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Official Profile

Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Race Primal Beast
Hobbies Reading (especially Nietzschel's poems and Dostoyepsky's novels)
Likes Learning about mortal culture, weaving poetic language
Dislikes People who express themselves in childish way
Character Release
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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 不明
Height 不明
Race 星晶獣
Hobbies 読書(特にニーチェルの詩集とドシュトエプチュキーの本)
Likes 人の子の文化を学ぶこと・詩的言ノ葉を紡ぐこと
Dislikes 稚拙な表現をする者
Character Release
Source [1] [2] [3]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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The world turns and time passes. Life moves on, and it grows brighter still...
As we celebrate your birth here and now, the winds of celebration are blowing...
That was great, that was great! I said it! I did it, Singularity!
I've been practicing nearly non-stop since two nights ago! Good thing I didn't blow my lines!
So have a very happy birthday! Glad to be with you!
Let's do all kinds of fun stuff today! You're the VIP of the sky!


Today marks the passing of another year since you first came into this world.
I am thrilled to be able to celebrate the miracle of your birth into these skies alongside you.
Now then... I ask that you accept these blessed words of celebration on your behalf. Ahem.
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dearrr Singularity!
Happy birthday to youuu!
I did it! So what'd you think? I totally nailed it again this year, huh?
Boy, I sure am glad I spent so much time practicing for this special day!
Now that that's all said and done, let's head into town!
What're you standing around for? We're doing anything and everything you want to do today, Singularity!


No matter how many seasons pass... you will always be at the center of my heart.
The sweetness of this decorated cake, and the brilliant flames that sit upon its candles...
Now, (Captain)! Extinguish the flames with your holy breath—
(Captain)! Haaappy birthdaaay!
Aaay... Aaay... Aaay...
Heh, that was perfect.
Wha! Waaait a second, why're you laughing?
Huh? My self-made echo was funny? But... but it was so cool!
Sigh... Oh well! As long as it put a smile on your face, I'm happy!


The past, the present, and the future... No matter when, you and I are fated to be together, it seems.
So let these untamed winds make way for a gentle breeze of fortune... and bring forth a storm of petals!
Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Heh... And that's how you do it.
Hehehe... Seeing you smile like that is the greatest gift of all!
Huh? Did I cut myself on any of the thorns this time?
Oh, (Captain)... Of course you'd be concerned about me—even on your own birthday.
Ahh, and that's why I love you so, so much, (Captain)!
You have my word as the god of war! My winds will accompany you all the way to Estalucia!


I am the Mad Cyclone that blows away all manner of hardships and obstacles!
May my zephyr transport all the blessings in the skies and deliver them to your doorstep, (Captain)!
For my favorite person! Happy birthday!
Dayy... Dayyy... Daayyy...
You know... This strange power seems to well up within me when I'm around you, (Captain).
Could it be... a sign of our compatibility? What do you think, (Captain)?
Ehehe, glad to know you feel the same way! Makes this my day as much as it is yours!
I'll be by your side forever and ever, (Captain)!
That means you can always count on me! I'll put myself on the line if need be for my favorite (Captain)!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Singularity... This cycle of the seasons will unquestionably be one of much learning for me.
Our bonds shall intertwine and lead us to truth. And someday I will become a wind to rescue the sky.
Heh-heh... My resolution... is so cool! Right?
Huh? You don't know what I'm getting at?
Gee, c'mon! What I'm trying to say is... happy New Year!
So, Singularity! What sorts of resolutions do you have in mind?


(Captain)... We have flown together through winter, spring, summer, and fall, and once again, we stand on the threshold of a new year.
For 365 days, by sun and candlelight, I devoted myself to study. I have learned much about your world, but I sense there is much more to be discovered.
Now, hie with me to the mystic shrines, that we may see whither the winds of fortune will carry us.
You, um... get what I'm asking, right?
Yeah, exactly! You always visit a shrine on New Year's Day, right?
There you can draw a fortune and learn your luck for the year... and pray to the gods for a little extra help...
Oh! And the stalls! You can buy amazing food from a bunch of different stalls!
So, um, (Captain)! If you don't mind, want to come with me to a shrine... now?


Singularity. Another year means you must continue to increase your efforts toward surpassing your current state.
To begin, let us enjoy a traditional game of badminton with a shuttlecock made of the feathers of angels.
Then, we shall partake together in a meal as vitalizing as the breath of life itself!
Hey, what're you staring at me like that for?
The others in the crew told me about all these fun things you can do on New Year's, so I decided to come invite you!
Come on, let's get a move on! We've got a lot to do! No time for spacing out!
We'll play badminton, have some New Year's treats, then move on to all the other things we gotta do today!


Another year, another fortune drawing. May the winds be in my favor this year... please!
T-t-terrible luck? S-surely the gods have made some sort of mistake! Let's try again...
No, I must resist the temptation! Fortunes are only meant to be drawn once.
Oh, that's right! (Captain), what'd you draw?
G—g-great fortune?
That's amazing! Everything's already coming up (Captain) this year, isn't it?
Heh-heh... As long as your fate is in good hands, then I have nothing to fear!
And if you think about it, there's no worse fate you can draw than terrible luck, right?
If that may be the case, so be it! I shall carry the burden of this fate on my own for the rest of the year!


The dim light of dawn breaks through the silent night to shine its brilliance upon the new year!
Ooh, here it comes, here it comes! The sun...
Has risen!
Whoo! The first sunrise of the year is always way too much fun! Makes me feel like a whole new person!
Huh? Say that again? The sunlight makes me look like a god to you?
Aww, now you're making me blush!
You look pretty amazing under that light yourself, (Captain)!
Ehehe... You know, I get the feeling this year is gonna be better than most!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Eh, um, er! Huh?
Ch-ch-chocolate? You mean you're giving chocolate to me! Meeee?
O-oh! Oh, I see! Ah-ahem!
Phew... Very well! I accept this expression of—
Aaah! I can't say my lines with a straight face!
Uh, um! Thank you! I'll take extra care to eat them all!
Thank you so, so much!


Hm? What is it, (Captain)?
What business could you have with the embodiment of a tempest?
Hah. I see... Once again, you have come to offer me your heart on a silver platter...
Nooo! I can't stop myself from smiling!
Aw... I was so excited about your present... I wanted to act all majestic and god-like when I accepted it but... I couldn't do it!
Anyways.. um... (Captain)! Thanks! A lot! You really, really made my day!


Very well, I accept your offering. To answer this act of goodness, I promise that you shall witness my godly might and—
W-wait, why're you looking so unhappy?
You don't like me calling this an offering?
Haha... I see how it is. You're right, Singularity. This isn't an offering—it's a present, isn't it?
You're giving me these chocolates not because I'm a mighty god, but because I'm someone you appreciate!
Gaaah, thinking about it that way, I just can't stop smiling!
Hang on, I need a second to put myself together. Look the other way for now, will you?


The first wind of spring approaches, and the fragrant scent of cocoa graces my nostrils once more...
There's no doubt. Another precious Valentine's Day chocolate from (Captain)!
Mmm... Thank you, (Captain)! I'll absolutely savor each and every bite!
Hold on now, what's this? You've included a letter this time!
Oh, boy, I can't wait to read it! Let's see what's written here...
The exquisite chocolate you're about to enjoy was harvested at Chocolae Island...
Aw, it's just the product description! I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up like that...
Huh? You've included another letter?
Wow, you mean it? For real for real? Awesome!


Amidst the sweet and captivating fragrance dancing through the air, it is your profound thoughtfulness that brings me to my knees...
Boy am I lucky to get chocolate from you, (Captain)... I consider myself one happy primal!
Hehe, I'm going to savor each and every morsel!
No way! You're serious? You want me to go "aah" so that you can feed me?
Whoo-hoo, this is the best Valentine's ever! I can't stop smiling!
Hoo... Haa... Breathe, Grimnir, breathe...
Nom, nom...
Yummyyyy! Now that's a real treat!

White Day Cutscenes
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Phew... All right. Just one more time practicing.
Singularity... This is the hour in which I repay you for the kindness you've shown me. For you, the sweetness of my tempest—
Whaaat! Singularity... H-how long have you been there?
From the beginning?
Aaaaah! I blew it! Why does this always happen to me?
W-well, anyway! Singularity! Here! It's your present!
I worked really hard to make it! So, um... Er, please eat it!


I have been waiting for you, (Captain)...
I offer you a gift of the finest dainties, within which my raging tempest swirls.
Come... Bring it to your lips and you shall taste a miracle on this, the whitest of days.
Heh... I said it all without stammering... I one-hundred-percent nailed it this year!
Huh? What? Is there something wrong with the sweets?
Gasp! That's the present (PROP, DO NOT GIFT) I was using to rehearse!
Oh no... I really thought I had it this year... I can't believe I wrapped the wrong thing...
(Captain)! I'm going to go grab your present, so wait right here!


The time has come... The vortex of emotions from each and every person overflows, painting the day white...
To return the warm feelings of affection you bestowed upon me, I offer you the wisdom of Chocolae Island imparted to me through this impeccable—
What was it again... Let's see, uh... Erm... I totally blanked out! You know, the word for how desserts taste...
Choose: Sweetness?
Oh yeah! This impeccable sweetness! Thanks, (Captain)!
Oh, wait, um... Where did I leave off? Right, uh...
A-anyway! What do you think? Don't they look sooo good? Well?
Actually, a patissier from Chocolae Island taught me how to make these!
So I'm sure they taste amazing! You're going to be blown away by how good these are!
Hm? What? Oh, this bandage on my finger? Um... This... is a secret! Top secret!
It's not like I accidentally cut my finger with the knife or anything! Anyway, don't worry about me—hurry up and try the chocolates!
Heheh, how is it? Delicious, right?
Huh? It's s-salty?
No way... Let me try.
Bleeegh! That's salty!
Umm... Ummm, I'm... I'm sorry, (Captain)!
I'm really sorry! Wait! Wait right here, okay? I'm going to make some new ones right now, so wait for me!


Ah, the fragrance of the exquisite rose, carried by a gentle breeze... fleeting but unforgettable.
As the petals dance atop your heart... uh, I mean, make your heart dance? A sensation before fate—beyond fate? Wait a second...
Ahaha... I suppose I still get a little flustered whenever I look at you, (Captain).
I might've flubbed the speech just now, but I'm confident in what I've prepared for you this year!
Now, (Captain). Take the rose into your hands along with my confectionery creation.
Yeowch! It just pricked my finger!
Heh, heh-heh... I mean, they say even the most beautiful rose has its thorns.
I'll cut the thorns off so wait just a moment!


Unspoken feelings remain constant forevermore, tugging away at the heartstrings no matter how much time passes.
But a fated bond allows the pair to rendezvous under the canopy of the firmament... For that is destiny!
Heh... How about that?
Whoo-hoo! Took me long enough to come up with a cool catchphrase for White Day!
W-wait, (Captain)! Are those tears of joy you're shedding on my behalf?
You're too kind... Sniff... Oh, it looks like I've started to cry too.
Well, I hope you like this chocolate I got for you!
This is going to be a White Day to remember. Thanks, (Captain)!

Tasty Macaroons
Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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S-Singularity! What is the meaning of this Halloween festival?
Everyone's playing some sort of prank on me. Wh-what should I do?
Huh? I have to hand out treats if I want to stop others from tricking me?
I see then... Trick or treat...
So what you're saying then is that... I can play tricks on other people too? Like you, Singularity...
N-no! Never mind! I'm embarrassed just thinking about it!


I am the God of War, the Mad Cyclone... Trick or Trrrrreatnir!
Behold, Singularity! I've amassed more treats than I can carry!
Heh... This Halloween festival is mere child's play to the God of War himself.
It seems that in the span of just one year, the one paying tribute has become the one receiving it...
Um, Singularity? Why are you looking at me like that? Don't tell me... Are you up to something?
S-stop! You're not planning to play a trick on me, are you? Wait, why are you moving your hands like that?
I-I'm sorry! I won't let it get to my head anymore, so please don't trick meee!


Whoooa! (Captain)?
I'm telling you, stop sneaking up behind me! You scared me there!
I mean, ahem.
Hmph, but unfortunately for you, my preparations are already complete. There is no escape for you, (Captain).
I'm different than last year! This year, I challenge you to a prank duel!
Huh? Wait, what? You want us to work together for tonight? Wait a minute, are you serious?
Yaaay! I get to enjoy the night with (Captain)! I can't wait—this is so exciting!
(Captain), wait... Could it be that... you just tried to pull a trick on me... from behind?
D-darn it! A sneak attack! Phew, that was close! Waaay too close!


(Heh-heh... There's no way (Captain) would know I'm lurking here...)
(The captain's gonna be in for the surprise of a lifetime when I pop my head out!)
(Oho... Here we go... Now!)
Trick or tre—
Gwaaaugh! A m-monster!
Wait, (Captain), is that you? Now I see... a costume, huh? You gave me quite a scare!
Dang, and I was sure I'd get you this time, but somehow I ended up getting tricked instead.
You predicted that I'd be here?
Heh... I see. It actually warms my heart a bit that you'd be so intimate with my inner machinations.


Whoa, (Captain)! Stop, stop!
Huff... Huff... We've been at it since this morning, and I'm all out of tricks...
(Phew, (Captain) doesn't seem the least bit tired. And here I thought I was the "beast"...)
Still, I have to do my name and rep as the God of War justice! I'll just have to keep tricking along until you throw in the towel, (Captain)!
But for the moment... What do you say we take a little breather?
A nice lady gave me some tasty-looking pumpkin candy earlier.
I can't help but wonder what it tastes like. I'll make tea for both of us, so let's enjoy it together!
Ahaha! Now that's a coincidence if I ever heard one! Who would've thought we'd be curious about the same candy!
Okay then, it's a temporary truce until we've had our fill!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Hey, Singularity, hey! It's not every year that there's snow on the holy night, huh?
That means this day's extra special!
Singularity, I've made up my mind! More than anything else, I'm going to enjoy this special holiday!
How do I plan on having fun?
Heh... Do you even need to ask?
There could be no better match for such than some quiet moments alone with the poetry of Nietzel...
Huh! W-wait! You're telling me that there's a holiday party tonight?
Are you serious! You've gotta tell me this stuff earlier! I wouldn't be anywhere else!
Hurray! I can't wait!


Garbed in a hat and suit of vermillion bright, with hair and beard of snowy white. Flying reindeer draw him in lacquered sled, unseen he brings gifts to children in bed.
(Captain), would you happen to know this distinguished figure?
That's right! Santa Claus!
Ahh! He's so cool! Delivering presents in secret and by stealth!
Sigh... I'd like to play Santa just once in my life!
Huh? What do you mean I'm too noisy and noticeable to be Santa?
I-I can do sneaky! I'll be the sneakiest gift deliverer ever!
I know! I'll try bringing presents to the crew tonight! I hope you're excited!


Heh. A winter feast at which people give shouts of joy like children is ill-fitting for a god of war.
My tempest shall take you to a place much farther, Singularity... to a banquet among the stars in this obsidian sky. Now, let us raise our gaze to the heavens!
Huh? If we spend all our time looking at the sky, there won't be any cake left for us?
U-ugh... We can't let that happen! Let's get back to the party right away!
Just to be clear, it's not like I wanna have cake or anything! I was just thinking how it'd be sad if you didn't get to eat any... Yeah!
Oh, but I really did wanna spend time stargazing with you!
After we get ourselves some cake, let's come back out to look at the stars!


Whoa... H-hey, check it out, (Captain)!
Have you ever seen such splendorous illuminations like this? They're absolutely spellbinding!
O holiest of lights, on the holiest of nights, cleanse the darkness of night and its billions—er, trillions of evils...
Ah, darn it! I was this close to nailing it that time!
Heh... Well, as long as you thought it was funny, I suppose that's fine too!
Wait, look! It's snowing for real! Wow... It's so white and sparkly!
Heh, now this is a scene that takes me back.
I made the right choice joining your crew, (Captain).
I mean, every day is more fun than the last, and that's all thanks to you!


Wow! This is my type of wintry world! Look at all that snow piled up!
There's only one thing for us to do here, (Captain)!
That is to invite the jolly old man in red who sports the finest of majestic white beards to make a snowman with us!
We can dress up the snowman in a dandy scarf and hat! It's going to be sooo cute!
But first... We should all make sure we're dressed up nice and warm!
The holiday bash is gonna be no fun at all if you catch a cold!

Fate Episodes

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

A Choco-Mad Cyclone

On a regular outing into town for supplies, (Captain) and crew walk past two girls excitedly talking about Valentine's Day. Grimnir, unable to help himself, begins to wonder about (Captain)'s Valentine's plans. Right before they return to the ship for the day, Grimnir suddenly declares he has something to do and drags Lyria and Vyrn with him back to town.

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, but the crew's normal routine remains unchanging.
Today finds Grimnir, (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn shopping in town for daily necessities.
Vyrn: Whew, having you around to carry stuff sure makes shopping a breeze. Thanks for the help, Windy!
Grimnir: Heh... To foster the tranquility of mortals, the full might of my power shall spare no undertaking.
Grimnir: Bearing the simple weight of this burden is no challenge for the Mad Cyclone, Tempest Incarnate.
Lyria: Thanks to your wind powers, we can leave the heavy lifting to you and buy more than usual!
Grimnir: Oh, quit it! My heart can only take so many compliments!
As the crew strolls down the street, two girls come chattering by.
Girl 1: Oh hey, did you already decide who you're gonna give chocolates to for Valentine's?
Girl 2: Huh? Yeah, but... you've gotta tell me who you're giving chocolates to first!
Girl 1: Fiiine, but you better tell me after! Now lean in close so no one else can hear, 'kay?
Girl 2: You sure gave in fast! I wonder who it is...
Girl 2: What? Seriously? I was expecting someone else!
Grimnir: Hm?
Grimnir's eyes curiously follow the excited girls as they walk past.
Lyria: Grimnir, is something wrong?
Grimnir: Nah, I was just kinda distracted by how lively those two girls were.
Vyrn: I guess they did seem pretty pumped up for Valentine's, huh?
Grimnir: This "Valentine's" thing sounds pretty familiar...
Lyria: Valentine's is a day for giving chocolates to people who are important to you, so you can show how much you appreciate them.
Grimnir: Ohhh, that thing! So that's what you call it! I think I remember reading about it somewhere.
Grimnir: Doesn't everyone get all crazy for it every year, trying to prepare homemade sweets and whatnot?
Vyrn: They sure do. Those girls that passed us by were talking about who they were gonna give their Valentine's gifts to.
Lyria: Hehe... It's so fun to think about what chocolates to get and who to give them to.
Grimnir: Hm... Chocolates and their recipients...
Grimnir's gaze falls to the form of (Captain) walking by his side.
Grimnir: (Is (Captain) going to give somebody chocolates too?)
Grimnir: (I guess to Lyria and Vyrn? Or maybe even... me?)
Grimnir: (Wait, stop it, me! Being nosy is most uncouth!)
Grimnir: (The singularity is free to give chocolates to whomever! It's none of my business!)
Feeling the weight of Grimnir's intense stare, (Captain) turns and gives him a smile.
  1. Did you want chocolates?
  2. Want to give someone chocolates?

Choose: Did you want chocolates?
Grimnir: M-me... Meee? Want ch-chocolates?
Grimnir: N-not really! I'm not that interested in Valentine's chocolate or whatever!
Vyrn: Huh... That so? I figured you'd be all over it.
Lyria: That's too bad. Chocolate is so tasty...
Vyrn: If you don't want 'em, you don't gotta eat 'em. Anyway, let's hurry on back to the ship!

Choose: Want to give someone chocolates?
Grimnir: G-give... Giiive? Someone ch-chocolates?
Grimnir: I'm the God of War! Shouldn't mortals be, like, the ones giving chocolates to me?
Vyrn: If you put it that way... Guess I've never heard of a god doing the Valentine's giftin'.
Grimnir: I-in the first place, I'm not that interested in Valentine's chocolate or whatever!
Lyria: I don't think it really matters if you're a god or not when it comes to giving chocolates though!
Vyrn: Up to you what you wanna do, really. Anyway, let's hurry on back to the ship!
Continue 1
Grimnir: O-okay...
The four make haste for the Grandcypher, Grimnir fidgeting the whole time.
Grimnir: Oh! I almost forgot! I gotta do something, so you guys can go on ahead!
Suspicious of Grimnir's strange behavior, (Captain) volunteers to tag along.
Grimnir: N-no! Uh... Don't you have requests to fill soon? Stuff that'll keep you busy?
Grimnir: I don't wanna bother you, so... How about the red dragon and girl in blue come with me instead?
Lyria: Sure! If it's all right with you, I'd love to join!
Vyrn: Now hold on just a second. What makes you think we're not busy too?
Lyria: Oh, Vyrn! We really are free though, so why not?
Grimnir: Please, Red Dragon? C'mon! Pretty please!
Vyrn: Well... If you're beggin' that much, I guess I can join too.
Grimnir: Really? Thanks, you guys!
(Captain)'s earlier concern is assuaged after Lyria and Vyrn agree to accompany Grimnir.
With a wave, (Captain) sees the three off as they turn around and head back into town.

A Choco-Mad Cyclone Cont.

Admitting that he desperately wishes to give (Captain) a Valentine's gift, Grimnir asks for Lyria and Vyrn to help him search for the ultimate chocolate. As they wait in line to enter a famous confectionery, Savarin the gourmet unexpectedly appears with a flyer and changes their plans.

Grimnir: I totally lied about not being interested in Valentine's Day!
Grimnir: I actually really wanna give the singularity some chocolates!
Grimnir: So please, please, please! Help me out!
Vyrn: Ohhh! I'm startin' to see why you didn't want (Captain) tagging along.
Lyria: You can count on us! We'd be happy to help!
Grimnir: Girl in Blue! A-are you sure you don't mind?
Vyrn: As if we'd be heartless enough to say no after that appeal!
Grimnir: What a gracious red dragon you are... You both are the best! Thank youuu!
The two are back in town with Grimnir to help him choose chocolates for (Captain), though Vyrn and Lyria hadn't known that was the plan until a moment ago.
Lyria: Do you have a general idea of what kind of chocolate you'd like to give?
Grimnir: Well... Like my tempest, it must contain the hidden power to pierce through all creation and seize the soul of the eater... In other words the ultimate morsel!
Vyrn: Cool, cool. Let's go check out the shops in the area and do some taste testing!
Lyria: That's a great plan!
Vyrn and Lyria immediately set out to find the nearest confectionery.
Grimnir: Ah! Wait for me! Don't leave me behind, you guuuys!
Waving his arms wildly, Grimnir scrambles after his two helpers.
The three quickly find themselves in line to enter a famous chocolatier's store.
Grimnir: This line sure is long... I'm starting to feel like I might've been underestimating Valentine's Day...
Vyrn: Naaah, apparently this particular chocolatier is super famous, so the store's always got a crazy line even when it's not Valentine's season!
Lyria: I'm so excited to see what all the buzz is about!
While the three chatter excitedly in line, a nearby man does a double take at their presence before he hesitantly approaches.
???: You there! Are you a part of (Captain)'s crew?
Vyrn & Lyria: Savarin!
Savarin: So it really is you two. It's been a while, hasn't it?
Savarin: I must admit I never expected to see you here, especially without (Captain) around.
Grimnir: Your name's Savarin? Are you a friend of the singularity?
Savarin: Singularity?
Lyria: Oh, that. He's just talkin' 'bout (Captain).
Savarin: I see... Ah, do excuse me. I forgot to introduce myself. I am Savarin, the gourmet.
Grimnir: Heh. Well, I am the God of War and Mad Cyclone...
Grimnir: Grrrrrimnir!
Savarin: How fascinating... You carry the aura of someone with talent—perhaps enough to one day make a stunning dish for me.
Savarin: Which makes me question why such a talented trio as yourselves are in line for this particular store.
Grimnir: We're searching around for Valentine's chocolate to give to the singularity.
Vyrn: This place has a huge line, right? We figured that must mean the sweets here are the real deal.
Savarin's expression immediately sours once he hears what Vyrn says.
Savarin: Excuse me for being frank, but you should give up on the idea of buying your chocolates here.
The Three: Huh?
This completely unexpected advice shocks the crew members.
Grimnir: Why do you say that? Do you know something about this place?
Mindful of their surroundings, Savarin lowers his voice and answers.
Savarin: This store used to make each customer's chocolate with such love and care that it felt like it was made specially with you in mind.
Savarin: But as soon as they gained popularity, that tenderness was forgotten, and the quality of their creations fell.
Savarin: Not an uncommon occurrence for a small, reputable store to let success get to their heads, of course, but a pity nonetheless.
Savarin: I won't pester you further. Just be warned that the quality chocolates you're seeking won't be found here.
Savarin: If you'll excuse me.
Savarin prepares to leave, his expert opinion given.
Grimnir: W-wait a sec!
Savarin: Hmm? Did you still need something?
With a resolute glint in his eyes, Grimnir turns to the gourmet.
Grimnir: I... want to present the singularity with the most supreme chocolate in the skies.
Grimnir: Do you know where I can find the ultimate morsel?
Grimnir: If you do, please tell me!
After a moment of silence, Savarin hands Grimnir a flyer.
Grimnir: What's this?
Savarin: My answer lies where this flyer will lead you.
Savarin says no more and walks away.
Vyrn: Okay, that was weird. Why'd he decide to get all cryptic all of a sudden?
Lyria: Grimnir, what did he hand you?
Grimnir: Th-this is it... I wanna go check this out! Will you two come with me?
Vyrn: Heck yeah! We didn't come this far to give up now!
Lyria: I'm in too!
Grimnir: I'm in your debt... Let us depart!
Grimnir regards Savarin's mysterious flyer with great interest.
Despite the uncertainty surrounding their new destination, Grimnir moves with determination as they leave the line and venture forth.

A Choco-Mad Cyclone Cont.: Scene 2

Grimnir, Vyrn, and Lyria follow the flyer and attend Savarin's special chocolate-making class. Though Grimnir learns how to make excellent chocolate, he is unable to be satisfied with anything but a unique recipe for (Captain). Savarin decides to test the strength of Grimnir's feelings for (Captain) by unleashing a chocolate spirit upon him.

Savarin: Listen up! Temperature management is absolutely vital for making chocolate!
Savarin: If you can't control the flames of the stove top...
Savarin: Then what chance do you have at controlling the flames of your love?
Students: Yes, Mister Savarin!
Lyria: Wow! Savarin sure is a good lecturer!
Vyrn: Uh, sure... If you say so...
Grimnir, Lyria, and Vyrn have come to attend Savarin's chocolate-making class, which had been advertised on the flyer they received from him.
Savarin: Hopeless... All of you!
Savarin: If you want heavenly, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate in time for your valentine, you'd better pick up the pace!
Students: Yes, Mister Savarin!
Grimnir and the other students focus intently on getting the most out of this crash course.
Their hard work pays off. Once the class ends, the students proudly relish in their newfound ability to make heavenly, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate.
Student 1: Mister Savarin, thank you so, so much!
Student 2: You really are a miracle worker! I think I'll finally be able to get my feelings through now!
Savarin: That's great to hear. I hope your Valentine's Day turns out wonderfully.
Grimnir: Garbage...
However, Grimnir alone lies on the floor, lost in dismay and distress.
Grimnir: No good... It's no good...
Vyrn: You think so? I mean, your chocolate looked and tasted as good as a pro's.
Lyria: I thought so too! It really was delicious, so you should feel confident in yourself!
Grimnir: I appreciate it, you guys, but this isn't going to cut it...
Grimnir: ...
Grimnir takes a second to compose himself, then gets up and approaches Savarin.
Grimnir: Mister Savarin...
Savarin: What is it?
Grimnir: Truth be told the chocolate I made today is delectable... A hundred out of a hundred people would probably give rave reviews.
Grimnir: But that's not good enough.
Grimnir: I... I want to create an original recipe made for (Captain), and (Captain) only.
Savarin: ...
The gourmet goes silent as he listens to the extent of Grimnir's feelings. After a beat, he makes his point known.
Savarin: To be honest, anybody can learn the basics of making chocolate with time.
Savarin: But making chocolate filled with one's feelings is something even I can't teach.
Savarin: It is the strength of your feelings that ultimately determines the taste of your chocolate.
Grimnir: Mister Savarin...
Savarin: But I have an idea that might help guide you forward. Come, it's time for a special supplementary lesson.
Savarin: Show me the true extent of your feelings for (Captain)...
Savarin: And don't hold any of it back!
With a flourish, Savarin strides to the back of the room and returns with a cloth-covered cage.
???: ...!
Savarin: This is a chocolate spirit captured from Chocolae Island.
Grimnir: Uh... Huh?
Savarin: Grimnir...
Savarin: If your feelings are true, then take down this spirit and prove it to me!
Savarin flings the cage door open, and the chocolate spirit shoots into the air.
Chocolate Spirit: ...!
Vyrn: You sure this has anything to do with makin' good chocolate?
Lyria: Grimnir, we'll back you up!
Grimnir: Thanks for the offer, Girl in Blue, but I have to do this by myself.
Grimnir: For this is a personal trial of chocolate.
Grimnir: Heh... Prepare yourself! I shall unleash the storm of emotions raging inside my soul...
Grimnir: And blow you awaaay!

A Choco-Mad Cyclone Cont.: Scene 3

The chocolate spirit shatters against Grimnir's tempest, and its remains are magically delicious. Realizing that this is the secret ingredient they needed, Grimnir and Savarin begin to work tirelessly on completing the new recipe. Their efforts finally bear fruit on the morning of Valentine's, and Grimnir rushes off to meet (Captain), but not before Savarin hands him a gift.

Grimnir: Face the Cyclone's fury! The next thrust of my lance shall be your demise!
Chocolate Spirit: ...!
The chocolate spirit stands no chance against Grimnir, the Mad Cyclone.
Grimnir: Woo-hoo! I did it!
Savarin: You certainly did. The storm of emotions in your heart was unyielding.
Savarin: Wait... What's this?
Noticing there's something peculiar about the fragments of broken chocolate nearby, Savarin gives them a closer look.
Savarin: Is... this magic residue in the chocolate pieces?
Grimnir: There's what now?
Grimnir scoops a fragment into his mouth and chews.
Grimnir: Munch... Chew...
Grimnir: Wh-whoooaaa my gooosh!
Grimnir: Every bite is like tasting the summer breeze blowing through the blue sky!
Savarin: I'll also have a sample! Munch... Chew...
Savarin: Oh! Ohhh my goodness!
Savarin: Pant... Pant... What a delightful, refreshing taste! The flavor simply melts into my mouth!
Savarin: (Could this be similar to the phenomenon used for creating Elemental Sorbet?)
Savarin: The strength of your feelings for (Captain) seems to have created a miracle...
Savarin: A miracle of novel flavor roaring with the God of War's tempest! We can do something truly amazing with this!
Grimnir: Does that mean we can use these pieces for an original recipe?
Savarin: Indeed! With an ingredient like this, we can take chocolate confections to new heights!
Grimnir: ...!
That sounds perfect!
The two vigorously shake hands together, each brimming with excitement.
Vyrn: I'm really not sure what's happening, but... Seems like they're headed in the right direction at least!
Lyria: I'm so glad things are working out for you, Grimnir!
Grimnir: I couldn't have gotten this far without you both, thank you sooo much!
An unexpected development has given Grimnir the potential to create a truly original treat.
He spends the next few days working day and night to complete and perfect the recipe.
Grimnir: Damn... Another failure.
Savarin: Don't be discouraged. The next batch will be impeccable!
Vyrn: Urp... I don't... think I can eat anymore...
Lyria: I can keep going! Let me taste test the rest!
Grimnir: Okay, I'm counting on you, Girl in Blue!
Savarin: Hmm... Try this combination next!
Grimnir: All right!
Gradually the group hone their chocolate-making skills and improve the recipe together.
Their progress continues until the morning of Valentine's Day.
Grimnir: Finally... We finally did it!
Savarin: This is, without a doubt, the most marvelous of chocolates the skies have ever seen!
Grimnir: Sniff... Thank you, Mister Savarin... Girl in Blue... Red Dragon...
Savarin: Heh. I hardly did anything worth thanks.
Savarin: The one who put in all the effort and made the magic happen was none other than yourself.
Lyria: I had so much fun eating so many different chocolates!
Vyrn: Hehe! All that's left is for you to hurry on over and hand 'em to (Captain)!
Grimnir: Yeah. Time for the moment of truth!
Savarin: Hold your hurricanes, Grimnir!
Savarin quickly calls Grimnir to a stop before he can rush out.
Savarin: Are you sure you should go see (Captain) while you're completely covered in chocolate?
Grimnir: Uh... Is that a problem?
Savarin: Heh, take this then.
The gourmet tosses a bag to the chocolate-covered god, its contents a mystery to all but Savarin.
Grimnir: What's this?
Savarin: Just think of it as a Valentine's present from me.
Grimnir: ...!
R-really? Oh, Mister Savarin!
Savarin: Save your thanks. Go and have a great Valentine's Day, okay?
Grimnir: Roger that! I won't forget this.
Grimnir: Now let's go find (Captain)!
Vyrn & Lyria: Okay!
With Savarin's present in one hand and (Captain)'s in the other, Grimnir eagerly departs.

A Choco-Mad Cyclone Cont.: Scene 4

Dressed in Savarin's gift, Grimnir gives his chocolate to (Captain) and is overjoyed to receive a happy response. His Valentine's Day is made complete when (Captain) pulls out chocolate for Grimnir as well, and the two become closer than ever before.

Sitting in a cozy private booth of a secluded cafe, (Captain) patiently waits for Grimnir's arrival.
  1. ...

Choose: ...
Grimnir: Ah, sorry to keep you waiting!
Grimnir: Oh, and... um... sorry for asking you to come out here so suddenly!
Grimnir appears before the booth, dressed in a spectacularly elegant outfit, drawing a gasp from (Captain).
Grimnir: H-how do I look? Good? Not good?
  1. You look amazing!
  2. Do I know you?

Choose: You look amazing!
Grimnir: Aaahhh! R-really? Yippee!

Choose: Do I know you?
Grimnir: W-wait, what? Seriously? You don't recognize me?
After another moment of watching Grimnir panic, (Captain) admits that it was a joke.
Grimnir: Oh... A joke? You've gotta stop teasing me like that!
Continue 1
Collecting himself, Grimnir abruptly clears his throat, straightens his posture, and looks (Captain) in the eyes.
Grimnir: Um... I-I've got some V-Valentine's Day chocolate here!
Grimnir: Inhale... Exhale... Inhale... Exhale... Okay...
Grimnir: (Captain), I actually made these specifically for you... Would you do me the honor of accepting them?
  1. Wait, for me?
  2. I'd be happy to!

Choose: Wait, for me?
Grimnir: Was I not supposed to? Do you not want them?
Seeing Grimnir's reaction, (Captain) quickly assures him it was just an expression of surprise.
  1. Thank you!

Choose: Thank you!
Grimnir: Oh... I'm so glad you're actually happy about it!

Choose: I'd be happy to!
Grimnir: Woo-hoo! Yes! I was so nervous you weren't gonna accept!
Continue 2
Grimnir: Here, (Captain)... Go on. Try a bite.
(Captain) takes the box from Grimnir's hands and opens it. The inside reveals alluring chocolate lightly coated with a lilac glaze.
Sprinkled across the chocolate are toppings of marine and red, reminiscent of Grimnir himself.
Unable to hold back any longer, (Captain) finally has a bite, and the thrill of an unbridled breeze bursts from the chocolate.
What follows is a mad cyclone of flavors ranging from mildly tart to lightly bitter; mellow and sweet while rich and creamy.
  1. I'm blown away!

Choose: I'm blown away!
Grimnir: F-for real? Yahoo! Heehee! The singularity liked it!
Collecting himself again, Grimnir cuts his solo celebration short and puts on his best serious expression.
Grimnir: It would be unbecoming of me to detain you here any longer on this precious day of Valentine's celebrations.
Grimnir: I bid you adieu.
The God of War turns his back on (Captain) and takes a step toward the exit.
However, (Captain) immediately shouts after him.
  1. Here! For you!

Choose: Here! For you!
Grimnir: H-huh? Wh-wha? Hah? Uh?
Grimnir: Whaaat?
Grimnir: I... I-I... Me... Me? Choco... lates? For me? You're really giving me chocolates?
Grimnir accepts (Captain)'s homemade chocolates with a trembling hand and breaks out into a celebratory jig.
Vyrn: Ain't that great, Windy? You got some chocolate back!
Lyria: Hehehe! Plus your homemade chocolate was a fantastic success!
Vyrn and Lyria step out from their hiding place after watching Grimnir's successful gift-giving.
Grimnir: Ah... Red Dragon! Girl in Blue!
Grimnir: It was the perfect Valentine's, and I owe it all to you two!
Tears begin to well in Grimnir's eyes as he is overcome with emotion.
As if to say that this Valentine's isn't over yet, (Captain) kneels down on the private room's rug and pats their lap in invitation.
Grimnir: What're you doing, (Captain)?
But Grimnir remains clueless. (Captain) has to yank Grimnir onto the rug when it becomes clear that the Mad Cyclone isn't going to catch on.
Grimnir: Hey! What! Ah! (Captain)!
Soon enough, Grimnir's head rests comfortably on (Captain)'s lap.
Grimnir: ...
Plucking the box of chocolates back out of Grimnir's limp hands, (Captain) removes a piece and gives him an intense, purposeful look.
  1. Open wide...

Choose: Open wide...
Grimnir stares intently back, noticing the nervousness in (Captain)'s countenance.
Grimnir: Heh... I humbly accept all that you wish to convey.
The two gaze at one another, affectionate smiles playing across their lips.
Grimnir: (Thanks for getting me here, Mister Savarin...)
From outside the cafe window, a familiar figure is stealthily watching the scene.
Savarin: Sniff... Sniffle... Happy Valentine's Day, Grimnir.
Savarin had been watching from start to finish, and now joyous tears flow from his eyes.
Though there were some mix-ups along the way, this Valentine's whirlwind of ingredients and emotions draws at last to a happy ending.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
蒼の少女ー!またチョコの試食をしてくれ! Girl in Blue, taste test for me again sometime!
赤き竜よ、汝にも我からの贈り物だ! Red Dragon, I have a gift for you too!
バレンタインって、素敵な行事だな~ This Valentine's thing sure is amazing!
ミスターサヴァランはまさに真の美食家だ! Mister Savarin is a true gourmet!
前髪上げると、なんだか大人っぽくてイカすだろ? Putting my bangs up makes me look mature and cool, right?
(主人公)のチョコ、大事に食べなきゃな…… I have to treasure every bite of (Captain)'s chocolates...
(主人公)……我が甘き施しを受け取れ! Singularity! Receive these sweet alms!
(主人公)がチョコを喜んでくれてよかった~! I'm so happy (Captain) liked my chocolate!
どうだ?この衣装、決まってるだろ? What do you think? I look pretty sharp in these clothes, right?
軍神のもてなし、その身に刻むが良い…… Never forget the generosity of the God of War...