and be an adult too.
Then I'll be an even bigger help to the crew!
Even when I'm grown up, let's make sure we still go on plenty adventures, okay?
Yep, it's gonna be great!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Look, look! This is for you! A cake!
I helped put stuff all over it!
I made the flowers and used sugar to make these! Isn't it just beautiful!
What do you think? Are you happy, (Captain)?
Really? You are?
Hehe... I know you're all grown up, but everyone likes cake!
I'll cut you a piece! It's your birthday after all, so you get the biggest piece!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
For your present... I'm gonna take you to a really special tea house!
Drink looots of tea and eat aaall the snacks you want there, okay?
I got everyone to chip in so we can treat you to a ton of good stuff!
Oh, but you're probably busy today...
So let me know when you wanna go!
We're gonna go all out for your birthday, so get ready!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year!
Let's go celebrate with some New Year's Eve candy!


Yawn... Gasp!
(Captain)! I slept in!
Oh no! Oh nooo! I missed the first day of the new year!
Darn! If only I hadn't got into bed... I would've been awake for sunrise!
Fine! New Year's resolution locked in: don't sleep through New Year's next year!
Wait... New Year's next year is technically... next year? My head hurts...


Mmm... Today's the first day...
It's okay... I'm not asleep... Yawn...
I'm just sleepy... Is it okay if I rest my eyes, (Captain)?
Rest... my... Yawn...


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
This year things will be a little different!
I took a nap during the day, so this time I can watch the sun rise!
Hehe... My plan is perfect!
Ahh... I'm hungry...
Maybe it's 'cause I had my dinner a bit early?
Rrg... I thought this plan was perfect, but I missed the mark...
Uh... I can't wait till breakfast!
(Captain)! Let's go get some snacks! I have a secret reserve of tasty treats that I'll share with you!


Hey, (Captain), let's have a sleepover with everyone tonight!
We can bring our blankets and sleeping bags and squish together so we're all nice and warm!
Huh? Why a sleepover?
Because if we have fun together, then we might have good dreams when we sleep!
Our dreams tonight are gonna be the first ones this year, right?
So I want them to be happy!
I'm gonna go ask everyone now! Come with me, (Captain)!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's! You try these chocolates I made yet? They're delicious!
I put my nose to the grindstone making these, so let's dig in!


Heyo, (Captain)! These chocolates are for you! For Valentine's!
I did a bunch of taste tests to make sure I got you the best ones! Aren't I kind?
Hm? What's in the bag? Extras for Lyria!
Valentine's is a day where you can eat as much candy as you want guilt-free! So let's dig in, everyone!


Hehe. Hey, (Captain)! Guess what today is?
That's right! Valentine's Day!
So let's get some chocolates together! Oh, and let's invite, Lyria, Vyrn, and Anre too! It'll be fun!
Isn't it great how chocolate can bring people together? Haha!


Happy Valentine's Day!
Here is some chocolate for you! Of course it's super yummy!
Lyria and I went around to the candy shops and found the best chocolate around! It was so much fun!
Oh! Next year, how about you and I go chocolate-tasting?
Eating together is fun and all, but choosing together is fun too!


Happy Valentine's Day! Ready to go, (Captain)?
We promised to go chocolate-tasting last year, remember?
There's a lotta chocolate out there that you can only have around this time of year!
We'll eat a ton, then I'll choose the best one to give you for this year's present!
Huh? You don't need a present if we're gonna go around tasting the chocolate together?
Tsk tsk... You don't get it, do ya? Presents are important!
It's the feeling that counts! You know... the at-las-phere!

Mixed Chocolate Cake square.jpg Mixed Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

White Day, huh? Tomorrow's gonna have all sorts of discounts on chocolate, y'know!
Leave tomorrow open and let's go choco-shopping!


Huh? You got me candy, (Captain)? Yay! Candy! Candy!
Hee hee, thanks so much, (Captain)! You're the best!
And I'm not just saying that because you gave me candy! I mean it!
You're kind, and cool, and that's why I love you! From the heart!


Yay! Candy! Thank you, (Captain)!
Ah, that reminds me! I've got some crackers I got from Anre and some cookies I got from Seofon!
So we should do a—what did Tweyen call it... Oh yeah, a tea time!
Tea is a grown-up thing, right? Wanna head to the kitchen and make some?


Wow! So many sweets! Thank you, (Captain)!
Hehehe... I thought you would give me some treats, so...
I did some special training!
What kind of training? Hehehe...
I practiced serving tea!
Narmaya and I practiced our hearts out and now I'm way better! I can serve tasty tea with the best of them!
And now that I have all these sweets, I can hold the best tea party ever!
Let me go get everyone! Everything tastes better and is more fun with friends!


Oh, (Captain)! Happy White Day!
Wooow, that's a huge bag! Thanks, (Captain)!
Can I open it?
Whoa! There's so much candy I've never seen before!
Hehehe. Looks like I'm gonna have enough candy for a while!
Huh? There's more?
Hmm, okay... So I just have to dig around the bottom of the bag?
Oh! There's a can of tea leaves! Mmm, it smells sooo good!
Huh? You'll make me a cup of tea with this? Yay!
Okay, I'll show you how to make a good cup of tea, so let's head to the kitchen!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat!
Give me candy or I'll make you cry! You're not holding out on me, are you?


Heh heh heh... Trick or treat!
Prepare yourself for an extraordinary surprise that only I, Fif, can deliver!
One, two... Ta-da!
Come on, give me a clap or two! Oh! I got some candy! That's what I call wrapped gratuity!


Fooound you, (Captain)! Trick or treat!
Gimme candy!
Or I'll play a mean trick on you!
Yay! Look at all this sweet stuff! Thanks, (Captain)!
You're about to head out to make Halloween mischief? I wanna go too! Let's spook a bunch of people!


Trick or treat!
Did you get lots of goodies from everyone, (Captain)?
As for me, I have lots of places to go, so I'm super busy!
I wanna go see mommy and daddy! And Tien invited me to Stardust Town!
I have to get candy from Grampy and Narmaya and... the other Eternals!
Oh! I just can't wait!
(Captain), let's go together! I bet it'll be fun to see everyone!


Happy Halloween!
Hey, (Captain), say trick-or-treat to me!
Okay! Here's some candy for you!
Hm? Why're you asking me that?
Hehehe. Of course you can have them!
I got a tooon of candy from Daddy and Mommy!
They told me to share it with everyone, so that's what I'm doing!
I'm gonna give the others some too! Let's go find them, (Captain)! It'll definitely taste better if we all eat them together!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays! Hey, can you gimme a hand with something?
Santa ain't getting away from me this time!


Santa Claus is really something... Not even Grampy can catch him!
But I'm not gonna give up! Not until I get a chance to ride that sled of his!
You want to ride it too, don't you, (Captain)? I bet flying through the sky on that thing feels awesome.
So will you help me catch Santa? Please? Pretty please?


Guess what I decided!
I'm gonna try not to capture Santa Claus!
Cuz if I catch Santa, then he won't be able to visit all the other girls and boys.
Sigh... I really want to ride in his flying sleigh though...
Yeah, I can fly already using magic. So what? It's totally different! The sleigh's cooler!


I've thought of a way to ride Santa's sleigh!
I just have to help Santa pass out presents!
I bet it's tough for him to pass out all those gifts on his own.
So I'll use my magic to deliver presents from the sleigh!
Like this!
There's no doubt that Santa will let me on this year!
I'd better start writing a letter to him now!


Hey, (Captain), do you think Santa likes chicken?
I was helping out with the preparations for the feast this year...
And it turned out really great, so I want Santa to have some too!
Santa's gotta be hungry from going around to so many places...
Hm? What's that? How it looks is important too?
I see! Leave it to you to think of that! You're right—it'll look much nicer wrapped like a present with a ribbon around it! I'll go look for one!
Once I find a ribbon, let's tie it around the chicken together, (Captain)!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Encountering the Eternals I

While the crew waits to receive Sierokarte's advice on awakening the Five-Soul Staff, a young Harvin girl shares some of her delicious treats with Lyria and promptly proceeds to leave the shop. Lyria is distraught over not being able to thank the girl for her kindness, but Sierokarte assures her that they'll meet again.

The party successfully unlocks part of the hidden power in the Five-Soul Staff.
(Captain) and company head to the Knickknack Shack to ask for advice on the next step to awaken the weapon.
Lyria: Hey, Siero! Oh, looks like she's busy with a customer.
Sierokarte: Ah, (Captain)! Welcome!
Sierokarte: Let me just finish up with this other customer first. Could you wait a moment?
???: Sierooo? Done yet?
Sierokarte: Sorry for the wait! Here's your order!
???: Yes! Ahahaha! Candy, candy!
???: Ah! Oh yeah, I have to pay you. Is this enough?
Sierokarte: Yes, that's just fine. See you again soon!
???: These look super tasty. Should I eat some now? Yep! I definitely should!
???: Mmmm! Yum! Munch, munch...
Lyria: Wow, I've never seen candy like that before! It looks really good...
Sierokarte: She insisted on this particular variety. I had to have them shipped in from a faraway island.
???: I heard they were tasty and just had to try them!
Lyria: I see... If they were specially ordered, I can't imagine you'd have any left in the shop for me to try... Oh well.
???: Oh, you wanna try some? Here, take one!
Lyria: Oh no, I couldn't! You had to go through a lot of trouble to get them, right?
???: It's okay! Take one! Everyone meets for a reason. This might be why fate brought us together!
???: Here you go!
Lyria: Wh-wha?
???: Bye, Siero. See ya!
The girl gives Lyria a piece of her candy and leaves the shop.
Lyria: Wow, she just gave it to me and—oh no! I didn't say thank you!
Sierokarte: Don't worry! She's one of my regulars. I'm sure you'll run into her again.
Lyria: Really? I hope you're right, Siero...
Sierokarte: Anyway, sorry for the wait, (Captain). What can I do for you?
Vyrn: We need some advice on how to awaken the Five-Soul Staff.
Sierokarte: I see. Let me just take a look at it.
Sierokarte: Hmm... I don't think I have any specific advice to give you right now.
Sierokarte: Just keep on doing what you're doing. Increasing the weapon's strength should be the best way to unlock the magic sealed within the weapon.
Vyrn: Gotcha... Well, it's hard work, but I guess we gotta do what we gotta do!
Lyria: Let's keep at it, (Captain)! We can do this!

Encountering the Eternals II

Back at the Knickknack Shack, the crew once again encounters the Harvin girl who had shared her candy with Lyria and finds out that her name is Fif. The crew is surprised to hear that Fif is in fact a member of the Eternals, a legendary crew consisting of some of the strongest fighters in the world.

(Captain) and companions continue to prepare the Five-Soul Staff for its awakening.
The party stops by the Knickknack Shack to ask for Sierokarte's advice on what to do next.
Sierokarte: Looks like things are coming along swimmingly! You're getting closer and closer to awakening the staff!
Vyrn: I thought so! Might just be me, but the staff's been lookin' kinda shiny lately!
(Captain) and company gather around the staff as they talk. Just then, the girl they met on a previous visit enters the shop.
???: Siero! Is it here yet?
Lyria: Ah! It's you again! Thank you so much for the candy the other day!
???: Hmm? I gave you candy?
Lyria: You sure did! It was delicious!
???: Huh? Really? Hmm, I can't even remember what kind of candy it was! Wish I did!
Sierokarte: Ah, Fif. I guess you're here for that little something you asked for.
Fif: Yep! Gimme, gimme!
Sierokarte: Alrighty then, let me just get it from the back.
Fif: Ooh! Whatcha guys looking at? Lemme see, lemme see!
Jumping up and down, Fif finally manages to catch a glimpse of (Captain)'s Five-Soul Staff.
Fif: Woah! That's a cool staff! Hmm? Is that...
Fif: Ahh! Grampy told me about these! That's a revenant weapon!
Lyria: A river-tint weapon?
Fif: He said they were super amazing! But awakening them was really hard.
Vyrn: Got that right! We're busting our butts trying to awaken the staff right now!
Fif: Wow, sounds like hard work! Good luck!
Sierokarte: Here's your package, Fif! One deluxe butterfly net!
Fif: Yay! Thanks, Siero! Here's your money.
Lyria: A deluxe butterfly net? Fif, do you like bugs?
Fif: Yeah! I'm crazy about them right now! I can't wait to go to the Lumacie Archipelago to catch a rainbow butterfly!
Lyria: What? But there are monsters there! It's too dangerous to go on your own!
Fif: Don't worry, I'm awesome! See ya later!
Lyria: Wait! Fif! Ahh, there she goes...
Sierokarte: No need to fret! She'll be all right. Fif's one of the Eternals.
Vyrn: The Eternals? Who're they?
Sierokarte: A legendary crew of the strongest fighters in the world. Some people even call them the menace of the skies!
Sierokarte: Each one of them is a master of their chosen weapon.
Sierokarte: Fif is still really young, but she's an incredibly powerful mage... Wait. You've really never heard of the Eternals?
Vyrn: Strongest in the whole world? That tiny little kid?
Sierokarte: Yep. Never judge a book by its cover!
Fif, while the youngest member of the Eternals, is far more powerful than she looks.
What does this new encounter mean for (Captain) and the crew?

Encountering the Eternals III

As the crew speaks to Sierokarte about how to awaken the Five-Soul Staff, Fif appears and is surprised to hear how close the staff is to awakening. Fif tells the crew of the legendary power the staff holds, and the crew resolves to redouble efforts to awaken it.

(Captain) and company once again visit the Knickknack Shack, bringing with them a Five-Soul Staff on the verge of being awakened.
Everyone talks about the Five-Soul Staff for a while, when Fif suddenly pops into the shop.
Fif: Siero! I need a magnifying glass! Oh! Hey, (Captain)!
Lyria: Ah, Fif! Long time no see.
Fif: It's been a while, hasn't it? How are you doing?
I'm feeling awesome! Totally awesome!
Lyria: Haha, you sure are awesome! We heard you're one of the Eternals. The strongest mage in the sky!
Vyrn: A tiny little Eternal! Who would've thunk it!
Fif: Heh heh! Let me know if you're ever in a pinch! I'll get you out in a jiffy!
Fif: Ahem... Keep going.
Lyria: You're the coolest, cleverest little girl in the sky, Fif!
Fif: Yay! More, more!
Sierokarte: Oh, Fif... Always fishing for compliments. Well, here you go! One magnifying glass.
Fif: Yay-a-rino! Now I can be a detective!
Vyrn: Detective? You mean like...
Fif: You know! Solving mysteries! Finding bad guys! Stuff like that!
Vyrn: Hmm. I don't know if there are any mysteries that need solving around here though.
Fif: Hey, is there anything around here I could test this out on?
Lyria: Umm, let's see...
Lyria and Fif look around hastily for something worthy of magnification. (Captain) holds out the Five-Soul Staff.
Fif: Oh! Wow, I'm detecting a whole lot of magic in there... The design's really pretty too!
Fif: Hmm... This is that revenant weapon from before, isn't it? Wow, it's so close to awakening!
Vyrn: Yep! (Captain)'s been working real hard on it!
Fif: When I got home that day, I asked Grampy to tell me more about the revenant weapons...
Fif: No one really knows when the revenant weapons were made, but he said they're at least as old as the War, if not older.
Fif: Each one was a different type, and only ten were ever made.
Fif: They say the revenant weapons were so powerful that they could tear open the heavens and pierce the stars!
Lyria: Tear open the heavens and pierce the stars? Wow!
Fif: Guess they're not called legendary weapons for nothing!
Fif: But they were seen by some as too dangerous, and their power was eventually sealed away.
Fif: Grampy said that the power of the weapons should never be allowed to be misused for evil.
Fif: Anyway! If any bad guys try to use the revenant weapons, I'll stop 'em! They won't stand a chance!
Lyria: Hehe, I'm sure we can count on you if that ever happens! You're the best, Fif!
Fif: Mwahaha! I like you Lyria! You're always complimenting me!
Fif: Okay, I'm gonna go play now! Catch ya later!
Vyrn: Where does she get all that energy? Anyway! The revenant weapons sure sound like some seriously next level stuff...
Vyrn: Let's keep pushing, (Captain)!
The crew gains a newfound respect for the ancient revenant weapons after hearing about them from Fif.
The day (Captain) shall wield their awesome power draws ever closer.

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Short-Tempered Sorcerer

(Captain) and the crew celebrate their triumph in awakening the Five-Soul Staff when an agitated Fif suddenly appears before them, furious for reasons unknown to the crew. Unable to talk her out of her rage, the crew is left with no choice but to fight the diminutive spellcaster.

After much hard work, (Captain) has finally succeeded in awakening the Five-Soul Staff.
Bursting with joy, (Captain) and company celebrate their success on the Grandcypher.
Lyria: It's over! Congratulations, (Captain)! You did it!
Vyrn: Yeah, you did good! The Five-Soul Staff is so sparkly... it's practically out of this world!
Lyria: It's so beautiful it just leaves me breathless!
Fif: ...
Lyria: Oh, Fif! How nice of you to drop by! How'd you know where our airship was?
Fif: I was looking for you.
Vyrn: Looking for us? Oh! Siero must have told you we awakened the staff. You're here to check it out, aren't ya?
Fif: You've... awakened the Five-Soul Staff?
Lyria: Yes! See, (Captain)'s holding it right now. We're just in the middle of celebrating...
Fif: Stupid!
Lyria: Huh?
Fif: Stupid, dumb meanie-butt! You made someone really sad, you know that?
Fif: I didn't take you for a thiefy jerk, (Captain)!
Lyria: Wh-what? Fif, I think there's been some kind of misunderstanding here!
Fif: I don't want to hear your excuses! You picked the wrong day to mess with an Eternal! Prepare to eat justice!
Vyrn: It's no use. She's totally flipped! We're gonna have to fight her! Get ready, (Captain)!

Short-Tempered Sorcerer: Scene 2

Defeated, Fif makes peace with the crew and learns that she had been deceived by a trickster. Fif apologizes and vows to join the crew until she has atoned for her mistake.

Fif: Hng...
Lyria: Are you okay, (Captain)? How about you, Fif?
Fif: Aww... sniff... You beat me...
Fif: Well, you're powerful enough to awaken a revenant weapon. I shouldn't be surprised...
Fif: But if you're already so strong, why would you want to steal from someone!
Lyria: Um, Fif... You've got it all wrong!
Fif: I-I do?
Lyria: (Captain) worked really hard to get the Five-Soul Staff. We're not lying!
Vyrn: Exactly! Same goes for the materials we used to awaken it.
Fif: B-but the man in the shop said that (Captain) had stolen the Five-Soul Staff!
Fif: I was playing detective when I found out, and I started looking for you guys...
Lyria: Hmm. Don't worry, Fif. We believe you.
Vyrn: I'm sure this is all just one big misunderstanding. Let's go ask the shopkeep and maybe we can clear things up. Okay, Fif?
Fif: O-okay...
Fif: H-huh? I could have sworn the stall was just around here!
Following Fif's directions, the crew searches for the shopkeeper but is unable to find him.
Thinking that Sierokarte might know this shopkeeper, (Captain) and company decide to pay a visit to the Knickknack Shack.
Fif: That's the story. You wouldn't happen to know this shopkeeper, would you, Siero?
Sierokarte: Wha—That guy's a well known con man!
Fif: Huh?
Sierokarte: Fif, he didn't steal anything from you did he?
Fif: N-no... Not from me...
A shocked and disheartened Fif suddenly turns terribly pale.
Fif: (Captain)! I-I'm sorry!
Fif: I didn't realize I'd been lied to... I'm sorry for picking a fight with you guys...
Fif: Oh, I'm such a dummy! You can have all my birthday presents! Eat all my desserts for a year! I'll do all your chores! Anything!
  1. It's okay. You're a victim too.
  2. Trust me. You'll pay.

Choose: It's okay. You're a victim too.
Lyria: That's right, Fif. You didn't know you were being lied to. You were trying to do the right thing.
Fif: B-but I caused you so much trouble!
Fif: I need to make up for that! A sorry just won't cut it!
Despite (Captain)'s efforts to comfort her, Fif remains insistent.

Choose: Trust me. You'll pay.
Fif: Oh no... Y-you mean... pay with my life, don't you?
Vyrn: Hey! (Captain), quit jokin' around! She's being serious here!
Fif: Very well! I'll settle this the way Grampy taught me to!
Lyria: F-Fif! Let's just calm down for a second here!
The crew tries to calm her down, but Fif's resolve remains resolute.
Continue 1
Fif: I'm going to stay with you guys and make it up to you till I'm satisfied!
Fif: I can help you guys out. After all... I'm awesome!
Vyrn: Mmm... Doesn't seem like we can change her mind.
Vyrn: Well, at least we know you're strong enough to pull your own weight around here!
Fif: Don't underestimate me! I'm the most powerful mage in the sky! It's why I'm an Eternal, and don't you forget it!
Fif: (Captain)! I'm really gonna make it up to you! Just you wait and see!
And so Fif enlists herself into (Captain)'s crew.
The small, energetic sorceress—more powerful than her diminutive appearance would suggest—will surely be a useful addition to the crew on the journey ahead.

Her Current Obsession

While out shopping for natural dyes for Fif's newest hobby, the crew hears of the rare maracoh flower dye from Sierokarte. Obliging Fif's request to look for the flower, the crew heads out in search of an island where maracoh flowers grow.

(Captain) and company visit the Knickknack Shack for some shopping.
Fif: Hmm... This smooth cloth might work... Oh, but this fabric might absorb the color better!
Lyria: Ah, Fif! How about this cloth? Here, touch it.
Fif: Ooh, I like it! Hrmm... It's so hard to decide!
Sierokarte: Hehe, take your time!
Sierokarte: I've got to admit, I never thought you'd be so into natural dyeing, Fif!
Vyrn: She's been hanging a new handkerchief on the deck every day!
Fif: The hanky that Grampy had was just so cool!
Fif: I wanna make one just like his, but I can't seem to get the color right.
Lyria: Hehe, but you sure are getting better at adding patterns!
Fif: Hehe! Keep the compliments coming!
Sierokarte: Are you talking about Eahta's handkerchief? I think he used maracoh plant dye for that.
Fif: What? How do you know that, Siero?
Sierokarte: Oh, it was popular for a while. But Eahta was using it long before it became a trend.
Sierokarte: I remember catching a glimpse of it and thinking he had really good taste!
Fif: I tried asking Grampy myself, but he had no idea what dye it was made from...
Fif: But now I can finally get the dye myself!
Fif: All we need to do is find an island with maracoh flowers! Let's get looking, (Captain)!
Fif: I'll give you some of the dye when I'm done, okay? Deal?
Vyrn: Oh boy, you're totally hooked on this whole dyeing thing, aren't ya?
Fif: Come on, (Captain)! Just this once! Please? Pretty please!
Unable to refuse Fif's begging, (Captain) and company set out to find the elusive maracoh flower.
Fif: Full speed ahead! Leave the monsters to me! I'll keep everyone safe as can be!

Her Current Obsession: Scene 2

As (Captain) and company arrive on an island in search of maracoh flowers with Fif, they run into a man with a basket. He explains that he too is searching for the flowers and asks the crew to take care of the nearby monster blocking the way.

After some searching, (Captain) and company arrive at an island where the maracoh flower is said to bloom.
Fif: Just you wait, flowers! We're comin' for ya!
Lyria: Ah! Fif! Wait for us!
Man With Basket: Tsk... What should I do...
Fif: Huh? There's someone there. Yoohoo!
Man With Basket: Aah! Wh-who're you?
Fif: Are you here for the maracoh flowers too?
Man With Basket: Y-yeah... That's right. You too?
Fif: Yeah! Do the flowers bloom around here?
Man With Basket: No, they're a little further down that way. But I can't pick them because there's a monster there...
Fif: Monster? Not a problem! I'll take care of it!
Man With Basket: Hmm, your companions seem pretty capable too.
Fif: I know, right? Hehehe, keep those kind words coming!
Man With Basket: Wow, you guys must be amazing! I'd be grateful if you could take out that monster.
Fif: Leave it to us! Let's go, (Captain)!
Fif leads (Captain) by the hand into the forest.
Vyrn: Say, didn't that guy seem a little suspicious? His eyes were all shifty...
Fif: Really? He seemed fine to me.
Vyrn: Maybe I'm imagining things...
Fif: Shh! Look over there! That's the monster he was talking about!
Monster: ...
Fif: Heheheh! It's no match for me! Let's go, (Captain)!

Her Current Obsession: Scene 3

(Captain) and company are taken aback when a villager tells them that the monster they defeated is actually a guardian protecting the endangered maracoh flowers. They also realize that the man with the basket was there to pick all the flowers himself and set out to stop him.

Monster: Groar...
Fif: ...?
Vyrn: Good job, (Captain)! You too, Fif! Wait. Is everything okay? You look like something's bothering you.
Fif: It's weird... While we were fighting, the monster should have known it couldn't win...
Fif: But it didn't run away. I thought maybe it had a nest nearby, but it doesn't look like it.
Fif: I dunno. Something just feels off somehow.
Villager: What was that noise... Whoa! What happened to the guardian?
Fif: Huh?
Villager: Oh no! You're here for the maracoh flowers, aren't you?
Fif: Huh? Wh-what? That's a monster... Right?
Villager: It may be a monster, but it's the guardian of the maracoh flowers. We look after it as a village.
Fif: Huhhh? What do you mean?
Villager: You mean you don't know?
Lyria: Um, excuse me. It's true that we're here for maracoh flowers, but...
Lyria: You said that monster is a guardian... Are we not supposed to pick the flowers?
Villager: Sigh... You really don't know? Well, I can't blame you. It's been quite some time since they were popular. You're probably too young to remember.
Fif: Um, can you explain a little more, mister?
Villager: You see... The maracoh flower is quite a rare thing, and it only grows on this island.
Villager: That's why the dye that comes from the flower is only made here. It wasn't very well known in the sky at large.
Fif: Hmm... Grampy's handkerchief seems pretty old. Maybe someone from here made it.
Villager: Rumors of the dye's beauty spread after a famous artist used it, and soon countless others sought it as well...
Villager: Not only that, but many people came to this island to pick the flowers and make their own dye.
Villager: We realized the flowers were about to be picked clean, so we decided to protect them from going extinct.
Lyria: I see! So that's why the guardian was protecting the flowers...
Fif: Huuh? I-I beat the snot out of the guardian?
Fif: I-I'm really sorry... I did something awful...
Vyrn: Wait a sec! That guy from earlier must be here to sneak in and pick the flowers himself!
Vyrn: He was carrying a huge basket too!
Villager: What? The flowers are unprotected right now... If he takes that many, they'll be—
Fif: Don't worry! I'll take the guardian's place and punish him myself!
Vyrn: Ah! Wait, Fif! Don't go alone! Let's go after her, (Captain)!

Her Current Obsession: Scene 4

Having successfully apprehended the flower theif, Fif apologizes to the villager for attacking the guardian of the flowers. As a show of good will, the villager hands her some maracoh flower seeds, which Fif eventually raises into a garden of flowers spanning the Grandcypher's deck.

(Captain) and company catch the man who tried to steal the maracoh flowers and hand them over to the villagers.
Villager: Whew... Thank you for your help! I'll give those guys a stern warning to stay away from here.
Fif: Um... Mister, I'm really sorry. I should have found out more about this place first.
Villager: Oh no, we should have put up some signs around here. It's not your fault.
Fif: But I still did a bad thing...
Villager: You said you're sorry, and I know you won't do it again. Here, maybe this might cheer you up.
Fif: What're these?
Villager: They're maracoh seeds that we've kept in storage.
Villager: They'll grow into lovely little flowers! There might not be enough to make dye though...
Fif: Thank you! I'll take good care of them!
Fif set out to find maracoh flowers but returns to the Grandcypher with their seeds instead.
From then on Fif is seen on deck preparing flowerpots instead of hanging up pieces of cloth.
Fif: Rosetta! Is this enough?
Rosetta: Yes, that looks about right. The roots can start rotting if you give them too much water.
Fif: Ooh, I'd better be careful then. Oh! Is there anything else I should do?
Rosetta: Well, once they get bigger, they might outgrow their pots. You'll want to move them to bigger ones when that happens.
Rosetta: And don't forget to talk to your little friends once in a while. They like that, you know.
Fif: Really? Okay! I'm gonna talk to them all the time!
Rosetta: Hehe. Treat your flowers well, and they'll return the favor in kind. I'm sure they'll blossom beautifully.
Fif: Yeah! I can't wait!
Fif: I didn't know taking care of plants was so much fun! Maybe I'll grow some other flowers too!
With Rosetta's help, Fif enjoys her newfound hobby.
The flowers eventually cover the entire deck, becoming popular gifts to friends of the crew.

Overconfidence, Thy Name Is Fif

Hearing that the magical energy building up inside her is the cause of her body's plight, Fif challenges (Captain) to a duel in the hope of releasing some of that energy.

Fif is a young but powerful wielder of magic and member of the Eternals.
Her magical capabilities grow ever stronger by the day, but the strain placed on her body has caused her to fall ill. She's currently attempting to recuperate in bed.
Fif: Uugh... Uuurgh... The ceiling is spinning...
Fif: (Captain)... I wanted to tell you something... But I forgot...
Fif: Uuurgh... My head huuurts...
Lyria: Poor Fif. Her fever hasn't gone down one bit.
Rosetta: Her body isn't ready to house that much power yet, but her magic just keeps growing.
Rosetta: Imagine filling a balloon with water and watching it get bigger and bigger...
Vyrn: Gulp... Until it pops?
Rosetta: I'm afraid so. We need to find a way to let some of that water—or magic, rather—out of her to relieve the pressure.
Fif: I just have to use up some of my magic? Okay then, (Captain). Let's fight...
Lyria: Fif, no! You can barely stand up, much less fight!
Fif: I'm fine, I'm fine!
Lyria: Ah! Fif! Get back into bed! Come back here!
Fif wearily drags herself onto the ship's deck before turning to face (Captain) and the crew following behind her.
Fif: All right! Come and get it, (Captain)!
Rosetta: This may actually be the best thing to do for now.
Rosetta: I know you might not be too eager to try this, (Captain), but it's worth a shot.
Although still somewhat reluctant, (Captain) trusts in Rosetta's words and prepares to spar with Fif.

Overconfidence, Thy Name Is Fif: Scene 2

The spar between (Captain) and Fif ends with Fif successfully releasing some of her magical energy. Fif then tells the crew of something that holds the key to unlocking even greater power from revenant weapons.

Having completed her battle with (Captain), Fif lets out a great sigh.
Fif: Wheeew...
Lyria: Fif, how're you feeling?
Fif: Mmm...
Fif: I feel awesome! Ahahaha! It's like I'm a million times lighter!
Fif: I could jump around all day! Whee! Top of the world!
Lyria: Whew... Thank goodness!
Rosetta: That might have been a little unorthodox, but it looks like it worked.
Fif: Thanks, (Captain)! Oh yeah, better heal you before I forget!
With a wave of her staff, Fif casts a healing spell on (Captain).
Rosetta: You still have quite some magic left over even after all that fighting, I see...
Fif: Oh! I remember what I wanted to tell you, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Hm? Oh yeah, you mentioned something about that earlier.
Fif: Mm hm! I wanted to tell you that Grampy said there's a way to make your revenant weapon even stronger!
Lyria: You mean the Five-Soul Staff? It's already pretty strong to begin with. How are you supposed to make it even stronger?
Fif: I heard there's something you can get at a really old battleground. Somehow it can make revenant weapons even more powerful.
Fif: I'm not really sure what it could be, but do you think it'll help, (Captain)?
Fif: Hehehe! It really does, right? Come on! Say nice things about me!
Rosetta: Fif, don't start jumping around too much just yet. You were barely able to stand a few minutes ago. Take it slow.
Fif: Aww, but I feel super-duper great! I hope I don't get sick again though...
Rosetta: We're all excited to hear about the revenant weapon, but we're also concerned about you right now, Fif.
Rosetta: We need to find out what to do about all that magic building up inside you before you fall sick again.
In an ironic twist of fate, Fif's great powers are now her greatest liability.
Not knowing how to solve this most unexpected complication, (Captain) and company fear for Fif's well-being.

Pleading the Fif

Fif is once again bedridden due to her magical powers. One night, she hears a voice coming from somewhere on the ship. She finds the source of the voice to be the Five-Soul Staff and—thinking it to be an intruder—fights it.

Some time has passed since Fif's battle with (Captain) allowed her to release a bit of her pent up magic and return to health.
Her magical energies have continued to build up within her since then, and she is once again bedridden.
Fif: Uurgh... My throat feels all icky. Maybe I should go gargle...
Fif: Hm?
Fif: Sounds like some kinda voice...
Fif leaves her room and wanders around the ship looking for the source of the voice.
Fif: Hellooo? Anyone up at this hour? Hmm... No reply.
Fif: Oh! Maybe it's a burglar! I better catch 'em!
Fif: Graaar! Time to give yourself up!
Fif: H-huh? No one's here...
???: You can hear me. What an incredible amount of magical power for someone so young.
Fif: Wha! Who? Where? Show yourself, thief!
Five-Soul Staff: I neither run nor hide. I am the Five-Star Staff... and I'm right in front of you.
Fif: Th-the staff is talking! And it's glowing! Gh-gh-ghost staff!
Fif: Wh-whatever you are, it doesn't matter! I'm still gonna beat the spooky snot outta you!
Five-Soul Staff: You seem to have misunderstood me... No matter. Allow me to test the extent of your powers in combat.

Pleading the Fif: Scene 2

After battling the Five-Soul Staff, Fif finds that she feels rejuvenated when she picks it up. Rosetta speculates that the staff is somehow helping Fif to regulate the magic inside her. (Captain) decides to lend Fif the staff for the time being.

How do you like them apples?
Fif: Uurgh, my head...
A fatigued Fif slumps down to pick up the Five-Soul Staff.
Fif: Huh?
Rosetta: What was all that racket? Fif? Is that you?
Fif: Rosetta! (Captain)! Guys!
Fif: You should have seen it! I just beat up a ghost or something! It said it was the Five-Soul Staff...
Lyria: The Five-Soul Staff? It talked?
Fif: You couldn't hear it? I heard it all the way from my room. That's why I came out here.
Lyria: Hmm... I didn't hear anything before all the noise started.
Rosetta: Hm? Fif, you seem to be looking a little less pale.
Fif: Really? I must be getting stronger!
Fif hands the Five-Soul Staff to (Captain).
But the moment she lets go of the staff, an overwhelming dizziness grips her, and she crumples to the floor.
Vyrn: Fif! You okay? We told you not to jump around when you're feeling under the weather.
Fif: That's weird. I was feeling great a second ago.
Rosetta: Hmm, could you try something for me, (Captain)? Try handing the Five-Soul Staff back to her.
(Captain) does as Rosetta asks and gives the staff back to Fif.
Fif: Huh? Whoa, I feel a whole lot better now for some reason!
Vyrn: What's going on here?
Rosetta: This is just a theory, but the Five-Star Staff might be helping Fif manage her magic.
Rosetta: It's probably taking her excess energy and releasing it harmlessly.
Lyria: So... as long as Fif holds the staff, it'll help her get better?
Rosetta: Until her physical body grows strong enough to handle all that magic by itself, yes.
Fif: But this is (Captain)'s staff.
Fif: I can't just hog it all the time! Then (Captain) wouldn't be able to use it!
  1. I'll let you borrow it for a while!
  2. Well, as long as you make it up to me.

Choose: I'll let you borrow it for a while!
Fif: Really? Thanks, (Captain)! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Fif: I'll take real good care of it! Promise!

Choose: Well, as long as you make it up to me.
Fif: You'll let me borrow it? Yay! What do you want me to do?
Rosetta: (Captain)! What have I told you about teasing little children?
Fif: I'll take real good care of it! Promise!
Continue 1
(Captain) resolves to lend the Five-Soul Staff to Fif for the time being.
It should help keep Fif's malady at bay... For the time being anyway.

The Fif Element

With (Captain)'s staff in hand to help keep her magic in check, Fif goes to visit Stardust Town. There she asks Tien to spar with her to help her grow strong enough to control her powers without the Five-Soul Staff.

With (Captain)'s staff in hand to help keep her magic in check, Fif goes to visit Stardust Town.
She's there to check up on an old friend.
Fif: Hey, Tien! How's it going?
Tien: Mm? Fif, it's been a while... Do you need something from me or Feower?
Fif: Yup! See... I want to get strong enough to handle my magic all by myself!
Tien: That's right. I remember you mentioning the difficulties your body has handling it all... Mm, I hope you get there.
Fif: Me too! That's why I want to do some training!
Tien: Mm... That sounds like a good idea. You tend to rely too much on instinct when using your powers...
Tien: Mm? Oh. You want me to help you with that.
Fif: Yeah! You got it! It's like you can read my mind, Tien!
Fif: Thanks, Tien! You're the best!
Tien: Okay. We can start now. Let's head outside of town.
Fif: Okay!

The Fif Element: Scene 2

Fif wins the round, and Tien tells Fif that her small size can actually be an advantage.

Fif: Yay! I won!
Tien: Mm. You got me. I can see your reflexes are getting sharper.
Fif: Really? I hope I'll able to flutter around and dodge like you one day though!
Tien: Mmm... Your body's small. You should take advantage of that.
Fif: Ohh, I always thought being tiny was a bad thing! Guess there's an upside too!
Tien: Hehe. Perspective. It changes everything.
Fif: Sure does! Thanks for helping me out, Tien!
Tien: Of course. Feel free to drop by anytime. My little brothers and sisters always love playing with you.
Having completed her training with Tien, Fif gives a cheerful wave goodbye and sets off on her way back to the airship.

The Fif Element: Scene 3

Fif returns to Stardust Town with the intention of asking Tien to help with her training again, but finds Tien's brother, Feower, who says that Tien is away. Fif insists on waiting for Tien to return, and Feower erupts in anger at the child's persistence.

Fif once again visits Stardust Town for another training session with Tien.
Fif: Aww, Tien isn't here today?
Feower: Yes... How many times do you want me to repeat myself? Now then. It's time for you to head home.
Fif: H-hey! Stop pushing me! I'll just wait here till she comes back!
Feower: Argh... I've tried to tell you nicely, but that huge mouth of yours just won't stop making its annoying little noises, will it?
Fif: Wuuuh?
Feower: For the umpteenth time: Tien is going to be home late today, so come back later in the week.
Fif: B-but you said she'll be home...
Feower: Get the message you little twerp! Stop wasting my sister's time!
Feower: What do I have to do to get this through to your thick, infantile skull!
Fif: Humph! Why do you always get so mad at me!
Fif: Now you're making me mad! You big mean meanie-face!

The Fif Element: Scene 4

Fif is exhausted after an all-out feud with Feower and decides to go home to rest instead of waiting for Tien's return. Regardless of the circumstances, the skirmish with Feower was just the kind of exercise Fif needed.

Feower: Huff... Wheeze... Dammit!
Feower: You and your never-ending supply of magic!
Fif: Oogh... I'm pooped... Time to go home...
Feower: And good riddance!
Having been driven away by Feower, Fif leaves Stardust Town and makes her way home.
Regardless of the circumstances, the skirmish with Feower was just the kind of exercise Fif needed.

The Fif Element: Scene 5

Fif next goes to see Seofon, the leader of the Eternals. Fif explains that she wishes to grow stronger so she can return (Captain)'s staff as soon as possible, and Seofon agrees to help her.

After defeating the twins, Tien and Feower, Fif next goes to see Seofon, leader of the Eternals.
Seofon: Hm? Well, well. If it isn't Fif! Lemme guess, scheming up more pranks?
Fif: No! This is serious! I'm not here to play today!
Seofon: Kidding, I'm kidding! Relax! I'm more than happy to listen to a crewmember's concerns!
Seofon: So tell me, what's up?
Fif explains the current situation she has with her powers and how she wishes to return (Captain)'s staff as soon as possible.
Seofon: I see! No problem, Fif. I'll do everything in my power to lend a hand!
Seofon: There's nothing I'd appreciate more than to see my fellow Eternals grow even stronger!
Fif: Yay! Thanks, Seofon! You're the coolest, awesomest leader ever!
Seofon: Hey, don't think a guy can't tell when he's being buttered up!
Seofon: (I'm just glad she came to visit.)
Seofon: Okay! Ready or not, here I come!

The Fif Element: Scene 6

Having defeated Seofon, Fif gets cheeky and suggests she should take over as leader of the Eternals, but loses interest after learning the job isn't as easy as she thought.

Fif: Yaay! I win, I win! Hehe, how about I take over being the leader from now on?
Seofon: Great idea! You can take over all my chores too!
Fif: Huh? Chores?
Seofon: Being a leader isn't all shining lights and glamor, you know. It can get pretty dull sometimes. But since you want the job...
Fif: N-nevermind! You can be leader.
Seofon: Haha! Anyhow, I can definitely see you're getting better at using your magic.
Seofon: You're thinking before you shoot and dodging more of my attacks. Looks like I can't let my guard down around you anymore.
Fif: Just a little bit more and maybe I can give the Five-Soul Staff back to (Captain)!
Seofon: That's all well and good, but be careful not to push yourself too hard, okay?
Seofon: But I'm sure you'll be fine. You're growing up so fast, Fif!
Fif: Yeah! I was practically a whole different person yesterday! Hehe!
Seofon casts a warm look over Fif as she holds her head high.
Fif continues to mature in skill, strength, and stature. Like a tender bud in early spring, she has only begun to blossom.

The Fif Element: Scene 7

Fif goes to meet Anre, master of the spear and cofounder of the Eternals. Fif explains her situation to Anre, and he accepts her request for help.

Fif goes to meet Anre, master of the spear and cofounder of the Eternals.
She tells him of the magical energy building up within her, and the staff she's borrowing to help control it.
Anre: I see... You wish to return the staff in a timely manner.
Fif: And I don't want (Captain) and everybody to keep worrying about me either.
Fif: It makes me feel really bad when I see everyone all sad because of me. So I'm going to get all better so they stop worrying!
Anre: You do this for your comrades. A noble cause.
Anre: I commend your desire to improve yourself. Allow me to assist you.
Fif: Thanks, Anre! I've never really talked to you much, but you're already onboard! That's really nice of you!
Anre: Nice, you say? I wonder about that.
Fif: Did you say something, Anre?
Anre: It's nothing. Now then. Let us begin.

The Fif Element: Scene 8

The sparring session ends, and Anre commends Fif on her magical prowess. He asks her never to lose her spark of life, and though Fif does not fully understand his words, she promises to always be herself.

Anre: From what Eahta has said of you, I would have expected no less. I have no doubt that even I will be no match for your power one day.
Fif: Hmm... I don't remember Grampy ever saying anything that great about me.
Anre: To be acknowledged by Eahta is a feat of immense proportion. That he considers you a sorceress at all is proof enough of your strength.
Anre: Having known him since you were but a baby, perhaps you might underestimate the gravity of such words.
Anre: The Eahta of old held no concern for anyone but himself.
Anre: But then he met you—that fearsome, magical maelstrom no older than a newborn babe. The journey of raising you changed him. It made him into the man he is today.
Anre: Perhaps your true power lies not in your magic, but in your innocence and naivete.
Fif: Umm... I don't really get it...
Anre: You needn't understand. Not now. I hope, however, that you never lose the spark of life that burns so bright in you, even as you pass into adulthood.
Fif: Okay! I promise! Whatever happens, I'll always be me!
Though she does not fully understand Anre's words, today's training session has made a lasting impression on Fif.
And as she grows into adulthood, Fif will find herself looking back on this very day time and time again.

The Fif Element: Scene 9

Fif visits her next sparring opponent, Seox. He refuses to help Fif at first but reluctantly agrees after Fif tries to remove his mask.

Fif searches for Seox, her next sparring partner.
Seox: ...
What do you want?
Fif: I'm training to get stronger!
Seox: And what does that have to do with me?
Fif: I've already gotten a lot of help from some of the other Eternals, so I figured I'd visit all of 'em! How about it?
Seox: Leave me out of your—
Seox: Ack!
Seox: G-get off me! N-n-not the mask! A-anything but my mask!
Fif: Grampy says you should look people in the eye when talking to them!
Seox: Okay, okay! I get it! I'll spar with you! Please, just get off me!
Fif: Aaah! Stop moving around so much, Seox! I can't get down!

The Fif Element: Scene 10

Seox isn't sure their sparring session helped Fif, citing an irreconcilable difference in their fighting styles. She replies that there is a lesson in everything—itself a lesson she learned from Eahta.

Fif: Whew... I-I won...
Seox: This won't happen again.
Seox: Our fighting styles are too different to begin with. I'm not sure if sparring with me actually helped you.
Fif: Oh no, it really did! Just like Grampy says, there's a lesson in everything!
Seox: I don't trust a word that old man says.
Fif: Hey! Grampy never lies!
Seox: Just because he isn't lying doesn't mean he speaks truth.
Seox: Go home. I've done my part.
Fif: Okay! Thanks! See ya!
Seox: Geez, that kid...
Satisfied with her training for the day, Fif returns to the Grandcypher.

The Fif Element: Scene 11

Next on Fif's list is Threo. Though she is worried for Fif's safety, Threo eventually agrees to fight her.

Next on Fif's Eternal training regimen is the feisty Threo.
Fif: Threo, Threo, Threo! You home? Threooo!
Threo: Huh? Why're you here, Fif?
Fif: Um, Threo, do you think you can help me out with my training?
Threo: Training? What do you want me to do? It better not be a pain in the butt!
Fif: I want you to go all out on me!
Threo: You sure? Things might get pretty dicey, and I wouldn't want to hurt you.
Fif: It's fine, it's fine! I'm stronger than I look, y'know!
Threo: All right! You asked for it!
Fif: Come and get it!

The Fif Element: Scene 12

Fif tries letting go of the staff after the battle, but a throbbing headache assaults her the moment she does. Fif continues strengthening her body, but the road in front of her is long and winding indeed.

Fif: Whew! That was a good workout! I think I'm stronger now! Don't you think so?
Threo: I dunno. We've never fought before this.
Fif: Oh yeah, you're right... Guess I'll just have to let go of the Five-Soul Staff and find out then! Staff... drop!
Fif: Ugh, ugh, uugh...
Fif: Urgh.... My head... It doesn't hurt as bad as before, but it still hurts pretty bad...
Threo: Y-you okay? You don't look too good.
Fif: I sure don't...
Fif continues strengthening her body to withstand the magical energies inside it.
However the road in front of her is long and winding indeed.

The Fif Element: Scene 13

After trading some pleasantries and explaining her situation, Fif asks Tweyen for help in her training regimen. Tweyen had hoped Fif simply wanted to play, but agrees to assist Fif anyway.

Fif next asks Tweyen to aid in her training regimen.
Fif: Heya there, Tweyen! How're you doing?
Tweyen: Oh, why hello, Fif. I'm good. How about you?
Fif: Well...
Tweyen: Are you here to play? How about we go out for some pancakes? I know this adorable restaurant we can go to.
Fif: Yay, pancakes! Wait, no, I can't... I need to ask you a favor, Tweyen.
Tweyen: A request from you? That's a first... What do you want me to do?
Fif: I wanna get super-duper strong! So I need you to help me train!
Tweyen: I see. And here I thought you were going to ask me about clothes or makeup... I guess you're still a little young for that.
Fif: So... can you help me?
Tweyen: Hehe, I'd be glad to help. Promise me you won't hold back though. I want to see what you're really made of.
Fif: That's the idea! Now let's go!

The Fif Element: Scene 14

After the battle, Tweyen warns Fif to always keep her guard up and promises to treat Fif to some pancakes once her training is done.

Tweyen: I see... I was wondering why you wanted to get stronger so badly, but I never imagined it was because your magic was starting to hurt you.
Tweyen: Your powers just keep getting stronger. It must be hard keeping all that magical energy in check.
Here. Let me see your wound.
Fif: Don't worry about me! All I have to do is get stronger and it'll all be okay!
Fif: Not to mention I've got the Five-Soul Staff (Captain) lent me!
Tweyen: Hehe, happy-go-lucky as always, I see. You look like you're going to be all right from where I'm standing.
Tweyen: But be careful. Just because you feel okay in the moment doesn't mean you should let your guard down.
Fif: I'll be fine! Anyway thanks for helping me today, Tweyen!
Tweyen: Don't mention it. And after your training's done, how about we go out for those pancakes I mentioned? My treat.
Tweyen: It's a cute little shop, but I wouldn't want to go in all by my myself.
Fif: Really? Thanks, Tweyen! Pinky promise!
Tweyen: Hehe, I haven't done a pinky swear in ages. All right then... Cross my heart and hope to fly, shoot an arrow in the sky. Promised.
Fif: Yay! Thanks again! See you!
Waving blissfully, Fif seems a child just like any other.
Further growth awaits her. She continues working tirelessly to master the immense storm of magical power within.

The Fif Element: Scene 15

Fif searches for Niyon, the next Eternal to help her on her quest. Upon being discovered, however, Niyon runs away. When Fif finally catches up with her, Fif explains her situation and Niyon is left with no choice but to oblige her.

Fif searches for Niyon, the next Eternal to help her on her quest.
Fif: That's weird. I thought she was supposed to be around here. Hello? Niyon?
Niyon: ...
Fif: There you are!
Niyon: ...!
Fif: Hey, why're you running away?
Niyon: Because you're scaring me. What are you trying to accomplish?
Niyon: I've always liked the charming innocence of your melody. But sometimes you can be so simpleminded... it scares me.
Fif: Umm, I don't really understand, but... I wanted to ask if you could help me with my training.
Niyon: Training? Aren't you powerful enough?
Fif: Well, I used to think I was super awesome! But it looks like I might not be so great after all.
Fif: There's nothing worse than losing to yourself. So please! You've gotta help me!
Niyon: I see. I don't think there's anything wrong with losing to yourself. But then... my heart breaks all the time.
Niyon: But... very well. If I say no you'll just pester me anyway. And you're very scary when you're a pest.
Fif: All right! Thanks, Niyon! Okay, let's get started!

The Fif Element: Scene 16

After their training session, Niyon tells Fif that her melody's theme is getting clearer and wishes her well on her quest.

Niyon: I'm exhausted...
Fif: Thanks for helping me, Niyon! Think I've gotten stronger?
Niyon: Yes. Your melody's theme is getting clearer.
Niyon: In the past your melody had strong tones scattered randomly throughout it. That sense of unease is slowly fading away.
Fif: I guess that means I've gotten stronger?
Niyon: It does. Yours is a cheerful melody without the slightest hint of anguish.
Fif: I see! Great! I really am getting stronger!
Fif: I'm gonna be handing the Five-Soul Staff back to (Captain) in no time!
Niyon: Best of luck.
Niyon aids Fif on her quest to become stronger while expressing slight annoyance at her boisterous demeanor.
Slowly but surely, Fif inches closer to being able to withstand her powers.

The Fif Element: Scene 17

Fif has saved the best for last: Eahta, the man who may as well be her father. He is pleased to see how Fif has grown, and proceeds to fight her as an equal.

Fif's journey to gain control of the powers raging within her looks as if it is coming to an end.
She has saved the best for last: Eahta, the man who raised her from birth.
Fif: And that's the story! Help me train, Grampy Eahta!
Eahta: Hahaha! You seek refinement of the self. How the rambunctious newborn matures.
Fif: Humph! I told you I'm not a baby anymore! I can think for myself and make my own choices now!
Eahta: You have grown indeed, child. At times you display maturity far beyond that of your peers.
Eahta: If power is what you seek, reproach you I shall not. We will fight as equals.
Fif: Yeah! Don't go easy on me! Give me some real practice, Grampy!
Eahta: Then my blades shall show no mercy. Learn from them well.
Eahta: Let us begin!

The Fif Element: Scene 18

Fif snatches a narrow victory from Eahta and collapses to her knees, letting the Five-Soul Staff slip from her grasp. To her amazement, she feels completely fine without it.

Fif: I... I won!
Fif snatches a narrow victory and collapses to her knees, letting the Five-Soul Staff slip from her grasp.
Fif: Oh no, I dropped it! I hope it's—
Huh? Hey, my head doesn't hurt...
Fif: Yes! I did it! I'm the superest, duperest, most magical magic user ever!
Eahta: Pride begets the fall, Fif. Never forget that.
Fif: Yes, Grampa Eahtaaa... But you're right. I used to think I was the strongest in the sky. Now I know I'm not.
Eahta: Reaching the pinnacle is but the beginning. The greater your strength, the more clouded the path ahead becomes.
Eahta: One may take pause, or one may press on; all is well, for that is one's own life.
Fif: Hmm... Just sitting around sounds boring. I wanna have fun!
Eahta: Then wander. Find what you seek. Or do neither. Such is the nature of choice.
Fif: Whew! Well, I'm pooped! Can we go get some ice cream, Grampy?
Fif's smile shines like innocence itself as she tugs Eahta forward by the hand.
Her smile radiates with the relief and confidence that can only come from emerging victorious against herself.

If You're Not Fif... You're Last

After battling the other nine Eternals, Fif has finally completed her training and is no longer burdened by the weight of her magic. She heads back to (Captain) and company to return the staff and show the crew just how much she's grown.

After battling the other nine Eternals, Fif has finally completed her training and is no longer burdened by the weight of her magic.
With a skip in her step, she reports the good news to (Captain) and company.
Fif: So now I feel just fine even without the Five-Soul Staff!
Rosetta: You trained with the Eternals themselves... Who could be better teachers?
Rosetta: And you look so much better now, it's hard to imagine you were ever that ill.
Fif: Hehe! Ahaha! Stop poking my cheeks, Rosetta! It tickles!
Fif: Thanks for letting me borrow your staff, (Captain)!
Hm? (Captain)?
Fif: What's with that face? Oh, I get it! You don't think I really got any stronger!
Fif: It's true! True as true can be! Wanna find out for yourself?
Fif: All right! I was hoping you'd say that! Get ready to see some serious magic!

If You're Not Fif... You're Last: Scene 2

Though Fif is unable to defeat (Captain), she is nonetheless overjoyed at the newfound health and energy she has gained. Fif beams with joy, warming the crew's heart the way only a child can.

Fif: Aww, I lost... Why you gotta be so tough, (Captain)?
Fif: But you saw me back there, right? I was swooshing and zooming and I didn't even break a sweat!
Lyria: You've definitely come a long way from when you had your fever! You're like a whole new Fif, Fif!
Rosetta: And I can see she's much more resourceful with how she fights.
Rosetta: All that training with the other Eternals certainly seems to have paid off.
Fif: I know, right? I did good, didn't I? You can tell me!
Fif cheerfully bounces around before returning the Five-Soul Staff to (Captain) with her head held high.
Fif: Thank you so much for everything, (Captain)! You were a super big help!
Fif: I loved using the Five-Soul Staff! I wish I had one of my own...
Fif: Huh? I can borrow yours? When you're not using it?
Rosetta: That's a wonderful idea, (Captain). It would be such a waste to have a revenant weapon collecting dust in the storeroom.
Fif: Yippee! You're the bestest captain ever, (Captain)! I'll be sure to take good care of it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Fif beams with joy, warming the crew's heart the way only a child can.
With her tremendous magical powers, she will doubtless prove a most worthy ally in the crew's journey ahead.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
あちしにお任せ! Leave it to me!
あちしが全空で一番強いんだから! You can bet I'm the mightiest in all the skies!
早く終わらせて遊びに行こ? Let's finish up and go play!
あちしのマイブーム、一緒にやろうよ! Hey, I'll show you something really neat!
香水の匂いって苦手なんだよね I don't really like the smell of perfume.
パパとママ、元気にしてるかな? I hope Daddy and Mommy are okay...
今度エッセルんとこ遊びに行こうよ! Let's go play with Tien next time!
じっちゃはなーんかズレてて心配だよ~ It makes me worry when Grampy acts out.
(主人公)、あちし役に立つでしょ! See? I'm pretty helpful, right, (Captain)?
あちしを頼りにしていいよ(主人公)! You can rely on me, (Captain)!


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