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Official Profile

Age 0
Height (N/A)
Race Unknown
Hobbies People-watching, researching new functions
Likes Humans, words of thanks, cylindrical objects
Dislikes Cruel words, being alone
Character Release

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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 0歳
Height (N/A)
Race 不明
Hobbies 人間観察、新しい機能の研究
Likes 人間、感謝の言葉、棒状の物
Dislikes 心無い言葉、ひとりぼっち
Character Release

Source [1] [2]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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It's your birthday, (Captain)!
This is an important day! Happy birthday!
Joy has a present for you! Here you go!
A rolling pin! Doesn't it look strong? Now we match!
Joy hopes it will help you do your best skyfaring!
But no work today, o-kay? Today you should relax.
Joy will work extra hard so (Captain) doesn't have to!


(Captain). Happy birthday!
Joy will give you a present this year too. Here it is!
A large candy cane... That's what Joy decided on! Isn't it pretty?
If you swing it around like a stick, it might break. So please be careful!
Have a lick when you're tired. Joy prays for your continued good fortune as a skyfarer!


(Captain), happy birthday!
This year's present is a long candle! It looks like a cotton swab! Isn't it great?
On birthdays, you blow out candles, right? Joy learned the other day!
Huh? The number of candles need to match the age?
Meep... Joy made a mistake. Joy only has one...

What? You can blow it out, and light it again? Over and over?
Wow! (Captain), you are smart!
Then Joy will go "Gooong!" every time you blow it out!
Let's start with the first time!


Gooong! Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Joy has brought the appropriate number of candles for your birthday this year!
Did Joy do a good job?
Now, it is time to light the candles...
And now the cake is complete! All there is left to do is for you to blow out your candles with a "phoo"!
Choose: Phoo!
Incredible—not a single fire left! That was a very impressive "phoo", (Captain)!
And now, here is a gong for every year!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Today is New Year's Day!
Happy New Year, (Captain)!
Joy is happy to be here to say it in bellson.
(Captain), do you want to toll with Joy?
Joy has been practicing to make a beautiful gong!
Now you try, (Captain)!


Happy New Year! (Captain)!
Joy rang loud and clear!
Do you think Joya is proud? I hope so!
By the way! Everyone will visit shrines soon! Right?
Joy wants to go too!
Mahira... Kumbhira... Vikala... Joy wants to go to all their shrines! Is that okay?
Will you take Joy?
Yay! (Captain)! Thank you!
Joy will get ready to go!


Happy New Year!
You know, Andira said today is for "sleeping in."
It's Joy's first time hearing about "sleeping in" on New Year's. Do you know about it, (Captain)?
You mean, it's spending New Year's sleeping and relaxing?
So not everyone goes to the shrine? I see. There are many ways to spend New Year's!
Okay, Joy will "sleep in" today too. Let's relax together, (Captain)!


Happy New Year!
Take a look—Joy made a kadomatsu! Isn't that impressive?
Joy learned how to make one from Anila. It's simple. Cut some bamboo. Next, pair it with pine decorations like so.
Anila says that they attract good fortune wherever they are placed.
Let's have another happy and enjoyable year together, (Captain)!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Meep! Oh no! Meep! Oh no!
(Captain)! The Grandcypher is full of Kleshas!
Joy is trying to gather all of them, but they keep filling up again... What is wrong with the crew?
Valentine's Day? A day to give chocolate to people you love?
Joy sees. So many Kleshas because so many feelings are going into everyone's chocolate!
But... What is chocolate? Joy is very curious...
What? You have chocolate for Joy? Thank you, (Captain)!
Is this... candy? Candy filled with (Captain)'s feelings... Joy is very happy!
Joy will try this right away!


Ah, today is Valentine's. So many Kleshas! What a busy day it'll be!
You're filled with Kleshas too, (Captain).
Are you feeling okay? Does your head hurt?
Joy is glad you're fine. Please let Joy know if things change.
Joy will gather everyone's Kleshas and wish everyone a happy Valentine's!
A good time will be had by all if Kleshas are not there to ruin the day.
Huh? You have Valentine's chocolates for Joy?
Hurray! Joy will try even harder to gather Kleshas!


Today is Valentine's Day. Joy's going to gather more Kleshas!
What? You have more chocolate for Joy this year? Because Joy's working hard?
Yay! Let's open it right away!
Wow, chocolate on sticks! It's Joy's first time seeing this kind of dessert!
Joy likes this very much! Chocolate sticks! Joy's going to go show everyone!
There are a lot, so Joy can share them with others. Thank you for the nice present, (Captain)!


Today is Valentine's Day! Kleshas, begone!
Hehe. Joy has become accustomed to handling Valentine's Day Kleshas. All in a day's work!
Did you get this box for Joy?
Wow! The chocolate sticks from last year! These are Joy's favorite!
You can keep your hands clean by holding the biscuit part. Everyone says they are delicious too!
Thank you! Here, you can have some too, (Captain).
Say "ahh"!

White Day Cutscenes
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(Captain)! Sorry Joy was late!
Joy did not know today was for giving thank-you gifts for Valentine's Day...
Lyria just taught Joy. So Joy brought a present for you, (Captain)!
Joy used Joy's rolling pin to roll out dough and make cookies!
You like them? Hooray! (Captain)'s smile makes Joy so happy!


(Captain), it's White Day—the continuation of Valentine's Day.
Lyria taught Joy that this is a day to express thanks.
That's why Joy wants to show lots and lots of gratitude with these chocolates!
(Captain), thank you for being Joy's captain! It's so much fun traveling with you every day!
Ehehe, Joy got to see (Captain)'s smiley face this year too. Joy is so happy!


(Captain), Joy has another gift for you in return for Valentine's Day! Here you go!
And there's one more thing. Are you ready?
Ta-da! Joy drew a picture of (Captain)! It's a picture of you smiling after getting a present from Joy!
Hehe. Isn't the picture nice? Lyria said it was pretty too!
You always say that the treats from Joy are delicious.
That makes Joy happy. Seeing your smile, (Captain), makes Joy want to go "gooong"!
The treats Joy prepared this time are delicious too. Enjoy!


This is for you, (Captain). Joy made you sweets!
Hehe. They are even better than last year's. Mahira said so herself!
Mahira was the one who taught Joy how to make them though.
The sugar content should help you concentrate.
If you concentrate, you can learn much more. Isn't that great, Captain?
Please have some and do your best today too, (Captain)!

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies
2nd year:
Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons
3rd year:
Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons
4th year:
Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Gooong... Gooong... Oh! (Captain)!
Joy learned something new! Today is Halloween. People in costumes get candy, right?
So Joy is giving candy!
Gong for treats, (Captain)! Gooonng!
(Captain) rings Joy, and a shower of brightly-wrapped candies spills forth from its mouth.
Here you go! If you want more, just ring Joy again!


Meep! Oh no! Meep! Oh no!
Everyone is acting funny. They scare Joy by yelling, "Boo!"
Joy is scared... What is happening...
Tricks? Halloween is a day to play tricks?
Learning. Learning. Joy will try playing tricks too. See!
Goong! Gooong!
Candy rains down from inside Joy.
Ehehe. Surprised?
Joy will play lots of tricks today! See you later!


(Captain)! Joy was surprised! Just now, someone was wearing a Joy costume!
They had a white blanket covering them! There were holes in front.
It's Joy's first time in this town. How do they know Joy?
Huh? That was a costume of a ghost? Oh. It wasn't Joy.
Then Joy will be a ghost too! Joy will dress up! Like everyone else!
(Captain), you should dress up too! Come on! Let's do it together!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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(Captain), is it New Year's already? The town looks so shiny!
Joy hasn't done Joya's job yet! Oh no! Oh no! Joy wasn't paying attention and missed New Year's!
Meep... Is there still time to do Joya's job?
What? Today is a different holiday?
Not New Year's yet, but we still have parties?
Then Joy wants to party too! Happy Different Holiday, (Captain)!


(Captain)! Happy holidays!
Joy is wondering! Why do people celebrate the holy night?
Because it is a day to show appreciation? For friends and family?
Joy has learned. Holy night! A day for friends and family!
Joy is happy to be with (Captain)! Thank you! Happy holidays!


Joy helped prepare for the party today!
It was hard carrying so many chairs...
But a lot of chairs means a lot of people are coming tonight, right?
That makes Joy happy!
Joy is glad to be able to spend time with people Joy cares about!
Happy winter season! We can all be happy together!


It's snowing, (Captain)! Joy found pretty snowflakes—take a look!
Huh? Where are they? Joy was holding them until just now!
Joy's snowflakes... melted?
Understood. That is a shame.
Choose: Joy, look!
Oh? What is it?
Wow! You have so many snowflakes, (Captain)!
Joy understands now. Even if they melt, just find new snowflakes!
Joy will find even prettier snowflakes this time! Just you wait!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

A Skyfaring Bell Is Born

After the Joya kidnapping is solved and New Year's has peacefully come and gone, Joy begs (Captain) for tales of skyfaring adventure and learns of the crew's dream to reach Estalucia. When it's time for the crew to set sail, Joy's goodbye seems half-hearted.

Things are getting back to normal after the last incident with the Joya.
The bell's sanctuary is peaceful once more.
(Captain) and the others are enjoying a somewhat belated New Year's holiday.
Joy: (Captain), please tell Joy more about skyfaring!
The skyfarers hold Joy spellbound with their tales of adventure.
Vyrn: Hehe, you really eat these stories up!
Joy: Joy loves (Captain)'s stories! Joy has never seen an ocean!
Joy: Joy learned about it, but didn't believe it.
Joy: So much water. And salty? Joy wants to study it up close.
Joy: Joy wants to swim in the ocean! Then Joy will learn everything about it!
Vyrn: I dunno about that, Joy. Wouldn't you rust?
Joy: Rust can't stop Joy! Joy is strong!
Joy: ...
What is rust?
Lyria: Ummm... It's something that would make your body all dry and rough.
Joy: Dry and rough? No! Joy needs smooth joints to move!
Joy: Ocean is dangerous! Ocean makes rust! Why would you go to such a bad place?
Vyrn: Well, we don't hafta worry about rusting, for one thing... And besides, there's plenty of places way more dangerous than that.
Joy: More dangerous than rust? That sounds scary...
Vyrn: Haha! If you're afraid of a little danger, you'll never get your adventure off the ground!
Vyrn: And our captain here has big dreams! We've gotta get to Estalucia if we're gonna catch up with (Captain)'s dad.
Joy: Dreams? What are dreams?
Vyrn: Uh, how should I put it? A dream is like... something you wanna do more than anything else, no matter what stands in your way.
(Captain) nods in agreement with Vyrn's definition.
Joy: A dream is... something you want to do... more than anything...
Joy: Learning complete! Someday Joy wants to learn all about the ocean and Es-ta-lu-ci-a!
Lyria: Hehe! I hope we can show you both of them in person one day!
Joy: (Captain), (Captain)! Joy wants to hear more stories!
Vyrn: Yeah, (Captain)! You've got a few more tales of adventure up your sleeve!
Lyria: What kind of story do you want to hear, Joy?
Joy: Thinking...
Joy: Joy likes vehicles, like gearcycles! Gearcycles are cool!
Joy: Joy wants to ride one! Or maybe turn into one!
Vyrn: Mechanical stuff really revs your engine, huh?
Vyrn: Hey, why don't you tell Joy about our last speedship race, (Captain)?
(Captain) launches into the tale of the speedship race and everything else that happened on Nimmus Island.
Joy: Ohhh! (Captain) is always helping people!
Joy: And speedships sound super cool too!
Joy: Learning, learning...
(Captain) learns so many things!
Joy: Skyfarers are great! (Captain) is great!
(Captain) smiles at Joy's frank admiration.
Village Elder: Oh, here you all are.
The group turns to see the village elder who tends to the sanctuary, accompanied by a pair of villagers.
Lyria: Oh, hello! Is something the matter?
Village Elder: No, nothing to worry about. It's a little late, but we made mochi and wondered if you'd like some.
Young Man: We wanted you to try it while it's fresh, so I'm glad we found you!
The crew tucks into the chewy, freshly-pounded mochi, contentment written across their faces.
Lyria: Mmm! It's so gooood!
Munch, munch...
Village Elder: Haha, I'm pleased you like it. Thanks to you and Joy, I think our next New Year's will finally be a peaceful one.
Young Woman: Yeah, I don't think Joy's about to blast off and go berserk the way the Joya did.
Joy: Don't worry! Joy will do Joya's job!
Joy: Joy will work hard! Gooong!
Village Elder: And for our part, we will work even harder to support you, Joy. Thank you again.
Lyria: Hehe. You can rest easy now that Joy's here!
Vyrn: Speaking of work, we've had enough of a vaction—we should probably get back to skyfaring!
Village Elder: Ah, yes. You're busy people. We mustn't monopolize your time.
Joy: Oh... You all have to go soon...
Joy: Joy... will be rooting for you... here! Joy will gong for you!
Joy: Come visit next New Year's Eve, o-kay?
Vyrn: You got yourself a deal!
Goodbyes are said, and the crew returns to the Grandcypher to prepare for departure.
Joy: ...
Joy remains standing there long after the crew disappears from sight.
Lyria: Hey, (Captain)? Did Joy seem a little off to you when we said goodbye?
  1. It seemed a little down.
  2. It didn't ring.

Choose: It seemed a little down.
Vyrn: Yeah... It wasn't its usual self.

Choose: It didn't ring.
Vyrn: Oh, you're right! I would've thought it'd toll us a goodbye.
Continue 1
Lyria: Mmm... I'm worried. Maybe Joy doesn't feel well. It just went through a really fierce battle, after all.
Vyrn: And with everyone counting on it, I bet Joy wouldn't just come out and say so.
(Captain) proposes that they go check on the little bell.
Vyrn: Yeah, good idea!
The three put their packing on hold and head back toward the village.
Joy: Skyfaring...
Only the boundless sky is there to hear the longing in Joy's whisper.

A Skyfaring Bell Is Born: Scene 2

Worried, the crew goes looking for Joy and finds the bell at the edge of the island, deep in thought. The bell reveals that it has a new goal in life and wants to stop doing the Joya's job. The news spreads across the island like wildfire.

The crew finds Joy in a grassy field near the edge of the island.
Joy: Skyfaring... Dreams...
Vyrn: Heeey! What're you doin' out here?
Lyria: Joy, are you okay? You shouldn't play here! You might fall!
Joy: Meep!
Vyrn: Yeesh! We've been lookin' all over for ya! You should know better than to hang around at the edge of a cliff!
Joy: Joy won't fall! And even if Joy falls, Joy can fly, so it will be o-kay! Probably.
Vyrn: I know you can fly, but it still gives me the willies. What're you up to, anyhow?
Joy: Nothing. Joy was just thinking.
Lyria: Oh, I knew it... You're not feeling well, are you, Joy?
Vyrn: Yeah, where's all your get-up-and-gong?
Joy: Meep...
(Captain) offers to lend an ear to the young bell's problems.
Vyrn: Yeah! Whatever it is, you'll feel better if you get it out in the open!
Joy: Thank you... Joy...
Joy: Joy found something... Joy wants to do. Joy wants... to stop doing Joy's job.
Vyrn: Whaaaat?
The crew has no idea what to make of the sudden change in Joy.
And it would seem they aren't the only ones listening, because the news spreads across the island like wildfire.

A Skyfaring Bell Is Born: Scene 3

The islanders are anxious about Joy abandoning its duties. Cheered on by the crew, Joy explains that its new dream is to become a skyfarer, help people, and learn more about Kleshas. Moved by the bell's resolve, the islanders see Joy off, reassured that Joy has promised to return at New Year's to do the Joya's job.

A group of villagers has gathered, muttering anxiously about Joy's plans.
Young Man: Um, is Joy really going to resign from its duties?
Village Elder: I only just heard, myself. I'm not sure I quite grasp the situation.
Vyrn: No surprise that the news would cause a stir. I get the feeling the story might've gotten a little mixed up on its way around the island too.
Lyria: I'm not sure they understand what Joy meant.
Joy: Maybe Joy's dream... can't come true.
Faced with the restless crowd, Joy's clapper is still.
Standing behind the bell, (Captain) urges it onward.
  1. Tell them what's on your mind, Joy!

Choose: Tell them what's on your mind, Joy!
Joy: (Captain)...
Lyria: You can do it, Joy! We're with you!
Vyrn: Yeah! Figuring out what you wanna do in life is a big deal! Be brave!
Joy: Lyria... Vyrn... Thank you!
With the crew backing it up, Joy turns back to the villagers.
Islanders: ...
Joy: ...
Joy begins to say what is in its mechanical heart.
Joy: Village Elder... Joy...
Joy: Joy wants to be a skyfarer!
Village Elder: What! You want to abandon your duty to become a skyfarer?
The unrest in the crowd grows.
Joy: Meep...
Joy shrinks back from the commotion at first, but then...
Joy: Goooong!
Islanders: ...!
The deep and sonorous note strikes the crowd silent. It seems to convey both the earnestness and the conviction of the bell from which it issues.
Joy: Joy will become a skyfarer! Joy will help people, just like (Captain)! Joy wants to help people in trouble!
Joy: Joy wants to meet many people! If Joy can learn more about Kleshas, Joy will be better at Joya's job!
Joy: So Joy wants to join (Captain)'s crew! Joy wants to sail the skies!
Village Elder: I see... But what about your duties here?
Joy: Joy will stop doing Joya's job and become a skyfarer! But at New Year's, Joy will stop skyfaring! Joy will do Joya's job at New Year's!
Village Elder: I see... So that's what you meant. Still...
The village elder turns back to the crowd, which ripples with murmured conversation.
Wise Man: As you can see, everyone is uneasy about you leaving the island. Do you know how vital you are to us?
Joy: Joy will become a skyfarer.
Even in the face of opposition, Joy's conviction does not waver.
Wise Man: Why are you so determined to do this?
Joy: ...
Joy: Joy has a dream. A dream that was just born.
Village Elder: What? A dream?
Joy: Joy has a dream! Joy wants to become a great Joya!
Joy: Joy will be stronger than Joya was! To do that, Joy must become a skyfarer and learn! Joy will be learning every day! Always learning!
Joy: Joy won't lose control. Won't let anyone use Joy. Won't let anyone be sad. And Joy's dream will come true.
Joy: Joy will come back at New Year's and do Joya's job. No matter what. So please, everyone...
The islanders are at a loss for a response. At last, the village elder speaks up.
Village Elder: Make sure you come home for New Year's.
Young Man: Are... Are you sure about this?
Village Elder: Yes. Joy is essentially a newborn, and yet I could hear the passion in its voice when it spoke about its dream. There's no way I can ignore its wishes.
Young Man: You... You have a point. It's not easy to share your dreams like that.
Joy: That's not true! (Captain) has a dream too! (Captain) will go to Estalucia!
Village Elder: I see... Well then, you go with (Captain) and make your dream come true too, Joy.
Young Man: Yeah. Go learn all you can, and come back a full-fledged Joya.
The assembled villagers nod their heads in agreement.
Joy: Elder... Everyone...
Vyrn: Hehe! Didn't we say it was worth telling them how you feel?
Lyria: I'm so happy you did, Joy! Now we can stay together!
Joy: Yes! Joy is very happy! The happiest Joy!
Village Elder: Haha... If you're going to be a skyfarer, then I want you to be a great one, Joy. Every bit as accomplished as (Captain).
Joy: O-kay! Joy will be a great skyfarer! And Joy won't forget about Joya's job!
Joy: (Captain)! Permission to come aboard!
  1. Glad to have you, Joy!
  2. Get ready for some killer training!

Choose: Glad to have you, Joy!
Joy: Joy is also glad! Joy will work hard on the Grandcypher!

Choose: Get ready for some killer training!
Joy: Meep!
Joy: Joy... Joy can handle it! Joy can take all the training!
Continue 1
Joy: Everyone, please keep teaching Joy!
Vyrn: Well, that's settled! Now it's time to get airborne!
Lyria: Yes! We should get back to skyfaring!
Joy: Starting today, Joy is a skyfarer! Goooong!
Village Elder: Hahaha... We'll be waiting. See you on New Year's Eve.
(Captain) and the others say their farewells and board the Grandcypher.
Joy: ...
On the deck, with the wind on its face, Joy loses itself in thought.
Joy: Then Joy will gather Kleshas!
Joy: Joy will do Joya's job!
Joya's Thoughts: (You?)
Joy: Maybe... Joy can't stop... Joya's death.
Joy: But Joy can stop Joya's pain! Joy can gather Kleshas!
Joy: Joy will protect what Joya wanted to protect! Joy can do it!
Joy: So... even if you have to say goodbye... don't be sad, Joya!
Joy: (Joya... Joy will keep that promise. Joy will chase Joy's dream. Joy will work hard to do both!)
The Grandcypher weighs anchor with a freshly minted skyfaring bell aboard.
Joy: Gooong!
Joy will be back soon!
The very clouds reverberate with the sound of Joy's determined ringing.

Joy's Discipleship

The matter of the Joya's disappearance has come to a close, and peace reigns aboard the Grandcypher. A gentle voice tolls through its corridors.
Joy: (Captain)! Joy wants to be (Captain)'s disciple!
Joy: (Captain) is the skies' greatest skyfarer!
Joy: Joy needs to learn many things to be the skies' greatest bell! Please teach Joy!
(Captain) smiles and flashes a thumbs-up.
Joy: Ehehe. Thank you! What should Joy do first, teacher?
  1. Watch me and do as I do.
  2. Come along with me on a mission.
  3. Let's find something your speed.

Choose: Watch me and do as I do.
Joy: Watch you? Joy can do that!
Joy: Learning, learning...
Joy's education rose by 75!

Choose: Come along with me on a mission.
Joy: Can Joy really come?
Joy: Joy gets to work with (Captain)? Helping people in trouble? That makes Joy so happy!
Joy: Joy will help (Captain) too! Joy will work hard!
Joy: Let's go, (Captain)!
Joy's education rose by 100!

Choose: Let's find something your speed.
Joy: O-kay! A Joy-speed thing...
Joy: (Captain), what kind of work do skyfarers do? Please teach Joy!
Joy's education rose by 50!
Continue 1

On Singing

Lyria: Whoa, whoa-whoa-whoa!
Whoa, whoa-whoa-whoa!
Whoa, whoa-whoa-whoa!
Whoa, whoa-whoa-whoa!
Joy: Oh... Lyria, what are you doing?
Lyria: Oh, hi, (Captain)! Hi, Joy!
Joy: What is "Whoa, whoa-whoa-whoa"?
Lyria: It's called a song. I was practicing.
Joy: A song?
Joy: Joy wants to learn about songs! They sound fun!
Joy: (Captain), what is most important when learning about songs?
  1. It's all about singing with feeling!
  2. Practice makes perfect!
  3. Whoa, whoa-whoa-whoa!

Choose: It's all about singing with feeling!
Joy: Feeling? Feelings... Emotions... Joy understands!
Joy: Joy will learn... with feeling!
Lyria: I'll help you out, Joy!
Joy's education rose by 50!

Choose: Practice makes perfect!
Joy: Practice...
Joy: O-kay! Then Joy will practice lots!
Joy: Whoa, whoa-whoa-whoa!
Whoa, whoa-whoa-whoa!
Joy: Joy will practice with Lyria!
Lyria: Hehe, you're really putting your heart into it, aren't you? Well, we won't rest until our better is best!
Joy's education rose by 75!

Choose: Whoa, whoa-whoa-whoa!
Joy: (Captain) is singing too! Joy wants to join!
Joy: Whoa, whoa-whoa-whoa!
Lyria: Hehe! Isn't this fun?
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Joy: This is very fun! Singing songs is the best!
Joy's education rose by 100!
Continue 1

On Learning

Joy: Learning, learning...
Walking through the Grandcypher's corridors, (Captain) spots Joy aimlessly drifting.
Joy: Oh, hello, (Captain)!
You want to know what Joy is doing?
Joy: Joy has learned lots as (Captain)'s disciple.
Joy: But Joy has much more to learn. Joy was feeling lost.
Joy: (Captain), do you know a good method for learning? Can you tell Joy?
  1. You should take notes.
  2. If you have questions, ask on the spot!
  3. You need hands-on experience.

Choose: You should take notes.
Joy: Notes! Joy understands! Making records will help Joy remember new things!
Joy: That is a good lesson! Joy will take notes from now on!
Joy: Joy must make a note of this. A note...
Noting, noting...
Joy's education rose by 75!

Choose: If you have questions, ask on the spot!
Joy: Ask on the spot...
Joy: Asking right away... O-kay!
Joy: But who should Joy ask?
Joy: Joy can ask (Captain)? That makes Joy feel better!
Joy: Then first, Joy wants to ask for a good learning method!
Ah. Wait. Joy already asked that.
Joy's education rose by 100!

Choose: You need hands-on experience.
Joy: Hands-on learning?
Joy: O-kay! Joy will try...
Joy: Hands-on, hands-on...
Hands... on...
Joy: (Captain), can you watch Joy? Joy is not sure Joy's hands are on the right thing...
Joy's education rose by 50!
Continue 1

On Family

Joy: (Captain)! Vyrn! Joy has a question.
Joy: What is (Captain) and Vyrn's relationship? Are you friends?
Vyrn: (Captain) an' me? I guess you could say friends, or partners...
Vyrn: We've been together since we were knee-high to a knee, so we're more like family, really!
Joy: What is family?
Vyrn: Uhhh...
Vyrn: Well, basically, people who are always by your side!
Joy: Always by your side... Does Joy have family?
  1. You have the Joya.
  2. You have Mahira.
  3. You've got us.

Choose: You have the Joya.
Joy: Oh! Because Joy and Joya have the same job!
Joy: Joy has to work hard for Joya also! Because Joya is family!
Joy's education rose by 50!

Choose: You have Mahira.
Vyrn: Yeah, that's right! When you think about it, she gave you life!
Vyrn: So does that make Mahira Joy's mom?
Joy: Mahira is Joy's... mom?
Vyrn: Uh, yeah. It means mother. I guess that's not much of an explanation, huh?
Joy: O-kay! Mahira is Joy's mom!
Joy: That means Joy's mother! And Joy's family! Joy is learning, learning about family!
Vyrn: I guess... Was that even right?
Joy: Joy is happy to have family! Thank you for telling Joy!
Joy's education rose by 75!

Choose: You've got us.
Vyrn: Hehe, that's right! We're always together, so we're a lot like a family!
Joy: (Captain) and Vyrn are Joy's family?
Vyrn: Sure are!
Joy: Ehehe... Joy feels warm inside!
Joy: Joy learned a new lesson! Joy has lots of family!
Joy's education rose by 100!
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On Food

Lyria: Ahh... I'm so full...
Vyrn: There's so much good food around New Year's. I feel like I'm about to burst a seam.
Joy: Lyria, Vyrn, (Captain), does food taste good?
Vyrn: 'Course it does! Wait. Can Joy not eat?
Lyria: I wonder... It doesn't have a mouth, does it?
Joy: Joy wants to learn about food!
Joy: (Captain)! Please teach Joy to eat! How can Joy do it?
  1. Try putting some food inside you.
  2. Why don't you smear some on you?
  3. I think you should transform first.

Choose: Try putting some food inside you.
Vyrn: Won't it just fall out again?
Joy: Joy can store it like Joy's rolling pin! Joy will try it now!
Joy's education rose by 75!

Choose: Why don't you smear some on you?
Joy: What! Really?
Lyria: I don't think that's such a good idea... There might be some way you can eat though, Joy. Let's put our heads together!
Joy: O-kay! Joy will research ways to eat!
Joy's education rose by 50!

Choose: I think you should transform first.
Joy: Ohh! Yes, eating in bell form sounds hard.
Vyrn: I mean, sure, but... I'm not sure goin' robo-bell is gonna fix that...
Joy: Will this work?
Joy: Now how do people eat? Joy wants to learn!
Joy's education rose by 100!
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On the Grandcypher

Joy: The Grandcypher is so cool, (Captain)!
Joy: It can fly so fast, and carry so many friends!
Joy: (Captain), how do you make the Grandcypher fly?
Joy: Joy wants to learn how to fly the Grandcypher! Do you think Joy can do it?
  1. You should get Rackam to teach you.
  2. Helmsman is a tough job, you know.
  3. Wanna take the wheel for a bit?

Choose: You should get Rackam to teach you.
Joy: Rackam makes the Grandcypher go? Joy learned a new lesson!
Joy: Joy will ask Rackam!
Joy: Joy can't wait to learn how to make the Grandcypher fly!
Joy's education rose by 100!

Choose: Helmsman is a tough job, you know.
(Captain) tells Joy about the time when Katalina crashed their ship on Port Breeze.
Joy: Meep... So moving the ship is hard...
Joy: But Joy wants to take on tough challenges too!
Joy: (Captain), will you teach Joy how to helm?
Joy's education rose by 50!

Choose: Wanna take the wheel for a bit?
Joy: Really?
Joy: But... Joy should learn about steering first!
Joy: Proper learning! Then flying!
Joy's education rose by 75!
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On Fashion

Joy: (Captain)! Joy has a question!
Joy: Joy has a job. Vikala has a job too.
Joy: Vikala wears cute ears when she does her job!
Joy: She taught Joy about fashion! Her ears are part of her style!
Joy: Joy wants to have a style for working! How can Joy get one?
  1. I think you look stylish in your bell form!
  2. How about some seasonal decorations?
  3. Why not wear your own rat-ears?

Choose: I think you look stylish in your bell form!
Joy: Really?
Joy: Joy became fashionable without even knowing it!
Joy: Joy is happy! O-kay. Time for Joy to get stylish!
Joy: Gooong!
Hehe! How does Joy look?
Joy's education rose by 75!

Choose: How about some seasonal decorations?
Joy: Seasonal decorations? Maybe some pine branches and bamboo?
Joy: Joy likes that! Joy wants to wear many decorations! Joy will be so seasonal!
Joy: That will make the sanctuary visitors happy when I ring!
Joy's education rose by 50!

Choose: Why not wear your own rat-ears?
Joy: Ohh! What a good idea! So stylish!
Joy: But is there a rat-ear headband that will fit Joy?
Joy: Joy has an idea! Joy will try making one! Will you help, (Captain)?
Joy's education rose by 100!
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On Jobs

Joy: (Captain)'s job is skyfaring, right?
Joy: Joy will do Joya's job on the next New Year's Eve.
Joy: Next time, Joy wants to do an even better job.
Joy: How can Joy keep improving, like (Captain) does?
  1. You have to think of others.
  2. You can't be afraid to fail.
  3. You have to be prepared for anything.

Choose: You have to think of others.
Joy: Think of others... That's true. Joya's job is for everyone's sake!
Joy: If Joy thinks about helping skydwellers, working hard will be easy!
Joy: Joy will keep improving, so please back Joy up!
Joy's education rose by 75!

Choose: You can't be afraid to fail.
Joy: Not afraid to fail. (Captain) is so cool!
Joy: O-kay. Joy won't be afraid of failure. Just like (Captain)!
Joy's education rose by 50!

Choose: You have to be prepared for anything.
Joy: Prepared... Joy sees! Joy needs to train for Joya's job!
Joy: Wait... Joy is already training as (Captain)'s disciple!
Joy: So if Joy continues training, Joy will definitely get better at Joya's job!
Joy's education rose by 100!
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On Swords

Yuisis: Haaah!
To further Joy's education, (Captain) and the little bell are watching Yuisis train.
Joy: Ohhh. You are so cool, Yuisis! So strong!
Joy: That weapon in your hand is called a sword, right? You are so lucky...
Yuisis: Haha, thanks. You interested in swords, Joy?
Joy: Yes! Joy wants to try going swish-swoosh! Joy wants to be cool like Yuisis!
Joy: Can Joy swish-swoosh if Joy holds a sword?
Joy: Can Joy do it, (Captain)?
  1. Stick with your rolling pin for now.
  2. I don't think you're ready for a sword yet.
  3. Why don't we train together?

Choose: Stick with your rolling pin for now.
Yuisis: A rolling pin? Oh... Kinda like using a wooden practice sword, huh?
Yuisis: The boss is right, Joy. You gotta start with the basics, no matter what you're tryin' to learn.
Joy: Is my rolling pin a basic?
Yuisis: You bet, kiddo. (Captain) and I both started out practicing with wooden sticks and swords.
Joy: The same as Joy! Then Joy will study rolling-pin fighting!
Joy's education rose by 100!

Choose: I don't think you're ready for a sword yet.
Yuisis: I gotta side with the boss, short stuff. There's an order to these things. Gotta start at the beginning.
Joy: Start at the beginning... Joy understands!
Joy: Joy will start at the beginning and end by going swish-swoosh with a sword!
Joy's education rose by 50!

Choose: Why don't we train together?
Yuisis: With the boss watchin' over you, there'll be nothing to worry about! There's no sword arm in the skies I'd trust more.
Joy: Training with (Captain)? That sounds fun!
Yuisis: Joy, you might get hurt if you think this is just fun and games. You gotta take this seriously.
Joy: O-kay! Joy will be serious! Joy learned a new lesson!
Joy's education rose by 75!
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On Maintenance

Mahira: All right, your maintenance is all done. You were a very good bell, Joy. Looks like you weren't damaged in that battle the other day.
Joy: Thank you, Mahira!
Mahira: Don't mention it.
(Captain), thanks for explaining what happened during the fight.
Joy: Joy is shiny and clean after maintenance! Joy looks cool! Joy is happy!
Mahira: I'm glad. I don't just want to make repairs—I want to make improvements too.
Joy: Im-prove-ments... Joy likes the sound of that! (Captain), what kind of improvements should Joy get?
  1. Your rolling pin needs more features!
  2. You should spice up your ring.
  3. A new transformation!

Choose: Your rolling pin needs more features!
Joy: Ohh! Then it would be very powerful! Joy wants to do that!
Mahira: I see... Let me give it some thought. Given the ratio of your size to the rolling pin's weight...
Joy: Mahira is cooking something up! Joy can't wait!
Joy's education rose by 75!

Choose: You should spice up your ring.
Joy: Oh! Good idea! Then everyone will enjoy Joy's voice more!
Mahira: Given the nature of Joy's function, that is an excellent proposal. Time to start work on some designs.
Joy: Gooong... Gooong... I wonder what Joy's new ring will be like!
Joy's education rose by 50!

Choose: A new transformation!
Mahira: Hm... Something else Joy could transform into besides its bell and robot forms...
Joy: Ohh... Joy is excited!
Joy: Joy wants to try more forms!
Mahira: Now what should its new mode be...
Joy's education rose by 100!
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Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ジョイハ、キョウモ、ゲンキ、イッパイ! Joy is ready to go!
ガクシュー、ガクシュー Learning, learning...
ボンノーノ、ケハイ……ドコダロウ? Where are those Kleshas...
アタラシイ、メンボー、オチテナイ、カナ……? Maybe the monsters will drop a new rolling pin!
(主人公)ノ、オテツダイ、ガンバル! Joy wants to help (Captain)!
ミタコト、ナイ、シマ、イクノ、タノシイ! Joy loves visiting new islands!
ジョイ、デキタヨ!スゴイ? Joy did it! Did Joy do good, (Captain)?
ゴォォーーン……イイオト、デショ? Gooong... Doesn't Joy sound good?
ゴン?アレハ、ナンダロウ? Gong? What is that over there?
(主人公)ハ、ツヨクテ、カッコイイネ! (Captain) is so strong! So cool!