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Official Profile[edit]

Age 32
Height 180 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Unknown
Likes Playing with children
Dislikes Medicine, doctors
After being rescued from monsters as a child, Jin took up the sword to become like his savior. His greatest wish is to help others, but the daily struggle to make ends meet means he sometimes has to abandon his ideals in the face of reality. From what he has heard, the person who saved Jin called himself a samurai, but Jin doesn't know much more beyond that, up to and including his hero's whereabouts. That doesn't stop him from attempting to emulate the ways of this so-called samurai. Although easy-going and good-natured at heart, Jin has a childish side when it comes to dealing with medicine and doctors.
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Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday. I feel compelled to do something special to honor this wonderful day.
It's thanks to you, Captain, that I have been set upon this path.
I intend to repay that debt, even if it takes me the rest of my life.


Congratulations on growing another year wiser, (Captain).
I look forward to seeing you continue to forge your own path into the future.
I believe the justice I seek lies in whichever path you decide to tread.
But I'm just a rambling old man.
All I really want to say is that you should do whatever feels right to you, (Captain).


Happy birthday, Captain. It is an honor to continue to protect and serve you.
We people are infinitesimal things. Even though people are capable of much, true accomplishments are not achieved alone.
It is only through working hand in hand that we can realize grander victory.
So I give you my hand to forward your own goals, Captain. I am looking forward to seeing how you progress throughout this year.


I'm delighted that you have successfully endured another year of life.
Making it through a year safely is a more difficult endeavor than one might imagine.
Many challenges can stand in your way as you pursue your goals.
I'm so pleased that you have overcome those hardships and stand safe and sound before me.
Happy birthday.
You can count on my assistance until you've accomplished your goals—no, even afterward.
I will do all I can to ensure that we will be able to celebrate your birthday like this each year.


(Captain), I cannot be more glad to celebrate your birthday with you again this year.
Actually, I have prepared a present for you on your special day.
Haha, did it surprise you?
It's a sake I prepared when we first met several years ago.
It's something that gets better with age, and should be of the finest quality by the time you reach adulthood.
I pray for your health and safety until the day we can drink this together, and every day after that.
I, too, will put in my best efforts so that I can celebrate with you again next year, and the year after, and in the years that follow.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year. May this year be just as good as the last.
Now then, enough formalities. Let's eat!


Happy New Year, (Captain). You can count on my support this year too.
Know that I'll be right behind you to the ends of the skies and beyond.
Ha-ha. A little too formal, huh? I just thought I'd say it formally to mark the new year.
We can enjoy the fun times only because there are times when we must focus. Balance in everything is what counts.


A splendid new year to you! I hope that our crew continues to prosper.
I intend to work just as hard as before so that you may successfully find your way to the end of the skies.
Haha... I suppose I'm being overly formal for the first day of the new year. But not without good reason.
A fresh year presents a unique opportunity to begin anew. It truly is a splendid time to change one's attitude.


Happy New Year. Here's to another year of journeying together.
I intend to do my utmost to be an asset to your crew, Captain.
Ha-ha. I apologize for being so formal every year.
But I believe it's important for me to put my feelings into words. I appreciate you being willing to hear me out.
Now then, all this formality is exhausting.
What do you say we replenish our energy by enjoying a delicious New Year's meal!


Auguste's fishermen swim through winter waters as a way of praying for a year's worth of large catches.
I was thinking of doing the same thing to pray for our crew's health and good fortune.
Haha, don't look so worried. I'll come back unharmed.
The cold never bothered me anyway. On the contrary, taking in cool air and cold water is quite refreshing.
It's a good training opportunity too!
Now, I must be off.
... Heave-ho!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Today is Valentine's Day... That must be why Sara and Volenna gave me candy.
Wait... you have some for me too? I am unworthy! Thank you, (Captain)!


Huh? This chocolate's for me?
No, I... Um... Ha-ha. I am grateful for this.
Oh, no, no! I'll gladly take it.
I'm just a bit embarrassed to be getting Valentine's chocolate from such a lovely young lady.
Sorry if I seem hesitant. I'm just a bit awkward when it comes to these things.


What! Valentine's chocolate for me? I... am indebted.
I rely on your help day in and day out, so it comes as a surprise that I would be the one receiving a gift.
Ah, sorry. Focusing on my flaws over your generosity seems uncouth.
Thank you for your kindness, (Captain). I will savor them.


Captain? What is this?
I see, so today is Valentine's Day. Thank you for going to so much trouble. I respectfully accept your thoughtful gift.
Ha-ha. That's odd... Suddenly I feel a bit nervous.
I am a man after all. I am not without my pride.
If I didn't receive anything for Valentine's Day, I suppose I would feel rather depressed.
But thanks to you, I didn't have to feel that disappointment. I'm grateful for your courtesy each year.
Thank you again, Captain. I will savor each bite.

White Day Cutscenes
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Today is White Day, yes? Won't you accept this, (Captain)?
I imagine the others have already given you sweets, so I went with something more savory.
It's thanks for everything you do... which I realize sounds a little matter-of-fact, but I had to make it known somehow.


Ha-ha. Looks like a busy day for you, (Captain). I'll try to keep this short.
Please accept this as a token of my thanks.
I wasn't sure what kind of gift would be appropriate for a young lady like you.
But I picked this out after consulting with Volenna and Sara. What do you think?
You like it? Whew, thank goodness!
I expect to be able to choose a gift on my own next time. I just hope you're not expecting anything too fancy.


(Captain), would you please accept this?
What? It's nothing strange. Just some sweets for White Day.
I went all around the market looking for something perfect, but I wasn't sure what to purchase.
Perhaps I should've consulted with Sara or Volenna before settling on something...
You're just happy to receive something?
Haha. That's our captain for you—as kind as ever. I just hope you actually like them.


Please accept this White Day gift, Captain.
By using what I learned from Volenna and Sara last year as a reference, I selected your gift all on my own this time.
I decided on this one because I thought it was pleasing to the eye... but what do you think?
I think the wrapping is quite charming, if I do say so myself.
Is that so? I'm delighted to hear it! Oh my, I'm so relieved.
That being said, they're sweets, so the taste is obviously important as well.
I hope you will find them to your liking, Captain.
Ha-ha. There are an endless number of things to worry about when giving someone a gift. But I suppose that's part of the fun.

Chocolate Biscuits square.jpg Chocolate Biscuits

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween! You're not getting dressed up, Captain?
Oh, me? I'm always kind of going as a samurai... That was a joke.


Since Halloween comes only once a year, I told Sara to try playing a trick on someone.
But she seemed troubled by it. I guess she's too shy at heart to be playing tricks on others.
(Captain), do you have any tricks in mind that could include Sara?
I think she'd feel more at ease with you and Lyria around.
I'll take the brunt of any trick you have as long as it makes Sara smile, (Captain)!


Ah, hello, Captain. I suppose you are heading out to retrieve candy?
Hm? I look tired? I apologize for my uncomely appearance. In truth, I was helping in the kitchen.
Halloween is a time for pumpkin, is it not? And thusly, I was cutting a large amount of it.
Even a man such as myself would tire after taking on a mountain of squash.
But as long as this brings smiles to the faces of children, then I am satisfied.


Water... Water!

Jin dashes up to (Captain), who quickly pours him some water.

Thank you!
Gulp, gulp... Ahhh!
What a relief... I apologize for causing a scene, Captain.
I never would have expected Volenna to play a trick on me. I played right into her hands.
It looked delicious, but... Well, I'd rather not think about it.
Hm? What's that, Captain? I should return the favor?
Ha-ha! That might be the appropriate response, considering it's Halloween.
Perhaps I'll come up with a little trick of my own!


All right, be careful out there. Sara, Graphos, Branwen! Happy Halloween!
Hm? Oh, (Captain). I apologize for not noticing you there. Happy Halloween!
Yes, I just saw Sara off. She said she wanted to take Graphos and Branwen into town.
I am most glad to see Sara and the others enjoying themselves so much.
However, I made the grave mistake of failing to notice your presence, (Captain). Haha, allow me to make it up to you!
Well then. Would you like to partake in a trick or a treat?
If it's a treat that you want, then I have plenty in store for you. And if you should choose a trick... I'll take anything you prepare for me head-on!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays! It really warms my heart to see all the kids running around so happy.
May you have a most wonderful evening, (Captain)!


I wish you happy holidays, (Captain)!
Tis the season for friends to gather and enjoy each other's company.
When I roamed the skies alone, I was so emotionally distant from everyone else.
So the opportunity to spend the holidays with close friends is a true blessing for me.
Everything should be experienced once—even loneliness. Of course I can only say that because I've moved past it.


Impersonating Santa Claus and passing out presents to children—that is the reason for the season.
And speaking of, I've just come back from fetching a present to put on Sara's pillow.
But entering the bedroom of a sleeping girl seems quite ungentlemanly.
What should I do? Perhaps I shall enlist the help of Volenna. Mmm...


Excuse me, Captain, could I trouble you for a moment of your time?
Thank you. You see, I've been trying to decide on a holiday gift for Sara.
I've been to toy stores, general stores, and clothing shops, but I'm not sure what she would like...
I'm at an utter loss, and now the day is already upon us. How disgraceful...
Volenna is busy preparing dinner in the kitchen, so I can't ask for her advice...
Would you perhaps be willing to accompany me on my shopping expedition?
You have my deepest gratitude. With your assistance, I'm sure I'll be able to figure something out!
And I'll have time to find something for you as well!
That was supposed to be a secret... What a blunder...
Well, the surprise may be ruined, but please let me know if you see anything that catches your eye.
I've set aside funds just for this occasion!


What's this? Santa Claus is almost here, and you're still awake, (Captain)?
I was drinking with Eugen and the others, but now I'm sobering up here on the deck.
I'm not a lightweight by any means, but there's just no keeping up with them.
But that's enough of that. It wouldn't be good for you to become interested in drinking too.
Drinking can be fun, of course, but there are plenty of downsides to be careful of.
You're free to find out only after you've become an adult.
Not that someone like me should be the one telling you that.
Let's head back inside. We don't want to catch a cold right before we head into the new year, after all!

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Aspiring Samurai[edit]

Jin apologizes to (Captain) and company for causing them trouble and then asks to join the crew. Though his reasoning seems naive, his convictions are solid, so the crew welcomes him.

(Captain) meets a man named Jin, who's utterly lost, and helps him find his way.
A later misunderstanding causes Jin and (Captain)'s group to fight, but they manage to clear it up.
Jin: Still, my erroneous belief caused so much trouble for you all.
Vyrn: Aw, don't worry about it! I mean, you were only trying to help people out.
Jin: You're all so very openhearted and understanding. Listen, (Captain)... I have a favor to ask of you.
Vyrn: Oh, what's this? You're asking us nicely? This doesn't seem like you at all.
Jin: Heh-heh... Perhaps you're right, but this is important.
Jin: (Captain), please let me join your crew.
Lyria: Oh no! Jin! There's no need to lower your head like that!
Jin: I see my sudden selfish request has startled you. But I must ask this of you.
Vyrn: Oh? Then you must have a good reason. Why don't you tell us?
Jin: A long time ago, I was attacked by monsters, and a gentleman saved me. I yearned to be like him, so I chose a path of violence.
Jin: But once I became an adult, I found out just how hard life can be. And people need to eat to survive.
Jin: Before I knew it, I was claiming to want to help people, but it was really the money I was after.
Lyria: I guess that was painful for you.
Jin: Precisely. I hated myself, and I only ended up hurting all of you as a result of trying to save so many people.
Lyria: Please don't say that. You were tricked, Jin! You had no way of knowing.
Jin: You're very kind. But it's because of who I am that (Captain)'s willingness to selflessly help others strikes me as radiant and noble.
Jin: I would give my everything and lay down my life to help you follow that path, (Captain). So will you count me among your friends?
  1. I'm no one important.
  2. You know the Erste Empire's after us, right?

Choose: I'm no one important.
Jin: You don't realize the importance of what you do? I guess all that kindness just comes naturally to you, (Captain).
Jin: Heh-heh. That only makes me admire you even more! Please take me with you.

Choose: You know the Erste Empire's after us, right?
Jin: Oho, the Erste Empire, huh? You've gone and made yourself a powerful enemy, my friend!
Lyria: Um... They're only pursuing us because (Captain) rescued me.
Jin: I see. Ha-ha! So you rescued a damsel in distress, did you, (Captain)? I'd expect no less from you.
Jin: It sounds like you need all the help you can get. Please take me with you.
Continue 1
Jin: Ha-ha. Have I embarrassed you? I apologize for pushing my naive ideals onto you.
Vyrn: Ha-ha! Aw, (Captain), you don't gotta be so bashful over a little compliment!
Vyrn: All right! Welcome aboard, Jin!
Jin: Thank you kindly. Rest assured that I shall lend my strength to (Captain) until my last breath!
Thus (Captain) and company gain another reliable ally.
Though a little naive at times, Jin is a strong man ready to sacrifice himself for his ideals. Surely he'll accomplish great things for the crew.

Doctor Visit[edit]

Jin and Lyria catch a cold the day after getting caught in a downpour. The crew tries to take them to a doctor, but Jin runs off unsteadily, refusing to take medicine.

Torrential rain pours down upon (Captain) and company. The rain stops the next day, but there's a problem.
Jin: Achoo! Sorry, my nose was itching. Is someone perhaps talking about me behind my back?
Lyria: ...!
Ugh... I want to sneeze, but it won't come out. Maybe someone's talking about me too!
Vyrn: Hmm... I don't think it has to do with that superstition. Maybe you just caught a cold.
Jin: Impossible! I don't catch colds! Someone is definitely talking about me!
Vyrn: Hey! You look like you can barely stay on your feet, Jin!
Lyria: Ugh...
Vyrn: Hey, Lyria! Don't just sit down here!
Jin: Lyria, I'll carry you if you're tired. Come.
Lyria: Oh, thank you. I'm just feeling light-headed, so I can't walk straight.
Jin: That's no good. Say, Lyria, when did you learn to summon shadow clones?
Vyrn: Like I said, you have a cold! Now let's get you to a doctor!
Jin: A doctor?
Vyrn: Yeah, a doctor! We'll go to a nearby town and have a doctor look at you. Let's hurry so you can get some medicine!
Jin: No.
Jin: No medicine!
Lyria: Eek! Jin! Your shouting is making my head pound! Please put me down.
Jin: Sorry, Lyria. But medicine is the one think I cannot face!
Vyrn: What's the matter? Are you afraid of medicine, Jin?
Jin: Ugh... Anyway! I will not take any medicine! Absolutely not!
Vyrn: Hey! He can barely walk, but he ran away! And he's heading straight for some monsters.
Vyrn: We have to help him, (Captain)!

Doctor Visit: Scene 2[edit]

When asked why he fears medicine, Jin talks about a horrible experience he had with it as a child. Seeing that his problem runs deep, the crew goes to a doctor to get medicine for only Lyria.

Jin: I'm so sorry. I really should have watched where I was going. I caused you so much trouble.
Vyrn: You okay? Now let's take you to the doctor and get some medicine.
Jin: N-no! There's no need for that! I just need a good night's sleep and I'll—Cough, cough!
Vyrn: Hey, Jin... Why are you so afraid of medicine?
Jin: Well, it's a long story... When I was about ten years old, I caught a cold and got treated by a doctor.
Jin: But that turned out to be a mistake. I was still young, and the bitterness of the medicine the doctor prescribed made me convulse in pain.
Jin: I fell down the stairs and smashed my head on a pillar. I had to get stitches.
Vyrn: Wow... That really sucks.
Jin: Ever since I went through that ordeal, just hearing the word medicine causes me to turn white as a sheet. Ugh... I'm starting to shiver!
Vyrn: Whoa, this is more serious than I thought.
Jin: Now do you understand why I'm so terrified of medicine?
Vyrn: Sure, but isn't it inconvenient not to be able to take medicine?
Jin: Well... You're right, but I can't overcome this problem that easily.
Jin: This cold is nothing anyway! I'll recover through sheer willpower!
Vyrn: Sigh... I guess we can't do much for you then. Let's at least go get some medicine for Lyria!

Doctor Visit: Scene 3[edit]

(Captain) and company take a shortcut through a forest on the way to the doctor, but monsters surround them. Admonishing Jin for offering to be a decoy, the crew fights the monsters together.

To get to a town with a doctor as soon as possible, the crew takes a shortcut through a dense forest.
Jin: Huff... Huff... There are too many monsters in this forest. There's no end to them. Cough.
Vyrn: You got that right. I'm sure glad you're with us, Jin.
Lyria: I'm sorry, Jin. I know you're not feeling well either, and we're making you do this. Cough.
Jin: A child shouldn't worry about things like that. Just sit back, and rest behind me... Cough.
Lyria: Thank you. Cough, cough.
Vyrn: Hey, are you two all right? We better rest here for a few minutes!
Vyrn: All right! I'd say it's about time to go!
Lyria: Wait! I sense monsters around us!
Monster: Grrr...
Jin: Blast it... We're surrounded. They must have noticed that we're sick. Cough.
Vyrn: Say what? That means we're in deep trouble! How are we going to get out of here?
Jin: There are too many of them. I'll distract them! Cough... The rest of you, run until you're out of the forest!
Lyria: We can't do that! We'll never just leave you behind and run!
Vyrn: Seriously! We won't leave a friend behind! Right, (Captain)?
Jin: Ha-ha. Thank you. Sounds like I'd better dig deep and get us through this. Stand back, everyone!

Doctor Visit: Scene 4[edit]

The doctor prescribes medicine for Jin and Lyria; Lyria takes it first and insists that it isn't bitter. However, Jin's medicine turns out to be for adults, and its bitterness makes him convulse.

Vyrn: Looks like the examination is finally over. So both of you have colds?
Jin: Yeah, I can't believe I was careless enough to catch one. The doctor prescribed medicine for me too, but should I take it?
Lyria: Ugh... Is all medicine bitter? I don't want that either.
Jin: (The poor girl's terrified. You've got to be a bigger man, Jin!)
Vyrn: Hey! Are you okay, Jin? You're drenched in sweat!
Jin: N-no need to worry. Okay, here I go... (I have to set an example!)
Vyrn: You're finally gonna do it, huh?
Jin: Phew... My mouth is a little dry. I'll need some water first.
Vyrn: Yeah, just go at your own pace
Jin: All right, now's the time! Here I go!
Vyrn: You can do it, Jin!
Jin: Oh... I panicked and swallowed the water. Mind if I take another swig?
Vyrn: Well... Preparations are important...
Jin: Okay... It's time to finally face my old foe!
Vyrn: Gulp... This is it.
Jin: The sun is a bit too bright. I can't find the medicine. Huh?
Vyrn: You gotta be kidding! I'll pour the medicine in myself, so open your mouth!
Jin: Wait! You told me I could go at my own pace!
Lyria: Um... I'll take mine first.
Lyria: I don't want to cause any more trouble for everyone!
Vyrn: Look! She just took it!
Lyria: Huh? This isn't bitter at all. It's actually sweet. Everything's fine, Jin!
Jin: Is that true? Then I guess there's nothing to worry about. Gulp...
Jin: It's bitter! So bitter! Blegh...
Vyrn: Whoa! Jin collapsed!
Lyria: Uh-oh! Jin! What happened?
Vyrn: Oh, I see now! Take a look! Jin's medicine is for adults. No wonder it's bitter!
Vyrn: Yikes... He's out cold. I guess we have to wait until he wakes up.
Jin's inability to take bitter medicine is a shocking weakness.
But the medicine ends up curing both Jin and Lyria of their colds.
Healthy once again, Jin continues to wield his power for (Captain) and company as a trusted ally.

Ninja vs Samurai[edit]

Jin had received a letter of challenge. The party went with Jin to the site of the supposed duel. Leonora came to greet him. Only a meeting of swords could settle things between the samurai and the ninja, she said. Jin was nonplussed, to say the least. With the party’s help, he managed to turn the battle into one of words rather than weapons. But suddenly Leonora had no interest in battles of any sort. All she had was a word of advice. Somehow, both of them had gotten their message across. They exchanged a vow to become better.

One day on the Grandcypher. Having received a letter from a unknown sender, Jin sat with his head in his hands, perplexed.
Jin: Hrm... who would do such a thing...
Vyrn: Hm? Er, Jin? What kind of face is that?
Jin: Ah, Vyrn... I... I’ve received a letter of challenge and I’ve no idea who it could have come from.
Lyria: What?! A letter of challenge?
Jin: Indeed we have...
On it, in a childish scrawl, was a single line: “We shall wager our pride in a fight to the death!”
Vyrn: C’mon... this is a bunch of chicken scratch. You sure some kid didn’t write this?
Jin: But... it seems such a serious letter. There must be some meaning in it. I musn’t be careless.
Lyria: W-wait, Jin... are you going to go to this, um, dueling site?
Jin: Don't worry. All I need to do is clear up a little misunderstanding. Nothing bad will happen.
Lyria: B-but Jin! You can’t know that for sure!
Vyrn: Yeah! It could be a trap or something. We’ll come with you, just to be safe!
Jin: I would be grateful... perhaps you and your friends should come along, (Captain).
And so the party made their way to the site written in the letter.
Jin: Hrm... it seems we’ve arrived ahead of this writer.
Vyrn: Yeesh... it was probably just some kid playing a prank, right?
Lyria: Hehe. But still... it’s good that nothing happened.
Jin: Hehehe. Lyria’s got the right of it. Shall we get back to the ship?
But just as the party prepared to make their leave.
Leonora: Why hullo there! If it isn’t dear Master Jin! Oh, how long I’ve waited for this day!
Jirokichi: Squeak!
Jin: What?! Leonora... it was you who wrote the letter?
Leonora: Oh, for the love of... I could’ve sworn Jirokichi and I’d signed that darned thing...
Lyria: Um... oh... there they are! It looks like two names, I think? But yup! They’re right there!
Vyrn: Oh, jeez... didn’t anyone ever teach you how to write?
Leonora: No need to worry! I’ve no need of a letter now that Master Jin has arrived!
Leonora: But wait... dear fellows! There must be a reason for you to have come with him...
Leonora: Perhaps you could bear witness to our battle?
Jirokichi: Squeak!
Jin: Gah... w-wait just one minute! Would you care to explain why we’re fighting in the first place?
Leonora: Oh? I’ve my pride as a ninja and you’ve your own as a samurai, Master Jin... we must prove once and for all which is the strongest!
Jin: What?! You wish to fight me for that?! We need prove nothing... there’s no need for our pride to turn to bloodshed. Am I right?
Leonora: What’s all this, then?! I’ll not hear it! This is a pretty big deal to me, I’ll have you know! Now unsheathe your sword and be quick about it!
Jirokichi: Squeak!
Jin: Oh, this is vexing... (Is there no way I can get out of this?)
Lyria: Oh, this is bad... what should we do, (Captain)...
  1. A good thump ought to do it
  2. How about you shout it out?

Choose: A good thump ought to do it
Jin: (Captain)... how could you say that?! This is no time for japery!
Vyrn: Yeah! Why don’t you just... um... give proclamations or something?
Jin: ...! Proclamations... that could be just the thing to pique Leonora’s interest!

Choose: How about you shout it out?
Jin: ... and neither of us would need to suffer any injury!
Continue 1
Vyrn: Alright! We’ll take care of this!
Leonora: What’s all this, then?! I do hope you’re prepared, Master Jin!
Vyrn: Hold up! Jin’ll give you a battle... but it’ll be a battle of words. How ‘bout it? I think Jirokichi here knows what I’m talking about. Right?
Jirokichi: Squeak!
Leonora: Oh? A battle of proclamations, is it?
Jirokichi: Squeak!
Leonora: What’s that, Jirokichi? You approve of Master Lizard’s proposal?
Jirokichi: Squeak!
Leonora: I see... then we shall wield our proclamations! The ninja versus the samurai!
Jin: Whew... (Vyrn... Jirokichi... I am in your debt!)
Leonora: And you lot... you shall serve as the judges!
And so the battle began, words flying like so many arrows.
Leonora: Hear, hear! Be prepared to feel the bite of Hail’s Blade!
Leonora: I am Leonora... though I am known to some as Sister Rabbit! Now, dear Master Jin! What say you?!
Jin: Hrm... I seem to be at a loss for words. I am Jin... the Patriotic Wave! ... does that sound about right, (Captain)?
Leonora: Oh, crimeny... what in blazes is that supposed to mean?! And you could stand to look a bit more into it!
Jin: Apologies... I can’t say I’ve ever given any thought to something like this, let alone done it...
Leonora: I see... I suppose we’ve gone and put the cart before the horse.
Jin: If you’d just give me a bit of time... I promise I’ll work hard to become a worthy opponent...
Leonora: Hear, hear! In that case, I’ll take you under mine own wing!
Jin: Thank you... I would be honored, Lady Leonora!
Leonora: You’re in good hands, Master Jin! First thing’s first! We must find a proclamation fit for you!
Jirokichi: Squeak!
And in a moment, a battle of words had turned into a rather odd apprenticeship.
Jin: Jin... my name is Jin. By justice shall I live and by justice shall I die... a ronin wandering this transient world.
Jin: ... though poor in gold, I am rich in spirit. For the sake of the world, for the sake of the people, I pledge to live a life of honor.
Leonora: Hear, hear! Be prepared to feel the bite of Hail’s Blade!
Leonora: I am Leonora... though I am known to some as Sister Rabbit!
Jirokichi: Squeak!
Lyria: You're amazing! Now you both have a proclamation! That’s so cool!
Vyrn: Yeah! Hard to say which is better. Leonora’s is feisty and Jin’s is damned smooth!
Leonora: Well done, Master Jin! I’ve nothing left to teach you!
Jin: Hehe. It was all thanks to you, Lady Leonora.
Leonora: And that’s that! Hrm... I feel as though I’m forgetting something...
Jirokichi: Squeak!
Leonora: What?! The battle...
Jin: Ahaha! Dear Lady Leonora... do you really think all of this is necessary?
Leonora: Urk... b-but...
Jin: It seems to me it would be better to strive to improve oneself for the respect of an esteemed peer than to engage in needless posturing. Don’t you think so?
Leonora: My dear man... what you say makes a fair bit of sense...
Jin: Hehe. And perhaps next time I could repay the favor... what would you say to a lesson in swordowrk?
Leonora: Kyahahaha! A fine proposal! I’ll be looking forward to it, Master Jin!
Jirokichi: Squeak!
Vyrn: Welp... looks like things worked out without anyone getting cut.
Lyria: Yeah! Jin and Leonora make such a good match!
And so Jin and Leonora began to meet up regularly, each sharing their skills with the other.
Samurai and ninja united. Perhaps it wouldn’t take long for the strange duo to be known all over the sky.

Side-scrolling Quotes[edit]

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
さぁ、参ろうぞ! Let's get a move on!
あの御仁にはまだまだ及ばん… I still have quite a way to go...
この程度某には造作もない An effortless victory!
いざ、尋常に! Have at you!
ここは某に任せろ! I've got this!
いやはや難儀な道だ… Quite an ordeal I have chosen...
畢竟、全ては己次第ということだ In the end, we must question ourselves...
魔物など某がすぐに片付けてしまおう I will deal with these monsters in a flash.
(主人公)殿は心の広い御仁だな… You're much too kind, (Captain).
(主人公)殿のため身命を賭そうぞ! I gladly put my life on the line for (Captain)!

Other Appearances[edit]

Tales of Asteria[edit]


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