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Official Profile

Age Unknown
Height 155 cm
Race Unknown
Hobbies People-watching
Likes Explorations, revelations, new feelings
Dislikes Enclosed places, dark places, self-important people
Character Release
2019年の2月末~3月中旬にかけて開催されたイベント「000(トリプルゼロ) どうして空は蒼いのか Part.III」に参加された騎空士の皆様には、この名前に思い当たるフシがあるかもしれません。

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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 不詳
Height 155cm
Race 不明
Hobbies 人間観察
Likes 詮索、暴露、新感覚調味料
Dislikes 閉所、暗所、偉そうな人間
Character Release
2019年の2月末~3月中旬にかけて開催されたイベント「000(トリプルゼロ) どうして空は蒼いのか Part.III」に参加された騎空士の皆様には、この名前に思い当たるフシがあるかもしれません。

Source [1] [2]





Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Ah, today is your birthday. No wonder it feels rowdier than usual on the airship.
Your entire crew has gathered to celebrate your momentous day. What a lucky captain you are.
I onceーhm. Forget it. Today is all about you.
Happy birthday. I have high expectations of what you're capable of.


Happy birthday. The year has passed without too much incident.
Those who celebrate all that you are continue to grow in number. It's something to take pride in.
Hm? Why do you look so puzzled? Going through an entire year with everyone still in full support of you is the stuff of miracles, I'd say.
Or maybe it's perfectly normal for you.
In which case, I'll do everything I can to help you preserve this normalcy.
But for today, just focus on having fun. I'll be doing the same with a bottle of yuzukosho.


Happy birthday. Once again I've come to give my well-wishes.
I don't go out of my way to keep track of the years or decades that pass in a life...
But the upside of a mortal's finite lifespan is that it can serve as a measuring stick for what they can achieve.
By going on this journey and following in the footsteps of the adventurers I once knew, I can honor their memories...
Hmph... This has become a bummer of a topic. I'm getting all sentimental now.
Anyway, today belongs to you. Accept my blessings.


Happy birthday. Have you ever caught yourself counting up the years?
Oh. Well, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to.
As one continues to age, it can become harder to remember the footprints we have left in life.
A mortal's lifespan appears short in my eyes, but it seems long enough to mortals. It's not easy preserving all those memories, is it?
There is no better time than your birthday to look back on the achievements you've made in life.
I will be your designated life listener. In order to create a stimulating atmosphere, I will provide your tales with appropriate feedback and reactions.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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What's everyone so happy about?
Everywhere I go, no matter who I run into, they always wish me a happy New Year.
Well, I can handle this like an adult. In fact, I hold seniority over all of you by a significant margin. The reason for those greetings is lost on me, but I respond with a thank you nonetheless.
But faking sincerity to an ever expanding cast of crew members is draining. Is this the fabled social pressures of modern society I've heard so much about?


Once again, the mortals of this era excitedly commemorate the coming of a new year.
I have learned a little about this tradition. As much as I can on my own, at the very least.
That is why I gave the proper greeting to our crewmates, as an adult should. "Happy New Year," and whatnot.
Though the significance of this event is still lost on me, I do not feel like I am lying anymore when I wish well upon those who celebrate.
Therefore, happy New Year to you too.
Now that the greetings are dealt with, it is time to eat soba noodles. That is one tradition I have no qualms with.


Oh, it's you. Impeccable timing. I would like to discuss something.
Looking around the dining are, there's a surplus of New Year's soba dipping sauce. This year's stock is quite flavorful, thus it would be an absolute waste to pour it down the drain.
Which got me thinking: wouldn't it be wise to come up with alternative uses for it? For example, it could be chilled and made into ice cream or—
What? You're supposed to pour the water the soba was boiled in into the dipping sauce and drink the concoction?
Enough with the jokes. As if water that's turbid with soba residue could be delicious.
Well, maybe you do know what you're talking about. I'll give it a try, but the onus is on you if it tastes bad.


Hey, I need to ask you something. How come the cafeteria doesn't serve New Year's food all year round?
I can't get enough of New Year's soba and delectable osechi arrangements. Having a personalized dining experience is a brilliant idea if you ask me.
You could make it a job perk to motivate the crew. Why not give it some thought?
It's too seasonal, you say? Well, as long as the ingredients are available, what's the harm in having it every day?
Actually, it might be tough preparing such fancy cuisine on a daily basis.
Plus the crew members on the preparation side would be on the losing end in terms of employment benefits.
I am not an ogre. I will drop the idea of having osechi every day and make do with daily soba bowls instead.
That settles it. From this day forth, we will consume at least one portion of soba each day. Come on, smile. Look, instead of giving you New Year's money, I will treat you to your first bowl.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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I heard this from Lyria, but evidently today is the day you consume "Coco"?
Why? Aren't people named Coco your fellow skydwellers? I had no idea your kind practiced ritualistic sacrifice.
Far be it from me to criticize your customs, but sacrifice isn't the answer. I can't stop you, but I feel sorry for the Cocos of the world who are devoured.
Behold. Blessings of my sweet desserts unto to you. Fill your empty belly with delight.


Ah, there you are. Why did you not tell me last year that "Coco" is a type of snack?
Lyria gave me a bite earlier, and I quite liked it.
Here's some for you.
Worry not, for I did not snatch them from Lyria. I merely borrowed some from the ship's storage.
Though I am not yet fully accustomed to this modern tradition, it is only natural that I try to adapt to it.
I am still trying to make sense of the meaning behind Coco-giving. Lyria's face flushed red when I asked her.


Ah, here we go again. The day of Coco-giving. No wonder the atmosphere is abuzz with activity.
I still can't wrap my head around this custom, but it seems tied to the concept of libido. Why do mortals insist on beating around the bush?
Huh? Do I have libido?
Hm... I've never thought about it. Do I, or do I not...
Yes, I believe I do. I'm allowed to have things in common with mortals too.
And here's the proof. I brought this Coco specifically for you. Relish my libido.


Coco season is finally upon us. I know you can barely contain your excitement.
And here is your annual allotment. May your mouth scream with delight.
Speaking of delight, are there other rituals in the modern era besides Coco-giving that express one's lusty desires?
Surely there is a faster way to get motors running than this cumbersome, meandering gift exchange.
At this rate, even the simple act of kissing could require years of effort. I seriously worry for mortalkind's extinction.
Hm? Why are you staring at me? Ah, kissing me is impossible, so long as my mouth is like this.

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Hm? A gift for me?
Hahaha... Trying to butter me up, are we? I see you gazing upon my form with thirsting eyes.
Why are you blushing? And stop shaking your head so vehemently. It's completely natural for a mortal to feel arousal.
Let me tell you a story about the birds and the bees—
Hm. Judging but how quickly (Captain) ran off, it seems this subject is taboo. The rules of modern society are complicated.


Hm? A gift for me once again?
A year has passed since you last ran off. Is the waiting period supposed to be one year? My, it's alarming how long the people of today can hold in their arousal.
As I've tried to explain before, there is nothing strange or shameful about the birds and the bees. Personally, I do not mind it in the least.
Therefore, if you harbor feelings for me, do not hesitate to let me know.
Come now, you can do better. Is that not what your mouth is for? Use that to—
And so the captain runs off again... I was hoping to meet (Captain) halfway, but it appears I've had the opposite effect. Why must amorous congress be so difficult in this day and age.


Oh? Another gift for me? Your thirst knows no bounds.
Generous gifts like these are fine. I already know you're a kind person, but isn't it time to take the next step?
I keep harping on this, but you should speak your mind. Something like, "I want to get freaky with you."
Be creative. The point is to free your to amorous side—
Ah... Couldn't even hear me out before running off again. All I'm trying to do is offer advice, but it seems modern society has hang-ups with sexuality.


Come to hand me a White Day gift again? If anything, you are diligent. I appreciate your consistency.
However, I do not understand why you bolt from my presence each White Day only to return before my eyes on the next one.
Is that your way of attracting my attention? Do you find it too difficult to be direct with me?
Since I already have an idea of what you're thinking about, we can work through it with proper communication.
But if you never stay put, carnal cravings will only go unsatisfied. That's not what you want, is it?
So out with your appetites. That way I'll know how to reciprocate—
Like I said, I can't help you if you keep running away from my charitableness.
I realize views on sensuality have changed in these modern times, but I suspect the biggest roadblock is in the captain's head.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Everyone in the crew sure is festive tonight. Who knew wearing costumes would make such a big difference.
I question some people's effort though. It's pointless if you don't go all out. Why stop at costumes when you can also change your genetics for the full effect?
What do you mean mortals can't change their body composition?
I see. A dose of my power should do the trick. Have you ever considered becoming a Harvin? What type of mortal would you like to be?


Another lively night it is this year. I must say, these costumes are lacking something though.
I've been trying to help improve the costumes of others, but they respond by putting candy in my pocket.
Is this supposed to be some sort of bribe? Do mortals of the modern age detest bodily modification so strongly?
Hm? They give treats to prevent tricks from befalling them? What a roundabout way of doing things.
Anyone who wants a treat should just say so.
Speaking of, those treats in your bag are looking very tasty. Mind if I have one?
Nom, nom... Not bad. In return, I'll turn you into anything you want. Just say the word.


Is this actually acceptable?
Hey, you. If I'm understanding this correctly, it's customary Halloween practice for children to force their elders to chose between giving treats or suffering a trick.
But I've yet to see anyone choose the latter. Aren't you worried about the gene pool if every adult is too spineless to push back against unreasonable demands?
What? I'm overthinking it?
Grr... That's the thanks I get for trying to help your kind.
I give up. Get fat from your candy bingeing and go extinct.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Take a look at how the town transforms when wrapped in a white blanket of snow. It's a curious sight indeed.
The majority of the ancient people chose to settle in lands with little snowfall where it was more conducive to survival.
But the people of your time aren't intimidated by the elements. They band together to pioneer new trails.
Perhaps the awareness of one's mortality inspires limitless possibilities. Potential lies everywhere you look.


Mortals are extremely active in the snow, despite the chilling temperatures.
Children build their snow totems, while adults walk around in pairs.
You are no exception. Why have you brought me to town in such weather?
Sigh... To show me impressive landmarks and locations? Do you recall the warning I gave you last year?
A lack of warmth will result in a variety of sicknesses. Do you understand this, or are you being a simpleton on purpose?
If you insist, then I won't complain. Take us to the next location.


So this is where you've been hiding. The holiday party is ready to start.
By the way, I baked a cake. It's chock full of my nutritious gratitude.
I used a gamut of multicolored ingredients to sculpt a kaleidoscopic work of art. Not only does it look good, but the spicy yuzu paste gives it much needed body.
Hm? Did anyone taste test it and give feedback?
Don't be ridiculous. The captain always has the honor of taking the first bite. Everyone knows that.
Enough dawdling. If the red pickled ginger dries out, the flavor will fall flat.


What compelled you to accompany me on this supply run for tonight's holiday party?
Is it because you enjoyed last year's red pickled ginger cake? Then I am glad you came shopping with me.
However, now that we have purchased strawberries and fresh whipped cream, what will they be used for?
You're not thinking about adding them to the ginger cake, are you? I was under the impression that the chaotic taste would be too much to handle. Modern mortals are incredible.
In honor of your adventurous spirit, I suppose I can take the first bite this year.
Actually, let's split the difference. I'll eat half, and you eat half.
The risk of flavor overload is ever present, but with my skills, it will come out tasting better than last year's cake.

Fate Episodes

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Hour of Inquisition

Now that summer has arrived, Shalem beats the heat by coercing other crew members to expose their secrets in what she calls inquisitions. When (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn confront Shalem about her unorthodox stress-relieving tactics, they suggest hitting the beach instead and hand her a swimsuit. After trying on the new swimsuit, Shalem is excited to experience her first vacation on Auguste the way mortals do.

Normally summer's arrival signals fun and delight. But on this hot day, when the sun goes down, dusk ushers in chilling encounters of the bizarre kind.
Night after night echo the yells of unaware victims, their numbers spiraling out of control. Just what is happening aboard the Grandcypher?
Shalem: Heheh... Now is the winter of my discontent, made glorious summer by holding an inquisition.
Shalem: Answer my question swiftly, for your silence will only incriminate you further.
Shalem: That's right. I'm talking about the crime you committed.
Shalem: Late last night... It was you who swiped the mandarin oranges from the galley, wasn't it?
Shalem: The proof is clearly recorded in this book of personal profiles. It says right here that mandarins are your favorite.
Shalem: QED.
The sooner you confess, the better you'll feel...
Shalem: Heheh... Now is the winter of my discontent, made glorious summer by holding an inquisition.
Shalem: I seek an honest answer about the emotions in your heart.
Shalem: You've secretly got the hots for someone—someone on this very ship, yes?
Shalem: Believe me, your crush knows the truth. Your longing gaze practically spells it out for them.
Shalem: QED.
The sooner you confess, the better you'll feel...
Shalem: Heheh... Now is the winter of my discontent, made glorious summer by holding an inquisition.
Shalem: Let's visit your lie. Specifically the one about the incident that took place the other day during your tour of cleaning duty—
Shalem: ...
Shalem: What a simpleton. Judging by the sudden change in your complexion, you haven't mentioned it to the others yet.
Shalem: QED.
The sooner you confess, the better you'll feel...
This mysterious being had been slumbering since the time of the Creation Myth, yet for some reason, she finally awoke in this era. Her name is Helel ben Shalem.
Perhaps the lengthy sleep is to blame for her hazy memory. She's also missed out on much of history.
Now she travels with the crew in order to understand these modern times, as well as to remember what happened to her during the time of creation.
Shalem: Heheh... Excellent, excellent. That last inquisition was especially well executed.
Shalem: Another fine performance from the Dusk Speaker. My master will certainly be happy about this—
Vyrn: Aha! There she is!
Hey, Shalem, can we talk?
Shalem: It's the adventurer... Ah, no, you are (Captain) and retinue. What brings you to see me?
Lyria: Well, we don't mean to pry, but there's something we've been meaning to ask you about...
Lyria: Um, we've been hearing complaints from other crew members lately...
Shalem: Complaints? Concerning what?
Vyrn: Yep, she's totally oblivious. See, those inquisitions as you call 'em are becomin' a bit of an issue.
Shalem: Oh?
Vyrn: People're on edge. They said their personal secrets were leaked.
Vyrn: The screams of shock ya hear from time to time probably mean someone's secret just got out.
Shalem: Hm... I didn't expect my mock inquisitions would cause so much controversary.
Lyria: Ahaha... Maybe saying complaints is too strong. It's more like people are mentioning it in passing. No one's actually that steamed or anything.
Lyria: But why are you asking around?
Shalem: Ah, inquisitions are part of my duties. I expose the pits of mortals' hearts.
Shalem: Although my current status in this world hangs in limbo, in the past I performed inquisitions to snip the buds of heresy, aiding the regulation of mortal society.
Lyria: Huh? Heresy? Regulation?
Vyrn: Are you talkin' about the time of creation again? No matter how many times I hear it, I can't wrap my head around it.
Vyrn: Speaking of limbo, if you're not sure what your duties are anymore, why are you startin' up inquisitions again?
Shalem: Summer is to blame.
Lyria: It is?
Shalem: Yes. How have you people not melted yet?
Shalem: The baking sunlight beating down on the deck morphs the ship into an oven. I can only feast on so much ice before my stomach rebels.
Shalem: It's hell, I tell you! The future was hell all along!
Shalem: Therefore inquisitions were the way to go. Exposing secrets cools me down.
Vyrn: Hoo boy... She's more trouble than a barrel of monkeys. Imagine diggin' into other people's business to blow off steam.
Lyria: Well... We're almost to the next island. Can you hang on just a little bit longer?
Shalem: I refuse. Patience is bad for my health.
Vyrn: C'mon, let's not throw a hissy fit, or else we'll stick you on ship-sitting duty while everyone else gets to enjoy the vacation.
Shalem: I refuse to be left aboard to—
Shalem: Wait. Did you say vacation?
Lyria: Yep. We're on our way to a resort area.
Vyrn: Didn't you hear the announcements? Sparklin' seas, here we come.
Shalem: Ah, yes, the sea... I've seen that before... I think.
Lyria: Do you remember going for a swim? That's much more refreshing than interrogating people in my opinion!
Lyria: Oh, (Captain). Did you bring the bundle we bought at Siero's kiosk?
(Captain) nods. Rummaging through a knapsack, the captain pulls out a paper bag and hands it to Shalem.
The bag crinkles loudly as a confused Shalem peeks inside and fishes out its contents.
Shalem: A tangle of string and fabric?
Lyria: It's your swimsuit! Everyone just got back from buying theirs.
Shalem: Swimsuit?
Vyrn: You wear it at the beach. Did they not have swimsuits back in the old-old days?
Shalem: ...
Lyria: What do you think? Wanna try it on before we arrive?
Shalem: ...
Vyrn: Shalem? What's with the silent treatment?
Lyria: Oh no... Do you not like the design?
Shalem: Hm? Ah, sorry. It's not that I'm dissatisfied.
Shalem: However...
Shalem: This appears to be underwear.
Vyrn & Lyria: Underwear?
Shalem: Come now, the form is nearly identical to what lies beneath. Maybe you bought the wrong item.
Lyria: Um... I don't think so... That's how swimsuits tend to look...
Shalem: What separates it from underwear?
Lyria: Erm... Well, for one thing...
Lyria: Umm... Actually, what is the difference? They do seem to be pretty much the same thing now that I think about it...
Vyrn: Okay, time-out. We're not goin' into that territory. Swimsuits are their own thing—there, I said it.
Shalem: Insisting two things are different when they're clearly the same... You mortals have the strangest mindset.
Shalem: Throughout the entirety of history, unmentionables are imprisoned in the shadows, but when it comes to the beach, they're liberated for all to see.
Lyria: Ahaha... It's not really something I've thought about.
Shalem: Are people bound by groupthink? Despite gaining autonomy due to the Almighty's absence, mortals maintain their predilection to act like lost sheep.
Shalem: Skies and stars, swimsuits and underwear... What is this world coming to?
Vyrn: Aaanyway... I'm not sure what you're talkin' about, but it's probably not what you think it is.
Shalem: What?
Lyria: It really is a shame we won't get to play in the water together, but we won't force you to wear the swimsuit.
Shalem: When did I say no? I'm fine with wearing it.
Lyria: Really? It kind of sounded like you didn't want to wear something that resembles underwear?
Shalem: I was only trying to learn more about modern society's dark secret, aka swimsuits.
Shalem: Besides, there's nothing wrong with sexuality. I don't need a suit for swimming when I have a perfectly serviceable birthday one.
Vyrn: Please say something before you go in the buff. That'll give us time to think of a bajillion reasons to change your mind.
Lyria: Ahaha... Okay, let's make sure it fits first! There's a big mirror in that room you can use.
Shalem: Heheh. Gaze upon my form, mortals. Heap tribute and reverence unto me.
Vyrn: Bahaha! You sure warmed up to that swimsuit pretty darn quick! You look good though.
Lyria: No surprises there, considering how unbelievably cute it is! She took one look in the mirror and started jumping up and down!
Vyrn: Cool beans. That explains her, but why'd you put yours on too?
Lyria: Heehee... While Shalem was changing, she—
Shalem: I was curious to see how Lyria's seductiveness stacked up. Unlike mine, her swimsuit doesn't match the style of underwear.
Vyrn: Whoa, whoa, whoa, this is gettin' a little—
Vyrn: Hey, feel that? Ship's slowin' down, which means we must be gettin' close to the island.
Lyria: Yay! It's vacation time! Let's go watch from the deck!
Shalem: Agreed. Away we go.
Vyrn: Hahaha! Oh yeah, she's stoked for sure. 'Bout time she got excited for something.
Vyrn: Here's to hopin' the sea'll jog her memory of the past.
Although perceiving swimsuits as a dark secret of modern society, their cuteness is too much for Shalem to deny.
Are her lost memories to be found on the shimmering isles? So begins the Dusk Speaker's first-ever vacation.

Rainy Beach Day

Shalem takes her time studying everything about Auguste's beach, but the memories of her past remain clouded. (Captain) and company overhear locals talking about a nearby island that supposedly hasn't changed for centuries. It boasts a primeval forest that may jog Shalem's memory, so the crew heads for the island.

The Auguste Isles—is there any greater place to relax in all of Phantagrande?
For the crowds that have flocked to its beachfront for the summer, the answer is no.
But there's one frown among the sea of smiles—Shalem's. She walks along the shoreline, swiveling her head this way and that.
Shalem: Sigh...
Shalem: It's no use. This beach isn't triggering anything for me.
Shalem: I think I've seen this place before, but it's like my head is shrouded in fog...
Shalem: ...
Shalem plops down on the sand with a hard thud and observes the tourists splashing in the water.
Shalem: Over there is a family. That man and woman seem to be a pair. And that circle of people could be a group of friends...
Shalem: The adventurer... My former companions...
Shalem: Where was the final stop on their journey—
Vyrn: Heyooo! Shalem! We're back with shaved ice!
Shalem: Commendations are in order. I'll take the blue one.
Lyria: It's blue-soda flavored. Has anything sparked your memory yet?
Shalem: Munch, crunch... Noshing in the shlightesh.
Shalem: I thought revisiting a location would flip a switch.
Shalem: But of course it's never that simple. So much time has passed. Sands shift; plants come and go. It's possible I never came here at all.
Shalem: Well, that'll teach me to get my hopes up.
Vyrn: Ah, makes sense when you put it that way.
Vyrn: Still, it's way too early to call it quits. We overheard some islanders while we were in line.
Vyrn: Apparently there's this island out at sea that hasn't changed in forever. They say there's a primeval forest on it.
Shalem: A primeval forest?
Lyria: Yeah. I don't know if it's as old as the time of creation, but it probably feels different from the modernness of the beach.
Lyria: It'd be nice to get away from the crowds too. Why don't we find a small boat and sail out for a look?
Shalem: ...
Vyrn: Is that a no? You don't seem too thrilled.
Shalem: Hrrrnn...
Lyria: Shalem?
Shalem: Munch... My head is ringing...
Vyrn: Ouchies. That's what happens when you eat shaved ice too fast. So what I'm sayin' is you oughta stop eating and put that down till the pain goes away.
Lyria: Oh no! Should we go another day then?
Shalem: What an odd affliction. However, I must visit this primeval forest.
Shalem: (Captain). I command you to take responsibility and carry me.
Shalem: Hup.
Vyrn: Oh brother... If there's one thing that never fails, it's her laziness.
Lyria: Heehee... Come on! The dock is this way!

Rainy Beach Day: Scene 2

Upon reaching the primeval forest, Shalem is thrilled to find fruits and vegetation from her past. That giddiness doesn't last however—on closer inspection, it becomes clear that the things she thought she knew have changed over the course of history. As if to add insult to injury, a sudden downpour forces the crew to seek shelter in a cave.

A small rental boat carrying four passengers glides across the sea and eventually beaches on a quiet island.
The island's ecology certainly feels different, almost mystical in a way.
Shalem: Oho...
Lyria: This is the primeval forest the islanders mentioned. I've never seen anything like these plants before.
Vyrn: Loads of weird critters too. It all looks so ancient.
Shalem: Right. I'm not sure if the flora and fauna have survived since the time of creation, but the resemblance is uncanny.
Shalem: Oh?
Shalem: I know this fruit. Hard to bite into at first, but keep gnawing, and a sweet treat is your reward.
Shalem: This wild grass is made edible by boiling. Makes for a nice garnish too.
Shalem: As for that plant over there...
Lyria: Teehee. She's like a kid in a candy store.
Vyrn: Can you blame her? If I suddenly woke up hundreds of years in the future, I'd be happy to see stuff I recognize.
Lyria: It would be so nice if this island helps her regain her memories.
Shalem: (Captain) and retinue, you're in for a delight.
Shalem: Here, try this flower's nectar. It's amazingly sweet and nutritious like honey.
Lyria: Ooh... It looks so pretty too!
Vyrn: Yeah, no joke! Mind if I go first? My tummy's startin' to rumble.
Shalem: Go ahead. It'll whisk your hunger away.
Shalem: Coating the fruit in nectar makes for an out-of-this-world snack but sampling each edible separately works too.
Lyria: Wow, I'd love to try a yummy snack from the ancient days!
Shalem: Heheh. How the tables have turned. Now I am the educator instead of the one always being educated.
Shalem: Don't be shy with your questions. Feel free to ask with reverence. No need to thank me afterward by prostrating yourselves either.
Lyria: Hahaha. Thank you—
Vyrn: Bleeeagh!
Shalem: Hm?
Lyria: Vyrn!
Vyrn: Cough, cough... Pweh! What did I just eat?
Vyrn: This flower is spicier than a thousand peppers!
Shalem: What?
Lyria: Is it really? Let me try a little, Vyrn.
Lyria: Aaaah! Heeh heehh hooot!
Lyria: Gosh, that really is spicy. It's like my mouth is on fire...
Vyrn: Yikes... Maybe it just looks like the flower you knew, but it's actually different?
Shalem: Impossible...
Shalem: ...
Shalem: But if it's not a fluke, the fruit could also be...
Shalem returns bearing the fruit she'd found earlier. She mashes it against the corner of her mouth.
Unfortunately, the skin of the fruit proves too tough. It becomes clear to her that this isn't the fruit she once ate.
Vyrn: Hmm... So even though it looks the same on the outside, there's a bunch of differences.
Lyria: I'm sorry, Shalem. I guess it's not something from your time.
Shalem: ...
Shalem: Hmph. Don't I look like a fool. So much for being an educator.
Shalem: What can I possibly teach about a world I know nothing about?
Vyrn: Shalem...
Lyria: Uh-oh, it's starting to rain...
Vyrn: Dang, that summer shower came outta nowhere. Let's find some cover!
Shalem: Okay...

Rainy Beach Day: Scene 3

While sheltering from the rain inside a cave, Shalem discovers a worn hair clip. It turns out she'd once sought shelter with her travel buddies in this very cave back in her own time. The rain stops, and when Shalem steps out of the cave, the shining sun rays feel to her as if her old friends are saying hello.

(Captain) and company scurry into a nearby cave, taking shelter from the sudden downpour.
It falls in sheets and shows little sign of letting up anytime soon.
Shalem: Sigh... It's as if the seas and skies have swapped places.
Lyria: We got out of it just in time. Not that it would have been a big deal anyway since we're wearing bathing suits.
Shalem: True. This garment is quite comfortable. I may end up wearing it on a regular basis.
Vyrn: Hold on. You're plannin' on loungin' around the airship in that? Isn't that too... you know...
Shalem: What? Ohoho... Can't bring yourself to say the S-word?
Shalem: But aren't swimsuits designed for public exposure? You admitted as much yourself.
Lyria: Ahaha... I guess we sorta did...
Shalem: Checkmate.
Vyrn: Boy... She's got a way with words.
Vyrn: Trust me though, you don't wanna wear a swimsuit all the time. Just think of the skinned knees and elbows you'd get if you tripped.
Shalem: As if I were such a klutz. Who do you think I am?
Shalem: (Captain), wield your authority to make swimsuit-wearing compulsory. It's comfy to wear in the summer and trains fortitude in the winter.
Vyrn: Is that a joke? At least let us put some clothes on during the cold season, or else the whole crew'll get the sniffles—
Lyria: Achoo!
Shalem: Oh?
Lyria: Excuse me. My body's getting a little chilly—
Lyria: Choo!
Vyrn: You okay there? We'd better find a way to warm you up.
Shalem: (Captain), go gather wood and build a fire for Lyria.
Shalem: Meanwhile I'm going to go have a look over there—
Shalem: Oops.
Vyrn: Busted. Already took a spill in your swimsuit. That's gonna leave a mark.
Shalem: Hmph. There's something sticking out of the ground. A mortal must have discarded their trash here.
Shalem: This object is made of resin, which means it's synthetic?
Shalem: Its poor condition makes it difficult to identify—
Shalem: A hair clip?
Lyria: Do you know what it is, Shalem?
Shalem: It's a hair adornment from back then...
Shalem: From that journey...
Shalem: Sigh... It's as if the seas and skies have swapped places.
Shalem: This is all the adventurer's fault. The boy was right—we should've left earlier as he suggested.
Shalem: Foolish simpletons. Why are mortals so enamored with exploration?
Around the bonfire, sheepish smiles greet Shalem's blunt criticism.
The adventurer tries to explain their decision to stay, but the Dusk Speaker's attention has already shifted elsewhere.
Shalem: What are you doing, Priestess? I said I'm fine. You should focus on drying yourself off first.
Shalem: Of course I am. Unlike you mortals, I'm not enfeebled by a little water falling from the sky.
Shalem: Hey, are you listening to me?
The girl ignores Shalem and stands behind the Dusk Speaker. She wrings a towel and starts wiping down Shalem's soaked body.
Shalem reluctantly removes her hair clip and lets the girl work her magic with the towel. A smile crosses Shalem's face.
Shalem: Question, Adventurer.
Shalem: Even after arriving in these far away lands, do you still have no intention of ending your journey?
Shalem: I admit, accompanying you has influenced my perspective of mortal society for the better.
Shalem: But I can't guarantee if my master will accept you and your crew.
Crashing waves fill the following silence until the adventurer cuts in with hearty laughter.
One person joins the adventurer in guffawing, while someone else tries to put on a brave smile. Still another shrugs their shoulders.
Such unexpected responses stuns Shalem for a moment. She flings the hair clip at the adventurer with all her might.
Shalem: Simpletons, every single one. Nothing I say ever sinks into your skulls.
Shalem: So be it. This way I'll get to see the limits of what mortals are capable of.
Shalem: Heheh. Show me how you'll flail and flounder—
Shalem: ...!
Vyrn: Hellooo! Still with us?
Shalem: What am I doing here?
Lyria: You suddenly stopped talking, sat down, and stared off into space. Do you feel sick?
Shalem: No, I'm perfectly fine. And you?
Lyria: I'm okay. The dust in the cave must've tickled my nose.
Lyria: Um, what about that hair clip?
Shalem: Oh, this...
Vyrn: Hm? Check it out! The rain stopped!
Shalem: It's so blue...
The crew exits the cave and peers at the azure skies vacated of gray storm clouds.
In Shalem's mind, the breathtaking view is like receiving a message of encouragement from her past friends.
As the Dusk Speaker returns to the main island, she clutches the worn hair clip tightly and hopes to make more memories with her present friends.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
邪魔しても無駄だぞ You're wasting your breath trying to stop me.
そろそろ木陰で休むか This calls for a nap under a shady tree.
サハルも海に来てるのか?アイツは何を考えている? Sahar is coming to the sea as well? What is he thinking?
わたちは知りたいんだかつての旅の顛末を… I want to know everything that happened on our past journey...
焼きそばと紅生姜は夫婦の様な相性だな Yakisoba and red pickled ginger go together like a married couple.
かき氷の味は全て一緒…?野暮なことを暴き立てるな All shaved ice flavors are actually the same? Some secrets are better left unexposed.
イカ飯にマヨネーズ…考案者に神の祝福を! God's blessing upon whoever thought to spread mayo on cooked squid!
塩は本当に万能だな全能といってもいい Salt is truly the universal seasoning. The almighty ingredient, even.
(主人公)よセクシャルしているか? Are you feeling sexy, (Captain)?
(主人公)の水着もなかなか攻めているな Your swimsuit is quite bold too, (Captain).