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Official Profile

Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Race Primal Beast
Hobbies Reading (especially Nietzschel's poems and Dostoyepsky's novels)
Likes Learning about mortal culture, weaving poetic language
Dislikes People who express themselves in childish way

Character Release

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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 不明
Height 不明
Race 星晶獣
Hobbies 読書(特にニーチェルの詩集とドシュトエプチュキーの本)
Likes 人の子の文化を学ぶこと・詩的言ノ葉を紡ぐこと
Dislikes 稚拙な表現をする者

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3]




  • In his official profile, Nietzschel and Dostoyepsky are deliberate misspellings of Nietzsche and Dostoevsky.
  • Grimnir's speech and mannerisms are a parody of stereotypical chuunibyou, complete with an evil eye and hidden power in his arm.

Special Cutscenes

Stamp118.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

The world turns and time passes. Life moves on, and it grows brighter still...
As we celebrate your birth here and now, the winds of celebration are blowing...
That was great, that was great! I said it! I did it, Singularity!
I've been practicing nearly non-stop since two nights ago! Good thing I didn't blow my lines!
So have a very happy birthday! Glad to be with you!
Let's do all kinds of fun stuff today! You are the VIP of the sky!


Today marks the passing of another year since you first came into this world.
I am thrilled to be able to celebrate the miracle of your birth into these skies alongside you.
Now then... I ask that you accept these blessed words of celebration on your behalf. Ahem.
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dearrr Singularity!
Happy birthday to youuu!
I did it! So what'd you think? I totally nailed it again this year, huh?
Boy, I sure am glad I spent so much time practicing for this special day!
Now that that's all said and done, let's head into town!
What're you standing around for? We're doing anything and everything you want to do today, Singularity!


No matter how many seasons pass... you will always be at the center of my heart.
The sweetness of this decorated cake, and the brilliant flames that sit upon its candles...
Now, (Captain)! Extinguish the flames with your holy breath—
(Captain)! Haaappy birthdaaay!
Aaay... Aaay... Aaay...
Heh, that was perfect.
Wha! Waaait a second, why're you laughing?
Huh? My self-made echo was funny? But... but it was so cool!
Sigh... Oh well! As long as it put a smile on your face, I'm happy!


The past, the present, and the future... No matter when, you and I are fated to be together, it seems.
So let these untamed winds make way for a gentle breeze of fortune... and bring forth a storm of petals!
Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Heh... And that's how you do it.
Hehehe... Seeing you smile like that is the greatest gift of all!
Huh? Did I cut myself on any of the thorns this time?
Oh, (Captain)... Of course you'd be concerned about me—even on your own birthday.
Ahh, and that's why I love you so, so much, (Captain)!
You have my word as the god of war! My winds will accompany you all the way to Estalucia!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Singularity... This cycle of the seasons will unquestionably be one of much learning for me.
Our bonds shall intertwine and lead us to truth. And someday I will become a wind to rescue the sky.
Heh-heh... My resolution... is so cool! Right?
Huh? You don't know what I'm getting at?
Gee, c'mon! What I'm trying to say is... happy New Year!
So, Singularity! What sorts of resolutions do you have in mind?


(Captain)... We have flown together through winter, spring, summer, and fall, and once again, we stand on the threshold of a new year.
For 365 days, by sun and candlelight, I devoted myself to study. I have learned much about your world, but I sense there is much more to be discovered.
Now, hie with me to the mystic shrines, that we may see whither the winds of fortune will carry us.
You, um... get what I'm asking, right?
Yeah, exactly! You always visit a shrine on New Year's Day, right?
There you can draw a fortune and learn your luck for the year... and pray to the gods for a little extra help...
Oh! And the stalls! You can buy amazing food from a bunch of different stalls!
So, um, (Captain)! If you don't mind, want to come with me to a shrine... now?


Singularity. Another year means you must continue to increase your efforts toward surpassing your current state.
To begin, let us enjoy a traditional game of badminton with a shuttlecock made of the feathers of angels.
Then, we shall partake together in a meal as vitalizing as the breath of life itself!
Hey, what're you staring at me like that for?
The others in the crew told me about all these fun things you can do on New Year's, so I decided to come invite you!
Come on, let's get a move on! We've got a lot to do! No time for spacing out!
We'll play badminton, have some New Year's treats, then move on to all the other things we gotta do today!


Another year, another fortune drawing. May the winds be in my favor this year... please!
T-t-terrible luck? S-surely the gods have made some sort of mistake! Let's try again...
No, I must resist the temptation! Fortunes are only meant to be drawn once.
Oh, that's right! (Captain), what'd you draw?
G—g-great fortune?
That's amazing! Everything's already coming up (Captain) this year, isn't it?
Heh-heh... As long as your fate is in good hands, then I have nothing to fear!
And if you think about it, there's no worse fate you can draw than terrible luck, right?
If that may be the case, so be it! I shall carry the burden of this fate on my own for the rest of the year!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Eh, um, er! Huh?
Ch-ch-chocolate? You mean you're giving chocolate to me! Meeee?
O-oh! Oh, I see! Ah-ahem!
Phew... Very well! I accept this expression of—
Aaah! I can't say my lines with a straight face!
Uh, um! Thank you! I'll take extra care to eat them all!
Thank you so, so much!


Hm? What is it, (Captain)?
What business could you have with the embodiment of a tempest?
Hah. I see... Once again, you have come to offer me your heart on a silver platter...
Nooo! I can't stop myself from smiling!
Aw... I was so excited about your present... I wanted to act all majestic and god-like when I accepted it but... I couldn't do it!
Anyways.. um... (Captain)! Thanks! A lot! You really, really made my day!


Very well, I accept your offering. To answer this act of goodness, I promise that you shall witness my godly might and—
W-wait, why're you looking so unhappy?
You don't like me calling this an offering?
Haha... I see how it is. You're right, Singularity. This isn't an offering—it's a present, isn't it?
You're giving me these chocolates not because I'm a mighty god, but because I'm someone you appreciate!
Gaaah, thinking about it that way, I just can't stop smiling!
Hang on, I need a second to put myself together. Look the other way for now, will you?


The first wind of spring approaches, and the fragrant scent of cocoa graces my nostrils once more...
There's no doubt. Another precious Valentine's Day chocolate from (Captain)!
Mmm... Thank you, (Captain)! I'll absolutely savor each and every bite!
Hold on now, what's this? You've included a letter this time!
Oh, boy, I can't wait to read it! Let's see what's written here...
The exquisite chocolate you're about to enjoy was harvested at Chocolae Island...
Aw, it's just the product description! I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up like that...
Huh? You've included another letter?
Wow, you mean it? For real for real? Awesome!

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Phew... All right. Just one more time practicing.
Singularity... This is the hour in which I repay you for the kindness you've shown me. For you, the sweetness of my tempest—
Whaaat! Singularity... H-how long have you been there?
From the beginning?
Aaaaah! I blew it! Why does this always happen to me?
W-well, anyway! Singularity! Here! It's your present!
I worked really hard to make it! So, um... Er, please eat it!


I have been waiting for you, (Captain)...
I offer you a gift of the finest dainties, within which my raging tempest swirls.
Come... Bring it to your lips and you shall taste a miracle on this, the whitest of days.
Heh... I said it all without stammering... I one-hundred-percent nailed it this year!
Huh? What? Is there something wrong with the sweets?
Gasp! That's the present (PROP, DO NOT GIFT) I was using to rehearse!
Oh no... I really thought I had it this year... I can't believe I wrapped the wrong thing...
(Captain)! I'm going to go grab your present, so wait right here!


The time has come... The vortex of emotions from each and every person overflows, painting the day white...
To return the warm feelings of affection you bestowed upon me, I offer you the wisdom of Chocolae Island imparted to me through this impeccable—
What was it again... Let's see, uh... Erm... I totally blanked out! You know, the word for how desserts taste...
Choose: Sweetness?
Oh yeah! This impeccable sweetness! Thanks, (Captain)!
Oh, wait, um... Where did I leave off? Right, uh...
A-anyway! What do you think? Don't they look sooo good? Well?
Actually, a patissier from Chocolae Island taught me how to make these!
So I'm sure they taste amazing! You're going to be blown away by how good these are!
Hm? What? Oh, this bandage on my finger? Um... This... is a secret! Top secret!
It's not like I accidentally cut my finger with the knife or anything! Anyway, don't worry about me—hurry up and try the chocolates!
Heheh, how is it? Delicious, right?
Huh? It's s-salty?
No way... Let me try.
Bleeegh! That's salty!
Umm... Ummm, I'm... I'm sorry, (Captain)!
I'm really sorry! Wait! Wait right here, okay? I'm going to make some new ones right now, so wait for me!


Ah, the fragrance of the exquisite rose, carried by a gentle breeze... fleeting but unforgettable.
As the petals dance atop your heart... uh, I mean, make your heart dance? A sensation before fate—beyond fate? Wait a second...
Ahaha... I suppose I still get a little flustered whenever I look at you, (Captain).
I might've flubbed the speech just now, but I'm confident in what I've prepared for you this year!
Now, (Captain). Take the rose into your hands along with my confectionery creation.
Yeowch! It just pricked my finger!
Heh, heh-heh... I mean, they say even the most beautiful rose has its thorns.
I'll cut the thorns off so wait just a moment!

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

S-Singularity! What is the meaning of this Halloween festival?
Everyone's playing some sort of prank on me. Wh-what should I do?
Huh? I have to hand out treats if I want to stop others from tricking me?
I see then... Trick or treat...
So what you're saying then is that... I can play tricks on other people too? Like you, Singularity...
N-no! Never mind! I'm embarrassed just thinking about it!


I am the God of War, the Mad Cyclone... Trick or Trrrrreatnir!
Behold, Singularity! I've amassed more treats than I can carry!
Heh... This Halloween festival is mere child's play to the God of War himself.
It seems that in the span of just one year, the one paying tribute has become the one receiving it...
Um, Singularity? Why are you looking at me like that? Don't tell me... Are you up to something?
S-stop! You're not planning to play a trick on me, are you? Wait, why are you moving your hands like that?
I-I'm sorry! I won't let it get to my head anymore, so please don't trick meee!


Whoooa! (Captain)?
I'm telling you, stop sneaking up behind me! You scared me there!
I mean, ahem.
Hmph, but unfortunately for you, my preparations are already complete. There is no escape for you, (Captain).
I'm different than last year! This year, I challenge you to a prank duel!
Huh? Wait, what? You want us to work together for tonight? Wait a minute, are you serious?
Yaaay! I get to enjoy the night with (Captain)! I can't wait—this is so exciting!
(Captain), wait... Could it be that... you just tried to pull a trick on me... from behind?
D-darn it! A sneak attack! Phew, that was close! Waaay too close!


(Heh-heh... There's no way (Captain) would know I'm lurking here...)
(The captain's gonna be in for the surprise of a lifetime when I pop my head out!)
(Oho... Here we go... Now!)
Trick or tre—
Gwaaaugh! A m-monster!
Wait, (Captain), is that you? Now I see... a costume, huh? You gave me quite a scare!
Dang, and I was sure I'd get you this time, but somehow I ended up getting tricked instead.
You predicted that I'd be here?
Heh... I see. It actually warms my heart a bit that you'd be so intimate with my inner machinations.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey, Singularity, hey! It's not every year that there's snow on the holy night, huh?
That means this day's extra special!
Singularity, I've made up my mind! More than anything else, I'm going to enjoy this special holiday!
How do I plan on having fun?
Heh... Do you even need to ask?
There could be no better match for such than some quiet moments alone with the poetry of Nietzel...
Huh! W-wait! You're telling me that there's a holiday party tonight?
Are you serious! You've gotta tell me this stuff earlier! I wouldn't be anywhere else!
Hurray! I can't wait!


Garbed in a hat and suit of vermillion bright, with hair and beard of snowy white. Flying reindeer draw him in lacquered sled, unseen he brings gifts to children in bed.
(Captain), would you happen to know this distinguished figure?
That's right! Santa Claus!
Ahh! He's so cool! Delivering presents in secret and by stealth!
Sigh... I'd like to play Santa just once in my life!
Huh? What do you mean I'm too noisy and noticeable to be Santa?
I-I can do sneaky! I'll be the sneakiest gift deliverer ever!
I know! I'll try bringing presents to the crew tonight! I hope you're excited!


Heh. A winter feast at which people give shouts of joy like children is ill-fitting for a god of war.
My tempest shall take you to a place much farther, Singularity... to a banquet among the stars in this obsidian sky. Now, let us raise our gaze to the heavens!
Huh? If we spend all our time looking at the sky, there won't be any cake left for us?
U-ugh... We can't let that happen! Let's get back to the party right away!
Just to be clear, it's not like I wanna have cake or anything! I was just thinking how it'd be sad if you didn't get to eat any... Yeah!
Oh, but I really did wanna spend time stargazing with you!
After we get ourselves some cake, let's come back out to look at the stars!


Whoa... H-hey, check it out, (Captain)!
Have you ever seen such splendorous illuminations like this? They're absolutely spellbinding!
O holiest of lights, on the holiest of nights, cleanse the darkness of night and its billions—er, trillions of evils...
Ah, darn it! I was this close to nailing it that time!
Heh... Well, as long as you thought it was funny, I suppose that's fine too!
Wait, look! It's snowing for real! Wow... It's so white and sparkly!
Heh, now this is a scene that takes me back.
I made the right choice joining your crew, (Captain).
I mean, every day is more fun than the last, and that's all thanks to you!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Mad Cyclone

Late one night, an invisible entity speaks to (Captain) in the captain's quarters. It wakes (Captain), and a sudden wind rocks the ship just a moment later. After rushing to the deck to investigate, the captain sees the primal beast Grimnir appear. Grimnir asks to travel together with (Captain), whom he refers to as Singularity.

The depths of night.
(Captain) is slumbering soundly in the captain's quarters, relieving the previous day's fatigue.
As if to interrupt the sleep, a voice begins speaking in (Captain)'s head.
???: You wanderer seeking truth, you heretical singularity!
???: Cast aside your tranquil twilight slumber... Awaken!
  1. I think someone's calling me...
  2. (Ignore it and keep sleeping.)

Choose: I think someone's calling me...
(Captain) rises from the bed and looks around to see whether there is anyone in the vicinity.

Choose: (Ignore it and keep sleeping.)
The half-sleeping (Captain) makes sure that no one is in the room and returns to sleep.
???: H-huh? Maybe the captain can't hear me... No, no, there's no way!
???: Um, excuse me! I... I... I'll have you know that—
Continue 1
The following moment, a wind wails out and rends the silence.
And the ship thrashes to and fro as if caught in a storm.
  1. ...!

Choose: ...!
(Captain), intuiting that something unusual is afoot, rushes to the deck.
On the moonlit deck stands a figure—
A lilac-haired youth grinning from the center of a mad cyclone.
???: Heh, how long's it been, Singularity...
Guessing that a wind trial is about to begin, (Captain) promptly draws a blade and assumes a battle stance.
???: Sheathe your silver brand... I have not alighted here to present you with a trial of wind.
The lilac-haired youth then extinguishes the cyclone to show his peaceful intentions.
Still unable to take in what's happening, (Captain) puts away the weapon as requested.
The captain prepares to ask the figure his business when—
Lyria: (Captain)! What was that big shake...
Vyrn: Hm... Sure is funny, huh? The wind's not blowing, but we got rocked around anyway...
Vyrn: Who's he supposed to be?
???: Hm?
???: Well now! If it isn't the red dragon and girl in blue! It's been sooo long!
Vyrn: Been so long? This is my first time ever seeing ya...
???: Ah, I see. When I stopped by last time, you were all sleeping like babies.
???: Heh... Then I must once again announce my name!
The genial expression vanishes from the face of the lilac-haired youth, and he shoots a piercing gaze at Vyrn and Lyria.
Grimnir: I am the god of war and mad cyclone, Grrrrrimnir!
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: ...
Grimnir's forceful introduction leaves Vyrn and Lyria speechless.
Grimnir: Heh... That was so cool...
Lyria: Um, sure... It's nice to meet you!
Vyrn: Uh, okay...
Grimnir: Huh? Hold on. You guys didn't think that was lame, did you?
Grimnir: It was seriously cool, right... Right?
Grimnir: Hey, say something, Singularity!
Tears well up in Grimnir's eyes.
(Captain) explains to the wincing Vyrn and Lyria that Grimnir is the primal beast who previously gave them a wind trial and special powers.
Lyria: Oh, I see! Thank you for all your help!
Lyria: Did you come to give us another wind trial?
Grimnir: No, I have not. This wind was not that of any trial...
Returning to the topic at hand, Grimnir speaks to (Captain) with fresh vigor.
Grimnir: Singularity, when you mold your unique might to your will and surpass all mortal logic, the wind is sure to glimmer as never before.
Lyria: Um, so...
Vyrn: Y'know, I don't think I really get what you're sayin'...
Grimnir: Ah, uh... Er? You didn't understand?
Lyria: Umm... I might've gotten the main idea...
Vyrn: Hey, think ya could explain that a bit easier?
Grimnir: Groooan... What I mean to say is, well, someone told me I should meet with the singularity to stand against threats...
Grimnir: And that I should learn from the singularity to gain new powers!
Vyrn: Hm... Someone? Who're ya talking about?
Grimnir: That's, uh... Um, yeah... It's a secret.
Lyria: Huh?
Grimnir: A secret's a secret.
Vyrn: ...
Vyrn: C'mon, Windy! You're supposed to be so super strong that you can put (Captain) through trials.
Vyrn: But you still think you're gonna learn from us?
Grimnir: Yes, I'm positive of it. If I journey together with you, I'll certainly gain the power with which to dispel darkness.
Grimnir: Singularity! I am the mad cyclone, tempest incarnate. But in this moment I am also a breeze seeking new power.
Grimnir: Will you not let me join you... On this ship over which you preside... On this path that you are forging?
  1. No question!
  2. No way!

Choose: No question!
Grimnir: R-really! Reeeally?
Grimnir: Hurray! Yippee!
Lyria: Teehee! He looks so happy!

Choose: No way!
Grimnir: Wha-huh? Um, er, uh... Huh! Huuuh?
Grimnir: W-wait a bit! Singularity! Think that over some! Think it over a bit more!
Grimnir: I'm pretty amazing, you know? I can make storms and stuff! I'll work really hard. Reeeally hard!
Grimnir: Heeeey! Ask the captain for me, red dragon and girl in blue!
Vyrn: Phew... He's really serious.
Lyria: (Captain), since Grimnir's saying all that... Why don't we let him travel with us?
Grimnir: That's right! Come on, Singularity!
Seeing the sincerity with which Grimnir and Lyria are pleading, (Captain) cracks a smile.
The captain apologizes for teasing and grants Grimnir permission to join.
Grimnir: What, you were just kidding? Good thing! Quit freaking me out already!
Lyria: Heehee! Isn't that nice?
Continue 2
Vyrn gives Grimnir a skeptical look.
Vyrn: Are you really as impressive as (Captain) says?
Grimnir: Aah... Eh-hrm! Singularity, I am grateful for your consent!
Grimnir: Let us then set our sights on the end of the blue sky! May my winds be your wings!
Grimnir: Heh-heh! Thanks a bunch, Singularity!
In this way, the grinning primal beast comes to join Grandcypher's crew.
Hoping to gain the power to dispel darkness, (Captain) also intends to learn from Grimnir.

The Mad Snowstorm

Visiting the frigid land of North Vast to deliver cargo, (Captain) and crew are caught in a sudden blizzard that obscures their sight and separates them from each other. Sensing how dangerous the situation is, Grimnir disperses the storm and attempts to track down the others. Just a moment after finding Lyria, the god of war realizes that lethal monsters are nearby.

The frigid land of North Vast.
The sky—blue just moments ago—is suddenly covered with leaden clouds, and an arctic wind blows down the mountain slopes.
That wind is accompanied by snow, which before long turns into a merciless blizzard that sets upon (Captain) and the others.
Lyria: Eeek!
Vyrn: Are you okay, Lyria?
Lyria: Yes... I think so...
Grimnir: This silver snow is wild and ferocious as a beast... But my tempest is surely—
Grimnir: Achoo!
Grimnir: Ooh, it's sure chilly! You okay, everyone?
Vyrn: I know the weather's supposed to change quick out there, but... Who'd have expected a blizzard like this?
As the blizzard grows more intense, the party's line of sight is obscured.
The land is blanketed in another layer of white snow that reflects the sunlight and dazzles any viewers' eyes.
Before long, there is a complete whiteout.
Grimnir: Oh no! Singularity! Red dragon! Girl in blue!
Grimnir: I lost sight of them. Agh... How pathetic!
Grimnir stirs up a whirlwind and puts it on like a form of armor.
As a result, the blizzard is unable to get near him, which ensures a clean line of sight.
Grimnir: Wait just a bit! I'll rescue you no matter what!
The lilac-haired youth lets out a hardy cry to (Captain) and the others who were swallowed up by the blizzard.
But the only response is the whipping of the wind.
Grimnir: Where... Where are they?
Grimnir: This blizzard is too dangerous... There's no time left to lose—I have to find them!
Grimnir: Heeey, Singularity! Red dragon! Girl in blue!
Grimnir continues to cry out into the blizzard, hoping to find (Captain) and company again.
A short time later—
???: Grimnir!
Grimnir: That voice—it's the girl in blue!
Lyria: Yes, that's right!
Grimnir: Oh, thank goodness you're safe!
Grimnir: But what about the singularity and the red dragon?
Lyria: I don't know. I couldn't see anything during the blizzard.
Lyria: But I'm so glad that we could find each other! I was so worried...
Grimnir: Heh, everything's okay now. Before this tempest, the rime and silver snow are as good as powerless!
Grimnir: Haaaaah!
Grimnir wraps Lyria in a protective armor of wind much like his own.
Lyria: Oooh, wow! I guess the snow's no big deal for you, huh?
Grimnir: Hehe, well, I am a god of war after all.
Grimnir: All right! Now to seek out the singularity and red dragon.
The following moment—
An otherly gaze pierces Grimnir and Lyria.
Grimnir: (Monsters...)
Grimnir: Girl in blue... Get behind me.
Lyria: Grimnir...
Grimnir: There's no problem.
Grimnir: Before my tempest, darkness and monsters are as good as powerless!
Turning his eyes to the writhing monsters on the other side of the veil of snow, Grimnir smirks.

The Mad Snowstorm: Scene 2

Shortly before they are separated, a boy is leading (Captain) and crew to the settlement their cargo is bound for. The weather takes a sudden turn for the worse, and white-out conditions cause the crew members to lose sight of each other. (Captain) is blown into a crevasse with the boy. The captain serves as a shield, breaking the boy's fall but incurring injuries from head to toe. All the pair can do is wait for help from the others.

Not long ago—
(Captain) and the party have landed in the frigid land of North Vast, where they are delivering cargo to an underground settlement.
A gentle wind blows across the great blue sky. It is cold, but the air is clear and pleasant, setting (Captain)'s mind at ease.
Vyrn: We got lucky all right! It sure woulda been tough unloading this stuff in a blizzard.
Lyria: Teehee, you're right.
Lyria: Hm? Um... someone's coming this way.
A boy is rushing toward the party from the direction in which Lyria is pointing.
Boy: Hi, skyfarers! Thanks for bringing us our cargo!
Lyria: Hi! Uh, are you here to show us around?
Boy: Yep! Looks like the weather's just gonna go downhill from here, so I wanted to show you a shortcut.
Vyrn: Go downhill, huh? But it's so clear out.
Boy: Around our parts, clear skies'll turn to snow just like that.
Grimnir: Humph... He seems right... The makings of the wind seem to be acting up. We should hurry.
Vyrn: Wow, you can tell all that!
Grimnir: Heh, my dear red dragon! Do you not remember who I am?
Grimnir: I am the god of war himself, the mad cyclone—Huh?
When Grimnir looks around, (Captain)'s party has already moved on.
Vyrn: Whatcha standing around for, Windy? Better hurry up or you'll get left behind!
Grimnir: W-wait! Hold up a bit!
In this way (Captain) and company come to hurry along the shortcut shown to them by the boy.
Before long, the party members are walking on a steep mountain path on which there is a light crusting of snow.
Along the way, Lyria slips on the ice, at which time (Captain) catches her.
Lyria: Thank you, (Captain)!
Boy: There's a crevasse up this way, so watch your step!
Vyrn: A creva-what?
Boy: Um... It's like a crack in the frozen ground.
Boy: In some places it could be so deep that no light reaches the bottom.
Lyria: Oooh...
Vyrn: But with this weather, we oughta be fine as long as we keep an eye on the ground. We won't fall in if we're careful!
This lighthearted conversation is cut short.
The sky—blue just moments ago—is suddenly covered with leaden clouds, and an arctic wind blows down the mountain slopes.
That wind is accompanied by snow, which before long turns to into a merciless blizzard that sets upon (Captain) and the others.
Lyria: Eeek!
Vyrn: Are you okay, Lyria?
Lyria: Yes... I think so...
Grimnir: This silver snow is wild and ferocious as a beast... But my tempest is surely—
Grimnir: Achoo!
Grimnir: Ooh, it's sure chilly! Are you okay, everyone?
Vyrn: I know the weather's supposed to change quick out there, but... Who've expected a blizzard like this?
As the blizzard grows more intense, the party's line of sight is obscured.
The land is blanketed in another layer of white snow that reflects the sunlight and dazzles any viewers' eyes.
Before long, there is a complete whiteout.
(Captain)'s eyes scan the vicinity tirelessly, but the forms of the others soon dissolve into the blizzard and are no longer visible.
The captain decides not to wander though, thinking that the party could be split up as a result.
Boy's Voice: Aaaaah!
The boy's voice is faintly audible from within the groaning whirlwind.
  1. ...!

Choose: ...!
Sensing that this is no ordinary storm, (Captain) rushes into the blinding blizzard toward his voice.
(Captain) sees the boy holding on to a tree root for dear life, desperate to avoid falling into the crevasse.
Boy: S-skyfarer...
  1. I'll save you!

Choose: I'll save you!
Just as (Captain) turns toward the crevasse to pull up the boy, a sudden gale blows.
Boy: Aaaaah!
Right before the captain's eyes, the boy loses his grip and falls into the crevasse.
The following moment—
(Captain) leaps into the crevasse after him.
The captain is determined to save the boy.
Boy: Groan... I'm sorry. I told you to watch the crevasse, but I didn't watch it good enough myself...
While the two are still falling, (Captain) grabs the boy's arm and embraces him to protect him from the impact.
But as a result...
Contact with the walls of the crevasse wound (Captain) from head to toe.
Seeing that the boy escaped without a scratch, the captain breathes a sigh of belief.
  1. Don't worry. The others will save us.

Choose: Don't worry. The others will save us.
Boy: S-skyfarer...
(Captain) and the boy wait for help together in the crevasse.

The Mad Snowstorm: Scene 3

Grimnir prepares to protect Lyria by battling the encroaching monsters, but when Vyrn suddenly cries out from beyond the snowstorm, the monsters converge on him instead. Grimnir then leaps into the group of monsters to keep the red dragon safe.

Grimnir: Girl in blue... Get back behind me.
Lyria: Grimnir...
Grimnir: There's no problem.
Grimnir: Before my tempest, darkness and monsters are as good as powerless!
Turning his eyes to the squirming monsters on the other side of the veil of snow, Grimnir smirks...
And he takes a deep breath.
Grimnir: This is it! My cyclones shall strike you!
???: Aaaaah!
Grimnir: Mmph...
Lyria: Grimnir... That voice is Vyrn's!
Grimnir: Of course... In that case...
Grimnir notices that the monsters' violent rage from a moment ago is now being directed toward Vyrn.
Grimnir: It's in monsters' nature to attack the weak. The creatures can't be blamed, but... This has to end now.
Grimnir: Red dragon, I'm going to save you! Carry me, O glorious gales!
Grimnir, riding on the wind, leaps forward through the air and precisely alights before Vyrn.
Vyrn: W-Windy!
Monster: Grrrr!
Grimnir: Monster... You have nothing to fear...
Grimnir: This tempest is the will of heaven... It shall lead you to peace!
Firmly gripping a spear under one arm, Grimnir dives into the circle of monsters.

The Mad Snowstorm: Scene 4

Grimnir unleashes the power of wind to blow back the monsters and storm, then rescues (Captain) and the boy from the crevasse. The crew is then able to deliver its cargo to the settlement without incident. Grimnir listens to the thoughts of the people in this hardscrabble land and thereby learns from mortals.

The battle ends in just seconds.
Monster: Grrr...
With a few deft attacks Grimnir dispatches the monsters that were poised to attack Vyrn.
Grimnir: Sleep... And may the wind protect you on the other side.
Vyrn: You saved me! You're a real hotshot after all, huh, Windy!
Grimnir: Hahaha! Stop already. You're embarrassing me.
Lyria: Vyrn, I'm glad you're okay!
Vyrn: Lyria! I couldn't see a thing. Talk about feelin' nervous!
Vyrn: Anyway, we've got trouble. Come this way, would ya?
Vyrn guides Lyria and Grimnir to the tear in the mountain path—the crevasse which opened without warning.
They are left breathless.
Grimnir: Is that... the singularity and the boy!
Vyrn: I thought I could hear a little voice coming from the crack. So I peeked in and...
Lyria draws near to the crevasse and peeks down, taking care not to slide in.
Lyria: It's too dark to see anything, isn't it...
Lyria: You two! Are you okay?
Boy: Ah, skyfarer! It looks like the nice lizard showed everyone the way here!
Boy: Hey, everyone, I'm okay! But the skyfarer's hurt!
Lyria: Oh no... (Captain)'s injured. What should we do?
Grimnir: Time is of the essence—I'm unleashing my power!
Vyrn: H-hold up! What are you gonna do?
Grimnir: Humph... If I were to widen the opening of this crevasse, it should be possible to save the singularity and boy.
Lyria: Can you really do that!
Grimnir: Yes! My tempest makes it a simple matter!
Vyrn: But your power's super strong, Windy. You sure the shakin' won't start an avalanche?
Lyria: Th-that wouldn't be good at all.
Grimnir: Ah! You're right! That would be a disaster!
Grimnir: Well, in that case...
Believing Vyrn to be right, Grimnir considers whether there might not be another solution.
But at the same time, a distant rumbling becomes audible and grows louder.
Vyrn: Hm? What is it?
Lyria: It sounds like it's coming from up in the mountains.
Grimnir: What bad luck... Now of all times...
Grimnir's lament is more than appropriate.
A group of brawny monsters rush down from the mountains.
Monsters: Grrroar!
Grimnir: This is a disaster! The ground's shaking! Avalanche incoming!
A thunderous torrent of snow comes rushing toward the party, almost as if led by the monsters.
Its fury is great, and it threatens to swallow up everyone on the mountain path.
Vyrn: This is bad! We're gonna be in as much trouble as (Captain) and the boy!
Lyria: What should we do?
Grimnir: I have a plan! It's a little rough around the edges, but... there's no other choice!
Lyria: Grimnir!
Grimnir: Young man! Tell us where the underground settlement is located!
Boy's Voice: Uh, yeah... Our settlement is—
Having learned the location, Grimnir stares into the oncoming avalanche and takes a deep breath.
Grimnir: My tempest will judge the darkness and protect the light! You will now see my divine fury!
Grimnir: Wind! Obey my will!
The mad cyclones that Grimnir releases are so powerful as to overwhelm nature itself.
Monsters: Grrrr...
The blizzard and dark clouds are blown back, and the approaching monsters are annihilated.
Grimnir: ...!
Grimnir: Haaaah!
This concentrated power of the wind forms a wall of tornados.
And the avalanche is stopped cold—before deflecting off in another direction, safely away from the crevasse or underground settlement.
Grimnir: Phew... Looks like I managed...
Vyrn: W-wow!
Lyria: That's right... It's unbelievable.
In this way—
Grimnir dispels the double-faced threat with his great power.
Not long afterward, Grimnir successfully rescues (Captain) and the boy from the crevasse.
  1. Thanks!

Choose: Thanks!
Grimnir: No need for that. I just did what needed to be done.
Grimnir: You're a bit beat-up though. Hold on if you would...
Grimnir: Wind... Comfort us...
A breeze wraps itself around (Captain)'s body in response to Grimnir's gentle incantation.
Grimnir: That should do... You must feel a bit lighter now.
(Captain) shakes all four limbs to test the difference.
Stunned by just how much weight has been taken off, (Captain) thanks Grimnir.
Grimnir: Don't worry about a thing. You've done well.
Vyrn: Wow! So cyclones don't just wreck stuff... They can help people out too!
Vyrn: You can do anything, huh, Windy? Guess we can count on you!
Grimnir: Heh-heh! Well, I'll give you all the help you want.
Lyria: Um, you aren't hurt, are you?
Boy: The skyfarer protected me, so I'm fine!
Vyrn: What a mess though. Fallin' into that crevasse had to be scary, huh?
Boy: Nope. 'Cause me and the skyfarer were together.
Boy: And the skyfarer told me not to worry 'cause the others would come and save us no matter what!
Grimnir: So you believed we'd save you no matter what, huh...
Grimnir: Heh...
Grimnir reflects on (Captain)'s words and lets out a sheepish laugh.
Later on when (Captain) and company arrive at the underground settlement with their cargo, the settlers express profuse thanks and invite the crew to a banquet.
Settler: Eat up now, eat up. Nothing better for a cold body than hot food.
Vyrn: Hehe, this stuff's sure tasty! Let's dig in!
Lyria: Bon appetit!
Lyria: Nom, nom...
Lyria: Teehee, this is so delicious!
Vyrn: You said it! It's warmin' me up from the inside out!
Settler: You're why we get to eat anything this delicious here in the backwoods.
Settler: I know it won't be easy, but I hope you'll deliver us food and supplies from here on out.
Lyria: Okay!
Grimnir: Settler, may I ask you something?
Settler: Anything you please. What is it?
Grimnir: It's about why you'd live in such an unforgiving land...
Grimnir: One that freezes bodies. One with blizzards and avalanches. It's so inhospitable to mortals.
Settler: You're right about all that. But home's what you make of it. Ain'tcha ever heard the saying "Home is where you hang your hat"?
Settler: And like I just said, we can always have skyfarers like you deliver anything we need.
Settler: I guess what I'm trying to get at is... What really matters isn't where you live, but who you choose to live with.
Lyria: Who you live with... I understand how you feel!
Vyrn: Me too! When you're with the people who matter to you, it doesn't matter where you live.
Settler: As long as you can find some bit of happiness in daily life, that's enough.
Grimnir: I see... It must take strength to think that way.
Settler: Anyway, c'mon... Eat up before it gets cold!
Grimnir: All right! Looks real good!
Grimnir: O-ow! It's too hot!
Listening to the settler and (Captain), Grimnir gains fresh insight into the world of mortals.
He is sure to learn more on his journey with the crew.
Grimnir vows to continue growing each day to contend with the new challenges ahead.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
自由とは眩しいものだな…… Freedom is a dazzling thing...
我が愛読書はニーチェルの詩さ My favorite read is Nietzel's poetry.
魂が叫んでいる……迷わず進めとな My soul is crying out: Move ahead. No delay!
天啓を聞け! Heed heaven's message!
フッ、口ほどにも無い…… Heh! You talk big, but you're just a big weenie.
うっわ、このお菓子……すっごい美味しいな! Wow, these snacks are really delicious!
断罪の風が裁きを下す……! These winds shall mete out judgment!
蒼の少女はさぁ、ほんっと優しいよなー! The girl in blue is sooo nice!
ねぇねぇ、赤き竜ー!俺の話を聞いてってばぁ Hey, red dragon, hey! Listen to what I'm saying!
蒼空をいざ翔けん! Take flight into the blue sky!

Other Appearances

Rage of Bahamut


Grimnir, War Cyclone

SV Grimnir, War Cyclone.png SV Grimnir, War Cyclone E.png
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Fanfare: Enhance (10) - Deal 1 damage to all enemy followers 4 times.

I am Grimnir, heaven's chosen god of war and the mad cyclone. I have descended from the lofty realm to save this world, but make no mistake... I'm not here to make friends.



As my power grows, something within me whirls ever more madly. And few who see me unleash the cyclone will forget the sight of a mighty war god consumed by fury.

Class Neutral
Card Pack Tempest of the Gods
SV Portal Grimnir, War Cyclone
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Grimnir, Warring Tempest

SV Grimnir, Warring Tempest.png SV Grimnir, Warring Tempest E.png
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Fanfare: Enhance (7) - Deal X damage to all enemy followers. X equals the number of times that allied followers have evolved this match.

"I brought you some tea, bro!"

"Oh, thanks! Did you spill it all on the way over or something? Oh well, it's the thought that counts!"

—Hnikar and Grimnir



"Let's get moving, Grimnir."

"Okay, okay! Haven't you ever heard of personal space?"

—Jafnhar and Grimnir

Class Neutral
Card Pack Steel Rebellion
SV Portal Grimnir, Warring Tempest
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other