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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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(Singularity, destiny converging on you is a matter of great consequence to the Sky Realm.)
(Of course, I realize you may not have wished for any of this.)
(I feel sorry for the especially great burden placed on you.)
(Singularity, you have done a most remarkable job making it thus far in this trying world.)
(I realize you are already set on the path laid out before you...)
(But considering the grave danger it presents, I would not blame you if you chose otherwise.)
(Whatever path you choose, know that I will support you every step of the way.)

(Singularity... No, youngling. May you find many blessings in your journey ahead.)


(Happy birthday, Singularity. Blessings unto you for spending your year in good health.)
(In that year's time, I am sure you were met with many obstacles that threatened your well-being.)
(There were many moments when I wished to help you...)
(But, unfortunately, my power is far too great to lend you a hand.)
(In fact, my assistance is more likely to be a bother than a boon.)
(I do hope you will forgive me for being merely a bystander in your journey...)
(Oh, but it is truly a privilege to see you overcome adversity with such dignity and grace.)
(Watching you grow brings me a great sense of comfort, Singularity.)
(I would like for my power to be a tree splint in your journey—a tool that is both supportive and unobtrusive.)
(To that end, I, too, wish to grow so that I may one day aid you as a splint would.)
(I am still far from perfect, of course... But I am glad for the opportunity to change with you.)

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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(Singularity, why are you up at such an early hour?)
(Captain) is on the deck of the Grandcypher, explaining the New Year's sunrise to Galleon.
(So this day marks the full cycle of the four seasons, I see...)
(Mortals can be rather creative in affirming their existences in this distorted world.)
(The more I learn about these customs, the more I come to appreciate them.)
(I appreciate your instruction on the matter. Now then, shall we watch the sunrise together?)
(Come closer, Singularity. I will grant you a most warm blessing with my embrace.)
(I realize we should be focusing on the sunrise, but I would not want the low temperature to affect you negatively.)
(You have no need to hesitate, for I am more than ready to share my warmth with you.)


(Here is to another great year... What a wonderful phrase, Singularity.)
(Hardships abound in the sky. To live in it is to live in challenge.)
(By joining with others, mortals overcome predicaments they would struggle to handle on their own.)
(With mutual support, they weather the worst of times, the cruelest quandaries this world has to offer...)
(And through braving adversity together, they are able to wish each other "another" great year. It is truly remarkable.)
(The greeting is at once reciprocal praise for keeping in good health...)
(And a shared promise to continue supporting each other in the new year.)
(As a being that dwells in the sky, I, too, wish to enter this cycle.)
(Thus, allow me to impart this greeting unto you, Singularity.)
(Happy New Year, and may it be another great one.)

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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(Singularity, has Wilnas offered you an inedible treat?)
(It appears Valentine's Day customs have caught his interest. I hope you'll forgive him.)
(I'm sure he had no ill will. It can be difficult for us to immediately adjust to mortal culture.)
(As I'd like to prevent a similar mishap myself...)
(I'm going to ask in advance what you desire of me, Singularity.)
(Perhaps a plant? A rock? Or even an island?)
(Of course, if it's a blessing you seek, I will gladly grant you more than a few.)
(Well then, Singularity? Tell me your heart's desire.)


(Singularity, a gift for you... in celebration of Valentine's Day.)
(I heard that mortals like to consume a food called cacao...)
(So I have procured a tree that bears one such fruit.)
(Please accept it.)
(My... You mean to say the fruit itself is not what is eaten?)
(Ah, so it is treated before consumption... Curious. The mortal act of cooking is applied even to this cacao fruit...)
(How... disheartening. I hope my gift has not inconvenienced you...)
Choose: I'll try making chocolate with it!
(You will attempt to apply cooking to the cacao fruit?)
(If that is how you will derive amusement from my gift, then I am delighted.)
(Allow me to watch over you while you cook... If that is all right with you, of course.)

White Chocolate Cake
2nd year: Cacao Fruit
White Day Cutscenes
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(A White Day gift... A symbol of gratitude.)
(Singularity, your thoughtfulness fills me with joy.)
(What a wonderful tradition this is, though it may not be immediately evident to you.)
(All lives in the Sky Realm go through much suffering and hardship.)
(It would be perfectly normal for mortals to resent the world and us wedges...)
(Yet here you are showing me your love, just as mortals tend to do amongst each other.)
(I've seen firsthand that you hold all life in the skies in high regard.)
(You would be a most precious child even if you were not the singularity.)
(Though it may be insignificant compared to your deep and sincere love, allow me to offer you a blessing.)


(I see you have prepared a gift for me again this White Day.)
(I am at a loss as to how to reciprocate your thoughtfulness and compassion...)
(Yet again, mortals have involved me in their cycle of sentiment.)
(It brings me great joy to be included in this manner. I thank you, Singularity.)
(However, I must admit...)
(I am unsure if I have done anything in particular that is deserving of your generosity.)
(It is my wish to assuage the pains mortals of this world suffer...)
(Alas, I am unable to rectify the disorder that plagues the sky...)
(The least I can do is bestow a certain blessing upon you that I hope will convey my appreciation.)

Chocolate Biscuits
Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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(How fortunate that I would bump into you on this night, Singularity.)
(Come, I have not a trick but a treat for you.)
Galleon plants a kiss on (Captain)'s forehead.
(Is something the matter, Singularity? You appear confused.)
(Ah, I see. So you had planned to play a trick on me.)
(Very well. Then I gladly oblige.)
(I am ready, Singularity, for any prank you may have in mind.)
(Come now; there is no need to hold back.)


(Sigh... How troubling...)
(Captain) finds Galleon pensive and decides to ask what's wrong.
(Singularity... The conduct surrounding this time of Halloween has me vexed.)
(I had considered bestowing blessings upon the young mortals as treats...)
(But then I realized that they may not necessarily desire them.)
(The so-called treats they seek is, in other words, candy, yes?)
(Young mortals find much delight in both mischief and sweets.)
(They live so earnestly, I wish nothing more than to bring them joy.)
(But... how disheartening. I have not the slightest clue as to how one goes about acquiring sweets.)
(Producing gold and engaging in trade myself would likely distort the value of mortal currency...)
Choose: Want to make treats together?
You would be so kind as to assist me, Singularity?)
(That would be most appreciated... Though I must warn you, I am not sure I will do well.)
(But, as Wilnas says, one must always try.)
(Thank you for offering your help, Singularity. If you are extending your hand, I will gladly accept it.)

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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(A being known as Santa Claus is said to offer gifts to children on this day.)
(A wonderful tradition it may be, but why does he offer gifts only to mortal children?)
(Every life-form struggles to survive in this distorted world.)
(Thus they are all equally deserving.)
(Yet Santa Claus grants compensation only to the most frail.)
(Perhaps it is a sign of how far away things have veered off from the original state that was meant to be.)
(I apologize on behalf of all wedges for lacking the power to fully preserve the world's shape.)
(But at the very least, Singularity, I can offer my blessings to you and those around you.)


(The spirit in which holiday gifts are given warms my heart.)
(I would very much like to gift all of mankind a present of my own.)
(But I am afraid my nescience precludes me from preparing a proper offering.)
(I still have much to learn about the mortal existence.)
(An unsuitable gift may very well cause dismay rather than delight.)
(Though it is not just my ignorance... I simply do not have the power to perform this deed.)
(In my current state, I cannot hope to protect the sky and all who live in it from those who would see it harm.)
(Annihilating the Otherworlders would have made a most excellent gift.)
(Recognizing my own deficiencies has left me feeling quite ashamed...)
(For this holiday season, the best I can do is bestow blessings unto you and all who are near...)

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

A Love Too Great

Galleon pays (Captain) a sudden visit one morning and tends to the captain's every need—no matter how small. When she imitates Ewiyar in expressing eagerness to receive a head pat, some begin to wonder about Galleon's change in personality.

A typical morning like any other begins for the crew.
(Captain) has just woken up in the captain's quarters.
Galleon: Dawn.
(Good morning, Singularity.)
A surprised (Captain) sits upright on the bed.
Galleon: Rejuvenation.
(Have you recovered from fatigue? I bless you with a wonderful day.)
Galleon: Decorum.
(Blessings upon your bed too for providing you with a good night's rest.)
Vyrn: Mng... Someone there?
Vyrn: What the... Galleon?
Waking up beside (Captain), Vyrn is bewildered to see someone unexpected in the room.
Galleon the Gold, as the earth wedge, is one of the Six Dragons that preserves the shape of the world.
Concerned with the threat presented by Otherworlders from the Crimson Horizon, she had incorporated Vyrn's power into herself.
Believing that she was going too far, the crew stopped her rampage.
Galleon apologized for overstepping her bounds. Because no one was hurt in the end, the incident was deemed water under the bridge.
Galleon: Blessing.
(Red Dragon, I offer a blessing unto you as well.)
Vyrn: Gah! Everything's a blessing with you!
Vyrn: What brings ya here anyway? Got business with (Captain)?
Galleon: Kismet.
(I came here hoping to see (Captain).)
Galleon: Penitence.
(But first, I wish to apologize.)
Galleon: Wish.
(Although I acted out of a desire to see the world restored to its former glory...)
Galleon: Indiscretion.
(I ended up causing great trouble for you and all other lives in the Sky Realm.)
Galleon: Apology.
(As one of the Six Dragons, what I did was unforgivable.)
Galleon: Atonement..
(Yet not only did you make me see sense, but you were also quick to forgive me. For that, I am grateful.)
(Captain) suggests that they simply let bygones be bygones.
Vyrn: I mean, I was caught up in my head too at the time. Felt like I had no other choice...
Vyrn: So it wouldn't be right to pin everything on you. Far from it!
Galleon: Regret.
(You believe so?)
Vyrn: I know so! Tell her, (Captain)!
The captain readily nods, eliciting a smile from Galleon.
Galleon: Gratitude.
(I will not forget this kindness. For now, allow me to bless—)
Vyrn: Gah! Here we go again!
Lyria's Voice: (Captain), Vyrn, rise and shine! Breakfast is ready!
Vyrn: Oh, better get a move on.
Vyrn: Already up, Lyria! See ya at the dining hall in a bit!
Lyria's Voice: Okay!
Vyrn: Care to join us, Galleon?
Galleon: Companionship.
(If you don't mind, I will gladly accompany you.)
Vyrn: All right then. Time for (Captain) to get changed!
Once the captain is ready, the three proceed to the dining hall.
The four end up enjoying breakfast together.
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: ...
Galleon: Assistance.
(Singularity, open your mouth. Good, stay like that...)
Galleon: Comfort.
(Now close your mouth and take it all in. Oh my, a stain on your mouth. I'll wipe it for you.)
Galleon: Reliance.
(Yes, stay still. I will take care of you.)
Galleon: Wholesomeness.
(Haha, good job. Now for your next spoonful.)
Lyria: Um... Galleon!
Galleon: Acknowledgement.
(Yes, Girl in Blue?)
Lyria: Uh... Just why exactly are you spoon-feeding (Captain) today!
Lyria: I... I wish I could spoon-feed (Captain) too... Er, I mean...
Galleon: Dissatisfaction.
(Do you disapprove?)
Vyrn: Well... For starters, you're not exactly using the spoon right.
Vyrn: You keep using the backside to pick up food, so it just slips off.
Galleon: Insight.
(Oh, this is the backside? No wonder...)
Galleon: Apology.
(I did not mean to stain your mouth, (Captain). I hope you'll forgive me.)
Seeing the disappointment in Galleon's eyes, the captain opens wide once more.
Galleon: ...!
Galleon: Acceptance.
(I will deliver another spoonful to your mouth at once. If this is the backside, then this must be the front.)
Lyria: Um, I don't remember Galleon being quite like this before...
After an unusually long time spent on breakfast, (Captain) has regained some amount of freedom—for but a moment.
Galleon: Trust.
((Captain), can you turn to me with your mouth open?)
Galleon: Stillness.
(Loosen up those face muscles. Good.)
Galleon: Cleanliness.
(Allow me to clean this up. Healthy teeth are important.)
The captain isn't quite sure how to respond to Galleon's tooth-brushing assistance.
Galleon: Companionship.
(Where are you going, Singularity? I shall accompany you.)
With cat food in hand, they make for the Grandcypher's deck next. Lyria and Vyrn are puzzled to see Galleon moving in lockstep with the captain.
Lyria: What's gotten into Galleon...
Lyria: I don't remember her clinging to (Captain) like this before...
Vyrn: For one thing, she definitely doesn't mean any harm...
Vyrn: Makes me wonder if something happened...
Lyria: I'm happy that she's trying to be friendly with us, but...
Lyria: Now I'm just worried about her.
Lyria: Hey, kitty! We brought you food!
Ewiyar: Meeooww!
Galleon: ...
Vyrn: This is your first time meetin' her, right? She's a pet of sorts.
Vyrn: We figure she's a stray cat that happened to sneak aboard at some island we docked at. Didn't feel right tossing her away, so we just kept her around.
Galleon: Realization.
(So I see.)
(Captain) places Lyria's handmade cat food before Ewiyar, who delightfully gorges away.
Ewiyar: Meow! Meow-meow! Meorw!
Vyrn: No clue what she's sayin'. Seems happy enough though.
Lyria: Haha, that's for sure. Please eat to your heart's content, kitty!
Ewiyar: Meow!
Having emptied her tray, Ewiyar spreads out on the ground with arms and legs outstretched. She is in bliss as Lyria and the captain caress her fur.
Ewiyar: Mew.
Lyria: You're as fluffy as ever!
Ewiyar: Merow!
Galleon: ...
Vyrn: Haha, they just love playin' with cats.
Galleon: Favoritism...
(How nice...)
Vyrn: Wha? Everything all right, Galleon?
Ewiyar: Meow!
Galleon: Privilege.
(Singularity, Girl in Blue.)
Lyria: Huh?
Galleon leans down beside the two and sticks her head out.
Galleon: Offering.
(I am ready.)
Lyria: Erm, what are we supposed to do, (Captain)?
Galleon: Dissent?
(Won't you give me the same treatment?)
After the three briefly trade glances, (Captain) begins petting Galleon.
Galleon: ...
Lyria: Hrm...
The comfort provided by (Captain)'s and Lyria's simultaneous head-petting brings a smile to Galleon's face.
Galleon: Wisdom.
(Mortals love running their fingers through hair or fur. An important lesson learned.)
Ewiyar: Meow, meow-meow...
Ewiyar: Hiss!
Lyria: Oh, kitty!
Vyrn: Guess she got upset that Galleon was gettin' all the attention.
Vyrn: Which is kinda ironic when you consider how freedom-loving she is.
Lyria: Ahaha, that's what's so cute about her.
Vyrn: That's one way of lookin' at it...
Galleon: Desire.
(Red Dragon, if you wish a caress for yourself, you're welcome to stick your head out.)
Vyrn: Er... Nah, I'm good!
Vyrn: I'm just wonderin' why you're suddenly craving (Captain)'s attention so much.
Galleon: Grace.
(I believe those who do their best to make the world a better place are worthy of reward.)
Vyrn: Well... No argument there, but...
Galleon: Comfort.
(So you agree then?)
Galleon: Expedience.
(Singularity, please keep it up if it pleases you.)
Galleon: Guidance.
(You are also welcome to touch more than my hair, if you so wish.)
Having inadvertently obscured Vyrn's point, Galleon appears to be in a good mood.
Unsure how best to react to Galleon, (Captain) simply shoots Lyria a confused look.

Blessings upon All Life

When Galleon interrupts Ewiyar's slumber one day, the feline berates her, remarking on the impropriety of showering all her attention on the captain alone. Galleon is shocked to hear this, but it also prompts her to think about what it truly means to be one of the Six Dragons.

A few days have passed since Galleon's appearance on the Grandcypher. The crew is growing accustomed to her presence.
A large cat is currently loafing around on (Captain)'s bed.
Ewiyar: Meeoow...
Galleon: ...
Galleon: Obstruction.
(Singularity, a cat has taken over your bed. Will that not pose a problem?)
About to leave the room, (Captain) turns around to the bed and flashes a wry smile.
  1. I love a warm bed.

Choose: I love a warm bed.
Galleon: Duty.
(I see.)
After (Captain) leaves, Galleon turns to the bed once more.
Ewiyar: Meow!
Galleon: Remarkability.
(If the goal is to warm the bed, my larger body would be more fitting.)
Ewiyar: ...!
Ewiyar: (Meh! What's your problem!)
Now sharing a bed with Galleon, the cat—who is actually Ewiyar the Emerald of the Six Dragons—has its fur standing on end.
Ewiyar: (What a way to ruin my beauty sleep...)
Ewiyar: (Care to explain yourself, Galleon?)
Galleon: Warmth.
(I am warming the bed.)
Ewiyar: (Whaaat? You're not making any sense! Out of the way already!)
A frustrated Ewiyar walks circles around Galleon on the bed, but she doesn't mind in the least.
Ewiyar: (I was having sooo much fun being worshipped by (Captain) and the crew.)
Ewiyar: (Why did you have to come and ruin everything!)
Galleon: Deficiency.
(Hm, my body alone may not be enough to warm every corner of the bed.)
Galleon: Difficulty.
(I can change position, but then the newly exposed spots rapidly lose warmth.)
Ewiyar: (Why meee!)
Ewiyar climbs atop Galleon and continually nudges against her face, urging her to sit upright.
Galleon: Impropriety.
(Is something the matter, Ewiyar?)
Ewiyar: (Look who's talking! You're the one acting all clingy around (Captain)! For shame!)
Galleon: Suspicion.
Ewiyar: (That's right! As one of the Six Dragons and a wedge of the world...)
Ewiyar: (You're showering way too much attention on a single life! Talk about irresponsible!)
Galleon: Unwarranted.
(Too much attention? The singularity is simply being rewarded for all the hard work put in.)
Ewiyar: (Except none of this counts as a reward! You're just doing as you please, Galleon! Admit it!)
Galleon: Indulgence...
(So you find my actions self-serving...)
Ewiyar: (Taking in the red dragon and syncing with his memories and feelings must've affected you somehow!)
Ewiyar: (As a fellow wedge, you don't know how embarrassed this makes me! Seriously, just think about it!)
Ewiyar jumps off the bed in search of another one elsewhere.
Ewiyar: (Humph! I need to cool down.)
Galleon: Self-gratification...
(Am I being so servile to (Captain) out of selfishness?)
Galleon: Carelessness...
(As one who must watch over all life in the Sky Realm, what a grave mistake I've made...)
Galleon: Failure...

Blessings upon All Life: Scene 2

The crew heads out for an assignment, while Galleon stays behind on the ship. As she ponders the meaning of her existence, Pavidus and his animal companions show up with an injured puppy. Galleon helps them nurse it back to health.

Galleon: ...
Lyria: Is everything okay, Galleon? You look lost.
Vyrn: You stopped clinging to (Captain) since last night too.
Lyria: (Captain), did something happen between you two?
As it turns out, the captain is equally flummoxed about Galleon's sudden change in behavior.
Vyrn: Whatever the case, we'd better head out soon if we wanna make our next assignment on time.
Lyria: Yeah, we should get ready soon...
Vyrn: How about you, Galleon? Wanna come with?
Galleon: ...
Lyria: Galleon?
Galleon: Failure.
Vyrn: Still lost, I see... We're heading out on assignment soon and were wondering if you wanted to tag along.
Galleon: Confliction.
After a bit of thought, Galleon decides to stay behind on the Grandcypher.
Lyria: Okay, take it easy while we're away.
Vyrn: We'll be back in a flash!
Galleon: Apprehension.
(Be safe out there. A blessing upon your travels.)
Galleon: ...
Galleon: Disquiet.
Galleon: ...?
Bird: Caw...
(Yawn... Overslept.)
Bird: Caw.
(Looks like Pavi asked (Captain) to buy some stuff.)
Bird: Squawk...
(So I'm the odd one out, eh? The others must've really rushed him.)
Galleon: Emollience.
(Good day, winged one who represents freedom in the Sky Realm.)
Bird: Caw?
(Eh? You're not a person, are ya?)
Bird: Squawk.
(Not like that's a bad thing though. Hope you don't mind me perching next to ya.)
Galleon: Entrenchment.
(Not in the least. Are you waiting for someone as well?)
Bird: Caw.
(I'm waiting for my lil' bro.)
Galleon: Anticipation.
(I await the singularity's return.)
Galleon: Irresolution.
(Though I wonder if I should be...)
Bird: Caw?
(Sounds like you're kind of fuzzy about that. Something bothering you?)
Bird: Squawk!
(Oh, I know those footsteps...)
Pavidus: M-must hurry!
Boar: Snort!
(Simmer down, Pavi!)
Pavidus: But Mr. Bird...
Bird: Caw!
(Geez, Pavi! Would it kill you to chill out a bit?)
Pavidus: Sir! I'm home... I mean... Well!
Galleon: Endearment.
(Though he takes on a rather different form, I suppose he is the "lil' bro" you spoke of?)
Bird: Caw!
(Yup, name's Pavidus. Be good to him, won'tcha?)
Bird: Squawk!
(C'mon, Pavi, say hello!)
Chick: Cheep...
(Enough talk, sleepyhead! Can't you see we're in a rush?)
Pavidus: Right, of course! Look at this, my friends!
Having turned pale from panic, Pavidus decides it would be faster to show what's in his arms.
Galleon: Anguish.
(A small life... It appears emaciated.)
Boar: Snort!
(Yeah, the puppy's in bad shape... I'm betting it was either abandoned or got lost.)
Chick: Cheep!
(We got back on the double, 'cause Pavi wanted to treat the puppy!)
Pavidus: Let's see... First, I have to clean the wound with... hot water? I'll have to boil some!
Pavidus: I need a basin... No, a kettle would make more sense. Maybe a towel too?
Galleon: Succor.
(Is there anything I can assist with?)
Pavidus: Why, thank you! Can you hold the puppy while I get everything ready?
Galleon: Compliance.
(Certainly. Is that all?)
Pavidus: Mm-hm! Idea is to not let it get chilly!
Galleon: Commiseration.
(It requires warmth, I see.)
Pavidus: Thank you! I'll be right back!
After watching Pavidus and his animal companions enter a room, Galleon holds up the puppy and presses her lips against its forehead.
Galleon: Sympathy.
(A frail, young life that struggles through hardship to live on.)
Galleon: Ministration.
(I bless your effort to survive.)

Blessings upon All Life: Scene 3

Relieved to see the puppy in good condition, Galleon learns that Pavidus was practically raised by his animal companions. Touched by kindness transcending species, Galleon wonders what she can do for all life in the skies.

Pavidus and Galleon's rescue effort proves successful, as the puppy now whimpers out of hunger rather than pain.
Pavidus: It's well enough now to drink milk... Thank goodness.
Boar: Snort.
(You can say that again.)
Galleon: Setback.
(Shall we wipe the milk that's dripped onto its body?)
Pavidus: Oh, right! Where's that towel...
Galleon: Satiation.
(It must be satisfied, for it is now stationary.)
Chick: Cheep!
(It dozed off with its head stuck in the bowl!)
Pavidus: Yikes, that can't be good!
Galleon: Alacrity.
(It seems to understand that both food and sleep are necessary for a proper recovery.)
Galleon: Vigor.
(The small life-form does what it can to stay alive in this distorted world.)
Boar: Snort.
(It's a lot simpler than that, if you ask me.)
The stern faces of the animals loosen up as Pavidus lifts up the slumbering puppy.
Bird: Caw.
(Hot damn, can't believe how carefree it is after a brush with death!)
Chick: Cheep.
(Well, what do you expect from a newborn babe? Pavi was the same when we first met him!)
Galleon: Affinity.
(Just like how you all take on different forms, yet you are apparently "big bros" to this mortal.)
Boar: Snort!
(We couldn't just leave Pavidus alone when we found him abandoned in the wilderness.)
Pavidus: If you folks hadn't saved me, I wouldn't be here right now.
Pavidus: And that could have been the end of it, but you stuck with me, watching over me all these years since I was a boy...
Galleon: Cooperation.
(And just now, you paid it forward.)
Galleon: Praise.
(Living beings of all types helping each other to survive is most honorable conduct.)
Chick: Cheep!
(Aw, it's not like we busted our guts taking Pavi under our care!)
Galleon: ...
Pavidus: Saving this puppy was the only thing on my mind. I panicked...
Pavidus: If not for my animal companions and you, Galleon, I'm not sure I could have applied proper treatment. Thank you.
Galleon: Purity.
(The small life-form wished to live on, while you wished to save it.)
Galleon: Importance.
(Without that inherent goodness, my blessings and my assistance would be for naught.)
Galleon: Rarity.
(You beings of the Sky Realm are truly wonderful.)
Galleon: Dearth...
(So much so, that I'm not sure what I could possibly...)
Galleon: ...

Blessings upon All Life: Scene 4

A heartfelt talk with the animals allows Galleon to realize that her kindness toward the crew also transcends species. Thus she accepts the change within her and continues doing various favors for the crew upon their return from an assignment.

Vyrn: Phew, we're finally back!
Lyria: It's a good thing the assignment turned out okay. Right, (Captain)?
Having completed their latest job, (Captain) and company offer each other praise as they make for their quarters.
Galleon: Relief.
(Singularity, Girl in Blue, Red Dragon, I'm pleased to see that you've returned safely.)
Lyria: Galleon! It's good to be back!
Galleon: Enervation.
(I see fatigue has overtaken you... A blessing for your efforts.)
Galleon pulls (Captain) in for an embrace, offering a kiss on the cheek.
Lyria: Eek! G-Galleon!
Galleon: Blessing.
(Of course, I am ready to offer you a blessing in equal measure. Come, Girl in Blue.)
Lyria: Ai yai yai!
Vyrn: Whoa, what's come over you... You were lookin' under the weather this morning, but here we are again!
Galleon: Recognition.
(Red Dragon, do not be bashful. You, too, are deserving of a blessing.)
Vyrn: Er, no thanks! I'll pass!
Galleon: ...
Vyrn: Is it just me, or have you gotten more forceful!
Galleon: Repast.
(I hear a meal is waiting for you. Allow me to help transport the victuals into your mouth, Singularity.)
Holding hands with both (Captain) and Lyria, Galleon guides them to the dining hall.
Galleon: ...
Shortly before (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn return to the Grandcypher...
Pavidus: ...
Chick: Cheep!
(Watch it, Pavi! Don't make like the pup; this is no place to sleep!)
Pavidus: Urk... I guess you're right...
Boar: Snort.
(You saved a puppy today on top of your usual shopping run, Pavi. Must be exhausted.)
Bird: Caw!
(Exactly! Go back to your room for your forty winks!)
Pavidus: Okay... Good night, everyone.
Galleon: Repose.
(Good night. May you have a halcyon rest.)
Bird: Caw.
(Pavi can be a real pain in the butt sometimes.)
Chick: Cheep!
(Been like that since he was a toddler!)
Galleon: Admiration.
(So you watched over the frail, young life, giving him a chance to grow up.)
Boar: Snort.
(At first, we just thought it would be cool to have a person as a henchman.)
Chick: Cheep.
(Took a ton of effort on our part to finally turn him into a handy-dandy henchman.)
Bird: Caw!
(It sure did! People start out having trouble even getting up and walking.)
Galleon: Hardship.
(So you experienced great difficulty in raising Pavidus?)
Galleon: Lament.
(Being unable to walk means being unable to run from an enemy or forage for food...)
Chick: Cheep!
(Mm-hm. We'd already picked the kid up, so sticking by him was the responsible thing to do.)
Bird: Caw.
(Look at him today. He's still got some ways to go before he can strike out on his own!)
Galleon: Cooperation.
(So as "big bros," you continue to guide your "lil' bro," I see.)
Galleon: Devotion.
(And the fact that you are different species did not deter you from this responsibility.)
Bird: Caw.
(Same with you, am I right?)
Galleon: ...?
Bird: Caw!
(You seemed pretty worried about (Captain) and them coming back safely.)
Galleon: ...!
Galleon: Rectitude.
(That is... true...)
Galleon: Luminosity.
(Caring for others, no matter what type of being you are, is truly something special in the Sky Realm.)
Galleon: Acceptance.
(Thus, it is not a feeling I should reject.)
Galleon: Indebtedness.
(Thank you for making me realize this, "big bros" of mankind.)
Boar: Snort.
(No clue what we did, but your face completely lit up just now!)
Galleon: Purity.
(Yes, you've helped me reach an epiphany.)
Galleon sees off Pavidus and his animal companions as they make off for dinner, then returns to the deck.
Galleon: Creation.
(The god of destruction wished for constant change in the Sky Realm.)
Galleon: Awakening.
(And the Six Dragons each achieved the change of gaining a conscience—a heart.)
Galleon: Principles.
(There was never anything to be afraid of.)
Galleon: Similarity.
(Like all other lives in the Sky Realm, I must change with the times.)
Galleon: Fondness.
(As distorted and full of suffering as the world may be, there is still much goodness in it.)
Vyrn's Voice: Phew, we're finally back!
Galleon: ...
Ewiyar: Meorw!
Ewiyar: (Phew, I'm starving! Let's see what snacks they have!)
Ewiyar: Mew...
Ewiyar: Meow!
Galleon: Service.
(Singularity, I've cut your bread into smaller pieces. Please open your mouth.)
Galleon: Communion.
(You too, Girl in Blue.)
Having grabbed a chair to plant herself firmly in between (Captain) and Lyria, Galleon is tending to their needs.
Ewiyar: Meow!
Vyrn: You've really grown to love takin' care of people, huh...
Galleon: Appetite.
(Red Dragon, won't you eat from my hand too?)
Vyrn: Preciate it, but I can feed myself...
Galleon: Conferment.
(Don't be shy. Allow me!)
Lyria: Haha... I'm glad to see you're in a much better mood now, Galleon.
With a wry smile, (Captain) nods in agreement.
Lyria: But if you're busy feeding us, that means you won't be able to eat...
Lyria: Oh, I know!
Lyria: Galleon, how would you like some soup? Open wide!
Galleon: Joy.
(I appreciate your thoughtfulness, Girl in Blue.)
Galleon: Reciprocity.
(Most delectable... Your turn, Girl in Blue.)
Ewiyar: Meow!
The long-furred cat paces around the legs of Galleon and Lyria as it continues to mewl.
Lyria: Oh, hey, kitty! Give us a moment, okay? I'll feed you as soon as we're done.
Galleon: Delight.
(Girl in Blue, how about a taste of these plants? You too, Singularity...)
Ewiyar: (No fair, Galleon! Why do you get to hog the both of them!)
Ewiyar: (Turns out you haven't learned a thing from what I told you yesterday! For shame!)
Ewiyar: (I'm the one who truly deserves every bit of attention from (Captain)!)
For better or worse, (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn fail to understand her grievances.
While Galleon does understand Ewiyar, she's since come to terms with her change in personality and has no qualms with caring for the crew.

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