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Official Profile

Age 17
Height 162 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Archeology, folkloristics
Likes Things with feelable history
Dislikes Research obstacles

Character Release

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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 17歳
Height 162cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 考古学・民俗学の研究
Likes 歴史を感じられるもの
Dislikes 研究の邪魔になる存在

Character Release

Source [1] [2]





  • "Johann" is the Germanized form of the Hebrew name (Yohanan), meaning "God is merciful".[3][4]
  • Most of Johann's ability names are derived from Sanskrit.
    • The exact meaning of "Salva Virama" is unknown; in Sanskrit, "Sālva" (साल्व) is usually the name of a person or place,[5] while "Virāma" (विराम) means "stop".[6]
    • "Prakṛiti" (प्रकृति) is a concept in Hinduism that represents "nature" or "primal matter".[7]
    • "Rishabha" is one of Vishnu's 24 avatars in Hinduism. In some Vedic literature, Rishabha is an epithet for Shiva.[8]
    • "Maalouf" is an Arabic surname derived from the word "Maayuf" (معيوف), or "left out".[9]

Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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A most hearty happy birthday to you!
A person's history is entangled with the world's, just as a thread is woven into a tapestry.
I sincerely wish only the best for you in the future.


Happy birthday, (Captain)! I suspect I said this to you last year, but the accumulated experience of all the days you've lived through is what makes you who you are. That I managed to have some small effect on another one of your years is, well... I suppose you could say I'm proud. May the year that starts today be even better than the last, (Captain).


Happy birthday, (Captain).
It's been some time since this crew took me under its wing.
As I look back on our time together, meeting you was the turning point in my life.
Essentially, your existence is the pivotal requisite in history's timeline.
Thus the day of your birth holds a greater significance, especially to me.
To have been able to meet you amid the flowing time of this huge world is nothing short of gratifying!


Hm? Oh, (Captain). Sorry, I was just lost in thought.
Today is your birthday, is it not?
Has it already been four years? I've thoroughly enjoyed our adventures which have taken us through so many ups and downs.
And I expect that others will find traces of what we have accomplished.
When those traces are found, what will the finders think of us?
Here I go again. Rambling on...
Oh, but think of the research that will be needed to understand what we did together!
You know! I'm jealous of the researchers of our future!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Time flies... It's already been five years—or should I say, it's only been five?
In our journey together, every single day passes by in a flash.
It truly is an adventure packed with countless experiences that will no doubt become a valuable part of history.
I wouldn't be surprised if you end up appearing as a hero from a fairy-tale to researchers in the future.
I am very honored to be able to personally witness this history as it is being spun.
Heheh. After all, this is something only a person traveling together with you can experience!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Another year is upon us, which means we're that much further from antiquity.
My resolution is to see all the ruins of old before they vanish.


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
We've come to the start of another year, yes? How wondrous.
Last year was quite fruitful. What astonishing discoveries and mysteries await me this year? I can hardly wait to find out!


Say, (Captain), will you partake in a New Year's custom from a different land? All you have to do is write down your resolution for this year.
Yes, I even have the materials all prepared for you. Go for it.
Phew, I'm all done. How about you, (Captain)?
Hahaha. Oh no, I'm not laughing at your resolution.
Someday in the distant future, someone is bound to see our mementos of the past.
I wonder what that person will think of us.
I get the strangest sense of elation when I imagine myself as a small part of the larger tapestry that is history.


(Captain), happy New Year.
It's the start of a new time. What will you do with it? Last year you wrote down a resolution...
Since then I've read quite a few texts and found other quite varied traditions...
Some that have lasted, some that have changed, and some that have vanished...
So many different cultures have crossed so many unique roads. It really is fascinating.
The me of the past would have stopped there.
But now I have you and all the members of the crew.
Why stop at talking when there are so many things we could do together!
That would give me the chance to really feel everything I read for myself!


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Are you surprised? This enormous feast of food laid out before you is today's breakfast.
I'm afraid this is my fault. A few crew members listened to my explanation of a region which enjoys twelve meals for New Year's Day, and they all decided to replicate the tradition.
They wished to incorporate every kind of food possible, so they're busy researching other cuisine at the moment.
Oh, there's nothing to worry about! I've come prepared with stomach medicine in case anyone needs it.
So we can eat to our heart's content and relax into the new year.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Feasting on sumptuous morsels only improves my thought processes.
Oh? Today is Valentine's Day, isn't it?
These chocolates are for me? I'm not a fan of eating while reading, you know.
But it's from you. I suppose I'll accept.


Hm, I'm not sure I understand the meaning of this passage. Looks like the previous page is missing.
Oh? Why hello, (Captain). Can I help you with anything? My research has hit something of a snag, and—hm?
Mm, what's that smell? Oh, are you giving me chocolates again this year, too?
Heheh. Not a bad time to take a break, I suppose. Thank you very much, Captain.


Ah, (Captain). Is this a Valentine's Day present?
Thank you! With this I think I can finally be at ease.
Hahaha, to tell you the truth, my heart was palpitating in the days leading up till now.
It interfered with my research. But now that the anticipation is done with, I can go back to focusing solely on my work!
I have some texts that I wish to study, so I'll be leaving now.
Oh, and thank you again for the chocolates, (Captain)!


Oh? (Captain). Why, is it Valentine's Day already?
I'm grateful for your gifts every year. I really am.
I remember every item you have ever given me, (Captain).
Those presents represent the history between us after all.
Haha. You know, I always forget things that I have no interest in.


Hmm... I can't puzzle this out. If I go back to the description here, the explanation contradicts with this...
Whoa! (Captain), how long have you been here for?
I'm sorry. I was so busy with my research that I didn't even notice you come in.
Oh my, something smells sweet... That's right, it's Valentine's Day, isn't it?
Thank you very much. I'll savor this.
You know, whenever I eat the chocolates you give me, I'm able to push past any obstacles in my research.
Hehe, it's strange, isn't it? I really do appreciate these sweets every year, (Captain).

White Day Cutscenes
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I made this as a thank-you gift for Valentine's Day. It's all yours if you want it.
Today's White Day after all. I recreated this dessert from an ancient recipe.
It may be a little bland and unsophisticated, but it's not half-bad.


This is for you, (Captain). I made it for you in return for Valentine's.
I'm quite a bit more confident about how it turned out compared to last year's.
My original intent was to recreate a recipe I found in an ancient tome. Quite the enjoyable diversion, if I do say so.
I suspect my research may end up playing a part in the kitchen as well. I'm sure those who already find themselves in the thrall of the kitchen will agree.


Since it's White Day, I want to show you my appreciation with a little gift, (Captain).
Yes, indeed, I did handcraft everything again just like last year, but with a small exception. I know you'll love it!
You see, I didn't consult any ancient texts this time around. Instead I went in pursuit of genuinely delicious sweets.
It's a special day, after all. A day of excitement not just for me but for you as well.
But who knew the world of cooking could be so deep! Even within the confines of sweets, there exist multitudes of recipes...
Oops, forgive me. You can't help rambling when you're a scholar at heart.


All right, (Captain), please accept this! And eat it!
Making sweets really does get more fun with the years.
I've made something amazing again this year as well! I paid attention not only to the taste but the overall look.
I promise you this is an improvement from last year!
It's strange... Aside from research, there is nothing that catches my attention as much as this.
Hahaha. This might be what others typically call a hobby of sorts!


Take a look at this, (Captain)! I've made a masterpiece this year, wouldn't you agree?
You could even call it a work of art—an achievement befitting of a professional!
Go on, have a taste!
Hehe, you appear to be enjoying yourself immensely.
Truthfully, that pleased look on your face is precisely the reason I made such a refined treat for the occasion.
As for next year, well... It's only natural for a person to want to make more when their hard work is received so well.
Hehe, I'll be sure to create a treat with no equal! You'll devour it without leaving a single crumb behind!

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Halloween!
Haha! This is my first Halloween, and I am truly impressed! Look at all these great costumes!


Happy Halloween, (Captain)! We find ourselves at the cusp of another night of shocks and surprises!
My experience last year, coupled with my research into various ancient tomes, has made me into a veritable Halloween meister in record time!
First step—costume. I prepared one for you as well, (Captain). Let the spooking commence!


"Trick or treat" is the usual saying during Halloween, but why?
Many thoughts came to mind, so I decided to look into the origin of the phrase.
Halloween was originally established as a commemoration for the souls of the departed.
As such, it seems slightly inappropriate to be begging for candy on a hallowed day, doesn't it?
After further research, I found out that the candy was actually an offering of appeasement to the souls.
People who didn't receive candy weren't the ones playing tricks on others—it was the work of the deceased!
As far as the dead were concerned, the living had no right to play practical jokes on anyone during Halloween.
A lot of children do this, though, without knowing its history.
Ah, but it makes sense that they'd wear costumes while saying trick or treat... Hmm... This is interesting...


Halloween really is a beast of its own.
(Captain), what if the dead really were to come back...
And we could communicate with them. With who and what would you discuss?
You ask me?
Hmm... I find it difficult to name only one person...
But I might say... Anyone who knows something about a past I'm interested in.
And I'd like to test the validity of my research.


Happy Halloween, (Captain).
That large pumpkin... Ah, I see. It’s a jack-o'-lantern, isn't it?
Speaking of which, do you know of the legend behind the jack-o'-lantern?
It's a legend on the origins of the jack-o'-lantern that has been passed down for generations on a certain island...
They say the jack-o'-lantern is based on a certain devious man who, unable to move on to the afterlife due to the grievous sins he had committed, wanders this world with a lantern.
And the lantern he holds is said to be made from coal and a dried turnip that he received from a demon.
That's why, in the region where this legend is from, jack-o'-lanterns are made using turnips and put out on Halloween.
Heheh. Has this story made you interested in the decorations involved with the Halloween season, as well as the treats?
Knowing the stories behind the different Halloween decorations just might make your walk in town that much more enjoyable.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays.
It seems that this holiday has been celebrated for a long time. I wonder when it originated?
I imagine it was much different back then.
Now all of the cultures from around the Sky Realm have mixed together to come up with what we see today. Amazing, don't you think?


It seems the holiday season is upon us once again.
I must confess I've been rather preoccupied with my research as of late, and lost track of time completely.
Heh heh... I can hear such lively voices outside. And I imagine you came here to bring me with you, yes? Let's go join the crew together.


Seasons greetings, (Captain)! Holidays only come once a year, so let's make the most of them!
Is it out of character for me to say that?
Haha, guess it shows how long I've been a member of this crew.
I've gotten used to being a reveler. I might as well act the part and be merry.
Plus, I could probably use this experience as inspiration for my research!


Happy holidays, (Captain).
This is a beautiful night. It's cold out, but the sky is clear, and I feel like I can hear the sound of the stars.
It's like my mind is hypersensitive... I might even make real progress with my research!
I must be going to my room!
Don't mind me. Everyone have a lovely evening!


I must apologize for dragging you along with me on this walk, (Captain).
My research hit a bit of a wall, so I needed a change of scenery to help clear my head.
I must say, however, that the holiday decorations around town are absolutely astounding.
The history of all living beings is reflected in these countless sparkling lights.
Hm? Is it... snowing? I suppose it makes sense, considering it suddenly became colder.
We should head back before we catch colds. With my head plenty cleared, I'm feeling quite optimistic about making more progress in my research!
Have a wonderful evening, (Captain)! May this be a holy night to remember!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Boundless Mystery

Travelling to the Hall of Knowledge on Siero's request, the crew meets Johann, whose ancient Astral staff makes him a constant target of thieves. He reveals an ancient manuscript depicting a floating ruin outside Phantagrande, and requests the crew bring him along in pursuit of ancient secrets.

Sierokarte: Hello, everyone!
Vyrn: Whoa, you scared me, Siero! Talk about a knickknack attack... So, what's up?
Sierokarte: As a matter of fact, I have an emergency request for you, (Captain).
Sierokarte: I realize it's short notice, but I need you to pay a visit to the Hall of Knowledge as soon as possible!
Lyria: As soon as possible? Oh gosh, did something happen?
Sierokarte: I'm afraid I can't say much about that. You'll understand when you get there.
Sierokarte: Now off you go!
Lyria: Siero, wait! Aw, she's gone...
Vyrn: Good grief... Anyway, let's head to the Hall of Knowledge!
Lyria: So um, Siero said we'd understand what's going on when we got to the Hall of Knowledge, right?
Johann: It's been too long, my friends!
Vyrn: Oh? Why, if it isn't Mr. Scholar!
Lyria: Yay! We haven't seen you in forever, Johann!
Johann is a folklorist focused on the study of myths and traditions, along with ancient structures and languages.
Our heroes once served as his protectors for an investigation of the mysterious ruins on Lognos Island.
Vyrn: Anyway, it's good to see you again! Taking care of yourself okay?
Johann (Event) is a crew member

Johann: Hm, yes. Much has transpired since we went our separate ways.
Following their investigation of the ruins, the crew worked with Johann for a short time.
Johann: I believe it may be quite enlightening to work with someone else for a change.
Johann: My knowledge of the language of the Astrals should prove quite useful to you.
Ever since Johann went off on his own investigation, the crew has heard nothing from him.
Vyrn: Geez, you could've tried contacting us! We were worried about you!
Johann: Terribly sorry, but I was being pursued, limiting my actions considerably.
Lyria: What? Bad guys were after you? Are you okay?
Johann: I may have mentioned it before, but this staff of mine is an artifact of the Astrals. Plenty of people want to get their hands on it.
Johann: But no need to worry. I'm still in one piece, as you can see.
Vyrn: Heheh, happy to hear it!
Johann (Event) not in crew

Johann: Yes, I've traveled to countless places since then.
Vyrn: So what's up? Investigating the Hall of Knowledge again?
Johann: Not quite. I'm here less of my own volition, and more because I'm being chased.
Lyria: Chased? But why?
Johann: Perhaps I forgot to mention it, but this staff of mine is an artifact of the Astrals.
Johann: Many unscrupulous individuals want it, either to sell for a profit, or to use it for their own dastardly ends.
Vyrn: Holy smokes, it sounds like you're in some pretty serious danger!
Johann: It's a bother, I'll grant you, but there's no need to worry. I'm still in one piece, as you can see.
Johann: Regardless of the circumstances, what matters most is the miraculous location we find ourselves standing in!
Johann: Truly a place deserving of its name!
Vyrn: Whoa, I think he's gonna start giving a speech or something...
Johann: Sierokarte helped me take refuge from my pursuers, and my time here has been quite profitable.
Johann: Through my travels thus far, I have focused on investigating ancient ruins and other remnants of the past.
Johann: But this time, by taking my time, sitting myself down, and immersing myself fully into the world of the written word, I've had a breakthrough.
Johann: The knowledge I could not obtain during my journey is mine at last!
Vyrn: Whew, that's good to hear, at least.
Johann: Indeed, there exist few books with detailed accounts of the age of myth and the Astrals.
Johann: But with the texts here, I now have a view, however incomplete, of the larger picture.
Johann: Relying on my wits, intuition and experience, I have begun to unravel the incomplete puzzle at the heart of these mysteries...
Johann: Truly, could there be a better, more appealing cause for me to dedicate myself to?
Vyrn: Um, Mr. Scholar? About that—
Johann: Take this book, for example! The writings here indicate—
Vyrn: Hey! Will you give it a rest for a second?
Johann: Eep! Is something the matter, Vyrn? Why are you shouting?
Vyrn: Do I need to write this out on a chalkboard or something?
Vyrn: You didn't seriously call us all the way out here just to tell us about your favorite books, did you?
Johann: Er, yes, pardon my overzealousness. Allow me to get straight to the point.
Johann: Please have a look at this.
Johann opens a book and shows it to the crew.
Vyrn: Hm? You want us to look at this picture?
Lyria: It looks kind of like a wall. Some sort of ancient ruin?
Johann: Correct. This appears to be a massive, floating ruin.
Vyrn: Say what? Not an island, but a ruin that floats?
Johann: I'm not entirely sure how much of what's written here is based in reality, but... yes, that's the idea.
Lyria: Wow, does something like this really exist?
Johann: This ruin appears to exist not within Phantagrande, but in some other skydom entirely.
Vyrn: Now I get it! This is one epic tale you're weaving, Johann!
Johann: The relics of the Astrals surely exist across the whole of the sky.
Johann: I want to see all of them with my own two eyes, and investigate them myself!
Vyrn: Staying cooped up indoors must've given you cabin fever.
Johann: That said, there's something I wanted to discuss with you, (Captain).
  1. Nah.
  2. What is it?

Choose: Nah.
Johann: B-but I haven't even said anything yet! At least listen to what I have to say!

Choose: What is it?
Johann: I have a request for you all.
Continue 1
Johann: You're all on a journey to Estalucia, the Island of the Astrals, yes?
Lyria: Right! We're gonna make it there no matter what!
Johann: Which means you're going to cross the Grim Basin into other skydoms, correct?
Vyrn: Heheh, that's right! That's why we collected all those Sky Map pieces!
Johann: In that case, please allow me to travel with you.
Johann: That seems the most expedient course of action if I wish to travel to other skydoms.
  1. What to do, what to do...
  2. I'm not really feeling it.

Choose: What to do, what to do...
Johann: What? Is the idea of my traveling with you... unpleasant?

Choose: I'm not really feeling it.
Johann: T-this cannot be...
Continue 2
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain), do you really need to make fun of the guy?
Johann: Do you... find joy in tormenting me?
Lyria: Now, now, (Captain). Let's have him join the crew!
  1. With open arms!
  2. Fine, I guess...

Choose: With open arms!
Johann: Thank you so much!

Choose: Fine, I guess...
Johann: You... guess?
Johann: Honestly, you could have just said no...
Vyrn: Aw, no need to get so down, Johann. (Captain)'s just joking.
Lyria: Right! Welcome aboard, crewmate!
Johann: In that case... Thank you, Captain.
Continue 3
Johann: I will do everything I can to use the knowledge I've accumulated from my travels to the benefit of the crew.
Vyrn: Ha ha, sounds like you're gonna be one handy bookworm!
And so, Johann, the Astral-bound folklorist, joins the crew.
His knowledge will doubtless prove useful to the crew in their coming adventures.

A Folklorist's Wrath

Johann is intrigued by a particular item in an antique shop. However, when he points out that it is a stolen antique, the enraged shopkeeper sics a group of thugs on the crew.

Lyria: Wow, it's really bustling here!
The party walks through a busy town square lined with shops.
Johann: Indeed. Sometimes walking through such a disorderly tumult is just what one needs to feel at ease again.
Shopkeep: Hey! You there! Yes, you! Get a load of these wares! We're selling everything from the latest fashions to precious antiques!
Lyria: Oh my gosh, that's quite the selection you've got!
Vyrn: Well well, lookie here...
Johann: I highly doubt we're going to find anything truly valuable in a place like... Wait.
Johann: Is this what I think it is?
Vyrn: Hm? Something catches your eye, buddy?
Lyria: Um, is that some kind of antique? It looks incredibly old.
Vyrn: Check it out! There's something written on it in the language of the Astrals!
Shopkeep: Ah, I see you have quite the eye! Yes, that is a particularly valuable piece! Quite old, as well!
Johann: Oh? How old is it, exactly?
Shopkeep: Hm... Several hundred years, if I had to say.
Johann: Does that place it before or after the War?
Shopkeep: Er... Not before, not after! Directly around that time period, from what I've heard!
Johann: From what you've heard, eh?
Vyrn: Hey, Mr. Scholar, is he right?
Shopkeep: I ah, take it you have an interest in antiques, young man?
Johann: Yes, that's right.
Shopkeep: Then you may be interested to know that I have certain... special connections that allow me to get my hands on items like this.
Johann: These special connections of yours wouldn't happen to be bandits, would they?
Shopkeep: Excuse me?
Johann: This relic is stolen. You only care for the profit you can make off of it.
Johann: Oh, and by the way, it's at least 1,000 years old.
Vyrn: Hey, that means this guy's selling stolen goods illegally!
Shopkeep: Hold on now, let's be careful with the accusations!
Johann: Accusations? Don't make me laugh. It would serve you well to do your homework before doing business of this nature, shopkeep.
Shopkeep: Why, you little... Just because you know a thing or two about history doesn't mean you get to tell me how to run my shop!
Shopkeep: My good friends here will teach you that lesson themselves!
Johann: Sigh. Resorting to violence, I see.
Johann: Sorry for the trouble, (Captain), but I don't suppose you could lend me a hand?
Vyrn: Yeah! These guys need a better business beatdown!

A Folklorist's Wrath: Scene 2

It is revealed that the shopkeeper's stolen items originate from a ruin Johann explored previously—puzzling, considering the official nature of the excavation happening there now. Concerned, Johann leads the crew to the dig site, where they fight with a clearly malicious group of thugs.

After bringing the shopkeeper and his hired thugs to the town peacekeepers, the crew returns to the Grandcypher.
Vyrn: It's too bad about what happened, but I'm still impressed you were able to tell that antique was stolen, Mr. Scholar.
Johann: I only needed a glance to tell it didn't belong with the other items on the shelf.
Johann: Besides, I've seen it before.
Lyria: You have? Where?
Johann: It was unearthed from some ruins during an excavation I participated in not too long ago.
Vyrn: Ooh, that so? What's going on with that ruin now?
Johann: I imagine an investigation team is continuing excavations and research on it as we speak.
Lyria: But if a stolen relic from the ruins showed up here...
Johann: Indeed. Why would something from the dig site end up in a place like this?
Vyrn: Uh-oh. You think something went down at the excavation site?
Johann: Entirely possible. Unfortunate as it may be, ruins have long been the target of robbers and other besmirchers of history.
Johann: But this is different. A nationally sanctioned team was responsible for that excavation. They wouldn't smuggle relics out of the dig site.
Johann: Whatever's going on here, we may have to intervene.
Vyrn: Got it! Can't let the bad guys get away with this one, Mr. Scholar!
Johann: Ah, I had a feeling you would agree with me!
And with that, Johann leads the crew to the excavation site.
Vyrn: Geez, even I can tell how wrecked this place is just by looking at it.
The crew is shocked to find the ruins in total disarray. Hardly what they would have expected from an officially sanctioned excavation.
Johann: This is awful! Do they not realize what a precious historical resource this is?
Lyria: It doesn't even look like the excavation team is here.
Vyrn: Hard to tell what's going on if the excavators and thieves are nowhere to be found.
Johann: Wait. I hear footsteps.
Thugster: Who the heck are you buttheads?
Vyrn: Uh oh, we've got company!
Thugbert: All right, who gave you pipsqueaks permission to be here?
Johann: You don't appear to be part of the excavation team.
Lyria: Does that mean they're the robbers you mentioned?
Thugster: What're these chumps running their mouth about?
Thugbert: Beats me, but we can't just let 'em do what they want in here!
Johann: My, my... Speak for yourselves.
Vyrn: Dang, they seem serious! En garde!

A Folklorist's Wrath: Scene 3

Rude remarks from the thieves push Johann's simmering anger over the boiling point. (Captain) and company arrest the thieves, and find out the excavation crew fell into the grip of black market bandits, a fact that inspires Johann to explore more ruins before the same fate befalls them.

Thugster: Aieee! Have mercy, please!
Thugbert: Gah, we've gotta run!
Thugster: Hey, what's the big idea?
While trying to escape, several items that appear to be relics from the excavation site fall from the thug's pockets.
Thugster: C'mon, forget that junk and run!
Johann: Did I hear you correctly just now? Did you just refer to those precious artifacts as junk?
Thugbert: Yeah? So what?
Johann: Do you have any idea how priceless those relics you're so casually mistreating are?
Johann: You hadn't the slightest idea when you grabbed them, did you?
Johann admonishes the thugs with cold, calculated severity.
Johann: You have no respect, no understanding of the creations of the past. But that wasn't going to stop you from stealing them.
Johann: This isn't something I can easily forgive. I don't think I'm capable of offering people like you an olive branch.
Johann readies his staff, pointing it in the thugs' general direction.
Thugster: Eep!
Lyria: Wait, Johann! You don't have to do this!
Vyrn: Yeah, wouldn't it be better to bring these guys in and grill 'em for information?
Johann: You're right.
With a sigh, Johann slowly lowers his staff and drops to one knee.
From among the items dropped by the thugs, he picks up a single stone tablet, turning it over in the palm of his hand.
Johann: "No sin goes unpunished by the stars."
Vyrn: Um, care to explain what that means?
Johann: It's written on this tablet. A message inscribed in the language of the Astrals.
Johann: Those men will one day pay for their crimes. As it is written.
Several days later...
Johann: We've learned a few things after looking into that incident at the ruins.
What triggered the situation was a group within the excavation team that smuggled relics to underground markets.
Shortly thereafter, however, this group was browbeaten into submission by black market intermediaries and thieves.
In the end, the excavation group ceased to exist for its original purpose, and acted entirely at the bandits' beck and call.
Vyrn: I guess the excavation team got what it deserved, in the end.
Johann: It wasn't the entire team. Just a few individuals who should have known better. And from what I've heard, the excavation should be back under way at this point.
Johann: That doesn't change the fact that numerous artifacts have already been taken to dark places unknown. Getting them back won't be easy.
Lyria: Goodness, you're right...
Johann: The theft of precious relics from ancient ruins continues unabated.
Johann: However... that is precisely why I will continue to fight the good fight!
Vyrn: Whoa, give a warning before you start shouting, Johann!
Johann: I must uncover the world's ancient mysteries before these evildoers have a chance to ruin them forever! Which means...
Johann: We have to keep moving forward, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Wow, you sure know how to ratchet up the excitement levels when you need to.
Johann: Other skydoms are surely filled with equally precious ruins. And evil men out to ruin them!
Johann: If we dawdle, they'll be emptied before I even have a chance to investigate! We must be off at once!
Vyrn: Geez, you make crossing the Grim Basin sound like a walk down the street!
Lyria: Heheh, I'm just glad Johann's gotten his old spark back.
Vyrn: Yep! Never seen anyone get so fired up over a bunch of old ruins.
Johann: Enough talk, you two! We don't have time to waste!
Vyrn: On second thought, here's hoping this is the last time something gets him fired up.
And with that, the crew continues their journey to places unknown.
With a fire in his heart, Johann looks forward to new encounters with the staggering mysteries of the past.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
うーん……この記述が示しているのは…… Hm, I think I know what this inscription says...
さあ、さっさと先に進みましょうか Shall we move forward? Quickly now!
研究の邪魔はさせませんよ You will not interfere with my research.
空域を越えた先にも神秘は沢山あるんですよ Countless mysteries await in skydoms beyond.
(主人公)さん、後でこの近くの遺跡に…… There are ruins to explore once this is over, (Captain).
……あ! 新しい解釈を思いつきました! Eureka! I've struck upon a new interpretation!
この杖の力、あなどらないでくださいね The power of this staff is not to be underestimated.
調べれば調べる程、面白くなってくるんです The more I learn, the more interesting it becomes.
まだまだ知らないことが沢山ある…… There is still much I do not know.
さあ(主人公)さん、一緒にがんばりましょう Let's get to solving mysteries, (Captain)!


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