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Official Profile

Npc f 3040080000 01.jpg Jeanne d'Arc (Dark)
Age 19 years old
Height 158 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Embroidery, strolls
Likes Sweet cookies with lots of butter
Dislikes Feminine things (cosmetics, talking about romance, etc.)
During the time of the War the heroes who fought the Astrals in anticipated return in a later age and built a town: Orleans. Fearing re-invasion of the Astrals, the people of Orleans spent their days training. Jeanne is one of those people. She is serious and, above all, trained with much zeal. She was approved by the others and put in change of a troop at the age of 19. One day she received a revelation from a great dragon that told her: "Save the world." When she felt the same dragon's aura from Vyrn, she decided to travel with him and join the main cast on their journey.
One day, Jeanne tried to save a certain village after receiving another revelation. However, forces of the village and the tyrannic lord engaged in a brutal battle, until there was nothing but a pile of corpses left. Having witnessed that, Jeanne started feeling doubt and regret. But her tired heart still wanted to "save the world". She started to think that it is Lyria who's in possession of unique power that needs to be eliminated in order to fulfill the revelation.
Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040080000 01.jpg Jeanne d'Arc (Dark)
Age 19歳
Height 158cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 刺繍、散歩
Likes バターたっぷりの甘いクッキー
Dislikes 女性らしいこと(化粧や着飾ること、恋愛の話題など)


Source [1]

Npc f 3040040000 01.jpg Jeanne d'Arc
Age 19 years old
Height 158 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Embroidery, strolls
Likes Sweet cookies with lots of butter
Dislikes Feminine things (cosmetics, talking about romance, etc.)
Final Uncap
During the time of the War the heroes who fought the Astrals in anticipated return in a later age and built a town: Orleans. Fearing reinvasion of the Astrals, the people of Orleans spent their days training. Jeanne d'Arc is one of those people. She is serious and, above all, trained with much zeal. She was approved by the others and put in change of a troop at the age of 19. One day she received a revelation from a great dragon that told her: "Save the world." When she felt the same dragon's aura from Vyrn, she decided to travel with him and join the main cast on their journey.
Source [2]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040040000 01.jpg Jeanne d'Arc
Age 19歳
Height 158cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 刺繍、散歩
Likes バターたっぷりの甘いクッキー
Dislikes 女性らしいこと(化粧や着飾ること、恋愛の話題など)
Final Uncap
Source [2]

Npc f 3030195000 01.jpg Jeanne d'Arc (SR)
Age 19 years old
Height 158 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Embroidery, strolls
Likes People from her village, sweet cookies with lots of butter
Dislikes Feminine things (cosmetics, talking about romance, etc.)
今回のジャンヌのフェイトエピソードでは、そのキャラクターの過去に触れるという新しい試みをしており、 村娘時代の初々しい一面を見ることができます。ぜひ仲間に加え、その目で確かめて頂ければと思います!
また、村娘姿のジャンヌは 最終上限解放!SSレア「ジャンヌダルク」について
で久方先生が描きおろしてくださったイラストが元になっています。 上限解放するとバトル中のキャラも鎧姿になるので、そちらも楽しんでいただければと思います!
Source [3] [4]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030195000 01.jpg Jeanne d'Arc (SR)
Age 19歳
Height 158cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 刺繍、散歩
Likes 里の人々、バターたっぷりの甘いクッキー
Dislikes 女性らしいこと(化粧や着飾ること、恋愛の話題など)
今回のジャンヌのフェイトエピソードでは、そのキャラクターの過去に触れるという新しい試みをしており、 村娘時代の初々しい一面を見ることができます。ぜひ仲間に加え、その目で確かめて頂ければと思います!
また、村娘姿のジャンヌは 最終上限解放!SSレア「ジャンヌダルク」について
で久方先生が描きおろしてくださったイラストが元になっています。 上限解放するとバトル中のキャラも鎧姿になるので、そちらも楽しんでいただければと思います!
Source [3] [4]

Npc f 3040154000 01.jpg Jeanne d'Arc (Themed)
Age 19 years old
Height 158 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Embroidery, strolls
Likes People from her village, sweet cookies with lots of butter
Dislikes Feminine things (cosmetics, talking about romance, etc.)
Source [5] [6]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040154000 01.jpg Jeanne d'Arc (Themed)
Age 19歳
Height 158cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 刺繍、散歩
Likes 里の人々、バターたっぷりの甘いクッキー
Dislikes 女性らしいこと(化粧や着飾ること、恋愛の話題など)
Source [5] [6]

Npc f 3040245000 01.jpg Jeanne d'Arc (Grand)
Age 19 years old
Height 158 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Embroidery, strolls
Likes People from her village, sweet cookies with lots of butter
Dislikes Feminine things (cosmetics, talking about romance, etc.)
Source [7] [8]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040245000 01.jpg Jeanne d'Arc (Grand)
Age 19歳
Height 158cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 刺繍、散歩
Likes 里の人々、バターたっぷりの甘いクッキー
Dislikes 女性らしいこと(化粧や着飾ること、恋愛の話題など)
Source [7] [8]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday! I am honored to be able to celebrate this special day with you.
I hope I can still be by your side on your birthday for many years to come.


It's possible fate has brought us together for only a brief period of time.
That's why we should always treasure our encounters and time spent together.
Know that even if our paths should ever diverge, I will always keep you in mind and pray for your safety.
Happy birthday. It makes me so happy to be able to say these words.


I am weak. How many times must I inevitably fall? Why can't I shake off the doubt within me?
And yet, you still welcomed me as a crew member and treated me as an equal.
I must return your kind consideration in some way. Therefore I will be your lance of support on the long road ahead.
And I'll find a way to save the world, together with my fellow crew members whose hearts are as pure as the blue skies.
Happy birthday, (Captain). Let's continue forward.


Happy birthday. I hope today turns out to be filled with blessings.
(Captain), you are steadily achieving your dreams. I respect you for that.
Just like you, I hope to push forward, undaunted in my own mission.
Even people like you must find themselves weary of the journey at some point.
When that time comes, I will be a rock for you to lean on.
(Captain), will you do the same for me?
Let us continue on together. We will surely encounter trial and tribulation, but I know that a shining future is waiting for us.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I'm honored to be able to celebrate this special day with you again this year.
Journeying and celebrating together like this is hardly a given.
Only the skies know what lies in store for us—we are but pawns in the game of destiny.
Nevertheless, I want to be able to celebrate this day with you every year from here on out.
That is why I will continue to protect you, (Captain), and overcome any hardships and trials that may stand before us.
After all, how can one protect the peace in the world if she cannot protect even the peace around those closest to her?

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

A year of new beginnings is upon us.
I think it's a fine idea to write down your resolutions as a means of changing yourself. As for me, I hope to find more ways to help the world.


At the beginning of each new year, I reflect upon what it means to save the world.
Perhaps it is not as monumental as I make it out to be.
Simply piling up the small deeds one at a time may be another way to make the world a better place.
At any rate the answer to what I should do next does not come easily.
It's something I'd like to reevaluate at the start of each new year.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
What am I doing? I'm restitching the embroidery on my battle banner.
It's a way for me to bolster my frame of mind at the start of a new year.
Not to mention it allows me to reflect upon myself.
To raise the banner high is to raise one's spirits. It is a time of exaltation.
What if you were to try polishing your own armor? You may just find something new.


Happy New Year, (Captain)! I'm looking forward to another year of adventure with you.
Just as you're constantly helping me, I intend to do everything in my power to become a reliable ally for you.
I know that may seem ridiculous, considering you're the one who's working so hard for all of us.
Even still, whether you realize it or not, whenever we encounter danger, I think the difference between us becomes apparent.
Whenever anyone is in need of help, you're always the one who reaches out to them.
It shows the quality of your character that you have such thoughts, (Captain).


New Year's fortunes? In a way, it is another form of revelation that one must draw carefully...
Let's see... Hmm, it seems I will have great luck this year. While this is a good omen, what's important is the contents of the fortune.
It says... that my wish will come true if I pursue the path I believe to be right.
The path I believe to be right, huh? In other words, to move toward what I myself know to be true...
Or rather, the path that follows my belief, or perhaps to follow the guidance of the creator...
Hmm... What do you think, (Captain)? I'd like to hear your thoughts on how you'd interpret this.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's Day. This chocolate is my appreciation for all your hard work.
Oh, and this one? It's for Vyrn. Can you give it to him?


I hope you enjoy these sweets I made for you, (Captain). I wanted to thank you for all your effort.
You're okay with sweets, right? Good.
That's right, I made these myself. Surprised? Fighting isn't my only area of expertise, you know.
I'm often called upon to take up arms in order to protect the people.
But for once it was fun to hold a spatula instead of a sword. It's been a while, haha...


Happy Valentine's Day, (Captain).
I want you to have this token of appreciation.
Yes, they're handmade, same as last year.
All that banner-waving was beneficial when it came to whisking ingredients. I have great confidence it came out delicious.
Your batch is for you and you only. Everyone else gets regular ones.
Actually, that's not true. I made a special batch for Vyrn too... Well, that's an exception.
In any case, it would please me to no end to hear that you enjoyed them.


Happy Valentine's Day, (Captain). I made you pastry again this year. Here, take it.
Ah, speaking of which, I've heard that it requires exceptional stamina to make sweets.
Now that I think about it, kneading, whipping—there are a lot of techniques that also require strength.
I train for my mission day in and day out, but I've been working out unintentionally too.
Oh, excuse me. It seems I was lost in a tangent. I made this pastry for you. I hope you enjoy it.


Happy Valentine's Day, (Captain). I made something for you this year too. I hope you like it.
Hehe, I'm glad you think it looks good.
You know, if you make something while picturing the smiles of the people eating it, it'll turn out even more delicious.
Even if the ingredients and the recipe are the same, the taste changes completely... That is what my mother told me when I was little.
And I believe it to be true. So, (Captain)...
Look forward to it. I guarantee that it will be the most scrumptious treat you'll have ever tasted.

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

For me, (Captain)?
Thank you. That's very kind of you.
Even though I had the audacity to point my sword at you...
Your forgiveness means so much to me. Thanking you once isn't enough.
I promise I'll stop at nothing to make you and the others as happy as I feel right now.


Oh, (Captain)! It's... It's unfathomable! Master Vyrn imparted me with a gift!
I am aware that today is White Day, but it happened without warning, and I failed to reply adequately...
It was my absolute intention to say thank you. How could I have been so rude...
Hm? Is there something you wish to say?
This is for me? I was not expecting to receive a gift from you either.
Thank you... Truly.
This time I shall properly show my gratitude without fail.
I will stand beside you all as we march forward shoulder to shoulder.
I will not stray from my path a second time. You have my word.


What's wrong, (Captain)? You appear more fidgety than usual.
Are these... butter cookies?
You've uncovered my favorite treat. Thank you. You don't know how much this means to me.
Do you mind if we eat them together?
I believe they'd taste better with company.
And I've been wanting to have a conversation with you every now and then.
Please wait a moment. I'll have a pot of tea brewed in no time.


You're giving me a White Day gift?
Thank you, (Captain).
Just as you endeavor to please me, I too wish that I could make you happy.
But what is it that I must do to delight you?
It's easy to sit around and ponder, but taking action is far more difficult.
At the very least, I will work to make sure I bring you no worries as we go about our adventure.
Perhaps someday I'll find the perfect way to reciprocate your good will.


What a beautiful field of flowers... Its allure cleanses my very soul. I never knew there was a place like this on the island.
Thank you, (Captain), for bringing me to this wonderful place. I'm so happy.
Hm? That's not all you've prepared for me?
...! Tea and butter cookies... You've really outdone yourself!
So it'll be a picnic with just the two of us. Hehe, this is the best present ever.
I'm always surprised by how considerate you are of others, (Captain).
Oh, of course I like it. How could I not?
Enjoying a relaxing time with you... That is perhaps the greatest present of all.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Halloween! What? A trick or a treat?
Hahaha! It would take some guts to play a trick on me. Let's see you try.


Happy Halloween! In town or aboard the Grandcypher—the holiday spirit's everywhere!
Seeing the children having so much fun just warms my heart.
Do you plan on going around playing tricks on everyone, Captain? I hope you have fun!
Hm? A trick on me?
Hah! Well said. Go ahead and try me! Just know you're not getting off easy if you mess up!


I want to give (Captain) a fright, but I don't know what I should do.
I can handle sudden attacks on the battlefield, but I'm not used to this.
On the other hand, watching people having fun on Halloween is truly—
You caught me off guard, (Captain). I'm not surprised by your impeccable timing.
I've made a note of this.
Next time I will have my revenge!


Wow... You really shocked me. You have a talent for spooking others.
Mm? No, no. It's okay.
It's Halloween, so you should have your fun too, (Captain).
But beware—it is my nature to retaliate when I'm attacked.
Hehe. I hope you're prepared, (Captain).
I shall play a counter trick on you.
What? Not immediately of course—you'd be expecting it. Haha. It will be all the sweeter when you're least expecting it.
Do not underestimate the mischief I'm capable of...


Happy Halloween, (Captain). Hehe, did the smell of something delicious catch your attention?
Yes, I'm baking pumpkin cookies to give out to the children in town.
The smiles of the children are the symbol of peace. I want them to enjoy the Halloween season.
Would you like to join me in giving them out to—hm?
Looking at the expression on your face, it seems you'd rather eat them than give them out.
Hehe, I don't mind at all. Have as many as you like.
Oh, let me pour you a glass of milk so you don't burn your tongue on the freshly baked cookies.
After all, your smile is the symbol of peace for the crew. Well then, dig in!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays, Captain.
It's fun to have a lively celebration, but silent nights can be enjoyable too. Whichever you choose, I hope you have a great time tonight!


As a child, I always looked forward to Santa Claus's visits.
All the teddy bears I received back then are still in my room back home.
Teehee... They're all so cute; I couldn't bear to throw any of them out.
Santa Claus has given me so many fond memories with his gifts.
Knowing that the children of today are receiving gifts like I once did warms my heart.


Sincerest greetings to you, (Captain). The streets are filled with joyous chatter on this holy night.
Even so, the number of couples strolling about is most unusual...
Hm? Tonight is also a special time for deepening one's relationship? Ah, that makes sense.
I'm sorry. I can't say I pay much attention to such details.
But there is truth in it.
The holy night should be a blessing. It's best to spend time with someone important to you.
I have to show my thanks for being able to spend this night with you and the rest of the crew.
It's a very cold night, but my heart is warm.


Happy holidays, (Captain). Another festive season is upon us.
People coming together in harmony around a table...
It's such a normal custom, but I hope such warm-heartedness continues next year, the year after, and forever after that.
My wish is to protect people as they go about their daily lives.
I know what I can manage by myself won't amount to much...
But still... If my meager help provides the key to even one person's happiness, then I am sure of this path.


Hm? Oh, (Captain). Happy holidays.
I'm sorry, could you wait just a minute? Thank you. I'll just hang this here... Fix this a little...
There! It's perfect. Look, (Captain)—it's a tapestry, spun into a holiday design.
It has a red and green motif with a cake, Santa Claus, a tree with ornaments...
I made it to depict a scene with everyone spending an enjoyable holy night together. What do you think? Hehe... Thank you.
I pray with all my heart that I can continue spending the holiday season with you and the others... Not only this year, but also in the years to come.
That is why I shall devote myself to my mission... But I suppose that kind of talk would be too solemn for a festive night like this.
Hehe, I apologize. You're right—tonight, let's relax and enjoy the holiday season together.

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

La Pucelle

In the town of Orleans the party met Jeanne d'Arc. She spoke of a revelation she had received in a dream compelling her to enlighten the world. She stated that Vyrn had the same presence about him as the being that gave her the revelation, and she decided to join our heroes on their journey to Estalucia.

Our heroes continued with their journey, gathering the Sky Map fragments possessed by the great primal beasts so that they could make it to Estalucia.
The party search for the location of the great primal beasts, and to set out for a town that had been told of in legends since time immemorial.
Vyrn: This town certainly does look old! And it’s a little depressing, somehow.
Lyria: That’s right, you are very lively, but not excessively so, and are also quite calm in a way.
???: Hey... Travelers are rare around these parts. Welcome to our town, Orleans.
Lyria: Thank you for explaining that lucidly! It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss. I am Lyria.
Jeanne d'Arc: It is a pleasure to meet you, Lyria. I am Jeanne d'Arc. I lead the military in this town.
Jeanne d'Arc: I want you to call for me if you have any problems in the town. I will do whatever I can to help you.
Vyrn: Hey girlie, you are turning out to be a great person! I’m Vyrn. Pleased to meet ya!
Jeanne d'Arc: ...!
Vyrn: What's wrong? Girlie.
Jeanne d'Arc: I-I’m terribly sorry. The presence about you reminds me of that of a certain someone...
Lyria: There’s someone out there like Vyrn? Um, Mr. Lizard...?
Vyrn: H-hey! I am NOT a lizard!!! How many times do I have to tell you that, Lyria?
Jeanne d'Arc: This being was not a lizard at all! It was a great being who gave me that revelation in my dream.
Vyrn: Hm? What you mean by this revelation?
Jeanne d'Arc: You do not know of this, do you. However, this feeling...
Jeanne d'Arc: I did not see his form in my dream... It was all so very vague to me... Yet, there is a resemblance...
Jeanne d'Arc: It is kind of a long story, but this town values tradition, and for that reason I would like to talk to you about it.
Jeanne d'Arc: After the God of Creation who had created this world went to sleep, evil deities tried to invade this world.
Jeanne d'Arc: At the time, of all the people who had been created by the God of Creation, a lone human did battle with the evil gods and defeated them.
Jeanne d'Arc: That person was the progenitor of this town, and is considered a great hero.
Lyria: I see... So the people of this town are the descendants of that hero!
Jeanne d'Arc: That’s right. We take pride in that fact...
Jeanne d'Arc: Thus to prepare for the time when those evil deities may return, we train every day in preparation for a battle to protect the world.
Vyrn: That so-called hero is a legend... So probably just a fairytale, right?! Oh how very grand.
Jeanne d'Arc: As far as we are concerned, the training that we undergo to resist the evil gods is the foundation for our lives.
Jeanne d'Arc: It was a day during my days of continuous training that I received my revelation in a dream. I was commanded to enlighten the world...
Lyria: The world...?!
Jeanne d'Arc: Although it was a dream, the being that gave me my revelation had an incredible presence.
Jeanne d'Arc: The beings divinity and magnificence gave me no room to doubt that the revelation was a lie.
Jeanne d'Arc: And that entity seemed to surpass human understanding, with a majesty befitting a grand king of dragons...
Jeanne d'Arc: I can sense that feeling from you as well. Vyrn.
Vyrn: ...
Vyrn: Wh... WHAAAT?!
Jeanne d'Arc: By telling those around me of my revelation, I gained the support of the people of this town and took on the role of the commander of soldiers.
Jeanne d'Arc: However, I do not know based on my revelation if something will actually happen in this world, nor do I know what to teach.
Jeanne d'Arc: On the other hand, if something has perhaps already occurred... I have not been able to even confirm that.
Jeanne d'Arc: I have been waiting but that entity has yet to provide me with a second revelation...
Jeanne d'Arc: I spent my days anguishing over that, but then Vyrn appeared.
Jeanne d'Arc: I do not know if you are that being himself or his envoy, but please stay in this town and lead us!
Vyrn: Don’t freak me out saying weird stuff like that!
Vyrn: I don’t know anything about revelations or any of that stuff...
Vyrn: Our goal is to go to Estalucia to find (Captain)’s father!
Jeanne d'Arc: Estalucia... That legendary land...
Vyrn: Ah. We got a letter from (Captain)’s father. It said that he was waiting in Estalucia.
Lyria: Though we have other reasons for going there. Right now we are in the middle of a journey to Estalucia.
Jeanne d'Arc: I see...
Vyrn: Therefore, we can’t really stay here...
Jeanne d'Arc: It was said that the evil deities who fomented the Great War long ago had come from the end of the sky.
Jeanne d'Arc: And another name for Estalucia is “the end of the sky. "
Jeanne d'Arc: Vyrn. I feel that it is the fate of you who has the same feel as the great entity that gave me my revelation to go to the end of the sky.
Vyrn: Huh, is that so? I feel that this is all mere coincidence...
Jeanne d'Arc: I think it would be difficult to understand this if you are not someone who lives in this town.
Jeanne d'Arc: (Captain)... You are the master of the airship that Vyrn rides, yes?
Jeanne d'Arc: I cannot think of Vyrn and that great being as having no connection.
Jeanne d'Arc: By being by Vyrn’s side, I would like to discover how and by means of what the world can be saved.
Jeanne d'Arc: Perhaps I will be able to find a clue about that which has vexed me since my revelation.
Jeanne d'Arc: Thus I would definitely like to join you on your journey!
  1. Okay, come with us!
  2. It’s all right, I guess.

Choose: Okay, come with us!
Jeanne d'Arc: Seriously?! As you’d expect, Vyrn’s friends are very kindhearted.
Jeanne d'Arc: Again, I’m counting on you. My name is Jeanne d'Arc... I won’t be a burden on you.

Choose: It’s all right, I guess.
Vyrn: Hey, now! Why do you act so high and mighty?!
Jeanne d'Arc: Vyrn... Is it acceptable for me to come with you?
Vyrn: Uh, well, that... I was kinda joking but...
Vyrn: If you are going to ask that nicely, the all I can do is say, welcome aboard!
Jeanne d'Arc: Again, I’m counting on you. My name is Jeanne d'Arc... I won’t be a burden on you.
Continue 1
Lyria: Yes! Welcome aboard, Miss Jeanne!
Vyrn: Man, we’ve got a real weirdo in our fellowship now! I’m not sure what to make of her...
Vyrn: Ah! That’s right, Jeanne. We are looking for the great primal beasts. Know anything about that?
Jeanne d'Arc: The great primal beasts... I know nothing about that, but let me check the literature. Here it is!
Ultimately in this town where traditions were passed down our heroes obtained no information about the great primal beasts that possessed the Sky Map fragments
However, obtaining an ally such as Jeanne d'Arc who was so passionate about her mission would no doubt prove helpful to the party on their journey.

Grasping Peace

Jeanne is asked by Vyrn to "Stop being so formal". Considering Vyrn to be someone worthy of respect, she finds herself in a quandary. Lyria suggests that Jeanne speak to Vyrn with less formality in the next town, and she accepts the challenge.

Some time had passed since Jeanne d'Arc joined the skyfarers.
On the deck of Grandcypher, Vyrn speaks to (Captain) and Lyria.
Vyrn: Hey... Um, I was wondering if I can talk to you guys about something.
Lyria: Oh, what's wrong Vyrn? You seem a little down...
Vyrn: Hmm... Well, it's about Jeanne...
Vyrn: She's really respectful and courteous when she talks to me but...
Vyrn: I feel like she's TOO courteous and it kinda throws me off. It's a little uncomfortable, you know?
Lyria: Hmm... Now that you mention it, Jeanne does talk to you like she's talking to royalty or something.
Vyrn: That's what I'm talking about! I know she doesn't mean any harm...
Vyrn: But it can be uncomfortable when she always treats me like that.
Vyrn: I didn't give Jeanne the so-called revelation, and I sort of feel a wall between us even though we're friends.
Lyria: I see... So that's what's troubling you.
Lyria: But I think this is something that you need to talk to her about...
Vyrn: You're right... Hmm...
Lyria: Oh! Speaking of which, there's Jeanne!
Lyria: Hey Jeanne!
Jeanne d'Arc: Hm? Ah, Lyria and (Captain). And Master Vyrn, too.
Vyrn: Hey Jeanne... There's something I gotta talk to you about.
Jeanne d'Arc: Yes! Please don't hesitate to command me as you will.
Vyrn: Well... I wanted to ask you to stop being so formal.
Jeanne d'Arc: Formal... You say...? Master Vyrn, you are someone that I hold in regard.
Jeanne d'Arc: I couldn't possibly speak to you without proper respect.
Vyrn: Well... I'm flattered you feel that way, but it throws me off... Do you know what I mean?
Jeanne d'Arc: I-Is that so? What have I done... I made Master Vyrn uncomfortable with my boorishness...
Vyrn: S-See, I don't want you to think of it so seriously like that!
Jeanne d'Arc: Oh... I...
Seeing how troubled both Vyrn and Jeanne were, Lyria chimes in.
Lyria: Um, Jeanne. I have an idea...
Lyria: We're on our way to a nearby island to get some rest, right?
Lyria: While we're there, why don't you try not being so formal when you talk to Vyrn?
Lyria: Maybe if you change the way you talk, your attitude will loosen up too.
Jeanne d'Arc: Be less formal to Master Vyrn? However, I... Well...
Jeanne d'Arc: Yes, if I'm becoming a nuisance to Master Vyrn... I have no choice.
Vyrn: All right! It's a promise, Jeanne!
Jeanne d'Arc: Very well, Master Vyrn!
Vyrn: Hey! This isn't gonna be easy.
Jeanne d'Arc: Ack! M-My apologies.

Grasping Peace: Scene 2

As (Captain) and company heads to the town dining hall, they witness ruffians threatening the residents there. Vyrn attempts to stop him, but has a rock thrown at him. Jeanne is infuriated by this sight and attempts to punish the ruffians.

(Captain) and company arrives at a nearby island and lands their airship so they can get some rest.
Vyrn: Good work everyone! Now let's get some grub!
Jeanne d'Arc: Yes, Master Vy... I mean... Okay... Vyrn.
Lyria: Hehe, Jeanne's trying, (Captain).
Vyrn: Sigh... Well, she'll probably get used to it.
Vyrn: All right, time to eat! Let's race to the dining hall! Ready, go!
Jeanne d'Arc: Wha?! P-Please... I mean, wait for me Mas... Vyrn!
Lyria: Hehe! We should go too, (Captain)!
Vyrn: All right, I see the dining hall... Wait, what?!
Ruffian: Huh?! Did you just tell me to pay up?! Who the hell do you think you are!
Citizen: Ahh!
Jeanne d'Arc: That lot seems to be causing trouble.
Vyrn: Hey! What do you think you're doing?!
Ruffian: Hah, look at this! Shut your mouth, stupid lizard!
The ruffian picks up a rock and throws it at Vyrn. The rock unfortunately hits him in the arm.
Vyrn: Ow! What's your problem!!
Jeanne d'Arc: You swine! First the the citizens, and now Master Vyrn...
Jeanne d'Arc: Unforgivable! I will strike you down!
Lyria: Oh no! Jeanne, it's dangerous to go alone! Let's help her, (Captain)!

Grasping Peace: Scene 3

(Captain) and company learns that the town has been suffering from frequent bandit attacks and decides to help. However, Jeanne d'Arc persuades the citizens that they must win back the peace in their town by their own hands. She leads the people toward the bandits with a purposeful stride.

Ruffian: T-This isn't over!
Jeanne d'Arc: I've memorized your face! Don't ever dare step foot in this town again! Otherwise...
Ruffian: Eeeek!
Jeanne d'Arc: Whew! It seems we've driven them away for now.
Citizen: Thank you...! Those bandits are infamous around here.
Citizen: Lately, they've been coming down to our city and threatening everyone... We didn't know what to do.
Lyria: Really?! That's awful...
Citizen: ... Yes... It's great that you drove them away for us, but they might come back for revenge...
Vyrn: I feel bad for the people that live here. Hey, (Captain). Why don't we take care of those bandits for them?
Jeanne d'Arc: No. We can't coddle them like that.
Vyrn: Hmm? What do you mean?
Without answering Vyrn, Jeanne walks toward the townspeople.
Jeanne d'Arc: What's this? Because you were saved once, you're content with waiting until someone saves you again?!
Citizen: ...?!
Jeanne d'Arc: This is your livelihood that's being threatened!
Jeanne d'Arc: Peace is something that must be claimed and preserved for yourself... Not something that falls into your lap as you wait!
As Jeanne raises her voice, the circle of townsfolk around her start to murmur.
Gradually, the murmurs turn into words of affirmation.
Citizen: That's right... this is our town! We need to protect it!
Jeanne d'Arc: That’s the spirit! We have to fight to win back peace! Follow me!
Lyria: Jeanne is amazing...! More and more people are gathering...
Vyrn: Yeah, but with all these people here, will she be able to protect them all if something happens?
Vyrn: We should go too, (Captain)!
Led by Jeanne, the townsfolk advance toward the mountains where the bandits dwell.
However, they struggle against the bandits which are more accustomed to the mountains and combat.
Jeanne d'Arc: Do not falter! They are outnumbered! Forward, forward!
Bandit: ...
Jeanne d'Arc: ...! That must be their leader!
Jeanne d'Arc: (Captain)! Let us take him down together, and their group will crumble!
Vyrn: All right, let's do it! (Captain)!
Bandit: W-Who the hell are you guys?! That getup... you must be from that town!
Jeanne d'Arc: You fools have disturbed the peace and trampled upon the people's hard work! Now, take your punishment!

Grasping Peace: Scene 4

Jeanne d'Arc feels ashamed when Lyria points out that she forgot to address Vyrn formally. However, Vyrn tells her that he prefers it that way because it makes them feel closer as friends. Jeanne is thrilled when Vyrn calls her his friend. Later that night, the being that appeared in her revelation is on her mind.

(Captain) and company defeats the leader, and the townsfolk succeed in capturing all of the bandits.
Citizen: Now... Now we don't have to fear bandits anymore...!
Citizen: It's all thanks to your help! I don't know how we can thank you...
Vyrn: Well, it was possible because you all worked with Jeanne to corner the bandits!
Vyrn: The townsfolk worked hard, but you did an amazing job leading them, Jeanne! I'm impressed!
Jeanne d'Arc: I was also a commander at Orleans, so handling the likes of bandits was no trouble...
Jeanne d'Arc: It's nothing worthy of your praise... Master Vyrn...
Vyrn: Come on Jeanne! You're back to being all formal again!
Jeanne d'Arc: Very well, Master Vyrn! My apologies.
Lyria: Hehe, Jeanne. When Vyrn wanted us to take care of the bandits for those people...
Lyria: And you disagreed with him, you talked to him less formally.
Lyria: I guess trying to change the way you talk since we got here worked!
Jeanne d'Arc: ...What?!
Jeanne d'Arc: I was not even thinking about it! Did I say something out of line without realizing?!
Vyrn: It's okay! Don't worry about it Jeanne.
Vyrn: I prefer it that way much more! It feels more like we're friends.
Jeanne d'Arc: Friends... Am I, your friend... Master Vyrn?
Vyrn: Yeah! We're journeying together. That makes us friends. Right?
Jeanne d'Arc: I see... You're right!
Jeanne d'Arc: I hope we stay friends from here on as well, Master Vyrn!
It seems it will be a while until Jeanne can talk to Vyrn less formally.
However, through her travels, Jeanne begins to see her friends with something other than veneration.
As the days go by, the wall that Vyrn felt between himself and Jeanne is sure to disappear eventually.
Jeanne d'Arc: "Save the world", huh?
Jeanne d'Arc: Since joining all of you, I've personally witnessed the evils of the empire and various problems across the lands...
Jeanne d'Arc: However, these issues aren't what I'm truly looking for. I have no proof, but...
Jeanne d'Arc: Sometimes it feels as if it was just a dream rather than a revelation...
Jeanne d'Arc: I can still hear that voice, and feel that pressure as if from the dragon king...
Jeanne d'Arc: I can't recall how it looked... No, I remember seeing wings...
Jeanne d'Arc: Wings... Yes, enormous wings like a dragon's. Black... wings...

Otherworldly Invitation

In her dream Jeanne and her Orleans comrades try to save a village. When she hears of suspicious figures in the distance, she assumes them to be the baron's scouts and heads out to rout them.

Jeanne d'Arc previously took leave from the crew to help former comrades in Orleans save an oppressed village from its tyrannical baron.
The crew went to pick her up on an agreed date, but found and injured Jeanne in the middle of the ash the village had been reduced to.
She was in utter shock and despair from her failure to save the village as commanded by her revelation.
The broken Jeanne received a new revelation: to remove the threat of Vyrn and Lyria for the sake of world peace.
Thankfully Jeanne discovered that it was merely a plot set in motion by the Ethereal Presence to take over the world.
Jeanne then worked with the crew to defeat the Ethereal Presence.
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: Ah, Lyria. Is Jeanne asleep?
Lyria: Yes. I just hope she can sleep well.
Lyria: She's been looking awfully pale lately. I hope she'll be okay...
Vyrn: That perverted slimy creep! Manipulating Jeanne to turn against us!
Vyrn: Come at us all you want! But stop playing dirty, darn it!
Lyria: Not being able to save the village was already a lot for Jeanne to take in.
Vyrn: That was all planned by the slimy creep too! Treating people like his playthings!
Lyria: Hm, what's wrong, (Captain)?
Lyria: Right. We should be worried about Jeanne, not the Ethereal Presence.
Lyria: Isn't there anything we can do for her?
Vyrn: Hm, if only we could somehow cheer her up...
(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn rack their brains over the matter, but to no avail.
Meanwhile Jeanne is asleep after being pushed by Lyria into getting some rest.
Jeanne d'Arc: Ugh...
Jeanne d'Arc: (The people of this village have everything they need to work together and lead peaceful lives... But all I see is gloom and despair.)
Jeanne d'Arc: (Everyone lives in constant fear of the tyranny of the baron and his personal guards.)
Jeanne d'Arc: (I must do what I can to restore peace to the village!)
Orleans Soldier: Jeanne! Our soldiers at the perimeter spotted suspicious-looking shadows around the village!
Jeanne d'Arc: Shadows? They might be the baron's scouts. I'll go take a look!
Orleans Soldier: Understood! We'll continue to watch for any suspicious activity!
Jeanne d'Arc: Thank you. I'll be back soon enough.
Jeanne d'Arc: There they are! They don't seem to be part of the baron's personal guard... They must be hired help.
Jeanne d'Arc: You there! Stop!
Hired Thug: Humph. Whaddaya want?
Jeanne d'Arc: I've come to save the village from its oppressive baron.
Jeanne d'Arc: The baron hired you, didn't he? Turn back now or you'll regret it!
Hired Thug: Hah! What's a lil' girl like you gonna do? You're the one that needs to turn back!
Jeanne d'Arc: Don't say I didn't warn you... Prepare yourself!

Otherworldly Invitation: Scene 2

Still in her dream world, Jeanne is so caught up with fighting the scouts that she doesn't realize the village has been set on fire. The last thing she sees in the awful nightmare is the souls of the fallen villagers and soldiers blaming her for their plight.

Hired Thug: Ngh!
Jeanne d'Arc: Don't take it personally.
Jeanne d'Arc: Phew... There could be more. I should check the area for other scouts before returning to town.
Jeanne's hunch proves true. She defeats the baron's hired thugs in the surrounding area.
Having fought them all off single-handedly, her injuries and fatigue build up.
Jeanne d'Arc: Huff... Huff... That should be all of them...
Jeanne d'Arc: I should get back to the village soon.
Jeanne drags her worn-out body along to the village.
On the way back, she beholds a sea of flames extending far and wide.
Jeanne d'Arc: Agh! Those flames!
Realizing the village has been set on fire, Jeanne stands dumbfounded.
Jeanne d'Arc: Wheeze... They set the entire village on fire?
Village Girl: He... Help...
Guardsman: Thought you could get away?
Village Girl: Aaagh!
Jeanne d'Arc: Curse you! She wasn't even fighting back!
An enraged Jeanne d'Arc fights furiously to protect the townspeople on the outskirts of town.
Being severely outnumbered, she suffers a critical wound.
Jeanne d'Arc: Ugh, I must reunite with my allies from Orleans...
Jeanne d'Arc: And... save the village... the people...
Before Jeanne can make it back to the village, she collapses from severe blood loss.
When she comes to, the flames have all but vanished, along with the village.
Jeanne d'Arc: How... could I let this happen?
Jeanne d'Arc: Even the women, the children, the elderly, and the sick... This is a massacre...
Having witnessed the deaths of all the townspeople and the Orleans soldiers, Jeanne nearly collapses but manages to stay up on one knee.
Jeanne d'Arc: Ugh...
Village Girl: Please... help me...
Orleans Soldier: Jeanne... We need your guidance!
Jeanne d'Arc: ...!
Village Girl: It hurts... Ngh... Help...
Orleans Soldier: Aaagh, I don't want to die yet! Please, no!
Jeanne d'Arc: The revelation ordained that I save the village... It trusted that I would be able to do so...
Jeanne d'Arc: And yet I have failed!
Village Girl: You promised you'd save us...
Orleans Soldier: Jeanne...
Jeanne d'Arc: Stop it... Please... I...
Ethereal Presence: Did you really think a foolish weakling like you could actually save anyone?
Jeanne d'Arc: I made a vow to save the world! And everyone in it!
Ethereal Presence: And here you are, and always will be, wallowing in self-pity.
Jeanne d'Arc: That's... not...
Ethereal Presence: Don't be a fool, Jeanne d'Arc. You are no saint. The world doesn't need you to save it. You are...
Vyrn: Jeanne! Jeanne, wake up!
Jeanne d'Arc: Ngh... Vyrn?
Vyrn: Are you all right? You were talking in your sleep.
Jeanne d'Arc: A dream... That was just a dream...
Vyrn: Hold it together, Jeanne!
Oh no, you're not looking too well...
Vyrn: We've an assignment to transport some cargo, but you should stay here and rest up.
Jeanne d'Arc: No, I'll come along.
Vyrn: Hey, no need to push yourself. It's not that difficult of an assignment anyway.
Jeanne d'Arc: Being alone makes me restless. I prefer to be out there in the company of others.
Vyrn: Yeah? Well the more the merrier!
Vyrn: Just remember to take it easy, Jeanne!
Jeanne d'Arc: Of course...
Having woken up from an awful nightmare, Jeanne departs with the crew on an assignment to transport cargo.

Otherworldly Invitation: Scene 3

An act of altruism by the crew shows Jeanne the meaning of true kindness. As she reflects on the thought, the Ethereal Presence once again rears its head.

The crew is attacked by monsters in the forest while transporting cargo.
Jeanne d'Arc: Ugh... Argh!
Monster: Gwaar!
Lack of sleep dulls Jeanne's movements, but she still manages to push back the monsters.
Jeanne d'Arc: Oh no!
Jeanne is within a hair's breath of taking a lethal blow when (Captain) comes in to save her.
Vyrn: Jeanne! Are you okay?
Jeanne d'Arc: Yes! And thank you, (Captain)! I'll be more careful next time!
Thanks to everyone's efforts, (Captain) and company manage to fight off the monsters.
Lyria: I don't feel their presence in the area anymore.
Vyrn: Ugh, the client had us believing this would be an easy job. This isn't what we signed up for!
Jeanne d'Arc: Perhaps it was a lack of explanation on the client's part. Of course we could just drop the assignment here and now...
Vyrn: Yeah, but doing that would trouble the people expecting the cargo.
Jeanne d'Arc: That's... a fair point.
Vyrn: I'll just have to make sure he gets a mouthful from me when we go back to report the assignment!
Lyria: Teehee, I think we should help people in need whenever we can. Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods in agreement.
Jeanne d'Arc: You're all so kind.
Vyrn: Hehe, stop it! You're making us blush! Anyway you can count on us if you ever need help with anything, Jeanne.
Vyrn: Because we'll definitely be counting on you when we need help!
Lyria: Oh, Vyrn!
Lyria: Vyrn's right though. We're here for you, Jeanne. There's no need to hold anything back.
Jeanne d'Arc: ...
Jeanne d'Arc: Thank you.
Having spent too much time fighting the monsters, nightfall comes too soon and the crew decides to camp out.
Halfway through the night, Jeanne gets up to reflect upon recent events beside the campfire.
Jeanne d'Arc: (When was it that I lost the will to help people? I was once no different from (Captain) and everyone else.)
Jeanne d'Arc: (Ever since receiving the revelation to save the world, it's all I've cared about.)
Jeanne d'Arc: (But (Captain) and the others help people out of kindheartedness, pure and simple. They speak nothing of justice.)
Jeanne d'Arc: (Should I not try to be more like them?)
???: ...
Jeanne d'Arc: It's you!
Ethereal Presence: Jeanne d'Arc, you can save no one.
Village Girl: You couldn't even save us...
Orleans Soldier: Are you sure the revelation didn't tell you to send us to an early grave instead?
Ethereal Presence: Look at how powerless you are! Watch as the spirits of those you let die curse you!
Jeanne d'Arc: ...
Jeanne d'Arc: Silence! I've had enough of your senseless prattle!
Jeanne d'Arc: My mistakes and my regrets are mine alone! And I will have you insult me no further! En garde!

Otherworldly Invitation: Scene 4

Jeanne defeats the Ethereal Presence and makes peace with the souls of the fallen villagers and soldiers she couldn't save. (Captain) and company are overjoyed to see her in good spirits again.

Ethereal Presence: Gwaar...
Village Girl: ...
Jeanne d'Arc: I failed to save you because I lack the strength to do so. I am truly sorry...
Jeanne d'Arc: But I cannot be trapped by my past mistakes. Lest I repeat them.
Jeanne d'Arc: After all if I am no longer able to save the people who need saving, then what use am I?
Orleans Soldier: ...
Jeanne d'Arc: To prevent any more tragedies like yourselves, I hereby swear to serve the common people. And this is a promise I vow never to forget.
Jeanne d'Arc: I'm sorry to say I cannot ask you to take me with you at this moment.
Jeanne bows in reverence to the fallen spirits.
Seeing her newfound resolve, the fallen spirits smile peacefully before disappearing.
Jeanne d'Arc: Forgive me... And thank you.
Lyria: Yawn... Good morning, Jeanne.
Jeanne d'Arc: Good morning, Lyria. Did you sleep well?
Lyria: Of course I did!
Jeanne d'Arc: Hm... Don't tell me... There's something stuck to my face?
Lyria: No, that's not it. You seem... somehow different from yesterday!
Vyrn: That's for sure! It's back to the good ol' Jeanne we know!
Jeanne d'Arc: Good ol' Jeanne? Hm, maybe so.
Jeanne d'Arc: Vyrn, Lyria, (Captain). I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused up until now.
Jeanne d'Arc: And I am truly thankful that you've been able to look past my faults and be by my side all this time.
Jeanne d'Arc: To show my gratitude, I will look to the future once again. And I will never stop marching forward this time.
Jeanne d'Arc: To protect the people!
Jeanne's newfound resolve burns bright.
Though she has not forgotten her past mistakes, Jeanne is more determined than ever to push forward and will surely never waver again.

Wedge that Pierces the World

Jeanne is discussing the veracity of her latest revelation when information concerning the Astrals comes in from an Orleans scout. She heads out to Orleans with the crew to learn more.

Having rested up at the inn for the night, the crew heads to the dining hall for breakfast.
There, they find Jeanne once again with a troubled look on her face.
Jeanne d'Arc: ...
Lyria: Umm, (Captain), Vyrn... Doesn't it look like something's bothering Jeanne?
Vyrn: Yeah, I wonder what happened.
Rosetta: Hey, Jeanne? You seem lost in thought. Is everything okay?
Vyrn: Whoa, c'mon now, Rosetta. Isn't that too direct?
Rosetta: Sometimes it's better to get straight to the heart of the matter.
Jeanne d'Arc: Ah, my apologies. I didn't notice you...
Lyria: No worries, Jeanne. And good morning!
Jeanne d'Arc: Good morning, everyone.
Vyrn: Mornin', Jeanne! So what's the matter?
Jeanne d'Arc: It's nothing for you to worry about...
Rosetta: Now we're really worried!
Rosetta: Is it that you don't trust us?
Jeanne d'Arc: That's not it... Hm, perhaps saying nothing would only be a greater burden to you.
Jeanne d'Arc: To tell the truth, I've been receiving revelations through my dreams again.
Vyrn: Don't tell me! Is that slimy creep trying to make contact with you again?
Jeanne d'Arc: I feared the same at first. But...
Jeanne d'Arc: The revelation this time seemed to come from the great one who previously ordained that I save the world.
Lyria: The great one? You mean the one whose presence is just like Vyrn's?
Jeanne d'Arc: The revelation warned me to watch out for one capable of disrupting fate and causality. One who poses a threat to the world...
Rosetta: Disrupting fate and causality...
Jeanne d'Arc: But as I was thrown off course by a false revelation the other day...
Jeanne d'Arc: It's only natural for me to exercise caution this time.
Lyria: But it might be from the same being that gave you the first revelation!
Jeanne d'Arc: Indeed. That's why I cannot simply ignore it.
Vyrn: Hm, I have a suggestion. So hear me out for a second.
Vyrn: It hasn't even told you where or who exactly the threat to the world might be, right?
Vyrn: Why not take it easy at first? If you come across someone who seems suspicious, then you can decide if there's a threat.
Vyrn: Overthinking it like you usually do probably wouldn't be much help.
Jeanne d'Arc: That's true. It's not like I have a lead after all...
(Captain) and Vyrn give Jeanne an understanding nod as they feast on breakfast.
That afternoon a messenger from Orleans awaits (Captain) and company when they return to the Grandcypher.
Lyria: Did something happen in your hometown, Jeanne?
Jeanne d'Arc: Well, not quite.
Jeanne d'Arc: Do you remember the sort of town Orleans is?
Rosetta: Well, you did mention that the town is preparing for the day when the Astrals attack again.
Jeanne d'Arc: Indeed. Orleans deploys scouts to travel the land and watch for possible signs of another invasion by the Astrals.
Jeanne d'Arc: A scout found something of concern the other day. And now Orleans wishes to hear my opinion.
Vyrn: Wow, so they really depend on you there!
Jeanne d'Arc: No, I still have much to learn. Let's not forget the incident in the village the other day...
Jeanne d'Arc: But that's not what I'm trying to say here.
Jeanne d'Arc: If Orleans needs my help, then I must return.
Jeanne d'Arc: Oh? You will come with me to Orleans, (Captain)? But I do not wish to trouble—
Lyria: It's no trouble at all! We're friends, right?
Lyria: Besides we don't want to see a repeat of what happened at the village the other day...
Jeanne d'Arc: Lyria...
Jeanne d'Arc: (Captain), I thank you for your help. Let us make way for Orleans!
The crew steers the Grandcypher toward Orleans.

Wedge that Pierces the World: Scene 2

Ever since the appearance of a mysterious primal beast in a shrine said to be created by the Astrals, unfathomable phenomena such as dogs rising from their graves have been occurring. (Captain) and company set a course for the island housing this shrine to investigate further.

The crew safely arrives in Orleans and heads toward the barracks where the scouts wait.
Jeanne d'Arc: Thank you for your work. What is it that you found?
Scout: I was able to confirm the existence of a primal beast with special powers residing on a particular island.
Scout: The primal beast inhabits a shrine said to be created by the Astrals. And the island itself has deep ties to the Astrals.
Jeanne d'Arc: Can you tell me more about those special powers?
Scout: The island's residents claim that impossible phenomena are occurring.
Lyria: Impossible phenomena?
Scout: For example, you try to pour tea into a cup, only to suddenly find that the cup is already full.
Scout: To give another example, imagine a pet dog rising from its grave. To put it simply, logic does not apply.
Vyrn: The tea example could just be a simple misunderstanding. But a pet dog coming back to life—now that's something.
Scout: Yes. Such occurrences do not happen often, but they've cropped up since ages past.
Scout: And the frequency of such phenomena has been on the rise lately.
Rosetta: ...
Scout: Although the primal beast sleeps in the shrine near the village, I believe its power may be leaking and thereby causing such events to happen.
Jeanne d'Arc: I see... The increased frequency is indeed cause for concern.
Jeanne d'Arc: Very well. I shall pay the shrine a visit.
Lyria: We'll help! Right, (Captain)?
Jeanne d'Arc: Thank you, (Captain). I am in your debt.
Vyrn: Well, let's get going then!
(Captain) and crew land the Grandcypher close to the shrine.
Jeanne d'Arc: Many monsters reside in the forest. Let us proceed with caution.
The crew follows behind Jeanne along a trail leading to the shrine.

Wedge that Pierces the World: Scene 3

Jeanne realizes that this primal beast possessing the power to disrupt fate and causality may very well be the one mentioned in her revelation. When Lyria suffers merely by being in its presence, revelation no longer matters—Jeanne boldly confronts the primal beast purely to save her friends.

The crew arrives at the ruins of the shrine deep in the forest.
Jeanne d'Arc: So it can alter fate...
Vyrn: Hm, did you say something, Jeanne?
Jeanne d'Arc: I was thinking about the primal beast's power as described by the scout.
Jeanne d'Arc: The cup's already full when you try to pour tea... A dead dog comes back to life...
Jeanne d'Arc: Depending on how you look at it, you could say that cause and effect are being reversed.
Vyrn: Now that you mention it...
Jeanne d'Arc: Fates being reversed... In other words, one capable of disrupting fate and causality. One who poses a threat to the world...
Lyria: That matches up with your revelation!
Jeanne d'Arc: Indeed it does, Lyria. The primal beast in this shrine may very well be the threat spoken of in my revelation.
Jeanne d'Arc: But even if that were so, I'm at a loss as to what to do. Can I really trust the revelation?
Rosetta: If you're so worried, why not just let sleeping dogs lie?
Rosetta: From what we've heard so far, it doesn't seem like a reversal of fate is necessarily such a bad thing.
Rosetta: It's possible we'd only be inviting trouble by poking our noses into the matter.
Jeanne d'Arc: Indeed. You make a good point, Rosetta.
Jeanne d'Arc: (Am I... putting too much faith in the revelation again?)
Deep in thought over Rosetta's advice, Jeanne stops in her tracks.
The crew follows her lead.
Lyria: ...!
Vyrn: Lyria! What's wrong?
Lyria: I sense something from deep inside the shrine...
Lyria: It hurts.... Is this really a primal beast?
(Captain) supports a heavily breathing Lyria.
Jeanne d'Arc: ...!
I can feel it... It's coming!
???: ...
Jeanne d'Arc: Is this the primal beast from the scout's report?
???: ...
Lyria: Ngh.... Agh...
Rosetta: Lyria, pull yourself together!
Jeanne d'Arc: What exactly are you! Why do my friends suffer in your presence?
???: ...
Jeanne d'Arc: You disturb fate and causality and threaten the peace of the world! Do you deny it? Answer me!
???: ...!
Lyria: Ugh... Its power is too much...
Jeanne d'Arc: Lyria!
You monster! What quarrel do you have with my friends!
Jeanne d'Arc: It matters not whether you will one day become an enemy of the world!
Jeanne d'Arc: All who threaten my friends will fall to my blade! Here we go, (Captain)!
(Captain) and Jeanne stand side by side, ready to battle the primal beast capable of altering fates.

Wedge that Pierces the World: Scene 4

The crew is delighted to see Jeanne wake up after an unconscious spell following a hard-fought victory against the primal beast. Jeanne is relieved to know that the primal beast will lay dormant for some time, but also realizes she must be ready to confront any other threats to world peace.

Jeanne d'Arc: Aargh!
???: ...!
Jeanne's devastating attack pierces through the primal beast's body.
Jeanne d'Arc: Did I do it?
???: ...!
Unfortunately Jeanne takes the brunt of the primal beast's final blow.
Jeanne d'Arc: Ngh...
Vyrn: Jeanne!
Jeanne d'Arc: Agh... I...
???: ...
Jeanne d'Arc: ...!
I know this presence! You're from my revelations!
???: An impressive triumph over the force that would bring the world to ruin.
???: Your actions have paved the path to a brighter future.
Jeanne d'Arc: You think so? I'll continue to fight to protect the people of the world.
Vyrn: Jeanne! Jeanne, pull yourself together! Hey!
Lyria: Jeanne, please open your eyes!
Jeanne d'Arc: Ugh...
Jeanne d'Arc: Vyrn, Lyria, (Captain)... And Rosetta too...
Vyrn: You took it too far back there! The primal beast attacked you head on, you know!
Jeanne d'Arc: Is that... so?
Vyrn: Do you know how worried we were? Sob...
Jeanne d'Arc: V-Vyrn?
Rosetta: We were worried sick, if you can believe it. We're just you're glad okay though.
Jeanne d'Arc: My apologies. What happened to the primal beast?
Rosetta: Relax. That primal beast won't be causing trouble anytime soon.
Rosetta: You're just amazing, Jeanne.
Jeanne shakes her head with a smile.
Jeanne d'Arc: You speak too highly of me. There is still much for me to learn.
Jeanne d'Arc: After all, that primal beast is likely only one of many threats to the world.
Jeanne d'Arc: Anyway...
Jeanne d'Arc: I could use a long nap right about now.
Lyria: Yikes! Jeanne!
(Captain) holds Jeanne up to prevent her from collapsing.
As the Maid of Orleans herself suggests, Jeanne's battle to fight for the people shall continue.
But with one major threat gone, she's no doubt earned a well-deserved rest.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
大義のために、いざ行かん! For justice we march!
世界を救うために私はなにをすべきか… What must I do to save the world.
私に啓示を与えた方はいったい誰なのだろう Who is it that revealed to me my true calling?
悪神達から空の世界を守るのが私の役目だ It is my duty to protect the skies from evil gods.
正義の名の下に私は戦い続ける! I continue to fight in the name of justice!
ビィ様は私に啓示を与えた方と似ている… Vyrn sounds so much like the voice in my dreams...
趣味か? …そうだな菓子作りや刺繍だ Hobbies? Well, I enjoy sewing and making sweets.
甘いものは疲れた時心と体を癒してくれる Sweets revitalize me when I need it most.
(主人公)、君が守りたいものは何だ? (Captain), what is it you fight to protect?
(主人公)の父上、お元気だと良いな I hope your father is well, (Captain).

Other Appearances

Rage of Bahamut


Jeanne d'Arc

SV Jeanne d'Arc.png SV Jeanne d'Arc E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Deal 2 damage to all enemy followers. Then give +0/+2 to all other allied followers.

Come, all soldiers! I hereby make a vow upon this spear! God is on our side! Our victory is assured!


I hereby make a vow in the name of God! We shall win this battle, even if I must give my life in order to ensure victory! Now come, follow me into the fray!

Class Havencraft
Card Pack Classic
SV Portal Jeanne d'Arc
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other
SV Jeanne d'Arc 2.png SV Jeanne d'Arc 2 E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Deal 2 damage to all enemy followers. Then give +0/+2 to all other allied followers.

Come, all soldiers! I hereby make a vow upon this spear! God is on our side! Our victory is assured!


I hereby make a vow in the name of God! We shall win this battle, even if I must give my life in order to ensure victory! Now come, follow me into the fray!

Class Havencraft
Card Pack Prebuild Decks Set 1
SV Portal Jeanne d'Arc
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Jeanne, Beacon of Salvation

SV Jeanne, Beacon of Salvation.png SV Jeanne, Beacon of Salvation E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Enhance (7) - Deal 3 damage to all enemy followers. Restore 3 defense to all other allied followers.

For the wretched, confined in despair and desolation—I have heard the gods' decree! I shall guide you to glory, and together we shall obliterate the dark!


Swear on the gods' banner, and let despair consume you no longer! A new promised land awaits us—embrace the light of tomorrow!

Class Havencraft
Card Pack Chronogenesis
SV Portal Jeanne, Beacon of Salvation
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Dark Jeanne

SV Dark Jeanne.png SV Dark Jeanne E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Deal 2 damage to all other followers. Then give +2/+0 to all other followers.

There was once a girl who trusted in God. She listened to him, followed his words, and spread his gospel. But one day she found that there was no god on the battlefield.


The girl who cursed God soon returned to the land, her once pure heart corrupted by darkness. Now she rises from the depths of despair, her blackened heart trembling.

Class Havencraft
Card Pack Tempest of the Gods
SV Portal Dark Jeanne
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Dragalia Lost

  • Jeanne's design in Dragalia Lost is based on her original design from Knights of Glory, a now defunct mobile game by Cygames.
  • Jeanne from Granblue Fantasy and Dragalia Lost share the same voice actress, Megumi Han.


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